Coronavirus: Washington And London To Blame

China is not to blame for Coronavirus. The real culprits are Washington and London. They started the ball rolling in their desperate bid to dominate the world and survive the coming economic storms. 

By Andre Vltchek
Information Clearing House
March 24, 2020

Presented by Lasha Darkmoon
with additional pictures and captions by way of commentary.
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“We  did  it.”

LD: That’s what the Chinese think Trump was whispering. And the author of this article clearly thinks so too. Hence his words below: “I work all over the world, and I observe all this. What I see, I do not like. Increasingly, I am fearful that what has been set in motion by Washington and London, may not end well.” [LD]

Not long ago, the Wall Street Journal insulted China, calling it “the Real Sick Man of Asia”. China retaliated, and then the U.S. counter-retaliated. Emotions have been running high, journalists got deported.

Suddenly, various Chinese officials expressed publicly what many in both China and Russia have been, for weeks, articulating in sotto voce: that it was perhaps the U.S. military establishment which brought the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) to Wuhan, in order to harm China and bring the world back, through complex backroads, under the West’s control.

Suddenly, the world feels very uncomfortable.

The way it is governed is clearly perverse. People do not always know why, they just feel frightened, prickly and insecure. Actually, they always have, during the last few decades, but this is somehow becoming “too much”.

Countries do not trust each other. People do not trust each other. People do not trust their governments. Capitalism is despised, but nations have been robbed of alternatives.

I work all over the world, and I observe all this. What I see, I do not like. Increasingly, I am fearful that what has been set in motion by Washington and London, may not end well. That a tragedy is waiting right around the corner.

For many years I have been warning that imperialism is murdering tens of millions of people, annually. Predominantly Western imperialism, but also its offshoots in some places where the elites learned from their former colonialist master how to brutalize conquered territories, such as Jakarta, New Delhi, or Tel Aviv.

Genocides and modern-day slavery have become the vilest reflections of modernity. Not the only ones, of course, but the vilest.

I recently wrote for this magazine (NEO), that I have never seen the world so fragmented.

Travel, Internet, Social Media – they all were supposed to improve the world, and to bring people closer to each other. They did not. I see confusion and disinformation all around me. People travel but do not see or understand. They stare at computer screens for hours each day, as they used to stare at the television screens, but they do not have any clue how the world functions.

People used to come to us philosophers for advice. We used to interact. Not anymore. And look at philosophy itself: it has been reduced to a dry, controlled university discipline by the regime. Before, to be a philosopher used to be identical with being a thinker. Now, pathetically, a philosopher is an individual with a university degree in philosophy, which is issued by some college that is part of the establishment.

And anyway, now almost each and every individual, at least in the West, believes that he or she is a philosopher; self-absorbed, posing and posting on social media, using selfies, with grotesquely boosted egos.

Something has gone wrong. Almost everything has. Humanity is facing tremendous danger. Why? Because it does not understand itself. Its dreams have been reduced to some low, pathetic, sad ambitions. Its lofty ideals that were formed over long centuries have been belittled by the Western nihilist narrative.

And then, a new coronavirus hit.

Do not underestimate the coronavirus!

It may have the mortality rate of an ordinary flu, but it is much more dangerous than that. Its danger is predominately psychological and philosophical, much more than medical.

It arrived unexpectedly and illustrated to the world that there is no global unity, no solidarity, anymore.

Countries are acting and reacting in extremely brutal ways. It is frightening. It all feels like some of the bad, second-rate horror films produced by Hollywood.


“Billions of people are now being stripped
of their rights and treated like criminals!”

Governments are pointing fingers at each other, irrationally. Airlines are lying, robbing customers, while claiming that they are protecting them.

I recently “escaped” from Hong Kong, after Korean Air unceremoniously cancelled flights to China, doing nothing to re-route stranded passengers. I flew for 5 days to South America, home, through several Asian airports, by the most bizarre routes, north and south and north again, then via Amsterdam and Suriname, zig-zagging through Brazilian cities, before reaching Chile. Peculiarly, at one point along the way, I ended up in Seoul, where I was earlier told I was not supposed to be to begin with, experiencing the proverbial South Korean racism on my skin, and going through outrageous humiliation and interrogation after uttering, at the gate before departing for Amsterdam, that North Koreans definitely treat people with much more respect and dignity than Seoul.

I will write much more about this, in the near future, but this is not supposed to be the main topic of this essay.

What is essential is that the logic itself has collapsed. The behavior of many countries has become irrational, if the rationale is supposed to be synonymous with the advancement of humanity and improvement of the lives of human beings. Now things make sense only when seen from the point of view of the desire to control and usurp, plunder and humiliate.

And the coronavirus?

Is the United States trying to take advantage of the situation, to monopolize the cure, and to save its economy and currency, at the expense of billions worldwide?

On March 15, 2020, The Sun reported:

“Donald Trump aides ‘offered huge sums to a German company in a bid to grab the coronavirus vaccine for Americans only.’”

One day later, on 16 March, 2020, the Mail Online, amplified the story:

“German officials are trying to stop the Trump administration from luring German biopharmeceutical company CureVac to the US to get its experimental coronavirus vaccines exclusively for Americans.

President Donald Trump has offered funds to lure the company CureVac to the US. The German government has made counter-offers to make the company stay, according to a report in German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

An unidentified German government source told the paper Trump is trying to secure the scientists’ work exclusively, and would do anything to get a vaccine for the United States – ‘but only for the United States.’”

The behavior of the Empire could easily make one sicker than the coronavirus would itself.

The United States occupies and antagonizes countries and then it punishes them when they try to protect themselves. Israel does the same. And so, do Indonesia, India, and NATO as a block. Turkey is turning into a maniac. Iran, Venezuela and others are screaming, brutalized for absolutely no reason by sanctions and embargoes. Russia is being constantly smeared, just for helping injured nations, in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

I watch all this and I wonder: how much further can all this go? Is all this banditry and idiocy going to go on from now on, and forever accepted as a normalcy?

But back to the coronavirus.

It is all connected to what I mentioned above, isn’t it? Billions of people are now being stripped of their rights and will, pushed around, and fully controlled, everything justified by a disease with the mortality rate of an ordinary flu? And do people notice that the victims are now being treated like criminals, something that would have been unimaginable just a couple of decades ago.

China, infected by the U.S. or not, is being continuously insulted, isolated and smeared. Western anti-Chinese propaganda kicked in, almost from the start of the epidemy. How ugly; how monstrous!

Billions of people are now being stripped of their rights and treated like criminals. How ugly! How monstrous!

Western propagandists are alert, waiting, monitoring the world. Like piranhas, they attack with lightning speed, whenever blood is spilt, or a piece of flesh gets exposed.

When disaster strikes, they take full advantage of the weaknesses of their opponent. They go for the kill. And there is nothing human in their behavior. It is a calculating strike against the victim. It is the surgical swing of a scalpel, designed to kill, in the most terrifying way.

China reacted in totally the opposite way: when Italy got infected, Chinese medics offered their help. They flew to Italy with medicine and equipment.

And China is not alone. Whenever disasters strike, anywhere in the world, Cuban doctors and rescue commandos take off, as long as they are allowed to travel and help.

Venezuela, too. It used to supply cheap fuel, even to needy people who happened to be citizens of its arch-tormentor – the United States.

And Russia, in whatever form (as the biggest Soviet Republic, or as the Russian Federation), it has been helping dozens and dozens of decimated nations: by treating their sick, educating their students, building infrastructure, spreading culture through books and music, all in local languages.

Russia does not talk much: it just does, performs, helps. And so do China, Cuba and others.

I want to see the world united.

I want to experience humanity embarking on a beautiful project: improving the planet, searching, together, for an egalitarian system, with no misery, no incurable illnesses, no depravity.

But I am not naïve. I see what the West and its extreme capitalism and imperialism are doing to the world. And I am convinced that only the classic isms are capable of evoking compassion and solidarity in the people.

Propagandists in Washington and London tell you the opposite; they will lie to you that Communism and socialism are dead, or at least totally outdated. Do not trust them; you know that their goals have nothing to do with improving life on our planet. Whatever you hear from them, trust the opposite. Billions of people are now being stripped of their rights and treated like criminals. How ugly! How monstrous!


Right now, our human race is like a sick, very sick person. Not because of the coronavirus, but because of the response to the coronavirus.

China is NOT at all the real sick man of Asia.

No matter how it happened, China got infected, but then it rose to its feet, fought with great determination and courage, and began obliterating the disease.

Chinese doctors, Chinese people in general, are now celebrating. They are ecstatic. They are winning, their first hospitals dedicated to the coronavirus patients are now closing down in Wuhan. Their system is clearly victorious, created for the people.

Almost simultaneously, China has started to help other countries.

Actually, China and its people are behaving like human beings are supposed to behave. And, if that is called “sick”, then what is “healthy”?


122 thoughts to “Coronavirus: Washington And London To Blame”

  1. “Billions of people are now being stripped of their rights and treated like criminals. How ugly! How monstrous!”

    YES!! The American people are being ‘screwed’ very “BIGGLY”, along with the rest of the world!

    CDC: 80,000 people died of flu last winter(2018) in U.S., highest death toll in 40 years.

    This year’s flu:

    “So far this season we’ve had between 30 and 40 million illnesses in the United States,” Martin says.

    Of that number, about half (15-20 million) were ill enough to seek medical care, and between 300,000 to 500,000 people required hospitalization.

    The CDC estimates that there have been 20,000 to 40,000 deaths in the United States so far this year.

      1. The suggestion that the US and UK governments created and spread this virus to damage China is just fantasy, with absolutely no proof. Even if was possible to create the virus the idea that releasing it in China would damage only China is absurd. Viruses do not respect national borders.

        This article seems deluded and hateful.

        1. thank you for your input, mr kirby. but I enjoyed the article tremendously and learned a lot from it. if there’s anything I find “deluded and hateful” here, it’s your sneery comments in which you provide no evidence whatever for your wishful thinking platitudes. can’t you say something new for a change?

      2. John –

        That is very likely. The Dems bristled when Trump said that it would be gone when it warms up. Maybe even in April. 🙂

    1. 40,000 out of 350 million is 1 in every 8750. And for this we are told to stay at home and allow the economy to collapse? while these experts, media and politicians nag, nag, nag, and are about to blow 2 TRILLION dollars that our grandchildren will have repay.

      It is all hysterical BS, a good example of THE PRECUTIONARY PRICIPLE in action, where only the worst possibele scenario is considered.

      1. @ John Kirby:

        The psychopaths fell asleep at the wheel and forgot that viruses unjokingly have a mind of their own. In reality the psychopaths know their Economics/Politics and Propaganda, but do NOT understand BioScience and Medical Science. They left their heads in the toilet and had blinders on.

        Otherwise to counter the article, check this link: America is going down the drain and Trump forgot about the swamp! Link is:

        Remember NWO needs Amerika to go down for NWO agendas to succeed and be implemented faster!

        1. Make allowances for Kirby, the tedious old bore.
          He shows signs of incipient senility.

      2. The number of deaths in past years of seasonal winter flu is an average 40,000, or 1 in 16,250. The official figure for deaths in the USA now due to coronavirus so far is 1.000, or 1 in 350.000.

    2. The case of the Diamond Princess cruise ship is illuminating because the passengers were kept aboard in perfect conditions to spread the virus. The rigorous quarantine meant all COVID-19 cases (even asymptomatic ones) were identified. There were 7 deaths among more than 600 infections, giving a death rate of about 1.2%. One-third of the ship’s passengers were aged over 70.

      1. There were 3,700 people on the ship but only 600 became infected with coronavirus, and 7 of those died. so the death rate for the whole complement of the ship was 1 in 528. This where infection was practically forced on people.

  2. I just skimmed this article so I probably shouldn’t comment, but this is an irritating article. One of the more horrifying experiences of this whole covid-19 episode was early on watching people in China get bolted in their apartments, dragged off the street by police or dragged from their children. I watched an interview with a Chinese biologist who described people risking their lives to get the word out and then disappearing. The way the authoritarian government of China treats its population is beyond disgusting. Certainly, Donald Trump should be condemned for making any kind of remarks against Chinese people who are suffering enough… The Obama administration allowed viruses from U.S. labs to end up in China and we are to blame for that… the source of this thing is a Chinese/American lab fiasco. We’re guilty there.

    1. The Chinese are dirty communist but where was the US in December? Regardless of differences. The US should have had a bio-teams, virologists and our best doctors in China helping to discover what this was. The US could have stopped it there. China is our largest trading parter. The absence of US help us very suspicious to say the least. What we get is a childish immature insults with Trump calling it the China Virus when there is evidence it started in the US. We know Trump is controlled by parasitically bankers and dirty lying Zionist for the interests of Israel only.

      1. Where were /are we? In Afghanistan killing and being killed in a nearly 20 year old war .Finishing off th e5-6 other countries in the region and pushing for a coup in Venezuela to steal their oil and other natural resources including in the future more cheap labor for American consumers and still providing safety and security for Israel What a flop of a country America has become .

  3. It’s the Parasites and their goyim agents that have their dirty fingerprints all over this draconian virus alienating the world, destroying everything in its diseased path. We’ve seen it before many times in Europe. Americans are about to wake up in horror as they are punished for letting the parasite infect the body and soul of Americans just as the Parasites have planned for centuries. It is written in their holiest books.

    1. Use of the words Parasite and goyim agents refers to Jews and their collaborators. Accusing Jews as the creators of Covid-19 is an attempt to turn mobs against Jews. This commentator is committing a felony and should be stopped from posting such inflammatory words. Accusations of Jews poisoning the wells resulted in the deaths of many innocent Jews. .

  4. this guy sounds like a communist to me has some good points but this virus was created by US and israel

  5. Social misfits and loners have less to fear about the Covid-19 virus. Most live in a basements with little contact with outsiders. They watch Pornography and masturbate for sexual satisfaction. After the virus recedes social misfits and loners might leave their basements feeling comfortable with a sparsely filled population.

    1. @ (((Melvin Polatnik)))

      A pathetic comment, all too typical of your warped personality. All you can think of is misfit loners jerking off in basements while the rest of the world are doing their best to come to terms with the most serious crisis since World War Two. This is what you are probably doing yourself, jerking off to pornography while the world soldiers on valiantly and good neighbours offer help to the weak and vulnerable.

      Fix your mind on higher things, (((Melvin))).

      1. My charitable donations are given to American Jews who are weak and vulnerable. They are set upon by those who fear stronger and wealthier Jews. Hospitalized elderly Jews get the worse service. They are pushed and shoved on the way to the toilet. Jewish family support is necessary for those that are hospitalized. Tipping the hospital help gets a change of water. My charitable donation is the writing of this article. I doubt if it will be published.

  6. Countries are acting and reacting in extremely brutal ways. It is frightening. It all feels like some of the bad, second-rate horror films produced by Hollywood.

    The author is far closer to the fact than is perhaps realized. Jews derive sexual pleasure from torture, they masturbate over their horror fantasies, they ejaculate over the fear resulting form their terror. What human consciously avoids sexual pleasure? It damn sure isn’t elite Jews focusing on their genitalia. Do names like “Epstein” and “Weinstein” ring a bell? And here comes Woody Allen’s sex memoirs.

    What about the Israeli “advisors” that trained American troops use of torture techniques at Gitmo? Then there are all those historical “blood Liable” events like “Little Simon of Trent” and “Little Hugh of Lincoln” and what about the eight Jews in Italy torturing and murdering children and then selling movies featuring these horrific acts? Does a thriving, white slave trade in Israel tell you something about Jews? Get the picture of Jewish sexual pleasure yet? Is it any wonder the whole world is now slowly being tortured to death? Take a peek at your future.

    Here is the standard by which people should live, if the government or the media says it, then it’s a lie or at best a half truth. Take the opposite path. Military installations are now being shut down, leaving an opening for yet another “9/11” terror event of a much larger scale than its predecessors. Is it possible this new terror is a setup to begin WWIII? War is the biggest of all Jewish masturbatory fantasies. Nothing excites the Jews’ libido more than “rivers of blood” resulting from war and their revolutions.

    “We will turn our hearts into steel, which we will temper in the fire of suffering and the blood of fighters for freedom. We will make our hearts cruel, hard, and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritsky, Zinovief and Volodarski, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeois – more blood, as much as possible. ”- Gregory Zinoviev (Hirsch Apfelbaum)

    “We (Judeocommunists) stand for organized terror – this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution. – V.I. Lenin

    Jews are a people focused on their genitalia, a people known to literally masturbate themselves to death. Jews are addicted to the sexual aspects blood and terror hold for them. From this, It should be obvious they will not stop until they are stopped.

    1. COMMENT DELETED along with your other comments in a similar vein.

      ADMIN: Your nauseating comments about “all fiction writers” being “compulsive masturbators” are neither amusing nor controversial. Was Jane Austen a compulsive masturbator? Is JK Rowling a compulsive masturbator? The only writer of “fiction” I know who is almost certainly a compulsive masturbator is yourself.

      1. My experience with masturbation finds it opens the imagination to taboo possibilities.This in turn opens up the thought process and allows thousands of situations to enter. Writers block is not possible with a chronic masturbator. But you are correct by deleting my comment, it belongs elsewhere.

      2. Right on! As Arch said: “Jews focus on their genitalia.” Their movies are filth with dogs humping humans’ legs, crotch shots, sitting on toilets and acting like that Sarah S whore. Remember that iconic picture with her in short shorts with her finger placed in her anus? They make most of the 3 hole porn and place it on the internet for children to watch. Melvin is a filthy Jew who probably has his hand on it most of the time. I would hate to touch his keyboard, or try to look through the jizz on his screen. The Fockers movies present real Jewish life. Tel Aviv is the sex capital of the world – full of queers, trannies, bisexuals, soy boys, harlots, etc.

  7. “Trump administration is trying to lure German pharmacutical company with large amount of money in an effort to find coronavirus vaccine for Americans only.” Meanwhile, Trump continues to impose brutal economic sanctions against Iran, which makes it harder for 80 million Iranians to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Iranians are unable to obtain basic necessities like food and medical supplies that they need to survive.

    Iranians are humans like the rest of us. Easing the sanctions on a perceived enemy for 120 days in order to get food and medical aid is the way you turn an enemy into a friend. According to an Iranian health ministry, Iran has been devastated by the fallout by the Coronavirus infections which have now surpassed 23,000 with a death toll of over 1,800.

    At this juncture, the sanctions on Iran is a cruel and inhumane, as it punishes the people and not the government.

    Currently President Trump is trying to turn Russia and North Korea into friends, but he goes out of his way to treat Iran as a mortal enemy. Is it because Iran is a Muslim country and it has no nukes? Iranians are peaceful people who were among the pioneer carpet weavers. They are not anti-American by any proper definition. They just simply oppose our foreign policy. I for example love the US but I hate our foreign policy. Does that make me anti-American? Not really! If I was, I would not have worn the uniform for 20 years and was willing to die for America if need be.

    I would say, for the love of God, lift the sanctions on Iran.

    1. No, it’s not because they are a Muslim country with no nukes. It’s because the Jews do actually hate Iran. On the other hand, Trump is civil with Russia and North Korea because they are a Jewish/Israeli vassal state, and absolutely no threat to Jewish power, respectively.

      The Jews hate Iran more than anyone else on this planet. Even more than they hate white people. Persians are the people from which their mortal enemy, Jesus Christ, came. For this Iran must be destroyed. The Jews will not rest until they absolutely annihilate Iran.

  8. ALL crimes will increase globally!

    “Biggest Lockdown In World History” – India Paralyzed As COVID-19 Crisis Unfolds

    Indian stocks crashed on Monday, suffering their worst single-day loss on record, as domestic and foreign investors were absolutely terrified that a nationwide lockdown triggered by a COVID-19 outbreak could crash the economy.

    The economy has come to a screeching halt as residents in 75 districts across the country, including in major cities, such as the capital New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore have been forced into mandatory quarantine by the government until March 31.

    Although India, the second-largest country in the world, has reported only 467 cases and 10 deaths from COVID-19, authorities are worried that a pandemic will occur, but no tests are available to monitor the number of sick people. India launched the world’s most extensive social distancing lockdown of 1.3-billion people to slow down the theoretical infection rate. Indian stocks crashed on Monday, and domestic and foreign investors are terrified that a this lockdown will crash the economy.

    The Indian rupee hit a record low against the US dollar. This puts pressure on the Narendra Modi government and the Reserve Bank of India to ramp up emergency response efforts to protect a crashing currency and economy.

  9. From the article:
    “It arrived unexpectedly and illustrated to the world that there is no global unity, no solidarity, anymore.”

    Not so fast! People are volunteering in droves for Britain’s NHS (National Health Service), via website.

    “With the news 250,000 volunteers are needed by the NHS to help vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis people have been signing up in their droves.

    “Overnight 170,000 people have signed up – that’s three a minute to help the NHS, he said. It’s an absolutely astonishing response.”

    Not everyone is “Jewified.” In hard times we can see crystal clear the difference between those who are diamond and those who are just glass.

  10. It’s funny in Ireland we had a ‘preview’ of the current clown show with the cervical cancer controversy in 2018. Some absurd results from that shit show was the President of the country taking a helicopter to visit to one of the main actors Emily Mhic Mathuna and later her being awarded around 8 million euros because in a classic case of ‘monday morning quarterbacking’ it was decided that some medical lab might have picked up her ‘cancer’ sooner. There was more, lots more but it is tiring to repeat. But the bottom line we are meant to draw from it was’ this is a nasty and complicated disease (cervical cancer)but there is a simple solution, yes it’s really that simple TAKE YOU SHOTS, GET THE EFFIN VACCINE!!. That’s the end of it really so now we have pretty much all the young females in Ireland exposed to this danger of the so called HPV vaccine. Oh and yes they have ‘improved’ their program now all the BOYS have to take it also. Genocide by needle. Somebody has said as Kerry will no longer be able to produce good footballers and as more and more BOYS (not just mere girls) start to come down with exotic illnesses from this HPV poison people will start to raise questions. I wish I could be so optimistic from what I see here for the most part NOTHING can get people to raise questions………………

    In any case to keep away from the apocalypse at least for one more day………….. we have the same characters running things and screwing up just as well as they did before. The gay 1/2 Indian Prime Minister who is a perfect symbol of multi-cultural Ireland locking down the country enforcing pure medical mythology and his able side kick the king of screw ups Mr Harris. Mind you they sort of can’t be blamed for this one as this is a global psy op so it’s above their pay grade. They are just a cog in the global disinformation, they are just good soldiers doing their part. To show this PM Varadkar announced the closing down of the schools from the US………….see what a good little boy globalist he is. And that is the problem these people are not leaders they are misleaders as in fooling you. They are just globalist pimps/punks doing what they are instructed to do by the WHO (World Health Organization)

    But they are still failures as they SHOULD be our leaders ……………they are not they just mis-lead

  11. 500 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine 100% success, no side effects have been reported, no one hospitalized so far, Dr. Zelenko only gives the malaria drug to high risk patience or those who develop shortness of breath.

    100% cure rate in 350 patients!!

    Dr. Zelenko said he believes people should be first treated at home with these drugs. He has treated 350 patients with them successfully.

    He told Sean Hannity on his radio show that he used 200mg 2x daily Hydroxy Chloroquine, 500mg 1x daily Azithromycin, and 220mg 1x daily Zinc sulfate on 350 patients. Their breathing was fully restored in 3 to 4 hours, no one has died or was even hospitalized. There were zero intubations.

    -New York and Nevada have banned off-label prescribing of hydroxychloroquine, the very drug that was shown to CURE all 350 people by DR. Zelenko in NY.
    -Ohio has issued prescription guidelines forbidding preventative use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients and regulating access. Texas, Idaho and Nevada have taken similar steps. ”
    -New York Governor Cuomo issued an executive order on Monday barring any experimental use of the drug outside state-approved trials.
    -Nevada’s governor has signed an emergency order barring the use of anti-malaria drugs for someone who has the coronavirus.

  12. London & Washington… hmmm…
    “Funny” how the author “conveniently’ fails to mention the Ring Leader’s H/Q of TEL AVIV ain’t it?

    1. Good point, but I think LD would agree with you that Tel Aviv should be included. The author’s failure to mention Tel Aviv is a serious oversight, but maybe he didn’t want to run the risk of being branded an “antisemite”.

  13. “Suddenly the world feels very uncomfortable”…
    That’s Right… You got the idea….
    This will all help get that next batch of Munitions Contracts going…. After all,if things are nice and sweet all over, it’s hard to justify that Big Spending….

  14. How can “humanity embark on a beautiful project” when evil Jews control the planet’s finances and the hegemony over all Western political POWER?
    The most beautiful project that we could embark upon is ridding our nations of the progeny of the devil; in other words, the diabolical Jews who Jesus warned us of …. Enough evidence is in: Jews are monsters, bereft of love for mankind and present nothing but death and decay.
    Judaism is satanism. Jews are satan’s disciples. Yet, most senior administrative office bearers in the USA and other Western nations are Jews. President Trump is drowning in Jews and this starts at home with the evil Jared and the insidious Ivanka. Crypto Jew, or full Jew, Trump is human scum. He will be thrown into “the burning lake of fire”, as will the evil Christian Zionist lunatics, the Judeo Christian low lifes and the insane, talking in tongues Evangelicals.

    1. @ MAX BILNEY, I never forget the Jewish Hoe Sarah Silverman who made a joke about killing Jesus(pbuh). Her distasteful joke is not only offensive but also an attack on Christianity. As a Muslim, I took offense by her sad sick joke. The sad part was M$M media then let her slide by stating she did not really mean it and it was free speech anyway.

      Now a day you can go to jail for 5 in Germany if you offend a joo.


      We don’t need this repetitious crap about people jerking off over pornography, nor do we need to read about how “Trump loves great orgasms and so does his staff.”

      How do you know?

      1. Melvin is probably correct in his assumption that Trump’s staff “love great orgasms” and by inference, that they love masturbating. … one can imagine them in their offices. He is correct because most of Trump’s senior staff are Jews.

      2. Confessing as one who masturbates while watching Internet pornography does not give me the right to guess that ALL politicians enjoy my solitary pleasures. Many of my orgasms are intense and enjoyable so I am only projecting that the rest of the world feels the same way. Holy men from Tibet have written about their solitary sexual experiences. I consider myself a Jewish holy man, and I write often about my own solitary pleasures. I agree it is not wise writing about my sexual life. So I will speak about Jewish history and its purity.

        1. @ Melvin Polatnik

          I read you comment with disgust but have decided not to delete it for the simple reason that I do not believe you are a Jew at all, given that many of your previous comments have been antisemitic in the extreme. I believe you are a non-Jew pretending to be a degenerate Jew in order to stir up hatred against Jews. Posters on this site who fall for your claptrap in the belief that you are a genuine Jew, are, in my humble opinion, low IQ goyim who are only too pleased to have their pathological antisemitism reinforced.

          @ Any Jew reading this Comment section

          Pay no attention to Melvin Polatnik. We have no reason to believe he is a genuine Jew. We suspect that he is a goy pretending to be ten times worse than Shylock in order to fan the flames of pathological antisemitism on this site. Let is know if you agree with us and would like us to ban him from posting further comments here.

      3. Melvin maybe you can help us being a member of the tribe. Is Trump a jew or not considering your inside knowledge about Trump and can we Goyim verify it?
        Thanks. Mazzel Tov.

      4. There is good scientific evidence that high achievers have stronger sex drives. This can explain why guys like Weinstein and Epstein were extremely sexually active. I have extrapolated this finding to feel that Washington, DC is full of super orgasm hunters. Jews and Jewesses in general have extremely active sex drives and are generally high achievers. Many times those with powerful sex drives engage in the erotic and taboo.

  15. I think Jon Rappoport seems to have this virus figured out: (satire)

    And E Michael Jones:

  16. In case one doesn’t know, while all the Vatican II Catholic churches are closed down, the places where traditional Catholics worship are not only open but are offering up more traditional Latin Masses than normal. And it makes sense when one considers the theology of the new mass (assembly of believers, table, meal) and the traditional Mass (sacrifice, altar, propitiation for sin)

    1. Yes, Darrell, they are almost two different religions. That’s been apparent for awhile.

    2. Can You tell us where at which places you find these more traditional churches which are open?

  17. “Something has gone wrong. Almost everything has. Humanity is facing tremendous danger. Why? Because it does not understand itself.”

    Because it doesn’t understand the nature of evil.

    “I want to experience humanity embarking on a beautiful project: improving the planet, searching, together, for an egalitarian system, with no misery, no incurable illnesses, no depravity.”

    This is precisely what evil (i.e. the spiritual force of evil and its agents in the physical realm) seeks to prevent . The end game is the overthrow of the natural order and the complete eradication of any semblance of “goodness” anywhere and everywhere on earth. Whoever can’t be deceived, corrupted and manipulated must be destroyed. This is why the bloody “imperialism” must go on.

  18. So Melvin, the Jew, admits he masturbates in order to get his creative juices going! Sounds like a Weinstein clone. Melvin, do you use flower pots? You are one sick puppy and a typical sex-crazed Jew. Weimar Germany was full of your degenerate type. The USA is drowning in Jewish pornography. Moral degeneracy is the sign that Jews are present. Trump’s admitting that he grabs starlets’ pussies is typical. I hope you are proud of yourself and your actions.

    1. My Jewish root go back to my grandfathers business in the Polish and Russian Shtetls. He imported canvas pants and sold them to the villagers. Cossack police investigated him for selling stolen gold coins. It was then he escaped by fleeing with our family to NYC. My entrepreneur grandfather became the owner of an S&M dungeon. He taught us that real Jews loved Erotic Sex. Our cousins and uncles all believed in freestyle mix and match Judaism. We never needed Synagogues, large basements were fine.

    2. I think most readers/commenters would tolerate Melvin Polatnick’s rants if he didn’t have and state his ONE-Track mind mentalitiy and thinking about sex/self-pleasure in such offensive terms. Otherwise he does belong in the Cabaret crowd of Berlin in 1920s Weimar Germany. I know one of my comments about who the Jews are seemed hateful, but Jews for Dummies as a book title is appropriate for morons that DO NOT know any better. Darkmooners know better and do not need the clarification. If Melvin’s commentary tone does not change, he should be banned, but Lasha, Darkmoon and the ADMIN take FREE Speech seriously and are very tolerant. So, if they are upset with Melvin, do what you have to do!

      Otherwise, Melvin and Company (Admin included) stop this Jew/Crypto-Jew Psyop that surrounds Melvin, his picture and his comments. Anti-semitism is a Jewish tool to silence the weak and foment hatred among other groups. (Hegelian dialectic, Controlled Opposition and Narrative control anyone!). So stop trying to sow division @ Darkmoon and allow us to state the obvious that Anti-semitism exists and is actually justified in stating the POWER of the JEW (International Jewry) and making sensitive sheeple awaken to the Truth of it. And if that truth hurts – get over it. These weaknesses are what the Jewry count on by exploiting the common working-stiff Jew and hating them at the same time. Melvin and his comments are perfect examples of that! So, Melvin (crypto-JEW, real Jew or fake/imposter) tone it down or just leave. Otherwise, all comments are WELCOME/Willkommen, as long as they lead to completing a truth puzzle, or get us closer to the truth and thus beneficial! Otherwise, Melvin, CUT IT OUT! Admin decide! Spasiba, La Chaim! Na kela hava! Et Spiritu Sante!

      1. Becoming less graphic will alter my writing style but it will be better than being banned. It is exciting to post on a Jew hating site. The Jewish question intrigues me and I search for the truth. Jews play great influence in finance, media, and the arts. But I have not concluded that their influence is entirely negative. Anglo Saxons also wield some negative power. Who is more cunning Anglo Saxons or Jews? Who better serves the nation? This part of the Jewish question.

      2. It’s not about antisemitism. It’s about defining
        the behavior of some jews. It’s not about the person or group. There are many (generations long) christians with a ( hidden) jewish background and there is nothing wrong with being of jewish background.
        It’s about behavior.

      3. Stormin’ Norman,

        “Anti-semitism exists and is actually justified in stating the POWER of the JEW (International Jewry) and making sensitive sheeple awaken to the Truth of it.”

        Right on! Although anti-Semitism is a misnomer designed to trigger emotional reactions in the Gentiles. The Gentiles were submitted to intense Pavlovian animal mental conditioning program. They run from this accusation like running from the plague. The correct term is anti-Jew.

        Never let the JEW shut you up, folks!

  19. The corporate mentality is total mad dog…. If you think it cares anything for the stuff that makes sense to you, you’re not woke about it yet…
    Yes I know the Jews are assholes, but they’re no more ruthless than the wonderful people in your average boardroom, and the hitmen they hire to move the bottom line, executives, politicians, media mouthpieces….
    Look how nutty they are…
    Surely by now the people who run the Fox Network have to know that the My Pillow guy is driving viewers away by the trainload every day. As soon as people see him introducing himself they immediately grab the remote and hit something else.. surely they gotta know that…
    It’s all about aggression, with no account for common sense, much less taste, and you are nothing at all but numbers to these people…
    Then you have Joe Namath with his Medicare whatever commercial….
    Do they think people are deaf?
    And if you think you’ll get any relief on RT, you can forget that too…
    They’re every bit as bad, constantly slamming you with the same PR commercial bites for months on end…
    RT is just another avaricious corporation, so you would have to think by comparing their technique with FOX…
    How really real are all their supposed higher social goals and motives, if that’s what they give you too, and how much real truth, actual journalism then should you expect them to show on these issues?
    RT comes off sort-of like Alex shock-jock Jones and the Health Ranger… Everybody’s one kind of aggressive Sensationalist Huckster or another, Jones just pushes the envelope a a little further… Never far enough to actually fk with the ZOG though…
    Right Now the Virus is the Story… That’s what’s selling… Everybody’s on it…
    The question of the day is – are you gonna get the malaria drug or the vaccine… Probably the answer would be – which pays Big Pharma more and which works better with the New NWO Attachments?

  20. I remember a bill from back in the late seventies or early eighties somewhere I think… It was called the Superfund, something like 80,000,000,000, which was big money in those days, from the federal government for the purpose of cleaning up toxic waste sites all over the country…
    Sounded like a good idea, right?
    But, none of the money actually went to do any clean-up… From what I heard there was a lot of ‘litigation’ that somehow had to happen first… In other words – Lawyers Got It All…
    What kind of lawyers? Jew Lawyers? No doubt, but when it comes to lawyers, Jews take their hats off…. nobody’s got anything on them for greedy chutzpah…
    It was a lot like the Hurricane Katrina relief money, so many billions…. Yeah, it got lost somewhere… The government sent Joe Lieberman to go look for it… That figures…
    I thought this was a coronavirus bill? That’s what they said….
    If you could actually follow every dollar, which you can’t, of the 2,000,000,000,000 and see who got it all, guess who got most of it?
    If you said a lot of mazaltavers, you’re woken….

      1. The purse strings were unleashed today to the tune of 2.2 T. Billions of stock were sold in February by CEOs and insiders, some of them those insiders being members of Congress.

        But then again most of the white trash conspiracy lunatic oaf posting on this website think everything is a Jewish conspiracy. Well not everybody can source knowledge from the Nirvana of enlightenment.

      2. Ed –

        Trump stated, almost under his breath today, at the signing, that the bill will be for as much as $6.2 Trillion.

        The other $4 trillion will allow the Federal Reserve to make huge emergency bailouts to whatever entity it chooses — a measure that was used to prop-up Wall Street.

        ‘Forget The Mattress!’ FDIC Insists Deposits Are ‘Safe And Sound’ As Fed Gears Up For $6 Trillion Bailout
        Mar. 25, 2020

  21. I guess now that Prince Charles has ‘it’ (the common cold also known as COVID-19) we can all relax now? Also Wall St has been bailed out again, another massive transfer of wealth and all made so easy because of the ’emergency’ of the covid scam. No need to wonder how come ‘Jewish bankers’ once again took the economy to the brink, it was not .them it was the ‘virus’.

    Not much to report around here Ireland starts to have the feeling of a graveyard, it certainly is and will be for many of the small business people. I guess many of the bars and small restaurants will NEVER re-open if this clown show is allowed to continue. And in Ireland continue it will, the people here are so ‘obedient’ they were ruled by the Church for long they seem to have swapped the Church for ‘medical opinion’ which is if anything even more ‘superstitious’ than the Church ever was. I think we are now being told to be wary of door bells so forget about organizing a meeting you are in danger if you touch your neighbors door bell you might be in danger of ‘infection’ ll!! Or he is in danger from YOU!! see how that works!! We are all a danger to each other what a great and ‘unifying’ message, we are all in this together we are constantly told we are together as danger to each other. There might be a lot of truth in that I suppose certainly we are in danger from these psy ops they run on us without permission.

    Going in my local Lidl they have a booth out in front with big notices “Dont pass it on” and a big bottle of some chemical you are meant to put on your hands I suppose. I see one person in front of me scrub her hands……………….anyway I decide of course to not do that. A guy from the story approaches me and tells me I HAVE to use the chemical whatever it is. I tell him ‘no I will not use that I don’t know that it is safe’ He immediately deferred and said OK. A small matter but I thought it is interesting, so much of these crap ‘advisories’ can and should be ignored. They would apply to pubs and small business too just say no to recall Nancy Reagan’s slogan about drugs. Just say no to THEIR ‘drugs’ and especially their vaccines. I keep coming back to that this is the supreme crime of the medical cartel over the last 30 or so years. These demented ‘virus hunters’ have done SO much damage and here now not content with destroying children’s lives they want to corral ALL of us into their ‘scam” (I tend to prefer ‘scam’ to ‘hoax’ now it conveys what a cheap nasty operation it is) NO I will not take you vaccine I don’t consider it safe’ It can be that simple at least in Lidl it is or was. Who knows next week I may not be allowed in unless I do it or will the scam have been called off by then?

    BTW this is also very interesting officially the UK no longer consider this piece of nonsense to be a serious matter. I have read this in several places but the video below is short and conveys the essence of what happened. Someone should let Boris Johnson know officially the UK Government no longer considers the common cold or what ‘sciency’ types call COVID-19 virus to be a HCID (HIgh Consequnce Infectious Disease). Someone should also tell Dr Varadker and his incompetent side kick Simon Harris. But I think Ireland are about the dopiest country there is in these matters and they have a ‘doctor’ as Prime Minister (though he lost the election – no matter) which will make it all the tougher to ever get through to him

  22. Joe Imbriano’s (The Fullerton Informer) idea is this all a ‘drill’ ……….we are being put through a drill. A drill can be comforting in that it is not ‘real’ and clearly they are in spite of all the fear mongering they are letting us know it is not real. Why else have we been shown all these celebrities and now Prince Charles getting ‘infected’ and ‘recovering’ very nicely. We have had off the top of my head Michael Barnier the EU negotiator, Rand Paul a US Senator, Tom Hanks an ‘actor’ which is relevant since it is all ‘acting’ and loads of others the wife of Trudeau in Canada, Amy Klocbuchar’s husband sorry too many already……………..the point being we are being let know this is ‘nothing’ it is not dangerous but at the same time a ‘health worker’ will run a mile if they imagine they will be dealing with a covid case. (BTW this is a sad commentary on the ‘brave’ health workers, I will let everyone know right now I can be hired where I am exposed to covid ‘victims’ night and day and I have no fear of it. I wonder if that might be a good ‘gig’ and I would expect some good ‘danger money’ seriously if anyone knows where the health service are looking for people who don’t need hazmat suits to work I am your man) We are being given a double message and it is be afraid be very afraid but nudge nudge wink wink this is nothing this is just a drill an exercise

    What is disquieting about drills is…………..what are they drilling about, what is the ‘real event’ they are practicing or fore shadowing?. Imbriano’s idea is when the real killing starts in say a year or two (he is especially concerned with 5G masts on every other street pole and right outside your window) where people REALLY ARE DROPPING LIKE FLIES they will be so traumatized from this drill we are going through now they will ‘know’ it is all caused by the virus, this virus which has ‘mutated’ (another bogus meme of the medical cartel) and come back in a more ‘virulent’ form (yet another medical meme myth) so the real killing from the masts can be covered up and explained by reference to this virus

    It’s hard to argue with his logic though even as a card carrying pessimist I am a bit more optimistic than that. My thinking (hope) is though they might well by then have the capability of doing some thing like what Imbriano fears they may not pull the trigger so to speak. It reminds me of what I understand about Stalin who was all set up to invade Germany by 1941 and had everything in place………………he hesitated and waited and then Hitler was able to cut through all his forces because Stalin was set up for offense and had no defense at all in place. Like a soccer team camped out in the opponents half can be susceptible to the ‘fast break’ of the other team. Anyway sorry I need to keep on message here what we are being put through here is cleanly not real it is a drill a preparation for something else and something worse of course. It’s speculation what that ‘worse’ will be but the way things are going right now the drill itself may doom society maybe no need for the ‘real event’ the drill does it all by itself. Though actually we probably will ‘recover’ especially if Trump can call it off in the US but my guess is more damage needs to be done, people need to be brought low and reach almost the status of an animal but then who knows what comes after that.

    I have an idea and it’s involves ‘revenge’ for mostly imagined persecution and is intent on imposing a real holocaust on the people they imagined committed the first and actually not real holocaust. In that way the ‘holocaust’ of the 1940’s is/was a drill like this one not real but foreshadows a real holocaust they want to do to us. There are several movies or tv series out right now foreshadowing this check out “Hunters” or “The Hunt” to name just two. This is a trailer for “The Hunt” and an interesting detail right at the end it says ‘opening March 11’ which is sort of the official date of the drill we are being subjected to now. in was on March 11 that the WHO declared that we were officially in a ‘pandemic’ BTW they are ‘hunting’ Nazis or ex Nazis. (((Their))) hands are all over this …………………also we had 9/11 and now 3/11 that is using American dating methods. The second video explains a lot more about the ‘hunting’ that might be about to start

    1. What is being “drilled” is the “need” for global tracking and vaccinating.

      Not one human will be spared. Only Freemasons (inhuman) and upwards will avoid it.

      No cash, bio-metric id, no encryption, facial recognition, full and open snooping of all electronic data, enforced use of robotic vehicles, satellite tracking of all individuals from space ( yes, possible), enforced vaccination.

      The latter is the most worrisome. What 5G activated nano-tech will be hidden within?

      Factory farming is the superior concept for what is to come. The Goyim (cattle) control concept is outdated.

  23. You are correct Barkingdeer. ….. $2 trillion going to be supposedly dispensed by scumbag, money-bag, corrupt Jews! I would not trust a Shylock Jew with a single dollar. (Oh yeah, the Jewish professors have branded The Merchant of Venice ANTISEMITIC!! …. Fact = most Jews are not Semites, but are European/Caucasian/ Turkic in origins.)
    As as happened again and again, by the time they have deducted their “charges” there will be only a tiny part left for the Gentile majority. Then they will create invoices to cover their bonuses and organise the mega Jewish banks of the Jewish Fed to charge high interest rates on the $2 trillion that they created “out of the thin air”, as debt/credit. (NB: Notice scaredy-cat correspondents – Ye who lack a backbone – the use of the word JEW! )
    This represents total and utter systematic corruption, which an old, naive kulak, fake patriot like Gilby does not want to hear about. The selfish old man continually says that America has been good to him, stuff all the poor and downtrodden.
    The sooner the dumbed down morons of the USA realise the extent of evil Jewish control, the sooner will the USA have a chance to become a half decent nation. And yes, Gilby, the same goes for Australia! Just that you have over 300 million moron sheeple!
    John Kaminski’s, Henry Makow’s and Bro N Kapner’s essays and videos present the whole truth about the nature of the vile American Mammon state, which no one, with half a brain, should defend or have any allegiance to…. If China or Russia were to launch a total nuclear attack upon the USA’s mega cities, the world would be a lot better place; especially if Israel was blasted off the map, in order to complete the picture.
    Lasha’s work has been brilliant for years and, in terms of subject specificity, her essay on Jewish control of the vile Modern Art world represents a microcosm of the horror and degradation that filthy, disgusting Jews have brought to the general body politic, our educational institutions, our banks, etc, etc. Their filth has penetrated every nook and cranny, just like Sarah Silverman’s ———-ole!

    1. Behold!! witness the birth of the SUPER JEW. He is a mixture of Orthodox Russian and Ashkenazim Jew. With a combination of high testosterone and Jewish cunning he is now the king of NYCs Times Square. This Hybrid Jew owns a hundred bars and whore houses along the Great White Way. His skills in management and domination of countless Ukrainian gals makes him a tax free billionaire. He lacks the nervous composure of the Jewish weakling. His muscular built and steel nervous system warns predators to back off. His Phenotype is distributed throughout the world including Beijing. He righteously can be called SUPER JEW.

    2. Sorry, Sister Monica, “assistant moderator”, I am one of those “low IQ’d Goyim” who you say engages in “anti-Semitism.” ….. Like Lasha, in her Jews rule the USA and her Modern Art essays, you would say that every time I mention the word JEW in a negative sense, that I am being anti-Semitic. Same goes for your major contributors Kaminski and Stanton, who must be dreaded anti-Semites. Get it into your brain: The Jewish elite that runs the planet, via money control, are 100% non-Semitic, being Caucasian-Turkic people. Do you consider Jacob Rothschild, Netanyahu, Feinstein, etc to be Semites? Do you agree with Trump who has cut funds from universities that allow criticism of Israel’s ongoing genocide in Palestine, because they are ant-Semitic? As the great Doris Lessing said, “without definitions we remain helpless, without any choice.” Far from being a “low IQ’d Goyim”, I would test my IQ of 140 points plus against your IQ any day of the week. You may now use your moderator role to end my association with the Darkmoon columns, as you may not like hearing the truth.

      1. Using the word JEW rings a bell. It exposes the Eurasian Jewish Phenotype. Never for a moment have I believed that Polish or Russian Jews were rooted in Palestine. Nor can they logically be called Semites. I admire the Jewish race for their cultural aggressiveness. But I cannot praise Trotsky or the Bolsheviks for the Russian revolution. To sum it up I love the Jewish people and their chutzpah and Matzo ball soup.

  24. Here is an example of the SWINE FLU being engineered and patented – See where you can serch others.

    [US Patent & Trademark Office, Patent]

    United States Patent – 8,124,101
    Palese, et al. – February 28, 2012
    Genetically engineered swine influenza virus and uses thereof

    The present invention relates, in general, to attenuated swine influenza viruses having an impaired ability to antagonize the cellular interferon (IFN) response, and the use of such attenuated viruses in vaccine and pharmaceutical formulations. In particular, the invention relates to attenuated swine influenza viruses having modifications to a swine NS1 gene that diminish or eliminate the ability of the NS1 gene product to antagonize the cellular IFN response. These viruses replicate in vivo, but demonstrate decreased replication, virulence and increased attenuation, and therefore are well suited for use in live virus vaccines, and pharmaceutical formulations.

    Inventors: Palese; Peter (Leonia, NJ), Garcia-Sastre; Adolfo (New York, NY), Webby; Richard J. (Memphis, TN), Richt; Juergen A. (Ames, IA), Webster; Robert G. (Memphis, TN), Lager; Kelly M. (Colo, IA)
    Assignee: Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York, NY)
    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Memphis, TN)
    The United States of America as represented by The Secretary of Agriculture (Washington, DC)

    Family ID: 36777648
    Appl. No.: 11/628,292
    Filed: June 1, 2005
    PCT Filed: June 01, 2005
    PCT No.: PCT/US2005/019382
    371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date: February 06, 2008
    PCT Pub. No.: WO2006/083286
    PCT Pub. Date: August 10, 2006

    Document Identifier – US 20090010962 A1
    Publication Date – Jan 8, 2009

    1. The old truism was “follow the money trail.” The new truism is “follow the patent trail.” Yes follow it all the way to offices in New York, The City and Tel Aviv, where the devil’s spawn reside.

  25. As with the poppy fields before it, the Chinese Corona “wheat” grows in China, but the “harvesters” of the political hay are in London and the U.S.

  26. Like one of the subtitles under the photo: Do Not Underestimate the Coronavirus. And here is why:

    COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates.
    From the evidence so far, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in ALL AREAS, including areas with hot and humid weather. Regardless of climate, adopt protective measures if you live in, or travel to an area reporting COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself against COVID-19 is by frequently cleaning your hands. By doing this you eliminate viruses that may be on your hands and avoid infection that could occur by then touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

    For the full article: check out here:

    So as I and Ramm Stein have been saying, wait to see what happens in 4 – 10 weeks from now, March 25,2020. That is April, May and early June. If Coronavirus peters out to near Zero, it is like a normal Cold/Flu winter season outbreaks that decline in the warmer weather. If Coronavirus plateaus or increases exponentially despite the warmer weather, this was most likely a man-made bio-engineered virus in a lab, most likely in the USA from its genetic map and genetic tree. Trump will be eating humble pie in the future and will really be shown to be an Idiot and orange baffoon! His (s)election showed so much promise and now he is just like the rest of them in the Washington DC swamp!

  27. Today, Seven more people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the besieged enclave, brining the total number of cases to nine.

    Today, Seven more people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the besieged enclave, brining the total number of cases to nine.

    After fourteen years of illegal and inhume siege, Gaza’s hospitals and clinics have a chronic shortage of medicine. The water, sanitation, and electricity systems are in terrible condition. Poverty is so deep and widespread that even the cost of hand soap is a hardship.

    As of now, Covid-19 has not hit Gaza hard yet. But when it does, it will fall on the vulnerable people of Gaza like Israeli bombs. Doctores and NGOS have warned, the potential outbreak of the disease in the densely populated Gaza could be catastrophic.

    You might well add Tel Aviv to Washington and London to the Cornonavirus’ Blame List.

  28. Latest figures coming from China indicate that approx 14% of so called recovered virus victims are again testing positive, but appear to have no symptoms. They may have become merely carriers. Also, scientists believe the virus is now mutating. Perhaps this is the super virus that could eventually wipe out mankind. We have destroyed our economies and hugely indebted ourselves, but if this is true about people retesting as positive, we are left with the problem of what to do with these people. Do they remain in quarantine, or should they be allowed back to work? Imagine if these people’s numbers increased to, say, 34%. They could become like lepers amongst us, shunned and isolated. And mutations frequently get worse.

    1. Hysteria Max.

      This flu has been engineered to wipe out the elderly sick. There is too great a trail of corona virus death research collaboration between bio-labs not to conclude, on balance, it was engineered.

      The rest of us better stop taking “doctors medicine”, start eating right and get off our butts and exercise right; because this strain of coronavirus is in the wild and you may assume you will be infected shortly (1-2 years).

      At the moment I am doing my best to catch the coronavirus by being as outgoing as normal, eating in empty restaurants, but so far no “death-virus”. I did have a scare at 10pm with a visious throat infection, very dried nasal passages and a mild headache – but after dosing up on crushed garlic, vitamin C, etc. The crushed garlic had a palpably strong counter effect. Within a few hours – back to normal.

      Who knows. perhaps it was the coronavirus. The Chinese test, taken up with financial enthusiasm by laboratories, is generic and worthless.

      The future of old age (and all ages) is to keep fit and healthy. If the masses were to switch on to obvious health practice, it would devastate many “industries” : pharmaceutical, processed food and medical (90% is spent on the last few months of old age)

      About horrendous mutations – nature requires a balance. Mutation mediated through human cells renders these artificially created monstrosities LESS harmful. Any “mutation” will be released by the usual suspects.

  29. Watch out every contributor!
    Heed what moderator, Sister Monica, says! We do not want “to fan the flames of pathological anti-semitism” on this site. Shock, horror! Imagine it – PATHOLOGICAL ANTISEMITISM! ….. Watch out John Kaminski! Criticise Jews and you are an anti-Semite! You are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism, which could lead to hatred of the Jewish banksters and the Israelis who have murdered over 50,000 Palestinians in the last 3 decades and stolen 80% of their land. You might, in your sick minds, encourage another Holocaust.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      I don’t think much of your comments, sir. Which is why I do not even bother to delete them. If I were in your presence right now and if I were a strong man, I would grind your bones to dust and feed your intestines to any sewer rats that happen to be in the vicinity.

      Yes, this is a respectable site and it does not respect low IQ pathological Jew baiters like yourself. If you have any doubts about where we stand on the Jews and Zionism, you only have to read this:

      # 3. This website has been advised by Lasha Darkmoon to stop accepting donations. Anyone who values the work we do is urged to send their donations to a suitable children’s charity, preferably to a charity for crippled children in Occupied Palestine.>

      We owe you nothing, sir, as we do not solicit donations from cheap white trash like you. Nor do we solicit your cretinous comments, you moronic masturbator. Understand this! Your foul comments, most of them fictitious, boasting about your syphilitic 10-inch phallus, would not be published on any respectable website. The fact that you have managed to spew your vomit over our site is simply due to the fact that our site is largely unmonitored.

      I am not banning you, sir, which I have the authority to do. That would be an abuse of my power. I am letting you post here but at the same time giving you notice what I think of you ‒ you are a loathsome reptile that brings shame on the human race. No wonder the Jews have devised for themselves a protective armor and group solidarity as a mechanism of defence against pathological Untermenschen like you.

      Rest assured that you and your ranting riffraff of low-IQ wankers are no threat to the Jews! 🙂

      1. Well said, Sis! Give the loathsome wanker from the antipodes the lash of your tongue! He deserves it.

        @ Max Bilney

        I do not respect you! No one can! You boast, you brag, you froth, you fume, you stink to high heaven! Your mind is a garbage dump of delusions, may you rot in hell!

      2. Agree partially, Madam, excluding the hyperboles which I enjoy very much to read. 🙂

        Must be annoying for Christian women like you to listen to how many chicks Max is having fun with, that he feel alone with his new gal friend, with whom he is not connected I presume, about how many personal hookers he have. These are completely misplaced and inappropriate comments.

        1. @ NBTT

          Thank you for rallying to my support. Of course Max Bilney’s comments are “misplaced and inappropriate”, as you correctly point out.

          If I see this sex maniac posting defamatory comments about the Darkmoon site on any other forum, I will take action against this sexual deviant which he will live to regret. I have received information about this Aussie perv in private emails from my friends and I will publicize these sordid details far and wide if driven to do so.

          Who can respect a man who brags openly about using his disgusting ten-inch schlong as a battering ram to control a “harem” of vulnerable underage girls? The man deserves castration.

  30. @Max Bilney
    The name calling against you is shocking.
    Carry on regardless. Your posts are top class.

    1. Well said, Flan. I agree with you.
      Sister Monica does not speak for me.
      She speaks foolishly and without thought.

    2. Agree, Flan. He did the mistake of criticizing ADMIN though.

      Even if it is fun to read, ADMIN has a greater responsibility, they cannot sponsor things like “burn the Jews in a lake of fire,” especially now. Besides, the Byzantine solution worked for centuries without requiring violence. I don’t have sympathy for Jews at all (I don’t like their food, imagine that) but for me it’s all about politics and the final goal is the destruction of Jewish power inside our nations.

      Carry on, Max Bilney!

      1. Also, International Jewry is like a monster, when you beat the little Jew the monster grows.

      2. @ NBTT , Sister and Madame:

        I have never read LD’s proses, but return for the articles mostly. Sounds like most men’s excuse for having a Porn Magazine! LOL! Sorry! Stop! When NBTT and I get tired of arguments here I think we head for the Hills, otherwise known as for a change of pace! Can someone change the channel now please! Want the next article ASAP to shrink my cauliflower ears! Otherwise Darkmoon is turning into a Psyop itself! Please NO or is civility too boring! I have letters behind my name too but that does NOT guarantee a high IQ, it just means you know how to follow orders and probably had Common Sense knocked out of you! Lasha is different in that regard! So now – Stand up straight, Attention, turn right and forward March! Seig Heil! And no, that’s not Winston Churchill or FDR – Jew traitors both!

      3. Hello Nothing

        “sponsor things like “burn the Jews in a lake of fire,”

        Blogs that do not have inexhaustible financial means to fight court cases state in their terms that posts are not sponsored in any way.

        As I understand it, this site has few exceptions on free speech – attacking Christianity is one. It seems to have social conventions, such as intelligent comment, politeness and grace.

        Max’s comment may be crude for your taste and mine, but I accept it for reasons of :
        – crudeness is only a peppering within the Max persona output
        – freedom of speech

        The “hate speech” laws inflicted on us by the Tribe are the foundation of all their anti-social actions. Let us resist.

        1. Flan,

          Your comments are mostly perceptive, politely expressed, and show high intelligence. We generally welcome what you have to say. But we cannot help noting that your vaunted tolerance to crudeness of language and sexual degeneracy, in the name of “free speech”, does not extend to Christianity.

          It seems to me you would like to be able to sneer at Christianity on this site, and have others jump on the Christ-bashing bandwagon like latter-day Voltaires. We are a “narrow-minded” bunch of “bigots” here, are we not? — for not allowing Max Bilney to mock Jesus Christ by singing the praises of the “nubile call girls” allegedly favored by the founder of Christianity. His “luscious Sheila”, aged 19, manicures his toenails as they lounge in bed together while he reads her the “sexy bits” in the Gospel of St Matthew. How admirable! And we are expected to publish this vile trash in the name of “free speech”, are we?

          Well, this sort of garbage wouldn’t be published on the Occidental Observer. And it’s not going to be published here.

          This kind of vulgar commentary is not “free speech”, my friend. You would think twice about the merits of “free speech” if someone metaphorically spat in your face and verbally attacked you and all the values you held dear by referring to you, let’s say, as a “motherfucking liberal asshole.” Note, I use no asterisks because you appear to value “free speech” and would doubtless deplore the use of asterisks as needlessly “prudish”. 🙂

          I’m afraid I have to disappoint you, dear Flan, you and your over-tolerant liberal buddies who are hostile to the traditional values of our ancestors. Our ancestors, I must remind you, did not tolerate vulgarity. Our noble ancestors did not resemble the Marquis de Sade.

          There will be no vilification of Jesus Christ on this website in order to please the valiant firebrands of the Free Speech Brigade. There will be no mention here of “kikes” and “yids”, “niggers” and “coons”. No one will be allowed to describe his 10-inch penis on our site, for the delectation of the site’s degenerates, in the name of “free speech”. If this is what you advocate, dear Flan, you must seek it out elsewhere. Or why not start up your own website and dedicate it to “liberal values” (= Frankfurt School, (((Cultural Marxist))) values) by indulging in unchecked vulgarity?

          Don’t be offended by this post, dear Flan. I admit you are not the cartoon liberal I have portrayed. It’s an exaggeration of your stance. You are much more reasonable and nuanced. My diatribes are aimed mostly at Max Bilney and his kind. You are wrong, however, to extend your tolerance to the intolerable. It is no credit to you if your tolerance is so excessive that you find yourself tolerating evil, degeneracy, cruelty, ugliness — all in the name of “free speech”.

  31. A guy I know who believes in all this virus stuff asks me then – how do you explain what’s happening in Italy?
    It’s a fair enough question, and it turns out the answer, which is not for all its resources to be found on commercial TV, explains things quite a bit…
    This Corona Virus is just another respiratory infection, there are several corona viruses, the common cold…
    The Prince has a cold now… That’s Right PATRICK…
    The last RN I talked to told me it was not a very serious disease, in that it wouldn’t kill normally healthy people, most would shake it off, no problem… It was only dangerous for people who had some preexisting lung problems or some other weakness, frailty…
    So it turns out that the region in North Italy, where the death rate is high in association with the virus, has the dirtiest air in Europe… The Doctor in the link below says that air in that part of Italy is every bit as dirty as the air in China, which from what I’ve seen is clearly visible, lots of Chinese people wearing masks when they go outside all the time anyway, because the air is normally toxic…. That means lots of people have tore up lungs already… I know because where I live in North California also happens to have some of the dirtiest air in the USA, because it’s right up the I80 draw from Sacramento and Points West, way overpopulated…… And there have been days in the summer when my lungs actually ached…
    The black hair German Doctor explains it, and he makes clear the relative statistics…
    In the meantime you have Gavin Newsome saying 20,000,000 Californians are most likely going to get it, MANY WILL DIE…
    Pure hogwash Scare Tactics, from the Corporate Representative of one of the biggest Robber Baron Families in California… 650,000 people die of the usual flu every year in the world… If they laid the flu stats alongside the corona virus stats, it’s pooh pooh…
    But you know, those who would destroy our country are using the virus hoax for their own reasons…. They either own it or they wreck it…
    Here is a CDC paragraph about results. I suggest reading it several times.
    “Positive [test] results are indicative of active infection with 2019-nCoV but do not rule out
    bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the
    definite cause of disease. Laboratories within the United States and its territories are
    required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.”
    Have you seen the network news saying the opposite of your report that the virus is said in Britain to be no HCID?
    And, isn’t 6,000,000,000,000 like a stack of hundred dollar bills from here to Jupiter?

    1. Bark –

      “Have you seen the network news saying the opposite of your report that the virus is said in Britain to be no HCID?”
      – YES!! LOTS!! Made me more convinced. 🙂

      “And, isn’t 6,000,000,000,000 like a stack of hundred dollar bills from here to Jupiter?”
      – I have no idea. They use digital bookkeping entries at the Fed Res banks….. not stacks of 100s.

  32. “If much of the world hadn’t gone on lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus, the disease might have killed 40 million and sickened BILLIONS, study finds”

    Inventing/justifying things afterwards, hey?

    The press reports too much in the subjunctive: should have, could have, perhaps, maybe

    The most dangerous phrases in the world, when I want to start reaching for my gun:

    “it is” and “experts have said” and “it is obvious”.

    And reporters shoud write less in in the “emoticon” mode (using exaggerations instead of just stating the facts, because they are the only truth), for example: “It is terrible, the first Corona case has been discovered in my town! And this figure has doubled within one day. Are the authorities fast asleep?!?! If this carries on, we are all going to die!!!!”


    Perhaps, instead of a country by country lockdown, the mainstream media should be quarantined for a while. Might just do the thing.

    1. The virus out of the perspective of South Africans, from another S.A. expat:

      The situation is a bit more serious in South Africa because the public health system has been run into the ground. It cannot even cope in normal times and few can afford medical aid. A huge number of whites have been reduced to squatter status and are dependent on public health.

      The Corona scare together with the national lockdown that started today at midnight is busy causing shortfalls in the welfare system (the little that exists) because donators are being bankrupted by the harsh measures. White squatters don’t get any aid from the state and are dependent on volunteers to collect food and clothing for them. Without that, they can die. But now that the economy is in dire trouble and when volunteers start loose their jobs and livelyhood because of the harsh lockdown measures (you may not even take your dog for a walk anymore!), who is going to look after the poor squatters that are spread all around the country? The problem is that the white minority and huge black majority has been thrown into one basket but the dice are loaded against the whites when it comes to aid.

      Fall and the flue season is approaching in the southern hemisphere.

      The South African stock exchange is in serious trouble.

      The knowledge that South Africa is on the verge of junk status due to so many things not working properly anymore causes high levels of fear and panic, i.e. the side effects of Corona, if I read some Afrikaans websites correctly.

      I read (Afrikaans website Maroela Media, it belongs to the Solidarity trade union) that every South African website now has to carry by law this link:

      “Blacks have become billionaires overnight solely with the support of big business and government contracts, but will they put back some of their new found wealth into their own people? From midnight on 26 March, South Africa will be in lockdown due to the coronavirus, with many small businesses suffering. Two white billionaires, Nicky Oppenheimer and Johann Rupert, have stepped up to the plate and donated R1 billion each to a fund to help them, but no black billionaires are showing “ubuntu” or the mythical African altruism. The ANC regime also wants to exclude white-owned small businesses from being helped, it seems.”

      I am very worried for my compatriots back in South Africa.

      1. @ Afrikaner:

        And yes the warmer weather that is coming to the Northern Hemisphere is NOT going to slow down or stop this Covid-19. As for South Africa, the coming winter season (north’s summer) is NOT going to slow down or Stop Covis-19. South Africa is in Trouble indeed!

  33. @ madame, you react too strong. Is it correct that you have a jewish husband and so jewish children?

  34. OOPS!!! – Imperial College Scientist Who Predicted 500,000 Coronavirus Deaths in UK Adjusts His Estimate to 20,000 or Fewer

    Scientist and Imperial College author Neil Ferguson several weeks ago warned that the coronavirus would kill 500,000 people in the United Kingdom. He now says that, if all goes as expected, the death toll will be 20,000 people or fewer. Ferguson has tested positive for COVID-19 and is not expecting to die. He credited the UK’s lockdown for stopping the spread of the virus, but the country only began its lockdown 2 days ago, and the theory is that lockdowns, if they work at all, take at least two weeks to create a measurable impact.

  35. Yes, I have had hundreds of women, but none underage as the Madame claims. I have been honest about my good looks and Scandinavian heritage. I actually go through long periods of self-enforced celibacy, but must admit I made sure I grabbed a nubile, beautiful young gal friend to isolate with me. She is 19 years and has produced her birth certificate and signed my official letter of willing compliance in the normal range of imaginable sex acts. I regularly take the Lola’s of this world under my wing and help set them up in accomodation as well as ensuring they get at least 30% of their daily takings. They are all so grateful to me, as you can imagine. I think Melvin Polkadot would agree with me that women who are “not getting it” get neurotic and nasty, so I feel sad for our frustrated Sister and that Butterfly Sheila. It was not that many years ago that doctors used to provide clinical masturbation to such frustrated women in order to stop them developing hysteria. If the Madame reckons she gets emails from my former sex partners, they would have to be conversant with my true name and identity, which I keep from the gals at all times. I am like Zorro or the Scarlet Pimpernell – like a thief in the night I enter bed chambers and make women happy. I avoid hook nosed Jewesses like the plague, even though other men find them the best prostitutes. Monica and Madame, I am at your service. I am also at Jesus’ service and like him love the prostitute who washes my feet; as well as warning all and sundry about those progeny of the devil. I know Jesus did not condemn the lives of the great male lovers like Valentino and I, in fact he blessed us with magnetic looks and deep compassion. My bed is a remedial couch, bearing over 300 notches of the many ladies I have given assisted passage to in their lifes’ journeys.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      I like your comment and have no problem publishing it, but I would ask you not to spew venom at Admin again or dare to defame this website as a “Jewish” hangout run by “hook-nosed” Jews. Do you have to use such inflammatory language in order to get a pat on the back from your virulently extremist antisemitic confreres? Does it make me and Sister Monica “Zionist agents” or “in bed with the Jews” that we refuse to accept such language on our website?

      If you cannot exercise self-restraint and literary finesse, which comes with a higher IQ by the way, you will not be allowed to post on this site again.

      No more “hook=nosed Jews” please or “exterminate the Jewish vermin”. Abstain from these childishly histrionic turns of phrase which bring this site into disrepute and will get it shut down. Know this: Kevin MacDonald would delete your comments at once if you dared to talk of “kikes” and “yids” and “hook-nosed Jews” on his site. The Occidental Observer is a respectable website we admire and wish to copy in its moderation. As it is, we have failed to do so. Kevin Mac does not allow articles on Holocaust denial to be published on his site, for valid reasons of his own which we respect. We do. LD has published several articles “denying” the Holocaust. So how can you possibly regard her as a “Jew” and a “Zionist agent”? How many Zionist Jews do you know who have published articles with titles like this, all of which have appeared either on The Occidental Observer or the Truthseeker:

      — Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg (Truthseeker)

      — The Wilkomirski Affair : How a Holocaust Hoaxer was rewarded for his lies (Truthseeker)

      — Mind Pollution: The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV (Occidental Observer / Truthseeker)

      — The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design (Occidental Observer / Truthseeker)

      Please don’t defame Lasha Darkmoon again. You commit a sin of great magnitude in referring to Lasha as a hook-nosed Zionist Jew. To do so is a form of sadistic cruelty to Lasha which has reduced her to tears. If she is a “hook-nosed” Zionist Jew, she is the only “hook-nosed” Zionist Jew in history who has donated money to Palestine charities and recommended that all subscribers to this website, instead of sending their donations to us, should send the same donations to help the Palestinians:

      # 3. This website has been advised by Lasha Darkmoon to stop accepting donations. Anyone who values the work we do is urged to send their donations to a suitable children’s charity, preferably to a charity for crippled children in Occupied Palestine.

      One other thing. I do not approve of your glorification of the solitary vice. Masturbation is for slaves, not for self-respecting men. This is not a noble or manly way to behave. If you sing the praises of masturbation on our site any more, or boast about your amorous exploits and the size of your erect 10-inch penis, I will delete your comment and ban you from posting on this website ever again. There is no way I’m going to let you scatter the seeds of degeneracy here or contaminate the minds of our Christian readers.

      Thank you in anticipation of your full cooperation in future.


        ADMIN: This is not the type of comment I am willing to see published on this website. It simply oozes with arrogance and sexual degeneracy. Please read the long comment I have addressed to you and see if you are capable of keeping your eye on the ball. Stop bragging. Stop showing off. Stop obsessing about sex.

        This is the bit in my previous post that I wish you, for your own sake, to consider carefully and apply:

        If you sing the praises of masturbation on our site any more, or boast about your amorous exploits and the size of your erect 10-inch penis, I will delete your comment and ban you from posting on this website ever again. There is no way I’m going to let you scatter the seeds of degeneracy here or contaminate the minds of our Christian readers.

        1. Max Bilney,

          In regard to Madame Butterfly, I think you need to take her seriously. She appears to know your email address and IP number. She is aware of your identity and has shared compelling details with us that we find extremely damaging to your good name and reputation. She informs us about this in three private emails. She will have no compunctions, if you continue to misbehave, to publish your email address and IP number and circulate what she knows about you and your sleazy background to the editors of other websites. She alleges that you have a criminal record.

          1. Let me add that we know nothing about Madame Butterfly herself. For all we know, “she” need not even be a female. This could be a male impersonating a woman. A Mossad agent perhaps, though I think that unlikely. Maybe this is someone with links to the Australian police or Australian intelligence. Anyway, I advise you to step carefully. You are behaving recklessly and making yourself too many enemies. For your own sake, you would be well advised to keep a lower profile.

      2. @ Admin:

        Thanks for clarification, but what you describe is the Hegelian dialectic of Controlled Opposition. And someone like Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shamir are experts at it! I suppose you on the other hand are just learning! Enjoy your rebuttals none the less! Spasiba!

      3. I promise I will be a good Goyim.

        ADMIN: Good. I’m glad to see you’ve changed your name.
        (BTW, it’s “a good goy”. Not “goyim”, which is plural.)

  36. MAX
    Some friendly advice – stay out of these pissing contests bro…. don’t judge people personally, we really don’t know them that well here anyway…. i know there are times when a person can’t contain another insult, but it’s best to not retaliate if at all possible… i understand the pressure, but it’s just too bad that happens….
    some people come here to unload insults… i wish they were better controlled… your posts are pretty good, well worth reading, you’re not just about sniping… stick to the subject matter, don’t call for extrajudicial violence…. i would add, we’re way overdue for the Judicial kind…. we’re sharing the alternative information and looking for the insights…

    1. @ Barkingdeer:

      That’s right, so keep on barking you canine grazing herbivore! Or was that the original inhabitants of this continent – the indigenous or aboriginals. I am just glad you are Not Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren! May the Creator give you many Bison, bears and squaws! Stay away from ignorant Paleface! So Live Long and Prosper!

  37. Toby, I am in isolation and enjoying the company of my nubile, young gal friend. She has read all the discourse on this site and feels I am being unfairly criticised. For eg, Lasha has supposedly been “brought to tears” by me apparently calling her a hook nosed Jewess. I never said this and if you read my comments, I say Lasha is “brilliant” and her essays on the Jewish control of modern art are a microcosm of the whole, dastardly Jewish question. I see Lasha as a beautiful, raven haired virgin, untouched by the many males who bother her. I remember the story of her walking the heath covered hills in solitary contemplation.
    I create a clear distinction between the magnificent Lasha and the two frustrated, hysterical women, the Madame and the Sister of Infinite Mercy. Yes, I am honest and my member has calmed down hundreds of frustrated women, but I do not agree with Melvin that masturbation releases the creative juices. I never have to masturbate. Rather, I eat copious quantities of oysters to strengthen my seed.
    Now, Lasha is a woman I would respect and treat in a purely plutonic manner, despite the frustration I would have to suppress in bestilling my natural, carnal instincts at the sight of someone so virginal and pure.
    As far as me referring to the “burning lake of fire”, Jesus clearly said the Jews had been dismissed from “the book of life” and I can quote Revelation 20:15, “Whoever is not found written in the book of life will be cast into the burning lake of fire.” Or, II Thessalonians 1:8-9, “in flaming fire taking vengeance on those that do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” My young gal friend and I are lying in bed, reading from the Bible and she is manicuring my toe nails, just like the sex worker who was kind enough to wash Jesus’ feet. She loves me reading that bit over and over again.

    1. No, dear Max, if this is the best you can do , I feel sorry for you. This comment would never be accepted on the Occidental Observer or any respectable forum. It is chatroom material. Locker room talk. I will let you have your say in this particular comment, but future comments like this will have to be deleted. Too much sleaze. Too much boasting. Too much anecdotal fictitious material. You are obviously a failed novelist. You live in an imaginary world. *Sigh*. What a waste of talent.

      Come, try again. You have posted good comments in the past, and you can do so again if you put your mind to it. We need on-topic information on this site, not off-topic entertainment. Can’t you see the difference?

      1. Admin,

        I agree with you 100% that Max Bilney is a complete waste of time. However “entertaining” his idle chatter — and it gets a bit boring after a bit — I don’t think he contributes anything to this website. All he has to offer is chatroom trivia and a sordid atmosphere of sexual degeneracy. Get rid of him.

      2. This whole corona virus scenario has become, as I have already said, as confused and chaotic as the huge masses of misinformation surrounding JFK’s murder and the 9/11 genocide. Just about every imaginable scenario has been offered, including many solutions, many remedies, many causes, many places of origin, etc.
        The only truth that stands out is the fact that tens of 1000’s of people are meanwhile dying of the common flu (and its many corona virus variations) whilst SARS-cov-2, or covid19, has killed relatively few.
        Yet, as sensible commentators are saying, the relative few deaths of covid19 are being used to shut down world economies, which will take years to recover. And then the Jewish controlled mega banks (via their Fed) will have to be paid back according to the usual usurial principles.
        I read that the usurers are currently owed over $200 trillion on a worldwide basis. Anyone with half a brain knows that this $200,000,000,000,000 has almost totally been drawn out of the thin air by the mega banks’ actuaries and the Rothschild kingpins. It is not underpinned by gold or tangible assets, other than shopping centres, houses, etc. …. But the poor workers who have lost their jobs, will have to scrape, borrow and work even harder in the future in order to service the $trillion loans, basically to people who neither reap nor spin.

  38. Back on Topic…

    Sympathies to those in South Africa suffering racism due to “whiteness”, but I was struck by the expressed worry that medical care would not be available. Are Afrikaners no longer robust?

    Maybe the “corona problem” is actually due to the the background level of sickness in the West:

    – Obesity
    – Diabetes
    – Immune system degradation through vaccination,
    – Processed food.
    – Prescription drugs
    – Recreational drugs.
    – Mental fortitude degradation through atheism.
    – Physical degradation due to sessile state and abandonment of sport
    – etc.

    These conditions are promoted by governments and corporations.

    I believe at any age a person should be healthy enough to deal with a cold/flu. If not, so be it, back to one’s maker. Only atheists fear that. In this sense, the hysteria is a measure of atheism in the West.

    Unfortunately despite the CDC’s admission that coronavirus statistics are bogus (statement about the PCR test being useless), and despite the UK government scientists stating this was NOT a serious threat to public health, the world is in lock-down – so now no-one can maintain their health – by law!

  39. “PCR test being useless”
    They said a positive result was unreliable and a negative result was unreliable.

  40. Speaking of PCR, I wonder what PCR himself might have to say about this virus thing….
    He’s usually pretty savvy about the latest developments…
    Is he still out there or has he gone into the Deep Underground Base Complex to await the Big Deagel Die-Off?
    Glad you Agree, not here to bicker…
    Since this virus thing could have the potential, can I ask – what’s your opinion of the population reduction directive written on the Georgia Guidestones?

    1. @ Barkingdeer and Max:

      The Georgia Guidestones in Georgia, USA and their 10 statements are indeed the Globalist agenda and are actually also part of the much bigger strategies/tools/goals and agendas written in THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. Thus The Protocols are REAL and not a Hoax or NOT FORGERIES. Besides just like Bill Gates and all his predictions from 15 years ago to now, his predictions have been Bullseyes! Wonder why that is? : Because Bill Gates is part of the Elite that want the Georgia Guidestones statements to be fulfilled for their Global Aristocracy and Autocracy/ Pyramid scheme goals where the sheeple are at the bottom and Bill Gates and Company are on top! ( No horizontal leisurely acts pun intended!) This Coronavirus (Covid-19) scenario at present is a Beta-test like computer programmers testing software before and during release!! Bill Gates knows all about that even though he can NOT code past DOS (Disk Operating System Basic program language). Ha Ha! Sounds similar to Mark Zuckerberg stealing Facebook from Harvard friends and/or given Facebook (new name) from the CIA/DoD DARPA program which Congress shutdown that department’s Facebook-type program, so they got Mark -useful tool/idiot- to do it for them. Now from Eric Snowden revealing TRUTH, we all know the NSA/CIA complex is spying on us! Facebook is a social platform for losers and sheeple even including my wife, unfortunately! Sorry as wife laughs at sentence!

      Next, Max, toning down would be nice! However, your comment about all the multiple different/divergent stories and theories concerning the JFK Assasination and 9/11 in Government commissions, articles, videos, movies and Books, etc. is just a tool of the Elites (TPTB, International Jewry, etc.) to cause so much confusion that the Central Premise (Effects of Event on Liberty, Freedom of Speech, Gun Control, Political Correctness,etc.) or Vital Question, is hidden like a needle in a haystack OR like looking for the Coronavirus in the Body’s own Immune Response Mechanism. Thus for Sheeple to get at the TRUTH (mostly partial, incomplete picture) requires A LOT (Municipal Landfill site size) of work/time and energy. Most people do NOT have that much of those resources to Research properly. Thus confusion and division reigns and the Elites purpose is achieved! Most Darkmooners are the EXCEPTION of course! If you want the concept explained from just a RICH vs. Common People perspective, watch the following link/video/article: OR
      OR look up The Freedom Articles by Makia Freeman for JFK – Rich man’s Trick.

      Hope that helps the Sheeple! Darkmooners excluded!

  41. PAT
    Thanks… I’ll take PCR’s word on it…
    “For years, Raoult has been pleading for a drastic revision of health economic models, so the treatments, cure and therapies created mostly during the 20th century, are considered a patrimony in the service of all humanity.“That’s not the case”, he says, “because we abandon medicine that is not profitable, even if it’s effective. That’s why almost no antibiotics are manufactured in the West.”
    Not sure what he means by that last line…
    Is he saying we don’t manufacture antibiotics in the West because we don’t want them to exist?

    1. @ Barkingdeer:

      Raoult says that because those older products that work have EXPIRED PATENTS (7 – 17 years for patents) are now produced cheaply in China. Big Pharma goal is to research, fake results for FDA approval, have patent protection and thus maximize PROFITS, minimize COSTS. China is your factory then! Big Pharma does NOT want chump-change profits for something everyone can now produce. Big Pharma wants exclusive rights, patent protection, so they can charge whatever price they want, which is maximized in PHONY CRONY FAKE FREE MARKET Economy (USA # 1). Then if new drug/vaccine covered by Nationalized Health-care (Obamacare), even better because now Government pays for products, which means USA taxpayers pay for it. Is this NOT like the FED, Central Bankster Scheme and the Income tax racket (since 1913)! The example here is the 2008-2009 Bailout of the Big Banks – Too Big To Fail. Now Trump, Democrats and Treasury Secretary Mnunchin (Jew extraordinaire) want to give Corporations (Banks, Airlines, Boeing, Cruise Lines, Hotels, etc.) the BIG bucks and Amerikans the chump-change/peanuts. Amerikans are not to be treated like abused Elephants!

      So, China vs. USA, after all the Political sparring, is about American (Anglo-American-Israeli) unipolar hegemony vs Chinese/Russian Brick and Road Initiative (BRI) of socialized No-Interest Infra-Structure projects (without US Dollar) for the Eurasian Landmass benefit in a multi-polar framework. Thus you see China/Russia now helping Italy and Europe to get over Covid-19. WHERE is America/USA if USA is so Great? America will be defeated by an invisible non-living entity and its Health-care (Phony Fake Crony Capitalism Free Market (actually rigged by Billionaires)) Business System will collapse. So Trump (puppet) by accident and/or design will actually cause the collapse. Trump and Coronavirus gets blamed but the FED, Central Banksters and its Billionaire string-puulers get off scott-free and get richer because they bought everything up for pennies on the dollar. October 1929, all over again and like every Boom/Bust cycle since 1913. The FED, like the other global Central Banks, create and cause these Booms/Busts and DO NOT PREVENT them like they promised before 1913. Economists/Central Banksters are as bad as Lawyers when they explain their strategies (full of excrement) to help the economy. Currently, Jerome (Jew) Powell FED Head, with his near Zero interest rate has left NO ROOM to maneouvre when USA hits Recession/Depression. Jerome Jew Powell has guaranteed a collapse ( on purpose, not just stupidity) to Reset Global Economic and Financial Systems for a digital cryptocurrency with Blockchain technology that the Central Banksters CONTROL, not independent, private Bitcoin or Facebook Libra. Bitcoin and Libra are just supposed independent systems to get Sheeple used to the idea of digital cryptocurrency. Central Banksters would never give others control over their exclusive turf! Psyop anyone! Bitcoin, a Japanese programmer, yeah right, probably a CIA/NSA dupe that did it! As for Gold, they are supressing the price of Gold, to give Sheeple the idea that gold/silver are pointless. Yeah, right, gold/silver, the oldest reliable form of trade and holder of value. The Central Banksters are buying up Gold/Silver like hotcakes, wonder why? But MSM says thats BS and you should NOT buy Gold/silver. Just remember, ANCIENT Wisdom, He who OWNS the Gold, makes the RULES! These are just some of the things Raoult is referring to when he says as little as possible.
      And that is also Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) strategy. CAN NOT disturb those International Jewry Control Freaks! PCR does NOT want to lose his livelihood! Thou dost Protest too much! Can NOT do that! Helpful everyone! Sorry, Barkingdeer, Max, Gilbert, NBTT and Saki, for the RANT, but you bring out the BEST in my train of thought! And I do NOT need references or links to prove my statements, for I have been well read on many issues, but only consider myself a JACK of All Trades and MASTER of None! I prefer it that way, because letters behind a name mean nothing, unless you want to be a superior Jew like Melvin Polatnick! Which he is NOT!

  42. Things hidden are exposed in emergencies…… as Russia is sending military troops to Italy to help with coronavirus.

    “…..following a call between President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Russian military sent Italy — a member of NATO — 14 cargo planes with nearly 100 virologists and epidemiologists, and a dozen medical teams with equipment. The move triggered indignation among some NATO allies and debates within Russia whether the country is being too generous by helping others as Russia itself is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases — 658 registered cases as of March 25, a rise of 163 in 24 hours.”

    Few know that Italy builds aircraft for Russia – in a Joint Venture. 🙂

    CityJet Chooses the SSJ100 Aircraft for Fleet Renewal

    CityJet, the Irish European regional airline, today announced at the ERA General Assembly in Berlin that it has selected the 98-seat Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) as the aircraft for its fleet renewal and network development programme.
    An agreement has been signed by SCAC, SJI and CityJet Airlines for 15 aircraft plus 10 options.
    Based on the list price, the value of the agreement is worth over 1 Billion USD, including options and services. The first deliveries are scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.

    SuperJet International (SJI) is a joint venture between Finmeccanica – Alenia Aermacchi of Italy and the Russian Sukhoi Holding.

  43. A Brooklyn woman, 86, dies after she’s knocked to the ground by stranger for violating coronavirus social distancing: police sources

    The victim was punched on the face by another 32-year-old patient in the ER at the city-run hospital for not engaging in “social distancing.” The elderly woman was knocked off her feet and cracked her head on the floor shortly after 2 p.m. yester

    The offending woman has 17 prior arrests, on charges including drug possession, trespass, assault and strangulation, according to NYPD.

    NYPD issued the offender a disorderly conduct summons and released her. Police and prosecutors are waiting for an autopsy to determine her cause of the victim’s death.

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