Covid-19 ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Shouted Down in Heated TV Interview

Lasha Darkmoon
September 4, 2020

With acknowledgements to Truthseeker and

The figure on the right is Piers Corbyn, age 73, the elder brother of former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Feared and mocked by the mainstream media for his politically incorrect views, Piers Corbyn has been vilified as “a dangerous conspiracy theorist”. 

Here is what Wikipedia says about him:

Corbyn was fined £10,000 for organising an anti-lockdown rally in Trafalgar Square, London. Consequently, Corbyn appeared on [the ITV show] “Good Morning Britain” to debate the fine.

During the debate, Corbyn propagated various conspiracy theories about COVID-19. He stated that those who have been claimed to have died from COVID-19 could have died from “something else”, adding that it is a “psychological operation to close down the economy in the interests of mega-corporations“ and claimed that modern vaccines make people more ill.

Dr Hilary Jones [the man pictured above on the left] called Corbyn’s claims “dangerous“.

Needless to say, Corbyn is an ardent anti-vaccination campaigner and claims that the the new vaccines, unlike the old ones, are toxic and could cause serious health problems. He is also against mandatory mask-wearing.

Here is a video clip from the heated debate in which Corbyn is constantly  interrupted by his TV interviewers Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid so that he cannot get a word in edgewise. A former TV weather forecaster, Corbyn has an MSc degree  in astrophysics and is therefore entitled to call himself an “information scientist”. He does not believe in global warming but argues that the earth is actually cooling down. Hotter weather in recent years has hot nothing to do with CO2, he says, but has been caused by increased sunspot activity.

All this has nothing to with Covid-19, however.

We mention this only in passing so that you may understand that Corbyn is regarded with fear and loathing by the mainstream as a dangerous conspiracy theorist. He comes from the same school of thought as David Icke and is closely associated with Icke’s movement.

Here is an angry comment from a reader on the YouTube video you are about to see:

Oh, dear . . . They invite Piers Corbyn to explain himself [on breakfast time TV]. He is clearly able to do that very substantively. So they shout him down. They insult him.

At one point, the woman with Piers Morgan [Susanna Reid] wants to end the interview. Why? Because Corbyn managed to get in almost a whole statement that they had not meant to let in. Then their medical ‘expert’ [Dr Hilary Jones, above left in picture] behaves in exactly the same way: Shout down Corbyn; insult him; jeer. Don’t let him finish anything he begins to say. This medical ‘expert’ had no intention of engaging with Piers Corbyn’s own expertise — he [Corbyn]  is a well qualified scientist. Shame.

In contrast with this interviewer team intent only on jeering, Piers Corbyn remained dignified and determined to deliver what would have amounted to public education, had they let him deliver it. Well done, Mr Corbyn! Thank you.

— Sophie Johnson, commenter on Truthseeker

The opening comment on the site, by one Peter Gar, is equally scathing: “97 percent of people are idiots, and the wearing of a disease spreading mask proves it, but the 3 percent are geniuses. Of course Dr Hilary is either a con artist fraudster or a retard.”

In the interests of fairness, it needs to be pointed out that Dr Hilary Jones, who is ridiculed by the above commenters as a  retarded pseudo-expert, is in fact a qualified medical doctor, whereas Piers Corbyn, who once introduced himself as “Dr Piers Corbyn” on a TV program, was not entitled to do so.

Wikipedia again:

He [Piers Corbyn] featured in a Channel 4 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle in 2007. A scientifically reviewed complaint to Ofcom noted that he was introduced as “Dr Piers Corbyn, Climate Forecaster”, despite not having a doctorate nor any qualification specifically in climate science or environmental science. (See here)

Watch this video and decide for yourself whose side you are on: the TV interviewers or the interviewee. This is not just a question of the interviewers constantly interrupting the interviewee. It’s also a question of the interviewee constantly interrupting the interviewers. Both sides, it seems to me, are equally to blame for not letting the other side speak.

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10 thoughts to “Covid-19 ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Shouted Down in Heated TV Interview”

  1. All this talk about a virus that has never been isolated in a lab that is scheduled to kill millions, without a vaccine remedy. All the while USA and Israel continue wars mass murdering millions of defenseless women children and old age citizenry, all over the world, bombing their countries into ruble. So now we have arrogant imperious so called experts who are completely propagating the fallacy that the Pandemic is dangerous and a vaccine is needed. Well this message goes out to all the paid servants and stooges comprising of propagating doctors, scientists, virologists, biologists of fake vaccine cures.

    Subsequently, when covid19 vaccine is given to millions of the worlds citizenry with no legal or government retribution, or consequences for outcomes. Then what person on this earth would speculate or allow a foreign chemical to enter their body, thereby possibly causing major decline of body functions, disease, and death.

    The incestous vaccine cabal Birx, Gates, Fauci, WHO, CDC, are now able to claim, with no government legal retributions, that their vaccine did not cause the decline of all major body functions, onset of diseases, but death were caused by pre-existing health problems, compromised immune systems, old age, plus any excuse they could come up with.

    Contradicting their very own strict lockdown rules, masks, quarantine, social distance which are required to stop the virus which will kill millions of the worlds citizenry who have compromised immune systems, declining health problems, pre-existing disease, and old age.

    Finally, which is it? 1. vaccine to cure the fake virus of killing millions, or 2. more nonsense quarantines to stop the virus from killing. It can’t be both it has to be one or the other. There exists no credibility from underachievers, and under performers violating our Constitutional Rights, violating Human Rights, violating Nuremberg Tribunals, the Rome Statute while the mass murdering of worlds citizenry continues unabated. Attempting to convince all the world that they are interested in saving lives with a vaccine. Wow truly diabolical!

  2. the internet has given the public a much bigger flashlight…
    the guest made some pretty good points, like the number of deaths in total have not increased, meaning people have died as they normally would have but were labeled corona virus deaths in the corprorate interest…
    he should have stuck with that, made them answer to it…
    where the fascist media still reigns, it becomes more obnoxious…
    this interview wasn’t journalism, three dogs on a rodent…
    the oligarchy controls the media, uses its agents to quiet contrary public opinion… it’s agents take the official statistics as gospel truth, as if the state never lies about anything… anybody who questions them is a kook…
    they’re using the virus to tighten the muzzle…
    citizens will not be allowed to express the wrong opinions, much less organize meetings in opposition to the idea that the virus is exaggerated… the quarantine measures block freedom of assembly… they cracked down hard on churches because those crowds are readily politicized…

  3. A M$M Fifth Column of Presstitutes and their Corporate Pimps(cia).
    Propaganda and Premeditated Malfeasance “R” Us

    Here, there and everywhere..

    1. Roger that. This is the kernel of this situation. It’s not that they are “Utterly Clueless”. It’s that they are paid actors delivering propaganda for an agenda.

  4. It is tedious to state the obvious. Of course Corona is getting used for political aims. Yes, perhaps Corona came into being by design or by accident and perhaps somebody is guilty of négligence, perhaps even criminal négligence or whatever. Corona is there now like there have always been more ore less contagious deseases. The point is that Corona is used to oppress and punish people at will. Corona reveals that allegedly democratic gouvernements are now openly evolving into dictatorships and that most people avoid to get associated with rebels because they fear to become victims of a system that stops at nothing to put down any résistance. Rebels are only allowed insofar as these rebels allow to show what happens to those who don’t play along. They are used for public humiliation and serve as cautionary tales. There is no use whatsoever in that kind of moderate rebellion that seems to be en vogue among those who believe they had to “awaken” the masses. The masses understand instinctively what’s going on and those who avoid a fight that they can’t win are actually behaving smarter than those who make themselves targets. An oppressive sadistic state behaves similar to bullies terrorising younger boys in the schoolyard and to rapists who are only aroused by violent sex. If the victims just resist a little before eventually giving in anyway, the sadist only hits or f***x the victims harder and he enjoys his sadistic play even more. If you want to perform any kind of productive résistance then first of all stealth is required. Pretend to comply, keep your eyes and ears open for soulmates and try to save yourselves and your family and friends and stay out of harms way as good as you can. If you need a blueprint then just study and learn how Jews survived in medieval Spain and in Islamic countries by becoming Crypto Jews. That is how you survive and preserve your strength until you are in a position to retaliate. Everybody telling you otherwise is either naïve or an agent provocateur, somebody who unwillingly or deliberately helps the other side.

  5. If you’ve ever met ’em – as has been my misfortune – you’ll KNOW that there’s NOTHING on Planet Earth quite so irredeemably THICK as your typical BBCBB (BBC Brainwashed Brit)…
    as exemplified, in this instance, by that Inbred Idiot “interviewing” Mr Corbyn.

    That is all for now. Thank You!

  6. interruptions and scorn are how the corporate state media agents control the interview…
    they’re there to keep that trillion dollar vaxx in the pipeline, not for anything more…
    they have to turn the interview into a rude fight and keep it there before the guy gets a chance to tell the real truth, state too many logical conclusions, drawn from official statements even…

    the cdc quietly announced – a few days ago that only 6% of folks who have died of/with COVID died of/with
    COVID and the other 94% had an average of 2.6 co-morbidities like cancer, heart
    disease, stroke, and diabetes.

    And, the approximately 9,210 COVID deaths in the US population of 331,358,622
    and 90% were people of advanced years. This means .0028% died of/with COVID.
    About the same percentage of people that get struck by lightning!

    For the specific statement in the CDC’s article, go to
    Scroll down to the paragraph above the table numbered 3 and look at the second sentence.

  7. Tried watching this Paul Watson video, Ritual Public Shaming and even from the relative safety of my SE Asian sanctuary I just. Could. Not.
    This is what Good Antichrist, oops, I meant Jew, had wrought in just my lifetime (speaking of which I hear that atheists are now suing churches and priests for Hate Speech™).
    Converging “Rituals”, beside the one linked above, the rabbit hole goes directly “underneath the piles” down to Pedgogate 2020: Documentary Explores Possible Links Between ‘American Elite’, Satanic Symbolism and Pedophilia (the stepping stones linking them all into a vast conspiracy of Noahide damned souls, e.g., NAMBLA-Spirit Cooking killers orgiastic rituals fueled by the torment, blood and murder of innocents), and “underneath the lot“, HUMAN RITUAL SACRIFICE (JEWISH RITUAL MURDER AND BLOOD SACRIFICE) since time immemorial.

    How does the snippet of Symbolum Apostolorum (Holy Rosary Credo) go … descendit ad infernos, well this is our trip, the next port of call but whereas Christ transited briefly for a day, I fear that many will get stuck down there for quite a bit longer.

    Of course, the damned will ignore such hints and warnings—otherwise they wouldn’t be damned.
    Pushed from behind by Covid (fear), pulled from the front by transhumanist promise (greed for physical immortality), what’s in between?
    Materialism-atheism, yess we will cheat God’s design and Mephistopheles will lend us helping hand—altogether now!

  8. thanks LOBRO
    like i said a few months ago – antifa is the red guards…
    give paul watson credit for summing it up in this docu, great job…
    to white guy at about 9 minutes, who pointed out his 4 buildings destroyed by the mob – you gave the right to keep and bear arms and at some point you have to have the right to use deadly force to protect your property from arsonists and looters… organize under arms with your fellows to protect your street…

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