Crimes Unspeakable: Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell Volcano Erupts

. . . threatening to bring down the mighty from their seats
and burying them under a lava of kinky lust.

Based on a BBC news report,
includes a 13-minute Newsnight video
and commentary from Lasha Darkmoon.

July 4, 2020


The FBI has finally tracked down and arrested the elusive Ghislaine Maxwell in her remote hideyhole in New Hampshire. The sparks have begun to fly. What happens next is anyone’s guess. [LD]  


British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, an ex-girlfriend of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has been charged in the US after being arrested by the FBI.

She is accused of assisting Epstein’s abuse of minors by helping to recruit and groom victims known to be underage.

After being arrested in New Hampshire, she was brought to court and remanded in custody, for transfer to New York.

Ms Maxwell, 58, has previously denied any involvement in or knowledge of Epstein’s alleged sexual misconduct.

Epstein died in prison on 10 August as he awaited, without the chance of bail, his trial on sex trafficking charges.

He was arrested last year in New York following allegations that he was running a network of underage girls – some as young as 14 – for sex. His death was determined to be suicide.

Prosecutors allege that between 1994 and 1997 Ms Maxwell helped Epstein groom girls as young as 14.

The charges say she would build a rapport with them – including by taking them shopping or to the movies – and would later coax them into giving Epstein massages during which they were sexually abused.

“Maxwell played a critical role in helping Epstein to identify, befriend and groom minor victims for abuse,” said Audrey Strauss, acting US attorney for the southern district of New York. (See PICTURE)

Five of the six charges brought against her each carry a sentence of five years with the sixth —transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity — punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

What is the detail of the charges?

Four of the charges relate to the years 1994-97 when Ms Maxwell was, according to the indictment, among Epstein’s closest associates and also in an “intimate relationship” with him. The other two charges are allegations of perjury in 2016.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN . . . and GHISLAINE  MAXWELL  in New York in 2005

[LD]  Epstein describes Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of crooked Jewish financier Robert Maxwell, as his “best friend”. She would pimp young girls for him, grooming some as young as 12,  and then engage in triangular mutual masturbation sessions (aka “erotic massages”) with him and their young victims. Full penetrative sex would occur later almost as an anti-climax. Sex toys, dildos and vibrators were always involved in this kinky carnival of lust.  Fond of posing for RAUNCHY PICS in her earlier days, the feisty Jewish socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is now 58 years old.  [LD]

The indictment says Ms Maxwell “assisted, facilitated, and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls by, among other things, helping Epstein to recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims known to Maxwell and Epstein to be under the age of 18”.

Specifically, she is charged with:

§  Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts

§  Enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts

§  Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity

§  Transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity

She is accused of grooming multiple minor girls to engage in sex acts with Epstein. She allegedly attempted to befriend them by asking about their lives and families and then she and Epstein built the friendships by taking minor victims to the cinema or shopping.

Having built a rapport, Ms Maxwell would “try to normalise sexual abuse for a minor victim by… discussing sexual topics, undressing in front of the victim, being present when a minor victim was undressed, and/or being present for sex acts involving the minor victim and Epstein”.

“Maxwell and Epstein worked together to entice these minor victims to travel to Epstein’s residences – his residence in New York City on the Upper East Side, as well as Palm Beach, Florida, and Santa Fe, New Mexico,” Ms Strauss told reporters.

“Some of the acts of abuse also took place in Maxwell’s residence in London, England.”

The perjury counts relate to depositions she gave to a New York court on 22 April and 22 July 2016. The charge sheet says she “repeatedly lied when questioned about her conduct, including in relation to some of the minor victims”.

“Maxwell lied because the truth, as alleged, was almost unspeakable,” said Ms Strauss.

What is the background?

Allegations against Epstein had dated back years before the parents of a 14-year-old girl said he had molested her in 2005. Under a legal deal, he avoided federal charges and since 2008 was listed as level three on the New York sex offenders register.

But he was arrested again in New York on 6 July 2019 and accused of sex trafficking of underage girls over a number of years.

Some of Epstein’s alleged victims have accused Ms Maxwell of bringing them into his circle to be sexually abused by him and his friends.

One told the BBC’s Panorama that Ms Maxwell “controlled the girls. She was like the Madam”.

Ms Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing.

—   §   —

British socialite faces justice for Epstein’s crimes

By Nada Tawfik,
BBC North America reporter

The charges against Ghislaine Maxwell were not a surprise, and it shows that the investigation into sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is not losing steam, even after his death.

Numerous victims in civil and criminal cases had identified Ms Maxwell as the lead person who groomed them and delivered them to Epstein. In fact, after he was arrested, there was a frenzied search, not just by investigators, but by the media too, for the British socialite who quickly went into hiding.

Legal experts say as a charged co-conspirator, Ms Maxwell is just as liable for Epstein’s crimes and faces the same potential punishment. Prosecutors probably have numerous witnesses ready to testify —  girls who are now women reliving the trauma of what happened to them decades ago and fighting for justice.

The questions on everyone’s mind is who else might be implicated in Epstein’s crimes, and whether Ms Maxwell will give the authorities new information. Besides connecting Epstein to young girls, she also connected him to her influential social circle.

—   §   —

Earlier this year she sued Epstein’s estate seeking reimbursement for legal fees and security costs. She “receives regular threats to her life and safety”, court documents in that case said.

Another of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, has accused Ms Maxwell of recruiting her as a masseuse to the financier at the age of 15.

(GHISLAINE MAXWELL in the background)

[LD]  Virginia Guiffre swears she was “groomed” by Ghislaine Maxwell and forced into having underage lolita sex with Prince Andrew on several occasions. The Prince, who claims she is lying, says he has no recollection of the above picture being taken and suggests it’s a fake.

Other pictures in this sordid sex saga, like this one of Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly taken in a Philadelphia diner in August last year, have proven to be fakes. So it’s possible Prince Andrew is telling the truth.

However, in the words of Richard Kay, the Daily Mail’s editor-at large: “For Andrew, his reputation is gone — but for the Queen at 94, this latest twist to one of the most unpalatable episodes of her reign can only be troubling. (Daily Mail, July 3, 2020, p. 5). [LD]

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ms Maxwell is the daughter of late British media mogul Robert Maxwell.

A well-connected socialite, she is said to have introduced Epstein to many of her wealthy and powerful friends, including Bill Clinton and the Duke of York [Prince Andrew].

Buckingham Palace has said that “any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors” by the duke was “categorically untrue”.

Ms Maxwell has mostly been out of public view since 2016.

In a BBC interview last year, the Duke of York said he had met Ms Maxwell last year, before Epstein was arrested and charged. However they did not discuss Epstein, he said.

Last month a US prosecutor said Prince Andrew had “sought to falsely portray himself” as eager to co-operate with the inquiry into Epstein.

US attorney Geoffrey Berman said Prince Andrew had “repeatedly declined our request” to schedule an interview.

The duke’s lawyers previously rejected claims he had not co-operated, saying he offered to help three times.

Prince Andrew stepped away from royal duties last year.

Asked about the prince on Thursday, acting Attorney Strauss said: “I am not going to comment on anyone’s status in this investigation but I will say that we would welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk with us, we would like to have the benefit of his statement.”

A source close to Prince Andrew’s lawyers told BBC News: “The Duke’s team is bewildered by the Department of Justice’s comments earlier today, as we have twice reached out to them in the last month and have received no reply.”


—   §   —

by Lasha Darkmoon
July 4, 2020


The last thing I wish to do is to take sides in this saga of kinky lust in high places, but one thing needs to be stated emphatically for the benefit of the reader.

Anyone interested in playing the old game of Cherchez le Juif will notice at once that the number of Jews involved in this sordid melodrama, by a strange coincidence, is disproportionally large. “There are Jews lurking behind every curtain,” I am told,  “Jews hiding under every bed!”

First of all, Jeffrey Epstein is Jewish and many of his prominent supporters are also Jewish: for example, comedian Woody Allen — himself accused of sexually abusing his underage daughter, while at the same time lending his full support to Polish film director Roman Polanski — another Jew who has got away with sexually abusing and raping underage girls.

The FBI and Interpol know exactly where Polanski is, but they leave him alone, too afraid to arrest him: there is obviously one law for world-famous Jews and another law for the rest of mankind.

Turn next to the BBC video below and you will notice a gallery of Jews all being interviewed, quite out of proportion to their numbers in the general population. And without the BBC taking the trouble to inform the public that the dramatis personae on the screen are disproportionally Jewish. So there is calculated duplicity by the omission of relevant information.

Isn’t it strange that Audrey Strauss, acting US attorney for the southern district of New York, should be Jewish? Here she is in this PICTURE, flanked on the right by a picture of two prominent Jewish malefactors, Jeffrey Epsein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

In the video below, the only two individuals being extensively interviewed for their respective opinions are both again, coincidentally, Jewish: Lisa Bloom, the lawyer acting on behalf of Epstein’s victims (pictured HERE on the right), and the notorious Alan Dershowitz, putting in a good word for his fellow Jew Ghislaine Maxwell — Dershowitz being a well-known advocate of torture (pictured HERE) and also a Harvard professor outed as a plagiarist by yet another Jew, Norman Finkelstein.

Given that Jews are reported to constitute no more than 2 per cent of the American population, I find it weird beyond description that all these Jews should come marching onto the stage of history all at once in such unimaginably high numbers. The average onlooker is bound to be struck by this bizarre “coincidence”.

President Trump had better watch out. I bet he’s feeling extremely nervous right now.

Here he is, the most powerful man in the world, with his finger on the nuclear button,  pictured with saucy pedophile procuress Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine may well prove to be the wily Jewess who brings the Orange Emperor crashing down.

NEWSNIGHT  VIDEO  :  13.03 mins

38 thoughts to “Crimes Unspeakable: Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell Volcano Erupts”

  1. This week Eric Trump tweeted out a picture of Bill Clinton, which also appeared to show Ghislaine Maxwell, the former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, in the background. He attempted to associate Clinton with Maxwell by adding the caption, ” bird of the feathers….” Forgetting that his father has taken a dozen pictures of Maxwell in the past.

    Few weeks ago Don Jr. has to go all the way back to 1993 to find something racist by Howard Stern, when we only have to go back to yesterday to find something racist by his father
    Stern did admit he made a mistake nearly three decades ago. People do change and go on with their lives. As far as Jr. is concerned, psychiatrists believe that people who are unable to mind their own business are most likely internally miserable. They also seek to find fault within others to make themselves feel better.

    I thinks Trump kids should leave it to WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to defend their father lousy records. No one does better than the ” Hot & Sexy” Kayleigh McEnany.

    I have a funny feeling Ghislaine Maxwell will suddenly disappear, just like Jeffery Esptein and Jack Ruby did in the past. For those who are too young to remember, Jack Ruby was killed inside Dallas police department after he shot dead Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was supposedly the hit man killed JFK. Lasha was on the money with Jewish connection. There is no doubt in my mind that this woman is a Mossad agent. Plus, the same people who carried out 9/11 terrorist attack are the very same people who murdered Jeffery Epstein.

    1. No question that she will disappear to the same place Epstein is currently living. They are friends/lovers, after all. The have outlived their usefulness to the PTB. Why would she voluntarily give herself up by leaving the security of France? Of course that will nicely finish any Prince Andrew indictment.

    2. Her case is just a DISTRACTION from the COLLAPSING American ECONOMY, and the TRANSFER of what remains of American Wealth, “owned” by the Common people, TO the House of Rothschild, House of Windsor and the Vatican and THEIR “Useful Idiots” .

      The USEFUL IDIOTS are all those, most of you BLAME for our CHAOS.They are NOT. to blame

      They all, including ,TRUMP, SOROS, ROCKEFELLER, Bill Gates and Fauci are simply PUPPETS, SELL-OUTS and TROJAN HORSES

    3. M L-Y,
      Jack Ruby did shoot and kill Oswald when going out of the Dallas police station, an obvious set up. However, Ruby died of “cancel” while in prison. Dead men tell no tells.

  2. Everyone in America knew that Ghislaine Maxwell is another Monica JewWinsKey. who were set up to blackmaily US policy makers for the love of ISISrael. I am surprised that Maxwell did not flee to israHell! But once again, she would have been a liability for the shit hole in the Middle East. Thanks to COVID 19, Maxwell was stuck in the US. Plus US citizens are not Welcome into the EU due to Trump’s mishandling the pandemic.

    1. Stunning article, especially the well-informed footnotes by Lasha Darkmoon which help to throw a new searchlight on these events.

      The endnote, “The Jewish Connection”, was a real eyeopener to me.

      I had no idea so many Jews were involved in the Epstein/Maxwell sex scandal. All crawling out into the light of days like insects from under a stone. But then, this is what we have come to expect, ever since digesting the lessons of 9/11 and seeing the heavy Jewish involvement there.

      Cherchez le Juif . . . it’s a game well worth playing.

  3. Maybe the only reason the jew controlled FBI went after the joossad agent Maxwell is someone reported a noose on her garage door.
    Lasha the Slasher is right about this will lead to Trump being taken down cause they timed it to right before the election. 2 gentiles the brain dead idiot Prince Charles and Trump will take all the heat for the 30 year old joossad/pedophile /blackmail ring which operated out in the open while pissing on the cowardly FBI. the mossad israel and all the jews connected will not be outed and will remain unscathed while their plan to genocide White Christains barrels ahead

    1. SPQR70AD

      Your comment merits a gold star. It shows a deep knowledge of the background. But I’m not so sure it will bring Trump down.

      If Ghislaine Maxwell should suddenly die in mysterious circumstances, like Epstein, there would be no trial. And Trump would be spared any embarrassing revelations.

      Maybe Ghislaine Maxwell, after her mysterious “death” in which she doesn’t actually “die”, will be smuggled into Israel on a private jet courtesy of Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, and Sheldon Adelson. There she will join her sexy Jewish lover Epstein. They have stacks of money between them, these two kinky Jews, and will live happily ever after in the Promised Land.

      There are lots of underage girls working in the brothels of Tel Aviv. We all know that. So Epstein will have his pick of the loveliest Russian and Moldavian lolitas.

      1. Welcome back MB!
        I had NO idea you were out of Psychiatric!
        Did you have to happen to bump into Ghislaine – on her way in – as you were on your way out? tia

    2. SPQR –

      Maxwell has likely been PAID “YUGE” $$$ to lie…. memorizing the script and role-playing and coached by many lawyers like Dershowitz for months in the US. She will not be safe after that. Heart attack or crash in a year or so.

      She might even name Biden and his son, ensuring Trump’s win!! 🙂

      1. @ PAT

        She might even name Biden and his son, ensuring Trump’s win!! 🙂

        WOW! I never though of that. I’ll say this for you, dear Pat, you are a highly original thinker!

        Ghislaine Maxwell, if she learns her script properly, could certainly make many powerful heads roll under the guillotine! 🙂

      2. I’d bet every one of these young trollops knew exactly what they were doing, dozens of times over, no less…
        I doubt jizzylaine will ever go to prison, one way or the other… at some point she’ll have her finale for public consumption, and that chapter will be every bit as smelly as her buddy Ep’s jailhouse suicide, hanged himself from his 5 foot bunkbed, yeah….. check the simpsons if you probably want clues… but look, the ZOG and the whole beltway swamp and Hollywood and Jew York commie crowd of murderous perverts doesn’t really give a rat’s ass what the peons think….
        This arrest, this whole pedo island affair could be an opportunity to expose everything from Israeli blackmail of and control over dirty politicians straight through pizzagate, a million missing children for decades and the whole pedo power culture, including all the hideous shit that goes on in the underground complexes…..
        Jews accused, jews prosecuting, jews giving you the story… it’s all theater, time to drag the sordid episode out on stage for another go-round of distraction, take up the bandwidth…
        This while the political and corporate hierarchy run the most preposterous medical tyranny hoax and what may very well turn out by the time it’s finished to be the deadliest genocide ever….
        They just murdered thousands of forcefully isolated geriatrics on ventilators, as all good marxist trotskyites would be want to do, for the distribution and collection of the trillions earnest money, verifying the roster, making the bones…
        Now we’re going to have the next phase, the second wave Gates and the others have been mentioning from the beginning…..
        This thing won’t be over for quite a while….

  4. Question:
    What doe Monica Lewinsky and Ghislaine Maxwell have IN common/?

    Both have an affair with Bill Clinton in an effort to influence US policy towards ISISrael

  5. I always believed the last 3-4 years of impeachment, Russia and other distractions were to cover up this story!! Especially all the Mara Lago mattress bounces….. and Hillary & Billy Clinton’s dozens of trips to the infamous island.

    Maxwell just might go the way of all the White Water ‘Arkancides’ over the years. 🤢

  6. “…Anyone interested in playing the old game of Cherchez le Juif will notice at once that the number of Jews involved in this sordid melodrama, by a strange coincidence, is disproportionally large…”

    One should always play the game of Cherchez le Juif, because nearly always Jews are involved. That whole Epstein organization was a Jewish plot to force by means of sexual blackmail the elites of the Western world into policies favorable to the Jewish rogue state Israel. Keep in mind that Israeli top politician EHUD BARAK was mentioned on the list of Epstein’s regular guests. And that passionate Israel advocate ALAN DERSHOWITZ only went to Epstein’s resort “to have a massage while he kept his underwear on” does not have many believers among us awakened goyim.

    Epstein himself probably didn’t “commit suicide” in jail, nor was he killed by his former clients out of fear of embarrassing revelations, but he faked his death and escaped to Israel where he is living under a false identity.

    Ghislaine Maxwell too might fake a “suicide” in jail, escape to Israel and live there with her former employer and lover Jeffrey Epstein under a new identity.

    Remember the motto of the Mossad : “By way of deception thou shalt do war”, which could very well be the motto of the Jewish people at large. These people live in deception since the day Jacob stole the birthright of his brother Esau. Deception is their way of life.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      An exceptionally good comment. It’s a pity LD forgot to mention EHUD BARAK in her “gallery of Jews”. She would also have done well to emphasize the point you make about ALAN DERSHOWITZ:

      And that passionate Israel advocate ALAN DERSHOWITZ only went to Epstein’s resort “to have a massage while he kept his underwear on” does not have many believers among us awakened goyim.

      Gosh, what a cynic you are!

      Can’t a nice Jew like Dershowitz keep his underpants on, while having an innocent massage given to him by a nymphette on Pedo Island? 🙂

      1. Here is a picture of EHUD BARAK , trying to hide his face while entering Epstein’s house in Manhattan. Are we supposed to believe that Barak too “kept his underwear on” while “having a massage”? If so, why then covering his face?

        1. Thanks for pointing this out. BTW, your comment went into “Spam”. I have no idea why. I found it there by pure chance.

      2. Here is a picture of EHUD BARAK covering his face while entering Epstein’s house in Manhattan.
        Are we supposed to believe that he too only “went for a massage while keeping his underwear on”? If so, why then covering his face?

      3. @ Admin
        Yes that is the right picture. I forgot to post the link. Thanks a lot.

        Here is a twitter from Alan Dershowitz :

        “…Alan Dershowitz
        16 u
        I hope Epstein made videos
        There have been suggestions that Epstein made secret videos of all the men who had sex in his houses and planes. I hope he did and they are all revealed, because they will prove I am not among them. I hereby waive any right of privacy in Epstein videos…”

        Of course that would prove nothing. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Some victims of Epstein have witnessed to have been forced to sex with Dershowitz on many occasions. Epsteins organization was meant to entrap members of the goyim elite and not his fellow Jews. He would not film his fellow Jews anyway.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

          Bravo! You are an excellent logician. Dershowitz, as a Harvard professor of law, must surely know that “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. But he assumes that most people are too dimwitted to detect his spurious logic. I have enjoyed many a chocolate gateau in secret but there is no video evidence of my crimes.

    2. “Epstein himself probably didn’t “commit suicide” in jail, nor was he killed by his former clients out of fear of embarrassing revelations, but he faked his death and escaped to Israel where he is living under a false identity.”


      I have been saying this for some time now. The entire Epstein story makes no sense at all (other than he was obviously Mossad). Why would he return to the US to be arrested? Who would want to arrest him and why? Why go through all of the trouble to arrest him if they just wanted him dead?

      The answers? I don’t kow, but I do believe this:
      1. The US government, particularly the Justice department, is riddled with zionist Jews who now openly work on behalf of Israel. There is no evidence of a Gentile revolt within Justice, so one must conclude that this entire saga continues to be an ongoing Jewish affair.
      2. Nobody, and I mean nobody, could have entered the federal facility in NYC and murdered Epstein “cleanly” as they did unless the people running Justice wanted them to. This means William Barr…
      3. William Barr is not who he seems to be. He is CIA all the way having been recruited right out of high school (like Obama) and working for the CIA for years before being placed as a clerk for an appeals court justice. Barr has been a “fixer” for the CIA for most of his career. Barr’s father was Jewish, although he converted.

      Beyond that, all I can do is engage in wild speculation. It appears to me that there is some kind of internal struggle going on between Jewish factions. There are no Gentile power centers left within the US power structure so… Or could this somehow be part of the color revolution op targeting the US, and all White countries? Is it all just a giant distraction to divert our attention from elsewhere? Who knows?

    1. What Carville is really saying here is that he believes that Trump will be removed by the coup before the election…That is the only way his comment makes any sense. This goes ditto for his 2016 comment where he had every reason to believe that the fix was in for Clinton all the way.

  7. I’m too lazy to do my own research, but wasn’t Trump involved in a long term “pissing contest” with the former US Attorney for the Southern District of NY? Wasn’t this former US Attorney recently removed, or resigned?” Any coincidence between these changes and the current arrest? Or am I just confused?

    1. The Southern District covers Wall Street and Wall Street is the funding source for Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the two groups leading the insurgency against Trump. You cut of the funding, you cut off the insurrection. Trump has not been able to get his people in charge of the SDNY. Trump must have threatened the little Jew Strauss to get her to do this arrest and prosecution, but she is not on Trumps side or ours.

  8. I wouldn’t count on any high profile scum being taken down. For years con-artist-servative commentators have brayed like jackasses in a pepper patch that the Jew, bulldyke monster Hillary the HildeBeast Clinton was going to be indicted, tried, convicted and imprisoned for her plethora of felony crimes. Yet the years pass by and her hideous mug grins at us mockingly while free. The Demiurge takes care of his own, particularly of the chosen variety. Concomitantly, like some of the astute folks here, I don’t believe Epstein is dead, from any cause. The Yiddish Cryptocracy spirited his kike ass out of jail and he is in “Its-a-Lie” (Israel) drinking Mogan David wine, stuffing himself with bagels dipped in Christian blood, and plowing underage Goyim girls. His repulsive Jewess cohort will be “suicided” and joining him there shortly. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Inverts) is on a short leash gripped by the Mossad. It’s all just Judaic theater.

  9. Maybe this is one more thing to try to get Trump–somehow or other an acquaintance with Ghislane will be used to put Trump on trial. Let’s see… you had the Steele Dossier; The fraudulent arrest of Flynn; The Mueller Probe for Russian Collusion; The Impeachment trial for the conversation with Ukraine; the accidental (?) unleashing of Covid and the incredible failure of the entire health bureaucracy and the befuddled Pense, and Fauci team….; the crash of the economy, then of course, the George Floyd riots and the new nation of CHAZ/CHOP that is still ongoing (funded almost entirely by corporate money) who want to defund the police, which will only hurt Blacks, not gated communities; hiding Joe Biden who has dementia, (have to tranish Trump sufficiently before they debate); oops there still is a possibility that Trump might squeak by… Hmmm there is Jeffry Epstein and Ghislaine and the blackmail operation…. Well, it’s worth a try with massive help from the Mainstream Media to weave a good tale and then pummel the public with it for a couple of months. Maybe Trump could be called to testify and they could obtain his tax records, what do you think?

  10. what gets me about all these guys raping like matt lauer and fooling around with little girls is they have so much money they can get high class escorts most who look better then Miss USA contestants at will. those escorts are very discreet. matt lauer making 25 million a year. alan doucheowitz been making tons of money for 50 years

  11. BOBM
    “1. The US government, particularly the Justice department, is riddled with zionist Jews who now openly work on behalf of Israel. There is no evidence of a Gentile revolt within Justice, so one must conclude that this entire saga continues to be an ongoing Jewish affair.”
    That’s Right, FBI – Federal Bureau of Israel… And as long as the AIPAC and the ADL get to chose who gets to be president and as long as “that whole JINSA crowd” keeps cultivating congressional candidates, and as long as the Jew-Masons control your local police forces, not much will change… The best you might get will be another Donald…. He seems good, he sounds good but as far as actual steps taken so-far he’s a big needledicker… Some hold out for him though, say he’s biding his time, setting up his ducks for the big sweep-out…
    I sure hope so…
    “Q Anon is forecasting a “hot summer,” a “mass public awakening” and public unification centered around revelations of the abuse of children. Promising words – backed up by some promising recent events. That all being said, we won’t be popping any champagne bottles of celebration unless and until 9/11 is exposed during Trump’s second term. Once that constipation-causing myth gets moved out the way, all other backlogged truths will flood down upon humanity.”
    It’s OK with me if Deagel turns out to be haox too. .. but the way things have been going lately we should all be worried…
    also, it isn’t just the ethnic yahudi infiltrated into the organs of protection and control…
    Those offices are also full of agents of the monarchy class, who have always hated the USA, since the days of the revolution and the Monroe Doctrine, as a democratically functioning constitutional republic…
    Bottom Line – those of the bankster class, The Haves, including more than one interest, are perpetrating a class war against the proles constantly, (think dem con-trolled cities) feeding them distractions, while they’re upcoming this next big-big social catastrophe…
    I thought the same thing about Bill Cosby…
    Most likely those guys weren’t even guilty, not of much…
    but the way the legal system works (for lawyers) – lawyers, check that – ATTORNEYS, can extort money from rich people by threatening them in court, perjury will not be prosecuted, and here’s no penalty on the accuser if the accused is acquitted… civil trials do not require a unanimous verdict… much easier to pay off and make it go away… that’s what they all want..

  12. Sure as hell that Epstein never died. Why would they need to kill him ?
    They can fake the Holoco$t , the Moon Landing & everything else.
    This about Ghislaine is just more INFOTAINMENT by (the usual)

    Tell me anyone:
    In this day & age is there ANY, – ANY AT ALL Jewdiciary ..I mean JUDICIARY
    -that is NOT corrupted??

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