Daughters of the Night

29 July 2020

I cannot praise this article too highly. This is Kaminski at his best. His passionate sincerity and erudition are beyond question. It is also a great pleasure to read his beautifully crafted and translucent prose. [LD]  

Dancing on the edge of the fire


“When Bill Gates (pictured above) announced that new vaccines aimed to reduce population, everybody went into stupefied cognitive dissonance rather than acknowledge the billionaire was talking about murdering millions of people with an impish gleam in his eye. It is a thought most people refuse to face.” —John Kaminski

Like dolphins tangled up in fishing line who drown for lack of air, so humans remain hogtied by a suspicious medical mystery that has paralyzed society and jeopardized everyone’s health with an overcooked reaction to what your criminal government continues to insist is a pandemic. But it is really a calculated plague that was brazenly revealed in a practice run right before they staged it for real and locked down the whole world.

In the reality of people’s lives, this so-called plandemic is a media induced trance of fear within which no one seems to be able to positively identify the either the actual composition or the severity of the threat. Yet the controllers of humanity are dragging us into their dystopian future with a faulty test, an undeveloped vaccine with an ulterior motive and a disease they can’t even convincingly identify.

One thing is certain. This is not a naturally occurring disease. This is war on the people by a government of insincere spooks. Their cure will be no cure at all.

Somewhere between Fort Detrick, Maryland and Wuhan, China, the pox known as COVID-19 was created in a lab. Today, available traditional cures are discouraged and an as-yet-developed poison inoculation threatens to turn humanity into totally debauched GMO organisms, irreversibly wired to a central control mechanism. Success of this project would mean the end of individual human freedom forever.

How did we get to this sorry pass, where calculated destruction is both predicted and glorified by manipulative media which control every aspect of our lives? And why do media subliminally urge us to destroy ourselves?

The most significant event in the ongoing demolition of society is women’s liberation. It is really separation of women from the home. Encouraging women to leave the home and go out on their own signaled the death of the nuclear family and foreshadowed the day when the sexes would be merged and human reproduction would thereafter be handled by the all-powerful state.

In hot pursuit of our own personal goals we have forgotten about the implications of our selfishness, which are to ignore the rapidly deteriorating conditions for the continuation of our species as we have known it.

The destruction of society is the destruction of the home. A home is governed by an all-knowing mother and protected by a responsible father. Without a woman in it, there can be no home. Without this formula, nobody grows up healthy.

In the meantime artificial reality careens toward a new, untested poison vaccine the ultimate aim of which is to radically reduce Earth’s human population. When Bill Gates announced that new vaccines aimed to reduce population, everybody went into stupefied cognitive dissonance rather than acknowledge the billionaire was talking about murdering millions of people with an impish gleam in his eye. It is a thought most people refuse to face.

The moment people consider killing their own countrymen as a way to stabilize their environment is the moment complete human extinction becomes inevitable, due to what happens to species with no purpose in accordance with nature’s laws; in case you didn’t know, they go extinct. The corruption endemic in all human governments indicates we are well down that road.

Thus, as we cringe in the sterilized darkness of our electrified apartments that slowly sauté our cells, our health is sabotaged by oxygen depleting masks and paranoid delusions are created by social isolation. And this is the version of reality that our clinically deranged government insists we must believe.

Revenge of the dwarf planets

You remember Pluto? No, not the Disney cartoon dog. The barely visible light in the heavens that used to be known as the ninth planet of our solar system, but was demoted to dwarf planet during a recent celestial nomenclature reshuffling in the debate about what actually constitutes a planet.

Pluto is also the most dangerous sign in the much-maligned science of astrology, which continues to characterize human behavior with uncanny accuracy. Pluto usually signifies subterranean chaos leading to destruction and horror.

THE U.S. PLUTO RETURN. February 2019 to January 2025 America will experience its first Pluto return, that moment when Pluto returns to the place in the heavens it occupied when America was born. Astrologers believe Pluto brings the ugliest experiences.

Needless to say astrologers are both agog and atwitter over this once in a lifetime occurrence:

This is it. This is the American Pluto Return that has been looming over us for the past couple of decades. … The very first Pluto Return of the USA will determine whether this country will remain a cohesive, functioning unit or suffer from a complete breakdown …

The first Return will occur on Feb. 20, 2022, yet already effects are growing in intensity as Pluto draws closer to the exact natal position of the US chart of July 4, 1776.

… one of the most powerful planets when it comes to worldly events … the harbinger of visibly transformative effects to be witnessed throughout 2020.

… indicating a revolution and cyber warfare involving the sciences, technology and collective efforts for the next three years. It also mentions painful consequences of past actions or a need to pay and clear old debts. https://readingsbyyerevan.com/2020/03/25/the-throes-of-americas-first-pluto-return/

Hmm, this is kind of typical horoscope hopium. A deeper response might be this one:

For Swedenborg the presence of this emotion of feeling wronged because we have not received the support we wanted, this bad habit of furthering the wrong by refusing support to others, and enjoying the chagrin we cause, is the sure sign of a soul headed for self inflicted damnation. Self inflicted, because Swedenborg believed God never damns anyone. The damned damn themselves. They aren’t thrown into Hell, they dive in. From this point of view Facebook appears to be a portal of Hell where lost souls argue over what they should or shouldn’t support. Dive in at your peril.

Much more ominous than these foul forecasts is the newfound nefarious influence of another dwarf planet, Eris. In the world of astrology, Eris is the jealous demon sister of Mars, who is of course the bringer of war.

More currently Eris is also the goddess of the cult at the spiritual center of the Black Lives Matter riots now occurring all over our country.

The underworld in outer space

Discovered only in 2005 Eris is another dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, the outermost region of our solar system. Three times further from the Sun than Pluto, astrologically Eris is referred to as a daughter of the night and was known to the Romans as ‘Discordia’. Eris rules the underworld; her element is power and she will do anything to acquire it.

Together Pluto and Eris sing the same dark song that predicts the traps humanity has set for itself will explode in inchoate chaos. Like today’s rioters, these dark goddesses make a virtue out of violent destruction and infantile rage.

The demon sister of Mars may be a dwarf planet, but she is also the revered deity of a contemporary violence-prone group known as the Discordians who play a central philosophical role in the violent antics of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the delirious denizens who eagerly destroy traces of the culture that has nurtured them.

To understand what Eris means to astrologers, the poet Robert Graves cites indiscriminate rage, slaughter, and destruction. Graves points out that to reverse the order of nature Zeus is helped by Eris. There is a quality of fate, of consequence, of vengeance against hubris signified by the astrological Eris, making her a perfect sub-deity for the Jews, who wish to rearrange society.

Eris was originally called Xena, after the main character of the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. However, astronomical rules state the all objects orbiting outside Neptune’s orbit must be named after a creation of mythology. Thus, Xena became Eris after the goddess of strife and discord in Greek mythology.

Eris has one moon called Dysnomia. It was originally named Gabrielle after the same TV show but that name later became the daughter of Eris, Dysnomia, a name invented by Hesiod in the 7th century BC.

Eris square Pluto, what a powerful combo for destruction! Dysnomia, goddess of lawlessness, daughter of Eris, evil sister of Mars, god of war. Quite an astrological attack team destined to promise discord and destruction in the future.

Who are the discordians? The Discordians believe that chaos is as important as order. It is essentially a lampoon of all religions, meant to parody the faithful with opposition to traditional order.

Discordianism recognizes chaos, discord, and dissent as valid and desirable qualities, in contrast with most religions, which idealize harmony and order. Eris, the Greek mythological goddess of discord, has also become the matron deity of the religion Discordianism. https://discordia.fandom.com/wiki/Discordianism

Which makes it the perfect religion for Black Lives Matter, a group consisting of aimless anarchists run by goons paid by Jewish billionaires

This African propensity for burning things down reflects poorly on their sincerity dealing with others, as does their propensity to murder those who help them. You should never kill someone over conceptual matters. It only means you have lost the argument.

These Discordians are the animating factor of Black Lives Matter, seeking revenge for the achievements they could never build themselves by destroying them, at the behest of the Jews and their billionaire manipulators who buy both white girls and white countries to turn into whores for the rest of the world.

The offspring of nightmares

Eris and the Eumenides. It would be a great name for a punk rock band composed of pissed off chicks ready to rip up the world.

One daughter of the night attracts others, so the influence of bloodthirsty Eris naturally summons the ancient spirits of the Eumenides, or “Kindly Ones”, who once were the fearsome Erinyes, vengeful spirits who tortured the consciousness of men who had harmed women. Most of those aware of Greek myths would recognize these spirits by their more famous name, the Furies.

They are legendary for attacking the consciousness of the guilty with psychological missiles that explode hypocrisy and expose guilt.

These Furies are most famous for their appearance in a play first staged in Athens in 458 BC. Today these are known as the three-part Oresteia by Aeschylus (ESK-a-lis).

In first play Agamemnon, the victorious king of Argos has returned home after the Trojan War, bringing with him a concubine, Cassandra. Agamemnon’s wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus, hoping to rule Argos together, have conspired against him to kill him upon his return. In the queen’s mind, the murder of her husband was simply an act of revenge for the earlier death of her daughter. In Libation Bearers, the exiled Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, returns home with his companion Plyades to seek revenge for this father’s death by killing his mother and lover. However, his mother’s last breath brings a curse upon Orestes: he is hounded by the Furies. In Greek, they are later referred to as the Eumenides, daughters of the night and spirits of vengeance. In The Eumenides, Orestes, on the verge of madness, prays to Apollo for relief from his agony. Eventually, he and Apollo arrive in Athens where the goddess Athena holds a trial. 

The chorus leader identifies himself and the other Furies as “children of the night.” He informs the goddess that their duties are to drive from home those who shed another person’s blood and take him to a place where “happiness is nevermore allowed.”

Can anything better reflect the flavor of the BLM uprisings now taking place around the world?

EUME′NIDES (Eumenides), also called ERINNYES, and by the Romans FURIAE or DIRAE, were originally nothing but a personification of curses pronounced upon a guilty criminal. The name Erinnys, which is the more ancient one, was derived by the Greeks from the erinô or ereunaô, I hunt up or persecute, or from the Arcadian word erinuô, I am angry; so that the Erinnyes were either the angry goddesses, or the goddesses who hunt up or search after the criminal. (Aeschylus)


Eris and the Eumenides will assure that our future is written in fire and blood for the crimes we have committed against each other and ourselves. Clearly they work to avenge the absence of women in the government structure of the world and will make things hard for everyone until we see how the only two genders must work together to rescue for what is truly a fate worse than death, and that would be extinction.

We face this question on the eve of a government-mandated vaccine that will actually alter our DNA and make us technically — if not completely — no longer fully human.

Dark influence on the future

Instead, astrologers believe the influence these spirits will have on our immediate future will be all about blood, betrayal and darkness. Some force among us seems intent on shedding the blood of innocent people. This is how they did the French Revolution. They got the people to kill each other and kept moving the goal posts until half the population had been either slashed to death or beheaded.

The reason astrology remains important is because of the failure of establishment religion to provide a sufficiently formidable bulwark against the excesses of corruption, succumbing to the temptation of personal satisfaction sabotaging the necessity of maintaining the conditions for life.

Such might be the warped rationale of politicians who drink children’s blood to increase what they must imagine to be their power. It is the alluring illusion of delusional insanity, and right now it has the whole world in its grip. There is nowhere to turn for relief from this pox since the church and the state are involved in the practices.

Now put on your mask, go to the window, and yearn for the world they have taken from you.

Given the nature of our leaders and all the lies they’ve told us, it is reasonable to expect that everything they have planned which could go wrong will go wrong.

The war is going to be bloody. People who can’t see their own souls simply won’t give up their power. It has to be taken from them. Who can do this will save humanity from certain destruction.

What I’d like to know is how many of the children who went missing after the Haiti earthquake wound up in the cauldrons of blood swallowed by Hillary Clinton’s personal friends?

And this is how the world will end, dancing on edge of the fire, everybody seeking revenge for their own deaths, driven mad by the knowledge that they are going to die with no faith to protect them.

Ye of little faith . . . Scared? You ought to be . . . not so much about where we’re going, but about the mess we left behind. If we are to learn one thing it is that our own shadow impacts the world more than anything else.


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  1. In my lifetime (this one), I have encountered those who could “read the stars” to an eerie extent. JK’s eloquent explanation of what he may perceive as our current, worldly situation strikes a note of verity as it lends explanation to the overwhelming feeling of gloom I have been having for our collective future. Every night, I get on my knees and recite The Lord’s Prayer beside my bed. Yes, it may sound like overdoing it, but I BELIEVE that only He can deal with what is being faced daily in this world. Pandora’s Box has been opened, and shutting it is beyond the ken of mortal man. As the Bible reads, the stars are signs. They have been used for Mariners to chart courses; and life, itself, will follow.

  2. here’s a rich and famous, infamous I guess you might say, person speaking out from the gutts of the monster..
    i doubt she’s saying this just to get publicity…
    trouble is – unless the sheepule see it on the network news they won’t really believe it, there’s no possibility of any link from the crime to the weight of the state coming down for the cure…
    and the ptb in the deep state itself are up to their own necks in the debauchery…
    but still the awareness slowly grows, and with it the chance of change…

  3. Yeah and my mate Mel Gibson who lived near me in Yackandandah, Australia, with his dad, told the truth when he said the Hollywood moguls (Jews) swallow babies’ blood to make themselves virile and politicians attend baby blood-dripping parties. These included the Epstein-Maxwell crowd. And yes, John is correct: There will be plenty of blood-dripping in the near future, as the Jewish Communists move in to complete their satanic conquest of the planet. Be like me and get your cosmic telescope centred on Pluto, occasionally slipping it across to watch the alien life moving around Saturn. I have communicated with David Icke and have hundreds of photos of the lizard people (aliens) flipping out their long tongues. Hillary Clinton cannot hide her rapier-like tongue.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      Are you a Jewish troll by any chance, as Pat has astutely suggested? If you are, you’re not a very talented one. You are overdoing it. You make it too obvious that you are a nutcase, trying to bring this website into disrepute. Try posting more sensibly, OK? Or I will ask Admin to block your future garbage posts.

      “There will be plenty of blood-dripping in the near future, as the Jewish Communists move in to complete their satanic conquest of the planet. Be like me and get your cosmic telescope centred on Pluto, occasionally slipping it across to watch the alien life moving around Saturn. I have communicated with David Icke and have hundreds of photos of the lizard people (aliens) flipping out their long tongues.”

      Care to share some of those photos with us?

      1. Maxy suffers from “whigger” psychosis, as evidenced by his red, black, and green Corvette. He probably wears a cheap baseball cap turned backward on his head, and is accompanied by a tattooed widebeast of a girlfriend. The only remedial cure is to administer a long series of severe beatings while depriving him of all social activity, until such time as his supervisor determines he has shaken the malady.
        I happen to have a Mandingo named “Ned” who is quite adept at the task of beating whomever I guide him to, and he’d be rewarded by taking charge of Maxy’s wildebeest girlfriend, until he gets tired of her and throws her to the ‘gators. 🤔

  4. Gilbert, in reciting the Lord’s Prayer every night, do you ever dwell on the line, “Forgive those who trespass against us”? Do you forgive the baby eaters and the elite Jews for “trespassing against us”? …… If you read the Gospels, it does not sound like Jesus did too much forgiving of the Sanhedrin Jews and their minions – these “serpent” scum of the Earth, who enforce the Devil’s kingdom upon us. He has promised to throw them into the “burning lake of fire.” Strange forgiveness! Do you pray for Soros’ forgiveness? So when they try to load you onto crowded transportation, will you meet them with your firearms? That’s not forgiveness. By the way, me and my mates will take out as many as we can. I would, however, forgive Ghislaine and like the many fallen women I have known, cuddle her, comfort her tortured soul and take her under my wing.

    1. I do not ask HIM to forgive those who I, myself, would not forgive. That isn’t in The Lord’s Prayer, anyway. Rather, I ask forgiveness of myself – as when I forgive others. I always remember David saying to God “Lord, do I not hate what You hate, and love what You love?”
      Many of these imbecilities we currently have thrust in our faces are hated by God (it says so in the Bible). Read it. Ask for discernment. Killing and hate have their places in God’s ways. (It isn’t only a Jew thing!). “Agape love” is nonsense.

      1. I’d say you’re in pretty good company, Gilbert.

        “They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.” ― Edmund Burke

      2. Well Gilbert, this begs the question: The line, “and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” IS in the Lord’s Prayer, so you are wrong when you say it is not! Readers please go back to Gilbert’s offering above to confirm this. And the biblical words are “forgive us”, not “forgive me”, as in your use of “I, myself would not forgive.” … There are too many loose scribes on this site who engage in Dorothy Sayer’s “slatternly, illiterate reading.” For example, that dumbed down, illiterate calling itself Silent Reader, reckons Pat called me a “Jewish troll.” Totally wrong Silent one, it was me who called Pat a possible Jewish troll and it was meant in obvious jest. But silent one, you cannot read and comprehend. And you call me a “nutter” because I parody the so called “human moods” of distant Pluto and quote from David Icke. Now we are really into sorcery, superstition and phantasmagoria! What rubbish! And you say you will ask admin to stop me posting. Who are you to speak with your illiterate offerings? Remember the intelligent Flan O’Brien and others appreciate my great offerings. Read my descriptions of the covid19 virus and where the planet’s money and usury come from. “Out of the thin air”, mate! Trillions of dollars appear like magic on the Fed’s books, out of the sorcerers’ hands. But I do not think you are intelligent enough to understand much at all, let alone understand why Pat was absurd in saying Soros might be Shemite, rather than a Semite, in answer to my saying Soros is a false Semite. Are you understanding, Pat? Silence, you need to read slowly and analyse every word and than put what you read in it’s true historical setting. Can you tell me approximately when Shem walked off the ark, atop Mount Ararat? Then think about the subject of whether or not we have Shemites on this planet today. A nut case? No, simply the offerings of my 145 plus IQ, that morons cannot understand.

      3. Gil
        Killing and hate are the ways of the false “God” known as the Demiurge. Such is the way it is living in this mortal state. One that is of our own making due to the inviolability of free will.

        It’s called “Devolution”

      4. Max

        From “the sermon of all sermons”:

        To God: Forgive us our trespasses as we would forgive those who trespass against us.

        From Jesus: For if you forgive others for their trespasses your father will also forgive you. But if you DON’T forgive them for their trespasses neither will your father forgive YOUR trespasses.

        Yet, to entreaty another (“God”) to forgive our trespasses absolves US from fully engaging our conscience to demonstrate the personal accountability that PREVENTS us from trespassing. To forgive OTHERS for trespassing against us absolves THEM from doing the same. The scriptural wording then has Jesus showing support for others to NOT be held accountable for their actions, and then has him putting fear of God into those who don’t honor this.

        Madame B. and others can castigate away at me for “daring” to rewrite the Scriptures, to which I say, have at it. But if you read the wording carefully, what I wrote above is EXACTLY what’s implied in them, which leads me to believe that this isn’t EXACTLY what Jesus said

  5. The Ten Commandments are the universal rule of God. God said “Thou shall not kill”, which presumes we should not kill other human beings. This killing is purely God’s work, as when he “flattened the cities of the plains” and killed the homosexuals of Sodom and Gomorrah. Okay he directed (in Deuteronomy) the Israelite tribe to “leave none breathing” in Canaan, or the “promised land” and Zionists stick by this direction today. But Jesus said we should not purposely extinguish the lives of other human beings, so killing, as in the Zio-Yankee wars on many nations, is taboo. Over 3,000,000 dead Semites since the mythical “war on terror.” …Like the early Christians, we should lovingly go to the lions, as Jesus would wanted us to. …. including forgiving those who supplied the lions. Anyways, their “trespass against us” is only in the earthly sphere and your soul will spiral up to Heaven, despite what they do to you. Leave it up to Jesus and his Father to throw the murderous, sinful morons into “the burning lake of fire.” There is too much petty vengeance taking on this planet.

    1. “…as we forgive those who trespass against us” leaves me an option to forgive – or not. 😈
      That God might use US as instruments of His own vengeance is thoroughly established in that NOTHING happens without His knowledge. We should take our own corrections as men, and not as sniveling cowards. (It never hurts to ask for pardon!) 🙂

  6. Deagel.com forecasts the US population at about 100 million by 2025. With the Covid-19 unnecessary lock-downs putting the US economy into a tailspin, the mindless neoBolshevik Marxist BLM-Antifa destruction of American’s down town cities and soon coming to the suburbs and smaller cities, Bill Gates, pharma, the CDC, the WHO and the demonic Democrats, wants to top off this full course meal of pig virus slop with a delicious desert of toxic gene altering vaccines. All brewed in the Devil’s caldron. 100 million may be optimistic.


  7. TJAM
    as the economy goes so goes the population…
    gross domestic product is off by 1/3, that’s one hell of a drop…
    the virus is being used as the excuse to destroy the economy and wreck the country…
    “An astounding 8 out of 10 coronavirus deaths have been adults 65 and older, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Data from the California Department of Public Health shows similar numbers in California, where those 65 and older account for 76% of all coronavirus deaths.”
    yeah, that makes sense. i’m betting people over 65 account for 75% of all deaths anyway…
    if the hospitals can find any trace of the virus or any symptom that looks like they might have it, they put covid on the death certificate and count it as a virus fatality…
    i think the real reason they’re not opening for school this year in california is because it’s really no longer safe enough, and in 6 months time things will be a lot worse…. truth be known – there isn’t enough law and order, it’s too risky for bad outcomes, white teaches have already had enough, and now they don’t want to die… it’s not about the virus…. california is going into permanent failure ..


      “To God: Forgive us our trespasses as we would forgive those who trespass against us.”

      In the King James Version which preceeds the New King James Version the quote reads as: “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,” which has a slightly different meaning.
      Years ago I was encouraged to stick to the KJV instead of the NKJV [or any other versions for that matter] as it was deemed the least corrupted version of the Bible.

      1. Please don’t worry about the “difference” between

        (a) “Forgive us our DEBTS, as we forgive our debtors”


        (b) “Forgive us our TRESPASSES, as we forgive them that trespass against us.”

        It’s not by nitpicking, intellectualising, and being an incredibly clever person that you will find salvation. God does not discriminate against the simpleminded, against little children, against uneducated peasants, against unlettered savages; nor does he give bonus points to clever people who have managed to figure out the difference between “trespasses” and “debts”.

        Let’s assume you have figured out the difference. Do you really think such “knowledge” gives you an advantage over my mother who didn’t know he difference or care about it, but just says her prayers with devotion and humility?

        Come, be reasonable! You are not going to be given a ring-side seat in heaven just because you are a high-powered intellectual and linguistic expert! Nor is my simpleminded mother going to be sent to hell for not not intellectualising and nitpicking (like you) over the meanings of words!

        God will accept you (and my mother) if you are kind and keep his commandments. That’s all that’s needed. A large vocabulary is not essential for entering into the kingdom of heaven! 🙂

        1. Suffice to say that BOTH translations are correct, with the words “debts”and “trespasses” being interchangeable. The same word in the original Aramaic and Ancient Greek, translated into the Vulgate Latin of St Jerome, and then into countless other languages, use ‘DEBTS’ or ‘TRESPASSES’ with EQUAL ACCURACY.

          When you ask God to forgive you your “debts”, you are not asking him to forgive your monetary debts to the bank! You are asking him to forgive your personal debts to HIM by sinning, by trespassing, by subverting the moral order. In short, you are asking God to have mercy on you by forgiving you your KARMIC DEBTS.

          The original Latin of St Jerome’s Bible uses the word “DEBTS” and this is used in the oldest and best Caholic translation of the Bible, the Douai version: “DIMITTE NOBIS DEBITA NOSTRA, SICUT NOS DIMITTIMUS DEBITORIBUS NOSTRIS.(= “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive ur debtors”.) Karmic debts are meant, not monetrary debts. Later versions paraphrase “DEBTS” as “TRESPASSES”.

          Both translations are 100% correct, and it is absolutely wrong to believe that one is better than the other. Personally, I prefer “trespasses” because this expresses the meaning quite clearly and stops you falling into the trap of thinking in monetary terms. God, after all, is not Shylock — a Jewish moneylender! 🙂

          Check this out. It explains all:


      2. Sister Monika, thank you for your insights. Your “simpleminded mother” and yourself are truly blessed. Devotion and humility explain more to God than words ever could.

  8. The dwarf planet Pluto was discovered in 1930. It is not visible to the naked eye, being 1000’s of times feinter than Jupiter. In fact you would need at least an eight inch telescope with a mirror and then it is only the faintest speck. No ancient civilisations ever saw Pluto. Pluto is in the ice belt, many millions of miles distant from Neptune. Astrologists have used the Greek name “Pluto” to give this tiny planet a bad name, in that it courts human disaster scenarios. Of course astrologists are snake oil salesmen and are simply making all their hocus-pocus rubbish up, out of the thin air. Just like the Jews make money out of the thin air. If you want to speak intelligently about celestial objects read about the dead,brown star, Planet X, which scientists believe is nearing our Sun and could spell total disaster. Oh yeah, whilst Pluto portends human disaster, Venus, the goddess of love and passion, is more to my liking.

    1. Flan –

      Warnings of dire consequences, indeed. Thanks.

      Gates has told us his diabolical plans for decades.

  9. John Kaminski wrote:

    “The most significant event in the ongoing demolition of society is women’s liberation. It is really separation of women from the home. Encouraging women to leave the home and go out on their own signaled the death of the nuclear family and foreshadowed the day when the sexes would be merged and human reproduction would thereafter be handled by the all-powerful state.

    “In hot pursuit of our own personal goals we have forgotten about the implications of our selfishness, which are to ignore the rapidly deteriorating conditions for the continuation of our species as we have known it.

    “The destruction of society is the destruction of the home. A home is governed by an all-knowing mother and protected by a responsible father. Without a woman in it, there can be no home. Without this formula, nobody grows up healthy.”

    This became embedded into American society with unrecognized consequences as a result of WWII and the famous gal – ‘Rosie the Riviter’ – proudly displayed on billboards, placards, posters and all the magazines.

    America was flipped upside down as the American family was lost in WWII very stealthily.

    ‘Rosie’ was everywhere when I was a child:

    See ‘Rosie’ here, scantily clad for the times:

    The California jews are…. oh, soooo proud that ‘Rosie’ was even memorialized with a National Park recently! This relatively new National Park was established in 2000 and is still under development. Bus tours of the park began in 2007.

    –Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park–

    1. Indeed Pat, they corrupted women in order to destroy men. Woman is man (real man) Achilles’ heel and they know it from time immemorial. After all, Rosie did destroy “patriarchy” in the home of peasants didn’t she? And it’s only for peasants, feminism doesn’t apply to rulers as every Socialist policy.

      Man (real man) can’t live without a woman by its side for him to take care of, on second thoughts he can, miserably. BTW where are the women on this forum, temporarily gone?

      1. BTW where are the women on this forum, temporarily gone?

        They are hiding in the shadows, like “Silent Reader”. These are women who read the comments and remain silent for the most part as background readers.

        This site mirrors the world. A world in which the sexes are at eternal war, bound on the iron wheel of mutual disrespect. The man despises the woman as cheap porn trash, and the woman despises the man as an effete and demoralized zombie.

        Women cannot love men they cannot respect. We are like dogs who can sniff out a real man. And such men are hard to find.

      2. When men try to play God …

        Women – it works the other way round too … at any age, as I just found out a while ago, all the red warning lights went on .. then I was completely lost …

      3. I learned long ago of the unrelenting power of what Aussie’s call the “hairy lassoo.” Therefore when I look at a beautiful or sexy woman I try to imagine her as just another bloke, or just another poor humanoid trying to earn a crust in life. This usually dampens my ardour, but does not explain why I have been married six times and why I still am known to chase chicks if the occasion demands.

      4. “We are like dogs who can sniff out a real man.”

        Be careful. The web creates projections of people. Persons with ideal virtual attributes, not the real life person. The first eye-to-eye meeting will sort out. People can be big pretenders. If the projection turns out to be the real thing, then something big is about to happen (real love, not just infatuation). If not, it is better to stop the relationship right there, in order to stop unnecessary pain with one of the partners.

      5. MB –

        Al Pachino starred in ‘Scent Of A Woman’ and so…. you could star in ‘Scent Of A Man’!!! 🙂 🙂

  10. One thing that is highly relevant for this article’s subject – and amazingly, no one ever mentions it – is the precession of the Earth (for Geocentrists, precession of the Universe). One can observe the phenomenon of precession playing with rotation toys or a gyroscope. The period of precession of the Universe is 25 thousand years.

      1. Gilbert,

        Common misunderstanding, I never said the Earth is flat. This is what Robert Sungenis has to say about it: Flat Earth flat WRONG!

      2. Mr. Huntly :

        I would also tell you that the YUGE explosion in Beirut looked A LOT like a small NUKE was detonated in Beirut. I would also tell your buddy-buddy “Nukes Don’t Exist” Pat the same thing.

  11. PAT
    the entire ww2 episode was a jewish deepstate bankster plot…
    they’re the ones who put hitler in power, to co-opt the risen race-based national socialist movement in germany, which was a good thing in and of itself, but which would have been deadly for bolsheviki communism…
    hitler’s rearmament of germany during the thirties made millions for the international bankster/warmonger cartels, east and west they worked in cooperation all throughout the war and they set up the world bank and the rest of the post ww2 global economic system before ww2 was over…
    the war gave the zionists the opportunity to vastly increase the number of jews relocated to palestine, by force, and it gave stalin the chance to exterminate millions of white russians in the battle with germany, even as hitler was having the german army exterminated in russia….
    they work together for these things… political principals are all ZOG puppets…. that can’t be denied today…
    ww2 expanded the american economy by huge proportions…
    suddenly there was good paying manufacturing work everywhere, masses of people moved about the country for the jobs, many living in homeless camps, while the details worked out…
    and the hollywood effetry, the chers of the day, were horrified, they were losing their servants to better jobs…
    rosie the riveter was one aspect of the phenomenon, and yes somebody is out to destroy the american family, and they’ve done a good job of it… the family is just another target-casualty in the corporate predation methodology of disaster capitalism…
    we don’t need a marxist revolution – we simply need progressive consumer protection, specific progressive corrections forced on the corporate monster… stop planned obsolescence, open the patent closet, for openers..
    however, as i remember the fifties, women were still very much oriented as housewives and mothers… tv had just arrived…
    the feminist thing didn’t really take hold destructively until the sixties and seventies…
    but, i had the impression at the time that feminism was not without its decency, compassion, in that it sought an alternative for women who would not be married, left out… maybe… as my mother said – “there’s never a kettle so black there’s not a lid to fit it”… that wisdom is long gone now, i guess…
    in any case, destructive feminism may have been plotted by the jews but was driven by the utterly ruthless corporate machinery, in case there’s a difference, like the mechanical hooks that now rip the meat off cows in slaughterhouses… every big deal, this virus hoax now, is a plot for money, power and control… the normal people are like the vietnamese civilians, caught in the middle…

  12. There goes Barking Deer again, behaving like the good Communist Jew he is, pretending to be one of the freedom fighters of the world yet subtly pushing that Jewish message that Hitler was a really bad guy and we should constantly impugn him for his supposed insincerity about wanting to liberate Germany from the control of the Jewish bankers, claiming he was in cahoots with Western bankers and insisting he sent troops to the Soviet Union to be killed; then Joe defends Cmmunist feminism which has destroyed most of the families of the world; Comrade Barking Deer, no doubt wearing his yarmulke, proving once again and forever that you cannot be a Jew and human being at the same time. This is Jew slime he talks, pretending to say one thing and then slipping in the Jewish twisted perception of things, the phenomenon that has enabled the Jews to capture the whole world with their constant swindles, simply by being not who they say they are, and counting on the rest of us to not realize what they’re doing until it’s too late to do anything about it. In case you were confused, Joe, Adolf Hitler is arguably the top ranked human being in history, provably one of the very few leaders in history who actually cared about his people and proved it. It took the three most powerful countries in the world to defeat him, and with his defeat went the last real chance for individual freedom in this fetid Jewish prison of a world.

  13. ADMIN TOBY: I will allow this comment because of its obvious sincerity, even though it breaches the rules of our website: I refer to the rule that the writers we publish should be treated with a modicum of respect and not have to put up with defamation of character.

    Your comment, “Kaminski is a jew and should identify himself as such and should stop passing himself off as a white person,” amounts to pure character assassination, given that you are unable to produce a shed of evidence to substantiate your claim.

    Mr Kaminski has been unrelentingly consistent throughout his career for his anti-Jew critiques, so the claim that he is a crypto-Jew rings hollow.

    OMWAMI says:

    There is a Swahili saying that translates to: “he who has no culture is a slave”. Kaminski is a jew and should identify himself as such and should stop passing himself off as a white person. Its not a crime to be a Jew. Why am I starting with that? Granted, he writes very intelligent pieces but I have noticed a steady, incessant hatred of black people in his writings.

    Kaminski pretends to love history so much. I challenge him to study the Scramble and Partition of Africa and the atrocities the white man did to Africans (murder, stealing, rape and plunder of a continent whose people were living in harmony, at one with nature, peaceful and welcoming to visitors; all that cannibalism and voodoo is white man’s overactive imagination. I challenge anyone here to provide a well documented factual case where Africans ate themselves or a white man). What’s happening in US and Europe is the bitch called Karma coming back to bite back at all the atrocities the white man (more so the USA with its worldwide meddling “peacekeeping interventions”) has inflicted on the peoples of the world. And anyway, no empire lasts for ever. He, the “accomplished historian” should be cognisant of that fact. Old is always replaced by new. That’s the law of life.

    Kaminski talks about white “accomplishments” (read technology designed to supplant nature and natural processes) as if they are the epitome of civilisation. If so, why is this epitome crumbling before our eyes. Clearly it was flawed from its inception.

    He also talks about BLM as if its the worst scourge. I have never read him talk about KKK and what it did to blacks. He glosses over antifa since its predominantly composed of whites. So, according to Kaminski, it seems blacks are a lesser creation of the Great White Christian God, the scum of earth, no?

    My intention is not to force him to like black people, but if he wants to be taken seriously he should present facts in a balanced way with factually correct historical perspective.

    1. @ ADMIN

      I’m glad you allowed Omwami to speak his mind. Apart from his single reference to Kaminski as a Jew passing himself off as a White person, his comment is otherwise moderate in it tone and shows higher than average intelligence. Please do not censor Omwami in his future posts if this is your intention. We need to know at first hand how intelligent black people think and it would be a huge mistake to refuse to listen to them.

      1. Not all blacks are BLM thugs engaged in arson and the gang rape of white woman. I open my newspapers every day of the week and I read about white skinhead types inflicting horrendous cruelties on black people going about their business innocently. There are more white-on-black crimes than most people imagine. Most black crimes of violence are directed at other blacks, not on whites.

        We need to get our facts right and see things in perspective.

        One thing is certain, my friends: the age of slavery has ended.
        It’s no longer possible to lynch blacks for fun or make them sit
        at the back of the bus.

      2. My apologies @Admin and to Kamniski if my saying he’s a jew insinuated him being crypto; that’s not what I meant. I have read Kaminski for close to a decade now and during that time I think I have come across his bio (can’t locate it right now, his web addresses keep on changing a lot) that he is Jew by blood. I am African with very curly hair that if you placed me next to an Australian Aborigine, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Now, suppose I hated something genuinely atrocious that my African community did to other people, but liked Aborigine culture and supported and Identified myself with them, does that change the fact that I am African by blood? Does it mean there’s something evil being African just because my community does atrocious things? Like most of the visitors here, I hate the Cabalists, their ilk and what they do, but would not hate any random Jew I came across just because.

        That was my reasoning behind my “accusation” of Mr. Kaminski.

  14. “Daughters of the Night”, sounds like Lasha Lucy and Moaner heading off to their local cemetery late at night to conduct seances with the poor souls in Limbo under the cover of darkness, enshrouded in mystery, spiritually in-tune with their (((“g-ddess”))) they worship, the ((( night hag vampiress succubus demoness lilith))) from the jews’ jew ka-BAAL-ah from abomination of desolation Babylon.

    “Daughters of the Night”, it would make a good title for a Lasha death poem, the poetry she LERVS the most, death poetry, 🌚.

  15. Pat hit the nail on the head when he pointed out how Hollywood and Co. has literally created our history as a nation and with it our national identity and even personal identity to a large extent.
    Now they’re hand in hand with the even more sinister M$M fifth column(cia).
    A feel-good ending for the hoi polloi is not predicted. Then again, why would one be? Or even more realistically, how could one be? Not with a bang, not with a whimper, rather with a great big old Yuuuuuuuck…

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