David Icke: The Takeover of Planet Earth by Reptilian Humanoids from Outer Space

Are evil Space Lizards behind Covid-19 and the plot to depopulate the planet with killer vaccines?  

May 8, 2020

A lively Debate on the Darkmoon site 
edited by Lasha Darkmoon for concision and clarity.
Includes a  3-minute video clip.


They arrived in massive spacecraft, some of them miles in length…. These were extraterrestrials who came [here] hundreds of thousands of years ago…. [They] could levitate objects and themselves at will; they could cause spontaneous combustion…. Their bodies were less dense than ours and they could float above the ground through the power of their consciousness…. The time arrived when [these] Luciferic extraterrestrials sought to take over the planet….  An organisation, which I shall call the Brotherhood, has been used over thousands of years to manipulate the human race, and never more so than today.” — David Icke, The Robots’ Rebellion, Chapter 1, ‘The Takeover Bid’, pp. 7-12   

LASHA DARKMOON: (by way of introduction) : I confess I know little about David Icke myself, apart from the one book quoted above, so I am unable to take sides in this lively debate by Darkmoon site writers. The site is noted for the awesome erudition of its commenters, their wide-ranging knowledge of current affairs, and their critical approach to the  vast number of conspiracy theories that help to make life so deliciously exciting.  It would therefore be of interest to know what this cross-section of the dissident intelligentsia think of David Icke, the ultimate Conspiracy Theorist. Is Icke a bona fide truthseeker or a Zionist agent of the deep state?

Icke’s antisemitic conspiracy theories, new research shows, have been viewed over 30 million times on the internet.  The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)  calls for Icke’s removal from social media. The anonymous correspondent who sent me this article from Truthseeker tells me in an email: “It is rumored that the Deep State is planning the assassination of this highly dangerous loonie at large. It is also rumored that Icke has just acquired an underground fortress in Antarctica from a Satanist group in California, where he plans to hole up for the foreseeable future.” (See introductory words here)

COMMENTATOR MIKE:  David Icke is the enemy of Satanists. Why would he accept any offer of help from them? More slander thrown at him from the same source – those lizard aliens from outer space!

FLORIAN:  The quote about David Icke that opens LD’s article on Icke was not meant to be taken seriously. It was written as a joke, tongue in cheek. It was meant to be taken ironically, with a pinch of salt.

There is absolutely no foundation in the silly story that Satanists from California have sold Icke an underground fortress in Antarctica. The comment was intended as a satirical parody of the kind of daft conspiracy theories churned out by Icke himself, including (((lizards in high places))). If you can’t see that, I feel sorry for you.

David Icke is in in fact working for the Jews. He is on the Jewish payroll. Hence his books are promoted by Amazon and his videos spread far and wide by YouTube — both under Jewish control.

Anyone who takes Icke seriously needs to wake up and realize that Icke is a disinfo agent.

ED:  Agreed. Icke is controlled opposition, in my opinion. As was Assange. This explains why he has received widespread coverage and became immensely well-known. Censorship only started when he started rattling on about 5G. All talk about 5G is YouTube censored. That obviously raises a red flag.

5G is extremely dangerous. To discuss it in public is a bit risky, especially if you point out its dangers. Unfortunately Icke might have stepped a little too far ahead of himself. Time will tell if the deep state, the  powers that be, should eventually decide to silence the truthseekers by using their satanic handling gloves in the dark cell lockers of secret confinement.

Nevertheless, all things considered, Icke has supplied a lot of useful information. For that, I am grateful.

ANTIZION:  Florian says: “Anyone who takes Icke seriously needs to wake up and realize that Icke is a disinfo agent.”

Exactly. The article you mention (republished by the Darkmoon site) came originally from Truthseeker, a respected dissident alt-right site that has no time for David Icke. It has published several articles exposing Icke as a disinfo agent. Sardonicus is right to point this out.

See the damning facts about David Icke here:




Nuff said!

SARDONICUS:  Where all this will end I don’t know. It does not bode well.

I doubt if David Icke has a clue about what is going on. He hates Christianity. He hates religion and its restraints on sexual licence. Anyone who follows this False Prophet is asking for trouble.

Fools and knaves get the mad gurus they deserve.

BARKINGDEER: There’s no way anybody who has been following David Icke and has heard his lectures and read his books could think he’s some kind of fake disinfo agent, or even a huckster, like Alex Jones. Jones’ info is often good, but he goes too heavy on the hucksterism and will not diss Israel. That’s not like Icke.

Icke has told the whole dirty story on the Zion thing. He’s hip to the Hitler scam… He’s not just about the extraterrestrial  theory of the monarchies. He spilled the beans aplenty on the whole pyramid power control system, the Masons, establishment religion, Zionism, and now the coming transhumanist super-surveillance global tag-and-track slavery plot.

SARDONICUS:  I have great respect for what you say about David Icke and his ideas and wish to apologize for any offense I may have given to Icke supporters by attacking Icke. As you say, many of Icke’s ideas are excellent and no one here would raise any objections to them. However, I object to some of Icke’s  more bizarre ideas about extraterrestrial aliens, reptilian humanoids, and the Babylonian Brotherhood.  Why? Because far-out ideas like these, straight out of sensational comic books and graphic novels for teenagers, bring Holocaust denial and 9/11 truth into disrepute by association.

The problem with Icke is that he muddies the waters by mixing a lot of misinformation and dangerous nonsense into the mishmash of of his general message. So ultimately he is unreliable and it would be foolish to trust him. Like the Pied Piper, he will lead his faithful supporters into the ditch.

JAY 77:  I’ve no doubt David Icke conveys a lot of important information. Especially on the Coronavirus. His other theories, I confess,  are a bit too much for me, verging on the conspiratard.

He opens his most recent video on Facebook with a rant about how the “Fourth Reich” is on its way snd how all of this ties in with “Nazi Germany”.  He has little understanding of fascist ideology.  Ezra Pound saw fascism as the only means to excise the tumour of Jewish communism. Icke scoffs at this idea, putting in a good word for the Jews in the process. Letting them off the hook.

“It’s not the jews,” he says airily. “The problem is the Sabbattean Frankist cult”. Yeah, sure.

Many claim Icke has a jewish wife, as Jared Taylor does.  This may explain why Icke has managed to survive so long against the odds.

COMMENTATOR MIKE:  When I listen to Icke and he starts going on about alien lizards and other kookie stuff like that, I get annoyed and switch him off. But as I mentioned earlier, there could be a method in Icke’s apparent madness. His aim could be be to  totally dehumanise the ruling elites in our eyes. I don’t think everything he says is to be taken literally.

PAT:  I have generally dismissed Icke’s claims due to his mixing fact with fiction. That’s what most disinfo boys do. Smart agents know how to pull the right chains, as Icke does, to sell his wares.

COMMENTATOR  MIKE:  Icke details the structure of the hierarchical social pyramid of power and the depravities of the ruling elites right down to their red shoes. Sure he makes money out of being so popular, but what do you think is the logical consequence of accepting his views? There is method in his madness about the ruling elites being of extraterrestrial origin. This enables us to come to the mindboggling conclusion that our ruthless rulers do not in fact belong to the human race. That it’s a life and death struggle between them, these sinister aliens from other worlds, and the rest of humanity.

Once you realise this, your conscience will no longer be troubled when, on the day of reckoning, you may be the one throwing them into the fire, stringing them up on lamp posts, skewering them on stakes, or whatever else it takes to rid the earth of this scum.

The choice is obvious. Either the top few percent—the outcasts from humanity—will eliminate 95 per cent of the world’s population, or the 95 per cent majority will liquidate those at the top. Now David Icke is careful never to call for such drastic action. He behaves responsibly in avoiding all such inflammatory suggestions. Good for him!   But pray tell, how else is one supposed to put things right and defend oneself from the deadly conspiracies that the rulers weave against their oppressed populations? What’s so “false opposition” about that?

I repeat: there is a pyramid of power, a social hierarchy. In order to reduce world population, we should begin by starting at the apex of the pyramid where the top dogs lie.


SARDONICUS:  Has it ever occurred to you that the world is overpopulated and that a considerable reduction in population is desirable?

COMMENTATOR MIKE: Yes, it has. All the same, I’d start with chopping off that top level of the pyramid first. Why? Because I hold this evil elite responsible for the world’s population problem in the first place. Their policies have brought us here. Would the population of the Third World have exploded in the way it has unless they were seen as potential customers for the consumer goods of the West?

We have cars and pharmaceutical products to sell. So why not overpopulate the world to create more customers for our cars and pharmaceuticals?  If this helps to create more industrial waste, pollution of the atmosphere, and a plethora of new health hazards — who cares? The fat cats certainly don’t! They feather their nests, living the good life in their gated communities. They sing and dance and whore their nights away in their penthouse apartments, in their private paradise islands, and in their billion dollar yachts on the high seas.

Meanwhile, the white race’s share of  global population has declined sharply, thanks to two catastrophic world wars initiated by the same architects of evil.

ANONYMOUS DREAMER:  I think Sardonicus is correct in calling for a drastic cull of the world’s population, amounting right now to roughly seven billion people. Getting rid of a few rich guys “at the top of the pyramid”—whether or not they are humanoid reptiles from other worlds—is not going to do the trick.

Though a 95 per cent reduction in world population may seem a bit excessive, it would leave the planet in a much healthier state than it is now, irrespective of who the survivors are. The criminal plastic pollution of the oceans would cease at once. Rivers would run clean again. The air would once again be breathable as it was in pre-industrial times, without toxic chemicals. The world would become an earthly paradise for the few who remained.

Why assume that a drastic reduction in population is a bad thing? I don’t understand this logic.

You are assuming that that the few survivors who remain are all going to be cruel Jews with ugly hooked noses, living a life of unbridled power and sexual perversion, lording it over their goyim slaves. It’s all in your imagination! No one creates a Utopia, an earthly paradise for the few, in order to turn it into a dystopia again.

One does not build a heaven on earth in order to have hell.

SARDONICUS:  Bill Gates may be on to something! He could be doing the world a favor.  🙂

SAKI:  I’m glad someone has had the courage to point out the obvious: that a heavily populated planet is a recipe for disaster.

Those who think we don’t have enough people in the world, and could do with a few more, please put up your hands!

I don’t see any hands.

ANONYMOUS DREAMER:  The best thing that could happen to this overpopulated planet would be the mass suicide of roughly six billion people. We wouldn’t need regular wars and periodic plagues and famines to do the trick. Nor would we need vaccines to cull the population, if that’s what these vaccines are for. Voluntary mass suicide would be the panacea, the magic cure for all the world’s ills.

I jest not. I dream. And out of my dream, behold, a new Paradise on Earth!

“Mass compulsory vaccination
could lead to mass depopulation 
if the vaccines are secret bioweapons.”
— Medical expert who wishes to remain anonymous

Is this the most dangerous man in the world?

SAKI :  The question we need to ask ourselves is this: Are evil Space Lizards behind Covid-19 and the plot to depopulate the planet with killer vaccines? If so, it’s a damn good idea.

LASHA DARKMOON (in conclusion) :  And there we must leave this debate for the time being.

I commend David Icke for his enormous intellectual dynamism and his Lovecraftian imagination. And I wish him luck in his mission to rid the world of reptilian humanoids from Outer Space. Aka space lizards. I’ve never been too keen on lizards, to tell the truth, though I don’t mind if the more exotic varieties  are tucked away safely in zoos rather than allowed to wander round in public masquerading as “reptilian humanoids”. Whew!

Talking about “reptilian humanoids”, take  a look at this fascinating 5-minute video below. Many of you will already be familiar with this clip, but I never tire of watching it again and again. It really is brilliant. And it’s just up David Icke’s street. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that David had borrowed many of his bizarre ideas from this cult classic science fiction horror movie, They Live (1988).  Old ideas like this never die but take on a new life with each generation. I think we owe David Icke a round of applause for entertaining and amusing us so marvellously over the years. Much of what he tells us could could actually be true. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

VIDEO  :  2.54 mins

122 thoughts to “David Icke: The Takeover of Planet Earth by Reptilian Humanoids from Outer Space”

  1. Is the man currently proposing this theory about lizards or does this date back to the period when he quit British TV and was predicting earthquakes and catastrophes and several other amazing things before breakfast? I have read that he was subject to a natural mental disturbance, undocumented by modern trick-cyclists, but well documented in oriental and especially Indian traditions. If so, give the man a break. If not, if he is still pushing the lizard theory then perhaps he is mainly interested in book sales and publicity.

    1. @ Flan O’Brien

      Well argued! A very wise comment. You are saying three things:

      (1) Icke may have had a mental breakdown when he wrote all the lizard stuff.

      (2) If he’s still pushing the lizard stuff, then he’s only interested in selling books and we have to reject everything he says as unreliable.

      (3) But if his lizard stuff was the result of a mental aberration in the past, and if he’s now recovered his wits and turned over a new leaf, then we need to take him seriously and “give him a break”.

      Pretty smart thinking, Flan. So the question we need to decide is this: Has the loonie recovered his wits? Has the former madman regained his sanity?

      1. Here is Icke as quoted by LD in the opening lines of this article. Would any sane man write like this and expect to be taken seriously:

        “They arrived in massive spacecraft, some of them miles in length…. These were extraterrestrials who came [here] hundreds of thousands of years ago…. [They] could levitate objects and themselves at will; they could cause spontaneous combustion…. Their bodies were less dense than ours and they could float above the ground through the power of their consciousness…. The time arrived when [these] Luciferic extraterrestrials sought to take over the planet…. An organisation, which I shall call the Brotherhood, has been used over thousands of years to manipulate the human race, and never more so than today.” — David Icke, The Robots’ Rebellion, Chapter 1, ‘The Takeover Bid’, pp. 7-12

        I’ve just checked the publication date of “The Robots’ Rebellion.” It was published in 1994, 26 years ago. That’s a long, long time ago!

        Feel free to draw your own conclusions from this. 🙂

        The guy has either recovered his wits or he’s still as crazy as he was. Take your pick.

      2. @ Sardonicus
        @ Flan O’Brien

        Sardonicus agrees with Flan O’Brien that David Icke is OK if he’s no longer mad and has “recovered his wits”. He’s mad if he still believes in extraterrestrial lizards from outer space taking over planet earth. We need to “give him a break” and respect his ideas, however, if he longer believes all the lizard stuff.

        Thus Sardonicus writes: “The guy has either recovered his wits or he’s still as crazy as he was. Take your pick.”

        No, I don’t agree with this boring pedestrian logic. There are not just TWO alternatives, i.e. he’s mad if he still believes in space lizards, but he’s sane if he no longer believes in them.

        There is a THIRD alternative and it is this:

        Icke is not mad AT ALL. Even when he went on about “space lizards”, he was 100% SANE!!! Because in fact Icke is telling the truth and WE HAVE BEEN INVADED BY REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS!

        He’s not kidding. He’s not bat-shit crazy. He’s the only sane one in sight, and it’s YOU GUYS WHO ARE CRAZY for laughing at him, mocking him, and thinking you know better. You are suffering from the disease of chronic skepticism.

        SHAME ON YOU!


        Only a few weeks ago, before the Covid-19 lockdown, I picked up this gorgeous gal in in a downtown bar in San Francisco. I was smitten at once by her sexual charisma. She sat at a table by herself, her smoky eyes playing over me with cynical disdain, her raven black hair reaching down to her waist like a hangman’s cloak. I was hypnotized by those eyes and sucked into their dark fathomless spaces.

        Crossing her long legs, clad in black skintight leather jeans, she crooked her finger at me and beckoned me over to her table. I fought the mad impulse to obey her and sat where I was, determined not to give in to this sultry siren. Suddenly she flicks her tongue out at me, in tiny little spasmodic flicks, just like a sex lizard. I gave in at that point. I rose, staggering over to her table like a graveyard zombie.

        She spoke no word. She rose at once and we left the bar together in secret conclave. She hailed a cab. We arrived at her apartment in a rundown part of the city.

        In we go … and up three flights of dark stairs. A horrible tenement building stinking of urine and human feces. Condoms strewn all over the place. I want to vomit … to turn and run.

        It was hopeless. She grips my wrist with talons of steel and leads me into her sumptuous apartment. A total contrast to the grimy stairwell. Soft maroon carpets everywhere. Antique furniture. Rare books on the occult on every shelf. A four-poster bed with crimson curtains in the palatial bedroom.

        I won’t go on. We made mad passionate love all night. She was the Ultimate Lover, schooled in all the amorous arts of the Orient … her long flickering tongue, her lizard tongue, doing things to me that no human female had ever done to me before. I was transported to regions divine, on a cloud of nirvana, never to be forgotten.

        At dawn I fell into blissful sleep and slept maybe ten hours. When I woke, she was gone. I found myself in a dirty room on a filthy bed. On the stained sheets lay a shrivelled body bag made of lizard skin. It was her sheath, the disguise she had worn as she walked about the world looking for her victims.

        She was one of Them — THEM! — one of the Space Lizards from beyond the Milky Way.

        I have sought her long and listlessly in subsequent days, but I have been unable to find her in this doomed city of darkest night. Human females no longer interest me. They leave me cold.

        All I do now, day and night, is long for my lost love — the Lizard Lady of my dreams.

      4. AD –

        “We made mad passionate love all night.”

        That can happen ONLY with two females!! 😜

    2. Yes Flan, agreed. He had a good career as a BBC sports commentator.
      His sudden change to propounding these strange theories about shape-changing reptilians indicates some form of mental abnormality.

      1. Fellow Darkmooners,

        Hola! Yep. Donaldo used to follow Icke but became disinterested years ago. He issues a theory but there’s no follow-up. The 🐕 just chases its tail. Most of Senor Ickes theories are intriguing but don’t stand up to scrutiny. Hundreds of thousands of years ago a reptilian entity arrived on Planeta Earth to conquer. Could be. Explains why present-day humans are a bizzare species indeed. Unable to survive without artificial means such as clothing. A mixed race. But other questions arise.

        If the reptos…..(reptilians) were so advanced technologically millenia ago, why has it taken them so long to achieve the petty objective of World domination and human extermination? A question that begs to be answered.

        Also, after all the 100’s of 1000’s of years there is this menace repto race called “Jews” scheming for Earth’s destruction. Really? Think about it. The best the reptos can do is produce the products of Bill Gates and George Soros after all this time? Oh well.

        Coronavirus 19. How weak. How lame. Anyway……’Anonymous Dreamer’……regarding your sexual “tongue-flicking” exploits …….. it’s a lesbian thing. Men can do it 💪😁 but dont require it.

    3. I ‘accidently’ came across this thread via a source above my intellectual grade and recognize it as also consisting of commenters of such capacities. Yet because I do not consider myself all ‘that far’ beneath you all what with 80 years of life experience of which the last 25 plus have been those of being ‘Spiritual Enlightened’ from which I have gained much Wisdom, which in the end trumps intellectualism anyway. It is with the confidence gained therefrom, plus having followed closely the concepts of David Icke (and countless others that would be considered too far out for this group), I have the insight that recognizes the deeper truths in the information offered by them, an insight that can only come from mentioned Spiritual Insight that produces the Enlightened State needed to appreciate said ‘truths’ … as in the little movie clip offered above in “They Live”, Enlightenment is ‘the lens’ that reveal’s the information that would be appreciated by any normal healthy person that cares for self and species on a World stage … not to mention the Cosmic that includes countless other Spiritual, and other, relationships. David Icke “sees” and appreciates such relationships and has a ‘mission’ Spiritual in nature that demands of him the sharing of it with others (as do I) and we can understand the lack of understanding and empathy in those we wish to help. We do not appreciate the derision but it just goes along with the ‘territory’ and truly reflects more the ‘lack’ in the one offering the lessor thoughts than the one holding the higher. And also ( I know, improper use of words) it has been ‘my’ experience that Natural Spirituality is the recognition of our own relationship between self (ego), Higher Self (Internal Spirit or Soul, our connection to GOD rather than the God and gods of lesser understanding, the latter being more those of Religions, and the ‘better’ of such experiences assures the recipient that he/she is Loved through an experience that mere words cannot begin to describe, and such Love is the “Truth that sets one Free”, free of all Fear … which then requires that one balance it all out through the knowledge of the Darkest Aspects of human nature … that “fuller picture” the being of what Icke, myself, and countless others attempt to pass on … banned and ridiculed by ‘Main Stream’ media sources because we hold information that would upset their applecart if enough of the people currently ‘asleep’ were to ‘awake’ … as they say, take the blue pill rather than the red pill. It is really as simple as having the desire for highest truth. IMnsHO and E so far.

      1. JCK –

        Welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed your comment(s).

        As for Icke & company…. I would say it really IS as simple as having the knowledge that they can imagine so much more than they can prove. Fiction IS fun! 🙂

      2. Proof: The cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact.

        Icke was compelled by a S. African shaman to accept the existence of reptilians. I as well have been compelled over the years by N. American native shamans of the same.

        Perception of fiction to one is perceived as truth to another….and stranger 😱


    I will just present facts.

    1) Icke has just been deplatformed off Facebook and YouTube, huge blows. If he is a jew agent, explain this.

    2) Many whites got started on the red pills with Icke (or Jones)

    3) There are hundreds of statues in ancient times of reptilian humanoids. Look at this unless you are too lazy to click, or too egotistical to examine info that contradicts your pet theories and need to abuse others.


    1. JDN –

      Most of the figurines looked more like big-lipped apes than reptiles. Orangutans in particular.
      None looked like lizards.

      Icke resembles a gecko.

    2. A remarkable crowd is taking this story seriously!

      Is there a distinct humanoid species out there? I started to dismiss the hypothesis of extra-terrestrials when I became aware of archeological “anomalies” suggesting the homo-sapiens inhabits the Earth much more time than officially recognized. Our “beloved J-Team” (that was funny, John) make sure this findings are called “anomalies.” In other words, the History of homo-sapiens has a time scale of millions of years, not just two hundred thousand years.

      From Alex Putney’s article (De Nugent website):
      “However, there are also many examples of skulls that do not show evidence of artificial deformation and are, in fact, naturally occurring. This important fact is not adequately addressed or explained by contemporary researchers and archeologists.”

      One picture from the article shows a statue of a female “cone head” breastfeeding a baby; but reptiles don’t breastfeed. Maybe Icke’s mistake is to assume these archeological findings are from outer space, or call it “reptilians.”

      If there is sound archeological evidence of humanoids with expanded cranial capacity, after millions of years, the worthy half of Darwin’s theory says these humanoids sooner or later will achieve supremacy over the others. This way we can have a fusion between two “forbidden” archeological theories, and inevitably conclude the homo-sapiens is a slave species at the mercy of the few superior beings controlling the world from the tip of the pyramid, Armageddon after Armageddon.

      So, if a UFO appears in the sky no ETs are inside of it but superior humanoids from an ancient, pre-historic, terrestrial civilization. Wow! A lot of imagination was needed to make some sense of this story! 🙂

    3. Are you serious? Look, the ancient European tribes used dragon, serpent, wolf etc, SYMBOLOGY to represent their bloodline which you would usually see on armour, shields and house sigils and crests. This has nothing to do with actual bipedal, lizard humanoids from outer space. Icke darn well knows this.

      He wants us looking to the stars like fools, instead of looking among jewry.
      Mythology has always been present in our history and is nothing new.

      Icke also claims the Rothschilds are “not jews”. What a farce. Mayer Amshel Rothschild was a coin merchant who had a shop on “jew street” in Frankfurt. The name Rothschild comes from the red star/shield above the shop. Red shield.

    4. Alex Jones is a jew agent and he was deplatformed……they seem to think it will fool us to think they must be legit…….I’m not fooled.R

      1. R –

        Exactly. Light switch brain. The truth is, the enemy (the Jew; the synagogue of Satan) is choreographing the whole thing, from every possible angle. They play every side, and that is how they remain on top.

        David Icke and Alex Jones (among many others) serve on purpose: To keep the largest portion of the people who know something is wrong, chasing their tails on a wild goose chase for boogeymen, in perpetuity. For every person Alex Jones and David Icke brought in, and who eventually learned the truth of the Jew, there are hundreds or thousands who remain lost in the chase for the boogeyman. And THAT is what their purpose is. They do the Jewish establishment more good than harm; they are a net-positive.

      2. Alex Jones knew the truth from the start and there are some compelling old interviews. There is an interview that he did with Aaron Russo where he talks about one of the Rockefellers offering him money to become a celebrity if he would stop talking about the banking industry. This is one of their strategies of co-opting dangerous personalities. My hypothesis is that Alex Jones was co-opted, told not to talk about Jews, and then he started to go off script. You can see that when he stopped talking about Jews is when he got a nice big studio and a 5 million dollar a year racket set up selling bug-out kits.

        I haven’t followed the story of guys like David Icke but it may be that he was originally a disinfo agent that started to veer too close to the truth and has outlived his usefulness so to speak.

    5. Well said! … IMnsHO and E …. the latter (E for experience) being that though I saw the Matrix movie I couldn’t (temporarily) remember which pill color was the one of my own choice, contrary to my earlier comment, it was the Red Pill that I took. 🙂

    1. Bob,

      They are literally the synagogue of Satan. You don’t have to be a Christian to be truly Jew-wise, but being a Christian makes the whole picture a lot clearer.

      The Jew seethes with hatred for all that is good, wholesome, natural. He hates Christ and everything and everyone on this Earth that has been modeled after Christ. It is in his dna to destroy all this, to turn the world upside down and create an inversion of reality. Which is exactly what the Jew has done.

  3. David Icke is bat-shit crazy! Always has been. You may notice he just can’t seem to name these lizards.

  4. The Myth of Overpopulation by Drutakarma Dasa

    “A study by the University of California’s Division of Agricultural Science shows that by practicing the best agricultural methods now in use, the world’s farmers could raise enough food to provide an American style diet for ten times the present population. And if people would be satisfied with an equally nourishing but mostly vegetarian diet, we could feed thirty times the present population.”

    “Human society’s leadership “is disturbed about the food situation and, to cover up the real fact of administrative [planned and unplanned] mismanagement, takes shelter in the plea that the population is excessively increasing”
    SB 3.5.5 purport

    1. Yep, Homer – Overpopulation myths are used as fear porn to push people into mental cages and pens for control. They’ll listen and “Get their damn vaccines!”

      The US has about 93 people per square mile. One square mile is 640 acres.
      Japan has almost ten times that population density at 862.
      England comes in at 430.
      Brazil at 25.

      Macau has 53,000 people per every 640 acres.
      Monaco is at 49,000
      Singapore 20,000
      Full list:

    2. HP

      “an American style diet” – no thanks.

      Interestingly, few talk about the “economic carrying capacity”. How many people can the global economy support? How many can it provide paying jobs for to feed themselves?

    3. Our elites lie about everything including demographics. A crowded city is not evidence for overpopulation; a crowded city is evidence of herding. If you base your arguments on what “the man” says then you really don’t have an argument, do you? “This scion of the elite says this and that scion of the elite says that”. Lol.

      1. Shocking indeed, Flopot. You are right to trust no one.
        ‘Tis a wicked world for sure and no mistake.

      2. It is enough not to trust our elites and their spooks for they have constructed a wicked world. You learn to trust others and earn their trust in return, just not with those who would be our masters. I pray for ’em, not much else a peasant can do.

      3. The big city metropolis is certainly evidence of material/commercial conditioning on 5G steroids.
        And they’ve only just begun..

      4. 5G — upgrading the Matrix 😉

        “Now our lies are bigger, faster, stronger”

    1. Allen, I am not Anonymous Dreamer, but his story rings very true to me. An admitted lover of countless women, I, like AD, have given up on terrestrial-type women, and seek the infinite pleasures of the rapier-like tongues and endless sensory indulgences of a very different kind of female. I believe Sharon Stone, in her famous sans panties, crossing-legs routine is the type of woman AD and I am talking about. She is an obvious alien decoy, dedicated to driving humanoid men absolutely crazy. I can easily pick these women out of a crowd, as not only are they almost beyond beautiful, but they have a tendency to continually flick their tongues out. Their male counterparts are their complete reverse in looks: usually ugly, dwarf type, stunted, grizzled Jews like Soros, Adelson, Fauci and the tongue-flicking Rothschilds. I have fathered several children to these magnificent women and can assure you that the alien-terrestrial mix produces a vastly superior progeny than those I have fathered with earthly women. The New Hybrid Man is dedicated to creating order out of chaos on our tiny planet, cursed as it is by the original sin to endless wars and strife. The only hang up, but that which is not a problem for a strong man of the Universe like me, is that after a night of infinite pleasure with one of these women, is that all you are left with is a body bag, made out of lizard-like skin. The two exceptions are my partners of today, Xyhnon 1 and 2 who have stuck to me with the suction like tips of their fingers. I shower infinite love upon them and they keep me in a permanent stare of sensory titillation.

      1. @ Allen

        Max Bilney and Anonymous Dreamer have totally different styles of writing. Max Bilney is always boasting about his sexual conquests and is always going on about his multiple “wives” and it’s always set is Australia. Anonymous Dreamer has never boasted about his conquests or talks about multiple women and he bases his story in San Francisco. Their vocabulary is also totally different.

  5. Every ancient race, culture, tradition, history, legend, myth and lie recorded and unrecorded, contain copious Naga references. For as long as humans have been extant on earth, Nagas have been extant within the earth.
    Among other places..

    Sri Arjuna, Krishna’s famous devotee friend of
    Bhagavad-Gita fame, had four wives and Ulupi, daughter of the King of the Nagas was one of them.

    1. So no, Mr. Icke doesn’t seem weird to me at all.
      Tired maybe, but who wouldn’t be?
      Exhausting just thinking about it, innit. A thousand knee jerkers and their shyster lawyers breathing down your neck every work day and twice on Sunday, lol.
      Oh Happy Day, eh..
      But weird? Naaaw.

      1. Nothing’s weird to you, Homer, because you come from a pretty weird planet where to be weird is normal. 🙂

    2. Maybe Donaldo is “Anonymous Dreamer”. Donaldo is a playboy , he thinks he’s Don Juan, so it coud be Donaldo.

      1. Not a chance, Troj! Donaldo can barely put two words together without descending into coarse-minded sleaziness. Whereas ‘Anonymous Dreamer’ is a gifted wordsmith who avoids all sleaze and vulgarity. He (or she) has written one of the most brilliant off-topic comments ever published here. This is one of the shortest horror stories I’ve ever read. Roald Dahl or Stephen King could have written it.

        It deserves to be featured here prominently as a separate “article” ….. under the heading *PROSE POEM*.

  6. Hi, I like to read your site but it’s the first time I put a comment:

    – Saying that Icke is a Zionist agent because he doesn’t worship Jesus is a bit short of logic… I am myself from an Ashkenazi family, believe that the Christ is mainly an allegory on the sun journey around the Zodiacal wheel, but I hate the Zionist mafia as much as you do. I have also to say that if I compare the three Abrahamic death cults, Xianity is my favorite, for me the only one flirting with real spirituality.

    – The meme about the overpopulation has proven wrong since Malthus 200 years ago and endorsing it on this website means you are joining the Global Warming hoax crowd… There have been countless investigations into the food supply and the population growth of animals. What has been revealed is that as food supply declines, so does the birth rate. Malthus’ observation that an increase in food supply led to an increase in population was correct, but only one side of the cycle. The birth rates is now declining in US and Europe because, in part, as taxes rise, they have also lowered the standard of living reducing the population.

    Malthus failed to see the cycle. There is in fact an under population problem in our western society. The 2bn + human beings coming till end of the century will be out from low IQ Africa. What is happening today is Russia 1917 on a global scale, and if I was you I would be very concerned.

    Icke’s conspiracy theories are becoming our reality. You should understand that the Zio Elite has no intention to genocide the full planet (this should be done with the coming ice age) but mainly his “Arian” part: the ones who created things like Democracy or freedom of expression, the ones who cannot be easily enslaved, the ones who are an obstacle to their dream of a global slave system managed by them only, with their lord/entity at the top of the pyramid.

    – If you are real student of the role of the deep state through history, you soon face the reality that like FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover said: “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” In a few thousand years we went from Tribalism (one tribe) to Talmudism (one master race) to Judaism (one god) to Bolshevism/ Communism (one party) to Multiculturalism (one race). No dark conspiracy could last through so many centuries if it was just frail human beings with an average life span of 70 years behind it.

    Admittedly the Secret Group/Societies (Phoenicians, Pharaohs, Venetians, Pirates, Khazars, Templars, Masons, Zionists…) have a longer life span than humans but still, if you listen to the oldest Myths from the Gnostic, Shaman, Dead Sea Scrolls, Castaneda’s books…. they all contain explicit accounts of threatening encounters with reptilians, called Archons, Parasites or Predators. The Gnostics taught that religion is the elaborate production of aliens who sold the concept of an off-planet Savior-Redeemer God (or an absentee landlord god, if you will) responsible for the patriarchal and fratricidal mindset endorsed by the Abrahamic religions. It kind of make sense to me, making Icke’s allegations a little less crazy, if put them into an historical context….

    A lot of Rabbis I met or read tell honestly that Yawhe/ Jehowah is not the creator of the cosmos but a demonic/ reptilian entity, a demiurge who chose a certain man named Abraham and made a covenant with him. Part of the covenant made thousand of years ago was that if they follow the order of their master, they would have all the wealth of the earth at the end of time….. I think that’s where we are going in the next ten years. 🙂

    The Covid-19 is an accelerator of this plan.

    1. @Laurent
      A ‘tour de force’ of logic, lucidity, insight & intellect

      But if the “God” of the Jews is demonic – and that “God” orders Jews to enslave us non-Jews – what, in your opinion,, are we non-Jews supposed to do… submit to our extermination or “fight fire with fire”?

    2. Sard,
      Your punches and jabs are sooooooo……weak and feeble. Donaldos little sister hits harder than you. Remember please……Darkmoon is big league. No minorleaguer need apply. Understand? Entiendes?

      1. Donaldo,

        Sincere apologies for hurting your feelings. I expressed myself badly. I’m sure you could be an equally gifted wordsmith and entertainer as “Anonymous Dreamer” if you put your mind to it, because you have a gift for anecdotal narrative. Also, you are never boring.

        In fact, for a moment I thought you had penned the brilliant comment written by “Anonymous Dreamer” under another name. That made me a bit envious, to tell the truth, because I despair at my own lack of literary skills.

        I wish I had the same facility with words that you and Anonymous Dreamer have…. Yes, you are quite right to call me a “minorleaguer”. If anything, that’s an understatement.

        1. @ Sardonicus

          Let’s face it, Sard, you’re a lousy writer. And a dead-ender to boot. You owe my friend Donaldo an apology for insulting him. How dare you! Compared to you, Donaldo is a star writer and the sooner you recognize that fact and stop envying him the better.

          Horrid creep.

          1. I accept your verdict on me, Madame. This is because I value your insights and recognize the validity of your opinions. It pains me to think that you have seen through me as an aspiring “wordsmith” who has turned out to be a “lousy writer”, and, as you correctly conclude, “a dead-ender to boot” and a “horrid creep.”

            *SIGH*. In a way, I am glad you have finally outed me as a worthless piece of human trash. I have often asked my Abbot for permission to commit hara-kiri. He has steadfastly refused, urging me to substitute brown rice for white rice and take more green tea.

            I will consult him again on this latest humiliation and see if he has any further dietary suggestions to cheer me up a bit. I believes bananas increase serotonin, the feel-good hormone, so maybe it’s a good idea to pop down to the local corner store and stock up on bananas.

      2. “urging me to substitute brown rice for white rice”

        Good advice. Brown rice contains less arsenic than white. I think both varieties also deplete one of the Vitamin Bs and by-and-by beriberi says hi.

      3. Oh don’t be too modest, Sardonicus, you have at least one admirer, me. I can’t explain why, maybe some kind of like-minded connection, I sympathize with your worldview and writing style, you are a sensible individual. No one is perfect, of course, you have your hyperbolic highs and lows, which is also great to read! Definitely, you weren’t circumcised when 8 days old.

        This is my amateur psycho-analysis. 🙂

  7. “I have generally dismissed Icke’s claims due to his mixing fact with fiction. That’s what most disinfo boys do. Smart agents know how to pull the right chains, as Icke does, to sell his wares.”

    Exactly. Icke’s job is to black-wash the truth, a spooky trick, but which part is he black-washing — the space-lizards or the ancient banksters? 😉

  8. David Icke is right about reptilians, and here is a site that backs him up, earthfiles.com by Linda Moulton Howe a well know researcher and author and film maker, check her site out she has been researching these subjects for decades.

    We are not alone in the universe.

  9. Never mind the extraterrestials, watch his latest interview where he tackles some serious and relevant issues:


    I’d especially want to hear what others have to say about the diagnosis of Covid-19 as explained by Icke. The implications are worrisome as almost anyone could be diagnosed as having it and then “treated” to death.

    BTW I like LD’s edit of some of my comments; she spruced them up in her style.

  10. Sure, the Earth CAN support another 8,000,000,000 people on top of the 8,000,000,000 we already have, it could be made to happen… there are always ways to squeeze more people into smaller and smaller spaces, in China their high-rise apartment complexes look like honeycombs… But who wants to look at, and live in, nothing but crowded cities, with corporate farms as the countryside? i think we’re all better off living a balanced existence, us and nature… It’s fine with me if we reduce the human population back down to 1,000,000,000 or 2,000,000,000 people, and let wildlife thrive again… Fear Porn has not much to do with it really… It’s a choice of what kind of world we want for our descendants… And it wouldn’t be just that there would be more room and more wildlife… If we ever do get to that point, we humans will have found a vastly improved interactive methodology by which to conduct ourselves… The operating system will then necessarily no longer be about growth/sprawl, exploitation and degradation of the environment, not to absolutely destroy the capitalist system, but to put in those corrections…

  11. ‘And Jesus said: “Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country'” – Luke 4:24

    Let THAT sink in.

  12. I learned a long time ago not to throw out the baby with the bath water. Icke is right about many things. The benchmark of a quality disinfo agent or gatekeeper is that they expound on many hidden or suppressed truths. Then hooking you in, they lead you down the primrose path to obfuscation and mendacity. The Sorcha Faal (“What Does It Mean”) web site is a prime example of this. I don’t know if Icke is a System sycophant but so much of what he has predicted has come to pass and is being consummated now. In particular his warnings that China is the model for the Western nations with its digitized, high tech, surveillance, police state tyranny. He is spot on about the Corona hoax and how this is being employed to accelerate the process. Icke is dead wrong about Adolph Hitler, spouting the tired Jew canard that Hitler was a Rothschild agent and part Jew himself, ad nauseum. One of the first things Hitler did upon assuming power, democratically I might add, was to nationalize all of the Rothschild banks in Germany, putting them at the service and for the benefit of the German people. If he was a Rothschild agent, he wasn’t a very good one. Icke also maintains that Jews are a religion operating under the hoax of being a race when clearly the opposite is true. The Jew created the Talmud, the Talmud did not create the Jew. In his writings he’ll refer to certain agents of chaos and mayhem as being part Jew. Can you be part Catholic, Muslim, or Buddhist? Clearly there is a racial factor. Icke justifiably rails against religion, which is a mind/fuck, mind/control racket having little or nothing to do with real spirituality. However, Icke insists that race is completely meaningless while lamenting the racial destruction of the West through immigration and miscegenation. With Icke, as with everyone, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  13. David Icke’s criticisms of Israel are spot on, which is why the all powerful Australian Zionist lobby saw to it that Icke was banned from speaking in Australia, along with David Irving and many others. Fools call this a “democracy”; I call it a Zionist-Communist totalitarian state…….. I know that anti-human aliens live amongst us and are now in a position of total control They murder us at will and propel their regime of “arrested development” (Churchill, 1921, The Times) upon us. …. The “aliens” are the planet’s fifteen million monsters calling themselves JEWS. The insidious exploits of the Jews will one day be written in fairy tale format, for how else can you describe these stories of woe? ….. 7 hours after the two great towers were attacked by jet planes and collapsed like packs of cards, the evil Jewish proprietor and building leasee, ordered the similar collapse of the 49 storey adjacent building named as WTC7. It was even reported as “collapsed” before the building was ordered to be detonated. So, we are forced to believe that burning office furniture was enough to bring this huge skyscraper down. The story ended well for the Jewish proprietor, as he was awarded $billions in insurance compensation. And so he road off into the sunset with his copious money bags and the evil Goyim humanoids were made to pay, as were the 3 million Arabs who were immediately murdered after the lovely, all-suffering, Jewish alien’s acts of murderous depravity.. …… These progeny of the Devil live among us and are responsible for most of the diabolical deformities and depravities that exist on this planet. …… Why do the child-like Goyim allow this tiny group of aliens to control their lives? Is it true that we are merely beasts of burden, totally unfit to govern ourselves? Every shred of evidence says we have lost control over our destinies to the Jewish aliens, who God and his Son described as the ANTI-LIFE. In fact, we are now surrounded by the forces of the Jewish-led anti- life, so much so, that we are becoming part of the anti-life ourselves.

  14. David Icke could have made this number up – H. R. 6666 – to scare us…. but Congress beat him to it….. ON MAY DAY!! 💥 🤢


    H. R. 6666

    To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

    May 1, 2020

    A BILL
    To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
    This Act may be cited as the “COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”.

    (a) In General.—The Secretary of Health and Human Services, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through—
    (1) mobile health units; and
    (2) as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.

    1. People targeted by the phony claims of COVID-19 could be hauled away – permanently….. and killed.
      Oooops, he died from the virus.
      Organs harvested. Given to the Soros-types for 200 years of life extension.

      1. Tennessee Police Arrest Citizen Who Escaped Forced COVID-19 Detention Camp…

        From The Tennessean newspaper:
        COVID-19 patient arrested after leaving fairgrounds quarantine, court records show

        A coronavirus patient was arrested Thursday (May 7, 2020) after prosecutors said he jumped a fence and fled the Nashville Fairgrounds, where health officials are using enforceable quarantines in an attempt to control an outbreak at an emergency homeless shelter.

        This appears to be the first case in Nashville of police making an arrest to enforce coronavirus restrictions enacted by the local government.

        The Tennessean is not naming the man to protect his privacy and because the charge is a misdemeanor.

        According to an arrest affidavit, a 39-year-old man was taken to the Nashville Fairgrounds on Monday and placed under quarantine by the Metro Nashville Public Health Department because he tested positive for the coronavirus.

        Health officials told the man he could not leave until he was cleared, but on Thursday he jumped a fence and headed north on Nolensville Road, the affidavit states. He was stopped and arrested by Metro Nashville Parks police by a city cemetery nearly two miles from where he had been quarantined.

        Metro Parks has charged the man with a single count of escape from a penal institution, a class A misdemeanor.

        (MAKING UP THE LAW!) The statute that defines this crime makes no mention of it being used to enforce quarantine orders. When asked about the legal authority to make this arrest, the Metro Health Department cited a DIFFERENT section of law that classifies violating quarantine as a class B misdemeanor, which is a less serious offense.

    2. Thanks for bringing up HR 6666.

      The substance of this law is pure Bolshevism. just like the patriot Act, it shows that lawmaking prostitutes will enact anything under orders from their pimps, without reading, debating or thinking. It is these prostitutes that have an urgent need for quarantine so their content of rabbinical ejaculate can be assessed.

  15. Obviously, I agree with David Icke on vaccines, his criticism of Israel, and his outspoken style. Can’t possibly agree with him in his anti-Christianity, and I don’t like the blame Babylon thing–that is where we got our mathematics. I think that the taboos of the Bible, the reaction against Babylon, has made us naive about evil. I’m not a Gnostic but I think they had a better grasp of evil. We are clueless.

    1. He is right about “Babylon” in the sense that the elites that are screwing us over, proudly trace their lineages back to ancient times. For example, check out the “Declaration of Arbroath” by Scotland’s elites of the Middle Ages; and Queen Elizabeth can trace her ancestry back to the Byzantine Empire. Our world elite have be “doing us over” for millennia.

      Of course, he black-washes everything he says by referring to “space lizards” which was always his primary job.

  16. The ruling elite are agents of Satan but not reptilian, and there are no aliens, only demons from hell who want to confuse and distract you while he prepares your unrepentant soul for an eternal hell.

    This extremely important video shows that wi-fi 6, 6 Ghz frequency and wi-gig, 60Ghz frequency have been tested, producing the same symptoms as what is being called COVID-19, and during this lockdown they are being installed everywhere. Look for white vans parked outside closed businesses and buildings:
    If youtube takes it down, try looking up “THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO IN THE WORLD” on bitchute.com

    What a psy-op…. mandatory vaccines the convenient “solution” for deadly radiation.

  17. HP
    The Scaley Nagas…
    Scaley in this case may refer to vibrational or frequent characteristics…
    Way down South a Snake is a Vibora…
    Where you got Nagasaki…
    Buddha born-again (wised up – make likewise) beneath the Bodhi (Boa) Tree…
    All the Tree references mean Bloodlines…
    LAURENT, you will appreciate this too…
    Your comment was excellent, but I think you got this part wrong –
    “Malthus failed to see the cycle. There is in fact an under population problem in our western society. The 2bn + human beings coming till end of the century will be out from low IQ Africa. What is happening today is Russia 1917 on a global scale, and if I was you I would be very concerned.”
    Under-population is hardly a problem in a world that’s only 24,000 miles in circumference, with 8,000,000,000 people and only a tenth of the large fish that were in the ocean at the end of WW2…
    And, poverty, which goes hand in hand with ignorance and exploitation, is the biggest driver behind over-population… Where the standard of living is highest the population declines, one big reason being the liberation of the female… That’s two good things…
    Yes, we should all be concerned about what’s coming… The virus is only the opening chapter….It’s all going way downhill from here…
    “A lot of Rabbis I met or read tell honestly that Yawhe/ Jehowah is not the creator of the cosmos but a demonic/ reptilian entity, a demiurge who chose a certain man named Abraham and made a covenant with him. Part of the covenant made thousand of years ago was that if they follow the order of their master, they would have all the wealth of the earth at the end of time….. I think that’s where we are going in the next ten years.”
    The word SYNAGOGUE means The Place Where The Demon Is Kept…
    SYN – SIN is the same as SINE or WAVE – VIBE…

    1. Bark –

      Your etymology needs a lotta help. 🙂

      The word synagogue is from Greek synagogē which is an ‘assembly’… and SINE means ‘without’ in Latin.

      Also, ‘sine’ is a math term, when used to describe a wave, as in sine wave – as you erroneously intimated – it is is a derivative of the Latin ‘sinus’ meaning ‘curved’ wave, following a sine function(from trigonometry). The sine function can be used to show periodic occurrences such as sound and light waves and electrical current, thanks to Tesla. [BTW-Not all waves are curved…. some are even stair-stepped. We used converters to change alternating current(AC) to stair-stepped direct current(DC) used for the motors designed for the pin-point positioning and instant stopping of the nuclear reactor control rods.]

    2. @ Barkingdeer

      “The word SYNAGOGUE means The Place Where The Demon Is Kept…
      SYN – SIN is the same as SINE or WAVE – VIBE…”

      Who are you kidding, barkingmad? If you’re trying to bring this site into disrepute, you’re certainly succeeding. You’re enough to turn any intelligent newcomer away from this site.

      @ Pat

      You’re wasting your time even talking to this a**hole.
      His fake etymology wouldn’t even fool an intelligent chimp.
      I doubt if he even knows what the word “etymology” means.

  18. ” whiddlejoew is a meanie, he thinks montini was a sheenie!”

    by : anonymous poet, *grin*

    In Xanadu WE cried
    Oh boo hoo hoo
    whiddlejoew, he had the gall!
    to suggest the Seach Term for Us all :

    “Montini THE JEW Shape-Shifting ANTI-Christ type pope + ((( his))) SNAKE-LIKE temple Audience Hall”

    Yes, it’s true
    whiddlejoew is a weenie!
    There’s NO way Montini was a sheenie!

    Sure, WE always encourage everyone
    to say negative things about Catholicism
    the Catholic Church , the Dark Ages, their Saints, their rituals, their everything,
    everything EXCEPT Montini!
    that does NOT apply to Montini!
    It Is VERBOTEN here to be a meanie!
    NO negative talk about Montini!

  19. It’s not fair, this is a manipulation to discredit David Icke in the matter of fake pandemia covid-19(84). Lasha Darkmoon, dear Rothschild family girl, you’re too intelligent for such a poor propaganda. You’re very smart but not as smart as the leaders of your pathological family is because you’re different from them, you have human feelings and sensitive soul, you are not cruel as they are and you are sane which is obvious from your articles I have been reading here since many years. Don’t do this, don’t lower your intellectual level. Let David Icke to speak for himself in the matter of this undoubtedly jewish, criminal plot: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yrgOyP8jrW6f/

    BTW, was Hitler on jewish payroll? His Main Kampf is promoted by Amazon as well.

    1. @ John

      Lasha Darkmoon did not write the article. It was written entirely by commenters on the Darkmoon site. You seem to have missed this important point. Similar comments to yours have appeared on the Truthseeker site, criticizing Lasha harshly. All these misguided comments have been been suitably rebutted there by Lucy Skipping, LD’s sister. I will now repost these comments here for your benefit and that of other readers.


        Roy Parker May 9, 2020 at 6:27 am

        There is only one shrill here and that is Darkmoon…

        You claim to be an academic, I believe you, who else could approach this with such a know all closed minded attitude?

        “and there we must leave this debate for the time being.” Debate, what debate? this is an out and out hit piece there is no balance in that “article.”


          Lucy Skipping May 9, 2020 at 4:39 pm

          @ ROY PARKER

          Dear Roy, your attack on my dear sister Lasha Darkmoon distresses me and is needlessly harsh. I hope you will therefore allow me to put in a good word for my gifted sister. You write:

          “There is only one shrill [voice] here and that is [Lasha] Darkmoon…You claim to be an academic. I believe you, who else could approach this with such a know all closed minded attitude?… ‘and there we must leave this debate for the time being.’ [LD writes.] Debate, what debate? this is an out-and-out hit piece. There is no balance in that article.”

          What debate? I will tell you what a “debate” consists of, dear Roy, if I can have you attention for a moment. A debate consists of DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE, many of them speaking FOR David Icke and many speaking AGAINST him.

          I defy you to read the article and tell me that every single comment here is AGAINST Icke.

          What we have here is a cross-section of the “dissident intelligentsia” (to quote LD’s own words), quarrelling with each other over Icke’s perceived merits and demerits. This is what a “debate” means, dear Roy: the cut and thrust of PRO and CON, of FOR and AGAINST, and this is exactly what the Darkmoon site has provided for its many readers.

          As for LD presenting a “shrill” voice, the opposite is in fact the truth. Not ONCE did LD make ANY negative comment about Icke. “I confess I know little about David Icke myself, apart from the one book quoted above,” she begins her article, “so I am unable to take sides in this lively debate by Darkmoon site writers.”

          It’s interesting that you should find such a mild comment “shrill”!

          If you have any further doubts about my sister’s well-balanced and kindly disposition, and her exceptional generosity of spirit, perhaps these bracing words at the very end of her article will make an impression on your mind:

          “I think we owe David Icke a round of applause for entertaining and amusing us so marvellously over the years. Much of what he tells us could could actually be true. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.”

          I believe David Icke has already read the article and is pleased that Lasha is capable of such kindness and civility towards him.

          Best wishes, dear Roy.

          Lucy Skipping
          (LD’s sister, writing from LD’s
          own computer in shared lockdown).


            Adam May 9, 2020 at 2:07 pm

            After reading ALL the above I have come to the conclusion that Lasha Darkmoon and her Darkmoon writer clones are the Reptilian Humanoids that David Icke is writing about. Yikes! Any “Brightsun” writers out there to save us from the above?


              Lucy Skipping May 9, 2020 at 5:15 pm

              @ ADAM

              Adam writes in response to my Sister Lasha Darkmoon’s article:

              “After reading ALL the above I have come to the conclusion that Lasha Darkmoon and her Darkmoon writer clones are the Reptilian Humanoids that David Icke is writing about.”

              An amusing comment that will bring a smile to Lasha’s lips. It proves you have have a sense of humour, though you are somehow under the wrong impression that Lasha has been “unfair” to David Icke.

              Firstly, dear Adam, Lasha DID NOT WRITE THE COMMENTS !!! ….. She simply copied and pasted them from comments on our website. Comments in the public domain that you can read and check for yourself. These comments offer a representative cross-section of the views of the general public. There are many comments here praising Icke, sometimes extravagantly, and there are an equal number of comments attacking him. This is exactly as it should be, dear Adam.

              As it so happens, you seem to be totally unaware that Lasha has actually spoken kindly of David Icke within the article. Never once did she go for his jugular. In fact, David Icke has already read the article and is delighted that Lasha has concluded her article with these warm and positive words about him:

              “I think we owe David Icke a round of applause for entertaining and amusing us so marvellously over the years. Much of what he tells us could actually be true. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.”

              Wouldn’t you pleased, Adam, if such kind words were addressed to you?

              Lucy Skipping
              (Lasha Darkmoon’s sister, writing from
              LD’s own computer in Covid-19 lockdown)

                Adam in response to LD’s post:

                Adam May 10, 2020 at 4:36 am

                To Lucy Skipping a Big Thankyou. I enjoyed and was quite surprised by your reply to my joke comment. Yes, I know that Lasha D did not write the comments. No, I never said or implied that L was unfair to DI. I even like DI, his manner and the way he expresses himself. Now If I had met or encountered one of DI’s Space Lizards I can assure you or any other person or Space Lizard that my response would have been quite different. I am also quite sure that if Lasha D encountered one of DI’s Space Lizards her response would also have been quite different. To resolve this misunderstanding I suggest that the three of us DI, LD, and myself form a ring, hold hands and incant some mysterious sounding prayers and invite the “Space Lizards” to sort out the world’s many problems.

                Fair comment?

                  (Lucy Skipping in response to Adam):

                  Lucy Skipping May 10, 2020 at 1:27 pm

                  @ Adam

                  Brilliant! I adored your comment. You exhibit all the qualities I admire: high intelligence, empathy, tolerance toward contradictory viewpoints, and above all a sense of humour which makes life so much easier for ourselves and those around us.

                  A glass of wine, a smile on one’s lips, and a twinkle in one’s eye … if only more people could enjoy these little blessings. 🙂

                  But all this is useless, and perhaps impossible, for anyone lost in the labyrinth of godlessness. Without faith in the divine, there’s nothing but dust and ashes.

                  1. @ John
                    @ Other LD haters

                    By all means continue to attack Lasha if this pleases you. Your attacks on my dearest friend sadden her because they are misguided and unbalanced. She is driven only by one force: the love of God and a passion for the truth. Everything she writes, especially her poetry, bears the stamp of her character. There is no guile in her, no wish to deceive or offend any one. She loves you all, even those who hate and revile her.

  20. PAT
    Thanks for the lift… Just connecting the dots by the sounds, guessing as we do here… I don’t think it matters exactly what the dictionaries say, if the connections go back further than dictionaries…
    Are you saying you know there’s no connection between the Nagas and the name of the city, Nagasaki?
    Can I have a straight answer on that please?
    Icke says there was once only one language all around the Planet, and what we have now are fragmentations of the original, where you can still see the connections… It is fun to read the English captions, while listening to videos in other languages, like Russian or German… Evey so often you see the sound of the foreign word is not much different from the english version you know… Obviously they came from the same source, wherever that was… There may have been one original language, especially if humans lived only at the steaming equator during the last Ice Age, when the seas were 200 feet shallower and there was more intercontinental connection…
    It;s people like you who degrade the site with your constant insults and name calling… Don’t you get it yet – by doing that you’re showing what kind of creep you are? Probably someone who abuses children and animals, some kind of phone-fighter, a coward who’s never been in a fair fight in his life… It’s a FREE THOUGHT HALL… People are allowed to express conjectural ideas… They may not be 100% CORRECT (in LINE with the REGIS), but that’s not the point… And you’re not the management… Come down off you pompous ass and learn to be civil at least, or Eat Shit And Die…

    1. Bark –

      The “straight answer” is….. MY REPLY was addressing this, and ONLY this, written by you:

      “The word SYNAGOGUE means The Place Where The Demon Is Kept…
      SYN – SIN is the same as SINE or WAVE – VIBE…”

      I wrote:
      “The word synagogue is from Greek synagogē which is an ‘assembly’… and SINE means ‘without’ in Latin.”

      I do not know about Naga. I never studied nipponese! 🙂

    2. @ Barkingdeer

      Grammar Fiend made a good point.

      You’re not just a pig-ignorant, foul-mouthed psychopath — you’re a con man with it too. You don’t make up “conjectural ideas” about the meaning of the word “SYNAGOGUE”. You consult a DICTIONARY and check the etymology of the word! I guess you don’t even own a decent dictionary, let alone have a clue what “etymology” means.

      The word “SYNANOGUE” has nothing to do with “SIN” or “VIBE” or “THE PLACE WHERE THE DEMON IS KEPT.” The word comes from the Greek and means, quite literally, a PLACE WHERE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER, i.e. an assembly room.

      Pat has already pointed that out, because Pat knows what he’s talking about. AND YOU DON’T!

      I think you deserve a good thrashing for your insolence and your disgusting language: “Come down off you (sic) pompous ass and learn to be civil at least, or EAT SHIT AND DIE.”

      “Eat shit and die”? Is that your IDEA OF CIVILITY?

      @ Admin

      Get rid of this joker.

      1. BD is doing his best. He is obviously sincere. He doesn’t know a darn thing about etymology, but give him a break. We are not all intellectual eggheads like the pedantic Grammar Fiend.

        1. @ Sardonicus

          I think you are right. Let’s have some kindness and civility please. There’s too much bickering going on over minor, unimportant details. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

  21. Very astute comments, barkingdeer. I believe the different races came upon the earth at different eras. If I’m not mistaken, the oldest language known is Sanskrit, which is an Aryan language. Any attacks on Lasha are unconscionable and unacceptable.

  22. Dear Sister Monica,

    I certainly hope you’re NOT including ME in that Legion of “LD Haters” – God forfend!

    If anything, I’ve been an avid admirer “from afar” – so much so that the mysterious, majestic and magnificent Lasha was beginning to besot every one of my remaining brain-cells… that is until Lasha’s sister Lucy “arrived on the scene” in this thread.

    Far be from me to promote any “sibling rivalry” or be the cause of any familial strife, but I now feel as if I’m caught between two Sirens – with only a slippery pole to grasp – since Lucy DOES appear to be a little more “perky”… a bit more “frolicsome”…. not as “tough a nut to crack” …(cough, cough).. so to speak

    So Sr Monica, seeing my coNUNdrum, if you could proffer any advice on the most efficacious way of proceeding – without anyone jumping off bridges at midnight – it would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours etc etc The Realist

  23. The lizard people are called Draco that’s why the world is getting draconian laws. So all i can say is love and trust the universe because it will come to pass. The wheat will be separated from the shaft until then some get the elevator and most us get the shaft.

  24. Humans are not reptilians. NO WAY!

    Reptiles do not have to brush their teeth… or wipe their asses! 🙂

    1. Pat, et al
      My ancient ancestors relate that humans and reptilians have a DNA commonality. Chew on that one for awhile. 😳

      1. B-Hawk –
        I “chewed” for a short while…. and decided that your “ancient ancestors” must have carried the DNA samples to Ancestry.com by walking, even before ponies had evolved. Unless they had their own testing lab! 🙂

      2. As I’ve alluded to many times, a school of thought suggests that the earliest form of humans were created as a result of in vitro fertilization of male reptilian (Annunaki) sperm and female arboreal primate eggs. The thinking has it that this action represents a point of Devolution reflecting the setting of a “density of spirit” we know as matter.

        This is where we arrived at, originating from our existing in various states of Grace, suggesting that the “Fall from Grace” was due to our free will wanderings.

        Curiosity killed the cat
        Satisfaction brought it back…to a state of Grace

      3. B-Hawk –

        “…a school of thought suggests….” HUH?????

        That “BIGGLY” nails it down!!! Deposition ready! 💥 😜

      4. Pat
        Who’s talking about nailing it down? We’re all looking for answers here. All I’ve ever done is offer food for thought on these threads. Where’s yours? 😝

      5. @Brownhawk

        We’re all looking for answers here. All I’ve ever done is offer food for thought on these threads. Where’s yours?

        Sorry for interjecting your lovely exchange: “Copy and paste” Pat is not a producer – he is a consumer.

        The manure he produces is just a side effect of his consuming 🙂

      6. B-Hawk –
        You wrote:
        “Who’s talking about nailing it down?”
        NO ONE!! Everyone only WRITES here!! 😎

        You also wrote:
        “Where’s yours?”
        You gotta lotta catchin’ up to do! About two years ago Admin noted I had over 10,000 comments posted. Ain’t that enough fer ya?? Are you trying to get me in trouble with that ‘Truth’ guy again?? WHEW!!

        My red-skinned friend, you are on a “Fantastic Voyage” and I am not. When I want fantasy I read the likes of Asimov, Rodenberry, Hoagland and even TRUMP!! 🙂 I have also read Sitchin’s fantasies about his ‘Lakkanukki’ guesses.

        I don’t even like to get involved with the Hitler or Stalin fantasies either. You do. Please…. continue having your fun…. and I’ll have mine. 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          You gotta lotta catchin’ up to do! About two years ago Admin noted I had over 10,000 comments posted. Ain’t that enough fer ya??

          Just for the record, this latest comment of yours is No. 12,868. You hold the world record for number of comments posted on the DM site! You only have one serious competitor: TROJ. He’s way behind because most of his posts, unfortunately, have to be deleted. 🙂

      7. Pat
        I dont need catching up with your posts. I know where you’re coming from. But you gotta know, your calling something a fantasy doesn’t necessarily indicate something not representative of truth. That’s why, technically speaking, we can only characterize many things as being guesswork. But the act of guessing itself implies the POSSIBILITY of a correct guess representing truth. Of this you would have to agree 😀

  25. We’re genetic crosses, maybe, between various apes and ETs…
    Yes DRACO… It has the word RACE in it…

    1. Bark, The American Academy of Education and Acting have ciphered the details of the Facts of Human Devolution, errrrr, I mean Human Evolution. Not really too complicated and as for spreading the good news, they’re right on schedule!

      1. Thank you, hp. Maybe it’s time for Darkmoon to post some of Michael Cremo’s material. This should produce an interesting commentariat

  26. If David Icke is so stupid and can’t figure it out that A.Hitler was fighting for his own people ,that disqualified him fo being a true professional investigator.

    Popular “opposition” commentators as Henry Makow,David Icke, Jim Stone, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Ryan Dawson, Chris Hedges, Dave Hodges, Mike Adams (to name only a few) . . . they all fail the Hitler test. They all fall for the Jewish propaganda that “Hitlerian” is the worst adjective you can apply to any person, any program, any social movement. They and hundreds of others have all fallen for the popular media lie that World War II was “the good war”, when in reality it was, at the time, the biggest lie ever told.Whether these writers are merely naive or totally corrupt and paid off is for you to decide.

    So all those writers who use Hitler as an example of the greatest arch villain of all time are merely displaying their own brainwashing, or their own contemptible corruption, to all who have eyes to see

    1. More on HITLER:

      I am 78 yers old and from an intelligent family at the very top of the UK tree.

      Hitler was NOT controlled opposition!
      He fought for his people!
      He was NOT a British agent!
      He was NOT Angela Merkel’s father!

      Hitler did NOT survive World War Two!
      He did NOT go on to live in Chile or Argentina!
      He did NOT go on to live in Israel or Scotland!
      He was NOT an alien from Outer Space.
      He was NOT a Rothschild.
      He was NOT a Jew or a crypto-Jew.

      Even people with the brains of footballers
      should be able to see through all this Hitler crap
      invented by loonies like David Icke!

      1. What about Greg Hallet’s book about Hitler, Hitler was a british agent? Can you elaborate with facts about Hitler and his family, etc.?
        hitler was heavy surrounded by jews and crypto jews, see books from Bronder and Kardel etc.
        Hitler double agent for the jews and for the Germans playing the fuhrer?

  27. Here’s a couple excerpts I read somewhere…

    What unexpected marvels we should find if we knew how to dissect words, to strip them of their bark and liberate the spirit, the divine light which is within… Relative to the mystical Qabbalah the parables of Jesus were more about the words, the sentences secondary to the meaning, having to be somewhat allegorical… The hierocratic clerics, being not only the only ones to know how to write, also spoke of the mysterious language, Argot or Cant, the Language of the Birds, used by Philosophers and Diplomats… It was called by the ancient Incas the Court Language, which holds the key to the Double Science – sacred and profane… That was called in the Middle Ages the Gay Science, the Gay Knowledge and the Language of the Gods, the Dieve-Bouteille… It was this special language that enabled the Tower of Babel… Consonants are now all permutated with vowels, the original Jugat has been mongrelized and all extraneous messages are now conceived basically in linguistic error… We lay the versions alongside each other, make the useful comparisons and pick out the positive truth, which is combined with enigmatic fragments in this legendary allegory… Now computer assisted consciousness will ask questions of the Universe in the geometric lingo…

    “I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory’,” Alice said…
    Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously…
    “Of course you don’t – til I tell you. I meant, there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!”
    “But ‘glory’ doesn’t mean a ‘nice knock-down argument’,” Alice objected…
    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, “It means just what I chose it to mean – neither more nor less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be Master – that is all.”

    1. Everybody’s allowed to have an opinion about Hitler and share their opinions about Hitler, but when I have an opinion about Hitler and try to share my opinion about Hitler, for some reason whatever I have to say about Hitler gets CENSORED. I don’t know why. Are you going to tell me why, uncle, or do I have to keep guessing why and never be quite sure what the reason is why I’m not allowed to share my opinion about Hitler with everyone. Everybody else can, but I can’t.


        Maybe Hitler wasn’t a controlled opposition agent, but he sure made a lot of tactical and strategic mistakes. On one hand he was very intelligent, on the other hand he made a lot of mistakes. I like Hitler, I do NOT dislike or hate Hitler, I like Hitler. I don’t worship Hitler, though. He made too many mistakes, unfortunately.

        I like how John de Nugent views Hitler. The way I see Hitler is along the same lines as John De Nugent. He sees both the good in Hitler and he sees also that Hitler was plenty human as he made mistakes. It’s a balanced viewpoint, and balance is important. I like John de Nugent, he strives to be balanced in his thinking and he succeeds at that.

        Hitler was full of energy, he had a vision, he was passionate, he was not insipid like all the politicians/leaders in the West today.

    1. I have it on good authority that Ian Greenhalgh of Veterans Today is MI6. That makes his contention about Icke being a disinfo agent laughable. Also, Greenhalgh is an asshole and an idiot himself. He viciously attacks the greatest Aryan of this Kali Yuga, the incomparable Adolph Hitler. Veterans Today in general has degenerated into a parody of its former self. Maybe that was the plan all along. They promote the Coronavirus/Covid19 hoax, call people who are against poisonous vaccines, psychopaths, and blithely assert that the chemtrails blanketing the skies of the earth are just harmless aircraft emissions and not playing havoc with our weather and making people ill by design. I don’t care that they attack President Orange Head but they endorse the Hildebeast, Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t matter much which sock puppet occupies the Oval Orifice but that murderous, lesbian, witch is far more repulsive than Trump or any U.S. President we’ve had thus far, bar none.

      1. “I have it on good authority that Ian Greenhalgh of Veterans Today is MI6.”
        In better and healthier days maybe HERETICDRUMMER.
        Anyone who nearly lost his lower leg through ongoing health problems and writes in his first VT article after the recovery that he likes to stamp his size 13 shoes in Boris Johnson’s face surely must have lost his marbles. His anti religious rants and his attacks on anybody (incl most of his VT colleagues) that do not agree to his bloated ego and the only truth it has accepted fits nicely into the overall VT picture. Adding Mr Shrimpton, VT must have contracted the “finest” Englishmen to the establishment of “American clandestine” truth seeking.
        You are dead right about VT in your comment.

  28. HAWK
    That’s going to be G or K, the G and K are originally the same sound, and RACE…
    The X is also the G-K sound said twice…
    It’s very difficult to speak the language of feudalism/agriculture, government/monarchy or religion, our language, without making continuous references to the OM-ASTER R-ACE and confirming our position beneath it…
    Our language is a software program that limits the perimeters on what we can conceive of and accomplish, evolve…
    And the question is, for the most part, did man invent language empirically out of a natural process, or as writing was developed was it deigned for him in a less fortunate format?

  29. Whew. 86 comments and counting. With my reduced CC brain here are my thoughts. I believe that the stem of the human brain has been referred to as a holdover from long, long ago as the reptilian part of the gray matter that lies above. Reptiles don’t have much of a conscience if any.
    Now shifting gears a bit, Full blown Psychopaths have NO conscience, that makes up empathy, guilt, remorse, feeling towards fellow humans and other living things. From the studies of Dr. Robert Hare we know that Psychopaths are the real deal-without conscience. No one can explain how psychopaths can pop out of normal parents and psychopaths can pop out normal kids. Now Icke may be on to something about reptiles posing as humans, except they are a home grown reptile/human that this humble bumble bee refers to as a psychopath where the reptilian brain stem is in control from birth. This would help explain, with a genetic quirk, that the psychopath can appear as if from no where. Psychopaths make up 2 to 5 percent, depending on the cohort, of the human population and seem to be more concentrated in near Near East populations and parts of Western Russia. Toejamicus thinks that psychopaths have been in control one way or the other of human populations for thousands of years and are near the goal line with the world wide lockdowns. Either normal humans rise up and destroy this reptilian psychopathic threat or bow down to a living hell that is too horrible to contemplate.
    It’s not to hard to pick out the reptilian-psychopaths. They live and are among us. Jesus had no trouble picking them out.

    1. @ Toejamicus

      “I believe that the stem of the human brain has been referred to as a holdover from long, long ago as the reptilian part of the gray matter that lies above. Reptiles don’t have much of a conscience if any.”

      I resent that! We humanoid reptiles certainly have a conscience. If we were without consciences, we would have taken over Planet Earth long, long ago!. It’s our conscientious scruples that have delayed the process and kept it going for so many thousands of years.

      I sometimes wish we were psychopaths and could achieve world domination more quickly.

  30. There have been many cases of vestigial tail growths in humans.

    I believe those occurrences could likely represent the human mixing with long-tailed primates, having sex with apes, and NOT an evolution from reptiles.

    While tails are very rare in humans, temporary tail-like structures are found in the human embryo. These tails develop around the fifth or sixth week of gestation, and contain about 10 to 12 vertebrae.

    The human tail is a curiosity, a cosmetic stigma and presents as an appendage in the lumbosacral region. Six patients of tail in the lumbosacral region are presented here to discuss the spectrum of presentation of human tails. The embryology, pathology and treatment of this entity are discussed along with a brief review of the literature.

    Most people aren’t born with a tail because the structure disappears or absorbs into the body during fetal development, forming the tailbone or coccyx. The tailbone is a triangular bone located at the lower part of the spine below the sacrum.
    Disappearance of the tail in the embryo takes place around the eighth week of gestation.
    Although a vestigial tail disappears for most people, sometimes the tail remains due to a defect during the developmental stage. In the case of a “true” vestigial tail, the exact cause of this defect is unknown.

    Human tails are a rare entity. The birth of a baby with a tail can cause tremendous psychological disturbance to the parents. They are usually classified as true and pseudo tails. Tails are usually associated with occult spinal dysraphism. Isolated case reports of various types of human tails have been described in the literature. We are presenting our experience of six cases of tails in infants.

    1. Pat,
      What do tails on a human baby, a rarity, have anything to do with a reptilian like brain stem that all humans have. Brain imaging of psychopaths reveals sections of the brain enactive. Could this give the primitive brain stem the means to influence the destructive activities of the psychopaths? While Icke and some others are musing about reptiles from somewhere “out there” in the cosmos, maybe Icke and everyone else for that matter should start looking for and at the reptile within the cosmos of the human brain.
      By the way Pat, years ago the right wing Thunderbolt news paper had an article that someone in Mexico had crossed a human with a great ape, maybe a chimp. This produced a female chimera sans tail, with a photo of this female all dressed up in Mexican refinery, and was not a fire-breathing monster. Also, the Thunderbolt had an article about the two toed tribe in the former, and happier times Rhodesia. It was said that they could run like the wind. The trouble with those in the current day West, they just don’t get out enough.
      The self described Lady Lizard must have had a very interesting patrimony, stressing the “Pat” for laughs. Toejam can now see it in his minds eye: Headlines, “Humanoid Reptiles save normal (regular) humans from the destructive control of the Psychopaths”. Please get with it humanoids. You lizard guys and gals can start with the US Congress and then work your way up from there. Sorry LD to be so flippant in your mostly humorless site, although Lady Lizard the Lizard Lady is funny even if I, the Toejam, was the good natured brunt of her humor.

      1. “Sorry LD to be so flippant in your mostly humorless site.”

        Funny you should say that. This site has far more humor in it than most any other site I know. It is full of jokes and smiley faces and off-topic badinage. Few other sites equal it for its frivolity and lightness of touch.

      2. Right, MB –

        AND… occasionally…we got TROJ TO BOOT!!! 💥 😎

        We also like hardcore…. like this:


  31. Pat :

    The “abebooks” link. Do you mind giving us a Search Term so we can access it. Do you really expect us to type out that whole link in order to get to it? Have Mercy on us!

    1. TROJ –

      “Do you really expect us to type out that whole link in order to get to it?”

      HELL, NO!! Just highlight it & right click and left click on ‘open in new tab’ or ‘copy’ & paste it into an address bar of a new tab… just like the 4 year old kids do!! 🙂 SHEEESH!!

      OR…. Get a white-coat attendant in Spamblinka to help if it is too complicated for ya..!!! * BIG GRIN* 🙂

      You will like TAL… “Truth At Last”!!!

  32. @ uncle : Maybe the bishop at my Confirmation was a jesuit bishop, maybe that’s why my post about about the shape-shifting bishop at my Confirmation when I was 13 years old is being CENSORED. God forbid anyone should say anything negative about any jesuit here in Teilhard’s Noosphere. The jesuits did A LOT to make heliocentrism the ontological foundation of Western culture and WE’RE greatly indebted to them for that so WE do NOT allow anyone to say even one negative thing about them. Can’t say anything negative about any jesuit, they’re Our fellow helios, though WE will make an exception for the Jesuit Robert Bellarmine who had the nerve to actually question Our helio Heroes way back when, the jesuit Bellarmine wasn’t so gung-ho for heliocentrism, so WE don’t mind if you want to bad mouth THAT jesuit. THAT **&&&^^^%%%##@@@@ jesuit. But ONLY Bellarmine and NO other jesuit. Even jesuits who shape-shift are NOT to be bad-mouthed, jesuits are Our fellow helios, always remember that.

    ( ADMIN TOBY: Yes, your last post was “censored”. Too bad you can’t stay ON TOPIC for more than two seconds! Serious question: what medication are you on? )

    @ Pat : I’m TOO lazy to do all the things one has to do to get to your “abebooks” information — which I’m sure is very interesting information, but I’m “lazy”. Remember? 😴

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