Daymare: Infection of the Herd

Humanity has been prepped for the coming slaughter

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.
— William J. Casey, CIA director, 1981

Well, that status has been achieved. All you have to do is observe the current crop of presidential candidates, that is to say, those crass clones who have been assigned by the powers that be to lead the human population down the road to worldwide communism.

The key element in their platform is not to tell you the truth about what they’re doing. War is peace. Evil is good. They talk about life but what they’re really saying is about death. Your death.

The general population believes that the forces of good represented by the United States and its allies won World War II when in fact the opposite was true — WW2 was won by worldwide Communism, which is the favorite philosophy of the bankers. It provides them with an endless supply of imprisoned idiots who can be fleeced and exploited at will without the messy complication of freedom of speech.

Just like today, when Donald Trump clamors to build a giant wall on the Mexican border to keep the illegal aliens out, and yet the penetration of illegal aliens is at an all-time high. What you get is the opposite of what they say you get. And the ultimate message is that they say you get life, yet all around you, all people really get is death.

Or the so-called peace process in the Middle East. All we’ve ever gotten from it is war, or, we don’t really have wars anymore; all we have is extermination programs conducted by the wielders of overwhelming force against hapless opponents handicapped by their own primitive weaponry; of lethal high tech devices from the air assaulting Palestinian boys with the stones they throw that don’t reach very high. This is what they call war in the 21st century.

Anybody who thinks the USA is a free and independent country need only look closely at the herd of robotic Jewish parasites clamoring to become president in 2020 to realize how deluded and deceived they have become.

Unfortunately the vast majority of American zombies have been lulled into a commercial coma by a century of fake news reported the Jewish press. And if you think this is an exaggeration, think about those perverts known as drag queens molesting young children in our schools with the leering approval of our faithless and psychologically warped government misanthropes.

When money replaces morality at the most important quality of leadership in a person you know that country is doomed to tyranny and destruction.

Some people are just beginning to figure out that the United States is solely dedicated to the conquering and exploitation of other countries as its philosophical basis. Its leaders always talk of peace and they are always at war.

And the next step in that thought is realizing any nation that aims to exploit other nations as the bedrock of its intent will, in the same breath, exploit its own citizens for the immoral purpose of consolidating its own power.

When the herd is infected with this kind of disease, no remediation is possible. Only destruction of the herd will eliminate the infection. Kill five sixths of the world’s population and the rest will get the message — keep your mouths shut if you want to live.

With each passing day it becomes more obvious that this plan in well under way.

If nothing else, the quarantines now taking place all over the world is the trigger mechanism of a worldwide catastrophe that is totally political.

China as an economic rival of the western cabal known as the Deep State has been totally shut down. The supply line of drugs, so-called food and other products is about to run out, leaving millions of ailing Americans to expire in their own vomit without any of their questions ever being answered.

This is the representative democracy our leaders always had in mind.

As is the case with the so-called AIDS virus that to this day has never been verifiably isolated, this Coronavirus scare is clearly a political ruse to rid the world of useless eating old people as well as political dissidents. But not just that. The new ground rules are obey or die. No more debate will be tolerated.

Herd infections

I went looking for a strategy that might work to stem the infection of the herd. All I found was advocacy of vaccines as a curative, a kind of lockstep conformity of opinion that was required by the purveyors of fake news. And then with enough vaccinations a kind of herd immunity would occur, and everything would be hunky dory after that. It sounded like a party line to me.

They have lied about everything. They have pretended to be our brothers and sisters, but we have found, at the conclusion of our years of study, that they cannot be engaged in debate, because they are so programmed to extend the reach of their own ruthless philosophy that they cannot entertain the notion of something else, of something better. No matter what you say to them, their minds will not be changed, and their behavior will not improve.

And now it is too late to act on the discovery that they are not really human, that their desires have been shaped by insincere propaganda which they don’t even realize that will consume even them in the end. I once tried to tell this to Gordon Duff, a noted shill for U.S. Army intelligence.

There should be a label for someone who specializes in deceiving others, who poses as a friend and benefactor, and deliberately puts diseases in medicines:

This tragedy of mass acceptance of lies is based on a monstrous propaganda machine that has attained a level of false credibility that belies the imagination of any with the ability to think. In order to gain this advantage over the bulk of society, the state has spared no amount of money, power, or manipulation in order to be able to commit heinous crimes without fear of exposure. This requires not only the complicity of the state apparatus, but also the almost total control of all mainstream media as well. This could never have been achieved without the mind control efforts of the compulsory government schooling system, its monopoly over the children of this country, and its use of false curriculum meant to corrupt the population from an early age, breeding state worship, nationalism, and a belief in herd mentality.

— Gary D. Barnett

Don’t take the vaccine.

Any vaccine.

They might as well come after you with a butcher knife.


13 thoughts to “Daymare: Infection of the Herd”

  1. Then the question is; is this the big one? Is this when they will make their play? Is Corona virus the trigger, or will it be later?

    A second question is; what other governments, apart from the US, are tractable enough, and are sufficiently knowledgeable of the plan, that they would cooperate in this extermination?

  2. Excellent and very CORRECT….unfortunately 🙁

    I stated in one of my earlier, (a few months ago), in 2019 in comments to my email list, of contacts, that 2020 is, in effect, the FINAL year.

    I have been warning people in many countries, since 2009, that if they don’t wake up, and at least put the House of Rothschild family members, in Prison, SLEEP for Humanity, will become permanent.

    It is NOW to late for peaceful measures.

    The only ACTION remaining is violent REVOLUTION, NOT Civil War.(There is difference), to change things and I don’t believe anyone, with the power and wealth to start such, has the courage , DISCERNMENT or integrity for it. REVOLUTION gets rid of our RULERS to our BENEFIT.CIVIL WAR gets rid of US, FOR the RULER’S benefit..

    Without that, PREPARE for Slavery for those the RULERS need and GENOCIDE for those they dont need.

    1. @ Freespirit

      “The only ACTION remaining is violent REVOLUTION, NOT Civil War.”

      I think it would have to be a civil war. There are by now just too many corrupt and/or brainwashed people in this society who “worship the beast.” So in a sense the problem isn’t the evil at the very top but the masses of order-followers who will do any act of evil for a lie and a paycheck.

      1. Keep in mind it’s not the relatively-small-in-number-and-generally-cowardly “elites” who’ll be shooting us down in the streets, it’ll be our corrupt neighbors – the loyal order followers – as always.

  3. “As is the case with the so-called AIDS virus that to this day has never been verifiably isolated, this Coronavirus scare is clearly a political ruse to rid the world of useless eating old people as well as political dissidents. But not just that. The new ground rules are obey or die. No more debate will be tolerated.”

    I don’t understand this statement. The 2019-nCoV is real. Non-existent pathogens don’t sicken and kill people. Where it actually came from, to what extent it will be politically exploited, and what ultimate effect it will have on this society…are presently unknown and debatable. (Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will wake some people up to the fact that “our” “government” is a Satanic cult).

    1. “Covid-19 Panic Reaffirms Humans Are Hostages to Media and Their Own Lizard Brain” : “Anti-Empire” is being too “Diplomatic”. I, as a Certified NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANT would say, for children to behave this way is understandable. ADULTS? They are FOOLS and SHEEP and deserve any consequnce which comes their way.Vitamin C along with Vitamin D3. both in relatively large dosages, daily until sickness subsides, with small amounts of Zinc, for good measure, all available for sale at any “Health” Shop, PHARMACY or even WALMARTS, for Americans and Canadians, (who are my main readers), will completely eliminate the Virus.
      Scientists and Media who don’t reveal that TRUTH, are CRIMINALS. No excuse because the research is there for those who wish to be honest and efficacious. One example – High Dose Vitamin C: (ORAL Doses of at least 500 mgs, are just as effective, taken hourly, preferably with or just before or after small amounts of food. ) and from STEVEN BEN NUN of “Israeli News Live” :
      Readers should be asking,WHY are no media doing the research???
      Possibly SELLING FEAR – MONGERING STORIES is more PROFITABLE and traps/elicits more readers?
      Could “FOREKNOWLEDGE of CORONAVIRUS” possibly mean DELIBERATELY CREATED?: and from ROBERT DAVID STEELE – “There is no Virus Threat-LIES are the Threat” :
      My answer is the same as in my first comment about Coronavirus when it first hit the “news” – YES, it is DELIBERATE ….. but who benefits from this attack on China? I believe I know WHO, BUT do you?
      WHY also is no one calculating the DEATHS compared to Population??? Do it and you will understand the reason. There are, to date, end of February/20, LESS than 3000 DEATHs on this Planet of almost 8 BILLION ( 8000,000,000 ) people or 3 deaths in 8 MILLION people, or 66 DEATHS in IRAN out of 80,000,000 people.
      SHAME on you who are SENSATIONALIZING Corona Virus,scaring the majority to increaae CONTROL by our RULERS, and making those usual WEALTHY parasites and opportunists MUCH RICHER.
      …………AND then there are these most heinous UNLAWFUL crimes against JULIAN ASSANGE, having been now imprisoned and tortured, for almosta decade, for REVEALING CRIMINAL ACTIONS by GOVERNMENTS, ORATED upon, most ADMIRABLY and POWERFULLY in this truthful aggressive SPEECH by GEORGE GALLOWAY, a great man of INTEGRITY and another Feisty IRISHMAN:
      Just an add-on thought about BERNIE SANDERS from Brother NATHANAEL:
      I, FREESPIRIT, predicted over a year ago that Guns would be CONFISCATED, by one means or another, withn 5 years which means 2025, because, in TRUTH, Americans do not have the COURAGE or INTEGRITY of REAL Patriots nor the intelligent ABILITY to STOP it. Their recent march in Virginia, AGAINST Gun Control, WITHOUT their Guns proves me correct. Imagine what would have happened if the Patriots of 1776 had marched and protested, against the British, WITHOUT their Guns. Americans are even now being careful and self-censoring their WORDS, in addition to, CENSORING what they DO !
      The END of Guns for Americans will be the beginning of TOTAL SLAVERY, by Zionists FAKE Jews and Freemasons, ending in GENOCIDE, for Christians, ( I’m Atheist,by the way) which those Zionist Ashkenazi (Fake) Jews started, but didn’t finish, in the Russian Bolshevik War.
      Humanity keeps doing the same thing over and over again, EXPECTING different results……that is, TALKING and PEACEFUL protesting, which will not work with our RULING (by Deception) Supremacist PSYCHOPATHS, who ONLY fear FORCE – Put ONLY one of them such as, but not limited to, JACOB ROTHSCHILD of the House of Rothschild, in Prison and watch the rest of them, such as the House of Windsor and Vatican Jesuits, scatter like the cowardly disgusting RATS they are.
      THAT applies to EVERYHING AND ANYTHING our RULERS, whom we NEVER knowlingly consented to, try to do to or AGAINST us, including their actions with JULIAN ASSANGE
      GO on the OFFENSIVE….it FEELS GOOD, is LAWFUL and WORKS !

      Don’t ever confuse “Legal” with LAWFUL- “Legal” is THEIR made-up, GAME. LAWFUL (Common Law) is OURS.

  4. My life has been full of hundreds of political ‘daymares’ over the decades.
    Most ‘daymares’ were relieved and even reversed over time.

    As an example…. I hated the socialist plans of JFK. I liked Nixon. The ‘daymare’ was when JFK’s dad stole the election for him! Many cried, “The Pope would be in total control of America!!” Many of those ideas were reversed in less than two decades. All it took was time.

    Bottom line – Time destroys MY ‘daymares’ on a regular basis. But, it might take decades to do it for the current ones. So…. I will have to carry some of them around until I run slap outta of time! 🙂

  5. “The general population believes that the forces of good represented by the United States and its allies won World War II when in fact the opposite was true — WW2 was won by worldwide Communism, which is the favorite philosophy of the bankers. It provides them with an endless supply of imprisoned idiots who can be fleeced and exploited at will without the messy complication of freedom of speech.”
    The – A MASON NEW WORLD ORDER… Yes invented by the Rothen/Red Bankers and perpetrated upon the Russian people by the Jews, where the excuse of rescuing them from the Romanov (Germans) Czars was good enough…
    As with the placement of Bloodline Monarchs in various countries throughout Europe, not theirs originally, so the same Power Structure places political figures up front.. That’s how you got Obama and Hitler… WW1, WW2, all about the White Race killing itself off…
    It’s time though to call the current model of the NWO High Tech Surveillance and Control State something other than Communism…
    The idea is that local authorities and functionaries will reject the offer of full power and immunity from the post 9-11 Globalist Deep State Dictatorship and cease cooperating with the NWO plot, saving the people’s gun rights, as in Virginia, and rescuing the voting system… That’s what the Militia Movement is really all about… Then reforming the media, establishing truthful information delivery systems, statistics only… Securing the Borders, stopping the CIA DOPE INC. Trafficking, stopping the sexualization of children, stopping the vaccine attack…
    Local officials must have the right to examine every step in the voting process, otherwise it’s corrupted from above…… Paper ballots with copies given to each voter, picture taken and placed on the ballot, are the only way to stay secure… Everybody should have the right to opt out of the secret thing… Look at the dem primary in Iowa, totally unreliable… The closer the elections are, the more likely there was last minute rigging by both sides…

  6. I like to look at life in simple terms. I once saw a border collie controlling a herd of sheep by triggering fear and saw how we are controlled. I once saw how water buffalo killed a lion and saw how our parasitic rulers with their money magic should be handled. Destroy their control with stealth how ever you can while finding your niche to survive. Stop cooperating grasshopper. God speaks to us through instincts stay true to them no matter how subtle.

  7. Thus, unfortunately, the machinations of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are all at play and have been working against Humanity for over 100 years now and are accelerating in effect. Also this article proves Edward Bernays as correct. As some commenters have said to keep your eyes on God and Jesus Christ and that will help you cope and fight this evil!

    PS: Freespirit is definitely my soul brother and should stay here at Darkmoon!

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