De Profundis Clamavi : Baudelaire Translation *


Translated from the French
by Lasha Darkmoon

(‘Out of the Depths I have cried’)

Sole being I love!—pity, oh pity me
Here in this pit of darkness where I lie,
Here under leaden skies of lethargy
Where terror lurks and blasphemy stalks by.
Six months the frigid sun floats overhead,
Six months the world lies wrapped in blackest night.
The frozen poles are not so cold and dead—
No birds, no streams, no greening leaves, no light.

Horror, horror! There’s none to equal this:
The grim chaotic glooms of hideous night,
The cutting coldness of the cruel sun.
Oh, how I envy simple beasts their plight!—
Dumb creatures sunk in sleep’s paralysis.
How time creeps by . . . how slow my reel is run!

5 thoughts to “De Profundis Clamavi : Baudelaire Translation *”

  1. Some itinerant thoughts while waiting for the earth to heave and the sky to fall….

    It is folly to think that any particular example of perniciousness compromising man’s well being is what mark’s the true identity of the worldly parasite, when it is death itself and the material world that countenances it which identifies it. What we know as “life” is the host.

    Pernicious influences are only representations of this existential parasite, that which creates its culture on this planetary petri dish….exacerbations of a brief interval

      1. The “pipe” I share with Mirra of Ponchiderry and Castaneda’s Don Juan, Sard. Both of whom have more in common than you may imagine 😀

  2. How slow my reel is run…

    Polybius wrote about how one good man can win a battle but I think one great line can free the soul. Thank you.

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