Dearest, Step Lightly


Dearest, Step Lightly


Dearest, step lightly.
Pain is numbing.
Hold on tightly.
Rollercoaster coming.
Don’t be rash!—
The worst thing dies,
Though storm winds lash
The sea of sighs.
Take consolation:
All things end.
Receive absolution,
Lover and friend.
Remember my kiss,
The touch of my hand
On your eyes, your lips,
In Goldenland.
Pray for me there,
To join you soon;
Where no storms are,
Nor sun nor moon.

2 thoughts to “Dearest, Step Lightly”

  1. More, lol, more Exciting death poetry from Lasha! If Lasha can’t be an exotic erotic belly dancing seraglio gypsy slave girl to The Sultan of Turkey , she’d rather be dead! When your dreams don’t come true, what to do what to do? Compose death poetry is what to do! 🙂

    ADMIN: Clowns may laugh, but they don’t get the last laugh. That’s for sure.

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