Enemies of the People

None of can be certain if vaccines are safe or likely to damage us and our children.  Right now we have the choice of whether to accept or reject them, depending on how we feel. The big issue that faces us now, thanks to the Coronavirus crisis, is whether vaccines will soon be made compulsory.  If it turns out that vaccines are indeed toxic, how would you like it if an Orwellian state decides that you and your children had to be injected with deadly toxins against your will?   

UPDATE:  We have just published a controversial new 27-minute video which you should watch as a companion piece to the article by John Kaminski below: Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About Coronavirus.   

April 9, 2020

Untrustworthy doctors put your health at risk


Vaccines are dangerous and should never be injected into anyone for any reason.
— Dr. Suzanne Humphries, 2011

The popular play An Enemy of the People was first written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1882 and later reprised and somewhat modified by the American writer Arthur Miller in 1950. Innumerable movies and plays have since been performed in many countries elaborating upon the same theme of the battle between integrity and opportunity, featuring a heroic doctor warning of disease contending against pragmatic journalists and politicians keen to maintain the political excuses of their times.

In the throes of today’s agonizing worldwide quarantine of the population we have exactly the opposite situation, where the people we are supposed to trust have betrayed the whole world with two colossal lies that threaten the lives of everyone on Earth and foreshadow a future for human society that only the very rich could love. This pathetic phenomenon is not new.

An Enemy of the People tells the story of a man who dares to speak an unpopular truth, and is punished for it. The doctor is about to print an article in his brother’s newspaper explaining that the town’s spa is contaminated with bacteria. Issues at cross purposes are the welfare of the spa’s patrons vs. the financial viability of the spa, upon whose profits the town’s welfare depends. The doctor’s insistence on telling the truth results in his own financial ruin and ostracism from the rest of his family and friends, as the play spotlights the crushing dilemma between responsibility to his doctor’s oath and the suppression of the unpleasant truth for financial benefit.

Today’s agonizing situation with a so-called worldwide pandemic claimed by powerful people to be authentic involves principled doctors and researchers who protest that the situation is not being reported honestly by elite medical officials trying to implement a master plan for social control that pits their coercive intent against the health and welfare of the general population.

It is Big Pharma vs. the uninformed masses of unsuspecting citizens.

There are two major issues. The first is a test that does not accurately measure whether a person is actually infected or not, yet is used to calculate how many people have actually contracted the disease, as well as how many people have died from it. Well educated critics insist the test is invalid and that many deaths of people blamed on the disease should have actually been recorded as normal deaths from the many typical diseases of old age.

Yet the TV pitchmen continue to blare out reports of rising death tolls while nary a word is spoken about the forced poverty now being inflicted upon the working people of the world.

Complicating this matter are conflicting reports from actual situations on the ground: Overstressed medical personnel and trailer trucks being stacked with bodies who have succumbed to the disease vs. many reports of empty hospitals, hospital personnel being laid off for lack of work, and numerous videos of empty ERs.

The second conundrum in this worldwide drama of viruses and vaccines pits the viability of vaccines against the health hazards of inserting untested foreign substances into people’s bodies in this latest chapter in the human soap opera of the ceaseless battle between manipulation of reality and unbiased regard for the welfare of ordinary people..

Consequently a number of false statements have been allowed to stand as truth, mystifying a confused public and perpetuating an unnecessary quarantine that is suffocating the social and business life of the world.

The first question is about the test, the second is about vaccines.

As human society molders in an enforced state of suspended animation, the PCR test used to determine whether people have the disease or not is hopelessly muddled.

The Accelerated Emergency Use Authorization Summary known as the COVID-19 T-PCR Test states:

“Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease. Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.

“Negative results do not preclude SARS-CoV-2 infection and should not be used as the sole basis for patient management decisions. Negative results must be combined with clinical observations, patient history, and epidemiological information.”

To me, and other more qualified medical observers, this indicates the test used to declare people have this disease that has caused the world to stop in its tracks cannot determine whether people have the disease or not. Yet the whole world has been quarantined on the basis of a test that can’t determine whether or not you have the disease.

But to my mind, the second question is more important — why develop a vaccine that people will be forced to take if they want to participate in a future society in order to prove they don’t have a disease that authorities today cannot conclusively prove even exists. Or, if it does exist, how serious it actually is.

Then there is the additional question of how typical childhood diseases confer a necessary lifelong immunity to them without the use of any vaccine.

But the larger question, then, is about the vaccines they promise to give you, not only to ostensibly make you well, but to record all the data they wish to know about you. To suggest that in order to have a job you must first furnish your vaccine record about the poisons doctors have given you lends a smelly air of corruption to the whole process.

This larger question about vaccines is one that the majority of doctors are afraid to even ask, for fear it will cost them their jobs and their livelihood, since laws have been passed indemnifying the manufacturers and protecting doctors from supposedly unforeseen but frighteningly predictable consequences.

And finally there is the perverse palaver of this generation’s Dr. Strangelove who goes by the name of Bill Gates, a billionaire who created a computer system that constantly needs to be repaired who has invested much of his money in the World Health Organization (WHO) with the aim of creating a vaccine that would put everybody in the world under the control of big money interests.

When Bill Gates talks about vaccines and reducing the world’s population, does your brain go blank? Why do you think that is? Do you realize what he’s talking about? Do you realize there has never been a vaccine that has been good for you, or that actually prevented or cured a disease?

Listening to all the sincere doctors talk recently — Cowan, Kaufman, Buttar, Shiva — the above average layman has already learned that viruses don’t make you sick, they make you well, because they are substances excreted by your body to fight cell poisoning.

And yet the smarmy so-called physicians surrounding President Trump are constantly saying viruses are making everyone sick and killing people.

But these are the new dark ages, and doctors and their puppetmasters like Bill Gates now talk about a vaccine that is going to cure this problem. As well as display your entire vaccination record.

Remember, no vaccine has ever cured any disease.

What they are going to cure is the problem of health that they consider is actually a disease because they are financial parasites who want to feed off you, and be able to constantly check on the poisons they have given you to cure you of your natural born health, which they begin to pollute 45 minutes after you are born with your first vaccine, for Hepatitis B.

California’s incredibly oppressive vaccine laws start out by stating that parents do not have to immunize their children. But under the law, children must be immunized against 10 serious communicable diseases – diphtheria, Haemophilus influenzae Type B (bacterial meningitis), measles, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, rubella, tetanus, hepatitis B and chicken pox – if they want to attend public or private schools and child care centers.

Everyone is beginning to realize it is science that has been turned upside down in service to tyranny of the very rich of who downgraded the educations of most common people so that they can’t think for themselves and decipher the medical doubletalk that unnecessarily complicates and jeopardizes their lives.

The list of qualified doctors protesting this policy and emphasizing that vaccines are dangerous is astonishingly long.

“Vaccines have never been proven truly safe,” wrote Dr. Suzanne Humphries in her 2011 book, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History. “Smallpox was not eradicated by vaccines as many doctors readily say it was. They say this out of conditioning rather than out of understanding the history or science.

“Polio virus was not responsible for the paralysis in the first part of the 20th century. Polio vaccine research, development, testing and distribution has committed atrocities upon primates and humanity. Bill Gates is not a humanitarian. Vaccines are dangerous and should never be injected into anyone for any reason. They are not the answer to infectious diseases. There are many more sustainable and benevolent solutions than vaccines.”

The original inventor of the smallpox vaccine apparently was also the inventor of the smallpox disease, a formula the U.S. Center for Disease Control emulates today.

“I consider Edward Jenner to be one of the great criminals of history,” wrote Dr. Archivides “Archie” Kalokerinos (1927-2912), a famous Vitamin C proponent. Jenner didn’t invent the smallpox vaccine, he invented smallpox. Hitherto unknown, it was transmitted all over the world by the vaccine he invented.

“Doctors and drug companies may not like it but the truth is that surveillance, quarantine and better living conditions got rid of smallpox — not the smallpox vaccine [ . . . ] It is worth pointing out that Edward Jenner, widely feted as the inventor of the smallpox vaccine, tried out the first smallpox vaccination on his own 10 month old son. His son remained mentally retarded until his death at the age of 21. Jenner refused to have his second child vaccinated,” wrote Dr. Vernon Coleman, author of “Vaccines are Dangerous — and Don’t Work”.

“ . . . the conclusion is in every case the same: that vaccination is a gigantic delusion; that it has never saved a single life; but that it has been the cause of so much disease, so many deaths, such a vast amount of utterly needless and altogether undeserved suffering, that it will be classed by the coming generation among the greatest errors of an ignorant and prejudiced age, and its penal enforcement the foulest blot on the generally beneficent course of legislation during our century.” so wrote British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in his 1898 book, “Vaccination a delusion.”

Yet even today, thanks to the power of manipulative media, most members of the public consider smallpox vaccination a necessary procedure for the health of their children.

And the story for the polio vaccine, which is still being given, is even more horrifying.

In 1944, the US federal research centre the National Institutes of Health reported that DDT damaged the same part of the spinal cord (the anterior horn cells) that is damaged in infantile paralysis. Endocrinologist Dr. Morton Biskind further described in 1949 how DDT caused ‘lesions in the spinal cord resembling those in human polio in animals’. [ . . . ] The same year in Germany, Daniel Dresden found that acute DDT poisoning produced ‘degeneration in the central nervous system’ that seemed identical to that reported in severe cases of infantile paralysis. 

Yet DDT was used to replace lead arsenate as a pesticide in fruit farming and with which to wash dairy cows. Heavy levels of DDT were soon reported in milk supplies. The organochlorine pesticide DDE (which is several times more dangerous than DDT) was also widely used in the US. Both were known to penetrate the blood-brain barrier that protects the human brain from viral invasion. Housewives were actually advised to spray DDT to stop infantile paralysis. Children’s bedrooms had wallpaper pre- soaked in DDT. Epidemics of infantile paralysis started to occur every year.

The CDC once published a theory that the cleanest children of middle class parents were uniquely liable to fall ill with infantile paralysis because in their infancy parents kept them away from the dirt in which the virus lie. Once again this theory contradicted everything known about infectious illness — good hygiene nearly always stops epidemics; with infantile paralysis, the CDC argued, good hygiene was the cause.

More recent scandals about vaccines involving Gardasil and Rotateq are disgusting enough, but the champion of all the scam was the hysteria generated by polio in the middle of the 1950s.

Fast tracking unsafe and poorly researched vaccines was certainly the case for one of the first polio vaccines in 1955. In fact the polio vaccine received FDA approval and licensure after two hours of review – the fastest approved drug in the FDA’s history. Known as the Cutter Incident, because the vaccine was manufactured by Cutter Laboratories, within days of vaccination, 40,000 children were left with polio, 200 with severe paralysis and ten deaths. Shortly thereafter the vaccine was quickly withdrawn from circulation and abandoned.

“The CDC’s website still promulgates a blatant untruth that the Salk vaccine was a modern medical success. Dr. Salk himself testified in 1976 that his live virus vaccine, which continued to be distributed in the US until 2000, was the “principal if not sole cause” of all polio cases in the US since 1961. However, after much lobbying and political leveraging, private industry seduced the US Public Health Service to proclaim the vaccine safe.

“Today, US authorities proudly proclaim the nation is polio-free. Medical authorities and advocates of mass vaccination defend the polio vaccine as an example for eradicating a virus and proof of the unfounded “herd immune theory”, Richard Gale and Gary Null reported in their 2015 Progressive Radio tour de force.

One of the largest and most devious medical scandals in the history of American medicine also concerns the polio vaccine. In an excellent history about the polio vaccine, Neil Miller shares the story of Dr. Bernice Eddy, a scientist at the NIH who in 1959 “discovered that the polio vaccines being administered throughout the world contained an infectious agent capable of causing cancer.” As the story is told, her attempts to warn federal officials resulted in the removal of her laboratory and being demoted at the agency.

It was only later that one of the nation’s most famous vaccine developers, Maurice Hilleman at Merck identified the agent as a cancer causing monkey virus, SV40, common in almost all rhesus monkeys being used to culture the polio virus for the vaccine. This contaminant virus was found in all samples of the Sabin oral polio vaccine tested. The virus was also being found in Salk’s killed polio injectable vaccine as well. No one knows for certain how many American’s received SV40 contaminated vaccines, but some estimates put the figure as high as 100 million people. That was greater than half the US population in 1963 when the vaccine was removed from the market.

After almost sixty years of silence and a federally sanctioned cover up, the CDC finally admitted several years ago that the Salk and Sabin vaccines indeed were contaminated with the carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus.

Today Bill Gates, his friend Dr. Fauci and the president of the United States are salivating over the opportunity to vaccinate all Americans to protect everyone from this strange new virus. And the fact remains to those with the courage to learn: viruses don’t make you sick, they make you well.

These are the new dark ages. Anyone advocating a vaccine for anything should be shot on sight.



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    I was also alerted about ONE of the stooges in Michigan:
    Michigan’s Crazed Governor Gretchen Whitmer Bans “Travel Between Residences”

    This power-hungry idiot is in the running to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick!
    This puts her inches away from the presidency.

    Then……. a friend sent this:
    See Dayton, Ohio’s hospitals’ empty parking lots & waitng rooms that were recorded Sunday April 5, 2020:

    Only Jesus/God can SAVE you from these Evil IDIOTS!

    Here’s another simple rule – anybody running for office who does not denounce Zionism, don’t support, make the person explain himself..

    1. @ Barkingdeer:

      That is a good rule for politicians, but a good puppet/dog/cat NEVER goes against the Hand that feeds it! Keep it up Barkie!

  4. I received an email with a video sort of explaining the 5G bandwidth and possible associated issues. This guy in the video, hereinafter referred to as the “giv,” points out that the upper portion of the bandwidth used for fifth generation WiFi can be used to alter one’s mental state. I knew about the government’s effort to produce such results using RF energy years ago, now it has surfaced again.

    Amidst all the hoopla about Cornyvirus and the possible links to 5G, much is being overlooked One of these issues is still highly visible, but virtually forgotten chemtrails. I noted a period of about a week after the Cornyvirus hoopla really got underway, there were no chemtrails, but now they are back. Was the brief interlude to remove their visible presence from sheeple minds while focusing exclusively on the Cornyvirus? Jews are masters of mental manipulation and virtually never miss a trick.

    This brings us back to the subject of 5G. While everybody is focusing on the “death rays” possibly emanating from 5G towers, no one is discussing why the intense push to install this technology to the point of locking every one down. As I wrote previously, 5G is necessary to support quantum based, AI technology and this is made clear in the video. But the giv states that it will be so (((they))) can sell us fast downloads for movies. Really? Once again, we find it is merely a profit motive driving this technology.

    But is it possible there is more than profit driving it? Quite simply, money is merely a marker for power, the more money one has, the more power they can exert. The giv is quite correct when stating cell phones are the best method ever produced to effect the tracking of the individual. Then he continues with how 5G will be able to alter the moods of the public using 5G cell technology, again from a technology potential, all well and good. However, that is where he stops, never approaching the subject of a Quantum A.I. command and control interface with the 5G cell technology.

    Let us now extrapolate various aspects of these technologies. First, the technology exists to alter your emotional/ physical state using the upper end of the 5G bandwidth. Second, everyone will soon have 5G phones, as earlier phone generations are phased out. Third it has been clearly stated the goal of quantum based A.I. is to connect everything with millions or billions of sensors connected to quantum computer database(s).

    Remember the Woody Allen movie Sleeper where he awakens two-hundred years in the future to find he is the only one on the planet that does not have a nose print that can identify him? (Little cinematic Jewish joke there in case you missed it.)

    But in the real world, what about people like me? People who, while having a nose for Jews, do not own or use a cell phone, how can Jews reach out to touch us? Once again, leave it to Hollywood to provide an answer.

    Perhaps you remember the 1966 movie titled Fantastic Voyage where people are shrunk down to a microscopic size and injected into a human body. And males will undoubtedly remember how despite the shrinking, Raquel Welch’s breast size remind proportional.

    Many years later, the nanotechnology portrayed in the movie actually came into being, with devices so small they could be injected into a human body. There was talk about the future potential of “nanobots” being injected into the body that would destroy cancer cells, along with many more wonders. Then as suddenly as it began, all the talk about the glorious future of nanotechnology suddenly disappeared from the public venue.

    But the technology did not go away, in fact it continued to develop to a point where chip technology was reduced to a level where it could an be injected into the body. Of course, anyone with a pet knows this technology has existed for years, but how far has it progressed? Still, if pets can be chipped for identification, why not the goyim herds?

    And therein lies the answer to a number of questions like why Bill Gates and his masters are salivating over the idea of everybody on the planet being vaccinated against Cornyvirus. But what if the only thing of real value being injected into the body is a microchip that communicates with Quantum computer data-bases, linked by 5G technology. Beginning to get the picture yet? What about shrinking those 5G cell phone capabilities down to the nano level to be injected into everyone?

    Jews are funding and pushing all this technology, you know the same “lights unto the world” that dragged us into the nightmare world of the atomic age, with all those “benefits” provided by “our friend” the atom? Considering this new chip technology can be used to turn one into anything from a raging murderous lunatic to a zombie, would anyone doubt that there would be a fatal aspect programmed into the chip as well? A murderous program able to immediately eliminate any “deviant” offender or dissenting individual? You might consider at this point how your car ignition can be turned on and off remotely.

    Let us now consider a Hollywood science fiction scenario. Here we find a world where everyone carries an injected chip that allows communication with anyone anywhere with something that seems akin to mental telepathy. Virtual reality is essentially built into the human brain, allowing people to go wherever they want in any time period without moving from their chair. It is Star Trek’s “Holodeck” built into the brain. These are the “SOTE” the Slaves Of The Earth, that tend the gardens and prune the vineyards of the “MOTE,” the Masters Of The Earth “riding over them like an effendi.”

    Of course, sex, an issue that must always be addressed in such movies, along with toileting habits, is now a matter of imagination. Virtual sex is now as real as the old garden variety reality, but limitless in potential. Since recreational life for the SOTE is all virtually all virtual, cost effectiveness for the Masters Of The Earth is not even a consideration. And since the MOTE own everything, concepts like money and payment no longer exist. As for procreation, human life is now produced in a lab and implanted with the chip technology soon after conception is achieved in a scientifically, stable medium.

    The working class is limited to the amount of virtual sex and reality downtime that can be accessed so they can efficiently produce for the MOTE. As for the non-working classes – there are none. Everyone is happy, as unhappiness and dissatisfaction are no longer part of emotional programming. All emotional states created by chip programming are a sense of blissful happiness. But there is a dark side to this Elysian existence.

    The MOTE have decided there is a large area they need for their recreational plans. The plan is to create a large, natural park area where the MOTE can vacation with their families. To achieve the plan, the area needs to be emptied of all human life forms “negatively impacting the regional ecology” where the plan is to be achieved.

    The MOTE instructs their A.I. command and control oracle to take the necessary action to achieve the desired result. The A.I. sends out a signal over the 10G carrier that instantly “switches off” the lives of everyone in the region and then aims directed energy beams from space to “Cleanse” all the structures in the region.

    Within a few years, a beautiful natural park is available to the MOTE while the SOTE toil their lives away, confined to densely populated, urban areas where their productivity can be utilized with maximum efficiency. But the SOTE never really understand what has happened to their natural life, because it was never programmed into them. Of course, any sort of deviancy is immediately detected and eliminated by the all-seeing, all knowing A.I. command and control Oracle that knows everything about everyone on the planet.

    But before this ever comes to pass, a truly horrible reality sets in.

  5. Thank you Arch for adding to the 5G Technology / Coronavirus connection and mystery. I found these articles to add the the puzzle of this Covid-19 Pandemic Psyop (remember – REAL, HYPE and also HOAX all at once, just like 9/11). One article is about the terminology of Red Dawn (movie, etc. and invasion of USA from within / without). Reminds me of the decline of the Roman Empire as an analogy. Here is the link:

    Found at The New York Times : The “Red Dawn” Emails article. The NYT a Trump-hating publication.

    Next from Bloomberg (owner Michael Bloomberg): the Cost of Coronavirus drugs / treatments, the link is:

    That’s Bloomberg.com Financial/Business news: article is , Potential Coronavirus Drugs May Cost as Little as $1, Study Says. What a shocker and what a Big Pharma ripoff!

    You Americans here, speak up and contact you Congressional Representatives in the House and Senate! Rise Up! Danke! Spasiba!

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