Escape from the future

17 July 2020

Why does the world we made
now make us recoil in horror?


“There is only one way to escape from the future, and that is to seize control of it yourself. If you participate in the beast system you become part of the beast yourself.” — John Kaminski

When the inmates rule the asylum . . .

When I was a little boy in 1955 I used to wonder what the world would be like if everybody turned out to be like Milton Berle, an absolutely simplistic boob who dominated daytime TV. I had that same feeling almost two decades later when the officious solemnity of Richard Nixon was curdled by his own clumsy lie. What would the world be like if everyone turned out to be like Milton Berle and Richard Nixon? I thought back then. Share a solemn toast with me, then, that we have sinned by being gullible and stupid and have not seen those who harvest humans for fun and profit tightening the noose around everyone who still thinks they live in a peaceful and tranquil world.

The controllers have spilled our lives upon the table of civilization and are currently selecting the ingredients we will be allowed to possess in the future.

Wildcard geniuses will be hunted down and killed as fast as possible because they are the greatest danger to the total control of every human mind sought by criminal elements who control our society.

Down by the old mill stream

“I’m glad I’m old!” How many people have you recently heard say these words? As an old duffer I hear them often. They are a shocking denouement of what the world has become. Over and over you hear the complaint: “I’m so glad I don’t have kids in school. I wouldn’t want to be younger now. The life they can expect is something none of us would want.”

Apart from receiving a sanitized rendition of history suitable to whatever terror government in charge at the time, specifically, what’s happening to them is that they are bombarded with homosexual images from first grade on to both discourage and jeopardize their ability to raise traditional families; they are irradiated by laptop computers and Wi-fi, compromising their future ability to procreate; and they are mutilated by poison vaccines that guarantee they will face unnecessary medical issues for the rest of their lives.

Consider the words of well-known microwave expert Barrie Trower:

Anyone who puts Wi-Fi into a school should be locked up for the rest of their lives. I really do think they’re not fit to walk on the surface of this planet because they haven’t looked at the research and whatever incentive they have it’s not worth the genetic problems that parents are going to face with their children when they’re born.

This has been proven. Children’s learning capacity is impaired when they’re around Wi-fi.

An Israeli study in the recent debate about Senate bill 637 concluded that the four top diseases that kill our children and young adults right now are brain tumors, thyroid cancer, testes cancer, and rectal cancer. In case you can’t figure it out, this is where kids carry cellphones.

Not only are all these maladies misdiagnosed and mistreated, no studies on the safety of cellular damage from microwaves emanating from computers have ever been conducted. There have been no studies on either the safety of these devices, or for that matter — turning back to the most critical issue of the day — there are no valid studies on the safety of vaccines given to our children or adults, and the results of this, while ignored, have produced a catastrophic cascade of permanently damaged children.

Despite a long history of illness connected with inventions, society has been deliberately dissuaded from considering the downside of all of these newfangled conveniences that make communication instantaneous but diminish the health of the population significantly. Perhaps this is merely more population control philosophy in action.

The first factor ever isolated in predicting autism was the knowledge that mothers exposed to radiation had children with autism. There you have the long thin wire connecting your cell phone to carcinoma.

Spin quickly from the past to the present and you have Dr. Andrew Kaufman telling interviewer Spiro Skouras, “I haven’t found any evidence that vaccines are beneficial and I have found much scientific evidence that vaccines cause much, much harm.” (26:00)

But perhaps the best example of the more immediate social issues that threaten our future as independent human beings

Rust Never Sleeps

The insane plans of our nightmare leaders to inoculate everyone in the world with their mind control poisons continues behind our backs except for the growing number of anti-media reporting sites. In particular, stories about Africa are generally ignored but often contain the seeds of ideas and action that soon appear elsewhere. Take for instance the brazen openness of black homicidal mania against whites in South Africa having a media-assisted connection to the Black Lives Matter abominations now being effectively used to destabilize the U.S.

Digging just a little deeper that we stumble over . . .

Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp”
Vaccine Record and Payment System

The same way they did it with the China virus. Once China locked down, then it was OK for the U.S. to lock down (and everywhere else as well). Heard anybody say, “It can’t happen here,” lately.

For instance, contact tracing software originally introduced as part of the COVID-19 response has since been used by police departments across the U.S. to track protesters during the country’s recent bouts of protests and civil unrest. Similarly, a controversial Israeli tech firm currently being used in Rhode Island offers AI-powered predictive analytic to identify likely future COVID-19 hotspots and individuals likely to contract COVID-19 in the future, while also offering governments the ability to predict future locations of and participants in riots and civil unrest.

In other news about how the government continues to invent new ways of tracking your every step . . .

In some cities like Minneapolis, though, officials are starting to turn to a familiar tool to investigate networks of protestors. The tool is contact-tracing, and it’s a familiar tool in that people have been hearing about it frequently in recent weeks as an important component of a comprehensive coronavirus pandemic response. According to Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harringon, officials there have been using what they describe, without going into much detail, as contact-tracing in order to build out a picture of protestor affiliations — a process that officials in the state say has led them to conclude that much of the protest activity there is being fueled by people from outside coming in.

And what makes this even more interesting is the fact that a CNN analysis of Minneapolis data found what appears to be the complete opposite of the assertion about out-of-towners. Per CNN, “More than 80% of people booked into jail in Minneapolis on riot and other potentially riot-related charges over the past two days are from Minnesota, according to a CNN analysis of data from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office. Officials had earlier claimed that most protesters came from out of state.”

Fake contact tracers plague Florida

We want individual freedom; nothing less will suffice; accept no substitute.

Anybody who’s talking about philosophy, religion, any kind of group think, is regrettably off the mark. Yes, we need copacetic communities, and yes, we need a trustworthy system of, not exactly government, because we don’t really want to be governed . . . We want to be protected from the crimes of others and most especially from the crimes committed by the government against the people, which continue.

But more than we must insist on our God-given rights from whatever religion we choose or none at all to say that the most important possession we have is our individual freedom, and any other political, doctrinal, or philosophical concern must always remain secondary to the non-negotiable, irrevocable possession of it. No philosophy that does not adhere to that can never be trusted with the welfare of the people.

It doesn’t matter that the government can lead you around like a donkey chasing a carrot. You still have the right NOT to chase the bait and live your own life. When the government interferes with that choice, it is time to overthrow it.

There is refuge in a truly told past, a basis for a solid foundation for a reasonable species to construct a functional and contented civilization, were there but a mechanism to control the beast that has raged supreme since the dawn of time.

By now you must know that there is only one way to escape from the future, and that is to seize control of it yourself.

If you participate in the beast system you become part of the beast yourself.

Wooden ships


25 thoughts to “Escape from the future”

  1. @ John Kaminski

    Excellent article, written with passion and conviction.

    Unfortunately, it has too much padding.

    I found the YouTube music videos trashy attempts at infotainment. Quite unnecessary. They actually detract from the serious points you are making. Chatroom trivia like this should be avoided. Time is in short supply nowadays and we don’t want to waste it on group singalong distractions that add nothing to the article.

    That’s my only criticism. Otherwise the article is well-written and well-researched. And I commend Mr Kaminski for his enormous energy and his penetrating insights into what is ailing America and the rest of this Jew-dominated planet.

    We need to take stock and pay attention to what Mr Kaminski is saying.

    1. I admire John, too, but the article (as others of his) should be geared for the average reader for the greatest effect and impact. It’s not too bad, but should be more plain and direct. (I haven’t checked out the links yet.) And there’s nothing wrong with critiquing an article.

      I realized how smart Max Igan is by how he sees the big picture. He composed and posted very, very moving 50-60 minute video a month or two ago. (If JewTube hadn’t deleted his account I’d find it and link it here.) That video left me in mild shock. The reader is left stunned, but he went right into a fairly loud rap song to close out the video. It trashed my contemplation of the amazing video I just watched. How could such a smart man make that mistake?

  2. It’s amazing but John Kaminski did not use the word ‘Jew’ in this article – not once!

    He seems getting smarter by the day; and I mean it – this is no sarcasm.

    If it continues at this neck breaking pace, it may finally dawn on John that he spent his entire adult life blabbering about nothing: It turns out (if I may rephrase the famous Edgar Steele’s quip) “It’s NOT the Jews, stupid!”

    It turns out that we all are part of the beast – John himself included – for every one of us participates, one way or another, in this madness.

    Who said that an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Yes, it can!

  3. What are the politicians thinking?

    Are they going along with this astoundingly sinister agenda? Are they simply interested in protecting their political careers by doing so?
    It seems no Washington DC politician reads any pending legislation cover to cover and other bills are slipped in without notice. Are any politicians ignorant of Gates vaccine?
    Has anyone high up spoken to them or communicated with their office?
    Is it possible they know things the public and media do not?
    Have repercussions to any resistance been suggested?
    Will there be separate innocuous vaccines for the politically powerful?
    Do they agree with this vaccine insanity?
    Am I in a horrible nightmare I can’t wake from?

    One video I watched on Spiro Skouras’ YouTube channel (‘My State Authorized Mandatory Vaccination… Has Yours?’ suggested it won’t be Trump that decides whether the vaccine will be mandatory, but will be decided on a local level.

    What are city mayors and town managers thinking?

    What are governors thinking?

    What are congressmen/women and senators thinking?

    I see nothing online asking these questions. I’m hoping for some interesting responses with this post.

    1. They won’t say anything really truthful because they KNOW and are AFRAID of the personal repercussions. Like a history professor with whom I was close in my expensive private college who told me he could NOT teach truth about America’s reason for engaging in war against Germany; because he’d draw too much scrutiny from administration for discussing such things.
      Any of these politicians with even half a brain knows the score. They sicken me with their hypocrisy and cushy positions.

  4. Bill Gates and co have their in-body chip in the advanced prototype stage. Africans are already having this minuscule, nano sized device injected into them with compulsory vaccinations. It is like a cell phone on steroids, with authorities able to trace you anywhere, including who you associate with and what you buy and sell, etc. They also contain DNA altering matter which is guaranteed to turn the Goyim into frothing at the mouth idiots, which most are now anyways. …. Bill Gates will have the ability to implement mind altering episodes on anyone they want, including giving them diseases at will. My team is working on a device which will instantly locate the chip, however small, that has been implanted. Anti-nanos can actually destroy live nanos, or cause them to be dispelled via your droppings. As per an episode of a Matt Damon movie, the nano/chip can be placed in a wild beast. imagine Bill Gates’ team trying to keep up with a bouncing kangaroo? I have added a video of myself asleep on the couch to the reverse camera in my smart television.

    1. Max –

      That chip stuff is old tech from decades ago. They are sparking the cells and genes of the ‘injectee’ in the vaccination process and turning their cells into receptors. No ‘chip needed anymore.

  5. They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It

    International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains that the people planning to rule the world want to reduce the global population to 500 million. And he then explains how’ll they’ll kill the six billion of us they want to eliminate.

    1. Pat,
      They want to eliminate 6 billion tax-payers? Don’t sound too smart. Perhaps the IRS will have to be restructured. These Zios certainly are deranged. What would the World look like? Just thinking. 🤔🍷🌮

      1. Don –

        Many tax-payers are more trouble than they’re worth keeping. 🙂

        Mao had no problem with the elimination almost 100 Million of his own countrymen. Stalin, was just as bad.

  6. Matthew/Boston, you “want some interesting answers”? You want to know what these public officials are “thinking”? Answer: = they are thinking Jewspeak. You can get the answers and dispel your “nightmares” if you educate yourself by going to “real Jew” and watching Brother Nathanael Kapner’s last five videos. Than go to John Kaminski and read his essays. Then your obvious naivety will disappear.

  7. To seize control of the future of a world that has turned to madness one needs to reject the insane world and its surreal reality completely from the bottom of ones heart. The only future of an “ancient soup mix that is and was rotten to its core” is too discard it completely as patching up the rot with adding different flavors to the same putrefaction will just make the present continuously repeat itself. Since 2000 years (in Christian calculations of time) instructions on how to look upon “the world” have fallen on deaf ears and hearts while feverishly trying to overcome hell on earth through turning it into a p$eudo paradise for the ones who (un)willingly have become the bea$t themselves.

  8. @ JO

    What are the politicians (and the majority of voters) thinking?
    Answer: $$$$$$$$$$

    Jo has answered right there a much bigger question: Why the West must and will fail?

    Money fetish, unbridled greed, vulgar materialism, hidden but deeply rooted racism (not only between groups of people of different color, but also a weird racism between different strata of the same race – the whites at the helm do not think of the whites at the bottom as equals to them) and, strangely enough, extreme individualism at the same time.

    Not a nice mix that would conduce the survival of society in the long run which is based on it. The relative tranquility and prosperity, which was enjoyed by the West up to this point, was based entirely on impudent robing the rest of the world. When the robing stops – for whatever reasons – the collapse of this disgusting construct is to commence in earnest.

    And that’s exactly what we are witnessing today in the West.

    1. Circ –

      When you mentioned “money fetish, unbridled greed, vulgar materialism…”, you must have been pointing to puny ‘Put-On’ who is so motivated by $$$$$ that he poisons his rivals!!! 💥 🤢

      “Money fetish, unbridled greed, vulgar materialism” to the max…. is:
      ‘Put-On’ and his…
      700 Luxury vehicles
      20 Luxury Houses
      58 Airplanes

      Vladimir Putin Lifestyle 2019 – Cars – $200Billion Net Worth

      Not a nice mix that would conduce the survival of society in the long run which is based on it. 🙂

    2. Circassian, there is only one world that is run by greed through power. This power does not stop in the east nor west. The planet needs urgently to clean itself of the true virus. Humanity and “their” limited understanding of technology based on loot of resources and the destruction of the global environment far and near will extinct eventually all that have distanced/elevated themselves from nature and the universal life force it is driven by. Neither corrupt politicians in the east or west, numbed societies nor “noble” technocratic oligarchs can mend this as greed is but a black hole that eventually consumes all that willingly encircles it.

      1. @ JO

        Allahu Akbar! And for me – an expected Muslim, who is ‘tainted’ by scientific education and scientific way of thinking, – Allah is not some bearded dude up in the skies but that very omnipotent and omnipresent ‘universal life force’ you have succinctly referred to.

  9. I will watch gentle graceful Vernon Coleman as Pat suggested.
    For the devil’s army, the advantage of nano-bots over one-shot DNA alteration is that bots can no doubt be programmed remotely by radio signal.

    “isms”, communism, Judaism, Zionism, feminism, racism … all that plagues mankind would disappear almost overnight were abundant energy to be brought online.

    It has been ready since Alvin Weinberg invented and piloted a working reactor it in the 50’s.

    Doubt it? See here for the advanced plans to build it in Indonesia.

    Unlimited energy means abundant food, water, shelter …. whatever your material desire.

    Perhaps, ask your local puppets (politicians) why it is planned to be built only in Indonesia and why it is not planned to use it to prevent energy wars, water wars, fake CAGW catastrophes …. and why we’ve been waiting 70 years?

    Releasing fear and control over the masses would be a big step, but I’m sure the masses could cope without “leaders”.

    1. Flan –

      Yep. Thanks. As you know…. I have given this here several times over the years:

      Thorium: An energy solution – THORIUM REMIX 2011
      Thorium is plentiful & can be used to generate energy without creating transuranic wastes. Thorium’s capacity as nuclear fuel was discovered during WW II, but ignored because it was unsuitable for making bombs. A liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) is the optimal approach for harvesting energy from Thorium, and has the potential to solve today’s energy/climate crisis. LFTR is a type of Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (Th-MSR). This video summarizes over 6 hours worth of thorium talks given by Kirk Sorensen and other thorium technologists.

      THORIUM REMIX 2011 starts with a 5 minute TL;WL summary, to hold you over until you find your Ritalin. YouTube Closed Captioning is available in English, and many other languages.

    That’s a good post, pertinent questions, valuable, germain, not of the trash variety we get here from time to time… It deserves a response…
    “What are the politicians thinking?
    Are they going along with this astoundingly sinister agenda? Are they simply interested in protecting their political careers by doing so?”
    Unfortunately, their political careers are corporate in nature, they’re pretty much all corporate functionaries, many going in and out through the revolving door.. It’s worse when corporate politicians chair regulatory committees that are supposed to be watching the corporations they came from and will return to… The bill exempting Big Pharma from vaxx lawsuits is an egregious example…
    “It seems no Washington DC politician reads any pending legislation cover to cover and other bills are slipped in without notice. Are any politicians ignorant of Gates vaccine?”
    As that hideous witch Pelosi said -“we have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it”…
    It turns out the USA is totally under the control of the Three Cities Empire, and Washington DC is not part of the USA… It is the post from where the Three Cities Empire controls the country… Reps who go to DC are there under the control of the Vatican, the City of London and the Pentagon… The Three Stars on the DC Flag represent those three global corporate ownership entities… The Pope thinks he owns everything and everybody… The Queen REIGNS from behind the scenes.. The President RULES from up front… So I hear…
    They’re not ignorant that the Gates vaxx is pending, they’re not allowed to care exactly what it means, other than it is a huge corporate windfall and the security state likes it…
    “Has anyone high up spoken to them or communicated with their office?
    Is it possible they know things the public and media do not?
    Have repercussions to any resistance been suggested?
    Will there be separate innocuous vaccines for the politically powerful?”
    I’ve read there already are different vaccines for the insiders… Vaccination itself doesn’t have to be dangerous and destructive… The toxic additives Big Pharma uses with the vaccines are what’s damaging people… We’re only number$ to them…
    Do they agree with this vaccine insanity?
    Am I in a horrible nightmare I can’t wake from?
    After you have taken the Gates Global Gene Gun – they your life will become a bad dream…

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