EXCLUSIVE: Top Forensic Expert—’Epstein was strangled to death in his cell!’

Link found on David Irving site 

EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein had burst capillaries in his eyeballs after he died . . .  which a top forensic pathologist suggests is definitive proof that Epstein was STRANGLED TO DEATH in his cell and did not, as the prison authorities still keep claiming, commit suicide by hanging himself.

The Daily Mail
17 January 2020

Epstein’s final picture taken in prison

A forensic pathologist has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein was likely murdered and did not hang himself because he had burst capillaries in his eyes which is consistent with manual strangulation and not hanging, the Daily Mail can reveal. 

In an exclusive clip from a Dr. Oz special set to air on Thursday, pathologist Dr. Michael Baden examines photographs of Epstein’s eyes and other parts of his lifeless body taken during his autopsy.

Dr. Baden was among physicians in the room when Epstein’s autopsy took place.

He says it is highly unusual that the cause of his death went from being undetermined – when it was first ruled – to suicide by hanging five days later.

He said he believes there are many ‘red flags’ which suggest he was murdered and did not kill himself.

Dr. Baden: If  Epstein had been hanging for some amount of time,
the color in his lower legs and feet would have been purple or maroon. Instead, he was pale

Chief among them are the burst capillaries and the fact that the colour in his lower legs was pale and not purple or blueish which, Dr Baden says, would have likely been the case had he hung himself from his bunk bed as officials say he did.

‘In a hanging, the arteries and the blood vessels, the veins are both clogged off and the person is pale. The face is pale,’ Dr Baden said.

‘It suffocates you, no blood goes up there,’ Dr Oz continued.

Dr. Michael Baden went on: ‘That’s right. No blood coming in or out…. with a manual strangulation, there’s a backup of a pressure and the little capillaries can rupture and they’re best seen in the eye.’

Dr. Baden also revealed why the pale colour of Epstein’s legs raises another question for him.

‘The blood settles after we die. The so-called lividity, if you’re hanging, the lividity is on the lower part on the legs.

‘These would be like maroon/purple, front and back and they aren’t.’

His interpretation of the autopsy backs up claims from Epstein’s estate and conspiracy theorists that he was murdered in August in his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center and did not hang himself. 

At the time, Epstein was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. Dozens of women have accused him of trafficking them when they were underage girls and pimping them out to his wealthy and well-known friends.

When he was arrested, questions immediately were raised over who – if anyone – among his network of high profile acquaintances would also be charged.

The FBI continues to investigate case and there have been demands from some of Epstein’s victims for people including Prince Andrew to face questioning over the late pedophile’s decades-long reign of abuse in high society.

Some of the victims say they too think Epstein was murdered or given the opportunity to kill himself by powerful associates who were frightened he would turn on them to try to lower his own prison term.

Dr. Baden says it is ‘very unusual’ how Epstein’s death was ruled.

‘The initial death certificate was issued at the time of the autopsy. It’s pending further study, getting more information.

‘Five days later it was changed to hanging suicide and one of the things the family wishes to know, the estate wishes to know is, what was that additional information that caused them to change it when five months later and the family still doesn’t know what happened to in the first encounter and what happened to him when he was found dead.

‘Is that unusual, that you have a five month gap?’ Dr. Oz asked him.

He replied: ‘It’s very unusual, especially in a prison situation.’

Dr. Baden also examined the ‘noose’ Epstein apparently used to kill himself and said it was inconsistent with his injuries.

‘Doesn’t follow the furrow, number one. Number two, there’s no evidence that there’s any blood or tissue on any of the part of the loop. Most of all, this little area shows a pattern that wouldn’t be made by this smooth surface of the sheet that was torn to make the noose.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center where Epstein died in August this year. The investigation into his death is ongoing
‘The problem I think why we’re here today, five months later, is that there’s been a total lack of transparency in what happened to Epstein,’ he said.

On the night he died, Epstein had already once tried to kill himself before and had been moved into suicide watch in the prison.

He was inexplicably removed from suicide watch and put in a cell without a cellmate. The night he died, prison guards Tova Noel and Michael Thomas failed to complete multiple mandatory checks on him. They have been charged with falsifying documents for lying about performing the checks. 

Prosecutors say they were in fact surfing the internet and napping at their desks.


LD:  Epstein should have had a cell mate. The prison authorities wangled it so that the pedophile should be left on his own, without any inconvenient eyewitness to the drama that was about to unfold. Epstein should also have been on suicide watch, given that he had tried to kill himself once before. The authorities somehow arranged it that multiple mandatory suicide checks inexplicably failed to take place. The ground had been carefully laid for a public assassin to enter Epstein’s cell and strangle him to death. Epstein’s secrets have gone to the grave with him.  Or have they? [LD] 

Dr. Baden’s interview with Dr. Oz will air on Thursday January 16 at 1pm EST across Fox networks.

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  1. I heard poor Jeffrey hit the cell floor so hard even his DNA changed! (wink wink)

    If a small contingent of little bureaucRats in Podunkville U.S.A. can and do go to such extremes to cover up their schemes to $hakedown we the peons, how hard then is it to believe their (cia) superiors might take such conniving to a whole nother’ level? Not hard at all and I’d even suggest it’s ludicrous to believe they don’t.

  2. i got a great business idea: make lampshades with Epstein’s likeness in bas -relief—it will sell like hamantaschen,
    brand name: Lampschadenfreude.
    • up-gradable to AI level like Siri and Google Assistant, conversational, spouting personal secrets about rich, famous and twisted, and
    • biodegradable when it reaches that pickled fish state that antisemites find nauseating.
    Guaranteed to function flawlessly except on Saturdays.

    Jews are very mysterious species,
    when no bodies are present—it means that 6,000,000 Jews were slaughtered by germans,
    when a clearly murdered body is on the floor—it means that he committed suicide.

  3. I see it is very typical of the coddled wealthy punk…. who never did learn to make up his bed or pick up his clothes!! 🤢

    1. @ Pat

      Fully agree, dear Pat! Shocking way to keep a room.
      But no need to strangle a man for his untidiness! 🙂 🙂

      1. Sincere apologies for any negative comments I made about you recently. No sooner said than deeply regretted.

      2. The pic is totally fraudulent. In prison there is a schedule to keep. Bed sheets, clothing, etc. are collected and washed on a daily basis. There would be no piles of orange linens piled on the floor. Anyway….Jeff is probably living the high-life in Israel by now and noone can blame him. He’s in a safe haven. Israel will never extradite him. Jeff was and is untouchable. Not because he’s a Jew. It’s about shekels. Plain and simple. Donaldo, personally, wishes Jeff well for the remainder of his life. He never committed any grave sin. He enjoyed sex with teenage girls. Well….. just about every normal adult male on planet Earth wants the same. Let’s not kid ourselves. Jeff just got himself mixed up with the wrong crowd of people (Clinton…..cough cough…..) That’s when the proverbial sh.t hit the fan. Well Jeff, Donaldo extends a drink (de mano a mano)…..salud! 🌮🍷✌️

      3. “Sincere apologies for any negative comments I made about you recently. No sooner said than deeply regretted.”

        ALL good to go here, Sard!

        As has been the case on numerous occasions over the years…. I realized that sanity would strike sooner rather than later. 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          I am in two minds about most things. In the beginning, as you know, I was hostile to you. But my views of you mellowed over time and then became basically non-hostile as I realized that your wilder eccentricities were part of your nature and sprung from a genuine need to make some sense out of life and not submit to liars and conmen — particularly the mountebanks of religion with their flashy nostrums. You would continue to serve under the banner of Thomas Payne and be among the six mourners at his funeral, if only in spirit. This I understand. And I sympathize with the impulse.

          The important thing for you right now — on this website, I mean — is for you to continue to fight your corner manfully and not by discouraged by your two arch enemies who would like to defenestrate you from this website because you are a gadfly to them, injuring their enormous egos by refusing to respect them or take instructions from them on how to think. I loathe these arrogant slobs as much as you do, if not more, because there’s nothing I hate more than the airs and graces of self-important omniscience that oozes from the pores of these sick souls.

  4. Anyone with the power and influence to have Epstein “murdered,” under the circumstances, probably could’ve instead opted to have him shipped off to a luxury apartment in an exclusive gated community (for washed-up/obsolete scoundrels) somewhere in the Negev desert. Epstein is probably a new neighbor to Hymie Brown, the famous 9/11 imposter.

    1. Not in the same league as his other half… 🙂

      By the way…people who rubbish my Christianity might enjoy my reading matter, ” The Second Coming Of Christ” – The Resurrection Of The Christ Within You – Parahamansa Yogananda….I’ll get my coat.

      1. Gandhi was a better Christian than Winston Churchill. Yogananda, especially his ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, has received great praise on this site. LD has even written an article about Babaji.

  5. Karma catches up sooner or later. Nobody can escape. Reap what you Sow. Nothing is permanent.

  6. Gandhi was a practicing Hindu. He never converted to Christianity but he was intrigued by it. His first exposure to Christianity came through Christian missionaries.

    Mahatma Gandhi was once quoted, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  7. Jeffery Epstein’s death smells fishy

    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    August 15, 2019

    Word count: 327

    Billionaire and accused sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein have committed suicide in jail and the Bureau of Prisons confirmed to ABC News that Epstein hung himself. Wait, wait, don’t tell me! He was supposed to be on “suicide watch” 24/7 and was to be monitored by multiple guards and cameras but still managed to kill himself?! Americans should be horrified and demand answers from the President and Congress.

    Epstein’s death smells fishy all the way to the highest heavens, especially after many famous names started popping up who were implicated in having sex with minors and he was set to stand trial next year. Epstein’s death brings to mind how Jack Ruby was able to kill Lee Harvey Oswald while in the custody of the Dallas Police Department. Both Oswald and Epstein were shot before they could stand trial.

    According to the British Telegraph, Epstein’s British confident Ghislain Maxwell said she and Epstein were videotaping everyone who visited Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean. The same claim was confirmed by NYT reporter James B. Stewart who said that Epstein made it clear to him during dinner, that he “knew an astonishing number of rich, famous and powerful people, and had photos to prove it. He also claimed to know a great deal about these people, some of it potentially damaging or embarrassing.”

    A woman using the name Katie Johnson had named Trump and Epstein in a $100 million lawsuit, accused them of having sex with her back in 1994 when she was 13 and promised her with money and modeling career. Johnson stated in her complaint that Trump and Epstein threatened to harm her and her family if she did not drop her lawsuit.

    After 9/11, the US government told Americans, “If you see something, say something.” We were also allowed and encouraged to connect the dots. However, you don’t have to connect the dots in Epstein’s death because his so-called suicide is odd and suspicious.
    P.S.: BTW Jewish controlled media would not touch this letter. I should have titled the article , ” Jeffery Epstein’s death smells Jewish.” His murder has Mossad fingers all over it.

  8. Yeah sure Epstein hanged himself with a sheet from his bunk frame gallows, that were only 5 feet off the floor, while his hands were free…
    you saw how they had to get rid of Joan Rivers too, after she shot her mouth off about Michelle Obama being a drag queen hormone tranny whatever…
    She got sick and died though, kinda sudden like… Not quite as messy…
    Leave it Homer Simpson though to clue us in…
    Because it wasn’t going to do to have any other paparazzi types asking Joan more questions about Michelle’s junk, which they would have…
    Her and Jeffrey are probably knocking off a bottle of Mad Dog somewhere on the beach in Tel Aviv, putting together the guest list for their next Spirit Cooking party…

  9. Quality Alert

    An excellent post at The Truth Seeker by Les Visible
    I do Believe that George Soros Could Well be The Anti-Christ

    “He is the main bank for the engineered migrant crisis, whose intent (at the moment) is the destruction of Europe AND AMERICA. He is deep into the Climate Change hoax. He is one of the primary forces behind the promotion of unnatural sexual behavior. He is involved in the attacks on the Second Amendment. He is a powerful influence upon Antifa. He is an abortion banker. Pretty much EVERY MOVEMENT that is directed to the destruction of social harmony and the amplification of world wide confusion and disorder… HE IS BEHIND IT!

    He is diametrically opposed to everything President Trump, ostensibly, wishes to accomplish.

    “This man is one of the main reasons that I support our current president. All of his competition is also under the Soros Thrall… OR WANTS TO BE.
    [the following is of interest]
    “For some reason, there is a loose contingent of individuals out there who think I am unaware of the various negatives that are associated with our current Commander in Chief. He appears to be owned by the psychopathic nation of Israel. Yes… I see this. As I ponder the matter, trying to find other considerations besides this one… I can’t find anything else. Well… he is bombastic. He lacks gravitas. He comes off as a cartoon more than I would like. It can be said that he is an overblown caricature of himself.

    People can have whatever reaction to me they like. It has no effect on me. ONLY WHAT GOD THINKS MEANS ANYTHING TO ME. So… there… I’ve said it again.
    What president [including the Russian one] in recent memory has not had to answer to Israel? What president hasn’t had to put on the doily cap and do the Gefilte Fish Walk? All of them have and when they don’t, they get shot or shown the videos of their moral lapses.”

    I am relieved that i don’t have to pound that drum on my own anymore, nor bear the burden of being singularly dumped on, exactly what i have been saying all along.
    Here is another article, of less profoundly spiritual angle, less intuitive, more scholarly but addressing a closely akin topic
    Secret Wars, Forgotten Betrayals, Global Tyranny. Who Is Really in Charge of the U.S. Military? by a Sino-Canadian lady, lovely and meritorious in every way.
    A sampler, don’t want to write tomes and volumes but sometimes there is just too much that shouldn’t be omitted [highlights/emphases mine]:

    “One key element to this reorganisation under Truman [along with Albert Pike, the highest ranking Freemason ever in the USA] was the dismantling of the previously existing foreign intelligence bureau that was formed by FDR, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) on Sept 20, 1945 only two weeks after WWII was officially declared over. The OSS would be replaced by the CIA officially on Sept 18, 1947, with two years of an American intelligence purge and the internal shifting of chess pieces in the shadows. In addition, de-facto President Truman would also found the United States National Security Council on Sept 18, 1947, the same day he founded the CIA. The NSC was a council whose intended function was to serve as the President’s principal arm for coordinating national security, foreign policies and policies among various government agencies.
    [money quote follows]
    “In Col. Prouty’s book he states, “In 1955, I was designated to establish an office of special operations in compliance with National Security Council (NSC) Directive #5412 of March 15, 1954. This NSC Directive for the first time in the history of the United States defined covert operations and assigned that role to the Central Intelligence Agency to perform such missions, provided they had been directed to do so by the NSC, and further ordered active-duty Armed Forces personnel to avoid such operations. At the same time, the Armed Forces were directed to “provide the military support of the clandestine operations of the CIA” as an official function.”

    What this meant, was that there was to be an intermarriage of the foreign intelligence bureau with the military, and that the foreign intelligence bureau would act as top dog in the relationship, only taking orders from the NSC. THOUGH THE NSC INCLUDES THE PRESIDENT, AS WE WILL SEE, THE PRESIDENT IS VERY FAR FROM BEING IN THE POSITION OF DETERMINING THE NSC’S POLICIES [emphasis mine].

    Let’s just stop here, if none of the foregoing has grabbed your attention, the further effort is futile.
    and once again, for those who haven’t seen this seminal video, by a Protestant preacher of all the tings (!!!), try to spare 1.5 hours of your mortal time to see Jew Coup: Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching.
    Because to me the truth is infinitely more precious than various affiliations, based on the polar difference between Rev. Wiles and the Fallen Pope Francis, I’d be ready to cross the aisle if it made any impact in the final reckoning.
    (fewer than 1,000 words?!? i’d better check myself into the nearest walk-in clinic—mind you, only about 1/4 is my own input)

    per aspera ad astra, per stercore ad veritatem

    1. @ Lobro

      Re. Les Visible’s views on Donald Trump

      LOBRO (having regurgitated huge chunks of an off-topic article by Les Visible from the Truthseeker site) : “I am relieved that i don’t have to pound that drum on my own anymore, nor bear the burden of being singularly dumped on, [this is] exactly what i have been saying all along.”

      Firstly, I fail to see how quoting the views of Les Visible, a crackpot “mystic” on the Truthseeker site who has come to believe he has a hotline to God, proves that you can now rest on your laurels and no longer need to prove that Trump is the New Messiah — a new American messiah who is apparently (according to you) a carbon copy of Stalin.

      How does Les Visibles’ private ravings prove you are in the right about Trump? He parrots your views — you parrot his views. And so, bingo, you are BOTH RIGHT! Q.E.D.

      I can understand how Circassian wiped the floor with you in a previous argument on mathematics, given that your grasp of logic appears to be infantile. “Les Visible says it! So hey, I am right! I am vindicated at last and no one need dump me on me anymore! Game, set and match to me, Lobro the Magnificent!”

      Dream on, buster!

      Secondly, if people “dump on” you here, rest assured there’s a strong possibility that you deserve to be dumped on right royally. Why should you be immune to hostile criticism when you have subjected Lasha Darkmoon to hostile criticism on this website more than once, going so far as to accuse her openly on one occasion of intellectual dishonesty by doctoring a quote on Stalin? Lobro must not be dumped on, forsooth, but Lasha Darkmoon is fair game! Provided of course the Great Lobro is allowed to do the dumping!

      I admire your brand of twisted logic sir, but I do not admire you for practicing it.

      As it turns out, LD’s reference to Stalin was beyond reproach — 100 per cent accurate. If intellectual dishonesty had been LD’s stock-in-trade, Kevin MacDonald wouldn’t have published dozens of meticulously researched articles by LD over the last 10 years, Kevin being an absolute stickler for accuracy and integrity.

      Practice what you preach, sir. Those who dump on others, as you do regularly, will be dumped on yourself. ‘Tis the law of karma. I won’t mention your other crimes and misdemeanors on this website. Maybe at some future date if it becomes necessary.

      In regard to your 1000-word copy-and-paste “comment” above, may I bring to your attention this kindly reminder from Admin:

      # 9. Bandwidth is expensive, so please do NOT copypaste lengthy text from your own works or those of others…. Link to them, avoid long copy-and-paste block quotes. Longwinded comments that relate only tangentially to the subject being discussed will in future be deleted […] Any attempt to derail discussion by introducing a new topic even on a back thread, to the detriment of the topic being currently discussed, will not be tolerated. if you have nothing relevant to say about the subject under discussion, please refrain from commenting.


      1. Sardonicus, let this be your enduring legacy, the one meaningful statement made in about 12 years that I have known you online:

        “Bandwidth is expensive, ad hominem, cheap.”

        I got a premonition of what was coming in your yesterday’s retort to Pat, even though I wasn’t mentioned by name.

        [POINT #1] I am in two minds about most things. In the beginning, as you know, I was hostile to you. But my views of you mellowed over time and then became basically non-hostile
        (…) not submit to liars and conmen — particularly the mountebanks of religion with their flashy nostrums …
        (…) not by discouraged by your two arch enemies who would like to defenestrate you from this website because you are a gadfly to them, injuring their enormous egos by refusing to respect them or take instructions from them on how to think. I loathe these arrogant slobs as much as you do, if not more, because there’s nothing I hate more than the airs and graces of self-important omniscience that oozes from the pores of these sick souls.

        [POINT #1] you were in full attack mode against Pat just 3 days prior and IT WAS I, LOBRO, WHO DEFENDED HIM AND TLOA AGAINST YOUR RABID RAVING, acknowledged by both Pat and Monica.
        But you are shameless enough to now claim that you’ve been a long-time friend to Pat and that IT WAS I, LOBRO, WHO IS ATTACKING HIM (“who would like to defenestrate you from this website”).
        Ever heard of karma, Mr Zen Master (who would be lucky to rebirth as a common cockroach in some s**thole country)?
        And the gall to call me a LIAR …
        Let’s move on, you just said this:

        Les Visible, a crackpot “mystic” on the Truthseeker site

        But I remember rather clearly how you sang praises of the same Les Visible when Darkmoon articled one (or more) of his poems read by his good friend (another crackpot, perchance?), “Snordster”.
        And this delineates your character quite well, in my opinion, today is 22nd, an even numbered date, so we can be friends; enemies on odd numbered ones, and this formula works for Pat, Les Visible, Mark Glenn (2 years ago)

        Lobro and Mark Glenn are a bunch of idiots ruled by wishful thinking and the need to keep face.
        (…) Which explains why the cowardly skunk has slunk off to Mark Glenn’s website wth his tail between his legs, because no other site will have him now! 🙂

        Good riddance, I say!

        And it has ever been thus with you, Sardonicus, dozen wearying years of flip-flopping, spinning needle in a demoralized compass gone haywire because the invisible poles are shifting and swapping every day.
        As for Stalin, if we were to count incidences, you have mentioned him at least twice for each one of mine in the past week or so, so clearly it is a red herring, just to get your foot in the ad-hominem door—but were we to stick to objective, verifiable evidence, I’d be more than happy to discuss the issue.
        I won’t waste contempt on you, limited supplies, know what I mean?
        But feel free to help yourself to crumbs of pity shaking out of my out-turned pockets.
        (And if that’s ok with you, I will now go to The Truthseeker to chat with The Crackpot, maybe the bandwidth vs. ad-hominem ratio works out differently there—it’s a public domain, innit)

        1. @ Lobro

          Your ravings do not impress me one little bit. They are exactly what I expected from you, a pathological narcissist who is incapable of admitting you could be wrong about anything. Respect is what you need to massage your enormous ego, so if you can find it on the Ugly Truth and other antisemitic sites, among your equals in imbecility, by all means do so!

          Cut and run like the sniveling coward you are, taking your damaged ego with you.

          I for one have no intention of giving you the emotional fellatio you crave so obscenely. You don’t deserve respect, Lobro. You are a bully who picked on various female posters on this site, driving them away for daring to contradict you. You forget all too easily. You also attacked and insulted Lasha Darkmoon on this site. Not once, but several times. Dumping on her. And you expect us to sympathize with your whining complaints about being “dumped upon”?

          Read what I said again, sir. It applies to you in spades:

          If people “dump on” you here, rest assured there’s a strong possibility that you deserve to be dumped on right royally. Why should you be immune to hostile criticism when you have subjected Lasha Darkmoon to hostile criticism on this website more than once, going so far as to accuse her openly on one occasion of intellectual dishonesty by doctoring a quote on Stalin? Lobro must not be dumped on, forsooth, but Lasha Darkmoon is fair game! Provided of course the Great Lobro is allowed to do the dumping!

          I admire your brand of twisted logic sir, but I do not admire you for practicing it.

          As it turns out, LD’s reference to Stalin was beyond reproach — 100 per cent accurate. If intellectual dishonesty had been LD’s stock-in-trade, Kevin MacDonald wouldn’t have published dozens of meticulously researched articles by LD over the last 10 years, Kevin being an absolute stickler for accuracy and integrity.

          Practice what you preach, sir. Those who dump on others, as you do regularly, will be dumped on yourself. ‘Tis the law of karma. I won’t mention your other crimes and misdemeanors on this website. Maybe at some future date if it becomes necessary

          But it won’t become necessary, will it? Because the coward has cut and run, tail between legs. Finding the heat in the kitchen too much for him to bear. Good riddance!

          I neither hate nor despise you, Lobro. Because one does not hate or despise a human mosquito let loose on the internet, an online narcissistic nonentity with delusions of grandeur which he can nourish only in cyberspace.

          Hatred and contempt are best avoided anyway, since these emotions contaminate the person they infect.

          The feeling I have for you is one of profoundest pity: the fact that a person with so few admirable qualities can admire himself with such dedicated zeal — an aggressive bully, an outright racist taking pride in dissing all blacks as “niggers” and “baboons”, a sanctimonious pseudo-Christian who worships Stalin, the ultimate Christ hater who killed and tortured millions of innocent Christians in his gulags and torture dungeons. A man who prides himself on his crass ignorance, boasting he’d never read a single biography of Stalin and didn’t need to!

          @ Circassian

          You did well to offer your former enemy Lobro the sweet balm of flattery, comparing him to some Russian supergenius. He fell for it, hook, line and sinker, purring with delight to be compared to some brainy Russian. You forget too easily, however, that this same man made a gentleman’s agreement with you: to leave you alone and not attack you, provided you left him alone also and refrained from attacking him. He reneged on that promise, Circassian, being a man devoid of honor and decency. He waited until he thought you had gone. And then he attacked you behind your back! Not once, but several time, thinking no one would notice his cowardly attack on the Absent Circassian!

          Then you came back. Suddenly. And our Canadian coward had egg all over his face! He was unable to account for his disgusting behavior. No damage limitation would suffice to salvage his reputation as a man of honor.

          Here is a man who has not only disrespected the administrators of this website repeatedly by flouting their rules and even advising them to change their rules to suit him; who picks on female posters and drives them from this website in tears; who pats others on the back genially provided they praise him to the skies first; who insults Lasha Darkmoon openly and insolently on this website; and who now throws up his hands in horror when he is attacked in return: “Oy veh, I’m being dumped upon!”

          You possess ten times this pathetic clown’s intelligence, Circassian. Don’t waste your time by catching him on the hook of flattery, a bait he has never failed to take, whether it came from Ellie K or Troj the resident Loonie.

          @ Lobro

          So much for Lobro. Good riddance, sir! You will not be missed.

          Come back to this site when you are capable of apologizing to it for your ad hominem slurs against Lasha Darkmoon and for your aggressive bullying of female posters … and your multiple other sins.

          I can’t see that day coming soon.

      2. Lobro
        “Objective, verifiable evidence” as it pertains to Stalin being who you says he is? Haven’t you presented such “evidence” in the past? And we are to accept this as what, a furtherance of said evidence? “Breaking news” as it were?😗

        If so, and Sardonicus’ obvious reservations aside, if admin is sufficiently “masochistic” enough to allow your presentation of it, then what would stop you from doing so in this exceedingly fair forum?

        1. @ Brownhawk

          I commend you for your brilliant suggestion. If Lobro has any startling new evidence that Stalin is a public benefactor and a blessing to mankind, he should present that evidence here once and for all. If he fails to do so, that would be a sad dereliction of duty and a sign that Lobro has nothing to say in Stalin’s defence.

          @ Admin

          Would you have any objections if Lobro were allowed to present the case for Stalin on this website?

          1. @ Ruth

            None whatever. Lobro has not been censored in any way and is completely free to speak his mind here. We have our rules about long off-topic posts (as most good websites do) but we are willing to shelve our own rules on this occasion to please and accommodate Lobro. He has much to say that is of definite interest and we have no wish to treat him unfairly.

            We are also willing to publish a full-length feature article by Lobro, entitled “Why I Admire Stalin”. (Or some similar title of Lobro’s own choice). The article would be completely unedited by the DM site, containing not a single addition or subtraction by us. It would be exactly as Lobro wrote it, word for word.

            There are only two stipulations: (1) the article should be of reasonable length, not too long, say 2000-3000 words maximum; and (2) the article should be written by Lobro himself and not consist of long quotations borrowed and pasted from other websites.

            Having said this, I’m sure sure Lobro is more than capable of writing an article in his own words and not rely too heavily on borrowings.

            — Sister Monica
            (on behalf of Admin)

            P.S. The same privilege — of writing an article on Stalin — will not be offered to Sardonicus.

            1. lobro only had like what 20 years to say whatever he wanted about Stalin — but for some reason 20 years is not a sufficient amount of time to say what he has to say about Stalin. And lobro can’t say what he has to say about Stalin unless ADMIN gives lobro permission to break all the rules? This is a joke, right? Please tell me it’s a joke and it’s not for real, please! 🙂

              1. @ Sister Monica
                (Important comment — do not censor!)

                KNOBRO : i have a lot of really good things to say about emperor ching chang of china during the ching chang dynasty, the history books lie about him, I know The Truth about emperor ching chang ! — it’s only going to take another 20 years or so before I can tell you about all the really good things about china’s emperor ching chang, so just be patient for 20 years or so and I’ll teach you all a lot about china’s best emperor in china’s history , that is if ADMIN allows me to break all of Darkmoon’s rules.

                If ADMIN doesn’t treat me SPECIAL and doesn’t allow me to break Darkmoon’s rules whenever I feel like breaking the rules, just for the hell of it, then I’m not going to tell anyone what I know about emperor ching chang of china’s ching chang dynasty nah nah nah nah…..

                TROJ : U go, gobro! 🙂

            2. @ Sister Monica

              P.S. The same privilege — of writing an article on Stalin — will not be offered to Sardonicus.

              you surprise me! sardonicus actually knows something about stalin and has literary skills lobro unfortunately lacks. any article from lobro on this subject is almost bound to be crammed with quotations from stalin propaganda sites. the man is little better than a ranting plagiarist, incapable of writing a readable article in his own words.

              let me predict that lobro will soon turn down your generous offer in the full knowledge that you won’t be able to accept his sub-standard offering. please don’t give this attention-seeking troublemaker any more space on this site. we’ve had nothing but off-topic distractions and diversions since he gatecrashed this site about a week ago. the whole site has seen an exodus of good posters.

              long live sardonicus for standing up this pest!

      3. You also attacked and insulted Lasha Darkmoon on this site. Not once, but several times. Dumping on her.

        I am calling you out on this: demonstrate where when and how I ever “attacked and insulted Lasha Darkmoon on this site. Not once, but several times.”
        If you cannot or will not do it, then the entire forum knows full well that you are a liar.
        Did you hear?

        As for your previous statement that

        [I] have subjected Lasha Darkmoon to hostile criticism on this website more than once, going so far as to accuse her openly on one occasion of intellectual dishonesty by doctoring a quote on Stalin

        I remember it quite well and you as always misrepresent the context (“you” being whoever you truly are, no idea why you are dredging up something entirely unrelated to anything spoken over the last 2 years; must say that i am curious about provenance of that).
        In her article where she cited some outside reference, the claim was made that “Stalin had burned down 100,000 churches” or something like that and after I checked the reference, it clearly did not match, so I assumed it was a copying error and said as much, drawing attention to the said link to be double-checked.
        At no point did I accuse anyone of lying, believing it to have been an honest mistake requiring an erratum.

        As for a fair and open discussion about Stalin and his legacy, I have zero problem with that, although not asking for it, just so the administration understands—it is you pushing it in front.
        But of course, your method of argument never changes, it is always rooted in spineless sycophancy toward some “widely respected” figure, “look, he was a fully tenured professor, now emeritus—or he is published in Guardian and is a keynote speaker at Davos, flies first class to his think-tank symposia, chauffeured in a brand new Bentley Silver Maggot, recipient of numerous awards, ALL HAIL ROBERT SERVICE AND ROBERT CONQUEST!“, in whose name England has served and conquered (guess on whose behalf) since Cromwell’s time.
        Btw, Conquest is the world authority on the Great Terror—you know why? Because he invented the term, just like David Frum invented the Axis of Evil, in other words Robert Conquest is a world authority on Robert Conquest, which deifies him in the eyes of the fact-free armchair historian crowd.

        These are your true two faces, Sardonicus, perfidious cruelty to those stripped of the means of self-defense against the SWARM (look out, it is coming) and abject servility to the perceived authority.

        Reading your words, the blips on my radar screen morph and need a closer look—interesting language indeed … “forsooth” LOL.
        You don’t have to believe me when I say that I have learned to listen to my intuition borne of the animal receptors that make dogs growl when you pass by enveloped in your disturbed emotional field.
        Especially now, when you are sizzling in the heat of passion—on the other thought, strike “passion”, just the usual bitch-heat.

        1. Lobro is back and it’s once again nothing but flame wars. About 50% of the commentary, maybe more than 50% of the commentary, concerns lobro’s flame wars . lobro takes over Darkmoon and introduces strife and a lot of strife. Our “great” leader, the self-appointed /self-anointed “great” leader ] How lobro LERVS flame wars — and how he starts flame wars so subtly, in such an underhanded way. knowbro is very “clever” that way. knowbro prides himself on his cleverness, his shrewdness — and how mean-spirited are the flame wars woebro starts .

          The shrew is proud of its shrewdness. A shrew can be a mammal, looks and acts kinda like a mouse, or a shrew could mean an unhappy twat, either way woebro is a pest — with his constant fomenting of flame wars, a real pest. The most salient feature of pests, they’re annoying — and you can’t concentrate on anything when there’s a pest around ; that’s why it’s always smart to get rid of pests or even one pest immediately : Immediately Eliminate THE PROBLEM.

          If ADMIN had any brains, they would know this already! 🙂

        2. @ Lobro

          ADMIN: Sardonicus: Your comment has been deleted. Not because it is offensive but because it contains private information about Lasha Darkmoon. LD has made it clear to me that she does not wish to be drawn into these demeaning internal disputes, and she has no intention of responding to any emails harassing her.

  10. When someone hangs himself in prison, I just assume murder. But the issue is not how Epstein died, or even if he died. The issue is that he was fronting an Israeli Mossad sex trafficking and blackmail operation with tentacles deeply rooted in the U.S. Government. This is the top news that has been brushed aside by the medias’ attempt to focus on the method of his alleged death of which there is no certainty. My point is that the American media is a functioning arm of the Jewish crime syndicate. It lies about everything. Don’t be misled by another Jewish red herring. Look through the lies for the truth.

    1. pathologist Dr. Michael Baden examines photographs of Epstein’s eyes and other parts of his lifeless body taken during his autopsy.

      either Dr Baden is part of cabal (i’d give it no more than 25% chance) or Epstein truly is dead by murder (75%).
      But you are right, it doesn’t matter.
      What no one talks about is the fate of all the files and incriminating evidence collected over the years—why silent?
      This is the rock to look under.

      as for epstein’s bulging eyes with busted capillaries, how about

      The extravagant home of financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein reportedly contains a plethora of odd and disturbing art pieces, including a collection of prosthetic eyeballs

      hmm, good place for an organ donation of (((artistic))) type, not to mention poetic justice.

    2. TROJ,
      Have you taken your medication? Donaldos home is always open to his fellow Jewish brother. But please learn how to handle the tequila. No puking on the carpet please. 🌮🍷🙄

    1. Putin is one of them, just another jew playing the boogeyman. The jewish west needs an eastern jewish boogeyman but in secret they are all together. Smoke and mirrors as always by the jews.

    2. My understanding is that the Poles started WW2, certainly they were the first to officially declare war, egged on by England and France.

      Still, it is hard to get too upset about a Soviet soldier’s statue, representing as it were, Stalin’s Jew/Communist hordes.

      The Germans never killed enough of them.

      1. The Germans never killed enough of them.

        This is true. Not that they didn’t try hard enough though.

        Since Germans do not seem willing to act as useful idiots any more, I am sure you’ll get your opportunity to fix the German boner. Hopefully, you’ll do better.

        Here is a glimpse at modern “Stalin’s Jew/Communist hordes” you will be pressed to kill in enough quantities.


        Good luck, brother.

      2. Poor Circassian. Still confused about the true identity of the “nazis”….or so it would appear 😎

  11. The Jews are just communicating that they can do whatever they want. Michael Baden indeed. Nothing will come of this. We are being conquered.

  12. i got to love this site as i come here to review the government soap opera called the
    Days of our Lies. many don’t realize its just a made for consumption soap opera and has nothing to do with reality. just because you think it’s true does not make it so.
    the producers of this soap are laughing their asses off because every thing is but a
    fabricated reality to keep the medicated populaces busy.
    actually it’s a diversion from the real light of the truth .
    a virtual reality prison i escaped from 15 years ago after spending 60 years in it.
    but , hell what do i know, even my best friends say i am crazy and that make me happy.

  13. Dear Monica,
    Thanks for the offer, your kindness is rather unique around here, maybe a testimonial to institutional decency where you were trained for orders, more, much more than can be said for Buddhism, unfortunately.
    I plan to take you up on it and don’t care how many others contribute their views and positions. And I will refrain from any quotes or links, it will be freehand all the way in order to shorten the verbiage.

    But first I need to state several points regarding my recent participation which will come to an end soon. These points, all rooted in easily verified evidence will serve as my protection against the venomous malice that is once again swamping the site, always sourced to the same entities—I don’t know how you can put up with them day in and day out because once I am out, they will find another victim in a short order because the spirit of his is their nature—I remember the memorable term: Gybroch. Yes, the spirit of Gybroch has come to roost here, and as per Baudelaire’s observation, the more invisible, the more successful the poison absorbed.

    The following points are bulleted so if anyone finds something factually objectionable they can easily refer to the context.


    Lasha Darkmoon … has no intention of responding to any emails harassing her.

    Just for the commentariat to be clear on this, it wasn’t me, it could hardly have been me. She and I exchanged maybe 4-6 very brief messages since March of last year, carefully neutral in tone, dozen or fewer words apiece. But just to make sure,
    I hereby promise that she will never receive another communication from me as long as I live
    and if I break my word, may my right hand wither, keyboard fingers fall off or whatever Torah demands. She is free to take a screenshot and show the world that lobro is not a man of his word.

    2. Next, despite common belief that I am some kind of quarrelsome provocateur, nothing is further from the truth—as I forever point out, I am 100% in favor of debating topics, 100% against ad-hominem. But the said Gybroch invariably overrules this intent, witness what happened this time, Sardonicus, who is 100% in favor of ad-hominem, 100% against debating topics. He got his favorite pastime turdball rolling here, January 21, apropos of nothing other than cause hurt as per Gybroch’s command unheard by ordinary ears. I challenge anyone to show where I had said anything truly hurtful to Sardonicus other than cautioned him ever so politely to ease off on Pat—right Monica? You confirmed this. But the SWARM picked up on that and went to work in earnest, lining up to take potshots at me, so that in trying to ward them off, I may appear at safe distance like a demented man running and waving arms when in fact trying to stay away from the pestilential cloud of stinging wasps.

    3. Next, and this is also interesting. Apparently, Prof emeritus, Dr Kevin MacDonald, PhD (did I miss any significant letters?) is Sardonicus’ buddy, a peer in every sense, ”Kevin being an absolute stickler for accuracy and integrity.”, like me referring to Bishop Williamson as “Rick”. One wonders what the two share by way of common ground, given Sardonicus’ marked lack of interest in anything other than personal attacks—although the SWARM also professes allegiance to Kevin without referring to him by his Christian name. so what is it then, maybe “hey Kevin, I need you on board to attack Lobro today even though I know you are refereeing a globally anticipated debate between Slavoj and Jordan, but what the heck, why not ask God to substitute for you (“replace” may have wrong connotations), He’s been resting on His laurels recently”, of course refer to God by his Christian name—oops, can’t say that, antisemitic because Divine Jew, y’know. One wonders …

    4. Finally, the curious case of timestamps. I live in Thailand, 7 hours ahead of GMT stamps on comments, i.e., to get the idea of when I post relative to my time zone, add 7 to get UTC+7. Sardonicus lives and prays in Japan, so he says, UTC+9. Look at his posts, e.g., 3:46 PM, which works out to past midnight in Kobe or wherever. Know that this is highly irregular in a Buddhist monastery, I know because there is one near my place, like all the antisemitic religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, they keep time of daily prayers every 4-6 hours and there is an early morning call around 05:00 when a duty monk gets up on a small open tower covered with a pergola under which a bell or bells hang and he bashes them with a drumstick in rapidly rising cadence to awaken the slumbering souls to their Earthly tasks. So what does this mean, that Sardonicus regularly gets 3-4 hours sleep a night? Not to mention that the monastery is very strict about going to bed early, lights out by 9PM, no smartphone texting. One wonders …

    In summation: no emails to LD—ever again, didn’t start the fight with anyone, only defended, Kevin Mac’s bosom buddy (?!?), unusual timestamps.

    Next, a nice, clean on-topic explanation of why am I such an admirer of Stalin.
    Maybe tomorrow, this is exhausting and I got other stuff to do, like run 108 mantra chants off my “mala” beads (makes me so mellow, ad-hominem tastes like formaldehyde)

  14. Stalin, briefly

    As promised, this is 100% freehand, based on my memory of what I have heard and read over the past several years during which I developed a rather intense curiosity about Russia, the bastion of Aryan race and the final stronghold of freedom and relatively unsullied Christianity—while in no way disparaging other ethnicities or religions (aside from the richly deserving servants of Antichrist).

    Some of the authors come to mind that are a treasure trove of revealing data and information made recently available, including numerous archival documents, microfiches, facsimiles, translations and so on:
    Laurent Guyenot, Grover Furr, Valdas Anelauskas, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a bunch of others footnoted by the above authors and randomly cross-checked by me.
    Circassian can double-check for errors in memory and correct as necessary, he surely knows much more and if not, the above authors are invaluable reference, e.g., Furr’s “Khrushchev Lied”, where he uncovers the fact that Khrushchev’s famous anti-Stalin speech after he took the Party control was riddled with pure lies, his 61 points of accusation against Stalin refuted one by one, 60 out of 61 claims, yet this speech forms the bulk of Robert Conquest’s work that made him famous and irreplaceable to the Jewish masters of the West.
    You can freely download Prof Furr’s book, another one in my possession is a hardcopy named “Yezhov vs. Stalin”, not available otherwise.
    You can also see him on youtube, e.g., something like “Continuing revision of Stalin era”.
    Internet search gives you wealth of census data, very detailed and broken down and cross-referenced in many ways, by age, ethnicity, location, sex, education, etc, etc.

    Essentially, the timeline runs as follows:
    1917—Talmudist Bolshevik takeover, plotted and financed by Jew bankers and financiers in the West, who despite wearing different disguises, communists, Zionists, capitalists, were in fact different units in the same army, working toward the unified goal of Messianic promise of world domination.
    Even though Lenin was the nominal head, his merely partial jewish bloodline rendered him suspect to the vast majority of commissars and party leaders, practically all Jews, so they tried to kill him when a Jewess (Dora Kaplan??) shot him from a close range (1919?) but her aim was a bit off and she merely wounded him, seriously enough to cause a lingering decline and death over the next few years.
    In response, he appointed Joe Stalin as his deputy and withdrew into Kremlin where he was safe from Jew machinations as they maneuvered for another shot at him.
    When he finally died (1924?), Stalin through wily maneuvering was able to amass Politburo power and began purging Jews from the top ranks, including trials of the worst criminals against humanity, the ones responsible for the ugliest atrocities against Russian folk, including Yezhov, Trotsky, Kamenov, Zinoviev, Radek and numerous others.

    Some facts and factoids in no particular order:
    His best friend Kirov was assassinated by Jews, he never got over that.
    He refused the highest medal, The Hero of Soviet Union, because he didn’t feel worthy of it, since it was meant to be awarded for battlefield exploits.
    In his later years, he went back to his Christian monastic roots, allowed and encouraged rebuilding of religious networks in Russia and other parts of the Union.
    Never pursued personal wealth accumulation, lived very modestly like a country peasant, surrounded by books and his beloved pipe, and vodka (I think, not sure—Circassian?)

    The only leader in history who openly confronted powerful Jews, put them on trial and where evidence warranted and tribunals proclaimed them guilty, allowed their execution– THE ONLY ONE, I repeat.

    The greatest slaughter and persecution of innocents occurred immediately after 1917 takeover, it eased off considerably after Stalin took power, even though it did continue due to extreme size of the country and backwardness of communication systems so that the atrocities occurring far from the centers of government frequently went unreported for a long time, Jews making the best use of the allotted time.

    Ukrainian Holodomor is greatly exaggerated and isolated as a unique event, when the truth is that Russia suffered periodic famines and not just in Ukraine but other areas, a seasonal disaster going back to 19th century and earlier, similar to present famines in Africa or bushfires in Australia, North America and elsewhere. In fact, the famous Holodomor WAS THE LAST SUCH FAMINE EVER—due in no small part to centralized planning—despite all its faults and ineptitude. The Jew in charge of securing harvests was found guilty of homicidal negligence due to his “enthusiasm” and executed on Stalin’s orders.

    Despite all the hardships, Soviet population grew between 1920 and 1940 before the war.
    Likewise, the expected lifespan or mortality rates were the best ever, whether compared to Tsarist Russia or even today’s Russian Federation even though under Putin, the birth rates, health care and overall prosperity ensures that it is catching up fast.

    On the final note (getting tired and wanting to wrap it up quickly):
    Russians today consider him the greatest Russian or even the greatest man who ever lived, I suppose second to Christ.
    Now think about this for a moment: if it is true that he bears the responsibility for murder of 60+ million ethnic Russians, why would they venerate him so?
    Without going into actuarial calculations, if on average each one of us has say, 10 close relatives, that means that the murder of each one of us affects at least 10 people, of course with numerous overlaps, which only asserts that every survivor can claim DNA link to several ancestral victims.
    With 60 million victims, every Russian alive today might say that Stalin was directly responsible for say, 7-8 of his close blood relatives.
    And yet they think he is the best thing that ever happened to Russia, better than Peter The Great, Catherine, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Mendelev, Tchaikovsky, martyred imperial family of St. Nicholas … what gives?!?
    And there can be no doubt that Russians are by orders of magnitude better educated than Americans, especially in history and geopolitics, they follow it like the Americans follow NASCAR, NBA and NFL leagues.

    Riddle me that.

    1. Lobro –

      NO “riddle” here….

      Russia and Israel’s jews today – Stalin is GONE!! ‘Put-on’ is their BIGGEST partner…. He is there RIGHT NOW!! He is commemorating the HOLOCAUST!! 🙂

      Everything you must know about the biggest diplomatic event in Israel’s history!!

      Who’s coming and who’s boycotting the event? Who will be allowed to speak? Will Putin sit next to Pence? What are the leaders doing in their spare time? And what’s on the menu?

      Delegations from 49 countries, including 41 heads of state, are expected to attend the Forum this week, which will be secured by some 10,000 police. Israeli diplomats said that not even the funerals of Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres drew groups of foreign dignitaries like the ones attending this week’s Holocaust commemoration.

      US Vice President Mike Pence, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Britain’s Prince Charles and French President Emmanuel Macron are the most prominent names on the long list of attendees, which also includes four kings and many leaders from such countries as Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Argentina, as well as the presidents of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.

      1. ‘Put-On’ is praising the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem….
        …….. RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! 🙂

        JERUSALEM (JTA) — A major gathering of world leaders in Jerusalem meant to highlight the world’s determination to learn the lessons of the Holocaust has become mired in controversy even before it has started, dragging Israel into a battle over history debates still raging in Europe three-quarters of a century after the end of World War II.

        Some 46 presidents, princes and prime ministers are due to converge on the Israeli capital on Thursday for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, an event organized by President Reuven Rivlin, Yad Vashem and the Israeli Foreign Ministry to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The brainchild of European Jewish Congress head Moshe Kantor, the event will feature addresses by the leaders of Germany and Allied nations, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

        Kantor has asserted that the event’s purpose is “to discuss moral status of the world, to examine the situation of civil societies and work together to address threats and dangers.” But that message is proving at odds with the divisions the event has generated.

        Angered by Putin’s invitation to address the gathering, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced earlier this month that he would withdraw from the commemoration and attend his own event at Auschwitz if he were not allowed to speak. Yad Vashem pushed back, saying it was “especially appropriate” for the leaders of the Allies that “liberated Europe” to speak.


    2. Lobro
      I’m man enough to offer you a partial mea culpa. But riddle me the Gulags? That aside, here’s the simple truth as I see it – Stalin was a COG in the Rothschild machine. Hitler was a MONKEY WRENCH. Time to move on.

      There’s nothing new saying that the Rothschild money control is the head of the snake. Sever IT and the body dies. Cut only PARTS of the body and the parts grow back, like an octopus. Treating only the symptoms of the disease doesn’t cure the disease.

      The original SPQR knew the score. I echoed the sentiment when saying that the last hope for a solution to be achieved militarily ended when Paulus surrendered the 6th army at STALINgrad.

      This week the Economic Summit is taking place in Switzerland, home of the infamous B.I.S, Rothschilds “Hub in the wheel”. The only way we’re gonna shut em down is at the grassroots level. Local economic units using their own currency and seeded all over the world. When the whole field grows, the whole snake, head and all, will then die on an ostracized vine

      1. I forgot to add:
        “….but not before the snake turns into a scorpion and lashes its vicious tail on it’s way outta Dodge.”

        Find yer enclaves and circle the wagons

    3. @ Lobro

      You never learn do you? Another long OFF-TOPIC rant on Stalin. What does this have to do with Epstein, hm? Nothing!

      Just letting you now that this website has made it crystal clear, not once but several times, that it will not be misused as a platform for pro-Stalin propaganda by Stalin-worshipping fanatics. You may be absolutely right about Stalin, but this does not give you the right to jabber on about Stalin ad nauseam in post after post after post after post.

      Do you understand plain English? Obviously not! So let me tell you in words that you may find easier to understand: CAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE YOUR PRO-STALIN OBSESSIONS WITH YOU TO SOME OTHER WEBSITE!

      I am sick and tired of the way your misuse this website to flood it with your off-topic ravings, contrary to the express wishes of Lasha Darkmoon and the administrators of this website who have it clear that this is an anti-Stalin website and does not intend to let its columns be filled with unending streams of sewage singing the praises of your pet psychopath.

      If you have anything more to say about Stalin, get it off your chest and say it now while Admin is still prepared to humor you and give you free rein to bore the pants off everyone here! Go on, spew forth 1000 words! Let yourself go! If one verbal orgasm isn’t enough for you, allow yourself the luxury of multiple orgasms singing the praises of your psychopathic hero!

      Hopefully, you will soon get the message that this is an anti-Stalin website that INTENDS TO REMAIN AN ANTI-STALIN WEBSITE! — DESPITE ALL YOUR FUTILE EFFORTS TO USE THIS SITE AS A PLATFORM FOR PRO-STALIN PROPAGANDA!

      Does the penny drop?

      1. You said it yourself lobro, when alluding to your using less verbiage. Be an honorable man, brother!

      2. @ Admin

        Will you please confirm that this is ANTI-STALIN WEBSITE and that you have no intention of letting this virus of STALIN PROPAGANDA seep onto other threads and SABOTAGE DISCUSSION on all other topics?

      3. Monica,

        can you tell this prominent member of the venom squirting SWARM that it was YOU who made the suggestion?
        As for the article, sorry I misread and posted it as a regular comment, suggest that you remove it and publish as a featured article.
        This harridan, also known as Emma something-or-other or even 2 Emmas is well known to me for her unspeakable evil, she parachuted onto the site couple of years back pretending to never having seen it earlier but with the clear intent to attack me instantly, from the get-go.
        Even though she gave herself academic airs of never stooping below anything lower than TOO.
        Yeah right, so interested in worldly topics, although you’d never guess from her behavior, I guess she is slumming down here, no?
        Dr Parker in drag, it wouldn’t surprise me.
        And on her behalf Sardonicus says that I am ill-treating women here—what woman, all I see is algae-covered sea monster hosing green barf like in Exorcist.
        Anyway, you tell “her”, Monica.

        Or you know what—I have a better idea.
        Leave my ill-placed St**in comment in place another 6-10 hours and after that REMOVE IT, no need for an article.
        So the forum can enjoy the blessings of this Silent Reader, so quiet and silent, radiating rainbow sanctity out of her hairy nostrils.
        With such heavenly talent, I wouldn’t wish to steal anymore precious bandwidth—bye Pat and a few others.

        (remember Monica, delete the St**in comment—NO ARTICLE, NO NOTHING, the sooner the better and you will remain one pleasant memory with me)

        1. Dear Lobro —

          Of course I gave you permission to say what you wished about Stalin and Silent Reader is perfectly well aware of that. Nor did he/she forbid you to speak. On the contrary, Silent Reader urged you to continue for as long as you wished to do so — on this particular thread, that is, where you have been given free rein.

          Silent Reader’s own words:

          If you have anything more to say about Stalin, get it off your chest and say it now while Admin is still prepared to humor you and give you free rein to bore the pants off everyone here! Go on, spew forth 1000 words! Let yourself go! If one verbal orgasm isn’t enough for you, allow yourself the luxury of multiple orgasms singing the praises of your psychopathic hero!

          It seems to me, dear Lobro, that Silent Reader is not forbidding you to speak but is giving you the green light to say exactly as you please for as long as you want — on this particular thread. So why not use the opportunity to do so?

  15. This story is about as stale as ol’ Epstein’s carcass rotting somewhere. Meanwhile, I just heard VP Spence’s puke speech at the holohoax memorial gathering and feel bad I still think I should vote for he and Trump just because I cannot stomach the scum opposing them.

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