Facebook Hires an Israeli Censor: Another Attack on Free Speech by the Jewish State


This time it’s serious. All valid criticism of Israel or Jewish crimes and misdemeanors will be regarded from now on as “anti-Semitic hate speech”. 

The Unz Review
September 1, 2020 

Pictures and captions added by Lasha Darkmoon
by way of brief commentary

Israel’s defenders both in the political realm and in the media have long used every weapon available to stifle any criticism of Israeli racism and its oppression of the Palestinians.

In particular, the use of “anti-Semitism” as something like a tactical discussion stopper in deliberations about the Middle East has long been a staple of both American and European politics. It is freely employed to end all dispute while also condemning those accused of the crime to being somehow outside the pale, monsters who are consigned forever to derision and obscurity. But the Israelis and, to be sure, many diaspora Jews know exactly how the expression has been weaponized. Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni explained how it is done: “Anti-Semitic: it’s a trick, we always use it.”

(See video below)

If one were to read the U.S. mainstream media, reflective as it nearly always is of a certain institutional Jewish viewpoint, one would think that there has been a dramatic increase in anti-Semitism worldwide, but that claim is incorrect.

What has been taking place is not hatred of Jews but rather a confluence of two factors. First is the undeniable fact that Israel has been behaving particularly badly, even by its admittedly low standards. Its slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza has been unusually observable in spite of media attempts to avoid mentioning it, plus its support of terrorists in Syria and attacks on that country have also raised questions about the intentions of the kleptocratic regime in Tel Aviv, which is currently pushing hard for an attack on Iran and appears to have the Trump administration fully on board.

That all means that the perception of Israel as an exclusively Jewish state, inevitably raises questions about the behavior of the international Jewish community that has done so much to shape the favorable narrative, but it does not necessarily imply hatred of the Jewish ethnicity or religion.

Second, the alleged increase in anti-Semitic incidents is also largely fueled by how those incidents are defined. Israel and its friends have worked hard to broaden the parameters of the discussion, making any criticism of Israel or its activities either a hate crime or ipso facto an anti-Semitic incident.

The State Department’s working definition of anti-Semitism now includes “…the targeting of the state of Israel” and it warns that anti-Semitism is a criminal offense.

Recent legislation in Washington and also in Europe has criminalized hitherto legal and non-violent efforts to pressure Israel regarding its inhumanity vis-à-vis the Palestinians. Legitimate criticism of Israel thereby becomes both anti-Semitism and criminal, increasing the count of so-called anti-Semitic incidents. That means that the numbers inevitably go up, providing fodder to validate a repressive response.

One might add that Hollywood, the mainstream media and academia have contributed to the allegations regarding surging anti-Semitism, relentlessly unleashing a torrent of material rooting out alleged anti-Semites and so-called holocaust deniers, while simultaneously heaping praise on Israel and its achievements.

All of the media exposure of so-called anti-Semitism has a political objective, whether intended or not, which is to insulate Israel itself from any criticism and to create for all Jews the status of perpetual victimhood which permits many in the diaspora to unflinchingly support a foreign country against the interests of the nations where they were born, raised and made their fortunes.

Two Muslim congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, have dared to overtly challenge the reality that Jewish power is greatly disproportionate in Washington. Tlaib said that the sponsors of legislation intended to benefit Israel by limiting free speech “…forgot what country they represent. This is the U.S. where boycotting is a right and part of our historical fight for freedom and equality. Maybe a refresher on our U.S. Constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away.”

Indeed, Congressional Israel boosters have long since forgotten that they are supposed to uphold the Constitution of the United States while also promoting the interests of their constituents, not those of a country seven thousand miles away.

Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept responded to the Tlaib comment with a tweet “It’s stunning how much time US political leaders spend defending a foreign nation even if it means attacking free speech rights of Americans.” Ilhan Omar then tweeted her own pithy rejoinder to Greenwald: “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!” which was in reference to the Founder Benjamin Franklin’s portrait on hundred-dollar bills. Her comment was almost immediately interpreted as meaning that she was accusing leading politicians of being bought by the Israel Lobby, which is at least in some cases basically true.

There followed a manufactured outrage, with political leaders from both parties latching on to a media frenzy to score points against each other. Even though it is perfectly legitimate for a Congresswoman on the Foreign Affairs Committee to challenge what the Israel Lobby does and where its money comes from, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi complained that Omar’s “use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters” was “deeply offensive.”

President Donald Trump, who has admitted that his Mideast policy is intended to serve Israeli rather than U.S. interests, also jumped in, saying “I think she should either resign from congress or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”


DONALD TRUMP (public statement in praise of Israel) :  “As everyone knows, I have done a lot for Israel: moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem; recognizing — (applause) — recognizing the Golan Heights — (applause) — and, frankly, perhaps most importantly, getting out of the terrible Iran nuclear deal.” (Applause) 

—   §   —

Omar’s comments preceded the recent wave of pro-Israel censorship in news stories, on social media and also within information “search” services on the internet. If anything, the effort to broaden the censorship of language and expressions relating to Israel and the activities of the Israel Lobby both in the United States and worldwide has increased. News/information sites like Yahoo have stopped allowing comments on their articles in part because the comments often contradicted their reporting on the Middle East and also on other issues. Google searches are skewed to bury results that are particularly critical of the Jewish state.

As it is an election year and both parties are seeking tens of millions of dollars from Israel-tied Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban, the effort to make any criticism of Israel hate speech is intensifying. Two weeks ago “…more than 120 organizations sent a letter to the social media giant [Facebook], urging it to ‘fully adopt’ the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism as the ‘cornerstone of Facebook’s hate speech policy regarding antisemitism.’

This definition, which was adopted by the IHRA in 2016 and has been promoted to governments worldwide, includes several examples of what it describes as ‘contemporary’ antisemitism—including ‘denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” and “applying double standards’ to Israel—that can be interpreted to define much criticism of Israel, Israeli policies, or Zionism as antisemitism.”

Facebook for its part has hired Emi Palmor, former director-general of Israel’s justice ministry, as a member of its new oversight board which will censor content on the site. The company’s chief operations officer Sheryl Sandberg has also declared that FB is using “…the IHRA definition ‘in informing [its] own approach and definitions,’ that its new policy ‘draws on the spirit—and the text—of the IHRA,’ and that under Facebook’s policy, ‘Jews and Israelis are treated as “protected characteristics.’”


(Smirk, smirk)
“I alone will decide what you will be allowed
to hear about Israel from now on!”

—   §   —

‘Protected characteristics’ means in practice that any criticism of the activities of either Israelis or Jewish groups will no longer be acceptable on Facebook.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Facebook is also now censoring any material that might lead to legitimate criticism of the Jewish state and its policies.

On August 18th the site removed a picture and article showing a road filled with dead Palestinian-owned sheep that were reportedly killed by an Israeli settler driver. The Israeli deliberately ran over the animals with his car as part of a campaign to destroy the livelihoods of Palestinian farmers on the West Bank.

When the Israel Lobby complains that portraying Israel negatively is thinly veiled anti-Semitism, one might well respond that terrible things are being done in the Middle East in the name of Jews and of Israel.

Silencing critics by accusing them of a hate crime is little more than a perversion of justice to serve the demands of a powerful and wealthy minority as well as a denial of constitutional rights for all Americans.

When confronted by accusations of “anti-Semitism”, just recall what the Israeli minister admitted: “It’s a trick, we always use it.”


“‘Anti-semitic’? — It’s a trick, we always use it.”
VIDEO   :   1.22 mins

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  1. What is the worst thing that can happen to Israel?
    Turks throw Holocaust statues into the rivers.
    Turks in slums and favelas are multiplying.

  2. This time it’s serious. All valid criticism of Israel or Jewish crimes and misdemeanors will be regarded from now on as “anti-Semitic hate speech”.

    This is one of the few remaining sites where freedom to criticize Israel and Jews has not been banned. However, I learn that the site’s administrators are under constant attack from Jewish trolls posing as White Nationalists.

    Curiously, some of the most virulent anti-Semitic comments, both here and on Facebook, are written by Jews themselves. Crypto-Jews having a feast of fun bashing Jews and attacking Christianity as a Jewish invention.

    The ultimate aim of these Jews and their goyim lackeys is three-fold:

    (1) to destroy the Palestinians and expand Israel’s predatory land occupation in the Middle East.

    (2) To undermine Western civilization by flooding it with pornography and degenerate Jewish values.

    (3) To demoralize entire populations by promoting atheistical Communism and the destruction of Christianity.

    1. (4) To FORCE Mass 3rd-World Immigration into white Ancestral Europe to DESTROY European Cultures and subjugate the White Race.

    2. “Anti Semitism”- “It’s a trick,we always use it” to stifle ANY legitimate Criticisms of Israel,no matter how true– “Shulamit Aloni”, an HONEST Jewish Israeli former Cabinet Member .

      FEAR is our WORST ENEMY.Worse than anything Jews can do, because it stops most people from ACTUALLY standing up to them and their corrupt system.

      I can assure anyone that they do NOT nor will they stifle me. Although I am IRISH, with IRA family in Canada,U.S., Ireland, Africa and elsewhere, I have been naming them since 1974, when they, in effect, confiscated the Bank of Canada, and am still waiting to be charged with “Anti-Semitism”. I will challenge any charges, including COVID 19 Restrictions, by Not giving CONSENT to their FAKE Jurisdictional Kangaroo Courts, of NOAHIDE Criminal orders, which Zionists call “Laws” or their “Useful Idiot” so-called ENFORCER Police, but I WILL contest in COMMON LAW Jurisdiction. I will further inform, ALL of my thousands of strategic Contacts, including Media, around this Planet, of my ACTIONS.

      Those Ashkenazi FAKE SEMITES, KNOW they will LOSE. I do not frighten.They know me, too well. More of us need to use COMMON LAW ……..

      “Canadians across Canada are creating COMMON LAW District Sanctuaries (called Assemblies) against the Tyrannical “CORPORATE Police STATE” in Canada, also recently, additionally-inspired by COVID 19 UNLAWUL MANDATES and RESTRICTIONS: https://adlerpeter.wordpress.com/2020/08/27/parksville-prefers-common-sense-to-government-idiocy/ Australia is ALSO getting involved in Common LAW, jurisdictions. ” REPUBLIC of KANATA “ a legitimate Republic, replaces CANADA, one district (Assembly) at a time: https://republicofkanata.ca/proclamation/

      Canada is now much FREER than America, in most issues, except Gun rights but Common Law WILL take care of that, soon enough.”

      From a member of the JEWISH FAITH, talking truth about JEWS, and 911, a RARE Honourable, Knowledgeable and Honest man, Canadian Jew HENRY MAKOW https://www.henrymakow.com/001685.html

      Everyone- Conquer your FEAR.

      1. Freespirit,

        Last I heard, Canada was in a pretty bad way. Far worse than America, I was told, in regard to free speech. I read somewhere that there were basically only two parties in Canada: the left and the far left. Is there any truth in that? Just asking. I don’t live in Canada but have relations there.

        BTW, how is the Canadian dollar doing nowadays? Are Canadians reluctant to travel because of a weak dollar?

  3. It is a joke to say people like Tlaib and Omar uphold The Constitution. They’re as odious as any Jew Zionist, and it is no help to America to support anything they say.

    1. Is it forbidden to agree with Mr. Gilbert Huntly? Is that a rule now? NO agreeing with Mr. Gilbert Huntly? I ask because the post I sent in reply to Mr. Gilbert Huntly wherein and whereby and wherefore and furthermore it’s obvious I’m in agreement with Mr. Gilbert Huntly is being CENSORED. Who in ADMIN decided my post in agreement with Mr. Gilbert Huntly should be CENSORED? Or, everyone in ADMIN decided to CENSOR the post? Since when we’re not allowed to agree with Mr. Gilbert Huntly? Gee, I hope I didn’t bring any harm to Darkmoon. I know how hard you all work to keep the website going. I would hate to be the one who ruins all your work and destroys Darkmoon by agreeing with Mr. Gilbert Huntly, geeesh.

      1. Your comment to Gilbert was unacceptable. Not because of what you said to Gilbert but because of your disgustingly insensitive references to Pat. Pat has disappeared in tragic circumstances, the victim of a deadly hurricane. You joked about his disappearance and took great pleasure in imagining what fun it would be if his body was found washed up on a beach in Florida.

        Frankly, you belong in a mental institution. To make such heartlessly cruel comments about a man we all knew who is probably now dead is pretty disgusting. Pat’s wife is missing too. And you think this is all a laughing matter, do you? Time for the Clown to do cartwheels, is it?

        You are the only person I know who would dance a jig and tell dirty jokes at someone’s funeral.

  4. having a jew to head these social platforms is like saying jews hired another jew to work in the sinagogue. jews run all the main sites…joogle, pay pal ,facebook etc. their tenacles are in anything that affects your thinking and they control the media and the schools so that is why there are 1000’s of PANTIFA communists and BLM savages in the streets in US

  5. It would be nice to have a President who actually keeps his promises to the American people and stops the never-ending tide of illegal immigration into America. It would also be nice to have a man of moral integrity in the White House who didn’t surround himself with Jewish advisors — a Zionist fanatic who has handed over the Palestinians on a silver platter to the Jews. Anyone who backs the cruelties inflicted on the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, is a man without conscience. Anyone who puts his hopes in such a conscienceless serial killer needs our pity and contempt.

    1. Well said, Manfred! Your excellent comment will now be taken as a covert ad hominem attack on the the brain-damaged brood of fanatical Trump supporters who fester on this website like maggots
      in a rotting skull.

      1. Joe Biden held a Labor Day political rally event in Lancaster PA and a grand total of 4 people showed up!

  6. Since 1913 when the zionists created their privately owned FED and IRS the zionists have owned the ZUSS and the MSM, all the social media platforms are owned by the zionists, and now they are using these to mass brain wash the people on the covid-19 scam, hoax, lie, and psyop to bring in UN Agenda 2030, which will be hell on earth if they succeed.

  7. Israel uses Facebook to blacklist pro-Palestinian writers. Israel uses Facebook to identify pro-Palestinian individuals who are interested in entering the country then it smears their names.

    A few years ago, News World Middle East Facebook ‘blocks’ accounts of seven Palestinian journalists New agreement between the social media giant and Israeli authorities to tackle ‘incitement’, thus another assault on free speech in America.

    Facebook blocks pro-Palestinian accounts arbitrarily and without notice, and without providing a reason. In other words, Facebook acts as Israel’s bitch. Basically, the only democracy is not happy with the account holders.

    Palestine will never be freed until the US is free from Jewish denomination first.

  8. Never forget that Jews are fundamental liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name.

    Even St. Paul said that Jews give God a bad name. Romans 2:24 (NIV): “As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you (the Jews).

  9. Anti-Semites do not create themselves. Despicable members of the Jewish tribe create anti-Semites because of their incessant crimes against humanity and their basically repulsive nature.

    1. an anti semite is a guy the jews hate. even kissinger said…If I wasnt born a jew I would be an anti semite

    2. Years ago I saw a sticker on a car that said, “Insanity is hereditary–you get it from your kids”. Sometime later I got thinking, what if….someone made up a sticker that said “Anti-Semitism is contagious–you get it from Jews”? No doubt a car with a sticker such as this would be trashed in no time. Maybe a convenient way to get a junk car hauled away, after someone torched it. Yeah, let the poleeze or fire department handle it.

  10. Facebook users are beyond redemption. They were warned about the “health” risks by a large number of highly qualified people: Edward Snowden, Steve Wozniak, Facebook senior executives – some who believe they will be placed in hell for key contributions to humanities downfall, …

    Posting truth on Failbook will sway an infinitesimally small number of minds.

    Thus, what these enemies of humanity (FB, Google, Twitter, Amazon) do is of no practical importance to dissemination of truth.

  11. the speech restrictions are about stopping bds… there’s really more sentiment for that, including throughout the current revolutionary ranks, than you’ll ever hear mention of over the totally mazaltavy msm…
    but there’s no way they can be implemented without finally making it plain to the ventrilouist woodenheads just how much control the zion have over their supposedly free country… added to every other festering thing now a legal restriction against criticism of israel will help explode the coming nationalist backlash…
    boycott can be a very effective way of eliminating whatever political cabal happens to be in control of a country… it’s what the antagonistic sanctions we have in place against certain nations are all about, reducing the standard of living generally, to the point where the sitting cadre have no popular support, and won’t likely get any, and must resort to blatantly repressive methods to stay in power… like what should happen in israel… the zionist talmudic fake-jews know this very well… they were in fact able to severely harm the hitler regime in its early days through a highly organized effort put forth from the jewish communities in the usa and european countries… the zionist faction in cahoots with the nazis, which was despised at the time by the huge jewish majority, was able by a bare margin to keep the hitlerites in power in germany during the 1930s… and it was only a huge international investment program in germany’s rearmament under hitler that saved the nazi regime from the pitchforks and kept the zionist movement alive… of course that build-up led to ww2 and a similar economic boom in the west, which had been rotting away for quite some time under the control of its own financial oligarchy… as disaster capitalist windfalls go fdr’s war powers super-boom was totally unprecedented at the time in terms of money scale and social impact…
    here’s an old pcr article pointing out the censorship process…
    i pasted an astute comment form it below… read it carefully…
    “I hope Santa Barbara is the worst example of rabbinical Talmudist fascism and mind control. Hannah-Beth Jackson’s bill to criminalize support for the BDU movement, ADL-Google censorship approved by the school board in an least one county public high school, and, as of March 20, 2017, Jackson has introduced a bill to censor “fake news” in the county.
    I don’t think many Christians are aware that the 1909 Illuminati-authored, Rothschild-sponsored Scofield bible includes unsupported eretz-Israel text and footnotes, written by a person with no knowledge of ancient Hebrew or Aramaic or other qualifications – additions explicitly banned in the written Torah, with the penalty of the imposition of all curses mentioned in Torah for violation. I know that neither Jews nor Christians are aware that what’s referred to as Judaism today is rabbinical Talmudism based on the Babylonian Talmud, Kabbalah and Zohar that are the pagan beliefs that led to the exile of the Hebrews from Israel, and that reading the bible – Torah, the Penateuch, and the prophets (the OT) is proscribed by the pharisees who consider their teachings to be the authority, rather than the words of Yahweh in scripture. The genocide of the am- ha’aretz, the common people who didn’t recognize the false authority of the pharisees over scripture during the Holocaust, has been well-suppresses, in spite of statements by Talmudic rabbis in support of Hitler’s mass murder of these authentic Jews. There is no biblical Judaism today other than the tiny Karaite sect, also persecuted by Talmudic pharisees. Talmudism is satanism, self-worship and racial supremacy that contradicts the bible and is enforced through rabbinical fascism. The end-time deception that’s supported through the ignorance and brainwashing of evangelical Christians.”

    1. Hitler’s mass murder of authentic jews, Bark? You’re still believing that tripe you glean from authors who only WANT to believe they’re conveying the truth ? You and these at best ill – informed writers obviously don’t have a clue about the extent to which Hitler and his NS movement were masterfully played in those years by the very Zios YOU claim he was in CAHOOTS with.
      Most of what you write is legit, but this blind spot of yours over Hitler is getting tiresome. 😩


    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    September 9, 2020

    Inline image

    Mort Klein, who is the President of the Zionist Organizations of America responded to the nomination of Kamala Harris, whose husband is Jewish, by saying that serious Jews don’t marry non-Jewish women. Surprisingly, Trump did not tweet about it, and neither any other US public officials nor celebrities. There was no outrage expressed, no call for resignation, and no charges of anti-Semitism. Imagine for a moment what would have happened if either US Rep. Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib said this? We will never hear the end of it.

    Ironically, some Jews even referred to the former Daily Show comedian Jon Stewart as a self-hating Jew for marrying a non-Jewish woman. Stewart once described this kind of Jewish behavior as ‘fascistic’ when it comes to defining who is and isn’t a Jew.

    Mark Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla is not Jewish. She is a Buddhist by faith. However, Israel, AIPAC, and Israel’s lovers in the US will not dare want to ruffle Mark Zuckerberg’s feathers because he has a final say what goes on Facebook. Simply put, he controls the flow of information when it comes to Palestine/Israel. Facebook blocks pro-Palestinian accounts arbitrarily without notice and without providing a reason. Facebook sometimes uses the term incitement as an excuse but FB never applied this term when Jews advocate violence or genocide against Palestinians. In other words, Facebook acts as Israel’s bitch.

    Inline image

    Philip Giraldi, who is a former CIA intelligence officer, just wrote today a brilliant article on the subject titled, “Facebook hires an Israeli censor: Another attack on Free Speech” by the Jewish State (Darkmoon, September 9, 2020). Emi Palmor, who is a former director-general of Israel’s justice ministry, will serve as a member of the new oversight board which will censor contents on the site.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    USAF Retired Veteran
    Westerville, Ohio

  13. I propose that the U.S. State Department adopt the following as its “working definition” of anti-Semitism:

    “Anti-Semitism is a natural, biological, wholly-justified response to Jewish predation, which exists in many forms: territorial, financial, sexual, cultural, spiritual and corporeal. In short, it’s self-defense.”

    Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

    1. Agree, but the state dept. will never do it, they are under total zionist control as is the rest of the government, Kay Griggs has videos on youtube that explain the zionist infiltration, it may as well be the state dept. for Israel.

      1. You’re 100% correct, Desert Fox. The same holds true for the U.S. military, which I have long referred to as the “Israeli Foreign Legion.”

  14. “One might add that Hollywood, the mainstream media and academia have contributed to the allegations regarding surging anti-Semitism, relentlessly unleashing a torrent of material rooting out alleged anti-Semites and so-called holocaust deniers, while simultaneously heaping praise on Israel and its achievements.”

    Speaking of such establishment machinations, it seems to me that our masters are now trying to energize Trump’s base as the election approaches by stoking fears of an anti-White pogrom that only Trump can save us from.

    In a sense they are doing the same thing they did in 2016. Back then it was vote-Clinton-and-get-war-with-Russia-over-Syria or vote-Trump-and-live-to-vote-again-another-day. This time it’s apparently vote-Biden-and-Whites-will-be-rounded-up-and-put-in-camps or vote-Trump-and-avoid-internment-camps-and/or-death-at-the-hands-of-the-communists.

    Apparently in order to create a context in which Trump can be portrayed as a paragon of virtue and reason – and likely be reelected – the “establishment” first unleashed BLM/Antifa rental mobs (implying that the resultant looting and burning are a reasonable response to the imaginary systemic White racism that’s the root cause of all the trouble in the universe). Then they followed up with “intelligence assessments” claiming that “White supremacists” (whatever they exactly are) “will remain the most ‘persistent and lethal threat’ in the United States through 2021, according to Department of Homeland Security draft documents.”


    Alas, look what happened next: as “fate” would have it, along comes a “whistleblower” who accuses the Trump administration of wanting to modify the intelligence assessments apparently “downplaying… the White supremacist (threat)” while apparently emphasizing the threat from “leftist groups like those the Trump administration has portrayed as a top threat.”

    “A whistleblower is alleging that top political appointees in the Department of Homeland Security repeatedly instructed career officials to modify intelligence assessments to suit President Donald Trump’s agenda by downplaying Russia’s efforts to interfere in the US and the threat posed by White supremacists, according to documents reviewed by CNN and a source familiar with the situation.


    Murphy (the alleged “whistleblower”) first argued with Cuccinelli then Wolf, pushing back against changes to the draft version of the report that would have watered-down language pertaining to White supremacists and added additional information about leftist groups like those the Trump administration has portrayed as a top threat to the US ahead of the November presidential election, according to the complaint.
    When Murphy refused to implement the changes as directed, Cuccinelli and Wolf stopped the report from being finished, the source said.”


    The “whistleblower” angle adds a nice propaganda touch, doesn’t it?

    So (hint, hint) our hero, Donald Trump, the closet White supremacist who once notoriously retweeted (before quickly deleting) a video where some of his supporters were heard shouting “White power” – as imperfect as he is – now seems the only thing standing between Whites and the horrific fate that the nomenklatura would have in store for us.

  15. Notice how no BLM protestors and cancel culture statue wreckers have gone near the iconic Holocaust museum or six million memorials all over the place. Notice how all these Jewish organizations are supporting the riots by publishing their lists of approving voices in the New York Times. What I notice is how similar the rhetoric of these rioting thugs is to Jewish table talk–you know, every white person (goyim) is a potential fascist. I can see if Joe Biden wins, anyone who even tries to make a peep about anything will be silenced and labeled a fascist, white supremacist. If you don’t “take a knee” to every rapist, murdering, looting lunatic then you must be racist against Blacks. It’s all talk, of course, because Jews have never given a hoot about Blacks or any other ethnicity but their own. They’ll probably have to build hundreds of more Holocaust museums to increase worship by their adoring fans and if you don’t show sufficient adoration, you’re an anti-semite.

    1. “I can see if Joe Biden wins, anyone who even tries to make a peep about anything will be silenced and labeled a fascist, white supremacist. If you don’t “take a knee” to every rapist, murdering, looting lunatic then you must be racist against Blacks.”

      Well that’s apparently what they want you to believe so you’ll vote for Trump. He saved us from warmonger Clinton the first time around, and now we need him again, this time to save us from communist sympathizer Biden, or so goes the ploy.

  16. How it works—an Israeli censor at every corner,

    Google & Twitter Insider: Algorithms Could Censor Entire Trump Movement Simultaneously

    Transition Integrity Project: Is this Soros Linked Group Plotting a “Color Revolution” Against President Trump?

    The Curious Case of George Kent: State Department’s Belarus “Color Revolution” Expert And “Never Trump” Impeachment Witness

    And I am to believe that all of this is despite Jew having the total control of the world, all hands manning oars in perfect rhythm, including Trump, Putin, Xi and so on.

    I guess it proves that The Protocols, Talmud and numerous claims and statements by the top rabbis and rebbes are all lies (“forgery”) because they talk in terms of absolute gloating arrogance, Torah (OT) states in Deutoronomy and elsewhere that the world must crawl on hands and knees to prostrate themselves in abject humiliation before the final and absolute rulers of the world, forever and ever, the “lucky” goyim still alive, the unquestioning slaves.

    There must have been a major revision of the blueprint (toss out Menachem Begin’s “We shall rule with rod of iron”), the mindbogglingly cruel torture of young Christian children over the centuries as part of ritual sacrifice in order to obtain their blood—no, it must be done kindly, gently, lullabies, teddy bears and opiates, we Good Jews abhor causing pain and emotional suffering.

    Yes, that makes sense now, kabuki script revealed.

    1. “How it works—an Israeli censor at every (DIGITAL) corner,”

      As someone who always uses pen and paper for recording information I wonder what is stopping political movements in the US using the traditional leaflet method and door to door engagement with voters?

      (Not that I condone participation in electoral Punch and Judy)

      Who knows, answering the door to a suitably charming persuader may be viewed positively?

      That was before it dawned on me that COVID hysteria squelches this idea – no one will open the door, unless you are administering their Warp Speed injections.

  17. Beylerbey will replace Kanzler. The Holocaust hoax will go to waste. Favelas are increasingly populated.

  18. Sheesh, Commander Mark and his unknown associates(cia) were by definition natural born snakes in the grass on Day 1 of any (lol) agreement.
    Hard to believe a bona fide Harvard type like Narendra could actually be so lame brained. On second thought, never mind..

    Heeeey, wait a second.. Haaaavard alumnus Divya Narendra looks a lot like . . . Naaaaw. (lol)

  19. Take take a good look at that repulsive hag in the top photo and tell me there wasn’t an orangutan “involved” somewhere along the line… could well be the ‘Missing Link’ for all I know…

    1. And take a look at the picture of Israeli censor Emi Palmor, I can see a geometric discontinuity in her nose, my guess is she fixed it, at least she tried to. Blue eyes but the silhouette of her face is bizarrely squared with a large chin. Big ears too, and that area just below the nose, I don’t know how it’s called, also large, typical. No matter how much they interbreed that’s definitely not a delicate face of a British woman with thin lips.

      The Jew hates Anglos but maybe the source of his hate is the jealous he feels.

  20. Andrew Joyce penned this 3-part essay spotted on Russia Insider although it looks like they scooped it out of Occidental Observer: ‘Secure Tolerance’: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1
    at the bottom of this tranche is this (highlights mine):

    The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation was Kantor’s first “think tank” vehicle for achieving “Secure Tolerance” legislation. Keen for the ECTR to have a “goy” face, he stayed in the background while initially handing the Presidency of the group to former Communist and President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski. Kwaśniewski had a useful history of neglecting and belittling the Catholic-National character of his people and made himself known as an ally of Jews by formally apologizing for a 1941 killing of Jews at Jedwabne by Poles, and restoring citizenship to Jews stripped of it by the communist government in 1968. Since 2015, the Presidency of the ECTR has been held by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a dedicated globalist and arch-traitor of Satanic proportions. Beneath the Gentile faces, however, Kantor has always pulled the strings. This is his project, based on his manifesto, and his history of activism. The group’s board is stacked with honorary roles for non-Jewish politicians, but its legal direction is entirely dictated by Kantor and Prof. Yoram Dinstein, a retired Italian supreme court justice and former President and Dean of Law at Tel Aviv University. Dinstein’s area of expertise is mainly in war legislation, and his co-operation with Kantor is not really a departure from this since it amounts to a declaration of war on Whites everywhere.

    Just to briefly revisit the boldface bits and why i selected them:

    • the very special level of animosity towards Catholicism that must be part of every significant Judean battle plan—this is quite inspirational to me, if for no reason other than their unquenchable hostility I remain RC, the more they hate it, the more I feel on the right track,

    • had no idea that the Communist gov’t disenfranchised Jews by revoking their citizenship—some very interesting currents below the surface in the Warsaw Pact era—I can speculate but this is not the forum,

    • the mastermind pulling strings behind ECTR (European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation) is Yoram Dinstein, a retired Italian supreme court justice and former President and Dean of Law at Tel Aviv University, whose co-operation with Kantor is not really a departure from this since it amounts to a declaration of war on Whites everywhere.
    Worth a double/triple read, a Kabalist Jew whose life’s mission is annihilation of Whites and their cultures just so happens to have been on Italian supreme court bench and his occult hatred is best channeled through European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation—well yes Lobro, why so aghast?
    Another Jew philanthropist, just like Russian born billionaire Kantor (it was so easy making billions in Soviet Union that assented to Poland’s revoking Jew citizenship) financing the movement.

    Jew-Jew-Jew … repeat at least ten thousand times with a single random insertion of “Good” somewhere down the line, just don’t overdo it by saying it twice.

  21. @ MANFRED
    No worries, the TDS masses (not sure that you are counted Manfred but hope this opens your eyes to what should be plainly obvious—a difficult task in these times of Pavlovian apocalypse) will be overjoyed to hear this guarantee
    Zuckerberg Declares Trump will not be Recognized President-Elect on Election Night – Vows to Censor Election Information
    (Zuckerberg is doing his level best to help Palestinian cause, obviously, otherwise he would support Trump)
    What is censorship but ad hominem² (squared, for those with purchasing power to cause harm, can only be dreamed of by the sub-strata)?
    What brings joy to Jews and Jew wannabes?

    Anyway, in light of righteously powerful allies joining the war, TDSers can now look forward to giant improvement in world affairs, Donald, Melania and Barron swinging high, twisting slowly in the wind (the only thing sweeter than ad hominem is death by violence).
    Of course, if things don’t quite turn out to their liking, expectations and hopes denied, they can always blame—yes you guessed it, TRUMP (dead or alive).
    Coz he played his part in duh double game, y’know, KAH-BOO-KI (you are with them or you are with them).

    1. @ Lobro

      I think Manfred’s comment makes a great deal of sense, whereas your comment is a veiled ad hominem attack on him. Manfred made no mention of Zuckerberg or that he was backing Zuckerberg’s attempts to create problems for Trump. Why are you attacking him for saying things he never said?

      Manfred made it clear he thought Biden would be even worse than Trump as president, given that Biden would be far worse for the Palestinians. Manfred is clearly concerned for the well-being of the Palestinians, just as I am. You are no true friend of the Palestinians if you let your misguided support for Trump get the better of your alleged “concern” for the Palestinians.

      Your toxic innuendo that Manfred is a Useful Idiot of the Jews falls flat, as far as I’m concerned. Manfred is NOT backing Zuckerberg the Jew, as you falsely suggest, nor did he ever mention Zuckerberg’s name. In fact, he hates Zuckerberg and he hates Facebook! YOU are more likely to be a Useful Idiot of the Jews in backing a man who has handed over Palestine to the Israelis! And since you are backing Trump, are you not indirectly backing Trump’s Jewish supporters? By backing Trump, are you not on the same side — whether you like it or not — of Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, and Jared Kushner?

      (Manfred’s friend)

      1. Thanks for your support, Sigrid. But I’m not sure if Lobro’s comment is a “veiled ad hominem attack” on me or not. His comment is so obscurely expressed that I honestly don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He’s obviously not a very happy bunny.

        If I’ve given him offence by failing to support Trump, I apologize. But how can I support a man who has sold the Palestinians down the river? It’s time Trump actually DID something to justify all the hero worship that surrounds him.

        I can’t live on broken promises and lost hopes! 🙂

      2. Sigrid,
        you are either searching for a pretext to start a conflict or are you so dense not to be able to read what is CLEARLY stated?
        Manfred said and I quote

        Anyone who puts his hopes in such a conscienceless serial killer needs our pity and contempt.

        which part of the above quote you don’t understand?
        I happen to put my hopes in Trump and I object in strongest terms to both accusations, i.e., that Trump,
        the first president in 50 years who has not started a war (which to you is definition of a conscienceless serial killer—yet it is I who speaks obscure nonsense), and
        that I deserve YOUR pity and contempt—you know perfectly where you can shove your pity and contempt.
        And yet, I am accused of “veiled” ad hominem.
        Some people have absolutely zero shame.
        As for Zuckerberg, my point ought to be perfectly obvious: if this conscienceless serial killer of yours, in Jew’s pocket stock, lock and barrel has done everything in his power to obliterate Palestinians, their history and culture, then what possible reason would a Mossad agent like Zuckerberg have to throw the kitchen sink into ensuring not only that the conscienceless serial killer™ loses the election but in case that he actually wins, the legitimate victory will still be denied to him?
        ANSWER THAT.
        And yes, you should be celebrating Trump’s ouster along with Zuckerberg, since he and no other American president has been called conscienceless serial killer and you along with Zuckerberg clearly cannot abide by conscienceless serial killer, such humane souls, all of you.

        It could NEVER-EVER occur to you to ask yourself what would have been the outcome for Palestinians had Trump NOT been a President, what relevant differences would have been apparent by now:
        • return of their ancestral land,
        • full stoppage and retreat from illegal Jew settlements,
        • cessation of violence, bulldozing homes, equal justice for Jews and Palestinians,
        • same laws regulating Jews and Palestinians
        •et cetera, et cetera
        So tell me now, is it true that (any of) the above improvements to the Palestinians lot would have taken place—YES or NO, don’t dodge the issue.

        If YES, why none of them took place under ANY US president in history, in fact the atrocities rolled on through all the administrations since 1948, unchecked regardless of what some president may or may not have wished—can you explain this?

        And if NO, why can’t you see that Trump is scoring cheap political points, but points nevertheless that will offer some protection from direct attacks by Jew Deep State looking for any pretext to eliminate him, while keeping Jew off balance especially with ultra-orthodox Haredim greaseballs in NYC and Israel, not to mention the extremely important Zio-Protestant voting bloc?

        Oops, sorry, too obscure, a very difficult read isn’t it, forget it.

        At least you are ready to cut me some slack Manfred by way of benefit of doubt—thanks and I mean it.

  22. One reason for Jewish success here in Libtardia that I constantly observe is their phenominal observation activity. They have scouts who walk the neighborhoods in all weather conditions. I assume that these scouts report their observations to the numerous committees in order that Jewry has up to date intelligence.

    Another technique used by them in the affluent areas around here is strategically buying houses on hilltops and street corners. This gives them lines of fire and chokepoints for when they start their killing.

    We have one neighbor who has mysterious roommates that stay in her home for weeks to months and then are not seen again. All of them are mid twenties to late thirtys and in peak physical shape. Most have been male, though there have been a few females. A neighbor and I were discussing this and he pointed out that none of the roommates would make eye contact or have a conversation. I would guess that they are special operators up to no good from my goy point of view.

    Needless to say, the woman who hosts the transient roommates is a Jew. It is unheard of activity for my very well-off neighborhood.

    I’m paronoid about this and fear that the Jews are planning something similar to the bloody Bolshevik Revolution.

  23. @ SAKI”

    There was no reply button in your query, so let this comment speak for my reply: The FACT that COMMON LAW ASSEMBLIES are being formed should ANSWER you questions. Think deeply.

    1. What are “common law assemblies” but talking shops?

      We need action, not talk!

      Unless you are implying that these talking shops are venues for anti-government conspirators to get together and plot the downfall of the state. In which case, they will be infiltrated by government agencies.

      “Common law assemblies” is just a fancy new name for “dissident group anti-government plotters”. Such groups are as old as history. Ever heard of Guy Fawkes and his group?

      1. I suspect you are an indication, directly or indirectly that GOVERNMENTS are worried by COMMON LAW and so they should be. COMMON LAW gives POWER to the ordinary/Common people.

        I’m not saying you are a Government TROLL, but the thought has come to my mind admittedly

        Assuming you are “Good Guy” do you have any idea as to what BETTER ACTION to take?

        1. @ FREEPIRIT

          Your comment is offensive as well as stupid. How dare you call me a “troll” just because I don’t suck your toes? I feel sorry for the Canadians if you are in any way a typical Canadian citizen.

          @ Admin

          The next time this rude SOB addresses me, DELETE HIS COMMENT!

  24. @SIGRID
    Do you have trouble with English?
    Here is the part I assume you are referring to ” I’m not saying you are a Government TROLL, but the thought has come to my mind admittedly”

    Where do I say you ARE a TROLL?

    To repeat my last question to you:” Assuming you are a “Good Guy” do you have any idea as to what BETTER ACTION to take?”

    I am guessing you have NO SOLUTION better than your diatribe against me and possibly that is at least one of the reasons for your “ANGER “, real or manufactured……..no better solution than mine.

    The other reason MAY be a “GUILTY” conscience, hmmmmmmmmmmm ?


    Please note I said “MAY”

    1. Don’t was my time, Freespirit. I took offence at this sentence you wrote: “I’m not saying you are a Government TROLL, but the thought has come to my mind admittedly”.

      If you don’t think that’s offensive, you need a lesson in tact and sensitivity.

      That is exactly like me saying to you: “I’m not saying you’re a sexual pervert or a pedophile or a serial killer, but the thought has come to my mind admittedly.”

      Get off my back, you insensitive low-IQ moron!

      1. @SIGRID

        I seem to recall YOU started this by “getting on my back” with, the following sentence : “Last I heard, Canada was in a pretty bad way. …blah,blah,blah”, as your response to my original comment.

        I never asked you to reply, but since you did I was hoping you had a better solution than my discussion about COMMON LAW Jurisdictions rather than your flinging mild aspersions which you employed and have degenerated, further, within the last “rebuttals” to the “on my back” comments from you, to HARDER Ad Hominems ( “SOB”, “low IQ Moron” ) but still no better SOLUTIONS, which I have tried to elicit from you and to keep you on the subject of my comment.

        Notice when you did that I did not CRY like a young spoiled brat to have you removed from commenting, on “Darkmoon” as you did about me, not would I. I’m a Libertarian, and believe even spoiled children have a right to comment or rebut.

        I have been at this Political “Fight” since the late 1960’s, possibly before you were even a “Twinkle” in your parents eyes, and in that time have made and answered many thousands of comments. One bit of knowledge among many I discovered, since that time, is, that when a person replying to a comment, seems more concerned about the Character of the author of the target comment, rather than interest in the SUBJECT matter of a comment, it is usually an indication of that “responder” having an ULTERIOR MOTIVE, especially when AD HOMINEMS are employed.

        You definitely qualify.

        My suggestion SIGRID, is if you don’t want someone “on your back”, is, DON’T START by getting on their back,first

        I am of that generation and Tribe which will fight back, in ANY way I need to.

        I’m Indigenous IRISH of the REPUBLIC of EIRE and you never would have lasted day in our REVOLUTION against the British

        Take care now.


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