Fade To Black

The darkening of our screens and stages
and its part in the theft of our past and future

How would you like to see a movie in which Dr Who is played by a black woman? and in which King Arthur and David Copperfield are both played by Asian actors? You can even see Cinderella played by a negress . . .  and Viking warriors who are all played by black actors.   

By Jack Antonio,
The Occidental Observer,
July 31, 2020

YOU FLY into London on a British Airways plane on which you are shown an animated film about safety. It stars a cartoon Black man with his cartoon White wife and their cartoon mixed-race child. You pass through immigration control and are poked and probed by Brown people wearing hijabs and turbans who jabber at you in an unintelligible version of the English language. Heading for the tube you pass a poster that shows a Black woman dressed in Elizabethan garb beckoning you to the Globe Theatre.

On the ride into town you see posters for the latest West End plays. There are productions of Shakespeare’s Richard II and Henry V starring Black women in the title roles. (The critics rave that these classic plays finally make sense.) There is also an Asian actor playing David Copperfield and Christmas pantos starring Blacks and Asians as Cinderella, Dick Whittington, and Snow White. Next to the entertainment ads are those for mortgages and mattresses all featuring Black men with White women. And, they are almost always blonde women.

You get home, put your feet up in front of the TV and notice that there are an unusually large number of Brown people on the streets of Victorian London as depicted in the BBC’s latest version of A Christmas Carol. And the villages of Midsomer are teeming with more people-of-color than your local benefits office. Even Doctor Who is suddenly a Black woman! You channel surf and are confronted by Black vikings, Black centurions, Black Tudors and an Asian King Arthur!

The news is read by a Brown person. The weather is given to you by a Brown person. Your favorite gardening program is presented by a Brown person. The Brown person presenting your favorite wildlife program explains without a trace of irony the danger of extinction faced by native fauna and flora due to the invasion of alien species.

A typical example of the “colour-blind” casting was the 1997 Disney adaptation of Cinderella — in which a negress Queen (played by Whoopi Goldberg) — and a White king somehow managed to have a Filipino son, who ends up married to a negress Cinderella.

Cinderella as a negress (far left) who is married to a Filipino
who happens to be the son of the black queen (Whoopi Goldberg)
and her white husband  (far right)

In disgust, you turn off your TV and browse through the latest brochure from the National Trust. But something is odd — most of the people shown wandering around the stately homes of England are Brown. The mothers of the large, happy families in the photos wear Muslim or Hindu garb. The only White faces are those of blonde women holding hands with Black men and their mixed-race children.

Meanwhile, your teenage son is in his room playing a new computer game set in World War I. But, in this version of the Great War, the trenches look like a Saturday night in Brixton and the game’s logo is the face of a Black Tommy. You wonder if you have slipped into an alternate universe or are dreaming. But you aren’t dreaming. You are living through a waking nightmare. And I can tell you why.

I’ve been a professional actor for fifty years. I’m also a proud member of that most despised of all groups — old White men. I’m not a star or even a semi-name but you have probably seen and heard me many times. I know the world of advertising and show business. And I know how, why, and by whom our screens are being darkened, I am being denied work, and our past and future are being stolen from us.

The answer is BAME. It stands for “Black, Asian, or Mixed Ethnicity.” And that acronym is now an essential part of every media company’s ethos. When a “brand” is hiring actors for a commercial or a production company is hiring actors for a play, movie, or TV program, they proudly trumpet the fact that they prefer to see or will only see performers who are BAME. (Imagine what would happen if someone advertised with a preference for White actors and actresses.)

The Cultural Marxist octopus has many tentacles and has been at work in all the arts for many decades. As a child in 1950s America, I saw early attempts at “color-blind” casting. But, in the 1960s, the prominent New York theatrical producer Joseph Papp started pushing non-Whites big time in his Shakespearean productions in Central Park. (You will not be surprised to learn that Papp was a Jew.)

I suffered through many productions of Romeo and Juliet with a Black Romeo and a White Juliet. Or a Black Macbeth and White Lady Macbeth. The audience “wasn’t supposed to notice” these racial absurdities and anyone who did was a “racist.” So, most people pretended not to notice — and they still pretend not to notice.

Oriental audiences are more forthright in their opinions. They want White heroes. Star Wars films that feature Black actors flop in China — a very important film market. So, the Star Wars producers avoid putting Black faces on the film posters. And, the latest Star Wars had to remove a “gay” kiss to make it acceptable to Orientals who want their heroes straight, too.

We Occidentals feel the same, even if most won’t admit it. We vote in private with our money. The producer of the mega-successful comic-book “cape hero” film franchise let slip at a convention that movies and action figures based on non-White characters don’t sell — worldwide. The sale of dolls, clothing and mugs, etc. is a major part of the profit stream for any film or animation.

It is a racially revealing economic fact that Black Barbie and Ken dolls don’t sell — even to Black kids. “Gay” and trannie Barbies and Kens also gather dust on store shelves. White heterosexuality is the go-to choice for everyone.

But, shouting “commercial considerations be damned”, the Cultural Marxists have doubled down in Britain and are putting propaganda ahead of profit. The British Film Institute (BFI), which bestows crucial funding to film projects, fell into the tentacles of one Josh Berger, an American Jew with a long Hollywood history.

Under Berger’s malevolent influence the BFI has mandated higher levels of BAME. Any production that does not meet the set levels will be denied funding and thus any chance of distribution or awards. It will be dead. So, producers genuflect to globohomo and grind out the anti-White, anti-heterosexual, anti-Christian propaganda that pollutes our screens. Adding insult to injury, we are paying for this filth because the majority of the BFI’s money comes from the UK taxpayer!

The levels of “race and gender-blind” casting mandated include:

• At least one lead character must be non-White
• 50-50 male-female ratio in entire cast
• At least 20% of cast must be non-White
• At least 10% must be LGBTQ
• At least 7% disabled
• A large proportion of plot lines and filming locations must be set among underrepresented groups.

With those parameters in mind, try writing a film that should by natural law, reason, and historical fact be set in a White, male world. How can you fit that many women, homos, lesbians, trannies, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Blacks, and crippled, cis-phobic, bi-curious Eskimos into a Lancaster bomber, a monastery, or the Alamo? And, I wonder if these same race and gender targets will apply if an all-Black film company sought funding for a movie set in a lesbian bathhouse in Somalia? Would the screenwriter have to find a way to squeeze White, Christian, hetero males into the steam room?

We aren’t being betrayed by the BFI alone. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts which bestows the prestigious BAFTA awards is equally on-board the globohomo express though it is (small comfort) privately funded. Still, if you want to win a BAFTA you must bow down to the Cultural Marxists who run that outfit.

And British Equity (the actors’ union) promotes and protects every race but White. It cares nothing for the race that only created theatre, film, television, radio, the Internet, and trade unions! It promotes and protects every sexual persuasion but heterosexuality. My union dues are currently paying for a campaign to ensure that “trans” actors get to audition for roles of any gender including those of the gender they claim to have left.

Meanwhile, I can’t get an audition to play an old White guy because it’s being played by a Black female-to-male trannie!

The BBC admitted that its “race-blind” casting of period dramas is not historically accurate but feels it is important to do it in the interests of cultural cohesion. Well… if this BAME business is not part of an anti-White agenda but just a well-intentioned attempt to make us all race- and “gender”-blind then when do I get to play Martin Luther King or Winnie Mandela?

Meanwhile, for all their disingenuous calls for race-blindness, Black performers insist on race-based preferential treatment and love “acting Black” — especially in period dramas. Notice how Black actors in plays by Shaw, Ibsen, or Wilde will use a ghetto pose and vocal inflection to get a cheap laugh. They are Black to their bones and they know it and are happy to play the minstrel if it’s to their advantage.

At this point a few questions come to mind. If non-Whites were important personages in what we thought had been a White world then what the hell are they complaining about? If Blacks really “wuz kangz” [was kings] as the Black Israelites proclaim (including kangz of England) then where was the discrimination? And, if Blacks were capable of achieving so much back-in-the-day, then what the heck happened? Did they simply forget how to be physicians, scientists, architects, engineers and, yes, kangz?

Not Wakanda but Merrie Olde England.

Remember those National Trust (NT) brochures full of photos of happy smiling Brown people? They are a staged hoax. The National Trust advertised on casting sites all over Britain for BAME models and actors to pose as visitors and staff at stately homes. But, in reality, if you visit NT properties you will see that with rare exception they are delightfully White in both staff and visitors.

Still this hasn’t stopped the NT management from pushing globohomo. They “out” and promote queer members of the families that owned the properties. And they suggest that bent Uncle Bertie was the best of the bunch. The NT even tried to force its volunteers to wear rainbow flags but most refused. Meanwhile, when I speak privately with older NT volunteers, I find they have fond memories of Enoch Powell and Oswald Mosley.

I have starred in many TV commercials for top brands that were broadcast worldwide. I assure you that it isn’t merely fashion or whim that matches so many Black men with White women. In a thirty second commercial every second counts and nothing appears on screen by chance. I have seen directors, clients and cameramen almost come to blows in arguments over the color of my shirt. How much more debate has gone into the color of the actor’s skin?

No, these racial pairings are not accidental but are blatant attempts to break down the resistance to race-mixing from all races. Listen to Black talk radio programs and you will hear Black women weep that Black men are encouraged to get blondes. In fact, Black nationalists (our mirror image and possible allies) believe that race-mixing is the ultimate sin. And we know what happens to Asian girls who race-mix. But, as with films, the Cultural Marxists don’t give a damn and plow on, sacrificing profits for propaganda.

Case in point: Gillette recently ran an anti-male ad campaign that suggested all men (especially White men) are sex-pests. White men were outraged. This campaign culminated in an ad in which a Black father showed his daughter who had “transitioned to male” how to shave. This time Black men were outraged. This PC campaign cost Gillette a record amount of profit. But its CEO said it was worth it to promote “diversity.”

Careful now, daughter, er… I mean, son… uh… whatever da hell you is. Wouldn’t want ya to slit your throat now, would we?

Alongside the tribe that foments and feasts off our replacement lives an opportunistic parasite — the Black “race hustler.” The uber-obnoxious Whoopi Goldberg is a master of this scam. And, despite being as funny as a fire in an orphanage, Whoopi has made a fortune playing the fat, sassy soul-sista who is the repository of all wisdom. (Sort of an X-rated version of Mammy in Gone with the Wind or a potty-mouthed Aunt Jemima.)

You’ll notice that this smart, sassy maid stereotype is a staple of sitcoms. She is always the smartest person in the house she cleans. She’s certainly smarter than the doofus White dad who is the butt of all her jokes. (There is literally a genre of US sitcom called “Doofus Dad.”)

Believing her own bullshit, Goldberg has morphed into a political pundit. She holds forth daily on US TV on all manner of subjects while injecting the race card into all of them — no matter how misplaced. She gets away with this because Whites are afraid of challenging her lest they be called “racist.” Believe me, if you think Jews are good at squeezing the “Holocaust” into any discussion, you ain’t seen nuthin’ till you see Whoopi at work. (We have the Jewish director Mike Nichols to thank for Goldberg’s rise to fame.)

Another race-hustler is Bonnie Greer, a smug, American Negress based in the UK and a poor man’s Goldberg. Greer is a regular on BBC political chat programs where she is introduced as a “noted American playwright.” But I challenge anyone on either side of the pond to name a single Bonnie Greer play. In fact, in America she is entirely unknown. The woman is a fraud. And, like Whoopi, she benefits from Whites’ reticence to call her out.

The BBC loves wheeling her out because it allows them to tick certain boxes on their diversity chart. Foreigner. Female. Black. Greer’s many appearances allow her to shoe-horn the race card into every subject imaginable while demonstrating the stultifying banality of her opinions. But, I gotta give this sassy, soul-sista credit because with no talent (especially no playwriting talent) she has become the House Negro of the British middle class and (wait for it) — a board member of the British Museum!

“You racist, sexist bastards, I wanted to play LADY MacBeth!

Homosexuals are also useful idiots for their Cultural Marxist masters. They’ll do anything if it gives them the chance to snort poppers and wear frocks. Meanwhile, the lesbians happily play along because they get to wear the pants on stage in taxpayer-funded all-female Shakespearean productions. It is true that in Shakespeare’s day young men played the female roles. But, this was not transvestism by choice. It was necessary because women weren’t allowed on the Elizabethan stage. And there was no kissing or touching in the original productions.

Homosexual playwrights, directors, and designers rarely miss a chance to demean Whiteness and masculinity and to degrade females. In a recent London production of a play based on Patrick Hamilton’s brilliant WW2 novel The Slaves of Solitude, the queer director and adapter changed the American GI who was the play’s love interest into a Black soldier. This was impossible casting for all sorts of reasons. But it allowed the queers to indulge in their own fantasy of having a Black buck ravage the spinsterish English heroine.

There have been many other instances of plays and musicals being mangled by ludicrous race and “gender-bending” casting. Edward Albee, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Noel Coward, and Rodgers and Hammerstein all forbade such changes. Some of those men were homosexual but they still recognized cultural vandalism when they saw it. Sadly, their estates are managed by their PC grandchildren determined to make their Grandpa’s back catalogue hipster-friendly. That sound you hear is of those disrespected gents turning in their graves.

Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of the Cultural Marxists and their apparatchiks in the arts is stunning. They live in the Whitest communities they can find and send their children to the Whitest schools. (The Clintons live in the Whitest zip code in America, and Jewish Bernie Sanders moved from multi-ethnic Brooklyn to Vermont — the Whitest state!) The only contact these hypocrites have with any non-White is with their Black maids. And, if she gets too sassy, they’ll fire her Black ass.

As employers these showbiz Marxists are anything but progressive. All the major film, TV, and commercial producers including the big streaming services film their projects in poor countries. South Africa and Eastern Europe are especially popular. They do this to bust the performer’s unions in the US and UK.

This anti-worker behavior is nothing new. In the 1930s, the Jewish movie moguls who ran Hollywood hired goon squads to bust up organizing meetings for the Screen Actors Guild. Meanwhile, British Equity is too busy creating new genders to act as a genuine trade union and fight the media giants.

These media “liberals” also go abroad to abuse and exploit the local actors and crews. The same producers and stars who cry on the awards shows about Trump and climate change and animal rights allow film extras to be treated like cattle — forced to stand in the cold and wet for many hours (sometimes all night) and given little or no food and very meagre wages.

I’ve had extras beg me for food while the loud-mouth lefty stars dined like Meghan Markle. And the film crews are forced to work round the clock which leads to unsafe conditions. I have seen actors and extras almost decapitated by machinery. I have walked off unsafe sets but most actors are afraid to stand up for themselves.

If I sound angry it’s because I am. And I’m proud of it. I’m also proud of my history, heritage, and culture and I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone degrade, destroy, or steal them. My anger is fueled by the blood of my ancestors that flows through my veins. And as long as that most precious blood flows through me, I shall do all I can to expose and resist the deliberate genocide of our people. A genocide that is being dramatized and broadcast. On prime time. And we are paying to watch the spectacle.

If you don’t believe me, just go to a movie or play. Turn on your radio or TV. Or just open your eyes. It’s happening. It isn’t a sitcom or movie. It’s real. It’s deliberate. And we can stop it. But the entirely legal means of doing so are best discussed elsewhere. In the meantime — Hail Victory!

Source: The Occidental Observer

Editor’s Note: Jack Antonio is the author of Boy Outa Brooklyn — a murder memoir. It is available on Amazon as a paperback and eBook and from all major eBook distributors. Or, visit Jack’s blog at http://boyoutabrooklyn.com/2020/06/20/fade-to-black/

This article originally appeared in Heritage and Destiny a bi-monthly 24-page magazine, published in the UK, to reflect a cross section of 21st century racial-nationalist opinion. For a sample copy please send $10.00 to; H&D, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE, England, UK. For full subscription details check out heritageanddestiny.com

Boy Outa Brooklyn: A Murder Memoir, by Jack Antonio
is available as an eBook and as a paperback and eBook from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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  1. Well white man – Are you willing to start hating again?
    The true seething hate. The one without compromise?

    If not – bye-bye.

    1. You seem very confused, my sønn. Hate is a feeling of helplessness by little and weak in front of the superior that is out there to destroy him.

      Hate is not a good feeling, brother; it will eat you up from the inside.

      What the white man of the West actually needs is to drop the childish illusions that he lives (or ever lived) in democracy and start in earnest organizing himself from the bottom up. Can he do that?

      If not – bye-bye.

      1. Confused? – I think not.

        Apathy is the ultimate feeling of helplessness. Hate on the other hand, involves a lot of energy. The liberals are loaded with it, towards themselves mainly and everything that lifts you up as a man.

        Elaborating on every aspect of this quickly becomes TLTR.

        But the hate of degrading human behaviour is healthy in my book.

        And the bottom up approach has never worked. As long as bread and circus are available, very few questions the narrative. We need capable men that hates what they are trying to turn our society into, and use that hate to challenge the fat rats at the top. Maybe both of us should start such a group where we live?


      Not a chance! Too much soy and acceptance of black sporting heroes. Too much oestrogen laced chicken and fluoridated water consumption!
      White British men are too cucked to say Boo! to a goose without first asking permission. They would rather stay at home and play video games.
      When they had a chance to show what they were made of at a demo against black lives matter what did they do? Drank lager, got drunk and fought with the police!! Their hero ,a chap called Tommy Robinson didn’t even pitch up to the demo. He now has quit the UK for Gibraltar, chased out of the UK by black lives matter!!!
      When anyone says anything detrimental about bame on (((faceberg ))) they have the thought police pitch up at their door! And those police officers are invariably white males!!
      We are under total masonic control.
      Sorry BJORNTHORNSONN white anglo Saxon males are finished.Kaput. Done for.

      1. @ Robert

        Tut tut, Robert, this is not an attitude conducive to survival. By talking such defeatist talk, you are in a sense joining the cucks you deplore. My sympathies are with Bjørn Thorsønn. He cannot be alone. There must be thousands like him. How come the fluoridated water and the oestrogen laced chickem haven’t turned him into an effeminate snowflake?

        You simplify the world too much. Look around you. Everywhere I see yobbos around me, full of aggression, youths full of ebullient energy who are prone to violence. You must have seen these delinquents yourself. At football matches. In pubs. Thronging the streets looking for trouble. All these young thugs are on junk diets. They are eating the oestrogen laced chicken you learnedly talk about. So tell me: how come all that oestrogen has had no effect on all the testosterone sloshing round in their bloodstream? How come the tap water they drink hasn’t pacified them? You talk unmitigated rubbish, sir. You are a cuck yourself because you speak like a defeatist cuck. Get a life!

        As long as there’s a problem, there’s a solution. The problem is not apathy and an emasculated population. The problem is a violence prone population, full of the life force, without an outlet for its superabundant energy.

    3. @ BjørnThorsønn

      Well said, Viking Warrior! Mind your axe connects with the right neck! 🙂

      1. Thank you for the kind warning Madame.

        I’ll try my best to combine the hate with discipline. But hate it is, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

        And as long as you allow the warrior his necessary tools, I’ll keep an eye out for your neck as well ;-).

        Better men than me did the same for Frigg.

    4. Circassian is an IDIOT. God commands us to HATE HIS enemies.

      “Do I not hate those who hate You, O LORD, and detest those who rise against You?
      I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them as my enemies
      Ps. 139:21-22

      [That word, ‘perfect’ in the LXX (the only Christian-approved version of the O.T.- the MT is a scam by first-century Jewry to deny Christ His Messiahship) is the SAME WORD that Christ used, when he said, ‘Be ye PERFECT.’ [Matt. 5:48]

      And therefore, modernist, Roman Catholi-SCHISM Papist bs is just that- BULL SH*T. Modern Protestan-schism merely apes her erring mother. Rome is no true Church, (as the Reformers attested to, as did ALL the Orthodox!) the Papacy has been overtaken by Bergoglio the anti-pope, and all attempts at multicultural/multi-racial MISCHLING miscegenation not only contradict the command against ADULTERY, but are CULTURAL APPROPRIATION of the ONLY PEOPLE to whom salvation belongs!

      God loves only ONE people, ONE race, ONE Ethnos! [Amos 3:2, Matt. 15:24, Eph. 1:4, etc.] THE BIBLE IS A RACIST BOOK, and the Jews are NOT the race that it belongs to! Anathema to ANYONE who says otherwise.

      Here, for the record:
      “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

      1 Thessalonians 2:14-16: “The Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men; prohibiting us to speak to the nations, that they may be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God has come upon them to the end…”

      “Live in peace not only with your friends but with your enemies; but only with your personal enemies and not with the enemies of God.”
      St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (+1074)

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      “Chrysostomos loudly declares not only heretics, but also those who have communion with them, to be enemies of God.” – St. Theodore the Studite, Epistle to Abbot Theophilus

      WHO ARE THE ENEMIES OF GOD? Well, for starters…..

      “Jews were indeed very powerful in Poland in the first years of the 20th century. The Jewish socialist party, the Bund, was a leading political force in the 1905 Revolution particularly in the Polish areas of the Russian empire.
      The Vow, the Bund’s anthem didn’t leave much room for imagination, it declared war and practically sentenced to death those who didn’t fit with their political agenda:
      “We swear our stalwart hate persists,
      Of those who rob and kill the poor:

      The Tsar, the masters, capitalists.
      Our vengeance will be swift and sure.

      So swear together to live or die!”
      “To wage the holy war we vow,

      Until right triumphs over wrong.

      No Midas, master, noble now –

      The humble equal to the strong.

      So swear together to live or die!”

      Lee Kwan Yew, longtime leader of Singapore, once said this: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests or social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

      “….that does not alter the fact that the large majority of surviving Jews in the world is of Eastern European—and thus perhaps mainly of Khazar—origin. If so, this would mean that their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Should this turn out to be the case, then the term “anti-Semitism” would become void of meaning, based on a misapprehension shared by both the killers and their victims. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated. (Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe, p. 17).

      “Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences,” Rakovsky, says. (All page citations from Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, 1988, p. 264)
      – “Christian” Rakovsky (born CHAIM Rakover in 1873) was a veteran Communist insider…

      “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account … (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003

    5. The PRICE of making CHRIST a WHITE person, when in FACT he had to be Black, over 2000 years ago, in Bethlehem/Palestine, occupied by Brown and Black Semites. Of course if you want to believe a WHITE couple from Northern Europe decided to go on Vacation and ride a Mule to sleep in a Manger (Storage unit) and have their Baby, go for it.

      While you are at it ,you may as well consider Christianity a European Religion, NOT a Semitic Religion.

      Fair is Fair.

      Go BIG or Go HOME 🙂

  2. Those who control the Spigots of the International Credit System which uses coupons that we call “Money” uses the race card to drive its agenda.

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause. — ( Israel Cohen, ”A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century”, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957])

    So, it really doesn’t matter whether you are “Black” “White” “Blue” or “Pink” or whatever. As long as you fall for the lie that there are “different races” instead of the fact that we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS” then you can continue whining that “Our Race” is being targeted for annihilation!

    IT IS NOT THE “WHITE RACE”that is being targeted. IT IS EVERYBODY! If you do not realize thing, go on and hate “other races” “WHITE RACE” can only fall victim, by its refusal to marry, have children, and sustain marriage, The same with everybody else.

    1. Bullshit! The whole point of life is RACE, the perpetuation of the species. Someday the planet will be destroyed and only a pure people will be able to leave and continue life elsewhere. A planet of raceless bastards will eventually self destruct.
      Mr Thorsonn is right one must hate ones enemy, or more correctly, love ones own people above all others (as in the song “it is my love that fuels my hate”). So screw your feelings of white guilt, this is our world and we need feel no guilt about trying to make it a better place for OUR folk to live in.
      I for one won’t be dying in bed of old age like a complete waster.

  3. This is the article I’ve been waiting for a long time . . . and at last someone with inside knowledge of the movie industry has written it. Well done, Jack Antonio! can feel your rage at what these filthy cultural perverts have done to English Literature and to Shakespeare in particular.

    I can remember seeing great Shakespeare performances when I was young, with great actors like Lawrence Olivier and John Gielgud in the title rolls. Just imagine Lawrence Olivier delivering Hamlet’s great soliloquy “To be or not to be…” The perfect brooding voice, the right intonations. The background equally dark and brooding, the sound of distant thunder, ominous background music. Shakespeare himself would have been pleased at this inspired artistic performance that did him such honour. Then imagine the same scene played by a silly BLACK ACTRESS like Whoopi Goldberg, talking like a sassy black maid working for a Jewish billionaire in Brooklyn. And wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and a hairstyle like Madame Pompardour! That’s your Jewish director’s genius for you.

    Who can relate to this mindless garbage? Isn’t this is a blatant attempt to rubbish Shakespeare, the world’s greatest poet dramatist by far? This is hatred of White culture such as has never been seen before.

    Don’t see these movies. Boycott them. They are cultural corruption. They will rot your mind.

    1. It’s not just the attempt to promote race mixing I object to: the black males constantly seen with blonde females on their arms, surrounded by mixed race children.

      Like this:


      and this:


      and this:


      It’s not just this promotion of miscegenation and mongrelization I find totally repulsive — WHITE GENOCIDE pure and simple being promoted by Jews and their goyim lackeys. What I find equally repugnant is the attempt to uglify life, falsify texts, and “sex up” old stories that had no sex in them whatever.

      The Victorians were noted for dealing with sex discreetly. If there was sexual tension, it was hinted at subtly by burning glances across the ballroom floor. No longer! The Victorian miss will now display her tits and flash her nipples. She and her beau will end up in the broom cupboard, her long skirt hitched up over her thighs, and the man going at her like a sex-crazed ram.

      I’ve see a Jewish Hollywood adaption of “Hamlet” in which Ophelia is shown lying on her back having a self-induced orgasm. It’s not in the Shakespeare play. It’s what your perverted Jew director gives you. The heroine virtually jerking off hysterically.

      That’s what these filthy Jewish directors are up to. Even incest and bestiality are on offer. It’s the slow corruption of the masses by a race of perverts.

      They are doing this to our children, robbing them of their innocence, these Epsteins and Weinsteins.

      1. I always thought it was because I didn’t have Harvey Weinstein’s good looks and charisma that I wasn’t surrounded by beautiful women.

  4. It reminds me of the degeneracy of the Weimar perod in 1920s Germany.
    Many friends feel that a backlash is coming.
    I just hope this time he stops after the Sudetenland.
    Terrible mistake trying to conquer Europe.
    Up to 1937 he was a hero who had saved the German people.
    Then he messed things up by going too far

    I will vote for ANY party that will stop all immigration (and close the BBC)

  5. My guess for several decades has been that the attempts to “Fade To Black” is a necessary process for those in power needing total control of this planet. They need a populace of those who will PRODUCE, CONSUME and OBEY.

    Whites tend to have a great affinity towards the characteristics of inventiveness, organization, self restraint, compassion, empathy and independence than most other societies…. and so… are least likely to OBEY. Not wanted in the New Normal.

    On the other hand, Negroes, on the whole, who have not been the product of miscegenation, tend to fill out all three requirements. Mixing the aboriginal Negroes with all of the other colors will help achieve complete global control more easily, country by country, starting with the ones which pose the greatest threats to the plan. The first experiments ARE happening in the West.

    Asian countries mostly prohibit Negro immigration for a reason.

  6. Try Google Images and search for “European people history”. You will find almost exclusively pictures of black people. This is the first picture they offer :


    Try “happy WHITE American family” in Google Images. The result is mainly entirely black or mixed race families. This is the first “happy WHITE American family” they offer :


    But perhaps Google Images misunderstood us. So let’s try “happy CAUCASIAN American family”. The result is more or less the same. This is the fifth example they offer of a “happy CAUCASIAN American family” :


    Perhaps we still were not clear enough. So let’s try “happy WHITE SKINNED American family”.
    Would that not be clear enough? Nope, same result. First picture of a “happy WHITE SKINNED American family” :


    You will find the same results on Yahoo and Duckduckgo, both, like Google, controlled by Jews. Need I say more?

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Devastating. A truly mind-destroying post.

      All I can say is: the worm turns, but it does so slowly.

      A time of reckoning will come.

      1. Whew! You’ve got me worried! Talking about my “revolver”, these images almost push me over the edge into playing Russian roulette.

        Seriously though, you could make these images the basis of an excellent article on White genocide, linking each image to the next one with suitable commentary. I suggest you do this. The images speak for themselves and are an eloquent testimony to theWhite genocide going on in our midst.

        BTW, I noticed that all the three images posted in the comment by Madame Butterfly above . . .

        August 3, 2020 at 10:58 am

        . . . that all three images came from the Darkmoon archives and were traceable to your brilliant article on White genocide:


        Well done! That was a memorable article!

      2. Yes, I confess to raiding Franklin Ryckaert’s article for the three images I posted earlier on showing black/white race mixing. They are not even half as effective as the subsequent plethora of images posted by Ryckaert himself in his two recent comments here.

        I commend Ryckaert for his very important contribution to our struggle and regard his article as a perfect companion piece to the article by Jack Antonio, “Fade to Black”, which specifically concentrates on deliberate miscasting in the movie industry so as to promote race mixing.

        Ryckaert’s article has a wider scope of reference, whereas Jack Antonio’s article focuses only on the movie industry: mostly in Jewish Hollywood, but increasingly so on television, with the BBC playing a large part in promoting cultural corruption, crypto-porn, and White genocide.

  7. I could not finish reading this article; it made me sick to my stomach a third of the way through. The UK is the laughingstock of the civilized world–and it is easy to understand why.

  8. Dear Madam Butterfly
    I think you are confusing testosterone with lager and cocaine!
    While fighting in the African bush against the might of the USSR , East German airforce and Cuban proxies where were our illustrious British comrades that we had steadfastly stood shoulder to shoulder with in 2 World wars and the Korean police action?
    At football matches swilling lager!
    We had a saying about them…..” A waste of a white skin”
    As for me getting a life. Thanks but I have had a long and eventful life and lived through a lot of history first hand.
    I have seen this movie before and it does not end well.
    There is no “Blitz Spirit” anymore only cucks of which I most certainly am not. To quote a great Boer General Jan Smuts in the Transvaal parliament when the brave politicians and loud mouths declared war on the British Empire” Me and my men will still be in the field fighting when you have surrendered or run away”

    1. @ Robert

      Thank you for these wise words. I appreciate them truly. I value the great work you are doing. Yes, there are a great many cucks, spiritual eunuchs, sissies and snowflakes around.

      The Brits during the Blitz and the Brits living today might as well belong to different races.

      What has produced the difference? You know as well as I do. Mass demoralization brought on by the steady drip, drip. drip of toxic TV, internet, and mass media in general. The young and impressionable are particularly vulnerable.

      We have Western nations full of zombies.

  9. Genes are way overrated. in the last 20-30 years epigenetics and in the last 5 the biome show this “random genetic” explanation to be of low importance compared to environment, and especially that deriving from the mother.

    Thus environment and culture are pivotal, not the 1% of genetic material in the nucleus of human cells (compared to 99% in the biome).

    The preference ‘White” amongst “White Nationalists” is counter productive in several ways relating to silliness. A blank sheet of paper is not preferable to a sheet containing art. Racial whiteout is not desirable for the same reason. Unconscious and natural human preference is for “diversity”, demonstrated by experiment, which is why redheads and blondes are sought after, why Asians prefer White skin, why hareems are variegated, …

    Such silliness detracts from the fight against Marxism, especially cultural Marxism and it’s main tool of cultural destruction – mass immigration, which is an evil.

    The real battle is for the cultural high ground – self discipline, morality, merit, inventiveness, freedom of expression.

    I assume any intelligent person on DM switched off the mass media several decades ago. True culture in all forms of art is inexhaustible in pre 1965 form:: literature, films, music …

    The war on “White” culture can be won by focusing on educating as many children as you can to be superior and strong. (Actually a Tribe trait). How many “White” nationalists are winning the war of women’s wombs – announced by the Algerian president in the 70’s, for the takeover of Europe. Not many I suspect, for most Anglo-saxons now consider children a burden and an eco-disaster.

    1. THIS Anglo-Saxon despises the current abomination of culture so much that he feels sorry for any decent white families to have to try to RAISE their children in it, nowadays. The time might indeed come when King David is not considered too out-of-line for bashing the heads of mongrel babies to curtail the infection. We see members of our own families condoning some mudshark and making over her niglet like nothing is wrong. It sickens me!

      1. Gilbert,

        You have my deepest sympathies. I feel your anguish. It will hopefully pass, just as the sun emerges eventually from behind its canopy of clouds.

        The sun is a symbol. As long as it has life, none can withstand its golden splendour and exuberant radiance!

        All will be well in the end. Butterflies know. 🙂

      2. Madame –

        I appreciate your candor. My own daughter has expressed to me her reluctance to ever plan on having children, for the reason of the type of society she may be bringing them into. I told her I’d rather not have any grandchildren to worry about, either, and that I don’t blame her. It upsets her mother, and I understand; but her mother is one who is a “hovering” type who meddles and drinks too much.

      3. Living outside a city, switching off the mass media and home education are within reach of everyone.

  10. Correction: “and especially that deriving from the mother.”
    I was trying to say the epigenetic and biomic influence of the mother is very great.

  11. Note that, as with the world of Modern Art or “art/s” in general, Hollywood, and just about everything else, the elite Jewish, “money out of the thin air” monsters, are all over it! Put simply, they own and control everything. The Goyim Whiteman has been sitting on his hands, doing nothing,since 1913. So multiculturalism, via the vile ideologies of cultural Marxism, is the social reality we live in. How much more can we take? When will leaders with strong, steadfast supporting minions come into our midst? Even then, I can guarantee, Jews will be sent in as subversives and saboteurs. And then, you have to get over the fact that all but the very brightest Whites continue to acquiesce with the use of Jewish ideologies and the insidious Jewspeak language. Hence my objection to Whites prattling off Jewspeak, as in the words “antisemitism and racism”, or even ”Shemitism” (as in the case of Pat). These fools do not realise they are captured in Jewspeak. As I said, as with the Epstein-Maxwell saga, “Jews are all over it”, dictating our social reality, just as a television show features a blonde woman mating with a black, or a black Richard Iii. Brother Kapner gives the answer: “Antifa crowds should be shot and all Jews should be disenfranchised and their monies redistributed to the Goyim.” …. Negroes should be repatriated back to Africa and given $1,000, a bag of assorted drugs, a diet book, 25 boxes of condoms, a pile of gangsta rap cd’s and a machete. The USA apparently has White militias being formed. What they need is their own leadership group to coordinate all groups and their own media communications system.

  12. “And, if Blacks were capable of achieving so much back-in-the-day, then what the heck happened? Did they simply forget how?”
    Don’t you get it yet Good Buddy – black people were set upon by the evil white race and enslaved and exterminated, I guess at just about the same time they were about to take off on their own (long overdue) cultural renaissance in Africa, which would probably have been of Grecian proportions, if white people hadn’t screwed things up for them… Those damn Portuguese, they started it, slavery..
    if you have enough dough, like Gates and the Waltons, you can buy plenty of elections, but you can also buy government throughout all the bureaucratic offices, where more centrally located officials might have a harder time blocking the policies intended by such plutocrats… There is the surface government, and then there’s the sub-surface one.. they used to call it ‘Metro Regional’… The Jesuits (don’t count them out in this) have the world split up into about 10 sections.. as far as they’re concerned their rep is the governor of each section, answering to the Jesuit General… It’s all about infiltrating, bribery, blackmail, making sure the bureaucracy does what you want it to do, the science of governing without holding office…
    “Believing her own bullshit, Goldberg has morphed into a political pundit. She holds forth daily on US TV on all manner of subjects while injecting the race card into all of them — no matter how misplaced. She gets away with this because Whites are afraid of challenging her lest they be called “racist.”
    No, that’s some of that PC BS you get from P BS and C BS…
    Plenty of white people will call all this stuff out, call them what you want, but they won’t get put on Jew TV…
    “Homosexual playwrights, directors, and designers rarely miss a chance to demean Whiteness and masculinity and to degrade females. In a recent London production of a play based on Patrick Hamilton’s brilliant WW2 novel The Slaves of Solitude, the queer director and adapter changed the American GI who was the play’s love interest into a Black soldier.”
    Jews have been doing this sort of thing with Hollywood scripts to protect and promote themselves since they invented the movie industry, never a Jewish villain and always a Jewish hero or victim..

  13. As long as Jews call the tune, set the courses and impose their Marxist cultural revolution in our schools and universities, we will keep producing slatternly ignorant, semi-literate, brainwashed undergrads and degree holders who, in their “useful idiot” status, make up the numbers in such terrorist-subversive groups as BLM and Antifa. Jews MUST be taken out of all educational institutions, just as they should be taken out of everything. This is the only hope for our children’s future. I have been saying this since I attended university in the 1970’s. The TIME has come to finally address Henry Ford’s “Jewish Question.” We are 100 years too late, but now is our last chance.

  14. ADMIN: Comment rescued from Spam.
    (No idea why it went into Spam)

    This is exactly the reason I stopped watching movies and tv-shows. I don’t know what is worst, the race-mixing, replacement of white characters with black or the globohomo agenda. One of the worst thing I’ve seen in later years is when John Constantine came out as gay in the show Legends Of Tomorrow. Too make things even worse he turmed out to be a gay coalburner as well. They showed some really gross stuff. Close-up shots of the two fags tongue-kissing each other. Remember, this is not x-rated stuff we are talking about. This was mainstream television targeted towards young people. Thank you, jews. You truly are a wonderful people.

    When it comes to Whoopi “I dindu nuffin” Goldberg, there is only one thing funny about her and that is her last name. How a schwartze like her came about to wear a chosenite surname is beyond me. No accusations of cultural apropiation or anti-semitism as far as I know. Perhaps she is just a good and loyal shabbos-goy, who knows?

    1. Excellent comment, Morningstar.
      Long time we haven’t heard from you.
      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

      1. I’m more of a lurker. Pops in most every day to check for updates. Why it went to Spamblinka could be the captcha-stuff. Often those pics are very small and it is hard to see any details. Maybe I clicked on one or two wrong pics and it thought I was a bot?

  15. Gilbert, the Jews will love the fact that your daughter is not going to breed. There goes another White family of the future. Yet in Africa they are breeding like Australian feral rabbits,with demographers saying the population in Nigeria alone, could reach over one billion, not to forget the rest of Africa. Millions of them will continue to invade Europe, as per Camp of the Saints. ….. In Australia, Muslim welfare families are averaging over four children. Stupid, brainwashed, junior White girls are killing our White race. We all know the Communist feminists have brainwashed these empty vessels. . And you support this? I already have over seventy, White grandchildren. I am teaching them to shoot auto rifles (still avail in Oz) and how to use the boomerang as a silent, lethal weapon. All my mates at the pub are purposely getting the local White girls pregnant, so we will build up the White population.

    1. Max –

      If I had more children, or grandchildren, I wouldn’t be quite as free and able to do some things that really need doing. It’s not so much selfishness as it is a sense of duty. I have adored my daughter since the minute she first saw daylight, and devoted an inordinate amount of time for her. Still, she acquired a narcotics habit, but has overcome it with great success. She is a very productive girl, now, with good business sense. As it is, she doesn’t have to spend stress on politics or proper raising of children, and is considering marriage to a man who works hard at his own businesses, too. She is, also, very strong and healthy – and beautiful. That is enough for me, and I am thankful.

  16. Gilbert, you say your “wife drinks too much.” Australian statistics of recent years show that women are now bigger consumers of alcohol than men. Hence, when I go to pubs there are literally teams of drunk girls and old boilers on the make. These are the drunkards that make for easy lays, with many of the sheilas screwing indiscriminately over and over again. I went as a disguised observer to Sydney’s BLM riots and observed alcohol besotted sheilas all over the place. Many were already pregnant. As Australian social reporter, Bettina Arndt said: “The majority in attendance at the Sydney rally were young women, screaming like hyenas and totally out of control.”. Most of them were pissed. The Jews, as Weishaupt and Marx planned, are using women to destroy Western civilisation. The great Mrs Nesta Webster predicted this in 1920 – these females of “disordered imaginations”: pissed to the eyeballs, doing what their Jewish controllers tell them today. Not much different to the Jewish porn movie directors.

    1. Max, this is a brilliant comment. But please don’t get the idea that all women are like these drunken sheilas you so eloquently describe. In the circles in which I move, we would bash these trollops over the head with a rolled umbrella.

      Have compassion, Max. These women are desperate. They have turned to drink and sex in sheer desperation because life has denied them what all women secretly crave: a happy home life with a good husband and a quiver full of happy children. In two words, Max, women need “domestic bliss”. As in the old days when the man was a real man and went to work as the main breadwinner. Women don’t want office life. Or commuting in crowded trains. Nor do they want to get drunk and get laid by black stallions. All that is wretched compensation for the paradise that has been lost.

      You are not contributing to the future Utopia by impregnating dozens of desperate young women. You are taking advantage of them. You are exploiting them. You and your frisky mates are corrupt, dear Max, and adding to the general degeneracy of life in Australia. You are in no position to sneer at these frail sisters, since you are corrupt to the bone yourself. What are you after all, dear Max, but a booze-sozzled FUCK MACHINE? 🙂

      No offense intended, Maxy boy! Take it leave it. I am vastly your intellectual superior. You could learn a few tricks from me if you tried. I could put you on the right path and lead you out of the labyrinth of the senses in which you wander like a lost soul. 🙂

      1. Butterfly, tell that bit about “domestic bliss” to the retributional feminists I daily encounter in academia. These hard faced, hatchet faced, Marxist revolutionaries know only the rules set down by the Jewish prositute Betty Friedan, Sher Hite and Germaine Greer. The latter often revealed their motto: “Destroy patriarchy and Marxism will come Willy Nilly.” Of course, as I keep saying, read Mrs Nesta Webster’s book, World Revolutions, to see what the all powerful Illuminati really thought of the role of women. Not much different to the role of women in Saudi Arabia. It was the likes of Greer, a former rock world groupie in Melbourne, Australia, who inadvertently influenced Gilbert’s daughter to never be a mother. Many of the one night stand whores you meet in various social circles are these childless, unmarried, leftist, rapidly aging bitches. Again, Australian social commentator, Bettina Arendt, has written extensively about their left over predicament.

    2. Max –

      My (ex) wife drinks too much because she is a snob who cannot well abide the tacky mundanities of today’s populace. I remember her in kindergarten, when a driver would bring her to school, and she wore little white gloves and would be accompanied by her colored “mammy”. I though she was cute, and most of us boys went out of our ways to be polite around her. Later in life, when we were thirty, I decided I needed to have children and a family. She seemed a good breeding stock choice, I was “approved”, and we married.
      She had a hard birth labor, and it left her unable to have any more children. I didn’t want to marry, again, and now it’s rather late to try. 😕

      1. I admire your honesty, Gilbert. Life has many crosses to bear, and I will always wish you well. You are a good person and I enjoy reading your postings.

  17. Finally, give Antonio’s piece to a left wing, pink haired, undergrad teenager of today to read and they might question you in such a way: “ Isn’t Antonio being entirely racist and anti Semitic? What is wrong with a black man being with a white woman? Why shouldn’t advertisements feature Muslims in garb, Pakis in turbans and mixed race gatherings? Why not a black Richard III? Why shouldn’t Jews exhibit their talents as talent scouts and producers? And why shouldn’t Negroids, Pakis and Muslims be seen wandering in National Trust advertisements? And what is wrong with me dating a black man and having children to him? ….. Anyway, the world is coming to an end with global warming and I want all capitalists dead.” Yeah, WHY?????????

    1. Another excellent post. You are never boring.
      And you are highly intelligent. Such a pity
      you are so hopelessly degenerate and corrupt. 🙂

  18. In Israel, migrant workers are made to sign a document promising not to have sex with any Jewish woman even if she is a prostitute . If caught, they will be jailed and fined and deported afterwards.this is to keep the Jewish race intact and pure . Of course , I don’t know what would happen if a color child was born .

  19. ALL human beings belong into ONLY two categories. Race itself does not matter at all even if it will upset many from ALL different colours of the skin by just trying to imagine it.
    There are only two different groups of people living (more or less) together on earth: Spiritual Beings and followers of the Truth and truthful living and “materialists”, with a self-willed identity denying God, Truth and spirituality and all those that are attempting a truthful (non material) living in a material world.
    A psychological WAR – NOT A RACE WAR – is being waged by “materialists” over the “righteous and spiritual beings of ALL FAITHS and colours of the skin” and all of mankind is doing their best trying to survive the seeming eternal conflict in the tribes of man while blaming and fighting others that differ from oneself.
    The solution is simple but yet is not easy to reach. “Where do I belong?” one can ask oneself just to find out that it is ones own heart that remains lukewarm while holding onto material desires, securities and a chosen faith that somehow tries to fit into a world that has no room for any spiritual faith but that of the golden calf and it is about exactly that, that life and its original embedded faith is argued away and rendered useless while being distracted by conflict.
    “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.”

    1. Profound comments Jo! You are correct: “Materialists”, meaning Marxists with their “human life is merely matter in motion” ideology, mixed with Marxist and Weishauptian “Scientific Materialism”, “Workers’ Paradises”, female-feminist emancipation, morals relativism, strident immorality and sex on tap (okay, Butterfly, I sometimes drink at this tap!), are at odds with “spiritual”, conservative, followers of the basic universal TRUTHS.
      Yes, there are only two genders, not 107! Yes, buggery is dirty, unnatural and disease spreading. Yes, red-blooded males will chase sexy females, remembering that women contradict Nature, where the male is the showy one, and the female is a usually simply brown and fairly insignificant. Women attracting sex? Yes, the Father and Son confirmed that Jews are the progeny of the devil. Yes, a handsome male like me can get any woman he wants, including Butterfly, if she met him.
      This dichotomy reflects in the political continuum, where usually, as per voting patterns, roughly half the population vote for the Communist Left materialists and the other half vote for the conservatives, people, often, of faith and truth seeking.
      Compare Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to the breathtakingly beautiful Melanie Trump and Mother Theresa. Or, the sex driven Lady Ga Ga to our chaste Sister Monica. I do not think the drunken Butterfly (as once said by Lasha, I think) is very chaste or very innocent.
      Trouble is,most of the Yankee Negroids are on the materialists’ side, as are many educated White women.

      1. Yes, Max there are only two genders but only ONE (very messed up, leaderless and confused) humanity.

      2. Max –

        There are 3 ‘genders’ … they are:

        There are only 2 sexes:
        Male & female.

  20. Sorry to upset you Butterfly, but us tough Aussie males who inhabit pubs see anything White in a skirt or tight jeans as fair game. Most of them want it anyway, or else they wouldn’t be flashing it in the pub saloon. Even when I was completing my doctorate, the better looking, highly educated sheilas made it just as obvious. One asked me to come and get a tiny spider out of her college room and ended up persuading me to bed her. Another I consummated on top of a photocopier. If “corrupt” is simply the act of giving it out to nubile, wanton chicks, I have been corrupt hundreds of times. But at least I am open, not like the blackmailing Jewish freaks. It is like Chris Hemsworth here in Byron Bay Australia. He, like me, has to fight the sheilas off with a stick. What is it with these groupies? What do they get out of a couple of minutes in bed or on the floor with their male idol? Are they expecting LERV?

  21. JO
    “There are only two different groups of people living (more or less) together on earth: Spiritual Beings and followers of the Truth and truthful living and “materialists”, with a self-willed identity denying God, Truth and spirituality and all those that are attempting a truthful (non material) living in a material world.”
    I think some if us might be both…
    I see nothing wrong with materialism, I like stuff, my possessions… I think we should all have plenty, be wealthy while we’re in this form on Earth…
    But wealth should also include a correct sense of the self in spiritual terms…
    I don’t see where we can exalt ourselves as truthful, and therefore trustworthy. and at the same time claim a firm grip on the deity, since it’s really not possible for any of us to know for sure what it is…
    I think some of us are trying to equate ourselves to it by claiming it ‘for ourselves’….
    and maybe an apotheosis awaits us all at death…
    maybe not… maybe that’s all a whole lot of made up junk…

    1. Bark, first Washington became God (The Apotheosis of Washington) and these days every body else in USA and anywhere around the world is feeling more or less that way. The more one accomplishes material gains the more respect is paid by others. Ever met an compassionate Billionaire who cares for other human beings and does not for his overflowing vaults?
      Sure everybody tries to have one foot here (materialism) and the other one there (spiritual or theoretical religious realm) but isn’t that what lukewarm means?
      “It’s really not possible for any of us to know for sure what IT is…”
      To get to know “It” – really is possible in ones lifetime Barkingdeer. Though a thought based on ones own inexperience that it is NOT POSSIBLE to start of with stops anyone including yourself right in the starting blocks or imprison oneself in ones own protective borders that have been set “for safe keeping” – in a different but personal reality.
      What awaits at death is LIFE Bark and not George Washington impersonated as God. “How does one know?” One might ask. “How come one doesn’t?” Might just be the right response as one here will not encounter a middle way that can OR WILL serve both “very opposing masters”.
      Sometimes it can become quite an (life) experience to let go of, or tear down ones own established borders of imagination to get a glimpse of a very different reality while only being protected by ones open heart and mind.

  22. They just might make a remake of the movie Zulu Dawn casting all the Zulus with White Men and all the British with Blacks. They could write in and cast Whoopi Goldberg as Queen Victoria.

  23. As with everything that Jewish-Communist created political correctness inspires, which is basically a pack of convoluted lies, try reversing their mantras to see the diabolical absurdities: The great king of the Zulu kingdom, Chaka, could be played by Australia’s Chris Hemsworth, blonde hair flailing out the back. His tribe of Zulus, attacking across the river, could be comprised of Negroes, Whites, Asians and Australian aborigines. According to PC rules you are supposed to be colour blind and non-discriminatory in observing the Zulus’ river crossing. And then a movie about the great Nat King Cole could feature Robbie Williams as Nat and Denzel Washington could be Elvis Presley. Adolf Hitler said that the Jews would reverse all known forms of scholarship and truth and create a fake world. You are living in it now. And remember, even though I am a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed Nordic, I am really an Australian aborigine,so don’t be racist by calling me White. And then, the Zulu movie would have to reflect the many genders we have, in our wisdom, unearthed, with plenty of lady-boys, trannies and lbgtq types.

  24. The magic of the theater is the ‘suspension of disbelief’, the ability to think you’re witnessing an actual event.
    To cast someone of a racial group other than one obviously called for is in your face opposition to the aforesaid principle of theater, and ruins the experience. You cannot be drawn into the performance as though it were
    really happening.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if one has to miscast one’s play to get the money to produce it.

    1. Yeah, try Chris Hemsworth cast as Muhammad Ali! Whoopi Goldberg as Joan D’ Arc. …. Total insanity is fast becoming the norm in our Jewish fishbowl. The Jewish swear word “RACISM” dominates our day, followed by the Jews’ diabolical, fake word “ANTISEMITISM.” .And then we bow down before all the rest of the Jewish vocabulary. ….. In Australia the Jewish owned advertising companies do not produce a television advertisement that does not include a black person, usually male; a beautiful White woman, an Asian or a head-scarfed Muslim. The addition of a White male is simply an after-thought; and this man is usually a cringing, weak looking metrosexual, an effeminate girly-boy, or a poofter. As always this is a Jewish imposed and paid for reality, which is simply part of the great RESET of 2020. You ain’t seen nuthin yet and the RESET will grow wings in coming years. Try White males treated as vermin!

  25. I don’t know, I have seen what I consider pretty good performances by black actors and actresses performing roles based on white people. I think I have pretty good taste in art, but I don’t claim to have any actual ability to judge a good acting performance.

    Now I don’t think I am for affirmative action in any big way. Maybe something on a small scale for lower wage jobs only because it would seem violent to take it all away at once. But this is besides the point, but I wanted to state the former before I drop the other shoe. It does seem unreasonable to me that a black performer cannot get a role in many productions that take place prior to the beginning of the 20th Century. And even at that late date we are pushing it as many of those roles would be train porters, slaves, or used for comic relief in what we would consider an insensitive way today.

    Either way, with all the problems we are currently experiencing I can’t get too bent out of shape over this outrage.

    1. Lots of words… Enjoying your own writing style? Fon‘t forget to pay tax and charity for the rest of the world.

  26. JO
    “Bark, first Washington became God (The Apotheosis of Washington) and these days every body else in USA and anywhere around the world is feeling more or less that way. The more one accomplishes material gains the more respect is paid by others. Ever met an compassionate Billionaire who cares for other human beings and does not for his overflowing vaults?
    I’m hardly a judge of billionaires…
    Sure everybody tries to have one foot here (materialism) and the other one there (spiritual or theoretical religious realm) but isn’t that what lukewarm means?
    isn’t that best sometimes, compared to all kinds of fanaticism?
    “It’s really not possible for any of us to know for sure what IT is…”
    To get to know “It” – really is possible in ones lifetime Barkingdeer.”
    well, you can cultivate your personal reaction to the idea… but that’s about all you’re doing…
    “Though a thought based on ones own inexperience that it is NOT POSSIBLE to start of with stops anyone including yourself right in the starting blocks or imprison oneself in ones own protective borders that have been set “for safe keeping” – in a different but personal reality.”
    the humble approach is always best….
    “What awaits at death is LIFE Bark and not George Washington impersonated as God. “How does one know?” One might ask. “How come one doesn’t?” Might just be the right response as one here will not encounter a middle way that can OR WILL serve both “very opposing masters”.
    you’re reading too much into it…
    Sometimes it can become quite an (life) experience to let go of, or tear down ones own established borders of imagination to get a glimpse of a very different reality while only being protected by ones open heart and mind.
    but you go too far when you claim there are no races…
    it may be true on a certain level but we’re living in the real world…
    you see where you’ve been led?
    no races, no genders either, right? no nations…
    what’s next – no opinions? no beliefs?
    no individuals…

    1. What is the real world Bark? “Yours” or “mine”, somebody elses or all of them?
      When a physical body that lived as an individual entity dies its life force lives/moves on with “splendid” memories of a dream you may call “the real world” filled with races, sex, gender, nations, religious beliefs or not, conflict, limitations, love and hate – just to name a tiny fraction of ones “own life experience” moulded into opinion and belief. These opinions and beliefs will be challenged naturally by a different (matter less) reality and you Bark (or what is left of you) will have to judge yourself according to a “Reality representing timeless truth”.
      You might not be a judge of billionaires but you definitely are an expert to be called upon for judging what once was yourself in a unhappy dream against a REALITY that has become “yours” and now differs greatly from ALL individualism that once was the foundation of man and yourself. What a scary thought right?

  27. This is possible only because of huge amounts of tax payers money is used to fund the fraud.
    We‘re annihilated and we have to finance this genocide. EXACTLY the same fate as Christians in muslim kalifates or in in the turkish empire: where are they? Not to be found in the lands that were 90% Christian 1300 yrs ago.
    In the turkish occupied territories of Europe and the ME it was usual, when the muslims came to your house and raped your daughters and enslaved your sons, to require a FREE dinner of poultry, eggs, fruits etc. After the dinner, you had to pay them tax, because their teeth became unclean on your non-believer’s food.
    Welcome to the reality. Resistance is not to be expected by the coach potatoes.

  28. I once saw a play about the Chinese who built American railroads. All the actors were Chinese. It would have
    been ridiculous to have had any Europeans as the Chinese laborers.

    1. Nowadays the Chinese laborers could be all played by black Africans —
      including lesbians. How’s that for multicultural diversity?

  29. Einstein plagiarized the work of several notable scientists in his 1905 papers on special relativity and E = mc2, yet the physics community has never bothered to set the record straight in the past century.

    It is attributed by convention to be the sole province of Albert Einstein (1905).

    However, the conversion of matter into energy and energy into matter was known to Sir Isaac Newton (“Gross bodies and light are convertible into one another…”, 1704). The equation can be attributed to S. Tolver Preston (1875), to Jules Henri Poincaré (1900; according to Brown, 1967) and to Olinto De Pretto (1904) before Einstein. Since Einstein never correctly derived E = mc2 (Ives, 1952), there appears nothing to connect the equation with anything original by Einstein.
    Arthur Eddington’s selective presentation of data from the 1919 Eclipse so that it supposedly supported “Einstein’s” general relativity theory is surely one of the biggest scientific hoaxes of the 20th century. His lavish support of Einstein corrupted the course of history. Eddington was less interested in testing a theory than he was in crowning Einstein the king of science.

    The physics community, unwittingly perhaps, has engaged in a kind of fraud and silent conspiracy; this is the byproduct of simply being bystanders as the hyperinflation of Einstein’s record and reputation took place.

    This silence benefited anyone supporting Einstein.


    1. Any modern Physics gets bundled as Einstein,even the quantum mechanics that is irreconcilible with his mangled thinking. Relativity was an unnecessary justification of a suggestion that light’s speed is the maximum.

      1. @ Lewis Jones

        Nice to know we have a distinguished scientist on our site who knows more more about Physics than Einstein. I looked for your books on Amazon under “Lewis Jones” but could find nothing listed there. Are you perhaps hiding your genius here under a pen name?

  30. Israel Cohen 1912 #WhiteGenocide
    Israel Cohen 1912
    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION. By propounding into the consciousness of the DARK races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the PROFESSIONS, and in the world of SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to INTER-MARRY with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.
    .” AUTHOR – Israel Cohen(Zionist — Communist — Internationalist) “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” >Published in 1912,. On June 17, 1957, Vol. 103 p. 8559, the above passage was read into the United States Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy?


  31. When the Jews use someone like the little hooligan Yaxley Lennon to direct our righteous anger onto some other goyim they stuck in front of us,let us notice his employer straightaway. It’s the big hooligan.

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