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  1. Certainly a woman as unscrupulous as G. Maxwell is likely to be told “who” to indict and those about whom she should refrain from exposing. This is untrustworthy finger-pointing.
    A deal will be made, and the controlled media will harp on about it while ignoring or extolling the pond scum who really need to be “exposed” for overdue extermination.

    1. Good point, Gilbert. But we need to remember several things. First, Ms Maxwell has a little black book in which the names of many important people are mentioned. Surely that little black book will have to be “Exhibit A”?

      They can’t hide the book from public scrutiny and say, “Sorry, you can’t see what’s in the book!” Similarly, they can hardly redact the important names. Or maybe they can, and maybe they can say: “These names have been redacted for national security reasons.” But that won’t wash with the public, will it?

      Note how people in the video are getting quite agitated that Ghislaine should be watched carefully to prevent her from committing suicide, like Epstein supposedly did. The public find it hard to believe that Epstein wasn’t deliberately murdered to silence him. Or they think Epstein didn’t die at all but is now safely tucked away in Israel.

      So what are the chances that Epstein and his ex-lover Ghislaine Maxwell don’t end up one day in a secret bolthole in Israel, happily reunited? Both have enormous fortunes and nobody knows where all that money came from. Why is no one telling us?

      *Sigh*. I expect it will be a plea bargain. With Ghislaine getting a short sentence in some holiday home prison. And then she’ll be out again, with dozens of palatial properties all over the world to choose from as a residence.

      1. I’ve just read that a judge has ordered the destruction of all evidence in the Epstein case, including the names of all the important men who slept with underage girls groomed by Ghislaine Maxwell.

        The plot thickens . . .

  2. The Megan’s Law requires each state to provide public notification and information about sexual offenders living in the area. The federal law applies to all sex offenders whether their victims were children or adults.

    For Andrew to claim he thought the minor girls were maids is a lousy excuse.
    For the Half Dick Alan M. Dershowitzto argue that he only has a massage while he has underwear was on is like saying blow job is not sex. After all this creep is the one who said torture is permissible if it saves life.

    Maybe exposing him and locking him behind bars for life will help prevent another rape of a minor. The same should go to Trump, Ehud Barak, and Prince Andrew. If they were to evade persecution,it would be a travesty of justice.

  3. Evidence will not be admissible if it was obtained through torture or inhuman or degrading treatment (Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights).

    In Jones v University of Warwick [2003] EWCA Civ 151, the claimant’s home was secretly filmed for the purpose of exposing a false personal injury claim (which was an act of trespass). Lord Woolf CJ allowed the evidence to be admitted.

    US District Court Judge Loretta Preska, who was appointed by George Herbert Walker Bush has ruled on July 1st, ordering the attorneys for one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia (Roberts) Guiffre, to “destroy” a list of men who had taken advantage of Epstein’s “girls.” Give me a freaking break!

    As my old buddy Mark Glenn used to say, this stinks all the way to the highest Heavens. Money talks! Just like Ilhan Omar said before, “It’s All About the Benjamins”,

  4. Ghislaine Maxwell father:
    Robert Maxwell (Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hock) [suicided 1991]
    Ian Robert Maxwell was a British media proprietor, Member of Parliament, suspected spy, and fraudster. Originally from Czechoslovakia, Maxwell rose from poverty to build an extensive publishing empire. After his death, huge discrepancies in his companies’ finances were revealed, including his fraudulent misappropriation of the Mirror Group pension fund.Wikipedia
    June 10, 1923, Slatinské Doly, Czechoslovakia
    November 5, 1991, Sea around the Canary Islands
    Resting place:
    Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery, Jerusalem

    Ghislaine Maxwell – Wikipedia
    Ghislaine Maxwell was born in 1961, in Maisons-Laffitte, France, the ninth and youngest child of Elisabeth (née Meynard), a French-born scholar, and Robert Maxwell, a Czechoslovak-born British media proprietor. Her father was from a Jewish family and her mother was of Huguenot descent. Maxwell was born two days before a car accident left her older brother Michael in a prolonged coma at age 15 …

    A little background;
    As Maxwell’s publishing empire was falling part, Ghislaine’s father was hawking promise software, with back doors, around the world for the Israeli Mossad. He had hoped that the commissions would help save his crumbing media empire. Real time intelligence is a key to Israeli control over the West and beyond.

    Fast forward to the latest in the saga of Epstein/Ghislaine.
    Backed by the Jew owned Victoria’s Secret fortune, Epstein had the wherewithal to use his sex operation to spy and film the sexual peccadillos of the rich and famous. And they did. However, the connections of the Maxwell family runs long and deep with Israeli intelligence.
    It would not at all surprise this corresponded that Ghislaine, herself, was the ramrod of the whole Epstein “honey trap” operation and Jeffery Epstein was just going along “for the ride”, so to say.
    In any case, the real criminals in this whole sorted affair are safe and sound in Israel along with their partners in crime buried within the American deep state. Never will the true depth of all this will ever be exposed in an American court of law.
    Lets all say together now: “Just us Jews”!

  5. According to the British Telegraph, Epstein’s British confident Ghislain Maxwell said she and Epstein were videotaping everyone who visited Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean. The same claim was confirmed by NYT reporter James B. Stewart who said that Epstein made it clear to him during dinner, that he “knew an astonishing number of rich, famous and powerful people, and had photos to prove it. He also claimed to know a great deal about these people, some of it potentially damaging or embarrassing.”

    A woman using the name Katie Johnson had named Trump and Epstein in a $100 million lawsuit, accused them of having sex with her back in 1994 when she was 13 and promised her with money and modeling career. Johnson stated in her complaint that Trump and Epstein threatened to harm her and her family if she did not drop her lawsuit.

    After 9/11, the US government told Americans, “If you see something, say something.” We were also encouraged to connect the dots. However, when Jews or Mossad are involved, there is no need to connect the dots. Why? The state of ISISrael takes over.

  6. Disgusting people! How come they have such a strong sexual drive if you withdraw the blackmail issue – are they taking to much androchrome! The answer is certainly yes! Yekk! Bläh in Swedish! Fy fan! Go to hell ugly people! 😛

    1. A strong sexual drive is natures survival mechanism. That is not the problem. One should not eliminate that, but channel it, except if it is pathological (against nature and survival).

      The problem is, some very evil but very clever people have studied our deeper instincts in its fullest consequence and then used this privileged knowledge to devise ways to corrupt us and break the back of our nations in this manner. They want to addict us. Addiction comes in two manners (many years ago I had Criminology 101, drugs was one topic): physical dependency and psychological dependency (drawn toward it, without being physically addicted to it – a craving/conditioning).

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