Good Morning, Sister Sadness

Good Morning, Sister Sadness

A  Xanadu  Song

Good morning, Sister Sadness,
So empty-souled and arid!
Give me the kiss
of kindness
And your hand on my forehead.

Rest easy, love, rest easy
In your dreamworld all night long.
Ah, yes! I know it’s crazy,
But it’s here that you belong.

All this will flow and filter
Into a darker dream, 
Where all things out of kilter
Will shadows only seem.

The only thing that matters—
Oh, catch it while you can!—
Is the Bird of Time that flutters
And flies—and soon is gone.

6 thoughts to “Good Morning, Sister Sadness”

  1. Xanada, this name brings good old memories from THE UGLY TRUTH era. i would like everyone to meet this inspiring Muslim sister. I hope I am not off topic!

    At a time when Muslim civil rights are under constant attack and when Islamphobia and other forms of bigotry are growing during the COVID-19 pandemic,

    Meet Mariam Elgafy, a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati and the force behind Dayton Muslims for Humanity (DMH).

    After realizing the lack of available face masks in her community, Mariam launched the DMH mask initiative in collaboration with the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton. Mariam and a group of volunteers have been working diligently to help Ohio’s essential workers get the face masks they need. Mariam and her team of 15 local seamstresses and tailors assemble cloth face masks, which are in accordance with the CDC guidelines. Afterwards, the masks are inspected by medical professionals.

    Once the face masks are ready for distribution, Mariam and a group of high school students deliver the items via no-contact doorstep delivery. Nearly 1,200 masks have been delivered to local families, city hall and local officials, postal service workers, hospice care facilities, and others.

    May be that explain why there this a chapter in the Quran named after Marimam and who is the only female name mention in the Quran. The name referred to the Mother of Jesus Christ (peace be upon them.)

    1. @ Mahmoud el-Yousseph

      Xanada, this name brings good old memories from THE UGLY TRUTH era. i would like everyone to meet this inspiring Muslim sister. I hope I am not off topic!

      “Xanadu” is pen name for Lasha Darkmoon who is a Christian … or rather a “New Christian” (or neo-Christian). LD has never claimed to be a Muslim, though she has studied the Quran and is sympathetic to Islam. If I may explain: Neo-Christians are quite different to Orthodox Christians. Unlike Orthodox Christians who believe salvation can only be found in the Christian religion, neo-Christians believe that salvation can definitely be found in other religions too, e.g. in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.

      1. @ SISTER MONICA,

        I never said Xanada is a Muslim. I just wanted to share the inspiring story of Sister Mariam. By the way, I never had a sister but if I do, I would like her to be like Lasha because she is unequal. She was the first I met on The Ugly Truth twelve years ago and she went with Xanada’s name then.

        1. Thanks, Mahmoud. Keep posting!You are a voice of sanity and moderation on this site and so we welcome your views. BTW, LD’s pen name for her poetry is XANADU — not XANADA! The name is pronounced ZAN-AH-DOO. 🙂

          LD chose the name “XANADU” in honour of one of her favorite poems, “Kubla Khan”, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which was written under the influence of opium in the year 1797 (223 years ago). The opening line contain the word “Xanadu” which is a place name:

          In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
          A stately pleasure-dome decree:
          Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
          Through caverns measureless to man
          Down to a sunless sea.

          Here is a manuscript copy of the famous poem
          in Coleridge’s own handwriting. It is worth $250,000.

  2. I wish I could make every one of you understand what this film is all about


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