Government-linked intel agency forecasts two-thirds of U.S. populace will suddenly die-off by 2025

Agency forecasts that the U.S. will receive the biggest loss of life over and above all nations of the world as a result of a disaster that’s coming by 2025

By Staff Writer
Intellhub via Truthseeker 
July 29, 2020

The inscriptions on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones
also allude to a massive reduction in world population

(INTELLIHUB) The highly-rated government-linked intel agency Deagel has updated its latest annual report which now forecasts that over two-thirds of the United States populace will not be living by 2025 which if true would be a reduction of 227 million people from the current count which includes a total of 327 million U.S. inhabitants. The question is: what type of imminent event or natural disaster does the agency’s think tank know is coming?

Based on a list of the agency’s clients and partners, it’s safe to say that something is likely headed our way. Take a look at the list for yourself. Does it look like these organizations dabble in conspiracy theories or the make-believe?

National Security Agency
The World Bank
United Nations (UN)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO – OTAN)
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Russian Defense Procurement Agency

Moreover, the updated report forecasts that there will be only 10 living inhabitants per square kilometer in the U.S. by 2025 as opposed to the 34 inhabitants per square mile that are currently listed. That’s a 69.5% decrease over the next 53 months.

The report also forecasts the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to be reduced by a whopping 87.4% knocking it down from $19 trillion to a mere $2.4T

On world-scale things are also looking rather grim. In fact, Deagel forecasts an 18.2% drop in the world’s population by 2025. That’s a reduction of about 500 million people worldwide.

So with the forecasted 69.5% reduction of the U.S. population by 2025 versus the forecasted 18.2% drop worldwide, it seems as if the United States may be heading into a shitstorm of some type.

Could this be related to Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas’ original theory in which the radio talk show host speculates that a massive celestial object may have entered our solar system and will be causing great disturbances, earth changes, and potential asteroid strikes?

According to the American Civil Liberties Union that runs analytics for their operations, two-thirds of the U.S. population lives within the 100-mile border zone.

Let that sink in. Could the threat be the borders or possibly the coastlines? Why does the 100-mile border zone map match up perfectly with the Deagel report’s forecasted numbers?


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  1. From the article:
    “The inscriptions on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones also allude to a massive reduction in world population”

    So, who masterminded the Georgia Guidestones specifically?

    Lore points to R. C. Christian. Much debate has been made about who this man was.
    And some people have guessed correctly, yet not correctly.

    The big secret? R.C. Christian was actually TWO men. Robert Carter Cook was the mastermind. Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III was the talking face that Joe Fendley and Wyatt Martin actually interacted with [Van: We have maintained that Ted Turner’s relationship with Wyatt C. Martin suggests his involvement with the Georgia Guidestones, but his role is not clear].

    Fendley and Martin both described Christian as a tall middle aged man with white hair in a three piece suit and tie, and that’s how Ted looked back then (here’s a Ted Turner pic circa 1982):

    Ted Turner has been a eugenics supporter for years, it takes little research to find interviews with him pushing the subject. Robert Carter Cook headed eugenics organizations such as Planned Parenthood League, American Eugenics Society, and the Association for Research in Human Heredity, and many other groups too numerous to recall.

    This anonymous message claims to reveal R.C. Christian identity, Georgia Guidestones doom date:

    1. Pat,

      Do you think eugenics is a bad thing?

      Which would you rather have: a small happy world consisting of no more than one billion people living in harmony with nature and in an ecologically unpolluted environment, or an overpopulated world of TEN billion unhappy people living in crowded cities and drowning under mountains of plastic junk?

      Eugenics is a good thing if the end result is a happy and healthy population living in communion with nature.

      1. Saki –

        You asked:
        “Do you think eugenics is a bad thing?”


        I do not believe your underlying assumption that the world is overpopulated… not by a long-shot…. not at all.

        Bad behavior IS rampant. Overpopulation is not…. it is a myth to promote political goals. It is fear porn.

        Globally the average population density is 25 people per km2, but there are very large differences across countries.

        Many of the world’s small island or isolated states have large populations for their size. Macao, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Gibraltar are the five most densely populated. Singapore has nearly 8,000 people per km2 – more than 200 times as dense as the US *(36 people/, and 2000 times that of Australia.

        Of the larger countries, Bangladesh is the most densely-populated with 1,252 people per square kilometer; this is almost three times as dense as its neighbour, India. It’s followed by Lebanon (595), South Korea (528), the Netherlands (508) and Rwanda (495 per km2) completing the top five.

      2. “Eugenics is a good thing if the end result is a happy and healthy population living in communion with nature.”

        Eugenics is improving genetic qualities by selective breeding. Killing useless eaters on mass is genocide.

        Supposing Saki has genocide in mind, we have this:

        “New Study Predicts Global Population Low 6.29 billion in 2100

        Genocide based solely on scientific opinion is not well founded. The same goes for this technocratic Covid Hoax.

        The “happy and living with nature” parts could be achieved by reversing Agenda 2030 – the packing and stacking of populations into “smart” (dystopian) cities, the annexation of the land outside cities under the guise of “ecology” and protection”

        Humans are redundant increasingly (job losses of 50% next 15 years) through technology. So why pack and stack them?, except for control purposes. Abundant energy and elimination of poverty is available “off the shelf”

        The logical path would be to allow citizens their birth right of land, implement energy abundance and let anarchy (no rulers) reign.

        Sadly our rulers are sadistic not logical.

      3. Thanks, Flan!
        “Sadly our rulers are sadistic not logical”… nor helpful… nor kind!

        This is interesting:
        The new study suggests that the global population will peak at 9.7 billion in 2064 and will then fall to as low as 6.29 billion, if the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals for education and contraceptive are met in full. If those goals are not met, the study suggests the population could still drop to 8.8 billion by 2100.

        Even under the 8.8 billion population scenario, the difference is profound. China would fall to third in world population rankings behind India and Nigeria. Places like Japan, South Korea, Italy, Portugal and Spain could all see their populations decline 50% from their highs. America would be estimated to have a population of 336 million, only slightly more than today.

      4. Flan, “Everything in the fission island except the structure itself is replaceable with little interruption in power output” – This is where the usual problem of mankind arises when it comes to “abundant energy”. A constant supply of replacement parts, resources and components coming from where? Resources from holes dug in the ground of earth’s surface, eventually limited sources and usually operated by huge sinister sister corporations that influence ALL life, politics, science and a slave trader one world $ociety where the only abundant sources of energy seems to be man himself who naturally can be easily disposed of or is used for different purposes (the harvesting of negative energy comes to mind as one of many). ThorCon IS NOT ABUNDANT ENERGY but just another “face change”, a Con of the same cannibalistic world economy that eventually will consume all life itself. Science will need to be reborn freely and become independent of all materialistic gain before “Abundant” energy will have a chance to become a real source of power for mankind that can not be abused – in any way. Something humanity as ONE FAMILY residing on ONE EARTH while living in harmony with ONE NATURE that still needs to be studied, understood and copied in honesty by an yet greedy and “economically” confused human mind.

      5. “Eugenics is a good thing if the end result is a happy and healthy population living in communion with nature”. How enchantingly romantic SAKI.
        In our surreality it will NOT be a good thing when “superior ruler of people” decide who and when somebody has to be culled for the “sake of nature and a happy population”. Solution could be: Same rule for everyone and this is where the true and ancient problem in humanity repeats itself. In a selfish ego driven mind OTHERS always need to “jump of the cliff” first even if the bearer of the very same thought is already well beyond the use by date his own mind has created to save the world and humanity.

    2. Eugenics is a relatively new “school of thought.” It is not a science and has little base in reality. Some so-called elites are actually under-achieving morons such as Trump constantly needed to be propped up for their survival. On the other ✋, many intellectuals come from unlikely humble beginnings. An example would be Shiva Ayyadurai, inventor of “email.” As a child growing up in India he belonged to the lowely class of untouchables. He, however, came up with a simple but brilliant concept. Today, despite having the same genetic make-up as a child he could be considered a wealthy “elite.” Donaldos point is that existence is kinetic and always changing. There are very few constants. DNA itself can be changed and altered……not only via 5G. Ancient Buddhist monks were believed capable of altering their DNA. Anyway, such modern-day advocates of eugenics have little or no understanding of the subject. They do, however harbor a disdain and hostility toward people they deem as inferior. What they actually advocate is mass genocide of people of all classes and stripes……….just not themselves. Anyway. Donaldo just reflecting during a day at home. Shalom ❣️ all fellow Darkmooners.

  2. “Eugenics” is more of a “study” than it is an “applied science.” By that, I mean that pathology has recognized differences in physical and mental features WITHOUT accompanying proposals of how to modify (those characteristics).
    The speculated apocalyptic event can be the Yellowstone caldera eruption, a civil war, an earthquake causing huge oceanic displacement, or an atmospheric catastrophe which impedes food production – or anything else gigantic enough to modify the biosphere.
    IMO, the most likely scenario given the stated time frame is civil war. While it kills-off many productive lives, it also overwhelms society by disease and starvation.

    1. In reality nothing and no one can hold a black candle to Mother Nature and her natural born little helpers when it comes to extincting people, places and things. Pretty sure her majesty has already extincted 90% of everything that’s ever lived. (how many times?)

      Yellowstone caldera alone could simultaneously fulfill and put an end to Bill Gates and his best laid plans. So too an asteroid or an odd ball comet. Maybe even the old Pacific Ring of Fire multi-volcanic eruption trick.

      1. hp
        You said it brutha. The mother of all mothers will not suffer lightly the likes of that fool Gates and his elitist ilk. Remember that little foray into Antartica the big muckity-mucks had a while back? My guess is that (((they))) know what’s comin’ along on the Cosmological Express, but unfortunately for them nothing will save their sorry asses. Unless of course some alien craft awaits to take some of ’em to another planet so they can despoil that one too! 😱😝

  3. the asteroids have been here before… once we got into orbit the craters were obvious…. if/when we get another like the one that ht the yucatan, it’s all over for life as we know it.. there will be survivors, probably, those who happened to be in the right rare place… but the survivors will generally be the elite, who will have taken refuge beforehand in the underground base complex… who was it, romney, who went to antarctica a year or so ago? like the old colored woman said – ‘fhhuuuk rhhaaamny’… nibru is drawn in the cuniform texts… if it comes through close enough to us, again, it will cause a rain of meteors, dragged along and jumbled up in its wake… if the big ones hit the ocean, they will raise a cloud of water vapor into the stratosphere, which will come back down as 600 foot deep snowstorms… there will also be tidal waves, which will drown most of the human population along the coasts…. if you’re inland and you don’t freeze or suffocate, you’ll die in the flood when it melts… so where would you want to be?

    1. I posted my reply to hp before reading your comment, BD. To elaborate a little, my understanding is that Nibru was destroyed long ago, in a similar fashion to Mars, which was once a beautiful planet like Earth but was destroyed by the same shits that are destroying this one. The theory is that this is the reason why (((they))) have always wanted to take OVER this planet, and have been working towards that end for a long, long time. What is called “The Great Work of Ages”, employed by Annunaki mind f***ers

  4. I’ve referred to the projection of a ‘66% reduction of the US population by 2025’ on at least TWO previous occasions on this site… only to be met with a slack-jawed deafening silence.

    Why this topic should suddenly be pushed center-stage here, I’ll leave as a homework assignment to the darkmoon Chatterati Class… whose efforts – if not resulting in the “penny” actually “dropping” – might at least dislodge it from the rusty coin receptacle in its cranium.

  5. I think I’m the one who brought it up in the first place… not that it matters much…
    Since deagel is apparently a totally legit beltway corp, practically part of the Pentagon intelligence community, part and parcel with the whole Capitol complex, i would think this should be front page news everywhere on TV… but then, so should a lot of stuff they censor….
    250,000,000 people set to disappear of the face of the USA in the next 6 years? Are You Kidding Me???
    Especially now with the whole virus bomb hitting the scene… you’ve got disintegration of the economic base, which depending on how far that goes, might lead to a depression of gigantic proportions, killer complications… right now it looks like nobody’s trying to save our society… they’re using the virus to aid the destruction and obfuscate the plot, increasecontrol…
    Worth noting – It looked to me like the big population decline will be happening mostly in the white countries, or formerly white countries… if so, that makes it seem a lot less likely it’s going to be an asteroid, pure happenstance… much more likely it’s some plot to get whitey…

  6. The history of mankind is a history of his deceases*. Everything else is background noise. Like all other living things the purpose of life on this earthly zoo is replacement of self, tribe and race. Reproduction is mankind’s greatest product.
    If not for the thousands of deceases that have beset the human condition over the thousands of years, the human population would have reached the present number long ago. European modern medical technology has mitigated mother nature’s check on out of control population growth. The white race has a natural inclination to limit somewhat his reproduction while the non-white is less restrained. With suicidal misplaced altruism, the White man has allowed the non-white access to his technical inventions, medical and otherwise. Whereas in 1900AD whites were about 40 percent of the world’s population now are less then 10 percent of the world’s human population for the very reason outlined in the prior sentence.
    The greatest fear of the Talmudic-Zio overlords is that white men and women will awake from their stupor, in mass, all at once and take control of their own destiny and do what has to be done. Otherwise it will be lights out within less then 200 years and a great silence will then envelope the planet.

    *Two thirds of the death during the American civil war was from the many deceases on both sides, the rest were battlefield casualties.

  7. JO said:

    “A constant supply of replacement parts, resources and components coming from where? …holes dug in the ground of earth’s surface … eventually limited sources … sinister sister corporations …”

    Not wishing to be facetious JO, but space is mighty large. Resource gathering could be limited to robotic mining of lifeless extraterrestrial rocks (Moon, Mars, asteroid belt, ..) and banning mining on Earth.

    “ThorCon IS NOT ABUNDANT ENERGY but just another “face change”, a Con of the same cannibalistic world economy that eventually will consume all life itself. Science will need to be reborn freely and become independent of all materialistic gain before “Abundant” energy will have a chance to become a real source of power for mankind that can not be abused – in any way.”

    THorCon’s board is made up of genuine philanthropists, ex CEO’s and CTO’s

    The fact that this source of liberation and emancipation has been stifled for 70 years should give pause for thought. It is precisely because of this potential that it has been stifled.

    You also realise that poverty is the cause of population growth and that energy and resources are the cause of wars? You prefer to continue with poverty and war because you believe such energy would be controlled by sinister global corporations?

    Thorcon’s devices are small and can be towed up river and controlled at regional or even town level.

    “Something humanity as ONE FAMILY residing on ONE EARTH while living in harmony with ONE NATURE that still needs to be studied, understood and copied in honesty by an yet greedy and “economically” confused human mind.”

    This is philosophy – no use to starving people.

    In order to realise ONE FAMILY, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to ascended a few steps by several billion people. That will NEVER happen whilst energy and resources are controlled by corporations.

    Thorcon have taken a simple but bullet proof safe design and assembled it using plain old basic of most basic engineering. It will be manufactured in Indonesia – sorry to say a place not yet high up in world ranking for public education and STEM. This indicates that this is a “common man” technology. Only the fuel can’s require expert handling.

    1. Indonesia has balls! It’s one of few countries without diplomatic relations with the pariah State of Israel. The map below shows 36 countries in similar situation, some cases are phony such as Saudi Arabia’s.

      Long live to a sovereign Indonesia!

      P.S. I hope this revolutionary project, and we are talking about a new industrial revolution here, don’t face “mysterious” explosions like the ones we have been seen in Iran.

      1. NBTT –


        Indonesian delegation visits Israel for trade and cooperation!
        July 10, 2019

        A delegation from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce travelled to Israel over the weekend in order to visit the Israeli Diamond Exchange.

        The seven Indonesian representatives were provided with a tour and were met by senior officials of the Israeli Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, east of Tel Aviv. The meeting was organised by the Israeli Export Institute and led by Vice President of the Indonesian Trade Organisation Mufti Hassan, who met with President of the Israeli Diamond Exchange Yoram Dvash.

        During the visit, Dvash outlined the potential ties that Muslims can have with Israel, insisting that “This visit is part of a very important trend of strengthening the ties of Muslim companies and businessmen with the State of Israel and with Israelis.”

        Worst-kept secret: Israel, Indonesia do business together

        One of the worst-kept secrets in the business world is the growing business and tech ties between Israel and the biggest Muslim country in the world – Indonesia.

        According to officials at the Foreign Trade Association of the Economy Ministry, Israel and Indonesia are long-time business partners, with trade reaching “hundreds of millions of dollars a year,” said to FTA head Ohad Cohen.

        “Indonesia is a democracy, and it’s a member of the World Trade Organization, which bans boycotts of member countries, so there are no legal restrictions on Indonesian companies that prevents them from doing business with us,” said Cohen. “Business people there know what their market needs are, and they know we can fill those needs, so they are happy to do business with us.”

        “There’s already a great deal of business going on between Indonesia and Israel, said one of the Indonesia’s top venture capitalist investors. “Indonesia is a quickly growing country with a lot of needs in areas where Israeli tech has made important breakthroughs, like agricultural technology.”

    2. Flan, poverty is caused by what exactly? Look at history please – it explains the lot with ease. Once there were nobles and kings and now there are Elon Musk’s and other Oligarch ilks who pretend naturally to deserve more than others and have much use for usable sources of cheap labour, exploitation and poverty and it is exactly THOSE who plan for a better human future – for themselves and their little disposable but inferior helpers. The CEO’s of Thorcon wont be any saviors of the human energy problem. Nor will Bill Gates cater for the health of mankind or Bezos improve equality and true education.

      “One human family and a nature that is not understood is philosophy and no use to starving people?”

      Really? What do you see in nature Flan? As what do you see nature? As philosophy while only trusting man made technology that neither lasts nor is capable to repair itself without the further help of more man and many $$$? Nature is pretty much perfect in ALL things, it is freely available and looked at as one including all ingredients – if it stays untouched, whole and undisturbed by intelligent but greedy man – it is born PERFECT naturally. Nature heals, cleans and repairs or rejuvenates itself. It feeds all that are part of it, recycles and nourishes, dies and regrows in improved shape or goes dormant to awake again at right conditions. It replaces imperfections steadily. Nature continuously provides and teaches life, biodiversity and hidden science silently and those who dare to hear the wordless information that it provides will come to understand the real needs of man have been disguised and turned against him for his own demise.
      A common man technology is available at no cost for every man and is abundant Flan. This “technology/source of invisible power” is driven by the same life force that “drives” and survives the condition of the individual man (Gurmukh) but is disrespected by all hearts that dwell in greed and selfishness through ignorance (Manmukh).
      “O friend, If you make friends with the Manmukhs, how can you ask for Peace ( ਆਤਮਕ ਆਨੰਦ )? Make friends with the Gurmukhs, and focus your consciousness on the Satgur. (This Way when) the root of birth and death is cut away, then, you will find Peace ( ਆਤਮਕ ਆਨੰਦ ) ||66|| (sggs

  8. Always remember the US has a simmering cauldron beneath Yellowstone. Many people know about but few talk about, least of which the govt. Wouldn’t surprise. That would likely take care of about 2/3 of the population. Huge climate shift for a few years and the Georgia Gidestones would be right. Although I have to admit, I’ve been waiting for a small group of thoughtful citizens to blow those goddamn rocks to pieces.

    I’ll borrow from Margaret Mead:
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtless, self centered criminals can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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