Has Trump Lost His Marbles?

‘America the Repugnant: Assassinating Foreign Leaders Is an Act of War’
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January 9, 2020

Philip Giraldi suggests in this article—see block quote below—that Trump is not of sound mind and has “an addled tweet-conditioned brain”. Has Trump lost his marbles? Or is he still in full possession of his senses? Let the reader decide.

Once upon a time there was a Constitution of the United States. In Article II, Section 2 it stipulated that only the U.S. Congress has the power to declare war, which means the American president has to go to the legislative body and make a case for going to war against an enemy or enemies. If there is a vote in favor of war, the president is empowered as commander-in-chief to direct the available resources against the enemy.

There is also something called international law. Under international law there are situations in which a head of state or head of government can use military force defensively or even preemptively if there is a substantial threat that is imminent. But normally, a country has to go through a procedure similar to that in the U.S. Constitution, which means making a case that the war is justified before declaring war. The Nuremberg Tribunals ruled that starting a war of aggression is the ultimate crime.

The president has already declared that he needs no approval from Congress or from anyone else to initiate further military operations against Iran in the Middle East, even if the action taken is “disproportionate.” Meanwhile he, the State Department and the Pentagon are all stating, without presenting any evidence at all to the public, that Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani was planning attacks that would kill “hundreds of Americans” as a casus belli justifying his assassination.

The White House is also asserting that the killing was done to “stop a war,” which makes no sense even coming from the addled tweet-conditioned brain of Donald J. Trump.

And if one still harbors suspicions that Trump might actually be of sound mind, it is possible to listen to him on the day after the assassination while speaking to a gathering of his supporters at an evangelical church in Florida. He told the cheering crowd that “God is on our side” and that Soleimani “was planning a very major attack, and we got him.”

The audience went wild in approval, chanting “Four more years!”

“Addled tweer-conditioned brain.”

“Four more years!”

“When will the United States of America become normal?”
— Philip Giraldi (below)

Such chest beating moments of pretend strong leadership coming from president bone spurs as well as similar justifications for an assassination that will be surfacing over the next few days simply do not pass the smell test.

Take the window dressing away from the Pentagon and media propaganda and all one has left is that the United States illegally and openly killed a senior official from a country with which it is not at war and did so without the consent of the third country where the assassination took place with which the U.S. is also not at war. The assassination was not in reality based on any imminent threat and is therefore illegal under international law and is undeniably an unconstitutional act of war directed against both Iran and Iraq.

What is particularly bizarre about Trump-think on this issue is that the assassination was carried out right in the open in a country with which the United States has had of late a friendly relationship and which allows American soldiers to be based on its soil. Judging from the crowds of protesters gathered in Baghdad to protest the killing, that somewhat comfortable arrangement is about to end. And it will also end American involvement in neighboring Syria, which will be unsustainable without a presence in Iraq. That is the only good news to come out of the assassination.

To be sure nations at war will try and sometimes succeed to assassinate enemy leaders, and the intelligence services of various countries also have been known to kill foreign politicians who are considered to be threatening. America’s best friend Israel leads the world in that statistic. But spy agencies work their mischief on a basis of plausible denial, which means that the countries that carry out assassinations make every effort to obscure their role and permit deniability.

The difference in what the White House has done now is that another page has been turned in the process of the United States going completely rogue. It all started when George W. Bush warned that “you’re either with us or against us.” Barack Obama subsequently labored over his Tuesday morning kill lists, which included American citizens, and the Trump White House has now expanded that license, asserting that it can act with complete impunity and out in the open to kill anyone at any time anywhere without due process or any actual demonstrated cause or accountability.

Donald Trump should be aware that there is considerable downside to the tiger than he has let out of its cage. What will he do if “enemies” all over the world decide to copy the Trump example and kill American diplomats, soldiers and tourists because they oppose U.S. policies. And what about if they up the ante a little bit and kill senior Ambassadors, Congressmen, and even succeed in killing a presidential cabinet member or two. Trump in his foolishness has invited reciprocity and has even granted those who do the killing a certain immunity if they are claiming that they are doing it to stop something worse, i.e. war.

Finally, if the target of the assassination had been anyone but an Iranian, Israel’s enemy, one can count on there being hell to pay with Congress and the media over Trump’s having gone completely off the rails. Assassinating a foreign leader as a new United States government policy has to be an impeachable offense. Forget about obstruction of justice and collusion with foreigners: assassination is the real deal and if it does not constitute a high crime, it is hard for one to imagine what does. By all means let’s impeach Trump based on what he has actually done, not on speculation over what he might have connived at.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has repeatedly justified the U.S. “extreme pressure” directed against Tehran, demanding that Islamic Republic take steps to become a “normal country.” The real question should be, “When will the United States of America become normal?”


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  1. It’s a damn poor criticism to use case law from The Nuremburg Tribunals to condemn Trump; and it’s ridiculous to assert that an enemy which has PROVEN to be an open threat to our country is not fair game for reprisal. Although I don’t like Trump’s open affinity to Israhell, I am glad we at least have a president/commander-in-chief who is not reluctant to respond in kind to such threats. Interests CAN be collateral, regardless of with whom. Assassination IS an act which has been used by every regime “internationally”. Why is the outrage so singular against Trump?? (Sounds similar to the same motives which inspired the recent impeachment proceedings – just looking for an excuse for lefties to condemn an act by a president who seeks to drain their swamp.)
    Thank God the United States didn’t shoot down that Ukrainian airliner by accident! That, alone, should seem to be enough to inspire outcry from anyone so concerned about violations of any “international law”…

    1. There is no law when it’s written by criminals for the purpose of sophisticated self-defense. Congress is an orgy of criminal prostitutes selling the rights of Americans for a few Shekels paid to them by the Zionists which groomed them behind close doors. The Pussident of the JuSA is a toy vagina at the service of Nutonyahoo.

      The scripted garbage called the law should be used to clean pigs rear but l bet the pigs would object to that. Without laws, there are no countries, no rights and no civilization. The breakdown of order is camouflaged by deceptive political tyranny and the use of toxic idiot box garbage to hinder mental activity and quell the uprising of their viewers, mindless robots shuttled back and forth from indentured servitude as Kaminski perfectly describes them. Talmudic feudalism and serfdom prevails.

      Hellerstein is called a judge and Dershowitz professor emeritus of scripted porcine asswipe. No insult intended to pigs.

      My case rests.

      1. ED
        Unfortunately there is no Up-Voting mechanism on this web-site…
        or else I’d be pressing it until my typing-finger cramped up!!!

        Bravo! What a ‘Tour De Force’ of rapier-thrusts into the balck heart of The Beast your comment is!
        I SALUTE You Sir!

    2. Gilbert Huntly
      January 11, 2020 at 8:52 am
      “and it’s ridiculous to assert that an enemy which has PROVEN to be an open threat to our country is not fair game for reprisal. ”

      “Modern” “New and Improved” religious ideas have inordinately shaped the politics of the last century or so.
      It has been a betrayal that has made the loss what we hold dear. Religious people, both Christian and Muslim, can sense this. There has been, from the point of view of the “modern” that Christianity, as it was, and Islam, as it was, do not fit in today’s world.

      The forces behind which is The Enemy of Humanity challenge the divine origin, and indeed the destiny of all that is, and that is exactly what they have intended to do all along.
      So when some people find today’s world and its controlled “news” confusing, it is NOT by accident, but rather by design.

      Let me warn the believers, whether you are Christian or Muslim, that the tools of the common enemy are more varied than you imagine. Media, Education, and yes the local churches and masjids can all be corrupted by the work of the Enemy. The enemy has been working on the young people of Iran for 40 years. Now with the tools the Evil have they more easily accomplish their goals. Your enemy, the enemy of America, is not Believers, it is the gang that changed your immigration laws, that control the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Television and on and on. Oh and your GOVERNMENT as well.

      I do not blame anyone who thinks what they have learnt from the TV and so forth is the TRUTH, but it is not.
      Jesus said they are of their Father the Devil. Allah (swt) said that Christians are the closest to the Muslim, and that the Enemy of Humanity is the furthest away.

      Let us all realize that we are ALL under attack. Not by each other but by the HATER OF GOD.
      Surely My Mercy overtakes My Wrath

    3. lol “Proven to be a threat”? The irony in that statement is monumental since proof has been THE ONE THING consistently lacking in the narrative.

  2. What would be the most important, the most useful, the most concise piece of information that would go the farthest in understanding what is going on in the world today? It is this: The world is in the process of transition from uni-polar to multi-polar, the inevitability of which has been clearly understood in Russia and articulated in Putin’s Munich speech back in 2007.

    Prophetic Putin’s Munich Speech from 2007: Uni-polar World Will ‘Lead to Chaos’


    Unless you grasp firmly what he is talking about, you cannot really understand anything.

    When the dust settles, we’ll be living in a totally different and, hopefully, better world.

    1. My vision is less optimistic. I agree that a multi-polar world could check uni-polar abuses, but very dark forces are at work in the leadership of every country and in the hearts, minds, and souls of the people. If one subscribes to a cyclical view of history, this will completely destroy civilization as we have known it before a new age can begin. In other words, a multi-polar world could forestall the end of this time cycle, but it will not stop it.

      1. Now Iran needs the atomic bomb. Iran is the last Rome. When Iran ends,the world will end too and/or the zionists will conquer the whol world…even in the guise of Russia and China. The finesse of the wisdom and intelligence of the Persians will guide the fate of the Iranian nation in the war of the world and chaos of the enemies.

    2. Circ –

      ‘Put-On’ emphasized “economics” throughout his speech 13 years ago where he looked skinny then. TODAY – Russia is in economic trouble without the $$USD for buying what ‘Put-On’ needs to eat, his having gotten so fat & pudgy!! 🙂

    1. If people who hate Trump are “libtards”, people who love him are loonies. They need psychiatric treatment.

      Trump is not helping to make America great again. You don’t make America great by doing Israel’s dirty work for it. You don’t make America great by getting good American patriots in the armed forces to lay down their lives for Jews. This vulgar locker room boy masquerading as a president — openly groping women and giving prostitutes hush money — is also in brazen breach of international law by assassinating anyone he wishes without even getting congressional approval.

      The argument that assassination has gone on throughout history and is therefore OK is as dumb and stupid as saying: “Murder has gone on throughout history, so why can’t I murder anyone I want?”

      1. Indeed murder is inveterate foreign- domestic policy : George Patton , Jan Masaryk , James Forrestal , Joe McCarthy , Dag Harrarschold, Sigmun Rhee, Prince SUkarno, Marilyn Monroe , Jack Kennedy, Bobby and young John , Martin King, Saddam Hussein, Guedaffi , jew (Lolita Express) child slaver , Georg Hayder, Nawar Al Aw Wlaki and family, and the latest is a Persian general … forget his name ,

        Just to name a few you might remember. These people were too healthy . And they did not like Israhell or god’s children did not like them.

        But President Trump is still with us , healthy in mind or not. Maybe he is smarter, than it seems. Though I do not feel any one should mourn his demise. I would , I love it when he says : “fake news.”

      2. The assassination of public officials is in violation of international law, even in wartime. I don’t have my law books at the moment or I could prove this with complete references. It is also a violation of international law to “kill by treachery”. Plus, unless I am mistaken, we are not at war with Iran or anyone else at the moment. Even if it were legal as an act of war, it would require a declaration of war. The victim was the uniformed head of a national defense force that wore uniforms and bore arms openly. I don’t see how this can be defended.

    2. He looks to me as someone who is taking the p*ss out of all the American voters who supported him…..and saying suckers.

  3. Phil wrote:
    “The president has already declared that he needs no approval from Congress or from anyone else to initiate further military operations against Iran in the Middle East, even if the action taken is “disproportionate.”

    I KNOW – Trump is correct THERE… as were all Presidents since WILSON, AND there can be NO argument with it!

    Congress does NOT have to declare war for overseas or domestic combat to commence. Lincoln and the subsequent SCOTUS decisions ever since have confirmed that.

    The President has the power to send the military forces anywhere while under Emergency Rule, as long as a National Emergency is in effect.

    See the numerous Executive Orders/Proclamations – placing National Emergencies in effect from Feb 5, 1917 thru May 15, 2019:

    The US has been under Emergency Rule since at least 1933 and possibly since 1861!

    Senate Report 93-549 (93rd Congress, 1st Session, 1973) summarizes the situation that we face today – except it is far worse today than it was in 1973!!

    I doubt if Phil ever read this:
    “A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years [now 87 years], freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency. The problem of how a constitutional democracy reacts to great crises, however, far antedates the Great Depression. As a philosophical issue, its origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic. And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crises have – from, at least, the Civil War – in important ways, shaped the present phenomenon of a **PERMANENT** state of national emergency.”

    Senate Report by Senators Frank Church & Charles Mathias 1973:

    1. President Harry “The Buck Stops Here” Truman musta lost his marbles too… with *ANXIETY* at those damned Koreans …. and went to war without congress in 1950!! 🙂

      From the Senate Report in 1973:
      The intense *ANXIETY* and sense of crisis was contained in the rhetoric of Truman’s 1950 proclamation:

      Whereas recent events in Korea and elsewhere constitute a grave threat to the peace of the world and imperil the efforts of this country and those of the United Nations to prevent aggression and armed conflict; and

      Whereas world conquest by communist imperialism is the goal of the forces of aggression that have been loosed upon the world; and

      Whereas, if the goal of communist imperialism were to be achieved, the people of this country would no longer enjoy the full and rich life they have with God’s help built for themselves and their children; they would no longer enjoy the blessings of the freedom of worshipping as they severally choose, the freedom of reading and listening to what they choose, the right of free speech, including the right to criticize their Government, the right to choose those who will con-


      duct their Government, the right to engage freely in collective bargaining, the right to engage freely in their own business enterprises, and the many other freedoms and rights which are a part of our way of life; and

      Whereas, the increasing menace of the forces of communist aggression requires that the national defense of the United States be strengthened as speedily as possible:

      Now, therefore, I, Harry S. Truman, President of the United States of America, do proclaim the existence of a national emergency, which requires that the military, naval, air, and civilian defenses of this country be strengthened as speedily as possible to the end that we may be able to repel any and all threats against our national security and to fulfill our responsibilities in the efforts being made through the United Nations and otherwise to bring about lasting peace.

      I summon all citizens to make a united effort for the security and well-being of our beloved country and to place its needs foremost in thought and action that the full moral and material strength of the Nation may be readied for the dangers which threaten us.

      I summon our farmers, our workers in industry, and our businessmen to make a mighty production effort to meet the defense requirements of the Nation and to this end to eliminate all waste and inefficiency and to subordinate all lesser interests to the common good.

      I summon every person and every community to make, with a spirit of neighborliness, whatever sacrifices are necessary for the welfare of the Nation.

      I summon all State and local leaders and officialsto cooperate fully with the military and civilian defense agencies of the United States in the national defense program.

      I summon all citizens to be loyal to the principles upon which our Nation is founded, to keep faith with our friends and allies, and to be firm in our devotion to the peaceful purposes for which the United Nations was founded.

      I am confident that we will meet the dangers that confront us with courage and determination, strong in the faith that we can thereby “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

      In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States of America to be affixed.
      Done at the City of Washington this 16th day of December (10:90 a.m.) in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and seventy-fifth.

      By the President:

      Secretary of State


  4. If Trump had any “marbles” he wouldn’t be president in the first place. Trump is EXACTLY the lawless, morally bankrupt, mentally unhinged madman that the jewish-collective needs, at exactly the point in time that they need him (the present desperate hour). The agenda is stalled and they needed someone willing to take extreme risk to move things forward.

    Under Trump’s “leadership” it seems Richard Perle’s bloody fantasy (as told by John Pilger) is becoming reality:

    “This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq … this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war … our children will sing great songs about us years from now.”

    And yes, the “left wing” of the collective apparently “hates” Trump, but they apparently see him as a necessary evil. As they are probably “thinking”: “We (left wing jews) sleep safely in our beds because rough men (i.e. idiots like Trump) stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us” (as per someone’s misquote of someone else or something like that).

    1. Situations evolve constantly, and no “plan” is lasting throughout. Events must be met, often immediately, which seem, of course, to be in conflict with a prior-stated pursuit – just like when your brand new BMW blows a tire and interrupts your trip. Shit happens. The weaklings shudder and quiver and wonder “Oh what should I do?” The strong and capable fix it – perhaps not according to popular consensus – but it is FIXED. Trump “fixed” the immediate threat, and whomever else benefitted by that action is really of no concern. Whether Jew-inspired, or not, the problem no longer exists.

      1. “(Bad) shit happens” in the Mideast because the evil orange clown is making it happen. He had the choice to withdraw from the Mideast as per his campaign promises but he betrayed us, and he’s now making everything worse.

        In fact, now he’s saying he won’t leave Iraq even though the Iraqi government is demanding it as is their legal right under agreements made by the U.S. govt, and international law.

        The evil orange clown is leading us to WW3, that much is obvious.

      2. You’re right, but don’t forget that “everybody” wanted the United States there to deal with ISIS at the same time. They would have condemned Trump then, too, had he withdrawn our soldiers. Granted, I wish we hadn’t been there in the first place, but neither would I relish the prospect of the destruction of our “petro” dollar had we not.
        Like every other president, Trump has played the hand he’s been dealt. A “game” consists of many “hands”. Real condemnation is deserved by FDR and Woodrow Wilson for the game they got us into so many years ago…(AND, that’s about as fruitful as a dead pear tree is now, too).

      3. “Like every other president, Trump has played the hand he’s been dealt.”

        On the contrary, “the hand he was dealt” was his election mandate – which included withdrawing from Afghanistan and ending military involvement in the Mideast. Instead what did he do? He betrayed us all and escalated. He is apparently trying to light the whole Mideast on fire as per Richard Perle’s bloody wet dream.

        With Trump’s assassination of Soleimani, I thought you’d had enough and finally saw the con man for what he was. Apparently not.

        Anyway, here’s Chuck Baldwin’s latest assessment of the Israeli agent in the white house. Note particularly the part in bold text.

        “Donald Trump’s assassination of Iran’s equivalent of a U.S. vice president, General Qassim Soleimani, accomplished several things:

        1. It significantly helped the criminal and mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu’s chances of winning re-election and staying out of prison.

        2. It almost guarantees that the CIA/Mossad terrorist organization ISIS will be reborn, as it gives a new generation of Arabs a reason to hate the United States.

        3. It destroys whatever peace plan Iran and Saudi Arabia were negotiating and keeps the Middle East in turmoil, which facilitates the expansionist plans of Zionist Israel.

        4. It rekindles the instability and unrest in Iraq, makes the U.S. presence there a violation of International Law and War Crime and helps to keep the fires of the “war on terror” burning.

        5. It makes it much easier for Republican senators to vote against Trump’s impeachment conviction, as it gives the rabid right wing meat-eaters (aka warmongers) the blood of the number two ranking Iranian official to feast on.

        6. It puts giant question marks in the minds of state officials worldwide as to Trump’s willingness to murder foreign leaders with impunity, which adds more fuel to the East/West divide and keeps the CFR globalists VERY HAPPY.

        7. It almost totally distracts attention away from the biggest tyrannical assault against the liberties of the American people here at home since King George sent British troops to seize the firearms of the people in Lexington and Concord that is taking place RIGHT NOW in Virginia.

        Does no one notice that this so-called pro-Second Amendment president, Donald Trump, has said absolutely NOTHING about the attempts of the Virginia State government to ban and confiscate the semi-automatic rifles AND pistols from the people of Virginia?

        Instead of conducting a rally in Ohio and everywhere else, why doesn’t Trump go to Virginia and rally the people against the draconian, tyrannical gun control laws that are being enacted? It’s because Trump is a total PHONY and has no intention of standing in the way of gun confiscation laws in the U.S.

        In fact, Trump is the loudest voice in the country IN SUPPORT of “red flag” gun confiscation laws. And Trump supporters know it; and they DON’T CARE.

        Make no mistake: Virginia is a TEST. If tyranny (statewide gun registration, confiscation, ban on private sales, etc.) prevails in the land of Lee and Jackson, it will begin sweeping across the entire country. Lawmakers and governors in SEVERAL states are just waiting for it to succeed in Virginia, so they can propose it in their states.

        Yep! The assassination of General Soleimani accomplished a LOT. Don’t you feel safer???”


      4. I can’t argue with you, Harold, because what you say – especially item #7 – makes sense. My point is evaluating step-by-step his on-going actions, and if you consider how Pat has already spelled it out for us, Trump acted presidential in this instance. The ultimate consequences are uncertain, and may not be as you guess, so there’s no use in making argument of it.
        Whatever happens, I feel I must support my country and my president as much as possible against potential enemies – foreign AND domestic.

    2. There you go. All the negatives are the exact reasons of presidential selection. They are the seeds of desired destruction as Maurice Samuels and tribe want it to be.

  5. PAT
    The Korean War was not a USA conflict…. it was a UN War, not evena real war….. The USA handled the particulars on the scene, gave the blood, but the policies governing the grand strategy were dictated by the anti-Nationalist Globalusts inside the UN, Rothen Banksters, who’ve been wacking any and all non-Basel compliant banking operstions since; you might call them countries… iraq, Libya, Venezuela, North Korea… The same thing went on with Vietnam, where every major strategic move had to be approved by a UN supervisory committee chaired by The Russians, with heavt Vatican participation- Spelly’s War….
    Those wars were not fought for ‘victory’, as General MacArthur found out… They were conducted for ‘containment’…
    We know who they all are….
    As John Rambo said – “They wouldn’t let us win”….
    The Truman administration was all about adjusting American society to make the USA more compatible with Communist Russia and Red (Rothenskeild) China….
    We don’t have wars with Russia and China, and there isn’t going to be any WW3 like that….
    “Our” problem is with roguish dictators like Saddam, who think they can deal any way they want with the oil over there, and wise guys like Hugh Chavez, who also had a lot of oil and also had the unacceptable idea that he would nationalize the oil industry in Venezuela….
    He was a Genuine Socialist… And Real Socialism is the path….
    But the USSR, Red China. Non-Constotutional USA, those countries want Psuedo-Socialism, where the State is controlled by an elite and untouchable gang of Roman/Mussolini Corporo-Fascists, who run a lower-key, as much under-the-table as possible military dictatorship, now super surveillance and coming 5G transhumanist mindfk society, where their profit-and-control positions are locked in forever and the proles are kept indentured and utterly clueless i smaller and smaller spaces….

    1. Bark –

      Military action by any name foisted onto another country is still a ‘war’ with dead folks laid out… in my book!

      You missed your chance to tell Harry he could not have his UN designed Korean War/Conflict/Intervention/Military Action… for which SCOTUS already approved in the 19th & 20th centuries!! 🙂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_parte_Milligan

      Now, therefore, I, Harry S. Truman, President of the United States of America, do proclaim the existence of a national emergency, which requires that the military, naval, air, and civilian defenses of this country be strengthened as speedily as possible to the end that we may be able to repel any and all threats against our national security and to fulfill our responsibilities in the efforts being made through the United Nations and otherwise to bring about lasting peace.

      I summon all citizens to be loyal to the principles upon which our Nation is founded, to keep faith with our friends and allies, and to be firm in our devotion to the peaceful purposes for which the United Nations was founded.

      I am confident that we will meet the dangers that confront us with courage and determination, strong in the faith that we can thereby “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

      In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States of America to be affixed.
      Done at the City of Washington this 16th day of December (10:90 a.m.) in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and seventy-fifth.

      By the President:

      Secretary of State


      1. Here is THE importance of Milligan with Chief Justice Samuel Chase’s opinion in 1866 which was used numerous times in the 20th century – (Hammond in 1944 was one):

        Three types of military jurisdiction
        This case was also important in clarifying the scope of military jurisdiction under the US Constitution. The Supreme Court justices held:

        There are under the Constitution three kinds of military jurisdiction: one to be exercised both in peace and war; another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States, or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied by rebels treated [71 U.S. 2, 142] as belligerents; and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the US, or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government, when the public danger requires its exercise. The first of these may be called jurisdiction under MILITARY LAW, and is found in acts of Congress prescribing rules and articles of war, or otherwise providing for the government of the national forces; the second may be distinguished as MILITARY GOVERNMENT, superseding, as far as may be deemed expedient, the local law, and exercised by the military commander under the direction of the President, with the express or implied sanction of Congress; while the third may be denominated MARTIAL LAW PROPER, and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President, in times of insurrection or invasion, or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights.

        This distinction between martial law and military government was not commonly made before 1866.

        However, after the Supreme Court’s clarification in this landmark case, it has continued to be referenced.

        Birkhimer describes the difference on page 1 of his opus Military Government and Martial Law (3rd edition, 1914): “Military jurisdiction is treated in the following pages in its two branches of Military Government and Martial Law. The former is exercised over enemy territory; the latter over loyal territory of the State enforcing it.” According to the U.S. Army Field Manual FM 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, paragraph 362: “Military government is the form of administration by which an occupying power exercises governmental authority over occupied territory. The necessity for such government arises from the failure or inability of the legitimate government to exercise its functions on account of the military occupation, or the undesirability of allowing it to do so.”


    2. Bang on Pat…..isn’t amazing how a lot of these conflicts could be sorted out without the interference of bankers….?

  6. I think the chain of command went something like this. Jacob called Bibi. Bibi then called Jared. Jared called Donald. Then it went BOOM!!

  7. “….There is also something called international law……”
    Oh silly! Where have you been??? That law was cancelled along with the laws of physics on 911, under Bush the lesser. International law is akin to the Nobel prize now. It comes out of gumball machines, and only for the benefit of those aligned with the NWO.

  8. Y’all:

    The article is good, but Trump is not crazy. He is acting his part well to sucker Amerika into a Civil War, and Global Economic Collapse and WW3: all to cause a global RESET for the NWO. And the Globalists need someone to blame it on, ie. TRUMP, Iran, etc.. The obvious culprit of the FEDERAL RESERVE Rothschild Central Banking System, International Jewry Usury and DEBT enslavement will be off the hook ( not blamed). People like us here have to change that, but the Sheeple are most likely a lost cause due to propaganda, predictive programming and cognitive dissonance. Trump was trained for this role as Pussident from his WWE and The Apprentice show theatrics plus his Art of the Deal book and Jewish backers when bankrupt.

    The International Law component is valid, in terms of the fact that world leaders and their representatives DO NOT go around shooting each other. Trump broke that law among national dignitaries on diplomatic or political missions. Next Trump used the Bethlehem doctrine, developed by a Jewish lawyer (of course – who else) concerning the concept and definition of Imminent danger/threat, where imminent does not mean soon, think legal logic not dictionary definition logic. Thus any perceived threats be they soon, tomorrow, next year, 5 years from now, real or imagined or implied (Soleimani’s plan for terrorism) Trump’s actions are justified. Bibi NutJobYahu uses the same Bethlehem doctrine principle.

    Next, Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, does not need to consult Congress if action is required immediately or is in the interest of National Security. Demoncrats want Trump to consult Congress, while under Obama, Obama also did NOT consult Congress, think Libya or even Syria. Demoncrat hypocrits! Then just as a joke, yes Trump will call Shifty Schiff to discuss an action, like kill Soleimani, and schedule an appointment for next week. Ha Ha, perhaps Schifty Schiff will leak the info to the IRGC to prevent it! What a laugh! Are there any hyenas here or are you a Jewish / Muslim Jackel?

    As for this multi-polarity talk, give me a break! Whether it is Trump for JWO or Putin/ Jinping for something else, but still likely JWO, what is the difference? You still get a NWO. So do you like pizza/spaghetti or Borscht/Egg springrolls? What difference does it make, it is still food! Personally, there is the NWO West vs. NWO East, or Crony Capitalism vs. Communism or even 4th REICH Fascist NAZI NWO vs. Communist fake Capitalism NWO. I bet my money on a 4th REICH NAZI NWO where Communists and International Jewry as the visible antagonists destroy each other and the 4th REICH NAZIs rise up to claim victory. That 4th REICH consists of a German-led reformed EU supported by a New AGE Religion Vaticanus El-sahib in a Eurasian Landmass LAND power. This Eurasian Landmass power uses IsraHell (Jerusalem) as the bridge to Africa. Thus this region will represent the vast majority of the earths population, resources and GDP, with North America and the UK just being an afterthought!

    Overall, Trumps role is as a distraction for events in Amerika ( Police state – Concentration FEMA camps), destruction of Amerika for International Jewry Chabad Judaica, as the NWO moves eastward and as the Global Financial system will collapse soon! And someone like TRUMP is the Fall guy in this Kabuki theatre just like the fall of the Soviet Union and Glasnost/ Perestroika, where now Communism goes global under Socialist ideas leaning toward Communism. And that is what the Demonrats are in Amerika today. So wake up you sleepy Amerikan sheeple!

    Or perhaps ( one can only hope), Where is Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi when you need him! Trump is the greatest magician and poker player, where he is using the tricks of International Jewry (Protocols and machinations) against them to trap the Demonrats at home and International Jewry globally. So Trump could be a Hitler afterall! Just a thought!

    PS: Thank you for the additional insight you all provide. I learn here everyday and want to discern the TRUTH!

  9. //Whatever happens, I feel I must support my country and my president as much as possible against potential enemies – foreign AND domestic.//

    Let me sum up the position and commentary of someone like Gilbert Huntly, and there are lots of such Yankees, in just three words!

    USA! USA! USA!

    1. You (and me) don’t have a country nor a president. The established religion of economics coupled with political correctness pits the proles into merciless, cut-throat rat race for a few bucks by defrauding the have nots to fatten the wealth of the rich. Most freelance handymen and not-so-handy men and women are scammers if you have dealt with them enough to figure it out. Scamming has went from a profession to an industry. In the PR and internet marketing world there is reference being made to the deception industry.

      We are on our own. If you have anyone who cares about you, that is something you do have. The value of money and earnings is economically designed to erode with time, the economic leverage of the law is crafted to flip the common man’s assets into liabilities.

      Those in darkness and without a voice have a platform to express themselves in this website, that is something we do have to date.

  10. (COMMENT FOUND IN our ‘SPAM” folder)

    jews did 9/11 (research the 5 dancing Israelis arrested on 9/11 jews run the media)
    jews run the banks
    jews ran the slave trade
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    jews made the Jesuit Order/Society of “Jesus” (Ignatius of Loyola the crypto jew creator)
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    Suomen tuhoava juutalainen pankkiyhtälö on:

    Velka – (velka + korko) = Suomen kohtalo. Kun tätä yhtälöä sievennetään, saadaan

    Velka – velka – korko = Suomen kohtalo, eli

    – korko = Suomen kohtalo.

    Yksinkertaista ja selvää. Tällä yhtälöllä juutalaiset ovat tarkoituksella tuhonneet ei-juutalaisen Suomen ja myös tulevat viemään tuhon äärimmäiseen loppuun saakka.

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