Holocaust Museum Head Explains How The Complete Lack of Physical Evidence Of The Holocaust Is Proof It Happened

There is  no physical evidence for the Holocaust, according to Dr Ephraim Kaye of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel. What further proof do we need that the Holocaust occurred?  

Christians For Truth Team
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November 28, 2020

Here we have an interview with Ephraim Kaye, a director at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel—using classic Orwellian doublethink—in which he attempts to explain how the complete lack of physical evidence to support the official Holocaust narrative is actually proof that the Holocaust happened.

“It [the Holocaust] was not true . . . but in my MIND it was true . . .  in my mind it was ALL true . . .”
(Jewish Holocaust survivor in Bitchute video, now deleted)

In essence, Dr Ephraim Kaye is admitting that Holocaust denial is completely rational — this complete lack of physical evidence requires a extraordinary leap of faith to believe it happened — and yet they have thrown many people in jail — and continue to do so — for not going along with Kaye’s implausible explanation as to why there is no evidence to support this event — which Kaye himself describes as “unbelievable“.

In Kaye’s own words:

Essentially, Holocaust denial is part and parcel of the history of the Holocaust itself — as the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews during World War II.

And what do I mean?  I’m going to give you a few examples.  The most glaring, blatant example is the largest death camp — Auschwitz-Birkenau — or Auschwitz II as the Germans called it — where — this is a death camp — that began its killing operations in March 1942 and to continue to murder people until November 1944 when the facility was closed down because the Russians were getting too close.

During that two and a half years, it’s anywhere between 1.2 and 1.4 million people were murdered — 90% were Jews — and the chilling fact is when you come back and you visit that facility today — having been there 18, 19 times with different groups — IDF officers — educators — and you walk around the camp, which geographically is a tremendous area — it had 60,000 permanent prisoners at any given time — and you walk around and you look for the physical evidence of the destruction of 1.2 to 1.4 million people — what’s distressing, and depressing is that you really don’t find it.

You don’t find the mountains of clothing of victims that arrived there.  You don’t find mountains of ashes and bones — it was taken in trucks and dumped in the Vistula (River) or the swamp around Auschwitz.  You don’t see the actual buildings of the crematoria or gas chambers — they were blown up by the Germans before they retreat in 1945.

And so you come to a death camp facility, and essentially you walk away to think something very sterile — you don’t actually see with your own eyes — hands, smell, touch — the actual destruction process.

If I take you back to a place called Treblinka — one of the small death camps — where between the 22nd of July, 1942 and the 2nd of August 1943 — it’s estimated that 900,000 Jews were murdered in those 13 months at Treblinka.  And you go back and visit this death camp — unbelievable — there is nothing there — well, there is something there today.  In 1960, the Polish government created a very moving memorial of 17,000 stones that they dispersed in the entire area where the camp originally was.  And on the stones they engraved the names of Jewish communities that were sent to Treblinka and destroyed there.

But when you look for physical evidence, there’s nothing there — because before that camp was closed down — by the way because of a Jewish prisoner revolt on the 2nd of August, 1943 — but in the Spring of 1943, there were no crematoria at Treblinka — there were gas chambers — bodies were buried in tremendous deep graves that were dug by steam shovels — at Treblinka.  Himmler gave an order to dig everything up — destroy everything — and disperse it in the entire area — which was done — and Jewish prisoners had to do this work.  And so a person visits today Treblinka and sees nothing.  A person visits Belzec or Chelmno, or Sobibor and the same thing — hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered in those death camps, and you can’t see anything.

Beyond that, if I go back to places where shooting operations took place — not gassing operations — places like Babi Yar where we know there were 30,000 Jews were murdered there in the end of September, 1941 — all together close to 60.000 Jews in ’41 and ’42 were murdered in Babi Yar — and you go back there and you dig it up, you should find some physical evidence — bodies, bones, something — that doesn’t disappear — it’s not there because it was all dug up by a special, top secret operation commanded by SS Paul Blobel, called 1005 — personally created by Himmler in the Spring of 1942.

Think about that — the Germans at their height of military superiority in 1942, and they decide to go back and to clean up the mess they made.  They went back to Babi Yar.  They went back to the Rumbula Forest near Riga.  They went back to the seventh and ninth fort near Kovna.  They went back to Ponary near Vilna where tens of thousands of Jews had been murdered in ’41 and ’42.  They dug it up — cleaned it out — disappeared.

Source of Quote

As we have previously reported, at the alleged height of the killing operation in 1943—the Jewish press published a cover story explaining why there would be no physical evidence of any mass murders of Jews at the end of the war.

In other words, the Jews had already committed to the “Holocaust” narrative so as to justify the establishment of Israel, but because they made it all up—with the help of Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Ben Hecht—there wasn’t going to be any physical evidence to support such a far-fetched scenario.

Even leading Zionists like Rabbi Stephen Wise and Jewish Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter didn’t initially believe any of the Jewish-generated atrocity propaganda.

But they created a serious credibility problem — why would the uber-rational and efficient Germans at the height of their strength—believing that they would probably win the war and have nothing to hide—why would they waste valuable man power and material support to hide the evidence of mass murder?

It makes no sense, and the Jews know it. But instead of admitting the obvious, they double down on this absurdity.

Both Auschwitz and Treblinka were built in swampy areas where the water table was very high.  If you attempted to dig a mass grave, as Ephraim Kaye contends, it would immediately fill with water. And if the Germans merely threw millions of tons of clothing into the Vistula River, that evidence could easily be dredged up today. But it never has been. Because it isn’t there.

Just like they won’t dredge the Danube River for the alleged tens of thousands of shoes to confirm the mass murder of Jews in Hungary—because it never happened.

There is no evidence of mass murder at Treblinka for a very simple reason: it was a transit camp, not a “death camp” with “gas chambers”.

According to these ridiculous Jewish “eye witnesses,” the Germans used a diesel-powered submarine engine from a Soviet submarine to gas the Jews at Treblinka. What these Jewish “eye witnesses” didn’t realize, however,  was that diesel exhaust fumes are not poisonous enough to kill people in “gas chambers”.  Or anywhere.

Watch the brilliant documentary “One-Third Of The Holocaust,” which completely dismantles and destroys any notion that Treblink, Belzec, and Sobibor were “death camps” with “gas chambers”—or that the Germans could have “cleaned up” the mess there.

There is no physical evidence of the Holocaust for a very simple, common sense reason: because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

And why is this important for people to understand? For this reason: The Jews are using this fake Holocaust narrative to replace the suffering of Christ on the cross with the suffering of the Jews at the hands of Christians in “death camps”—so that we “repent” of our Christian “antisemitism” and worship the anti-Christ Jews instead of Christ.

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  1. The lack of evidence is the latest spin to the unraveling Holocaust story. Jews lie about everything, and right now they are lying about the Covid pandemic, Climate Change, and the vote. Jews run the media and a massive vote fraud coverup is in progress.

    Trump (who I do not support) won by a massive landslide and the Jews are blatantly lying about the election results being in Trump’s favor. We now know the entire election was a sham, Trump won by a landslide but the votes were changed in the middle of the night, and the MSM is currently pumping the false narrative.

    I think the readers of this site should consider that all the primary narratives being fed to us by the mainstream media are false. The Holocaust story is a blatant lie, and so is the vote. What about Global Warming?

    In the last 10 years the idea of Anthropocentric Global Warming (AGW) by CO2 has been found out to be false.

    That is a whopper of a lie because trillions were diverted to fight climate change when it isn’t real or we can not change anything like the climate for god’s sakes. And while they tell the carbon lie, they secretly spray chem trails which they deny.

    So if AGW is a lie, and the vote counting a lie, what about the narrative of the Covids? Is that too a lie? David Icke (famous author and lecturer) thinks so:


    Yes the whole Covid-19 pandemic is another gigantic Jewish communist scam they are using to steal the election, which they did by mail in voting because of the lockdown they created with the false narrative. So think about that when you see everyone walking around outside and inside with these face masks, it is surreal because the masks do not stop viruses and the pandemic is a sham.

    1. YJ –

      “I think the readers of this site should consider that all the primary narratives being fed to us by the mainstream media are false.”

      I agree. When too much in ya face, repeatedly, it is an obvious lie…… like the holocaust with no fire, and the holocaust with fire, but explained like this….
      ……from the London Telegraph:
      Tall brick buildings miraculously left standing.

    2. Yep Yukon,
      Donaldo loves your style hombree……man. In an age when the average goy-American is wearing face-masks (face diapers) terrified by the fake-ass Covid 19 plandemic and struggling to survive economicly along comes Dr. Kaye discussing the Holocaust which may or may not have occured some 80 years ago. Donaldo, Holocaust neutral, regrets the suffering of ALL people including Krusties. He’s part Krustie himself. Sure the Krusties suffered during WW2 but so did Germans. History tells us so. Anyway, Donaldos point is that we should all move forward and avoid the same suffering in the future. In the present stage of development, Donaldo doesn’t see the need for Krusties (Israeli or the diaspora) to be alarmed. They will never be targeted again as in another Holocaust per say. They should be concerned for merely being part of the human conglomerate which is being targeted by fake Krusties such as Bill Gates and Soros who don’t give a damn about common Krusties nor the so-called Goy. Their goal, at the end of the day, is the extermination of all. 🌮🍷🤨🤔

  2. I think it is more intelligent and prudent to talk and promote the holocaust on Russian christians by the jewish communists. Where is the Pope, where are the “christian”leaders to talk about this holocaust? Oh excuse me, I forgot that the ” christian ” leaders are crypto jews. Forgive me.

    1. @ EVA

      Let’s fact it Eva, you hate Christians even more than you hate Jews!
      Am I not right? 🙂

      FYI, this happens to be a pro-Christian website.
      (Not Orthodox Christianity … but a semi-heretical “neo-Christianity”).


      # 12. All anti-Christian comments questioning the historical existence of Jesus Christ and sneering at the contents of the New Testament will be regarded as an attack on the cherished values of our ancestors. All such comments will be deleted at once. Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech in rubbishing Jesus Christ and ridiculing Christianity on some appropriate anti-Christian website — NOT on the pro-Christian Darkmoon site.


      Christianity happens to be my religion, Eva.. It is held in high respect by roughly 2.2 billion people, almost one-third of the world’s population. You can call us all fools if you want, Snooty Miss Christ-hating “Eva”!… but you can’t re-crucify Jesus Christ on THIS website. Understand?

      Maybe it’s time you left, honey, before you were BOOTED OFF! 🙂

      1. “semi-heretical” is so half-ass, become a Flat Earth Geocentric Truther and GO ALL THE WAY heretical!!

      2. Dear Madame Butterfly, It is quite ironic that you can clearly see how the Jews attempt to cover up a massive lie, yet you condemn others for objectively investigating the bible, including the New Testament. The truth invites investigation and does not fear questions. Do you think Caucasians had no history or culture until the bible was forced upon us via violence? The oldest, most cherished, spiritual values of our ancestors are constantly belittled, ignored or sneered at as “paganism”. Our ancestors have been smeared as little more than animals until the great Tribe came along. That is a fact.
        He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” Matthew 15:24
        What part of “only” do you not understand?
        “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans.” Matthew 10:5
        “Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.” Matthew 10:6
        It was Saul AKA Paul, a Hebrew from Rome and a Pharisee, who marketed the Jew religion to the Gentiles, after Jesus left the scene. This marketing to the Gentiles, was much to the surprise and resistance of the disciples. It’s all recorded in the bible, but most believers don’t even read it, or ignore the disturbing passages, or read it through rose-colored glasses.
        The Jews have convinced many that humans could not sustain morality without their bible and the emulation of their sordidly disturbed biblical characters. The Ten Commandments were lifted from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

      3. Dear Eva, Our ancestors, created the study of logic. The fallacies of logic were created to discover truth. The truth is what is remains after rigorous investigation eliminates false arguments. One of the major fallacies of logic is the Argumentum ad populum, Latin for “appeal to the people”.
        “It is held in high respect by roughly 2.2 billion people, almost one-third of the world’s population.” if the majority of people believe something to be true, then it must therefore, be true. Could we not then assert that because a majority of people believe the official narrative of the Holocaust, then it must be true? Also, let us avoid engaging in the most common fallacy of logic, the ad hominim, calling people names instead of engaging in intelligent debate. I so long for intelligent discussion. We all seek the truth, and nothing but the truth, no matter how painful, correct? i wish you no harm nor injury.

      4. @Bumpercrop,

        Amazing that your comment is published. I said precisely the same thing in 2 sentences but it never was allowed here. Not that that’s any skin off my nose.

        1. @ 1138

          You may have said the same thing,
          but I bet you sad it in a real NASTY WAY.
          TONE is what matters, not CONTENT!

          There’s a big difference between YOU and Bumpercrop.
          Bumpercrop sounds like a really nice guy, you DON’T!

    2. Where’s the pope?
      Last I heard, he was pushing the Covid Vax… I guess he gets a cut.

    3. Bravo Eva! Couldn’t have said it better myself !

      btw Take NO notice of “Madame”… she will brook NO “female competition” as she seems to think she’s the Queen Bee around here, egged on – in no small part – by that legion of sycophantic fawning lickspittles constantly lining up – “pucker lipped” – to kiss her a$$ 😂😂😂

  3. History is not manufactured with proofs and evidence…. ONLY IMPREGNATED ORCHESTRATED BELIEFS ARE NEEDED TO MAKE IT SO…. AS TOLD!!

    “Tell bigger lies often enough….”

    1. Carholicism is judaism light (hegelian dialectic) invented by the jewish ‘ elite’ to fool the Goyim common people!

      1. @ EVA

        Gosh, how clever you are, Eva, for a mere woman to have figured this out! I thought all of us females had substandard brains, compared to the massive male brain! (Not to mention the enormous tumescent phallus of the male in a constant state of orgasmic eruption over us stupid females!) But you appear to be a notable exception to the rule, Eva. You appear to be that RARE thing, a woman of HIGH INTELLIGENCE! W-O-W! 🙂

        You are a woman who actually THINKS for herself and reaches — wait for it! — platitudinous conclusions that can be found on thousands of conspiracy theory sites! Namely, the tired old platitude: Christianity was invented by cunning evil Jews to bring plague and destruction to stupid goyim!

        Once again Eva, congratulations for telling us all what we have heard 6 million times already!

        Dostoevsky must have been an absolute idiot, you know! Because not only was he a GOOD CHRISTIAN (!!!), reading his New Testament every day, but he was also a JEW HATER (!!!).

        If only you’d been around, Eva, you could have helped Dostoevsky realize the error of his ways!

  4. Those German disposal methods must be really efficient! We may need to mimick them here, in America, soon…

  5. I am a Jew who converted to Christianity (age 59). I found this religion inadequate because this did not allow gay sex , especially Catholicism.
    So I then converted to Islam (age 68), hoping gays would get a better deal there. I was disappointed and kicked out of a mosque for wearing makeup with false eyelashes. I felt really humiliated, so I gave up Islam.

    Finally, I became a Hindu devotee of Krishna and I was made to feel welcome at last. “God is very gay,” I was told by my Indian guru, Swami Gupta Ram.. “He is always laughing.” So I laughed and converted to Hinduism, and here I am now leading the Happy Hindu Mahatma group and holding conferences in California.

    I know for sure the Holocaust took place. My grandmother knew Anne Frank. A lovely Jewish girl. Don’t make fun of this article please. More than 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust, and I still have in my possession a bar of soap made from Jewish fat. It says on the packet in Hebrew: “MADE FROM JEWS WHO DIED IN HITLER HOLOCAUST”.

    1. Tut tut, you should be ashamed of yourself! A 68-year-old Jewish guy tottering into a mosque wearing false eye lashes and wearing makeup. Not nice! Yuckety-yuck!

      You’re lucky they didn’t sling you out on your ass! In more enlightened times, you would have been stoned to death. California, now that’s one place I ain’t gonna visit any time soon.

      Tell you what, old timer, I’ll give you a hundred bucks for that bar of soap! 🙂

      1. Hello Franklin, I’d like to about that, but unfortunately the link won’t connect. Drifting a little off topic here I’d like to see an in depth exposé of the talmud. I reckon that would be very illuminating. Regards, Von

    2. Better put that soap on a rope in case you drop in the bathhouse shower…. Oh in your case it that’d be a BONUS… wouldn’t it? 😂

    3. @ Mordecai

      Gays can continue to fool themselves. Their behavior is sick. And it’s contagious, especially now that the jews are promoting it as healthy.The gay bar is really the center of life for homosexuals. They classify themselves as either “tops” (the one who screws) or “bottoms” (the one who gets screwed) and that is how they have structured their entire culture.
      The homosexual world is a dead-end.
      It is filled with just about every perversity imaginable.

      1. YES!! SICK!!

        Here is the sickening evidence on HBO with 4 year old children displayed like farm animals at the fair, but presented in churches:

        Filmed over five years in Kansas City, Transhood chronicles the lives of four young people (aged 4, 7, 12, and 15 at the start of filming) and their families as they navigate growing up transgender in America’s heartland. By sharing personal realities of how gender expression is reshaping their lives, the film explores how these families struggle and stumble through parenting, and how the kids are challenged and transformed as they experience the complexity of their identities.

        ​Directed by Sharon Liese, produced by Sasha Alpert (Autism: The Musical), and executive-produced by Kimberly Reed, Transhood offers a long-range understanding of transgender youth through the nuanced and authentic stories of Jay, Avery, Leena, and Phoenix.

        While every journey is different, these families share their honest and varied experiences as the young people display incredible resilience, facing rejection from their peers and escalating political rhetoric that strives to invalidate LGBTQ+ lives. All the while, the older kids navigate the minefield of adolescence. Sharing their most vulnerable moments, the parents reveal their ambivalence, doubts, and missteps as they themselves transform over time.

    4. Mordecai,
      Why would you convert to a religion who believes that a man nailed to a cross is your savior? Later to the hateful Islam? And then the Hindus who believe that you’ll be born again as a tree 🎄 or insect after death. Oh well, to each his own. It would be better to just be a Crustie, live your life and just see what happens as Donaldo does. 🌮🍷🌌🌛

      1. Yeah, sure. Good idea! All our problems would be solved if we took Donaldo as our role model! 🙂

  6. Victimologist females in general, idiot femen with their hair in a bun, gays yes, all kinds if covid babbling parasites looking for some special circumstances excuse to get a free ride, they all have it in common that they need one big social disorder or another to help get them off the hook of having to be responsibe for their own lives…. these people all make good communists…. llcthe former Democrat party, which is now the globocrats, has been cultivating the this sympathy seeking character flaw for decades…. it was all too easy to create the coronavirus hoax and promote it more and more

    1. Bravo BD! Regretfully [DELETED ABUSE OF ADMIN] I’m unable to “up vote” your penetrating observations.

      It should also be noted that Judaism itself is essentially a “Whining Woman” mindset… where any “non chosen” can NEVER do enough to placate the Vengeful Hag… and are, essentially, hen-pecked to death!

    2. If we all start taking Donaldo as our role model sales of tequila would skyrocket and the liquor industry would experience a YUGE increase in 💰 accumulation. The liquor industry moguls would LERV us! Sales of Taco Bell burritos would also go through the roof ! 😊

      We no queremos no self righteous gente del bautismo do-gooders preaching to us! Hipócritas!!!!



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    note to ADMIN. i’m posting from my business computer.thx.

    1. TROJ,
      Here we go again. 😁 If Donaldo were your role-model you’d actually EXPERIENCE the pleasure of a woman in your 🛏️ instead of padded walls and daily hose-downs. 😃😄🤗😚

  8. Welcome to the New World Order Dystopia Of The Degenerates, where “Party Line” which is the “Official Truth, ” creates Cognitive Dissonance due to political correctness of double speak.

    “Party Line” is the “Official Truth” which is “taught” to the Masses for the purpose of “Ideological remodeling through Thought Reform in “Reform Schools” or “re-education Schools “, “Meditation Centres” and “hospitals for ideological reform” etc, etc.

    When the Party states its position, it is the duty of the citizens, to toe the party line. Therefore the “Official Truth” is that “Holocaust happed, because The Party, The Chosen The Elders, Kehilah, Sanhedrin etc etc, stated that it happened”

  9. They shouldn’t, but IF the globalist commiecrats get the ‘election’, they’ll crack the First Amendment…
    Anything they don’t want to hear will become criminalized as Hate Speech and Racism…
    The USA will become a totalitarian state-media dictatorship…
    The Holohoaxers will be all over it, and their increased ‘holocaust reparation considerations’ will be impossible to argue against, in case there were anybody in the congress who wasn’t put there by the Zionistasin the first place… I doubt it…
    It’s going to be a major feeding frenzy contest between the various moocher factions lining up for their piece of the funnymoney shakedown action…
    The Holocaust happened because everybody knows it happened…
    The whole concept of proof goes out the window in every dictatorship…
    Welcome to the Rabbithole…

    1. We will become a lawless society, Barkingdeer. I am prepared, but do not look forward to the bloodshed (although I’m able and willing to contribute!). I am going to a gun show tomorrow to gauge the temperament. Attitudes are boiling. The election scam is obvious, and we cannot let it go unavenged. There must be blood! (The holohoax is small potatoes.)

      1. @ GILBERT HUNTLY:

        You must be a real rambo with all your macho talk. Too good to be true. Do they fall for your gentleman’s act being a jew? I guess they do. Just another jewish site.

        ADMIN: I thought you said you were leaving this disgusting “Jewish site” for good, Eva. So why do you keep coming back? This must be the tenth time you have said “Good-bye” to us and then popped up again like a bed bug. 🙂

  10. Just when you thought their psychic phantasms & mental contortions couldn’t possibly get any more twisted…
    what we now have is: “Lack of evidence is…. PROOF of GUILT!!!” 😂😂😂

  11. Insights obtained from a private source*

    Hitler enlisted certain Jews into his NS movement because of their brainpower and what he perceived to be devotion to its cause. This was the bottom line for him – being a proponent of National Socialism with a keen understanding of its tenets. Being Jewish was irrelevant in this regard. But those Jews were the exception and not the rule. It was for the vast majority of Jews who didn’t fit that mould that the “Jewish Question” was posed. The answer came in the form of the decision to round them up and “concentrate” them in rehabilitation/work camps. For some German doctors and scientists this meant doing experimentation in what was considered to be early pioneering efforts to discover the “Jew gene”. (Think Mengele but without the lying horror stories of atrocity associated with him)

    The Germans were confident that rehabilitation efforts of “Judaic detoxification” would prove successful for most. The plan was for them to then be relocated into a new Pale, to be administered by the aforementioned NS Jews in authoritative capacities. Upon a successful prosecution of the war against the Soviet Union, the place for that would have been somewhere in the general proximity of the original Pale of the Settlement. Only there wouldn’t have been an incomplete “settling of affairs” as there was then. Victory in war would have “settled” it.

    *Solving Brownhawk’s “mysterious reason” for not providing links….I AM the link! 😃

  12. Do Jews know, that Judaism has metamorphosed into an Anti-Christ religion? Here are quotes which show how Judaism imitates The Christ, (But in evil, not in good as with the Christ),with paradoxical roles assumed Jews, in the place of Christ, in order to achieve the same goal, the “Redemption of the World” by the Jews, through evil . And this is why Christians MUST resist Holocaustianity.

    “The Golgotha of Modern Mankind is Auschwitz. The Cross, and the Roman gallows was replaced by the gas Chamber. The Gentiles it seems must first be terrified by the blood of the sacrificed scapegoats to have the mercy of God revealed to them and be converted, become baptized gentiles, become Christians………. In Auschwitz, the Jewish people were the High Priest, and the Sacrificial Lamb in One. They died because of the sins of others…….. The world is cleaner because the unclean passions of savagery is spent, because the modern view on technological progress have revealed their nihilism, leading to destruction. The world is cleaner because the work of Atonement has been performed. The Cross is but a symbol. The Historians are still divided as to whether the cross points to a mare myth or to a historical event. in both cases the cross concerns bygone times. Auschwitz happened before the eyes of Mankind in our times. The Jewish people was not involved in the evil, the Jewish people was the victims of the evil. The Priest cannot fight evil but he is a stumbling block in the way of the evil doer. The priest makes the evil visible as evil by the suffering meted out on him by the evil doer. The sacrificed of the priest and the sacrificed priest atone for mankind. In Auschwitz, the martyred Jewish people suffered vicariously, suffering for the atonement of future generations. ( See Pp 36 & 71 “Face of God After Auschwitz”. By Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum (1965))
    “It is widely known that belonging to these sects are those who believe that [with the advent of the Messiah} the Torah has been nullified [betelah] and that in the future it will be [read} without [reference to} the commandments, for they say that the violation of the Torah has become its fulfilment, which they illustrate by the example of a grain of wheat that rots in the earth.” In other words, just as a grain of wheat must rot in the earth before it can sprout, so the deeds or the “believers” must be truly “rotten” before they can germinate the redemption. This metaphor, which appears to have been extremely popular, conveys the whole of sectarian Sabbatian psychology in a nutshell: in the period of transition, while the redemption is still in a state of concealment, the Torah in its explicit form must be denied, for only thus can it too become “concealed” and ultimately renewed. (See The messianic idea in Judaism and other essays on Jewish spirituality Article Title; “Redemption Through Sin” By Gershom Scholem Copyright © 1971 by Schocken Books Inc. Foreword copyright © 1995 by Arthur Hertzberg.)

    1. “Do Jews know, that Judaism has metamorphosed into an Anti-Christ religion?”

      YES!!! Of course, THEY KNOW!! They have KNOWN all along!! They are taught THAT in synagogues!!

      In the 1950s I went to the American Legion meetings with my dad, who was the Commander of the Post. I often sat next to Leo Wulfsohn who was a jew lawyer, a WWII vet, who was the Adjutant and Service Officer for the Post. (He was a friend on the surface. Personally weak.) Before each meeting…. everyone stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to The Flag of the US, and the Lord’s Prayer. Leo recited the Pledge but NOT the Prayer. At the end of the Prayer he ALWAYS claimed in a low voice, “That is disgusting to me.” So, I asked him why he did that. He told me, “I am required to do that because I am a jew. We jews hate Christ. We must say that when we hear his name.”

      You never see jew synagogue meetings on TV.

    2. Excerpts from https://hannahmichaels.wordpress.com

      “The “Lubavitch Movement” is an example of how they create “new movements” to seem different, but are really part of the same organ. For example, the Hidden Hand became the Illuminati etc.

      “But what is the Lubavitch Movement?

      “The Lubavitch movement, which reportedly began in 1775, derives its name from the small, rural town of Lyubavichi in Russia, located in the Rudnyansky District of Smolensk Oblast, WHERE IT’S LEADERSHIP ESTABLISHED A COURT. Lyubavichi served as the seat of four generations of Chabad (fake) rebbes/rabbis between 1813 and 1915.

      “After spending 165 years in Russia or parts of the former Russian Empire (Poland), which is the epicenter of Ashkenazim, this Ashkenazi counterfeit “Jew” movement relocated to Jew York city, where it is now headquartered within the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.

      “The Chabad Lubavitch cult has since grown into the largest “Jewish” organization in the world, with almost 5000 institutions worldwide, including over 2800 in North America alone. Is this another front organization for the Ashkenazis like freemasonry and the Shriners are for their Ashkenazi bankster-controlled Illuminati?

      “The Chabad Lubavitch “movement” obviously already had the financial backing, power and influence over 25 years ago to coerce/bribe U.S. politicians into committing treason by embedding their Noahide virus within U.S. legislation, to be activated in the event martial “law” is declared. And they’ve only grown in power since then. These “men-in-black” with their silly outfits and hats have conned every U.S. president since Carter into setting aside an “education day””

      Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Levi) excerpt from ‘Marx People’s Paper’, April 16, 1856:
      “The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give away… They must perish in the revolutionary Holocaust”

      The only real “Holocaust” is the Goyim’s. What they are going to use this time, guillotines?

      1. NBTT –

        Big jews brag last year that ‘Put-On’ embraces Chabad!!

        ‘Putin spoke about Chabad as if he were an emissary’

        Twenty-five years after the death of the Lubavitcher rebbe, Chabad is a force of nature that runs 3,500 centers worldwide. Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, chairman of the Chabad institutions – who started as the rebbe’s chauffeur – tells Israel Hayom about their relationship, anti-Semitism in the US, and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s secret.

    I did my best to segue from the by now getting a little ho-hum holohoax into current events, turned momentous and desperate…
    I like your ‘whining woman’ take on the tribe, always the victim…
    Not sure what you mean by this..
    “Regretfully [DELETED ABUSE OF ADMIN] I’m unable to “up vote” your penetrating observations.”
    meanwhile, i hope we appreciate this from jerome corsi –

    1. Bark –

      You misspelled Corsi in the search, so nothing came up. I have followed his jew writings for years. Here is what you must have meant:

      You may not be aware of his jew tricks learned at Harvard. His claims and writings are jew based distractions and fraudulent.
      Corsi began to work in banking and finance in 1981. In 1995 he helped launch a mutual fund to invest in formerly communist Poland after the fall of the Soviet Union, which eventually lost $1.2 million, much of it from a group of about 20 Minnesota investors. Some of the investors blamed the organizers, including Corsi, for their investment in the former Communist country.

      Two investors sued Corsi and his partners, claiming that the organizers had given their personal guarantee backing up the investment, and won judgments against them. They did not collect from Corsi, because, as one investor claimed, the money “had been moved into his wife’s name … There was nothing to get out of him”. Corsi had LIED like a jew!! AND….. The ‘stick together for $$$’ jew-run FBI found no basis for bringing criminal charges. 🤢

      I vetted his jew-ass years ago.

  14. So, what happened was that some experimental jew gets his ass holocausted 6 million times ’til all that’s left is a bar of soap! Germans realise this is a total waste of time. Don’t tell me – that bar of soap had a tatoo on it as proof! Use that soap and wash away reality. Nuthin like a good ol’ holocaust story to start the day. Guaranteed to cheer one up.

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