How Israel Murdered Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist

The assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist involved 62 operatives

By News Agencies
November 30, 2020

according to Iranian journalist Mohamad Ahwaze 

Remarkable detail of the plot to kill an Iranian nuclear scientist emerged on Saturday, a day after the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh  reverberated around the world.

Sixty two people were involved in the scheme, according to Mohamad Ahwaze, an Iranian journalist who exposed the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic in his country.

Ahwaze said he had obtained leaked Iranian information.

Iranian officials have blamed Israel’s Mossad for the assassination. One American official and two other intelligence officials also told the New York Times that Israel was behind the attack.

Ahwaze said that 12 members of the team, who he described as being highly trained and assisted by “security and intelligence services abroad”, were deployed to the city of Absard, 50 miles east of Tehran.

The mountain retreat of 10,000 people is where many Tehranis have second homes, and Fakhrizadeh, 59, had a villa there.

Another 50 people, Ahwaze said, helped with logistical support. He did not specify whether they were in Iran or abroad. The team had been watching Fakhrizadeh, and knew that he was going to be driving from Tehran to Absard on Friday. They planned that the attack would take place at a traffic roundabout in Absard, at the foot of a tree-lined boulevard which enters the city.

A Hyundai Santa Fe with four passengers, four motorcycles and two snipers were waiting for the nuclear scientist at the scene of the ambush, along with a booby-trapped Nissan pickup.

Half an hour before Fakhrizadeh’s convoy of three bulletproof cars arrived, the electricity was cut off to the area, Ahwaze reported.  The team [of Israeli assassins] were in place when the first car passed the roundabout.

As the third car passes, the Nissan explodes, damaging electricity poles and transmitters, according to a state TV report from the area on Friday night. The force of the explosion from the bomb hurled debris at least 300 meters, according to state television.

The second car, containing Fakhrizadeh, was then shot at by the 12 assassins, including two snipers. The gunmen with the hit squad opened fire on the cars, and an intense gunfight ensued

Ahwaze tweeted: “According to Iranian leaks, the leader of the assassination team took Fakhrizadeh out of his car and shot him and made sure he was killed.”

The hit squad then vanished, having sustained no losses to their team.

Residents told state television that they heard the sound of a big explosion followed by intense machine gun fire as Fakhrizadeh’s bodyguards fought back.

They knew the man they were protecting had for years been Mossad’s number one target.

A police helicopter landed in the area to transport Fakhrizadeh and others to the hospital, according to a video posted by a resident who narrates the video saying “several people are dead.”

When members of Fakhrizadeh’s security detail arrived in hospital, they were surprised to find that there was no electricity after the power had been cut. They are then transported to Tehran.

At 10:28am EST (7:30pm local time) on Friday, the Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, said that “an eminent Iranian scientist'”had been killed, with the suspected aid of Israel.

Fakhrizadeh’s body lay in a flag-draped open coffin at a mosque on Saturday in central Tehran, where Iran’s chief justice, Ebrahim Raisi, prayed over his body in a public spectacle of mourning.

Dr Fakhridadeh’s death sent tensions in the region skyrocketing as Iran accused Israel of trying to provoke a war by killing the scientist — who Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu once called out in a news conference saying: ‘Remember that name’. 

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh — remember that name!”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday called Fakhrizadeh “the country’s prominent and distinguished nuclear and defensive scientist.”

Khamenei — who has the final say on all matters of state — said Iran’s first priority after the killing was the “definitive punishment of the perpetrators and those who ordered it.” He did not elaborate.

And, in an intervention that risks inflaming conflict even further, a former head of the US’s Central Intelligence Agency labelled the assassination a “criminal act” and branded it “highly reckless”.

John Brennan — who was director of the CIA from 2013 to 2017 under the administration of president Barack Obama —said he did not know who was to blame for the murder of Fakhrizadeh but labeled it a “criminal act”.

President Hassan Rouhani said Israel was to blame in a televised speech on Saturday, and said Iran would retaliate for the killing of Fakhrizadeh “at the proper time”.

Rouhani said: “Our people are wiser than to fall into the trap of the Zionist regime. Iran will surely respond to the martyrdom of our scientist at the proper time.”

In a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the U.N. Security Council on Friday, Iranian envoy, Majid Takht Ravanchi wrote:

“Warning against any adventuristic measures by the United States and Israel against my country, particularly during the remaining period of the current administration of the United States in office, the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves its rights to take all necessary measures to defend its people and secure its interests.”

Friday’s attack also came just days before the 10-year anniversary of the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari.

Tehran also blamed that attack on Israel, coming as it did at the height of Western fears over Iran’s nuclear program.

The United States military on Friday said it had deployed the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz to the Persian Gulf alongside other warships in order to provide “combat support and air cover” for soldiers withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The decision to deploy the Nimitz to the Persian Gulf was reportedly made before the killing of Fakhrizadeh.

Israel has so far declined to comment on the death of Fakhrizadeh.

This article has been abridged

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  1. Above Graphic, ITEM 3:
    “The BULLETS HIT Fakhrizadeh’s car and HE GETS OUT to INVESTIGATE the noise”

    Is it JUST ME that sees something a “little incongruous” here???

    1. Yep Realist,
      And the WHOLE World is to believe the words of a journalist named Ahwaze. WHO is HE and why does he deserve any credibility? And some members of the Krustie hit team were Israelis? Interesting. Did they enter Iran on tourist visas? Huummmm. And then the hit-squad just vanished like a fart in the wind. Where were the local police? Donaldo has never been to Iran but would assume that cops do exist. The leader of the hit-squad personally took Fakrhizadeh from the car and executed him. Really? But didn’t Fakrhizadeh exit the car to satisfy his curiosity as to gun fire? Oh well. Nothing adds up. Anyway. If the hit goes down as Ahwaze says, it’s riddled with contradictions. And the hit was amazingly inefficient. The scientist could just as easily been seduced by a sole Israeli Jewess into a bar and a poisonous pill slipped into his glass of Heinekin. Very simple. Very easy. Just another James Bond episode. The recently deceased Sean Connery, 007 🌟, must be rolling in his grave with laughter. Oh well. All speculation. For sure (maybe) the Iranian scientist is dead. Ain’t coming back. And his widow will be well cared for by the Shia in her community. All told, absolutely NOTHING was accomplished by this assination. Except that dickhole politicians like Bibi can feel important, escape their own domestic scandals and continue to wag-the-dog to both the Israeli public as well as the rest of the World. 🌮🍷🤔🤨

  2. US carrier couldn’t have had anything to do with it, over 700 km from Gulf to Tehran, how to transport a giant death squad by air, including all the heavy equipment.
    More questions: how did they import all the trucks equipped with cameras, sights, communication stuff, explosives, bombs/landmines, ammunition, heavy machine guns into the big, closely watched city.
    Killers must have trained in simulated environment for a long time to get it right, where/how.
    How were they able to get away and hide effortlessly after the killing—they must have known there’d be no extra security precautions, no Iranian military nearby—was that prearranged too? No one saw 60+ heavily armed operatives setting up at the major intersection!? It beggars belief.
    The treason must go to the very top of the military-political structure

    My guess is that everything was assembled piecemeal, brought ashore by submarine(s) dispatched from Baku, Azerbaijan then transferred to road linking to Rasht on Caspian shore, put together, tested, thence to Tehran, a serious undertaking, all unobserved at every complex step by Iranians.
    Some heads must roll—literally.

    As Mercuris said, the scientist though important is replaceable, many very talented and skilled Iranians (I know several at Stanford, research superstars and when in grad schools winners of numerous awards and scholarships, Sharif U/Tehran is on par with the world’s best), but the message of giant embarrassment is catastrophic and will shake the political structure to the core, quite possibly to take advantage of turmoil and mount a properly serious strike via the Saudi landmass, maybe also launch missiles from subs in the gulf, logistic support, air refueling etc., by the US, again unknown to Trump but well known to Haspel and Pompeo.
    And Kushner, yes (how about this: President Donald Trump wishes Tom Brady was his son-in-law)

    Maybe Turkey involved too, what do you think Circ, seems to me like a much bigger game afoot, taking advantage with Trump a lame duck.

    1. This is one of the best comments by Lobro IMO.

      As Mercuris said, the scientist though important is replaceable, many very talented and skilled Iranians (I know several at Stanford, research superstars and when in grad schools winners of numerous awards and scholarships, Sharif U/Tehran is on par with the world’s best)

      I have never been to Iran, but I have some evidence to support Lobro’s take on Iranian physicists.

      One year ago I have posed a question at the StackExchange portal on physics, the answer to which was of great interest to my research on ball lightning ( ):

      The guy who gave the correct answer to my question was one Mohammad Javanshiry, an Iranian physicist from Tehran as can be seen from here:

  3. What will be interesting and informative as well is Nasrallah’s response or maybe lack of one.
    He’s kept an unusually low profile these last couple of years..

    1. DF,
      Why do you keep repeating the same mantra……to the very word…. regarding the Zios and there destructive DNA? Us Darkmooners got the picture long ago. Let’s move forward shall we? 🍷🌮🤭😴

  4. 62 operates … how do they know? No one got caught. No assassin has been interrogated. So how did they come up with 62?

    quote: “Sixty two people were involved in the scheme, according to Mohamad Ahwaze, an Iranian journalist who exposed the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic in his country”

    Well if you believe Covid is a hoax, I wouldn’t trust this Ahwaze person.

    And Iran’s lack of security for their top scientist, after he was named specifically by Satanyahu. Why was he trapezing around – especially after Soleimani was droned?

    Iran should put its top people in bunkers if they had any sense.


      I totally agree . This reminds me of what they said about the Arabs doing 9/11.They said the DNA matched the perpetrators .Well, if that was the cases, then somebody must have the Arabs’ DNA already on record .
      Remember when Israel in 1980 bombed the Iraqi nuclear site ? well it was said the Iraqi scientists were about to expose the hoax of the existance of nuclear weapons world wide.
      May be the killing in Iran of Zadeh had something to do with this hoax .

  5. ridiculous, and who cares anyway?
    the guy is the top nuke scientist in iran, he travels by convoy, a very high valued target…. so the first thing he does when the convoy comes under attack by bombs and gunfire is get out of the car to see what’s happening? then later somebody comes and drags him out of the car and shoots him? hard to believe…
    i’m assuming the machine gun was at least a 30 caliber… unless the car was totally bullet proof, nobody inside it survives a minute of sustained machine gun fire… not a chance…
    maybe it really happened, maybe not….
    but in view of what’s going on in the usa now with the stolen election and all that’s riding on that, why are we talking about some hit in the middle east?
    your guess is as good as mine…
    but the trump haters here are going to have a hard time explaining the circumstances in question on the last election…
    best talk about something else?

    1. Barkingdeer :

      They’re talking about some hit in the Middle East at a time of the stolen election in the United States because they’re playing smoke-and-mirror games to deflect away from JEWS AND CHINESE AND DOMINION and also of course “Hunter’s Laptop”. It’s a jew vaudeville smoke-and-mirror game to deflect away from the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER of the United States.

      Yes, the murder of a top Iranian nuclear scientist is important news but the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER of the United States is a MUCH MORE IMPORTANT STORY.

      It’s called “Smoke-and-Mirrors”, Barkingdeer.


    Several have pointed out that this very likely was a staged event. I agree. It keeps the phony nuclear warhead gossip and fear alive & well globally.

    See the LATEST update from Nov 30, 2020:
    “My Atomic Bomb Findings-The grand manipulation 1945-2020”


    1. Here on the Internet you learn a lot about the past and the present lies. Many Americans believe, 2020, that USA is a nuclear superpower that cannot be defeated by anyone. All US enemies will be wiped out by US nukes!!! In reality USA has no nuclear weapons of mass destruction at all. Any bullshit to the contrary is US lies and manipulations since 1945. What to believe, me or US bullshit? Read on!

    2. The 75 years old bullshit from 6 August 1945 about nuclear, military explosive fission was created by Potus Harry S. Truman and his predecessor FDR and is still working well today by several foreign governments like Russia, France, China and North Korea (!), media, crazy armed forces and plenty physicists incl. plenty Nobel prize winners that cannot get any better jobs than lying for their governments – the only real job many physicists can get apart from being low paid school teachers – and by mainstream media that are experts in publishing fake info or news what they call it. Truman created the CIA and the NSA to look after the bullshit and to secretly collect the money from it.

    3. 10 000’s of fake (but secret) atomic bombs have since 1945 been built, transported around, mishandled, dropped by mistake, we are told, but none has ever exploded. Reason is that a real atomic bomb cannot explode. It is physically impossible. Military explosive fission is pseudoscience! I assume Hitler (see below) realized this already 1941 and tried to conquer the world without nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency , IAEA, is part of the bullshit since 1957. Gangsters always take over international agencies. It is easy. Today it works with WHO!

    4. So it is big business 2020. And very big money! Collected by CIA and NSA! US Congress approves and provides the funds.

    5. Soviet union (Stalin & Co.) prior 1991 never had any nuclear weapons. They too were also just propaganda at the request of USA 1945. Russia made a mistake when it carried on with the bullshit after 1991. It is one reason why Russia is not so popular today in East Europe.

    6. So when USA (Potus GWB) said that it was attacked on 11 September 2001 by poor Arab terrorists, so USA had to defend itself by conventional bombing and invading Afghanistan and Iraq instead of using nukes. That war against terrorism is 2020 still on. Etc, etc. And no nuclear weapons are used!

    7. Japan has today 2020 or 2021 (a new PM!) an opportunity to stop the bullshit. We will see. Listen!

    8. “Research into the development of nuclear weapons was initially undertaken during World War II by the United States (in cooperation with the United Kingdom and Canada), Germany, Japan, and the USSR. The United States was the first and is the only country to have used a nuclear weapon in war, when it used two bombs against Japan in August 1945. After surrendering to end the war, Germany and Japan ceased to be involved in any nuclear weapon research ‘??). In August 1949, the USSR tested a nuclear weapon, becoming the second country to detonate a nuclear bomb. The United Kingdom first tested a nuclear weapon in October 1952. France first tested a nuclear weapon in 1960. The People’s Republic of China detonated a nuclear weapon in 1964. India conducted its first nuclear test in 1974, which prompted Pakistan to develop its own nuclear program and, when India conducted a second series of nuclear tests in 1998, Pakistan followed with a series of tests of its own. In 2006, North Korea conducted its first nuclear test.” Source.
    Actually none of these countries exploded any nuclear bombs.

    9. Because there is no evidence that above countries have developed nuclear weapons at all! It is just stupid propaganda! No atomic bombs, e.g. exploded over Japan!

  7. If anyone wants to see the genesis of Israels nuclear program, and they have had nukes since the late 1960’s, get the book Blood in the Water by Joan Mellen, although the main theme of the book is the Israeli and ZUS ie LBJ attack on the USS Liberty, this book lays it all out, book can be had on amazon, I have the book

    1. DF –

      I am amazed than Joan Mellon was allowed to see those nukes in Israel in the late 1960s, and watched the tests.

      Even today, Israel maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity, never officially denying nor admitting to having nuclear weapons, instead repeating over the years that…. “Israel will not be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East”.

      Israel has also declined to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), despite international pressure to do so, saying that would be contrary to its national security interests.

      I have helped load Polaris and Poseidon missiles from the tender-ship into the missile tubes on several submarines. And I could not confirm they had 14 nuclear warheads on each one, as was claimed.

      I worked loading just like this, at this very same and very cold location in Scotland:

      More on the tenders:

      1. Peak nuke stockpile U.S. = 31,255 warheads (1967)
        Peak nuke stockpile USSR = 45,000 warheads (1986)

        75,000 nukes at the height of the cold war and then came SALT, disarmament, etc. and now the U.S. and Russia, by treaty, have approx. 6000 nukes each. So we’re supposed to believe they disposed of (63,000) nukes without a single errant circumstance resulting in even one accidental or purposeful detonation. Well, apart from rumors and theories anyhow. Not one uber-rich nation like Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Iran could purchase one or a dozen of those 60,000 surplus nukes! Hundreds of billions to spend for one or a dozen but nada, zip, zilch, zero, empty set.

        Hmmmm seems to be the word of the week, month, year…

      2. Pat, I remember when Ukraine transferred a half dozen or so Russian KH- 55 cruise missiles to Iran and China.

        “Yuri Boychenko, an aide to Ukraine’s prosecutor-general, Svyatoslav Piskun, told The Los Angeles Times March 18 that the transaction was “a totally illegal deal carried out by an international criminal group.””

        Gosh, I hope they didn’t forget to take the nukes out first!

        63,000 nukes to be had by hook or crook!
        I gotta bridge for cheap too! Lemme know. 😜😎

      4. I did not say Joan Mellen said that she saw the nukes or the tests, her book is documented front to back and took 4 years to write and she gives an accurate acccount of how Israel acquired the nukes and by the way Janes defense said back in the 1990’s that Israel had over 400 nukes.

        Joan Mellen is Jewish and a professor at Temple U. and this book is mainly a documented look at the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty along with the help of the ZUS and LBJ, but has a history of events leading up to this attack.

        By the way I got your sarcasm.

      5. DF –
        Glad to help.
        Joan the jew is published on too many venues to be totally independent from Israel and mossad. She, as a jew writer, follows the script, or gone.

        1. Looks like Justice4Chinese got “the justice” he was looking for. The Chinese government bought Dominion for 400 million dollars in October. The government of China is a COMMUNIST government. Dominion counted the votes — so of course Biden and Kamala “won” the election. We got COMMUNIST jews and COMMUNIST chinese in alliance to turn the USA into a COMMUNIST country.

          Maybe someday Darkmoon will have some feature articles about CHINESE COMMUNISTS + JEW COMMUNISTS + DOMINION. Or, would that be an injustice to Pat’s old time Chinese friend? Yeah sure, the Chinese are ANTI-Jew, that’s why the Chinese are In-Cahoots and In-Alliance with the International Jews — and that’s a major reason why the jews hate Trump, because he doesn’t give the COMMUNIST Chinese government everything they want.

          Pat makes friends very easily, especially with those who are enemies of the United States. Which is funny as supposedly Pat is an “ALL-American patriot of the good ole USA”. Pat’s foreign friend, the chinaman Justice4Chinese, Pat’s good friend the “justice loving” chink was definitely an enemy to the United States. If Pat’s good friend the COMMUNIST chink In-Cahoots with the JEWS is still alive he’s still an enemy to the United States. If the chink is still alive the chink probably works for DOMINION. I would not be surprised.

  8. The illustration corresponds to a completely different version of the assassination to the one outlined in the text, one where only a remote controlled machine gun mounted on a truck killed the nuclear scientist and no assassination team or snipers were involved. How did this illustration end up on top of the text? Admin explain.

  9. The more I read about the assassination,the more I doubt it even happened .
    The details of the incident do not make any sense,from the number of people ,62, involved, to Zadeh getting out of the car to investigate what had happened ect . Any country including Iran who succumb to to the covid 19 hoax is without a doubt owned by the NWO .
    I think Zadeh was about to expose the hoax of nuclear weapons and so he had to go .

    1. Al,
      If Zadeh had exposed nuclear weapons as a hoax NOONE would have believed him anyway. He would have just been dismissed by the whole World as a lunatic. Better to let him talk and bury himself academically. Donaldo doesn’t know if nukes exist or not. But if they do, they aren’t military in nature. They wouldn’t be designed to target specifically military installations or personnel but more so huge civilian populations which isn’t warfare but terrorism and genocide. For this reason alone nukes, if they existed, could never be used my the delivering country if it expected to survive politically or economically. In short, nukes aren’t practical. It’s just fear porn (Pats terminology) on a grand scale. If nukes did exist and we’re practical on a military level then “Greater Israel” would have been a reality decades ago. But it didn’t happen. Just Donaldo reflecting. 🌮🍷🤨🤔

  10. Pat,

    Read the book, she tells the truth about the LBJ and Israels attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 and wounded 174 Americans, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to know the truth, she calls out Israel and zionists in the ZUS, I can tell that you have not read the book.

    1. D F –
      Thanks. I have followed the unfolding of the events of the attack for years…. ever since the truth was exposed, a few months after the attack. Carto’s Spotlight covered it in depth. JBJ ordered the ship to be sunk. Officers & crew ordered muzzled or go to prison. Travesty!!

      1. Q: Upon returning to the US, the Liberty crew members were ordered and in fact threatened to be silent. Who gave the order and why?

        A: Survivors were visited in hospitals all over the US by many different officers and warned to be quiet. Aboard the ship, Admiral Kidd called men together in groups and warned them never to talk about the attack with anyone, not even their wives and mothers, or risk being sent to prison.

        Full story from one officer on USS Liberty:

  11. This assassination is of course just setting up the groundwork for a massive Mossad/CIA false flag to blame on the Iranians as a “retaliation” and justify a US/NATO war on Iran. It’s just a question of who, what, where and when. Remember Colin Powell with his vial of white powder at the UN, remember Tony Blair and his lies about Saddam’s nuclear programme, and of course remember the non-existent Arab terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers with box cutters. The MSM is ready to propagate to the masses whatever it is served by the intelligence agencies and the governments to whip up support for the war effort. We’ve seen it all before, just the details will change.

  12. @AL

    “I think Zadeh was about to expose the hoax of nuclear weapons and so he had to go .”

    And why has no nuclear scientist who ever worked on the nuclear weapons programme blown the whistle on the hoax? Not even Andrei Sakharov. So this was going to be the first guy ever. LOL.


      for the same reason no NASA scientist ever came forward and said WE NEVER LANDED ON THE MOON

      1. Yes, but why I mentioned Sakharov is because he was a dissident who fell out of favour with Soviet authorities. Being a top designer of their thermonuclear weapons he could have exposed the hoax, if anyone could have, but he was more concerned about their proliferation. He was getting in trouble for his activism so why not add this one more item to the list of things he was exposing?

    2. CM –

      “And why has no nuclear scientist who ever worked on the nuclear weapons programme blown the whistle on the hoax?”

      He would have been smart enough to know he and his entire family would have to hide to survive.

      Atomic bombs(sic) cannot explode. It is physically impossible. Military explosive fission is pseudoscience! Even though the fake bomb *JEW* scientists came from Germany, Hitler realized this already 1941 and tried to conquer the world without nuclear weapons.

      There are plenty of Nobel prize winners which cannot get any better jobs than lying for their governments!

      1. PAT,

        It did cross my mind that he would have been executed had he revealed state military secrets. Like the secret being that there are no nuke secrets. But then why were the Rosenbergs executed for revealing nuclear secrets to the Soviets? Or executed just for telling them that there are no nuke secrets to reveal? It can get mind boggling thinking about this. So the Rosenbergs lost their lives for nothing? Kind of odd.

      2. CM –

        “But then why were the Rosenbergs executed for revealing nuclear secrets to the Soviets?”

        Likely they were just disposables, as part of the parade charade to help validate the lies. There are innumerable possibilities.

      3. @Pat

        Likely they were just disposables, as part of the parade charade to help validate the lies. There are innumerable possibilities.

        Indeed there are innumerable possibilities. And the possibility, which has by far the highest probability, is that my brother Pat has incredibly low plausible reasoning skills; in my estimation, they are almost as low as TROJ’s.

  13. Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists (wikipedia):

    “Between 2010 and 2012, four Iranian nuclear scientists (Masoud Alimohammadi, Majid Shahriari, Darioush Rezaeinejad and Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan) were assassinated, while another (Fereydoon Abbasi) was wounded in an attempted murder.[1][2] In November 2020 another scientist (Mohsen Fakhrizadeh) was assassinated.

    Two of the killings were carried out with magnetic bombs attached to the targets’ cars; Darioush Rezaeinejad was shot dead, and Masoud Alimohammadi was killed in a motorcycle-bomb explosion.[3] The Iranian government accused Israel of complicity in the killings.[3][4] In 2011 and 2012, Iranian authorities arrested a number of Iranians alleged to have carried out the assassination campaign on behalf of Mossad (the Israeli intelligence service). Western intelligence services and U.S. officials reportedly confirmed the Israeli connection”


    Is the United States complicit in the murder of the Iranian nuclear scientists?

    Well, the aboved mentioned Joan Mellon’s book Blood in the Water: How the U.S. and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty illustrates how the USof A works closely with Israel to murder it’s own citizens (which it will be doing on a large scale with the Jewish run Homeland Security agency)

    “Joan Mellen’s book “Blood in the Water” argues that the US itself was complicit in Israel’s attack on the American ship the USS Liberty in June 1967.

    If you are able read just one book in 2019, I urge it to be Joan Mellen’s Blood in the Water: How the U.S. and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty.

    The author on the basis of meticulous research probes every detail to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sinking of USS Liberty in the midst of the 1967 War is the greatest moral and political scandal in all of American history. In what was long described as a ‘mistake’ or ‘accident’ Israeli planes and submarines attacked the Liberty, killing 34, wounding 174 American naval personnel. Subsequent critical writing had established convincingly that the United States Government refused to authorize an inquiry that would have established that Israel deliberately attacked the ship of its ally. Those who took the trouble to read the critical literature or were among the surviving crew members were shocked by a coverup that was willing to overlook what amounts to the murder of American servicemen. Mellen addresses these allegations in a definitive manner that includes evidence that Lyndon Johnson, as president, called off a rescue operation, which seems confirmed, and if properly pursued would seem to indicate an offense both impeachable and indictable as treason.

    This alone would make Joan Mellen’s book well worth reading, but her contribution goes far beyond what prior research and scholarly writing had established and alleged. She demonstrates that the real story of the Liberty attack was far worse than a coverup of Israeli criminality, it was ‘collusion,’ that is, a deliberated collaborative attack by Israel and the United States. The purpose of this operation was to provide a satisfactory pretext for launching retaliatory strikes against Egypt with the primary objective of destabilizing the Egyptian Government and removing Gamel Abdul Nasser from power. At the time, Nasser was a thorn in the back of both Israel and the United States. The American and Israeli national security establishments, including some identified sinister figures in the CIA and Mossad, regarded Nasser as a major threat to American regional objectives in the Middle East, Israeli security and expansionist ambitions, as well as to the prevailing grand strategy of the Cold War.”


    USS Liberty happened on 8 Jun 1967 when LBJ was president, and he looks like Golda Meir’s twin:

    Khazar twins LBJ and Golda Meir?

    Lyndon Baines Johnson (/ˈlɪndən ˈbeɪnz/; August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973), often referred to by his initials LBJ, was an American politician who served as the 36th president of the United States from 1963 to 1969


    Golda Meir[nb 1] (born Golda Mabovitch; May 3, 1898 – December 8, 1978) was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, stateswoman, politician and the fourth Prime Minister of Israel.


    So the claim that Israel took control of the United States with the assassination of JFK may have merit if LBJ was an Israeli agent. LBJ’s treason first was the assassination of a sitting President, then the plot to sink the USS Liberty.

    So if LBJ is the master of deceit, then what about Trump? Is Trump authentic patriot or is he an actor fooling the Goy again with this rolling multi-decade coup against Amerika?

    Look at how far the nation has sunk under Trump, and now we are supposed to wait and see if the stolen election is rectified by him, when his own attorney general said yesterday no fraud in the election.

    Foxnews “1 day ago · Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

    IMO Trump is fully in on the assassination of the Iranian scientist and the collapse of the USA. Trump has not fired Barr, or removed Fauci, hasn’t arrested any of the players like Gates or Soros or Hillary and the server raid is questionable as many sources say it didn’t happen.

    Be aware of this hyper conservative hope machine that has this running narative for years now that Trump is draining the swamp. Really? We heard all these stories about Obama being arrested and taken to Gitmo and executed – it didn’t happen, and Hillary with an ankle bracelet and now we are supposed to believe Biden has one and his injured ankle a ruse.

    Just sayin’ the obvious, what is Trump’s game and is he just another Israeli stooge on the throne? I guess we will have to wait and see but in the meantime all should prepare for the shitstorm of your lives as all of this is coming to a head like a freight train into a solid granite cliff. 50 million lost their jobs, they have not paid their rents or mortgages and the moratorium end date is 1 Jan. And get this they still owe the full amount.

    1. Thanks , also the submarine that fired the torpedo that blew a hole in the Liberty was the USS Amberjack, see and read the testimony of Liberty survivor Richard Larry Weaver.
      The attack was only broken off when a Russian destroyer came on the scene and offered to help the Liberty which Capt. McConagle turned down, yet this Russian destroyer stayed with the Liberty until help arrived.
      Another book on the Liberty is Remember the Liberty by Philip Nelson, it is a good although not as good as Joan Mellens.
      Thanks again

  14. YUKON
    Thanks a lot for this post…
    “Those who took the trouble to read the critical literature or were among the surviving crew members were shocked by a coverup that was willing to overlook what amounts to the murder of American servicemen. Mellen addresses these allegations in a definitive manner that includes evidence that Lyndon Johnson, as president, called off a rescue operation, which seems confirmed, and if properly pursued would seem to indicate an offense both impeachable and indictable as treason.”
    The cover-up was largely run by John McCain’s father, in cahoots with the crypto LBJ, Goldy’s Brother, I guess… He made Admiral, which takes presidential approval…
    Because of who he was, young John McCain III was not prosecuted for causing the fire on the Forrestal in the Vietnam war…
    The way I heard it Admiral Borda pinned the Medal of Honor on USS Liberty Captain McGonagle…
    Borda was murdered by the CIA Clintons, his death ruled a suicide…
    Like Vince Foster, he left unsigned suicide notes…
    He knew too much, and he was about to talk too much…
    He was shot to death as he was about to speak at a press conference…
    Of course Admiral Forrestal was murdered too…
    He was an ally of General Patton against the FDR, Eisenhower, Truman, Stalin, Churchill Bolsheviki Zion…
    I read it somewhere, LBJ personally ordered he torpedo hit on the Liberty by the tag sub Amberjack…
    The torpedo happened to hit one of the frame ribs, which is why it didn’t sink it…
    “Look at how far the nation has sunk under Trump, and now we are supposed to wait and see if the stolen election is rectified by him, when his own attorney general said yesterday no fraud in the election.”
    Here’s Mike King’s take on this Bill Bar question now… It’s worth reading…
    By now everybody understands the dems stole the election, or tried to…
    There are plenty enough sworn witnesses and a preponderance of evidence, more and more coming in…
    Surely you’re not saying the election was all straight?
    And this episode is not over yet…
    Obviously, unless the people who control this blog care to address that subject, which is rocking the whole USA, they must want Biden in office…
    The Biden ilk will destroy the USA… No doubt about that…
    Otherwise, I’ll Take my chances with Trump…
    The question now is, will Trump do as JFK would do, his duty as the present-day Patton’s are urging?
    The War is Coming, one way or the other…
    Far better to have Trump use the US Military to arrest the traitors and quell the violent revolutionaries….

    1. Also Barr as H.W. Bushes attorney general oversaw the drug running into Mena Arkansas and the gun running our of Mena to central America as documented in the book, Compromized, Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed a Vietnam veteran who was pulled into this saga by Oliver North who went by the name of John Cathy and Barr went by the name Robert Johnson in this drug running deal.

      The book can be had on amazon, I have the book and it is mind blowing, and I knew that Barr would never do anything but coverup the traitorous crimes being committed.

      1. Here is one example of why some knowledgeable folks get assassinated…. It is no worse today.

        I spoke face-to-face with Terry Reed on several occasions in the 90s. He is still alive only because he won his lawsuit v US Government. Be sure to spell North’s alias name as John Cathey.

        Did Jeb Bush, VP George Herbert Walker Bush and Oliver North Murder CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in February, 1986?
        By Robert Morrow

        There is a question that needs to be asked of Jeb Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Oliver North.
         It is: “Did you murder Barry Seal in February, 1986?”
        Web link REMOVED YEARS AGO:
        Barry Seal was a legendary CIA drug smuggler and ace pilot who had literally worked for the Agency since he was a teenage pilot prodigy in the late 1950’s. By 1986 Barry Seal was having legal problems (criminal and a huge IRS tax liability) that not even his CIA connections could protect him from and according to Seal’s lawyer Lewis Unglesby, Barry Seal was a threat to testify against Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush. In fact, in early 1986 Barry Seal was threatening GHW Bush to get the IRS off his back or he (Seal) was going to blow the whistle on the Contra scheme and CIA drug smuggling.
        Two weeks after his argument with Vice President GHW Bush, Barry Seal was pumped full of bullets and murdered outside his Baton Rouge halfway house on Feb. 19, 1986. The three Columbians who were convicted of the crime thought they were working for Lt. Col. Oliver North of the National Security Council. North’s alias in the 1980’s was “John Cathey.” The personal phone number of George Herbert Walker Bush was found in Seal’s possessions, even after the “men in black” had swept in to pick car of the slaughtered CIA drug smuggler clean of evidence. Years later, Texas Gov. George W. Bush was literally being flown around in what had been the favorite plane of Barry Seal.
        Many folks don’t know that on the exact same day (2/19/86) Barry Seal was murdered in Baton Rouge, his mistress “Barbara” was also murdered in Miami; two other men also affiliated with the Medellin drug cartel, Pablo Carrera (Medellin’s #2 man) and Pablo Ochill, were also assassinated in Colombia.

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