How Microwave Radiation is Poisoning the Earth and Plastic Junk is Polluting the Oceans

Arthur Firstenburg
Newsletter August 2020
15 October 2020


“Someday science may have the existence of mankind in its power, and the human race commit suicide by blowing up the world.”  — Henry Brooks Adams, April 1862

Early on October 6, 2020 at 5:29 a.m. Mountain Time, SpaceX launched another 60 satellites, to join their fellows racing through the ionized layer of air that protects us and gives us life. At about that time, a good friend of mine here in Santa Fe was awakened by a severe nosebleed. That evening, I told the grocery clerk at the checkout counter that I was feeling unusually tired. “So am I,” he said.

There are now 738 satellites operating in the Starlink constellation. Except for what they can do for us — connect us faster and faster with billions of people and machines — everyone pretends that they are not there, that we can continue to punch holes in the air with impunity, burn prodigious amounts of fossil fuels, fill up the stratosphere with black soot, litter the night sky with moving lights, and alter the invisible electric field that connects us with the sun and stars and circulates through our bodies from birth until death.

In recent weeks, on the coast of Australia, record numbers of whales committed suicide by beaching themselves. In Botswana, hundreds of elephants suddenly collapsed and died. Here in the southwest, from Nebraska, to Colorado, to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, to northern Mexico, millions of migrating birds have fallen dead out of the sky, emaciated, starved to death because there are no insects to eat.

Our house is burning down and no firefighters come. The source of the flames is unacknowledged, unseen. It is there, in the air, speeding from phone to phone, antenna to antenna, satellite to satellite, filling atmosphere, earth, and seas, penetrating bones and disrupting nerves of every animal, bird, insect, and tree.

And it is not because we are horrible people. It is not because of a conspiracy to destroy the world. It is because the phones in our hands demand it. On April 11, 1862, Henry Brooks Adams, grandson of the sixth American president, wrote, “I firmly believe that before many centuries more, science will be the master of man. The engines he will have invented will be beyond his strength to control. Someday science may have the existence of mankind in its power, and the human race commit suicide by blowing up the world.”

That day is here. It is up to us to put out the fire, not just to protest and march and blame other people. We cannot stop the earth from burning down until we stop shooting flames from our fingers wherever we go. It is the people without cell phones who are going to lead the new environmental movement, to lead the way to a sustainable future.

Other technologies pollute inadvertently. Pesticides are intended to kill pests; the fact that they escape into the general environment is unintentional. Nuclear waste is not intended to go everywhere. Plastics are not intended to end up in the ocean. But with cell phones, the pollutant — radiation — is the product. Cell phones cannot work unless every square inch of the environment is irradiated. Once this becomes acceptable, nature is no longer of value.

If Neil Armstrong had brought a cell phone to the moon in 1969, it would have appeared from earth, at night, to be the brightest object in the universe in the microwave spectrum. In the daytime, the sun would have been brighter, but at night, the cell phone would have outshone every star.

There is a reason cell phones are outlawed in Green Bank, West Virginia, home of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: even a single cell phone, even from miles away, would blind the radio astronomers there and make it impossible for them to see the stars. Astronomers measure radio waves in units called janskys. A typical star shines at 10 to 100 janskys. The Sun shines at about 500,000 janskys. When you hold a cell phone against your head, you are pumping energy at the rate of about 100,000,000,000,000,000 janskys into your brain.

If we are going to save this planet, we have to be able to think and reason. And we have known since 1975 that microwave radiation damages the brain. In that year, Allan Frey published his ground-breaking article, “Neural function and behavior: defining the relationship.” In a study on rats, he found that low-level microwaves — one hundred times lower than what people’s brains are exposed to from their cell phones today — damage the blood-brain barrier. This is the anatomical barrier that keeps toxic chemicals, bacteria and viruses in your blood from entering your brain. It is also the barrier that maintains the inside of your head at a constant pressure and prevents you from having a stroke.

At least twenty laboratories in many countries confirmed Frey’s work over the years. Finally, in 2003, neurosurgeon Leif Salford, at Lund University in Sweden, proved the obvious: that disrupting the blood-brain barrier causes brain damage. He exposed rats to a cell phone, once for two hours, at very low power, and sacrificed them fifty days later. Two percent of the exposed rats’ brain cells were damaged or destroyed. He later exposed rats to a cell phone, again at very low power, for two hours once a week for a year, and found that they were cognitively impaired.

And in 2020, a study has been published showing that the same thing happens in humans. A team of scientists at Heidelberg University in Germany used MRIs to examine the brains of 48 young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. They found that the more hours per day their subjects habitually spent on their smartphones, the less gray matter they had in their brains and the less brain activity was detected.


“Plastic is choking our oceans and destroying our planet,” said an article in the June 2019 issue of Adidas magazine. It went on: “Plastic is everywhere you look. It’s in food packaging, electronics, cars, toys, credit cards and clothes. Plastic is also everywhere you can’t look. It’s littering uninhabited beaches 3,000 miles from the nearest human being, killing off the plankton that produce our oxygen kilometers beneath the surface of the ocean, and clogging the gullets of albatross chicks in the Pacific. Plastic is also moving through your body, your bloodstream, your organs and those of the people you love.”
There is now more than a ton of plastic littering our planet for every person on Earth, says that article.

And when plastic bottles and bags break down, they don’t disappear: they turn into what is being called “microplastics,” which can persist for hundreds of years and are filling up our air, water, and soil. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, a large portion of the microplastics in our environment come not from what we ordinarily think of as “plastic,” but are fibers from synthetic clothing that wear away in our washing machines and end up in our rivers and oceans, and particles from automobile tires that wear away on our roads, wash away in the rain, and also end up in our rivers and oceans.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, at the present rate of accumulation, there will be more plastics by weight than fish in our oceans by the year 2048.

It was estimated that between 5 and 13 million metric tons of plastic entered the oceans in 2010, and it was projected that this would increase to between 100 and 250 metric tons per year by 2025.[8] All that plastic does not just float on top of the water, it is mixed throughout the ocean and even has been getting deposited in sediments on the ocean floor. A study from Australia that was just published on October 5, 2020 analyzed deep-sea sediments hundreds of kilometers from the Australian shore and found up to 13 fragments of plastic in every gram of sediment they analyzed.

And the world’s plastics are not just ending up in the oceans. We are also breathing them. Scientists at King’s College sampled the air on a nine-story-high riverside rooftop and estimated that an average of 771 particles of plastic were falling from the air everyday onto every square meter of London.

Janice Brahney, from Utah State University, collected both air and rain samples in national parks and wilderness areas of the United States, and found that an average of 132 particles of plastic were being deposited out of the atmosphere everyday on every square meter of protected U.S. western lands. Many of the particles were small enough to have been transported hundreds or thousands of miles from their place of origin.

A team of German scientists found incredible amounts of plastic even in snow in the Swiss and Bavarian Alps, and in the Arctic. Arctic snow contained an average of 1,760 particles of plastic per liter of snow, with one site containing over 14,000 plastic particles per liter. At one site in the Bavarian Alps there were 154,000 particles of plastic in a liter of snow.

Cell phones are made of plastic. We throw them away by the billions.

Excerpted from Truthseeker

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  1. horror and terror

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  2. Please get this book, Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown by Elana Freeland, she discusses the weather warfare being conducted against America and the vaccination scam and UN Agenda 2030 and the installation of 5G across the world and the human effects of 5G, this is one of the most important books I have ever read, it can be had on amazon.

    1. Great book, Freeland is a true warrior, and the book is scary as hell. Also read Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow, where he links the rollout of electromagnetic technologies with pandemics and chronic diseases

    2. ATLAS SHRUGGED, by Ayn Rand
      It’s happening now in Europe,
      Peole like me have decided to close our businesses
      because the politicians and the public sector
      are eating the privat sector alive,
      with regulations and taxes
      so they can stay at home on full pay and indexed-linked pensions.
      Covid has only msde a bad situation worse

      Why sould I keep running a a business?
      risk my house (As loan collateral)
      to keep a bunch of arrogant, parasitic elites
      in the manner to which they have become accustomed.
      I have closed the business down.

  3. A fine article, not a faulty word in it. And there is even more rottenness to tell about the abuse/misuse of our ecosystem by us.

    And honestly I don’t see a solution. Yeah, duh, we all know what should be done to reverse this. But in reality this can’t be done with the current world population. Besides, the tipping point of dependency on tech lies already far behind us. Not by accident, but on purpose.

    We will go down.

    Pessimistic, yes. But also realistic. Let’s face it, it’s evil’s hour.

    1. @ 1138

      You are 100 per cent correct in what you say.
      Your final sentence eloquently sums it all up.

      The cure for this disease, unfortunately, is massive depopulation:
      the type Bill Gates is accused of deliberately planning.

      Maybe there’s a method in Bill Gates’ madness . . . who knows?

      1. Saki
        Don’t fall for the depopulation scam. This is exactly what Gates and his psychotic cohorts WANT you to accept.

        We’re not lemmings

  4. It is much worse than Firstenburg depicts. Barry Trower – a polite and graceful microwave weapons expert for several decades says ALL living things will meet their end given a few generations, due to microwave poisoning.

    Dr. Katherine Horton, a directed energy (DE) physicist says 5G is a DE weapon for invisible but mass elimination of dissidents, through contracting cancer, heart attack promotion, … etcetera

    I have studied the presentations of the above two scientists and concluded that what they say is technically feasible.


    It depends on the level of sadism and evil at the “top”. Given the gleeful rolling out of transhumanism to Humans Version 0.5 using nano-technology and DNA modification in The Jab, given that, I do believe that evil IS being celebrated on high. The trashing of all Earthly life, Gods plan is causing great titillation amongst the shadowy but intelligent weaklings, and 80% of Earthlings are happy about their imminent slavery.

    So we are about to find out if God does have an anthropocentric viewpoint – has He arranged for the imminent purging of the evil or will He be content at human self destruction that is sure to follow, assuring a reset of Life and another iteration.

    1. Another brilliant comment by Flan.
      I shudder to think what the world will be like for our grandchildren.

  5. And all all this life-destroying microwave-radiation – with hardly a peep – so long as Homo ERECTus can download his porn-fix faster….

    1. Sigh. You have sex on the brain, mister.
      Keep it clean, will ya. This is a respectable family site.

      1. Madame, I never put my mobile phone in my pocket as they can sterilise you. They also destroy our own natural irradiation, meaning that our north and south poles of equilibrium become deranged. This eventually upsets the electromagnetism of your brain and you become zombie-like crazy. Mankind is becoming less intelligent and physically weaker by the day. If you check out world athletic records, you will find that world records average over 30 years in longevity, meaning past athletes were stronger and faster. The scientists who put man on the moon did so over 50 years ago, using mainly paper calculations and flimsy materials and tools. Gold impregnated silver foil constituted the outside fabric of the moon lander which I have examined personally. Current charlatan experts could never replicate their genius,just as no modern artist could even reach DaVinci’ s and Michelangelo’s ankles in terms of genius and ability. And yes, the oceans and your body have been loaded with plastic particles which can serve as concourses for nano particles which are being inserted into our bodies. As I said these nanos are the conductors of Big Brother’s televiewer like world, meaning that Jews have entered your mind. Most of us are now Judaized and fit perfectly into the den of thieves scenario. Big feet apparently resist the nano particle invasion, especially if your bare feet are rooted in the good earth and you utilise the planet’s natural currents.

      2. Just the facts Ma’am… just the facts…

        Or did you, perchance, think “embroidery” was the most down-loaded item on the World Wide W*nk ?

      3. Madame Butterfly is a pillar of the community, a stanchion of moral rectitude, so naturally she would take a dim view of Ghengis Khan type rape and rapine and just a reproving glance, a deprecatory look, a withering stare, and the horde of invaders would know they better steer clear of Madame! Stanchions of moral rectitude & pillars of the community one does not mess around with! 😊

  6. “Science will be the master of man” per Henry Brooks Adams.
    Well folks. This scenario seems to be evolving ALREADY. Donaldo can only relate his experience as a trucker. He’s a reverse-engineer of sorts. He takes information he encounters from multiple sources such as Darkmoon. He analyzes the info/theory and than matches it with his own personal experiences. It’s really accurate and air-tight actually. Science will be master of man. Well, Donaldo sees it. Feels it. For example. Donaldo utilizes “Google Map” to navegate his rig around the country. Many truckers choose to waste their $$$$ on expensive trucker GPS systems mounted to the dash of the rig and costing between $300.00-$800.00 USD. Donaldo prefers Google Map because it’s a free app already installed on smart phones at purchase. Why waste precious shekels when ya ain’t got to. More important to save the shekels for 🍻/🍷 and cigars. Anyway, back to point. Donaldos Google Map always constantly talks to him while driving. It’s a sexy females voice. She tells him the directions. No surprise. She advises about stalled vehicles, accidents, etc. Ok. If a police car is nearby, she advises, “Speed trap.” All this is normal. But at times a message will appear. “Is speed-trap (police car) still there?” Ya see. This electronic downloadable artificial intelligence is actually asking Donaldo to inform her as if SHE were in control. Kinda freaky. But sure gets Donaldo thinking….”What the HELL is going on?” Automated check-out at Walmart or Kroger grocery stores is an almost similar sensation. Yep Folks. The rabbit-hole is getting deep indeed. 🤔🧐🌮🍷

    1. @Donaldo re “Science will be the master of man”

      Which is why Martin Heidegger, at the end of “Being and Time”, came to the conclusion that “Scientism” – which boils down Materialism with a new coat of cheap paint, was the new False Religion that would, if not overthrown, enslave man.

      How do we “overthrow” Scientism? MH (not to be confused with “MB”) gives no specific answer… but, reading between the lines, seems to suggest “by any means necessary!”

      1. Surprised to hear you’ve heard of Heidegger.
        Had no idea you were a high-powered intellectual. 🙂
        The plot thickens . . .

  7. The human world is a plastic world after all. Artificiality r us. Human intelligence is artificial as it only makes sense in its own artificial creation but not in or for LIFE itself. Even the EVIL “coin” has become artificial and the artificial god of mammon is pleased of its own illusion while the true God patiently awaits the natural resurrection of its own image reborn again free from madness and the artificial fakeness of a confused and lead astray mankind operating the eternal ham$ter wheel of their own fraudulence.
    Help seems on its way, but is stopped again by similar Artificial (mind)polluting means.

  8. 5G transmitters are popping up nearly everywhere around Australia and people living near them are getting sick. It could be just a case of the sniffles, often called the common cold, but identified by our criminal politicians as covid19. Dr Kary Mullis’s unproven laboratory “testing” device, which has become the gold standard known as the “Covid 19” TEST, continues to be fraudulently applied. Now they want to place a 5G transmitter in the middle of my northern Australian rainforest. Fortunately, where I hide out is many miles away and I power my devices with a mixture of solar and gushing river water which turns my turbines. I venture into Brisbane and Sydney as a complete alien, where I draw my money from their banks and swiftly transform it into gold medallions of various sizes. My close friends and I barter products in these medallions, with the smallest denominator being approx $5. I wear soft animal pads on my large feet, Madame Butterfly, which makes my pathways look like cassowary tracks. My womenfolk leave wallaby tracks. Since I registered myself as an “ indigenous person of Australia”, I have taken on “elder” status and have taken over stewardship of 1000’s of square miles of native designated, rainforest land. I receive over $5,000 per week in royalty payments and have agreed to an Indian financed coal mine in the western outskirts of our native land. Pure Indian DNA is preponderant in our aboriginal DNA.

      1. The Aborigenes of Australia have no genetic link to the Indians of the Indian subcontinent. This is abundantly clear from IQ research studies dating from the 19th century onward, culminating in the work of Prof. Richard Lynn. The Australian Aborigenes may be related to the Hottentots of Africa. These two groups are known to have the lowest average IQs in the world: well below 65 in most cases.

        Though the average IQ of India is 81, the actual IQ of the Brahmin class in Bengal (N.E. India) and Tamil Nadu (S.E. India) is considerably higher and exceeds the high IQ of the Ashkenazi Jews (120+).

        See here for further details:

      2. Sister, since way back when there have been discoveries and scientific data, measurements and other evidence confounding many (not all) outdated Academic historical and archaeological bedrocks. Some are theories with science, legend and many times the real crux of the situation; the artifacts to go with the legends, tales and myths. These are for the most part Strrrrrictly Prohibited (filtered out) in ways overt, covert and subtle. The phony baloney Aryan Invasion Theory being one such nonsensical built on tenuous ground and in reality one which should have been, with maybe just a pinch of humility and modesty, put out of its and our misery.

        I’d bet my last euro the modern day tomb robbers (same as the old tomb robbers)
        long ago discovered Treasure down in them thar ice hills!

        Here’s the quasi-scientific conjecture/theory of Pangaea). Of all things it shows India as once upon a time (looooong time ago) part of what is now South Africa and maybe even Antarctica.

        This might explain the trail of diamonds from S. Africa to India. , The ruby and sapphire deposits of eastern Africa, Madagascar, India. In Sanskrit the Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea is named “Ratnakara”, meaning the mine of gems. This also might help explain the S.African bushman’s Vedic tilaka. Whatever it is, I like it!

    1. I went for a walk in the woods today and – lo & behold – the mushrooms were popping up like 5G Cell Towers..

    2. Max,
      You registered yourself as “an indigenous person of Australia.” Good choice. Now your IQ equals your 14-inch d*ck size. Te felecito!…… congratulations! Your $5000.00 in weekly royalty payments can now go to child-support payments to all the low-IQ aboriginee women you have impregnated in the northern Australian rainforest with your BIG one. Ain’t nothing gratis… amigo. 😉

  9. It’s not difficult to oppose the “plasticization” of one’s habits. Forego the use of plastic bags, first of all. Buy your orange juice in the concentrated, frozen form, and mix it in a pitcher. Buy your milk in cardboard containers, NOT plastic jugs. See how well you can function WITHOUT a cell phone. Use cash. I do all these things, and I do not suffer for it.
    The fallacy about paper and trees is just a fallacy. Trees are a renewable resource, and keep a large part of our world in forestation – and jobs.

    1. Must say I’m always on the lookout for “concentrated”… particularly Jim Beam ‘Kentucky Straight’… which clocks in at a not inconsiderable 80proof

      1. Beam, Makers Mark, Bulliet, Woodford Reserve, Kentucky Gentleman are, all, decent “straight” bourbons – as opposed to sour mash, like Jack Daniels or George Dickel. I, however, drink only Scotch & soda, now, because of my renal depletion. It’s a MILD drink, and very comfortable. 🙂

  10. Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented
    .Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

  11. Flan, a bang-on comment as I’ve come to expect from you.
    Work this into the narrative, a confirmatory bit: Rothschild Inherits Semiconductor Patent After MH370 Engineers Disappear.
    We don’t know what other far advanced weaponized control technologies are available and ready to be deployed but already the dots are flashing bright red, what does it take to network them into a picture,
    • many viruses in pipeline with specific effects, serving societal, geopolitical and military aims (forcing permanent lockdowns, home gulags and prohibition of travel, breakdown of inter-personal communication, alienation of heretofore social species, enforced “vaccination” whose ultimate purpose is diametrically opposed to the stated
    • the epidermal microchips acting as EM transmission antennae to receive signals and convert them to genetic code to impart to messenger RNA,
    • 5G arrays able to direct collimated radio waves precisely to individual targets once located through their cellphones or other GPS devices,
    • mind reading via bio-magnetic fields, facial expressions, metabolic processes is undoubtedly progressed much further then commonly assumed,

    All of the above game pieces are positioned to work in tight coordination toward the common Messianic goal, Tikkun Olam indeed.
    Consider the following map of Where 5G Technology Has Been Deployed, and spot a glaring omission, one place free of 5G and yet the origin of its development as a military device for crowd control and punishment (Also ancestral Khazaria and the new hideout, Paraguay)

    So long as you can dodge the vaccination bullet, you are temporarily free of trans-inhuman recoding but for how long, Fahrenheit 451 has nothing on what’s in pipeline.
    At least a temporary reprieve (for Americans only, not Canadians, Brits or Aussies): President Trump Says He Will NOT Make Coronavirus Vaccine Mandatory (I am sure there are maniacs who will accuse him of yet another crime against humanity for not making covid vaxx mandatory and will manage to work that into either the Zio-Trump™ or antisemite-Trump™ narrative, notice the same endpoint effect)

    1. Thank you Lobro (and Saki)

      One scenario about which I assess probability at 50/50 is that financial system collapse and global bankruptcy, triggered by popping the 1.5 quadrillion USD derivatives bubble (15 times global GDP), will cut off the flow of oil and thus halt Western agriculture.

      Global starvation will cull “useless eaters” in the desired quantity in mere weeks. The technological poisons and shackles discussed in this blog post are likely to be directed at the survivors.

      I understand you live in a region where rice is readily grown in traditional ways. I trust you have some land and have learned the arts associated with it.

      1. Flan,
        ALL my life, i seemed to have made these random, spur-of-the-moment decisions, impenetrable to others as well as to myself and yet seemingly lucky, but the sequence is so long that the probability of mere luck has run off into the vanishing point.
        In februeary, canadian embassy in bangkok wrote to me and urged me to return, were even ready to pay the travel costs but i refused, everyone thought i was crazy—now they all envy me.
        I applied for and got a retirement visa, it requires about $27k (800k baht) deposit in a thai bank but it is well worth it because my residence is now secured.

        Yes, rice is grown all around my place, Thailand may be the world’s biggest exporter for all i know, never used to like the stuff even when i lived in India, where basmati is thought the best.
        But here I really got to like the black glutinous rice (organic), I wake up to the aroma of it in the automated cooker on timer—sort of like freshly baked sourdough or something, makes getting out of bed pleasant.
        Everybody has things growing on their lots, eggplant, bitter gourd, capsicum, peppercorns, herbs, coconuts, avocado, bananas, rose apple, mangoes, passion fruit, year round plus fish ponds—the rice fields are full of fish, crawfish, shrimp plus things that don’t appeal to me much like frogs (I ate snakes and they are excellent)—Issan province is totally self-sustaining, former days of famine taught them to be self-reliant.
        I mention to my Thai friends and neighbors that canajun dollar may soon be worthless and i could end up destitute, will i end up indigent, curled up on the doorstep of a buddhist temple (like the Catholic monasteries used to before Oligarch Cromwell dispossessed their land holdings), food and shelter to the homeless rabble—btw, Thailand is a REAL society, West has no concept of what that means, why i would like to take a flame thrower to Soros-funded rioters plaguing the capital now, i feel more pro-Thai than anything else, dual loyalty not my skill)—and all of them, friends, neighbors, owners of the roadside diner where i eat the finest food seemingly customized to my taste, tell me don’t worry Ed, we got you covered for as long as you live.
        I made arrangements with the “Wat” (temple) nearby so that when the time comes to incinerate me and dump the ashes in Mekong, just like the locals do, that will be end of one karmic paragraph.
        Life is good, J-free, N-free (there is one black guy in town, very quiet, decent with whom I am acquaintances, the only one within maybe 100 km radius, no “N” he, also adopted by the natives), Thai are the world’s most charitable people it is deeply ingrained, definitely part of cultural heritage—i used to marvel riding my motorbike at dawn, how everyone lines the sidewalks with little woven gift baskets awaiting barefoot mendicant monks collecting alms and squatting to receive blessings in return—I mean EVERYONE—can such bonds be broken?.
        Tradition matters, culture matters, decency matters, respect matters, BL DON’T MATTER, JEW POISON DOESN’T MATTER, propaganda doesn’t matter.

        There is no price you can attach to these benefits.

  12. I was in my local library the other day reading an article in “InsectWorld” magazine about the effects of worldwide radiation on the insect world and it’s devastating. The insects don’t have a chance. I started crying in the library because our chōchō doesn’t have much time left and pretty soon she’s going to get fried and that will be IT for chōchō so everybody should be nice to madame in her very last days and make sure you all say “sayonara” to her before she gets microwaved and that’s IT for chōchō san. Don’t wait until it’s TOO late to say “sayonara” to madame chōchō before she gets, lol, totally microwaved. Let’s send her off to that Great Big Beautiful Butterfly-Attracting Garden In The Sky with a Big Kiss before madame gets, lol, toasted beyond recognition, 😘, lol……

  13. PAT
    I think they know what GREEN means to them…
    I think they think it’s the way they impose greater commie control over the masses, with every apparatchik who made it happen keeping himself well off as part of the state ruling class…
    I’ll give them my definition of a GREEN world… And I’ll grant it would mean big changes…
    It’s one where the planetary ecosystems have been restored to about what they were 2000 years ago…
    Personally, I will have no problem sharing the country with 40,000,000 buffalo, rivers and oceans teeming with all kinds of fish and mammals, huge tracts of virgin forest teeming with game… Picture yourself hooking a marlin or sitting down to an organic buffalo steak…
    But then, I won’t need to worry about them plugging up the highways and railroads, since there won’t be any highways, because we’ll all be floating around in the atmosphere from place to place in anti-gravity craft… I wouldn’t mind zipping off to a nice beach somewhere in the south pacific paradise…
    And, once we’ve freed the miraculous technology, it can be applied to whatever machinery we need driven…
    And there won’t be any problem with the wildlife crowding out our cities, because our cities will have been made much fewer and further between, strategically located as well as totally self-sufficient…
    I know there’s an argument about how the planet can actually support ten times as many people as we have now.. It might even be true, though I wouldn’t subscribe to the idea… But having all these extra people, billions of whom exist in abject slums, especially when we’re still caught up in all this toxic methodology, really doesn’t make much sense, not as compared to the benefit to humans of living the pristine biosphere, everything and everybody with a full orgone load… I think maybe only in the naturally occurring alchemical zone can people hope to find genuine spiritual awareness…
    People will either figure it out and get to it in the right cooperative way or the planet will eventually get too sick and die from way too much radiation, plastic pollution and overpopulation…
    Right now, judging from the rhetoric around these elections, in the journalistic wasteland, it doesn’t look as if the typically unconscionable corporate way of doing things only for profit and power is about to evolve any time soon… I know they really like their disasters, but I don’t think biospheric collapse is just another profit opportunity…

  14. It is interesting that ,even some here, are seeing DEPOPULATION as the only solution. Have they been indoctrinated by the Supremacist Psychopaths, so well?

    Consider this: What if the TRILLIONS of dollars being FRAUDULENTLY created, and CRIMINALLY GIVEN to the same Psychopaths, via THEIR BANKS, who are creating our DESTRUCTION and GENOCIDE, were instead to use those SAME TRILLIONS of Dollars to CONSTRUCTIVELY solve the problem of POLLUTION.

    Are any of you telling me we cannot.TODAY, create technology to remove the POLLUTANTS, in one way or another, WITHOUT destroying Humanity???

    If any of you think that we cannot, then you are TOO YOUNG, yet.

    The MAIN condition stopping pollution is your INACTION.

    One of those ACTIONS is GETTING RID of the people,who IN EFFECT RULE us and who CONTROL virtually EVERY major business on this planet, which are used, firstly to CONVINCE us to BUY (Advertising Companies,TVs,Media etc.) and then secondly SELL us the Products – Products which POLLUTE.

    They DO IT DELIBERATELY, so STOPPING them and using the STOLEN TRILLIONS of money is the SOLUTION….. OR they will STOP us permanently and FOREVER.

    I am convinced, they must already have technology or else they will need to live with the POLLUTION which they ,in effect, created. They have spent too much Money and Energy in order to own this planet, to end up living in Garbage.

    I don’t believe they intend to live with the mess, once they are rid of us, which WILL happen if we don’t STOP THEM FIRST. They simply want to live WITHOUT us around.I want to live WITHOUT THEM around. because they are , by nature, EVIL and believe, without EVIDENCE. they are a CHOSEN-To-RULE PEOPLE .

    They have been BANNED and/or KICKED out of 109 Lands, over the centuries which should tell you something about their NATURE.

    If you were kicked out of or banned from 109 Cities, wouldn’t you, as an HONEST, OBJECTIVE, LOVING individual, know something is wrong with YOU and want to correct it ?

    If instead, you blamed the Cities, what would that say about you???

    1. Though only tangentially related to the (((topic)))…

      I’ve been banned/barred/kickecd out of – though not quite 109 – a “significant” number of drinking establishments over the years (my personal “best” was THREE in ONE afternoon!) .

      Though I’ve always tended to blame the proprietors of these premises for their gross incivility, your comment of “wouldn’t you, as an HONEST, OBJECTIVE, LOVING individual, know something is wrong with YOU and want to correct it ?” has certainly given me “pause for thought”… hmmm… 🤔

      1. So you think it’s something to brag about, do you,
        being chucked out of three pubs in a single afternoon?
        You won’t be getting any party invitations from ME, that’s for sure!

  15. @MB re “Surprised to hear you’ve heard of Heidegger.”

    Don’t be “surprised” Madame! If he hadn’t scored that hat-trick of goals for Bayern Munich in last seasons Champions League Final, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have known Heidegger from Hillary Clinton! (…🙄)

  16. Sister Monica, you are wrong! Your argument that IQ studies by Lynn show the Australian indigenous have “no genetic link to the Australian aborigines” is totally spurious and quite absurd. IQ does not indicate a genetic link, rather genetics via DNA shows a genetic link. Studies conducted in Australia show that our natives carry considerable southern Indian/Indo subcontinent DNA. That’s why recent Indian arrivals toAustralia have successfully posed as Australian aborigines and even made at least one successful landright’s claim. Also, the “Brahmin class” in India reign at the top of the caste system because they are the most intelligent people on our planet. They are DNA connected by their Whiteness to the northern, White Caucasians, including brilliant, strong Nordics like me. I have partnered a number of brilliant, beautiful Brahminite women. The black Indians of southern India are short in stature and short in IQ, which supports the findings of geneticists that the closer you get to the equatorial sun, the darker and dumber you get. That is why sun drenched, truck drivers like Donald are so short in the IQ category. My DNA is 90% Nordic,with skerricks of Australian aborigines and African Negroid mixed in. My ancestors were the all conquering Vikings who sailed down European rivers to rape and pillage throughout Southern Europe, and Evan in the Indian subcontinent. Jews by comparison are intelligent in money changing and evil craftiness and deviousness, beacause that is how God made the evil progeny of the devil. Jesus said we should clearly identify the insidious bastards and marginalise them to the boundaries of Hell. As I quote from the New Testament: “Toss them into the burning lake of fire. They are a cancerous weed upon society.

    1. Max,
      Donaldo isn’t a believer in IQ scores. He sincerely apologizes for suggesting you IQ was equal to your 14-incher…..cough, cough. Anyway. Donaldo considers you quite intelligent after reading your posts. You IQ stands at about 110. Maybe a little more. But let’s hope your “member” isn’t 110 inches. That would be too much weight to carry around. Anyway. Let’s focus on the issues at ✋ shall we? No personal attacks. Radiation posioning. Us humans, Jew and gentile, are under constant attack on all levels. Electronics are the culprit. May Donaldo humbly suggest a return to the natural state? Folks need to leave their offices and cubicles. Get outside. Go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. Exercise 💪 reguraly. Walk barefoot to exit the free radicals (electronic in nature) from the body. Anyway. Just Donaldo reflecting. 🌮🍷😉

  17. Did not have time to correct several sp mistakes in last post, other than to say to the truck driver that under Australian law a skerrick of abo DNA allows you to claim indigenous status and get all the benefits. I am part abo (2%) and that is enough to qualify me. Insidious Jews run the Oz Aborigine “industry” and many older Aussies are ticking the abo identity box at the bottom of forms to get interest free loans and stacks of benefits. My 1.5% Negroid DNA may qualify me as an African American if I lived in the USA? I do know that many White Americans carry Red Indian DNA in their bodies, as there was much raping of native women, as has happened all over the planet. Ghengis Khan fathered 1000’s of children with his visitations and raping of Caucasian women, many of whom offered their services to the victors. I wonder how our Butterfly would act in such a situation. What do you think TROJ?

  18. If, as has been verified, the 1000’s of corruption related items on Hunter Biden’s laptop are allowed to be viewed by the great, brainwashed unwashed, then that should see the end of the Biden family forever. A mass public execution is in order. This should include the $billionaire Jewish monsters who have censored the Internet like never before. The Aussie, Miranda Devine, has told you the TRUTH about the Biden’s criminality in the New York Post. The USA needs a mass clean out of the whole political scene and the Democrats should be top of the list. I offer my services free of charge to haul the guillotane blade to the top of its charge point. One of my wives has offered to cast a single stitch for every stinking head that rolls into the basket. Another of my acquaintances will put the lopped heads atop spikes and line them up in the White House gardens. The. Obumma’s, the Clinton’s, the Biden’s and various elitist Jews’ heads will occupy the front rows and be available for public viewing. As far as the Antifa-type minnows go, they will be fed Deadly Lampshade – a natural poison – and rolled into fertiliser plant crushers. They can help the planet go Green, as can the drug filled, useless eater bodies of the Greens themselves. The woman Australians call “mattress back”, Ms Kampala Harris, would be sent to a Karachi bordello and be sold out for $1 per pop.

  19. ADMIN
    Find my comment, willya? i wrote it this morning, it’s now 10:41pm, 12 hours… i hit post and it disappeared… usually shows up though the next time i open the site… hope it didn’t get wasted…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Is it the comment above this?

      October 18, 2020 at 6:03 am Edit
      “It is interesting that ,even some here, are seeing DEPOPULATION as the only solution. Have they been indoctrinated by the Supremacist Psychopaths, so well?”

      If so, please don’t hassle Admin with these unnecessary requests.

  20. SPIRIT
    “It is interesting that ,even some here, are seeing DEPOPULATION as the only solution. Have they been indoctrinated by the Supremacist Psychopaths, so well?”
    Heck No, I’m just trying to make room for the wildlife in the natural numbers…
    I figure, if that’s happening, the planet will probably be ok…
    And I never said it was the only solution… But, unless the usual over-growth method is left behind for something more sensible, non-exploitative, I don’t think we’ve gotten the message yet…
    “They have been BANNED and/or KICKED out of 109 Lands, over the centuries which should tell you something about their NATURE.”
    It might… Or it might tell you something about the nature of the people who kicked them out…
    Would these be the same exemplars of humanity, who burned and drowned tens of thousands of innocent women as witches? FYI, it was a jew named calvin (cohen) who got the witch burnings stopped in England, by having the cases heard in the regular court, rather than letting the church have total control over them…
    glad you’re interested…

    1. Would these be the same exemplars of humanity, who burned and drowned tens of thousands of innocent women as witches? FYI, it was a jew named calvin (cohen) who got the witch burnings stopped in England, by having the cases heard in the regular court, rather than letting the church have total control over them…
      glad you’re interested…

      I am interested, bark.
      can you please list attributable sources for both claims:
      • Christian (Catholic presumably) church burned and drowned tens of thousands of innocent women as witches, and
      jew named calvin (cohen) who got the witch burnings stopped in England, by having the cases heard in the regular court, rather than letting the church have total control over them

  21. a picture that tells the tale succinctly. Still no motivation to vote? Ah well, up to you, make your bed, sleep tight.

    thinking a bit on what i just posted (won’t appear on my screen until tomorrow, kind of used to it by now), in a true nation-society-culture you have these scaled networks all inter-hooked to the locale, so that each person is so integrated into family and clan history, ancestry that his own individuality takes a back seat to the group welfare and when in trouble, e.g., born defective in some way or fallen upon hard times, senile, dying—no sweat, the collective takes full care of you—children often feel closer to grandparents than parents who may be away all day at work and reciprocally, the old, infirm, demented are cared for, walked or driven to places of worship, restaurants, shops—and as the scale grows, so the network segues into ever increasing ones, town, province, country and finally the divinely anointed monarchy, a solidly logical structure with firm spine, political, historical, military and religious, mutually supportive.
    Young boys are encouraged to join Buddhist schools for a spell to be inducted into poverty, humility, egalitarianism and basics of Buddhas teaching—princes and future kings too, sweeping portals and sidewalks, feeding stray hoboes and animals, cooking, heading out barefoot at 5 AM to beg for alms.
    In this way they reduce and subject their individuality in exchange to being part of something greater and more permanent—it inculcates in them self-control (losing self control is considered the most humiliating thing imaginable, which is why one should never yell at or confront a Thai directly—if bounds overstepped, violent death soon follows, doesn’t matter if gay or transgendered, they all react without warning and to the hilt), readiness to yield or compromise, protect the collective legacy—which is why there is zero vandalism or rebellion except for the selected urbanites deformed as they are by western cultural Marxism.

    West used to be a lot like that before Jew expertly and patiently severed all the bonded joints, extolling individuality at the cost of everything else, until it is widely accepted that kids are ALWAYS smarter than elderly, the older a person is, the more worthless and useless, so that life logically heads downhill from birth onward, another day, another ounce of neurons shed, wisdom lost, so if there is zero wisdom at birth it stands to reason that one’s “negative” wisdom accumulates like some sort of spiritual debt until the final declaration of bankruptcy, and ever progressing alienation (Frankfurt School celebrates alienation—Existentialism, paints it romantic—Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus, Antonioni’s Red Desert) atomizes the substance of humanity into easily digestible mush for eventual consumption by the Worm of Talmud—the price of materialism, if there is no eternity, why not instant gratification, if no love, why not sex, entirely mindless self-sex the distillation of process when nothing else is left, around the clock, Satan’s mockery of anchorite’s sacred contemplation.

    There is no picking and choosing within each script like exchanging innards of a horse with parts of an automobile—one or another.
    I am well familiar with the latter and choose the former, no contest.

  22. The White Russians have come up with the biggest explosive device ever made. This bomb is already being described as the ultimate Doomsday weapon. Experts say the torpedo version of this bomb could wipe out the entire East Coast of the USA. This represents the ultimate safety insurance for the White Russians who are sick of Yankee led NATO surrounding them. I hope they use the weapon and wipe out the Great Mammon represented by the JEWSA. I would love to see the Commo East Coast slip into the sea. In such a state of total destruction and disarray, the White Russians could command North America and hang the Jewish elite from lampposts. A resurgence of true Christian values would see all the deviates prospering at this present time, facing firing squads. All politicians and trough feeding bureaucrats would be eliminated. Our Muslim brothers would be given the task of rounding up the Jewish infidel monsters and insisting, by force if necessary, that females dress with enough covering to ensure decency. In other words, no more tits hanging out and the current penchant for fanny revealing tights totally banned. The young women at my gym are wearing nude tights which show the stubble surrounding their vagina cracks. This is not sexy, rather it is obscene; as are the bum showing bikini bottoms our womenfolk wear. Recently Iwas lying behind several young women wearing these bottoms on a Gold Coast beach and could tell whether or not they had gone to the trouble of having their anal sphincters bleached. We have become worse than animals, which is an insult to animals.

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