How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump

This excellent pro-Trump article will please the Trump supporters among us and will help to counteract the false impression that this is an anti-Trump website.  

“I’m their worst nightmare.”
Trump on the Democrats

By Jack Cashill
American Thinker
September 17, 2020

As the saying goes, the difference between the New York Times and the old Soviet Pravda is that Pravda readers knew they were being lied to.

To circumvent the Soviet mainstream media, dissidents created what they called the “samizdat,” their word for the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state.

To circumvent our mainstream media, conservatives have created their own samizdat, an unorganized network of blogs, public forums, news-aggregators, online publications, talk radio shows, citizen-journalists, and legal monitors such as Judicial Watch, a truth force that one Second Amendment blogger aptly called “a coalition of willing Lilliputians.”

Despite repeated attempts by Big Tech to thwart the samizdat, the internet has given the Lilliputians unprecedented reportorial power, and social media —  Facebook and Twitter most prominently — have given them an ability to distribute their message in ways Soviet dissidents could only imagine.  It was the samizdat that carried Donald Trump to victory in 2016 and, barring massive vote fraud, will carry him again in 2020.

The samizdat has done most of the real reporting on the major news stories of the last dozen or so years, most recently on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) mania.  To understand the samizdat’s effect, consider a recent Gallup poll on the U.S. sports industry.  A year ago, by a 45-25 margin, most Americans had a favorable view of professional sports.  Today, by a 40-30 margin, most have an unfavorable view.

These numbers had to shock the more woke among NFL and NBA execs.  All summer, these execs have been reading about the largely peaceful protests against the systemic racism responsible for the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks among others and the crippling of Jacob Blake.  How, they wondered, could sports fans not embrace those athletes who stood (or knelt) in support of social justice?

The players all endorsed the BLM movement or appeared to.  So did the sportscasters, the advertisers, the TV networks, Hollywood, Big Tech, the New York Times, the major magazines, and just about everyone with a prominent soapbox except for Fox News — and even Fox waffled.

Had the execs been paying attention, however, they would have understood that the same forces that supported the BLM protest also supported Hillary Clinton.

In 2020, as in 2016, the major media’s collective control of the BLM messaging was subverted by the samizdat’s ability to record and distribute the facts on the ground.  For the first time in history, ordinary people know more real news than do the people in control of America’s major newsrooms.

V.P. candidate Kamala Harris has yet to catch on.  Allying herself with Kenosha’s Jacob Blake, Harris paid a visit to Blake’s family last week and spoke to Blake on the phone.  “I mean, they’re an incredible family,” said Harris.  “And what they’ve endured, and they just do it with such dignity and grace.”

Times readers applauded.  They, like Harris, did not know what the samizdat knew.  For starters, the dad of this incredible family, Jacob Blake, Sr., is likely no fan of the Times, having tweeted not too long ago, “The Jewish controlled media tells you what they want you to hear.”  This was one of many anti-Semitic tweets from the old man.

The samizdat also know that the son from this incredible family, Jacob Jr., broke into the home of an ex-girlfriend, digitally raped her in front of a sleeping child, and stole her car keys and debit card.  Police issued an open warrant for Blake’s arrest on sexual assault charges and a restraining order, the violation of which prompted a call to the police.

The Kenosha police tried multiple times to subdue Blake without injuring him, just as they tried with George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks.  On the average day, American police arrest roughly 28,000 people.  In only 2 percent of those arrests do the police have to resort to weapons.  In only 0.2 percent do they pull their guns.  Blake prompted each stage of the escalation, including the final one, when he reached into the back seat, presumably for a knife, and the police shot him.

Bad things happen when people resist arrest, either to the perp or the cop or both.  The samizdat understands this.  Protesting athletes and their enablers do not.  Of the roughly 560 arrests each day in which the police use weapons, the major media will share only those videos in which white cops subdue black suspects, and then, only the snippets that incriminate.  Videos of black cops forcibly arresting black suspects or white cops subduing white ones hold no arrest interest for the shapers of the day’s news.

In a just world, the Minneapolis police who arrested George Floyd will likely be cleared as well.  New York Times readers do not know this. Those who follow the samizdat do.  The same holds true for the Louisville cops involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting and quite likely for the Atlanta cops involved in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

The samizdat understands the consequences of these celebrated police-perp encounters: cops begin to pull back from actively policing black neighborhoods.  Sensing opportunity, criminals moved into the void.  Attorney and Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald has dubbed this phenomenon the “Ferguson Effect.

According to FBI data, the murder rate in the United States rose nearly 11 percent the year after the Ferguson riots in late 2014, its greatest one-year jump in a half-century.  In 2016, the trend continued with an 8.5-percent increase over the year before, more than half of those murdered being black.

This summer, “the Minneapolis effect” is making cops long for the Ferguson years.  My best source, political scientist Dr. Ernest Evans, tells me homicides year-to-date are up an astonishing 37 percent nationwide.  Kansas City, where I live, has already recorded 60 percent more murders than it did in the entire year of 2014.

None of this has been necessary.  It all started in July 2013, when a trio of Marxists threw a fit following a Florida jury’s acquittal of the innocent George Zimmerman.  Those who followed the samizdat expected this outcome.  Those who depended on the major media were as shocked as they were when Trump cleaned Hillary’s clock in 2016.

President Barack “If I Had a Son” Obama had the opportunity to endorse the verdict in 2013 and kill BLM in its earliest stages.  He chose not to.  Now the Democrats have lost control of a movement they lacked the courage to stop back when they had the power to stop it.

Their media allies have been spinning all summer to offset the damage the BLM has done to America and the Democratic Party, but that task grows harder by the day.  The media can call a riot a protest, but there is no euphemism for the wanton shooting of cops.


Jack Cashill’s new book, Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency, is now widely available.  Check for more information.

31 thoughts to “How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump”

  1. You guys are lucky here in the USA.In my country ,Palestine,the Israelis don’t even try to arrest people , theY just shoot them , place a kitchen knife next to the victim and then call it a terrorist attempt of a soldier stabbing.
    This happened last year to a young man on his way to pick a cake for his sister’s wedding,they stopped his car , shot him and threw a kitchen knife next to him.That young man was none other than the nephew of of Saeb Oraiqat the Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO .

    1. Shocking.
      Sorry for the loss of Saeb

      A more indirect way of disposal invented by the same people, but now used globally, is to declare someone “Covid” test positive, quarantine them – where they will die completely alone, and dump the body by military escort into a “Covid” cemetery where no member of the public may enter. I know first hand of such an example. Admittedly the woman checked into hospital voluntarily, but the general process above is an excellent way to dispose of dissidents.

      Never submit to a “Covid” test. Apart from the risk above, it will put you and anyone living with you down on the list for forced injection of poison, otherwise known as ‘Covid” vaccine. At minimum, you will then become an abomination to God – a genetically engineered Frankenstein, at worst you will suffer immediate and possibly life threatening adverse reactions.

      Long term it will devastate your immune system – the principle planks of which are not connected to “anti-bodies”. The aluminium in it will prime you for a cytokine storm in your lungs when the next round of “Covid” is released. If a city dweller, the 5G will simultaneously depress your oxygen levels.

  2. Football has become such that I watch ONLY Alabama games, and even then, I say “I like watching Alabama darkies whip up on the other darky teams.” 🙂
    That’s abou what all football has become. Great little samizdat sites like this one give chances to note it! 😱😀

  3. Al, I hate Jews (not anti-semite by any means, in fact like proper semites) for what they do to Palestinians while crying and through cascades of tears demanding reparations from the world—I know full well that this and worse is what they have in store for the rest of us as soon as “Israel is Mighty” (Yossi Gurvitz video).
    So yes, I hate them and no one can stop me or deny that vent to me.
    And yes, I know how repulsive Trump’s pronouncements must be to you, especially with that reptilian turd of son-in-law looking over his shoulder—but understand that he is momentarily completely powerless to do anything that would change the course of affairs without jeopardizing the conduct of the broad campaign (I also know that I am in a tiny minority who think they see a broad campaign, everyone else thinks us demented, delusional or worse, Judaic assets).
    But despite its improbability, this “broad campaign” concept is the only scenario that survives the test of logic however strained the assumptions are, it has NOT YET led to a blind alley like all the rest.

    Consider this news just come out:
    Trump ‘Approved’ Assange Pardon In Exchange For Source Of DNC Leaks: Court Testimony

    A new bombshell came out of the seventh day of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition hearing in London:
    President Trump was “aware of and had approved of” a controversial plan that would offer Assange full pardon in exchange for revealing the source of the famous DNC leaks,
    according to his legal team on Friday.

    Explain this through any other hypothesis (“Trump a Chabad-slave”).
    And this fully explains why the shamefully corrupt London court is doing everything possible to torment him to death or at least a catastrophic breakdown (“when the raft broke and the waters went over me”)—London being Rothschild shithouse after all, the master of all he surveys—his gratitude to globe-devouring Cromwellians repaid.
    Until now, even this travesty was mostly blamed on Trump—how the truth is at variance with appearances!
    Remember always: we live inside Lucifer’s matrix, it ain’t what you at first see and think.

    1. Lobro
      You’ve probably ascertained by now that I see Yossi Gurvitz as being duped like most people pertaining to who or what will become mighty, my view being that Israel has been slated to be the “fall guy” which will serve as the “Armageddon trigger”.

      This could very well have been the plan all along, whose germination began late in the 19th century, if not earlier (see all historical occurrences subsequent to then).

    2. LOBRO

      Thank you sir for your support . If anything the Jew is good for , it’s extracting money .The reasons are diverse , but the end is one . The ac/dc / transgender /hairless mannequin Jared Kushner is a good example . He took $100 million from MBS of Saudi Arabia ,and more millions from MBZ of the UAE .We know how close Israel,SA,and the UAE are ,like three asses in one underwear as we say in Palestine.

      The normalization annoncement between Saudi Arabia And UAE with Israel did not surprise us. We knew they were doing it in secret for a long time , like a secretly fornicating couple who finally decided to get married to make their relationship legit .
      The next thing the Jews will do,I predict,is to ask SA for reparations because prophet Muhammad(pbuh) kicked them out of Medina where they tried to kill him and conspired with the enemies against the Muslims in the most difficult times.And ofcourse they will get the money .
      In a nut shell , a normalization between the Jews and Arabs is a one way street .The Arabs will invest their money in Israel while Israel invests NOTHING.
      Consider Jordan as an example of normalization.Since the inception of the 1994 peace treaty ,the Jewish tourists would take the bus to Jordan and they bring their foods and drinks for a one day trip , sleep in the bus , shit all over the place and spend no money at all . This prompted the minister of tourism of Jordan to impose a fee on every tourist visiting Jordan because they did not benefit at all from the visitors.Of course the Jews objected to that and never paid a fee .
      The river cannot change its course , nor can the leopard remove its spots .

      1. Al,
        What on Earth would pussy-boy Jared do with so much dinero (money) ? Donaldo didn’t realize penis enlargement surgery was THAT expensive but it would explain his urgent need for shekels. Or maybe he needs an ENTIRE implant together. Ouch! Just thinking. 🤔🌮🍷😁
        Donaldo would gladly be an organ doner for Jared for the right amount of $$$$. But only half of the organ. Donaldo will keep the other half. 😘

    3. Lobro,
      EXACTLY what is your conflict with people you consider to be Jews? Donaldo is a humble trucker of only a fraction of Jewish blood from his grandfather. But you hate him. Oh really? Donaldo applaudes the fact that such renegades as you and he are even given a forum on Darkmoon. Thanks Toby and Monte Cristo. But please, Lobro, narrow your hatred to individuals who actually deserve it. Gracias. 🤔🌮🍷

      1. Donaldo,
        I’d be glad for the FULL opportunity to explain what EXACTLY is my conflict with people I consider Jews.
        But this is not the time and place and I have on few occasions (rightly) been called to task for ambushing thread and diverting it from the intended and clearly stated track—even though it was by no means my intent, just a way my habitually off-tangent and meandering mind works.
        I cannot quickly and superficially answer your question and do it any sort of justice.
        But I would be more than glad to debate it with you in a dedicated space where everyone else is welcome to pitch in.
        It would of course be up to the site owners to approve such an exchange and create a steel cage for combat of information, ideas and opinions—nothing personal of course, I have nothing against you and in fact find your way of expressing yourself charming and by no means dumb.

        But just to get you thinking about the basics, Donaldo.
        A Jew at its simplest, most fundamental is a Chosen Being, blessed pre-natally by the mere residence in some Jewesses womb and as such not subject to laws applied to mere cattle such as you might on occasion transport to their 5-star hotel, i.e., slaughterhouse.
        By Yahweh, who self-promoted to Master of the Universe, Jew’s morals (do not kill, steal, lie, adulterate, overcharge interest) apply strictly to his brother Jews and anything he does to the accursed Akum-goyim cannot be considered vice.
        This is the logical and internally happy matrix that defines Jew.
        Specifically, any Jew who undergoes bar-mitzvah, a strictly voluntary admission to the next level (automatic sayan/Mossad membership) is someone I systemically hate because he has voluteered in service of evil (worth a look, worth a read).
        Up to you whether you wish to pursue this topic—cuidate, Donaldo.

        BTW: look around here, compay, how many real names do you see? Ask yourself why—you may be an exception, even the site’s eponymous owner and everyone else involved in running it is incognito, mask+lockdown.
        And the same reason why you have no fear is why they are fearful, the initial “J”.
        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

      1. Sure Sister, will email you the article (excellent, as is anything by Fyodor, one of the half dozen greatest minds in human history).

  4. This is an excellent pro-Trump article, as the introduction states, “to counteract any false impression that this is an anti-Trump website.” In fact, this is one of the best pro-Trump article I’ve read so far. And believe me, pro-Trump articles are like gold dust. Hard to find. Most of them are very badly written.

    I guess some readers here got the false impression that this was an “anti-Trump website” because of the site’s refusal to be intimidated by fanatical Trump supporters into turning this site into a pro-Trump propaganda site. Full marks to Admin for not letting the Trump fanatics call the shots here!

    These bullyboys must not be allowed to get too big for their boots. 🙂

    1. This site, as I see it, is all for balance and moderation. And that’s a good thing. It must not let itself be bullied into becoming a pro-Trump website just to appease the Trump fanatics.

      After all, this is not the first pro-Trump article this site has published.
      It has published many before. The last pro-Trump article was published only a few weeks ago:

      What this site is doing, in my opinion, is providing balance. Providing BOTH pro-Trump and anti-Trump articles. Which is precisely what enrages these emotionally unbalanced Trump fanatics who shall be nameless! 🙂

      Admin, please go on resisting these pro-Trump fanatics who are doing their best to turn this site into an exclusively pro-Trump propaganda website.

      1. @ Maringo

        Our commenters are free to express their opinions, either for or against Trump, provided they do so politely and respectfully.
        We have no intention of turning this site into an exclusively pro-Trump forum to appease the “Trump fanatics” as you call them.

        We will continue to aim for balance and moderation in the articles we publish, as most reputable sites try to do, and will not be bullied into taking orders from extremist fanatics.

        John Scott Montecristo

      2. @ maringo,

        ? Are you sure your name is “maringo”, maybe your name is really “mangina” you’re such a twat.

  5. Trump definitely has a huge lead over Biden and the Democrats know they can’t win the election legally.

    They will now use Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s (RBG’s) death and The Replacement issue to be the cause of rioting and the cause of turmoil and upheaval and the cause of questioning the election results in every court in the country and the cause of even more violence and bloodshed and riots and looting and arson.

    But hey, “God blesses those who bless Israel!” It’s in the bibble somewhere, init.

    A little poem I just made up :


    Zionist “Christians” love the jews
    secular Leftist Liberals love the jews,
    On both sides of the political divide
    everybody on both sides
    they all love the jews
    their love they don’t even try to hide
    their love for the jews fills them with pride
    Yes, it’s true,
    We’re totally screwed!

    — TROJ

  6. Trump and Biden are zionist puppets as is the congress aka the lower house of the knesset, America was taken over in 1913 when the zionists fastened their privately owned central bank the Fed and the IRS on the people of America and then came the wars and debt all to the benefit of the zionists.

  7. unlike the finian article, this one is high quality, because it’s not a totally biased hit-piece, after the manner of the commercial media in general, which no longer elevates journalism but merely delivers its particular product in the form of trigger-info to its known share of the consumer market.. the effluent is reliable and their only objective is the continued reaction that they’re paid to maintain for their advertisers, who understand how to count on people’s reactions to translate into sales… it simply will not do to inform the public of the whole truth on nefarious characters like floyd and blake, and i’ve seen it personally that blm and antifa supporters have never heard of floyd’s criminal record and rejected it as a lie when they were told about it… trump’s a big liar… trump made that up…
    like we said before, there’s no way the ptb status quo survive a free media…
    we can hope that a free media will deliver the whole truth to the whole public and they will decide what’s best from there and do the right thing… it might work too, if the political leaders could at least be civil with each other, maintaining respect for the office in times of disagreement… it’s like the female, somehow you’re respect for the ‘office’ has to survive the disagreements… good luck with that…
    keep your powder dry…

    1. Bark –

      Your reference to “keep your powder dry” reminds me to tell you that an ammunition shortage exists, now, among vendors. The past week, I have spent a lot of time trying to replenish my stocks of different rifle ammo for the coming civil unrest, and find that many of the more popular calibres are scarce or becoming relatively expensive.

      1. The shortage is being created by a huge increase in demand. Southern Ohio Arms, for instance, has 40 phone lines, all of which stay busy all day. Many Americans are stocking-up. (Southern Ohio is one of many.)

  8. A simpler explanation for drop off of interest in sports is that it is a participation activity. The public have been scared to death by the Hoax, crowds in arenas banned.

    Assuming statistics for site popularity are true and correct, the alternative media is a tiny minority of news consumption. Most people have their gaze on Newspeak purveyed by the California based tech giants pushing communism for the masses. How can such a tiny alt-media impact affect the election?

    I predict a Trump loss or a knife edge result that will be fought over an extended period. This is based on 4 more years production of communists by the tech giants since 2016.

    Trump should have much earlier reigned in the control of the mass mind by the tech giant cartel, but he has not.

    1. I predict a Trump win. Trump will win in a landslide except the Democrats will flood the mail with fake phony ballots and all other kinds of ways of stealing the election and because of their illegal machinations the MSM will claim that Biden-Kamala won the election and Trump refuses to accept the election results, then there will be alot of violence and rioting. The truth will be that Trump won in a landslide victory but the Democrats will do everything they can do to hide the truth of Trump’s election win and there’s going to be alot of violence. It’s going to be horrible.

      The greater the landslide victory for Trump the better. The greater the landslide victory for Trump the more difficult it will be for the Democrats to steal the election. But they will try to steal the election no matter what, and the more difficult time they have in trying to steal the election the more violence they will unleash on the country.

      My prediction : Trump will win IT in a landslide victory but there’s going to be A LOT of violence fomented by the Democrats but Trump will eventually be judged the clear winner.

      No one is going to Biden and Kamala campaign rallies. To say “No one” is not an exaggeration. Even die-hard Democrats are not going to Biden-Kamala rallies. With the grass root Democrats, there’s zero interest in Biden-Kamala.

      I wish Pat was here. I would LERV to hear his prediction for The Election.

    2. uncle

      You feature Flan O’Brien’s prediction about The Election and you CENSOR my prediction about The Election. Why the d😕uble standard? I hope I’m not ann😛ying you with my question, g😇d forbid, never that! 😉

      (ADMIN: If you check, you’ll see that your “censored” comment
      has just been published. USE YOUR EYES!)

  9. GIL
    In California it is illegal (not unlawful) to bring ammunition into the state…
    One on my guys told me the fine is $100.00 per bullet…
    There’s an ‘Inspection Station’ on interstate 80 West of Truckee, maybe 20 miles in from the Nevada State Line…
    Maybe Donaldo has been there…
    I went through there a few years back with a big U-Haul van pulling a trailer…
    The young woman at the check booth informed me that I would open the back of the truck…
    I complied, though I had no idea if there was anything in the back…
    I had just rented the truck because I needed something big enough to pull the trailer…
    There’s a video out there somewhere of these guys, who have just been convicted of resisting arrest, etc., because they refused to allow the search…
    The RBG death is really stirring the pot now on the upcoming election…
    Maybe Trump and Mitch McConnell will be able to install a new Judge before the election…
    If so, that might trigger riots, as some revolutionaries have stated, “burn the whole mfer”…
    Maybe Trump will put together the domestic security force to actually protect the nation from the violence that’s sure to erupt when he ‘wins’ the election, if not before, when he appoints the next Judge…
    He certainly should…

    1. Bark,
      Passed through Truckee a couple times years ago. But in general, us truckers try to avoid California like a kiss from Ruth Ginsburg. (May she rest in ☮️). Cali is notorious for imposing HUGE fines on truckers for violations. For examples, truckers are only allowed to drive 11 hours per day. One driver confided in Donaldo that he was once stopped at the weigh-station your refering to. He had driven 11 hours and 15 minutes. Got pulled into the station, presented his logs and was written a $2000.00 ticket. In southern Cali a Mexican trucker was caught with a bottle of tequila in his “sleeper”….. trucker slang for 🛏️ area. He was fined $5000.00 despite the fact that he hadn’t been drinking at all. Yep. Us truckers try to avoid Cali at all costs. A HUGE pain in the ass. Anyway. Got Donaldo thinking about the 🔥 s. Real easy to start. During the Summer, Cali is dryer than an alcoholic in rehab. Real easy to start a 🔥. Sometimes a motorist inadvertently starts a fire highway-side by simply throwing the butt of a cigarette out of the window. Donaldo has seen it. Huge scorched areas on the side of the highway. Donaldo doesn’t rule out arson in some cases. But it’s mostly by accident attributed to morons. Anyway, just thinking. Blessings Bark. 🙏✌️

  10. If you want to see the truth about the covid-19 hoax, lie and psyop that the MSM will not show, go to and and and

  11. “The New World Order” is “Counter-Logos” So, whether you believe in The Most Holy Trinity and Jesus The Christ as your saviour, (a.k.a, Common-sense) that is your call to make. There is no argument that the Masses globally have been dumped down for years, and it’s almost as if, the Jewish Money Power is giddy with its almost assured success.

    That having been said, there are certain traits of character that develop in those who acquire Money and Power, which as assuredly acts as the seeds of their own self-destruction. Those traits, are Pride, arrogant-Devil-May-Care attitude. ( They call its Chutzpah) boasting, ad carelessness. These traits are very difficult to overcome for those that acquire Money Power. These are traits that will work for those among the Masses, who are waking up. It will help them to recognize the tactics that are being used against them!

    When I see reports such as “Netflix cancellations surge ‘materially’ in the wake of ‘Cuties’ controversy, data shows”( my hopes rise. More so, because it must be an under reported fact by the Mainstream media, that more and more people are waking up to the insidious nature of the “New World Order” which is slowly slithering its slimy hands all over the globe.

    Samizdat or no samizdat effect even if Trump is replaced, there is nothing worthy writing home about his replacement. People need to see beyond Trump and Biden and understand the reason why no presidents is ever as effective as he would have been if it were not for the Jewish Money System. As I said, “The New World Order” is “Counter-Logos” The Jewish Money Power has nothing to gain if National Governments are satisfactory effective for the people! Therefore, it does not pay divided, or in other words, help in hastening the Messianic Idea of Judaism which is the New World Order, if National Governments are able to effectively govern, and perpetuate this effective governance of the masses indefinitely! If they did, the New World Order would be postponed indefinitely!! Therefore, it is for the purpose of New World Order that pliable, corruptible, dimwits, people who can be blackmailed, etc etc are allowed in the political arena in the pool that make “The Electable” of the Goyim.

    And it is the same strategy, I submit, that has been replicated, in culture, religion, and all other areas that made “The Old World Order” what it was, and why it was abel to bring us thing far. How I wish I was wrong!!

  12. Hi, everyone. I hope no one missed me too much. I see there is no much change around here: one useful idiot is out (Pat) while the other is back in (lobro), and that’s about it.

    Back to business.

    Trump Makes America More Like Russia Every Day:

    Is that so? The best thing that could ever happen to America is to become a bit like Russia. America today is the main source of all major problems for the entire planet. Not the Jews, not the Blacks, not Donaldo Colina – America is the problem. Nothing but moral filth and disgusting lies comes out of America today. Just read the article above.

    Russia is the only power today that can – and will – confront this evil and send it to where it rightfully belongs – the dustbin of history. And that, hopefully, will herald the new dawn for humanity.

    Don’t morn for America, brothers and sisters, – there is nothing good about it and never was. Let it go.

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