Hydrogel: Fast track to hell

6 October 2020

Independent doctors call hoax on Deep State’s faux pandemic

“The vaccine will do away with the need for computers or phones because hydrogel will enable your body to connect to the Internet.” — Dr. Carrie Medej

“Once the vaccine is inside your body,
there’s nothing you can do about it.”
— Dr. Andrew Kaufman

All doctors not connected to the government, Big Pharma or the Deep State are telling us that the COVID pandemic is a hoax, the tests don’t work and the so-called disease has not been scientifically isolated nor purified; in other words, it doesn’t exist.

Yet societies are being destroyed by a lockdown of the world based on the lies of corporate doctors who have commandeered governments in service to the elite’s apparent plan to greatly reduce human population.

Yes, people are dying from something. Early on, it was bad medical treatment, possibly intentional, when many elderly were murdered on ventilators that were contraindicated.

But what they have planned for you in their new vaccine for a disease they can’t authentically identify is much worse.

The whirlpool in people’s minds intensifies as human society rattles apart because of a questionable quarantine that is not backed up by scientific fact. Unable to free itself from its own lies, humanity is walking willingly into a totalitarian trap aimed at eliminating most of the human population.

A genuine Internet connection

The vaccine will do away with the need for computers or phones because hydrogel will enable your body to connect to the Internet.

Two of the most outspoken and visible critics of the worldwide pandemic lockdown got together and revealed some frightening probabilities in this video. This story focuses on the last portion of the interview

Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman
on vaccines, hydrogel, and secret government programs
(start at 58:00)

The trouble with hydrogel, Dr. Madej stresses ominously, is . . . “Once it’s in you can’t get it out. It’s a game changer,” she added, “one that I never thought I’d see in my life. Very quickly you lose all your autonomy and your freedoms.”

Dr. Kaufman, an Internet sensation for his erudite explanations of serious faults in the official pandemic story, agreed: “It’ s a major strategy of coercion.”

Dr. Madej (pronounced ma-DAYJ), whose candid medical perspectives puts her in the front rank of principled physicians who have blown gaping holes in the government’s version of events, speculated that if hydrogel were in the mix, “You could have millions of these nanobots inside of you with just a tiny amount of an injection.”

“It’s going to take a lot of fortitude to refuse,” said Kaufman. “Once you give up the sanctity of your own body there’s really nothing left.”

“It’s literally the Wild West going on out there and people’s freedoms and liberty are at stake,” said Madej.

She explained that the best mode of application of the government’s totalitarian ideas would be hydrogel, because “Once it’s subcutaneously your body won’t reject it . . . you could have millions of these tiny nanobots inside of you.”

Kaufman amplified the thought. Hydrogel, he explained, is a “synthetic biopolymer compatible with our own tissue (that could) even develop its own blood supply as blood vessels can grow right into it.”

Madej further explained that it can grow “throughout the entire body, can assemble, disassemble and reassemble maybe forever inside your body. This would be the perfect way to hook up to the internet of everything and any smart device. You don’t need a smart phone then; you can just hook up directly.”

Kaufman summarized that that “a nano antenna and receiver and transmitter that could be embedded in the hydrogel that could . . . process and transmit information; a direct connection from your body to the Cloud, so to speak.”

Medej agreed: “This goes back to what Dr. Craig Venter suggested that you could download vaccines because everything’s a code essentially when you break it down,” she explained. “With the hydrogel you could actually put a signal — sound or light — that could even teach the body to make the vaccine or drug. This is frightening because who’s in control of that and what are you getting?

Kaufman rephrased it. “In other words our biology could be programmable remotely and our physiology could be changed.”

Dr. Kaufman referenced a 2014-16 Italian study about metals in which were discovered rare and exotic metal particles in vaccines that the manufacturers didn’t know about.

“If they can be found in our vaccines, these things are already in our bodies. If these harmful substances can end up in our vaccines without anybody knowing. It’s reasonable to assume hydrogel could wind up in COVID vaccine without any disclosure. Because of the nature of this property, once it’s inside your body there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“That’s what my research shows,” Madej agreed. “It’s a very scary thought.”

Kaufman elaborated: “It’s important to do some serious research before you decide to take any vaccine but especially this vaccine because in addition to possibly putting in material that are suspicious and undisclosed, they are also rushing a vaccine for something they’ve never been successful for isolating a vaccine for a coronavirus.”

Quickest approval for vaccine in history, and they’ve already announced they’re sidestepping most of the safety standards. And we know there have already been two cases of serious neurological complications in the trials with Astra Zeneca and Moderna.

In Australia, Kaufman noted, unless you submit to the vaccines you won’t get benefits for your children. He further noted “a major strategy of coercion and manipulation. It’s going to take a lot of fortitude to refuse it. But you know you’re taking a big risk if you agree to take this.”

The question arose if there were a way to mitigate the effects? Not for hydrogel” was Kaufman’s quick answer, to which Medej added:

“This is a game changer on a level I thought I would never see in my lifetime. Very quickly you lose all your autonomy and freedom. We need to say no, we need to be strong about this.”

Kaufman: “No one has the right or authority to say what happens to our physical bodies. This is an extremely important line in the sand. Once you give up the sanctity of your own body there’s really nothing left.”

Madej: Say no to the censorship.

Pandemic paranoid postscript

I started out writing a coded message about pandemic fraud to try and counteract the propaganda that so many people swallow without a second thought.

Take the jab or lose your job. Is that media scare tactic or real possibility? Has it occurred to anyone that we have absolutely no choice about anything in the next election, except perhaps for formally signing our own death warrants.

Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t sound like a government trying to protect my health, does it?

Pure and simple this is medical blackmail. And it’s also forcing you to take a KNOWN POISON likely to kill you, either immediately or later.

Power mad quacks hoodwink world.

Police state creep intensifies.

Political spectacle pathologically juvenile.

Remember Dr. Fauci two years ago guaranteed there would be a pandemic during Trump’s first term. Designer diseases are a growth industry; wielded by governments they control the world.

Remember Bill Gates hoped to reduce the population 10-15 percent by the effective use of vaccines. Now he is pursued by other countries for the mass murder of little girls.

You most definitely cannot ignore what’s happening because it is not going to go away unless we make it go away.

Powerless, you say? The greatest human power in the world is the power to say no.

Freedom is only still in the process of being rubbed out, not quite yet completely accomplished

It is absolutely totalitarian insanity to be pushing a vaccine for a disease that has not yet been identified, yet the world marches on toward the vaccine line by refusing to understand basic scientific common sense.

Take the jab or lose your job.
It’s medical blackmail.

This is not about pandemic. This is about robotizing the population, controlling people’s minds, who are now allowed to think only what the government allows them to think.

They’ll be no more thinking about how our own government was totally complicit in the destruction of the Twin Towers, the creation of the AIDS epidemic and the false flag terror incidents they have foisted on the public infringing the Second Amendment, which is the one law that keeps America relatively free. Without it there is no hope for liberty.

Why are we observing restrictions on our freedoms on the basis of precautions that have been deemed unnecessary by scientific consensus? Only a brain dead public would permit this.

As you saw in the recent spectacle when Trump gave Netanyahu the key to the White House, Israel is in complete control of the United States, over every aspect of life in the U.S. and is about to kill most of the population with radio waves, weapons of which have already been installed in schools during the lockdown for the fake pandemic.

You may not run and hide from this. No one outruns microwaves.


16 thoughts to “Hydrogel: Fast track to hell”

  1. Well..this certainly lays it on the line.
    It’s hard to think of something to say.
    I wonder how this end chapter in our history would be described, – if it ever were to be written down and found at some much later time..
    What does this say about humanity, that could have emancipated itself by- eg- one simple act- collectively dumping their enslavement devices -(i phones/smartphones ) …but were too blind to see it.
    Wouldn’t this put a spanner in the works !
    Unbelievably tragic and pathetic . A shameful demise indeed!
    (Btw, I have to say I’ve always refused to own one)

  2. The Universe has been created with Law, and out of Law. And as an entity that was able to bring forth by Divine Decree, it has its own system of Balance, which are revealed by the Third Newtron’s Law of Motion, (The third law is also known as the law of action and reaction.) and the Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy of any isolated system always increases.)
    Newton’s Law of “Cause and Effect” (The third law ) echo Gods Word, in Isaiah Isaiah 55:10-11 It also echoes Moses warning about God making a person workout His own punishment in person. “Know then, that Yahweh your God is God indeed, the faithful God, who is true to his covenant and is gracious for a thousand generations, towards those who love him, and keeps his commandments, but who punishes in their own persons, those who hate him. He is not slow to destroy the man who hates him. He makes him work out his punishment in person. Deuteronomy 7:9-11.

    This is the Law which Jewish so-called “Sages” never recognized, even after centuries of expulsion froom one country to another because of their behaviour!

    Jewish Messianic Idea, which is giving forth this “New World Order” is an anti-logos ideology , and also isolated system . Entropy, will with time, render it extinct, because its both parasitical to Mankind, and to the Universe itself.

  3. What Toejam has written more than once. NZ and Australia will be the home lands for the above ground Morlocks. H.G.Wells had it almost right.
    NZ and Australia are the beta tests for disarming the populations and creating automatons via vaccine, slaves to the (((Morlocks))).
    A depopulated North America will become the bread basket with the remaining vaccine slaves to work the land with Chinese overseers. Communism on steroids. The vaccinated White race will become extinct within 100 years unable to reproduce.
    God in His/Her/They/Them heaven will rejoice for the fine work of His/Her/They/Them (((Morlocks))).
    President Trump may be a walking, talking vaccinated medical time bomb.

    1. Now that we know we have no future, we might as well go out and have some fun, ere the end comes. Death’s door will eventually open for everyone anyway, Maybe by the next reincarnated cycle this crap will have blown over. And as for the American Dream… it’s become a nightmare along with being asleep to believe it.

    2. TJ, Australia already IS the home land for the above ground Morlocks – since signing the UN Charter as an “independent colony” that made it official, at a ceremony held at the Veterans’ War Memorial Building on 26 June 1945
      Automatons via vaccine already are established by “the law”, a cashless society will arrive shortly within and dependence of the subjected, mind polluted populace on “Authority” is mandatory. Smart Cities are hailed by MARDUK’S/Murdoch’s foul think tanks for the numbed Australian masses while cities eventually become smarter than the enslaved, non thinking populace themselves.
      “Australia” is flourishing with NWO process while “Public Servants” and “Government officials” thrive through prosperity, “financial freedom” and endless “employment opportunities within” while the middle class of true blue working Aussies slip into de/receivership, being doomed for poverty and shackles – unless becoming a “kosher” Australian citizen without to think for oneself or ones Nation – or to be criminalized and branded Un-Australian terrorist for good.
      Amid and along the “deadly Wuhan Virus” more debt is created to recreate “Australia’s economy” through a new “digital business plan” with the last set of invisible chains and dependencies for the ones who once dared to think “freely” in the everlasting but now drought stricken penal colony that provides the globe with resources and food while slipping continuously into limitless debt and evermore dependence to serve their foreign overlords without being free to think independently.

  4. Things are crazy enough right now without having to venture into the absurd. Hydrogel? Are you kidding me?

    And this is going to cause use to be trans human. Little weak Terminators if you will?

    I use a hydrogel all the time. It’s essentially a type of Jello ™, or gelatin. It lines my stomach and holds me and keeps me hydrated as I run or ride my bike. It is superior to other sports gels since it doesn’t rush its way in to the G.I. tract. All natural ingredients and the caffeine even tastes a little bitter since they are not going to mask the taste with high fructose corn syrup. I take one every 45 minutes or so as it is essential hydration, nutrition and energy. The name of the product is Maurtens.

    No, I’m not going to take the vaccine. But I don’t need to think this true in order to avoid it. Time to regroup here.

    1. Perhaps not a good idea to sit on our ✋ s and allow evil forces to run amok. Sinister moron Gates and his foundation have made it on the sh*t list of several foreign governments for providing deadly vaccines to gullible populaces. And Big Pharma can’t be held liable for any adverse side-effects or even death caused by the 🐀 poison. Perhaps people should become PROACTIVE, unite and take legal action against Gates Foundation for pedaling their poison and scheming to expand their evil agenda. Legal action should also be taken against corrupt senators/representatives for making Big Pharma immune. There are plenty of high-profile attorneys itching to make $$$$$$$$. One things for sure. Being docile and complacent ain’t the answer. Just ask the Russians who waited for the Cheka to come knocking on the door in the middle of the night. 🤨🤔🌌

    2. RICH,

      Injectable nano-machines for biological systems monitoring (and control) is technology about to roll out to the US Army … plenty of articles available on the Net on that subject.

      Just because the medium for delivery happens to be the same molecules as you use in sport does not invalidate Kaminski’s article.

  5. If they start making ‘HydroJelly Beans’ I might not be able to resist…. especially those purple ones, which have always been my favourite!😍

  6. John Kaminski needs to get real
    because Covid is a real disease.
    The Doctor who first described it in China died of it.

    The problem now is government locking down society.
    The tests are not perfect.

    1. John, have you forgotten how to calculate percentages from when you were 9 years old?

      Salvation information is published under the noses of Covidiots. Anyone with arithmetic skills of a 9 year old can take “Global CV deaths” x 6% / (Global population) and come up with 0.09% per capita death rate. 6% because the CDC admitted 94% had 3 or more co-morbidities. The true figure is probably 10 times lower at 0.009%, when all the fakery and bribery is taken into account.

      Under 60 years of age the probability of death due to this flu is effectively zero. For those over 65 the probability is 1 in 19.3 million. Compare that with car accident death in the West: 1 in 113. Ignoring the vanishingly small number of immuno-compromised, the only people who die from flu are the old ~ 80 years old – and that due to the co-morbidities.

      “The Doctor who first described it in China died of it.”
      Oh really? It being such a convenient and convincing propaganda for the Communist Party of China No-one could possibly know the truth about that.

      “The tests are not perfect.”
      The test are 100% worthless. You need to read up on Koch’s postulates, the German 2017 supreme court case declaring no evidence for the measles virus and read up on what is actually being tested. The Nobel prize winner who invented the PCR test declared the tests useless for detecting disease.

      Perhaps to convince the Covidiots about the scam we must first setup arithmetic classes on every street corner.

      John it sounds like you are fearful of the current situation and I hope you can suppress that.

      1. Hi Flan,
        The present UK covid death rate for those testing positive is 1 in 227.
        The death rate in may was much higher.
        It is in countries where the spread is similar to the UK
        in May 2020 that the death rate will probably get to those higher levels.
        I think that in he UK the death rate will rise during the winter
        but will not reach the levels seen in May

  7. Injectable nano-machines for biological systems monitoring (and control) is technology about to roll out to the US Army.

    It seems very likely that the infrastructure for this will be included in The Jab. Certainly monitoring and control capabilities will be present “for health reasons” – plenty of articles are available on the Net on this subject.

    More advanced capabilities such as thought control are in theory possible but I do not think this will happen in this first boot of the technology. However The Great Reset Video below, describing banker and corporate elite planning of the World Economic Forum, is very enthusiastic about this technology of thought control.


    Kaminski’s article is perfectly sound, if shocking for most people.

    If you REALLY want to be shocked, take a look at “Dr. Katherine Horton:Defeating 5G as a mass DEW Terraforming platform.”


    Horton is a credentialed directed energy physicist. The first half is about 5G as a weapon (it is) but the second half is so shocking it can only readily be explained by clinical insanity on the part of the two video conferencing parties. I do not comment on it because I am still assimilating and the cognitive dissonance it generated is so strong it will take several days before I can give an opinion on it. Certainly it is the mother of all “conspiracy” theories putting David Icke in the shade. However, whereas Icke has no evidence, Horton has clear indisputable evidence.

    1. I came to the same conclusion on my own and moreover hold that the central manipulator of the bulk of the human fate is none other than Rothschild—do a bit of research on Malaysia flight MH370, a milestone to Mosiach’s takeover and eternal subjugation compared to which the Bolshevik Red Terror was sipping sangria at the beach.
      And the greedy-and-gullible will gladly put the shackles on and throw away the key in order to secure Mephistophelian deal for secured existence and better paying jobs, neither realizing nor concerned that they hocked their souls to a very technological devil.
      The dead will be lucky because in the age of trans-slavery death may no longer be an option.

  8. We are resuming tomorrow our friday prayors at our local mosque. One dr.brother sent the follwing message below via WHATSAP . I had an argument with this fine brother before about me not wearing a mask at the mosque . I told him covid19 is a scam he felt I was challenging his medical credentials saying how dare you say it is a scam. I stopped arguing with him when he frowned and became hostile not giving me a chance to present some facts from other drs.Debating with him was like like reading a newspaper in a windy day,so I left .

    Somehow I think the message below which was written by the same brother, was directed at me because they know I don’t wear a mask anywhere I go .
    In another message we were informed that a nother Dr will be taking the temperature of every worshiper who is entering the MASJED or the mosque .
    here is the message,

    “Any member of the community with any fever , symptoms of contagious disease , please stay home , because you will not be able to enter masjid and expose others .
    We will enforce this policy so everyone will be safe inshallah .
    Also if you don’t have a mask or take you mask off , you will not be allowed in and will be escorted outside masjid .
    I hope all our beloved brothers and sister best health .” (sic)

  9. The recent Plandemic Psy-op has left many people in fear of their health, etc. Many businesses are forever shuttered and many people out of work and pay. But, as we have seen, the ruse has a deep and sinister purpose, which most are unable to comprehend. They don’t understand how or why our overlords want to treat us as pawns–worse, as disposable animals.

    They ought to understand that many in power and authority have given themselves over to The Dark Side–they pay obeisance to Satan, and Satan requires sacrifices, and we are those. From the unborn babies to the old folks, we are fair game to the Satanists / Globalists / Zionists and their bloodthirsty ways.

    This is only happening because we (in general) failed to give God His due–sacrifice, honor, worship, glory, thanksgiving. Instead, we have lived as though He doesn’t exist and we don’t have immortal souls. There is much suffering on the horizon…

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