In Search of Shangri-La: Elderly American Lady Disillusioned with America Seeks Advice on Somewhere Else to Live

The following is a round-robin email I found in my inbox yesterday, appealing for advice. It comes from an educated American lady called Cheryl who writes under the pen name of “Cab McCann”. Her email is headed: “Getting out of Babylon.”  Sick and tired of the new America which she regards as a place of Babylonian exile, this cultured Christian lady wishes to flee and find refuge in a suitable foreign country where she will feel more at home. Any advice from readers will be more than welcome to her. 

By Cab McCann
(aka ‘Cheryl’)
October 7, 2020

‘By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept.”
(Ps. 137:1)

I’m writing to my mailing list, putting out a request for advice.

I am selling my home and all my worldly possessions pretty much, and seeking to expat out of USA of Babylon by end of October. I hate the United States, aka Hammer of the Whole Earth, Destroyer of the Whole Earth, and  Destroying Mountain, that God says  “I will turn you into a burning mountain and roll you down.”

Nobody else seems to see things my way, but that’s not my fault.  I’ve been writing on this subject for years and years, and anyone who is happy with the USA blowing up the planet to please the Jewish Banksters, that’s between them and God.  Not my problem.  I did my part.

I just want out of here, just like the Bible tells me to get out.   Scripture says,”Flee out of Babylon lest you partake of her plagues and her sins.”

So I’m trying.

I really don’t know where to go or how to get out.  That’s why I’m writing, asking any of you on my big mailing list to write me with some advice.  I will have some money from the sale of my home, and my Social Security.   I’ve also been studying Spanish online, and I have a rudimentary knowledge of it. My first choice actually is to go to South America, but I’m open to any suggestions or advice anyone has on where to go.

My skills are writing, as you must know. I used to have my own court reporting-and-transcription company. I can also cook and clean and teach Sunday school.  I’m a Christian.

I also am somewhat of an expert on natural healing. I have not been to a doctor in decades. I hate doctors, as you all must know  from getting my postings. I have boxes of vitamins and supplements I will be shipping out to wherever it is I’m going, which I don’t really know at this point. I  am in good health, other than when the medical profession gets their hands on me against my will and poisons me, as was recently done. May God be their judge.

I guess you could call this email I’m sending out to be rather a job application, to anyone out there who might find my company an asset and would like to help me expat out of the USA.  I am 74, but I don’t think I look that old. I take care of myself. I need to get a picture of myself, and I’m working on that. Nobody seems to know how to take a picture and send it in an email. I have yet to start using one of those little phones, and I’ve always just been a computer freak.  I do own a cellphone, and I will have to do a crash course on how to use it for when I’m out in the world.

I’m not picky where I go – as long as it is out of the United States, and also none of the territories with U.S. military bases.

Anyone wanting to join up in an Exodus, anyone who feels as I do, by all means I’m glad to join up with any of you.

I should have written this sooner.   I keep thinking there will be a some religious leader leading an Exodus, but I should know better.  The pastors are pretty much blind and useless, and I don’t know what Bible they are reading, if any, but their reading comprehension skills seem to be either lacking, or in contradiction to what they learned in Semetary (the word I use to describe what they call a ‘seminary’ . . . and the Semetary doctrines seem to have all these pastors under its spell.  I think all these pastors are still  locked up in the antiquated and unscriptural teachings of Augustine and Calvin, and they just can’t get past all that garbage to get into the plain words of the Bible.

I’m just a single woman who believes the Bible, and when we are told to “Flee out of Babylon lest you partake of her sins and her plagues,” that’s what I’m trying to do. My house will be closing at the end of the month and I will be on my way, by plane or in my vehicle, to some new country.  I’m not sure where that will be at this point.

You can contact me at 585-468-1044, anyone who would like a roommate, or to join an Exodus, or who has any ideas or suggestions to me on how to escape.

God bless everyone!


Cab McCann
(aka ‘Cheryl’)

58 thoughts to “In Search of Shangri-La: Elderly American Lady Disillusioned with America Seeks Advice on Somewhere Else to Live”

  1. I know how you feel, Cheryl. It is the same Babylon in Australia, with our Jewish Treasurer making sure that we will be forever in debt to the bankster criminals. We are only 25 million people and our debt has now surpassed $1 trillion. Our media – owned by elitist Jews- is every bit as evil as that in the USA. The television represents nothing but a bizarre parade of filth, debauchery and lies. Communists are in charge of our government/s. so-called Christians have become brainwashed Marxists. I want OUT too, but where to go? The tentacles of diabolical world Jewry reach everywhere. I have tried hiding in Australia’s northern rainforests, but the military’s surveillance is everywhere. You have to avoid any commercial outlets, etc, but how do you live? Maybe it would be better to accept the regime’s intake of nanoparticles and simply die. Maybe it would be better to go down fighting. Honestly, without divine intervention, there is no hope.

    1. Max, I am glad you’re back, I always enjoy reading your comments. I live in Southeast QLD, it’s not that bad here, much better than Europe or the US, I am planning to move to Townsville next year, I don’t like big cities. Ultimately, I hope to settle in Atherton Table Land, west from Cairns.

      1. Hi Richard, Atherton Tableland is a magnificent area where you can gain a semi escape. You can easily escape into the trees and hills and grow most things. Plus it’s altitude gives you cooler weather. Good luck and best wishes.

    2. Appreciate your concerns and feel your frustration. There are not many places left which are safe. However I would suggest Sentinel Island in the South Pacific. There are no Jews and the natives are friendly. Also you might consider Guinea Bissau. There is free health care and plenty of natural beauty to admire, hiking trails and and organic food. Lastly might wish to consider Moldova, everyone there is white and there are no people of color to cause fear and crime.

    3. Max is not being forthcoming about his “get out of jail,card” – his aboriginal blood-line.
      According to Max Igan, the thing to do in Australia is to get adopted by an aboriginal tribe, then the Nazi medical stormtroopers have no claim. But will the aborigines sell out
      both Max to injection for some free beer?

    4. “….without Divine intervention there is no hope.”

      Perhaps something like this, Max?

      “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

      And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the Earth mourn, and then shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”

      So it is written. So shall it be done.

      As always, open to the particulars of a cosmological interpretation

  2. My Advice is this:
    We are not certain whom “Babylon” is, which is referred to in the Bible. Sometimes, I really think Babylon refers to the Israel as it existed in the Times of the Christ. Remember that just as the Book of Revelation tells the followers of The Christ to free Babylon, Jesus Himself warned his listeners to free when they see the Roman Siege (Abomination that Causes Desolation) To move out of U.S because according to you America is “Babylon” would be very tragic mistake. The point is, the whole World has became Palestinian because of the Usurious system of Jewish Illuminati Central Bankers. Which part of the World is not infested with it? See what happened in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria and Iran. If you are a Christian, (which you claim to be) the options given by the Bible are tough. You are supposed to stay where you are, and live as an example of a person under the guidance of The Holy Spirit of The Christ. Imitate The Christ. This World, is not your home, remember. So, work out your Salvation from this World, in fear and trembling of the Lord, not in fear and trembling of these tyrants-wanna-bes.

  3. South Africans want out. Germans want out. Italians want out. British want out. Europe is full. South Africans in England want to go back, say the people are leftist and miserable and so is the weather. The whole worlds wants out. I read it thus – they want a strong leader who shows the way out. Leader, where are you! The answer is, we must look for him or or inside us self, not displace the problem somewhere else.

    There are not so many options left. The world has become a tight place. Unfortunately. We stand at a crossroad in history. One has to stick it out where one is. Some countries are better than others. You could always emigrate to some Latin American countries or to Africa. Or Eastern Europe. No thanks for me. I stay in the best place for my options and believe me I amliving like a pauper, having come here like a refugee, not recognized as one, lost everything due to the rotten politics in South Africa, my qualifications have turned into wall decorations because age counts against me, and who want a pauper as a life partner? But I had the chance to get out. There I would have been dead by now, having been robbed by anti-white legislation to make a living. At least I do not stay in the third world but amongst my own kind, even if their thinking has become a bit skewed.

    Put it this way. With 74 you have less years to face this nonsense than a youngster of twenty. They will have some huge challenges lying ahead when we are gone, when they want to ask us what now?

    1. Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Are you in London now? Is your new home an improvement on South Africa in spite of the straitened circumstances in which you live?

      1. It is an absolute improvement for my son – gets educated in a direction with a high chance of a consistent income and a future. But his fathers outlooks are highly worrying, but stable for the next two or three years. Then the problems will start. At an age where are others wil start looking forward to retirement. People seem to have a very stable career life over here and cannot fathom my situation (absolutely not in the know) – bush war, sanctions, companies closing down, lots of job hopping because of this (“you are an unstable person – I read here you are a director, then a common worker again, then again in a leadership position, then nothing again, whats going on, it makes no sense, no common red line through your CV”), internal unrest situation, part time soldier like nearly all of my generation, terrible crime, slight ptsd (not from the bush war, I never was in heavy contact situations like some of my compatriots, and I am in excellent health, ultramarathoner, but all that that followed from this and brought the downfall of the country), affirmative action, no state pension scheme – it is beyond their imagination that something like this exists on earth. A lady became so depressed on hearing this, she told me it pulled her down, was too hard on her, she left me. But that was the normal life for us, we knew no other life, never expected this reaction. Now I have become wiser. This part I have to bury deep down forever. Closure of that chapter. Cannot change the past, so don’t live in the past. Even psychologist can’t help (“we don’t know South Africa, don’t understand what you are talking about, can’t put it in the right context”).

        I returned to the country I was born in (central western Europe, came to S.A. when I was 4 years old), age prohibited anything else. South Africa would have meant a death sentence (no state support whatever for whites), so in this sense it is an improvement.

        This I why I keep out of politics and just try to keep up to date as an observer, to work out the best moves. This awareness led me to emigrate. I am not in a position to change anything. The problems are to big for one person. One can make this choice: face life like an officer, or just give up. I come out of a good family, so giving up is not an option. And I have to set an example for my son.

      2. You have my full sympathy. It must be really hard for you.
        But you have true grit. I have a feeling that things will improve for you soon. Try not to be too pessimistic about the future.
        And God bless you.

      3. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Same to you guys (ladies).

        On the positive side, I never before in my life experienced such a feeling of safety. The next day my car still stands outside on the street and has not been stolen, and I have not been murdered. It took me about six years before the constant paranoia and hypervigilance mindset left me. South Africans (there are some following this blog, I have noticed) will comprehend.

        When I arrived here and went shopping, in my imagination I first did an area surveilances like back in the army days, sized the different people around me and looked for escape routines, and sort off carried my imaginary assault rifle in my one hand, ready to explode into action if somebody wanted to rob or harass me. I still am a bit weary, most probably will never get rid of this vigilance competely which might on the one hand be good (Europe, especially in the densely populated areas, is also changing for the worse, so is central London, my son has been there, has family from his mothers side over there ), but it is safe (except some small town crime, but that is normal) and I have become very relaxed. I don’t constantly see the people around me as my potential enemy, and that feeling is priceless and good for my soul. Money is not everything (except when you have none).

        1. @ ex South African

          What you need is a good woman to complete your happiness. She will help to cure that paranoid “vigilance” which still haunts you from your South African days. I don’t suggest a dating agency. Maybe luck will nudge you in the direction of your soulmate.

          Anyway, good luck! 🙂

    2. I feel for you man, I wish Australia would be more generous to white South Africans like you.

  4. Cheryl is a quitter. She needs to get away from the rest of us who are doing what we can to make things better here. I would suggest the Philippines… they shoot people in the head on the spot for not wearing masks. She could stomp her foot there and see what happens. Or Australia they just throw folks in jail for it.

    1. She’s not giving herself much time to find a new country. She wants to be out of the United States at the end of October and she just started looking for a foreign country to move to on Oct. 7th? Nothing like waiting to the very last minute, lol.

      She has 25 days to figure out what country she wants to move to [ 3 weeks, lol ] and to get her ducks in a row and actually be out of the USA by the end of this month. Good luck with that! She’s going to have to get a visa. If she wants to move to a foreign country permamently she’s going to have to go thru a lot of bureaucratic rigamarole, get a visa PLUS get other types of official approval — which always takes alot of time when you’re moving to a foreign country permamently. She is not going to be able to do all the bureacratic things one has to do in 3 weeks time.

      Plus, she’s just going to move to a foreign country without visiting the country first to see what’s it like first hand?

      How is it the medical profession got a hold of ‘Cheryl’ and poisoned her against her will if she is so smart and savvy about doctor’s and the medical establishment? If she hasn’t been to a doctor in decades then how did the medical profession poison her “as was recently done” ?

      This ‘Cheryl’ sounds like a real winner alright, lol. I hope she’s not so much of a ditzy air-head she thinks she can hop on a plane to a foreign country without a passport. Does she have a passport, or she’s waiting to the 27th 28th to apply for one? Like a day or two before the flight that’s going to take her to her new country, lol.

      Also, waiting to the last minute to buy a plane ticket, especially to a foreign country is going to cost her a small fortune. And I’m not even sure the authorities allow anyone to buy a plane ticket to a foreign country with such short notice. With security concerns these days, short-notice ticket buyers are considered SUSPICIOUS and she may not even be able to buy a plane ticket — not if she waits until a day or two before the flight she wants. The authorities may hold up her plans. Because they consider buying tickets to foreign countries on such short notice, a day or two before the flight, as SUSPICIOUS. This is NO longer the 1960s we are living in. She sounds like a typical Boomer, so so very typical of a Boomer.

      There are countries in the world that do not have any American military facilities. That in itself does NOT mean those countries are ipso facto wonderful or Godly places to live. It’s a FALLEN world EVERYWHERE you go in this world and human nature is human nature in EVERY country of the world.

      When The Bible says “Flee Babylon” — maybe back when it was written that could be taken literally. But we live in world now that is VERY CONNECTED, one can’t escape physically from Babylon [ unless one is a survivalist who can survive in the wilderness without any modern conveniences ]. If one is 74 years old and has no survival skills one is NOT going to escape physically from Babylon. Babylon is WORLDWIDE now, Babylon is NOT just the United States and allied countries to the United States. Babylon is WORLDWIDE. If you live in Babylon but you hate Babylon God is SMART ENOUGH, PERCEPTIVE ENOUGH, OBSERVANT ENOUGH, LOVING ENOUGH, to SEE that you hate Babylon and will NOT punish you. Relax. Will everybody please relax.

      ‘Cheryl’ could always stick some 🌻flowers in her hair🌻, MOVE TO San Francisco, and pitch a tent in Golden Gate Park, disconnect from the grid. God will Luhv her for it. She’s such a typical Boomer, so so very typical of Boomers. ‘Cheryl’ sounds like a flower child, a Moon Goddess, from the 60s. Like Wow , man, turn-on, tune-in, drop-out, man, ☮️ :

      !Bon Voyage ‘Cheryl’ ✈️ !

      1. ‘Cheryl’ should move to JONESTOWN, Guyana, drink some refreshing Kool-Aid, and, lol, kill herself. Bon Voyage! The authorities can’t give you the mark of the beast if you’re dead, lol. Ooops, suicide is a sin, never mind. Just a thought. Don’t despair, I’m going to keep trying to find some GODLY solutions for ‘Cheryl’. I do so want to help ‘Cheryl’ find a solution to her life, 😇.

        ADMIN: Cheryl, pay no attention to this certified loonie. When he tells you to commit suicide, he’s only kidding. That’s his way of wishing you well. Most of his posts are deleted, but we have to publish an occasional comment of his in the interests of free speech. Actually, he wouldn’t harm a fly.

        1. OK, this is a serious comment. And I’m not kidding now. I would honestly advise Cab McCann to go to Poland because Poland is still a Catholic country.

          The only thing is, I have the impression that ‘Cheryl’ is a Protestant — so maybe she doesn’t want to go to a Catholic country. But even when Poland was a very Catholic country, it was not nirvana. Not paradise. Not Shangri-la. Not Utopia. Far from it.

          Maybe Cheryl should forget about moving to a foreign country and go live with the Amish or the Old Order Mennonites in Pennsylvania or in Ohio. That would be an option to consider. Of all groups of Christians, of all the various churches and denominations, the Amish and the Old Order Mennonites are the most separate from the secular culture and the least influenced by Hollywood/MadisonAve/ GovernmentPublicSchools/MainstreamMedia/Babylon.

          Why leave America at great expense and aggravation when the religious communities I mention are the best that America can offer in the way of old-word decency and security — especially if you’re a Christian like Cheryl is?

          She won’t find “Babylon” among the Amish and Old Order Mennonites, that’s for sure.

          1. Excellent advice, Troj. No need to leave America since semi-utopian communities lie tucked away in remote rural districts. The important thing perhaps, for disillusioned idealists like Cheryl, is to get away from the big cities and the madding crowds. You can make a start even in big cities by living a reclusive life without a television set. The biggest threat to sanity, after all, is the mass media.

            Trouble is, can we do without the internet? If you’re constantly surfing the web, goodbye Shangri-La! No TV, no movies, no magazines and newspapers, no computers or cell phones can ever belong in Shangri-La.

      1. Correct. I am a man older than 74. She would not be cut out for 7 years in submarines during Nam. We never quit when the game got tuff.

    2. Cheryl is a quitter.

      I don’t think that’s a fair comment; by that standard everyone who survived the sinking of the Titanic by getting on a lifeboat could also be called a “quitter.”

      She needs to get away from the rest of us who are doing what we can to make things better here.

      What are you going to do when China finally retaliates for Trump’s endless provocations e.g. by blocking the sale of pharmaceutical and nutritional raw materials to the U.S.? What are you going to do about the increasingly likely prospect of war with Russia and/or China that the U.S. “government” seems to be setting us up for?

      The fact that such critically important “foreign policy” issues are conspicuously absent from the political discourse in this election year should prove to anyone paying attention that the U.S. “government” has been completely subverted. For many Christians it may look a lot like the “government” has become an “image of the beast.”

      I would suggest the Philippines… they shoot people in the head on the spot for not wearing masks. She could stomp her foot there and see what happens. Or Australia they just throw folks in jail for it.

      Which would be nothing compared to what the Bible says is in store for “Mystery Babylon,” but even so there are other places besides the Philippines and Australia.

    3. @ Cheryl

      The first two things you need to consider in relocating to a foreign country are:

      (1) How much available income you have at your disposal per month in American dollars and whether this is sufficient to allow you a comfortable standard of living in your county of adoption. This is after you have paid rent and figured out how much you need per month for food and other essentials.

      (2) Medical coverage. How much it’s going to cost you if you need medical attention and dentistry.

      As usual, money is the most important factor to consider. If you’re rich, you’re Ok in any foreign country. If you’re poor, relocation is not advised. If you can find work from some Western company or school, that would help. Maybe you could get a job being a live-in tutor or governess for some rich local family where the children need to be good at spoken English.

      I would hide your religiosity. Any sign that you are fanatically Christian will go against you. Bible-thumping evangelists are generally unpopular in foreign countries and need to keep a low profile.

      Just my two cents.

      Good luck Cheryl and bon voyage!


        What a piece of sound advice! You should be the advisor to the President instead of Kushy and his wife ” The White House Barbie.”

    4. Hey Pat, I live in South Brisbane, Australia. It’s not bad here, the great majority of people don’t wear masks. I went shopping yesterday, no one was coughing, no one was sneezing, no one was dying on the footpaths, then I went to the local pub, everybody looked healthy and happy.
      Melbourne, Victoria, is run by lefties and communists.

  5. Get a grip, Cheryl! Make the best of a tough situation. What do you think this worldly existence IS if not tough? It goes just goes with the territory. We all suffer. Do it in silence. And if the wolf comes a knockin on your door…..blow its brains out!😠

  6. @ Cheryl:
    I’m 80 and travel the World, so I think I am qualified to provide some advice.
    Traveling has given me great perspective. One of my countries is Canada. I have 2 other country residences but if you haven’t traveled, spending a lot of time in each country one travels to, those may not be for you .
    I mention Canada because, I believe, from what I think I know about you, it might be your best bet. Not all of Canada is VERY Cold. The West Coast, (British Columbia) is a great province with great weather.So far there is nowhere near the insanity of the U.S., in Canada, although the Prime Minister is very immature and a junior puppet of the Rothschild also, My experience with him, however, is that he may relent to the PEOPLE rather than the Rothschild, over the longer term.
    I have never experienced “Lockdown” nor forced mask wearing,while in Canada, although the major city Toronto is a little problematic,I understand.I do not go into major cities to live,but I have family in Ontario (Toronto), as I do in South Carolina.
    My reason for mentioning Canada is that in some areas it is very much “OLD AMERICA” of the 50’s, so I am thinking you would be comfortable in Canada. You’re not 25 anymore 🙂 I can say that as a man of those many years 🙂
    There are some very interesting ACTIVE FREEDOM ideas ,taking Canadians back to COMMON LAW Jurisdictions, of former America,thanks also partially to the Indigenous “Pre-Canadians” (my terminology) which the U.S. Constitution was also FOUNDED upon, so you may well like that Political movement,I am sure :
    “CANADIANS have an EXCELLENT SOLUTION- The Common Law, REPUBLIC of KANATA. Anyone from ANY COUNTRY can join and become a CITIZEN. Here is how:
    ONE last suggestion DO NOT make your Photo public. It is too late to tell you that putting your phone number into the Public arena is ALSO NOT a good idea, these days.
    No matter how great “Dark Moon” is, AND it is, EVIL people are everywhere looking for victims.
    You may contact my Pseudonym email any time you may wish and inquire about other countries I have spent time in, including, Latin America and Africa.

  7. There is no place in the world where you can escape the zionists control, however that being said Montana, where I live, is the best of the places to live in these covid-19 scam times, and it is going to get worse and who knows what is going to happen as the zionists are satanists so nothing is off the table.

  8. Cheryl evidently is no patriot of the US.

    This is not to blame the woman: who is, after all? I know of only two “patriots” of the USA around here. One of them is a fool convinced that the Earth is flat, while the other is an idiot who maintains that nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a hoax for, you see, there is no such thing as nuclear bombs.

    What is unfolding in America is no fault of yours, folks. Just relax, seat tight, don’t try to escape, keep bashing the Jews, watch your TV… and everything will be just fine with everyone of you:

  9. Cheryl should consider moving to Gaza which is not too far from Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus (peace be upon him.)

    There are 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza (among whom 1,500 are Christians) who have been under siege for 13 years. Israel and Egypt have put Gazans under a starvation diet for the last 13 years. That way Cheryl will certainly shed a lot of weight in no time due to a shortage of food. Plus, she would appreciate living in America, as she would have no clean water and have electricity for only a few hours a day.

    My advice to Cheryl is, don’t do it! People in some countries are willing to give up everything and sell their belonging to come to America. Are you out of your mind!

    Just hang on! Better days for America are ahead.

  10. Cheryl, if you really insist, can I recommend Costa Rico! I heard C.R. is like Heaven on Earth. The weather is beautiful and the food is delicous., The people are nice and easy to deal with. They are very used to welcoming people from other countries. They understand you might not know their language well at first, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t full of good intentions. But I see you are ahead because you already takING Spanish. So you will be fluent in Spanish in time. I remember my German sister-in-law was stuck in Lebanon for two years during 1982 Israeli into Lebanon. Her husband, who is my younger brother was taken hostage by the IDF for tw years. No one spoke German to her. So she learned Arabic in no time. She did not learn how to read in write in Arabic. But and spoke the language without an accent. I was very proud of her.

  11. @ PAT
    HI PAT.Is this the same “PAT” who complimented me for a comment I made about 2 + weeks ago? That “PAT” used REASON to compliment me, but this “PAT” is NOT using REASON to, in effect, “denigrate” CHERYL !

    Do you look back now and understand that you were conned into INVADING and killing a PEOPLE ( Vietnamese/Vietcong ) who were NOT INVADING UNITED STATES and for that reason were NO THREAT to UNITED STATES and that the so-called WAR was a GRAB for POWER, based on a FALSE FLAG by the same type of American Government PEOPLE who are invading the MIDDLE EAST nations…AND for the same UNCONSTITUTIONAL and IMMORAL REASONS???

    Is it possible that CHERYL realizes the TYPE of PEOPLE we, and SHE, are dealing with in the American GOVERNMENTS, and wants no part of it BECAUSE she KNOWS they are TRAITORS to the REPUBLIC and further that being a WOMAN she doesn’t believe her responsibility is to FIGHT WARS which MEN start, especially in FOREIGN lands ???

    I personally, as an 80 year young man of my generation do NOT believe Women should be fighting WARS.They are, or SHOULD be, the TRUE PEACEMAKERS and actually they are all we have to STOP WARS. It requires MORE INTELLIGENCE to PREVENT or STOP WARS, than it does to START or FIGHT WARS.

    THAT ALL is why your comparison to experience in a Sub. in Vietnam, or anywhere else, for that matter, and her wanting to leave America, is not a proper comparison.

    We all do what we BELIEVE is RIGHT for the TIME and PLACE,including your DECISION to go to Vietnam and War upon ,what we now know were Victims of a BAD Government in America.Maybe she is making the RIGHT DECISION as a WOMAN

    JUST my thoughts PAT.

    1. Wow, you go FREESPIRIT!

      You’re mentally sharp for an 80-year young man. Your post is well-argued and we all make mistakes in life. You really hit Pat right between the eyes with your comment.

      I never knew until today that Pat was a Vietnam Vet. You should understand that Pat was then a high school age who was following orders, but now he is much wiser.

      1. ACTUALLY, MAHMOUD, I understand your interpretation,BUT, I was NOT TRYING TO “hit Pat right between the eyes”. He seems like a “straight shooter” to me, but like you say “we all make mistakes”. I could write a book on mine 😉

        By the way my Muslim friends, in AFRICA long ago honored me with an Islamic name- FAROOQ. If you are Muslim you will know the meaning of that name.

        They, knew I am ATHEIST

        Take care now

    2. @Freespirit

      Is it possible that CHERYL realizes the TYPE of PEOPLE we, and SHE, are dealing with in the American GOVERNMENTS, and wants no part of it BECAUSE she KNOWS they are TRAITORS to the REPUBLIC and further that being a WOMAN she doesn’t believe her responsibility is to FIGHT WARS which MEN start, especially in FOREIGN lands ???

      It is possible, but not likely. As far as I can tell, no one has invaded the US since Sheryl was born, which means that all wars conducted by the US in her lifetime were wars in FOREIGN lands. But she didn’t mind that at all… as long as everything was hunky-dory in the US, did she.

      If she is not totally stupid, she probably had some hunches that everything was hunky-dory in the US precisely due to those wars of aggression and the looting of the world made possible by those wars, every one of which was started by the American GOVERNMENTS for the benefit of her, of you, of Pat… and every other American, in the final analysis.

      But as soon as things went “south”, she decided that she wants no part of it and it’s time for her to go south too. Who is then the traitor – Cheryl to the government or the government to Cheryl?

      I, for one, couldn’t care less; in my view, “Cheryls” and the government are simply different parts of one and the same criminal syndicate called the USA.

      What we are witnessing here is the proverbial rats fleeing the sinking and stinking ship.

      1. Circassian,

        So you are admitting that you actually are totally stupid, then, since you once decided to be part of all that ‘greatness’ you described just now?

        It’s either that or you’re not totally stupid but just a spineless weasely parasite.

        So which is it, boy? 😁

      2. Cheryl is doing what CHERYL has a RIGHT to do.

        At 74 she has proven her RIGHT and owes no one any Justification nor explanation

      3. 1138,

        You sound quite agitated. I suggest you to calm down, abstain from making any comments for a couple of days, then come back and ask your questions in polite manner.

        Can you do that for me, brother?

  12. Cheryl,
    You can run but you cannot hide. If you must leave the US contact Whitney Webb at mintpress dot com.
    She is a young American women living in Chile. Whitney is a world class researcher and writer for mintpress. She may be able to help you relocate to Chile. 2nd choice would be Uruguay also in South America. Uruguay is the most European of all the SA countries in culture and race. The people are laid back and are food sufficient.
    If you must stay in the US and cannot get out, relocate to the Pacific NW East of the Cascade Mts. In Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho. Lewiston, Idaho would be a good choice. Get our a road map and use the internet to learn about any of the small towns and cities in the area all the way from the Calf. boarder to Canada.
    My advise, save your money and aggravation and move to the inland Pacific NW.
    Also ignore most of the advise and comments on darkmoon. They mean well for the most part, but like to show off how erudite they all are.

  13. Pat was 20 years old when he joined the U.S. Navy [ in 1965 ] , so he was past high school age. He was 20 years old in 1965 when he joined the Navy which means he was born in 1945 which means he’s now 75 years old, he’s one year older than ‘Cheryl’ who is 74 years old [ so she was born in 1946 — and grew up to be a typical Boomer ].

    And also Pat was very wise when he was young, he was a very smart kid [ another typical Boomer ]. Heck, he knew everything there is to know about everything by the time he was 7 years old, which would be the year 1952. He was preaching to The Elders in The Temple by the time he was 7 years old — in 1952, the same year as
    *It’s In The Book* 1952! Pat preaching in The Temple in 1952 at 7 years old and *It’s In The Book* 1952 , there’s a strong correlation there! 😊 :

    1. TROJ –
      You are closer than MEY, but get only a ciggy-butt… 🙂
      I joined in1966… much older than 20…. with numerous years of college already… mainly science and med. I had no patience for the patients!

      1. PAT,

        I’m sorry, I thought you were born in 1945. I thought you joined the Navy in 1965 at the age of 20. I guess I misread the post when you explained to everyone at what age you joined the Navy. My bad, I guess. It’s always my fault, isn’t it. Well never mind that.

        For someone of your age your tone of voice is a MUCH younger tone of voice, like the tone of voice of a 40 year old, so Kudos to you…. how much !FUN! it is to have conversations with you.

        I was raised the old-fashioned way. I was raised to respect my elders, so I will be nice to you from now on. 🙂

    2. TROJ
      For an “expert” on our buddy Pat your memory isn’t so good. I remember Pat making a reference to being in a political capacity of some sort in 1956. Most likely he couldn’t have been much younger than 15 or so at the time, which would mean happy 80th birthday by no later than some time next year…..How’s that for a guess, brother? 😁

      P.S. You and I are on a parallel course. I’m approaching 70 and enjoying the grandkids up here in the high mountains, with no intention of moving…. I’ll live here till I die.

  14. Cheryl,
    it wouldn’t occur to me in million years to judge you and your choices, the judges’ bench seems severely overcrowded by uber-righteous eminences of pristine-pure integrity, whacking their gavels all over the place, had it been medieval times you’d have been burnt at the stake a dozen times by now.

    But in case you missed it, I mentioned a few offshore options chosen for their un-American atmosphere.
    Though I cheer for Trump and America’s feeble attempts to extricate itself from Kabbalist nightmare, I have come to a turn where any exposure to Anglo-Judean mindset and behavior revolts me to the core, a proper phobia.
    I may wish them the best of luck but even more do I wish for at least 8 time zones’ separation.
    More or less ditto for the travesty of Christianity seen in the west, I feel much more comfortable alone with Christ surrounded by non-Christians of the Far East, at least they are not pseudo-or-anti-Christian.

    I think that “omnia mea mecum porto” applies here.

    And ignore the baying crowds and multitudes, the buzzing of locusts, though they may be in season, that too will pass.

  15. “I hate the United States, aka Hammer of the Whole Earth, Destroyer of the Whole Earth, and Destroying Mountain, that God says “I will turn you into a burning mountain and roll you down.”
    since you’re so religious, i’d suggest you just go to a convent and turn yourself in there… if you’re trying to find a country with no record, you’re chasing a rainbow… i think you just want to get out of society…
    of course if you really do hate the usa, you could go join the taliban or whatever, be of of their bitches for a while… i bet you’d see things differently after a few months of that…
    “My first choice actually is to go to South America, but I’m open to any suggestions or advice anyone has on where to go.”
    right, they’ve had about 600 revolutions down there in the last 100 years or so… millions of people tortured, murdered, ‘disappeared’, kids nailed to barn doors… the federales fly the bodies out over the ocean and dump them… that’s all a big wonderful place… they tie you on beds with no mattress and hook the jumper cables to each end of the bed, you’ll give the springs a real workout by the time they’ve burned all the skin off your back… cops use cattle prods to make people sign confessions, ‘suspects’ show up in court with their guts hanging out their asses… narco gangsters run everything… yeah, you’ll do ok there… i wouldn’t let anybody know you’re from the us though… if they get the idea you nave money here, they kidnap you, tie you to a chair until somebody pays… you’re pretty old so you probably won’t get drugged in a bar and wake up in a motel room in a bathtub of ice with a kidney missing… i’d go live in tejuana for a while first… it gets worse from there…
    “I’m not picky where I go – as long as it is out of the United States, and also none of the territories with U.S. military bases.”
    you’re really cutting your options there lady… we have about 600 of those too all over the world, and that’s just the official ones… if that’s what you’re thinking, you might as well stay here… but for safety’s sake i would suggest you find a well organized white country, like norway or finland… japan good too… singapore pretty orderly, but rough on jaywalkers… hopefully the racial ratio hasn’t been totally ruined yet by a lot of imbecilic female politicians making half-baked decisions on whatever self-centered emotional lunacy… ring any bells?
    not australia though… first they got this –
    now it’s this –
    “Do you look back now and understand that you were conned into INVADING and killing a PEOPLE ( Vietnamese/Vietcong ) who were NOT INVADING UNITED STATES and for that reason were NO THREAT to UNITED STATES”?
    not saying the vietnam war was exactly ideal as wars go, but you’re reasoning is faulty…. are you saying there is no moral obligation to help someone in need, would you ignore a crime in progress against a helpless victim, if the perpetrator was ‘no threat’ to you? i hope not… and i can tell you you’d get no respect if you did… it’s easy to second guess the boss… try being him for a while…

  16. Troj said:

    God is SMART ENOUGH, PERCEPTIVE ENOUGH, OBSERVANT ENOUGH, LOVING ENOUGH, to SEE that you hate Babylon and will NOT punish you.

    Yes, the content of one’s heart decides one’s ultimate fate; but don’t forget we have a God given mind too – to be used effectively. Wanton stupidity WILL be punished.

    It is far too late for Cheryl to move away from the US. The Demonic Controllers game plan was obvious in February of this year.

    Now time is short, logic would dictate moving to the rural areas of the US, stock up on food and defense. Ideally do so with like-minded people. Seek out a community. Dump your cell phone before you leave. Cell phones will be use to track and invisibly kill dissidents :

    5G directed energy weapon. “Dr. Katherine Horton:Defeating 5G as a mass DEW Terraforming platform” Youtube id: zvQ3Eb2j2jw

    1. Heard through the grapevine…..

      There are TWO factions of Annunaki vying for world supremacy to be the top (rabid) dog. One has held the upper hand starting with the Federal Reserve Act and moving forward to WW1, the depression of the 1930’s, and WW2 and beyond to the present day. The cumulative effect has weakened the U.S. to the POINT of it becoming the “hammer”. This faction planned all along for America to be the HQ and launching pad of the “NWO”. But because Americans hadn’t become passive enough, the HQs were moved to China, whose populace have long been accustomed to stability. To fill a vacuum, this OTHER faction filled the void, and are the ones who were successful in (s)electing the present POTUS, Donald Trump. Hilary and the Democrats currently “led” by the Trojan Horse Joe Biden are for all 8nrmtents and purposes Chinese agents, who if they get in power will put the fi ishing touches on the implementation of the NWO.

      Bottom line: Trump staying in power will at least forestall this full implementation. But fo how long? And whither this faction backing Trump?

      1. To clarify, when I say a “weakened” America, I mean it in the sense of a general weakening all over the World due to this parasitic scourge

      2. Stability? That was a typo in my above post. My bad for not catching it. The word should be “servility”.

  17. in “Trump vs. Biden: Don’t Vote For Either of These Criminals” thread, the overwhelming majority stated that they won’t bother voting, waste of time, nothing can make any difference.
    Same in response to “Why I vote“, nearly everyone proudly asserted that they don’t give two shits about the election, so much talk about Palestinians and American embassy shifting from one irrelevant place to another, it was the uppermost concern, while the annual body counts did not matter in the slightest, give or take ten thousand dead neither here nor there, all part of (mysterious only to me but obvious to others) kabuki theater, unlike the embassy address, was the door shingle 8 inches by 12 inches or 2.5 feet by four, what kind of lighting, etc, things that truly mattered to the cognoscenti of deep truth.

    And now, when someone actually wants to leave this disfigured America due to its profound moral decay and outright homicidal psychosis, sprouting Cancel-metastases, everyone is suddenly up in arms accusing her of some kind of treason and treachery, abandoning sacred home and hearth of forefatherspersons, everyone waving the Old Glory in smoke of wildfires and Antifa rampage, everyone suddenly humungously patriotic—what gives?

    New Normal, I guess or to paraphrase St Elie, “some things don’t make any sense rabbi but are perfectly normal and some things are completely reasonable but violate community standards”.

    1. Lobro
      There are plenty of places in what BECAME KNOWN AS THE USA for her to relocate without even THINKING of it as the USA with all those negative attributes associated with it. At this stage of the worldly game it’s not WHERE you are that matters, but HOW you are.

  18. “Elderly American Lady Disillusioned with America Seeks Advice on Somewhere Else to Live”

    Here’s the only advice I can offer: DON’T come knocking on MY door!

  19. Ex-SouthAfrican “sterkte ou Boet! Vasbyt !”
    I might add that there are many ex -South African whites of the same vintage in very similar positions just here in the UK. Our position is unique in this crazy world. I arrived here a long time ago and the England I heard of, the land of our “Janet and John” reading books , was nowhere! Trying to assimilate was nigh on impossible as we had nothing in common with people our own age. Talking to people about our experiences was met with slack jawed disbelief and comments of “Bollocks” can’t be, that could not of happened we would have heard of that on the BBC !”
    My experience along with many others mirrors Ex South Africans’ experience. ” So you were worth millions huh, so why are you here? Such a beautiful house nice cars, servants? Sure you had it! Pull the other one!”
    Murders? Rapes? Never heard about them!
    “Fought against USSR? East German Air Force? Cuban proxies? Battle of Cassinga? Cuito Cuanavale? Never met Nelson Mandelas’ troops anywhere except in the UK living high on the hog thanks to the anti-apartheid movement?
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    So we now just smile and wave boys, Smile and wave…………

  20. It’s easy enough to fly to a country of choice. The problem is getting residence wherever you end up. You have to be able to show that you will be able to support yourself. Will you have enough money to feed and house yourself for the rest of your life? Depending on Social Security is probably not a good idea. There is going to be huge financial instability in the world from now on and the dollar, and most fiat currencies, are headed for oblivion after a period of hyperinflation. There are very few places that a person of relatively modest means will be able to comfortably live out their days. However, if you are set on leaving you need to do a few scouting trips first. It’s no good just showing up with all your worldly possessions and then trying to figure out what to do. You mentioned that you can speak some Spanish so Latin America could be the place to go. I’d suggest three possible destinations: Uruguay, Mexico and Nicaragua. Uruguay is the most similar to Europe and most stable but would probably require the most resources to get set up. Mexico is the most convenient and has many nice, relatively peaceful areas despite the bad reputation from the drug wars. Nicaragua is probably the most affordable but has the least developed infrastructure. You’d be wise to have some of your assets in gold coins and cryptocurrencies. Most important though is to do your homework first in preparation. Do not just pick a place that you have read about and go there thinking that you are all set. The truth is that there are very few places left in the world for a white person of relatively modest means to escape to now. As some have suggested you might consider trying to find a community somewhere within the US far from urban areas. It’s the community that you end up living in that is the most important thing rather than just the physical location. Moving to an alien environment when you are older is tough.
    Best of luck.

    cbiu = citizenship by investment unit

    What you need is a good banking agent. Look up “banking agent” on google, accompanied by the name of a country, and you’ll find all the information you need. Don’t just talk to random people on the Internet.

    Many countries offer permanent residency and even citizenship by investment: The above is an example, one of the least expensive in the world, and a very nice country, as far as one can tell. I had a company there for a while. (Note: the island of Dominica is an independent country in the Caribbean, nothing to do with the Dominican Republic.)

    And if everything goes awry, never fear: when you wake up broke and stranded as the direct result of telling random strangers that you’ve got MONEY — how naive can you get? — the hundreds of millions of Americans whom you consider so much inferior to yourself, will, in the persona of the State Department, loan you the money to return home on. They issue a special passport valid only for one-way travel to the USA, and if you don’t pay back the loan, they impound the passport and charge you with “misappropriating government property”, a 3-year felony.
    Obviously, the easiest way to get foreign permanent residence is to marry a citizen of a foreign country. That’s what I did.

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