In the Secret Garden



In the secret garden
Lady all alone
Brooding in the shadows, 
Eyes of frozen stone,
Thinking of dead summers 
Long, long agone 
Now your song is over 
And life’s dance is done.

In the secret garden 
See the sad heart break;
See the noonday demons
Toil and moil and make
Misery and madness
Forge the world’s heartache;
See the Lords of Chaos

Kill God for your sake.

Hear the violin sobbing
In the twilight street,
Poignant and heartrending,
Carol bittersweet;
In the bleak midwinter
Where no lambs bleat,
Frosty winds moaning
In time with your heartbeat.

See the tears spilling  
Down your lovely cheek,
In your wisdom knowing
Everything must break.
What can I do for you 
Lady for your sake?
How can saddest singing 

Soothe the soul and slake?

These tears are all the sweeter
For the sobbing violin
That in the secret garden
Pierce the heart within
And pluck the roots of ravin
From the soil of sin.
—Goodbye, my weeping angel,
My sister and soul kin.

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