“Iran Must Begin Acting Like a Normal Nation”, Says Totally Normal Nation

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January 13, 2020

“We want Iran to behave like a normal nation!”
— Secretary of State Mike Pompeio

The government which runs a globe-spanning empire led by a reality TV host keeps talking about the lack of normality in the nation of Iran.

“What we want all countries to join in,” said State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus in a recent Fox News interview, “is to help us not only to de-escalate any tensions with Iran, but to help us bring Iran to a place where they are ready to stop their terrorist and malign behavior, and where they are ready to discuss with the United States, with Europe, with everyone, about how they can change their behavior to act like a normal nation.”

“We want Iran to simply behave like a normal nation,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a press statement the other day. “We believe that the sanctions we imposed today further that strategic objective.”

These would be the additional sanctions which have been expanded to include virtually the entire Iranian economy, deliberately targeting Iran’s already sanction-starved populace, with the explicit goal of fomenting a civil war in that nation.

Which is of course a perfectly normal thing to do, from a perfectly normal nation.

This would be the same Iran whose cultural heritage sites were threatened with destruction if it retaliated for the totally normal assassination of its top military official via flying robot. The same Iran whose financial system was just threatened with destruction using the totally normal hegemony of American central banking. Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.

So what can Iran do to become a “normal nation”? Well, since it’s the United States making this demand, we can safely assume that it’s the model Iran should look to.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to expand its interests from the region and begin toppling noncompliant governments and invading nations all around the world.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to circle the planet with hundreds of Iranian military bases.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to obtain thousands of nuclear weapons, and actually use a couple of them.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to become the most dominant military, economic and cultural force in the world, and then use that dominance to destroy any government, political party, ideology, faction, movement or person who stands in its way.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to arm violent extremist factions all around the world with the goal of eliminating all governments that refuse to bow to its interests.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to become the dominant producer of films, music and TV shows and use this influence to propagandize its power structure’s ideology to every possible cultural sphere.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to begin meddling in scores of democratic elections all around the world and then crying for years at the possibility of any nation returning the favor.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to shore up economic control of the world so that it can crush any sort of disobedience by starving civilians and depriving them of medical care while pretending that it’s a force for peace.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to indefinitely occupy a vast region on the other side of the planet with thousands upon thousands of troops and trillions of dollars in military equipment, to no benefit of a single ordinary Iranian, and against the will of the people who live there.

In order to become a normal nation, Iran will need to create a presidency led by a reality TV star oligarch . . . 

I am kidding, of course.

The US government does not want Iran to become like the US.

The US government does not want any nation to become like the US.

The US likes its abnormality among nations just the way it is, thank you very much.

The US is the exception to all its own rules. That’s how American exceptionalism works. This is one of those “do as I say, not as I do” situations.

The US doesn’t want Iran to be like America. The US wants Iran to be like the other nations which have allowed themselves to be absorbed into the blob of the US-centralized empire.

The US would be perfectly happy for Iran to begin acting like Saudi Arabia: arming terrorist factions, beheading heretics, committing war crimes and deliberately creating humanitarian disasters for geostrategic convenience, yet aligning fully with US military, financial, and resource control agendas.

The US would be perfectly happy for Iran to begin acting like Israel: a nuclear-armed military outpost which constantly bombs adjacent nations, interferes in the US and other nations’ politics to shore up support, and works toward the slow extermination of its indigenous population and fires upon protesters with live ammunition.

The US would be perfectly happy for Iran to begin acting like Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand or the EU: obedient military/intelligence assets who function as extra American states when it comes to foreign policy and international affairs.

That is what the US means by acting “normal”.  Not acting moral. Not acting healthy. Certainly not acting like the US. It means acting obedient, compliant, and enslaved.

Which is precisely what Iran is resisting.


VIDEO   :   1.18 mins

46 thoughts to ““Iran Must Begin Acting Like a Normal Nation”, Says Totally Normal Nation”

  1. Anybody who doesn’t support Israel is Abnormal. No. Wicked, Cruel, Blood thirsty Monster, Nazi, Hitler, etc.
    So we all (Goyim) are Abnormal. We all are Nazi.
    Heil Hitler.

  2. This is what a NORMAL nation does to its citizens: https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Police-Remove-Housing-Rights-Activists-From-Oakland-Home–20200114-0024.html

    I don’t think there is a single OTHER nation in the world, besides that OTHER NORMAL nation called Israel, that uses its POLICIA to do the dirty work for its 1%, or in Israel’s case its 99%. Clearing homes and settlements of their occupants that is.

    Here in Argentina, the one significant instance was when their obedient poodle our ex-presidente Macri cleared a hippie community called Velatropa at the Ciudad Universitaria in Buenos Aires during the G20 summit. What do you expect from a Yankee and Israeli lover?

    NORMAL pathological behavior!

    1. That is through direct military intervention. If you factor in indirect military intervention you have to include the Bolshevik revolution, and Mao’s Chinese revolution, with 100 million deaths in between them. Both were aided and abetted by the powers that be in the good Old JuSA.
      It is also known that the CIA of Bush Bonesman Vampire introduced crack cocaine into the streets of East LA to finance the rebellion in Nicaragua. Pablo Escobar was a CIA asset. Direct estimates of the deaths implied over the years are not accessible to me.
      Then you have the HIV and Ebola viruses developed in the military labs of Franklin, Maryland according to reliable sources

  3. WWII is often referred to as The Good War. Unfortunately that is a carefully crafted myth. In Germany’s War: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WWII, John Wear reviews the evidence scrutinizing the actions of both the Allies and Axis armies. He exposes the Allied falsification and exaggeration of German atrocities during WWII. Extreme and false anti-German propaganda was necessary to implement the highly successful Allied plan to conquer, control, and mass murder the German people.


    1. Yes, everyone should read John Wear’s Germany’s War for a clear understanding of WWII history. If you understand and appreciate the importance of history, this is a most important account of what really happened and how it has impacted our world today.

  4. Thanks to internet and so forth Iranians have access to the joy of The Enemy of Humanity’s wares.
    Look at how happy and fulfilled Americans are. How superbly growing in demeanor and hope their children are…Now Iran, chaste behavior, no child molestation admired, no forcing little boys and girls to be helped by Medical profession to change at age 4 into the opposite sex. Homosexual marriage, abortion, DIEversity and so much more… their money not being taken and given to Israel.

    And on and on…
    America is a hell, as is London and increasingly France, Sweden, even Denmark, Holland.
    If you don’t understand how this is all happening then you can just go back to sleep.
    The Darkmoon website will only upset you.

    “A nation that has been defeated and come under the rule of another nation will quickly perish.”
    Ibn Khaldūn (1332–1406) and the US and other white nations have been defeated.
    Syria, Lebanon and Iran have not been

    As Jewish David Cole admitted recently in Takimag:

    When it came to defeating Hitler, the attitude of influential American Jews in politics, academia, and the press was that Germany had to be destroyed, regardless of the collateral damage to Jews. There are far too many Jews who think they’re still fighting that war, not against Hitler per se, but against the West that gave rise to him, a white Christian world that must be defeated to finish the fight from eighty years ago. And again, the collateral damage is expected and accepted. It’s not a consciously understood agenda.

    It’s just a long-simmering paranoia about how whites, who gave us our last really serious pantsing in the ’40s, are always coiled to strike again.

    Leftist Jews will tolerate the violence from predatory ghetto rats and Third World immigrants, because such untermenschen are seen as necessary evils in the fight to destroy a greater evil.

    The importation of immigrants from uncivilized nations is an essential element in the destruction of the West. That many of those immigrants are deeply and innately anti-Jewish is something leftist Jews understand and indulge.

    It is not necessary to make a hell of this world to enjoy paradise in the next. God made this world GOOD, it is others who have made it so unhealthy today. In all forms of unhealthiness.

  5. I am happy to announce that another nail has been hammered just a few hours ago into the coffin of the unipolar world order:


    Russia going free – or Russia stopping acting like a normal nation, in the parlance of fat-ass Pompeo – spells death to the Anglo-American, truly evil, empire.

    “The bomb” that has just exploded in Kremlin took the Medvedev’s cabinet down. The shock-waves from this explosion will reverberate all over the world.

    The event has been seen in Russia, and rightfully so, as “Stalingrad moment” – no less.

    1. What’s going on in Russia?
      The whole government just resigned, except for Putin!
      Why would all the ministers resign, what’s up with that?

      1. (OFF-TOPIC . . . BUT RELATED)

        @ Pat

        While we’re talking about Russia, let me ask you a question.

        What do you have to say about the great Russian nuclear physicist Dimitri Khalezov? And, how long after the Great Russian nuclear physicist Dimitri Khalezov proved NUKES were used in NYC on 9/11 did you start the “Nukes Don’t Exist” meme?

        2 days after? 3 days after? How come you never said “Nukes Don’t Exist” BEFORE Dimitri Khalezov came on the scene? How come your “Nukes Don’t Exist” meme started RIGHT AFTER the Great Russian nuclear physicist proved 9/11 Was A NUCLEAR EVENT?

        Thank you for entertaining my questions. I bet you find my questions very entertaining. I certainly find my questions a lot of fun! 🙂 .

      2. TROJ –

        ‘Put-On’ is NOT part of the Russian government. He IS Head of State!

        ’Put-On’ can **DISMISS the whole Russian government…!!
        In Russia, the President is SEPARATE from the Government.
        The President is ‘Head of State.’
        The Government of the Russian Federation shall consist of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairmen of the Government and federal ministers.


        **The President has the right to decide independently to dismiss the government.
        The Constitution does not stipulate the grounds for making such a decision.
        This means that the President can decide this matter himself.
        The President in Russia appoints ‘The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation’ aka Prime Minister.

        If the Duma refuses the President’s choices THREE times; The President is REQUIRED to appoint one WITHOUT approval and TOSS OUT the whole damned Duma and call an election for ALL NEW members of the Duma…!!


        “How come you never said “Nukes Don’t Exist” BEFORE Dimitri Khalezov came on the scene?”

        I did. You musta been over on your flat-earth then! 🙂

      3. ‘It is not October, but it is Russian Revolution’ – Galloway on Russian government resignation


        George has got it mostly right. But I would distill it even further. The Iran provocation has shown that the fight with the bully is inevitable, so the logic of unfolding events is leaving no other option for Putin but to make the move, for which he has been preparing the occupied country for the last 20 years, HERE and NOW.

        Streets of Leningrad taught me one thing:
        If the fight is INEVITABLE – strike FIRST


      4. Gosh, where have we all heard that one before?

        So, you don’t see any difference between what US has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya on the one side, and what Russia has done in Syria – on the other?

        I don’t believe for a second that you are that dumb. If you are, here are a couple of hints for you.

        (1) US has destroyed those three countries for no reason whatsoever, except that it wanted to destroy them because it felt that it could do it without any retaliation. The heads of those countries did not invite the US to come and destroy their countries.

        (2) Assad – the head of Syria – has asked for help from Russia to defend his country from ISIS (created by US by the way). Russia did not destroy Syria; Russia preserved the sovereignty of Syria. Without this help, Syria would have shared the fate of those three countries, while Assad would be hanged like Saddam or killed like Qaddafi. And the US would not stop there.

        The punch in the f*cking face, received by the bully from Russia in Syria, is one of the many reasons why the US is pissed off at Putin; and if it could, it would not hesitate for a second to do the same thing to him what it has done to Saddam and Qaddafi.

      5. Circassian, are you asking me or telling me?
        Or both.
        I’d guess both and I knew that before you even asked/told me. Pretty good ciphering, eh..

      6. Circassian, but to respond to your lesson, I’ll just say yes I know all that. Who doesn’t know all that? My point is they both say the same thing from their respective positions of power and influence. Politics.

        I’m not waving the flag for the Evil Empire, I’m looking at the situation sitting in a detached from partisan brainwashing seat. Realistic ciphering in lieu of that bravado you wear on your sleeve. Which is fine but don’t expect everyone to ooooo and aaaaaa at your fanciful pronouncements.

        “If it could” lol. If the evil empire actually wanted to remove Russia and Russia’s very small military presence from Syria they could do it relatively quickly and easily and you’re not dumb enough to believe otherwise. You’re not dumb at all, rather playing your bad hand the best you can. That’s ok too..

      7. “If it could” lol. If the evil empire actually wanted to remove Russia and Russia’s very small military presence from Syria they could do it relatively quickly and easily and you’re not dumb enough to believe otherwise.

        Very well. But the evil empire did not remove Russia and Russia’s very small military presence from Syria, did it? Would you care to explain to us why not?

        You’re not dumb at all, rather playing your bad hand the best you can.

        I wouldn’t have it any other way: there is no glory in winning with good hand for even a dumb person can win with overwhelming hand.

        How good was Russia’s hand in the face of the headlong attack of the vegetarian dog that was raised, fed, trained, financed by the Anglo-Americans and unleashed on Russia? Not too good. Now, would you say that the evil empire actually wanted the Nazis to be defeated by Russia? I hope that you are not that dumb. If you are, check this out:


        What our western “allies” wanted was to use the hapless Germans to destroy Stalin’s Russia with all the financial, military, diplomatic help they could supply to the Nazis behind the scene, and then shoot the mad dog. But it didn’t work out as planned.

        Over one thousand year history of Russia is the history of winning with bad hands. And this time will be no exception from the rule.

      8. Circassian, I’m not privy to the Evil Empire’s detailed plans and neither are you. I just know Ming the Merciless could achieve this and you know it too.

        As for WW2 the U.S. played both sides. The U.S. supplied Russia with some 5,000 P-39s alone, among other massive amounts of war machines and material. Can you say Lend-Lease? Sure you can. Not to mention restraining Patton near the end. He would have made it to Moscow if not restrained and begged to do as much.

        “This might mean war with the Russians, but what of it? They have no Air Force anymore , their gasoline and ammunition supplies are low. I’ve seen their miserable
        supply trains; mostly wagons draw by beaten up old horses or oxen. I’ll say this ; the Third Army alone with very little help and with damned few casulaties, could lick what is left of the Russians in six weeks.”

        You’re excellent at seeing one side of the story, of this there is no doubt.
        Confidence and spirit are good but like pretty much everything they’re also limiting when enjoyed in excess.

  6. The author, MS. Johnstone has condemned our great leaders with their own language. Listening to the stooge read his lines is revealing. Sanctions is used often. It ‘s a clever, new word , which I think used to be blockade. This is an act of war, is it not? Was to Japan. And the Confederacy . But then they were not normal.

    I recall how the holy state of Israel reacted when the USA Presbyterian church declared sanctions , BDS in an American plebiscite against them just because they were being Israelis , following biblical mandates.
    Governors , ambitious and opportunistic with zeal for political expedience have created unconstitutional laws with the blessing from jewish enclaves and local churches . They were approved unanimously and with the traditional , silent consent of congress . President apologized with renewed promise of support . But Israel is not satisfied . Which is normal.

    Most interesting was the reference to “cultural heritage sites.” And “strategic goals “! ? Sounds like another undeclared war to me. But then I’m not normal either. And these are serious people , who know how to hurt you. Or are these Hollywood actors dramatizing a psychopathic fantasy? Could just be CIA subtlety informing all that we are at war with another intransigent terrorist nation ,

    who refuses the most polite ultimatum a nation of peace and love can afford. Forced servitude , impoverishment , abject slavery , abjuration of culture and identity prolonged humiliation and economic disaster and general devaluation of life go without saying of course . And anything of value will be expropriated and have new owners , who know how to exploit it for mammon. Which is normal.

    The cultural and heritage sites explicitly provoke a resolute and righteous military response . These are not normal to us mongrelized, sanguinary , Self righteous , morbid, promiscuous , progenitors of anti culture and eternal debt.

    1. https://youtu.be/a8QvqJxAqm0
      The ads are annoying but I thought the video was worth sharing.
      You have these companies Google amazon etc now regulating information. As if governance by a government overshadowed by its own creepy government is not enough. The very existence of these companies was made possible by massive increase in money supply. Amazon should have gone bankrupt in the early 2000s. But they were able to raise money through means which are not available to the masses.
      Now they are usurping the first amendment and of course nobody seems to care.
      There is no bigger danger to a populace than currency debasement. The Kabal has discovered the philosopher’s stone, as a consequence, the human being is a mere commodity. We have gone beyond the Orwellian 1984.

  7. This is for my orange brother Donald:


    Video has emerged of Russian president Vladimir Putin and Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad having a laugh at President Trump’s expense during Putin’s visit to Damascus last week. “If Trump arrives along this road [to Damascus], everything will become normal with him too,” Assad said, according to a translation of the conversation. Putin then quipped that Trump would jump at the offer and if not, he’ll convince him to visit the country’s capital. “It will be repaired… invite him. He will come.” Assad replied that he’s ready to invite Trump. Putin then smiles and says, “I will tell him.” The inspiration for the joke was the biblical story of the Apostle Paul, who was struck blind by God while on a road to Damascus, only later to be transformed into a follower of Christ.

    1. ADMIN: Comment found in ‘Spam’ and released for publication

      It is really quite funny. What this video shows is that these leaders, Putin and Assad, truly understands Christianity much more deeply than that orange clown who professes to be a Christian or at least those 70 million evangelicals believe that he is one of them.

      But more seriously, the “Apostle Paul” is THE KEY to the Jewish takeover of the nascent Christian movement. Remember he was Saul before he “converted” to Christianity. Here are the words from “Hitler’s Table Talk” book (pages 76-79):

      //Originally, Christianity was merely an incarnation of Bolshevism the destroyer. Nevertheless, the Galilean, who later was called the Christ, intended something quite different. he must be regarded as a popular leader who took up his position against Jewry. Galilee was a colony where the Romans had probably installed Gallic legionaries, and it’s certain that Jesus was not a Jew. The Jews, by the way, regarded him as the son of a whore—of a whore and a Roman soldier.

      The decisive falsification of Jesus’s doctrine was the work of St. Paul. He gave himself to this work with subtlety and for purposes of personal exploitation. For the Galilean’s object was to liberate his country from Jewish oppression. He set himself against Jewish capitalism, and that’s why the Jews liquidated him.

      Paul of Tarsus (his name was Saul, before the road to Damascus) was one of those who persecuted Jesus most savagely. When he learnt that Jesus’s supporters let their throats be cut for his ideas, he realised that, by making intelligent use of the Galilean’s teaching, it would be possible to overthrow this Roman State which the Jews hated. It’s in this context that we must understand the famous “illumination”. Think of it, the Romans were daring to confiscate the most sacred thing the Jews possessed, the gold piled up in their temples! At that time, as now, money was their god.

      On the road to Damascus, St. Paul discovered that he could succeed in ruining the Roman State by causing the principle to triumph of the equality of all men before a single God—and by putting beyond the reach of the laws his private notions, which he alleged to be divinely inspired. If, into the bargain, one succeeded in imposing one man as the representative on earth of the only God, that man would possess boundless power.

      The ancient world had its gods and served them. But the priests interposed between the gods and men were servants of the State, for the gods protected the City. In short, they were the emanation of a power that the people had created. For that society,the idea of an only god was unthinkable. In this sphere, the Romans were tolerance itself. The idea of a universal god could seem to them only a mild form of madness—for, if three peoples fight one another, each invoking the same god, this means that, at any rate, two of them are praying in vain.

      Nobody was more tolerant than the Romans. Every man could pray to the god of his choice, and a place was even reserved in the temples for the unknown god. Moreover, every man prayed as he chose, and had the right to proclaim his preferences.

      St. Paul knew how to exploit this state of affairs in order to conduct his struggle against the Roman State. Nothing has changed ; the method has remained sound. Under cover of a pretended religious instruction, the priests continue to incite the faithful against the State.

      The religious ideas of the Romans are common to all Aryan peoples. The Jew, on the other hand, worshiped and continues to worship, then and now, nothing but the golden calf. The Jewish religion is devoid of all metaphysics and has no foundation but the most repulsive materialism. That’s proved even in the concrete representation they have of the Beyond-— which for them is identified with Abraham’s bosom.

      It’s since St. Paul’s time that the Jews have manifested themselves as a religious community, for until then they were only a racial community. St. Paul was the first man to take account of the possible advantages of using a religion as a means of propaganda. If the Jew has succeeded in destroying the Roman Empire, that’s because St. Paul transformed a local movement of Aryan opposition to Jewry into a supra-temporal religion, which postulates the equality of all men amongst themselves, and their obedience to an only god. This is what caused the death of the Roman Empire. . . .

      It was only later, under the influence of the Germanic spirit, that Christianity gradually lost its openly Bolshevistic character. It became, to a certain degree, tolerable. Today, when Christianity is tottering, the Jew restores to pride of place Christianity in its Bolshevistic form.

      The Jew believed he could renew the experiment. Today as once before, the object is to destroy nations by vitiating their racial integrity. It’s not by chance that the Jews, in Russia, have systematically deported hundreds of thousands of men, delivering the women, whom the men were compelled to leave behind, to males imported from other regions. They practised on a vast scale the mixture of races.

      In the old days, as now, destruction of art and civilisation. The Bolsheviks of their day, what didn’t they destroy in Rome, in Greece and elsewhere? They’ve behaved in the same way amongst us and in Russia.
      One must compare the art and civilisation of the Romans— their temples, their houses—with the art and civilisation represented at the same period by the abject rabble of the catacombs.

      In the old days, the destruction of the libraries. Isn’t that what happened in Russia? The result: a frightful levelling-down.

      Didn’t the world see, carried on right into the Middle Ages, the same old system of martyrs, tortures, faggots? Of old, it was in the name of Christianity. Today, it’s in the name of Bolshevism.

      Yesterday, the instigator was Saul: the instigator today, Mardochai.

      Saul has changed into St. Paul, and Mardochai into Karl Marx.//

      Listen to these words of wisdom and profit from them . . . .


      1. The Old testament is clear on one thing: God is one, and he is jealous of his worship. The same in the New Testament, although there seem to be contradictions. Anagorically, explicit statements override implicit statements so at the end of the day, the New Testament still conveys the uniqueness of God.
        However in Paul’s epistles to the galatians, the concept is distinctly inverted.
        When Paul claimed to have found Jesus on the road to Damascus and wanted to join the Apostles, the latter wanted nothing to do with him. Only Barnabas accompanied him into Greece, but thereafter they separated. It is quite obvious that what Paul was teaching was not in line with what Jesus preached.

    2. Circ,
      Putin and Bibi certainly aren’t the best of amigos. No quality time to be spent together. Donaldo is curious. Why no Israeli air-strikes on Damascus during Putin’s visit. All quiet like a Jewish cemetery in New Jersey. Evidently, as Pat has often declared, all World leaders are liars and connected at the top. 🧐🌮🍷

  8. AmeriKKKa.. a “normal” nation?
    Yeah right! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    It’s nothing but a sick joke.. ALL OF IT!

    1. @David Chu
      January 16, 2020 at 2:21 am

      “Hitler’s Table Talk” is fraudulent. That said what you post about Paul is understood by Muslims.
      Jesus was clearly against the Jews. While there are many church people today who worship world Jewry and Israel, Jesus himself was against them. There is a most interesting exemplar of this and the, what I believe to be an INTERPOLATION.
      “It is written in your law . . .” If he had been, as is alleged, a “Jew,” wouldn’t he have said “It is written in THE law”, or even, “It is written in OUR law” ?

      This is not a poor translation or some mistake it is in the Gospels and the Talmud.

      There were two Pentateuchs Hebrew Pentateuch and the Samarian (Aramaic) Pentateuch, which is vastly different.

      Each and every time time that Jesus is attacked by the Jews on some charge , he immediately refutes their allegation. Every time, that is, except one. Which is found in John 8:48, they accuse him of being a Samarian as well as having a devil The charge of having a devil he denies. On being accused of being a Samarian, he is just silent. Now this is odd enough to attract the notice of the attentive reader.

      Then there is what he says elsewhere, “a prophet is not without honor except in his own country” now he said that in Samaria.
      Thereupon he left for Galilee. There he does many mighty works which in Samaria he could not do.

      Matthew introduction chapter appears, to me, to be an interpolation.

      “Salvation is of the Jews”
      John 4:22 is also an interpolation I suggest.

      Interpolation is not unique to the New Testament, each scripture of the white man has been interpolated over time.
      That includes the Rig Veda, and that part of Mahbarata, the Baghavad Gita. Scholars understand this.

      EVIL men have done such deeds all inspired by EVIL ENTITY. What the New Testament calls ‘the god of this world’
      2 Corinthians 4:4
      In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

      Let me close with what Jesus said to the Jews:
      John 8:44

      44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

      1. @ David Chu

        As TLOA points out correctly, ‘The Hitler Diaries’ were outed as fakes several years ago. 50-60 volumes of Hitler’s purported “secret diaries” were offered for publication to a German magazine for $4 million in the early 1980s. They created a sensation and extracts were later translated into English for Rupert Murdoch’s ‘The Sunday Times’, This was after they had been authenticated as genuine by the great WWII historian Hugh Trevor-Roper. No greater expert on Hitler could be found.

        I believe David Irving was almost taken in also but smelled a rat. After thinking they were genuine, Irving pronounced them fakes. The fraudster was finally unmasked in May 1983. His name was Konrad Kujau, a prolific forger who had also forged 300 Hitler paintings and drawings.

        Here is a picture of the forger:


        Trevor-Roper’s reputation as a historian was seriously damaged by his authentication of the Hitler Diaries and he was dismissed as an “egregious ass”. Quite amazing to think that even the most brilliant historian can be hoodwinked by a master forger.

  9. I think it is important for each of you to know exactly who is in charge of the country that holds the key to the future of the planet:


    Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped in as a translator for former State Secretary of the West German Defense Ministry, Willy Wimmer, during the 3rd Media Forum of Independent Regional and Local Media in St. Petersburg.

    Journalist from the Republic of Bashkortostan (Russian): “We are not Americans. We cannot be content with a car on credit, with a mortgage. We need something more. And I have a suggestion: if something is being created, I certainly want to participate in it. It is not enough for me [without this]. The question is what is our national idea? I ask you to answer, to clarify. Journalists have not understood it so well.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “Our German friend is here, right?”

    Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary of the West German Defense Ministry (German): “Mr. President, I have been understood absolutely incorrectly. I have already said that…

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “I was misunderstood’, said our guest. Please continue.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “Please continue.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “I was surprised that Russian representatives have said that there are no national ideas.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “And if I, as a foreigner, look at Russia, well, for me it is absolutely clear what they are talking about.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “This is respect for human rights.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “This is respect for peace.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “You defend your national interests.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “You support family values…”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “and the value of faith.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian, translating from German): “And it was surprising for me why the Russian representative [the journalist from the Republic of Bashkortostan] was asking about these national values because I can see them as a foreigner.”

    Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary of the West German Defense Ministry (German): “Thank you for your translation.”

    Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “I think that our respected guest expressed very exactly, what represents people’s values. It is quite a topical subject for Russia. And the only thing I will add: for Russia, for a Russian citizen, and you have correctly mentioned it, it is very important to have a sense of patriotism, a sense of national identification that is being lost in some European countries, unfortunately for them. We have it inside, we have it in our heart, love for our homeland.”

  10. Pat :

    If you started the “Nukes Don’t Exist” meme before Dimitri Khalezov, then I owe you an apology. I believe you when you say you started the meme before Khalezov. So my apologies. In the future I won’t ever again accuse you of starting the meme after Khalezov. I’m sorry, I was wrong. Maybe I’m naive to believe you, but then again, I’m a Flat Earther and we’re naive. Yes, I’m naive. I’m so naive I knew Israel/the Jews did 9/11 on the very day of 9/11 while it took years and years for the very Jew-Wise, very perceptive, very knowledgeable, very savvy, very smart, very worldly and very experienced, Jew-Wise “alternative” media to figure out what I figured out the same day as the Twin Towers were imploding …. I figured out that it was Israel/the Jews who did IT, it took the Jew-Wise “alt” media years to figure it out. I had IT figured out in a couple of hours on the morning of 9/11 as 9/11 was happening in real time. Overall, I would say I’m doing pretty good figuring things out, 🙂 .

    1. TROJ –

      No apology necessary here. You are a ‘stand-up’ guy. But, apology accepted.

      I immediately thought it was the jew-run FBI on 9-11. That’s because they were caught as provocateurs and active participants in the 1993 attempt to take down the Twin Towers. It was a failed false flag set up.

      Dan rather exposed it:
      TV NEWS Dan Rather reports on WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge

      Allegations of FBI foreknowledge
      In the course of the trial it was revealed that the FBI had an informant, a former Egyptian army officer named Emad A. Salem. Salem claims to have informed the FBI of the plot to bomb the towers as early as February 6, 1992. Salem’s role as informant allowed the FBI to quickly pinpoint the conspirators out of the hundreds of possible suspects.

      Salem, initially believing that this was to be a sting operation, claimed that the FBI’s original plan was for Salem to supply the conspirators with a harmless powder instead of actual explosive to build their bomb, but that the FBI chose to use him for other purposes instead. [4] He secretly recorded hundreds of hours of telephone conversations with his FBI handlers; reported by Ralph Blumenthal in the New York Times, Oct. 28, 1993, secton A,Page 1.

      It took several hours for all to evacuate. Thousands would have remained on 9-11!!

    1. What happened to your comment with a spacious quote from the wise vegetarian, concluding it with no less wise remark of your own?

  11. “We want Iran to simply behave like a normal nation,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a press statement the other day. “We believe that the sanctions we imposed today further that strategic objective.”

    Jeeeezuz! The chutzpah of these mamzers is, shall we say, beyond the pale? The garbage pale?

  12. @ Circassian & TLOA:

    Come on wake up, Y’all! Trump is setting up the controlled and planned demise of the USA and the Anglo-American Israeli Alliance. That is the death of his NORMAL (sick) nation. Unipolar world (American Hegemony / Exceptionalism) is dying. A multi-polar Eastern group (Russia / China / Germany led reformed EU) is replacing American Hegemony. Read NEO (New Eastern Outlook) to understand this. There is one problem however. As the Anglo-American Israeli NWO is being replaced by the Eurasian Landmass LAND power NWO, Israel, because the Rothschild Central Bank scheme is on both sides, Israel is switching toward the East. To do this successfully for the ME portion, Iran must be weakened and / or eliminated by Israel through the USA/NATO. Unfortunately, by God’s own irony or practical joke at Satan’s expense, Israel and the TRUE Jews ( Abraham’s descendants in Palestine, Jews that never left the region) are supposed to be exterminated by the Rothschild phony Jews (Aka Khazarian Mafia AshkeNAZIm Satanists) to make Jerusalem, Israel the hub (hubcap) of this Eurasian Landmass wheel. But God is tricking the phony Jews such that the phony JEWS (Rothschild Khazarians) will be the ones that will be destroyed instead.

    Israel is the hub in the Eurasian Landmass power because Israel is the land bridge gateway to Africa. And America will be an after thought as part of the North American Union (NAU of Canada , USA and Mexico). The USMCA is a backdoor through Mexico, for China / Russia to dictate terms in the future concerning global trade. South America is already mostly Russia/ China centric. If you think this is crazy, think again!

    Think of the great demise of the Soviet Union / Bolshevik Russia! Reagan and Gorbachev, under Glasnost and Perestroika, actually helped the spread of Socialism / Communism worldwide under the deception of a Soviet collapse. Overall Rothschild Banksters control increased and were happy! Now the new enemy is China! But now a NWO whether under China / Huawei or American/ European Google/Amazon / SonyEricson/Nokia, the result would still be the same: less freedoms, more suirveillance, more Stack n Pack housing (Apartments, no private property, etc). As said before, do you like hamburgers/pizza or borscht/ egg spring rolls? Food like NWO is still food! NWO is NWO by any shape or form!

    Thus, the USA, as a Normal nation (deluded in Trump’s marionette mind) is on its way down and destined for a great fall (like Humpty-Dumpty) or is that like Rome in its heyday! Yes, and Rome was defeated from both within (moral decay, perversion, family breakdown, Elites (Senators) enriching themselves, corruption and currency/money debasement/devaluation) and without ( Germanic Barbarians that learned Roman military strategy and were in a David /Goliath scenario). As such America is the Goliath today and Iran is the David underdog. I believe so, for Iran / Persia is over 2500 years old as a Civilization, America is barely 300 years old. As they say: Age and Wisdom before Beauty!

    In this choreographed play in the ME, America will eventually leave and the German-led reformed EU will fill the void. Russia and China will help in this regard.

    PS: As for the drama in Russia, Putin is making himself the Emperor of Russia for life, consolidating his power to be like The Fuehrer – Russia’s Hitler or Napoleon also! Thus the stage is being set for the Last Days / Endtimes. All we need now is a new leader to come out of Germany with France’s Macron as the new German Leader’s sidekick. Too bad it will not be as funny as Laurel and Hardy OR Abbott and Costello! Ha Ha! Danke!
    Spassiba! Pardon moi – but phonetically – YOP TWOY MUT. Pardon my Russian slang!

  13. Because the big American media networks are all owned and operated by Zionists the American people are pretty much brainwashed. Until recently I never saw an item criticicizing Israel. Then I saw a local station in an Oregon coastal town that came out strong on 911, and the glaring Jewish links. So things are changing, which is whyI think the Jewish Lobby is trying to take away the people’s guns. When the government has all the guns you can say goodbye to freedom.

    The government says it acts for the people, but when the government is nothing more than an Israeli sock puppet the people will lose.

    1. @ John Kirby:

      Hi also from: TheTruthSeeker.co.uk

      There are numerous historical precedents where once gun confiscation has occurred, the State/Nation/Dictator then enforces massive detention campaigns (Gulags, Concentration / Labour Camps, FEMA Camps, etc.) or there is a massive slaughter / butchery of the undesirable Civilian population. Stalin and Mao are the most notable examples by the numbers! Then in regards to America, certain ALT Media sites have said that FEMA / DHS and other alphabet agencies have bought massive numbers of guillotines, guns / rifles and billions of rounds of ammunition. I guess eventually many Americans will be lead to the slaughter. The problem is also global because one of the phrases on the Georgia (USA) Guidestones says the global population is to be reduced to 500 million. That is a lot of dead people from the current 7 – 8 billion. Thus those Globalists that want this are NOT NORMAL, just like the 2 clowns in the photo. Of course you have to be sick and demented to go into politics these days!

      1. Stormin,
        Last year Donaldo met a Rebbe in Texas while his rig was in the shop. A chance encounter. Started a brief conversation. Rebbe was extremely intelligent. Superior in every aspect as most Rebbes are. He made a statement which is very true. “If you butcher the cow, you feast for a few days. If you let it live, you enjoy milk, 🧀 and butter for years. Rebbes words had a lot of wisdom. Think about it. If the Zios want most of humanity dead……fine. Dead people don’t pay taxes. Without taxes the Zios themselves are finished as they are parasites and not productive. Anyway…. Donaldo just reflecting from a lonely truckstops in Maryland. 🍷🌮🤔😴

  14. Iran must act normal – the business economics equivalent term being “acting compliant”. Or according to Thomas P. M. Barnett, a Non-Integrating Gap country that must be brought back into the fold of the Functioning Core, otherwise it may suffer the fate of Fallujah (Iraq), bombed with depleted Uranium, where thereafter women are scared falling pregnant, due to radioactive deformities. War crimes? Only applicable on the loosing parties. We have seen it from Dresden through Hiroshima right through to this day. Depleted urianium? No, rather a depleted sense of guilt and accountability!

  15. Bannon: Ukraine Is a Sideshow, the Main Thing Is China


    This asshole – one time hope of “white nationalism” dreamers – is up to his neck in the bullshit talk about America bringing democracy to the world, rule of law, etc. etc. etc.

    Forget about the rule of law: America is going for a full brute-force-rule. And this is not good – not for America, not for anyone else.

    Trump has demonstrated in short order that the US can do whatever it wants to both Iran and China, whenever it wants to, and neither has adequate means to respond in kind.

    So, is there any hope? Yes, there is.

  16. Something that i find intriguing, is the contradiction real (requiring reevaluation of common perception that Trump is pushing for war) or at least one of the two premises is wrong.

    • first item—How the US Wages War to Prop up the Dollar

    Thus, we got the Islamic revolution of 1979 which has led to forty years of Iran refusing to play ball in the US dollar maintenance regime that is demanded of other oil-producing nations in the Middle East.

    The US is unlikely to let up on this effort so long as Iran continues to refuse to take orders from DC on these matters. It’s true that the US CAN’T DO MUCH ABOUT CHINA AND RUSSIA. But Iran — unlike North Korea, which wisely secured nuclear arms for itself — remains an easy target because of its lack of nuclear capability.

    As i see it, Trump’s preferred tactic is to talk macho, then progressively tone it down toward the negotiation table, because he is a mercantilist and a poker player, not a standard neocon chickenhawk—witness North Korea, Syria and lately, Libya.
    Therefore, it would behoove him to only talk big at Iran while signalling behind the scenes toward bargaining, e.g., “walk away from Belt+Road, rejoin the petrodollar community in exchange for security guarantees, dropping sanctions and economic help similar to what Saudis have—or at least NKorea“.

    • second—False Flag? Fmr CIA Officer Suggests US Hacked Ukrainian Plane Transponder To Provoke Iran Shootdown

    Philip Giraldi, a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA, … speculating that the U.S. launched several cyber-attacks, one on an Iranian missile defense system, and another on the transponder of the doomed Ukrainian plane.
    Giraldi explains the Iranian missile operator experienced extreme “jamming” and Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752’s transponder was switched off several minutes before the two Russian made Tor missiles were launched.

    This would be in contravention of the surmised MO favored so far by Trump as shown by ensuing events in case of NKorea, Syria and Libya, but entirely in keeping with the evidence of desperate struggle waged by the Rothschild-directed Deep State to get rid of Trump and return to the business-as-normal.

    As i keep insisting, the World War is already on, and waged at its epicenter in Washington DC, all these other incidents are mere side-effects —until the ultimate false-flag provokes the ultimate response beyond Trump’s firefighting capacity to stanch, at which point the Planet Lucifer is finalized in its completeness, Pope Francis can ditch his hated robes and dance naked in the Tel Aviv pride parade.

    1. DAMN!! You did it again, Lobro – I almost choked on my green tea with laughter!! The “hated robes” was the real clincher!! 🙂 🙂

      …. “Pope Francis can ditch his hated robes and dance naked in the Tel Aviv pride parade.”

  17. There are bad times just around the corner,
    there are dark clouds hurtling thru the sky
    and it’s no good whining
    about a silver lining
    for we know from experience that they don’t roll by.

    There are bad times just around the corner
    we can all look forward to despair
    It’s as clear as crystal from Birmingham to Bristol
    that we can’t save democracy
    and we don’t much care

    If the Reds and the Pinks
    believe that England stinks
    and that world revolution is bound to spread
    we’d better all learn the lyrics
    of the old Red Flag
    and wait until we drop down dead

    ..a likely story,
    Land of Hope and Glory
    and wait until we drop down dead!

    Courtesy of Noel Coward about 1950

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