Iran vows ‘severe revenge’ on the US for unprovoked act of war

This is an abridged version by Lasha Darkmoon of a major report from yesterday’s Guardian newspaper (January 4, 2020), with graphics and commentary added, including an extended endnote entitled “Has Donald Trump started WWIII?”


The Middle East is starting the decade under the shadow of a major new conflict, as Iran vows to take ‘severe revenge’ for the US drone strike that killed its most powerful general, Qassem Suleimani.

The Pentagon ordered 3,000 reinforcements to the region, diplomats were reportedly told to pack their bags in case of sudden evacuation, and the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, called his counterparts around the world to try to persuade them the US was “committed to de-escalation”.

However, there were signs overnight that the US was continuing operations against Iranian allies in Iraq, with air strikes reported against the Shia Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) in a motorcade in north Baghdad in the early hours of Saturday. According to Reuters, six people were killed and three were critically wounded.

In Syria and Iraq, there was some rejoicing at Suleimani’s death. The ruthless commander was implicated in tens of thousands of civilian deaths, but the general reaction in world capitals was apprehension.

“This is a moment in which leaders must exercise maximum restraint,” the UN secretary general, António Guterres, said. “The world cannot afford another war in the Gulf.”

LD: Note the sanctimonious plea by UN secretary general António Guterres for “maximum restraint” by the Iranians, the victims of a gratuitous act of unprovoked violence by the US; but there is not the slightest criticism here of Donald Trump for his refusal to exercise even minimum restraint. 

So this appears to be the magic formula: “maximum restraint” prescribed for Iran, Russia and China, and “minimum restraint” left as the preserve of the US pathocracy and its pugnacious allies Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

I mention Israel, the more so as its name is mysteriously missing from most of these reports on the current crisis in the Middle East. Yet it is no secret that this wanton act of war has been perpetrated on behalf of Israel, much to the satisfaction of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to whom it comes as a gift from heaven.  When the body bags return to the West in due course, assuming this dogfight escalates beyond control, we can be sure they will contain the mangled bodies of American and British soldiers, with not a single Israeli Jew cadaver among them.

The infamous antisemitic quote by Mahathir bin Mohamad, prime minister of Malaysia, springs to mind: “Today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. President Trump, it seems, is only too pleased to sacrifice American lives for his Jewish friends.  [LD]     

The Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, ordered three days of mourning and declared that the US would face “severe revenge” for the killing of Suleimani, who ran Tehran’s military operations in Iraq and Syria.

The incoming commander of the Quds Force, Esmail Ghaani, was quoted on al-Jazeera as saying: “We tell everyone, be patient and see the dead bodies of Americans all over the Middle East.”

General Qassem Suleimani, second most powerful man in Iran
after Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei:


“Be patient, and see the dead bodies of Americans all over the Middle East.”
— Incoming Commander of the elite Quds force, Esmail Ghaani

—   §   —

In a brief address from his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago on Friday afternoon, Donald Trump described Suleimani as “the number one terrorist anywhere in the world”, and claimed the 62-year-old general was planning “imminent and sinister” attacks on US diplomats and personnel.

But the US president said that he was not seeking regime change in Iran, saying: “We did not take action to start a war.”

LD: Needless to say, Trump’s devious hypocrisy beggars belief. Having launched a shameless and unprovoked attack on a weaker country, a sovereign state he has been playing cat-and-mouse games with for the last three years, he assures the world unctuously, “We did not take action to start a war.” It would be ironical if, at some future date, Russia and China should deploy the same logic against the United States and demolish the White House with Trump and his family in it, and then declare: “This is not an act of war — just a friendly warning!” [LD]   

“The question that looms now, of course, is how do Iranian forces and their proxies throughout the region and beyond respond to this attack?” General Petraeus told the Guardian.

Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, said on Twitter that as a legal justification for the attack in which 10 people were killed, the Pentagon’s claims were “very vague”.

Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, said Suleimani’s “martyrdom” would make the country more determined to resist America. “With no doubt, Iran and other freedom-seeking countries in the region will take revenge,” he said.

Tehran’s Lebanon-based ally Hezbollah also promised to avenge the killing.

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Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

“Donald Trump rode to victory in 2016 on a promise to end the useless wars in the Middle East, but he has now demonstrated very clearly that he is a liar. Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next.” — Philip Giraldi, here

Trump’s supporters will undoubtedly come up with some cock-and-bull story to justify their hero’s intransigent behavior. We are not concerned with these wishful thinkers. They are best left to their own devices and allowed the pleasures of idolatry. Let me say in passing, however, that such a strenuous capacity for adoration is deeply moving in itself and disposes me to like these idolaters rather than dislike them. Trump supporters, I have learned to my surprise,  are by no means all scoundrels; they are often exceptionally nice people.

What is abundantly clear is that Trump himself authorized this attack on Iran. This makes him a scoundrel in my book, so idolizing him any further is misguided and I would strongly advise against it. Trump can no longer  hide behind some faceless official at the Pentagon or elsewhere, claiming the innocence of Pontius Pilate.

As Philip Giraldi notes is his comment above: “Trump bears full responsibility for what happens next.” The Guardian makes Trump’s personal responsibility for this assassination perfectly clear  in the final paragraph of its report:

“Trump authorised the strike at a time when the US Congress was in recess, and the White House framed the action as an act of self-defence in the context of counter-terrorism operations. But Democrats and perhaps some Republicans in Congress will see it as a usurpation of the legislature’s authority to decide matters of war and peace.”

I would now like to bring to the reader’s attention these highly pertinent comments on the latest Iran crisis by a writer on the Lew Rockwell site. The article from which they are taken, written by Thomas Luongo and published yesterday, arrived in my inbox from an unknown correspondent only half an hour ago. So this is mint-fresh material and far more penetrating in its analysis than any other article I have seen in the mainstream media to date.

Here is the gist of the article:

When I wrote that the coup against President Trump had morphed into a Civil War, I wasn’t kidding. The sham impeachment created the perfect environment for the Democrats and Republicans to get something definitive from him by playing the House and the Senate off each other.

It is under these circumstances we should view the events in Iraq over the last week.

At the end of the day we are held captive by a minority of power-mad Trotskyites. Truly Maoist in their thinking, the only political power that exists for them comes from the barrel of a gun. This is why there has been zero opportunities for diplomacy with Iran.

Iran is to be destroyed. If not today, tomorrow. If not then, then the day after. It will not end. Any potential diplomacy was sabotaged at every turn. Peace can only happen through subjugation.

A man like Solemaini would never submit to this. And yet, fighting a war against the Empire is always reduced to terrorism to sell it to the public. Like it or not Trump executed the man most responsible for the systemic destruction of ISIS and neutering of Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. He’s also the man, over the years, who has fought the US to a standstill across the Middle East.

Those were Solemaini’s  pertinent crimes.

The results of these fights were to empower Israel’s enemies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Russia and China supported this in their own interests.

Recent events show that this is the most dangerous escalation of Trump’s administration. Nothing Trump has done up to this point compares with killing Solemaini and taking immediate credit for it.

Nothing he’s done is more tone deaf or disproportionate to whatever crimes were the proximate cause. And nothing he could have done would be more galvanizing of resistance to US occupation of Iraq and Syria.

Trump, to his credit, held back the neocons at critical junctures over the past couple of years. After the Russian ELINT plane was shot down, Trump worked with Putin to negotiate a truce which would have seen Iranian forces in Syria pulled back from the Golan Heights as a start to changing the dynamic there.

Benjamin Netanyahu said no, all Iranians out of Syria. The war between Israel and the Shia forces backed by Iran continued. The path to peace could have begun then if Trump had the moral courage to force that outcome.

But the neocons at home had him under suspicion of treason. His National Security staff wouldn’t allow that to happen. If he hadn’t pulled out of the JCPOA and left room to negotiate we wouldn’t be here today.

But he did. And we are downstream of this bad decision. It’s been one escalation after another and a series of increasingly dangerous confrontations. This doesn’t end with Iran going meekly to bed, folks.

They aren’t disobedient children, but they aren’t animals either.

Killing Solemaini was presaged months ago with the US designating the Quds Force a terrorist organization, which gives the US unilateral legal cover to summary execution of anyone affiliated with them, especially if they are not on home soil.

But, at the same time, Trump assassinated (note the difference) members of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces in the raid as well, since these are considered members of the Iraqi military and the attack occurred on Iraqi soil.

So, in simplistic and, I believe, legal terms Trump committed an Act of War against Iraq. Iran obviously considers killing Solemaini, legal definitions aside, such as well.

This is an act Trump cannot walk back from. He can’t ask Iran to come to the negotiating table now or ever. It’s an act of overt war. Whether it leads directly to forces facing off in high level combat is debatable. It will certainly continue escalating from here.

Israel has been itching for the US to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear R&D facilities. The only way to achieve that was to get Trump to pull out of the JCPOA, forcing Iran back into enrichment and then using that as the casus belli.

Welcome to 2020.

And the sad truth is that it means more killing, more murder and more of everything bad. There is no Just War rationalization for this. While no one rational wants to see Iran with nuclear weapons the end result of the policy led us to that potential outcome.

No rational person should want anyone with nuclear weapons and yet Netanyahu sits on hundreds of warheads.

Beating people into submission doesn’t work. The neocons told Trump to smack Iran in the mouth, that’s the only lesson these animals understand.

By the way, they say that about everyone.

Solemaini may have been responsible for hundreds of American deaths, but Iran and the US have been at war for forty years. At some point that has to be processed honestly.

Americans supporting this refuse to comprehend that we’re as much to blame as Iran is for the violence. We’re not the good guys and they aren’t the bad guys. Everyone sucks here. For every Iranian that shouts “Death to America” there are Americans who sing “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

Trump was elected to end this belligerence but he’s incapable of separating strength from weakness. A mafiosi-type who uses violence indiscriminately, Trump is a weak man.

This was indiscriminate in that Trump believes the political calculus is in his favor, so he can get away with it. He shores up his support in the Senate just long enough to beat the impeachment and can sail to re-election.

But, who he is was written on the bombs he threw at the Al Shairat airbase and the MOAB he dropped in Afghanistan in April 2017 to prove a point to Putin and Xi he wasn’t a wimp.

But Trump is a wimp. And a coward. And neither man was impressed by this. He hasn’t won a single negotiation of note in three years. Killing Solemaini was the result of having no capacity for diplomacy.

China’s won the trade war. Russia gets their pipelines. Syria will be returned to Syrians and Iraq will reject US presence there. Venezuela won’t fall and North Korea has nukes. Nothing has changed and yet everything has.

A strong man admits his mistakes and makes concessions to those he’s harmed. He doesn’t hide behind how unfair it is the political machine is arrayed against him.

And, now, Trump is a failed president no different than Obama who he despises.

The only thing more pathetic than Trump right now is the gaggle of jackals running against him. Weep for the future.

— Excerpted from here

Has Trump started WWIII?  It’s too early to say. It looks very much like it. The assassination of Solemaini has all the hallmarks of a major provocation, a key event that bears comparison with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo. What happens next is anyone’s guess. No predictions are likely to mirror the actual events as they unroll in 2020. The game, as they say, is not over until the fat lady sings.

What we do know for sure, if we open our eyes to the light, is that Trump has broken every important promise he has made. Has he built the wall he promised? No. Has he brought an end to the Third World invasion of America? No. Has he improved the lives of the indigent working classes in America, many of them eking out a wretched life on opiates? No. Has he made life safer and fairer for America’s white indigenous population? No. Everything Trump has touched, he has made worse.

One of the main beneficiaries of Trump’s misrule has been the state of Israel. Supported to the hilt by the American taxpayer, Israel now sees the Golan Heights as a personal gift from Donald Trump. It’s a wonder he hasn’t offered them the entire West Bank and the Gaza Strip as well. That will come.

It remains to be seen if Hezbollah, driven to a pitch of frenzy by the antics of this dangerous clown in the White House,  should finally lose its cool and launch a blizzard of long-range missiles at Tel Aviv. That would be the day. Being an advocate of passive resistance and non-violence, I would naturally be horrified to see the towers of Tel Aviv come toppling down. Most of the people around me would undoubtedly shed copious tears if that should happen, but I suspect they would be crocodile tears.  One can hardly blame them.

2020 has not opened well, and I fear it may not close well either. Something wicked this way comes.

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  1. Ha, ha, ha, funny guys these ‘ iranians’ they can think they can win of the jewmarican army. The ‘ iranians’ are just playing along with the jews to get a little contained third world war to finalize the definitive jew world order. They are all freemasons. Think about these jewish ‘ iranians.
    Smoke and mirrors as always. Can somebody tell me where Erdogan is? The big protector of islam who is very close with Israel etc. Did he voice for Iran? One big theater.
    They are all jews at the top. They hide it for the common people. This is the jewish template world wide. Pretend you are islamic or christian, etc for the common people. At home when the jews are with their own they show their real jewish colors.
    It’s so simple.

    1. @ Allen

      “It’s so simple.”

      No it isn’t. It’s only “simple” in your fevered imagination . . . the imagination of a conspiracy theorist probably hanging out in Tel Aviv. Pity you can’t give any evidence for your simplistic droolings.

      Please provide evidence that everyone at the top of the totem pole in governments throughout the world, including Iran and Turkey, are either Jews or crypto-Jews.

      I guess Qassem Solemaini, the Iranian general who got bumped off by Trump, was part of the “one big theater” of secret Jews running the world? And Solemaini isn’t really dead. The whole assassination thing was faked. A false flag attack. And Solemaini’s hiding out in Tel Aviv right now, am I right?

      You need lobotomy.

      1. You talk as a useful idiot as Netanhajew uses to say. When you are dealing with jews nothing is what it seems. by the way what is a lobotomy?
        Sounds you know a lot about it. By experience?

    2. I just hope President Trump will be deselected at the primaries.

      It is like having a 3 year old boy as president.

      But MOSSAD is behind the curtain.

      1. “Americans Seem Not To Know That War With Iran Is Impossible — Islamic Countries Simply Don’t Exist”

        at website.

        Suleimani was an Iranian General and fought for Iran but he also represented the Islamic world as a whole and in addition to fighting for Iran Suleimani fought for “Dar es Islam”. I’m not an expert on any of this, but the article at What Does It Mean has the ring of truth [ at least to my ears ] . I know What Does It Mean can be really off-the-wall at times, but this article about Suleimani seems to be truthful.

        Trump just incited not only Iran but the whole Islamic world, and he and his advisors knew Suliemani represented not only Iran but Dar es Islam the whole Muslim/Islamic world, IMO. Nothing like antagonizing the Muslims so much they decide to put aside their differences and Shias Sunnis Sufis Alawites all the other type of Muslims UNITE against you. Even the wahhabi leaders are going to have a difficult time to get the Muslims in wahabbi ruled countries to side with USrael against Dar es Islam. The wahabbi leaders will be too scared to try to get the Muslims they rule over to side with USrael.

  2. neo con /jew logic for the sheep…
    we did this to stop a war not start one—we are on the brink of war
    americans are safer now—Plumpeo…all americans must leave Iraq
    our intel told us (jew mossad intel) the general was planning attacks—- our intel (mossad intel) told us Iraq had WMD’s
    Plumpeo… we had intel he was to direct massive attacks on US personnel
    Plumpeo when I was in the CIA we stole we cheated we lied
    bush said saddam helped the 9-11 attack – a blatant lie
    pence says iran general was involved in 9-11- a toxic lie
    every statement that came out of the fat blob of s hit rabbi trump the king of the jews after the murder is an exact word for word copy of satanyahus comments over the years being he wrote the script and it was the jews intel that gave US the location of the general

  3. A long time ago there lived an elephant named Elie on the savanna. He made a daily trip to the pond for a bath and a drink of water. One day he passed his neighbor Brenda, the bird. Elie told her that he did not like her singing at all, beside it interrupted his beauty nap. Elie decided to get even with Brenda, so he crushed her eggs in her nest. Devastated by her loss, Brenda flew to her flock to seek their help.

    One bird told her, “Elie is the biggest and strongest animal and we are no match for him.” Another bird had a brilliant idea: “why not fly over Elie’s head and poke out both his eyes.” So the next day all the birds hovered over Elie and poked out his eyes. Blind, Elie was unable to find food or water and became sick and died.

    The story I recounted was from a book called “Kalila and Dimnah”, written a century ago in Persia (modern-day Iran) and translated into many foreign languages. It is one of many beautifully written stories about animals that still hold true in our everyday lives.

    Every time I hear or read about Trump or PM Satanyahu threatening to bomb Iran because of its non existent nuclear program or for its help in defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the story of Elie the elephant pops into my head.

    Looks like Trump open all gates to Hell! As of this writing Al-Shabab group in Somalia overrun a Kenyan military base used by the US, inflicting heavy material damage. Several aircraft and two helicopters have been destroyed. The US has 100 military personal stationed at that base.

  4. Outstanding work by Lasha for this excellent piece of investigative journalism that everyone should read.


    Assassination of Gen. Soleimani is
    an archetypal “Gleiwitz incident”,
    except that, this time, the “little
    Poland” – Iran – is expected to
    attack the “great Reich” – and
    perhaps it will – if one of the 5th
    Fleet ships happens to blow up –
    not entirely unlike USS Maine in
    Havana Harbour. The full length
    of this Jew porn-and-mayhem
    movie is yet to be played out.

    Yet, even at the time of the original
    Gleiwitz incident, Hitler, seemingly
    the main protagonist – featuring as
    a “King” on the Jew Rothschild
    banksters’ chessboard – was nothing
    more than the Jews’ biggest puppet –
    even if a self-programmed one.

    And Donald Trump never was
    anything but a puppet. His own
    daughter is a Jew’s whore – quite
    literally. He is a “billionaire” only
    for as long as the Jew gangsters’
    credit is being extended to him.

    For example, Trump was the punter
    that paid for the dubious privilege
    of bedding a prostitute/porn actress
    with giant silicon boobs, and then
    paid again to buy her silence, which,
    in the event, his money failed to buy.

    Trump’s order to carry out the
    assassination may well have little
    to do with Trump himself – and a
    great deal more with Netanyahu,
    the scumbag who overstayed his
    welcome even with his fellow Jews –
    and is desperate not only to hold on
    to power, but to stay out of prison,
    as well.

    Although, holding on to power and
    staying out of prison is Trump’s
    motivation, too, even if not half
    as urgent and acute as Netanyahu’s.

    “If Obama was a slave of the Jew
    liberals (Rothschilds), Trump is
    wholly owned by the Jew Chabadniks –
    the mange upon the Jew mange.”
    Next to Chabadniks, Trump is a tiny
    little dwarf in New York real estate.

    And in the Jews-only ‘democracy’
    of I$raHell, the Jew Chabadniks are
    the closest accomplices of the Jew
    Likudniks – and Netanyahu personally.

    The Jews studied Mein Kampf and
    went on to fund the Nazi Party – just
    as they funded the communist coup
    in Russia – and could usually see
    Mr Hitler’s next move in advance –
    just as they must have foreseen
    the putative gas chambers, as well.

    And now, having studied the “book
    of the Ayatollahs”, the Jews presume
    to know what Iran’s next move will be.

    With or without Netanyahu, the Jews
    need a world war – at least in the
    shape of a total war against Iran –
    any ostentatious peace-mongering
    by the Jew liberals notwithstanding.

  6. Even if there are no attacks, the BIG winners ARE…. since markets will move on FEAR… THE LONDON JEW BANKERS!!

    1. US stock market takes a dive as defense & oil shares soar after Soleimani’s killing in US strike!!

      Defense and aerospace shares surged, however, with Northrop Grumman (NOC) stocks rising 5.45 percent. Lockheed Martin, the maker of the beleaguered F-35 jets, saw its stocks jump 3.63 percent, their best showing in half a year. Missile-maker Raytheon also rallied at the news, adding around 1.5 percent.

      Oil and gold stocks were also jubilant. Brent crude leaped 3.5 percent to over $68 a barrel, while US crude climbed 3.1 percent to reach $63.05 a barrel.

      The US attack drove up gold prices, too. They rose to the highest level in four months.

      The mixed response of the markets comes after US stocks posted all-time highs on Thursday, with the Dow adding over 300 points.

      When markets MOVE in any direction – the JEW BANKERS WIN!!

    2. Pat,
      Yep. Truck diesel has soared the last few days. Somebody’s making shekels from the death of a 62 year old who could just as easily have died from a ❤️ attack while humping a young virgin courtesy of viagara pills. Anyway….strange world. 🤨🧐

  7. One of the President Trump inauguration benefits was the murder of a nine year old chlld in Yemen .She was killed by their remote buzz bombs popular with these assassins . Interestingly, eight years earlier the President Barack Obama killed a father and son , that may have been this child’s family . All were American citizens— obviously unimportant or irrelevant . A tribute to their patrons in Israel , a symbolic gesture . There was some journalistic criticism of its purpose or violation of law (don’t laugh). But soon all was forgotten.

    WHy is it , a soldier killed in war is more important ? I have never heard of this Suleiman. Civilians and American citizens , certainly innocent but insignificant ; the other another casualty of war but reason for retribution. Political revenge. They weep for themselves but not for the innocents . Are we also controlled like the evil buzz bombs and with no guilt or grief because we have no blood on our hands?

    1. Paul,
      May Donaldo introduce a new term to fellow Dardmooners. “PIP.” “P”erson “I”n “P”ower. A PIP isn’t too different from a PIMP….. just minus the “M”. Both have something in common. They just don’t give a damn about the common man be he Jew, Christian or Muslim. Bibi, Trump, Erdogan….are classical PIPs. They just use and abuse others for their own self-interests. Donaldo dedicated this term to the late, great George Carlin.

  8. What “conflict”? This is war! Doesn’t anyone ask themselves why are the US forces in the Middle East, why are there so many US military bases in the area, if not to make war? And certainly not to make any “war on terror”. After 18 years of their “war on terror”, there are now more terrorists than ever, and it is apparent that it is the US that has been arming and supporting most of these terrorists, from the initial Al Qaida to the later ISIS and their so many off-shoots, with some token actions against them, but essentially letting them proliferate and spread in and out of the region. All these people wondering if it will escalate, rather than when, are idiots or liars. How many times have we been through all this before? If it doesn’t escalate tomorrow or next week or next month, then it will escalate some other time in the future, because this was all planned before even 2001 and their fake “war on terror”. If it worked for them before, keeping the world in suspense while they build up their forces and make the other minor preparations, it will work for them again. Until one day it won’t, because the price the resistance will inflict will be too great and they’ll clear out altogether.

    1. Good comment, C. Mike!

      “Doesn’t anyone ask themselves why are the US forces in the Middle East, why are there so many US military bases in the area, if not to make war?”

      I’ve asked myself many times this important question. Not only the Middle East, almost every region in the world has a US military base. For what? It’s a decades old military plan, centuries if one believes Albert Pike’s letter. Americans should ask themselves: are we going to play a similar roll the Germans played in WWII? The outcome depends on which side is selected as winner by Jewish International Bankers. They help the winning side with money and, more important in a kinetic war, manufactured goods from their “open capital” corporations. The losing side will have the access to these things denied in proper time, which by itself determines the outcome.

      The deceptive game play seems to be the same, pride before the fall. Oh, the Germans were so proud before 1942! Americans, like Pat, are SO proud right now! Hey, Russia is just a US colony! The Devil’s deceptive trick is to brainwash a population with supremacists’ concepts, not just social concepts, but a superiority given by God himself. That, in the eyes of God, will always be a huge fat lie, in fact every living man, woman and child is chosen by God, otherwise they wouldn’t be alive! Everybody is chosen by God but no people is exceptional, Americans are not exceptional, Jews are not exceptional, etc.

      “How many times have we been through all this before?”

      Many times, and supposedly well informed people are falling for it again. This time it’s the 2003 “War on Terror” propaganda revamp, very effective for the simple minded exceptional. The supremacist is selfish, he is incapable of putting himself in the other guy’s skin, which is a Christian principle – treat the other guy in a way you would like to be treated by him.

      The best General is the one who avoids war, especially a war with dubious outcome. As internet political activists, me included, we have an important mission, to do our best to avoid war escalation and expose war as the fraud it is. No warmongering this time!
      The future is not pre-determined, bet on that!

      P.S. Americans are exceptional for one thing. God choose you, American, to be an armed civilian at this important juncture to mankind, you carry the so much needed sword of justice! Important events are unfolding this week in the great State of Virginia.

      1. NBTT –

        You wrote:
        ” Americans, like Pat, are SO proud right now! Hey, Russia is just a US colony!”

        Thanks for noticing.

        I would have preferred that to be more in line within the context of my motives…. “Americans, like Pat, are SO informed right now! Hey, Russia is just a US colony! We have been deceived for decades! But Pat showed us what the member of the Russian State Duma has told the world on his site, for all to see! Thank you, Pat, for helping us to remove the blinders!”

        Yes, NBTT, a revelation like this is so startling that the initial exposure usually brings retaliation.

        As I wrote before, one of the best and the shortest ways to get good information on Russia today…. is to listen to a man who is not only inside the system, but has some informal relations to Putin. His name is Eugene Fedorov – a Deputy of the State Duma.

        Unfortunately, this guy does not speak English, so in order to tap into the wealth of unique information at his disposal one has to have some knowledge of the Russian language.

        He does not hide his information and his views; everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site: (it will be translated when using Google Chrome)

        Here is a random sample of HIS assertions: (NOT MINE)

        Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

        The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names:
        1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.
        2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.

        **The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

        I know, NBTT, you have not been here long enough to have read…. where even Circassian wrote here a few years ago that Russia is not even a SOVEREIGN country today.

        SEE what Circassian wrote in 2017:

        Well Annie, it is very simple: You think that Russia is “another sovereign state” while America, evidently, does not think so. “Either that or just a case of” you playing dumb, as Harold Smith – the Bible expert and my esteemed opponent – would put it.

        Even Pat knows, for God’s sake, that Russia is not a sovereign state. A “semi-occupied” (that is how Putin describes Russia’s status today) cannot be considered as a sovereign country, Annie.

      2. NBTT,

        To recap Iraq: after years of sanctions and USAF bombardment to enforce those “no fly” zones (the one in the south set up to protect the Shiites who are now the enemy), they still went all out and invaded Iraq without Saddam having done anything to provoke them; and in fact he was most cooperative and even allowed inspectors into the country to confirm that he had no WMDs. So they don’t even need a false flag to start a war. They just do what they want and will keep on doing it, with total disregard for any laws, until somebody stops them or makes it too painful for them to carry on like that.

        Something else to remember:

        Bill Clinton was impeached on December 19, 1998
        Bombing of Yugoslavia started on March 24, 1999

        Trump impeached on December 18, 2019

        Get the drift.

  9. For technological and social reasons, the only way the US might win a war with any middle grade developed nation is through nukes.

    If they use nukes on Iran, will the Iranian people fold if millions of Iranians die in Trump Terror like Japan did in WW 2 , or will they fight on?

    In opposition to Trump Terror, Iranian leaders believe the following:

    In Shia jurisprudence, like in international humanitarian law, there must be a distinction between combatants and non-combatants. Non-combatants, typically defined as women, children, the elderly, and those mentally unfit to fight, are not to be targeted. Hence, using poison in bodies of water and burning trees is not allowed. The environment too must be protected. These are among the key notions shaping Shia thinking on indiscriminate warfare.

    I suspect the Iranian people will fight on until the US nuclear arsenal is exhausted and a significant portion of Iran turned to glass. That is unless other nuclear powers oppose the US – in which case we may have a stand-down or global destruction.

    Israel will likely early on be rendered uninhabitable through hits on their nuclear facilities.

    End result:

    – American people will be pariahs on Earth forevermore.
    – Israel destroyed and Iran significantly destroyed.
    – No Abrahamic religion eschatology prediction in sight.
    – All of humanity looking very foolish.

    1. @ Flan O’Brien

      You seem to be implying that Russia and China would sit idly by while the the evil empire nukes their non-nuclear ally and business partner, Iran, in a war of aggression.

      I’m not so sure that would be the case. Trump has just committed a brazen act of war that threatens to set the whole Mideast on fire. And it looks like he’s done so without the slightest hint of domestic political opposition/backlash.

      I wonder: How this is escalation being seen in Moscow and Beijing? I could be wrong, but I believe at some point the Russian and Chinese leadership will be forced to accept the fact that the “people” running the evil empire are not rational “people.”

      I predict that the minute the first nuke hits Iran, Russia and China will understand that they’re also on the hit list, and will launch everything they have against the evil empire.

      1. HS –
        Yes, I see that the irrational leaders of Iran, Russia and China may align themselves against the US…. allowing more military spending so as to keep the Federal Reserve afloat…. following the grand jew plan.

      2. Their dilemma is that this “evil empire” has the sea power and air power to make life extremely difficult for all involved. The “Sampson Option” is not wholly doable by only the Jew! There are enough crazies of all ethnicities in charge to want to keep their status AT ALL COSTS.
        I used to laugh at the old folks who made us youngsters keep the horse harnesses oiled and stored for possible future use… 😂 Now, however, I can foresee the day we might truly need them, again, because petroleum will just be too dear to use to tend the crops.
        Country folks MIGHT survive, but urbanites don’t stand a chance. My family in France tells me of how beautiful and fresh are the food markets in Paris, and what I see represents a tremendous amount of WORK to keep. Those farmers might survive, but the Paresians who go to market, daily, will not – same as anywhere in the world.
        “The humble will inheret the earth.”

      3. @ Pat

        “Yes, I see that the irrational (sic) leaders of Iran, Russia and China may align themselves against the US…”

        Well being that they’re political allies and trading partners and they’re all under attack by the same enemy, why wouldn’t they support each other in their battle for survival against the deadly implacable enemy that seeks to destroy them?

        “…. allowing more military spending so as to keep the Federal Reserve afloat…. following the grand jew plan.”

        The Federal Reserve, just like the mass media and the U.S. military, for example, is just another tool in the jew toolbox. The “grand jew plan” can only be properly understood in Biblical terms, IMO. That “plan,” apparently, is to use calculated evil (i.e. “devil worship”) to corrupt the whole world, whereupon they can rise to the top.

        Of course they must ultimately destroy whatever/whomever they cannot corrupt, because if evil is to triumph over good – which is the simplest and most profound way to describe their agenda (see Isaiah 14:13,14) – they cannot allow any example of “goodness” anywhere on earth.

      4. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “Their dilemma is that this “evil empire” has the sea power and air power to make life extremely difficult for all involved.”

        No doubt, but if they attack the empire it will only be because they feel an attack against them is inevitable, so the only choice they will have in the matter will be to strike first to try to limit the damage they will incur, IMO.

      5. Whenever there is lot’s of talk about “nukes” my mind tends to wander. There is much evidence that the ‘nuke’ story is fake starting with the so called nuking of Hiroshima and Nakasaki. The easiest way to think about it is ‘nuclear weapons’ are a very similar hoax/story as ‘moon landings’. Neither actually happened at all IMO. That said there are plenty of very nasty weapons about but I think it is worth keeping this in mind. Otherwise we are just falling for another ‘fear psy-op’ which above all is what nukes are. To really delve into this read this priceless book


      6. Patrick –

        I believe nukes are fake also.

        Your link to Amazon is skewing this thread.
        It will be ok without the 3ws – like this:

  10. “….not a single Israeli jew cadaver among (the body bags)”

    I beg to differ. Not this time. There will be plenty of bodybags for EVERYONE!

    Do you really think Israeli “eaglets” will be spared in this, ahem, “conflict”? Think again.

  11. @ Pat

    When markets MOVE in any direction – the JEW BANKERS WIN!!

    Big historical events will move the stock market, either up or down. That is undeniable. And foreseeing those events successfully in advance will of course make money for clever speculators. Thus we all know that Baron Rothschild made a killing from advance knowledge that the battle of Waterloo had been lost by Napoleon. That was the source of the Rothschild family fortune.

    However, while it’s true that catastrophic events affect the stock exchange and the price of gold, oil, and other commodities, it doesn’t follow that ALL such events are planned in advance to make a financial killing. If a giant meteor hits the earth and wipes out half the population of Europe, it doesn’t follow that clever bankers in Tel Aviv or New York planned the catastrophe in advance to make a huge profit by selling short and buying up houses cheap after the event.

    The people who knew in advance that General Qassem Solemaini was about to be assassinated — and that would certainly include Trump and Netanyahu and their respective families — would certainly make HUGE profits by speculating in stocks and shares and commodities. Question: would people like Soros and Adelson have had advanced knowledge of General Solemaini’s death? If so, they could have made tens of millions of dollars in profits as the result of a few telephone calls to their brokers.

    Disclosure: I lost a fortune in stock market speculation many years ago. This was because I was a happy gambler playing by the rule book, but without any insider knowledge. Ah, if only I’d been working as a cleaner or cook in one of Rothschild’s mansions and been able to sneak a quick look at the papers on his desk . . . I would have made a fortune!

    1. Saki –

      You wrote:
      “I lost a fortune in stock market speculation many years ago. This was because I was a happy gambler playing by the rule book, but without any insider knowledge.”

      You also did not have access to the invention of Max Kaiser… and the hundreds which HAVE followed from others, who HAVE used his as the basis for their inventions!!

      —Max Keiser – jew trader: Inventor of the algorithm used for virtual trading.
      Max was awarded a US patent (number 5950176) for the ‘Virtual Specialist Technology”
      United States Patent 5,950,176
      Keiser, et al. September 7, 1999
      Computer-implemented securities trading system with a VIRTUAL SPECIALIST function.

      “VIRTUAL SPECIALIST” means that no humans are needed to perform trades anymore!! 🙂

      Very few ARE aware that ever since 1999…..
      No matter the catastrophe, even if from an asteroid…. the technology today – IS – used to instantly insert a trade – to buy or sell – before the markets react.

  12. As usual, great work Lasha.

    I’m not sure I agree with the following statement by Thomas Luongo:

    “The sham impeachment created the perfect environment for the Democrats and Republicans to get something definitive from him by playing the House and the Senate off each other.”

    I don’t think Trump had to be pressured into doing something he apparently intended to do in the first place, as it seemed clear when Trump walked away from the JCPOA agreement with Iran that war was the ultimate goal.

    And why should Trump fear “impeachment proceedings” anyway, sham or no sham? It’s not like he’s an American patriot who sought the presidency to prevent the destruction of America and would be prevented from doing so; nor is he a career politician (i.e. a political opportunist) seeking a taste of power. Rather, he’s a mentally and morally defective, devil-worshiping, demon-possessed fat, dirty, utterly perverse slob on a specific mission for his jew masters: he’s their last chance at world domination and control. IOW the only reason he’s president is because the jews understand that he’s evil enough and mentally deranged enough to use the full extent of the unaccountable power they’ve been methodically accumulating in the “office of president” to present their ultimatum to the world…and then follow through on it, regardless of consequences.

    I could be wrong, but I lean toward the view that the impeachment scam was an “experiment” so the jews could gauge Trump’s chances of winning the next election (apparently on the basis of marketing their agent as the “lesser of the evils” who’s been unable to accomplish anything good because of constant harassment by the evil democrats, etc.) And if the jews were to decide that their agent wold likely win the next election, then he’s got five more years to try to further weaken and destabilize Iran (before the attack), finish trashing the second amendment, criminalize dissent, etc.

    So the brazen acts of war by the evil orange clown in the white house coming now as they are may indicate that the Israeli agent’s chance of re-election has been found to be too low for comfort, so the timetable has been shortened accordingly, and he must act now.

    1. HS
      I basically agree. I think this impeachment nonsense is essentially an ancillary event stemming from the moonbat Dems being sore losers after Hilary’s defeat. Incidental fallout.
      Word on the “psychic street” is that Trump is ill and won’t run for re-election. This would make for an unusual situation, perhaps reminiscent of the infamous “hanging chad” fiasco of 2000 between the “shrub” (Intel name for George W. Bush) and Algore

      As always, stay tuned

    1. “Iran has asked all their friends in Iraq to refrain from attacking the US forces and instead to arm themselves with patience for the day when US forces refuse to leave if and when the Parliament approves a bill asking them to return home. Should this happen, US forces would be considered an occupation force, giving legitimacy for the Iraqi resistance to attain their goal,” 2019-02-05

      That was the policy of Iran. The MURDER of an innocent man by Trump and his fellow Jewish associates is a typical “American” act.
      The masses of white people are mind warped and, sadly, weak, very weak.

      Trump’s actions will not prevail in this case. Iranian culture is one of tremendous resilience. In essence, the Iranians are a people who are capable of enduring long periods of torment before they win. They invented the game of chess, never makes a move without deep consideration.

      Words are but a mask upon thoughts; deeds are ever the expression of them.
      And the godless fiends use much words in their Big Lie philosophy of life.
      It is that when situations seem to be the worst, conditions improve. Most truly the believers will have their conditions improve, whilst their enemy, who is The Enemy of Humanity, will no longer be an issue.
      And winning in God’s way, not the consumer world’s way.

      The time is now for thanking God for bringing the traitors, the evil, and, most assuredly, The Enemy of Humanity, to their end.

      Grace is in God’s hands, and He bestows it on whom He wishes.

      1. “Iran has asked all their friends in Iraq to refrain from attacking the US forces and instead to arm themselves with patience for the day when US forces refuse to leave if and when the Parliament approves a bill asking them to return home.”

        That’s a very reasonable position to take. And the Iraqi government needs to waste no time in formally evicting the empire’s troops. If they don’t, anything “bad” that happens (e.g. an occupier getting killed in an accident) will be blamed on Iran or hostile forces under Iran’s control. At least if the empire is formally evicted (but refuses to leave), any subsequent attacks on the occupiers will be difficult to spin as acts of “terrorism” by Iran or its proxies (vis-a-vis the acts of Iraqi patriots legitimately defending their country from an invader).

      2. And that god would perhaps be the judgemental, wrathful, vengeful Jewish god YHVH that miraculously transfigured into Jesus the Jewish “messiah,” our Lord and Savior who came to earth for no other reason than to save the world from its imagined sins?

        However, I will admit YHVH god is quite capricious when it comes to bestowing grace. One day you got grace, but the next day you’re sodomized.

        Hmmmm, I dunno why, but I’m having trouble with the idea that a Jewish god will be the salvation of the planet. ‘Course it might just be that book I wrote. (Click on the name.)

  13. The Trump administration provides evidence of the Federal Reserve game plan for the 21st century, a hundred years after that fact. The Federal Reserve Act was brought in by the Jews’ Br’er Rabbit plan, i.e. “Oh please Br’er Fox, don’t throw us into the briar patch! Anything but the briar patch, Br’er Fox, anything but dat!”

    Jews’ set ‘em up and Jews knock ‘em down. In 1913, just prior to a congressional vote, Jew bankers and their media went into overdrive against the Federal Reserve Act, saying it was a dangerous act designed to destroy the “sovereignty” of the private banks and threaten the economy. To a man, bankers and financial wizards hated it and that was good enough to bring the sheeple around to supporting the act – to wit, “if the bankers hate it, then it must be good for us.”

    At the time, there was still strong sentiment against the trusts and banks for the Panic of 1907. The Federal Reserve Act pandered to public sentiment with a quiet, reasonable, sideways promise, couched innocently among incessant media fear mongering.

    The promise was a Federal Reserve would restore economic order to an out of control financial system, tacitly assuring another panic like the one of 1907 could never happen again. Given the oversight and control of the Federal Reserve Act, it was thought this alleged government agency in the making would provide the ultimate safeguard for the American economy. “Neffer again!” Promised the lying Jew.

    Fast forward to 2016 with the media screaming in terror, “Trump is a Nhadzee! Trump is a Nhadzee! Anyone but Trump! Anyone but him!” Yet, all the people heard were screams – nothing more. Thinking “if the ‘left wing’ media hates him, then he must be good for us” the sheeple acted accordingly by “voting” Trump into office.

    The Federal Reserve Act was quietly passed during a Christmas recess when no one was home in the Congress. Fast forward a hundred years and Trump sets the stage for a nuclear WWIII during a holiday recess in Congress when no one was home.

    But it really didn’t matter because the lights went out in the Congress after the Federal Reserve Act was passed. After that, it was Katy-bar-the-door for unrestricted war. Of course, Jews in Congress now cry a river of crocodile tears over the terrible, dictatorial powers Trump has supposedly assigned himself. Oh please Br’er Fox, anything but a dictator! Anything but dat!

    “The US president said that he was not seeking regime change in Iran, saying: “We did not take action to start a war.”

    Gosh! Isn’t it funny that is exactly how the rest of the world perceives this murderous act? Who would have thunk it? Certainly not the innocent Jew. Like the Federal Reserve Act promised to end banking chicanery, Donald Trump promised to end the useless wars in the Middle East. “Useless wars?” Who says, media whores? Looks to me like Jews are making good use of those wars.

    Jews play the stupid, gullible goyim like the devil madly plays his fiddle. Trump is merely the current segment of the centuries old, scripted Jewish drama foisted upon the world.

    This is the episode where Trump plays the part of the orange drama queen in the insanely madcap, “Trump and Jewdy show.” Stay tuned as Trump sings the show’s Gotterdammerung overture.

    1. @ Arch:

      Great dramatic factual recap of the Federal Reserve Act game and con of the Sheeple from 1907 onward. Then don’t forget about how the Income Tax Act and the IRS were brought in as well under the guise of funding WW1 and is actually used by the FED as the FEDs guarantee that the sheeple will always pay for the FEDs mistakes/ bailouts, QE, etc.. Then to guarantee that the sheeple remain stupid, the FED bought the top 25 newspapers in Amerika, to mis/disinform the Sheeple. The Elites strategy continued in the 1950s when the new (former OSS) renamed CIA under Operation Mockingbird, bought up radio and TV stations and inserted CIA spooks to spin the news the CIA way. This is why there are NO More Walter Cronkite types. You get Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer types instead. MSM is now all lies and propaganda because International Jewry owns it worldwide!

  14. Parliament resolutions, unlike laws, are non-binding and the move would require new legislation to cancel the existing agreement.

    “The government commits to revoke its request for assistance from the international coalition fighting Islamic State due to the end of military operations in Iraq and the achievement of victory,” the resolution read.

    The country can either immediately end the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil or reconsider a draft resolution that ties US presence to training Iraqi security forces in the fight against ISIL. (still not acting like adults 🙂 )

  15. I know Trump’s game is duplicitous, but when he said loosely, ” No War, No Regime Change”, he was pointing out the hypocracy of previous Presidential administrations, their Congresses and Senates, mainly Obama, but Bush 1 and 2 as well. Now current Congress members and Senators alike are screaming that they were not consulted, that may be legally required, but were previous Presidential administration’s Congresses consulted or informed beforehand? Answer: NO! Why, because they all wanted to go to War, needless wars on IsraHell’s behave. Next comes the thought that if Nancy Pelosi, or Adam Schiff or Jerrold Nadler were told in advance about the strike on Suleimani and associates, do you think these fellow duplicitous mostly Jewish Zionist idiots would have leaked the information and allowed Suleimani and associates to get away, and then declared Trump a failure as Commander-in-Chief and have another stupid ridiculous ground for Impeachment. Since they were not told, now they claim Trump is obstructing procedure when they themselves have not followed proper Impeachment procedure by making up the rules as they go along or that their ilk in previous administrations never voted on going to war against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria or Yemen. They are all HYPOCRITS and Trump wants the American People to see that, if they can overcome the Zio-controlled MSM propaganda. I am not holding my breathe!

  16. Different factions of Islam will conduct different acts of guerilla warfare (which will be called “terrorism”). No avoiding it, now. However, “restraint” from committing whole peoples to war against the West will be necessary for the self-preservation of those peoples (particularly Iran).
    This is the best article I have read on the subject, so far! 🌞

  17. I feel I’ve embarrassed myself by going back and forth on Trump. I came to support him again because of the lying, contemptible, disgusting people in the FBI, CIA, almost the entire Jewish owned and run mainstream media and the Jews Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and others that displayed their complete dishonesty, and all of these groups working together in an attempt to carry out a coup against the elected president. For that reason, I thought he deserved support. That was the last time. Trump displayed his weakness and cowardice and murdered a man guilty of no more than defending his country against actors (most notably the USA) that have been threatening and attacking Iran since at least 1979, and actually going much further back. Apparently Soleimani was highly respected, extremely competent and someone loved by many people in Iran and beyond.

    I doubt this will come to a world war. As much as Trump and so many other American leaders deserve to happen to them what they did to Soleimani, I don’t think Russia and China will support Iran in a way that would risk a war with the USA at this time. According to something I read somewhere else, Iran has allies and connections throughout the entire middle east and when they chose the right moment, they can do to American troops, diplomats or any Americans, including civilians, what the US did to Soleimani, and they will do this when the time is right. That, I believe will happen. No doubt, at that time the bloodthirsty Jews like John Bolton (1/4 Jewish) that shouted out in joy at the murder of Soleimani will then call for revenge against what they will call a “terrorist attack”. Now, the lying USA calls foreign armies and Generals terrorists. If the they can escalate things further and the US then launches an all out war against Iran (something Jews John Bolton, Rep. Ben Sasse, neo-cons Max Boot and Jews all across the spectrum want), then the risk of a world war would be much more likely in my opinion.

    If the US economy experiences what some people think is approaching, very high inflation and a collapsing dollar, then perhaps Iran will feel empowered enough to take real revenge against the US for the murder of Soleimani.

    1. @ Peter

      It’s long been clear that the so-called “coup” against him was a psyop; a fraud, just like he was. I told you so, but you argued. (Sorry I couldn’t resist that).

      1. I don’t know what you mean by saying the coup was a “fraud”. It’s been well established that the FBI spied on his campaign and top people (Peter Strzok and fellow FBI agent girlfriend) vowed that he would not become president, top people that supported him are in jail for no reason (Roger Stone), the Democrats and the media have attacked him and his supporters to the point that saying you support Trump can get you beaten up or killed in certain neighborhoods and the loony Democrats (with the full support of the Lying Media) have stopped just short of impeaching him. They have him under control. Please don’t spout a conspiracy theory about all this not being real or maybe you’ll say to help him. Too many statements like that have downgraded this website in my eyes.

      2. “I don’t know what you mean by saying the coup was a ‘fraud’.”

        \ ˈfrȯd \
        Definition of fraud
        1a: DECEIT, TRICKERY
        specifically : intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right
        was accused of credit card fraud
        b: an act of deceiving or misrepresenting : TRICK
        automobile insurance frauds
        2a: a person who is not what he or she pretends to be : IMPOSTOR
        He claimed to be a licensed psychologist, but he turned out to be a fraud.
        also : one who defrauds : CHEAT”

        “It’s been well established that the FBI spied on his campaign…”

        First, is this the same “FBI” that refuses to actually investigate 9/11? The same “FBI” that claims Bruce Ivins was the anthrax killer? The same “FBI” that claims the Tsarnaev brothers did the Boston marathon bombing? The same FBI that assassinated Ibragim Todashev? That “FBI”?

        Second, define the phrase “spied on” and then prove it. To the extent the “FBI” (or any other federal agency for that matter) did any such “spying,” prove that the spying was done for the purpose of damaging Trump’s electoral prospects, rather than for example to make sure that everyone close to Trump was loyal to the “deep state.”

        “… and top people (Peter Strzok and fellow FBI agent girlfriend) vowed that he would not become president,”

        Despite all that’s happened you still don’t realize that talk is cheap; especially when there’s an intent to deceive?

        …top people that supported him are in jail for no reason (Roger Stone)…

        Well what else would you expect? Surely anyone who has serious dirt on Trump or knows too much about the plan to install an Israeli agent as president and isn’t 100% trustworthy would have to be threatened, killed, jailed or somehow contained. They do this kind of thing routinely you know.

        “They have him under control.”

        Who’s “they”?

        “Please don’t spout a conspiracy theory about all this not being real or maybe you’ll say to help him. Too many statements like that have downgraded this website in my eyes.”

        So Trump is really still “a good guy in a bad situation” (in your view) and only the “conspiracy theories” that you happen to agree with are worthy of this web site?

  18. As per Fred B from for Lasha’s same article there!

    These are the facts behind the push for a war with Iran:
    The US deep state is in complete control of the situation.
    The American people have no real say and are brainwashed with BS by the deep-state, mockingbird media.
    The Rothschild financial cartel & the Masons have complete control of the US deep state.
    The Rothschild cartel has complete control of the Masons and of Israel.
    The main agenda of the Rothschild cartel is world financial domination, with Israel as a trade hub.

    The present Rothschild methodology is to engineer through world events and the media a One World Government (OWG), and especially a One World Bank (OWB), out of an expanded UN and modeled on the US Fed with trade enforced in the new currency just as does the US with fuel and its petrodollar.

    The Rothschild cartel through various organizations has complete control over the Vatican which is continuing to be used this year to spearhead the call for a OWG.
    Apart from their ever increasing power and control over finances, the media and our lives, there are four main pillars of deception which the cartel has constructed to bring influential people onside, and to usher in their OWG, and they are: the crisis of mass migration; the crisis of man-made global warming (now dubbed “climate change”); the crisis of major wars due to the evils of “nationalism”; and the crisis of instability in world markets and currencies. They manipulate and control all of these issues.

    The Vatican has long been commandeered by the Rothschild/Masonic NWO – OWG cause. The RC Church is the largest organization in the world with 1.3 billion members, and is being directly used to usher in a OWG. The Pope has already given fully approval and full support for the Rothschild OWG & OWB, as well as for the Rothschild/Soros globalist “open society”, with open borders and mass migrations contrary to RC doctrine on subsidiarity, and the wishes of the majority of the Catholic and Protestant peoples of Europe who oppose it.

    The Pope has already given full assent to the Rothschild-funded, fake man-made global warming creed and will add huge political and media support to the OWG – UN sustainability Agendas 21 and 2030, in May of this year.
    However, the OWG, however, will not get off the ground on the basis of people everywhere agreeing to take down their borders or even on the basis of the fake science and media hype that we are into some existential sustainability crisis.
    The OWG will never get off of the ground without the crisis or threat of mass destruction from war (wars orchestrated by the cartel) ostensibly caused by nations, i.e. uncontrolled nation states to be blamed.
    The OWB, will never get off of the ground without a OWG to enforce trade in its new “stability-promised” currency.

    Certain nations remain opposed to a OWG and all it entails, and one of them is Iran. Russia has until recently been the main backer of the sovereignty movement, but now seems to be wavering due to sanctions and likely trade route and pipeline promises.
    The control of Iranian oil & gas reserves will give the Rothschild interests an overwhelming dominance in control of such world resources, and a stronger basis for, not just the US petrodollar in exchange for the new currency, but for the compelled trading in that proposed new world currency.

    Iran is also right smack in the way of the trillion-dollar BRI (Belt & Road Initiative). All nations east of Iran right to China are onside. The central geography of the Middle East for trade routes to and from China, Africa and Europe plus control oil & gas resources in the region are of huge importance to the globalist plans.

    An expanded & bordered Israel to reap the benefits of a largely “Daddy Warbucks”- controlled, world currency and right in the hub of most trade routes, necessitates the capitulation and/or destruction of Muslim nations hostile to Israel in the region.
    Hence, Trump is ultimately a stalking horse not just for the Zionists in the ME and in the US, but also for the globalists. No sane person can deny he is a Rothschild puppet.
    These facts should also tell everyone exactly what the NWO – OWG will be like. It will be more and more central control based on propaganda and force. There will be less and less control of local and personal affairs. It will be totalitarian and because of the methods and the ruthlessness of the people presently controlling these things. The consequences are existential. It is life & death not only with respect to religious freedom, but for our EXISTENCE, for these people who run the cartels, and the cabals, and the US have deemed that the world population must be radically reduced. We know who and what these people are by their deeds. It is by their deceptive, violent, and ruthless means by which they have abused their wealth and the power to impose their will, that we know their intention to enslave us even more.

    Thank you Fred B for your wisdom!

    The point here is that a battle between the Sea Powers (Anglo-American IsraHell Alliance) and the Eurasian Landmass LAND powers ( Germany, Russia/China, Iran) is evolving and taking place. The only question is where does IsraHell fit? If IsraHell Rothschild money and power involved in the Eurasian Landmass power, than Iran must be knocked down for IsraHell to benefit the most. However, Biblically, Iran, with all the nations that surround IsraHell, will attack IsraHell to remove IsraHell from the Eurasian Landmass LAND power.

    1. SN –

      I do not believe the Rothschilds want a One World Bank (OWB) with a One World Currency (OWC) going forward.

      That would eliminate the FOREX Trades with a VOLUME of $5 TRILLION a DAY!! Yes…. A DAY!!! Whole lotta laundry work going on there! 🙂

      1. Pat

        You may be right in the particulars. But whether the terminology is “One World this” or “One World that”, the hammer over what would be true economic freedom everywhere continues to hover

  19. As for strategies to avoid WW3, as per Fred B, again from , Iran as the modern version of the Persian Empire could do the following:

    Iran’s leaders should diffuse the situation and gain in world respect by immediately announcing to the world that any retaliation Iran uses will not be military, that it will be legal and according to UN conventions, asking for sanctions against the US, and that any military, rebel or terrorist force attacking a US or Israeli target is not acting for or in the interests of Iran and will be acting as a false flag operation for the US and Israel in order to start an all-out war.

    Secondly, Iran’s leaders should move all valuable assets and personnel out of all likely target areas. When the US can concentrate shots on a specific target to effect maximum damage, the fight tactic is to “spread our” and never band together for feelings of support.

    Thirdly, Iran should call upon Europe and China to help monitor the situation to ensure that the US, Israel, or any of their allies, or terrorist organizations, like ISIS, do not commit another false flag operation as they are famous for doing so, in order to start a war.

    If they shift the emphasis to a likely pending false-flag they will have more time for negotiations and peace.
    ========== Thank you Fred B.
    These are possible strategies, tools and methods, an ancient Persian Empire could use to diffuse Amerika and IsraHell. As a point of history and advice, remember that Persia defeated Babylon by diverting and draining the river that flowed through the city of the great gardens. If Persia did it in the past, they can do it again, even against Amerika and IsraHell.

    1. Stormin Normin

      Good edifying post, insofar as it goes, which is far indeed

      One point I would make in clarifying the pecking order, for whatever it’s worth, is to say that Rothschild and the Vatican work hand in glove, essentially. Rothschild’s hand inserted in the Vatican glove. And the “glove” containing Rothschild’s then balled up “raised fist” shaking over humanity is driven by that which has always driven it through using the Vatican’s misapprehended notion of Divinity.

      That place setting is still there awaiting its distinguished guest to arrive at the Rothschild manse. The “guest” whose arrival is anticipated by a misguided Pope peering through his Vatican telescope

      1. YEP!

        Vatican was around before Big Chief Red-Sign!! 🙂

        Vatican allowed Mayer Amschel Bauer to grow.

      2. @ Pat, Brownhawk:

        I get your points, but as for the money of Trillions of Dollars daily, once the currency becomes a Rothschild One World digital electronic crypto-currency ( like a Bitcoin with Blockchain technology), the amount will not matter, because through that Rothschild digital currency, they will control every person on the planet and make their riches off that. Think of – Mark of the Beast and the ability to control the function of buying and selling. Without the Mark of the Beast, you will not be able to buy or sell to sustain a life, your own and humanity specifically. So the Rothschilds will make their own digital crypto-currency through their agent (AntiChrist) and will remove all other competitors.

        As for the Pope and his Rothschild hand and the telescope, the Pope is setting up a delusion where Aliens (Demons/ Fallen Angels/ AntiChrist) will impersonate Christs 2nd coming before the actual one takes place. The Pope and the Rothschilds agent (AntiChrist) will be used to rule the world. This is why Pope Francis is considered the False Prophet. Otherwise good on you folks!

  20. The young Fatima seer, Jacinta Marto, shortly before she died, said to her cousin Lucia, “Tell everybody that God gives graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell them to ask graces from Her and that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be venerated together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Ask them to plead for peace from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Lord has confided the peace of the world to Her.” Our Lady of Fatima said, “War is a consequence of sin” and asked us to pray the Rosary for the gift of peace.

    1. You understand all those sightings like Fatima, but what about Majugoree. These sightings, visions may be warnings, but the Heart of Mary is NOT at the same level as the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Highest). By your thinking, you are saying that in spiritual truth, Mary is the Mother of God, for example. That is blasphemy, God has a trinity of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, the 3 in 1. Mary is only the Mother of God, Jesus, in the physical sense (giving birth) when Jesus is only considered as a man/boy/child for he did live a human life (but without SIN). We all have a mother in that way, physical birth. Please discern these Visions better, for even Satan/Devil/Lucifer comes as a bringer of Light (Wisdom). Perhaps you will understand this better when Pope Francis, welcomes his Aliens (Fallen Angels/Demons/ Antichrist) and baptizes him/them and sheeple are lead to believe that that is the Messiah/Jesus, when in fact it is a delusion of trickery before the actual TRUE 2nd coming takes place. If you want more knowledge, look up info on Werner von Braun and the hidden reason for NASA and all the other global Space Agencies and the ISS (International Space Station) plus Project Blue Beam, chemtrails and 5G technology. One day soon you will see a great movie in the sky designed to destroy all peoples belief systems except those grounded in the true Faith, Jesus Christ. So do not be a doubting Thomas and only believe because you can SEE. The Devil, too, knows that the eyes are the window to the SOUL!


      Be nice to the poop please, he’s a NEO-“Christian”/NEW-“Catholic” and WE LERV NEO-“Christian”/NEW-“Catholics”! 🙂

    3. Recently overheard at gate twelve of the cosmic terminal:

      “Flight 666 now departing for perdition. Emergency earth call for Mr. Jesus Christ. Emergency earth call for Mr. Jesus Christ.”

  21. Time to face facts folks.

    No matter what pretensions the USA might have had in the past- ‘The Leader Of The Free World’, ‘The Shining City On The Hill’ blah blah blah – it has since devolved into The USSA: nothing but a ‘KOSHER NOSTRA’ OUTLAW STATE in the sevice of Satan… that must be ERADICATED if Humanity is to have a chance of survival

  22. Great commentary, ALLEN, you are right on it. The Hidden Hand is ubiquitous and Kosher. CB; Hitler was no Jew puppet, and the Jews did not finance him. He was elected democratically and overwhelmingly by the German people who also unflinchingly supported his rise to power. The only one who challenged Jewish global power and the only one they truly feared. They still fear him.

  23. At least the Brits are out of the EU, or will be soon enough if all goes as expected. The rest of the continent will have to contend with the biggest tsunami of refugees from the biggest war in the Middle East so far. Good luck to the rest. It will be only a trickle in the US when they should get the lot of them as it’s their wars that cause them.

    1. @ H-Drummer and C-Mike:

      Do NOT worry, continental Europe, but especially Germany, in the next 1 – 3 years, will change so much, people will be surprised. Just like Germany in the 1920s and 1930s to WW2, due to Hitler and his use of Communist fears but mainly International Jewry machinations, rallied the German people to almost defeat the Jews. This time around it will be the Muslim illegal migrants/refugees and how International Jewry (Rothschild/IsraHell) is using Muslims to destroy White European Christians. Germany is waiting for someone to fill the void of Jewess Merkel, but this person, a man, will be Hitler-like, and appear as a wolf in sheeps clothing. Thus speak as a wise, peaceful person but be a dragon. This part almost sounds like Pope Francis. This AntiChrist and the False Prophet (Pope) will work together because they both desire Jerusalem. Jerusalem, the center of World government, even under the Devine, millennial earthly reign of Jesus Christ.

      1. I don’t doubt they’ll be tricking and conning people. As you say they’ll play the Second Coming as some Big Gig inthe Sky, and evangelicals will be enruptured and doubters vilified like those who dobut 911 CNN lies. And the mark of the beast is already upon us – the credit card. Everyone is buying everything with it so soon you’ll starve without one as they stop accepting cash.

  24. I have made this point many times over the years here. Now, Hudson does so…..

    US Risks Annihilation To Keep Dollar Alive
    January 7, 2020

    Michael Hudson recently wrote an article explaining why US Bankers were willing to assassinate Iran’s General Soleimani in order to keep the US Dollar as a world reserve currency.

    He wrote that the BANKERS are willing to risk a “YUGE” war because they want to buy trillions of dollars of things for free from foreigners by defrauding them with “I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes.” (Good one!! 🙂 )

  25. America, the current modern version of the Roman Empire in decline and about to fall! Or is that the great American Eagle about to be chicken dinner at the expense of IsraHell! Or do proverbs or wise sayings describe the current state of affairs: Revenge is a dish best served Cold or The enemy of my Enemy is my Friend! Do these even work? Wait, I thought that Assassin was a Persian/Iranian concept /word! For a neutral perspective on things, check out Canadian website below: gives both perspectives on many topics and allows reader to decide for themselves. Thinking, Logic and Reason, dangerous things in the right hands (the populace)!
    America, An Empire on its Last Leg: To be Kicked Out from the Middle East?

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