Is Trump Losing His Marbles?

Is America being led by a man who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing?

By Lasha Darkmoon
27 April 2020



“I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.” — Donald Trump, suggesting it might be a good idea to inject bleach or other dangerous disinfectants into the body.

America is now in a dreadful state. A few months ago it was riding high, with President Trump on a crest of popularity. This was before corinavirus hit the country like a hurricane from hell.

Unemployment claims have now escalated to over 26 million, which is unprecedented. More than 4.4 million laid-off workers applied for welfare benefits last week. One in six Americans have lost their jobs in the last four  weeks. Projected figures for the April unemployment rate have been set at 20 per cent. The magnitude of job cuts, according to a news report I have in front of me now, “has plunged the US economy into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.”

This is Trump’s latest nightmare. To give the president his due, he is a man who manages to keep on an even keel when things are going well. He is all smiles when his people are smiling. When they lose their smiles and start gritting their teeth, this well-nourished man with the orange-tinted tan tends to lose his cool. This is what has happened within the last few days.

Trump’s easy-to-please supporters were initially delighted to learn from their president what they avidly wanted to hear: that the whole coronvirus crisis was “fake news” and that it would clear up in no time at all without the need for a lockdown. Warmer weather would do the trick. Within less than a week, he had changed his mind.  More or less declaring a national emergency, he now brazenly informed the bemused nation that coronavirus was a very serious problem indeed and that he had never doubted this for a moment.

And the world laughed . . .  as if a clown had just cracked a funny joke.

To add to the confusion and general consternation, Dr Anthony Fauci, Trump’s advisor on Covid-19 and Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases— “widely seen to be one of the most trusted medical figures in the country“—shocked the nation recently by suggesting that shaking hands could in future be banned.

“I don’t think we should shake hands ever again, to be honest with you.” — US expert Dr Anthony Fauci, on avoiding infections even after the crisis is over.” — Quotes of the Week, The Mail on Sunday, April 19, p.39

Understandably, people are getting a bit nervous. Never shake hands again? Overnight, the world has changed. The commandment “Love your neighbour” now needs to be rewritten: “Love your neighbour, but keep a safe distance from him.”

At this rate, kissing and sexual intercourse will soon be banned.

Big Brother will be watching you at all times to make sure you don’t get too amorous.

 —   §   —

Meanwhile, the argument rages between lockdown and non-lockdown. A careful study of the facts seems to reveal that nations that have panicked and enforced extended lockdowns on their people have done much worse than nations that have pursued more laissez-faire policies, allowing their people to meet up in public more freely. Italy was particularly harsh to its population, especially its older generation, and Italy paid the price with a heavy toll of deaths. Sweden, on the contrary,  let its people mix in public, without face masks, and the Swedes were none the worse for it. The same in New Zealand.

Vietnam is a classic example. It began lifting lockdown restrictions last week after claiming it had not suffered a single coronavirus death. Despite sharing a huge border with China and having a population of 95 million, Vietnam acted quickly to enforce a strict lockdown followed by a swift return to normal. Cafes and shops in Hanoi began reopening last week and everyone is smiling. There were 268 infections in total—not bad for a population of 95 million—but not one of these infections led to death. (“‘Zero Deaths’ Vietnam eases lockdown”, Daily Mail, April 24, 2020, p. 10. See also here).

If you have any further doubts about this subject, this chart will perhaps help you to make up your mind:


To get back to the situation in America. Clearly the Trump administration was in the wrong to fail to recognize the seriousness of the situation earlier, unlike efficient Vietnam. With “experts” like Dr Anthony Fauci (pictured) to advise America, who needs experts? Men who advise their people never to shake hands again deserve to be put in special places.

Unfortunately, Trump has arguably made a bad situation even worse by scapegoating and demonizing China in an attempt to revive his flagging popularity among his core voters. The attack on Trump that follows does not come from the mainstream media. It comes from a dissident site on the internet, Information Clearing House, authored by the respected John Wight.

This, however, is from The Independent, a mainstream source quoted by Wight in support of his argument:

The  45th President of the United States has begun to move perilously close to the ranks of the growing number of conspiracy theory nuts in our midst, with their ludicrous assertions as to the origins of coronavirus and, inter alia, the sinister agendas of Bill Gates, the Chinese government, the Illuminati, along with the role of 5G masts in facilitating its spread.

As Trump becomes more embattled and struggles to answer the justified criticisms of his handling of the crisis, and as his approval numbers dip, his rampant megalomania makes him ever more susceptible to the charms of conspiracy theory as a route out of the reality he’s chosen to divorce himself from.

John Wight argues plausibly—as indeed most world-renowned virologists do in America, Britain, Australia and elsewhere—that China has at all times acted responsibly and is in way responsible for deliberately targeting the West with a bioweapon. He points out that “Beijing responded with impressive alacrity and organisation, pouring in thousands of doctors and troops, building temporary hospitals, introducing mass testing and contact tracing, and getting on top of the outbreak in a manner that has put Europe and the US to shame…. The pristine truth is that Donald Trump’s megalomania and sociopathy have been laid bare.

Wight’s indictment is savage:

With over 40,000 dead and counting from COVID-19 in the US, Trump’s failure to act with anything like the urgency of Beijing for six whole weeks after the WHO declared the virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern has been tantamount to CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.

Further still, his continuing denial of the seriousness of the pandemic, defying scientific medical advice in talking up the prospect of returning to business as usual in the coming weeks, marks him out as A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER NOT ONLY TO HIS OWN PEOPLE BUT THE ENTIRE WORLD.

(Emphasis added)


“A clear and present danger not only
to his own people but the entire world.”

—   §   —

According to the renowned BBC broadcaster and journalist John Humphreys, Nobel Prizewinners tend to go off their heads when they win the Nobel Prize. Most of them, he says, “recover within a couple of years but some remain a bit mad forever.” They begin researching “such weird stuff as extra-terrestrial communications and DNA teleportation and even whether coronavirus is a bioweapon.”

Humphreys then continues to cut to the chase:

Which brings me to Donald Trump. He stunned the world this week by raising the possibility of dealing with coronavirus by INJECTING VICTIMS WITH BLEACH.

They’d almost certainly die. But so would the virus.

Worth the Nobel surely?

— The Daily Mail, April 25, 2020, p. 23 

All too predictably, the president was branded  “dangerous” and “irresponsible” for suggesting that bleach could be a cure for coronavirus. Hospitals  rushed to warn America’s millions not to ingest washing tablets. The makers of Dettol started having hissy fits. “Please! Please! Don’t start injecting  Dettol into your veins!” they warned the unwashed masses. The masses started rushing round like frightened rabbits and headless chickens.

The president then gravely suggested hitting the body with “a tremendous ultraviolet or just very powerful light, adding helpfully, “I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute — one minute — and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.”   

A statement greeted with muted groans from experts galore.

Not content with making an ass of himself in this embarrassing manner, the president then decided to go the whole hog and be as silly as possible. Pointing to his head, he burbled: “I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.”

Exactly. You can go far in American politics if you have a good you-know-what! Robert Reich, a professor of public policy at the University of California, was outraged. He was not impressed with the president’s “you-know what” and said so in an indignant tweet. “Trump’s briefings are actively endangering the public’s health,” he fumed. “Listen to the experts. And please DON’T DRINK DISINFECTANT!”

Not to be left out of this Circus of Horrors, Hag Queen Hillary Clinton tweeted her haughty contempt for the beleaguered president: “Please don’t poison yourself because president Trump thinks it could be a good idea!” she sneered.

How did Trump react? With characteristic bravado. He pretended he was just being ironical and playing a trick on the experts. He had set a trap for the media and they’d fallen for it. “I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you,” he chutzpahed, “just to see what would happen.”

(Based on “Trump’s wildest corona claim yet”, Daily Mail, April 25, 2020, p. 12.  See also here.)

Brilliant! You can’t beat a man like that. Even when he’s down, he’s up! Maybe there’s method in his madness. The Orange Clown, his besotted admirers will tell you, is really a supergenius in disguise.

Watch this video and decide for yourself: Is Trump losing his marbles? Is America being led by a man who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing?

VIDEO  :  11.50 mins  

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Trump is a puppet of the zionists who run the ZUS and have since 1913 when they foisted their privately owned FED and IRS on America.

    Trump is a zionist pied piper leading America to destruction via UN Agenda 2030 and the coronavirus scamdemic.

    1. USA, 56,000 deaths in a population of 350,000,000 is 1 in 6,250
      UK 21,000 deaths in a population of 65,000,000 is 1 in 3095

      In other words the death rate from the virus is twice as high in the UK as it is in the USA

      1. Well said, John! I’m glad to see that you changed your mind about Covid-19. Stubborn old people don’t change opinion no matter what, they end up stuck in their comfortable paradigms and denials. A shock of reality is on the horizon for those. A good doctor can see this is a new disease observing symptoms of his patients, no need for laboratory tests.

        The political use of this disease is obvious but that doesn’t imply it’s a hoax. In Italy, they say, old guys died because of 5G exposure but in NY they died of 18 years ago asbestos inhalation plus a normal cold. I’m waiting the next ad-hoc theory to explain the deaths in South America, or Palestine. That’s not just ridiculous it’s dangerous disinformation!

      2. Coronavirus is a strain of the flu and is being used by the NWO kabal to destroy America, take a look at the video on on the olympic opening ceremony in 2012, and go to and watch last nights video on trunews, and check, the whole deal is a scam by the NWO ghouls!

      1. I only know of the one that I watch in the evening which finishes taping about 5:30 pm mountain time here in Montana, also watch the one that was on last night ie 4-29-20, this one has a woman doctor on that relates how Fauci is corrupt and dangerous!

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    Lasha apologizes for this silly mixup and puts it down to overwork and lack of sleep.

    1. I just finished writing a novel — it’s about war and peace. I came up with the title “War and Peace”. What can I say, I’m an original thinker! I’m Brilliant! Just because Tolstoy entitled his novel about war and peace “War and Peace” doesn’t mean I can’t entitle my novel about war and peace “War and Peace”. If anyone gets confused because there’s two novels about war and peace and both novels are entitled “War and Peace” that’s their problem, f*ck ’em. 😮

    2. Hi Lasha and Admin,

      Permission granted to delete my 2 posts concerning this topic in Giraldi’s article.

      Best regards and… keep healthy !

  3. Trump was probably briefed about this new invention a sort of UVA light emitting flexible glassfibre stick that goes into the trachea through the intubation tube. The UV light disinfects the airways within seconds. Still in the process of being tested. I wonder if Trump meant to say ‘INGEST’ instead of ‘INJECT’ and although ingesting is not the right word, Trump not having studied medicine, the procedure comes close to ‘swallowing’ a gastroscope instrument.

    1. “Trump was probably briefed about this new invention”

      A perfectly plausible, likely easily provable statement.
      Trump being briefed on this and no doubt a number of other people, places and things he’s not supposed to spill the beans about but sometimes does because
      (a) he can’t help it and (b) he likes to tease the brat Bureaucrats. Especially the DeepState dirty rats..

  4. I think he was having a dig at Bill Gates who wants to inject the world with his poison vaccines. He can’t quite come out and say he’s against vaccinations or openly take on murderous Bill so he does it like this making a public spoof. It’s not serious and it’s definitely an allusion to Gates and the WHO. Q Anons would know.

    1. Yes Mike, that too. Trump does after all have a (suspected) vaccine damaged son, Baron.
      No small thing..

  5. Leave it to Lasha! I posted 3-4 comments and wondered what have happened. Now I am squeezing my brain to remember. Thanks Lasha!

    White House staff know that Trump has cognitive issues and cannot intelligently answer hard questions without baseless attacks on the press. Claiming he was being sarcastic would have made the comment about ingesting bleach any better.

  6. Doctors and health experts urged people not to drink or inject disinfectant on Friday after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested scientists should investigate inserting the cleaning agent into the body as a way to cure COVID-19.

    So, EXPERTS had to tell Americans to NOT drink cleaning agents because our president thinks it may be a good idea. These last three years feel like the longest “Punked” episode ever.

  7. I cannot think of a better solution myself. Every person who voted for Trump should definitely follow his latest medical theory to the letter.

    1. You should just shut-up, you hypocrite. You abandoned your own country, to come to ours and secure the blessings of residing here – and all you can do is run your foolish old attention-seeking trap and criticize OUR president about some inane statement he made offending your stupid perceptions. You claim to be a soldier, but you obviously are NOT a warrior, or you’d be man enough to stay in Palestine and fight for your country.

      1. Please control your bad temper. I am sick of your constant abuse of Mahmoud. I don’t want to see him driven from this website because of you. If he gets on your nerves, just ignore him. I won’t say this again to you, you foul-tempered freak.

      2. Silent Reader –

        Are you a hideous, homely female, or an impotent old man?? I can’t really tell; and you, of course, feel inadequate enough to avoid telling it, so all you do is criticize others for getting riled at obvious malfeasance and insults. Go to hell, freak.

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Oh shut up Gilbert and stop behaving like a spoilt brat! There’s nothing wrong with my looks. And even if I was a hideous old hag or a toothless old man driveling at the mouth, it still wouldn’t make the slightest difference to the the truth and justice of my words. I’m simply asking you to stop throwing your toys out of the pram and behave with some dignity.

          Let others here, like Mahmoud, feel free to express their opinions without personal abuse from you. That’s all I’m asking.

          I’ve worked in some really tough prisons in my time. And I can tell you this. Your nasty and ugly behavior on his site makes you indistinguishable from the worst among the criminal classes I’ve had dealings with. You’re heading for disaster if you don’t learn some self-control.

          I suspect you have health problems and are no longer as young and charming as you were. And this is your problem. You see yourself going downhill by the day, unable to do the things you once did. And your days are joyless and shadowed with pain. Truly, I feel sorry for you.

          “Learn to grow old gracefully.” That was Madame Butterfly’s advice to you. It’s my advice also. I too am growing old, and doing my best to cope with the horrors to come. We are all in the same boat, Gilbert.

          Peace be to you, brother.

      3. @ SILENT READER

        You are truly a man of honor. I appreciate your love! That means a lot to me, especially when others chose to be bystanders.

  8. I will attempt to offer my comment again…because the last time I posted it, an entire Darkmoon article plus all comments including mine disappeared within 5 minutes of my posting it. Trump admittedly spoke in a very clumsy manner and left himself open to ridicule, which clearly is now well underway. None the less, as I understand it, The Donald was in fact referring to chlorine dioxide, a product our bodies manufacture to address much of what attempts to ail us. This is of the chlorine “family”, just as another long time, well proven anti-malarial drug Oxychloroquine is currently under attack and being removed from inventory in many states…perhaps more widely throughout the world. Oxychloroquine, like chlorine dioxide IS NOT BLEACH, and VERY EFFECTIVELY destroys the hyped up “Corona virus”…COVID-19 (Certification of Vaccination-2019), as well as myriad other health problems afflicting mankind

    Chlorine dioxide is created for medicinal use very simply and inexpensively combining sodium chlorite and citric acid, both in a solution of distilled water. The chemical reaction of this simple salt with citric acid produces chlorine dioxide, which can be ingested, inhaled, applied topically, and yes, injected. MMS, as this combination is called, Master Mineral Solution saved my life 11 years ago from an otherwise lethal oral infection. My oral surgeon and dentist could do nothing more than administer the strongest anti-biotic made, which was failing. Chlorine dioxide cured the problem in 3 days. I would otherwise be dead!

    This simple health solution, like oxychloroquine, cures malaria in 4 hours, dengue fever in similar time. I know, I’ve helped scores of people in the tropics, and cured myself of dengue fever in 4 hours!

    This product/process is so simple, combining a common salt with citric acid, that it can’t be patented. The remedy by (((the tribe))) is to make it illegal, as has been done here in Canada and in many countries around the world. Genesis Church of Health and Healing provides MMS as a sacrament of their church, and RIGHT NOW the FDA, CDC, WHO, Fauci et al as tools of (((the tribe))) are attacking Genesis Church, doing all they can to shut it down, to make MMS unavailable in the USA, as similar puppets of Satan’s gang did 10 years ago in Canada. Trump was sent, in the last few days, a letter describing MMS, its efficacy in treating COVID-19, by the leadership of this church, and their plight, asking for his assistance to call off the attack. I know because I was sent a copy.

    To understand more clearly what The Donald was referring to, listen to the following presentation by Andreas Kalcker.

  9. My comment got lost too, as have several others I’ve made in the past… i guess this time they wacked the whole page… we should all know by now to copy our comments off and save them for deals like this… maybe they will be found… maybe not… maybe we’ll remember what we said…
    Obviously someone is sabotaging this site…. media is very important, and blogs like this are the nearest we get to journalism these days.. while the PTB appreciate our information, they have to be careful too many citizens don’t wise up on it… no way this virus plandemic succeeds with a freely functioning media… i guess the national security state of emergency rule killed that long ago too..


      I have managed to find the article (published in January of this year) where your lost comments (published today) will probably be found. To find your lost comments and repost them on the new thread, do this:

      (1) Click here:

      (2) Ignore all the earlier comments (published in January) and SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE until you come to your comment published TODAY (April 27).

      (3) COPY AND PASTE your comment onto the new thread IF YOU WISH. Or just let your comment stay there where it is doing no harm).

      GOOD LUCK!

  10. The biggest blunder of Trump may not be what you think : his suggestions of treatment might be the result of his ineptitude in communicating what he have been told or what he found. And I’m not defending Trump because I am a Trump supporter; I AM NOT !!! My mindset is the following : I’ll defend and support whoever tells the truth, being Archangels or the Devil, and I chastise anyone telling lies, being the Devil… or Archangels !

    About Trumps suggestion of injecting oneself with “disinfectant” (he haven’t said “bleach” as some falsely reported) and shining ultraviolet lamps inside our body, that have been distorted and blown out of proportion by the MSM, I believe Trumps have been briefed on (or knew about) two (three?) worthy (IMHO) therapies that exists that he incorrectly presented to the public. These therapies are:

    1- Chlorine Dioxide (like in MMS) :
    Look at the FDA / MSM raging war against MMS these days and the disinfo therein, compounded with the demonetization of Trump and you’ll understand more what’s happening now in the MSM regarding his suggestoins (and I’m NOT a Trump supporter for a second time)…

    2- Light therapy :
    In China (maybe elsewhere too (Russia)), I know there is an alternative therapy system that calls for introduction of fiber optics inside the body near cancer tumors in order to kill the tumor with specific lights wavelengths. I know it exists but have not researched the subject.

    3- UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) :

    Another thing to consider here is the propensity of TPTB to confuse the people with double speaks, hidden forewarnings, le “language des oiseaux”, cabalistic words. Hence the Cabale !

    If we look at Trump’s advise to inject oneself with “disinfectant”, this makes SENSE !!! HUGH !? YES : vaccines and antibiotics ARE “disinfectants” : they rid infection out of your body so they DIS-INFECT you.

    So… to slaughter down MMS because it being a “disinfectant” is a gross and mischievous cabalistic rhetoric misdeed designed to discredit MMS, a worthy treatment IMHO, that don’t pass muster in my book.

    1. Stargate,

      Thanks for your comments, and particularly you links re. sodium chlorite. David

    2. Colloidal silver can be called a disinfectant because it kills microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.). Up to 24ppm it can be ingested, inhaled and you guessed it, injected into the veins. I just inhaled it yesterday. Some guy home made a colloidal silver too strong for medical use and sprayed it into a dirty garbage can, according to his testimony the garbage can smelled like rain after spraying CS.

      CS is very selective, that’s the miracle of it! It doesn’t affect organs and tissues, only unicellular organisms. What it does to eggs and spermatozoids? I don’t know!


        You are the voice of reason on this site. Where is Ruthy when you need her? I will continue shortly responding to Darkmoon’s ISIS trash talk. For now, I have better things to do. Stay tuned!

  11. In a Constitutional Republic the State is held in check by the Courts…
    Citizens’ Rights can’t be taken away without Court Orders…
    The Courts are controlled by Juries… Juries tell Judges what they can and can not do…
    If Citizens’ Rights are maintained, globalist scams like the Corona Virus don’t work…
    Put a Free Press in the deal and you can really forget about it…
    The County Sheriff is the Constitutional Representative of the people, that’s who he answers to..
    Trouble is too many cops don’t know much about it, and many would rather the people didn’t have so many rights anyway.. Heck, they’ll rob you on the interstate, if you have any cash on you they take it…
    And the first thing they think about the stay home order is the money they’re going to raise ticketing people…
    I remember when they first put the Commuter Lane on the SF Oakland Bay Bridge… People hadn’t heard about it yet, so they went through the restricted gate by mistake, only 1 person in the car… there was a line of like 8 cops on the other side of the gate hustling along beside people’s cars writing everybody tickets, while they moved.. When they got the ticket written, they let the car speed up and go and they ran back to the booth to pick up the next victim… They just kept going in circles like that for hours, constantly writing people tickets…
    Money makes lots of people unscrupulous..
    If not the Sheriffs, you need a Militia…

  12. Thanks PAT… I found it…

    April 27, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    Apparently light does have healing properties, not unheard of in the medical community……
    : application for therapeutic purposes of the chemically active rays of the electromagnetic spectrum (as ultraviolet light or X-rays)…
    ok, trump is now vying with GWB for Robin Williams type comedy material… Too bad Robin Williams is no longer with us, I guess somebody thought the wonderful fool was needed more in heaven, or hell… i hope he still has his sense of humor, wherever he went…
    “With over 40,000 dead and counting from COVID-19 in the US, Trump’s failure to act with anything like the urgency of Beijing for six whole weeks after the WHO declared the virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern has been tantamount to CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.”
    Apparently Mr. Wight believes everything his television tells him too… That’s pretty foolish… If people like him had the courage to open their eyes a little further they’d see right away there are a lot of questions the media doesn’t ask, that the public needs the answers to before they go quietly into the Super Surveillance Tag and Track State… Is it possible he’s never seen any of Bill Gates’ videos, where Bill Gates is saying he will reduce the population of Africa by vaccinating people, or that he wants to vaccinate people against religious fundamentalism, and that Bill says we can’t open up the economy again until we vaccinate everybody in the whole world? Does Mr Wight think those videos are made up by somebody? I guess Mr’ Wright never heard of how Bill and Brixie and Tony go way back deep with the WHO… To leave Bill Gates, the biggest Big Pharma vaccine pusher in the world, out of the discussion can’t be a mere oversight, even for the most chickenshit myopic among us… Anybody claiming journalism has to be circumspect… There are a lot of angles working here… paying hospitals off on every virus death they claim, along with the blase facts of life on death certificates, wrecks the credibility of the death count and clearly indicates a plot by somebody to jack the numbers…
    What should be freaking the media out is Fauchi’s statement –
    ““I don’t think we should shake hands ever again, to be honest with you.”
    Honestly, I can tell by looking I don’t trust Fauchi or the Scarf Lady…
    This is the Bizarro world you get when you lose the first amendment and have no free press…

  13. What is interesting about this presentation by the two docs are the idiot questions by the journalist who have their heads stuck up the Government’s rear end. Otherwise, the docs are right on 100 percent.


    1. Here, try thus link. You tube is pulling down this presentation. These two docs know much more then they are saying in this video.
      Watch California ER Doctor’s Coronavirus Briefing
      …Stunning Truths Emerge – Very Important
      One may have to use search engine to fine. This video hurts Screw Tube’s tender feelings.

  14. Passing this on to LD…

    Video: RANCHER, SHAD SULLIVAN – MILLIONS Cattle to be euthanized, MILLIONS of
    Chickens to be killed, THOUSANDS of gallons of Milk being dumped!
    You think there are food shortages now?!?!?! The domino effect is happening!
    26 million lost jobs in last five weeks! Politicians lost? NOT ONE PENNY!
    I am hearing reports of laid-off employees not really wanting to go back to work because
    they are collecting more in unemployment benefits!?!?! Well, now we know why this plan was
    put into place…They don’t want people back to work! They want to crash the economy!
    TRACKING BRACLETS – Bulgaria is the latest country to test a wristband that can track people
    during the coronavirus pandemic. South Korea and Hong Kong have also been using electronic
    trackers to help enforce quarantine. OH HELL NO!
    Four Michigan Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce Governor’s Totalitarian Orders! (Article)
    Neither the President or Governor has control over a Constitutional Sheriff!!! Only the people do!
    Get in touch with your Sheriff – SHARE THE BELOW VIDEO WITH THEM! And, be sure your
    Constitutional Sheriff lets your local police know that they should STAND DOWN when ALL businesses opening

  15. Understandably, people are getting a bit nervous. Never shake hands again? Overnight, the world has changed. The commandment “Love your neighbour” now needs to be rewritten: “Love your neighbour, but keep a safe distance from him.”
    At this rate, kissing and sexual intercourse will soon be banned.
    Big Brother will be watching you at all times to make sure you don’t get too amorous.

    Well said! Now here is what I would like you to do. Watch, read, and ponder calmly for a few seconds over each of the following George Orwell stickers:

    Then decide for yourselves: which of the following statements is more correct in the light of all the evidence we have today in front of our very eyes:

    (1) “The brilliant satirical novel Animal Farm by George Orwell is an expose of Stalin’s Russia”, as some interpreters of the novel would have us to believe ,

    or, rather,

    (2) The brilliant satirical novel Animal Farm by George Orwell is an astonishingly correct prediction, up to the tiniest details, of the final state of the Anglo-Saxon led Western world.

    1. Circ –

      Easy answer – Orwell wrote fiction…..
      ……………AND so do the CDC, WHO & NIH!! 💥 😜

      THIS IS MORE ACCURATE – “In a time when telling the truth is a threat to national security… I will still tell it!” – Dr Annie Bukacek

      From a doctor who has been signing Death Certificates for over 30 years:


      Dr. Annie Bukacek is a longtime Montana physician with over 30 years experience practicing medicine. Signing death certificates is a routine part of her job.

      Dr. Bukacek blows the whistle on the way the CDC is instructing physicians to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths on death certificates.

      “The decision for unprecedented government-mandated lockdown has been based on the alleged death rate of COVID-19. Is this death rate based on truth? …”
      “Are the reported deaths from COVID-19 truly deaths from COVID-19?
      “To address this question, we need to discuss death certificates since death certificates are the basic source of information about mortality. …”


      Illinois COVID-19 Task Force Admits the Numbers Are Seriously Rigged!!

      Illinois Department of Public Health Director, Dr. Ngozi Ezike, says that ANYONE who dies after testing positive for the virus is classified as having died from the coronavirus. 💥 🤢

      “If you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means that if, technically, even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it’s still listed as a COVID death.

      “So, everyone who’s listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death.” That’s what she said.

    2. @ Circassian

      A good post. Dr Lasha Darkmoon (LD) would not disapprove of what you say.

      LD does not, and never has, been a gullible supporter of Western civilization. She knows, as you do, that Western civilization is going down the drain. “Animal Farm” is well-known to be a cruel satirical account of the Soviet Union under Stalin. And Napoleon the Pig is universally acknowledged to be a portrait of Stalin.

      LD writes to me in a private email, reluctant to post her thoughts on the site itself:

      “The British government succeeded in delaying publication of “Animal Farm” because it was nervous about offending Stalin who was still, at that time, technically an ally and “friend of the West”. Respect for Stalin, though a grudging respect, was the official line in both Britain and America in the late 1940s. They tolerated Stalin’s autocratic behavior for pragmatic reasons and purely out of a total revulsion for Hitler.

      Remember that “Animal Farm” was followed a few years later by Orwell’s masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-Four. In his far greater novel, Orwell was no longer trying to demonize the Soviet Union. This new book was in fact a demonization of the entire world in its presentation of a world dystopia. Here we have the world carved up into different segments perpetually at war with each other and changing sides constantly: a world consisting of Oceania, Eurasia, East Asia, and Disputed Territories. Winston Smith, the main character, is a citizen of “Airstrip 1″ which is Orwell’s name for Britain. (Airstrip 1 is part of Oceania, to which America also belongs).

      I am certainly not arguing that modern Russia under Putin is the ultimately Evil Nation. Or Dystopia personified. Things are just as bad, if not worse, in the United States and Europe right now. The entire world has leprosy. We are all going to hell in a hand cart….”

    3. Yes…that nice Mr Charrington (1984) will be earwigging our conversations and any other activity that might be in play….. 😉

  16. Trump was obviously being sarcastic about his bleach remark. Is the art of sarcasm completely lost on people?

  17. “Is America being led by a man who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing?”

    His inarticulate ad-libbing probably scares his handlers and enablers half to death, but when it comes to malicious acts against Syria, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, China, etc. he seems to have a laser-like focus.

    BTW has everyone seen this video? What are they trying to depict at about 2:25 – 2:30?

    1. HS –

      How did they KNOW in 2012 (even before that for skit planning) that Boris Johnson would be in office & in bed??!!

      Oh, I forgot. ALL national leaders are Pre-(S)elected!! 🙂

      1. PAT,

        Who have the pharisees Pre-(S)elected for the November 2020 United States presidential win?

      2. And every now and again a tenured old codger has it up to ^here^ with the demons big and small and just spits it out plain as day. No ciphering or deciphering needed..

      3. HS –
        Amazingly sneaky work by asshole Speilberg.

        Homer –
        WOW again….
        Old codger(German): “COVID Pandemic is NO pandemic, but IS a zionist plan to reduce population & control the world.”

        Channel owner:
        “This channel is a tool for awakening [red pill]. A collection of truth. When we wake up a person, it’s worth the time we invested.”

      4. TROJ –

        The ‘word’ is that Chabadists are planning to push so many food riots and jobless rioters that there will not be any (S)election this year. Trump will remain there thru 2030….. Agenda 2030, ushered in with a million points of light. 🙂

  18. LASHA !

    With respect, I say you felt head first into the MSM propaganda and disinformed your readers.

    Read carefully my post above and the videos I’ve put.

    NEVER did Trumps utter the word “bleach” and… like I said, vaccines and antibiotics ARE disinfectants because they get infection OUT OF YOU BODY so… they DIS-INFECT you !

    I think you owe an explanation to your readers and for the sake of Truth that you are an upholder.

    Blessings and… be in good health !

    1. @ Stargate

      You are a new poster here. Less condescension from you please. Lasha Darkmoon is not your disciple, nor are you her guru or intellectual mentor that she needs to take instructions from you on how to think. I happen to agree with her viewpoint. It makes more sense than yours.

      1. It doesn’t matter that the word “bleach” was never used. It was clearly meant or implied (and the word “disinfectant” was used). In any case, it’s beyond dispute that Trump made a fool of himself. Why else would the manufacturers of Dettol have hastened to warn the public not to DRINK Dettol (!!!) unless Trump had suggested that it might be a good idea to ‘INGEST’ disinfectants, including cleaning agents and dangerous detergents?

        The fact that you have a different kookie pro-Trump viewpoint doesn’t give you the right to get on your high horse here and say you are “right” and that those who disagree with you and criticize Trump are “wrong”. No sir, YOU ARE NOT RIGHT simply because you have an axe to grind on behalf of the incompetent, mendacious, and morally corrupt Trump administration.

        I repeat: Lasha does not need you as her guru or intellectual mentor. She is perfectly capable of thinking for herself.


        I share Lasha’s viewpoint too. If Trump’s lackeys are so adamant in supporting him blindly, I hope that they and 45 will be the first to try this anti coronavirus experiment themselves.

      3. Thank you Madame Butterfly for your comment, I should have been more circumspect in my wording choice but don’t think I was insulting. I don’t pretend to be Lasha’s guru, have no axe to grind, and am NOT a Trump supporter but… am sure of my assertions.

        And BTW, you are guilty of the crime you are accusing me of… isn’t it ?

        And, respectfully, considering Lasha a demi-goddess exempt of error that we can’t criticize and argue with is also an error. And I “Love” Lasha… Make it what you wish.

        Do you know that chlorine dioxide is used in the industry and lots of municipal water systems and swimming pools to… “disinfect” water you drink, and swim in ? Do you know that blood banks uses chlorine dioxide in the blood bags in order to… “disinfect” them ? If it is good for blood banks, it must be good in your system also don’t you think ?

        So if you catch COVID19 and have the choice to put that… “disinfectant” in your system, will you take it ? I leave that choice into your own hand.

        Blessing to you and be in good health.

        1. @ Stargate

          I take back what I said about you and hope you will remain on this site and continue to enlighten us. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was falsely accused on this site by one Gilbert Huntly, a racist redneck who sees himself as as an “American patriot”, of being the same person as another poster on this site known as “Silent Reader”.

          Which is funny, because although I happened to agree with Silent Reader on a particular question revolving round Mahmoud el-Yousseph, I disagree with Silent Reader on most other questions. I think Admin will confirm this, because my email address and IP number are my own and cannot possibly belong to another person on this site — a person I know little about and for whom I care even less.

          I was preoccupied yesterday, in other words, with this unpleasant thug Gilbert Huntly and displaced my anger and frustration on to you.

          Yes, I think you have a right to criticize Lasha and I’m sure she would welcome your friendly criticisms, but I too am surely entitled to tell you that I agree with Lasha 100% and not with you. Lasha articulates my own thoughts. You do not.

          I hope we can have different opinions and still remain friends. Your other longer posts, which I read with interest, were exceptionally good.

      4. And yes, I agree with you that Trump made a fool out of himself for not having been able to express his thoughts in a clearer manner…

        But who made him a fool ? him ? or the MSM and us ? If you would stand still in your mind, heart and emotions, centered on your Inner Self, you’ll find the answer !

      5. Greetings Madame Butterfly,

        I praise your sanity and well being. I understand your error and yes… “Errare humanum est”. Not recognizing it is a proof of intellectual dishonesty, which you have NOT !

        Yes I do accept you not to agree with my statements providing it is said in a calm and gentle manner as you just did. I praise you for that.

        Have a good journey, be happy and healthy !

      6. I would like to but… no. I choose it because it looked like one of the three Musketeers that fought against TPTB at that time. At least, that’s the story I like to believe…

      7. Stargate –

        Careful of the butterfly gal. She’ll drink all yer gin…. and tonic, too!!

        She luvs that juniper berry juice.💥 😉

        1. Thanks for the info, Pat. I never knew that. Fact is I’m not interested in gin. Never touch it. Or vodka. I only have an occasional glass of wine nowadays, believing in the old adage “IN VINO VERITAS”. Though I live in England now because of my work, my favorite wine comes from California: a fruity red Merlot from Gallo, a chaste wine pretending to be decadent.

  19. Hey Gilbert Ben Laden, you need to STFU and quit trying to intimidate me here and violate my First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Before I go any further, I would like first to thank SILENT READER and MADAME BUTTERFLY for having the courage and decency to stand up for your bullying tactics on this site.

    First of all, I did not abandon my country, I was born in a refugee camp in Lebanon and not Palestine. My parents were Palestinian but I never saw Palestine. America is my adopted country. What is that with “come to our country” supposed to mean? America is not yours alone but mine too. I earned my right to live and have worked very hard to earn my citizenship. Unlike you, I earned my citizenship whereas you inherited yours. Besides, if you are not native American, you can not claim this country is yours. Therefore, you can kiss my 100% Palestinian ass. To tell you the truth, I could care less if Darkmoon banned me as a result but I do not allow anyone to trample my constitutional rights.

    I have a lot of things to get off my chest but for now, I have to go and I will get back to your lazy ass. Don’t go away!

      1. Good catch! Thank you THEREALORIGINALJOE. I learn new thing every day. I guess posting here help improve my English in addition to have to take others’ crap and verbal abuse.

    1. Madame & Stargate/Stargate & Madame : greatly enjoy, lol, greatly LERV Asinus Asinum Fricat-ing A LOT do WE, lol….

  20. Mahmoud –

    I won’t abate my breath, you old fool. Do you know how PATHETIC you are??? Btw, you’d bust a gut if you knew that Madame Butterfly and Silent Reader (your heroes) are one-and-the-same. ☹️
    Yes, it’s pretty pitiful… Really, I don’t give a damn, anyway. You deserve each other.

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      So I’m “Silent Reader” now, am I? Any proof for this allegation? No, you haven’t! Not content with bullying Mahmoud el-Yousseph, you have now graduated to making up defamatory lies about me.

      Just tell me, you incredibly stupid man, why I would NEED to defend Mahmoud under TWO separate names when I can do so just as well under ONE name? Can you answer that question? Or is it too much for your sluggish brain?

      I won’t waste any further time on you — except to copy and paste to you this comment I addressed to ‘Stargate’ earlier today, in which I referred to you:


      I take back what I said about you and hope you will remain on this site and continue to enlighten us. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was falsely accused on this site by one Gilbert Huntly, a racist redneck who sees himself as as an “American patriot”, of being the same person as another poster on this site known as “Silent Reader”.

      Which is funny, because although I happened to agree with Silent Reader on a particular question revolving round Mahmoud el-Yousseph, I disagree with Silent Reader on most other questions. I think Admin will confirm this, because my email address and IP number are my own and cannot possibly belong to another person on this site — a person I know little about and for whom I care even less.

      I was preoccupied yesterday, in other words, with this unpleasant thug Gilbert Huntly and displaced my anger and frustration on to you.

      This is all I’ll say to now, Gilbert. I’ll continue to defend Mahmoud if you go on bullying him. Unlike you, I love Palestine and I will defend it to the death against Donald Trump’s evil attempts to destroy it and hand it over to the Jews you obviously love so much more than you love Muslims.

      Your racism is the kind of DISGUSTING racism for which there can be no justification. America DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE WHITE! You are yourself in occupation of a land you stole and plundered from the Red Indians! This is why you back the theft and plunder of Palestine by the Jews and their Zionist Puppet Donald Trump.

      1. Madame –

        You’re pretty good at covering-up your silly game – but not good enough. Foolish attention-seeking Mahmoud eats that bullshit up, but not I. Yes, I am what you’d call a “racist”, and believe it’s certainly well-justified in terms of citing many absurdly-tolerated episodes going on in America. You, however, do NOT style yourself tiresome by yours and your friends’ never-ending Jew-bashing. You act just like most of them.

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          “You, however, do NOT style yourself tiresome by yours and your friends’ never-ending Jew-bashing.”

          I bear you no ill-will, you sad little man with the big gun — including the one between your legs! 🙂

          You have evaded all my valid and justified criticisms of you simply by brushing them aside and spluttering with incoherent rage while issuing ad hominem slurs. In your comment above, you inadvertently reveal what really bugs you — “YOUR FRIENDS’ NEVER-ENDING JEW-BASHING“.

          Wunderbar! You’ve given the game away there! 🙂

          You have now, finally, revealed yourself as a JEW or a CHRISTIAN ZIONIST.

          It’s a pity you concealed this from us before. That you managed to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes! You object to “the never-ending Jew-bashing.” Why? Don’t you know this is classified as an ANTI-SEMITIC site? Why are you posting on it if you have a soft spot for the Jews?

          I can now see why you keep praising the Old Testament all the time, just as a Christian Zionist would. I can also understand why you back Donald Trump to the hilt. It’s because Trump is a Zionist Puppet and has put his Jewish son-in-law in charge of Middle East affairs. No wonder you attack Mahmoud all the time! It’s all so clear to me now! You actually WANT THE JEWS TO HAVE ALL PALESTINE!

          I’m wondering if I have your permission to refer to in future as (((Gilbert Huntly)))?

          You are a JEW in all but name.

          1. Well said, Butterfly! You’ve sussed him out. If this guy isn’t a Jew, he’s a Christian Zionist. No doubt about it. Congratulations on your detective work!

      2. @Gilbert Huntly

        Yes, I am what you’d call a “racist”, and believe it’s certainly well-justified in terms of citing many absurdly-tolerated episodes going on in America.

        Gil is a racist and he is honest about it. I like that. The only thing I like more than that is making racists like him to shit in their pants to bring them back to their f*cking senses.

        We have done just that more than once in our history, and – if need – we’ll do it again. We have made the French racists shit in their pants in 1812, we have made the German racists shit in their pants in 1945, and we’ll make the American racists shit in their pants… if they fail to come to their senses on their own.

        Don’t trust me – trust history.

      3. Madame Butterfly acts just like the deceitful Jews she always harps about. Isn’t that deceitful?? Isn’t that “racist”, too? I really couldn’t care less how those on here perceive me. I have little sympathy for their frustrations. Like Circassian, I don’t CARE (although we’re worlds apart in our loyalties).
        I think, now, I will become a “silent reader”, too. I’m sure y’all won’t mind. Thanks for the suggestion, “Butterfly”. 🙂

        1. Oh dear, so sad to see you go! By skulking off ignominiously when under attack, you have admitted defeat. A bit like the omniscient Lobro!

          Never mind, maybe you’ll be back under another name.

          I shall miss your poems. They were the best things about you. They encapsulate your highest moments, when you came closest to God.

          Go in peace, old soldier.

          1. Gilbert is welcome to return after a cooling off period. We will keep his poems as a memorial of him. Lasha believes that only an essentially good man could have written such poems.

  21. Gilbert Ben Laden-

    One reason I referred to you as a lazy ass is because instead of intelligently responding to my posts, you chose for the second time to attack me personally, hurl insults, and try to smear my name. You act like the Tea Baggers who feel the US Constitutions do not apply to Muslim Americans. You imply that I am an outsider, a foreign type who does not belong to America. Well my forefathers did come to America aboard the Nina, Pinto, or the Santa Maria but that does not make you more American or more patriotic than me.

    Trump is your president and mine whether you like it or not. He is subject for criticism and even ridicule and he should be held accountable. I find it ironic that you are not bothered by other posters’ attack on YOUR president — then you have the nerve to call me a hypocrite. Your reason is that I am not white. It looks like birds of a feather flock together.

    As I said before, even though “YOUR” president called for banning all Muslims into the US, I spoke in his defense twice. Once, when he ordered US troops out of Syria and the second time during Jussie Smollett’s fake attack story, felt the press, and that this Smollett dude owed 45 an apology. I did not see your ass defending the president.

    You said, I might be a soldier but not a warrior. Seriously? I served with honor for 20 years and was willing and ready to die for America if need be. I was a DD-214 and I can prove it. What about you, dickhead? I bet you don’t even know what a DD-214 is!

    Last but not least, you argued that if I was man enough that I should have stayed in Palestine and fought for my people. Are you kidding?

    1) First, I never saw Palestine.

    2) If I were to fly to Palestine, ISISrael would send me back on the next plain to the US. They don’t even allow Jewish activists who support Palestine in.

    3) Resistance does not mean armed struggle. Exposing ISISraeli war crimes against Palestinians and challenging our government’s blind support in the press is also a form of resistance. I believe everyone should do their share. Given my age, I do what I am good at. That means I try to hit ISISrael where it hurts the most: I hold israHell accountable and I try to tarnish its image in the Western press. That also includes the EU and ISISraeli press.

    I hope that this will answer your questions and allegation. You have three choices:

    1) Either ignore all my posts and never mention my name anymore.

    2) Or be more civil and respect others’ viewpoints even if they differ from yours,

    3) Continue to act as a bully and a jerk and make a fool of yourself.

    Finally, I will quit posting here ONLY if asked to do by Lasha, her cousin John, or this site’s moderator. Once again, thank you, Darkmoon, for letting me vent my frustration.

  22. “Is America being led by a man who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing?”

    This is the perception the media wants to portray. The smallest mistakes by president Trump will thus be blown up by them and pulled out of context, and facts will be created which did not exist before, and words will be put into his mouth. History research is based on two sources: primary (“out of the horse’s mouth”) and secondary (“second hand narratives”). The primary resource is the better one, for example if he twitters something (if his identity has been confirmed). We just receive secondary accounts. From very evil people.

    1. @ Ex South African

      “‘Is America being led by a man who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing?’

      This is the perception the media wants to portray.”

      Exactly. Trump is an ignorant, arrogant, mentally and morally defective fool (and he apparently has enough autonomy in non-essential matters to demonstrate it) but he’s 100% THEIR fool doing THEIR dirty work.

      When Trump mentions the possibility that hydroxychloroquine might be an effective treatment for COVID-19 (which somebody had to do because of reports coming out of other countries e.g. France) things like this happen:

      Yet when Trump mass murders Syrians or Venezuelans; tries to start WW3 by assassinating an Iranian general; withdraws from the INF treaty bringing the world closer to “doomsday” than ever before (according to the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”); either nothing happens or he’s lauded for his crimes.

      And Trump is presently going out of his way to antagonize China, and his handlers and enablers are loving it.

      1. Chris Langan (“Facebook Chris Langan CTMU”) on Trump (somewhere else, I cannot find it anymore, he said something in the line of that Trumps term of office is getting shorter in order to drain the swamp, if he does not move now he will loose his credibility):

        As I’ve said repeatedly, as soon as a new president arrives in DC, the object of the DC establishment is to surround him and control the inflow of information, thus to control his decisions. As a Washington outsider, Trump was especially vulnerable; he needed insiders who knew the ropes and could help him make connections and get things done. Unfortunately, Washington insiders are nearly all crooks and prostitutes.

        Leaned on heavily by the insiders and his own daughter and son-in-law (who should never have been allowed to plant themselves anywhere near the Oval Office), the President let himself be pressured into replacing his original circle with a motley crew of neocons, deep-state moles, crypto-Obamanistas, and “Never-Trumpers” who have steadily worked to undermine his agenda, alienate his base, and drown him in the swamp he swore he’d drain.

        Be that as it may, he still has no competition. Every one of his Demoncrap would-be challengers and nearly all of his cuckservative fellow Republicans would complete the sellout of this country within days of taking office. Let’s hope he cleans house and gets back on track.

      2. @ Ex South African

        “As I’ve said repeatedly, as soon as a new president arrives in DC, the object of the DC establishment is to surround him and control the inflow of information, thus to control his decisions.”

        I would have to disagree on this point. I don’t think the “deep state” would ever take that kind of a chance. They can’t afford to take such risks. Moreover, “controlling [someone’s] decisions” is one thing, but how do you get a person to completely reverse himself on the issues that got him elected, betray his supporters and his election mandate, and become a cold-blooded mass-murderer; in this case a mass-murderer willing to take extreme risks? I can’t accept that. Nobody that actually cares about America in any meaningful sense would do the things Trump has done such as pulling out of the INF treaty. Trump was obviously a complete, calculated fraud from the beginning.

        It seems clear to me that “deep state” political puppets are carefully vetted; they’re picked and chosen well in advance. The apparent facts that came to light during the illegitimate Obama “presidency” seem to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. (In fact it seems that all of their important moves e.g. 9/11 are planned well in advance).

  23. If Trump would learn how to express himself like an adult and stop communicating with us as if he’s a high school kid and not a very bright high school kid, he wouldn’t have to get pissed off all the time that a lot of people always misconstrue what he says. A lot of times he sounds as if he’s downright retarded.

    If you don’t want to be misunderstood then speak clearly and intelligently. A lot of what Trump says can be taken different ways. Trump can’t put an English sentence together properly to save his life. He’s even worse than Bush Jr. who had major issues with the English language.

    When it comes to politics and politicians Pat has THE CORRECT VIEW.

    1. You know things are REAL BAD when whiddlejoew speaks English better than the president of the United States. I would prefer a president who knows the English language better than I do, I really would prefer that.

      Biden is even more retarded than Bush Jr. and Trump put together. The jews will have a field day if Biden wins in November. The jews don’t have it easy enough, let’s make it easier for the jews.

      Vote for Biden the TOTAL retard! Why put up with a half-ass retard like Trump when you can have a TOTAL retard like Biden! 😎

      1. [MORE ON TRUMP…..]

        Trump fully well knows that he has a lot of enemies and he knows his enemies can’t wait for him to make a mistake. That’s why it’s so surprising he doesn’t speak clearly when he communicates with the American public. He makes it very easy for his enemies to misconstrue his words. Even Trump supporters have a difficult time trying to figure out what’s he trying to say.

        And “trying” is the right word to use. He tries and tries to be articulate but he never quite succeeds. And everyone tries and tries to figure out what the hell he’s saying. And he comes off looking as if he doesn’t know what he’s saying. That’s his own fault, can’t blame his enemies for his inability to speak clearly.

        Only when Trump is talking about his stance towards Israel, his support of Israel, does he speak clearly. With no room to misconstrue what he says. Otherwise, he can’t speak clearly and one can interpret what he says in different ways. And that’s due to his inability to communicate intelligently.

    2. TROJ –

      “He’s even worse than Bush Jr. who had major issues with the English language.”

      HA!!!! YESS!!! “BIGGLY!!”

      I never thought I could say that about ANY President!!!

      BUT….. Biden is even WORSE!!!! 💥 😜


  24. @ HP & Pat

    And every now and again a tenured old codger has it up to ^here^ with the demons big and small and just spits it out ( plain as day. No ciphering or deciphering needed..

    Homer –
    WOW again….

    Old codger(German): “COVID Pandemic is NO pandemic, but IS a zionist plan to reduce population & control the world.”

    Channel owner:
    “This channel is a tool for awakening [red pill]. A collection of truth. When we wake up a person, it’s worth the time we invested.”

    Homer and Pat seem quite impressed with a tenured old codger Kvachkov. I hate to spoil your excitement, old codgers, but Vladimir Kvachkov happens to be a retired Russian colonel who happens to think that the solution to the “zionist” problem is [drumroll, please]… Joseph Stalin:

    Kvachkov prays at the grave of Stalin on March 5, 2019, on the 66th anniversary of Stalin’s death

    So, we are back to question: Is L*bro correct?

    1. @ Circassian

      So, we are back to the question: Is L*bro correct?

      No, he isn’t. He is wrong. And so are you. Wilfully wrong and hopelessly besotted and deluded.

      There can be no justification for singing the praises of a mass murderer like Josef Stalin — especially on a site that has made it clear that this is an anti-Stalin site which will not tolerate endless off-topic comments praising Stalin’s evil deeds and trying to justify them.

      1. @Admin Toby

        So, we are back to the question: Is Lobro correct?

        No, he isn’t. He is wrong. And so are you. Wilfully wrong and hopelessly besotted and deluded.

        Toby, there is no need to be hysterical, is it? Not to mention that I agree that Lobro is wrong and hopelessly deluded. Disagreement between me and Lobro is much deeper than you can even imagine.

        Why does Lobro praise Stalin? Because of the following two gross delusions:

        (1) Lobro thinks that, essentially, there is only one problem in the world – the Jews. While I am convinced that this is an absolutely stupid idea. Why? Because, even if you get rid of all the Jews in the world to the last one, basically nothing will change in the world. The problem is much deeper than that. Is it clear, Toby?

        (2) Lobro thinks that Stalin was against the Jews. This is another totally stupid idea. So, was then Stalin for the Jews? No, damn it! Stalin was neither against the Jews, nor for the Jews. Stalin was for the preservation of the Russian statehood – the only way to preserve the nation. That’s why the Russian nation is grateful to him – for the preservation of the state against the first color revolution foisted upon Russia her eternal competitor – the Brits! And not because he killed the Jews, or did not kill the Jews.

        F*ck the Jews! Stalin couldn’t care less for the Jews, but he was not stupid enough to think (like Lobro does, and minion others do here at Darkmoon) that the Jews are the pivotal point around which the entire world rotates. Am I clear, uncle?

        Now, could Stalin be the solution of the problem all ordinary people – including you, me, Lasha, and every other poster here – face today? My personal answer is: No, Stalin is not nearly enough to solve the problem the world is facing today – we need today someone who is more Stalin than Stalin himself!

        And, fortunately, there is such a leader today in Russia, and you all know his name.

        1. @ Circassian

          I am sorry for underestimating your intelligence. Almost everything you say here is correct in my opinion, especially your astute analysis of Lobro’s mistakes.

          Firstly, Stalin did not hate the Jews; he actually worked with them and advanced their careers when they carried out his instructions. He had no illusions about them. either, nor did he particularly love them. He ruthlessly got rid of Jews, not because he was “anti-Semitic” — as Lobro foolishly believes — but because the particular Jews he sacrificed had crossed him and were a threat to his survival and dominance — Jews such as Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev et al.

          In other words, Stalin was NOT against Jews per se, he was only against uncooperative Jews. If the Jews just mentioned had cooperated with Stalin, he would not have had them killed. He would have continued on friendly terms with them, just as he was on friendly terms to the end with Jews who thought like him and advanced his agenda, e.g. Lazar Kaganovich and Ilya Ehrenberg.

          Lobro’s total failure to understand any of this is a black mark against him, especially when he began to attack Lasha Darkmoon personally and accuse her not only of intellectual dishonesty but of being an old hag! Given that Lasha is exceptionally attractive and looks 10 years younger than her 39 years, Lobro’s insults have failed to make any impression on her! 🙂

          But I don’t wish to waste my time and energy discussing Lobro. I have as little time for him as he has for this website or Lasha Darkmoon. I can honestly say that Lobro has done more damage to this website than any other person I know. Thank God he has gone!

          Finally, as for your contention that Putin is Russia’s new Messiah, let’s hope you are right. Let him be judged by his achievements. If he actually manages to improve the lot of his countrymen, that would be praiseworthy. I know many Americans who would trade Trump for Putin. “If only Putin were our president,” they tell me, “America would have some hope!”

          The future is dark, so the less I say the better. I have said too much.

          God bless everyone, including the deluded Lobro. May you all find peace of mind in the end. PAX.

    2. Circ –

      Stalin would be praised BY mohammetans…. musselmen. Mass murder is ok in islam.

      “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”

    3. Circassian, the old Colonel reminded me of my own father,
      is all. Temporary respite from war by telling the truth.
      Second nature, innit.

      I didn’t hear any cheering for Joseph Stalin or Boris Badenov or Kashyapa Muni, but I did hear mention of the demons.
      Apropos of a soldier versus the painful facts.
      The only thing missing are the damp green eyes.

    4. @ Pat

      Stalin would be praised BY mohammetans…. musselmen. Mass murder is ok in islam.

      Pat, if you want me to respond to you, you better say something meaningful next time.

      @ Hp

      Circassian, the old Colonel reminded me of my own father,
      is all. Temporary respite from war by telling the truth.
      Second nature, innit.

      That’s OK, Homer. Kvachkov is telling the truth, all right. But telling the truth is not enough today – we need a solution. Unfortunately, Kvachkov has no faintest idea of how to solve the problem – that’s the problem. I was following this old geezer for quite some time now. He does not understand what Putin is all about; even Eugene Fedorov has failed to explain to the old man what is going on in Kremlin:

      1. @ Pat

        Ishaq:327 ??? There is no chapter in the Quran named Ishaq and the longest chapter in the Quran goes up to 286 verses ( Quran: 1 Chapter Al-Baqara). You imply that your quote is from the Quran. Fact is, it is neither from the Quran nor from a “hadieth, ” the saying of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. Besides, how is that relevant to Circassian’ s post? You never cease to amaze me!

        @ CIRCASSIAN

        Respect! You are a man of integrity.


        You glow girl! You really slaughtered whatever his name.

      2. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        MAHMOUD TO PAT: Ishaq:327 ??? … There is no chapter in the Quran named Ishaq and the longest chapter in the Quran goes up to 286 verses ( Quran: 1 Chapter Al-Baqara). You imply that your quote is from the Quran. Fact is, it is neither from the Quran nor from a “hadieth,” the saying of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. Besides, how is that relevant to Circassian’ s post? You never cease to amaze me!

        Mahmoud to Circassian: Respect. You are a man of integrity,

        A brilliant – I would even say mathematical – exposure of a liar! Two thumbs up for Mahmoud.

        I would say “Shame on you, Pat” if I didn’t know for a fact that shaming Pat would have roughly the same effect as shaming a dog that shits around the house and looks at you with wide-open, innocent, and loving eyes.

        Folks, have you ever pondered, what is the difference between making false statements and lying? These two are not the same thing, what’s more – the difference is profound. Just think about it for a few seconds, and you won’t fail to grasp the difference.

        Pat is not just making false statements – he is a liar of slimy variety.

        1. An interesting “war of words” between Mahmoud and Circassian against Pat for allegedly making up a non-existent quote from the Qur’an. If Pat has done this, then of course he needs to be ashamed of himself. 🙂

          However, there appears to be a mistake, and there is no proof as yet that Pat is guilty of any crime. Let me explain.

          (1) As far as I know, Chapter 1 of the Quran is entitled “Fatiha” and is only five verses long, the shortest of all the suras or chapters in the Quran. Al Baqara is Chapter 2 (not Chapter 1) and is the longest, consisting of 284 verses in my copy of the Quran (though it may contain 286 verses in Mahmoud’s version).

          (2) Pat is not necessarily inventing a quote when he gives his source as “Ishaq:327???”. Note the three question marks (???). He is not sure of his quote — neither of the title “Ishaq” nor of the numbers “327”. It’s obvious he has no copy of the Quran in front of him to consult, otherwise why put in the 3 question marks (???). Pat has clearly got his quote from some internet source and he is not sure he is giving the right reference.

          (3) A little further detective work resolves the difficulty. Though there is no ISHAQ 327 in the Quran, there are two other chapters in the Quran right at the end with very similar Arabic sounding names: IQRAA and INSHIRAH. Maybe the verses come from here? I don’t know. The similarity of the Arabic sounding names may have been the cause of the confusion.

          My conclusion: from what I know of Pat, he is not the type of person to make up quotes.

      3. Everyone –
        I did not write anything about the quran. I did not make things up.
        It was mahmoud who incorrectly wrote that about me…. as he so often does. 🙂 And Circ just had to pile on, as usual! FUNNY!! 🙂

        I guess it is up to me to show that there are more educated opinions of islam:

        Ishaq:327 was written by ibn Isḥaq, meaning “the son of Isaac” (died 767), who was an Arab Muslim historian and hagiographer.
        Ibn Ishaq collected oral traditions that formed the basis of an important biography of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

        SO – fight him , not me!!!💥 😜

        Islam’s oldest documents are proud of Mohammed’s terrorism

        1. @ Pat

          OK, relax! It seems your critics got it wrong.
          You weren’t even referring to the Quran.
          As LD herself noted in her previous comment:

          “My conclusion: from what I know of Pat, he is not the type of person to make up quotes.”

      4. The Muslim Genocide of 2.5 Million Christians!!

        -The religious as opposed to nationalistic aspects of the Armenian Genocide-

        Most objective American historians who have studied the question unequivocally agree that it was a deliberate, calculated genocide:
        More than one million Armenians perished as the result of execution, starvation, disease, the harsh environment, and physical abuse.  A people who lived in eastern Turkey for nearly 3,000 years [more than double the amount of time the invading Islamic Turks had occupied Anatolia, now known as “Turkey”] lost its homeland and was profoundly decimated in the first large-scale genocide of the twentieth century.  At the beginning of 1915 there were some two million Armenians within Turkey; today there are fewer than 60,000…. 

        Despite the vast amount of evidence that points to the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide, eyewitness accounts, official archives, photographic evidence, the reports of diplomats, and the testimony of survivors, denial of the Armenian Genocide by successive regimes in Turkey has gone on from 1915 to the present.

        In her memoir, Ravished Armenia, Aurora Mardiganian described being raped and thrown into a harem (consistent with Islam’s rules of war). Unlike thousands of other Armenian girls who were discarded after being defiled, she managed to escape. In the city of Malatia, she saw 16 Christian girls crucified: “Each girl had been nailed alive upon her cross,” she wrote, “spikes through her feet and hands, only their hair blown by the wind, covered their bodies.” Such scenes were portrayed in the 1919 documentary film Auction of Souls, some of which is based on Mardiganian’s memoirs.

      5. @ LD

        I am pleasantly surprised that you have your own copy of the Qur’an. You can shame me now, a Muslim, for – to be perfectly honest – I do not have a copy of Qur’an… neither on my desk nor on my book shelves.

        I like also that you do your best to give every person the benefit of the doubt. However, I have to point out that the following (undoubtedly well-intended) attempt to “exonerate” our good friend Pat:

        (2) Pat is not necessarily inventing a quote when he gives his source as “Ishaq:327???”. Note the three question marks (???). He is not sure of his quote — neither of the title “Ishaq” nor of the numbers “327”. It’s obvious he has no copy of the Quran in front of him to consult, otherwise why put in the 3 question marks (???). Pat has clearly got his quote from some internet source and he is not sure he is giving the right reference.

        does not, unfortunately, work: The question marks, to which you have placed so much weight, belong to Mahmoud and not to Pat.

        This triple question mark, I presume, was a way for Mahmoud to express his utter surprise at what Pat was doing and how he was doing it.

        1. @ Circassian

          @ LD

          “I am pleasantly surprised that you have your own copy of the Qur’an. You can shame me now, a Muslim, for – to be perfectly honest – I do not have a copy of Qur’an… neither on my desk nor on my book shelves.”

          Unlike others here who attack the Quran without having read it properly, I have actually read the book through several times and can find no harm in it. All spiritual classics have bits in them that are regarded as deplorable, including the Quran which you can quote out of context to make out that all Muslims (including Mohammad) are unspeakably evil. Compared to the Old Testament, however, the Quran has far fewer bits in it that are shockingly objectionable. And the Talmud is infinitely worse.

          Even the New Testament has many “bad bits” in it, if you are determined to nitpick and find fault with with every single statement made by Jesus Christ. Nothing easier! However, the people who rail against all these religions are hardly paragons of virtue themselves, are they? They are neither prophets nor gods and they are all too often a pathetic mishmash of human failings. (That includes myself of course). I certainly wouldn’t fall down on my knees and worship these embittered naysayers or place them on a higher pedestal than Jesus Christ. 🙂

          My copy of the Quran is translated by a Muslim scholar famed for his wisdom and sanctity: Yusuf Ali, a Muslim from Lahore who flourished in the time of the British raj. His detailed commentary on the suras offers an invaluable insight into Islam’s deeper meanings and mystical truths. The original Arabic is found on the right hand side of each page, with Yusuf Ali’s superb free verse translation on the left hand side. The translation is renowned not only for its linguistic accuracy but for its intrinsic aesthetic beauty.

          If you are a Muslim, I recommend you buy this translation. All other translations in prose are insipid in comparison. It is also essential not to race through the Quran like a novel, starting at the beginning and proceeding methodically toward the end. This is not the way to read the spiritual classics. They should be dipped into at random, reading only a few lines at a time, and with the mind in a state of deepest meditation. Devoutly. This type of reading is an extension of prayer and is known among the Christian mystics as lectio divina (“divine reading”).

  25. PAT
    True enough, though there may have been some who were not… Unless you’re getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, the same can be said for a lot of people…
    Definitely Cops (Policy-Men) and Lawyers (Attorneys)…
    The argument can be – sometimes the real truth is dangerous, so it’s better if it is controlled according to whatever situation one finds himself in… There is a certain amount of logic in that, whereas it applies readily to exigent situations… And once that horse is out of the barn how do you ever get him back? Lying is systemic now in all its forms…
    Well, you had the Hippies, setting up their Communes… That kinda died out when the war stopped…
    You had Communism… That was controlled by the Big Dollar Dictators from the beginning…
    As long as we’re operating a competition-based methodology on everything, rather than as teamwork toward a goal, people will be motivated to get over on the other guy… The artifice of money juices the left-handed process…
    When you run for President, rather than to criticize and belittle your fellow strikers, I want you to point out as much good stuff about them as you can… Because they’re not your ‘opponents’… They’re your partners in the evolutionary process toward the greater good… I know when you picture the Jokers we’ve had on the scene, Hillary, Obama, Biden, it seems ridiculous, but that’s the kind of leadership the world needs… Somehow, from Somewhere…
    What are you gonna say good about Joe Biden? Good Question…
    Otherwise, So What if Kvachkov is a Stalinite? If he calls the virus hoax-plot, he’s right about that much…

    1. @LASHA

      This is very well-articulated. Thanks for making my day, dear. It is people like you who make me want to come here. You know the saying, “Respect makes friends out of enemies and disrespect turns friends into enemies.”

      Anyone interested in the English copy of the Holy Qur’an, please send me a blank e-mail and I will be more than happy to send you one.

      My e-mail address is available online.

  26. Folks, let’s do some plausible reasoning here.

    As far as I can tell this coronavirus thing is not nearly as dangerous as it is portrayed in the media. And the more we are told that it is really dangerous – so dangerous that we shall agree to lose our jobs over it and stay willfully under home arrest indefinitely – the more we get convinced that something is really fishy here, and soon social unrest and riots will be on the rise everywhere, with no one left who believes in the pandemic.

    Now imagine that, precisely at that stage when no one believes in coronavirus thing any more, another virus is released – this time a real killer. What happens next? Now no one can be convinced that this time it is real, and many people – completely lost in the maze of deceptions and lies – will reject quarantine as well as vaccination even in the countries where it may be offered.

    This is a freaking scary thought.

    1. The elites would not release an engineered virus that might also snip off branches of the Family Tree. It would not matter the earnest pleadings of their chosen bio-engineers that “the antidote is fool-proof” because no-one can predict future mutations. It is far easier to lie and just keep repeating the lie bolstered as they are with control of ALL the mechanisms — cultural, financial, political, legal. This is how they sold the WMD nonsense to the West. The real eye-opener regarding the fake covid pandemic is the global nature of the shut-down. This proves categorically that East v West is utter kabuki and that we are ruled by a global elite. Discussing the antics of the clowns they put in charge is indulging in their misdirection.

      If you do want to engage in morbid thinking then consider the following scenario: get the peasants to stay in their homes then poison various residential water supplies. That way the elites could murder selected groups of the peasantry without endangering their precious Family members 😉 No need to engineer an impossible virus, just the usual dirty tricks.

      1. @ Flopot

        “The elites would not release an engineered virus that might also snip off branches of the Family Tree. It would not matter the earnest pleadings of their chosen bio-engineers that ‘the antidote is fool-proof’ because no-one can predict future mutations.”

        I have to disagree. The “elites” are madmen; they’re demon-possessed psychopaths and they’re desperate. They must either take great risks in pursuit of their agenda – and possibly succeed – or they will certainly fail. For example, the nuclear war they seem to be willing to risk – to subjugate Russia and China – would be ultimately fatal to them. Yet they took a big step in that direction when they pulled out of the INF treaty and telegraphed an intent to surround Russia and China with the formerly banned intermediate range missiles. This move greatly increased the risk of nuclear war, even by accident. Evil is by nature self-destructive.

      2. @Harold Smith

        Russia and China were subjugated a long, long time ago. The responses of those countries to the fake covid-19 pandemic along with the likes of Iran, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world is ruled by a global elite. All those so-called “anti” nation-states are all in LOCK-STEP (see the Rockefeller Foundation document from 2010) behind this global virus kabuki. The global elite is as sane as it is nasty and they are laughing at us. We are the ones who should be desperate. But if you want to play one of their games, West vs East, then go right ahead but I’ll not take the bait.

      3. @ Flopot

        The global elite is as sane as it is nasty and they are laughing at us. We are the ones who should be desperate.

        The “elites” are certainly not madmen. My guess would be that they would not even risk anything unless they had odds 10 to 1 in their favor. They are extremely cunning and calculating creatures.

        And yet, being desperate and hysterical does not seem the right state of mind to have right now, brother Flopot, don’t you think?

        But odds are odds, and not more than that.

      4. @ Flopot

        “Russia and China were subjugated a long, long time ago.”

        Well someone apparently forgot to notify them of their continuing subjugation. They’ve even gone so far as to create new generations of hypersonic nuke capable missiles. (Or do you claim that there are no such things as nukes?)

        “The responses of those countries to the fake covid-19 pandemic along with the likes of Iran, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world is ruled by a global elite. All those so-called ‘anti’ nation-states are all in LOCK-STEP (see the Rockefeller Foundation document from 2010) behind this global virus kabuki.”

        So there is no such things as SARS-CoV-2? And all those papers on pubmed are propaganda? Everyone’s a crisis actor?

        “The global elite is as sane as it is nasty and they are laughing at us.”

        They’re just as “sane” as Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer or the Zodiac killer.

        “We are the ones who should be desperate.”

        Who says many of us aren’t “desperate”?

        But if you want to play one of their games, West vs East, then go right ahead but I’ll not take the bait.”

        If you refuse to acknowledge the existence of evil in this world; the existence of a spectrum of evil in this world; and the existence of a certain Satanic cult determined to achieve complete world domination and control (as I infer from your statements), then this discussion is pointless and I won’t waste any more time.

      5. @ Circassian

        “The ‘elites’ are certainly not madmen. My guess would be that they would not even risk anything unless they had odds 10 to 1 in their favor.”

        How are they not “madmen”? No rational “U.S. government” would withdraw from the INF treaty and attempt to surround Russia and China with intermediate range nuclear missiles. No rational “U.S. government” would try to achieve “nuclear supremacy,” thinking they could win a new arms race with Russia and China.

        “They are extremely cunning and calculating creatures.”

        Indeed they are; with one ultimately fatal flaw: their inherent evil gets in the way of their calculated evil. They’re irrational. They’re blinded by arrogance. They can’t control their lusts.

  27. Naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, Bill Gates ain’t got nuthin to do with some kind of plan to alter and enslave humanity, through vaccination programs, everybody in the whole world.. You’re just a bunch of stupid conspiracy freaks..
    Just how megalomaniacal does Mr. Gitts have to be to think he can erase a gene that causes people to believe in God? I guess when you’re worth a few hundred billion it might do some strange things to your head… But the bottom line is, these super rich demi-god tycoons do have one very logical thing to worry about… and that is that somehow, someday the public will finally get it together and rewrite the rules, to at least put in place some safeties that will stop Bill Gates and his ilk from simply buying literally anything and anybody in politics they like… and if you can wipe out the God Gene with a Vax Seen, then what else can you do to people with these horrid little needles?
    They say so now out loud in California at the governor’s daily news conferences – we can’t get back to normal until we have a vaccine and everybody gets it… And they will ruin your life if you don’t… So this is the time to start putting together your army of refuseniks… Nobody I know so far is going to take the mandatory vaccine, though before it’s over they’ll probably sweeten the deal with some kind of prize..

    1. They will use the “covid19” test as the wedge to open the vaccine door. If you take the test and it registers that you “have it” then you are in a quandary — you now officially have an infection that does not exist. This will put enormous mental pressure on the individual to take the vaccine so that everything will be alright again, i.e. a lifetime of auto-immune diseases and 24/7 monitoring. Our new normal should really be to tell ’em where to stick the test and that we now know they are a global elite. Nationstates, political parties, democracies, tyrannies, East vs West, Capitalism vs Communism — these are all fictions created by this global elite, pieces on a chess board.

      Don’t take the test.

      1. That is a bit like saying don’t hand over your guns when the feds come calling – from my cold dead hands and other BS – you feel that a large majority of people will do just that, just as a large majority of people will take the Covid19 test and the vaccine.


      A panel in response to “EVENT 201!!”

      WHAT WAS EVENT 201??
      It was a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019

      Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.

      The exercise consisted of pre-recorded news broadcasts, live “staff” briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics. These issues were carefully designed in a compelling narrative that educated the participants and the audience.

      The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation jointly propose these recommendations:
      “Public-private cooperation for pandemic preparedness and response”

  28. He said about Prophet Muhammed(s.a.w.) about his way of ruling a nation is in fact truth, even now in this world such way of correct dictatorship given by Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) is possible if everyone if us follow the righteous path given by him (Sir George Barnard Shaw).

    Yet Pat wants the readers to believe that Muslims would praise Stalin and that they are blood thirsty.

    He lifted his quote from a religious forum site published 6 years ago and pretended it was a reliable Islamic source and or a quote from the Quran.

    Discussion in ‘Religious Debates’ started by PopeADope, Aug 30, 2016.

    Pat is the habit of cherry pick info antiMuslim website about Islam to do his evil work of spewing fear and hate mongering against Islam an Muslims.
    Pat will never tell Darkmooners that six year ago, over 100 Muslim religious scholars from all over the Muslim world have signed a 28 pages open letter to ISIS refuting 24 points of the group claims,allegations and acts as purely unIslamic and inhumane. The letter was made available in Arabic, English, German and various other foreign languages.

    Pat will never tell that when 4 members of Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq, Muslim American sending a delegation to plead with their captives in order to save their lives, thus risking their own lives in the process. The Muslim delegation used their Arabic language skill and their religion to open a door that otherwise would have been closed. That took place in 2005, shortly after the May 2004 of the beading of Nick Berg, a 26- yrs-old American citizen who went to Iraq after the United States’ invasion of Iraq. He was abducted and later beheaded by a militant group in response to the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse involving the United States Army and Iraqi prisoners. I am sure our Pat is old enough to remember all of that. I could go on and one forever.

    Lets not also forget that ISIS and her sisters terrorist organizations killed more Muslims than non Muslims. In other words, Muslims are also the victims of terrorism and foreign aggression as well. Despite his intelligence, the truth is, Pat is no expert or a reliable source about Muslims and Islam. He is simply a Muslim-basher and an Islamophoeb who enjoys bashing Islam and Muslims. That is my two cents.

    1. MEY –

      Since I am so important to you, and that you have recently written about me numereous times, and where I have not mentioned you even once 🙂 …. I shall take a couple of seconds to write THANKS for IMITATING my method by “cherry picking” your examples. You follow my lead so very well. 💥 😜

  29. Pat

    Anytime my friend! Now you know you are a role model and admired by many Darkmooners.

    By the way, you can address me as Mahmoud. MEY is not my initials. El-Yousseph is my last name and is hyphenated. My middle initial is “A” for Ahmad.

    As the Germans say, “Auf Wiedersehen!”


    Sie sind wunderbar!

    Even if the Jews stole and annexed all of Palestine, that does not make it kosher. Similarly, if some yells “Allahu Akbar” while killing innocent people that does not make it Islamically “halal” permissible.

    Palestine will be free from the river to the see, insha’Allah!

    1. I just wanted to be clear. The term innocent people applies to non Muslims as well as Muslims.

  31. Dr. Anthony Fauci lost HIS marbles decades ago and never found them! He is the front man at the White House for the COVID-19 ‘live’ military exercise – drill.

    Crazed Dr. Fauci Says Sports Will Not Happen This Year – Wants to Isolate Players – Maniac will Bankrupt America If He’s Not Stopped!

    Dr. Anthony Fauci has already destroyed over 30 million US jobs in six weeks!
    And he managed to do this with the help of the liberal media by pushing flawed model after flawed model.

    Now Fauci is targeting the sports world and the billions of dollars generated by sporting events.

    Even Europe is talking about restarting their premier soccer league in June.

    1. @ Pat

      I think our masters are doing this to try to ramp up public hostility against China. They want Joe and Jill Sixpack all riled up. Sporting events would seem to be a good target, as they’re apparently a sort of psychological relief valve for many people; many of whom are already stressed out.

      And it seems Trump has recently started making claims that he’s seen evidence linking SARS-CoV-2 to the Wuhan lab, or something like that.

      So now our masters are giving us a choice: either the virus came from an animal in China, or for those who don’t like that option, the virus came from a lab in China; either way the evil Chinese COMMUNISTS are responsible for the consequences. That the virus might actually have come to China from the U.S. is not up for discussion.

      Thus there’s nothing new under the sun…either Epstein committed suicide, or Epstein was murdered. That he might still be alive and living it up in a luxury condo for washed up jewish agents, somewhere in the Negev desert, is not up for discussion.

      So here we are, stuck at home because of Chinese COMMUNIST evil; suffering with COVID-19 disease because of Chinese COMMUNIST evil; jobless and broke because of Chinese COMMUNIST evil; no sports because of Chinese COMMUNIST evil. Pretty soon we’ll see all the flag-waving blowhards driving around with flags all over their cars just like we did in the jingoistic aftermath of 9/11 (in fact I saw the first one yesterday).

      I fear our masters are planning something bad.

      1. HS –

        You could be correct. Since I did not plan the ‘live’ military exercise, I cannot write much about it.

        I believe the faked virus pandemic – with real deaths from flu – was cooked up to do many things, not the least of which was to throw THE WORLD off the trail of Epstein’s clients globally. And that is not meant to minimize other reasons designed with Gate’s money and WHO….. already pounded out here recently.

      2. I forgot to mention something else of interest: With the recent ramp-up of the anti-China rhetoric by team orange clown, I’ve noticed one point the trolls are emphasizing on every forum where the subject is being discussed: Trump is doing this (merely) to deflect blame for his own failure in handling the crisis.

        Given Trump’s manifest personality disorders, this seems very plausible at first glance, but when the trolls make a coordinated effort like this to get a point across, it should be immediately suspected to be deliberate misdirection, based on past experience alone.

        I believe that Trump’s early dismissive rhetoric, e.g., comparing COVID-19 to a cold, claiming that people who have it should “go to work” etc., were part of a calculated propaganda effort to set the stage for failure. IOW we’re supposed to believe that team orange clown failed because Trump is a moron, not because that was the plan from the beginning.

  32. Houston, we have a problem!

    In 5 months of Trump’s inaction and ignoring WHO and CDC warnings has resulted in over 60,000 deaths.

    Yesterday, Liar-in-Chief blamed former President Barack Obama for leaving him with faulty tests for coronavirus infections.

    Today, Tweeter-in-Chief is supporting armed protesters at the state Capital in Lancing, Michigan.

    We are worried that 45 is a ticking time bomb. He even threatened to bomb Iran if he did not get his way.

  33. Please help me correctly interpret the verses ISIS uses in the Hadiths and the Koran
    Discussion in ‘Religious Debates’ started by PopeADope, Aug 30, 2016.

    “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”

    Please note the text here. There is no 3 question marks.). This discussion was dated 6 years ago. CIRCASSIAN is right. The ??? were mine because I was blown away.

    Upon further research I found the same qoute promoted by “Americans Against Communism or Foreign (AACF)
    May 24, 2013 ·
    Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 327: – “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”…Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….I know you are not real but just in case….Fuck You Allah…Fuck You Muhammad…Fuck you Obama…And Fuck anyone who supports this bull shit…Islam is a Death cult and a made up religion full of hate(SC)

    See it is the frequent trash talk and public insult against Islam and Muslim is the reason why I do what I do here and else where. Help raise awareness and fight Islamophoebia, not to mention, defending Palestine.

    When years ago “The Da Vinci Code Code) movie, portrayed s Jesus peace be upon him [pbuh] as to have had children with Mary Magdalene, and whose descendants were supposedly still alive. I wrote, “As a Muslim, I was delighted by Pakistan’s decision to ban the movie. It was the same way I felt when most of the major U.S. media outlets refused to reprint the 12 defamatory cartoons of the prophet Muhammad [pbuh] that appeared in European press. So it is not only Islam and Palestine that care about!

    I truly believe that ISIS was a pure evil and a terror group who used to cherry pick verses Quran or ‘hadieth” a saying of the prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him to do their evil work. ISIS goal is to eliminate Israel’s enemies in the Middle East and help create a rift between Christianity and Islam by committing atrocities such as the gruesome beheading of innocent Christians, Muslims in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

    Think about it for a moment, ISIS never launched an attack on ISISrael. Reason is? ISIS was founded and funded by Mossad, the CIA, and the British Intelligence agency to do their dirty work. I enjoyed the fruitful debate. Hope this would settle the disagreement once and for all. Above all, I have no ill feeling towards Pat or the other guy who was slaughtered by MADAM BUTTERFLY.

  34. Silent Reader –
    Saki –
    Others who called me out for calling Circassian an islamist –

    I took a lotta HEAT!! 💥 😨 BUT……
    On May Day Circ admitted to Lasha:

    May 1, 2020 at 5:34 pm
    @ LD
    I am pleasantly surprised that you have your own copy of the Qur’an. You can shame me now, a Muslim, for – to be perfectly honest – I do not have a copy of Qur’an… neither on my desk nor on my book shelves.

    1. OK Pat, I understand what you’re saying. No problem.
      You said Circassian was an Islamist and he has now admitted it.

      1. But Circassian could be lying. He could be a Jew pretending to be a Muslim. I’m just saying Circassian is an extremely cunning individual and his word is not to be relied on. Maybe he’s telling the truth about being Muslim, but you can’t be !00% sure about that. I mean, isn’t it a bit odd that he’s a Muslim with no interest in the Quran? He says he doesn’t even have a copy of the Quran in his house. That’s a bit strange!

      2. Saki –

        SR –
        You wrote I had no proof. I cannot deliver any more than his own claim.

        But! But! But! Wudda, cudda, shudda!! 🙂 There are a lotta unknowns for sure.
        I cannot KNOW your sex, nor can you KNOW mine….. for sure. It is a standoff. We can argue incessently about everything….. uselessly, to no good end!

        1. OK Pat, point taken. I’ll let you off this time! 🙂

          You sound sincere, so you probably are. And that’s what counts.

      3. Admin Toby,

        Please note that I understand perfectly well: discussing my humble persona is not worth a dime, not to mention it is totally off-topic.

        But this guy who brands himself as Silent Reader seems to insist that I respond to his dirty allegations.

        But Circassian could be lying. He could be a Jew pretending to be a Muslim.

        Yes, he could be, but he is not.

        I’m just saying Circassian is an extremely cunning individual and his word is not to be relied on.

        In these times of great struggle you cannot rely on anyone, dear Silent Reader, including yourself, but you can rely on Circassian for he is a Circassian – a man of honor.

        Maybe he’s telling the truth about being Muslim, but you can’t be 100% sure about that.

        As we all know, there are only two things which are 100% guarantied in America: death and income tax.

        I mean, isn’t it a bit odd that he’s a Muslim with no interest in the Quran? He says he doesn’t even have a copy of the Quran in his house. That’s a bit strange!

        Why does that surprise you? As a man of science, I can tell you: It all depends on the prior information you plug in while doing plausible reasoning to make an inference.

        For example, you wouldn’t deny that Einstein was a Jew and a physicist, would you? Would it surprise you if you have learned that he didn’t have a copy of Talmud in his house, and he didn’t go around quoting the Talmud?

        And if you doubt that Circassian is a physicist of the highest order, check out his last publication:

        Make sure that you scroll down on that page, and see for yourself that the article has been downloaded about 400 times for the last 6 months passed since its publication.

        1. Circassian,

          You are obviously an intelligent man. I have no doubts about that. Your words certainly do not demonstrate stupidity. If I doubt your credentials — whether you are Muslim or Jewish — it’s not because of hostility toward you. It’s because doubt is a good thing. A sign of intelligence.

      4. SR –
        You wrote:
        May 2, 2020 at 12:19 pm
        OK Pat, point taken. I’ll let you off this time! 🙂
        You sound sincere, so you probably are. And that’s what counts.

        Thank you my DEAR. I knew you WOULD! 😍 😍

  35. “Trump’s OK on Israeli Annexation Is Like His Clorox Prescription: Toxic and Lethal Trump’s OK on Israeli Annexation Is Like His Clorox Prescription: Toxic and Lethal” (Haarez, April 28, 2020)

    President Trump has never actually put America first. He always, focused on his own image and about the upcoming election. At one of his press conference “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic,” He blames all America’s ill on others, meanwhile doctors and nurses are still short on PPE while treating coronavirus victims. The country is still on a lockdown and the economy is on stand still. At the same time Trump is supporting armed protesters and he is encouraging American citizen to liberates their states if it is governed by Republicans.

    Trump’s supporters thought they were electing Andrew Jackson, but as it turns out they elected Sybil.

  36. Losing marbles…. NOT SURE!
    Tyrant…. SEEMS SO!

    More evidence of Martial Law Proper……
    By Executive Order, Trump Just Nationalized The US Food Supply (Meat, Supply Chain, Etc) For ‘National Defense’

    US Military is going door to door delivering food now, but soon, they could be going door to door taking it, all in the name of “national defense”…

    Another day, another high-jacking of private property.

    Here’s the executive order that high-jacks the nation’s food supply, under the guise of maintaining beef, pork and poultry supply chains.

    “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (50 U.S.C. 4501 et seq.) (the “Act”), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code….”

    EO 13917:
    Delegating Authority Under the Defense Production Act With Respect to Food Supply Chain Resources During the National Emergency Caused by the Outbreak of COVID- 19

    1. EO 13917(partial):
      Sec. 2. Ensuring the Continued Supply of Meat and Poultry. (a) Notwithstanding Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012 (National Defense Resources Preparedness), the authority of the President to require performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders, to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense, and to implement the Act in subchapter III of chapter 55 of title 50, United States Code (50 U.S.C. 4554, 4555, 4556, 4559, 4560), is delegated to the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food supply chain resources, including meat and poultry, during the national emergency caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 within the United States.

      (b) The Secretary of Agriculture shall use the authority under section 101 of the Act, in consultation with the heads of such other executive departments and agencies as he deems appropriate, to determine the proper nationwide priorities and allocation of all the materials, services, and facilities necessary to ensure the continued supply of meat and poultry, consistent with the guidance for the operations of meat and poultry processing facilities jointly issued by the CDC and OSHA.

      (c) The Secretary of Agriculture shall issue such orders and adopt and revise appropriate rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement this order.

      See full EO:

  37. Many in America have ‘Lost Marbles’ for sure!!

    New York Funeral Directors Say COVID-19 Deaths are Greatly Exaggerated

    James O’Keefe of Project Veritas spoke to several funeral directors in New York who say the number of reported COVID-19 death is greatly exaggerated and that no one is testing. Funeral director Michael Lanza said that it was his opinion that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is looking for federal funding and, the more COVID death certificate they can create, the more federal funds they receive.

    (Copy & Paste):

  38. To follow up on my claims in this thread (read earlier) regarding the FALSE interpretation of Trump’s suggestion presented in a clumsy manner (so portrayed by the MSM) but based on facts ! look at this video :

    So, like I said, smearing Trump for what he have NOT said is a blunt MSM PSYOP in order to demonize someone who does not have popular favor and is not well-considered these days.

    I respectfully maintain that Lasha have to clarify her position on this matter.

  39. On the twitter of Lana Marks, US Ambassador to South Africa (

    South Africa is being run by a bunch of terrorists.

    “Please accept my warm wishes as you and South Africans around the world celebrate Freedom Day on April 27, the anniversary of the launch of South Africa’s vibrant democracy. In these troubling times, with the entire world ravaged by a horrific pandemic, it is important to remember the bright occasions that unify our people and uplift our spirits. The celebration of South Africa’s first multiracial elections is a chance to reflect on our shared values of freedom, compassion, and the respect for human rights and human dignity and our shared goal for prosperity and peace.”

    The well-whishes do not end here. At the same time the US is pumping in 22,7 million dollars into this corrupt government (fighting Covid-19 and AIDS). The ANC excludes whites.

    The Rivonia prisoner and communist Denis Geldberg died the other day. Lana Marks: “Saddened to hear the loss of Denis Goldberg. May his memory be a blessing to his family, and the very many lives he touched; he was a giant in his time.”

    Sure, here is his work:

    The world press praises Denis Goldberg. His name is splattered all over the web. In English. In German. General Constand Viljoen (Huguenot heritage), one of the most able Angolan Bush War generals (he led from the front ) against communism and later Chief of the Defense Forces, has passed away. Not one word from the international press.

    Veterans speak – General Viljoen on the origin of the Bush War/Border War in the bigger international context:

    South Africa in the 1980’s – ANC terror attacks (police training video in Afrikaans, but look at the scenes, you will understand why the USA before Obama declared it a terrorist organisation). This is what I had to live with every day.

    Loving Life channel of a South Africa expatriate exposing the ANC. Currently with the lockdown the ANC has ordered that all food parcel and donations must be given to them. From there they distribute it to black ANC supporters and the whites are left starving. If that is not attempted genocide! The harlot world press is keeping quite about this.

    Charities refuse to hand over food parcels to corrupt ANC Government:

  40. s America being led by a man who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing?

    Well, people need to realize that anybody who has to be “lead” by anybody is himself a clown! So, if the leader is a clown, it is because he is leading a bunch of clowns. A society begets the “leader” it deserves! So, if the “leader” is a clown, it is because he has been chosen by clowns! There cannot be two ways about it.

  41. I don’t recommend drinking Dettol either, but I seem to recall that the fatal dose is something like 350 cl for an adult or about 3 fluid oz for a child. It’s not exactly cyanide. It seems to be a common method of suicide in Hong Kong, for some reason. Or perhaps I am hallucinating.

    1. @ Carlos Porter

      This is the first time I’ve heard of Dettol being an aid to suicide. The big question is: is such a death painless, as it would be with cyanide? Or does one die writhing in agony?

      The reason I ask is that an uncle of mine (over 40 years ago) committed suicide at work by visiting his office toilet and drinking the bathroom bleach. I am told he died an agonizing death. Writhing on the floor.

      Tragically, before he did this, he failed to open the mail in his in-tray. There stood a letter for him from Office Management, in a manila envelope, offering him a significant promotion.

      My poor Uncle Frankie, I still wonder what drove him to take such drastic measures. I’m now wondering: Would Dettol have provided an easier, less painful death?

      1. Sister Monica
        June 14, 2020 at 4:01 pm
        @ Sister Monica

        I don’t know about Dettol, but I don’t imagine it would be painless.

        Very few poisons are painless. “Cyanide” is not painless either.
        But it depends on what you call “cyanide”.

        Suicide through the ingestion of liquid hydrocyanic acid would no doubt be painless; so would the inhalation of cyanide gas.

        The problem is that liquid hydrocyanic acid has a very short shelf life. It is almost always — I think it would be safe to say just “always” without the “almost” — produced by dropping a certain quantity of cyanide “salts”, usually sodium or potassium cyanide — into a weak acid, let’s say, hydrochloric acid, which is the acid in your stomach, which converts the “salt” into the “acid”, which is then inhaled or ingested through the walls of the stomach.

        The problem here is that the shelf life of “cyanide salts” is also very short: about 5 years.

        The 3 assassins who killed Archduke Ferdinand at Sarajevo all swallowed “cyanide” — which I take to mean cyanide “salts”, probably stolen from a laboratory or mining operation (it is used to separate gold from rock and is very easily stolen or otherwise obtained), after which I believe 2 of the 3 died; Princeps vomited, went into agonizing convulsions, but survived. Why? Because the stuff was probably too old to be any good.

        The crazy Russian monk Rasputin was poisoned with cyanide cakes, “enough to kill 10 men”, theoretically, but they didn’t kill him! Why not? Because he suffered from alcoholic gastritis, and had no stomach acid, which is required to convert the salt into the acid! That’s one theory. Either that, or the stuff was just TOO OLD.

        So when you set about shuffling off your mortal whoos-it (as P.G. Wodehouse or somebody else famously said), you’d better make damn sure you know what you are doing. In other words, if you steal something or buy a stolen product, how the hell do you know how old it is?

        American gas chambers use up to 2 pounds of salt dissolved in dilute hydrochloric or sulphuric acid in a crock pot underneath a chair in the gas chamber to kill a single convict in a procedure which can take up to 19 minutes (I think that is the record time; for the rapist Caryll Chessman, it took 13 minutes). And they’re using new stuff.

        One of the first symptoms of acute cyanide poisoning is unconsciousness, followed — not preceded — by violent convulsions. But Auschwitz commandant at Nuremberg claimed, in a confession written in English by Smith W. Brookhart of the U.S. Army, that “we knew when the people were dead because their screaming stopped”. This is an obvious toxicological impossibility.

        There’s more to it. Want to hear some more? It’s not new information.

        1. There’s more to it. Want to hear some more? It’s not new information.

          Yes, please continue. This is most interesting. And it’s certainly all very new and strange to me. How come you know so much about toxicology?

          Any idea what drug Arthur Koestler and his wife took to commit suicide?

          1. As a firm believer in euthanasia, I am basically interested in finding a painless method to make my exit from this world if and when it becomes unbearable. I am all for stoicism and wish we could all comfort ourselves with Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca. God bless them all and God bless Socrates and his hemlock.

            Here, something to cheer you up in case you need cheering up:


            BY Dorothy Parker

            Razors pain you;
            Rivers are damp;
            Acids stain you;
            And drugs cause cramp.
            Guns aren’t lawful;
            Nooses give;
            Gas smells awful;
            You might as well live.

      June 14, 2020 at 2:58 pm

      “…350 cl for an adult…”

      CORRECTION: 35 cl, or 350 ml, like a small bottle of whisky, bigger than an American half pint.


  42. Sister Monica
    June 14, 2020 at 4:01 pm
    @ Sister Monica

    “…My poor Uncle Frankie, I still wonder what drove him to take such drastic measures…”

    I am very sorry to hear that; suicide is not a joke. Your luck can always change (or your attitudes can change, at least according to the Stoics). I think it was Seneca who said, “The problem is not the burdens we bear, it is the attitudes we take towards them”.

    I am reminded of the aspiring young actress that jumped to her death from the “H” in the “HOLLYWOOD” sign in California. The next day she was offered the leading female role in a production at the Pasadena Playhouse! It’s natural to despair, of course, but it is usually a mistake. I say usually.

    1. It’s because the acid forms salts with all metals except lead. That means, you get a load of horrid-looking gook instead of your nice clean clear and transparent HCN.

      Austria and I think one other country (I think France, never Germany) attempted to use HCN (the liquid acid) as a war gas during WWI, in which case the shells had to be lined with glass.

      I have never read that Zyklon cans were lined with glass, but they must have been. They had to be.

      HCN is a so-called “resorptive gas”, which means it is absorbed at one rate and excreted at another rate, the difference determining the actual toxicity of the gas. The toxicity is dependent on its concentration in the air.
      5 parts per million can be breathed indefinitely; 300 ppm can be breathed for half an hour, 500 ppm for 15 minutes, etc. I forget exactly. These figures are all guesses anyway.

      There are tremendous differences in individual susceptibility. Since the victims are all unconscious, how do you know when they’re all dead? How do you know when to quit tossing those cans through the hole? You’ve got 2,000 unconscious people in a room and there you are, listening to them from the outside! Can you see how stupid this is?

      HCN was a failure as a war gas. It was used in very large quantities but several sources allege that there was never a single verified case of a combat death in the German army caused by HCN.

      Will list my sources later. The Koestlers used a barbiturate. So did the famed romantic actor Charles Boyer, the day after his wife of 55 years died.

      For painless suicide, barbiturates are probably among the best; the problem is obtaining the stuff. Or order some fentanyl from China if you want to entrust your demise to some sneaky chinks. Or eat bitter almonds if you can get the right stuff. 60 almonds = R.I.P. HCN is a naturally occurring poison.

      2 suggestions: acute alcohol poisoning (too messy, still, a fifth or a litre with a bit of Coke so it goes down easily would do the job), or carbon monoxide. Buy a portable barbecue and fire it up in a small room (probably the bathroom would be best).

      Or if you want to be original, why not hang yourself in a sitting position? (Leave a note, otherwise, nobody will believe it’s a suicide.) Tie the rope to a nail high enough so your body weight will put full pressure on your neck.

      If you cut off the oxygen supply to your brain, you will lose consciousness in a matter of seconds, some people say 7 to 10 seconds, but much less than half a minute anyway, then it’s all over. And if you change your mind, just sit up. What more could you want?

      Remember, so-called “vascular chokes” (which cut off the supply of oxygen to the brain) are used in judo or jiu-jitsu all the time, so the length of time required to render somebody unconscious is very well known, although it varies. If you’re rassling around with some guy and he passes out, just lay him on his side and wait for him to “come to”. No big deal.

      Some guy with a “double first” in chemistry from Cambridge tried to convince me I was wrong, with some interesting results. Like most educated people he was more interested in showing off what he knew than he was in trying to understand what I was saying.

        June 16, 2020 at 10:06 am

        …“vascular chokes” (which cut off the supply of oxygen to the brain) are used in judo or jiu-jitsu all the time…”

        CORRECTION: They cut off the supply of OXYGEN to the brain by cutting off the supply of BLOOD to the brain. You can BREATHE just fine! There is no pressure on the trachea.

        When some guy has your neck in a vice using his legs or arms like clamps, it feels like a big joke until everything starts going black, which takes about 7 or 8 seconds.

        Obviously hanging (whether or not in a sitting position) would put pressure on the trachea, which is not fun. But if it were so horrible, there would not be so many “accidental” “suicides” caused by “auto-erotic asphyxiation”. Like the actor David Carridine.

        What usually happens is, the family hides all the evidence (since the victims are often found naked or wearing women’s clothing surrounded by porno mags) because they don’t want the world to know that the victim was a “perv-O”, then the insurance company says it won’t pay off on “suicides”, so the family hustles around to find the original evidence proving it was an “accident”!

        Ah, mors pecuniaque (is that correct Latin?), where is thy sting?

        P.S. My intention is not to be morbid but to prevent misunderstanding. I don’t wish to encourage suicide. But maybe it will prevent some guy from drinking bleach.

  43. For more info and some sources, google search “carlos porter cyanide”.
    The guy with the “double first” from Cambridge is letter 16. My original article is .c1.htm, letter 37 is from somebody else, a sympathizer.
    Would list the links but this site is full of complaints about links. Just google it.
    Remember I don’t pretend that my original article is of any great importance today.

    1. WOW! Most impressive! ….. Completely above the heads of most people on this site, including me. I don’t think you need to worry about being arrested for chemical subversion! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes…?

      1. Definitely over my head but definitely impressive nonetheless.
        Carlos has been making some very good comments lately.

      2. ADMIN TOBY: Another example of more hate speech from the (((loonie))) who keeps posting unsolicited reams of rubbish on our website and then wonders why he is parked permanently in Spamblinka. Note the endless repetition:

        Lasha should take her SISTER MONICA to the local vet and have her put down. It’s a painless way to get rid of an old dog.

        Dogs don’t feel any pain when they get put down , so that’s a perfect solution to THE DILEMMA, how to leave this world painlessly. Just have the old dog put down, Lasha, it won’t feel a thing. Sure, it’s hard to get rid of a beloved old dog , nobody wants to see their beloved pet dog cross over The Rainbow Bridge, but it’s the best thing for the dog to put an end to the dog’s suffering.

        So stop being selfish, Lasha, and take your mangy moaning monica to the vet and put her out of her misery. moaning monica sounds like an old [ mangy ] beagle dog [ in a lot of pain ], amirite, Lasha? Your pet monica is an old beagle b*tch on its’ last legs?

        Be nice to to your old dog and have her put down, it won’t feel any pain. Heck, you can even throw her a dog treat right before the vet gives her THE INJECTION, let her know you luhv her. Dogs think dog treats are a sign of LUHV, so the mangy old dog can leave this world in a happy way instead of leaving this world feeling physical pain or even worse than physical pain, leaving this world feeling the pain of being unloved and unwanted. You wouldn’t want to hear it moaning when it’s time to put it down at the vet’s so bring along some of monica’s favorite doggie treats with you on the day of THE APPOINTMENT.

        Look, we just want to get rid of her, and putting her down at the vet is the easiest way to get rid of it, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to put a dog down, so that’s an added incentive to get rid of it. It’s low-cost and it’s painless, what more could we ask for, sounds like THE PERFECT SOLUTION to me.

        May it cross over The Rainbow Bridge peacefully! We always wanted the best for that old dog! She always sounded like she was moaning when she barked, that was so cute, lol….

      3. I see TROJ is in rare form today. I just watched a performance by the late, great comic genius, George Carlin. Was Joe channeling him from the Great Beyond with that post?…..Just wondering 😄

    2. “…Will risk one link:…”

      That guy from Cambridge had two tactics: the first was to keep telling me things I already knew, and the second was to attribute to me mistaken opinions actually held by people I was quoting, people who were wrong.

      Many educated people are like that: they can’t face the truth of what you’re saying.

  44. I will leave you with one more comment.

    We got were distracted by the question of painless suicide for a while here.

    There was a guy in Australia who jumped off a sea bridge and survived, and he said, “If people knew how much it would hurt, they wouldn’t do it.” So be careful. It sounds paradoxical, but it’s not. Watch yourself.

    The Catholic Church considers suicide a worse sin than murder. That may be a bit extreme (after all, there are people who NEED murdering), but there is a lot of truth in it.

    I don’t recommend these things. My wife says cancer is the best thing to die of, because everything is free. And you can plan things. If you jump off a bridge, nobody can come to you later and say, “Hey, where’s the receipt for that insurance policy, do you have it?”

    1. Wise words, Carlos. Euthanasia has its charms, but life wins every time!

      Take a quick look at this short clip from the cult classic SF movie “Soylent Green”. Here is a futuristic world in which anyone over tho age of 70 is entitled to euthanasia, no questions asked. You don’t even have to have a terminal disease. You can just walk in off the street and queue up in the lobby. You tell the friendly receptionist, “I’ve come in to die.” And it’s all laid on for you, courtesy of the state.


      1. In 8 U.S. states and D.C. there are right to die (with dignity) laws. The State provides you with a fatal liquid brew of narcotics and barbiturates. This would be my suicide of choice if and when I choose that. But I wouldn’t need the State for any assistance. I can provide my own witches brew. 💊⚖💉⚰

        June 16, 2020 at 9:37 pm

        I love that scene. I can watch it over and over. I never watch any other scene in the film. There’s a Guy de Maupassant short story along the same lines, called THE MAGIC COUCH in English. In French it’s called “L’ENDORMEUSE”.

  45. Incidentally, I made a comment about Thomas Malthus the other day and it got lost. I can’t find it anywhere.
    Has anybody seen it? It wasn’t here.
    There was a box with a quotation and I said I thought the quote was a fake.

  46. As I recall, a can of Zyklon will never evaporate completely in less than half an hour, even if heated. In a cold unheated cellar, it would continue to evaporate for a much longer period, probably several hours (which means it will kill the people hauling the bodies out; remember, there is no mention of the ammonia required to neutralize the poison).

    Now, you’ve got 2,000 people crammed in a room so tightly that they’ll die of suffocation in a certain period of time anyhow, and they are all unconscious, sooner or later! (Remember, this unconsciousness is not necessarily followed by death by cyanide; they can recover.)

    The only way I can figure out how to know for sure when they were all dead would be to wait the length of time required for them to suffocate, then simply ignore the Zyklon and wait that length of time! That way, the Zyklon (which was quite expensive and badly needed for the war effort) would have accomplished absolutely nothing, except to alleviate their sufferings while they suffocated!

    At that rate, why bother with such a complicated poison? To me, the obvious gas of choice would be either phosgene, a war gas, or an inert gas of some sort that simply replaces the oxygen.

    With phosgene, a man who does not notice that he has been gassed may die suddenly of heart failure up to 24 hours later. Obviously, an inert gas would be even better.

    The whole story is a Rube Goldberg Machine — a complicated way of doing something simple.

  47. I once poisoned a terminally ill dog with potassium cyanide. He vomited, defecated, staggered 10 feet and passed out. 4 hours later he was conscious and ate normally. He died 3 months later.
    When he died, I cried for 10 days. I let him live too long. He was my first dog.

    June 16, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    This has been a dreary series of messages, hasn’t it?
    As I say, I don’t recommend these things. Did you ever see THE KILLING, with Sterling Hayden?
    I love the way he says “What’s the difference?” at the end. I can watch that scene over and over again, just the end.
    I had a stroke last summer that killed off the part of my brain that controls my walking and my balance. I can walk, but it’s hard work — very hard work. But what the hell? Worse things can happen than being unable to walk properly, so what’s the difference? As long as nothing happens to my hands or my eyes, I can still work and go on being a pain in the ass. Nobody says I have to do the 100-yard dash, so what the hell? Sour grapes.

    1. Carlos,

      You have my deepest sympathies for your predicament.
      I haven’t watched the YouTube scene yet, but I will.
      The Book of Job deals with all these matters in great depth.
      Many a precious pearl of wisdom lies in those dark waters.

  49. Sister Monica
    June 19, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    Thanks, watch the whole film if you can find it someplace. Elisha Cook is in it, too, in a great role, one of his best. It’s one of my favorite films after THE ASHPHALT JUNGLE, a fantastic film, with Marylene Monroe, I think uncredited. It’s a John Huston film. Also with Sterling Hayden but better as a film.

    Incidentally, we forgot to answer the question expressed in the headline: the answer is “yes”.

      1. Yes that is a Kurosawa original and yes he also briefly appears in the movie. (find Akira)

  50. “…The Book of Job deals with all these matters…”
    I relate to IKIRU far more readily than to the Book of Job, but many thanks once again.

    Incidentally, IKIRU makes reference to a general principle of bureaucracy in which President Trump is also obviously a fervent believer, namely, that the best way to defend one’s position is to do absolutely nothing. He really believes it.

  51. As the Book of Job might have said but didn’t, your belly button is the only thing you can’t be born without.
    Everything else is a free gift.
    I’ve taken too much of your time.

    1. By no means. You’re welcome! We don’t mind off-topic comments at the end of threads if they are intrinsically interesting and touch on topics of profound importance.

      BTW, your comment was delayed because it was sent for monitoring. This is because you made a typo in your email address. You left out the “p”.

    June 16, 2020 at 12:03 am

    “…Princeps vomited, went into agonizing convulsions, but survived…”

    “Agonizing” to witnesses, no doubt. He was almost certainly quite unconscious.

    It seems strange to me that for over 30 years I should be the only revisionist I know of that recognizes this simple fact. No one tells me I am wrong; but as far as I know, all other revisionists consider it unimportant. I don’t see why. It goes to the very heart of the problem.

    I attribute this to a lack of personal prestige on my part. There is a herd mentality even among revisionists.

    Incidentally, most sources state that victims of HCN poisoning become unconscious but often regain unconsciousness later without ill effects; this appears to be untrue in some cases. Germar Rudolf cites the case of a workman who suffered serious brain damage after blacking out while cleaning a storage tank in the presence of HCN vapors.
    I helped translate the Rudolf Report in addition to the Lüftl Report and other similar papers.

      June 16, 2020 at 12:03 am

      “…become unconscious but often regain unconsciousness later without ill effects…”

      “…become unconscious but often regain become unconscious but often regain CONSCIOUSNESS later without ill effects…”

      No worries, it’s just dementia praecox.

      1. I’d like to regain unconsciousness given the stupid world society we are seeing in the making. I’d like to walk around with the other unconscious ones again, blending in with their ignorance. Blue pill please!

        Just kidding. I’m glad to be aware but you know what they say about knowledge and impotence 😉

  53. I just remembered this. You see the most ridiculous things, false ideas people have.

    In one of the Charles Bronson films, he’s got some potassium cyanide in a sugar shaker, like powdered sugar, and he sprinkles some of this white powder on some guy’s breakfast pastry or something, when he’s not looking, and it kills him, just like that.

    First, he assumes it has no horrid bitter taste, which I think is a long shot; then… well, you know the rest. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it would ever work.

    Better dissolve it in vinaigrette, and serve it to him in a nice tossed salad (with croutons).
    But the fundamental problem remains: the shelf life (i.e., age), of the cyanide salt.

    July 8, 2020 at 10:32 pm

    “….The taste of potassium cyanide has been described as acrid and bitter, with a burning sensation similar to lye… ” — Wikipedia, Potassium Cyanide. There goes the Charles Bronson movie shot in the ass!

    BUT: “…covered in brown rubber to protect against accidental breakage and filled with a concentrated SOLUTION OF POTASSIUM CYANIDE…” — Wikipedia article, “Suicide Pill”.

    Potassium cyanide is a white crystalline solid; it looks exactly like crude sea salt. Since it is not a liquid, it cannot be made available in the form of a “solution”! Obviously, what they mean is “hydrocyanic acid”.

    John Toland (HITLER, p. 1172) confuses “hydrocyanic acid”, a colorless liquid that evaporates as a poison gas, with “cyanamide”, a solid compound used in agriculture in very large quantities (i.e., by the trainload), but which is practically non-toxic (i.e., it can make you very sick but probably not kill you).

    Perhaps more plausibly, on p. 1183, he seems to confuse potassium cyanide with HCN: a “crushed ampoule containing potassium cyanide”…

    It seems to me that if you’re interested in something, you want to know what it is. The difference between a liquid and solid at least; the difference between something tasteless and painless and something horrible.

    1. Apricot kernels contain amygdalin, a compound also called laetrile, that is converted into cyanide in the body.
      Amygdalin is a naturally occurring substance found in apricot kernels.
      It is also present in the seeds of other fruit, including apples, cherries, plums, and peaches. Clover, sorghum, and lima beans also contain amygdalin.
      Amygdalin is a cyanogenic glycoside.
      When someone eats amygdalin, it converts to cyanide in their body. Cyanide is a fast-acting, potentially deadly chemical.
      Estimates state that eating 50 to 60 apricot kernels could deliver a lethal dose of cyanide.

  55. Pat
    July 11, 2020 at 2:06 am

    Thank you. It’s a fascinating subject.
    Odd how any time you take a simple thing and look more closely, it gets more complicated.

    July 8, 2020 at 10:32 pm

    Another question. How does one prepare a “concentrated solution” of something that is water-soluble [Toland, p. 1183]?
    Mix it with water and then pour half of it off? This kind of writing is nonsense.

    1. “How does one prepare a “concentrated solution” of something that is water-soluble?”

      Just like in a lab. Numerous ways. By slow evaporation of the pure weak solution, so as to not damage any heat sensitive substances. Or draw a vacuum. Or use higher heat if safe to do so. Sea salt production is an example.

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