Israel Shahak: The Jewish Professor Who Warned the World Against Jews

By Catherine Austin Fitts
Solari Report
January 5 2020

Israel Shahak was an Israeli professor of organic chemistry at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Shahak was born in the Warsaw ghetto and was a survivor of Belsen who settled in Israel after WWII. Playing an increasing role in Israel as a humanist and rights activist, he published Jewish History, Jewish Religion – the Weight of Three Thousand Years in 1994 with a foreward from Gore Vidal. The book was reissued in 1997 and in 2002 and 2008 after Shahak’s unexpected death in June 2001, shortly before 9-11.

In Jewish History, Jewish Relgion, Shahak asks whether, as described in the book promotion, “the secular state of Israel has been shaped by religious orthodoxies of an invidious and potentially lethal nature. Drawing on the Talmud and rabbinical laws, Shahak argues that the roots of Jewish chauvinism and religious fanaticism must be understood before it is too late.”

The challenge before us is whether we can maintain the rule of law as a society – whether domestically in our individual countries as well as globally. If anything stands in the way of doing that it is the privilege nurtured by numerous cultures and societies to compromise the sovereignty of others. Consequently the history and questions Shahak raises are of the utmost importance to our present age.

I was once at an investment conference in London listening to a speaker discuss the US national security risks and their impact on investment.

He quoted a former FBI director saying that Israel posed the single greatest risk to US security. That risk is now significantly greater given what appears to be the growing commitment to the Ziocons by the current US [Trump] administration.

Ever notice that in the United States the immediate result of Presidential impeachments is a significant increase in money disappearing and the drums of war?

Someone is trying to start WW III.

Reading Shahak will inform your thinking on this topic and what we might do to prevent it. In my opinion, step one is to outlaw dual passport citizens from holding positions in the US Congress or Administration. Step two, until we do, all dual passport citizens should be recused from discussions or votes that benefit the country of their other passport(s).

As to the responsible diaspora in Beverly Hills and on Wall Street, my question is why the children of the Southern States should die so that you can own and control the private equity on the Silk Road? Seems like a bad trade to me.

Israel Shahak is this week’s Hero of the Week – a brave and brilliant man.


“In the last 40 years the number of non-Jews killed by Jews is by far greater than the number of the Jews killed by non-Jews. The extent of the persecution and discrimination against non-Jews inflicted by the “Jewish state” with the support of organized diaspora Jews is also enormously greater than the suffering inflicted on Jews by regimes hostile to them. Although the struggle against antisemitism (and of all other forms of racism) should never cease, the struggle against Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism, which must include a critique of classical Judaism, is now of equal or greater importance.” ~ Israel Shahak


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“Antisemitism . . . it’s a trick we always use.”

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    1. The American buildup of arms in the Gulf region looks like a preparation for war.

      US forces could destroy Iran’s infrastructure within one hour, leaving the country as a ruin for years to come.

      That’s what Israel seems to want, and America is going to do the dirty work for Israel.

  1. Religion started (according to anthropologists’ studies) by worshiping totem pole, then advanced to the weather and from there to celestial matter, we saw in the night skies … then came along Abraham (a semite) , which is a subculture of the Arabic peoples, and declared monotheism.

    Then, another Jew updated the Abraham notion and supposedly created Christianity. Followed by another Arab, Mohamed and created Islam … and on and on and on.

    There are many Jews that I know that do NOT fall in line with the current Judaism.

    1. I like Voltaire’s opinion:

      “Religion began when the first knave met the first fool.” 🙂

        1. @ Pat
          @ Wiggins

          So Voltaire is right about religion being rubbish because Tom Paine agreed with him? Is that the best you can do to rubbish religion: “Religion is rubbish because ‘A’ said so . . . and ‘B’ agrees with ‘A’.

          But Tolstoy disagreed with Voltaire, and Dostoevsky disagreed with Tom Paine. So why are we supposed to take Voltaire and Tom Paine as the ultimate authorities on religion? A subject they knew nothing about.

          You and Wiggins belong in a Scoffers’ Club all of your own, Pat. You don’t even have the emotional intelligence to realize that your offensive Christ-hating comments are being posted on a pro-Christian website where they are likely to cause distress and pain to Lasha Darkmoon and her family.

          But you don’t care, do you?

          Well, you can easily be removed from this website if you get too big for your boots. Free speech, my dear Wiggins and Pat, does not entail directing gobs of yellow-green phlegm into Lasha Darkmoon’s face at regular intervals. She is remarkably restrained, but there’s a limit to how much of your spit she can kleenex from her face. All this Christ bashing is simply a veiled attack on Lasha Darkmoon, if not a sly attack on ALL women.

          I notice there are few women posting on this site nowadays, most of them driven away by bullies and thugs like you who flout the very rules of the website you post on.

      1. “I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc… It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganges to learn geometry…But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe”

      2. It was the mindset evidenced by just such hateful, self-satisfied, clever-dick drivel that gave birth to the Judeo-masonic ‘sum-of-all-heresies’ in the 18th century, better known as ‘Modernism’, and which has nurtured it through to the present day. It is now on proud and abysmally ignorant display pretty much everywhere that politics is discussed in the West – witness the puppet clowns that past for political leaders in the west these days – with criminally-sanctioned, censorious, sanctimonious, PC insistence on its homosexual, race, transgender, abortion, birth-control and other nonsensical anti-life agendas . It is already triumphant in the Christian Protestant denominations and has made dramatic inroads into both the Orthodox and Catholic churches (in the words of Pope Paul VI – “The smoke of Satan has entered the Church”).

        The ubiquity of its manifestation persuades me that, far from acknowledging that “the word was made flesh and dwelt among us” and that true salvation of Soul requires simply that we strive to “love God with our whole heart and our neighbor as ourself”, things will simply continue in this narcissistic and absurdly self-destructive way until Armageddon is finally precipitated.

        1. Good, serve Voltaire right! No need to put this 18th century deist on a pedestal. His ideas are not sacrosanct and we are not under obligation to admire a man who spent his life scoffing and sneering at the simple faith of the servants who cooked his meals and washed his clothes.

    2. Whether Jesus the Christ was ever a Jew is debateable, but, if he was, he ceased being one when he was baptised in the River Jordan…

      1. @ Wiggins

        Whether Jesus the Christ was ever a Jew is debateable…”

        No, it’s not debatable. Anyone who opens the New Testament knows that Christ’s parents were both Jews; that Christ taught in the synagogue (which no non-Jew could have done); that all 12 disciples were Jews; that Jesus was called “rabbi” in the New Testament at least once (an honorary title only applicable to a Jew); and that Jesus kept quoting from the Old Testament scriptures almost non-stop (which only a Jew would have done):

        . . . that Jesus’ dying words on the cross, Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani (“Lord. Lord, why has thou forsaken me?”) was a famous the Old Testament quote (the opening words of Psalm 22), a quote most unlikely to come from the lips of a non-Jew! Would a non-Jew quote the Old Testament as he lay dying? Only in your mental world, Wiggins.

        Finally, the words INRI, inscribed on the cross, Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaiorum stand for “JESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS“.

        Only fools engage in such idle “debates”, Wiggins. That Christ was a Jew is as clear as crystal. But he was a Jew with a difference. Not to be confused with the Khazars and the Pharisees and the Talmudics. If Jesus were alive today, he would be a Palestinian.

        1. Well said, Silent Reader! That Christ was a Jew who transcended his ethnicity is beyond debate. The only people who claim he was an Aryan or of non-Jewish stock are low-browed conspiracy theorists.

          They are precisely the “knaves” and “fools” Wiggins speaks of elsewhere, and in whose ranks, I regret to day, Wiggins himself firmly belongs — along with his hate mongering sidekick Pat. A Useful Idiot of the Jews, if ever there was one.

      2. I reprise part of my remarks on another page…

        Jesus was clearly against the Jews. While there are many church people today who worship world Jewry and Israel, Jesus himself was against them. There is a most interesting exemplar of this and the Jesus of Churches today may not be as they assume…

        Jesus speaking to to the Jews repeatedly says, “It is written in your law . . .” If he had been, as is alleged, a “Jew,” wouldn’t he have said “It is written in THE law”, or even, “It is written in OUR law” ?

        This is not a poor translation or some mistake it is in the Gospels and the Talmud.

        There were two Pentateuchs Hebrew Pentateuch and the Samarian (Aramaic) Pentateuch, which is vastly different.

        Each and every time time that Jesus is attacked by the Jews on some charge , he immediately refutes their allegation. Every time, that is, except one. Which is found in John 8:48, they accuse him of being a Samarian as well as having a devil The charge of having a devil he denies. On being accused of being a Samarian, he is just silent. Now this is odd enough to attract the notice of the attentive reader.

        Then there is what he says elsewhere, “a prophet is not without honor except in his own country” now he said that in Samaria.
        Thereupon he left for Galilee. There he does many mighty works which in Samaria he could not do.

        1 Thessalonians 2:14-16 (King James Version)

        14For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews:

        15Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:

        16Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.

        Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence” (John 18:36).
        “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”
        –John 8:44 KJV

        Matthew introduction chapter appears, to me, to be an interpolation.

        “Salvation is of the Jews”
        John 4:22 is also an interpolation I suggest.

        1. @ TLOA

          I regard your comment as unmitigated rubbish. Read carefully. You give no respect, so you will receive none.

          Jesus was clearly against the Jews.

          Not against ALL Jews. He was not against his father and mother. He was not against his disciples. He was not against his thousamds of Jewish followers whose illnesses he cured and whom he taught in parables. He was not against himself. He was not a self-hating Jew. He was against the Pharisees and the moneychangers and animal sacrificers in the Temple whom he drove from the temple grounds with a knotted cord. In short, he was against the BAD Jews, not the GOOD ones. In fact, he is the archetypal example the Good Jew, and in the Gospel of St John he is the LOGOS, “the Word made flesh”. He has transcended his Jewishness, his ethnicity, in the same way that Krishna and Buddha have transcended their ethnic Indian roots.

          While there are many church people today who worship world Jewry and Israel, Jesus himself was against them.

          Agreed. But this does not make Jesus a non-Jew.

          Jesus speaking to to the Jews repeatedly says, “It is written in your law . . .” If he had been, as is alleged, a “Jew,” wouldn’t he have said “It is written in THE law”, or even, “It is written in OUR law” ?

          No, that is incorrect. By saying “It is written in YOUR law” Jesus was simply rejecting the Law of the Pharisees, based on the Talmud, which happened to be the dominant Jewish sect in Palestine at that time. Jesus was an Essene and did not believe in animal sacrifice and the commercialization that went on in the Temple. He was NOT disassociating himself from all Jewry by distancing himself from the particular Jewish sect that eventually had him crucified.

          As a Muslim, you must realize that you would be making a big mistake if you insisted that all Muslims should think like Sunnis. Would it not be entirely normal for a Shia Muslim to say to a Sunni Muslim, “I don’t accept YOUR Law!” Does a Shia become a non-Muslim because he disagrees with a Sunni? Of course not! Same with Jesus. He was a Jew who had every right to disagree with another Jewish sect he regarded with abhorrence.

          Each and every time time that Jesus is attacked by the Jews on some charge, he immediately refutes their allegation.

          Why do you keep assuming that Jesus must be a non-Jew simply because another Jewish sect (the Pharisees) keep attacking him? Why is your logic so defective here that you can see the difference between Sunnis and Shias but not the difference between Pharisees and Essenes? Jesus’ loyal disciples, all of them Jews, did not attack him because all of them were Essenes and rejected the traditional Talmudic teachings of the Pharisees. Can’t a Jew disagree with his fellow Jews of another Jewish sect without being falsely called a non-Jew?

          Every time, that is, except one. Which is found in John 8:48, they accuse him of being a Samarian (sic) as well as having a devil The charge of having a devil he denies. On being accused of being a Samarian (sic), he is just silent. Now this is odd enough to attract the notice of the attentive reader.

          Very poor logic, I’m afraid. Since when was silence proof of anything? If someone accuses you of being a “pedophile” and you are too shocked to respond, or remain silent out of choice, how would you like it someone accused you of being a pedophile? As a Muslim, you don’t have the right to lecture Christians on the finer points of their own religion — especially as you cannot even be bothered to spell the word “Samaritan” correctly. How would you like it some arrogant Christian started to lecture you about Islam but couldn’t even spell the word QUR’AN correctly! — for example, by putting the apostrophe in the wring place! (Q’uran).

          Then there is what he [Jesus] says elsewhere, “a prophet is not without honor except in his own country” now he said that in Samaria. Thereupon he left for Galilee. There he does many mighty works which in Samaria he could not do.

          I fail to understand how this nonsensical gibberish is a proof that Jesus was a non-Jew. The rest of your comments here are equally illogical and arrogant. No wonder you Muslims are hated so widely in the West if you actually have the impudence to go on a Christian site and start lecturing devout Christians on the finer points of their own religion! Is there no limit to your spiritual pride and sense of entitlement?

          Finally and most importantly, the incident you refer to about the Samaritan woman and Jesus proves you are unfit to teach Christians how to think about their own religion because you deliberately distort the truth. Flagrantly and shamelessly! Here is what it says in the Gospel of St John:

          Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, BEING A JEW, asketh drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? For the JEWS HAVE NO DEALINGS WITH THE SAMARITANS.” [John 4:9]

          Anyone of moderate intelligence can see that this comment, far from proving that Jesus was a non-Jew, proves in fact the opposite: that JESUS WAS A JEW. If he wasn’t a Jew, why would the Samaritan woman openly call him a Jew? And if he was a non-Jew, as you falsely claim, why didn’t Jesus deny he was a Jew at this point? Why didn’t he say: “Sorry, you’ve got it wrong, I am not a Jew!”

          Any idea?

          No, you are stumped. Caught in your own trap! The Samaritan woman story proves the exact opposite of what you are trying to prove by misquoting New Testament quotations. Jesus was a Jew. Period. Q.E.D.

          If you can openly distort the truth of the New Testament, how can you be trusted to speak wisely of the Qur’an?

      3. Sard –

        You wrote:
        “— along with his hate mongering sidekick Pat.”

        I can see that ‘cute sardonic smile’ spreading now…. as you proudly read this accomplishment.

        Here’s a normal one fer ya, my dear friend…. 🙂

          1. @ Pat
            @ Wiggins
            @ Other Christ Haters here too numerous to name.

            Perhaps you mindless Christ haters need to familiarize yourselves with the rules and regulations of this pro-Christian site you post on and whose hospitality you consistently abuse:


            # 13. We are a pro-Christian website. All derogatory comments questioning the historical existence of Jesus Christ and sneering at the contents of the New Testament will be regarded as an attack on the cherished values of our ancestors. All such comments will be deleted at once. Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech in rubbishing Jesus Christ and ridiculing Christianity on some appropriate anti-Christian website — NOT on the Darkmoon site!


            So convenient for you Christ-bashing creeps that Admin is too laid-back to take action against nasty old curmudgeons like you. Otherwise you’d be toast.

      4. Whence such rage, Sardonicus?
        In your own testimony, you spent the last dozen or years in a Japanese Zen monastery, presumably an environment that encourages quiet contemplation, patience, tolerance and compassion—am I wrong?

        One huge secret of Christ i must reveal now, the time has come: He has come to preach and promote individual FREEDOM and the responsibility that comes with it, not hyper-myopic observance of laws, rules and regulations that severely chastises the slightest deviation from some norm prescribed by someone who definitely is not Christ, in fact a very non-Christ-like thing to do.

        I too consider myself a Christian, in spirit of Christ, not what someone at some blog insists i should buy into unquestioningly.

        Now, as to what was the putative ethnicity of Christ, let’s accept your assertion and spin the reel backwards to see where the deconstruction of your claim leads (try not to dodge incoming and forthcoming bullets).

        • Jesus is Jew, a follower of Old Testament, trained as a rabbi.

        • In which case, He WAS a Jew, because Judaism holds that there is no immortal spirit or soul continuing beyond biological death, this is borne out many times in Torah and the upshot is that there is no Jesus at present time, nor any time in future, He, identical to His body lived, died and is gone, biomass of His cadaver broken into organic components and recycled in Lucifer’s secular wheel of dog-eat-dog, the only acceptable form of immortality as per the Old Testament.

        • Next item: Apostles’ Creed. This may or may not concern you as a Buddhist but it is of vital issue to Christians following the original streams whose bishops sacred lineage points to the disciples of Christ.
        It dates back to around 400 anno Domini and the central assertion—hopefully known to Christians, surely to those (if any apart from Darrell) who have on occasion recited the rosary, goes as follows:

        He was conceived by the Holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary.

        (in the original Latin: “qui concéptus est de Spíritu Sancto, natus ex María Vírgine”).
        Now, either one believes this or one is not a Christian, simple.
        Given the immaculate conception by the Holy Ghost and the virgin birth through Mary, it turns out that Jesus was entirely a creation of God, Mary was just a delivery vehicle and as such, Jesus shared no genetic material with her and even if nursed by her, breastmilk is a poor medium of genetic exchange, God was his father and mother.
        Therefore, if Jesus was a Jew, so, retroactively is God, precisely as Jews maintain.
        In which case, THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT JEWISHNESS, SOME PROFOUNDLY MYSTERIOUS LINK EXCLUSIVELY SHARED BY JEW-GOD, JEWS AND JEW-JESUS, forever inaccessible to the puny minds of goyim—please let me know if there is a slip in the logic—best to let an expert, like the venerable Rebbe Schneerson speak on the subject:

        We do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of … a totally different species… The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world … The difference of the inner quality [of the body] … is so great that the bodies would be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews]: “their bodies are in vain” … An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.

        As a good Christian prostrating yourself before an even better Jew, you need to accept this and get on with it, because nothing that Schneerson said militates against the doctrine of Jesus-the-Jew, holiness is all in the Divine Family and you are not part of it.
        You may object that this arrangement of preordained, pre-birth selectivity violates the principle of justice, but when and where does the Holy Book ever talk about justice? Judging and judges, yes, oh, there are major chapters about it, but the act of judging does not imply justice, certainly not in Jew-God’s Creation.
        Still not clear?
        Then how about this:

        Israel’s bus company Egged has accepted this ad in Jerusalem:
        “Statement of the kingdom. From the teachings=instructions of the [Lubavitcher] rabbi
        The Gentile does not want anything. He waits to be told what the Jew wants!

        As simple as it gets: put your nose to the grindstone —the reason God didn’t endow you with a big, chosen one like Jesus had—and work on that kosher blade, hone it nice and sharp for when your turn comes to have the windpipe sliced.

        NB (1): John 8:44 got it wrong or it was mistranslated due to one small letter “y” which is preceded by the correct choice—“w”—should read as

        “We are of our father the devil, and the lusts of our father we will do.

        Now it makes sense in the light of the foregoing, because clearly Jew-God is the father of them all.

        NB (2): says Donaldo Colina about meeting an “extremely intelligent Rebbe” at a truck repair shop, hmm, how does the verse go

        Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy
        And in the witherd field where the farmer plows for bread in vain

        Well, anyway, back to Donaldo:

        Rebbe was extremely intelligent. Superior in every aspect as most Rebbes are. He made a statement which is very true. “If you butcher the cow, you feast for a few days. If you let it live, you enjoy milk, 🧀 and butter for years. Rebbes words had a lot of wisdom. Think about it. If the Zios want MOST [emphasis mine] of humanity dead……fine. Dead people don’t pay taxes. Without taxes the Zios themselves are finished as they are parasites and not productive.

        To which I would ask Donaldo how many horsepower does his rig have (and need), maybe 300? Would he want a bigger engine, a much much bigger one with say 200,000 horsepower, like the biggest ocean-going supertankers, strapped to the front of his rig? What about suspension, steering, brakes, fuel consumption? Ditto for elimination of 6.5 billion goyim redundant and unsuitable for top-notch slavery.

        NB (3): lots of tongue-in-cheek but the object was to make you all think and—also to lend a hand of moral support to unorthodox thinkers like Pat and TLOA.

        1. @ Lobro

          Brilliant! This long, wise comment is like a healing balm to our sick souls. It’s just what we need right now. So, thank you! You are like Shakespeare’s Prospero calming the troubled waters and commanding the demon winds to be silent! Lobro the Exorcist! 🙂

            1. @ Pat
              @ Wiggins
              @ TLOA
              @ Other Searchers for Truth

              Please continue posting exactly as before. Pay no attention to the passing thunderstorms that occasionally batter this website. They will pass.

      5. Lobro –
        Sis –

        Thanks, much!!

        What is really humorous…. I remember Sard writing in my defenses on numerous occasions, when he and others attacked my quips, that it would be “such a boring world if we ALL thought & wrote alike.” 🙂

        I agree!

        All good to go here with ‘thick skin’ firmly intact, as usual. 🙂

      6. de nada, Pat, just doing my … (← fill in your choice of affiliation) duty.
        Life is indeed humorous if you did your metaphysical homework.

        Tragedy is human but comedy divine.

      7. Well, for me the following is a healing balm. Call it a paraphrasing of Jesus:

        “You know in your hearts what it means to be a good person. Honor this, and the first consequence will be that forgiveness is yours and yours alone. This will relieve you of an immense burden by knowing that sin is not inherent in Man. For the essence of “Man” is not OF this material state of existence, and the ultimate meaning of “sin” IS being of it. To make my point, it is only because I am here as one of you that I say “WE are all sinners”

        Our essential Beings are the same, and following me as one who has overcome this debilitating mode of experience will unbind the ties which have kept you subject to the imposing laws of matter, and free you forever from the pain and sorrow that comes with their mortal reality.

        With this release comes the SECOND consequence by being in possession of your eternal life in a state of Truth. With it, the whole of Creation will open for you to discover its boundless imagination and beauty. This too will be yours, from where you will use your invested authority to protect the sacredness of life as its loving and trusted guardians.”

        Waku waku
        In Lakota Sioux this means “Carry my love and blessings”

      8. It’s not even debateable, Jesus was not a Jew. Even a cursory read of the NT should prove that to anyone (“Jesus would not walk in Judea for fear of the Jews” etc).

        The word “Jew” doesn’t belong in the Bible, it’s an anachronism. A modern word placed into an old book where it doesn’t belong. Beginning with the 1611 KJV, the word “Jew” has been inserted in place of at least three different words: Judah (the fourth son of Jacob), Judahite (descendant of Judah), and Judean (citizen of Judea).

        Judahite is a label related to ancestry. If you were born a Judahite you would die a Judahite. No one can change their ancestry, it’s just not possible. Your ancestors at the beginning of your life will be the same the day you die, and this is true for everyone. There are no exceptions.

        “Judean” is a label related to nationality. It means someone who lived in Judea, a citizen of Judea. People not born a Judean could become one, unlike a label of ancestry like “Judahite.” And that is what the Bible says, Esther 8:17: “and many people of the land all became Jews…” That simply does not describe a Judahite.

        Conflating the two terms is like insisting the Pakistani mayor of London is really ethnically British, which any sane person will know is wrong. Why? Because there’s a difference between ethnicity and nationality. The two are not the same. Yet this is what English language versions of the Bible do, they conflate the terms “Judahite” and “Judean.” And it is wrong.

        Likewise, those insisting that Jesus was a Jew are equally wrong.

        Also note the so-called “Apocrypha” (means “that which is hidden”) deals with the ethnic takeover of Judea, by the Edomites. So what you have are modern Bibles that have changed the name of the decendants of Judah to “Jews,” changed the name of the people that took over Judea to “Jews,” then took out the books that describe the ethnic takeover of Judea. How’s that for chutzpah?

        All of this can be easily verified by a comparison of terms in a modern Bible to a previous version, such as the Septaugint. I understand the Dead Sea scrolls also verify this, although they have been very reluctant to release copies of those texts, just as the Vatican was always very reluctant to allow public viewing of the Codex Vaticanus, etc.

        But anyone insisting that Jesus was a Jew don’t understand some of the most basic parts of the plot of the NT. The Edomites took over Judea, changed the religion of the Israelites to reflect their beliefs, and called themselves Judeans since they now had possession of Judea.

        The Bible quotes Jesus/Christ as saying over and over, the Jews are not who they claim to be, they descend from Cain, they are not of God, etc etc. That’s because the Pharasees were Edomites, not Israelites.

        And Jesus was not one of them, just the opposite.

    3. Jesus was not a “Jew.” Even a cursory read of the NT should be enough to convince you of that.

      Jesus was not trying to kill Himself, nor did He avoid travelling in Judea because He was in fear of Himself.


      1. Of course Jesus was a “Jew.” Even a cursory read of the NT should be enough to convince you of that. He was called “Rabbi” and he taught in the synagogue. I guess you missed that bit in the NT, right? 🙂

      2. @Cobber The Bible was not written in English. And you continue to miss the significance of that.

  2. Since all readers of this website – your humble servant being a sole exception – seem to be obsessed with the Jews, I would like to state what Russia’s and Putin’s message to the Jews shall be IMO in the light of the profound transformations which are taking place in the world today: Listen, unwise Khazars (to use Alexander Pushkin’s famous expression), you don’t have to serve your evil-doing Anglo-Saxon masters any more, you can serve instead to the benevolent Russia and serve thereby your own true interests.

    I have little doubt that the Jews will switch sides: they might be unwise, but they are not stupid.

    1. Chabad-Lubavitch (a satanic cult) wants his grandchasariah back. There may indeed be some truth in the fact that organized Judaism (as Henry Makov repeatedly puts it) is “haunting” Russia again, after the Jews destroyed and robbed the USA. Remember Maurice Samuel “We Jews are destroyers and will be destroyers forever”.
      One can only hope that Russia, which was never communist, has learned its lessons from the Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution. Russia wanted to turn the Jews into decent Russian citizens. Jews cannot be assimilated ((See on this point the remarks of Dr. Andrew Joyce). That is a mortal sin. Assimilation means serving other gods and must be punished. Since their god Yahweh is no other than Moloch, it literally means burnt offering.
      The only current in Judaism are Karaites who are capable of assimilation and are hated by all other Jews.
      Russia has paid dearly for this ignorance at that time. One can only hope that they will not make another mistake and that Maurice Samuel will not only remember it very well.

    2. The Rothschild Khazarians will switch sides toward Russia / China Eurasian Landmass LAND power, Circ. But wait, DO they Not Control all sides in reality, so they will still be ahead and still be winners, those darn tricky dicky (Schifty Schiff) Jews.

  3. Lobro seems depressed a bit lately by being left on the sidelines. I would like to toss a life-saving vest to my brother.

    In the light of

    Iran’s supreme leader calling Trump a ‘clown’ who will betray Iranians with a ‘poisonous dagger’

    I would like to ask my brother to elaborate on the following conjectures:

    (1) Iran’s supreme leader is not wise enough to understand the grand game played by Trump to free Iranian people and the world at large from the Jews;

    (2) Iran’s supreme leader is a smart guy and he is in cahoots with the grand chess player Trump;

    (3) Perhaps Lobro has overestimated his analytical skills and Trump is not an American Stalin and Iran’s supreme leader is right calling him a “clown”;

    (4) None of the above. The correct conjecture is … [feel free to fill in here]

    1. Answer: #4: None of the Above: The Persians invented the Game of Chess! Trump is only a poker game player with all his Resorts and Casinos!

      Question: What do you get when 2 clowns meet at the Bar/Pub?

      Answer: A slip of the tongue because they put their feet ( clown feet) in their mouth when they were tongue-tied!


      Trump and Iran’s leader Khamenie’s war of words is comical. Trump warned the Iranian leader to be careful with his words. It is not like Ali Khamenie called Trump smart or articulate! The president should be happy that is all the Supreme leader called him. I can think of so many appropriate words that fit. Clown is a compliment.

      1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        Trump and Iran’s leader Khamenie’s war of words is comical. Trump warned the Iranian leader to be careful with his words.

        Indeed, this is totally ridiculous. Even Pat and I would consider this kind of a childish exchange to be beneath our dignity.

    3. Circassian;
      if i were to choose, i’d waver for a bit between (1) and (2), both quite plausible.
      But in the end, i’d slightly favor (1).
      Because had it been (2), there would have been a better coordination between Khamenei, Trump—and
      PUTIN, the latter would have no doubt forewarned the Iranians that Jew is cooking up something nefarious in cahoots with American military traitor who provided logistical and maybe active support, just like Cheney and Rumsfeld on 9/11—this traitor will get a noose if a Goy-God rules the heaven, ¡Ojala! (Spanish exclamation derived from the days of Maghreb, when it was ‘insha’allah’).

      The naivety, gullibility and the lack of wisdom carries a high price in this high-stakes geopolitical—and eschatological (IMO) game, when one cannot discern between an enemy and a potential ally.
      General Soleimani and the unfortunate travelers on the destroyed Ukrainian plane bore the cost of this simple-mindedness, not to mention Trump who must grin and carry on without stating the plain truth, just as he cannot (yet) speak the plain truth about 9/11—does anyone doubt that he knows the truth, being a New Yorker and a real estate developer?
      What did the Romans say about revenge—a dish best eaten cold.
      Putin knows this proverb perfectly well as do all the KGB and FSB alumni.

      Thanks for asking the question, so i don’t have to aggressively promote my views 😉

      1. Lobro,

        You have the courage to stick to your convictions in the face of great pressure and that commands respect.

        I do not share your view that Trump is an American Stalin but I could be wrong. Your other thesis that Trump and Putin are in some kind of cooperation is quite plausible in my view.

        Anyhow, you’ll find a companion-in-ideas in one Igor Panarin. His views, including even the conviction that Trump is an American Stalin, are pretty close to yours:

      2. thanks for the lead Circassian, finding anything BY Igor Panarin rather than ABOUT igor Panarin is difficult, which only piques my curiosity, because of the well known Jew predisposition for ad hominem—about someone”, with its attendant focus on personality/celebrity status so beloved of Americans and lesser Westerners, bordering on manic obsession—something that people absolutely do not capture in Stalin’s well known quip for which he was labeled a typical psychopath instead of a penetrating observer of human psychology, namely that the “death of an individual is tragedy but death of thousands is a statistic”—and Jew makes great use of this squinty-eyed astigmatism or parallax—witness the treatment of Hitler and National Socialism, the more they are demonized, the less people care to read the source literature.

        And it seems that Jew is afraid of Igor Panarin, which means that (a) they have a good reason to bury his works, and (b) I have a good reason to hunt them down.
        An interview, with Google translation, however faulty, tells me that I am on the right track and my dissection of trends is remarkably parallel to his.
        KGB, it seems, incubated quite a few original thinkers, a kind of Soviet Jesuitry in terms of dispassionate methodology that insists on keeping an eye on the bouncing ball at all times.

      3. Lobro-
        Circ –

        Trump and ‘Put-On’ are in cahoots, but ‘Put-On’ controls Russia as a satellite nation of the USA….. since Americans wrote the Russian Constitution.

        US Companies own Russian technology as Russia has been a US Colony since 1991, according to a Duma member, Eugene Fedorov!! Fedorov says that the US makes Russia’s law, as they wrote the Russian Constitution in 1993!!

        Evgeny Alekseevich Fedorov is a Deputy of the State Duma, but he is not welcome at the Russian political talk shows, since he does not hide his information and his views. Everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site:

        Here is a random sample of his assertions:
        Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

        The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names:
        1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.
        2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.

        **The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

        Who owns the ruble? The ruble is owned by the Central Bank of Russia, but the Government of the Russian Federation has absolutely no control over the Central Bank!

        Russia faces a national catastrophe. Russia is still “the largest shrapnel of the USSR”, which is yet to become an independent state.


        Evgeny Alekseevich Fedorov’s Importance:

        Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship and Member of the faction “UNITED RUSSIA”.
        He is Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Commission on legislative support of the activities of natural monopolies, state corporations and commercial organizations with state participation.

        Leningrad Higher Military Engineering Construction Red Banner School named after Army General A.N. Komarovsky (1985)
        Northwest Academy of Public Administration (2006)
        St. Petersburg Academy of Law (2006)

        Academic degrees – PhD in Economics


        NOTE: Using Google Chrome, the links will be translated from Russian automatically.

      4. Pat
        Bottom line to lobro and Circassian: Stop supporting Statists!! They are not, nay, CANNOT BY DEFINITION be the champions of freedom!
        How many “ways to Sunday” are there to EXPRESS this?🤨

      5. I have no objection to Brownhawk, Pat, Harold Smith, or any other American not supporting their president. You are on the right path, brothers.

        I am just happy that the absolute majority in my country supports our “state-ist” president.

      6. b-hawk,
        you seem to labor under the misapprehension that “freedom” equals “democracy”, another judeo-masonic conjuring sleight of hand, “democracy” being whatever the lobotomized mediocrities that by definition constitute the average voter desire and this desire is expressly brewed and directed by jew witchcraft.

        try to wrap your head around what i just said, maybe the phrase “dictatorship of proletariat” rings a bell, even though i never bothered to delve into its exact definition, if all else fails, maybe “lord of the flies” comes close—all those are antistatist swindles for the unwary.

        the greatest periods of true freedom, the flowering of universal decency, respect among neighbors, appreciation of culture, arts, oratorical skills whereby a man was expected t be able to think clearly, critically and constructively and thereupon express his thoughts in well structured language, all came in the times of benevolent rule by monarchs and dictators (look up the original meaning of the term in the roman antiquity) whose primary role was seen as not one of self-indulgent degenerate hedonism but serving the nation and people, ensuring his lasting legacy through cultivation and preservation of tradition.

        Some examples: Ashoka the Great, Marcus Aurelius, Saladin, Isabella y Ferdinand, Suleiman the Magnificent, Peter the Great, and definitely Hitler and Stalin, both of whom led their respective peoples from the abject slavery, humiliation and degradation by the minions of antiChrist into relative prosperity and peace—denied forcibly by evil “rootless cosmopolitans”—and do not for a moment believe that these corpse-devouring parasites are not likewise centrally led—do you really want to squat alone in the bush hiding from that unholy posse, bereft of a strong organized mindful protection?

        I hardly know what you mean by “statist” and what exactly is your complaint.
        Human body houses something like 10 trillion bacteria that make it function as designed.
        What happens when the “antistatist” bacteria and cells rebel, go Antifa or anarchist?
        Death and putrefaction and they themselves are quickly consumed by free-ranging molds, microbes and viruses out there.

        If this is a preferable state of affairs, then i guess you’ve made a valid point.

        Me, i like central governance, just like i want my brain to direct my foot rather than the other way around, again—lookee here, long time no mention of Jew, about time he reappeared in the discourse—which is why Jew insists on the opposite and has pattycaked the goyim minds, that giant amorphous mediocrity, with notions of somatic pleasure centers governing one’s existence, drugs, sex, party—oh neverending wheel of joy, yes!
        While the sad truth lies elsewhere—peripheral dick should not lord it over the centrality of brain:
        Why Sexual Morality May be Far More Important than You Ever Thought
        A very enlightening read, b-hawk, recommended for everyone.

        ever wonder why celibacy is so sneered at nowadays?
        for precisely the same reason the humility of poverty is likewise sneered at nowadays.
        Opulence! Decadence! Immorality!
        is the truth sniggering behind
        Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!

        (give me a healthy brain and vigorous immune system anytime)

      7. Lobro
        First of all, I have no misconceptions regarding freedom and democracy being compatible in any way whatsoever. When I have more time perhaps I’ll address your post more extensively. Two things for now

        1) I am fully on board with the tenets of Hitler’s National Socialism, but see it as a form of “training wheels”, in that any “statist” aspect of its operation was considered as a national emergency in the face of the threat being faced by the Reich. This I liken to the American founding fathers, as symbolized by Franklin, when responding to a question posed by a woman who asked him, ” what have we got? for a govt.) upon leaving the last session on the Constitutional Convention in 1787. He said ” A Republic, Madame, if you can keep it”

        2) Statism: Concentration of economic controls in the hands of a highly centralized government.

        Again, “training wheels”, and in 2020 the gloves are off. Time to ride on TWO wheels only

      8. Lobro
        My how you prattle on. Are you confused by the term?

        In looking at the particulars of its definition, true individual freedom as reflected by the economic AFFAIRS of the individual requires no “planning”, per se, within a representation of government. “Control” of these affairs are intrinsic to a truly free market

        With regard to what’s set forth in Article 1; Section 8 OF, and with a proper UNDERSTANDING of the U.S. Constitution, only Congress, as representatives acting in the interests of the people it serves is allowed the power to issue money used as a tool by the individual to OPERATE in a free market. This principle of freedom is CENTRAL in validating a legitimacy of the very EXISTENCE of government as it concerns an individual’s material “pursuit of happiness”

        When Hamilton held sway in having Washington’s ear when surreptitiously acting as a Rothschild agent…….Do I need to elaborate on where things went from there upon the opening of yet another one of Pandora’s infernal boxes? 🤨

      9. Pat
        And while I’m at it, in my view a full understanding of human freedom needs to be looked at in relative terms, meaning that until mankind truly awakens to all of what that encompasses, like Paine said, at its best government is a necessary evil.

        The American founders fall into that camp of not being fully awakened, as evidenced by an inability to get beyond the concept of rights being “granted” having legitimacy. Unfortunately, this failing resulted in Constitutional wording vulnerable to those with bad intent.

        To me, it still goes back to the document that embodies the SPIRIT of freedom, the Declaration of Independence, and it’s up to guys like you and me that “get” Paine, and Jefferson in those early years, to INTERPRET that spirit in an elaboration of wording that reflects a full understanding of freedom as it would concern a proper National Constitution 😀

      10. b-hawk,

        true individual freedom as reflected by the economic AFFAIRS of the individual requires no “planning”, per se, within a representation of government.

        i am sure that mom+pop variety stores everywhere will enthusiastically welcome this “freedom” to square off against Walmart and Amazon, which the statists in Russia would have prohibited just as Sherman antitrust act did at one time in the States in response to the rise of robber-barons and tycoons who wallowed in the opportunities presented by the “free market”, yeah the Rothschilds and their agents, the bankers and speculators who micromanaged the stock exchanges, the Soros predecessors like Schiff, Morgan and others, they were virulently antistatist and their victory over the central market control previously imposed in the northern european models like Denmark, Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia is what gave birth to the present day Talmudically stirred busted flush in Brussels, so that now you still end up with central control, but by whom? Does “IT’S JEW, JEW, JEW!” ring a bell?
        I would only add that the framers of the Constitution etc., never anticipated just how slippery and inventive Judea is in subverting the romance of these grand, sweeping ideas and flipping them on their head in order to advance their own diabolic plans.
        Give me Putin or Xi and their oversight over oligarchs any day over Bezos, Zuckerberg and their ilk.
        The laws of human psychology (what economy is all about at the bottom) will always dictate some form of centrality, just as sheep will flock together, the only question is who does controlling, the shepherd or the wolfpack.
        I think we will continue to disagree, so best to quit right here.

      11. Lobro
        Granted, as you say, the framers never anticipated how the weak spots of their Constitution would be exploited through language pertaining to the faulty conception of the granting of rights. This is exactly why the language needs to reflect a CORRECTION! For you to rely on those in their present positions of worldly power to be the ones to do this constitutes a form of your OWN misapprehension

        To illustrate this, here’s a point to be made:

        Stalin was one who did the dirty work of the Protocolian administrators by first eliminating those Bolshies who did (((their))) EARLIER bidding in taking over the Russian State in 1917-18, after which their (the Bolsheviks) work of useful idiocy became dispensable, similar to what happened to the German Brownshirts. After that it was one purge after another in holding a rei(g)n of terror and paranoia that saw a jew around every corner and under every rock. Not to mention the Holmodor, with Stalin overseeing what had then become the INDISCRIMINATE killing of millions, and for what? The greater good of the nation?! And this psychopathy you hold in high esteem? You gotta be out of yer flippin’ mind, brother! But you’re far from alone in being hoisted on your own petard by not seeing the forest’s truth for the lies of the Protocolian trees. SEE it, man, (((they))) not only INVENTED the game of chess, they know every possible move you would make IN ADVANCE! and by trying to beat them at their own game you can’t help but be swept off the board entirely Those who play the game only THINK their ideas are their own. We play, and by playing are WE played. A fool’s errand. Meanwhile, Circassian has his own brand of delusion. But without necessarily KNOWING it as such, he at least DOES correctly recognize that the Protocols “braintrust”is not populated by jews alone, but by Jews and Gentiles alike.

        For the last 500 years since the documentation of the ORIGINAL Protocols (and since revised after the American Revolution) monarchs, the aristocracy, popes, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Xi, Putin Trump, etc etc etc, were/are ALL “pieces” to be inevitably swept off the board

        When Rothschild took over the Bank Of England, this action was the seed from which HIS brand of “statism” sprouted. The sprout blossomed, and the fruit is ripening as that placemat is still on the table awaiting its distinguished guest

        1. @ Brownhawk

          I am pleased that you have the knowledge and discernment to stand up to Lobro and refuse to let him play his favorite role of the Omniscient Guru instructing you on the virtues of Josef Stalin, one of history’s most psychotic mass murderers. This comment of yours makes sense to anyone with a grain of common sense, but to Lobro it will be a red rag to a bull:

          Stalin was one who did the dirty work of the Protocolian administrators by first eliminating those Bolshies who did (((their))) EARLIER bidding in taking over the Russian State in 1917-18, after which their (the Bolsheviks) work of useful idiocy became dispensable, similar to what happened to the German Brownshirts. After that it was one purge after another in holding a rei(g)n of terror and paranoia that saw a jew around every corner and under every rock. Not to mention the Holmodor, with Stalin overseeing what had then become the INDISCRIMINATE killing of millions, and for what? The greater good of the nation?! And this psychopathy you hold in high esteem? You gotta be out of yer flippin’ mind, brother!

          You’ve hit the nail on the head, Brother Brownhawk. It’s not so much a question of him being out of his “flippin’ mind”. We are dealing here with a halfwit pretending to be a towering genius, condescending to instruct us lesser mortals on the virtues Stalin, Hitler, Ivan the Terrible and other serial killers he wants us to worship. The “masses” are here to be ground to dust in their millions if they don’t submit meekly to Uncle Joe’s benign yoke of tyranny. 🙂

          All I say is, thank God for us all that Lobro is just a humble commenter on obscure antisemitic websites and not the Supreme Dictator of some godforsaken country! Give this man a crack of the whip and he would use it unrestrainedly. Heads would roll in their millions to appease the all-powerful Croatian dictator — an amalgam of Nero, Caligula, Claudius the Clown, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin, and yes — wait for it — DONALD TRUMP!!! 🙂

          God help us all!

          @ Admin

          Please let us know if you intend to let Lobro and Circassian go on misusing this website as a vehicle for endless pro-Stalin propaganda. If so, you might as well shut it down. I am all for free discussion on Stalin, for and against, but only when the article under discussion is about Stalin or makes specific references to Stalin. I don’t wish to hear Lobro and his new Russian mentor Circassian sing the praises of Stalin every time a new article is published on this website.


      12. Chief,

        You seem a bit frustrated lately. Being frustrated is not good for the spirit.

        I would suggest you to talk to Pat more frequently – that might help you to alleviate your anxiety. If it doesn’t work, get away from your computer for a week or two and do some yoga.

        But no pipe smoking, please.

      13. I just calls em like I sees em, Sard.

        But to make an important distinction, I’ll say that I believe Hitler’s National Socialist movement was a force for good. Many may not like the style featuring the “Fuhrerprinzip”, but if it worked for the Germans, who are we to argue? It represented what WOULD have been a legitimate threat to the scourge of Zionism had the protocolian-inspired Zios not been supremely confident that their manipulation of events as they unfolded would reach the desired outcome.

        I understand how you Brits may find it difficult to support Hitler, given the blitz over your nation in those terrible years. But remember, it was CHURCHILL in support of the zio agenda who started it with the bombing of German cities. What was Hitler to do but retaliate by doing the same, especially when taking the moral high ground likely wouldn’t have put an end to the war between the two? If your brother decided to start punching you in the face for no good reason are you just gonna take it and not fight back? Of course not! But alas, such is the tragedy of war.

        As for Stalin, as a high-level freemason he was on board with the agenda to begin with. I think he had no qualms about killing whomever it was deemed necessary to kill. He and the zios were

        Psychopathic birds of a feather
        flocking with Satan in Hell together

        As for wanting to see lobro kicked off the site, I respectfully disagree. He has had alot of interesting and illuminating things to say, of which I have been the beneficiary, especially early on upon my arriving here. That he seems to have a blind spot when it comes to Stalin is something I find very telling. What it tells me is a story of leadership, or more specifically, a FAILURE of leadership which I believe runs in direct proportion to how well the teaching of Jesus have influenced us to be what we are meant to be as our own best authority. The quote, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”, in its being taken out of context, has been an influence resulting in giving Caesar what doesn’t BELONG to him, of which was clearly indicated by Jesus when standing up to Pilate to tell him who the REAL boss is – the Divinity intrinsic to the TRUE nature of individual man.

        Now, we are at a serious crosswords, another “time to try men’s souls”, and if we are going to REALIZE our true nature, then the kind of thinking that can praise Jesus AND Stalin in the same breath needs to be destroyed once and for all and swept into the vast dustbin of history.


        I understand that actions taken under the purview of the “Economy” (i.e.; that which reflects our lives in a material world) occur, as you put it, “at the bottom of the ‘laws’ of human psychology”. But the important point to be made isn’t concerned with the PARTICULARS of a material reality, but of the principle of freedom BEHIND the actions taken

        1. @ Brownhawk

          As for wanting to see lobro kicked off the site, I respectfully disagree. He has had a lot of interesting and illuminating things to say, of which I have been the beneficiary, especially early on upon my arriving here.

          I am not disagreeing with you, Chief. At no point did I advise Admin to boot Lobro off this website. I am quite happy to see him stay here and am even willing to leave the site myself permanently if this makes things easier for Lobro. I have no wish to cramp his style in any way. All I did was tell him what I thought of him and wish him “Good riddance!”, especially after he indicated that the heat in the kitchen here was too much for him to bear.

          A sensitive soul, it would appear, who actually seems to bear a grudge against Admin for not providing him with a constant bodyguard, i.e., immunity to criticism and deletion of all comments by others that dare give him the disrespect he dishes out to others, including Lasha Darkmoon.

    4. Circassian,
      like i suspected, the answer is (1), i.e., iranian leadership is not too bright, good intentions count for small part in this hybrid war
      Iran: Ukrainian Airlines PS752 black boxes will be sent to Kiev – UPDATE
      as the site editor remarked right off the bat:

      No chance they’ll ever get to revise their position on the downing of that plane now. Sending it to Ukraine is like sending it directly to the Mossad, CIA and MI6.

      if technologically too inept to read the black boxes, why couldn’t they have sent them to Russia or China?
      The answer is blowing in the wind, as the Nobel laureate Bob “The Plagiarist” Dylan, aka Zimmerman, obviously much greater talent than Ezra Pound who never received the prize, said.
      • Iranians downed the plane full of their people for no reason,
      • bunch of buildings collapsed into their footprint on 9/11 regardless of whether they were hit or not, blame is on 19 Iranian jihadists, payback time NOW,
      • Epstein killed himself, keep moving, no rubbernecking, nothing to see,
      • the next false flag will likewise not be false because what (jew wants you to) see is what you get
      WJWYTSIWYG ← worth memorizing this one

      1. @Lobro

        like i suspected, the answer is (1), i.e., iranian leadership is not too bright, good intentions count for small part in this hybrid war

        If Iranian leadership does not denounce promptly the following obvious provocation, then I would have to agree that it is, indeed, not too bright

        Iranian MP Announces $3 Million Award for ‘Whoever Kills Trump’:

    1. It wasn’t odd, the Jews chose God

      … while the British and American elites chose the Devil, if I may borrow your parlance for a second.

      And that is very unfortunate for you – the ordinary Brits and Americans.

      1. @ John Kirby

        You can’t question God’s intention. But you and I can gree that they are God Chosen terrorists.

      2. @ Circassian

        Lets not forget that before ISISrael was invented in 1948, America has more friends and less enemy in the Middle East. Plus no one ever burned the Old Glory.

        The day after US peace activist Rachel Corrie was murdered by ISISraeli Occupation Forces in Rafah, Palestine, Palestinians in Rafah flew the U.S. flag for the first time during a memorial service held in honor of Rachel. Even that did not stop Israeli soldiers from raiding and disrupting the service.

      3. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        Lets not forget that before ISISrael was invented in 1948, America has more friends and less enemy in the Middle East.

        This is true. But with the same degree of validity we could say: “Let’s not forget that before Indian pacifist and leader Mahatma Gandhi, known for his non-violent freedom struggle, is assassinated by a Hindu extremist Nathuram Godse in 1948, America had more friends and less enemies in the Middle East.”

        Many important events took place in 1948

        It is important not to confuse temporal sequence of events with cause-effect relations between these events. There is no doubt that Israel became a terrorist state as soon as it was aligned with the USA.

        A simple truth that many have trouble grasping is expressed by Iranian ayatollahs in a simple slogan: America is the great Satan while Israel is the little one. Not vice versa.

        Israel is nothing but an outpost of the great Satan in the Middle East.

      4. Respectfully, I disagree. The rulers aren’t the Americans, or the Zionists, or the Jesuits, or the Bilderbergers, the rulers are the Jews. Some rumors about a council of 300, the Sanhedrim if I’m not mistaken. Eventually, since it’s a mafia organization, there is one guy in the top of the pyramid, Satan’s incarnation to use a religious language.

        The operational arm of this political power structure, somewhere from the middle up in the hierarchy, is Freemasonry. Masons are everywhere, always ready to execute their orders; they have made obedience votes to his masters, all of them. No one can climb in Freemasonry without the – I’m just a little serf – ceremonies.

        America is the Jews’ Golem, the Golem is not in charge the Jews are.

        Just my two cents. 🙂

    2. The jews chose Lucifer and named him ‘ god’ ‘jahweh’. According Harold Rosenthal, Hidden tyrrany, the jews worship Lucifer. Quote from Rosenthal, ‘ we are amazed by the christian’s stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagating them as their own’.

      1. Jahweh or Yahwey, from the Kabbalistic tetragrammaton YHWH.

        Voltaire was under heavy masonic influence and died a freemason. He was a slavishly servile puppet and was used in orchestrating the French Revolution. I could care less about anything he said or allegedly said. Like their Jewish masters masons are always eulogizing themselves. They are actively involved in Tikkun Olam, so what would the world have been without them?

        In late 18th century France, before existed one Karl Marx, the masonic lodges were known as Communes. Communism was not the brainchild of Marx, it is of Babylonian, Talmudic origin.

    3. God sent his Son to the most corrupted place in the world in those days and among the most corrupted people living there: the jews. The jews needed Jesus the most because they were deep into satanism and had to be saved.

      Although many jews followed Jesus and became christians, others stuck with their satanic talmud and were called by Jesus the synagoge of satan.

      1. How true! But it was the ROMANS that killed people by CRUCIFIXION: And that is just as important! Jesus on the CROSS, though some Biblical texts say the Cross was a tree!

      2. @Stormin’ Norman:

        Yes, the Romans were the spineless servants of the jewish elites of those days like the Americans are the spineless servants of todays jewish elites. They did and do the dirty work!

      3. MTC,
        May Donaldo politely remind you that Satanism has been practiced by societies all over the World for millennium. Even today it happens. Google search the grisly death of American student Mark Kilroy please. No Jews involved. 🤔🧐🌮🍷

    4. Jews chose Satan as their God. Just like Satan did, the Jews ultimately claimed to be God themselves. Of course I do not mean ALL Jews, especially on a day when the Monasteries are not very Zen.
      Jewishness is more than just a race, it is also the religion of the Jewish people. Atheism, paganism, kabbalism, zionism, whatever it may be, can in some context qualify as Jewishness.

  4. “Although the struggle against antisemitism (and of all other forms of racism) should never cease, the struggle against Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism, which must include a critique of classical Judaism, is now of equal or greater importance.”

    But “antisemitism” (in the sense most jews use the term) isn’t “racism”; it’s a form of legitimate self-defense against jewish supremacism (let’s dispense with the euphemisms and call it what it is).

  5. It is almost impossible these days to trust anything coming from the US in any form or shape, but the following sounds very plausible and, at the least, is highly entertaining.

    Trump called top national-security officials ‘losers,’ ‘dopes and babies’ when they tried to walk him through the basics of US diplomacy, an explosive new book says:

    If all this is true then the forces behind Trump – whoever they might be – are hell-bent on destroying what’s left of the good old USA.

  6. “and was a survivor of Belsen”
    Not bad, given that the allies bombed all the supply roads and inlets to make them starve.

  7. Let’s “cut to the chase” shall we?

    ZOG USSA – or “AmeriKKKa”, if you prefer – is nothing but a ‘Kosher Nostra’ Cabal of Arch-Criminals with 5,000 Nukes… merely masquerading as a legitimate State

    It’s TIME for Humanty to “pull the plug” on the ZOG USSA Empire Of Evil… wouldnt you say?

  8. SARDONICUS said —
    January 17, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    “Well said, Silent Reader! That Christ was a Jew who transcended his ethnicity is beyond debate. The only people who claim he was an Aryan or of non-Jewish stock are low-browed conspiracy theorists.

    They are precisely the “knaves” and “fools” Wiggins speaks of elsewhere, and in whose ranks, I regret to day, Wiggins himself firmly belongs — along with his hate mongering sidekick Pat. A Useful Idiot of the Jews, if ever there was one.”

    Indeed. These same types will also often say things like “Saul of Tarsus co-opted Christianity and turned it into just another scheme of the Talmudists.”

    1. @ DU HAST es Richtig (Correct)! Like I tried to explain to my wife: if you understand Talmudism, the Jewry Machinations like The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion playbook, then Saul/Paul would be considered that way like Crypto-Jews and would be confirmed by the behaviour of Useful Idiot Pope Francis of today. Although, I consider Saul / Paul the true spreader and ROCK of Christianity compared to Peter.

      1. Alexandria the capital of Egypt or was it Memphis was the beehive of the Alexandrian jews. It was not uncommon for the jews of Alexandria to call themselves “greeks”as they always liked to operate undercover as usual.

      2. We should always be prudent when we admire people. According Hermann Detering, who wrote the book, the fabricated paul, writes that almost all letters of Paul are falsifications and that we should be
        less gullible about the “apostle Paul”.

        1. You consider yourself an authority on St Paul, do you? Well, I for one reject your puerile views on St Paul. And so does Lasha Darkmoon and the administrators of this website. Your knowledge of St Paul — the off-scourings of garbage picked up from Jew-owned conspiracy theory sites — is zero, zilch, nada. Long live St Paul!

        2. It is not the gullible who believe in St Paul. It is more a question of the gullible not believing in St Paul! You see, one has to be really gullible to fall for the propaganda of the Jewish conspiracy theorists who have worked long and hard to undermine Christianity by portraying St Paul as the evil Jewish brain behind the “fabrication” of Christianity.

          St Paul has my deepest respect.

          His opinions may not appeal to everyone, especially to feminists, but he was absolutely sincere and profoundly holy. The idea that he was an evil schemer can be found nowhere in the New Testament or in any of his epistles. It exists merely in the diseased minds of his detractors, most of them malevolent Jews and their gullible goyim Useful Idiot supporters.

          1. Well said, Sardonicus! Your eloquence and passion amaze me! I’m also amazed that you have decided to ignore Sister Monica’s advice:

            “Take a rest, darling, and return to this site after you have recovered your mental equilibrium.”

            1. @ Madame Butterfly

              I took Sister Monica’s advice. I had a good night’s sleep and recovered my composure next morning. Easy!

    2. Sardonicus,

      Maybe you have an anger management issue, that’s why you live in a monastery, not my business. Anyway, you write pretty well and I like your arguments and your passion. The kitchen is hot to everybody, right? Free speech is for all including you, Sardonicus, and those who oppose your argument, of course.

      Anyone who is Jew-aware knows the Jews do hate Christianity, they always did, and they want to destroy what is left of it. The problem with religious bashing is that it sounds too commie for me. Religion was always closely related to politics, until the commies invented the “laical State” in the first communist revolution of modern era, the French Revolution. What is the difference between a laical State and a pagan State? The difference is the euphemism.

      Like national ethnic identity, gun rights, migration restriction, right wing policies, the religious State is something “abominable,” except if you live in Israel. The hypocrisy of the Jewish collective is astonishing!

    “How true! But it was the ROMANS that killed people by CRUCIFIXION: And that is just as important! Jesus on the CROSS, though some Biblical texts say the Cross was a tree!”
    Don’t just look at the rocks Norman… Look under the rocks…
    The word TRUE is a reference to BLOOD, as in Blood Lines…
    RU is the Birth Canal.. RUTH… Where you see the U, think about BLOOD VESSEL or VESSEL of the BLOOD…
    I read it somewhere, in the Cuniform Texts the word for Sheep and People is the same word…
    CROSS is K-RACE.. The word RACE is loaded into the language everywhere…
    It’s about the OM-ASTER-ACE…
    Who’s the ACE anyway?
    The Biblical expression HUNG in a TREE means Descendant of a Blood Line…
    An UNCULE… THE G is also K…

  10. @donaldo, may I remind you that the jews have always lived all over our planet, thousands and thousands of years. You should know this?

    1. Allen,
      Ancient Incan mummies have been discovered in shallow graves in the high altitudes of the Andes. Children and adolescents. Many murdered in sacrificial manner with crushed skulls and often missing vital internal organs……mainly the ❤️. ALL ancient South and Central American Indian tribes practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism. Ain’t too pretty. This website seems Jew-obsessed……although noone seems to be able to identify exactly what a JEW really is. Let’s face it folks. The World is a crazy place. How many teenage Hindu brides were burned alive at the funeral pyre after their old Hindu husbands “bit the dust?” Strange practices indeed. Basically humanity is…..perdon……fu..cked-up…… deeply flawed. This is Donaldos humble opinion. 🌮🍷🤔

  11. @ sardonicus, may I remind you that ‘ paul’ never met jesus in person. They supposedly lived in the same time area. When Paul ‘ wrote’ ‘his’ letters he never talked about a personal jesus but about a spiritual, metafysical being. Never mentioned about the personal life of jesus, birthplace etc etc.
    No I am not a jew by the way. It was very disappointing for me to find this out about ‘ paul’.

  12. I once was respectful of Jews in general & Israel because of my Christian upbringing.Then I got this iphone .Another thing is intuition & a spiritual program .Stop ruling ,stop lying ,let us be

  13. Jesus was a true Judahite from the Roman province of Judea, but certainly not a Jew –as we know them, and as they were first called in the 17th century. However Jews have been successfully masquerading as Biblical Judahites for over 2000 yrs, but are actually mixed-race Edomites and Canaanites, the historic opponents of Biblical Israel and Judah!

    Their ancestors gradually moved into largely empty Judea when the true Judahites were taken into Babylonian captivity c.586 BC. Tragically, the King James Version failed to distinguish between the 2 opposing Judean factions –which actually explains all of key World History and our plight today!
    For scholarly clarification:

  14. Man / Woman is born a worshipper. Some worship God, some worship cars, women, fasion, money, fame, some worship the devil. Devil worship has existed as long as humans have.
    The ancient civilizations of Indus Valley, Babylon, Persia, Egypt, Greece were part of a megastate and travel around the world has always existed. If the Mongols were able to plough their way into Eastern Europe all the way from Eastern China in the 13th century, they should have been able to travel to Alaska and Western Canada, which would be shorter than going into Europe. Similarly the Vikings were in Iceland and Greenland in 8th century, maybe earlier, they most certainly made it to North America.
    Thor Heyerdahl in his Kon-Tiki experiment proved how easy it wold be to raft from South America to Far East Asia. The most common writings of the 10th – 11th century era were grimoires. And conjuring spirits is much older than de Occulta Philosophia. Devil worship has existed in all societies, primitive and modern. However, the Jews have always been obsessed with all kind of depravity, and they made it organized widespread devil worshipping. Which is what freemasonry, rotary, Lyons club, b’nail baarith and so on are about. What used to be hidden and secretive is now more and more overt.

  15. Religion is just as good as the person in control of the religion, just as you can cast pearls before swines.

    Very interesting, president Trumps Davos (World Economic Forum) speech. Some things are obvious spin doctoring (give them what they want to hear).


    jew-lover, ‘Put-On’….. and Netanyahu MEET in Jerusalem ahead of 5th WORLD HOLOCAUST FORUM!!

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to meet in Jerusalem on Thursday, January 23.

    The talks come ahead of the 5th World Holocaust Forum taking place in Yad Vashem remembrance center. The forum marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and the International Holocaust Remembrance day. Several world leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron and Charles Prince of Wales are expected to attend.

    Putin is also expected to take part in the inauguration of a memorial for the victims of the Siege of Leningrad and deliver a speech in memory of the people killed in what is known to be one of the longest and deadliest sieges in history.

    Putin arrived in Israel on Thursday for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem, where he will give an address. He will return to Russia later the same day.

    At the meeting’s opening, Netanyahu thanked Putin for “the strong connection between Russia and Israel that serves our nations, our countries and peace and stability in the region. Welcome to Jerusalem.”
    Putin said that he has long wanted to visit Israel again.

    “I am certain that this will help promote our bilateral relations, and of course today we will remember the victims of the Holocaust,” Putin said.

    Netanyahu planned to discuss Iran’s nuclear program with Putin, as well as ways to reinforce the deconfliction system between Israel and Russia in Syria.

    Everything you must know about the biggest diplomatic event in Israel’s history!!

    Who’s coming and who’s boycotting the event? Who will be allowed to speak? Will Putin sit next to Pence? What are the leaders doing in their spare time? And what’s on the menu?

  17. Sardonicus, you need to exercise control during the time your wife is not present allowing you unrestrained access to your booze or whatever. Your self indulgence produces protestation of an unacceptable degree.
    As an aside, when did you first become aware that you had ab invisible friend?

  18. The Long awaited Messiah who would free the Jews of their perennial yoke was construed as a threat that might ignite a massive M/E revolt , gosh! imagine that. Brilliantly Rome usurped this threat by creating a 180 degree personality reversal of the Messiah resulting in the utterly pussified Christ.. Caesar’s Messiah (c heck out the book) was then biographically endowed with the most popular current divine miraculous talents, all eye watering in their level of gullibility requirement.. Why am I indulging myself commenting on this most puerile of subjects?

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