Italy in Lockdown as Virus Panic Spreads

From Matthew Bell in Tuscany
The Daily Mail
March 10, 2020


As cases soar, Italy puts 16 million people in quarantine to fight spread of coronavirus—with checkpoints to stop anybody going into or coming out of the most infected areas in northern Italy in the region of Lombardy, the epicentre of Italy’s outbreak.

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Confusion and panic gripped the country after authorities placed a quarter of the population under the most draconian measures seen since the Second World War. Italy’s death toll soared to 366 last night, making it the second worst-affected country outside China. The quarantine plan places huge swathes of Italy in a so-called “red zone”, with two major cities near collapse: Milan, Italy’s financial hub, and Venice, Italy’s most picturesque tourist attraction. 

The article below, however, deals with conditions in Florence, Tuscany, which is outside the dangerous “red zone”.  You would therefore expect more people to be moving about more freely here. You’d be wrong. Even Florence is deserted and the great art galleries are empty. The entire Italian peninsula is in a state bordering on panic, with even the Pope remaining incommunicado within the gloomy recesses of the Vatican.

Florence, Tuscany

As I walked into Florence’s grand Uffizi gallery on Saturday, I braced myself for the inevitable throng of tourists scrambling past each other to get a glimpse of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Primavera.

After all, the Uffizi receives about 5, 500 visitors every day – each of them desperate to jostle to the front of the ten-deep crowd that normally stands in front of the Renaissance masterpieces.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, on being met with a completely empty room and an eerie silence interrupted only by the echoing of my footsteps. During my entire visit, I only spotted 10 other people – even though the city council has made entry to every museum in the city free in an attempt to overcome a climate of fear.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence . . . deserted.
Usually there is a ten-deep crowd in front of every picture.

Meanwhile, in the streets surrounding the cathedral, bus-loads of iPad-clutching tourists had been replaced by … nothing. Even though it is 150 miles away from Italy’s outbreak of coronavirus, and isn’t in the quarantined northern zone, Florence has morphed into a ghost town.

Indeed, the gallery’s muted atmosphere couldn’t have been more different to the frenzied scene playing out in Milan, just under 200 miles north. There, the city’s railway stations had descended into sheer panic, as thousands of Italians scrambled to move south ahead of Saturday’s state-imposed lockdown.

Florence has a population of 350, 000, but is visited annually by 16 million people. Overnight, they have evaporated, returning the city to the genteel pace reminiscent of 1908, when E.M. Forster set his famous novel, ‘A Room With A View’, there.

For intrepid visitors like me and my wife (who works for Ortigia, a soap company based there), it’s an unexpected bonus to a grim global situation. But for the taxi drivers and hoteliers, who rely on tourism to feed their children, it’s a nightmare with no end in sight.

One sandwich vendor said business was down 85 per cent on last year, while a taxi driver told me he is getting just one job every two hours. At Cammillo, the most fashionable restaurant in town, where booking is essential, they aren’t even bothering to run the reservations ledger.

Meanwhile, in the 80-bedroom hotel near to where we’re staying, there was only one resident over the weekend, leaving the 150 staff to twiddle their thumbs. And with Italy now in lockdown, one hotelier told me that 120 hotels across the city will have to close.

To say the impact on Italy’s economy could be devastating is an understatement. It is hugely dependent on tourism, which contributes roughly 13 percent to its GDP. But speak to any travel agent in Florence and the outlook is desperate – cancellation after cancellation, stretching across the spring and into the crucial summer months.

Late last week, the government ordered restaurants to be closed by 6pm and to ensure diners sit one metre apart – a farcical situation for smaller traditional “trattorias” where you sit hugger-mugger with strangers.

While public areas like cinemas, gyms, nightclubs and ski resorts have been closed in quarantined zones, at the Odeon in Florence, housed in the Palazzo Strozzi, you can only see a film if you leave one seat empty between you and the next person.

Plenty of room in eerie Florence . . . a ghost town.

Under the terracotta roofs of Florence’s houses, a wartime spirit descends.

Housewives stockpile dry pasta and olive oil. At the bar where we get our morning coffee, there are so few patrons that the baristas turn up the music and dance to stave off the boredom.

We go to a different gallery every day, astonished to find ourselves alone with Michelangelo’s David and countless Renaissance masterpieces.

While the number of Italian cases leapt from 5,883 to 7,375 in a single day yesterday, Tuscany, of which Florence is the capital, has recorded about 20, making it no more dangerous than Scotland.

That may change, but for now we’re making the most of Italy’s empty jewel.

Sourced from The Daily Mail


— Italy has now extended its lockdown to the ENTIRE COUNTRY, with people’s movements severely restricted unless it’s an emergency.

— Financial meltdown. The virus has sparked a £7 ($9.4) TRILLION stock market plunge  in U.K., the biggest plunge since the financial crash in 2008. Stock markets all over the world have seen similar plunges. 

On Monday, after a crash in the oil price, almost £125bn was wiped off the value of the FTSE 100 in the fifth-worst day in history for the index of leading UK company shares, as it plummeted by 7.7% to finish the day below 6,000 points, its lowest level since straight after the Brexit vote in 2016.

Trading on Wall Street was frozen within minutes of the market opening as the system to buy and sell shares failed to keep pace with events. (Based on up-to-the-minute news reports). The Dow Jones closed down by more than 2,000 points for the first time ever, a decline of almost 8%. However, Tuesday ended with the NY stock market rallying sharply, up almost 5% after Monday’s near-8% slump. This was because of a surprise announcement by Donald Trump of payroll tax cuts.

Needless to say, insiders aware of what Trump was about to do, could have made a killing in 24 hours by going short. Someone is certainly making vast sums of money out this coronavirus crisis, as they did in the run-up to 9/11.  

— All public gatherings in Italy have been outlawed, meaning cinemas, theaters, gyms, discos and pubs. There is no longer a “red zone” in the North—the whole country is now a red zone with universal quarantine. Every city is in lockdown, and prisoners in Italy’s jails have run riot with six already dead. Funerals and weddings have had to be postponed. Courting couples and honeymooners have been advised not to kiss and to practise “restraint”. A sharp drop in population is expected to show up by Christmas time.

— Italy is now the “leper” of Europe, the worst affected country after China. There have been almost 10,000 confirmed cases, leading to almost 500 deaths so far. These figures are expected to rise … and keep rising by the day. Panic has gripped the entire nation and there has been a huge demand for antidepressants and anxiety drugs. For some reason, Italy has the oldest population in the world after Japan, with almost one in four people being old age pensioners. It is these older people, particularly men over 60, who are the most vulnerable.  

— Conspiracy theories are rife, proliferating  by the day so that it is impossible to keep track of them all. However far-fetched some of these theories may be, we have reason to believe that something sinister is going on and that the truth has been carefully concealed from us. Speculation is rife precisely because facts have been deliberately suppressed, or false ideas have spread in order to create an atmosphere of impenetrable fog. 

—  LD 

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  1. Italy and Iran: Why are these countries being hit the hardest per capita? Why are negroes immune? 1.2 million Chinese now live in Australia or 1:5 of the general population, but only 3 or 4 have covid19. Yet the Chinese Australians are buying all our dunny rolls and sending them to China, as they did with our baby formula.

    1. Maximus –

      Here is a possible answer for Italy & Iran having high exposure if they were ‘seeded’ with the virus by James Bond!! 🙂

      Military World Games: Thirty Medals for Italy
      Wuhan (China) 27 October 2019

      The seventh edition of the Military World Games wrapped up in Wuhan (China). The Italian athletes won a total of 5 gold, 13 silver and 12 bronze medals!!
      The VII edition of the Military World Games ended with 5 gold, 12 silver and 12 bronze medals for the Italian team. The event is organized every fourth year by the International Military Sport Council (CISM). Italian military athletes have taken part in the event with other 10 thousand athletes from over 100 countries, who competed in 28 different sports. This year the Games have taken place in Wuhan (China), starting from 18 October.

      Italy has attended the event with a delegation made up of approximately 200 athletes, technical staff and managers. The best Italian Armed Forces and Customs Police athletes have taken part in 19 different sport competitions, including light athletics, fencing, archery, swimming, military pentathlon, and parachuting. Besides a number of Olympic, world and European level athletes, Italy took part in the event also with its Gruppo Sportivo Paralimpico della Difesa (GSPD) (Defence Paralympic Sports Team), who were engaged in light athletics and archery competitions. Our Paralympics have already taken part in past editions of the Military World Games, with excellent results.

      Iran attends 7th CISM Military World Games

      Beijing, Oct 18, IRNA – The 7th CISM Military World Games included Iran in Wuhan, China.

      It is for the first time that 9,308 athletes from 109 countries are participating in 29 fields in China.

      Some 100 military athletes from Iran took part in several disciplines like cycling, orienteering, wrestling, life-saving, volleyball, archery, parachuting, track, and fields.

      1. So if you had know this was coming you could have sold short the market and made a mega fortune. Like the put options all bought up before 9-11, which told the tale of that being a plot… nobody ever actually investigated that though.. surprise?

        1. The article has just had a second update. A short video has been added. No doubt tomorrow will bring further interesting developments.

  2. A major brawl over toilet paper erupted in Port Douglas supermarket when the last few packets of toilet paper were up for grabs. Shopping trolleys were used as battering rams and women and kids were sent flying. I fought off 3 men trying to take a packet out of my gal friends trolley. Police arrived and tasered a woman who was screaming hysterically and lashing out at everyone. Then another brawl erupted in the milk aisle and I had to fight my way through. The law of the jungle seems the only law.

    1. Maxy –

      Don’t despair! If your fire Down Under hasn’t burned-up your sycamore trees, a good sycamore leaf will do to wipe your ass. (Alas – the electronic digital age has served to eliminate the good ‘ol reliable Sears Roebuck catalogues, so GMO corncobs will have to suffice, if sycamore leaves aren’t available.) Your “sheilas” might get stinky, but, hey, hold your nose and be a man! 😖

      1. Hi Gilby, my indigenous neighbours use the large leaves from dogwood trees. The ancient Greeks apparently used stones and the Romans used sea sponge. Not the nicest subject to talk about, but it is getting dangerous in our supermarkets. Extraordinary cheap flights are available to Italy, Asian countries at present, with many half empty planes. I will be going to Nepal next week.

  3. Am myself from the quarantined zone colored yellow on the map.
    They’re taking away our freedom to roam and to meet up. That reminds me of uncle Benito, it all started there, the process to infiltrate a ruthless dictatorship was pretty much the same, and we were begging for it. Problem-reaction-solution is the law. Amen

  4. At some point, the handling of dead bodies will become a real issue. I wonder what will happen when even the undertakers refuse to conduct their business?? 🤔

  5. Very little virus in warmer climates. 99% is in cool climates, Milan is the coldest major city in Italy.

    It should fizzle out when the weather improves in spring.

  6. Doesn’t it seem awfully like a ‘psy-op’ using the naivety and gullibility of the countries themselves – or at least their elites – to economically destroy their own countries. The picture laid out here is downright scary from any economic point of view. The Governments will be forced to in-debt themselves more, incredible resources will be used for no good effect. Is this another way along with mass migration to destroy Europe and America? I believe we are fighting a chimera or a hoax take your pick. I keep coming back to the idea that a virus cannot cause disease, it is not ‘alive’ it is a BiLLIONTH the size of a typical cell in the body. Are we really that defenseless?. Of course not ‘virus theory’ is beyond dubious. The whole story including the idea of a ‘bio-engineered’ virus stinks of hoax. This is Joe Imbriano’s take on it he can be a bit over the top but his instincts are very good I believe. He PREDICTED there would be a huge fake virus story and so it has come to pass.

  7. Kind of following on here between mass migration, the belief in ‘climate change’ which is about as dubious as viruses as a cause of disease Europe is about to destroy itself. I live in Ireland and it is sad to see the ‘elites’ all lining up to just do as they are told by their ‘betters’ This country if it persists in this will destroy itself the debts that would be needed are not allowed and the spending would all be waste anyway. The same fate awaits most all of Europe. Make no mistake about it this is a BIG psy op with big goals all of them destructive of us. Now who usually runs these kind of programs? Dare one see a Zionist hand it all this? On past from one would think so but I can’t see the smoking gun at least yet.
    It is worth keeping in mind these big agendas/hoaxes typically have more than one goal (over lapping agendas) . It may involve bringing about a big change in China also (possibly changing the ‘communist’ system to a more ‘oligarchical’ one for example) but at the moment I kind of stick to what is in front of my eyes and this can only be a disaster for Europe and I have to say it is ‘by design’

    1. Patrick –

      “Make no mistake about it this is a BIG psy op with big goals all of them destructive of us.”

      I am with you there. This information could help connect some purposely obscured dots.

      This short video lists JUST A FEW of the winners of the diversions brought about by the influenza hype this time around.

      Just Trump, Bill Gates and the Royal family have enough ‘juice’ – $$$ – and political ‘back-room’ swaps and influence globally to make the ‘COVERT CHAOS COVER’ happen…. The opportunity was there to use the 10,000 military athletes from 110 countries performing in Wuhan and going back home while INFECTED.


  8. Elon Musk / @elonmusk / The coronavirus panic is dumb

    “Virality of C19 is overstated due to conflating diagnosis date with contraction date & over-extrapolating exponential growth, which is never what happens in reality. Keep extrapolating & virus will exceed mass of known universe!”

  9. I find it interesting to look at what is ACTUALLY happening to the countries ‘hit’ by this. Aside from the dire economic effects it is easy to see it as an attack on our way of life. For example at Church the ‘holy water’ will be taken away, no peace sign (hugs and hand shakes) at Church allowed. Someone mentioned on the radio how the collection plate is still passes around (implication that it should not). This bleeds into the idea of the dangers of physical money another agenda which might even be quite major here. Many traditional things are to be taken away no weddings, no funerals etc etc. So we can see it undermines traditional bonds that hold society together and we might even say reduces us to being animals. No tradition, no custom just the atomized individual in the fight to survive. The whole thing about ‘self isolate’ so again bonds are broken and taken away. We are left to rely more and more on cyber connections the real connections are dirty and dangerous and pass on ‘viruses’. So in that way it continues all the agendas that are already harming us and makes them even more damaging. It’s going to be a bleak year for Europe if our leaders swallow this crap as of course they will. I would expect more from the Germans and others but they have ALREADY swallowed so much crap about the holohoax especially. Full of guilt and unable to defend themselves.So it seems to be this is a continuation of the attack on White European Christian culture and the replacement of it by a brutish technocratic future.
    It is interesting that Africa so far is not ‘targeted’ and maybe China and South Korea are allowed to emerge from it ? but put Europe and America also I suppose through the ringer one more time. The Zionists have endless aggression for all their imagined bad treatment at the hands of Europeans.

    1. Mecca is deserted also.

      Saudi Officials Ban Pilgrimages to Mecca Over COVID-19

      (TEHRAN, Iran) — The coronavirus outbreak disrupted Islamic worship in the Middle East as Saudi Arabia on Wednesday banned its citizens and other residents of the kingdom from performing the pilgrimage in Mecca, while Iran canceled Friday prayers in major cities.

      The decisions in Riyadh and Tehran affected both Sunni and Shiite Muslims alike.

      The Saudi move expands a ban last week on foreigners visiting Mecca and Medina, home to the holiest sites in Islam. That decision alone disrupted travel for thousands of Muslims already headed to the kingdom and potentially affects plans later this year for millions more ahead of the fasting month of Ramadan and the annual hajj pilgrimage.

      1. @ ALL OUR READERS

        The article has been updated within the last few minutes. New facts have come to light. Please scroll up to read the update.

  10. (Comment held up because of typo in your email address)

    It will be interesting to see if all the thousands (millions pending) of migrants from Africa contuinue to strive to enter into Europe, especially via Italy and Greece, now that they’re likely to face the mutant virus from Hell.
    Will Ergogan or will Erdogan not open the floodgates?

    Will these for the most part economic migrants risk catching the killer virus in order to lift their economic status or will they instead run the other way like common sense would dictate if they really did fear for their lives?
    Stay tuned..

    1. Thank you Admin. I hadn’t misspelled my own name for at least two months. A new record!

  11. According to Prince Charles’ prophecy of 2019, the world will enter the climate Armageddon later this year. Greta’s latest prophecy is less than ten years. Then there are predictions of over 300 million deaths due to codvid19, or even far worse. Africa is yet to be hit. Doom and gloom all around for this year. Time to buy up on toilet paper, hand sanitiser, powdered milk and canned items. Time for me to plant more fruits and veggies on my rainforest habitation. But don’t worry! Israeli scientists, working with Bill Gates Corp, are close to producing a vaccine cocktail. I guess the sheeple will rush to be vaccinated. But don’t worry, the Australian lab working on the virus has added HIV germs into the concoction, just to give it more grunt. Read the other day that a single bat carries several hundred different viruses, as do many other animals including your domestic cat. Be wary, if your supermarket shelves are raided, of eating your cat!

    1. Roger that, Maxy! 😉
      Before the Wuhan wet market “bat soup” news, I enjoyed frequenting a nearby Chinese restaurant where I often enjoyed their “sesame chicken”. (I like using chopsticks.)
      No more! I wouldn’t know if I were getting sesame rat, bat, cat, or dog! 😖
      Those damn chinks already have plagued us with their “Paradise” trees and their goddam stink bugs!
      I guess they can’t substitute shrimp, but I don’t have to go Chinese to get that, anyway. Sneaky little bastards, I reckon they’d TRY… 😠

    You’re Right On with your assessment on how this new virus is affecting our traditional world much for the worse….
    In California now, if you have any flu-like symptoms, whatever procedures you may have had scheduled or if you need to go to the emergency room for it, the hospital policy is – go away and stay away until you’re better….
    The VA Hospital in Reno has a recording saying so now when you call them on the phone….
    What Horseshit….
    Hospitals now no longer functioning…
    You would think they would tell you to come in and be tested for the virus….
    Of course if they did that they’d find out nobody has it, its just the normal season flu bad cold.
    Also, there have been enough of these weird viruses come along by now that every state should be set with all it needs to test people….
    It’s not the federal government’s job…
    You can bet anything there are monkeywrenchers making a fortune off this little disaster too, even if it’s all a big lie to begin with… rubbing their hands together, twirling and dancing…
    As Obama’s Jews said – ” never let a good crisis go to waste”…. and, if you really need one, for your plans or whatever, like to get rid of cash money, you can always go create a crisis of your own. Custom Fit….
    Maybe the most putrid moment so far – Joe Biden telling the press that, since the virus is here now, the candidates better not have any more ‘big rallies’… i don’t have the impression any of those fools could fill up a gymnasium..
    How Ever – if the Deagel Report is for real, and it just might be, a big virus panic like this would be useful toward the ruse, dropping the expectation of the government and society in general working and giving the frontmen the excuse to get backstage, under quarantine….

  13. Oil prices have drastically dropped as LD mentioned in the ‘added’ remarks in the article. It is due to a price war between Russia and Saudis. It has nothing to do with the coronavirus scam.

    BUT – curiously using this distraction – it did result in this: “On Tuesday, the Russian parliament passed a law proposed by President Vladimir Putin that would NULLIFY THE TERM LIMIT(!) on his presidency and allow him to seek two more terms in office. Putin will be up for reelection in 2024; he was first elected to the office in 2000. The legislation still has to be approved by Russia’s Constitutional Court.”

  14. I read that all common colds, of every type and description, can be classified under the generic nomenclature CORONA VIRUS. The flu comes in an infinite number of varieties and can also be classified under the heading corona virus. Last year, Australia vaccinated against the wrong variety of the flu or corona virus. Every vaccine is supposed to counter a specific strain of the corona virus. By giving you a slight dose they hope it will ward off a major dose. So, what is so new about this year’s flu, now known as the dreaded covid19? I keep reading conflicting information – that it is more likely to attack the North East Asian genotype, but less likely to attack Negroes; that a different flu virus has been let loose in Iran and yet a different one in Italy; that many different strains have been developed in labs. China, supposedly, has only recorded less than 4,000 deaths from covid19, whilst over 30,000 deaths have been attributed to their normal flu and pneumonia distribution among China’s 3 billion people. I think covid19 is just a media hyped up version of the many known flu viruses. These viruses regularly mutate, approx every 6 months. Of course, this covid19 scare is all about a money correction and the handing of more money and power to that group being called the Kosher Nostra, or the devils that have our people in thrall.

    1. This is getting as ridiculous that players can walk off the pitch if they detect even a sign of ‘racism’ How mad can this get? The truth is viruses do not cause disease at all but we are in thrall to the Medical Establishment whose ‘advice’ is about as dopey as their practice the other 364 days of the year. A virus is not ‘alive’ a virus is about a BILLIONTH the size of a typical cell. Can it do that much damage? Can it do ANY damage…………..NO!! This is like a Jewish manufactured nightmare (IS a Jewish nightmare) dreamed up so the European countries can destroy themselves and their economies. And they are busy doing it!! Even the Germans from whom we would expect more have been so neutered by 75 years of HOLOHOAX THEORY AND LIES and so destroyed and STUPID they now swallow ‘VIRUS THEORY’. The Rabbis must be rubbing their hands somewhere……………..’hey Rabbi whatcha you doin?

  15. Near death (NDE) groups all over the Northwest have canceled their meetings due to the Coronavirus. Think about that for a moment. This from a people that, by and large, claim they no longer fear death.

    Fear has become an emotional tool. What was once a survival mechanism has become a baseball bat for the subconscious. Fear is the number one tool used by Jews to manipulate the goy herds.

    Fear is how Jews created the Federal Reserve. Fear is how Jews began their global wars. Fear is how Jews created nuclear weapons. Fear is how Jews created Israel. Fear is how Jews sell personal hygiene products, like the aluminum you use under your arms. Fear is the first tool Jews use to destroy western civilization. Can you not see your world is based on fear and terror?

    So what else do Jews do? They cry out in pain about the fear and terrorism they create. Break the Jew and you break the circle of fear they unload on you.

    Clearly, the fear gripping the world, the fear changing the course of world events, is purposely generated. How can one tell? Because of the way it affects the power structure. Just as they did with unrestricted immigration, homosexuality and “hate crimes, virtually all the “authorities,” all the leadership in the Judaized world are reacting with the same orchestrated, irrational fear.

    All are jumping on the Coronavirus terror bandwagon. The result is insanely irrational acts now disrupting nations around the globe. Another clear sign of lies and manipulation is the constantly changing story that keeps everyone from having any real understanding of what is being dealt with. Remember the attack on the Trade Towers? Remember how the lies about that story changed constantly? The American police state rode in on that fear of uncertainty, misdirection and misunderstanding.

    Once again, with this new fear of Coronavirus, the story changes daily with claims ranging from the virus being no more dangerous than the common cold, to predictions of a black plague or Spanish flu epidemic that will decimate large numbers. With all the advances in modern medicine, Jews are generating medieval fear in the lowest depths of man’s consciousness.

    This is the same fear, the same terror that allowed the Jews to unleash their Judeocommunist, Soviet-style police state on western civilization, expanding and furthering its growth after the trade tower attacks in 2001. This is the same fear that subjugates all Europe and the Commonwealths to grovel in fealty to the Jews’ political correctness agenda. When one keeps generating fear, they dig their own grave for fear of dying.

    How many times must Jews cry wolf? How many times must Jews terrorize with cries of panic that the sky is falling, before their fear is seen for the lie it is? Why is it the sleeping herds cannot see those chemtrails depriving them of the sun’s energy that powers all life? Why is it the sheeple cannot see the clear evidence of directed energy weaponry being used to destroy their cities and nations? Why is it the goy cannot detect the mass immigration attacking and destroying their countries? Yet, like the illusion of a mythical Holocaust, the gullible goy clearly see the illusion of a deadly virus? Why is that? Why is it, what is clearly visible remains invisible, while the invisible suddenly becomes visible? Lose your fear and Jews lose their control.

    The fact is every living thing’s final destination is death, so what is there to fear? Whether one lives twenty years or one hundred and twenty years, what’s the difference in the long run? After thousands of years, what matters now how long any Pharaoh or ancient king lived?

    Fears result from one being lost in moments of desire. Fear is based on one’s desire, the desire to live so that one may hopefully gain more of the uselessness with which the material world tempts. Yet all gained uselessness is lost the moment death makes its claim on life. All desire is illusory, as all will disappear along with desire. Lose your desire, lose your fear.

    The fear of death is the fear of the unknown. The idea at the forefront of the brain is that of finality, there is nothing else after this, when you die you disappear. I might ask, “so you disappear, so what?” but I won’t, because the ego finds it offensive. The soul is immortal it transitions, but never disappears. The real you, the soul, goes on forever and get ready because the greatest adventure this life has to offer is about to begin, so why not look at it that way? After all, what have you got to lose – your life?

    The very thing generating the fear driving mankind to irrational acts is the very thing killing you. Have you ever stopped to examine how Jews portray their good guys?

    Sergeant Major Dan Daly might have summed it up best when he reportedly yelled “Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?” Need I mention he’s long dead as is the enemy he once fought? Keep in mind his immortal dying words – “Only you can prevent the Jew!”

    Lose the Jews. Lose their fear and you regain your life. The world will never be right again until you do. There will be no possibility of love or light until every last Jew, along with every trace of their existence, is expunged forever from the planet. Until then, rest assured, the darkness of fear and terror will reign over life on this planet. Yesterday the Trade Towers, today Coronavirus – and tomorrow?

    1. Quite a brilliant contribution by Arch Stanton! Highlights the centrality of “Fear” which I see this hoax as just being that. The real problem is the way the Governments in Europe and I suppose America to a lessor extent react to it. Right now they are busy destroying their own economies so I guess the Zionists can have ‘clean hands’ as we do it to ourselves. The papers reports every day become more absurd in our leaders attempts to ‘control’ the virus. The virus is clearly NOT a problem but our reactions are. We seem to be a suicidal society not by nature but driven to it by the deceptions of the (((usual suspect)))

      1. Also to add about “Fear” they are ringing the bells of the unconscious about ‘Black Death’ the Plague etc etc Especially in Europe that is deep in the subconscious. There is also the holohoax in the subconscious. I think ‘global warming’ was not terrorizing enough the ‘kids’ here need something stronger, something more immediate and they have it now. This thing and NOT the ‘virus’ I mean the psy op they are running on us will cause major problems starting with economic but not limited to that. I think it is a serious attempt to bend humanity to Chinese style slavery. In Ireland we had our first death from corona yesterday……………….all we are told is she was ‘elderly’ and has ‘underlying lung issues’ so maybe she was a 90 year old on chemo for lung cancer. But we don’t even know that we know nothing. We are meant to just take all this from the Medical Establishment on high. This is crap

    1. Mjolnir –

      Yes, it IS sickening. It should always be “on topic” so that even Jews in Israhell can reflect. A decent sniper only targets active THREATS. To shoot to cripple or maim – just for fun – is an abomination, only fit to use against known torturors or other sadists.

  16. The jew Rahm Emanuel cried, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste!!”

    This ‘GROOMING’ of citizens for troops establishing ‘Containment Zones’ is happening in New Rochelle, New York for just a few people sick – just north of Manhattan:

    National Guard deployed to NY community with nation’s ‘largest cluster’ of coronavirus!!

    The National Guard will be deployed to enforce a mile-radius coronavirus “containment area” in overwhelmed New Rochelle, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday — as the number of New York cases hit 173, the most of any state in the nation.

    “New Rochelle, at this point, is probably the largest cluster of these cases in the United States,” Cuomo said in a press briefing. “And it’s a significant issue for us.”

    There are now 108 total cases across Westchester County — three times the city’s total of 36, and more than 60 percent of diagnoses statewide.

  17. My two cents on the Coronavirus dilemma can best be summarized by this saying. The prophet said: “Whoever Allah wants good for him, he puts them to test. he puts them through difficulties; like a diamond or gold that has to be burnt after which anything bad from it is removed so that what you have is the pure diamond or the pure gold.” (Bukhari Muslim)

    Beware of the supplication of the oppressed for there is no barrier between it and God – Prophet Muhammad.

    1. If Jesus doesn’t come back soon we’re toast. Why do saviors always wait until the very last minute to save humanity? Are they not aware of preventative salvation?

      1. Arch, Jesus will appear like a thief in the night, inauspiciously, again dressed in workmen’s attire, riding an ass. He will ride all the way from Nazareth and carry an olive branch in which will be nestled a white dove. On the way he will do some fishing and distribute his catch on mud-fired, kiln bread. …. and then, he will be picked up on American-supplied, Israeli security cameras and a single missile will be launched at him. He and his ass disappear momentarily in a cloud of fire and ash, but from the din emerges Jesus and his ass – a little ruffled and faces blackened, but he continues his progress to the wailing wall. Unfortunately the leaves of the olive branch withered to ash and the dove became a pile of black soot. And then he is arrested and sent to the UN, where he is trialled and sent back to the Supreme Court of Mankind in Jerusalem. He is then crucified and he cries out, “Father why did you forsake me?”; and the Jewish priests with the Rothschild entourage in tow, continue on to their counting house and blip up a few more zeros on the ends of their counting sheets. Things quickly return to normal and the fighter planes disembark to bomb Syria.

      2. Max
        Au contraire my Aussie mate. They won’t get him this time around. That ship has sailed! ⛴

  18. Arch Stanton said:

    “… the gullible goy clearly see the illusion of a deadly virus? Why is that? Why is it, what is clearly visible remains invisible, while the invisible suddenly becomes visible?”


    It is certain that what Isaac Asimov called psycho-history is at play here.

    Psychohistory depends on the idea that, while one cannot foresee the actions of a particular individual, the laws of statistics as applied to large groups of people could predict the general flow of future events. Asimov used the analogy of a gas: An observer has great difficulty in predicting the motion of a single molecule in a gas, but with the kinetic theory can predict the mass action of the gas to a high level of accuracy. …The character responsible for the science’s creation, Hari Seldon, established two axioms:

    that the population whose behavior was modeled should be sufficiently large

    that the population should remain in ignorance of the results of the application of psychohistorical analyses because if it is aware, the group changes its behaviour.

    Google are manipulating in this fashion for any entity prepared to pay.

    The totality of the world’s data is being churned over by the Deep State’s super computers.

    They can foist anything on a relatively dumb population, compared to the 1950’s.

    They have convinced them that a fertilizing gas, currently at dangerously low levels (400 ppm) [1], is an enemy.

    What a supreme achievement. Genius. Bravo. Admiration is such that one is tempted to join the Tribe in their drive to chaos.

    1: At CO2 250 ppm plants start to asphyxiate.

  19. I thought this was the one abut the running hordes of really bad zombies, way over-animated…
    The whole thing sounds like some typical bs at first… but then from Italy there’s this –
    It has the ring of truth, or maybe it’s just that Italian is such a beautiful language…
    avoidance can only do so much, especially with an air-born virus like they say this one is…
    once it gets into the ventilation system of an airplane, ship or building, it contaminates the whole network…
    So the question is, what is there to kill viruses?
    Ask Asclepius, the Guy with the Snakes…
    I know a man who successfully treated his Lymes Disease with Bee Venom…
    He put the honeybees in little glass cups and let them sting him…
    He had a long track of 100 stings all along his spine…
    Much has been said about Bee Propolis and Royal Jelly, which you might want to go for, before you get killed in a supermarket brawl over some toilet paper…
    Anyways, as usual everything continues to fall into line for the Trump Plan, and here is being handed the Real Deal on WTF with actually saving the USA… IF ONLY he will PUT BALLS ON THE TABLE… No Excuse now to not put the Army on the Southern Border… NO EXCUSE… Call it Marshall Law or Whatever… Anybody from Commie Central NYC doesn’t like it – Shoot the MFers… And this is also the time to stop all imports, set up the same kind of Emergency Management for Essential Manufacturing, like FDR’s War Production Board back in WW2…
    Let the Government set up meds factories for openers, all kinds of other hospital stuff, like they built dozens of synthetic rubber factories then…
    Isolation and Self Sufficiency… OK with Me…
    Who Knows, maybe this is where our national security imperatives and funding shift from militarism abroad to
    self preservation, priority reform, and then maintaining the advanced society at home…

    1. Problem-Reaction-Solution

      Trump announced a 30-day travel ban to and fro Europe and the U.S. excluding the U.K. Tom Hanks and his wife contracted the virus in Australia, which ramps everything up due to his fame. Meanwhile, in the State if Washington, while 9 old people were dying of Corona, since Feb. 22, SEVENTY-FOUR died from the flu. And now the W.H.O. has given the virus pandemic status

      1. This Tom Hanks thing reminds me that Bono was in Nice when that truck killed 83 people and ran over a few hundred more and at the end had not a drop of blood on it!! What I mean is a ‘celebrity’ gives these psy-ops big credibility and cements them in the public mind as something that ‘really happened’. What do you mean it was a hoax Bono/Tom Hanks you add in the blanks was there! Count me as suspicious

    2. Barkiingdeer,…we can only hope. I would say the chances are slim. What I see emerging now as a talking point is “China did it right, we need to be MORE like China, lockdown, surveillance, facial recognition etc etc. If we only could deal with this ‘virus’ like China did and does things would be better. We are held back by all our ‘democracy’ etc etc’ At least in Ireland and Europe in general that is the kind of meme that is being promoted. And they are already going crazy here just bring society to a screeching halt. This is a psy op with no good intentions, I see it as a follow on from 9/11 and what good ever came out of THAT? Maybe we could say 9/11 was a Zionist one, this is a Globalist one. You know the two horns of the dilemma human unfortunately have to deal with on a constant basis

  20. Here is a storyline about the genetic tree roots of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The article talks about the Military games in Wuhan in Oct. 2019 and sick athletes touring Wuhan market and being hospitalized, etc.. Globalresearch .ca
    Add to your conspiracy theory article on Coronavirus.

    PS: This comment comes before reading the article to any extent!

    1. Storm,
      I will try to delineate convergence of facts and high plausibilities as simply as I can without omitting essentials.
      What we have here is a clear proof of the evil genius, possibly by Jew but (imo) more likely the supernatural Adversary who lays down the blueprint as in the Protocols.
      First to understand that the world was conquered on behalf of Jew (Satan) by Protestants of the Anglophone kind, the first stroke of long term genius, centuries ago.
      What or who are the “5 EYES“? Why are they exclusively English speaking? Why is Ireland not included? Random coincidence? Hmm, to that.
      So understand that certain kind of skullduggery was patiently performed over generations of masonic Protestant populace resulting in permanent genetic+epigenetic brain changes, similar to existential trauma of Day 8 Judaic circumcision, the trademark of Cain and its lifelong hormonal impact.
      Okay, speculative but judging by outcomes, quite plausible, many things explained retroactively.
      Next, the worship of Jew led to these Protestant hordes anointed as secondary Chosenites, “Chosen-by-the-Chosen” if you will, in order to instill a sense of exceptionalism, bred into the bone as seen today, coupled with equally enforced ignorance of geography and foreign cultures as irrelevant and not worth studying, leave it to Jew, all you got to do is march where he points and kill, kill, “kill them all, let Lord sort them out”, in the best tradition of holy Deutoronomy, individual moral judgment not only does not count but is dangerous to the cause and the greatest sin for disobeying the explicit Law of the Lord.
      Next, Christ, Christianity and traditional morality, the Logos went by the board.
      Americans no longer care for logic (too strenuous for neurally obese) or facts or patient pursuit of Cui Bono.
      Instead of “
      follow the facts“, they say “follow the money“, because whether they see it (I seriously doubt it) or not, money (as fiat currency) is product of Satanic marketing and illusion woven in order to replace the dictates of goodness, humility, out-with-virtue, in-with-vice. You got money? You are righteous, special laws and considerations apply.

      Ok, to the facts now:
      • HIV was very likely developed by Jew Pharma in ’60’s.
      I personally knew a Russian Jew by name of David Kritchevsky (now dead), an endocrinologist if I recall and a big wheel at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, a thoroughly Jew organization involved in secretive research in Africa, especially Belgian Congo (remember seeing open air cages with apes at their facility) and a bunch of investigators claimed that they developed the HIV.
      • nCoV-19 was in all likelihood developed by Gilead Sciences (headed at one time by kindly gent named Donald Rumsfeld—remember him?), an Israeli company that also markets retroviral drugs used in AIDS management (a sweet deal, innit).
      Now, it has been reported by a number of researchers, quickly silenced outside China and Iran, that nCoV-19 and HIV share a number of genetic chains—easy to accept when you realize that in Jew-world, any distinctions that are shown for our entertainment quickly disappear so that for all intents and purposes, Wistar=Gilead.
      • US Army held joint exercises with a bunch of other forces near Wuhan in Oct 2019, it would have been the easiest thing to infect a bunch of grunts and have them visit the local wet market which would become a seeding center for wider distribution and Jew could then go into the racist blaming mode:
      Dirty Chinks eating bats, snakes and your beloved house pets, not to mention stealing US technology” (overlooking the fact that there has been no technology developed at the elite US universities that wasn’t powered by Chinese researchers).
      Next, a tale of theft from a Canadian bio-lab, disseminated by Dany Shoham, “an Israeli ex-intel officer specializing in Chinese bio-weaponry R&D”, who previously set up the narrative that Saddam’s WMDs were secretly transferred to Bashar Assad in Syria.
      Etc, etc.
      Just never blame the Jew.
      Interestingly, Israel cancelled joint military games with US just recently and moreover it seems that they completely shut the door on any incoming foreigners—sorry Christians hoping to celebrate Easter in Bethlehem or the Church of the Resurrection.

      Bottom line?

      In addition to global extinction of surplus goy cattle due to outright pulmonary failure, sure to be a lovely number, opening elbow room for Eretz Israel, there will be secondary and tertiary reinfections, victims testing HIV-positive, which means that the impoverished rabble will die off, while the wealthy in their existential desperation will hammer on the doors of Jew Pharma for pharmaceutical relief, not cheap as you can well imagine and end up hooked for life so that all that goy wealth will be channeled into the vaults of the Third Temple.

      I told you, a stroke of purest genius, hats off.

  21. Wuhan Corona virus is a deadly virus which the whole world is trying to fight . Corona virus has spread to over 100 countries and the world is gripped by fear and panic. Interestingly, some witty lyricists and singers all over the world have taken steps to add some smile amid a gloomy situation by turning songs or health directives into a preventive measure to combat this fatal virus.

  22. As we speak our bodies immune systems are fighting one thing or another CONSTANTLY. This has been going on since our present status as homo-sapiens has existed for what is speculated to be since the aftermath of “THE” great flood that sank Atlantis some 13,000 or so years ago

    This present situation looks similar to the aftermath of the Civil War, FDRs administration in the 30s and 40s, 9/11, and now what very well may become the aftermath of the Corona fear mongering overreaction – yet even MORE power to the Federal govt.

  23. 5G roll-out trailblazers: China (Wuhan the centerpiece). Italy (Milan the centerpiece). Iran. The 5-G was massively rolled out first; the COVID-19 was then inserted into the initial chaos of illnesses encountered (people just dropping over and dying) as an effective transmission vector.
    Boy howdy, black folks sure catch a break — not one doggone 5G hotspot on the entire continent of Africa! Fat chance of any of them benefiting from their less-than-stellar hygienic conditions to share in our Coronavirus lovefest.
    The USA? All the Antifa/Commie strongholds like San Francisco are where 5G is being hurriedly rolled out, or has already been. These will predictably see illnesses and draconian quarantines.
    Has anyone presented even the slightest evidence yet that China didn’t use this crisis to cull large numbers of dissidents? And by extrapolation, provided an indication that this isn’t a political contrivance or false flag, at its heart?

  24. @ Admin:

    My comments seem to be disappearing! How is Arch John Stanton?
    PS: Please keep first comment if gone through and discard 2nd similar comment if so. If not keep 2nd comment!

    1. @ Stormin’ Norman

      All the comments we have received from you have been published. If some are “disappearing”, that is unfortunate. Naturally we cannot publish comments that we have not received.

      Re. Arch Stanton, he is doing fine but communicating with us less now. Whenever we get a comment from him, we publish it. Arch and you have one thing in common. All comments (from both of you) go for monitoring, which means a delay in publication, but neither of you has been put on monitoring by Admin deliberately or regarded in any way as dodgy posters who need surveillance! 🙂

      I find this (computer glitch?) hard to understand. In your case — I am just guessing here — is that you have come to the attention of the Canadian authorities and they feel a need to keep a tab on you. So they are responsible for this situation, if only indirectly. As for Arch Stanton, I’m not sure if he’s American or Canadian. He could be Canadian or an American posting from Canada.

      Hope you find these thoughts helpful.

      1. I too may have just posted a comment (((they))) didn’t want published….we’ll see. Did I hit a nerve? 🤨

  25. Tom Hanks, Globalist Jew Mason NWO Narrative Ass Hat if there ever was one…
    I wonder how many million he’ll get for this performance?

  26. @ Admin and Brownhawk:

    I feel like the International Jewry hates our truths and is using its tentacles to silence us. Is Darkmoon a controlled opposition tentacle of that, as Lasha’s picture only shows one eye, similar to Illuminati symbolism done at major sporting events and by famous musicians/singers and Hollywood (Jew controlled) actors. Just saying, but do enjoy stating facts concerning the control machinations of International Jewry, specifically ( as wife keeps requesting) the Khazarian Mafia Rothschild Ashkenazi Zionist Talmudic Central Bankster JEW. Is that specific enough for you? The common secular and/or atheistic Jew is not the problem, they are used and duped like the rest of the sheeple are. How is that Seymour Zak and company? I guess I can blame Justine Trudeau, our PM, and his International Jewry puppetmasters like George Soros and the ” liquor king” Bronfmanns.

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