Jewish Holocaust Denier David Cole Mocked in (Banned) YouTube Video

YouTube VIDEO   :   4.38 mins   

LD:  Anyone remember David Cole? He’s the Jew who got a reputation as a Holocaust denier by befriending Ernst Zundel and defending Zundel against the charge of Holocaust denial in November 1992 in Kitchener, Ontario.  Zundel and Cole had enjoyed a friendly association over a long period of time. (See here).

After Zundel was subsequently charged with Holocaust denial and packed off to Germany for a show trail leading to imprisonment, Cole found his former association with Zundel an acute embarrassment. He then did a Judas on his old buddy, claiming he barely knew Zundel and had met him only twice, very briefly. He himself had apparently never “denied” the Holocaust.

In this hilarious 4-minute YouTube video posted below, Cole is mocked by the interviewer and his perfidy to Zundel exposed.

This video is of special interest only because YouTube has deleted it. Why? I leave that question to the intelligent reader’s speculations. It seems the video is only available because it cannot be deleted from the archives. Many thanks to my online correspondent GF for rescuing this video from the archives and sending it to me for publication here.

Click on the link below to watch the 4-minute video:
David Cole Repudiates Ernst Zundel

23 thoughts to “Jewish Holocaust Denier David Cole Mocked in (Banned) YouTube Video”

  1. A typical Jew liar. They can’t help themselves, as one long-time Jew acquaintance once confided in me. He told me he feels compelled to tell lies, but has to be very careful he backs up those lies with more lies. 😶

    1. To be fair to Cole, at a young age he decided to do his bit for truth, vis-a-vis the Holocaust lie. He then found himself in more trouble than he had imagined and by the time of this pathetic clip must have feared for his life. But this level of denial didn’t help and so he went underground until that Hollywood bimbo in whom he had confided blew his cover. He now writes for Taki’s mag, including occasional clever defences of the Holocaust fable. A few years ago, before intelligence asset Taki banned comments on his website, I wrote a letter of thanks and commiseration to Cole—thanks for his youthful bravery and commiseration for what he has been reduced to. The letter was visible for a few days and then Taki had it deleted.
      Lasha, it’s churlish to sneer at this guy.

    2. Gilbert,
      Maybe your amigo lied to you about his compulsion to lie. But you believed him. We can be pretty convincing. Give us credit. 🤗😀. But on a more serious note, everyone lies. Remember “slick Willy” Bill Clinton? “I did not have sex with that woman.” (referring to Lewinsky). Oral sex just wasn’t sex evidently. A technicality right? Not only do ALL humans lie, but animals are good at it too. Donaldos daughter, 8 years ago rescued a 🐕 that was about to be euthanized. The craziest little mutt you’ll ever see. His name is Kenny. This dog is very intelligent…….but… the most incredible liar you’ll ever meet. His mischief is enormous. Despite having a doggy-door granting him access to the fenced-in backyard, in the early morning hours he’ll find a quiet corner in the house 🏡 to “relieve” himself. 🧦 and shoes 👟 are shredded and the food of the other family 🐕 (Frida the poodle) mysteriously vanishes. When confronted with the evidence, he sits down, raises his paw 🐾 for a handshake and just looks upwards innocently as if to say, “I didn’t do it!” Anyway. He’s telling a lie and he’s good at it. Sometime during the last 8 years of his life he learned the art of deception and it sure wasn’t from the Talmud. Donaldo could be wrong. Perhaps Donaldos 4-legged grandson has a copy of the Talmud hidden away somewhere near his bed 🛌 or food dish. But Donaldo doubts it. Anyway, Donaldo just contemplating ( truthfully) from another lonely truckstop. 🌮🍷😉

      1. Yes, Donaldo, truck stops can mess with your mind. When I was over-the-road, I used them only to take showers and rest in my double-bunk Kenworth. There were a couple of 76s I used to service my truck on the road, and they always had great accommodations and nearby bars where I could have a cold beer and dinner. There were a couple of whore houses in Nevada and South Carolina which were always staffed by young, pretty coeds working their way through college, and I often indulged myself for drinks and dinner and a romp with some. (I had my favorites.)
        In South Carolina, there is a very good one called “Pine Lodge” off the first exit on I-26 to Charleston. The sweet Southern girls there are on “lock-down” for a six month contract. They are $150 per hour, but clean and well worth it! 🙃

  2. Together with Israel, the Germans participated in the destruction of Syria. I understand JEWS because they need space for the birth rate.
    But the Germans have no right to participate in the destruction of Syria (Catholics, Druze and Yazidis) will be a bloody charge.
    The penalty will be:Beylerbey will replace Kanzler. The Holocaust hoax will go to waste. Favelas in Germany are increasingly populated.
    The Grand Vizier in Turkey will order the beglerbeg to abolish the German faith in the Holocaust. Then German Holocaust worshipers will experience what Christians experienced in Aleppo.

    1. Germany has only one right left. That’s the right to serve Israël in each and every way. As German politician Martin “Schulz” famously put it, Germany only deserves to exist in order to do everything for Israel’ s well-being

      1. Why then would we be sorry if Germany turns into a beylerbeylik or pashalik? The Grand Vizier in Ankara will would abolish their Holocaust worship. The Grand Vizier of Ankara will send an order to Berlin.
        Beglerbeg, however, will carry out the order and the aghas will make sure that everyone abides by the new law. Qadis, however, will punish those who do not keep the law.
        It is a punishment for the destruction of Syria.

        Due to cooperation with Israel, they have more and more full Turkish favelas in Germany. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, etc. They are victims of Israel, and the favelas are filling up and growing. This is not one culture because they are two parallel cultures. Two cultures and double rules.

        The Turks are not stupid enough to join the Germans in worshiping a dead god. What they have is their living god, who is a very great god – Allah.

  3. Pat’s death and where he is now reflects Pat’s life and what he did when he was alive. When he was alive he was underwater in a submarine swimming with the 🐠 fishes🐟. Now in death he’s underwater swimming with the 🐠fishes🐟, he just doesn’t swim with the 🐠fishes 🐟 underwater in a submarine that’s all. Otherwise Pat being dead is not much different than Pat when he was alive. It’s actually something to Celebrate! Pat is spending his death underwater where he spent his life. Pat always loved being underwater and that’s where he wound up, underwater. We all should be happy for Pat, he’s where he always LERVED the most, underwater swimming with the 🐠fishes🐟! 😊

    1. *Sigh*

      Apart from the fact that you seem incapable of making an ON-TOPIC comment, this off-topic comment falsely assumes that Pat is dead and feeding the fishes. We have no news of Pat. He could still be alive.

      1. Pat was more concerned with alligators than with fish. He once told me that after floods, it was likely to find alligators and water moccasins in one’s house there, in Louisiana. Contemplate THAT, TROJ🤔.
        I’m going to make an effort, next week, to verify his situation. I’ll let him know of your touching concern, TROJ. 😉

        1. Apologies for any harshness you may have experienced.
          I simply asked you to cut down on the sleaze and not
          regard this site as chatroom. A reasonable request.

  4. What struck TJ about the David Cole interview was not David Cole but the self-righteous, sanctimonious and smarmy Shabbos goy Phil Donahue. Donahue was married to Danny Thomas’ daughter Marlo Thomas born as Margaret Julia Jacobs. So Danny’s birth name was also Jacobs? Name changes are so typical of the tribe. This is not to say that Danny and daughter were not good people.
    In any case Donahue was counting his shekels with those that matter making brownie points by embarrassing the dishonest David Cole. By the way if anyone on this site can show that Ernst Zundel was a “Nazi” TJ would like some feedback. A German Patriot, yes. But a Nazi?

    1. He was a National Socialist and a German Patriot. Not a Nazi. A “Nazi” is a Jewish distortion and vilification.

      RIP Ernst Zundel. You are greatly missed brother.

  5. Ernst Zundel is a Heroic Individual, capital H, capital I.
    And the more you come to know about Ernst Zundel,
    the more heroic he becomes.
    The rosy cheeks are a dead give away!
    And the glint in his eye is too..

  6. Gilbert, uncle, Darkmooners, countrymen, lend me your ears, I come not to bury Pat, but to praise him! 😊

  7. in the ww2 context a nazi was a german zionist… zionism, doing the bidding, was the purpose of the nazi party…
    most people in the usa have no idea that people are jailed in europe, and canada, for denying, or even questioning the holohoax…

    1. You’re STILL not making distinctions, Bark. The true aim of NATIONAL SOCIALISM was not to KNOWINGLY do the bidding of Zionism. In his last will and testament Hitler never wavered in his always accurate assessment of the treachery that is “International Jewry”. When you stop and think about it, it was nothing short of a miracle that he took the Reich as far as he did, given the inevitable infiltration of the NS party by “nazis”

      Like Ramm Stein stated perfectly, “Nazi” is a Jewish distortion and vilification.

      P.S. What if I told you there were secret “authentic” Jews in high ranking positions in the party, and that their devotion TO and understanding OF the true cause of National Socialism made them welcome? (Giving new meaning to the term “politics makes strange bedfellows”)…….oh, I guess I just did! 😁

  8. From Annals Of Good Jews:

    David Cole Repudiates Ernst Zundel
    can be reworded as follows for clarity
    David Cole Reverts To Being A Jew (Falls Off Wagon Of Humanity)

    More from Jew Trivia:
    hemorroyveyds are neither benign nor curable, when expelled always return, did you know that rats are underneath the piles?

  9. David Cole had a $25000 bounty dead or alive placed on his head by the ADL and their thugs went after him.
    He went undercover as an organiser for the Republican Party for over 15 years until an ex-girlfriend ratted him out. This is all covered in his book “Republican Party Animal” by David Cole. He also still has a column in Taki’s Magazine.
    He did what he did in order to survive. The good he did on balance outweighs the bad in my opinion.
    I love and respect Ernst Zundel for the man he was and for the work he did under huge
    oppression .
    Check this out.

  10. The radio played the song Pokazat ću ti Split (Joško Tomičić is a dead musician known for his right-wing songs. He was more patriotic than Giuseppe Povia.) There were flags of many countries on the wall. The German was annoyed that the Pakistan man drew three sixes on the Israeli flag. He told him that, but the Pakistan man punched him in the stomach with his fist that it was fell to the floor. The Pakistan man, however, drew his knife at him. The owner of the hotel grabbed the Pakistan man and threw him out of the canteen. Then he asked the German, “Shall I bring you a kosher lunch?” He replied, “I am not a Jew. Bring pork instead.” The old man behind the bar said, “I’ was working in Germany for forty years but I don’t understand the brains of Germans. The Germans are really weird. “

  11. Lets not forget that Ernst married Ingram Rimmland the great Ukrainian ethnic German lady where both lived in Tenn. Ernst was taken to Canada where he was jailed and mistreated. Then send to Germany to die in German lockup. In no way were the Zios going to let Zundel live out his remaining days with his late life love in the US.

  12. Instead of inviting David Cole they should have interviewed Bobby Fischer the best chess player of all time who is from jewish background .Here is one selected qoute from him:

    The Jews are a “filthy, lying bastard people” bent on world domination through such insidious schemes as the Holocaust (“a money-making invention”), the mass murder of Christian children (“their blood is used for black-magic ceremonies”), and junk food .

    Interesting interview here.

    Pablo Mercado: All right. with all of these things Mr. Fischer. what do you intend to do now?

    Bobby Fischer: I intend to do what I’m doing right now.

    Pablo Mercado: What?

    Bobby Fischer: Which is to expose the Jews for the criminals they are, the parasites they are, the liars they are, the thieves

    Pablo Mercado: You speak like an Arab.

    Bobby Fischer: .. You ask the Palestinians. I was just listening to the BBC. the horror story that come out of there when you get into an Israeli prison. the way they torture you . it’s unheard of. I was listening to a Palestinian woman, a Christian woman from Palestine, not even Muslims, Christian women who were anti-Israel. They got picked up by the Israeli police, taken down to the jail, and then the Israeli police tried to get information — Who do you know among your friends that’s anti-Israel? Give us all the names of your Arab, Christian friends who are anti-Israel. When they refused, they put the women in a cell, these are mothers, these women, mostly. They put em in a cell, and then they start playing, in Arabic, on the loudspeaker, 24 hours a day, “Mommy, come home, Mommy, we miss you” in Arabic. They played it over and over again until the women just collapsed.

    Pablo Mercado: All right, do you have any.

    Bobby Fischer: This is the Jewish mentality. These are a criminal people. They torture their prisoners in the worst way. It’s even illegal! They don’t even deny it hardly. Jews were always b——s throughout history. They are liars, they are the worst pieces of s–t in the world. They mutilate their own children.

    Pablo Mercado: all right.

    Bobby Fischer: F— the Jews.

    Pablo Mercado: ok. you don’t plan any legal moves against them? against those who sold your memorabilia?

    Bobby Fischer: What is this he said?

    Pablo Mercado: Legal moves, like a case in court.

    Bobby Fischer: You know, the Jews control the courts. What is your name, Mr. Mercado?

    Pablo Mercado: Yes, Pablo.

    Bobby Fischer: Yes, the Jews. Pablo, yeah Pablo. The Jews control the courts. It’s just a charade they go through. It’s Facade City, you know – Facade City. I’ve been involved in a number of law suits in America. Never got a penny, never got a stop order, never got nothing. I’ve been involved in about 5 or 6 lawsuits, about 5 cases throughout the years, never got a penny, never got any property back, never got a stop order, never got nothing man. I spent a lot of money, and I have all the documents, and I have all the justice on my side. It’s a joke. The United States is a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed circumcised Jew bastards.

    Pablo Mercado: Bob, uhh, I have no other questions. Maybe Eugene, he has a few questions for you.

    Bobby Fischer: Ya ya, Hi Eugene.

    Eugene Torre: Hi Hi Bobby. Well, uhh, not much questions. I think you have expressed, uhh, quite good your side, and exposed these people, you know? *laugh*

    Bobby Fischer: Hey Eugene, what’s the difference between a good Jew and a bad Jew?

    Eugene Torre: Yeah. What’s the difference between a good Jew and bad Jew?

    Bobby Fischer: The good Jew f—s you slower.

    *All laugh*

    Eugene Torre: OK. so.. It’s ok, Bobby. I think it should be over now, and

    Bobby Fischer: OK

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