Kevin MacDonald Interview: “I’m not optimistic about the future of the West”

By Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental Observer
May 21, 2020


Reposted from Demokracija , an influential Slovenian political weekly, this interview with Kevin MaDonald provides an excellent insight into MacDonald’s seminal work and career. The interview concludes with the ominous suggestion that “there may be a civil war brewing in the United States”. 

“I’m not optimistic about the future of the West. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.”

INTERVIEWER Andrej Sekulovič : We spoke with Kevin MacDonald, a professor emeritus of psychology at Long Beach State University of California. His research focuses primarily on the development of evolutionary perspectives on culture, developmental psychology and personality theory.

You have a long career in psychology, as a Professor at California State University, and have authored many different books and academic articles on that subject, focusing mostly on evolutionary psychology, psychology on ethnocentrism and group evolutionary strategies. Could you give us a brief definition of these concepts? 

KEVIN MACDONALD:  Evolutionary psychology views the human brain as being shaped by evolution, that is, that over evolutionary time the human mind and underlying neural structures were shaped by natural selection. For example, humans fall in love because there are brain structures that enable this, and it’s adaptive because it motivates men and women to procreate and invest in their children. Genes for this gradually accumulated, and people with more of those genes survived and prospered. 

Please tell us when did you first become active within the “right” ideological specter and which of your conclusions and observations led you to become a renowned author within the circles of the Right? Did your studies of Psychology played a major part in this development? 

I started being active while writing my book The Culture of Critique in the mid-1990s. The Culture of Critique is about how Jewish intellectuals and political activists have shaped Western culture in the twentieth century. I realized that they were shaping culture in ways that promoted their interests but were detrimental to the interests of Europeans. Throughout my writing, I have used my psychological background. For example, one reason that Jewish intellectuals were so influential was because they were able to obtain positions in elite universities. A part of human psychology is to look up to such people and they have more influence as a result. I also write a lot about ethnic networking among Jews—how they promote each other’s work and promote common goals that satisfy Jewish interests.

You have written extensively about the influence of the Jewish-interests groups within the Western societies and about the role of the Jewish intellectuals within the different subversive movements that came to be known as “Cultural Marxism”, your most famous book on the subject being “Culture of Critique”. Could you please explain to us how do these groups operate, in which areas has their influence been the most effective and for what reasons do you choose to describe them as “Culture of Critique”? 

Culture of Critique describes several of the most influential intellectual and political movements of the twentieth century—Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School, the general involvement of Jews with the left, and Jewish activism on behalf of immigration. All of these movements had a central core of people who were strongly identified as Jews and thought of their work as advancing Jewish interests in some way. For example, Freud thought of himself as a warrior in opposition to European culture which he hated because of historical anti-Semitism. His work undermined traditional Western sexual mores and family relationships. His movement attracted many other Jews and together they influenced public opinion because they were able to obtain influential positions in academic and professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, and they were able to spread their messages in the mainstream media—Hollywood, television, and newspapers.

It seems that the breakdown of the Western values and the destruction of the once homogenous European societies that we witness today is a consequence of the ideas and movements that can be traced to the Frankfurt School, whose intellectuals were mostly Jewish, and which was the birthplace of the so called “Cultural Marxism”. Could you give us a brief overview of the ideas and concepts which were the product of the Frankfurt School, and have proven as the most detrimental to our culture and to our European nations? Also would you say that the Frankfurt School represents the beginning of these subversive movements and ideals, or do its roots go further back in time?

The Frankfurt School began in the 1920s as an orthodox Marxist group and continued in that direction until after Hitler came to power after 1933. Marxism did not predict that the working class would vote for a fascist, but many did, and after Hitler came to power, he had high public approval. They reconceptualized the problem as White ethnocentrism because racial identity was central to National Socialism. They reasoned that an anti-Jewish movement could not develop in a country that was not racially homogeneous. As a result, their work claimed that White people who identified as White and attempted to advance the interests of their race had a psychiatric disorder and this was then picked up and promoted very effectively by Jewish activist organizations like the Anti-Defamation League. They did not make an analogous analysis in which identifying as a Jew and advancing Jewish interests were pathological.

Jewish subversion began earlier. Boasian anthropology and psychoanalysis began early in the twentieth century and Jewish activism on the left aimed at toppling gentile power structures dates from the nineteenth century.


. . . which led in the 1920s to the Frankfurt School  philosophy of political correctness, is primarily a Jewish movement and permeates Western society today. Based on a combination of Marx and Freud, Cultural Marxism is a concerted attempt to undermine traditional moral values and destroy the foundations of Western civilization.  It does this through hedonistic consumerism, despair creation, and an insidious demoralization of the masses through pornography and mindless entertainment in which the main ingredients are sex and violence.  [LD]   

—  “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.” — Karl Marx

—  “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life…. If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!” — Sigmund Freud

—   §   —

INTERVIEWER:  The question many people are curious about is, why would certain Jewish-interested groups want the destruction and the breakdown of the Western societies, what is their main motivation and what do they want to achieve through their subversive actions, and influence in culture and in politics?

KEVIN MACDONALD:  As noted above, Jews do not feel safe in a homogeneous White society after what happened in Germany in the 1930s. As a result, they have promoted immigration and demographic change so that Whites will be a minority in Western societies and Whites will be less able to organize against Jews. Another major motivation is hatred because of what they see as irrational ant-Semitism throughout history, so that, for example, they oppose Christianity because of the historical role of Christianity in opposition to Jews. They never see their own behavior as contributing to hatred of Jews.

Some people would argue, that the Jews have always been involved in different political movements both on the Left and on the Right, and that while there are quite a few Jews on the Left, it is mostly a coincidence and has nothing to do with them being Jewish, since we can also find Jews among the Conservative Right. What would be your answer to these observations, and what would be your main argument in claiming, that the leftist movements are not just movements which happen to also have a lot of Jewish activists, but that these movements and ideals themselves were created by the Jewish groups to further their own goals and agenda?

I know of no example of a Jew who has advocated for White interests. In general, Jews on the right have been neoconservatives who are mainly motivated by garnering support for Israel within the Republican Party and among conservatives. Neoconservatism, with its roots on the Trotskyist left, has fundamentally acted to combat older forms of conservatism (labeled paleoconservatism) in America and to move the American conservative movement to the left on key issues like immigration (see “Neoconservatism as Jewish Movement). For example, I cite an American intellectual, Samuel Francis: “There are countless stories of how neoconservatives have succeeded in entering conservative institutions, forcing out or demoting traditional conservatives, and changing the positions and philosophy of such institutions in neoconservative directions.”

My argument that Jews on the left retained strong Jewish identities and a sense of Jewish interests is contained in Chapter 3 of The Culture of Critique and is too long to quote here. However, it begins with the following:

There is little doubt that the vast majority of the Jews who advocated leftist causes beginning in the late nineteenth century were strongly self-identified as Jews and saw no conflict between Judaism and radicalism (Marcus 1983, 280ff; Levin 1977, 65, 1988, I, 4–5; Mishkinsky 1968, 290, 291; Rothman & Lichter 1982, 92–93; Sorin 1985, passim). Indeed, the largest Jewish radical movements in both Russia and Poland were the Jewish Bunds which had an exclusively Jewish membership and a very clear program of pursuing specifically Jewish interests. The proletarianism of the Polish Bund was really part of an attempt to preserve their national identity as Jews (Marcus 1983, 282). Fraternity with the non-Jewish working class was intended to facilitate their specifically Jewish aims, and a similar statement can be made for the Russian Jewish Bund (Liebman 1979, 111ff). Since the Bunds comprised by far the majority of the Jewish radical movement in these areas, the vast majority of Jews participating in radical movements in this period were strongly identified as Jews.

In Chapter 3 I also provide evidence that Jews on the left were motivated to oppose nationalist movements, as in Poland after World War II where many Jews collaborated with the communist government. Jews in pre-revolutionary Russia saw the Czarist government as oppressive and eagerly joined the Soviet government after the Revolution. Jews in America in the 1920s–1940s realized that Jews were an elite in the USSR and strongly advocated for pro-USSR causes in the U.S. There are many more examples of this.

While “Culture of Critique” is probably your most famous book on this subject, it is just a third book of a trilogy, the other two books being “A People That Shall Dwell Alone” and “Separation and its Discontents”. In these books you also write about Judaism and about the phenomenon of Antisemitism. Could you tell us how would you say Judaism differs from Islam and Christianity? And regarding the topic of Antisemitism, do you believe Jewish groups are using it today to further their own agenda? 

As discussed in A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Judaism developed as a very explicit diaspora strategy—they saw themselves as living as a minority group within larger societies. They never sought to be a universal religion. Their writings underscore that they saw themselves as in conflict with the wider society and as having different interests from other groups in the society. For example, a common theme of historical anti-Semitism was that Jews made alliances with kings and other aristocrats and would engage in oppressive business practices that would enrich their aristocratic patrons and themselves at the expense of other sectors of the population.

Jewish groups are constantly exaggerating anti-Semitism as a way to raise money but also to provide reasons for enacting controls on free speech. In the United States it is now basically off-limits to criticize Israel: any criticism of Israel is regarded as anti-Semitism. Another example, according to a recent article in the mainstream media, Jews in the television industry have been producing very Jewish-themed shows emphasizing the Holocaust and other threats to Jewish interests because of a supposed huge increase in anti-Semitism. “There’s been a huge uptick in anti-Semitic hate crimes in the U.S. over the past five years, according to the FBI, in an era when only 45% of U.S adults know that six million Jews died in the Holocaust, according to a Pew Research Center survey published in January.«

How would you assess the work of President Trump since he entered the office?

I was very supportive of Trump during the 2016 election. His record since is mixed. He is certainly doing the bidding of is pro-Israel donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition despite his campaign pledges for an America-First foreign policy. He has not been as good as he promised on immigration. He is building the wall with Mexico but has also approved huge numbers of worker visas that displace American workers, and he has not decreased the huge numbers of legal immigrants that will soon make Whites a minority in the U.S., nor has he ended birthright citizenship according to which anyone born in the U.S. is automatically a citizen, leading to illegal aliens establishing families and obtaining welfare benefits, etc.

What are your predictions for the U.S. presidential elections this year? And what are your predictions regarding the future of U.S.A. and the rest of the Western world?

It’s too soon to tell what will happen this year much less the long-term future of the West. Trump will have a good chance against Joe Biden, who is senile and not a candidate that inspires enthusiasm. However, the non-White vote keeps increasing and this will soon make it impossible for any Republican to win. Right now Trump is being blamed for a poor response to the coronavirus and that may be an effective talking point for Biden, especially given what the virus panic has done to the economy. The strength of the economy had been Trump’s major asset.

I am not optimistic on the future of the West. We are importing non-White majorities that will have no interest in maintaining our culture, our institutions, or our traditional freedoms. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.

You are also the Chief Editor of the website “Occidental Observer”, can you tell us a bit about this project?

The Occidental Observer has articles that touch on White identity and interests. Given my writing, we have a lot of discussion of Jewish issues.

We are all aware of the censorship which has been increasing in the last years, regarding ideas that are deemed “politically incorrect”. Did you ever face any kind of censorship, and did your activities and writings ever affect your professional career as a University Professor? Did you face any criticism from your colleagues etc.?

Yes, there was a movement to get my university to fire me—the relevant documents are on my website. A left-wing organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), conducted a campaign against me.  A representative of the SPLC came to my university from November 12–15 2006 to interview faculty and administrators about me. During the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 academic years there was also a great deal of discussion and debate about my work and associations on faculty email lists. Eventually several departments issued statements dissociating themselves from my work and, in some cases, condemning my work. I was an active participant in these debates, In April, 2008, there was a large meeting conducted by the SPLC representative to denounce me. A speaker from the Anti-Defamation League also participated in this meeting.

Can you tell us for the end a bit about you latest book, titled “Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition”, and let us know what are your plans for the future? 

Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition argues that ethnic influences are important for understanding the West. The prehistoric invasion of the Indo-Europeans had a transformative influence on Western Europe, inaugurating a prolonged period of what is labeled “aristocratic individualism” resulting form variants of Indo-European genetic and cultural influence. However, beginning in the seventeenth century and gradually becoming dominant was a new culture labeled “egalitarian individualism” which was influenced by preexisting egalitarian tendencies of northwest Europeans. Egalitarian individualism ushered in the modern world but may well carry the seeds of its own destruction.

I have a chapter on psychological mechanisms that have resulted in so many Westerners accepting the current regime of displacing White populations in favor of massive non-White immigration. This brings in much discussion of evolutionary psychology. For example, I present data that White people are more empathic towards others because we are less ethnocentric than other peoples. This tendency toward empathy has been manipulated by the media to make Westerners empathic to suffering Africans and Asians and make them willing to make these people into citizens. There are also some hopeful signs—e.g., because of all the anti-White hatred we are seeing in the media, more White people are identifying as White and seeing that they have interests as Whites in not becoming a minority. But I conclude the book by suggesting that there may be a civil war brewing in the United States.


36 thoughts to “Kevin MacDonald Interview: “I’m not optimistic about the future of the West””

  1. Kevin MacDonald for President!

    The fact that men like Kevin Mac should exist at all, and are still relatively free to speak their minds in a still vibrant America, is a living testament to America’s greatness. It shows that America is not yet dead — that there are grounds for hope — and that a new America will one day arise out of the ashes of the old.

    And so . . . nil desperandum! The America of our dreams lives on for ever in its indigenous people. Nothing will destroy them despite all the omens of disaster.

    All will be well in the end. God cannot will it otherwise.

    1. God aint doing nothing. unless whites rise up violently they are doomed. god has nothing to do with it. I only see signs of the devil not god

  2. Kevin: “I’m not optimistic about the future of the West. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.”

    The West has been destroyed for decades.

    On top of THAT…. Billions of people have become voluntarily snared by ‘smart-phones’ and they cannot get away. That likely includes Kevin.

    1. Kevin MacDonald has my full attention and praise! 👌
      I subscribe to his Occidental Observer, and eagerly read his articles (however I am banned from commentary because of my profanity). He ranks highly among his peers, and we owe him much for his erudition and well-intended guidance.

  3. “The future ain’t what it used to be”
    Thus spake Yogi Berra, the Swami of Swat..

    1. And the past weren’t nothing like its gonna be

      In other news, a friend of mine in Massachusetts is mocking the State mandate for wearing face masks by wearing a Qanon mask….hope it catches on 👺(a reasonable facsimile, best I could do)

  4. Kevin MacDonald’s article expresses the fact that any person can exercise the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    However, Mr. MacDonald demonstrates clearly that any person can say, publish, or oppose any subject regarding U.S. Government affairs. As long as it’s not effective. In America if an individual, company, or political party’s opposition become effective, that is approval by the majority of citizenry agreeing, you are eliminated post haste, never to be seen or heard again.

    1. Cent –

      You wrote:
      “….any person can exercise the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution…”

      That is not correct. This very common misinterpretation is a source of great confusion and misunderstanding in the USA!

      The amendment is clearly written to prevent congress from making laws “abridging the freedom of speech…”. The amendment, as is the case with the the whole ‘Bill of Rights’, applies ONLY to what the government can and cannot do, not the people.

      1. “…..written to prevent Congress from abridging the freedom of speech…” as well as the other of the original ten amendments. Without this check on Congressional power Congress would have gone UNchecked in their use of power. This forced a revision of the Protocols which has brought about actions of the Government to undermine the B.O.R. protection ever since.

        This is why there’s been a “totalitarian tiptoe” for 229 years. No B.O.R. and the tiptoe woulda been “in stride”
        Tiptoe: cautious, stealthy
        In stride: Without interference with regular activities

      2. B-Hawk –

        The Bill of Rights may be ‘Wrong’

        Here is a review of some conclusion set out by Tupper Saussy in 1984. This set of rules made Congress an amoral body. Congress placed themselves above the people by setting the guidelines and rules for the people, the earthly sovereigns, who created the government. At that point they placed Congress at the level of God, which is an amoral act. A man cannot serve two masters.

        Here are a few examples why Massachusetts, Connecticut, Kentucky and Georgia did not endorse the Bill of Rights:

        1st Amendment: The people’s right to assembly was limited to ‘peaceably’ which is a variable term subject to official review.

        2nd Amendment: The peoples’ right to keep and bear arms depends on a well-regulated militia, not their own free choice.

        3rd Amendment: Soldiers can, in time of war, be quartered in any private home; and in times of peace, if congress wishes them to do so.

        4th Amendment: The reasonableness of search and seizure is left up to official review. An affirmation may be fictitious as well.

        5th Amendment: A person can be held for crimes less than capital or infamous without a grand jury indictment. He can be compelled to testify against himself in civil cases. And ‘just compensation’ is subject to official review.

        6th Amendment: One is encouraged to rush to trial in a speedy fashion. This amendment presumed to establish ‘districts’ in the future, and, in doing so, it expanded the jurisdictions of the national courts beyond those set by the constitution itself. Art III sec 2 plainly stated that “The trial of ALL crimes….shall be held in the STATE where the said crimes shall have been committed.”

        7th Amendment: In a common law suit where the value is less than twenty dollars the jury trial is abolished.

        8th Amendment: Bail is required, and ‘excessive’ is subject to official review. Fines can be imposed and ‘excessive’ is to be determined. Punishments can be inflicted. ‘Cruel or unusual’ punishment is subject to determination. This is a claim of jurisdiction over the person.

        9th Amendment: The people can retain whatever rights are not denied or disparaged in this Constitution.

        10th Amendment: Those powers the Constitution did not deny to the states or give to the United States, are left for the people and the states to struggle with.

        This list is not totally comprehensive, and could be reviewed further. It seems the ‘devil’ was in the adjectives. There were many more than these ten submitted over the months for review. Many ‘founders’ and statesmen were well aware of the dangers of listing their rights in a contract, and did not want the people’s rights enumerated..!!

      3. Pat
        Listing and enumerating individual rights in a contract is flat out wrong. Immoral, amoral, whichever adjective you wanna use. The only point I would make is that without a B.O.R. and what turned out to be their qualifying wording, the nature of government in and of itself exhibited through the power of a law making body would almost certainly have devolved to a totalitarianism long ago. We’ve never had the ideal wording expressing a true state of freedom in no uncertain terms, only the inadequacy of qualifiers. 😕

      4. B-Hawk –

        All supposed ‘constitutions’ are instruments of fraud and deception. This applies as much to the pretended “Articles of Confederation” as it applies to the falsely-called “U.S. Constitution.”

        The Rothschilds, and that class of money-lenders of whom they are the representatives and agents – men who never think of lending a shilling to their next-door neighbors, for purposes of honest industry, unless upon the most ample security, and at the highest rate of interest – stand ready, at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers, who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved.

      5. “Thanks to words, we have been able to rise above the brutes; and thanks to words, we have often sunk to the level of the demons.”
        Aldous Huxley, Adonis and the Alphabet

  5. Kevin: “It’s too soon to tell what will happen this year much less the long-term future of the West. Trump will have a good chance against Joe Biden, who is senile and not a candidate that inspires enthusiasm. However, the non-White vote keeps increasing and this will soon make it impossible for any Republican to win.”

    For a man who knows so much…. he is still writing from the false position of actual real and honest elections. That position is one promoted by the ‘Establishment’s Men’…. the liars.

    ALL presidential elections are fixed. TPTB already KNOW the winners in 2020 and beyond.
    (and every country where their machines are used)

    How it IS DONE……
    Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out on The 2002 Election In Maryland And More!!

    Main points:
    1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.
    2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.
    3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.
    4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.
    5-Diebold workers took the jobs that state workers should have done.

    November 2008:
    Diebold’s electronic voting machine is featured on the cover of TIME magazine, next to the headline “7 Things that could go wrong on election day.”

    Diebold was sold to ES&S in 2009:
    GREEN, Ohio — Diebold Inc., the Green-based maker of automatic teller machines and bank security systems, has sold off its controversial electronic voting subsidiaries to Elections Systems & Software Inc. for $5 million and exited the voting business.

    1. Pat –

      I remember you were so SURE that Killary was going to win the last presidential election, how or why do you think the opposite happened??

  6. ‘The Culture Of Critique’ is a book well worth reading, if you can get through it… It’s full of great information on The Problem… Lots of people who think we who criticize Yahudi are merely bigots would benefit greatly if they could suddenly be inculcated with McDonald’s wealth or reason on the subject, just from an honestly analytical perspective… The style gets a bit stiff though, you might say pedantic, which is probably understandable, the guy’s got wind from pretty high up… It’s a long subject, especially for those among us who already understand the history…. if you didn’t know communism was jewish, with those shocking details, or you’d never heard of the slant on Freud or the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism, you might be more enthralled… I found myself skipping around, looking for some hot spots, managed to read about a third of it… Not sorry I bought the book…
    However, it’s no big revelation that the West is in decline.. That’s been obvious for a few decades…
    I’m not sure pornography has a heck of a lot to do with that though… That turns out to be a big So What…
    It’s true it is Lot about the Female though, where the State, following the Church’s example, has co-opted the husband’s traditional role in marriage and bent the ever manipulable Female to its own designs…
    In that detrimental respect there’s not much difference between the Vatican Catholic so-called Christians, Jesuits backstage, and the Ashkenazi Zionist so-called Jews, with their Khazar Mafia wing…
    Moreover, ZOG or not, I think the decline is every bit as much just the natural result of the aggressive corporate methodology, which eats up good government as fast as anything…
    If we are going to the Civil War, of some kind, your friendly and helpful neighborhood Constitutional Militiaman will tell you to acquire a large rifle, a small rifle, a large pistol, a small pistol and a shotgun, with 1000 rounds of ammo for each… And get organized with your neighbors… In order that it might be prevented, you should elect the right Sheriff, one who will make it plain he will not support unconstitutional measures and federal invasion..
    And, I would have asked Macdonald if he’s heard of Deagel, because, since the virus, that’s looking more and more plausible…

  7. Hillary could never have enabled the destruction Trump has allowed. His frustrated awe struck minions would have forced their right wing pretenders to resist ferociously. Trumpenstein’s victory eliminated that possibility, as planned.

    1. Yes, Bob. I believe you are correct.
      As Dubya, the phony ‘conservative’ answer to Clinton, brought us the Patriot Act, Trump will bring us 5G, vaccines & a hideous New Normal in a destroyed economy.

      AND – The minions dare not howl in resistance.

    2. What are “awestruck minions” and “right wing pretenders”, you DC bureaucrat?? What WILL happen is they WILL “resist ferociously”, and Atlas might “shrug” – leaving you starving, destitute, and freezing. Same could happen to Trump, if that pleases your fancy. (He knows it, too!)

    1. No, Matt, there’s no articles here about the nature of law…civic vs common or anything about civic and/or common laws –> WE are a LAW unto Ourselves so WE don’t need no stinkin’ articles about civic law and/or common law. Take a hike, Matt.

      1. It’s a never-ending argument, TROJ. Most cannot explain it; they just parrot what they’ve heard, and no amount of explanation will make them understand. “Common sense” is rare, here. ☹️

  8. You guys that sit in the USA and are more fit with these kind of things, how do you size this? This sounds major.

    “With one sweep of the pen President Trump has put all major Internet platforms on notice today that they can no longer use their internal social and political standings as their standard as this transgresses freedom of speech with their clients.”

  9. Good for Kevin MacDonald for daring to research and publish information on Jews… At this point, he is almost a lone voice because we know who rules over us by whom we can’t criticize. I’m willing to settle for blaming Bill Gates and the Rockefellers for the big pharma drug cartel. We lose our Western Civilization but we at least won’t lose our lives along with it.

    I live in southern California, too, and I think the white students in LA Unified are down to about 10%, not sure, but as a “white student” my granddaughter got into every school where she applied. Of course, the Democrats who run the state could care less about the students and families of LAUSD who live paycheck to paycheck. “Food insecurity” is rampant in the County, 15,000 high school students never showed up for online classes and 60,000 students show up only occasionally. This doesn’t seem to alarm the Democrats who are discussing not opening the campuses in the Fall. Grade school kids, I hear, are home without adults, hungry and uneducated. (I’m homeschooling my granddaughter at the moment) The Democrats want economic chaos as a check on Trump, who at least began breaking up their pedophile, child trafficking rings. We remaining anglos watch better than average documentaries on Jeffrey Epstein, and Israeli dramas about the conflict. Jews get to talk about themselves as much as they want. I suppose this is order out of chaos or some such plan.

  10. Kevin writes his ideas with the precision of a surgeon, it’s easy to grasp what he means. He tells precisely what the Jews do in every nation they settle – a network of cooperation for Jews only. When this cooperation involves public servants any legislation in the world will define it as criminal activity. You cannot be a public servant and discriminate the public to beneficiate family and friends. They do it without second thoughts. Among other things, Jews use Masonic Lodges as their safe meeting place. Freemasonry is Jewish Kabbalah applied, a system that creates mind-slaves, their meritocracy is inverted, bad people climb in their ranks. See ‘Architects of Deception’ by Juri Lina for details about this awful worldwide organization.

    I see race war as counterproductive and a good for the Jews idea, the old divide and rule trick for the masses. I don’t see the J-Team as a race I see them as a hostile nation, a Trojan horse that should never be allowed to operate. Did you see the Negroes savagery in Minneapolis a couple of days ago, imagine if it was used against the real enemy. Some say “send the Negroes back to Africa,” a radical statement indeed but won’t solve a thing. Like it or not they are American citizens by now. Nevertheless, to accept all non-English speaking migrants as citizens is national suicide.

    Cultural Marxism is a powerful tool. The ideologues (demagogues) take every crack in society and apply tension to it. What are we going to do about feminist white women? What are we going to do about out-of-control white teenagers? I could go further…

    Civil war, or race war, isn’t a good idea. A popular revolt against “the system” with a more inclusive political platform sounds better, anyone against it fell free to play with the J-Team and be a useful idiot for the Jews or worse, cannon fodder. One of the few advantages the People have is to be on the side of truth, the truth will set us free.

  11. EXSA
    It’s good news if it’s true…
    But Trump has been threatening to do great things for society for the last 4 years…
    Like he says – ‘we’ll see what happens’…

    1. You’re right. Lets see what will happen.

      White South Africa urgently needs powerful alliance partners from abroad that can put pressure on the ANC. In the meantime South Africa is sliding deeper and deeper into an afromarxist dictatorship. I can supply many links, but I reckon Dr. Darkmoon readers are well informed enough by this stage and the mods have better things to do than continually being flooded by links.

      But the potential alliance partners (Germany’s AfD, France’s Le Pen, Italy’s Salvini, the USA=who?) are all facing a storm from the Money Powers in charge. They are all in the middle of a huge battle. sometimes by advancing the front, sometimes by withdrawing.

      The AfD (the speaker was one Andreas Keith) the other day (25.5.2020) made a very bold move, very risky for an internal divided party heavily attacked by the media right in the middle of occupied Germany. I don’t know of an other EU country that has done (but in the EU parlament South-Africa has received exposure before) this before in their local parlaments. He spoke before the representative assembly in one of the federal states. The topic? “Anti-white racism in South Africa: these are the hidden facts”. He spoke no holds barred about the gruesome persecution, torture and corruption against the white minority. It was excellent.

      These ar the kind of alliances white South Africa needs. President Trump has spoken out befoe, but what is the use if the dollars are still continuing to flow from the USA into the ANC coffers? But I understand president Trump is also bound by law and a hostile elite who will do everything in their power to overturn his actions.

  12. The West is as much a construction as the East. The real question is when will the West be truly free?

  13. Lucy in Darkmoon’s Sky with a Diamond Tiara!

    You attempted to defame me on Truthseeker site — my posts there and here for all the read. You label my posts “hateful”, no doubt you’ll claim “malice aforethought”, too. Nonsense.

    What about these few words do you find “hateful”: “Thank GOD for graphics.”

    I stand behind and with all I write and post, without calumny. I find it interesting indeed you should venture so far afield to Truthseeker, to my comment on Kevin MacDonald’s post and, by extension, to his interview posted off-site. Why would you bother?!

    You say, in so many words, the man is psychotic, in need of a psychiatrist’s help, This seems a meme of chasing off reasonable folk who post “inconvenient comments and observations” on Darkmoon and, now, Truthseeker. If this posts, I’ll have a copy for when you eliminate my input.

    In the meantime, and in mean times we live, you and your colleagues — MI6? — make them meaner than they have to be.

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