Lobro’s Parting Shot: A Disgruntled Commenter’s Anger at his Unfair Treatment on the Darkmoon Site

April 9, 2020
Introduced by Editor John Scott Montecristo

JSM:  I was about to delete this long off-topic comment by Lobro but checked first with my cousin Lasha Darkmoon what I should do with it. I fully expected her to agree to its deletion, given that the comment consists of a long character assassination of Lasha, combined with a fierce denunciation of this website for allowing Lobro to be vilified here in the most execrable terms.

To my surprise, Lasha not only praised the comment unstintingly but insisted it was 100 per cent sincere, since it came from an essentially good man who had been vilely treated. She therefore suggested that the comment should be published as a feature article in vindication of Lobro, with her kindly blessings for his future well-being. She was also delighted to hear that Lobro was planning to start up his own website, something she had long urged him to do.  “He has finally got round to it,” she smiled. “The shocking procrastinator!”

One of these days, we fully expect the Darkmoon site to be shut down. We live on borrowed time. It is nice to know that our many readers and commenters will now have another website to go to when our own site is no more.

OK, so here is Lobro’s comment in full, exactly as he wrote it—including his personal insults toward the imagined ugliness of my attractive cousin Lasha Darkmoon who has never once in her life been short of male admirers.


“The Chinese have a saying that God gives a human face its beauty until the age of 40, after which it is up to the bearer, i.e., the person’s character surfaces in one’s visage. Lasha is pushing 40, isn’t she—wish her the best, may she land on the right side of Dorian Gray’s portrait.” — Lobro, taking delight in Lasha growing old and ugly one day.

For your eye only, Toby or both if you have two. I don’t expect to see this published, not that I care, it is for your protection and Lasha’s.

I promised never to send another unsolicited message to the site’s email address as long as I live and fully intend to keep that pledge, which is why I take this route.

First, the “sucker for flattery” is tongue in cheek referencing Lasha’s frequent insistence that I am indeed an easy mark for flattery; feel free to ask her (50-50 odds that she will read this before you).

I won’t speculate on what prompted her to make those remarks—unimportant now. Suffice it to say that I do put premium on flattery over being told that I am a ”Croatian cunt that sucks Trump’s cock, Stalin’s cock, asinine asshole, obnoxious prick [interesting one that, eh Toby?], narcissistic thug, attention seeking whore [Sard’s echoes of Lasha’s use of “flattery”]” and whatever else is in daily lexicon of Gybrochian dialect*** commonly used in the refined, bluestocking drawing rooms that you frequent for the afternoon cuppah+cuke sandwiches. Suffice it also to say that such language has nothing in common with mine, having been brought up in Christian family and having no recollection of Christ speaking thusly—I guess it depends on whose translation you use, Toby.

***  JSM:  “Gybrochean dialect”. This is a derogatory reference to a poem by Lasha Darkmoon written many years ago which had been published in an American Gothic magazine and received much praise from Stephen King and others. Lobro was apparently impressed by it also in those long-ago days. He describes it as “a damn fine effort”. (See Comment 1 here, THE GYBROCH)

Brief historical summary: Lasha-Xanadu and I go at least 15-16 years back to Xymphora days, where she showed up with a menagerie of alter egos, all in a fun, playful sense and for this I defended her in face of outrage by the forum comprised of serious male commentators who felt that she was defiling the board with such theatrics—I however felt that it added an innocent touch of frivolity and that she should be allowed to carry on. Be it as it may, she was eventually hounded off-site, to my disappointment and disgust, so that after she opened Darkmoon, I at some point hauled my ideological baggage over here. And contributed peacefully for about dozen years prior to Trump election.

Now understand this extremely important point Toby, I pray that you have wherewithal to do so.

I am a man and the psychic vessel called friendship is important beyond compare to me, with related notions of trust and loyalty, such as historical warrior societies held among brothers-in-arms, e.g., Theban Brotherhood or contubernia of Roman legions.

Lasha is a woman and as such must follow her biological imperative like a stock trader always on the lookout for the next winner, ready to instantly ditch a perceived loser. This predisposition has been clearly observed throughout the history from Expulsion onward—I intend to explore this at some depth once my own website is set up, naturally without the slightest reference to my personal experience—it is just something of overwhelming impact on the outcomes of the current epoch.

Which is what happened on June 18, 2017, when she proclaimed ++++ her new champion, Lobro sacrificed in public execution delivered at her behest by the Grammar Fiend (a “family friend” by her own account), instantly followed on by M. Butterfly’s “Long, rambling comments that even in one case made a cowardly personal attack on Lasha Darkmoon, suggesting she was a crypto-Jew for daring to author an anti-Trump article. ” added fuel for good measure. Even though I instantly caught the full blow, my enduring sense of trust and loyalty proscribed me from accepting this for the next six months of unrelenting attacks by the witches’ coven of entities morphing from coquettishly playful of Xymphora days to more sinister, malevolent ones, not all product of the same pen but certainly a few such.

Easily discernible from the rest of the commentariat: same voice, English diction, appearing as if on a brief visit from Occidental Observer, the first after the given article, fulsome praise of Lasha rapidly followed by a veiled attack on me, easily identified by content, rising in tone and nastiness to a fever pitch of the said Gybrochian obscenities *—Emma Darcy, Emma Kirby, Silent Reader (good chance that all three are the same entity), Dr Parker with whom you share a particular mojo, Toby, feel free to challenge me on it, Yggdrasil who pioneered the use of ”Lobro sucks cock” a phrase that quickly gained acceptance in the coven’s vernacular and numerous others bearing the stamp of sameness, the unspeakably wicked Sardonicus, mysterious Carlyle who spilled beans on my demise prematurely and Lasha deleted his post within minutes and so on and on.

*  See note above to this poem: THE GYBROCH.

As the American Taxpayer at Xymphora might say, ”Serve you right, Lobro you idiot, didn’t we warn you”.

Well, time takes care of such matters, the Chinese have a saying that God gives a human face its beauty until the age 40, after which it is up to the bearer, i.e., the person’s character surfaces in one’s visage. Lasha is pushing 40, isn’t she—wish her the best, may she land on the right side of Dorian Gray’s portrait.

Lobro cruelly delights in imagining that Lasha
is a female version of Dorian Gray ***

If you can spare half an hour to one hour at some point Toby (Lasha already knows about my preferences) cast a brief glance at the following excerpts, might do you future good. (Luke 12:3)

For everything that you will say in darkness shall be heard in the light and whatever you whispered in an ear in an inner chamber will be preached on the rooftops.

Omar Khayyam’s Moving Finger,
Virgil’s Facilis descensus Averno,
Marlowe’s Lente, lente curite.

Goodbye, Toby, time is too short for further overlap between Lobro and Darkmoon.

***  JSM:  As a matter of record, Lasha was born in May 1978 and is now an attractive 39-year old. Next month she will hit the forbidden age of 40.  Married twice, with two children, both living in Canada, neither of them ashamed of the looks of their “bluestocking” mother. (So described by Lobro).  Let it be noted that Lobro is now in his sixties—maybe his seventies—so the insult that Lasha probably resembles the ugly and decrepit Dorian Gray in the famous portrait, would apply equally to the ageing Lobro—if not more so!  🙂
In conclusion, this article comment by Lobro is a sincere summary of a complex situation, seen from his viewpoint. But only from his viewpoint, and not from the viewpoint of the people he is lambasting. There are two sides to every question, and this is Lobro’s side.
May Lobro reach final closure on this matter with the insight that God understands him and that he is loved by God. Equally so, God loves Lasha and gives her all her poems to write, dictated by an angel — poems that by no stretch of the imagination could have been written by an ugly-souled person with nothing but evil in her heart. If Lobro really believes that Lasha’s soul looks like this, he still has a long way to go! 🙂

36 thoughts to “Lobro’s Parting Shot: A Disgruntled Commenter’s Anger at his Unfair Treatment on the Darkmoon Site”


    “[Quoting Lobro] ….. “[I] wish her the best, may she land on the right side of Dorian Gray’s portrait.”

    Rather than grokking this as Lobro wishing Lasha grow old and ugly I grok this as Lobro wishing Lasha stay forever young and beautiful. The “right” side indeed..

    Far too long far too many have misconscrewed Lobro and Lobro’s words and intent, whether unintentionally or intentionally and this is what’s truly become old and ugly.

    Once thing I know with utmost certainty is Lobro will forever remain Lobro and more power to you, amigo.

    1. @ Hp

      Rather than grokking this as Lobro wishing Lasha grow old and ugly I grok this as Lobro wishing Lasha stay forever young and beautiful. The “right” side indeed.

      I don’t “grok” it like that at all.

      The comment is clearly malicious. If Lobro wished Lasha well, why bring up the question of Dorian Gray growing old and ugly? Why mention “The Picture of Dorian Gray” at all?

      If Lobro had wished Lasha well, he would have said something nice about her. He fails to do so. His whole post is negative and condemnatory. It is one long diatribe, oozing with malevolence toward Lasha. It is one long screed of complaints. If you can’t see this, I feel sorry for you.

      By defending Lobro, you have dissed Lasha. Now we know where you stand when the chips are down.

      — Ruth,
      (once a staunch friend of Lobro’s, but no longer).

      1. C’mon Ms Bernstein, give a guy a break, will ya?! And don’t toss Homer to the lions, either….. to be eaten like ya hubby was!! 💥 😜

  2. I don’t think it is advisable to judge Homer (Hp) too harshly for putting in a good word for his friend Lobro. Obviously he knows Lobro well from the past, and to spring to his defense is therefore natural.

    On the other hand, I agree that Lobro’s post fails to say a single good thing about Lasha and is “one long screed of complaints” about the website in general and Lasha in particular. Ruth is clearly correct in pointing out this only too obvious fact. This is hardly a post, after all, singing the praises of the Darkmoon site or scattering compliments to the much-maligned Lasha. It seems to me that what we have here is two men, Lobro and Hp, ganging up to get the boot in … and kicking the hell out of Lasha when she is down.

    I feel sorry that two grown men should behave like this toward a woman who never defends herself.

    1. I have enjoyed this epic off-topic attack on the hated neo-Nazi bitch Lasha Darkmoon. Long may she rot in hell for all the evil she has done in this antisemitic world. More articles like would be appreciated.
      I welcome the advent of Lobro’s new website and promise to be an avid reader of his.

      1. Hear, hear! Well said, Seymour! You took the words out of my mouth. Lobro’s masterly prose, Swiftian in its biting trenchancy, cannot be praised too much. I adored his brilliant description of the evil women who attacked him on the Darkmoon site as belonging to a “coven.” That was a well-chosen word. With a single thrust of his deadly rapier, Lobro has ripped out the guts of these three spiteful witches. Well done, Lobro!

      2. @ Seymour Zak
        @ Seymour’s Wife
        @ Lobro
        @ Hp


      3. @ Lobro

        “. . . the unspeakably wicked Sardonicus.”

        Ouch! that really hurt. . . . Maybe I need to tell you now that I suddenly stopped posting here because Lasha asked me to do so out of concern for you. She was aware that, in spite of all your Jew wise knowledge and cognitive abilities, you were hopelessly inept when you came under personal attack. Polite disagreement you could handle with grace and charm, but personal invective, abuse, and outright abuse was your Achilles heel. You just weren’t equipped to deal with a barrage of verbal abuse, disrespecting you, and you went to pieces under its onslaught.

        I apologize sincerely for my personal invective. Though it was morally wrong for me to deploy my deadly arsenal of rhetorical tricks against a person who was in sore need of a kind word to keep him going, I did it solely in defense of my long-term friend Lasha Darkmoon whom you had chosen to attack — for whose jugular you had decided to go most unwisely — for what reason I have no idea.

      4. Continued . . .

        (1) You objected to almost every article LD published on Donald Trump in an obnoxious personal way.

        (2) You were so paranoid that you attacked a female poster here viciously — Emma Kirby, I think—for allegedly attacking you when she had not mentioned you by name and was a new poster totally unaware of your existence. Did you apologize to her at once? No, you didn’t. Self-important men like you, sexist and misogynist, never apologize to women if they can help it. You apologized to Emma 1-2 years later when you wished to portray yourself as a man of magnanimous virtue, expecting the said Emma to fall at your feet and thank you for saying “Sorry”! She declined to accept your apology, turning her again into one of your haters whom you mention above scathingly. Odd, isn’t it? You apologize to Emma who is innocent. She doesn’t accept your apology. And hey presto, she is suddenly relegated again to he list of your deadly enemies and persecutors!

        Truly, Lobro, you don’t know how ridiculous you make yourself by your never-ending harangues and hissy fits.

        (3) You sneered at LD in one of her comments and refused to apologize when she told you that, if you’d continued to read her post to the end, she was actually in full agreement with you! You mumbled something about your “dyslexia”, a favorite excuse of yours for bad behavior.

        (4) You wrote an impertinent comment to Admin advising them haughtily to change the rules and regulations of the DM website — rules drawn up by Lasha herself — asking you not to use words like “nigger”, “nigra”, coon”, “baboon”, “kike” and “yid” on this site. You flouted this rule regularly yourself, thinking you were being very clever, by writing “nigger” as “n1gger”.

        (5) You seriously wounded Lasha by revealing, in a comment here on this public forum, confidential information about Lasha’s family background and her sister Lucy that she had told you in a private email. Why did you do this? How would YOU feel if she had turned the tables on you and revealed in this public forum confidential details she had confided to you in private emails? Wouldn’t that have been a shocking betrayal of friendship? But that’s what you did to Lasha — and I know for damn certain that you will deny you ever did it. Or you will put it down to absentmindedness, to your famous “dyslexia”.

        (6) Finally, You humiliated LD in public her by accusing her falsely of intellectual dishonesty over a comment on Stalin she had made in an article. You pretend you did no such thing. Or that if you did, you didn’t really mean it. Tell me, Lobro, if you had accused Kevin MacDonald of intellectual dishonesty on his site, would he have posted your comment? Not a chance! Your defamatory slur would have been deleted straight away and a block put on all your future posts. Would your friend Rowan Berkeley have put up with your insolence if you’d accused him of intellectual dishonesy on his site? I seriously doubt it. But you took advantage of Lasha, a vulnerable woman, knowing that she was unlikely to stand up for herself. Lobro, excuse me, but I must accuse you of the basest form of cowardice. You attack a former friend, a female who had confided in you, feeling confident that you could get away with it. Despicable! Truly despicable.

        All this you have carefully concealed from your readers in your angry denunciation of Lasha above, assuming all the airs of a victim who has been shabbily treated.

        Am I “unspeakably evil” for revealing what Lasha herself knows in her heart to be to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? You have used her as your punching bag and spitting bowl fr many years now. Why? What demon has got into you? Why do you seek to damage her?

        — Sardonicus
        (described by Lobro as “unspeakably evil”)

    2. Saki

      HP “kicking the hell out of lasha when she’s down”? How did you surmise that from his post? Talk about a stretch, sheesh😬

      1. Let me explain it you, Brownhawk. You are intelligent and will understand intuitively.

        (1) I like and admire Hp. He is one of my favorite posters on this site. I hope my intemperate words will not scare him away. And I hope he will make allowances for my hyperbole (exaggerated way of speaking) and not be scared away from this site by any harsh words from me. I speak like this sometimes to my own beloved children when they misbehave.

        (2) It’s clear that Hp has a soft spot for BOTH Lobro and Lasha, knowing them both for many years on different sites, so it seems all the more strange for him to defend Lobro here and give him a clean bill of health. Why? Because to do this is a backhanded slap in the face to Lasha whom Lobro has attacked hell for leather in his comment article, stating clearly and shamefully that Lasha has an UGLY SOUL — like the face of Dorian Gray in the famous painting. If Lobro is honest, he will admit he has a deep-seated hatred, a neurotic grudge against Lasha that goes back several yesrs and has its origin in events COMPLETELY UNKNOWN TO HP, TO ME, AND TO YOU. Only Lobro and Lasha know what the real cause of their relationship breakdown is.

        (3) Your comment that Lobro “has his faults” misses the point, BH. Read Sardonicus’s posts again. Lobro has been guilty of a long campaign of mudslinging at Lasha. You haven’t. I haven’t. Hp hasn’t. None of you guys, whatever your faults, has done to Lasha what Lobro has done to Lasha and this site.

        (4) Neither you nor Hp accused Lasha of INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY. Lobro did. Neither you nor Hp attacked Lasha openly on this site and declined to apologize. Lobro did. Neither you nor Hp ever dissed Admin openly or lectured Admin on the need to rewrite Admin’s rules to suit your special needs. Lobro did. Neither you nor Hp attacked female posters (Emma Kirby) and drove them off this site like a bullying thug. Lobro did. Neither you no Hp were in friendly correspondence with Lasha for many years and then betrayed confidential information about Lasha’s family on this website. Lobro did.

        (5) You see the difference, Brownhawk. In defending Lobro, you are not being fair to Lasha, since she is clearly the innocent party here. What is her crime, exactly? What has she done? Ah yes, she has failed to let Lobro post long, turgid, off-topic posts praising Stalin on her ANTI-STALIN site! (How shocking). This disagreeable old man from Canada thinks he has a right to bully Lasha into accepting his Stalin cultist comments on her anti-Stalin site and throws a hissy fit every time she publishes an anti-Trump article. As if she’s doing it just to get on his nerves! Whose site is this, Brownhawk? By what right does this obnoxious bully boy thrust his big nose in here where he doesn’t belong and is no longer wanted?

        (6) The sooner he gets his own blog, the better! I for one will not be reading it. The man you praise leaves a nasty smell behind him as he stomps off on into the sunset on his high horse.

        @ Admin

        This is not an “offensive” comment, so please do not delete it. It’s offensive only to the troublemaker who refuses to leave this site in peace, returning here repeatedly to kick up a stink and whine and complain about how badly he’s been treated.

        This long comment is in defense of Lasha, whose poetry alone offers one a window into her soul, as someone else has already pointed out above. Lasha’s soul is clearly not the “ugly Dorian Gray soul” this vicious Canadian stalker accuses her of having. If anyone has an ugly soul here, we know whose it is. It will soon be on full display on his new blog, this ugly soul of his. May he reap what he sows.

  3. I feel sad that Lobro is leaving (Are you really?), but the whole post by Lobro is NO different than posts by Melvin Polatnick or Seymour Zak, where their Rants (which they are entitled to – Free Speech lover that I am) are another opinion (which is allowed unless you talk about Jews), but they just lead to the Slippery Slope Down to the Gutter. Having been here for some time, from 3 -5 years ago (ADMIN can check), this Slippery Slope downward reflects badly on a Very Good and Very Popular Website ( Top 2% clicks, etc.), which is run by Christians where the content and/or comments seem to always go back to The Usual Suspects, the Tribe, International jewry and how they are the Problem and how their machinations are Everywhere. This is a useful Goal for the website in informing the Sheeple about who/which factions RUN the World. Unfortunately, because of this Goal, the website, is in DANGER of being shutdown by TPTB. I wish Lobro well in his future endeavours none the less!

    I also wish Lasha and company, the Best, personally to each member, and in being able to provide this website and its forum to educate not just US, the regulars, but any Sheeple that might stray by. (Darkmoon needs more stragglers, passerbys) to be viable. So thank you for your Service/Platform and keep up the Great Work! I am sorry that Lobro could NOT stand the HEAT in Lasha’s Kitchen! Kitchen’s are for family and friends mostly.

    Having said that, there are times when the website feels like a Crypto-Jew Psychological Operation (Psyop) to manipulate us. I am NOT saying that Lasha and Company are really Jews pretending to be Christians, like what happens in Amerika. And also I am NOT saying that they are FSB or even CIA/Mossad agents conducting a Thought Manipulation Exercise like Israeli’s cutting off Cable to Palestinians and feeding them Pornography (example only) to destroy the Palestinians minds and moral! Sometimes, based on who says what and who counter-replies and counter-mands or rebutts ( No names needed – I am sure you know who) like a Good Cop-Bad Cop routine, to manipulate the offending party. I have felt this sometimes, but I can take it, because my personality is reflected by the animals like the Capricorn Goat/Fish and the Chinese Zodiac Tiger. So I am stubborn, tenacious and plotting, methodical and calculating as I stalk my prey. Having a Scientific background also helps (Logic and Scientific method analysis). Despite this, I can stand the HEAT in the Darkmoon Kitchen!

    And it is for these reasons in addition to wanting to learn and learn Truth that I stay here!

    So good-bye Lobro and Welcome to any NEWCOMERS! Hope there are many in the future as we are being sorted like the different Harry Potter’s Houses. As a Christian I prefer, the Wheat – Chaff, Goats – Sheep analogies, but others of a more carnal/worldly nature would prefer Harry Potter!

    As Forest Gump says, That’s all I have to Say about That, when the comments on the Vietnam war as his mike is cutoff! Enjoy Darkmoon! Thanks for plugging Canada, which is where I also live, though out west (West of Manitoba)!

    1. @ Admin:

      From my comment above, I wish to ask where was my previous comment elsewhere that mentioned Adolf Hitler as a Saviour of the German-speaking people in WW2? Where I also said: Sieg Heil! And Please, I do NOT want to hear that someone (RCMP, CSIS, CSE or NSA, or Google) interfered with it being received at your end! That excuse is dated and lacks credibility the more times it is used! Otherwise, I will interpret it like the person that runs OMEGASHOCK.COM (John Little, a CIA reject) as a CIA Coverup, because the statements I make actually expose the TRUTH. I do NOT want to believe that about Darkmoon! Kind regards, during Easter, Frohe Ostern (Happy Easter) is NOT Jewish, but German, Nemeczky for you Slavic brothers! So for those that think I can speak Yiddish/Hebrew and think all my foreign words are Jewish, should get a life and learn another language besides English! I know some words and phrases in German, Russian, Slovak, Yiddish and Cantonese. Slovak and German were my original mother-tongues. English as a language was learned in Canada from watching TV. So Danke, Spasiba and Che Che or else go find yourself a Schicksa! I am sure Seymour Zak or Melvin Polatnick would oblige!

  4. I am only disappointed to learn (from JSM) that Lasha has been twice married, and twice a mother. ☹️ Heretofore, I had imagined Lasha to be a beautiful raven-haired virgin; pious, yet playful – with a great sense of humor (though she’s probably still quite beautiful). 😍 I hate that men have caused her pain to the point of perhaps jading her demeanor, but I understand. At least she has retained that humor which allows great license for our ramblings, here. It was suitable that Lobro inspired such candor, and I imagine that Lasha is a good enough “sport” to share the cyber address of his new website. I look forward to reading it! 😀

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      “I am only disappointed to learn (from JSM) that Lasha has been twice married, and twice a mother.”

      Why so? Aren’t you yourself a married man (or divorced) with children? What could be more normal than being “twice married, and twice a mother”? Surely it would be far more abnormal to be “a beautiful raven-haired virgin“? 🙂

  5. Sorry to find that my comments are still on “moderation”. I guess I’ve pissed-off someone.

    ADMIN: Not our doing. A computer glitch.
    None of your comments give us cause for concern.

    1. Thanks for saying. Everyone here seems so thin-skinned, I wondered… Anyhow, a Dorian Grey-like visage might apply to ANYONE who has suffered through divorces and heartbreaks. I know from looking at my own photos from pre-marriage years that I was far better-looking THEN than my own, now-jaded 61 year-old portrait. (Lasha and I would have made a handsome couple in those days!)
      Life wears unkindly on almost everyone I have known. It is NO secret for which to be ashamed.

  6. ADMIN:

    Why were my three previous comments deleted?

    ADMIN: Because they were totally off-topic, though very interesting and erudite. We are not here to discuss the occurrence of a huge and spectacularly beautiful “Pink Moon” last night, a rare event eagerly awaited by astronomers.

  7. I’m out! No.more posts.from me as I have been sickened.by the unChristian nastiness amd continual bitchiness of the women Mrs Zak spoke about.

    1. Hell, Bilney! Don’t stop posting, please! Yours are some of the only posts I truly enjoy reading! 🙂🙃

      1. I second that. Max is always good for a laugh. He also provides useful information when he isn’t going off the deep end. I say this without prejudice, given that Max has viciously attacked me as being part of a witch’s coven. He’s awful, but I luv him! 🙂

  8. @ Max Bilney

    What are you complaining about, Maxy? Haven’t their posts just been deleted by Admin?

    Besides, you know you secretly enjoy having these ladies on the site because it gives you someone to attack. (An all-male forum would be awfully dull). They are obviously in awe of you and your caustic tongue, so hang around if only to keep this “coven” of witches cringing under your cat-o’-nine-tails! 🙂

    Lola is an interesting newcomer who has never attacked Lobro and is a most erudite female. I don’t think she’s a whore at all. She’s just playing a part. Probably an out-of-work actress.

  9. Lasha Darkmoon is a person with noble soul. I have not met or seen her but her poems and writings and her selection of paintings reflect the grace and beauty of her personality. She is forever young
    Love you Lasha.

    1. Hoshu,

      Lasha will be pleased when she reads your comment. Right now she is unable to do so because she is self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus, i.e. a high temperature and a cough. I think it could be flu, and that’s what we’re all hoping.

      1. OMG! Sister Monica,
        How this evil virus can prey on such a delicate soul. May Allah in His magnanimity grant her speedy recovery. Please convey her my best wishes. She’ll be in my prayers. Please keep us posted on status of her health.

  10. Note how many “offensive comments deleted” directed at lobro appear on this thread. Are you negative commenters really that miserable and lacking in magnanimity that you feel the need to resort to that? As with every single one of us, lobro has his faults, but what you glass house dwellers throwing stones REALLY need is to take a long hard look at your OWN shortcomings and put down the stones.


    Not a single worthy thought. Not a single sincere human feeling. Nothing but pure and shallow vanity from every fucking one of you.

    Nothing good comes from the West – insincerity in everything, deception and lies, filthy language and filthy souls, spiritual ugliness. To put it all in one word – disgust.

    I did my best to cure your fucking souls. But it is impossible. So this shit house should be brought down for good. It has no good reason to be on this Earth.

    ADMIN: Circassian: There is a great deal of truth in what you say. But don’t blame the website. We are responsible only for the articles, all of which come from respected sources. We are not responsible for the commenters, nor do we seek them out or encourage them to post here. They come unbidden.

    What you see here is a reflection of reality. LD never reads the Comments section except with loathing and has asked us to shut it down. We don’t, because of the handful of excellent commenters who still post here. This small group of polite and well-informed contributors, it is for their sakes that we still run the Comments section. When they go, we shall shut down the entire Comment section.

    And when the time comes, we shall shut down the entire site which is increasingly beginning to resemble a madhouse.

    — Sister Monica (on behalf of Lasha)

    1. Circ –

      True to form. A failure!! Your totally misguided musselman hillbilly personality is showing again. Actually…. STILL!! 💥 💥 😜

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