Lost in the Woods




Lost in the woods! — your love was lost.
You let her stray, now count the cost.
You tear your hair out and you howl 
While in the woods the wolves still prowl.

Wolf slipped sweet poison in her ear:
“How nice you look to me, my dear!
Into my step you’ve put a bounce.
My, I could eat you up at once!”

Your love replied with silken purr:
“Flattered you fancy me, dear sir!”
Your love is gone—she’s lost her wits—
And in the forest falls to bits.

15 thoughts to “Lost in the Woods”

  1. When reading good poems like this, the reader imagines the verse as it relates to his own life – or there is no relativity or appreciation. This poem causes me to wonder “why” I never cared enough to fight for my loves. When a “wolf” came along to entice her, I simply let her go. It once inspired a poem I wrote –
    “… If she be not all for me,
    Then what care I for whom she be?”

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      Very perceptive of you to grasp at once the underlying meaning of the poem … with its Little Red Riding Hood metaphor.

      I’d love to read your poem, inspired, as you say, by a real life experience of this kind. Feel free to post it here if you want. We are on the lookout for good short poems of this kind, preferably in rhyme and meter.

      Others are welcome to submit their poems here too.

  2. LD is not entirely satisfied with this poem. She thinks it ends too abruptly and needs one more verse as a clincher.

    If any of you happen to agree with her and think the poem could be strengthened by the addition of a further 4-line stanza in the same octosyllabic rhyme scheme — i.e. eight syllables in each line of rhyming couplets — we’d love to hear from you.

    Accept the challenge! 🙂

    1. Gilbert is !Brilliant! He immediately grasped it’s a Little Red Riding Hood metaphor! The rest of us were like duh what’s going on …. what is Lasha talking about duh…. why is the little girl wearing a little red riding hood duh… why is Lasha talking about wolves duh…. why is the wolf trying to fool the little girl in the little red riding hood duh…. BUT! Gilbert caught on !Immediately! 🐺

      1. Yeah, we’re all real dumb!
        I didn’t have a clue what Lasha was talking about.
        Guess I never met a wolf in real life. Duh! 🙂

    2. In keeping with Gilbert’s observation of caring enough, a finishing touch to lasha’s poem could read…

      Had you but showed her
      true love’s way
      The wolf’s allure
      would hold no sway

      1. @ Brownhawk

        Thank you for your contribution, BH. A worthy attempt! Others accepted the challenge too and need to be thanked. Lasha has since revised the poem and added a fourth verse as a clincher. She may publish this at some future date…

  3. Hey XANADU, Excuse my language, but that part of the poem that said, “My, I could eat you up at once!” reminds me of the story of Little Red Riding Hood when the wolf told her, ” I am going to eat you up,” to which she replied, ” what is the matter with you guys, no one wants to fuck anymore.”

    1. As my mother of loving memory used to sometimes say to us children: “Elevate your thinking.”
      Or as Jesus said, “It is not what enters a man’s mouth that defiles him, but what proceeds from his mouth…”

  4. The poem shows, reflects, how practical women are. If it is not that man, She is also very content with another man. A woman can’t be blamed, it’s nature. Nature must go on.

  5. My cat got lost, I let her stray,
    Would she return? I did pray,
    I feared the worse, and did I growl,
    For in the woods a wolf does prowl.

    A Wolf slipped up behind her rear:
    “How nice you look to me, my dear!
    Into my step you’ve put a bounce,
    Could I eat you out all at once?”

    My cat replied with silken purr:
    “Fancy me my rear my dear sir?”
    My tiger cat she did came back,
    And in the woods the wolf was snack.

    Thanks for the idea LD. Just a little different ending on an old, old theme.

  6. You can’t hold the wolf by the ears
    Yet must go in to face your fears;
    Patch your valour with skin of fey
    Using guile to lead the wolves astray.

    Find and fix her shattered shards,
    Show her the image of your charge.
    Watch wolfen flannel fall away,
    Guide her to cerulean day.

    You lost her to grinning alpha; find her with spinning omega.

    I concur with TOEJAMICUS — thanks for the idea, LD!

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