Mia Fulgida, Mia Splendida : An Italian Translation

‘My Radiant, My Beautiful’ by XANADU

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Mia Fulgida, mia Splendida, mia Vera,
hai messo le tue curanti mani sul mio capo,
mi hai guidato fuor dall’oscura valle –
e or ti sei spenta.
Non posso vederti, Angelo mio, o sentir il tuo tocco,
e soprattutto penso non ci sia nessun qui:
solo me stesso, perduto in un mar di sogni –
e sulla mia guancia, una lacrima.
Simbolo di eterna gioventù e bellezza, che mi perseguita
nell’ombra oscura dei miei dì,
fammi sentir di nuovo il tuo sussurro,
“Sono con te sempre.”

4 thoughts to “Mia Fulgida, Mia Splendida : An Italian Translation”

  1. I enjoy reading these sensitively done translations, but I sometimes wish Gian Franco would allow us a little glimpse into his own mind by letting us read some of his own original verse here.

    I would then undertake to translate his Italian into English. Although my Italian is not all that good, I’d do my best to put it into English free verse.

    Rhyme and meter, as LD practices it, is unfortunately beyond my ability. But free verse is easy to do and guarantees accuracy.

  2. Well done Gian, beautifully translated! I come to this website only for the poems and translations. I’m not really interested in the political discussions on this website, as most of the site’s readers are, and so I am relieved to find that not a single poem here is about politics! Thank God, we have enough of that in our daily lives! 🙂

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