19 October 2020

The engine of our enslavement


Status update on the road to oblivion: Yes, you better be worried. Very worried.

Automatic blockages of your thought processes result every time Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Amazon erases what the Jewish archons of the world determine is detrimental to their dastardly design.

Each deplatforming of someone who is telling the truth the puppetmasters don’t want you to hear creates a scar in your thinking and adds a new and unnecessary reflex in your thought process that you must be extremely careful what you say to anyone lest you run afoul of the politically correct contact tracers ready to ruin your life with suffocating masks, bogus tests, poisoned lockdowns and untested and mislabeled toxic vaccines, as well as slander, libel and possibly murder.

Your fear of being publicly shamed and financially castrated makes you keep your mouth shut even as you observe with a hardened heart the most barbaric behavior on the part of your so-called government.

As you act this way, fear shrinks your mind as sure as Tylenol shrinks your brain.  Rather than confront it, the vast majority seek refuge from their fear, reasoning that if they just ignore it all, it will go away. It won’t.

One group of people in the world intends to kill all the other groups of people in the world. The world’s pseudoreligious holy books tell you all about it. Kill the infidel. The next murder to be investigated just might be your own.

Let me direct your attention — yet again — to the invisible fifth column ruling the world and sabotaging all nations with their sadistic financial strangulation.

We see it now as the developing Communist takeover of the world, but this is only the beginning of something far worse.

 What you are afraid to think

Why do you think Jews have been persecuted so often and for so long?

You are beginning to get the message. It is because Jews destroy societies. Egypt, India, China, Rome, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, Palestine, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya . . . how many other countries have been shattered by U.S. bombs and Western doublespeak with gullible Americans conducting the most fiendish crimes at the behest of their Jewish masters?

Because of the deceitful power of media, few people today really realize that the murderous hand of the Jew has been behind all these atrocities?

And none of the them realizes that the United States is the Jews’ latest victim. The ceremony was held in Washington when Donald Trump gave Israeli czar Netanyahu the key to the White House.

Focus your attention, please.

This is the defining issue of our times — Jewish censorship. We have experienced it for more than a century in newspapers, television and the movies; now it is with Facebook, Google, Amazon and the Internet in general. Information critical to our mental and physical health is constantly being modified and/or erased from the body of knowledge of the world, and is being replaced by the fabricated fake news history produced by Jews. Just watch CNN, the totally Jewish network. CNN and all the other Jewish communication platforms believe all news critical of the Jews should be prohibited so that Jews may be worshipped by all as the gods they insist they are. Check it out in the Talmud, if you can find one.

It first seemed like the Internet was a plus for our educations, a boon to knowledge. Now we see more clearly how it is shaping our minds, eliminating knowledge that is good for us and bad for them. With each passing suspension of supposedly controversial or fake news opinions, the Internet has become the engine of our enslavement.

• • •
Remdesivir has ‘no meaningful impact’
on COVID-19 survival, huge study finds
• • •

The total balkanization of culture in the U.S. into bulletproof containers of irrationality is precluding any possibility of civilized debate. What’s left is an endless proliferation of fake actors, paid troll armies, bots, mob outrage packaged as chocolate bars, all out hysteria.
— Pepe Escobar

The real terrorists are the government.

We should take a hint from the situation in South Africa where blacks are allowed to kill whites with no penalty and take all their land and property with no penalty. If the racist Kamala Harris were to become president, it would then become legal for blacks to kill whites in the United States WITH NO PENALTY.

It is the same with Jews. Their supposedly holy book teaches them that because they are superior beings, they are above all civil law and have the right to kill non Jews with no penalty if they don’t get caught.

Could someone please explain to me how a pot dealer can get ten years in jail for a joint but a paid political illegal alien flunkie can burn down a building and not even be charged for the crime? Why have no Antifa arsonists been arrested and charged with crimes? Why is it only people who are trying to defend the rights of whites who get arrested and are likely sentenced to long prison sentences by the Democratic Party’s Communist agitators otherwise known as judges?

As we observe the district attorneys in the U.S. funded by George Soros who are inclined to release illegal alien prisoners to help further destabilize America, most people fail to realize there is no real law and order in this country, only political manipulation aimed at scrambling society which will trigger the implementation of martial law to combat the contrived threat of Antifa burning down cities and killing white people. https://capitalresearch.org/article/soros-aims-to-transform-the-justice-system-by-funding-da-races/

And now we have learned that there is no real medical care in this country either, with the lockdowns, the vaccines and the disease-producing masks all being the recommendation of quacks who are only out to make a lot of money and not worry too much about the people they poison, since they mostly have criminal immunity from the harms they cause by their mad medical experiments. How constantly they violate their Hippocratic Oath of First, Do No Harm. Killer doctors like Fauci should face the death penalty for the deaths and injuries they have caused by their catastrophic recommendations.

The ventilator blunder

Working on the front lines in New York City, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell says, “We’ve never seen anything like it! The afflicted are literally gasping for air. In fact, the ventilators that the hospitals have scrambled to obtain do more harm than good and may be accounting for the high mortality rate. These patients don’t need help breathing — they need more oxygen when they take a breath. This is not the sign of a contagious disease but of a disruption of our mechanisms for producing energy and getting oxygen to the red blood cells.”

So is corona virus a contagious bad guy? Remember that researchers could not show that the dreadful Spanish flu was contagious. The fact that viruses are actually helpful exosomes, and that many who test positive are symptom-free, makes their role as a perpetrator highly unlikely.  To settle this question once and for all, we need to do the same contagion studies that proved non-contagion in 1918.  I’d be happy to be the first volunteer.

This is a Communist takeover. You are expendable. Shut up and obey. Wear the mask. Of a slave.

When Americans try to be patriotic, what is it they are defending and promoting? Indiscriminate slaughter? Total corruption?

Sexual perverts drinking the blood of tortured children?

Bombing Iraqis, Syrians and Lebanese to smithereens to curry favor with the Jewish billionaires who control virtually all U.S. politicians?

Poisoning its own citizens with Jewish pesticides and food additives?

Adhering to the Deep State medical model of keeping people sick on a permanent basis so they can be set up for extermination in a seemingly natural way?

The plot to kill us all (2004)

Only the government still pretends the pandemic is not a hoax. It does that for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with medicine.


28 thoughts to “Mindshaping”

  1. Excellent points.
    Remember that all you ‘news’ goes through two filters:
    1) Ethnic filter – by you know who. They hate us.
    2) Political filter – also very much in line with you know who, but with good help from whites who wants nothing but destruction of their own kind.

    Why not, just for a couple of months, demand news from sources that respect you and without filters from beings that hate you? It is not easy. I have tried.

    1. Mind shaping? No on many levels. Americans don’t have much “mind.” But if they did, best described as mind distortion. 🧐🤔

      1. Señor,

        If Americans don’t have much “mind” and that disappoints you [ because you have much mind ], then why don’t you stay in Mexico and drive a truck around Mexico? Nobody is forcing you to spend A LOT of time in the Estados Unidos where the gringos “don’t have much ‘mind'” causing you discontentment.

  2. Good article! Kaminski seems to be yelling here, I guess is the electoral political atmosphere. I’m not part of it because I’m not an American citizen.

    I would like to share my personal experience with covid (or whatever). We have a relationship now, me and the nasty flu. It started 10 days ago with throat pain. Headache, overall weakness and body pain followed. Last night a weird symptom made me worry a little, I had some pain in my left eye. Did you ever observe differences between the left band and the right band of your body? My right foot has a fungus problem but my left foot is healthy, go figure…

    I’m not theoretical. What can be better to an experimental guy like me than to experiment with myself? If the only thing I had was some regular pharmaceutical poison, I might say I could end up in a bad shape. CSI (colloidal silver inhalation) have helped me and my wife a lot, the miracle cure I say, joking. Dozens of 15 minutes sections were required. Last night I’ve dropped CS in my left eye, feeling better now.

    The curious thing is my wife has made the nose test, result? Negative! I don’t drink, don’t regularly eat poisonous food, seldom get sick. I have to conclude whatever hit me and my family was THE BUG everybody is talking about. The scandemic is a hoax but the disease is real, and manmade. Why would our beloved masters do this political charade out of thin air if they could do it out of something? No, I’m not interested in phantasmagoric invisible rainbow theories so, please, spare me. 🙂

    1. The mind is very powerful in harmony but can also be counterproductive when becoming “unstable/afraid”. It manufactures constant (life) energy, through good or bad thoughts, can be in harmony or chaotic and self destructive to the body itself. Balance of the mind is constantly influenced by the environment and situations one finds him/herself in, “life“ itself and how it is understood/lived, how one reacts to stress, or is influenced by and believes in counteraction. And, yes it is quite common that the left and right side of the body can show different “out of balance symptoms”. Even a placebo can work wonders – or devastates when not believed in completely. A well balanced mind is a mighty tool of defense against ALL “attacks” – physical or spiritual and even to all “unbalanced thoughts” born in ones own mind that might harm oneself in physical form.
      The heart itself, the birthplace/reception of LOVE in humanity is on the left side of the body NBTT. When it starves of love it can not give love and it will whither and get cold and that does not sound as YOU at all.

      1. Beautifull, Jo, thanks again!

        I would like to add that CS isn’t a placebo. Your fellow Germans were pioneers in this discovery and if Germany had won the war we would be using it naturally instead of a cocktail of poisonous ineffective organic drugs.
        This right side vs. left side dichotomy is important in life in general, I believe. If I’m not mistaken there is a crossroad in our head, the left brain controls the right side of our body and vice-versa.

      2. Was not referring to CS as a placebo NBTT. Before the German pioneering, silver was used as a healing agent by civilizations throughout the world. Its medical, preservative and restorative powers can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. Long before the development of modern pharmaceuticals, silver was employed as a NATURAL GERMICIDE. Silver (or copper) in contact with water have revitalizing effects on the water structure itself and the health/condition of the organism that consumes it will be greatly affected.

    2. Are you sure you’re posting on the right website?
      I’d think that the chat-room on WebMD – or some such medical-complaints forum – would’ve been more appropriate for discussing toe-nail fungus and the other maladies you seem to suffer from…
      all of which, in case you haven’t noticed, will pale into insignificance – even for such a self-obsessed individual as yourself – if even a fraction of what that Prophet Of Our Times, John Kamindki, lays out, comes to pass.

      1. You are saying my comment isn’t worthy. What about yours, do you have something to add? You make me laugh, I give you that.

        I like to tell stories in the first person. I’m obsessed indeed, without obsession we don’t get too far, but not that kind of obsession you accuse me to have. In case you didn’t note I’m not selling anything I’m trying to help, because I’m a Christian by heart and that’s what Christians do. I’m sick of too much suffering in this JEW controlled world!

        I’m not your enemy, move on…

        1. @ NBTT

          Don’t be intimidated by those who have a long way to go
          before they can claim the perfection of Omniscience! 🙂

      2. Thank you, Madame! But I gonna have to look “omniscience” into the dictionary. 🙂

  3. One fact that is becoming more and more self-evident, is that the more engrossed one is in accumulation of wealth, and the wealth you accumulate, the more you become pliable by the Mammon. The more we sink into this fake wealth-generating monstrosity, of Jewish Central Banking Credit System, the more we find it difficult to be Rational. God is Reason. And those who have been ensnarled by the Marmon System are the ones who are the most difficult to reason with, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Mathew 6: 19-22

    To tell people what is happening, is to open they eyes. It is to force them to reason. And when they reason, Reason also exposes the threat to their interests. The choice becomes glaringly clear. Either they reason and hence by their very act of reasoning, they expose their interests to the unseen hand of Monster that is Muzzling everyone. Or they refuse to reason, and their silence buys them security of their interests.

    Problem is, there is no guarantee of perpetual “security” One moment, you are walking in the Clouds, and rubbing shudders with “Who is Who” The next moment, your business is bottoms up, or you are whacked, because the Overseers do not like you. Pretty glib and glim prognoses

    1. There’s no need for anyone to look in a dictionary to find the meaning of “omniscience”. Just ask Señor what it means, he’ll tell you all about himself. “omniscience” is su segundo nombre, 😊.

      1. TROJ,
        Trying Donaldos patience as usual. Donaldo is JUST about to take off his belt and give you a well-deserved spanking. 🤪

  4. Psycho-Techno mesmerism with a big dash of pharmacopoeia, redux. The little devils..
    Gosh, and this time it really didn’t take very long at all. Some big democracy, eh.. Indeed,
    Silk purses for everyone, lol..

  5. “Information critical to our mental and physical health is constantly being modified and/or erased from the body of knowledge of the world, and is being replaced by the fabricated fake news..” Kaminski is not wrong at all as anyone can/should notice when “browsing” the mental numbing mechanisms called Media.
    “A stage three trial of its Covid-19 vaccine in partnership with Oxford is taking place in Brazil, the UK, India, and South Africa. A Rio de Janeiro man who was participating in the Oxford University trials of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has died of complications from Covid-19, Brazil’s health authorities have announced”. (RT) “AstraZeneca and Oxford maintain their confidentiality clause and do not disclose details of the case but they are quite convinced that the patient that died in Astra Zeneca trials took a placebo instead of the actual Covid vaccine.”
    “The Internet IS the engine of our enslavement”.

  6. Yes, we are witnessing the long planned for Jewish-Communist takeover of the West. All you suckers who waste your time on words, had better run for the hills and try to save your Jew-blown souls. Our only hope is that our Islamic brothers rise up against the Jewish monstrosity and impose international Sharia Law. The deranged, mindless women (Pelosi prototypes, aka Butterfly) who Weishaupt and Marx entrusted to bring about their evil kingdom, will then be put in hijabs, pererably burqas, and told to take their place as carers/cooks and bed warmers for their vastly superior menfolk. The sooner Iran/Persia builds up its weapons of mass destruction (maybe nuclear, with deference to Pat) the better. Russia and Iran can save our planet from the great progeny of the devil’s utter destruction. And remember, fellas, Islam is a Man’s World, where women are accorded their true status in the Animal Kingdom. The Australian aborigines rightly placed women in a status class which was lower than the camp dogs, as all they could do well was gather roots.


      The only thing I disagree with is the aborigine assignment lower than camp dogs. Actually a woman is born with a higher spiritual content than a man. The effect of a feminine woman of grace on a room full of men is clear – they are elevated to a higher state of courtesy and politeness. Those women brainwashed by Tribe TV will try to exploit this phenomenon for material gain. Perhaps Aborigines, like Arabs who have a similar relationship to women, never made progress in the world due to this spiritual handicap.

      1. BTW, I don’t think Muslims are going to oppose the Tribe NWO. As mentioned in a previous thread they have clear religious guidelines forbidding the desecration of the human body, but their “religious” leaders, like the Pope, encourage Covidiots to take The Jab transforming them into Humans 0.5

        Facebook is more powerful than organised “religion” by an order of magnitude.

      2. Yes Flan, my wives (all six of them) are women of grace and feminine beauty. Yet, they work hard physically, along with me, to eke out our basically susistence lifestyle – a survival lifestyle of choice because combined we are extremely wealthy in the materialistic schema of things. No makeup,no trendy fashions, no jewellery, no wedding rings, lots of beautiful children and a combined hatred of the materialistic, insidious Jewish occupied world out there. Spiritually we are one and we believe in a loving Creator. As I have said, Jesus’ prescriptions in the four Gospels are all we need in the way of direction. Jesus teaches us to loathe the Jew Pharisees of today who are fully involved in preparing their Third Temple with the help of their bought and paid for Goyim traitors. Personally, Les Visible on “Smoking Mirrors.com” is very much an inspiration, as is the Truth extolled so beautifully and brilliantly by John Kaminski. We all love Lasha and hope Sister Monica sees through the evil of the criminal, Jew infested pope. My wives agree that Butterfly is a first rate bitch who needs to learn grace and humility and get off the grog.

        1. @ Max Bilney

          MAX: “We all love Lasha and hope Sister Monica sees through the evil of the criminal, Jew infested pope. My wives agree that [Madame] Butterfly is a first rate bitch who needs to learn grace and humility and get off the grog.”

          Pshaw! Phoo! Bah! . . . Here are some truths for you, “darling”:

          The only reason you are allowed to post on this website is the same reason TROJ is allowed to post here: your entertainment value and your gift of the gab. In short, you are here to provide comic relief, just as Troj is. You are “Auxiliary Clown”, Troj’s trusty deputy. I may add that your flattery of Lasha and Sister Monica is most unlikely to work on these two ladies. They are too wise to be taken in by your sweet-talking blandishments.

          My own feelings for you need not be spelled out in greater detail, darling, given that Admin says it best. Hear these words of Admin! Digest them. Ponder them slowly. Ruminate upon them. They encapsulate the truth and bring shame not only on you but on your morally degenerate admirers on this site!

          ADMIN TO MAX BILNEY: COMMENT DELETED. Your foul-minded sexual imagery, salacious in the extreme, has no place on this website. We are here for political discussion, not for pornography disguised as politics. If you wish to leave, please do so! Your loss to this website will be a gain for mankind.

          Bravo, Admin! You speak for me, if not for many others on this remarkable website that allows sinners to rub shoulders with saints and sexual degenerates to hobnob with the chaste and holy-minded.

    2. I must say Max, you do have a way with words…
      and , regarding “women”, make even Schopenhauer seem like an avid womens-libber!😂

      btw Any “vacancies” on that harem/compound of yours? If you’re needing someone to help “pick up the slack” you know where to find me 😎

  7. Hunter Biden is symptomatic of the West’s total destruction. Evil, snake oil salesman have been purposely allowed to run loose to destroy any semblance of past judicial, traditional, Common Law, Westminster traditions. This is analogous with the letting loose of the Antifa-monster-thugs and the filthy screaming, pink haired, female undergrads. Virtually none of these Jew-revolutionised monsters will ever be subject to the Law, but will be allowed to continue their destruction. …. And then we have that filthy, dirty little Miley Cyrus let loose on our brainwashed, dumbed down, impressionable, porn watching, sex crazed teenagers. Yes, stick your tongue out Miley and bend over to receive your feed! The Jewish msm can get way with murder and the likes of Schiff are rewarded with riches for lying and cheating. Go to Bro Kapner and listen to his latest on the arch, Jewish criminal, Zuckerberg. And then they have wheeled out Obumma and his sex partner, Michael, to create further mayhem. You might as well end your days watching Stormy Daniel’s porn and watching the Super Bowl.


    Your foul-minded sexual imagery, salacious in the extreme, has no place on this website. We are here for political discussion, not for pornography disguised as politics. If you wish to leave, please do so! Your loss to this website will be a gain for mankind.

  9. Continuing the theme of our civilization’s destruction, my wives and I have just been invited to a Gender Reveal party in trendy Port Douglas. I know that there are lots of homosexuals, bisexuals and straight out deviants being invited, but we will disappoint them as we are strictly heterosexual, with only one of.my wives having been once involved in cunnilingus. I reformed her. I will speak on the subject of true intercourse between a man and his womenfolk and reveal why anal intercourse is disease prone and disgusting.

  10. It just occurred to me that this MIGHT be the FIRST topic/thread where we haven’t – YET! – been incessantly inundated with multiple mind-numbing “musings” from Mahmoud!

    Anyone know if there’s a pilgrimage to Mecca, that I’m not aware of, that prevents him from posting? tia

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