Minnesota Burning

Shops were looted, buildings set alight and one man was shot and killed during a second night of protests in Minneapolis over the death of an unarmed black man who was seen gasping for air as a police officer knelt on his neck.

Protests that began peacefully on Tuesday turned violent on Wednesday night and spread to Tennessee and California, where hundreds of people blocked a motorway in Los Angeles and some attacked police cars.

Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minneapolis, demanded the arrest of the police officer who knelt for at least eight minutes on the neck of George Floyd.

“Why is [he] not in jail?” he said. “If you had done it, or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now. And I cannot come up with a good answer to that.”

ICONIC IMAGE (right) that has sparked race riots and threatens to turn ugly.  This is a picture of a white American police officer, DEREK CHAUVIN,  kneeling with his full weight on the neck of a  black American citizen, GEORGE  FLOYD,  for eight minutes until Floyd dies of suffocation after four minutes.  Floyd’s last words: “I  CAN’T  BREATHE!”


As the protests escalated, the Mayor asked the governor of Minnesota to deploy the National Guard. “Please, Minneapolis, we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy,” he tweeted early yesterday morning.

A car parts shop and a supermarket were set on fire along with a block of flats under construction. Video taken by a reporter for the Minnesota Star Tribune showed riot police guarding a police station from an angry crowd, a street barricade set alight and fireworks being shot at officers. Looters were seen emerging from a Target store carrying televisions.

John Elder, a police spokesman, said that 8,000 people had protested peacefully on Tuesday but on Wednesday there had been three arrests for burglary and looting. A man had been shot at a pawn shop and died in hospital, he added, and an arrest had been made. Police were accused of heavy-handed tactics on Tuesday.

Mr Floyd, 46, a security guard for a restaurant which has been closed during the pandemic, was arrested on Monday evening outside a grocery store called Cups Foods where he had allegedly tried to use a counterfeit dollars 20 note. A police report said officers were told he “appeared to be under the influence”. It said he “physically resisted officers”, who handcuffed him and then “noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress”.

However, video from a security camera outside Cups Foods shows Mr Floyd walking over to a wall in handcuffs, leaning against it, and apparently co-operating with an officer. A video shot by a bystander moments later shows him face-down in the road, still in handcuffs, with an officer named Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck.

Another officer appears to complain that he will not get into the car, but there is little sign that he poses a danger. About four minutes into the video Mr Floyd loses consciousness.

The officer continues to kneel on his neck until a paramedic motions for him to step aside. Mr Floyd is then loaded, still unconscious, onto a stretcher.

Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, the owner of Cups Foods, said later that his teenage son, who had called the police, saw no sign of Mr Floyd resisting arrest.

Mr Frey called for police body-camera footage to be released “as soon as possible”. He said kneeling on a suspect’s neck was not part of police training and “should not be used, period”.

The four officers involved in the arrest have been fired and the death is being investigated by the FBI and by a state agency.


LD: Here is a comment I have received in my inbox from a correspondent with the initials K.P. Make of it what you will. 

“Meanwhile, on another front, White American icon Taylor Swift accuses President Trump of “stoking the fires of White supremacism” by threatening to shoot black looters when it was a racist White cop who started all the f***ing violence in the first place. The point is: will this evil sadistic white cop be prosecuted for willful murder, as the outraged black community justifiably demands? Or will he get off lightly with a slap on the wrist?

This is the crucial question, because the black community wants to see justice done and will not be fobbed off with the usual platitudes to “keep calm”. They will go on rioting until they are appeased with some semblance of justice. White men MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to kill black folk with impunity . . .  because if they are, they will go on doing it until something is done to rein in the evil white f***ers! 


— K.P. 

I’m not sure if K.P. is black or white, male or female, but I speculate this is a very angry black female who is baying for white blood and wants to see justice done. [LD]

VIDEO  :  7.25 mins

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  1. Meanwhile in good old Great Britain Ellie Williams gets put into jail after getting raped and assaulted numerous times by paki scum. The good people of the UK just let it happen, at least the niggers in the USA do something about it.
    Day of the rope can’t come quick enough.
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto

    1. @ Mjolnir

      A fair comment, but please take care in future to abide by the rules and regulations of our site even if you disagree with them:

      # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “nigra”, “coon”, “baboon”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike” and “yid” should be avoided at all times. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. So please STOP using these terms!


      Thank you for your co-operation.

  2. Otherwise peaceful folk – both black and white – need to start using their guns on these rabble (among whom are also white looters and antifa). Yesterday morning, Fox News showed a segment when Eastern Indians were defending their store with AR15s – the way Americans were meant to do! 🙂

    1. Here is brief report from my neck of the wood about the protests in response to the murder of George Floyd.

      Columbus Mayor Andrew Gunther declared last night a state of emergency with a citywide curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
      Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine also activated the Ohio National guard as protests continue in Columbus for a third consecutive day.

      Most of exits ramps leading to down Columbus are closed and violators risk being arrested.

      Last time the Mayor of Kent declared a state of emergency, the Ohio Governor dispatched the National Guard to quell the protest by white students protesting the Vietnam War, 4 students were shot dead and 13 more injured. That became known later as Kent State Massacre.

  3. Minnesota is not burning. Minneapolis IS!

    Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody, Charged With Murder In George Floyd’s Death

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested four days after George Floyd’s fatal arrest that sparked protests, rioting and outcry across the city and nation, and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced he has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

    On Friday, John Harrington, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, announced that Chauvin, 44, of Oakdale, was taken into custody by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, who said that Chauvin was arrested in Minneapolis. There was some speculation that he had gone to a home in Florida.


    Chauvin needs to die in the same manner he used to murder Floyd…. while proudly glaring defiantly into the camera for 10 minutes…. silently lauding over his victim.

      1. Badger –

        Thanks! I meant ‘lauding’ to be used as self-praising his cruel accomplishment, as it has been used by others in literature in the past. But ‘lording’ makes a better point.

    1. @ Pat, right on the money
      @FLOPOT, very funny
      @ MJOLNIR, it take courageous person to say I am sorry.
      @ADMIN, thanks for enforcing the rules.

      Welcome to AmeriKKKa, the home of the white mass shooters and land of “No black lives matter.” We have been taught that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave but I’m having a hard time believing that statement in light of what happened to African-Americans these days.

      Not long ago, a female Dallas police officer shot and killed a black man inside his home. The victim was unarmed and the female white officer said in a call to 911 that she entered his apartment after she mistook it for her own. Who can forget image when Galveston, Texas police department came under fire after a viral photo showing white officers on horseback leading a handcuffed black man by the rope. All what the Chief of GPD have said, “his department has no ill feeling to the victim.”

      When three years ago a Minneapolis Muslim police officer shot and killed an innocent white Australian American woman while he was on duty, he was asked to surrender his badge and handgun and was thrown in jail. He was later sentenced to 12 1/2 years in jail for murder.
      It is a common knowledge that hundreds of American police officers have been trained by Israeli forces that “have racked up documented human rights violations for years,” Even Amnesty International, the human rights group said US police forces should not be trained in Israel.

      After all, Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick was right about white police officers gunning down black men on the streets of America with impunity. That is not the America I knew and loved.

  4. yes, but is that what really happened?
    it’s not hard to believe, but i wouldn’t exactly bet the farm on the authenticity of this incident either…
    we do know cops have always had the wrong idea that it’s their job to punish people, their prerogative, and they do it all the time, get vengeance, play catch-up… it’s been how they’ve always operated and that fundamental flaw has yet to fade…
    but, understanding how the steno media operates and how the ptb use their weapons of mass distraction to orchestrate events to serve their schedule, you always have to ask – who benefits?
    probably somehow these people, as usual…
    if you want the country discombobulated, you’re going to want rid of the police forces, destroy the image, kill the hero…
    and these kinds of episodes sure make them look worse than useless, cowardly, irresponsible in the aftermath… several callously murder another suspect in handcuffs, then afterwards they’re nowhere to be found as rioters burn, loot and kill…
    no police force – no country…

    1. I will never understand why wise and intelligent people still believe the narratives trotted out to us by our moronic elites. Covid in the morning; Chauvin in the afternoon — I wonder what’s for supper?

      1. Way to go, Taylor Swift! The super star signer hammered Trump for threatening to have members of the U.S. military shoot at people looting stores following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man.who was choked to death by a white police officer.

        US soldiers are trained to kill the enemy, not to play KKKups.

      2. Mahmoud –

        Right now I am watching dozens of black looters breaking the windows and running out with merchandise from an Islamic Needs store in Philly.
        Family Bargain
        Specializing in Islamic items
        120 S 52nd St, Philadelphia, PA

        Would you allow them to loot your home or business, unimpeded, since you did not murder anyone??

      3. FLOPOT,
        I felt relieved to read your comment. I was never a regular at this website but have had it in my favorites for almost 5 years as I love pouring through the many excellent historical articles LD has written over the years.
        I’ve been distressed reading some of the comments here re: the GF event and the events that followed shortly thereafter. I assumed the readers here would have taken this latest PsyOp for the propaganda that it was. Clearly this was an insult to our intelligence and not to be taken at face value as they presented it to us. Too many things don’t add up and I don’t want to babble on with the many reasons why – I’m sure you are aware of the oddities.
        Bottom line, even if this were true, which it is not, it does not change the very real fact more white people are killed by police every year in the USA then are blacks or Hispanics. In addition to that, I am extremely infuriated over the OTHER very real fact that black on white crime in the USA is rampant, violent, and often involves vicious assault, rape and murder, and these crimes make the local news AT BEST and do not make the mainstream news other then Fox once in a while. When they do, they provide a little info as possible and are always short on the adjectives.
        An 85 year old white couple were shot to death in a Veteran’s cemetery visiting their late son’s grave in early May, 3 miles from my home in Delaware. This was committed by 29 year old black male. I struggled to even find the story online because that’s how deeply it was buried. It did not appear in the mainstream news and I never saw it in the local Philly news. This speaks volumes to me as to what the agenda is. This is absolutely unacceptable. No white people looted and burned down buildings over this. They are going out of their way to portray a completely false and inverted narrative. A handful of black people have spoken up about this but not nearly enough. The only “systemic racism” in this country is against white people – this is the 100% truth. The “white on black” narrative is utter BS and I can’t believe how many white people believe the opposite. Very depressing….and scary.

  5. May I also post this: Im a believer in CHRIST. I do not attend church or celebrate holidays. Four years ago in April, I heard doors slamming about 5 am. I was half awake as my husband had just left for work. My daughter would have just come home. I asked her if she had slammed some doors or heard them in our apartment building. No. I go back to bed and start to snooze. I hear more doors slamming. Suddenly I sat up and said, “Stubborn, obstinate nation; stiff-necked and never listening.” I knew that was from the Holy Spirit. Here we are now and doors every where are slamming shut. I do not know if America can turn. It wont be with protests. It must be with humility and repentance.

  6. Over eighteen years ago one of my managers left for Minnesota. He now works for one of the local govt. departments over there. Once when he visited my old company in South Africa he told us he was accepted with open arms, he quickly integrated into the community and did well for himself. He mention how nice and clean and white his city was … and now this. Damn!

    1. Thank you, ROBERT for providing the link. The site was informative and fascinating as well.

  7. Well, that was completely unnecessary. They could have also bound his feet with those plastic restraints and just left him to lie down instead of kneeling on his neck. Chauvin must be a chauvinist – a white chauvinist, or a police chauvinist.

    1. @ COMMENTATOR MIKE, my exact sentiment. I read somewhere that they did security details together at a local bar. So the officer must have known his victim. That is why officer Chauvin kept telling Floyd, “come on tough guy” repeatedly.

      The best news I heard about what happened following the murder of George Floyd is Chauvin’s wife filing for divorce in response to the murder. According to her lawyer, she was once Miss Minnesota. She has children from a previous marriage, but she and Chauvin never had kids together. Now she is seeking police protection for herself and her extended family.

    2. CORRECTION: Kelly Chauvin was not Mrs. Minnesota but rather she competed for the title in 2018. She was born in Laos in 1974 and fled with her family to Thailand in 1977 and later they emigrated to the US.

    3. COMMENTATOR MIKE, This is what happens every day in Palestine. ISISrael did the same to Turkish peace activists 10 years ago when IOF pirates murdered 10 humanitarian activists on board & wounded dozens,while the ship was still in int’l waters in its way to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. Among the ten murdered activists was a 19 yrs old United States citizen. All ISISraeli pirates were awarded medals for their heinous crimes.

      Guess where US police officers get their training in crowd control?

  8. Fox News old logo is Faked & Biased
    Lasha Darkmoon’s new logo is Fair & Balanced

  9. All the citiies in the USA are burning and that’s okay, Elon Musk SpaceX and NASA will soon be flying us to the Moon and Mars and Beyond The Stars far away from America going up in flames! It’s the 60s all over again : Successful NASA launches Thru-The-Portal and into & Unto Outer Space — and race riots! OH WOW, man, I’m feeling Deja Vu come over I Am Who I Am all over again! Us helios are Ineffable, man, Elon Musk is Ineffable, man, SpaceX is Ineffable, man, NASA is Ineffable, man, The Cosmos is way Ineffable, man! Moon Goddess chicks are awesome, man! God Is Good, man!

      1. If this is not a wakeup call for white America, I won’t know what will do the thing.

        This does not look good.

        It looks like open seasons on the whites.

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