Monitoring the Public After Coronavirus

By Philip Giraldi
Strategic Culture via Truthseeker
April 23, 2020


It is too early to say when or even whether the siege initiated by the coronavirus will end, but many Americans and Europeans are speculating over what kind of countries will emerge on the other side. National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, who exposed illegal spying on American citizens, recently predicted that there would be a “slide into a less liberal and less free world,” and that the surveillance systems being created to monitor the spread of the disease would become an “architecture of oppression.”

To be sure he has a point in that governments have historically used crises to expand their powers. After the crisis is over, the emergency power granted to manage the activity of the people tends to be retained.

Much depends on the lessons learned from what is being done to contain the virus currently. If testing and “keep your distance” does not succeed in checking the spread of the disease and restoring a version of what once was normal life, harsher and more permanent measures might prevail. Alexander Dugin foresees a “military-medical” dictatorship developing.

The rapid spread of the virus has also spawned some unusual conspiracy theories.

One claims that the virus was actually developed in the United States, stolen from a lab by Chinese scientists and then released in China before being allowed to propagate worldwide as part of a communist conspiracy to destroy the economy and political system in the U.S.

Another has cast Bill Gates as the villain, claiming that he had a hand in the appearance of the virus as part of a nefarious plot to take over global health care. The megalomaniacal Gates certainly is to blame for using his wealth and status to promote a universal “health” surveillance system for the post-coronavirus world, but that he might have been behind the appearance of the virus itself is certainly a bit of a stretch.

Still other theories connect the appearance of coronavirus to 5G telecommunications technology.

The reality of to what degree the national security state that already exists tightens its grip based on a continuing medical emergency pretty much depends on how the virus itself reacts to summer heat and the measures being taken to contain it. Meanwhile, there have been some decidedly extreme proposals about what the United States and other nations might consider doing to seize and maintain the high ground in the battle against a still proliferating, highly contagious and lethal disease.

The key to stopping the spread of the virus, most authorities would agree, is to test and monitor nearly all the public, to force them if needs be to maintain distance from individuals who are already infected. There have been several proposals for how to do that ranging from testing nearly everyone and issuing health ID cards based on the results, with those individuals considered contagious or especially vulnerable being subject to quarantine or some form of further isolation.

One over-the-top plan would make the health status of individuals recorded and updated on a chip readable by government scanners that would be permanently embedded in everyone’s body.

The plan that appears to have the best possibly of being adopted is being promoted in a joint venture by Apple and Google that appears to have White House support. Bloomberg reports that  “Apple Inc. and Google unveiled a rare partnership to add technology to their smartphone platforms that will alert users if they have come into contact with a person with Covid-19. People must opt in to the system, but it has the potential to monitor about a third of the world’s population.”

ORWELL’S  ‘1984’



The monitoring would be done by central computers and once the principle is established that phones can be manipulated there are no technical or practical limits to what other tasks could be included. That means that the observation made by protagonist Winston Smith in George Orwell’s “1984” has finally been realized.

Smith was doing the mandatory half hour of exercise daily in front of his television, but when he began to slack off a voice from the tv set admonished him. He then accepted that in theory the government was actually capable of surveilling everyone all the time and might in fact be doing so. Well George and Winston, we have finally arrived at 1984.

Even if coronavirus fades into obscurity, government might plausibly exploit the fear created by it to push hard that a surveillance mechanism be continued and even expanded to prevent its recurrence or the development of future pandemics.

That is what the “science” tells one is the right thing to do, at least according to some scientists, but it ignores individual liberty of association, guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.

The U.S. and other governments have long demonstrated that when it comes to individual freedom versus the ability of the state to impose a statist uniformity, the rules makers will always win out. 9/11, for example, produced the Patriot and Military Commission Acts that have considerably abridged personal liberty in America, even though the threat of terrorism was overstated at the time and has considerably receded ever since. Yet, unfathomably, the Patriot Act has survived and keeps getting renewed by Congress.

Predictably perhaps, presidential son-in-law and jack of all trades JARED KUSHNER, fresh from his failure to bring peace to the Middle East, has been placed in charge of a White House task force that will determine how and when to develop a pandemic surveillance system which will also link those ill to hospital centers for mandatory screening and treatment.


[LD] This pretty-boy Jew, Jared Kushner, is also in charge of stealing land for his fellow Jews in Occupied Palestine—thanks to Donald Trump who has put this Zionist thug in charge of the so-called  “peace process” :  a process that involves moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Golan Heights (owned by Syria)  as Jewish property, and stealing land from the Palestinians on behalf of predatory  Jewish settlers. 

Kushner has now been “predictably appointed” by Trump, to quote Giraldi,  to lead a “task force” whose ultimate  aim is the mass surveillance of the American public. 

Pity America! Ordinary Americans are are now living in ZOG World. The President of the United States, who conned millions of besotted Americans to vote for him on the false promise that he would “make America great again”,  is to all intents and purposes  “a spiritual Jew”— Jewish to the bone—serving Jewish interests on behalf of his Jewish Masters. [LD]     

(Giraldi continues)

The argument being made is that tracking nearly everyone would enable the identification and quarantining of those who are sick in nearly real time, controlling the spread of future viruses that has up until now been impossible. That the information would be collected into a national data base appears to be part of the program and it would, of course, include information on the patient’s location and activities.

As social media is already being manipulated and controlled by the government working hand-in-hand with the oligarchs [“oligarchs” ‒ a euphemism for “Jews”. Ed.] who own and operate the sites, the ability to further isolate members of the public so as to preempt the development of any genuine resistance to state policies might well be seen as highly desirable. It would be a gift to a developing police state to be able to know where everyone is at any given time and be able to intuit what they might be doing. Real troublemakers could be further identified and singled out for special attention.

And one should note that it all comes at a time of great vulnerability to both revolution and repression, when representative government is under siege in many countries, unable to control the narrative as it once did. Donald Trump in a tweet barrage last Friday called on his followers to “liberate” Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia because he disapproved of the policies on coronavirus and gun control being advanced by their respective governors, all Democrats.

Calling for the overthrow of state governments is illegal, a call to insurrection, but Trump apparently believes that having survived one impeachment attempt he is now untouchable.

If many Americans begin to take Trump’s exhortations literally, it could be a sign that the admittedly dystopian political equilibrium in the U.S. is about to spin out of control.

Strategic Culture via Truthseeker

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  1. This new article by Philip Giraldi has just been published as a companion piece to the Kaminski article published much earlier today:


    Giraldi’s longer and more detailed article is not only about “brainwashing the cattle”, it’s also about monitoring and mass surveillance of the cattle — something Giraldi sees as one of the inevitable consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.

    In other words, Big Brother is coming to America soon in a much bigger way than ever before — all thanks to Covid 19. This is irrespective of whether Covid-19 was planned or unplanned. Either way an Orwellian police state is about to hit us even harder than before — especially if vaccines are made compulsory, and homeschooling banned, and other harsh measures introduced which will enslave the population and make life quite unbearable.

    1. The main remaining item on President Trump’s agenda is the destruction of Iran. That is what Israel wants, and what Israel wants it gets. It is a tragedy that the US government has reached such a submissive state to a group that is only 1/50th of the population.
      I don’t think he will take a chance on winning the November election and will strike at Iran before then.
      The buildup of US forces in the area point that way. They could destroy Iran’s infrastructure in less than an hour.

    2. DUMB CATTLE IN THE MIRROR…. are blinded by faked numbers!

      Illinois COVID-19 Task Force Admits the Numbers Are Seriously Rigged!!

      Illinois Department of Public Health Director, Dr. Ngozi Ezike, says that ANYONE who dies after testing positive for the virus is classified as having died from the coronavirus.

      “If you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means that if, technically, even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it’s still listed as a COVID death.

      “So, everyone who’s listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death.” That’s what she said.

      “So, everyone who’s listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death.” That’s what she said.


  2. Giraldi wrote:

    “Calling for the overthrow of state governments is illegal, a call to insurrection, but Trump apparently believes that having survived one impeachment attempt he is now untouchable.”

    Trump as President, can do that legally when the US is in a state of National Emergency. There are 34 National Emergencies in effect today in the US! 🤢

  3. I can’t understand Giraldi when he takes Trump serious when he calls for an insurrection. It’s all show to fool the slaves to let them think that they have a ‘ savior’ who is going to save them in the person of Trump. What a joke.

    1. Allen –

      While I don’t consider myself a “slave”, I DO appreciate Trump’s ideas of insurrection (according to the author). The governor of my Commonwealyh of Virginia is a POS, and a stinking commie who needs killin’. So far, I like the way my President seems to posture himself, despite his Jew-boy son-in-law. While I feel empathy for Palestine’s plight, I’m far more concerned with the welfare of my own country, as I expect everyone (Palestinians included) is concerned with his own – and rightfully so.
      I often think about how it’d be just to abandon the use of Internet, and read books and mind my own business on my own place. These things would pale in importance! 🙂

  4. (Comment delayed because of TYPO in email address.
    To prevent such delays in future, please watch out for typos!)

    *(and for everyone without a computer or smart phone)

    Because the A.I. golem (this time it’s for real) is rapidly assimilating its rapidly assimilating ever new ears, eyes, nose and who knows what else, ongoing.
    A new and improved 5G enhanced electric mind on quantum steroids constantly gearing up, honing its sensors at every nanomoment as its mission of taking invasion of privacy (up to and including bloody murder) to where no invasion of privacy has gone before, continues apace.

    Thus spake das mystische wunderkind!

    1. @ Hp

      Thanks for your thoughts on A.I. and the invaluable link posted at the end. That really does put a new perspective (for me) on what is going on.

      1. Toby, I enjoyed that too. Tenth wonder of the world stuff.
        Here’s one for the road, offering a little insight into the progress/process.
        The young whippersnapper Geordie Rose From 2013. Seven years is a lotta years in A.I. years!

        What’s especially striking to me is his demeanor. How much he’s toned down over the last seven years. At least two notches down. The seven years since the Google(cia) deals were struck.
        Just another coinky-dink, no doubt.
        Dimensional shenanigans sounds like a whole lotta bad luck and trouble to me..

  5. Who’s Giraldi?
    I can’t say for sure…
    Snowden yeah, who’s he?
    Is he one of the Ushers?
    It seems awful prescient, the way ‘Orwell’ predicted the Surveillance State…
    “The U.S. and other governments have long demonstrated that when it comes to individual freedom versus the ability of the state to impose a statist uniformity, the rules makers will always win out.”
    So we should all just give up?
    That’s not what happened in 1776, reason being – people fought the tyranny, which they had guns to do it with..
    “That the information would be collected into a national data base appears to be part of the program and it would, of course, include information on the patient’s location and activities.”
    Your cell phone will be your 5G ankle bracelet…
    You’re already being tracked by it… Now there’s going to be a catch, conditions on when and where you will be allowed to go… That is unless you think of something different…
    “Donald Trump in a tweet barrage last Friday called on his followers to “liberate” Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia because he disapproved of the policies on coronavirus..”
    Well that sounds good.. It sounded good when he pulled the plug on the WHO, where you got Gates, Fauci, Brix…
    “Trump as President, can do that legally when the US is in a state of National Emergency. There are 34 National Emergencies in effect today in the US!”
    Which in and of itself would not necessarily be an infringement on any citizen’s so-called constitutional rights…
    And he can have California, the sooner the better… Somebody ought to save this place…

  6. After seeing me spell my own name wrong on a fairly consistent basis, I would imagine they’re not real worried about me..

  7. President Donald Trump on national television this Thursday evening offered a dangerous suggestion: doctors and scientists should test the “injection” of disinfectants like bleach or alcohol into the human body as a way to cure Coronavirus. So, EXPERTS had to tell Americans to NOT drink cleaning agents because our President thinks it may be a good idea.

    I hope that Trump will be the first to try this experiment himself.

    1. Mahmoud –

      If you’re that stupid you cannot perceive the humor, GO AHEAD AND DO IT.

      1. @ GILBERT HUNTLY, First, I would not call someone I disagree with and whom I never met stupid. Besides, several people on this thread referred to your President as lunatic or having Alzheimer’s for suggesting to ingest bleach to get rid of the virus. How come you never attacked them or called them names? I would not call someone who can speak, read, and write three languages stupid. I am ashamed of you!

        President Donald Trump on national television this Thursday evening offered a dangerous suggestion: doctors and scientists should test the “injection” of disinfectants like bleach or alcohol into the human body as a way to cure Coronavirus. So, EXPERTS had to tell Americans to NOT drink cleaning agents because our President thinks it may be a good idea.
        A president really shouldn’t be very involved in important medical matters anyway except in the area of funding.At least his staff knows he has cognitive issues and cannot intelligently answer hard questions without baseless attacks on the press.
        Trump spent nearly ten minutes discussing disinfectants potentially curing Covid-19 at his press briefing. Anyone watching knew Trump was serious and Dr. Brix was very uncomfortable. In fact, Lysol issued a statement telling people disinfectants cannot be used this way. If we accept Trump’s excuse of being “sarcastic”, that means he spent nearly ten minutes joking about a disease that’s killed 50,000 Americans in the last 30 days. People tune in to these briefs to learn about their health, their jobs, and their future. They do NOT tune in for sarcasm. So Trump was either joking about Covid-19, or he was recommending people ingest and/or inject disinfectants. Either way, it illustrates the president is unfit. Neither of these scenarios is proper behavior of a president.

      2. So, because one is “stupid” that’s a welcome federal justification for an agonising death via toxic chemical poisoning? He didn’t appear to be joking at all. The Trump love from some readers here is somewhat strange, considering we know he’s just another kosher liar and pervert in the Epstein web of cronyism.
        But, whatever floats your boat.

      3. Stupid is as STUPID does…. (STUPID always needs to be told, too.)
        Be innovative – think for YOURSELVES.

  8. This entire article is misdirection because it assumes that a super-virus called Covid-19 is going around infecting the entire world. Statistics show that we’re not experiencing any abnormal spikes in the usual death-toll for the flu season. Documents and elite-run events prove that this event was long in the planning. Precedent proves that our elites always create a crises in order to implement their desired goals, from WMDs to financial bail-outs.

    This is a monumental scam being run by a global elite and the massive wheeze should at least put to bed any lingering doubts about the truism that “all national leaders are liars”, i.e. our governments are pure fronts put in place to work for this ultra-rich elite. If you cry “Pandemic” during the flu season then you’ve got yourself a manufactured crisis. There is no super-virus: covid19 probably does not exist, or it is a normal flu-strain being hyped up. Why else would the CDC issue guidelines stating that medical staff do not have to prove that a death was due to this mystery virus, a hunch will do?

    I’m not shocked by the total complicity of the mass media, manned as it always is by the scions of the ultra-rich; I am shocked by either the complicity or the gullibility of our health professionals across the world. Of course I shouldn’t be surprised because all public institutions must be infected with the influence of the ultra-rich. Meanwhile we all have to stay at home and watch as many small businesses are taken over by the banksters, social controls are imposed, the sexes and generations are further split apart, and mandatory vaccines loom on the horizon. This is the most boring dystopian narrative I’ve ever encountered in that the majority of people believed their elites without question and are now rolling up their sleeves, anxious to be tested and then injected with a poison.

    “Leper! Outcast! Unclean!” will be the label for those of us who tell the cronies of the elites where they can stick their tests and poisonous pricks.

    1. Great post. Having studied this scam daily with a scientific eye, what you state is the truth .

      Forgot to state as usual:

      Don’t take the tattoo pussies.

    2. Maybe Trump is getting alzheimers. If so, how much fun is that for us Americans, us Americans get to choose either Joe Biden with alzheimers or Donald Trump with alzheimers. This way whoever wins the election us Americans will have an old geezer alzheimers victim for president. And they say there’s no hopium, gee, why would they say that one wonders, 😕

      Anyway, Flopot has THE CORRECT VIEW and it’s too bad he’s not the president right now.

      1. I don’t like you saying this about the President. He may have his faults. But it is wrong to disrespect him by saying he has Alzheimers. And the other man too, Joe Biden, you say he has Alzheimers too. It is very defamatory and morally wrong to say these things just because these men are old.

        This is ageism at its worst. Please stop this disrespect for our leaders. They are the best we have.

        If they weren’t, why did God raise them to power and glory?
        Can you explain that?

      2. Tulip –
        You wrote:

        “If they weren’t, why did God raise them to power and glory?
        Can you explain that?”

        To show that treacherous criminals can be (S)elected by the Diebold now ES &S criminals who steal many global elections electronically!!
        It IS a warning to go back to paper ballots!!
        The chips/tallies have been PRE-PROGRAMMED for decades!!

        See a whistleblower with just one example that changed the election:
        Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out!

        Main points:
        1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.
        2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.
        3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.
        4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.
        5-Diebold workers took the jobs that state workers should have done.

        1. Trump is losing his mind!!

          And here we were all thinking TROJ was the crazy one. 🙂

      3. Pat, I thought for a minute there the M$M might trot out an expert like Bill Nye, the chromosomically confused science guy, for a public service citizen safety primer.

        Don’t run with scissors.
        Don’t stick a knife into the toaster.
        Don’t eat yellow snow.
        Don’t drink drain cleaner, lol.

        Unless of course a Darwin Award is your goal.

    3. JAY77,

      Be nice to Trump, be respectful, Trump was Gifted to us by GOD. GOD is THE ONE who raised up Donaldo Maximus our Emperor-King-Cyrus-type-King-of-Israel to power and glory, that has to be respected.

      1. @ TULIP SADIQ

        Your comment about Trump left sour a sour taste in my mouth. Sometimes I wonder if your are truly a Muslim. I know if you criticize the head of the state in the Middle East, you will not see the sun anymore or someone comes knocking at your door in the middle of the night. You would be lucky if you survive. The is one reason why I enjoy living in America.

        Nevertheless, Trump is a businessman who bankrupted 5 casinos and lost over $1B in ten years. He is a play boy who pays for sex and he is a Christian who does not go to Church or read the bible.
        The “playboy” who pays for sex. Trump is a racist who doesn’t understand or more likely care that words matter. He pretends to know more than the the doctor who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the last 35 years. Trump hate Muslims, Mexican, immigrants, women, the press, and even disabled people. Lets not forget he gave Jerusalem and the third holies shrin in Islam to ISISrael. I have no ideal what you like about him or even respect him

        1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

          My comment was ironical and not meant to be taken seriously! I was testing the intelligence of the commenters here. They failed! 🙂

          Here is my tongue-in-cheek remark:

          Please stop this disrespect for our leaders. They are the best we have. If they weren’t, why did God raise them to power and glory?
          Can you explain that?

          The commenters who took me seriously lack a sense of humor. They are deficient in irony detection. That’s too bad!

          1. One commenter here who objected to my comment even referred to me as a male (“he”) in his condescending response. How stupid can anyone get? Since when was “Tulip” a male name? “Tulip” is clearly a female name, just like “Rose” and “Lily”.

            I’m not sure I wish to linger on a site where the commenters lack basic intelligence and have no sense of humor.

    4. “All national leaders are liars” is an understatement. They are corrupt criminals masquerading as the globalIst cabal.

      A liar can be innocuous, a criminal is far from it. Their crookedness and partnership in crime needs to be vehemently and vociferously exposed.

    5. “Statistics show that we’re not experiencing any abnormal spikes in the usual death-toll for the flu season. ”

      The data does not agree with you:

      Excess deaths are being observed at numerous locations throughout the world. I’d like to think it’s just the flu but it would appear that it’s far deadlier. Or are the restrictive measures imposed by the lockdowns the cause of the spikes in reported deaths? That would be ironic if it could be shown that the cure is deadlier than the disease.

      1. Organized GLOBAL $$$$$ SCAM!!
        COVID Action Platform – World Economic Forum –**

        As the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation, the World Economic Forum, acting as partner to the World Health Organization, is mobilizing all stakeholders to protect lives and livelihoods.

        Video – 50 years in the making:

        The World Economic Forum is launching an Action Platform to bring together the GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY in the COVID-19 response.

        The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide. All stakeholders, especially global business, must urgently come together to minimize its impact on public health and limit its potential for further disruption to lives and economies around the world. This multistakeholder cooperation is at the centre of the World Economic Forum’s mission as the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

        In this context, the new COVID Action Platform will focus on three priorities:
        1. Galvanize the global business community for collective action
        2. Protect people’s livelihoods and facilitate business continuity
        3. Mobilize cooperation and business support for the COVID-19 response

      2. @Pat

        Of course it is a scam but the spooks will double-down on this global nonsense until they achieve their goals; their goals are presumably even more global nonsense. It just goes on and on.

    6. FLOPOT, awesome post, you are one of the few who is wide awake and see’s it as it is. If only more could see the bigger picture. Keep up the imput

  9. Concerning Big Brother becoming full on tyrannical, it all depends on whether Christians follow the Bible (Mark of the Beast warning) and Muslims follow their religious guidance not to alter God’s creation through permanently altering human DNA (detailed on a previous DM page).

    Regarding Buddhists and Hindus I am not sure, but I suspect Hindus have a similar reverence as Muslims.

    If the mass of religious people stood fast to their faith then nought will come of Bill Gates eugenics.

    However we have to contend with religious misleaders (communist Pope) and bribery – World Bank Ponzi money Basic Income in return for rolling up ones arm.

    1. To Muslim Tulip Sadiq :

      You can respect Trump and/or Biden all you want, but BOTH of them wouldn’t hesitate even for a second to destroy all the Muslim countries in the world if they could get away with it [ in order to please the Jews ] And neither one of them gives a flying sh*t about the Palestinians. Do you think Trump respects you Muslims? He falsely accuses you Muslims of attacking the United States on 9/11, and so does Biden falsely accuse you Muslims for 9/11. Trump detests the Palestinians and Biden is totally indifferent to the Palestinians. And you respect those two? You can’t be serious. It’s Ramadan, time for prayer and reflection. Right? In other words, RE-think your respect for those two. Trump is drooling to destroy Islamic Iran. You’re okay with that and you respect that? Why? Are you a Wahabbi Mohammedan? Or, some kind of crazy berserk overboard Sunni ISIS type? ISIS is owned-and-controlled by USrael, by the way. Do you know that? BOTH Trump and Biden represent USrael. USrael wants to destroy as many Muslim countries as USrael can get away with. BOTH Trump and Biden are fully and wholeheartedly on-board with that USrael agenda, you respect that? Are you serious?

      If it’s allowed in Islam to go to a psychiatrist then you need to go get your head examined. Preferably, find a Muslim psychiatrist, one who has some self-respect and some love of his/your Islamic culture. Go to Iran and tell the Shi’a Muslims to respect Trump and Biden, see what your fellow Muslims have to say to you. Or, go to Syria and tell the Alawite Muslims to respect Trump and Biden, see what your fellow Muslims have to say to you. How do you say “silly whabbit” in Arabic? Silly 🐰, your comment to me is one of the stupidest inane comments I’ve ever come across in the Noosphere, and that’s saying a lot. It’s Ramadan, pray and meditate a lot. Maybe that will clear your head up a little bit — maybe. 😕

    2. Tulip Sadiq :

      God’s ways are not my ways and my ways aren’t God’s ways [ something like that, it’s in the BIble somewhere, look it up ] so I have no idea why God raised up Trump and Biden to power and glory, no idea at all, for my ways aren’t God’s ways and God’s ways aren’t my ways.

      Heck, I’m still trying to figure out why God, in the Old Testament, calls us to KILL and SLAUGHTER everyone who is not a member of our own tribe, and then in the New Testament, all-of-a-sudden God calls us to be peace makers and calls us to turn-the-other-cheek. From one extreme, be a mass-murdering genocidal maniac, to the other extreme, be so peace-loving you sit around and let anyone attack you and you let the attacker keep attacking you and you actually invite your attacker to keep on attacking you. God goes from one extreme to the exact opposite extreme. I hope God is not a schzoid type personality. I’ve been trying to figure out why the Old Testament and the New Testament are so diametrically opposed in so many ways since I was a kid in Catholic parochial school. Yes, I really went to a Catholic parochial school. The Catholic parochial school I attended was an old-school Catholic parochial Catholic school. The nuns were tough! Oh boy, were the nuns tough! But hey, I’m a survivah!

      The Jesus who chases the moneylenders out of the temple and the Jesus who tells us to pick up a sword and use the sword I like better than the Jesus who calls us to turn the other cheek. I’m still trying to figure out the mixed message in the New Testament. It is definitely a mixed message. It’s not easy reconciling a mixed message.

      There’s alot of things about Catholicism I like and I appreciate and there’s things about Catholicism I hold to be Sacred, but still, I have NO idea what goes through God’s head. You’re asking the wrong one, Tulip.

      If I were God, the Bible would be a much different Bible than the Bible we have. My Bible would have CHRIST , The Light of Christ and Sacredness of Creation, it would have of course VIDERE LICET, it would have THE RISEN CHRIST, it would NOT have any connection to Abraham, for CHRIST was BEFORE Abraham. MY Bible would have CHRIST WHO WAS BEFORE ABRAHAM, my Bible would be TOTALLY disconnected from those TWO Abrahamic religions I don’t care for, to say the least. My Bible would call ALL Christians to go on all kinds of HOLY CRUSADES against jews and saracens to forcefully chase jews and saracens OUT OF WESTERN LANDS. It would be a rather NAZI-like Bible, truth be told. There’s A LOT about NAZISM I like and appreciate. I don’t know if Hitler liked Christianity or not, but he was a much better Christian than francis or any of the other novus ordo prelates, bishops, cardinals, the whole lot of ’em. Hitler was more of a Christian than all of them put together. He chased the moneylenders out of temple. Well, at least he tried. Chasing the moneylenders out of temple is doing God’s Work. I also think Hitler was a better Christian than Pacelli. I think Pacelli was a fake and a fraud. Yes, that’s what I think of Pacelli. Maybe he was yet another shape-shifter. I would not be surprised.

      I like Christianity, but not the aspect of Christianity that ties Christianity to that habiru Abraham. I actually find that aspect of Christianity repulsive and repugnant. I overlook that and lift up mine eyes to Heaven, to THE RISEN CHRIST, “Before Abraham was, I AM”, to quote Christ. It’s in the Bible, look it up. That aspect of Christianity that transcends Abraham and connects us to Eternal Life and the Cosmos and allows us to SEE THE TRUTH and not get punished for seeing THE TRUTH, that aspect of Christianity is Sacred to me — but that does not mean my ways are God’s ways. I have NO idea what runs through God’s head. You’re asking the wrong one. I don’t know what to say ;

      I have no idea why God lifts up anyone to power and glory, Biden, Trump, the Queen of England, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bill & HELLary, the 2 Bush presidents , Putin, Edrogan, Ivanka, Fauci, Bill Gates, Soros, Winston Churchill, Kissinger, Saladin, Stalin, Ghengis Khan, Charlemagne, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, the Medici Popes, the Borgia Popes, Cardinal Dolan, Mike Pompeo, the Emperor of Japan, President of China Xi Jinping, Oprah, Ellen deGeneres, Lizzo, j-lo, elton john, lady gaga, or anybody else, I don’t know how to answer your question, 😶. Have a nice moozlum month of Ramadan. Enjoy! 🌙

    3. “They are the best we have. If they weren’t, why did God raise them to power and glory?”

      The comment above is a good example of how religion can distort and twist the mind into unconditionally following and voting for serial child molesters and swindlers, indoctrinating one into believing all kinds of allegorical Jewish fairytales about “chosen ones” and messianic saviours in sandals coming to save the day.

      So long as they attest to serve the same Zio-God as you then all is good, while the world sits and watches a tiny minority rape and destroy all which they had no hand in creating.

      Christianity provides a convenient comfort for Americans to feel better about the fact their people and civilisation is on the verge of collapse. Christianity is spiritual Bolshevism, both were created by the jew.

      1. Just because his comment is disgustingly asinine does not infer the influence of religion upon people behaving like a herd of inferior intelligence to the bovine ilk.
        Human beings are endowed with free will, the choice of being indoctrinated rests with the individual, indoctrination is the nonchalant route offering the least resistance to political correctness and submissive conformity.
        On the other hand, for as much as I know, the prophets of all Abrahamic religion were pitted against the most tyrannical regimes of their time against the most extreme odds, with nothing but faith as their instrument of struggle. They were alike in being void of egoistic and materialistic sentiment and theIr kindness and generosity towards others, even their nemesis, was boundless.
        Today’s Christians and Muslims have succumbed to hedonistic lust and flaccid, insipid entertainment. They care not about anything unless it personally impacts them on the level of material comfort and what they perceive as personal well-being.
        Those who are heedlessly blind to the fire that devours the neighbor’s house will sooner or later become victim of the same, because the evil arsonist is a wolf that preys on a scattered sheep.
        And that answers the stupid question of the day: God raised despicable creatures like Trump and Biden to the apex of the visible power structure because that is exactly what you and I deserve. We have brilliantly failed our purpose as human beings by being consumed by the lust for gluttony and all that sparkles. The bankers’ supply of money, mediacentric fame fulfills the aim of corruption. Our sheepish attitude keeps our eyes closed to the injustice and oppression that has engulfed the entire world, we are too lazy and subdued to even blink.
        Jaded hallucination has replaced our senses of perception and tyrants basking in glory are the stars in the sky. I wonder why God raised them so high?

      2. Great post, Ed

        In a few verses that the grinning idiot preachers and teachers neglect:

        Deut 28:42
        All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall the locust consume

        Deut 28:43
        The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low

        Deut 28:44
        He shall lend to thee and thou shall not lend to him; he shall be the head and thou shall be the tail

        Goin down by the book

  10. more COVID era observations (part 2)

    I previously thought a lot of Americans were “stuck on stupid”, but I never thought it would come to characterize virtually everyone – a nation of brain-dead zombies.

    All of these concerns over “being safe” and “people’s health” – yet testing for 5/G health ramifications is resisted to the utmost – a damming contradiction. Illustrates the plandemic/scamdemic fraud. The government has never given two shits over people’s health.

    We now have “disaster capitalism” in one of it’s greatest hours – the FED bailing out and underwriting the huge failing financial superstructure… the shadow banking system etc. – allowing for the privatization of profits and the socialization of it’s losses. The take down of America’s population may well be a fait accompli.

    This massive War on the Population has created a nation of defacto lepers. The politicos and the MSM media has weaponized what they call a pandemic. Our civilization is over – as we have known it. Spontaneity is gone. Everyone is suspect. We have become one large leper colony – as it were. Compliments of the world power controllers – who want to tag and brand everyone like cattle – the ones that survive.

    But look on the bright side – many “fat and fluff” jobs will disappear – a lot of sports, gambling, and consumption addicts have been given a sobering up – many will value friends and family more. And a lot of the sheeple zombies may in fact start to wake up.

  11. …….and all by design. Intentionally manipulated virus containing SARS and HIV, intentionally released to intentionally create a pandemic to intentionally curtail constitutionally guaranteed rights. Just be sure to send a few million masks over to Jewland so the chosen are at least protected.

    Funny how the burqa is now in fashion.

    1. Bizarro logic. The elites would not release a contagion that might infect their own sacred scions — can’t have the Family Tree losing the buds. The “big lie” is easier to manage and even more effective. For example, the infamous “War of the Worlds” broadcast by Orson Welles did happen but the so-called panic by millions of listeners did not — that was a fabrication by the Press. The Newspapers lied and reported a panic that never happened and yet we all think that the lie is the truth. This fake crisis is something similar — the global elite took the usual flu-season death toll and claimed it was caused by a mystery super-virus. And we all believed it.

      Edward Bernays once said to his daughter that The People are “stupid f**kers” or “f**king stupid”. Something like that. That just about sums up the contempt that our elites have for we the people; that is the hubris (here’s hopin’!!!) that we must put up with.

      1. Flo –

        “The global elite took the usual flu-season death toll and claimed it was caused by a mystery
        super-virus. And we all believed it.”

        Never let a good crisis go to waste!!!!!! 💥 😜

  12. Scary. Real scary. Even the commenters here who disagree with each other all share a common despair. Everyone seems to be in anguish and wringing their hands and arriving at the same grim conclusion: IT’S GONNA GET WORSE.

    The only thing commenters are still bickering over is who to blame for this pandemic or plandemic. . Most here seem to think Trump is a dead loss, including Giraldi, with one or two stubborn Trump supporters still clinging to the hope that Trump is the new Messiah. Small hope of that, given his appalling record as a locker-room sleaze artist who hobnobbed with the sex pervert Epstein on Pedo Island and has sexualized his own daughter Ivanka by saying he’d like to date her if she wan’t his daughter. Imagine making this feather-headed floozie of a converted Jewess his senior adviser! You can’t make it up.

    Step forward, Pretty Boy Jared Kushner! Where are you now that America needs you? 🙂

    Anyway, the situation in America is now serious. Dead serious. With 26 million unemployed Americans, according to the latest figure. And millions expecting welfare checks, including illegal immigrants who our gracious President promised he would stop in their tracks by building a nice high wall across the border many moons ago! So where’s all the money gonna come from, eh? Who’s going to pay for it all?

    Not the Donald, that’s for sure! Not Soros, that’s for sure! Not Bill Gates, that’s for sure!

    Best thing to do, I guess, is to loot all Chinese and Russian assets in the US by picking a quarrel with China and Russia. In effect, get China and Russia to share the cost of keeping Americans on the dole. Pretty neat strategy, I guess, if Trump can get away with it. But I don’t think he’s going to get away with it, because Russia and China are going to shoot him out of the water and ruffle his fancy hairstyle. And many Americans are going to come whizzing back to America in body bags.

    Just wait for it . . . and weep.

      1. @ Sister Monica re Arden van Gottfried

        I never got any thanks for any of my posts and I’ve been here at DM for how long now, like a million years. Mr. Arden van Gottfried came here today for the very first time and immediately he gets a thank you. I’ve been here forever and I never got a thank you. You will all miss me when I’m gone, dead and buried and gone. Then you’ll appreciate what you had [I like to think so, lol]. Am I deluding myself? 🤔

    1. Recognize his fantasy for what it is, dear Sister. The world needs a good culling, anyway. You know it, I know it…everyone knows it. None of us particularly wants to be “culled” right away, so it’d be best to acquaint ourselves with God and have faith and try to please Him.


        I usually don’t see things eye to eye with you, but your comment to Tuliq Sadiq expressed my exact sentiment. Thanks for making my day!

  13. @ Sister Monica

    What is a defrocked nun doing monitoring a neo-Nazi website? You should be ashamed of yourself, you Judas nun! You have turned your back on your own supreme pontiff, the Pope in Rome, and joined the filthy rabble of Hitler supporters to be found posting their cretinous comments here.

    Shame on you, spawn of Satan, and all the sewer rats on this evil website. You deserve death by crucifixion, all of you, without exception.

    “If we accept Trump’s excuse of being “sarcastic”, that means he spent nearly ten minutes joking about a disease that’s killed 50,000 Americans in the last 30 days.”
    That’s really not true, it’s establishment media narrative… and, considering the size and scope of this lie, jesse smollet must be feeling rather peeved at the guff he took for his little media caper… Information is truth, and it is therefore very valuable… you will not be given it… at one time the truth may have been discoverable in courts of law, but there is no rule saying media has to tell the public the truth…. and now we see, just for extra caution, FOX news introduces the coming concept, that nobody can sue anybody over the covid virus… the hoaxers can’t take the weird chance that somehow, somewhere some real lawyers might get hold of it, maybe even in front of a real judge, maybe by some weird quirk there could be an actual trial, where the subject could be examined in its entirety… can’t never happen with vaccines either… it has been made clear enough the hospitals are paid by the deep zion state for every person they claim died WITH the virus… did you not hear that buddy? People are dying OF the flu, and if they can be found to have the virus they are counted as covid deaths…. The sensationalist commercial media no longer makes the distinction between WITH and OF… NOT HARDLY NOBODY is dying of the covid virus…
    Look, the public are way too hip now to the big jew-ish scam… There was no way the status quo was going to survive the free media… passing laws against anti-semitism isn’t going to work for them… they tried it, it only makes the plot more obvious… they’ve had to come up with another method of protecting their control position… And here it is, social distancing… interesting phrase, isn’t it? what are all the negative implications on freedom and individuality as this continues? and, i hope i’m wrong, but it will continue, to get worse and worse… The less rights the people have, the more the state can get away with, the people who have control of the government… And they want to be able to get rid of all the anti-semites, about 250,000,000 people now, who understand the real history of zionism and know what’s gone wrong with the good ole USA… ‘social distancing’ is just for openers… cash money is going bye bye… if you get the free $2,000 a month, if you play ball, it will be the even funnier money, electronic signals with transactions all hooked up to the block chain, a surveillance and tracking device… We’ve all heard the Charlie McCarthy guy pushing his bitcon, what’s his name on RT, with the Carolina looking broad… They claim negative interest rates and negative energy (oil) values are all about the new profit model, the destruction of wealth, which i guess will destroy the country along the way… first corporate raiding, now ‘shiva’ banks sucking the life out of society, whereas Margret Thatcher said there was no such thing anyway, so wtf? Funny how Max Keiser hates the banks but they’re instrumental in getting him his bitcoin economy he schticks, after they’ve killed the dollar… but the post-covid bitcoin blockchain isn’t about economy, not unless economy is now about surveillance and control…


      It is not easy to respond in a short comment to all what you said. By now you know that I am no fan of President Trump. However, the truth shall be know that I have publicly written twice in defense of President Trump when I felt he was right:

      1) When he initially ordered the US troops out of Syria. He was viciously and unfairly attacked by Republicans and Democrats, not to mention by the Jewish control media.

      2) During the Jussie Smollett fake attack which you mentioned. I wrote in part:

      “The notion that MAGA phrase was used during the attack is meant to imply that the attack was motivated by Trump’s rhetoric. Jussie Smollett is an active advocate for the LGBTQ community who seems trying to get some attention, perhaps to prop up his career. Despite that fact that I hate the President with passion, I feel strongly that Smollett and the US media owe Trump an apology.”

  15. This is one of the only comments sections on the internet that I allow serious time for in these dark days. Some excellent comments of recent, and I really appreciate the informative articles and links other readers include. Thanks from England.
    Now get ya damn vaccine!

  16. “In a time when telling the truth is a threat to national security… I will still tell it!” – Dr Annie Bukacek

    From a doctor who has been signing Death Certificates for over 30 years:

    Dr. Annie Bukacek is a longtime Montana physician with over 30 years experience practicing medicine. Signing death certificates is a routine part of her job.

    Dr. Bukacek blows the whistle on the way the CDC is instructing physicians to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths on death certificates.

    “The decision for unprecedented government-mandated lockdown has been based on the alleged death rate of COVID-19. Is this death rate based on truth? …”

    “Are the reported deaths from COVID-19 truly deaths from COVID-19?
    “To address this question, we need to discuss death certificates since death certificates are the basic source of information about mortality. …”

  17. That video of Dr. Bukacek is a GREAT lesson on how the whole Death Certificate thing works in hospitals, and in cases where the dead guy never made it to the hospital… So, that process being as loose as it is, the Big Pharma creepy killers saw clearly the crack to put the wedge in… and the lying politicians like Cuoma, helped channel the $6,000,000,000,000 from the fake treasury into the commie support structure in media and government… And wasn’t it really pat that the Cuomo goombah came up with the virus too, him and Tom Hanks and Boris Beanie Hat… Then here came some leftie media types saying they caught it too… What a bunch of sleazy bullshit this whole thing is, with stienie Zuckerberg providing a lot of the ‘volunteers’ to help the State of California Deal with it…
    One thing Dr. Bukacek didn’t elaborate upon – the whole payout scheme, where the hospitals are paid for each covid death… IF ONLY the public could ever get the real story on this stuff…
    Some of the comments with the video were worth repeating…
    “They’re all handing their children’s bodies to big pharma. The top bougie wouldn’t let their own near such danger. ”
    “COVID-19 is actually exosomes secreted from our own cells. Exosomes help clean up toxins outside cells so that toxins don’t reach our cells.
    Various kinds of stress including fear and chemical toxins induce exosome secretion. 5G electromagnetic wave might be a cause for exosome secretion.”
    I wonder…
    As for Trump –
    to me trump is really enigmatic in all this, as is the presidency itself… i get the feeling he knows he’s not in charge, having found that out, because of the national emergency clause… he was hipped after the election that he’s only a figurehead, he doesn’t believe in the virus and he never did… he never acted like it, in fact he acted otherwise, until he was put into line by the real PTB at FEMA… he knows what the scam is, but he knows he has to go along… because what else could he really do? he’s always giving you his real opinions and then a little later he makes some decree otherwise, contradicting himself… but he pushes it, like when he killed the TPP and now stopped the funding to the WHO…

  18. Russia’s coronavirus cases surpass 80,000

    MOSCOW, April 26. /TASS/. The number of coronavirus cases in Russia has risen by 6,361 over the past day, reaching 80,949, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported on Sunday.

    “Russia has registered a rise in coronavirus infection cases to 80,949 (+8.5%) in 85 regions. Some 517 people have been discharged after recovering over the past day and 6,767 over the entire period. Over the past day, 66 coronavirus patients have died. The total death toll in Russia is 747,” the crisis center reported.

    Some 45.9% of new cases (2,920) are without any symptoms.

    According to the crisis center, the average daily growth in the number of coronavirus cases has slowed down to 9.5% from 15.3% a week earlier. Over the past seven days, the number of infections has risen by 88.9% compared with 171.1% last week.

    1. The new coronavirus is finally slamming Russia. Is the country ready?
      Mar. 26, 2020

      With COVID-19 cases now indisputably on the rise in Russia, authorities are moving fast to ramp up detection and hospital bed capacity. Russia’s federal coronavirus coordination council says 193,000 tests based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) have been done to date. Swabs initially had to be shipped to Siberia for analysis at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology – ‘VECTOR’. Russia’s Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor)—the country’s analog of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—has just expanded testing to its regional laboratories and the Anti-Plague Research Institute.

      The agency says it has created a reserve of 700,000 test kits that it will regularly replenish. And the coronavirus council announced yesterday it is allotting 1.4 billion rubles ($17.7 million) to VECTOR, the antiplague facility, and several Rospotrebnadzor labs to spur vaccine and drug development.

      To cope with a rising tide of patients, Russia’s federal government is building a new hospital on Moscow’s outskirts. Authorities have called on Moscow residents over age 65 to self-isolate at home—an admonishment that Russian President Vladimir Putin, 67, exempted himself from. But Putin on 24 March donned protective gear while visiting a hospital treating COVID-19 patients, and yesterday he ordered all nonessential workplaces to close from 28 March to 5 April, declaring that “the safest thing is to be at home now.”

      Today, the government suspended international travel into and out of Russia—starting tomorrow—except for charter flights for bringing expatriates home.

  19. So Putin’s just another Trump the Chump…
    What’s the vaccination policy in Russia?
    Is it mandatory?

    1. The one positive thing we can get from this moron-a virus scam is final confirmation that all governments serve a global elite. Everyone is in LOCKSTEP, hence the name of the scenario that was outlined ten years ago in a Rockefeller Foundation document describing such a pandemic…um…scenario 😉

  20. Ultimate monitoring of the snitches by the people who hate them!

    Nine hundred nervous snitches in St. Louis!!

    “Now that controversial data has gone viral on social media, the snitches behind it are terrified. St. Louis County outed whistleblowers who reported businesses for alleged violations of the stay-at-home guidelines. Many of the comments posted in response, suggest karmic “retaliation against the people who utilized the county’s inbox for tips about non-essential businesses that stayed open.”

    Hundreds Of Stay Home Snitches Get Ultimate Dose Of Karma
    Copy & Paste:

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