Next Stop Nowhere

By John Kaminski
9 June 2020

Accept the trance
or leave the dance

“When Jews step forward as innocence itself,  then the danger is great.” — Nietzsche

“One may smile, and smile, and be a villain…”
— Shakespeare, Hamlet

When they’ve got you by the short hairs and also by your wallet, how was it you were going to plan to resist? After they have taken your job, your house and your access to money, what will you do? What could you possibly have done? Where could you have possibly gone to retrench to escape the eyes of the spies of the banks?

We’re not dealing with real facts here; we’re dealing with what they say are real facts, but seldom if ever are. Even so, they can put you in jail for disputing their definition of the truth. Orwell’s truth. A boot stomping on your face forever.

But anything your duly elected authorities say is now regarded as irrefutable truth, just as the TV doctors insist the vaccines have been tested (which BTW they never have been). Cover up your face with a mask that will suffocate you, the perfect way to obliterate everyone’s personality.

LD:  More than “the obliteration of personality” is taking place. A new skin complaint called MASKNE (= “mask acne”) has developed which is now disfiguring many people’s faces. (See here and here).  

In certain West Coast cities, they are fining people $1000 for not wearing these masks.

If they want you to be guilty, they will furnish the process that accomplishes that. In this way you will eventually accept the vaccine, or become a pauperized outcast banished from society and forever derided and abused by those who have taken the shot, those “good” citizens. Who decides who’s in and who’s out? Guess.

Most people are still not close to realizing the actual truth of this multi-level caper to instantly turn the USA into a Communist country. It wasn’t the epidemic, it wasn’t the lockdown, it was the $6.3 trillion declared to exist by President Trump that instantly made worthless all the savings and all the property of American citizens everywhere.

Why? Because so much money was disbursed to the banks that they can now afford to buy anyone’s house at any time for more money than homeowners can possibly turn down. Whatever amount that sale price is will inflate much faster than real estate ever will, so the sellers will get screwed long term.

Eventually the banks will own everything, assuming they don’t already (just look at the names of the sports stadia). When everyone is a renter and the government is the landlord, there will no longer be any such niceties as free speech. Perhaps not even welfare in the sense that we understand it today.

If the Chinese get their way (and they were taught by Skull & Bones), old people should be eliminated as soon as they become socially or physically dysfunctional. Good luck getting used to this “new normal.”

Trust in government busted

I know, it’s hard to talk about a murder plot. Especially when it’s someone you know. Especially when it’s you.

Those seniors who were evacuated from a nursing home in suburban New York City all seemed to die that same night. Have you ever been pinned to your hospital bed with TVs surrounded by doctors you don’t trust recommending treatments that sound colossally stupid to you?

If you’re reading this, then congratulations for surviving the medical gambits that have been tried on you, experimental Frankensteinian maneuvers that still bedevil the general population with often needless and always toxic concoctions that are always followed later by true stories of deliberately causing harm.

“Hey mister, I’ve got something really nice for you here!”

The level of control of the populace by mass media is so strong, so pervasive and complete, that everybody might as well be walking around in a mind-controlled trance because they already are. A doctor tells you something and you believe it. This last whopper shut down the whole world. And it served an evil purpose.

All this has greased the wheels and let loose the brake that kept the USA from becoming an outright Communist enterprise, totally controlled by the Jewish syndicate of bankers, brokers and industrialists that runs the world. There is no opposition anymore.

The opposition has been bribed, badgered and bumped off to an extreme degree at this point, so that all that remains is a polluted landscape of two sick pine trees in a forest of rotting underbrush, one claiming to be liberal, the other conservative, both carefully following the scripts given to them by the bankers who simply kill them if they don’t follow orders.

Though the phony epidemic got the headlines, it was the lockdown that killed what remained of noncorporate businesses, a withering blow to the mid section of humanity that left people stunned and senseless by the political and financial paralysis imposed upon them.

Tell me how it has come to pass where the cops kneel down and allow black thugs, including many illegal aliens, to plunder the countryside unimpeded, much in the same way that Britain has allowed Pakistani savages to rape the nation’s young white girls while the cops and politicians look the other way if they don’t participate.

I’m guessing that Jewish media have made white males suicidal.

LD: Suicide rates in the US are now the highest since WWII, especially among young people. In Britain, young women have been hit particularly hard, with the suicide rate soaring by a shocking  83 per cent in the last six years. [LD]

So who has made these bad decisions that are driving more people to suicide? And what kind of rodents must we be for allowing them to be made?

An eerie but tense calm now follows the end of the faux epidemic, followed by predictable lightning strikes of black thugs paid for not only by billionaire Jewish provocateurs but also by the overpaid Democratic Hollywood glitterati who are openly funding the vandals tearing down America’s white infrastructure.

And what will be left when America’s Green Card Democrats finally get their way? We will have Africa in America just like we already have now in all U.S. big cities, and a sterling tradition of black mayors and other leaders going right to jail as soon as they leave office for crimes they couldn’t cover up. Too bad that didn’t happen to our last president, our first black president and hopefully our last, who committed a substantial number of capital crimes (as all presidents do) and along with his friend Hillary seems to be escaping punishment from our totally corrupt legal system.

But this is the Jewish-controlled legal system than can evict you from even life itself. If they can’t steal all your money, they still have all the convicts they released “to help fight the epidemic” who are still out there “looking for work”.

So it really is a case of choose the trance or leave the dance. The trouble is there will be no place to leave TO once all the 5G satellites are in place, watching in perpetuity every step you will ever take for the remainder of your totally controlled semi-conscious life.

Today’s choice seems to be: Give up your consciousness or your life. Accept the lies they tell you or become a permanent outcast, ridiculed by the masses for doubting the perfect benevolence of the state or the integrity of those well-dressed TV anchors, you know, the black ones with their Botox-lipped Barbie-doll sidekicks.

Nietzsche said the ancient tribe of criminals “had a life interest in making mankind sick” by inverting the concepts of good and evil.

Some say the new normal is exactly as the way it is when you die and go to hell. The only truth there is the fire, and you’re in it. Continue to put up with these savage abuses by our masters who are lighting all these matches and you will not be able to avoid soon feeling these flames yourself.

Allowing the powers that be now to continue with their plans means that one day soon, probably not in our generation but not more than a few more, people will routinely wake up and not remember who they are or where they have been, all those thousands of years before.

They’re not going to return what they’ve stolen. If we really want it back, we’ll have to take it back. Too few people believe we can. What a sorry sight.

There’s a graveyard coming up fast, and too many people whistling to see it coming.


29 thoughts to “Next Stop Nowhere”

  1. “Give up your consciousness or your life.

    The medium term attack on consciousnesses is through Bill gates “vaccine” that will turn humanity into GMO. The proposed vaccine modifies human DNA permanently.

    Apart from making scam money I believe the main objective is to enforce acceptance of trans humanism – the religion of our Neo Neanderthal “rulers and leaders”, such as Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk.

    “A Google Exec Just Claimed The Singularity Will Happen by 2029 ”

    For those that do not know, The Singularity is an exponentially fast merging of human and machine.

    Spiro Skouras covered these fantasies implanted into World Economic Forum in a recent report “The Great Reset”…

    Watch it to understand the intentions of this sub species of homo sapiens that have wrenched global control over every square meter (22000 satellites and counting), every resource and every human.

    I use the term Neo Neanderthal because their over developed Neo-cortex has lobotomized “spiritual” perception- they are atheistic zombies intent of material consumption and expansion.

    So the vaccine will render mankind GMO – ready for acceptance of trans-humanist Star Trek Borg fantasy.

    Once AI is implanted as the driver to human consciousness then the goal becomes mathematical materialistic acquisition.

  2. @ Lasha :

    The MarketWatch article about suicide didn’t mention anything about the suicide rate in the U.S. during WW2. If there was a high rate of suicide in the United States during WW2, what was the reason or reasons for the high rate of suicide in the U.S. during WW2? What is your source reference or source references for saying there was a high rate of suicide in the USA during WW2. Got any source references? Or no?

    1. @ TROJ

      Google this phrase and see what you get: “SUICIDE RATES HIGHEST IN U.S. SINCE World War II”.

      You will see this article at the top of the page, published by CNN:

      Scroll down the page to paragraph 3 and you will see this paragraph, beginning:


      The report goes on to say that suicide rates in America, for some particular reason, are highest right now among “those who identify as American Indian or Alaska natives … the highest among all ethnic groups.”

      I won’t speculate why. I’ll leave this to you!

      1. The answer insofar as American Indians are concerned is obvious. It’s from being born on, and living your whole LIFE on a reservation; birds in a gilded cage. But in all fairness to older Indians, the highest percentage of suicides, as with the general population, is among the young Indians, those who have a profound sense of hopelessness, many of whom deliberately overdose on heroin and other like narcotics.

        But there are families I’ve met along the way, some of whom I’m still in touch with, who’ve managed to preserve the old ways the best they can, and impart a strong sense of spirituality, thanks to proud and perservering elders (especially the grandmothers, who wouldn’t have it any other way)

        1. “The explanation insofar as American Indians are concerned is obvious…”

          Thanks for your input on this, Brownhawk.
          This is exceptionally good … and touching.

          1. Thanks for the source reference, uncle.

            (The rest of this long comment has been deleted).

  3. I now think non-white immigration should be stopped, throughout Europe, and non-whites already here should be offered money to leave Europe.
    We should keep Europe as a homeland for ethnic Europeans
    Israel has it right. It keeps Israel as a homelamd for the Jews.
    It has taken the past few weeks to make me realise that RACE DOES COUNT

    1. JOHN KIRBY said,
      “Israel has it right. It keeps Israel as a homelamd for the Jews.?

      Said who Johnny? And who gifted Palestine to those thieves and terrorists? The late Helen Thomas who covered 8 US presidents as a WH reporter lost her job for just telling the truth about those filthy bastards.

      ISISrael was built illegally in 1948 on stolen Palestinian land and on the ruin of hundreds of towns and villages that have been erased (including my parents home) from the face of the earth so the native inhabitants will never have a chance to return back home and to what is rightfully theirs.

      Your’e half right though. israhell does serve as a safe haven for terrorists and criminal jews who fled the US and and other western nations after committing crime against “white peopele” in order to evade justice>

      1. Hi Mahamoud,
        I agree, but Israel does keep non-Jews out. I am not saying they should still occupy Palestine.
        White people in Britain are getting a bad deal in their own country, and it is going to cause serious problems

      2. ME-Y –

        “Said who Johnny? And who gifted Palestine to those thieves and terrorists?”

        Walter Rothschild, via Balfour. Walter owned it in 1913….. and NM Rothschild & Sons of London STILL DOES!!

      3. ME-Y –


        Edmond de Rothschild (1845-1934) was the youngest son of James and Betty de Rothschild. He bore the Hebrew name Benjamin. He was born in Paris on 19 August 1845. Edmond joined the Paris Banking House in 1868 becoming a director of the Est railway company and other family concerns, and devoting himself to art, culture and philanthropic interests. In 1877, he married Adelheid (1853-1935), the daughter of Wilhelm Carl Rothschild (1828-1901).

        He made journeys to Bukharu to examine the potential of the oilfields of the area. In 1895, he visited Palestine for the first time, and his most outstanding achievements were involved in responding to the threats facing the Jewish people in Europe in the late 19th century by supporting massive land purchases and underwriting Jewish settlements in Palestine and Israel.

        Until his death, ‘The Benefactor’, as he was known provided support for Jewish colonists, overseeing dozens of new colonies. Rishon le Zion (the First in Zion) was followed by others bearing the names of his parents. In 1923 PICA (the Palestine Jewish Colonisation Association) was formed to oversee his affairs in Palestine. When Edmond died in Paris in 1934, he left a legacy which included the reclamation of nearly 500,000 dunams of land and almost 30 settlements. In 1954 his remains and those of Adelheid were brought to Ramat Hanadiv in Zikhron Ya’akov.

        Papers in The Rothschild Archive London

        The Rothschild Archive holds very little material on Edmond and his work in Palestine and Israel. The Archive holds a collection of files concerning personal affairs of members of the French family that include a few papers and volumes of accounts relating to the Jewish colonies and to their funding and development, as well as personal papers of Edmond relating to his birth and marriage. One file concerns the Jewish Colonization Association and includes papers relating to its Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1891.

        These files were deposited with the Rothschild Archive Trust by Baron Eric de Rothschild. They were previously held in Bank vault of de Rothschild Frères at rue Lafitte, Paris, and then Château Lafite.

        Papers at Waddesdon Manor

        There is also a collection of archive material relating to the Palestinian Jewish Colonisation Association (PICA), held at The Waddesdon Archive, Windmill Hill, Waddesdon Manor. To find out more about these papers, please contact The Waddesdon Archive »

        Further secondary sources

        Two Rothschilds and the Land of Israel, Simon Schama (London: Collins, 1978)
        Edmond de Rothschild: l’homme qui racheta la Terre sante, Elizabeth Antebi (Monaco: Editions du Rocher, 2003)
        Rothschild and early Jewish colonization, Dr Ran Aronsohn (Rowman & Littlefield, 2000)
        Two older books which may be of interest are:
        Baron Edmond de Rothschild: The Story of a Practical Idealist, David Druck, (New York, 1928)
        Edmond de Rothschild: Palestine Pioneer, Isaac Naiditch, (Zionist Organization of America, Washington, 1945)

      4. As per Lasha as per her death poetry suicide is a good thing, a beneficial thing, and of course we all want good beneficial things for our Native American friends and our Muslim friends so the best way to show them our friendship and show them how much we care about them is to encourage the Native Americans Brownhawk and barkingdeer and the Muslim Mr. Yousseph to, lol, to do away with themselves, lol. Just thinking logically. I’m not being a White Supremacist or anything like that, I’m just thinking logically. Can’t blame a guy for thinking logically. *grin*

      5. Thanks Joe. How very thoughtful of you……now go and get yer shinebox! 😆

    2. @john Kirby
      Its people – like you – that have only just figured out in “the past few weeks” that “race does count” that have been a LARGE part of the almost insurmountable problems that we now face.
      Thank you!!!

  4. “They are not going to return what they’ve stolen…”
    Right, JK! It causes me to try to name each thing they HAVEN’T stolen, and begin to take the fight more seriously.

  5. Good Article JK…
    Great Comment…
    I really couldn’t read Kurzweil’s book, what I made it through almost paralyzed me, the style, something..
    The Singularity is the Chosen plan for the goyim untermensch, those of the lower strata who happen to survive the big dust-off coming up in the next few years…
    Deagel said the population reduction to around 100,000,000 humans in the USA by 2025 would not be the result of some epidemic, but would happen on account of a major societal breakdown… I’m assuming that means crime will be rampant, while police services become non-existent… The economy will tank, way below the Great Depression depths of the 1930s… Food will get scarce, and from what I’ve read of it people were generally way underweight back then, which, btw, was at the same time the ZION Bolsheviks were starving about 8,000,000 people to death in Ukraine… The big population reduction catastrophe looks less and less far-fetched all the time now…
    The only way to maintain real diversity is to preserve the races…
    The world has a much better chance of surviving if society is made up of independent nations, all casting equal votes at the world body… Open borders are all about the strife…

  6. This is what the current crop of anarchists, communists, nihilists, terrorists, social justice warriors, looters,
    and hoodlums WANT or have PRODUCED – aided and abetted by the MSM.

    1. Plywood cities across America
    2. Police elimination – war on the police
    3. History washed away – statues and names
    4. All whites labelled racists
    5. Churches closed down or burnt
    6. All whites taking a knee to apologize for their “white privilege”
    7. All racist nuances in the sports/entertainment/Hollywood complex eliminated

    Also, the members of the black secret society called ‘Boule’ have been energized to support the aims of Illuminati NWO bankers and business families.

    Civil War 2.0 awaits. And it won’t be civil.

  7. Like I said – antifa are the Red Guards…
    They’re now doing in CHAZ what they will do in all the other commiecrat cities, if this occupation is allowed to continue…
    It’s coming to a standoff with the occupation of the CHAZ in Seattle…
    This would be Trump’s chance to arrest his first Mayor… She’s suborning every crime that gang commits, they’re now carrying guns and robbing the poor unfortunates who have the bad luck to live there, threatening people, selling them protection…
    No way the US President can get out of smashing the antifa thugs in CHAZ…
    What happens next in Seattle will determine whether the USA climbs back out of this crisis or sinks the rest of the way into gangland lawlessness, civil war…

    1. Bark –
      CHAZ will be gone when their cell-phone service is cut off. No more posting Youtube or social media. 🙂

      However, COMMON CORE & Outcome-Based educations failed the CHAZ geniuses as it has all under 40 folks in USA, who learned history & geography from watching Jerry Seinfeld & Simpsons episodes!!!

      CHAZ – “Capitol Hill Antonymous Zone” in Seattle is totally irrelevant, because….
      …. the Capitol of Washington in NOT Seattle…. BUT Olympia!!
      They will have to move to be effective!!! 💥 😜

  8. Who Created And Dominated US African Slave Trade?
    An Extremely Important Look At Historical Truth – Watch

    1. Great article. Kudos for not holding back here John, I feel your pain here in England. In a way, it’s good that our young to middle aged men here are finally showing some some signs of life for the first time in decades.

      Just a shame it had to first take the disposession of their birthright and near extinction of their own race to do anything about it. Can England remain English? Not without a ton of violence and bloodshed, no.

      During a short stay in hospital, I always remember an old man – he passed away two days after – explaining to me, the best he could, that “multiculturalism is a political agenda used to destabilise society in preparation for socialism”.

      He continued: “the war we fought was never meant to weaken individual nations, nor erode the racial integrity of the men that make up them nations”.

      I was only 23 then, i had yet to break the (jewish) spell, but I was determined to find out for myself what this “socialism” actually was, and why racial amalgamation was not in the national interest.

      I do sometimes wonder if that man died from the grief and anguish of knowing that the war he fought achieved nothing. In actual fact it probably threw us back 300 years.

  9. Let us say that the analysis in this article is right, and I think it is.
    The next obvious question is: What do you intend to do about these rats?
    Here are two things that have never worked:
    – Hang on to christianity.
    – Expel them.
    They own your media, and by that the insides of the heads of the 95% who just do not want to think. They control your legal system, which has turned into a farce. They also control your political system through organizations like ADL which was founded when a group of jews went together to support the pedophile Leon Frank up through the levels of the legal system. They have absolutely no morals except the will to survive and dominate by any means. And they have made lying an integrated part of everything they do towards other groups.
    And if you’re white, they hate you.
    I do not care if you know anybody to the contrary, but pretty much AJALT.
    Why does anybody even contemplate being decent to these bastards?

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