No Mind Left Behind

The ominous implications
of Sustainable Development

24 January 2020

“Education would be aimed at conditioning students for a lifetime of work
chosen for them by those in control. No free choice anymore.” — John Kaminski

When you hear the phrase “sustainable development”, you should realize what it actually means. It means the end of what remains of your individual freedom. Freedom is an item most people won’t even miss, until the day that inevitably arrives when they will miss it more than anything else.

Through an increasingly restrictive series of worldwide conferences which aren’t really generated by governments, but are spread like a toxic stain across the public mind by politician-dominated collaborative government committees, already the noose of totalitarianism is tightening around the necks of every human on Earth.

Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order by Patrick M. Wood (2018: Coherent Publishing, Mesa, Arizona) describes the symptoms of society’s imposed collapse all in the name of Sustainable Development, which glibly promises prosperity and security for all, but actually intends to deliver the irreversible end of individual human freedom.

How does it do that? With a system designed to control everyone, from which no one will ever escape.

Sustainable Development requires a very detailed surveillance and tracking of everything produced and consumed, by everyone, everywhere on Earth. If you’re not in the system, with your whereabouts and intent pre-verified, you will not be able to function in the society of the immediate future, which is already rapidly materializing in the 3D world.

Traditional systems of government would be abolished, all decisions would be made by scientists in accordance with their collected data.

Education would be aimed at conditioning students for a lifetime of work chosen for them by those in control. No free choice anymore.

Hint: Cryptocurrency is said to be the futuristic financing tool of Sustainable Development, the final end run around all government structures.

Get the picture: Technocracy = Sustainable Development = Communism.

We’re all facing our doom and they’re hiding the fact right in the open because we no longer understand the meaning of words and how they are using them to eliminate all vestiges of individual liberty.

Thus, among our long lost memories of freedom, the phrase “for all” will linger in our minds as the most sinister phrase ever invented. The demonic program now devouring our civilization mandates that no mind be left behind.

The day when there is no escape

There seems to be no good reason
why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship
should ever be overthrown.

— Aldous Huxley

When the Sustainable Development project is finally completed, you will not be able to extricate yourself from the requirements of the central authority. To do so would result in having your access to currency cut off, and your exclusion from society automatic.

Ironically, you have no say in your future because the planning and execution of these measures have little or no relation to what the general population actually wants, just as local governments have no actual control over what is demanded of them by these corrupt but politically powerful robogroups.

For those who think their votes don’t matter, how does it make you feel to know that those you elect are being totally ignored by the real policymakers?

There will be no escape because everything will be tracked and controlled and your access to currency will depend upon your fulfilling the requirements of what the technocratic tyrants demand of you.

The most important part of Sustainable Development is that no one may escape from the high tech monitoring of everyone’s movements and actions, which will be severely shackled by a welter of restrictions and a gaggle of ad hoc organizations all meant to reshape the wishes of citizens and simultaneously obliterate the rule of law.

This would mean the end of all political dissent. You must accept what they say is the accurate version of reality . . . or else!

Already we see multiple speech restrictions vomited forth by Trump as he violates his oath of office, which would be a genuine reason for his impeachment (as if the overt murder of foreign leaders was not enough) as opposed to the impeachment farce our elected leaders have conducted instead of just doing their jobs.

Sustainable development is not only a wide ranging plan to take or at least control (which is the same thing) every bit of your money, but it’s also a plan to take all your property as well and keep everybody confined to easy-to-regulate prefabricated cities, where there you can pay the rent or die after a brilliant career as an obedient cog in the machine.

End run around national sovereignty

Among the many dangers Wood spotlights are all these blue-ribbon panels with celebrity endorsers appointed by politicians that create rules local governments are compelled to accept.

“The problem with this setup is that none of the city councils of the 100 cities have any say in these policies. This is the nature of regionalism, and it is patently unconstitutional and grossly unfair” to citizens affected by it,” Wood writes. [ … ]“Collaborative Governance is a scourge to the Constitutional Rule of Law upon which America was built, but it is a key tool for implementation of Sustainable Development.”

When President Clinton and Gore introduced their plan to reinvent government in the early 1990s, the concept of regional governments merged with the basic tenets of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 and began to spread its corrupt bureaucratic net over our entire country.

These regional councils became “an end run around national sovereignty” and blossomed into a nationwide network of agencies intent on circumventing local governments and implementing Agenda 21, and now Agenda 2030, which call for the herding of everyone into standardized cities, as well as many other draconian measures not fit for human acquiescence.

Wood writes: “In place of centralized authority, regulations replaced unified law and all of the resulting entities were ‘empowered’ to do whatever it took to get the corporate mission accomplished.”

In the Smart City of tomorrow, people will indeed be living in a fishbowl: tracked, monitored, analyzed, nudged, limited, and directed. They will be told what to think, how to think, when to speak and how they are allowed to speak. Non-conformists will be conformed or shunned. Trouble-makers will simply be excluded altogether.
— p. 133

The Smart City scam

The Smart Cities ruse circumvents local, state and national governments. Getting cities to form a league with other cities and share their unique problems and solutions makes sense, but also overrides county, state and federal regulations.

Many of the parameters governing the operation of Sustainable Development derive from the work of Singaporean technocrat Parag Khanna (Connectivity 2016, etc.) who insists American democracy has become dysfunctional and the public has lost trust in its institutions. Khanna advocates less democracy and more technocratic stewardship.

Wood explains that the New Urban Agenda formalized in 2016 is aimed at guiding the world’s megacities to the standards of Sustainable Development. “This is clearly designed to urge cities to take control over their own destinies and to shun state or national control. [ . . .] In essence, this historic compact gives the UN the right to impose its Sustainable Development action plan in every local community on this planet, and this is exactly what it plans to do.”

Sounds like a takeover of the whole world to me. This is the technical implementation plan of World Communism.

A long series of increasingly repressive measures which primarily protect manufacturers of questionable products (notably drugs) from legal harm. Bureaucratic processes that last for decades with no legislative oversight and no true public representation. Our reliance on technology has set us up to confront the future as total illiterates unable to communicate except by special permission of the psytech gurus in control of your mind.

Who or what is this mysterious force running things and declaring falsehoods to be true? This is how Communism is taking over the world.

We can see now what we couldn’t see back in the 1960s, that the ever increasing trend toward corporatization, symbolized by the death of Mom & Pop convenience stores, was an irreversible step toward Communism and the control of individuals by a Central Authority.

Among the goals of this cursed philosophy is to erase America’s Constitutional Republic form of government. Capitalism is incompatible with Sustainable Development and puts too much money in the hands of its citizens. No wonder they keep so much a secret, and camouflaged by bureaucratic terms the public has great difficulty trying to understand.

When dreams turn to dust

To me the symbol of freedom has always been driving down an endless highway, wind blowing in your hair, as portrayed by the black-and-white TV drama of 1962, Route 66, two guys in a Corvette rescuing damsels in distress and righting wrongs wherever they happened to find them.

It’s horrifying to me personally that this metaphor for personal freedom will no longer exist in the future. As a symbol of individual freedom, it might not last another decade before cars as we know them will first become driverless and then ownerless as the human herd is corralled by bureaucrats into a much less independent lifestyle. At least that’s according to the bureaucratic nightmare vision of the future better known to us now as Sustainable Development that creeps into our lives a little further and readjusts our shackles a little bit tighter with each passing day.


33 thoughts to “No Mind Left Behind”

  1. A pleasure to make the first comment on an article by John Kaminski. Quite a few issues have been raised. My interest is in the education one.

    “Education would be aimed at conditioning students for a lifetime of work chosen for them by those in control. No free choice anymore.” (Kaminski)

    I have often thought this to be true. Universities in recent years have begun offering highly specialised degrees that are probably useless in another associated field. For example where I come from, one must obtain a Bachelor of Science degree specifically in Health Surveying if one wishes to work in local government as a Health Surveyor. A person may have an outstanding four year honours degree in general science but they would be rejected outright and never make the short list for interview.

    Once upon a time one could enter the field with a general science degree and pick up the essentials of the job, which are not that difficult to master.

    I believe these “vocational” degrees are being used by authorities right now to “sort” people into jobs.

    1. And one more thing. A bit more light-hearted.

      “When you hear the phrase “sustainable development”, you should realize what it actually means. It means the end of what remains of your individual freedom.” (Kaminski)

      I remember a German commentor many years ago talking about environmental “sustainability”, a very irritating word to me. “If you asked me how my relationship was going with my girlfriend, and I told you it was sustainable, would you think that a good thing?”

      1. The real problem isn’t with physical science but with the politically distorted predictions put out by the life scientists, which seem to ignore the numbers:-

        CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere,,,,,that is 1 part in 2,500

        Manmade CO2 is about 1/25th of all atmospheris CO2

        The other 24/25ths is produced by rotting vegetation, wildfires and volcanoes.

        So manmade CO2 is 1 part in 2,500 X 25 = 62,500

        1 part in 62,500 is insignificant

      2. Manmade global warming has become a political tool, used by the environuts to control and damage civilisation, which they seem to hate. Their policy seems to be “RAISE TAXES, BAN FOSSIL FUELS, STOP EATING MEAT AND FORM A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”

        They want to control the world. They are a minority group but they have world leaders pandering to them. I am no Trump supporter but he is right on this one.

        Civilisation is not perfect but if you want to know what it is like without civilisation, look at Germany in 1945-6

      3. Yes, John – Even RUSSIA!!

        ‘Sustainable Development’ in Russia – taken from the ad on Russia’s

        –17 Goals to Transform Our World–
        The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.

      4. What the word ‘sustainable’ was intended to convey, was the idea that there are limited natural resources and all development and population must conform to the amount and the use over time making sure we control pollution and especially carbon emissions. However, the entire carbon footprint and carbon credit scheme the elites implemented is totally bogus and just another way to bring about more central or UN control, which is ultimately more control by themselves. As for over population leading to overconsumption and pollution, it is the developed nations with less population which are doing most of the consuming. Their solution to any of these so-called “problems” is simply to eliminate them by eliminating the people causing them. Billions are already being spent on infertility toxins in the food and drug chain. Then there is all the social engineering.

      5. Sustainability carries the veiled meaning of austerity, akin to slavIsh deprivation, but onto a completely new level.
        Whereas sheeple are educatively indoctrinated to believe that government, police and judiciary are in existence to serve and protect them as well as promote the well being of the populace, they are sadly deluded.
        The powers that be have set up and harnessed the entire state apparatus at the expense of robotic proles under the guise of taxes in order in order to cement their evil grip on society and every aspect of power, especially the power of media and education underpinned by big data and information technology.

  2. “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” – formalized in 2016 – was first broached as a goal behind the scenes at the Rio Summit in 1992 by Maurice Strong.

    ’Maurice Strong – Man Behind Agenda 21’ –
    The link between Agenda 21 and your changing world – socialism

    The biggest threat to the sovereignty of the United States has to be United Nations Agenda 21.  Its tentacles are so interwoven into our lives it is like an aggressive cancer.
    This cancer, Agenda 21, also known as Local Agenda 21 or LA-21, is nothing short of an attack on this country.  It came to life in 1992 and is spreading across the globe with the help of anyone who happens to buy into the idea of a global threat.  Its real purpose is hidden inside a cloaked presentation of environmental sustainability, however, it is about control of your life, your children’s lives, their children’s lives and on into perpetuity.
    Maurice Strong is an admitted socialist.  His sister was a Marxist.  He thinks you and yours have eaten too much, used too much and now must pay.  Of course like every elite socialist, that just means you, not him, or his fellow elitist.
    In 1991, Strong wrote the introduction to a book published by the Trilateral Commission, called Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology, by Jim MacNeil. (David Rockefeller wrote the foreword). Strong said this:
    “This interlocking…is the new reality of the century, with profound implications for the shape of our institutions of governance, national and international. By the year 2012, these changes must be fully integrated into our economic and political life.”

    He told the opening session of the Rio Conference (Earth Summit II) in 1992, that industrialized countries have:
    ** – “developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma. It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class — involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing — are not SUSTAINABLE. A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”


    In an essay by Strong entitled Stockholm to Rio: A Journey Down a Generation, he says:
    “Strengthening the role the United Nations can play…will require serious examination of the need to extend into the international arena the rule of law and the principle of taxation to finance agreed actions which provide the basis for governance at the national level. But this will not come about easily. Resistance to such changes is deeply entrenched. They will come about not through the embrace of full blown world government, but as a careful and pragmatic response to compelling imperatives and the inadequacies of alternatives.”
     “The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. What is needed is recognition of the reality that in so many fields, and this is particularly true of environmental issues, it is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful. The global community must be assured of environmental security.”

    The US follows UN Agenda-21.. “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”…..
    …. and so does ‘Put-On’ in Kremlin:
    XXII International Research and Practice Conference on “Environmental Education for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Safety and Culture”

    “…the “Basic Principles of State Environmental Development Policy of the Russian Federation through to 2030..”

    Green Cross Russia

    Founded: 1993 – right after RIO**
    Town : Moscow
    Address : Gorbachev Foundation, Leningradsky pr. 39, str. 14,
    Postal code : 125167
    Website :
    President : Sergei BARANOVSKY

    1. And still there are people who think that Putin ain’t a jew. People want to believe what they want. They don’t want to see the reality.How convenient for the jews, jew trolls, crypto jews, desinfo agents etc.

      1. Allen,

        Saying Putin is a Jew won’t work on this site. You need to offer some convincing evidence.

  3. Wonderful facts on “sustainability” , Pat. I never knew about this scoundrel, Strong.

    Turning again to education I have to quote Cambria Will Not Yield, as the current article there is so relevant to what Kaminski says here,
    “Look to our universities if you wish to see the new paganization embodied. They have become so imbued with the spirit of Satan that it is no longer possible for Satan to distinguish between the universities and his kingdom of hell in hell. As he prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls, he often does a double-take when he visits the local colleges – “Wait a minute, am I in my hell below, or in the new hell on earth? I can’t see any difference!”

  4. The first obvious intrusion of mass controllability I noticed was in motor transport – cars and trucks. Electronic solenoid shut-off in diesels was introduced in 1991. In gasoline cars and trucks, the “E” cell was introduced in 1983 through Ross Perot’s company “ESS” (electronic systems somethingorother). Avoiding long mechanical explanations, both additions created the disabling of those engines via an EMP. Those tar seams in interstate highways, evidenced by a solar panel-type do-dad on an adjacent post are EMP devices which can be used to disable trucks and cars passing over to block-down the highway when activated (by piling up a cluster of disabled vehicles). Traffic blocked and stopped!
    More so now, we are seeing new cars which can be voice or touch-programmed to start. The electronic digit infestation even goes to new farm tractors, too. Gradually (and accelerating), humankind is accepting this control. TV commercials broadcast idiots jumping and clapping about their new “bank cards” and “APPS” by which they’re paid and by which they conduct all commerce. Make note! What Kaminski warns about has been happening for some time. (Yeah, Pat, I remember that Jew asshole Maurice Strong in the New American article covering the “Earth Summit”. People wouldn’t listen, then, and it looks like they’re even dumber, now. Give me horses, ANY day!

  5. These wicked witches and wizards of wordsmithing mutter foul incantations while crouching over their bubbling cauldrons of verbiage. Their teeth drip red with the blood of Palestinian children as they stir in nasty expletives while croaking, “We think it’s worth it!” Demon Shabbat goy and zombie social warriors grovel at their feet, supplying ever more ingredients to feed a vicious vichyssoise of verbosity.

    Eye of guilt, heart of hate, white genocide will be your fate!
    Lump of lies, sweet words and myths, error from tongue of vulture,
    A flask of horror with shot of terror, will wreck the white man’s culture.
    Small twist of humor to top it off, so they won’t know we kill them soft.

    We spit in your faces, we lie in your ear,
    We smother your world with blankets of fear.
    Holocausts and trade towers that make you flinch,
    We’ve stolen your Christmas with our Grinch.

    Monsanto brings poison fruit from our vines,
    With genes we’ve spliced like Frankenstein,
    This horror food we sell to you,
    Is gobbled down without a clue.

    A promised health by medical incantation,
    A death of stealth by vaccination,
    Laced with mercury that is so hot,
    They kill and maim like bullets shot.

    You cannot see with your own eye,
    Those trails of death that cross the sky,
    Why is it that you stand by?
    Because the evidence we deny!

    We drive the Goyim to despair,
    For this, our lie we quote,
    “You have a voice in de-moc-rac-y”,
    “You have the right to vote!”

    Stolen houses from widows, Wall Street deals from hell,
    We fatten our coffers with these words: buy! Buy! BUY! No – sell!
    Stealing from the goy is like taking a grizzly bear’s honey,
    Make sure they’re fast asleep, before you debase their money.

    These things from our bag of tricks we play,
    So to the goyim this we say,
    A stake to the heart is our only fear.
    But take care, we’ve stolen your soul,
    so killing us will cost you dear!

  6. I think the newer cars are all remote-controllable…
    Maybe that’s why they ran the OJ chase so much…
    The Michael Hastings fiery crash deal was a little toooooo obvious…
    Yes your new car has a Mad Dog plan to kill you too….
    When you buy the tractor now, you don’t own the computer brain that comes with it…
    I remember a rash of runway cars a few years back, accelerators sticking somehow yeah..
    Then stories of airbags going off by themselves killing and injuring people…
    The self-driving car thing isn’t really about your car driving itself…
    It’s about the public getting the idea ever so subtly, that cars are monitoring them…
    All jetliners are remote controllable now…
    And I’d be real suspicious about the Boeing nosedive a few months ago…
    All your new appliances are ratting you off on every little thing you do inside your house…
    Block chain crypto currency, what else…

    1. what else? how about “backdoor” technology.
      The Future We Deserve: Your App-Enabled Dildo Or Butt Plug Could Be Spying On You
      The next logical question is whether that’s all or if some means of inducing ahem, a premature ejection from the mortal coil could also be engineered into the product—i am so relieved that jew hasn’t thought of it.

      or anyone else in this sex-crazed, reason-deficient culture.
      Many ways one could be epsteined when cross-eyed from never-ending stimulation of lower chakras.
      And for those (very) few who suspect material existence is not all there is, “The Future We Deserve” could extend somewhat further on a descending trajectory.

      Declaration of interest: i am an itinerant salesman for the “LOGOS” salve, to be applied both topically and internally to the affected areas.
      It has an indefinite shelf life, unlike competing products.

      1. Lobro, it feels to me like front door technology is what the immediate concern should be. Must be. Borderline panic even as the Coronavirus infected double every six days as per latest reports. Screening is a blind man’s bluff since infected people show no signs for more than enough time that it takes to infect many others.
        Exponentially is a very scary word.

        Mother nature (or someone) weaponized this virus to the nth degree by making it not only highly mutable but also communicable via (Ahhhh-Chooo!) airborne express.

        Why aren’t the airports here in the U.S. and there in Thailand and everywhere shut down? We the peons from every nation are being crudely exposed to this upcoming (if not already) pandemic as our governments royally fail us. No doubt for bidness reasons, dontcha know.

        There’s a bad moon on the rise..
        Is this “The Future We Deserve”?

    1. Allen,

      Thanks for the link. Will read what “aanirfan” has to say.
      Any idea who aanirfan is? Make, female or transgender?

  7. The question would be – what’s the banking system in Russia?
    If it’s like the one we have here, it’s the same crowd of mazaltavers….
    I always figured the RED thing was for the ROTHEN-SKIELD…
    I’d bet on it…
    Maybe Pat will get that info…
    It’s all about who controls the money system, how it works, to serve who first…

    1. It’s not who controls the banking system as you write. It’s about the person(s) who LET the jews control the banking system. As Putin being a jew it’s logical that he lets the jews control the banking system in Russia. What about the big plans of Putin about the ‘ brics’? It’s all a jewish diversion, deception over the Goyim naturally Putin plays the devout ‘ christian’ as the ‘greek orthododox church’ does. I repeat the jews rule at the top in the whole world over the Goyim using islam, christianity, communism you name it etc to dominate, the Goyim in submission. Where are the real christian ‘ leaders’ who say enough is enough. Bishop Williamson is one of a kind a special one. But I must say the Bishop is not one of them for if so he would have known it’s a fix. The most devout christians are the ones of humble origin who don’t know the secret. The ‘ religions’ are just tools for the jews, always been. That’s why many real christians when they know the fix get desperate and without hope when they finally even at old age know it was a fix for power.
      I hope I don’t have offended someone hat’s not my intention. Just to wake the people, Goyim.

  8. “Through an increasingly restrictive series of worldwide conferences which aren’t really generated by governments, but are spread like a toxic stain across the public mind by politician-dominated collaborative government committees, already the noose of totalitarianism is tightening around the necks of every human on Earth.”

    Speaking of “politician-dominated collaborative government committees” check out Dr. Chuck Baldwin’s recent message. It’s a little long but worth the time, IMO.

  9. Wow, Lobro’s article on Stalin just got republished and is sparking massive interest:

    I may have to retract my criticism that it was poorly written. A Tim Folke comments:

    “This is an interesting article. I have not read anything positive about Stalin in recent years. I don’t like jumping to conclusions, and therefore like to crosscheck with at least two other independent sources before making a tentative conclusion. Accordingly, this fine article will prompt me to do more research on Joseph Visarionovich Djugashvili, aka Joseph Stalin.”

    1. @ Commentator Mike

      This does not impress me at all. Russia Insider is a pro-Stalin website run by the Stalin cultists and has never published a single article critical of Stalin. In fact, about 2-3 years ago, Lobro quoted on the DM site from another pro-Stalin article published on Russia Insider. It was pointed out by another poster on this site (I forget who) that the writer of that pro-Stalin article was a semi-illiterate who could barely spell his own name. In other words, low-quality trash.

      I’d like to know how a comment published by an obscure commenter on a pro-Stalin website, himself a Stalin cultist, saying “this is an interesting article”, makes it an interesting article, let alone a well-written and convincing one. Even you yourself, if I remember correctly, said the article was poorly written trash (just a bunch of rough notes) and should never have been published because it brought shame on Lobro.

      Far from the article being “interesting”, it’s in fact pretty boring. It has not made a single convert to Stalinism. On the contrary, it’s had the opposite effect, hardening people’s attitudes to Stalin and making them loathe the mass-murdering bastard even more. It had no effect on Ryckaert, for example, who ended his comment to Lobro by describing Stalin as a “monster”.

      How you can possibly think highly of a loonie like Lobro who writes garbage like the following — makes me question your own knowledge of Stalin. Lobro suggests in a particularly stupid comment here that maybe “most Russians like Stalin because he in fact never hurt any of their ancestors.” And then, believe it or not, he goes on to say:

      What if it turns out that he [Stalin] NEVER SANCTIONED KILLING EVEN ONE RUSSIAN?

      So this is where we are now. Far from killing 66 million Russians, or 20 million Russians, or 5 million Russians, it is now being suggested by this drooling fanatic that Stalin NEVER SANCTIONED THE KILLING OF A SINGLE RUSSIAN! 🙂

      Conclusion: I congratulate Lobro for getting his sub-standard article published on a site run by the Stalin cultists. No surprise. It’s just the right place for it. As Emma K might say: “An article by a Stalin cockksucker published on a site run by other Stalin cocksuckers.” — Sad to think that Emma K has been banned from this site for speaking the truth … while the Stalin cocksucker is still with us.

      Emma K, come back! 🙂

      1. This author (‘Lobro’) said half the truth about the Jews but commits a monstrous, communist lie by whitewashing what that mass murder did to the Russian people.

        My wife’s grandparents are Armenian and they come from Yeravan. Her grandfather was a Soviet officer later. Well, her grandmother had an older brother who was anti communist. One day, in 1937, the was a knock on the door and the NVKD took him to Siberia, never to be seen again.

        Your wonderful Stalin (asshole) was the biggest butcher in human history, next to Mao from China.

        His second wife was Jewish. I even went to her grave in Moscow. Stalin was NOT anti-Jewish but fought a civil war with them for POWER!

        Get your facts straight!

      2. @ ADMIN

        Why did you publish this trashy article praising Stalin? Are you out of your mind?

        “Stalin liberated Auschwitz!” So announced Afshin Rattansi on RT. Do all big-time gangsters in Mumbai sport a Stalin-like moustache?…

        Alas, Adolf Hitler’s attempts to liberate the Soviet communist death camps didn’t succeed. Unlike at Dachau and Auschwitz, where the Jewish prisoners were found alive and well, it was a different story when the Germans, in 1941, entered Stalin’s NKVD dungeons in the city of Lviv in west Ukraine — part of eastern Poland in those days.

        What did the Germans find in Stalin’s dungeons? Well-fed prisoners enjoying life? No, they found only mountains of emaciated corpses, including women and children, each with a bullet through the back of his neck.

        Funny how Comrade Stalin, the greatest mass murderer of all times gets to be a ‘liberator’, no less, while Adolf Hitler is being berated to this day for no other reason than military failure.

        So where is the moral in this officially endorsed WW2 fable? In the gutter. Hitler gets the shame, and all the glory goes to the mass-murdering monster Stalin. The same man who laughed when told his Red Army was running riot in Germany and raping and torturing 2 million German women to death, hacking their breasts cut off and even raping geriatric women in hospitals and old nuns in their convents.

        The author of this article, “LOBRO: WHY I ADMIRE STALIN” is a man beneath contempt. Respecting a man like this is impossible. He has to be a sadistic psychopath himself for suggesting brazenly on this website that this foul beast never even sanctioned the death of a single Russian in his gulags and torture dungeons.

        I suggest that the Darkmoon site have nothing more to do with this dirty little pervert who has been accurately described here as “Stalin’s cocksucker.” That’s exactly what he is.

        Goodbye! Shame on the Darkmoon site for stooping so low as to publish this foul and filthy trash.

      3. Sard,

        I just picked one comment. The one just above Tim’s by a GerryAttric says:

        “Utter crap, fairy story. RI going to ratshit…”

        I myself am nowadays more ambivalent about Stalin. I read one of his biographies which was very popular in the 1970’s a long time ago but I can’t honestly remember the author’s name. At the time he was depicted as a monster but most of the hate came from Trotskyists in the West, obviously because he decimated their movement in Russia. I’d really need to set up a +ve/-ve balance sheet and start making entries, and then comparing to others who maybe could have been influential at the time in the USSR. Trotsky and his supporters were as brutal, and would have been as vicious with the other factions had they seized power instead. I tend to look at Stalin as the conservative in the communist movement, although perhaps Bukharin was more so but he was also eliminated. Sure Stalin was a nasty mass murderer, no two ways about it, as were most political/military leaders, but to judge a legacy of any of them one has to look at more than just the body count.

      4. Sard –
        CM –

        WHO KNEW???

        The US helped Stalin build his massive military!

        Even Henry Ford had helped to train Russian technicians and engineers in the science of modern mass production. He provided equipment and helped to set up a modern automobile plant in the Soviet Union, right on the Volga River.

        In 1929, Ford US began helping the Russians to build an assembly plant just outside Nizhni Novgorod. As a prelude, Ford Model A cars and trucks had been assembled in a small plant in Moscow. The new plant at Nizhni – which was renamed Gorky in 1932 – opened on New Year’s Day 1931. It struggled from the start and in 1932 produced less than 24,000 Model As against a production target of 140,000. The Ford contract was terminated in 1935, but the Russian-built Ford, known as GAZ, continued in production over the next decade and helped lay the foundation for the development of the Russian auto industry.

        **Americans who were looking for work in the mid-1930s, traveled to Russia, having lost their jobs in the Great Depression. American industry contracted. Russia was recruiting skilled technicians, not least to run the giant car factory which was purchased from Henry Ford.


        Stalin’s Russia was built by Ford!

        From 1927 until 1941 the Communist party infiltrated the Rouge River plant until they had nearly “700 communists and close sympathizers” among the workers. Plans were drawn up and detailed blueprints of the plant were obtained. Gitlow writes that the party’s army of a thousand battle hardened “mobile guards” made up of gunmen, thugs and saboteurs were ready to attack as soon as the signal was given.


        “FORSAKEN: Americans in Stalin’s gulags”…..

        From the Great Depression to the Gulags!!

        PARANOIA and exhibitionism, two of the defining characteristics of the Soviet system, make a nasty mix. It was the Soviet Union’s desire to crow over depression-stricken America that encouraged it to let hundreds of workers, desperate for jobs and a new start in life, immigrate there in the early 1930s. Exactly how many nobody knows; almost all ended up in mass graves. Initially lauded as welcome refugees from the miseries of capitalism (and as useful specialists who might help replicate the bits of it that worked, such as factories) from 1935 onwards they became enemies of the people, infiltrators and spies. A tiny handful, such as Paul Robeson, a singer, were tolerated as propaganda trophies. The rest sank into a living Hades of torture, rape, slave labour, starvation, frostbite and death, shared with millions of others.

  10. I see this, the establishment’s efforts to rule the nations of the world has been one sad failure after another. Recession after recession, the never ending flow of oil & gas deposits are almost depleted, fracking is extravagantly expensive, both financially & environmentally & for little gain.
    They, the self appointed gods of planet earth are losing their grip on all things great & small & in desperation they grasp at everything that is not nailed down to hold on to their imaginary empires.
    And we, their asset base, the commodity, get to cop it in the neck.

  11. “Education for all” was a sponsor of socialist-fascist Nasser revolution into post-british Egypt. “For all” it should indicate the propensity to set up a national society with the greatest possible level of equality. During the british rule of Egypt,the university education was under the controll of the british elites. The British spread malpractice and illiteracy to keep the people in ignorance to limit the social aspirations. During the British rule of Egypt,the education slogan was “education for the elite”. The university education and the freedom of choice are not negotiable rights. We have to spread social equality in our nations and defend the freedom. The richs must pay the taxes as under the “republican” Eisenhower.

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