Now or Never: A Call to White Resistance

By Giles Corey
The Occidental Observer  . . .  # 1850 words . . . November 28, 2020
Also published on The Unz Review


“All it would take is one word from the President
to conjure violent White resistance.”  —  Giles Corey

I harbored no illusions about Donald “Platinum Plan” Trump, and did not plan on voting at all in this election. I knew that this election was almost wholly irrelevant to the American prospect, to the fate of White America. It isn’t that the “breathing room” argument is unsound, but rather that President Trump has never once shown the will or capacity to match his rhetoric with action.

It’s the fact that the Republican Party is just as compromised by Satanic Jews as the Democrats, and the fact that Republicans have presided over the ruin of our nation without presenting any more than token opposition to the increasingly totalitarian Left. My feeling, put simply, was that the Judeocracy already had the reins of our nation firmly in its grasp, whether they permitted Donald Trump to be reelected or not.

And yet: I still voted for President Trump.

I went to vote with the intention of only voting for the local and State elections, given that these are the people who most directly affect our lives, but, while I stood at the machine, I could not bring myself not to vote for Donald Trump.

Despite the incalculable lost opportunities of the Trump Administration, despite my hard-nosed calculation that Whites were accelerating toward genocide either way, despite it all, in the end I clung to the hope that maybe another Trump Administration could in fact give us time, if only a little, to prepare to resist the Great Reset.

More significantly, though, I saw it not as casting my vote for the man, but for the character that others had made him: the avatar of White America. My vote for Trump was a vote for decent, red-blooded Trump supporters.

I have spent the past three weeks ravenously consuming the daily revelations of what is, without a doubt, the most massive electoral fraud in American history. The evidence is too immense to recount here, and has been amply documented elsewhere, thanks in large part to the heroism of attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, as well as websites like The Gateway Pundit.

I would like to be optimistic regarding the President’s odds of emerging victorious from the stolen election, but this seems foolish given the totally corrupt nature of our occupied government. To those of us who would argue that the enormity of fraud that took place to steal this election doesn’t matter, that we need to “move on,” I would say that it does matter. In fact, nothing matters more right now. The moment we “move on,” we concede; this concession, mind you, would be no ordinary concession, but rather a concession of our nation, our civilization, and our very lives.

We saw the color revolution as it was set into motion; in this respect, it was not surprising in the least. Watching the coup d’état in real time, however, is a different matter entirely. As Kevin MacDonald wrote in his preface to my book, this is the endgame in the Jewish conquest of White America. They are not hiding it now—it’s all in the open, plain for any thinking White to see. This election was not stolen from Donald Trump. It was stolen from White America.

There is one silver lining to the nigh impenetrably dark storm that now looms directly overhead: The System has been completely delegitimized for tens of millions of Whites in one fell swoop. This delegitimization will be irreparable if, after all of his efforts are exhausted, the American system of government fails to deliver the White House to President Trump. The President’s legal efforts will ultimately end in the Supreme Court, where there is only one reliably conservative Justice—ironically, Clarence Thomas, a Black man.

Even if those legal efforts fail, Republican State legislatures could simply choose not to certify their Electors for the Electoral College and instead send their own competing slate of Electors to vote for President Trump. Can Republican legislatures be relied upon to do the right thing? Unfortunately, they almost certainly cannot, although Pennsylvania is making moves in that direction.

So, if the President limits his options within legal means, he is likely—though not guaranteed—to fail. Too many compromised demons in human skin stand in the way. If he really does lose this, if a senile pedophile controlled by International Jewry is really allowed to steal this election, that’s it. Tens of millions of Whites will know, as the vanguard of White Nationalists have for decades, that the System is a sick, nihilistic sham. This Great Disillusionment is a tinderbox that, paired with the gleeful acceleration of the Great Replacement, provides us with all of the preconditions for civil war.

The Great Disillusionment promises to be a great boon for our cause. With each new betrayal by the Republican Party—the party that White America emphatically defeated and spat upon by voting for Donald Trump in 2016, more normie Republicans look to the solutions that we offer. Fox News committed suicide this month, and its tens of millions of viewers crave the answers that only we can give them.

With every single new instance of anarcho-tyranny, average Americans understand that we are on our own. The Jewish Sackler family, solely responsible for initiating the opioid epidemic which has killed almost one million Americans, were just “punished” with a penalty that doesn’t even rise to the standard of a slap on the wrist. They deserve to be condemned to a lingering death as they watch their own loved ones waste away in thralldom to the poison they intentionally pushed on Whites for twenty years. Whites are awakening to realize that electoral politics is a will-o’-the-wisp leading them astray into a dark cul-de-sac, not the path to salvation.

There has already been at least one opportunity for civil war. President Trump’s base of support is emotionally invested in him; again, not as himself, but as the avatar of themselves, their families, and, somewhere deep down inside, their race. They will follow him if he calls them. In the immediate aftermath of the stolen election, the President should have called his followers—all seventy million of them—into the streets. At the Million MAGA March, he should have gotten out of his motorcade and led an impromptu rally. Instead, he allegedly played golf.

Later that night, his supporters, who have gone unprotected by the State for four years, were beaten and harassed by Negroid monsters, Jewish black bloc militants, and deluded Whites. All it would take is one word from the President to conjure violent White resistance. We know it is a fantasy to expect him to do this, but White resistance is no fantasy. Far from it.

It truly is now or never. The Jewish Enemy is poised to irrevocably destroy America and annihilate the White race from the face of the earth. Consider what they are publicly planning for us; I will not recount the litany of policy proposals that the parties behind the potential “Biden Administration” have unveiled, as you’ve seen then by now. This is nothing short of extermination.

But before then, humiliation.

They state, openly now, that the Allied occupation and remaking of postwar Germany was too lenient, that Southern Reconstruction was far too kind to the White South. They look to South Africa as a shining beacon. White genocide is real, and it’s here. The fact that they feel no need to hide, explain, or justify it says everything. This is it. This is the end.

Will it be with a whimper, or shall it be with a bang? Are we men, or are we whores to Jewish money-power? Are we sons of the West, or whipped, besotted curs? We have run out of time. The United States of America might be a walking corpse, a rotting husk, but its people and our heritage are not. Our long slumber must not be mistaken for death.

The Enemy is the Jew. It has always been the Jew, and, until we act once and for all time, it will always be the Jew. We have no place anymore for anyone in our movement who does not accept this plain truth. Certainly, to enter into enlightenment on the Jewish Question, a learning curve is par for the course; yet once the truth has been illuminated for them, they must accept it. If they will not, they are not with us, and if they are not with us, they are against us. We care nothing for inclusion, but rather exclusion, for we cannot defeat that which we cannot name.

Speak now and spread the word among family, friends, and potentially sympathetic colleagues. Give them Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, give Christians my own book, send them to The Occidental Observer—before it’s too late. You have far more to lose than your social standing in a world where sodomy and pedophilia are celebrated as virtues.

Any mainstream Trump supporter already possesses extreme, unadulterated animus toward Jewish figures like George Soros. Many are aware of the role of the media in bringing about the torrent of hatred that has rained down on Trump from the beginning, and, if they are unaware of exactly who owns the media and whose views it expresses, they are aware that it is the enemy and that it must be completely tuned out. The increasingly paleoconservative-oriented base of Trump’s support, and particularly the younger generation that comprises the “Groypers,” is deeply and rightfully suspicious of Israel and its neoconservative agents, who have become clearly identified as the instigators of the “War on Terror.”

This passed without much mention in the news, but Trump supporters will not be quick to forget Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s congratulatory message to “President-Elect” Biden, especially given that Netanyahu was one of the first foreign leaders to do so.

President Trump unfollowed the Jew on Twitter; this was not coupled with any corresponding action, but it is something to work with. The millions of Whites who believe in the QAnon theory are well aware of the Satanic ritual pedophilia that suffuses the “Western” ruling class, and the case of the Jews Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell will not leave their minds anytime soon. It would be no stretch to suggest to these open-minded citizens that this is a modern manifestation of Jewish ritual murder.

Jews do not possess unlimited power; directed by their father in Hell, there is seemingly no end to the heinous depredations which they have perpetrated against our people and our nation. But this aura of invincibility is simply a smokescreen, based upon the simple fact that they have faced no meaningful White resistance since Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee, and no White resistance at all in recent decades. It cannot be overstated: The Enemy seems to possess unlimited power, but he does not. This is only because he has operated unchallenged for at least eighty years.

Steel yourselves and fulfill the destiny of your forefathers. Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg? The Enemy certainly is. Nun, Volk, steh auf und Sturm brich los!

[Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg? = “Do you want total war?”  — Nun, Volk, steh auf und Sturm brich los! = “Well then, folk, rise up and the storm will break loose!” — Ed.]


56 thoughts to “Now or Never: A Call to White Resistance”

  1. Giles Corey is angry. Very angry. And that, is why, in my opinion, he looses focus. First, the issue is not about “White genocide” It is not “Whites” who are the only victims-it is everybody.

    Corey may be genuinely concerned about “White genocide”, but this concern is predicated on a questionable history. Probably, he had suffered from a delusion that “American has always been a White Christian Nation” and that now, this “White Christian Nation” is under threat, by Jews. The claims that America was a White Christian Nation is a lie. Many people from diverse backgrounds migrated to the United States, and yanked the ownership from the indigenous tribes. So, if the usurper people feel threatened, I wonder whether they could get any sympathy from the descendants of the indigenous community. So, is the White loosing America to the Jews? Well, one can argue that it never belonged to them in the first place.

    Secondly it is self-evident that anybody who embraced the supremacism ideologies of some select whether Jews or White, and then accuses the Jews of the same Supremacism, is being hypocritical; He says;

    “More significantly, though, I saw it not as casting my vote for the man, but for the character that others had made him: the avatar of White America.”

    This pursuit of “White American” is as much as Supremacist as the Jewish New World Order. So, as The Devil’s Advocate. I would argue, “Is it only wrong when the Jews pursuit Supremacism, but right for “The Whites” and pretty much everybody else”

    Thirdly, for those who understand The Protocols of Zion, Kabbalah, and Messianic Judaism, dividing the society in to groups of angry people with some historic grievances is the best way to ensure that the Hegelian Deflective strategy find fertile grounds for testing. So, when Angry Corey disappears to one Conner with his “Whites Red Blooded Brothers” he is just making it easy for the Deep State to pit him and his friends against other separatists with grievances, such as black, red-Indians, Mexicans, etc. So, it makes me wonder, “Who is Corey working for?” Giles says;

    “The Enemy is the Jew. It has always been the Jew, and, until we act once and for all time, it will always be the Jew.”

    We know that the system is rotten, and has been rotten for a very long time. But I am persuaded that it is not the Jews who need to be targeted. They are just beneficiaries of a windfall created by their Benefactor Elitist Jews. And they, too, have fallen victims of the same daemonic system, which is ruining everybody in the World. Going after them, I would propose, is both cowardly, and wrong, and it would just be because they are very easy to identify. You can remove the Jews from the equation, but if the system is not changed, another group of people will play the role that the Jews are playing. (After all, are not the Freemasons a Secret Judaic Sect for the Goy and they play the same game with the Jews? Why has not Giles mentioned them? )

    I would say to Corey, if you and your friend’s thing that you have what it takes, agitate for the change of the “Privately Owned Global Money System” Fix that, and you make the Jews harmless. Jews are powerful because their benefactors own the Global Credit System” And their power is perpetuated by everybody who benefits from this scam.

    And therefore to just lose your marbles because Trump is about to lose election, is to miss the point by a mile.

    1. Big A for Bigfoot – he nailed it admirably and bigly too! At last a thinking person in the see of empty babblers. Even Kevin MacDonald could learn a thing or two from Bigfoot.

      I would like to add only one thing to what Bigfoot says here. But I will do that in my next comment – it is very awkward to write from a phone.

    2. BF –

      “The claims that America was a White Christian Nation is a lie.”
      President George Washington would agree, as he told the Musselmen in a treaty in 1796.

      Few know that George Washington claimed in 1796 the USA was NOT founded on the Christian Religion, in the “Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary”:

      —ARTICLE 11.
      “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion, –as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

      Signed and sealed at Tripoli of Barbary the 3d day of Jumad in the year of the Higera 1211-corresponding with the 4th day of Novr 1796 by
      (and others listed)

      Signed and sealed at Algiers the 4th day of Argib 1211-corresponding with the 3d day of January 1797 by HASSAN BASHAW Dey
      and by the **Agent plenipotentiary of the United States of America
      [Seal] Joel BARLOW

    3. Great points, BF

      The answer is simple as only great answers can be. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. FREEDOM.

      When the earliest European settlers arrived in N. America and came upon the Eastern Red Man (i.e.; the Iroquois Nation) the Great League of Peace was just starting to take hold, with wars among the nations phasing out, and those Whites with peaceful intent were welcome. They all shared in Creator’s great and beautiful Providence embracing a live and let live attitude. Inevitably the sordid ways of history caught up with them to reveal over time what the forward-looking plan of the Protocols was all about. And it’s no mere coincidence that the Original Protocols were penned in the very same year of the first Columbus landing in N. America in 1492. All by design, whose would-be master plan is close in coming to fruition. Which is why I concur with Trump staying in power making for some “breathing room”.

    4. BF
      Respectfully disagree.
      By making this an issue concerning everybody, you are the one loosing focus. The article stuck to one demographic – that is focus.
      The future is for the groups with a will to live, prosper and hence survive.
      The jews, which you correctly pinpoints as our enemy, have understood this. And they are about as tribalistic as it gets. They understand the strength of a homogeneous ethnic group working together, which computer simulations also have proven multiple times (for whatever that is worth).
      So if you want to fight for a future, you fight with your tribe. They are the only ones carrying your values. There is hardly any point at trying a rebel yell a la: ‘Everybody (in this world except jews): Unite!’.
      And if you think the white man is not the main target, please re-examine. He is the only one with any degree of independent thought that may oppose a dictatorship, but also with the collective capacity to build strong and well functioning societies.
      It is glaringly obvious that the jews hate nationalism for this simple reason.

  2. Paging Madame Butterfly…. Paging Madame Butterfly….

    It’s time for another of your trademark Apoplectic Rants against “White Supremacy!”….. arrghhh!!!!

    1. @ The Realist

      I have nothing against the article. I thinks it’s OK. So I have no reason to indulge in an “apoplectic rant” against it. Understand?

      Would you care to comment on the article yourself — assuming you’ve read it — instead of spewing your ad hominem vomit in my direction?

      Frankly, I don’t think you are capable of dealing with any of the serious political issues discussed here. Not in the same intelligent way that Bigfoot, Circassian, Harold Smith, Saki, Pat, Gilbert Huntly, Commentator Mike, and other respected commenters try their valiant best to do. All we ever get out of you, Mr “Realist”, is squawks, squeals, howls, hootings, cackles, grunts, and guttural noises — the type of cacophony one usually associates with the beasts of the field and and the fowls of the air.

      Instead of boring us all to death on this website with your repertoire of subhuman animal sounds, wouldn’t you be better off applying to a zoo for employment? I’m sure they’d give you a cage of your own — next to the chimps, jacklals, and laughing hyenas! 🙂

  3. The “United States” was not a country until The Constitution was ratified. It was ratified EXCLUSIVELY by White Anglos who, purportedly, claimed to be “Christian”. Of course, it cannot be denied that other races and religions participated in its comeuppance, and, in that regard, The United States is populated by many different ethnicities. Our Constitution did not exclude them, so it is incorrect to suppose it’s a “Whites only” country. Futile.
    Considering the increasing shabbiness of the white population at large, how could anyone claim “white supremacy”??


      The ONLY reason there exists a country called the ‘United States of America’ on this planet is the existence of white Europeans. Without even one Negro, Arab, Indian (Asian) , Chinese etc. there still would be the United States of America. Without Europeans there wouldn’t be, period.

      Accurate article BTW.

      Of course voting didn’t use to matter one iota, except for validating ((( Democracy ))). Like I said before, the only potential difference of an election result ( D or R ) was the speed with which the long planned agenda would be implemented. So yes, now, at this stage another 4 years of Trump will be HUGE difference.

      1. 1138 –

        No one disputes you on this. HOWEVER, those white Europeans never EXCLUDED any other ethnicity in their contract. They made it attractive to all, and apparently did not foresee the problems.

      2. Gil –

        Implicit & explicit in their contracts, under the constitution, in the 18th century, was the rule that…. ‘men’ meant ‘white men’ and only white male property owners could vote:

        –Library of Congress–
        “At first, white men with property were the only Americans routinely permitted to vote. President Andrew Jackson, champion of frontiersmen, helped advance the political rights of those who did not own property. By about 1860, most white men without property were enfranchised. But African Americans, women, Native Americans, non-English speakers, and citizens between the ages of 18 and 21 had to fight for the right to vote in this country.”

      3. Yes, very true, Pat. However, very few anticipated the influx of “non-westerners” to the point they’d even be ABLE to compose a body politic. The blacks were imported for their usefulness in labor (debatable! 🤔), as were the Chinese. As time wore on, they learned commerce, and gained position therefrom (largely still as useful tools of white men), acquiring trust, friendship, and good will. Nothing “unnatural” or nefarious.

  4. Once I had hatred for the US for what they did to Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians…..
    But now I just feel sorry for the US,

    Their muscles and brain have been used over and over again. There was big error, so now majority of them have been deprived of their conscience and humane reasoning. Future is going to be bleak but not for all, for those who can see, their faith will be strengthened and they will act as small lamps for others to the right path…

  5. It makes no difference how you define the words, or how meticulously you analyze America’s history, systems or institutions, the author of this article is quite correct when he says, “It’s now or never.” Smart guys finish last.

  6. Gilbert,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. America used to be a White country once, but it’s now so overrun with different races — ever since the Jewish-engineered Immigration Act of 1965 which opened the floodgates to alien invasion — that calling it a ‘Whites Only” country any more is ridiculous.

    As for White Nationalists being “White Supremacists”, that is just a term of abuse applied to Whites in general by the Jewish-owned media. Whites are now the underdogs, treated as inferiors and second-class citizens. When you apply for a job, it actually goes against you if you happen to be a White male. They discriminate against you. Chances are you’d stand a far better chance of landing a good job if you happen to be Jewish, a female, a lesbian, and disabled.

    No pariah so great nowadays as a White heterosexual male who wants to marry a nice-looking white female and have a happy family with her. No divorce, no jumping into bed with negresses, no hanging around bath houses picking up poxy gay men. Leave that to others.

    Cultivate your virtues with wisdom, as your noble ancestors did in the 18th and 19th centuries. To hell with the decadent White male of the 21st century, the porn-loving sodomite sucking up to his elite cosmopolitan Slavemaster.

    1. MB –
      You reminisced:
      “Cultivate your virtues with wisdom, as your noble ancestors did in the 18th and 19th centuries.”

      That was a time when the ‘noble ancestors’ could be killed in a duel when they were too cruel, haughty or demented…. such as got the womanizer & criminal, Secretary of Treasury, Alex Hamilton. The jew lawyers got rid of that law, but it is much needed NOW!!

    2. My, my…MB! Defending the White Male? You’ve certainly “changed your tune” haven’t you!

      It seems like only yesterday, on some other thread, that you were blaming White Males in general (and boring everyone to tears in the process, I might add) for some “indignities” you claim to have suffered at the grubby, grasping hands of some White Supremacist biker-gang you used to hang out with! Not to mention your frequent equating of white Trump-supporters with – for all intents & purposes – Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’!

      Regardless, better late than never, a “lost sheep” is always welcome back to the fold…
      just as long as you’re sincere… and it’s not, as I fear, just a matter of the “booze talking”!😊

    3. Porn-loving sodomites – once upon a time – were in loving relationships with women, who now equally have been transformed into “realoriginalfemalejoes” or toxic mother in Laws who barely remember their own sex and how it once was to be a loving partner and mum to her children and of the man she loved spending time together for as long as it would take. Nowadays there are children screaming everywhere, craving for attention, jumping around with similar family names but have different fathers they never met and are of different race and colour while Mum hates and blames men altogether for her own failures and lost love and moral. A woman is not a marketed cleavage with a smile or some $aleswoman of her “engine room for hire” or an influencer that craves and is addicted (in her loneliness) to attention – no matter what the suicidal cost. A woman once was a lot more than that too, Madame.
      Both, women and men will need to reinvent themselves truly. Though blaming the other sex for ones own failure might not be the right way to get were both sexes want to be – but might help temporarily to give comfort in ones own confused misery.

      1. @ Jo
        @ Other misogynists and male chauvinists

        I agree with everything you say about women, dear Jo, but one thing. And I say this to you without meaning to give offence. (And what I say applies to most men on this site, especially to “macho” men like Lobro and Gilbert Huntly). It is your underlying “tone” of misogyny and male chauvinism that assumes men have all the answers and that women collectively are in sore need of your male guidance on how to behave and clean up their acts! 🙂

        Yes, women have lost the plot, as you rightly point out. But not ALL women, Jo. We aren’t ALL like the irresponsible feminist floozies who have let down the male sex, who have abandoned their children for their careers, who sleep around and are disloyal to their “paragon-of-every-virtue” husbands. 🙂

        Yes, yes, yes! . . . I fully agree with you that an awful lot of women are like this nowadays, brainwashed airheads who are a severe disappointment to idealistic men like you who would have every woman squeaky clean PERFECT! … a compendium of all the female virtues dreamt up for them by men. I’m not knocking you when I say that your assumption that most women have gone to the dogs is highly questionable, but it is. Because you completely forget that the COROLLARY is true, i.e., that in the estimation of most women it is MEN WHO HAVE GONE TO THE DOGS EQUALLY!

        1. How many men now cheat on their waves? How many men watch pornography on the sly and masturbate over cheap porn sluts while their wives are downstairs in the kitchen preparing them a meal? How many men are effeminate wimps and expect their wives to earn a living and keep them in unemployment — clothe them, feed them, trim their hair, cut their toenails?

          Bottom line, Jo: the rot has set in, as you say, but the general decadence applies to BOTH SEXES. Not just the female sex. Women are not, I repeat, MORE to blame. As you seem to assume. We are ALL in this together. Fellow victims. It is not women alone who are subject nowadays to obesity, you will notice. There are just as many obese men.

          The same rules applies to moral decadence. Women are not MORE decadent than men. Men are equally decadent. And if you open your eyes wide, you will notice something bizarre: for every woman who is a serial killer, there are at least a hundred men! Ask yourself WHY! 🙂

          If ever a WHITE FAMILY comes under attack in the days ahead, when civil war breaks out, you will see WIVES and MOTHERS dying as valiantly as their menfolk to protect their children from being raped and murdered. War will bring us all together, and men will then know that without us women behind them, they are helpless.

          There is nothing more beautiful to God than a perfect woman.

      2. MB, since you shoehorned me into the misogyny compartment, I am compelled to respond.
        Misogyny, if I understand the root, means aversion or hate of vagina, which in my case is quite untrue, no need to elaborate whether you believe it or not.

        the COROLLARY is true, i.e., that in the estimation of most women it is MEN WHO HAVE GONE TO THE DOGS EQUALLY!

        I completely agree with this claim and want you to understand that it is at the basis of gentile perdition, the root of the plague—get a focus on your word, “EQUALLY”.

        First realize that nature (or Creator IMO) designed two sexes to complement each other NOT compete for some fake-ass primacy in which there is one victor and one loser, either we win or we lose together/simultaneously.
        Had it been otherwise, we’d all have been made into self-sufficient hermaphrodites—and guess what, this is precisely what Jew is forcing us into instead of perfect sexes lousy degenerate hermaphrodites.
        Am I right? Think about it.
        And what the notion of complementary perfection entails is that in the wide range of abilities required for survival and thriving, each sex is good at certain things and lacking in others so that they should never compete at anything, like stepping on car gas and brake pedals at the same time.

        That said, realize that for instance theaters of war and politics are MAN’s areas of competence, the far-reaching strategic planning based on kind of geopolitical geometry that (some) men excel at and women hardly ever.
        Yet by stubbornly insisting on equality in that department, women are assisting in poisoning the well that Jew who is excellent at destructive strategizing, has envisioned as necessary for destruction of humanity; competition, jealousy, contempt and ultimately abandonment of one’s station after judging it to be the wrong “choice”—“I am a woman trapped in a body of a man!”—really!?
        By insisting on denying men their turf women are not empowering their lot but catastrophically weakening it through AWOL principle, disregarding what they are uniquely qualified for—raising the family and as consequence the entire concept of family as the basic building material atrophies, children no longer children but hopelessly confused entities like water supply and waste flowing through the same conduit to create sepsis, dissolving the social compact—goodbye community, hello slavery, cadaver decaying into constituent particles.

        Listen to Hitler’s speech on the subject—priceless.

        PS: think too about some applications of the above principle, how Jew has succeeded in upending the priorities—agriculture vs. academia, rural vs. urban, practice vs theory, office vs. family, in each case that which is real, substantive, crucial is supplanted by nebulous, fictive, superficial and parasitical as the superior form, Lie over Truth.

        1. @ Lobro

          An excellent comment on the whole, Can’t say I disagree in the slightest with your insight that the sexes are meant to COMPLEMENT each other. Both LD and I passionately believe in the ANTI-FEMINIST doctrine that women are meant to play a subordinate role and openly acknowledge that men are NOT their equals but the superiors in certain areas.

          Women are unfit for warfare, for example, and should not meddle in politics. A world in which most doctors are male and most nurses are female, playing a subordinate role as assistants, is one both LD and I would feel comfortable in; there is something radically wrong with a world in which all the doctors are females and all the nurses are males.

          Personally, I would prefer a male surgeon to operate me rather than a female surgeon. And I would feel safer on a plane piloted by a male pilot rather than a female one. A male pilot, for example, would be less likely to have hot flushes and panic attacks. Call me prejudiced, but as a White female I would NOT like to have brain surgery done on me by a black female brain surgeon with a dubious degree in medicine from the University of Somalia or Upper Congo.

          You made one minor mistake in your comment which I need (as a pedant) to point out! You write: “Misogyny, if I understand the root, means aversion or hate of vagina.” Your etymology is incorrect. Misogyny does not mean “hate of vagina”. it means “hate of women”. The prefix “MISO” comes from the Greek root MISOS = hatred. The suffix “GYNY” has nothing to do with the “vagina” but comes from the Greek root GUNE/GYNE = woman.

          Not that it matters much — since women and vaginas usually go together — except, of course, in Transgender Land where a bearded “woman” can still sport a penis and is entitled to enter female toilets and go to female prisons! 🙂

        “There is nothing more beautiful to God than a perfect woman”. That is correct Madame, though for a man to find one of these (nearly extinct) perfect species in a “world like ours” seems quite impossible. Same applies to women that are in search of “perfect men”. After all, the rot of this world is very fashionable and promoted continuously. Growing up with four older sisters and following remotely their (wicked) married ways of life and relationships/dictatorships with men in a “feminine but liberated world” where equality easy shifted to female tyranny and psychological warfare, I am quite convinced that God must have looked for beauty and perfection elsewhere while my sisters feminine egos expanded and expanded without limits or obstacles. Following their “strict female rule over liberated men” until their lonely eighties, though now without “male victims as partners” and former daughter in laws that were NOT a match for their beloved and well protected “princes to be” sons, the “tone” of misogyny and male chauvinism or female feminism – for me that is – are based on the same principles Madame and in there is neither beauty, truth nor God to be found.
        Right answers can only be given by ones own mind and it matters not if the thinker of the thoughts is male or female. Being male or female or being white or black is NOT the origin of being right or wrong, but it is easily forgotten in the ranks of the sexes/races and the turmoil of the “eternal human battlefield”. In hell there is no paradise, nor is hell in paradise.

      4. Mme Butterfly,
        not grandstanding, just quoting myself for easy reference

        Jew has succeeded in upending the priorities—agriculture vs. academia, rural vs. urban, practice vs theory, office vs. family, in each case that which is real, substantive, crucial is supplanted by nebulous, fictive, superficial and parasitical as the superior form, Lie over Truth.

        (lobro quotes lobro, confirming his mass appeal—***IRONY***, please don’t shoot)
        And along comes Mike King with this: Why Do Globalists / Marxists Hate Rural Folks?
        A few NYT headlines on the subject

        NY Times: Coronavirus Spreads to Rural America
        NY Times: Why Rural America’s Digital Divide Persists
        New York Times: America’s Red State Death Trip
        New York Times: Getting Real About Rural America
        NY Times: H.I.V. Is Coming to Rural America. Rural America is not Ready

        And to further drive the point home, reminiscent of how Bolshevik Jew logically lumped Tsar Nicholas II with Russian peasants while hypocritically flattering urban proletariat (aka libtards) consider these statements and exhortations

        Rural folk are not “educated” ™…. rural folk are xenophobic ™…. rural folk are obsessed with guns — rural folk are homophobic ™ .. rural folk refuse to “listen to the science” of Stupid-19 — and rural folk remain prudishly anti-“sex education” in the face of sexually transmitted diseases… and, of course, the bottom-line, quoting Paul Krugman (cough cough) — the author of two of the three articles listed above:


        See what I mean(t)?

        Look at the expanse of rural land (the Only place—how Jew spins and upends reality—rootless cosmopolitans feeding the farmers!?) vs. urban.

        If I may repurpose this schematics, like saying
        Know your enemy, who remains is your friend (or should be unless hopelessly deluded—how many times did I insist on this paradigm?)”.

        Jew can and does teach wisdom of which he possesses none—but he is a harsh teacher.

  7. Biden is not in office. Why isn’t this info being covered by mass media? Texas has filed a lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for 14th amendment equal protection violations, & political voter fraud. Since then, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case. Many in Fake News are pouncing on the fact that the High Court threw out the Pennsylvania lawsuit, but they don’t tell you that the Court did not hear that case, because the Texas suit includes Pennsylvania. Joining the TEXAS Lawsuit against PA, WI, MI and GA:
    SOUTH DAKOTA and the list continues to grow.

    1. Bumpercrop
      My understanding is that today is the day the SCOTUS hears rebuttals from those 4 States where massive voter fraud occurred. AFTER the hearing the SCOTUS will decide on taking it further, and it’s hard to see how those rebuttals will carry any weight for the Supremes. In my view, once the State Legislatures appoint rhir electors, it’s a question of what the ELECTORS will do.

      Any corrections on my understanding should be forthcoming.

    2. Needless to say Crop, Oregon is missing from the states joining the Texas Lawsuit. Why you ask? Well, because Oregon is controlled by a handful of commies, oops, I mean Democrats. and their mindless supporters. Trump won most of the counties in Oregon, Never the less, it’s the multi-racial flesh pots that get to decide the fate of the rest of the whites living in the Oregon hinterlands.
      In the good old days a people were most likely conquered by sword and force. Now, people are conquered by men in lab coats bearing a syringe and fallacy. People, in all regards have a vested interest in fallacy.

  8. White Resistance? Don’t make me laugh. So far our DNA has not been any kind of barrier to the complete destruction of Western Life.

    Go ahead. Identify as ‘White’. Whatever the hell that means. Never did understand how skin pigmentation ever could lead to cohesion.

    If you do get something going, expect to be smashed like a bug.

    And deservedly so.

    How many times must I tell you dum-dums that race is a false identity. It is not ethnos.

    How about getting along with different people vis a vis Logos?

    1. Try preaching your “race is a false identity” to Judaics or BLM.
      Prepare your epitaph in advance… dum-dum.

  9. uncle :

    Everybody’s comments are so much better than the comment I sent in, so much better, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. I can see why my comment is being CENSORED, my comment can’t hold a candle to the comments from all the MEGA HIGH IQ intellectuals, their comments are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than my comment. And JOE F. is such a great replacement for TROJ. JOE F. is much much smarter than TROJ can ever hope to be. Welcome JOE F. ! You’re the best male JOE ever! You’re equal in intelligence to female JO! whiddlejoew was always stoopid. It’s good to finally have a smart male JOE around here for a change WE LERV YOU JOE F.! 😊

  10. I’m more in agreement with BIGFOOT as I am seeing NATURAL LAW in ACTION – “WHAT GOES around, COMES around” or as Christians would say, “You REAP what you SOW” and “Americans” are certainly REAPING

    Humans calling themselves “Americans” are receiving back what they have done to others ( and still are ) in this World for over 500 years. I’m sure ALL here, know the History, starting with the INDIGENOUS, unless you would feel better going back to the ” Crusades “or the Christians Burning of “Witches”. It would be more meaningful and closer to JUSTICE, if somehow those whom Americans and other Europeans MURDERED and STOLE from, could come back and do the “REAPING”, but DEATH does not allow for that.

    So YES, It is the JEWS……TODAY

    They are the opportunists, just as the FIRST EUROPEANS who arrived on “Turtle Island” shores, were Invader/Occupier OPPORTUNISTS, as the ASHKENAZI JEWS are now.


    Will we eventually learn that ALL HUMANS on this planet have the SAME RIGHTS, to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY Ownership?

    Time will tell and this which is happening in “America” could be the TURNING POINT.

    ““The Enemy is the Jew. It has always been the Jew, and, until we act once and for all time, it will always be the Jew.” ”
    This is the message cranked out from the Zion by all the creepy little state funded internet trolls, always trying to drum up hatred for the Jews in general… It backs up the big victim thing and excuses, they think among themselves, their crimes… All the Little Jews are supposed to think everybody else hates them, because everybody else be bigots, not because of the way they behave…
    I do see the point about the ZOG, the Bank, Hollywood/Media, and I understand why Jewes have been kicked out of every country in Europe…. But at the same time don’t trust anybody who preaches hate against the Jews, blames everything on them… That’s exactly what the Rothen want…

  12. Now?? Never??

    ‘Put-On’ attacking Britain??

    “Royal Navy Shadows 9 Russian Warships Off UK, Says “Ready To Respond”

    The UK Royal Navy says it is alarmed over the “significant Russian presence” close to UK waters in a weekend statement. The UK military says it is closely monitoring the situation.

    “The Royal Navy has monitored nine Russian vessels around the UK in recent weeks,” the statement says. “Every move made by the Russians – a surfaced submarine, destroyer, corvette, patrol ship and their supporting tugs and supply ships – was watched closely by eight RN ships from the English Channel and the Celtic Sea to waters close to the west coast of Scotland in a concerted operation over the last two weeks.”

    1. Pat,

      Do you think SCOTUS is going to rule in Trump’s favor? If yes, why yes. If no, why no. Thank you, TROJ.

      1. NO! China has already sent numerous death threats of nuke missiles to all 9 referees & their families, through Swallwell’s boogie bumper… Fang Fang. SCOTUS never got the ‘no nukes’ memos, so they wilted in the face of Harold’s Armageddon. 🙂

    2. PAT, PUT ON & Russia must be very scared of the British might and glory in sea power!
      “Even with coastal patrol vessels included, the number of significant ships in the Royal Navy is 24% less than in 1650.”
      “In regards to future investments the “ROYAL NAVY will add just four fishing patrols, five submarines and one frigate to their fleet over the next 10 years despite increasing threats from Iran.”
      Threats from IRAN while Russian ships are laying pipes for Northstream2 in European/German waters? One has to love the British Come ON Wealth media!

      1. Thanks, Jo.
        “…scared” indeed. 🙂
        Just ‘tea-time’ and no tempest noticed. They’ll call on US Navy for support if neeed.

  13. About this election farce, it is clear that Trump won by a landslide and that the media is in lockstep lying about it. The lies on PBS and the MSM are so loud and clear that only a fool can not notice. That should be a wake up call for millions who still believe in the official narrative.

    Trump is a horribly flawed man, but he has the personality to get votes, but little talent as a good administrator, and the nation has suffered horribly under his rule. Yes it happened under him, and so far Hillary has not been sent to Gitmo, nor has Obama been executed, nor has there been a real 911 investigation. Trump went along to get along, especially with Israel.

    So if Trump is retained, what will be left of the nation in 4 more years? The nation is obviously in a death spiral rallying around a MAGA slogan which is really an epic denial of the fall. All those decades of wars, the blowing out of the budget, the deficits through the ceiling are having a profound toll.

    It is clear to me the country needs good leadership from someone else than the two clowns put in front of us. Biden is completely unacceptable and Trump barely acceptable. There are 330 million people in the nation, surely it could do better, and there are hundreds of thousands of extremely competent executives everywhere – but they are not in politics, because Jews don’t want anyone to be charge of their mess but themselves.

    What is most unfortunate is that the election is not over, and now we have 2 or more months of drama – which could very well be orchestrated drama – before someone decides or a new election. It seems to me this is the end to central bank insanity, this end game was never addressed by John Maynard Keynes, the collapse after a century of inflation.

    So went the currency, so went the nation. There were people who knew we would end up in ruins when we left the gold standard, but they were ignored by greedy politicians who wanted a central bank and the unlimited spending it offered them. With it, they built a huge military world empire, that was co-opted by Jewry, and now it is teetering on collapse as an internal struggle for power rages inside.

    1. Yukon Jack,

      Stellar comment here. But I have doubts about the gold standard. The gold standard seems a bit rigid to say the economy can only grow based on a fixed gold price. The problem is usury. ‘Cash’ created on demand out of thin air which a person signing a note is on the hook to service whether his business is good, bad, he works hard, or gets put out of the business because there is poison in the air.

      Labor is the source of all wealth.

      In lieu of a gold standard, might I suggest a moral standard? There is no protection for the poor, that’s all of us, against the Masters of the Universe without the moral order. Let’s now call that the moral standard and get at it. The moral order after all is not possible without personal responsibility.

      We have a lot of naked people wearing clothes these days that they didn’t even buy. Putting children to work in sweatshops so you can buy some cheap crap with money you didn’t even earn is not going to help us attain this moral order.

  14. Don’t sell the White National thing short…
    Because as soon as the immigrant mud people get the democratic majority they will vote you white fools into marginalization…
    Constitutional government is the foundation of a peaceful and progressive society…
    All kinds of half-baked religious fanatics don’t get that, they don’t get the free society thing at all…
    And as soon as they get the violence-force majority they will, in the words of General Sherman – “Rise up and kill you all”… We’ve certainly seen lately how little respect that have for law and order, and how worthless the police can be… Once the mob gets going down that slippery slope the atrocities compound… They will move into your neighborhoods and demand your property… It will be South Africa and Palestine here…
    And understand where and how the Ku KLux Klan White Supremacy originated…. It was self-defense…
    If you think there is not now and has never been any sentiment to annihilate the the white race, you’re uninformed…. Here’s William ‘Parson’ Brownlow, reconstruction governor of Tennessee, circa 1868 –
    “If I had the power, I would arm ever wolf, panther, catamount and bear in the mountains of America, every crocodile in the swamps of Florida, every negro in the South, every Devil in Hell, and clothe them in the Uniform of the Federal Army and turn them loose on the rebels of the South and exterminate every man, woman and child south of the Mason Dixon Line. I would like to see negro troops under Ben Butler crowd every rebel into the Gulf of Mexico and drown them as the Devil did the hogs in the Sea of Galilee.”
    Get this from Henry Ward Beecher, brother of the author of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, Harriet Beecher Stowe, who was likely another Rothschild agent agitating for Civil War, and got rich doing it…
    Because the Rothen banksters always use war to foist their bank on countries that don’t have it…
    He said – “The negro is superior to the white race. If the latter do not forget their pride of race and color, and amalgamate with the purer and richer blood of the blacks, they will die out and wither away in unprolific skinniness.”
    So according to some of these idiots the only hope for white people is black miscegenation…
    And if you’re stupid enough to think that, what sort of acts might you authorize?
    The cops in the Portland videos apparently forgot their pride…
    No Pride – No Police… No Police – No Country…
    Use deadly force against the rioters…

  15. MB/’Annie Get Yer Gun’:
    I must say I AM disappointed!

    Errmm… any particular reason I didn’t “make the cut” to get into your “Misogynists Hall Of Shame” along with those reprobates LOBRO & G. Huntley… who I thought I was AT LEAST on par with!

    Am I not “trying hard enough”… do I need to dispense with the putter… and pull out my “five iron”? 🤔

  16. PAT
    I should have added the word ‘hopefully’…
    MY Constitution is the alternative to all the pathological forms of government…
    Without a free Press and genuine journalism, no, it’s never going to work right…
    In which case the public is left to work as best they may with the Second Amendment…

    1. Bark –

      That’s what it’s there for! 😉
      I am determined to slaughter as many commie agents as I can get in my sights -.before they get ME! No use in thinking otherwise. “Thinking” and reason do not work with these fools.
      Keep up your nerve. Times will be trying, but history has shown us the price of concession.
      While harvesting soybeans, today, I was thinking of the futility of planning successful future crops. Just raise enough for yourself and your family (and be thankful if you still have the land on which to do it!). I dread the tribulation, but it seems to be beginning. I see Kaminski sent an essay today concerning the astrological age we’re entering – and it doesn’t seem good! 😖

      1. Thanks… I found it, Gil. Age of Aquarius will be here Dec 21:

        New moon in Scorpio
        Published: Thursday, 10 December 2020 19:08


        “Just after sunset, in the western sky this December, watch Jupiter and Saturn draw closer together, headed for the most momentous astrological conjunction in history, and the de facto dawn of a new age. Whatever that new monstrous technocratic concoction finally turns out to be, it will be based on lies.”

      2. @PAT, Yes, the age of Aquarius is just around the corner! May I ask you for your valued opinion on Gamma radiation, effects on humanity and the chronicles of of a writer on VT who claims that “Deadly Gamma radiation (in the US) from 2010 to 2019 increased Ten Times!” and blames faulty nuclear reactors in USA mixed with recent “Russian warfare against America” for the accumulation of deadly Gamma radiation in American cities. Thanks PAT! Apologies for being off topic DM.

      3. Jo –


        Gamma radiation and x-rays fall into the same class of ionizing radiation. I never heard of clouds of gamma or x-rays. They need a physical source, and cannot be ‘captured’ in the wind like water droplets.

        The author is blowing smoke, or smoking blow…. in my opinion.

        As for nuclear power plant dangers mentioned, just look to see how many nuclear power plant operators are being laid out by radiation, since they are the closest to the sources.

  17. Women, if properly trained, make better snipers than men. I learned that from a senior Infantry sniper while I was in Saudi Arabia in Fall ’90. If you are in doubt, check the list of the top 10 Soviet female snipers of WWII. Many of them have far higher counts than most of the best American snipers.

    Granted, the Eastern front was a target rich environment at times. However, even if you are a sniper, when push comes to shove, you are still Infantry. Since war is a matter of logistics, the average female will never be able to surpass the average male in upper body strength. Yes, there are plenty of women in the 18 – 25 age range that are stronger than the average 18 – 25 y/o male, but not enough to matter in an actual HIC.

    The real test is, can you pick me up and carry me on your shoulders, if you had to, while under fire? If the answer is no, do not apply, man or woman.

    My background: Airborne Combat Engineer 12B2P
    Deployments: Just Cause, Desert Shield, Desert Storm

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