On Western Women and their Deplorable Ways

21 September 2020

Harbinger, an ardent anti-Feminist and  former commenter on the Darkmoon site, reflects on western women and their many defects. This was originally a comment published on Truthseeker in response to a  recent article by Lasha Darkmoon.     

“I’m not stating that ALL western women are this way;
no, but certainly the majority are, because they’re stupid.”
—  Harbinger

Lasha Darkmoon  states:

“According to Dr Lynn, white women are far more to blame for this tragic situation of White genocide than white men. He does not say so directly but this is implicit in all he has to say about the different attitudes of white men and women to the darker races among us. White women are seen as “race traitors” by an increasing number of white men, given the willingness of many white women to have sex with blacks and give birth to mixed-race children.” (See here)

Well, yay and nay.

White women aren’t more to blame for having children with black men. You cannot persecute people, who have grown up with people not of their nation and been told that these people are British for example, when they’re most clearly not. And to many people, these blacks, whom they’ve grown up with, are their friends and they do see them as their people. Most are too stupid to actually understand the concept of nation.

Wherever people mix, there will automatically be relationships and children produced. London is a classic example of this. The same with Birmingham, Luton, Slough and Leicester, cities that all have minority indigenous populations. The problem is ‘who’ was behind the mass migration of peoples into these lands? Well, it’s a rhetorical question isn’t it? We all know (((who))). And those who are awake, know for what reasons.

I have nothing against people mixing with other peoples. It’s not up to others to decide whom others can have relationships with. That’s just draconian. What, however, I am against is not just the growing, unfettered immigration of peoples, from the third world into the west, but those people behind it. When the state PROMOTES open race mixing (see Sarkozy’s speech in France) that’s a clear problem. The race mixing is going on in the west, but not outside the west. This, for anyone with the slightest modicum of common sense, is genocide towards a particular race.

No, the reason western women are to blame, is because of their natural attitude, that is innate within all – emotion. They are naturally carers. They don’t seek violence and I know that many may diasgree with the way the modern feminist is, really it’s not within women to seek physical confrontation (although many are certainly responsible for creating it amongst men). Women think with their hearts, not their heads. The error of western women has been because of their gullibility.

Put a picture of a dead baby on the front pages of a newspaper and the women will be caterwauling on the streets, begging the country to ‘save the children’ and let every immigrant in, regardless of criminal history and health status.

A woman can take her children to the dentist and the dentist can lie, blatantly, that they all need fillings and because she’s thinking of what’s best for her children, she’ll consent; and eventually, the fillings fall out, they have to be replaced, more healthy tooth drilled away, new fillings, they fall out….and before you know it, a perfectly healthy tooth has to be removed because there’s nothing left of it to put any filling in!

When the government says there’s a deadly pandemic, these gullible women believe them and have the health service shove them full of vaccinations. Very few women will take the gamble that they don’t need the vaccination.

I’m not stating that ALL western women are this way; no, but certainly the majority are, because they’re stupid.

And as for the men, well, they’re not really that much better.

Because of the weakness of the men, they’ll chase the women, who’ll protect their children – and the change agents are targeting the children. You’ll find that unlike in the past, homosexuality was frowned upon, mothers will stand in between fathers repulsed when they find out their son wants to be a woman or vice versa. It is the women who have allowed the growth and acceptance of homosexuality in the west, not the men.

Again, this is their natural nurturing coming into play. It was balanced, in the past by men making sodomy illegal, but now many women are in charge and openly promote it. The majority of teachers, in schools are women and they’re more than happy to promote homosexuality and teach pre-pubescent children about ‘gay’ loving and therefore anal sex in the classroom.

Women in the west have succumbed all too easily to the manipulation of the Jew World Order.

Not only is feminism Marxism, but it was the women of the Fabian Socialists, the Pankhurst sisters, who started the rot in the UK and the west. Both the Lenninists and the Fabians were obviously communists, but both went around instituting communism incredibly different, in fact completely the opposite to one another. Leninism is Orwell’s 1984 whereas Fabianism is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Both were Fabians, but it is believed that Orwell eventually rejected Fabianism and his book was a warning to all about communism.

Women seek to be worshiped and desired and they do not see nations. In fact they never have. Women, throughout history, opened their legs to the invading hordes and became their concubines without any resistance. There is no nation loyalty within the majority of women and even more so today, courtesy of constant indoctrination and programming from the msm.

The west is littered with fat, ugly, post wall, post menopause women, who go off to the West Indies/Africa, pick up a young man, marry them, get them back to their country, only to find them disappear looking for the hot young women to have sex with. But these women really think that these men love them. That shows their stupidity and, again, their gullibility.

If their own men don’t want them, what on earth makes them believe that men of other nations do?

And don’t get me wrong, the same can also be said for the white men who go off to Asian countries looking for a traditional woman to bring back home, or a mail order Russian bride.

To finish, I lay the blame solely on those who openly promote mass immigration into the west and yes, we know (((WHO))) they are, but we also know that women are very much in support of it. All one has to do is look at the images of the European women, holding up their welcome signs to the immigrants. It was, overwhelmingly women. And we’ve also seen the stories of the women, raped and murdered who worked in the immigrant shelter units in those lands.

When the weak take power, you get police states. When you break up the family unit and promote feminism, you get lots of single women who need to be protected when they get older – again, you get the police state.

Really, the biggest error the west ever made, other than allowing the Jews to stay, was women’s suffrage. Feminism (Marxism) has obliterated the west.

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  1. “Really, the biggest error the west ever made, other than allowing the Jews to stay, was women’s suffrage. Feminism (Marxism) has obliterated the west.”

    Before feminism and the jews, the mad men of America killed 600.000 of their own in a civil war to grant the black man citizenship.

    This destructive egalitarian nihilism goes back way further.

    You may have to go all the way back to the Roman republic to find a different attitude.

    1. The Civil War was not fought to free blacks. It was a battle between the Industrial and Political North, along with all it’s legal fictions, being created by the minute and the Agrarian South. There was some butt hurt about cotton from the South making it’s way to the textile mills of Great Britain without taxes that was hurtful to the Northern textile mills. So the South were the “free” traders and the North was for control. The free the slaves mythos was created to make the Civil War a “feel good” war. Just like WWII is known by some scumbags as the last “good war”. Because we got revenge for the killing of 600 Trillion Jews.

      I’m with Harbinger and see the problem exactly with Women’s Suffrage. You want to know how dumb women are? I was talking to a guy who used to coach pro softball for women. They asked him why they didn’t make the same salaries as MLB baseball players. Now that’s pretty stupid.

      Had they asked me that question, I would have told them they would most likely have a happier life learning some domestic skills. As should men. Because not many people can afford maids or other household staff.

      Women playing soccer bothers me, OK? I think they could have their own little leagues when young. I think it’s great if they want to run, cycle, play tennis, golf, swim. But team sports in emulation of boys always bothered me. Of course I think Volleyball is OK for girls. Basketball I don’t like anyway, but I don’t think they should play that game either.

      Sorry for meandering there at the end.

      1. Well, if abolition of slavery was not one of the main causes of the civil war, why did slavery disappear as a consequence of it?
        Dr. Robert Morgan has quite a few enlightening observations on this matter on the Unz review, where he quotes southern generals describing the fanatic anti-slavery attitude observed with many of the northerners, and this very sentiment of anti-slavery being one of their main motivational forces.

      2. Rich,
        Let’s not forget that sports are SPECTATOR oriented. Let’s take women’s beach 🏖️ volleyball for example. Scantily clad women chasing and trying to control the BALL. Desperately diving into the sand to make contact with the ball and control it. The BALL is symbolic. Donaldo won’t elaborate any further lest Administration Toby give him a spanking again. But sports are HUGE business and a lot of shekels are being made. On a filisophical note, sports are just a manifestation of tribal warfare. Our TEAM is our TRIBE and we are against YOURS. Mens soccer, especially in Mexico, has always baffled Donaldo. Adult men, especially middle-aged coaches, dedicating their whole lives passionately to drive the BALL into the net. This again is just a sexual manifestation of mans desire to drive the BALL into the feminine net. To score reigns supreme. Anyway, most sports revolve around the ball(s) and it’s very much sublimily about warfare and sex even though the casual observer wouldn’t realize this. Anyway, Donaldo just reflecting from another lonely truckstop in Western Tennessee. Shalom all fellow Darkmooners. 🍷🌮🙏

      3. Using this hand crank iPad …
        Rich… agree about Lincoln and his war.
        Bjorn…. Lincoln used the freeing as a ploy to keep Britain from breaking his puny international blockade of rafts and rowboats with the new battleship Alhambra. Brits rioted against the launching of the ship… and stopped it. Lincoln won.

        1. Pat,

          Welcome back! You were missed. We thought you were dead.
          BTW, I sent you two emails. I guess they were lost.
          We would welcome more news about your circumstances
          and how you managed to survive this hurricane. (LD)

      4. Pat, nice to know you’re still ticking and typing.
        I remember back in 1959 when the Army “Duck” picked us up off our front porch even as the flood waters were starting to flow through the house! Quite the adventure..

    2. “Well, if abolition of slavery was not one of the main causes of the civil war, why did slavery disappear as a consequence of it?”
      (sigh) Slavery disappear? We’re all still in it BJØRNTHORSØNN, or BotThorsen or whatever/whoever.

      Why go back? Why not just deal with the current situation which is all the same manifestation of psychological warfare and desire for power and domination over others due to immorality and short-sightedness. Same ol’ same ol’. All you guys seem to be about is waxing poetic and attempting to assert intellectual dominance over others regarding the most simplest of concepts. Knowledge isn’t wisdom, a child knows the difference between good and bad.

  2. Harbinger sys; “Women in the west have succumbed all too easily to the manipulation of the Jew World Order.” (Really? )
    Then he adds; “Women seek to be worshiped and desired and they do not see nations. In fact they never have. Women, throughout history, opened their legs to the invading hordes and became their concubines without any resistance”
    That is not nice. Just for a moment, place yourself in women’s position. Women have by tradition been subservient to Man. Not that they are weak mentally, but because they are weak physically. Men have always used brute force against each other in wars, and conflict. And they have also used this brute force against women. So, men by culture and tradition decided to place themselves the heads of their families, which included their wives, not necessarily because women were weak, but more so, because men knew themselves as brutes. It is only recently that men decided to use common-sense, when they slowly liberated themselves from the dark ages, where sheer brute force was the principle of engagement.
    In that regard, women have been (And I am saying this as a Man) dealing with tyrants for husbands, and therefore the Tyranny of New World Order, is only different from the tyranny of Husbands, because the Tyrant is hidden. And this Tyranny is not just confined to women, but to everybody, men included! This was not just in the “White Mans” country, but it applied in the Paternalistic System of Old World Order. So, with that line of reasoning, one can argue that “White Women” were not merely submitting to their “White Man Tyranny” because it was “their own men” but because they did not really have a choice. To chose a “White Man” or a “Black Man” or a “Yellow Man” was a matter of changing one tyranny after another. But if another Man or whatever colour more often than not treated her with dignity, and love, and protection, and comfort, why should they continue being ensnared to their White Man Tyrants merely because of colour or some other useless sentimental attachments? So to claim as our Harbinger friends claims that “Women, throughout history, opened their legs to the invading hordes and became their concubines without any resistance” is to miss the point by a zillion! You need to have been a woman to understand their choices. The New World Order confounds everybody. And its myopic for us to keep blaming each other, when we know very well, where the problem lies, who is causing it, and for what purpose. The Central Banking International Credit System masquerading as “Money” which supports the Messianic Idea of Judaism is the problem. And its purpose is to turn everybody into a Slave. You can continue blaming women, men, blacks, whites Latinos, pygmies, Martians Little green men, etc. But will not solve the problem. My Two cents.

    1. @ Bigfoot

      Excellent comment all round. Bravo!

      Yes, the author (Harbinger) is needlessly harsh to women. He shows an unbalanced mind. He forgets that it was a woman who brought him into the world. He owes his very existence to a woman.

      Vive la femme!

      1. “He owes his very existence to a woman” and “vive la femme” fits right in in this not so excellent comment Saki.
        Vive la vie, but unfortunately all and everything seems too much unbalanced to make anymore sense out of life or which side to take. Life on planet earth has become a clown show and men and women together playing the lead role in this tragic comedy.
        Maybe the world need more women in central banking and at the Red shield offices in London to save the world, but I doubt that very much. Australia definitely has plenty of these “vive la femme” in politics and other leading positions in government offices and look what difference that has made to the sold out colony and its subjects – NONE.
        Corruption is another word for politics and neither a man nor a woman does a better job to stay clear of deceit and treason while selling out ones country for foreign $hekels and that is called ECONOMY.
        So do we need to blame man or woman for being prone to corruption or is it just a human weakness without sex and gender itself?

        1. @ JO

          So do we need to blame man or woman for being prone to corruption or is it just a human weakness without sex and gender itself?

          It is purely a matter of opinion which sex is the more corrupt one. There are no scientific or statistical studies which have proved that women are the more corrupt sex. If one is a man though, one likes to think the female sex is far worse than the male sex.

          Here are three quotes from famous men which reflect this bias:

          “Frailty, thy name is woman!”
          “Man is evil, but woman is base.”
          “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.”

          Schopenhauer’s misogyny is legendary, as is the misogyny of various Catholic monks throughout the ages. Nietzsche’s misogyny stemmed from the fact that his advances toward a particular woman were rejected, also because he blamed women in general for the syphilis he reportedly contracted from a prostitute in a brothel. On the whole, I believe men are far worse than women. After all, we have “Jack the Ripper” — but no “Jill the Ripper”. Male serial killers outnumber female serial killers by a thousand to one.

          Man’s capacity for greater evil, however, is offset by his greater capacity for heroism and sublimity. Women’s vices tend to be petty, men’s vices far more extreme.

      2. Everything is a matter of ones opinion Sister Monika. Nietzsche would not have become Nietsche without “his” muse Lou Salome and it was Lou that also had influenced (more or less) other thinker, poets, pseudo psychoanalysts and other men of later fame but hardly (because of being a powerful and independent woman at the time) was awarded same.
        Nietzsche “Der Mann hat im Hintergrunde aller seiner Empfindungen für ein Weib immer noch die Verachtung für das weibliche Geschlecht.” (“In the background of all of his feelings for a woman, a man still has contempt for the female sex.”) could have quite well arisen from the rejection Lou’s to be owned by “his or other men’s love” and so “Thus spoke Zarathustra” was written in record time. One always remembers Nietzsche but the source of his deeper devastation/inspiration – including his own misunderstanding of love, his sex drive and life itself actually being the ignition of his fame and “superior intellect” furthered well enough by “his muse/love/rejection” are all part and important details in his own maleish evolution to become Nietzsche himself.
        Me does neither blame men nor women for their erratic behavior/way of thinking towards each other and life itself and rather blame the DEVOLVUTION from a Godlike being into a selfish primate that has self educated oneself from books and thoughts of others instead from life being lived as oneself. “Vive le femme” can never be complete without men. And same applies to “superior” men as well. There never will be a great man without a great woman. To stop opposing each other and anything that opposes ones own trained mind would be a nice start for a future that humanity has deserved but is too afraid of.

          1. @ Sister Monica

            When I was young I adored Nietzsche and put him on a pedestal;
            but when I grew up and became an adult, “I put away childish things.” 🙂

        1. No need to waft your condescending thoughts my way, dear Homer! You are entitled to your misguided and misinformed respect for Nietzsche, based entirely on the fact that your Oriental guru appears to approve of him.

          You would NOT have praised Nietzsche if Nietzsche had slandered Krishna. Yes or no? Answer that question honestly. Would your guru or you have approved of Nietzsche if Nietzsche had been openly contemptuous of Krishna and the Hindu pantheon?

          First answer this simple question: Would you have approved of Nietzsche if he had told you to your face that your reverence for Krishna was misplaced: that it was evil, cowardly, hateful and the mark of a despicable moron?

          Answer this question truthfully and honestly and I will tell you then why I don’t think highly of Nietzsche, though I was once naive and stupid enough to do so.

          1. Just wanted to make it clear that I hold Vedanta in high esteem
            and have the deepest respect for the Bhagavad-Gita and Krishna.

            Anyone Western creep who says, “I could be the Buddha of Europe” is a cheap braggart and forfeits all our respect because of his bigheaded arrogance. The same braggart also once boasted: “I AM DYNAMITE.”

            You respect a blowhard like that? Go ahead! No one’s stopping you. 🙂

      3. “He owes his very existence to a woman”

        His VERY existence, Saki? Soin effect what you’re saying is that experiencing existence in and of itself is dependent upon shooting through the womb. How do you know this to be so? Sure, this is part and parcel of coming into this physical reality, but this begs the question……..what are we to MAKE of this physical reality?

        This existential question of tremendous import addresses what I believe to be the TRUE Torah as understood by Jesus. We have been conditioned to think of “Torah” to be a “jewish” fabrication in and of itself, when the truth is that the fabrication is a false cloak.

        I hope to have more to say about this somewhere down the line.

      4. Madame, I never meant to be condescending, rather helpful, if only in a small way. The article isn’t from my guru, but this is from my guru; the Vedic Acharya. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

        The answer to your question is . . of course not. I’d think whomever to be either uninformed or ill informed. But I wouldn’t be upset at all because it would be the 1000th time I’ve heard it.
        Water off a duck’s back.

        Thank you for responding.

        1. Homer,

          I really do admire and respect you for your honesty and politeness. You have answered my question fairly, as I knew you would. You would not for a moment entertain positive feelings for Nietzsche if he made derogatory comments about Krishna or Vedanta or your Indian guru. That’s good. Because Nietzsche would have had to be off his head if he dissed all the fine ideals you value and cherish.

          I will now tell you why I don’t like Nietzsche. It’s because I reverence Jesus Christ, as Lasha does. I love Christ and reverence him just as you love and reverence Krishna. And this is what Nietzsche says about my religion and the religion of my ancestors:

          “Christianity remains to this day the greatest misfortune of humanity. Our age knows better. What was formerly merely sickly now becomes indecent—IT IS INDECENT TO BE A CHRISTIAN TODAY. I CALL CHRISTIANITY THE ONE GREAT CURSE, THE ONE GREAT INTRINSIC DEPRAVITY, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough—I call it THE ONE IMMORTAL BLEMISH UPON THE HUMAN RACE.” 

          — Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

          Nietzsche wasn’t sane when he wrote that. He was already losing his mind. He spent his last ten years in a lunatic asylum.

      5. Sister Monika, this is what Nietzsche did – a childish, selfish and hurt “immature little man”.
        “Marriage marks the end of many short follies – being one long stupidity” and “What do I care about the purring of one who cannot love, like the cat?” F. Nietzsche
        His “idea” that GOD IS DEAD appeared first in or just before 1882 in “Die fröhliche Wissenschaft“ which also explained: “Love may be the most ingenuous expression of egoism”.
        In March 1882 he met Salome engaged to his friend Paul Ree and fell head over heals in LOVE. He, who just had declared that GOD WAS DEAD was suddenly torn apart by what he seemingly had denied himself before. Having his marriage proposal and love as ownership rejected 3 times in a period of over 6 brief month “egoistic” Nietzsche then “ended” his friendship/relationship/internal torment with Lou in Nov-Dec 1882 and from thereon changing his attitudes toward femininity that likely explains his ‘turn’ against women. For Nietzsche himself God indeed must have become dead again – after a tiny glimpse of “love” that scared the hell out of him (and his immense ego) and from thereon claimed hell as his own home where he would dwell in his unstable mind, torn apart by ingenuity and nagging bitterness of rejection.

        @ Madame Butterfly ‘…..when I grew up and became an adult, “I put away childish things.”’ wraps it up nicely

      6. Madame B, et al

        I put before you a fundamental question:

        What, with regard to everything OF* this World, do you hold God accountable for?

        * THE key word contained in the question

      7. What Nietzsche said about Christianity should be taken with a grain of salt. Consider that what is alleged to have driven him over the edge was watching a coach driver whipping his horse. Makes me think of Jesus, when in his disgust he sprang open the cages holding birds in the temple slated to be slaughtered. Animal cruelty was the common denominator between the two men, making Nietzsche Christ-like in his BEHAVIOR, having nothing to do with his mere words regarding Christianity……think about it.

  3. Kaminski was far less negative about women and how indignant Lasha was with Kaminksi’s “misogyny”. With Kaminski Lasha was angry, angry angry angry! And now we have Harbinger and Harbinger says far more negative things, says much worse things, about women than Kaminski ever said about women and Lasha is like “Oh let’s make the former commenter Harbinger a feature author of Darkmoon feature articles. He’s saying alot of negative things about women and that makes sense to me. Good for Harbinger for having the cojones to say a lot of negative things about women! WHAT A MAN! He’s a REAL MAN!”

    And We don’t care for Schopenhauer — because he said negative things about women and that gets us indignant because women are Wonderful and nobody should say anything negative about ’em. If you say anything negative about women you’re a hate-filled patriarchial monster and We don’t want to have anything to do with you. Maybe you say negative things about women because you’re NOT a REAL MAN. Schopenhauer was a hate-filled patriarchial monster, he said alot of negative things about women, precious precious women. He was a lousy philosopher and a patriarchial monster who wanted to keep women in their place, he didn’t want women to be Liberated. He was NOT a REAL MAN.

    We LERV Harbinger because Harbinger says the kind of negative things about women Schopenhaur says!

    Wanna know what I think? I think Lasha’s got bats in her belfry. Or, maybe she’s got bluebirds in her belfry. Who knows what she’s got flying up there, but she’s definitely got something flying around up there in her belfry, that’s for sure,



    [ LMFAO! ]

    1. Great video, TROJ. When women were women and men lerved them.

      To quote an old saying: “Hubba hubba you kid!” 👱‍♀️

      1. To be clear, I wasn’t referring to the particular “bats-in-the-belfry” stage act of the actress 🦇🦇🦇, just her overall womanly look from back in the day

      2. I take it all back. I made that first comment without even looking at the video. My bad. A comment made with only the IDEA of women “back in the day”, of which there are obviously many good examples….. unlike this one.

  4. Really, the biggest error the west ever made, other than allowing the Jews to stay, was women’s suffrage. Feminism (Marxism) has obliterated the west.

    Universal suffrage was Judaic spearpoint aimed at the heart of the west, you cannot separate it from Judaism Harbinger, just another scale covering the hide of the foul beast its hour come round at last that crouches toward Bethlehem to be born.
    As for women, I guess they must yield to biological imperative that goes to the very beginning of the biblical narrative, the exchange between Eve and the Serpent, cuckolded Adam cluelessly watching pro sports on tv.
    White (of the better intellectual quality) man’s domain is social, the construction, defense and maintenance of culture, regulatory affairs and so on.
    Woman’s domain is at the family level, ensuring the children’s health and future survival and thriving, to her it takes precedence over societal issues—and it is right and proper that she should mind business at hand.

    So look: like any animal, the optimal balance must be struck between muscle and brain because of limited quantity of oxygen and nutrients that can be supplied at any time, muscle breeds violence and limits the intellectual reach and reverse is true if bloodflow algorithm is amended.

    So a woman is naturally drawn towards the former package figuring its strength and vitality will ensure the children’s welfare to a greater extent than raising a bunch of ineffectual (to her eyes) pointdexters—man tends toward social and military cohesion, thus unwavering, self-sacrifical loyalty, woman seeks an individual winner.

    And this breeds the potential battleground between sexes, something that Jew watched carefully and incorporated into his campaign of corrosion and destruction of the culture-building race—in fact, the erstwhile encounter between Eve and Lucifer was exactly the blueprint for this (Freemasons hold that this encounter was of sexual nature as per William Guy Carr’s Satan the Prince of This World).

    Just another swampy dead end to extricate ourselves from on the long night’s march to freedom and light.

    1. Good points, Lobro. Imagine if you wanted to indoctrinate a whole generation of kids in Marxist philosophy, what would be your primary target? Obviously, that target is the natural teacher of children, their mothers. If the mother isn’t there because they were “liberated” from their home duties, from their “home-oppression,” a practical question has to be made – who is going to take care of kids?

      The answer is the JEW. He will be there to “take care” of your kids from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. What a great edukational system the JEW prepared for your kids! We teach three years old boys to be independent and free, to have their own decisions, i.e., like changing “gender,” no parents have the right to intervene in children’s “free” choices, they say. Do you see how the word “free” is used demagogically? The kids are free from their parents but they aren’t free from the JEW.

      At the end of the day there is a bonus, instead of only enslaving the man, the “system” also enslaved the woman, and she is very proud to be another economical slave. The whole s*** show is by design. Wages were reduced gradually with the trick of inflation. Nowadays, the male’s payment isn’t enough to provide for the family anymore. But the woman is very proud because now she is free from “home-oppression.” The feminist woman betrayed mankind when she refused to perform her natural duties.

      Do you think the Communist indoctrination plan has worked? Take a look at this article’s top picture. Take a look at the streets of Amerika!

      It’s amusing to be “free”!

  5. I agree with Harbinger’s last statement, but I would also include black voting as having been a disaster. Consider today’s political efforts to “court the black vote” and how much time and money is poured there. Jews love it for their nefarious designs, and white libtards use it to further their unreasonable demands. It is all a recipe for civil war.

    1. Brownhawk,

      I for one understood what you meant in your first post, I didn’t take it the wrong way. And thanks for the compliment. I found and shared a “Great video”. A very rare experience for me, to get a compliment — and Yes, it feels good! 😊

      1. TROJ
        I made that comment with only the IDEA of how most women were “back in the day”, as your reply acknowledged.

        I’ll bet you can find another video of that actress in a role that exemplifies the kind of wholesomeness sorely lacking in a world befallen by a wicked curse.

    1. “Shyness”???
      Are you out of your freekin mind???
      If you’d actually been outdoors in the past 10 years, you’d have seen your typical young “ladies” parading around like tarted-up street hookers with every crack & crevice on display… and -Yes! – that includes those disgusting tattooed fat slobs!

  6. It was said in the old days that three qualities if found in a husband are deemed bad , but if the same qualities are found in a wife are good.The first one is stinginess , bad in a man but good in a woman to protect her husband’s hard – earned money.
    The second one is cowardice , diplorable in a man,but acceptable in a woman . This makes her stay at home relying on the her man’s protection.
    The third one is arrogance , bad in a man , but great in a woman for a weak wall entices the thief to scale it . This arrogance in the woman tells the potential predator to not even thing about approaching her .

    But those olden days are long gone my fornicating men and women , and we live in a time where the woman is economically independent
    and she is very hard to control making her very difficult to be tamed and reasonable and devoted wife.

    So here’s my recipe for an easier relationship

    1. Marry a fat woman or an ugly one in this case she knows she cannot get a better man so easily .

    2. Marry a single mother with kids who needs help desperately.But make sure she is NOT fat or ugly .

    3.Marry a woman who is older than you by 5 to 10 years , she would surely worship the ground you walk on .

    If you don’t take my advice and you insist on marrying a gorgeous girl whom everybody wants ,
    you will be broke , depressed and all sexual pleasures , whether horizontal or vertical,will be self-inflicted . Good luck in finding a wife who is beautiful , obedient , stingy,arrogant,and coward.

    1. Al,
      I dunno. But Donaldo married a Mexican woman 10 years his senior. She is quite wealthy and beautiful but controls the family finances with an iron fist. When Donaldo, a trucker, goes OTR, over-the-road, he’s given a small allowance….. just enough to buy food and a few (cervesas)… 🍻. But Mexican women are crazy and demand a lot of respect. But actually, Donaldo respects her on a voluntary basis. He loves her genuinely, but willfully. Sometimes the strength of a man is in his willingness to yield. No chest-thumping necessary. I hope that many Israeli men can relate. We love our women and give them the love ❤️ and affection they deserve. Israeli families are strong. That’s how it should be. Donaldo gives his blessings.

      1. @ Donaldo :

        Why don’t you immigrate to Israel, make what you Jews call “aliyah” to Israel, and go drive a truck and make deliveries in Israel?

        You could drive around Israel in a big rig and make deliveries of (((kosher tequila))) to joo bars and nightclubs and your fellow jews would LERV you for it. Why don’t you go move to Afula, do everyone a favor for a change and 🎶hit the road jack 🎶and don’t you come back no mo’ no mo’ no mo’🎶 hit the road jack and don’t you come back no mo’ , want me to translate that into Spanish for you? Or, should I translate it into Hebrew for you?

        And us Darkmooners wouldn’t be the only ones happy to see you go, I’m sure wifey-poo would also be very happy to, lol, to get rid of you, 😀.

      2. DONALDO

        What the fornication are you talking about. I had an experience with a big mexican woman(BMW),we could not see eye to eye . Every time I wanted to take a dicission , she always opposed me , as if she had a built-in op
        posing mechanism.She tried to love me and at the same time dominate me .I would not let her . So I left her .I knew then as I know now that a woman loves a strong man and she does not love a weak man,even if she was the reason behind his weakness .

        a BMW is like a house rug , from time to time you must beat it up to get rid of the dust .

  7. “Most are too stupid to actually understand the concept of nation.”
    not really, that’s jew media bs… trump supports mob every venue he lands at…
    while all the dem gatherings are prepped sets, small and scripted…
    it is true though that the concept is much more abstract to the female, who is generally centered on herself… the nation is fine with her, if it exists to serve her every endless emotional need, which is never going to happen… the globalists know this, the nation has become just another ‘sperm donor’…
    “A woman can take her children to the dentist and the dentist can lie, blatantly, that they all need fillings and because she’s thinking of what’s best for her children, she’ll consent; and eventually, the fillings fall out, they have to be replaced, more healthy tooth drilled away, new fillings, they fall out….and before you know it, a perfectly healthy tooth has to be removed because there’s nothing left of it to put any filling in!”
    They always give broads the wrong parts at auto parts stores too, and plenty of them…
    if you send a woman to the parts store, make sure you give her a written list, be very specific…
    “When the government says there’s a deadly pandemic, these gullible women believe them and have the health service shove them full of vaccinations.”
    they know the government lies and they could refuse the vaxx, but that’s not as much fun as indulging their egocentricity,making everybody else know it… everybody who promotes the vaxx is doing it because he thinks he’s going to get something out of it…
    “It is the women who have allowed the growth and acceptance of homosexuality in the west, not the men.”
    you may be over-generalizing a bit here good buddy… but you’re on the right track…
    women are all too easily manipulated, by churches, political factions, clothiers, welfare studs and definitely each other… the globalists have managed in may cases now to transfer the female mentality onto many males, the guys with the bun on top of their heads… the female understands she’s special, and she should be… she shouldn’t have to worry about her basic living, that’s for men to take care of… all kinds of idealistic commie idiots think the state is supposed to do that… the feminist mental trope or whatever that they’re all entitled transfers readily to the blacks now pushing for reparations… the basic difference between real american men/people and everybody who’s not is that the real dudes understand nobody owes them anything, but also that they can have anything they want, if they have what it takes to go work for it, which they do… if women see that happening big enough, they will forget a lot of the other bs and attach to the guy who’s doing it, which is in fact what they’re mostly preoccupied with, really looking for… 90% of women are primarily focused on 10% of the men, those who are famously successful… if not happening, they’ll make a lot of noise otherwise… with little girls – a noisy girl is a happy girl… they want to be noisy…

    1. “real dudes understand nobody owes them anything, but also that they can have anything they want, if they have what it takes to go work for it”…….well, unless you really irritate those
      in control…or become a real threat to their power….in which case you are likely to be put under a level of “surveillance” – electronic harassment – torture actually – or killed. Many have written about it – some of them are dead.

  8. Truth be told…
    without a firm, righteous hand to guide them, most women are wanton, wayward imbeciles.

    1. Maybe so. But finding a man who is righteous and firm is extremely hard. Most of the men I see around me are contemptible specimens: bullies, cheats, liars, degenerate reprobates. They don’t have “firm hands” — all they have is limp, groping hands.

      Few men nowadays are worthy of female adoration. You can’t respect them. They can’t even respect themselves, so how can a woman respect them? They are unheroic, unmanly, arrogant slobs.

      Lots of trashy women around? Absolutely! They are just what their degenerate menfolk deserve. Trashy women for trashy men, and trashy men for trashy women.

      C’est la vie!

      1. Who’d want to go to bed with a man like Harbinger?
        Not me! I’d rather go to bed with a polecat.
        The man suffers from spiritual halitosis.

      2. Madame,
        Donaldo has tried multiple times for your love. You , as a proper English lady, have denied him. Anyway, it’s on the table.l

      3. Yes, Mdm Butterfly, you speak the truth.

        Those limp-wristed, grovelling girly-men AND their counterpart steroidal macho morons – both contemptible in the extreme – are even more to blame.

    2. Now that we’re on the subject of deplorable Western females , what happened to Madame Butterfly? Where is she? We haven’t heard from her in awhile.

      I hope she wasn’t TOO influenced by Señor Donaldo and decided to add tequila to her daily intake of her various prescription SSRI medications, her NON-prescription off-the-street medications from her local neighborhood dealer, her gin, her vodka. Maybe she died on us. Maybe it was that added bit of tequila that did her in. The heartbreak of never having made it in Hollywood and on Broadway, the pills, the booze, and then the added tequila was TOO much for her system and she collapsed on her kitchen floor for the very last time. Her daughter doesn’t have to deal with a collapsed mother on the kitchen floor anymore, it will never happen again.

      I’m going to miss Madame, she was very coloUrful! But her life wasn’t totally useless and in vain. WE learn from her life that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, uppers and downers you can buy on the street corners in the less desirable parts of town , gin, vodka, and TEQUILA, do NOT mix TOO well, better to either pop pills or be a drunk but don’t be BOTH a pill popper and a drunk. Maybe Madame will Reincarnate into A Movie sTaR her next time around and her dreams of fame and fortune, beauty, glamour, will come true!

      🎶somewhere over the 🌈🎶way up high 🎶there’s a land that I heard of once 🎶 in a lullaby🎶

      1. POEM FOR TROJ

        Do you have a girlfriend, Joe?
        Someone who loves you to bits?
        A gal it’s a pleasure to know
        With a nice ass and tits?

        How come you’ve never mentioned her,
        This gal as lovely as sin?
        Did you ever fondle her fur
        On a tiger skin?

        Gee, I don’t think you have much
        Opportunity for sin!—
        As one tends to get out of touch
        In a loonie bin. 🙂

      2. I’m sorry…it is Madame Hand and her five Lady Fingers. They stay fit and trim, as their workouts are frequent and vigorous!

  9. Has ANYONE brought MORE MISERY on the world than that ‘Icon Of Feminism’ – that insufferable cackling despicable demonic HAG – that goes by the name of “Hillary”?

    1. Madame Butterfly :

      Touché. I deserve it. You were minding your own business and I attacked you. I was wrong to do that. I apologize.

      Mr. Huntly :

      Mind your p’s and q’s.

      ADMIN: Your brevity amazes me. 🙂

  10. The psycho-emotional-statistical analysis of this subject has been covered very well by Black Pigeon:


    In short and in general, men are passionate about ‘things’ and women are passionate about ‘people’.

    The ancient bond between the sexes borne out of protection of the family is now broken with “government” substituting as surrogate husband. Thus, Tribe controlled ‘government’ is to blame for the disgusting state of society in the West.

    If the evolutionary dependence of women on men is broken then better for Western men to look to more traditional societies for a partner but by emigration not immigration. The advice same applies to the few women who do appreciate a traditional relationship, because dolts, soy-boys, effeminate men abound in the West.

    Emigrate somewhere else if you can contribute to that society. Do not import your partner because in short shrift they will adopt the attitudes promoted by the MSM – “rely on government”, “divorce and take what is yours”. Unless of course, the partner is heartfelt religious, which is probably true of most Muslims.

    What is a evolutionary/traditional relationship? It is a relationship where than man is subservient to woman for sex with division of duties along the lines of ‘people’/’things’. Hopefully this bond becomes spiritual in time.

  11. Deep stuff, Flan! . . . Deeper than deep.
    Much too deep for us shallow women to comprehend.
    Ye Gods, if only I had a man’s brain!
    And what I could have achieved with the help of a penis! 🙂

    “Thou goest to Woman? — Remember thy whip!”
    — Nietzsche

    1. *Sigh* Too bad God ran out of inspiration after creating Man.

      I sometimes wonder what life would be like if some pandemic in the future destroyed all women, leaving only the male sex intact.
      I wonder if they’d miss us then?

      Sob, sob . . . I want my mommy!

      1. Yes, women are incredible stupid. What about men, are they any different? Is there a more stupid behavior than a bunch of drunken guys screaming for their preferred sport team? Behavioral separation between sexes is a very difficult task indeed.

        I bet there are some studies showing men have bigger IQ than women. My advice is don’t take averages too seriously, there are brilliant women out there! Think about it, if you put your head in the freezer and your feet in the oven your average temperature is Ok.

        Men vs. women is another divide and rule technique, both sexes complement each other to form God’s perfect match.

        P.S. This stupid comment I wrote is dedicated to you, Madame Butterfly, a brilliant woman who speaks many languages!


    If the man’s world is said to be the State, his struggle, his readiness to devote his powers to the service of the community, then it may perhaps be said that the woman’s is a smaller world. For her world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home. But what would become of the greater world if there were no one to tend and care for the smaller one? How could the greater world survive if there were no one to make the cares of the smaller world the content of their lives?

    No, the greater world is built on the foundation of this smaller world. This great world cannot survive if the smaller world is not stable. Providence has entrusted to the woman the cares of that world which is her very own, and only on the basis of this smaller world can the man’s world be formed and built up. The two worlds are not antagonistic. They complement each other, they belong together just as man and woman belong together.

    We do not consider it correct for the woman to interfere in the world of the man, in his main sphere. We consider it natural if these two worlds remain distinct. To the one belongs the strength of feeling, the strength of the soul. To the other belongs the strength of vision, of toughness, of decision, and of the willingness to act.


    It is not true, as Jewish intellectuals assert, that respect depends on the overlapping of the spheres of activity of the sexes; this respect demands that neither sex should try to do that which belongs to the sphere of the other.

    As it was 90 years ago, so it is now to a much higher degree, white world greedily drank from the poisoned well and is now curled up on floor in mortal agony.
    Hitler was first and foremost PHILOSOPHER and social analyst of the highest order, would that he was as good a political and military strategist.

    1. Hitler spoke the truth – on this and on many other subjects – and since The Truth is INTOLERABLE to The Axis Of ZOG, he had to GO!

      And if you think The Fuhrer was being particularly misguided, even Queen Victoria – who presided over 1/4 of Planet Earth and presumably knew something about “The Way Of The World” – opined that women had NO PLACE in politics and shouldn’t even be given “the vote”… no doubt knowing all too well the myriad shortcomings of the “fair” sex…and the disaster that would ensue should it be “let off the lease”

    2. A wise man. And I met women in South Africa coming from that era. It was not so that women with talent were confined to the kitchen and the home and had to be child-bearing machines. They had careers and leadership roles and were happy. Hana Reitsch, test pilot. Lots of others. Lots of lies told over that era. For those that wanted children, provision was made for them. More than thirty years have gone since those people passed away, so I can write freely now. One woman, of Dutch origin, extremly well informed over world politics, very popular amongst young people in her city in South Africa back then, told me she was head of a secretary pool of Himmler.

      1. Lead by example. If sensible women (and men) would get as much exposure in the media as these unruly women, I bet the tables will be turned within one generation, if not faster (a few examples will then have to be made, some will end up on the gallows) and society would normalize over a broad range of current problems.

  13. Everybody who works for a living is making money for the person paying him…
    The American Family was a fat target back in the late 50s…
    Corporate predators wanted those females on the job somewhere…
    They’re easier to exploit… Plus, 2 people working means they can borrow more…
    Nobody had heard of Gordon Gecko, or Mitt Romney at that time, but the hit on the traditional family and household was a case of corporate raiding just the same…
    The feminist movement manifested right alongside LBJ’s Great Society…
    Jews did it yeah, but it’s always the corporations too… tv was new then, the commercials began to portray the American housewife regularly as an idiot… the movement jacked cig sales big-time, Virginia Slims redesigned to fit the zeitgeist… “You’ve come a long way baby”… They lit-up that fire…
    This book, and then its succession of themed variants, helped point it out to women that they weren’t actually satisfied or fulfilled in their roles as wives and mothers, they were missing something…
    I couldn’t get the link to copy for some reason, here’s an excerpt…
    “The Feminine Mystique, a landmark book by feminist Betty Friedan published in 1963 that described the pervasive dissatisfaction among women in mainstream American society in the post-World War II period. She coined the term feminine mystique to describe the societal assumption that women could find fulfillment through housework, marriage, sexual passivity, and child rearing alone. Further, prevailing attitudes held that “truly feminine” women had no desire for higher education, careers, or a political voice; rather, they found complete fulfillment in the domestic sphere. Friedan, however, noted that many housewives were unsatisfied with their lives but had difficulty articulating their feelings. Friedan deemed that unhappiness and inability to live up to the feminine mystique the ‘problem that has no name’. “

  14. And vice versa? One native German said that the Holocaust was a hoax and instead of going to jail he took an Islamic woman and moved to Pakistan. He is now the head of a subdivision at a factory in Islamabad. He even returned the German passport and citizenship of the country. He is probably more satisfied than before.

  15. First of all women have the brains of children and are just practical, their nature!. Women must/want to be controlled by men!, women love that even if they deny it, and white men are just too soft, caused by dominant mother, by government propaganda. My experience is that women are not interested in quality men because almost all women have deep personal, psychologial issues ( low self esteem) and feel ( it’s all in the brain) some kind of familiarity with dark people for this reason. Women lose their concentration and focus very soon and always distracted very easy. Don’t forget the continuing Kalergi propaganda day and night. This propaganda ultimately says to women you have permission of the state to mix, go ahead, the authority argument as means of persuasion. Also dark people are advantaged by the authoritities for work etc. Diploma’s are not required for the dark people. They get sooner out of jail for their crimes these days etc. It’s paradise for dark people protected by their jewish masters.

  16. “No, the reason western women are to blame, is because of their natural attitude, that is innate within all – emotion. They are naturally carers.”

    Cause and effect are being mixed up here. Their role in nature is being exploited by very clever but very evil people. They must carry the blame. They lie to our women and twist their minds. Why blame nature? Nature does that which is correct, that is, guaranteeing the maximum survivability of our species.

    Men are being mislead too, make no mistake. We also have traits that can be exploited as weaknesses. If one does not agree, then blame our Creator. Jan Lamprecht of Africancrisis once described our dual role, women give life, men take lives. We, the male and female, enhance each other. That is what is supposed to be.

    Few of us, men and women, can withstand the pressure acted against us by these evil people. The elite within us, both men and women, and always a minority, will be tasked to set the matter right.

      1. Here I read the daily mainsteam media online papers. I can see that those critical five percent of news that really count, are lies. But I have a critical eye, shaped by many years of experience and some critical people I met in my life.

        There is no way that another person can see through the lies without having been pointed at them. That is the big problem. One needs some training in order to distinguish between lies and the truth. If you do it openly, you are looking for big trouble. The system will come down on you.

        And the second problem is to make people to accept that lies are being told.

        Because now you enter a dark world full of evil people which run this world and thus also your life. This is too big to handle for many people. It offers them no hope. Together with the truth one also has to offer hope. Otherwise people will rather live the lie, for they will tell themselves that what is the use to know the truth in this short life on earth, why make life so miserable, they don’t want to hear the truth. You have to be very hard to accept the truth. Soft people are not able to do this. It will make them sick. Women are soft and emotional. They want to be loved and appreciated. It does not come naturally for them to slip into the role of a soldier.

        And emotions cloud judgement. So if you want to attack someone, do it with emotions. This works for the most people.

  17. “The regime of the so called Western democratic world created a society built on extreme individualism, selfishness, and shallow perception of the world. To organize, to commit, actually requires at least some discipline, effort, and definitely great dedicated effort to learn (about the world, a person, or a movement) and to work hard for a better world. It is not easy to become a revolutionary when one is positioned on a couch, or a gym, or while banging for hours every day into a smartphone”. A. Vltchek
    RIP Andre

  18. Let’s not forget this core principle
    … a sample of what the Jewish researcher, Nathan Abrams found

    Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw magazine, said (on lukeford.com), ‘The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks.

    According to [Luke] Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion …

    ‘the leading male performers through the 1980s came from secular Jewish upbringings and the females from Roman Catholic day schools.’ The standard porn scenario became, as a result, a Jewish fantasy of schtupping the Catholic shiksa …
    Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. …

    And I came across this, an independent confirmation of an earlier post how freemasons claim Eve broke her chastity with Lucifer the Serpent (as embedded in my thesis that White women are drawn to betrayal of their race, culture and religious obligations by the individual advantage offered by the lure of instant winner)

    Eve had sexual intercourse with the serpent, transmitting lust to the gentiles, from which Israelites are exempt. (BT Abodah Zarah 22a)

    So yes, universal suffrage was a massive poisoning of the common well, i.e., commonwealth.
    Now rather than point at groups such as women and Blacks, why not institute a test based on some civic catechism to earn a voting right?
    A driver’s license is not granted universally but must be earned through a battery of tests, vision, written, practical—in order to ensure road safety, so why should survival of an entire society be trivialized by universal suffrage?
    Jew most definitely should bear a lifetime interdiction on not just voting but any participation in social governance, pedagogic, juristic or media.

    How can we protect our women if we lost track of Logos …

    1. Dostoevsky warned that “great events could come upon us and catch us intellectually unprepared.” This is precisely what has happened. And he predicted that
      the world will be saved only after it has been possessed by the demon of evil.

      Who said that?
      Aleksander Solzhenitsyn: “Men Have Forgotten God”

      It was Dostoevsky, once again, who drew from the French Revolution and its seeming hatred of the Church the lesson that “revolution must necessarily begin with atheism.”

      Cassandra of Troy, the most far-seeing of oracles was cursed by gods in that all her prophecies were accurate and yet all will have been ignored—I guess an essential ingredient in what makes a great prophet is the ultimate failure of his warning.
      Dostoevsky was such a prophet.

      “Hmm” moment: The Protocols were just as accurate yet totally successful, validating the claim that they were guided by infernal hand and mind.

      1. Now you’re working my side of the metaphysical street, lobro

        Scorpion exit from the stage
        Its stinging tail in one last rage
        Faustian souls his willing pawn
        The darkest hour before the dawn

  19. Women are the majority in law schools in the USA and will be the same serving as judges soon. They will have to take the blame for their conditions then!

  20. LOBRO
    maybe they’re doing a lot of it second-hand too behind closed doors with their pornography entertainment…
    all kinds of mud people, foreign and domestic, have the same stupid little idea, only with greater implications…
    i don’t think jews are on a mission to breed everybody else out of existence, are they?
    but muslims, mexicans, negroes, half of them think it’s their job to wipe out the white race by miscegenation, and they’ve been at it a while…
    and it seems ironic that now the schtuppee catholic church does every gd thing it can to facilitate the immigrant invasion of white countries…
    i think, if you have pride in your race, and everybody should, you’d be better than that…
    in any case, the catholic church is globalist by any means, including the mongrelization of races and the destruction of nations… and it’s past time everybody stops supporting it…

  21. Western Women are Jewish Golems. It’s really not that complicated.

    (ADMIN: Tut tut, Admin disapproves!) 🙂

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