Our Bleak Future: The Black/White Experiment Has Failed



This controversial article, with its “racist” overtones, has been denounced as a fake. This does not prevent it from being highly esteemed among White Nationalists. (See Lasha Darkmoon’s endnote, “Our Bleak Future”, for more details.)


“The experiment has failed: not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility.”

The black/white experiment has failed.

For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites. The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?

The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization. The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since.

Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball.

Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would have been otherwise unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.”

To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to “Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No To Racism.” (See here)

Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.

Some thought that what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of. There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists.

But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing. Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them.

Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and majority-black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment. Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away.

LD: And now the conflagration of race riots has spread, in the viral summer of 2020,  from Minneapolis to dozens of other American and European cities throughout the world. With no letup in sight. Whether there is a causal connection between the virus and the violence, or some sort of planned correlation, will be a fascinating topic for future discussion. [LD]   

The white elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the Black/White experiment has failed. We just have to try harder.

We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, more opportunities. But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president.

Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.” But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India — people who are not white, not rich, and not “connected” — have quietly succeeded.

While the children of these [Asiatic] people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime: crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it.

This has nothing to do with poverty.

Black man punches white female shopping clerk
in the face in a row over 41 cents 
(‘Daily Mail‘)

The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility.

Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment.

They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, the reflexive animosity.

The elites explain everything with “racism,” and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point.

They will be the only ones who are surprised when real revolution comes to the United States, and that it is white people who lead the revolt.

Source: Sent to darkmoon.me in a private email with this explanatory link

—   §   —


by Lasha Darkmoon

The above article became viral when it was allegedly published in June 2015 by a respectable mainstream newspaper, The Baltimore Sun. It has been circulating on the internet ever since among the White Nationalist community, most of whom regard everything it says as eminently reasonable. The Baltimore Sun, however, insists they never published it, nor  would they dream of doing so. In addition, Snopes has ruled it is a “fake”.  Though several different writers have been attributed with authorship, no one knows for certain who actually wrote it.

It is curious to think we live in a world in which it is universally acknowledged that black lives matter a great deal, far more so in fact than white lives would appear to do, given that the slogan “WHITE LIVES MATTER” is now regarded as the ultimate obscenity.

I know many white people on the liberal left who believe that the only solution to the world’s problems is that white people should henceforth meekly agree to their own self-abasement and annihilation.

Guilty of imperialist crimes over several centuries and of the merciless persecution and subsequent genocide of the Jews, Whites, it is argued, need to hang their heads in eternal shame and get used to the idea of being regarded henceforth — they and their degenerate kin — as little better than homicidal maniacs and monsters of evil.

There is no hope for mankind, these self-flagellating white liberals believe, unless there is a complete “revaluation of all values”, with the world henceforth being run by a kindly Jewish intelligentsia with the help of co-operative Asiatics, blacks and homosexuals of high IQ.  

Political correctness has never been so lethally correct as it is today. Almost any criticism  of the Jews or Israel is verboten and can have alarming consequences. Only yesterday in Britain, the Labour Party’s new leader Sir Keith Starmer sacked his hard-left former rival, Rebecca Long-Bailey, for sharing an article containing an allegedly “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory”.

What was Miss Long-Bailey’s crime? Did she dare to use the J-word in an inappropriate context? Gosh, by no means! That would have been unthinkable. Shadow Education Secretary Long-Bailey had simply recommended an article written by the political activist and actor Maxine Peake, “in which Miss Peake claimed American police were taught how to restrain suspects such as George Floyd — whose death sparked the Blacks Lives Matter protests — by the Israeli security services.” (Daily Mail, June 26, 2020, p. 10).

American police, it is common knowledge, regularly make their way to Israel on free trips, all expenses paid by their Jewish hosts. They are even known to visit Tel Aviv brothels, many of them staffed by underage girls who have been enticed to Israel from Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia on false pretences.

However, none of this can be said. Even though it is true. Jews will not allow it.

Jewish groups immediately began screaming for Miss Long-Bailey’s dismissal — for daring to suggest that there were links between American police forces and the Israeli security services. Labour Leader Sir Keith Starmer was forced to do as he was told by the Jewish Lobby. Standing up to the Jewish elite and saying “NO!” is no longer a feasible option either in Europe or the United States. (See picture).

Anti-Semitism is now the Ultimate Crime, far worse in severity than cannibalism, pedophilia and child murder put together.

And this is only the beginning. What lies at the end of the road? I shudder to think.

So this is the Orwellian nightmare world we now live in.  Even Orwell would be turning in his grave if he knew that his original predictions had come to pass with such a vengeance in 2020 — far more chilling in their stark reality than anything he had envisaged in his imagination.


“I believe that all government is evil,
and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”
— H.L. Mencken

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  1. Beautiful article but the author is mistaken when he says the elites tried to make humans out of negroes and they would become model citizens. that is totally wrong. they knew god damn well these sub humans could never rise to white standards. the jews forced them into white society TO DESTROY IT not to try to make them equals. a ten year old knows that is not possible.

    Thomas Jefferson said the 2 races were too different to live together. the Bolshevik jews knew that also and that is exactly why they injected the black plague into white society. then they spent 7 trillion on negroids to breed like rats with programs like Sec Ape housing SNAP etc. they paid for tens of millions of groids from sperm to worm ensuring that the jews army would continue to grow.

    the jews wet dream has come true and their private black army is poised for revolution. I welcome this. just like the jews private army ISIS was used to tear apart Syria taking down statues and burning cities. If they want a violent revolution and war they will get it from me at least. hopefully I will not be alone.

    1. 20 plus years of being gangstalked by the (((tribe))) and their minions; composed predominately of sub-Saharans and illegals from South of the border…this is one Texas redneck that’s gotten a neck full of their satanic games and “plausible deniability”. I am keeping my powder dry and calmly waiting

    2. Hola Folks,
      Donaldo just enjoying Darkmoon once again from a lonely truckstop in Mississippi, USSA. Just having a little wine and cigars. Feeling good. Race is a complicated issue. The article got Donaldo thinking all the way back to his 1980’s youth. Let’s present….. 🥁 role…..the Rubik’s cube. Donaldo saw his first R-cube as a youth. Six sides. Six colors. Each side with 9 squares of potentially the same color. The objective was to take a hodge-podge of different colors on all 6 and put all 6 equivalent colors on the same face. Not real easy. Not real difficult. Most Jewish and white kids of those days could solve the puzzle in 30 minutes. Maybe we were a little sharper in those days. Most kids nowadays couldn’t do it. The “CUBE” was conceived by Erno Rubik……a Hungarian Jew. Born in Budapest in 1949. One of many unsung Jewish geniuses. Forget Einstein. Plenty of Jewish geniuses to go around. Let’s not forget Bobby Fisher folks. Anyway, Donaldos point is that reality in general isn’t as simple as the CUBE. There are many more colors and sides to the game. That’s where it gets even more complicated. Donaldo agrees in principal to the article but more questions arise. Are people the product of the environment or is the environment the product of people? Donaldo humbly admits to not have the answer. Met a young guy from Ghana at a truckstop a couple days ago at a truckstop in Tennessee. Real nice guy. We talked awhile. He was quite intelligent and spoke 5 languages. Quite different from American blacks who seem to struggle with basic English sentence structure even after 300 years of speaking English in USSA. Anyway, if reality were as simple as the R-cube, Donaldo would have the answers. But for now, just Shalom to Donaldos fellow Jews and Administration Toby in particular.

      1. “Are people the product of the environment or is the environment the product of people?”

        In a very simple way, this is how I explain it.

        What was first – the geneprogram or the environment? When you are concepted, you are concepted by the blueprint in the gene. This is the basic equipment one is born with. As either a very complicated mainframe computer, or a less powerful microcomputer. There exists no upgrade function to turn from a microcomputer into a mainframe or the other way around. The IQ can be lifted by perhaps 10 points, if environmental factors were negative. But no huge jumps are possible. The wiring is just not there. The sam counts for someone with an IQ of 150. No amount of better environmental conditions like better nutrition will make him jump several standard deviations higher. One has to make peace with this fact. The same counts for the animal kingdom.

        Why are people dissatisfied with what they were born with? Accept life like it is, and see to it that the best people get into positions of responsibility, and then those who perceive themselves with a dissatisfactory IQ will guaranteed not loose out. The right person for the right job. Chris Langan (IQ200) will run this world better than these louts who govern us currently. There is no thing like an inferior job, only a mismatch of talents to the job. A genius won’t be happy as a cleaner and a cleaner won’t be happy as a scientist (who sometimes get a worse salary than people in lesser occupations. It all boils down to value systems). We only have one short life and have to do the best with what we have.

        Why does one want an exceptionally higher IQ? If the IQ of the whole of mankind would be lifted by two standard deviations (30 points or higher), this might lead to a permanent state of war and dissatisfaction because of jealousy and competition for the scarce resources of this planet. You will have a bunch geniuses thinking up terrible things to stay on top. One too clever idea and the whole planet can be blown up. Problem solved. Going to the stars and leaving this earth will not neutralize this problem, only postpone it to a future date, one will take ones baggage along.

        The opportunities on this planet are limited and also just distributed according to the bell shaped curve. Lifting the general IQ beyond a certain point would be counter productive. It justs lifts the IQ problem on a higher plane.

        These are the preconditions that have been laid how the environment may one day alter one’s behaviour. Where there is no wiring, no basic machinery, there is nothing to be changed by environmental factors.

      2. you made as much sense as a menopausal woman in an insane asylum. move to ghana and take the jews with you. it is suicidal people like you is why the US is poised for destruction

  2. “The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different.”
    Nature is not a “fundamental problem” – Jews are, throughout most of history!

    1. so you are saying negroids and whites are the same and compatible? have you gone out of the basement your whole life?

      1. Shhh! Preaching to the choir is unnecessary. We need to get our normal folk to accept ideas that they have been indoctrinated to believe are untrue and abhorrent. This article is a powerful first step.

      1. Hay Jeanice go read my reply if they post it. Total nonsense. WE wrestle against forces that you cannot see. Don’t believe me look up EPS 6:10. They been here for thousands of years. Take control of your own mind the maker gave you.


    2. You are a total moron to think Jews are the problem. Its people like you that propagate a message like this. Apparently you don’t know history of the world. Better go read about the word Sin. Oh there is no such thing as Love, mercy, grace, kindness, forgiveness, hate, evil, good. Yet we see it everyday. Hate from the elks like you. Always need a scapegoat to justify why the world is the way it is. Sounds like reasoning is not on your side. Go study the bible before the rock falls on you. You have become a complete idiot to believe nonsense like this. Made up in your own twisted mind. People like you prove the word of God in the bible is absolute Truth. So since you think you have the worlds problems solved. Go study ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Pilate asked the same question. What was the answer he got?


      1. Pat Sin means missing the mark. When archers missed the mark they say you sinned. God says you missed the mark.We all have missed the mark.No living up to his standards,your maker.Only Christ God in the flesh could accomplish what we could not do for ourselves. To make us right in GODS sight. We all are under the DEATH penalty because of SIN.Christ took your place in the court room. Judge says you are free to go. IF you believe he paid the ransom for you. We cannot save ourselves. He made him who knew no sin to be sin for us. Period end of discussion. Truth S.Jones

      2. Steve, perhaps even more so today one of Christ’s profound instructions is routinely ignored. Maybe because it’s too short and too simple to be dissected and trisected and injected with notions of varieties of high philosophy and word juggling prose. It isn’t a ten thousand word long metaphysical mystery wrapped in an enigma or some esoteric magic. It’s a mere five words yet it seems to be insurmountable even as surmount it we must. “Go and sin no more”

        Srila Prabhupada . . .
        “Christ can take the sufferings for the previous sins of his devotees. But first they have to be sane: “Why should I put Jesus Christ into suffering for my sins? Let me stop my sinful activities.”

        “Let Christ suffer for us, and we’ll go on committing sin.” They love Christ so much that they think, “My dear Christ, we are very weak. We cannot give up our sinful activities. So you please suffer for us.”

        “Suppose a man—the favorite son of his father—commits a murder. And suppose he thinks, “If there is any punishment coming, my father can suffer for me.” Will the law allow it? When the murderer is arrested and says, “No, no. You can release me and arrest my father; I am his pet son,” will the police officials comply with that fool’s request? He committed the murder, but he thinks his father should suffer the punishment! Is that a sane proposal? “No. You have committed the murder; you must be hanged.” Similarly, when you commit sinful activities, you must suffer—not Jesus Christ. This is God’s law.”

      3. In a nutshell, to live “IN SIN” means existing as we do in these mortal states. In effect, the ultimate definition of “sin” is mortality.

        Jesus very well may have learned the Yugic affiliations during his time in India

        It all ties in with the Great Cycle of Yugas. The thinking is that at this “point in time”, the end of the Kali Yuga, we are on the brink of moving out of the Devolutionary state of “sin” and into an “Evolutionary Curve” whereby “death” has been rendered obsolete.

        When Jesus said “WE are all sinners” he was making the point to his listeners that being IN this mortal coil, as he was when walking among them, INDICATES this definition of “sin”.

      4. Jesus may very well have learned of this Yugic affiliation during his time in the Far East.

      5. “Go (away from the reincarnation wheel) and sin no more”

        As for the “time lines”….

  3. It was NOT a failed experiment; it was social engineering never meant to “succeed” in the traditional sense, but to destroy. The purpose was to divide the races and transfer wealth from “have” white workers to Negro do-nothings.

    In this regard, the “experiment” was a complete success – for Jews. Today, white girls flock to Negroes with lots of bling, new BMWS and SUVS, cash to flash and many other expensive material goods given to them by Jews, goods white men once worked hard to obtain. At the same time, many white males find they can no longer get jobs that will support families and more often than not, are relegated to driving old “beaters” once typical of Negro owned vehicles.

    I know white men in their twenties and thirties that cannot even drive, let alone own vehicles. Imagine trying to live and work in this society without a vehicle. I assure you, Jews’ did. The cost of state sanctions on vehicles, like insurance and registration, have put vehicles out of reach for many young white males who can no longer find jobs with a decent paycheck attached. Of course, minorities receive heavy government subsidies, assuring ownership of nice, new vehicles; the better to capture those tasty white wimmen doncha’ know.

    So while metal-mouthed Negroes have young, white girls snorting coke in the back seats of their new BMW and strut around with white girls draped on their bling bedecked arms, white men are desperate to find mates. If you call that “failure” then you are undoubtedly not a Jew. As is typical of the Jew parasite infestation, our nations and our cultures have been inverted to promote the worthless over the worthy, the stupid over the intelligent, the greedy over the altruistic, the insane over the sane.

    Know this, listen and listen well white man: Jews have squandered immense amounts of your nation’s resources on global wars with full intent of murdering the best and brightest of your people. At the same time, those wars provided Jews ever more advanced weapons technology to use against you.

    White man, your life will continue to disintegrate and your nations will continue to dissolve under the Jewish pressure of unrestricted immigration, economic calamity and social upheaval, for this is the way the Jew criminal does “bizness.”

    Unless all Jews are removed completely and forever from this planet, your once thriving, industrious, productive civilization will collapse into primitive tribal cultures whose main sports are raping your women, murdering your children and looting your cultures.

    In the past, Jews have been driven out of nations, hounded and harassed, told to move on, threatened and killed when they didn’t. But the Jew, the most pernicious of all parasites has returned time and again to continue their destruction of advanced cultures. While Negroes might be sent back to Africa, the Jew can never be sent anywhere but off the planet. Anything less and the Jew will return to infect civilization with their pernicious destruction.

    White man! Jews have told you repeatedly, it’s either you or the Jew. These murderous parasites will never stop until your race, nations and civilization are dead and buried and that arrogant little smirk painted permanently on their face assures you the Jew is confident of the outcome. It up to you white man, only you can wipe that smirk off his face – permanently.

    1. Most of what you say is true, but you preach to the choir. Get your family, friends and neighbors to at least read and entertain the ideas put out in this article. The rest can follow. Nobody ever gained a Doctorate without sitting through elementary school, eh?

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      An outstanding comment in every way. Passionately sincere and beautifully written. But you need to be careful about how you express yourself in regard to the use of overt violence. No point allowing you “freedom of speech” if you end up by getting our website shut down! 🙂

      After all, it’s in your own interests Arch that you should continue to have a platform here for your ideas. Which you can only have if this website is allowed to continue in existence. Hence the need at all times for nuance and moderation.

      You can do this better than others by understatement and irony, since you have the required literary skills.

      Kind regards,

      Sister Monica


        Please do your best to follow strictly the rules of our website. This is in your own interests. Because otherwise you will get our website shut down and will have nowhere else to go to place your comments. (Few other websites will allow you the unique freedom of speech you enjoy here, so don’t abuse it.) It requires great literary skill as well as commendable self-restraint to avoid cheap abuse and overtly racist language. So please avoid the N-word and other abusive synonyms of this nature.

        THANK YOU!

        # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “nigra”, “groid”, “coon”, “baboon”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike” and “yid” should be avoided at all times. Apart from the fact that such vulgar language lowers the tone of our website and gives it a bad name, we object to the use of such abusive terminology on purely humanitarian and philosophical grounds. So please refrain from using these blatantly racist terms on our website.


      2. Sister Monica – Arch said nothing about violence. He is talking about expulsion. It must be done through our intention and will to be rid of these parasites forever — to affirm we are no longer willing to co-exist with them. No violence necessary.

      3. Monica the first part of Arch Stantons comment I said already in the first post here. but his post was excellent

    3. Well said, Arch. That’s the basic truth. White people need to give up their illusions of brotherly love and understanding. Ideals are peaceful, but history is cruel and in the end there are only two types of people: those with guns, and those that don’t matter.

    4. Spot-on Arch. Jews need to be removed completely and forever from this planet. They will never stop trying to destroy us and the Earth. It is part of their programming – part of the jewish hive mind. They have to be expelled from our world.

    5. 85% of single white women 18-65 are the single most destructive force unleashed on white America. the jews brainwashed them (with an enema) to shun their own men not have a family took their natural maternal instincts to take care of their own kids and warped it into adopting cannibal kids from afreaka rioting with BLM -save the planet- save the whales- then ending up at 55 with no kids depressed wine drinking pill popping witches with 15 cats. while the non whites breed like rats

    6. The Jews have always been in charge; just because their lesser brethren were chased out every so often did not change the political order. The aristocracy of Europe has been Jewish for over a millennia. Sure didn’t Cicero complain about their influence 😉

      The proof is in the pudding: look at who brought in this lockdown madness around the world. Our own governments. For example, even Iran followed the fake corona madness. Thus Iran is ruled by the same elite that rules, say, Ireland which also followed the phony pandemic.

      We are ruled by a global elite that can do whatever it likes with this sandbox we call earth. It is up to the scions of these elites to start using that power and legacy for good and not moronic evil.

    7. Pat,
      Interesting comment. Donaldo only speaks three languages. Spanish, English and Thai. For example: “sin ti” in Spanish means “without you.” “หมดสิ้น”….. Mot sin….means “finish or without ” in Thai. After visiting many a brothel in Bangkok in the early 90’s Donaldos shekels were หมด สิ้น……all gone. The word “sin” goes back perhaps 4000 years to the ancient Indian language of สันสดริต… Sanskrit. As usual, the intellect of Darkmoon ways shares valuable and well-researched information.

      1. “sin ti” in Spanish means “without you” and Sinti in German also has a similar meaning: “without you” – (Gypsy) – in the majority of German states! Though German political supervisors on strings in the political correct German detention centre, that votes and fights freely for their own oppressors and with the help of a sponsored “Deutsches Juedisches Demokratisches Propaganda Ministry” of freedorm, different realities, fake politics and inequality in Deutschland pretends German “non racist truth” to be otherwise.
        “Sin ti” after all might not be a bad thought at all for the world – to become ONE and to free oneself from the “fake other” that pretends to be just like oneself.

    8. “So while metal-mouthed Negroes have young, white girls snorting coke in the back seats of their new BMW and strut around with white girls draped on their bling bedecked arms, white men are desperate to find mates.”

      Totally shocking, more precise, demoralizing …

      1. There’s going to be a lunar eclipse over America on this 4th of July, there’s going to be a Darkmoon over America on this 4th of July, so that’s going to be a good omen for the USA. A Darkmoon is always a harbinger of good things!

  4. I think this whole division of society into identity politics based on race is a disgusting tool of a certain (unnamable) political elite. We experience ourselves as individuals, and we have rights as individuals. In terms of a “we” it is usually our family, our neighborhood, our sports team, things we experience directly. Racial differences have a place in the doctor’s office: Black’s having low vitamin D -level, or RH negative people (Irish/Scottish/Basque) have vitamin B deficiency.

    Identity politics came from the Frankfurt School. In the 1930s many unnamable men came from Germany very upset that Heidegger had joined the Nazi party, which made these men believe the whole European race might shapeshift into Nazism at a moment’s notice. According to them, Europeans were biologically predisposed to become nazi, even if they weren’t actually nazi. This was not science, though. It was all fabricated and made up while they lived in some luxury resort. They concocted a test of the authoritarian personality that was eventually disproved. People are conformists, people believe what they are told. Thus came the necessity to control the narrative. This meant controlling education, the media, the entire culture to promote false and creepy ideologies. They exploited the Black/White divide out of convenience, not out of any love for Blacks (which they don’t have being former slavers), but out of hatred for Whites (due to deep historical reasons). They love Marxism because they invented it, and it is useful for justifying murder of whites, which clears out the residual wealthy classes, providing room for their own wealth in order to have time for self- analysis, and self- worship.

  5. The un-elected elite know what they are doing – Kalergi Plan, more or less. They want us to become frustrated, go beserk and become terrorists. Then they will stamp us out.

  6. I assume ‘Black/White” actually means “black culture” versus “white culture” for surely it is not intended to refer to skin melanin content – for that would be extremely silly.

    Given there are cases of congenital hydrocephalus where a dramatically reduced brain mass allowed the person to sit double honors degrees in science, then it is safe to say that brain mass is not the issue.

    Nobel Prize winner James Watson got crucified for asserting that lower African I.Q. was mainly explained by genetics, but even if true, what is being said is: the intelligence bell curve for Africans is shifted to the left somewhat. Naturally africans have a respectable share of high achievers.

    Leaving … culture as the single differentiating factor.

    The overriding culture of all is of course parental culture.

    A long lost, memory holed Scientific American article that I read, when the magazine was respectable, demonstrated this after massive data analysis of all factors affecting educational attainment. Income bracket, teacher quality, type of neighborhood, … nothing came near to the factor of strong parental guidance.

    Behavior <= Upbringing until aged 7 <= Parental culture

    That's all there is to it.

    It has nothing to do with Black/White. That said, mass immigration of large numbers of crappy parents is extremely bad for social cohesion.

    Segregation based on desirable behavioral qualities would seem the only way forward. The criminal, lazy and stupid in one area, the rest in another.

    This was exactly the situation prior to the Tribe flooding the US with undesirables – only the desirable:the engineers, teachers, doctors, blind of skin color, were allowed to enter the US.

    1. Level headed and thoughtful. Mum and Dad are the vital foundation, no doubt.
      As far as segregation goes I remember the tail end, the 60’s. Judging by the sounds emanating from the black taverns, dance halls, bowling alleys, pool halls, ball games and even more famously, Churches, it sure didn’t sound like they were suffering to me!
      More like a whole lotta shakin’ goin on, lol.

      1. Homer –

        You betcha!!

        A black friend who was a porter, carried baggage, at the airport where I hung out, in 1958 told me, “If you were black just one Saturday nite…. you’d never want to be white again!!” 🙂

      2. Pat, lol, eureka an honest man! No doubt as well adjusted to a profoundly sick society as he could manage and he likely managed pretty well and with a minimum of whining.

      3. Homer –

        True, that!! 🙂

        Frank never whined. He was a hilariously funny riot. Laughed all the time, doubled up, slapping his knees. He had kids by 3 different women…. married to none.

    2. the only reason white schools were forced to allow blacks in was so the blacks could have access to the white girls. It was a major success

  7. The Black Ten Percent?
    I have met, known, and interacted with hundreds of them over the past 50 years. A few have been friends. A couple have almost been lovers.

    This article is absolutely true and is all you need to know about the ultimate reality of race relations in America and probably the world.

    It is a useful fleshing out of what Jefferson, Albert Switzer, and others have said about the issue.

    You must read this at least three times and share it with everybody you know.

    MAGA! Bring back the Rights to freedom of association, private property, and common sense!

  8. It was once very fashionable to have ‘pasty-white’ skin in Hollywood, ala Mae West and many others. The same was true throughout America. Being too tan/brown was taboo. A girl’s family lineage would be called into question. It took a long time for Lena Horne to be accepted in ‘white’ jew Hollywood. ‘Coppertone’ helped change all of that at the end of WWII, when the push for integration began in earnest.

    ‘Coppertone’ dates to 1944, when jew pharmacist Benjamin Green invented a lotion to darken tans. He began an advertising campaign for whites to want darker skin. Tanning became fashionable, admired and desired within a decade. “Tall, dark and handsome” was the way to success for men. Women began to ‘lay-out’ to get darker skin. The jew, Ben Green, made many $$Millions while subtly pushing race-mixing without anyone being the wiser.

    The next logical step was miscegenation across the whole country to achieve a permanent natural ‘tan’ for beauty all the time. The popularity of the Negro athletes ushered in most of the acceptance into ‘white’ homes via television. That brings us to today’s top stars in all venues with great ‘mixed-race’ permanent ‘tans’ so popular today.

    See how easy…. That’s the name of that tune. No need to write more.

  9. I think it was in the early 1990s that somewhere in the American deep south, the last of the “Blue Gums” died. The “Blue Gums” were descendants of negro slaves brought to America who had never interbred with whites, Indians, or any other race. They were called “Blue Gums” because the gums of these unmixed African Negroes had a purplish hue. That means that all blacks in the U.S. now, regardless of appearance, have a greater or lesser component of white genes in them along with that of other races. This disgusting miscegenation was the ultimate Jew plan as Jew money, legal, media, and political power have always been behind the shattering of racial barriers and corruption of white women. People erroneously think that Communism is an economic ideology. In reality, it is the assault of the untermenschen, the low bred races, directed and financed by Jews, against the Aryan race with the goal of that race’s dispossession, subjugation, and ultimate annihilation. Any objective person can readily discern the efficacy and marked progress of this diabolical plan on a global scale. Ragnarok cannot be far away.

    1. Bluegums still exist. They are more rare, nowadays, but they still exist. There is a distinct difference in personalities between the bluegums and their lighter-skinned brethren, too! Even amongst other negroes, there is notice. I have heard them say “He so black, he PURPLE” (talking about a darky everyone called “Purple Jim” on the neighboring farm). Purple Jim was a very good hand, and noticeably affable. I liked him very much. He had brothers named “Peter Rabbit” and “Baby Boy”. Peter Rabbit was a good-natured drunk. He and our Tom (almost a bluegum) used to come to the house on Sunday morning and get my attention beneath my bedroom window until I came down and gave them $20 to keep their buzz going. I was always fun to tease them and hear about their Saturday night adventures with the “fat gals”. 😂

  10. I’ll just quote one of the NC officers recently fired for being overheard saying: “I can’t wait for the race war, we are going to slaughter these fucking niggers!” (that may not be an exact quote, but it is close enough).

    Whites are fed up with being constantly under attack by people whose very existence is supplemented by (if not totally provided by) the labor of Whites. Blacks? Look, Americans didn’t enslave anyone, ever! Our ancestors bought slave labor in slave markets where Blacks sold other Blacks to the highest bidder. In fact, after the establishment of this republic, all importation of slaves was halted. What American Whites did do was something no Black man ever did…they freed the negro from chattel slavery. They provided him with all manner of support and preferences for generations. The only thing I want to hear from American Blacks is “THANK YOU, and Ill be going home to my own homeland now”.

    Jews? I agree. Any peoples that allow Jews into their country will inevitably see their society undermined and their resources plundered. This has been proven over and over and over… There is no other option at this point… another great anti-Jewish revolt is soon to be at hand my friends.

    I think Scheurer has the right take when he advises Americans to “Fear God and act accordingly”. I don’t know about your God, but my God smiled upon my ancestors as they settled this land and built this country, and he smiles upon their posterity today. God has given us this land and forged us into a single people, but it is up to us to prove ourselves worthy enough to keep it!

  11. Thank you Arch. You are precisely right. Along with eradicating EVERY JEW from the face of this intended to be sacred planet, we must ALSO eradicate the Jews primary facilitator, the Freemasons.

    1. Genocide is morally repugnant. The only genuine solution to our predicament is for our elites to either destroy themselves in a civil war or for enough of their scions to start using their power morally. Our enemies are the ultra-rich who regard themselves as Gods and to whom the word “Jew” is a convenient, pun-laden label, i.e. my local Jewish handy-man is not a member of the “League of Shadows” 😉

      We’re ruled by an entrenched, globalised aristocracy that loves rubbing its Jewish Family Tree.

      I totally reject your call for genocide.

  12. Depending on your point of view then it as all been a great success. Our elites can look on whilst we bicker with ourselves (“Am I racist?!?”) or each other (“I’m not racist!!!”), safe in the knowledge that the majority has no inkling of what just happened.

    We’ve had mask-wearing BLM protests in my little, inconsequential provincial UK town. I assume it was organized by spooks and attended by spooks but it created a new narrative here — we’re racist against blacks even though there isn’t a black community to be racist against. It is insane. In fact, according to spooky Marxist lecturers the fact that we’re overwhelmingly white makes us racist 😉 That example of moronic sophistry should’ve been enough to have these academics sacked but they were feted on the media and by our politicians.

    What does that tell me? That our own elites are culpable in this massive kabuki. No need to blame other countries or peoples — our own rulers are the problem across the world. They are one big happy aristocracy of morons.

  13. ADMIN: Comment held up because of typo in email address

    Before separation from Geat Britain, the Jews were well established in the East Coast Colonies. The Jews controlled up to 90% of the African slave trade. Black skin or White skin made no difference to the Jew slavers. Along with the Africans, purchased with rum and trinkets, whites and even young White children were taken of the streets of Britain and Ireland, out of orphanages and poor houses and sold or indentured to many colonial farmers. Records show that the indentured White was treated worse that the purchased Black “property”. Up to 50 percent or more of the Whites “servants” didn’t survive their first year in the New World. That is the ones who survived the long trip across the Atlantic, mirroring the death rate of the Africans. There were plenty more to take their place to be swept off the streets of not-so-great Britain. Along with the Jews, British Royalty to a lessor degree had their grubby fingers in this trading of human flesh.
    Lets now skip to the present day. Black females outnumber Black males, depending on the Black infested US city in question. Two reasons account for this. 1. Blacks males kill off each other with great facility in the killing fields of America’s most populated cities. 2. Many Black males who haven’t been killed at the hands of other Black males make up a large percentage of the US prison population.
    Those remaining Black males, still living and free, end up passing their genetic endowments to the children of the many more Black females unable to find lasting relationships because of the dearth of Black males. Along with the Federal and State programs of social uplift, this has led to the 70% plus Black babies born out of wedlock raised without fathers. The so-called Civil Rights Acts started during the middle 60’s has destroyed the Black family unit for the most part and has turned much of big city Black “communities” feral where Police and aware Whiles fear to tread.
    Keep in mind that all this from the very beginning has been, for the most part, all under the watchful eye of the Jewish/Zionist supremacists
    The White gene pool makes up less than 10 percent of the worlds gene pool. Not only are Whites not replacing themselves in Europe, Canada, America, NZ and Australia. But their Jew controlled leaders are letting in Millions of non-Whites into the White traditional brood lands taking up space and other vast resources leading to further decline of the White/Aryan race.
    At the present rate of reproductive decline, in rare numbers, and the mindless misplaced White altruism for the “other” then the White gene pool, such as it is, will disappear off the face of the earth in 200 years OR LESS. Much to the delight of the Jewish supremacists. Oh, there will be some highly diluted White genes racing through the veins of the others, but they will Lord it over the “others” under the direction and watchful eye of the supremacists.

    1. Admin: I will try to get it right this time.
      I thought the article to be quite good. What was so disgusting was the photo of mixed race homos smooching.
      Maybe both will die of aids.

      1. At Last somebody commented on the picture ..!
        WHY ? such an extreme revolting picture used? ?!!
        It literally makes my stomach heave .
        Taken me a while to get past it to place this comment ..(a few days!)

      2. @ Pat

        “That pic cannot be [left] unseen. Which is the point.”

        Precisely! Well said. You are one of the few here who are perceptive enough to realize that the header picture was not a “mistake” or an “error of judgment”. It was carefully selected and used with deliberate intent to produce a visceral effect. In that it succeeded.


        If you find this picture stomach-churningly repugnant and in very bad taste, excellent! That’s exactly why Lasha Darkmoon chose it. And she has no regrets about using it. In fact, she has used it before in a previous article.

        If you object to the picture, you have failed to understand the dynamics of this site and what we are trying to do here: which is to find the truth and publish it without fear of reprisals.

      3. Well said, Sister! Anyone who thinks that picture was chosen to promote gay sex between men has to be out of his tiny little mind! If you read the works of Lasha Darkmoon, you will see that she has been a leading campaigner against pornography and sexual perversion in every form. She is a firm believer in traditional moral values and in the sanctity of marriage between man and woman.

      4. From an old email sent to me by my friend and mentor Lasha Darkmoon:

        “It is very hard to find a really good man. But it is even harder to find a really good woman. Hardest of all is to find a really good man who is married to a really good woman in a really happy home and surrounded by really happy children. Such angelic humans, fit to inhabit paradise, are rarer than precious pearls or diamonds. And soon, if we are not careful, such rare and beautiful beings will become extinct.”

    2. when blacks and white women were highly controlled by white men both women and blacks were a million times better off. when blacks were segregated they had solid families worked hard went to church were no trouble. women were way happier raising their kids taking care of the husband and house.
      then under jewish pressure the white women and blacks were unshackled and unleashed onto US society with horrible results while the taxpayer paid for it all

    3. I heard a statistic that in the US more black babies are now aborted than are born. The legacy of cultural marxism? Another successful experiment? Sociology is the discipline of the demon.

  14. Excellent article and some very well thought out replies.

    It is obvious that many people, who are justifiably proud of their white lineage, are hurting while watching the destruction of their culture.

    The people who have caused the decline are not hurting and so the destruction will continue apace.

    Draw your own conclusions. (hint, the blacks are not the problem, they are a symptom)

  15. Good article, good debate!

    As an engineer I learned that to fix a machine we have to search for the root cause of problems. Fighting symptoms is a waste of time and effort. In the XXI century, if you are here still asking who is behind this chaos you are a troll, or a confused dupe in the matrix of misinformation and myths.

    Jewish power controls the fakenews media, publishing of books, Hollywood and social media, controls out-of-thin-air money production, controls Freemasonry. Jewish power did 9/11. Jewish power is behind Marxism – Arch Stanton’s neologism “Judeocommunism” is the appropriate word. Jewish power is behind pornography. You cannot criticize the Jewish political State, Israel. Jewish power is behind opposition to true Christianity. Jews have their ideological justification in the Talmud – crystal clear for those who have eyes to see.

    That said, the head of the snake must be Jewish, period. If you still believe it’s a multi-cultural entity you are completely deluded. It’s like having sex with a woman and asks somebody else to have the orgasm. Hypothetically, suppose Jewish power is serving a mysterious non-Jewish higher political entity. What would make them, Jews, so obedient? Nonsense! Since Jews have a revolutionary spirit and control all the keys to power, if there ever was this imaginary entity, Jews chopped their heads long ago and assumed command, period.

    1. @ All posters

      Thanking you all for your lively and high-quality comments, some of which could do with inclusion in a separate features article.

      Regretfully, I have had to delete comments sent in by two of our oldest posters, Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly, both of whom show signs of emotional instability. MB seems to have lost the plot entirely. As for Sard, to give him credit, he asked for the deletion of his own comment.

      QUESTION TO POSTERS: Do you think Admin is being needlessly fussy in “censoring” comments that call for violence against Blacks or Jews, including their total extermination? What would you do if this was your website? Would you block such illegal comments or would you publish them? (Bear in mind that the Occidental Observer, Truthseeker, and 95% of AltRight sites would ban them).

      1. We don’t delete comments without a reason.
        But I’d rather not give you the reason.
        This is to spare your feelings.

        P.S. I didn’t personally delete your comment,
        so I can’t go into any further details. (SrM)

      2. @ Admin Toby

        QUESTION TO POSTERS: Do you think Admin is being needlessly fussy in “censoring” comments that call for violence against Blacks or Jews, including their total extermination? What would you do if this was your website? Would you block such illegal comments or would you publish them? (Bear in mind that the Occidental Observer, Truthseeker, and 95% of AltRight sites would ban them).

        My advice to you is the same as Pat’s. You’re doing your best to keep order on a most unruly website swarming with trolls and mentally unhinged loners . You are certainly not being over-censorious. If anything, you err on the side of being too tolerant and easy going with these liberty takers. Maybe you need to crack down a bit harder on the low-quality posters who think this is a chatroom or online clubhouse for the exchange of off-topic trivia.

      3. @ THE REALIST

        I could hazard a guess as to why your post was deleted, but I can’t be bothered. It would be a complete waste of time in your case,
        as you would pay no attention to what I said.

    2. An amusing snippet of information from a friend who lives in North Devon, England, concerning ‘Black Lives Matter’.

      Months ago, well before the George Floyd furore, the North Devon Country Council began to run an ad campaign called “DOG FOULING MATTERS”. It was an honest attempt to get people to clear up their dog’s mess in parks and public places. Get a scoop, get a plastic bag, and scoop up you dog’s poo like a responsible citizen!

      There were all these notices everywhere, stuck up on lamp posts and walls: “DOG FOULING MATTERS”. And they worked wonders. Many people began to take notice. The environment suddenly became more neat and tidy. Less litter, less dog poo.


      Guess what? There was a complaint to the Council ‒ ONE COMPLAINT! — that the notices were “racist” and making fun of “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. Black people, it was reported, were becoming very upset at being “compared with dog shit”. 🙂

      Unbelievable, no?

      The next day, an army of council workers went round the streets removing all the “racist” notices saying “DOG FOULING MATTERS.” As a result, the streets and and parks are back to normal, littered again with dog poo.

      Seems like ‘Black Lives Matter’ has won another major victory!

      1. @Saki

        I laughed when I read your post. Regarding the comparison between dog shit and BLM, if the cap fits, wear it!

  16. Blacks ain’t fer all that Politically Correctness, either, when $$$$ – likely royalties – are involved!!

    The Family Of The Real (‘ORIGINAL’ 🙂 ‘TROAJ’ ) Aunt Jemima Launches Fight To Stop Rebranding

    The family of the real Aunt Jemima, Lillian Richard, is fighting back after Quaker Foods announced that it would be rebranding due to “racism.”

    Vera Harris of Texas told KLTV that her second cousin Lillian Richard worked as an ambassador for the Aunt Jemima brand. Richard worked for the popular breakfast line of Quaker Foods for over 23 years, dating all the way back to 1925.

    During that time, Lillian Richard was one of the women who portrayed Aunt Jemima for advertising($$$) purposes.

    Harris said that Richard was seen as a hero in her hometown of Fouke, TX since she was one of the only black women to find a steady job decades before the civil rights movement.

  17. I sure hope that’s not Jack Reacher in that bathhouse picture…
    the virus is part of the plot, been in the works a while…
    some states quarantined, that will get worse with the next wave…
    interstate passports are coming, not without your shot card…
    the reason cops arrest more blacks, and kill, is because blacks are more violent…
    the ‘talented tenth’ wants nothing to do with these mfers, they know it better than anybody…
    the more freebies the democrats grant to the blacks, the longer it will take them to learn to stand on their own two feet in society… not what the dems want… the dems are now the party of globalism, they’re using the gates virus and the blacks in tandem to wreck the country and take more control…
    you do have wonder now where the masons actually fit in with all this…
    albert pike is one of their main gurus… he wrote ‘morals and dogma’.. i read the whole thing, it’s a bit flowery…
    trump’s gotta be a 33 mason, but are the masons what they used to be, or at lest what we might think they used to be?
    “The white elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the Black/White experiment has failed. We just have to try harder”.
    what’s that supposed to be – some protestant ethic? sounds more like jewish propaganda to me…
    “I know many white people on the liberal left who believe that the only solution to the world’s problems is that white people should henceforth meekly agree to their own self-abasement and annihilation.”
    that’s interesting, because it’s very easy to flip the script.. faced with that, white people will annihilate the blacks…
    maybe they do want trump out, but the real goal is to turn the usa over to the globalists, in critical condition barely alive, its last vestiges of freedom gone… the situation is deteriorating daily, with criminal activity rising rapidly and white patriots forming up with weapons against the blm antifa rioters, escalation… the fact is the democrat party is sponsoring the rioting, they are intentionally contriving a civil conflict, actblue… if they wanted to defeat trump in an election, all they would have to do is run a candidate with traditional democratic values, basically about labor, including farming… not just putting the means of production into the hands of the workers but also the government, with rules to protect the consumer from the fraudulent and wasteful coercive class warfare tactics… that’s the way to evolve society beyond this unconscionable corporate method… and naturally with that returning the manufacturing to the usa, and naturally with that securing the borders… but they have no plan whatsoever to cure unemployment, the homeless problem, gangs, the drug problem, the shit in the streets… if joe biden is really what they have for an opposition candidate – they’ve got to be kidding… trump may be lacking in eloquence but compared to biden he’s george washington… rather than nothing but antifa thugs and blm against so-called white racism, somebody from the dem party should make an honest speech about black on black crime… they have no plan for that either…
    that was great man…

  18. What matters above all is TRUTH.
    In a designed world of chaos and death neither “black” nor “white” life matters. Pawns don’t matter, spilled blood don’t matter as long as the coin comes home and life has become meaningless in the numbed minds of projected superiority of man that never was. What matters will be the survival and safety of the “antique international society of a fake aristocracy of mammon” that has ruled the human world of insanity since time began. Without a face, rule over man is done with a hidden hand that moves educated, trained and the brilliant stupidity in man for profit and mammon camouflaged as a lifeless/mindless/senseless society. When blacks, whites and other colours are busy accusing, arguing, shaming, and killing themselves in protests for justice, equality and the right to live, TRUTH will not matter and the lawless law, a projected and fake democracy posing as a gulag where crimes, treason and deceit against ones own nation and populace are continuously forged into a corrected reality of fiction that serves only one purpose at all: The blood letting/sacrifice of the last innocent lamb that longs or freedom, justice and peace.
    ALL LIVES MATTER! Even that of treacherous politicians/terrorists and countrymen who committed treason and deceit to their own state for their personal benefits and that of “friendly caring oligarchs” that have exploited and controlled politicians throughout the world since politics began. Though this should be remembered by the blacks, white and ALL other people of colour who now thrive through hate while their hearts have turned stone cold. Justice and truth CAN AND WILL GO hand in hand – if it is not continuously forgotten through rising conflicts by design of “a hidden hand” who’s deadly virus has unbalanced life, creation and diseased mankind itself to the core. There still is only one world, one humanity and ONE CAUSE to live for. TRUTH. There also is hope. Though hope will not fall into place through apathy or fighting ones own brother who deeply longs for the same as oneself.
    Mankind is stricken badly by a disease originating in a selfish mind that serves not itself but the hidden masters that guide the sharp blade of ones own hand that eventually will hurt the “thinker of these thoughts themselves”.
    TRUTH MATTERS – especially in a time and world where life does not anymore! Otherwise the “experiment humanity” has failed.

    1. Bluegums Matter Too! (BMT) (and don’t forget Gullahs and Geetchees in the low country of South Carolina and Georgia). We must be inclusive and celebrate diversity! ✊🏾👏🖖🏽

      1. Anyone with a good heart matters Gilbert but in regards to celebrations Truth always should come first and the rest will follow lightly.
        When working in Houston a white engineer from the management of the Company I was working for advised me not to go to certain places in the South and SW of Houston. He also said that I should never drive with a open car window or look into somebodies eyes while standing at a red traffic light.
        Which I all ignored naturally. I went shopping in supermarkets where I was the only white but where I never found any signs of aggression towards me. Instead – on several occasions I was asked for permission to being hugged from some African American women in the store beside encountering an incredible range of different foods and delicacies from all over the world.
        When driving home from work while standing at a red traffic light with my elbow sticking out an African American of same age stopped beside me also with open windows, greeted me and we started a lengthy conversation that had to be finished on the side of the road long after the lights switched colours many times. The only hostility I encountered was when walking with a couple of friends (white and from Denmark & Australia) to an ice house close to home as a Ram Pickup driven by a white guy slowed down while driving past and shouting: “Get a fu…… job you morons that you can afford yourselves a car. You are white! Even Mexicans here own cars and don’t walk streets at night. You are white for God’s sake! Whites don’t walk along streets”. And yes, I am also aware that not all is always peaceful and the same. A man was shot in a drive by shooting along the same road a few month later.

    2. Truth matters, it is the highest form of science. But I know from experience that the truth is not accepted by everyone. Perhaps it has to do with which part of the brain is dominating the receiver of the truth. I expect someone with a well developed frontal-lobe (except where interference from the lower functions cause a suboptimal performance) to have a higher chance of accepting the truth, in comparison with someone who is still very much instinct driven (reptilian brain).

      It is a known tactic to present propaganda in such a manner, that a highly emotive response will be evoked, thus activating the more primitive functions that override the rational frontal lobes. One can see it in the way some readers responses are formulated on the web (ad hominem attacks to shut off the critical thinking faculties). This was a tactic which formed part of the Active Measures, the political warfare program of the Soviet Union.


  19. Great comments from Jo. I agree with her there are higher concerns than the Black-White Tribe sponsored rift.

    The higher concerns are expressed in a truly amazing post by Catherine Austin Fitts, Former Assistant Housing Secretary.

    Do we want to be do we want to be part of a divine intelligence or do we want to be controlled by a machine intelligence and be hooked up to the DoD Jedi contract with brain machine interface and mind controls?


    Satanic transhumanism is the goal.

    I hope @ADMIN will bring this Fitts article to the attention of DM editors.

    1. Great and true article Flan! The global reset is close and all the “puzzle pieces” are right in front of us, but as usual mankind is too busy (with themselves in quarrels) to notice. Black against white, men against women, the healthcare police gulag for ALL, Billy Gates of hell and his empathy for humanity after having enslaved and bloodletted the global community and their demoncratic governments through IT license frauds, corruption and indefinite dependence, a privateer oligarch science freak who was born with a license for “space technology”, patents and space surrounding earth itself on behalf of the “American Government” that nails the coffin of “natural” humanity shut and, and, and….
      A regulated and franchised standard of corruption in American and global politics while continuously recreating free money laundering systems funnelled out for befriended and absolute starving Oligarchs.
      ALL might notice turmoil in their usual daily lives they take for granted but none could be bothered for changes as winning an intellectual argument is seemingly higher rated than the life of another.
      There is a high price to pay when mechanisms of nature are “industrialised” in a demonic manner.
      As Lasha wrote to Sr Monika: “Hardest of all is to find a really good man who is married to a really good woman in a really happy home and surrounded by really happy children. Such angelic humans, fit to inhabit paradise, are rarer than precious pearls or diamonds.”
      The destruction of mankind has been accomplished without even the slightest remorse by the ones who have lost all that was worth living for!
      Sad, very sad as the POTUS would put it – if he only was interested.

    2. By the way Flan, I was born male and the last time I checked I still am even though TROJ seems to think otherwise.

      1. Jo –

        I always perceived you to be male. Sentence formation and word choices indicated that to me….. especially “ice houses” in Houston. I never heard a woman refer to the beer joints as “ice houses” which was the term used in Houston referring to the ‘roll-up’ front beer joints there on almost every street when away from downtown. In the late 70s & early 80s I was an engineer for Gulf Electroquip on Wayside Drive, in a tough industrial area by the ship channel. I know all of the rough areas you referenced there in South Houston and SW Houston….. and I stopped at “ice houses” every day to let the traffic die down since I owned a new home just off Greens Road…. way north of there.

      2. Pat,
        The majority in those Wayside ice houses were Latinos – mostly Mexicans and other Central American nationalities, a few blacks and very few whites. Lots of illegal workers in the American/Texan Gas and Oil pipe industry. LOTS! Also a real eye opener of the “great work” of the EPA supervising and licensing the Oil and Chemical industry at the port of Houston and surrounds as the last struggling bit of nature in the toxic sludge and venomous invisible fogs of S SW Houston is sold out to those who pay the biggest bribes. A total joke! Though never felt threatened there through “racism” as an “exotic white male from Australia”. On the contrary – met some very decent and good people of mixed or darker colours.
        Lived in the Bay/Webster/Space center area which was (2 decades ago) highly populated by whites and “upper class Latinos” mostly all sticking to themselves. Been to other parts of Texas, SC and Colorado only but the Texan whites in the Houston Oil & Gas industry are some of the strangest human beings I have met anywhere around the globe and some of the “API licensed” factories would have never legally been allowed (work safety) operating in “3rd world countries” such as Brasil or Columbia. So I am just guessing that racism is rather a scapegoat to divert attention AGAIN while the great USA is “now fully demoncratized and burned to the ground behind the scenes of protest” by order of the usual thieving and never satisfied $ubjects of shadows and greed.

      3. Jo –

        You are correct.
        There were a lot of illegals working in the shops and on the floor at Gulf Electroquip. We had motors up to a 10 pole, 720 rpm, 20,000 HP.

        We had over 5 acres under roof. The majority could not speak English. But, as a boss in engineering, I got along famously with them, as I speak some Spanish. Really nice people. Sometimes they would bring extra burritos and call up for me to eat lunch with them. The real deals with mostly potatoes, chicken, with onions, cilantro and peppers.

        I went to Webster/Kemah/Space Center often. I ate at all the seafood restaurants on the docks. Waite’s Wharf was my favorite.

        On following a tour of Japanese, at the Space Center, the curator/guide told them they made fake moon rocks and showed them proudly. They were told the rocks were used to design the ‘rover’ sent to collect and analyze samples. BUT…. how did they know the rocks were not 1000 times more dense than what they made???? LOTTA fake stuff around the moon shots! 🙂

  20. I think I respond for all here, please delete this disturbing, dystopian, pornographic image. As example, I am also against white abortion, but I don’t want to see a vaginal dash cam video of a child having its head crushed. Very bad taste to say the least. Provocation has it’s place, but the connection here is tenuous, if not vacuous, to the articles content. Makes me wonder just who is producing content on this site.

    1. MPO –

      “I think I respond for all here…”

      I shall respond for myself. You do NOT respond for ME!!

      So, I’ll write – “the connection here” is neither “tenuous” nor “vacuous” at all. It drives home the point. It is worth the proverbial “thousand words” for me.

    2. @ MPO

      I think I respond for all here, please delete this disturbing, dystopian, pornographic image.

      REQUEST DENIED. You certainly do not speak for everyone here, e.g. for Pat. The picture is meant to be disturbing, so deleting it would be counterproductive. More importantly, it cannot be “pornographic” if it repels and sickens you, which is its purpose. It would only be pornographic of it stirred you to homosexual lust.

      Very bad taste to say the least … Makes me wonder just who is producing content on this site.

      Lasha Darkmoon is largely responsible for the content on this website, subject to approval by the Editor-in-Chief, John Scott Montecristo. She is an anti-porn campaigner. She has never posted a single sleazy picture on this site and there are several hundred pictures on this site, not one of them even remotely “pornographic”. You are a new poster — only 9 comments so far. If you don’t like the way we do things here, feel free to move on elsewhere. We are not forcing you to stay here! 🙂

      1. Yikes. I simply found the post’s overly provocative picture very disturbing and also extraneous to the the underlying content. As such, I posted some feedback on the issue. No need to burn me at the stake and run me out of town on a rail. As far as my analogy to “white abortion” goes, yes, I find the abortion of white, European babies to be more of a concern. Anyone who can’t see that is either an enemy of our people, controlled opposition, or an idiot. Just saying.

      2. @ MPO

        Interesting. Nevertheless, I feel your stance on abortion is morally wrong. To my mind, abortion is wrong in all circumstances. It is child murder. Infanticide.

        Since your concern over white abortion is greater than your concern over black abortion, you are basically saying: “I don’t care how many black babies are murdered or tortured to death in the womb, but I do care if white babies are ill-treated in this way.”

        That’s an evil way to think and feel.

      3. Since your concern over white abortion is greater than your concern over black abortion, you are basically saying: “I don’t care how many black babies are murdered or tortured to death in the womb, but I do care if white babies are ill-treated in this way.”

        No, your argument is not logical. Yes, I have more concern about white abortion, but that doesn’t imply that “I don’t care” about black abortion (or abortion of any other race) in general.

        I am concerned with the fate of the European race on this planet, the other races are of secondary concern.

        My only gripe was (is) in seeing that picture of an African male lip-locking a European male, I’t’s the same reaction I get when I see a spider eating a bird. It’s visceral. I don’t think its germane to the underlying content of the post. That’s all I said, honest feedback more than criticism.

      4. OK, MPO. I get your point. Let’s stop arguing about this minor peripheral issue.

        In regard to the picture, you fail spectacularly to understand that the picture was deliberately chosen to repel the healthy-minded heterosexual and to make him go “Yuck!” So the visceral effect it had upon you was the the intended effect! We’re not going to remove the picture because the intended effect would then be lost! 🙂

        Why is it so hard for you to understand this simple point?

      5. Ok, I understand the point. Just so many visceral images to deal with these days. DM is doing good work.

      6. MPO

        If you were to choose a real name instead of initials, you’d be doing yourself as well as this website a favour. You are not gaining any extra security by using initials, you are just depriving yourself of personality and coming across as a cipher.

        Could you fall in love with someone called “X22YBZ”?

        Let me choose a new name for you. How about a nice Latin name like “MYSTERIOSO”?

      7. Excuse me, Sister Monica, Barkingdeer, Pat, Jo, Theoriginaljoe, Saki… are “real” names? What am I missing here?

      8. Do I need “security” to post on DM? And why do you post that my “name” is , in fact, my initials? Very troubling to say the least.

      9. Good heavens, you are the most humourless and pernickety character I’ve ever had to deal with! I did not suggest you used your REAL name but a real SOUNDING name (like “Pat” or “Joe” or “John) instead of boring INITIALS. We have too many people here using initials and numbers instead of NAMES, understand? That’s why I suggested a proper name.

        You can do what you want as far as I’m concerned, you cantankerous old curmudgeon!

        I have yet to meet a person so completely lacking in good humour, common sense and courtesy.

    3. @ MPO

      I am also against white abortion, but I don’t want to see a vaginal dash cam video of a child having its head crushed. Very bad taste to say the least.

      You mean you object to WHITE babies being killed in the womb? . . . but don’t mind so much if BLACK babies are aborted?

      Is that what you’re saying?

  21. I’m not getting the looting video… it’s blocked…. is that just me?

    (ADMIN: No, it’s not just you. Click on the LINK above the video, not the video itself if you can’t get the video. This one is giving us all a slight problem.)

    Most people do not want to know the truth, because it is often disturbing… truth for them becomes whatever is not uncomfortable, whatever keeps the wife on an even keel…. females more centered on their own nests….

    The state, whomever occupies those offices, considers itself to be in an adversarial ‘relationship’ with the public, at best… it will arrogate unto itself AS MUCH power as it possibly can…. the state is always by far the biggest killer, always by far… the virus is part of the soros antifa blm plot, all controlled and directed by the Democrats, who are affiliated with the Globalists, tag and track rfid, shot cards, mail-in voting, restricted economic activity and travel until max vax, transhumanism… these are the same zion who did the bank, the assassinations, the genocides in russia and china, the world wars etc., 9-11….

    The virus is not deadly, no more than the flu, which kills more but is not hyped for this current political aggression schedule…. payoffs for covid relared deaths – no way in hell thousands of deaths in restricted old folks care homes should go uninvestigated…

    No way arson and riot should not be smashed immediately…..
    FK Newsome and all his ilk, and every gd lying thing he says…

    1. I have seen the disturbing part of it with other people, much of it born out of fear on how the truth will affect them, e.g. lost acceptance by their community, which is not a to be underestimated concern. If that is generally the case, then one should look for ways how to empower these people to overcome their fears. Some people would be better off not being exposed to the truth, if they have positive strengths elsewhere, for example serving as a incubation point of a stable and safe white community by bearing enough white children. Normal life must still go on for some. They can still be influencers by leading a clean life, thus acting as a positive role model for others.

      1. “Normal life must still go on for some. They can still be influencers by leading a clean life, thus acting as a positive role model for others.”

        Well said; living a good life in bad times is a true act of defiance.


    Lucy Skipping (Lasha Darkmoon’s sister) in response to a brief introductory comment by Rixon Stewart, editor of truthseeker. (Lucy Skipping June 27, 2020 at 6:21 pm).

    @ Rixon Stewart

    “This website’s editor comes from a mixed race family and he believes in free speech. That’s why he’s posted this controversial article.”


    I commend Rixon for deciding to publish this article. [‘Our Bleak Future’]. My sister Lasha Darkmoon had grave doubts herself whether she should publish it or not, wondering if others might misinterpret it as “borderline racist”, or, even worse, as giving a green light to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) brigade. Or to White Supremacism in its most extreme manifestations.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Lasha Darkmoon, whose family has deep roots in the British raj going back several centuries — and has blood from several different cultures flowing through her veins — believes firmly in God ; and she does not think that God would approve of the White Man treating the coloured races of the world with harshness and cruelty.

    In addition, Lasha sincerely believes that God would not have created the black, brown and yellow races of the world if he had nurtured a grudge against them in the first place.

    God, in other words, has never shown a preference for the colour WHITE and is clearly in favour of diversity, variety, and multiplicity. He made the rainbow. And he made all creatures great and small, weird and wonderful.

    Let’s not get into a tedious argument about evolution and Darwin. All that is beside the point and is simply a distraction. If God exists, he is NOT a racist! Period.

    Please note this important passage from the Darkmoon’s site’s “Policies and Guidelines” document:

    # 11. “RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “nigra”, “groid”, “coon”, “baboon”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike” and “yid” should be avoided at all times. Apart from the fact that such vulgar language lowers the tone of our website and gives it a bad name, we object to the use of such abusive terminology on purely humanitarian and philosophical grounds. So please refrain from using these blatantly racist terms on our website.”



      The Real Deal June 28, 2020 at 6:46 am

      @ Lucy Skipping

      re: “Lasha Darkmoon, whose family has deep roots in the British raj going back several centuries…”

      Wow – That IS impressive… and must make your “sister” at least 150 years old!
      Did she ever meet Queen Victoria… and what did she think of the Ol’ Bag?


        Lucy Skipping June 29, 2020 at 5:57 pm


        As you probably know, Queen Victoria’s most memorable quote was “We are not amused”. Unlike Queen Victoria, however, I am genuinely amused by your silly comment in which you suggest that my sister, Lasha Darkmoon (born in 1978) might have been a contemporary of Queen Victoria and once walked the same foggy London streets as Jack the Ripper! 🙂

        In stating that our FAMILY — note the word “family” — had “deep roots in the British raj going back several centuries”, I was of course referring to our common ANCESTORS, i.e. to our great great great great great grandparents … and their forebears.

        They were there as civil servants for the British raj, which lasted from 1858 to 1947. And they were there even before that as mercantile families in the employ of the East India Company which had preceded the Empire. East India Company rule in India ran from 1757 to 1858, though the Company itself had been founded on December 31, 1600.

        Our family was engaged n shipping and we belonged to the wealthy mercantile class for much of the earlier period, trading in cotton, silk, goatskins, indigo, spices and opium.

        I would not ordinarily have revealed these facts, but I see no point in concealing them, since it is not a crime to belong to an old family from England and Scotland who lived and came to adore the subcontinent in which they found themselves for roughly 300 years.

        We mixed and mingled during that long period with all the races and religions of India — the French, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Germans, the Indians, the Muslims, and, yes, even the Jews — who had been there since the time of Christ.

        It was the Jews who had most of the money and helped to finance the East India Company, and most of the exploitation of the natives came (regretfully) from the Jewish elite.

        Suffice to say that the Brits, despite the crimes of colonisation, did many good things for India, giving the Indians a splendid railway system and abolishing “suttee”, the practice of burning widows alive on the funeral pyres of their husbands. The Brits also gave the Indians the English language, a language they prefer using now to their own numerous native tongues. When the last members of my family finally packed their bags and left India after its had achieved its Independence in 1947, we Brits, the last of the great anglo-Indian families, were bitterly mourned by our servants who begged my family with tears in their eyes not to leave them behind.

        No one who lives in India ever forgets it. God bless Mother India! And God bless the High Himalayas and the holy river Ganges! I have been there myself and so has my sister, spending many years there during our magical childhood, and I will always remember it with a passionate attachment.

      2. reposted FROM TRUTHSEEKER
        Patrick June 30, 2020 at 2:39 am

        @ Lucy Skipping

        Well, servants of your family in 1947 belonged to class of house slaves, people with no dignity.

        Thank you for sharing this explanation. You family was involved in criminal activity of East India Company for generations. You were robbing extremely wealthy subcontinent and made it hopelessly poor in 1947 killing millions in the meantime. Generational criminal involvement probably changed your DNA 🙂

        A century ago this tremendous gift – English language – was not so valued on the Isles. You know that your Jewish royal family Saxe Coburg und Gotha did not want to speak English because they believed that English was only a primitive version of German? Finally they were forced to use English during WW1, after the campaign of anti-German hysteria in British media. And your only gift to India is a primitive version of German?

        What about India’s “gift” to you? What made you extremely wealthy and India hopelessly poor?

        What about destruction of Indian economy or millions of victims of designed famines, the last being Bengali Famine resulting from orders of famous war criminal Winston Churchill? Millions of Bengalis can die because they are lesser humans, they multiply like rabbits?

        Your story explains participation in indoctrination system called academia, superiority complex and current involvement in intelligence ops. Involvement of several generations of the family in organized crime probably changed your DNA.

        Lucy Skipping July 1, 2020 at 1:14 am

        @ Patrick

        Have I hurt your feelings in some way? If so, please accept my sincere apologies. It was not intentional.

        Even if it were true that my family were personally responsible for all the crimes of the East India Company and of the British Empire, including the Bengal Famine and the Indian Mutiny, I’d like to assure you that my sister Lasha Darkmoon and I are in no way to blame for the evil that may or may not have been done by our remote ancestors.

        Any more than you, dear Patrick, are to blame for the crimes of YOUR remote ancestors! 🙂

      4. It is logical that one elite replacing another can bring in new technology and ideas. But I just read that as cousins in competition. However the British elites seem to favour starvation as a weapon as is evidenced in Ireland and Bengal. I believe the British branch also enacted similar policies in Iran. But I suppose the railway timetables are a bonus of sorts.

    2. Lucy –

      I seriously doubt that any Indians made outrageous demands on your family because it was predominantly white. Moreover, I doubt many British were boiled alive by them, either, as recently happened in South Africa to a white teenaged boy. Calling negroes names you find distasteful doesn’t bother me one iota. It is an emphatic description, meant to be disdainful. My own ancestry is quite above reproach, and I’ve never been unkind to anyone because of his/her colour. However, it bothers-the-hell out of me to be accused of it by someone who assumes it because of my violent response to ridiculous demands. The ONLY reason I don’t use the “N word” on this site more often is because Lasha doesn’t like it (and I certainly appreciate her!). (Besides, the monitors can delete it, anyway. 🙃)

      1. Gilbert —

        Have I hurt your feelings in some way? If so, please accept my sincere apologies. It was not intentional. My comment was directed at another person on Truthseeker and was not aimed at you personally.

      2. Thanks, Lucy; but it matters not. I understand your frustration, but I think you shouldn’t let it bother you. Because you are Lasha’s sister, you’re quite immune from my displeasure. 🙂
        I’ve been at the farm shop most of the day, and have talked to many visitors who are as pissed as I about the way America is headed. We have lots of guns and really want to do some necessary killin’, but the “news” hasn’t been too impactful, here. I tell them to thank God it hasn’t. 🙂👌

      3. Nice to hear from you, Gilbert. Understand this, dear. We may not be in full agreement on all points, but I am disposed to like you because I think you are a nice guy beset with all sots of genuine ideological problems concerning the future of America. I think that, as a poet, you are an idealist who longs for the certainties of the America you grew up in and find yourself very much out of place in the New America.

        This is what you are, Gilbert, just as Lasha is, and as I am: “a stranger in a strange land”, an exile on earth. You are sad and confused and worried because America is a sick country that you see going down the drain. Yours is a healthy reaction. I am with you all the way.

        However, dear Gilbert, understand this: I don’t think it would be a wise move to go into the streets and start shooting black people or setting fire to synagogues. That isn’t going to lance the boil. It isn’t going to cut out the cancerous tumour that eats away at America. By talking tough you are just venting your frustrations. I can understand that. But at the end of the day, where are you? You’re back in your farmhouse, polishing your rifles and waiting for — for what, Gilbert?

        Answer: for more blood and tears. For the Fields of Blood at the end of the rainbow.

        Keep sharing your views with us, Gilbert. And do not be deterred by the occasional attacks upon you. The people who attack you are equally confused and worried and lost in a labyrinth of darkness, as we ALL are…

      4. Gilbert,

        I’m sorry your last post was held up for technical reasons. Your next post will go through automatically.

        Please give us your views on the controversial new Mike Whitney article: “Coronavirus: The Deep State’s War Against the People.”

        Which side is Trump on?

      5. BTW, I’m posting here as an ordinary commenter.
        I have nothing to do with Admin.
        My own posts have often been monitored and deleted.

  23. MUST SEE…. 500 rioters vs 2 gun owners. The roving caravan of rioters threatened to kill the dogs also:
    St. Louis Couple Greet Trespassing Protesters with an AR15 & Handgun at their Mansion!!


    St. Louis police said the couple had called police for help once they saw the large crowd enter Portland Place. The McCloskeys had been at home and heard a loud commotion coming from the street; they went to investigate and saw “a large group of subjects forcefully break an iron gate marked with ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘Private Street’ signs,” police said.

    “The group began yelling obscenities and threats of harm to both victims,” police said. “When the victims observed multiple subjects who were armed, they then armed themselves and contacted police.”

    The crowd of protesters eventually moved on and arrived at Krewson’s home on Lake Avenue a block away.

    Police are continuing the investigate the incident on Portland Place but are labeling it as a case of trespassing and fourth-degree assault by intimidation.

  24. PAT
    you got the whole thing, good…
    here’s a real good commentary, ridiculous the way the media spun it…
    i said, a few weeks back when the riots hit, in time the thugs would go after rich white neighborhoods… then at which point rich white people would defend themselves with weapons… this guy and his wife really need to get with their neighbors and work up a plan for mutual assistance… he should be within his rights in any state, even california, to use deadly force on a mob crashing his gate… but if he had a few pitbulls the assholes would never have gotten through his gate in the first place…
    the usa is becoming mexico, where the rich people live in walled complexes… the vatican obviously, and from what i’ve read the masons, in other words the jew-jesuites, hate private property, want it abolished… they’ve been pushing the immigrant invasion for decades… the real truth is they own the democrat party and most of the republicans, blm donations go to act blue, which is the dnc…… of course mexico is what it is because of the catholic church… everybody who promotes the immigrant invasion is a globalist modern day bolshevik, working on the high-tech dictatorship… is newsome a mason? how about trump? trump never put up the force necessary to control the border, he has the authority to put the army on the border, and plenty of generals will gladly do it… he’s built a few miles of wall, yes, but it’s too slow, not enough…
    my comment from yesterday relating to EXSA is missing…

    1. ADMIN
      my comment from yesterday relating to EXSA is missing…

      No it isn’t, here it is posted yesterday at 10.16 pm.

      June 29, 2020 at 10:16 pm

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      The computer doesn’t recognize the user name “BD”. It knows you as “Barkingdeer”. If you continue to screw us around by chopping and changing your name, you will continue to make problems for yourself. All your posts will suffer long delays before posting and others will be lost in the works. You are causing your own computer problems, it seems, by failing to understand that your name is “BARKINGDEER” — not BD.

      1. @ Admin

        Barkingdeer feels the initials “BD” make him sound more important. People then have to figure out what “BD” stands for. This makes Barkingdeer feel ever so mysterious and important. He probably thinks the Deep State is busy tracking him down and will find it much harder if he hides being the initials “BD”.

        What an idiot! Google and WordPress and NASA and GCHQ and Israeli intelligence can track down ANYONE who uses a computer or smart phone or makes a telephone call. They can find out your home address in under 5 minutes. If that. There is NO PRIVACY nowadays. No one can hide from the internet police.

        Barkingdeer lives in a world of pure fantasy, a James Bond world of spies and counterspies, conspiracy theorists and numerologists and occultists. He has figured out that “CORONAVIRUS” spells out the number of THE GREAT BEAST in the Book of Revelation: 666.

        WOW! Scary, init?

        But not to worry! Barkingdeer is one step ahead of the Great Beast (666) ….. coz he’s hiding behind those impenetrably mysterious initials “BD” !!! 🙂

        (aka ‘Barkingmad’)

      2. Readers must surely know by now that “Barkingdeer” has a few screws loose. If TROJ is crazy, Barkingdeer is even crazier. He belongs in the same lunatic asylum.

        Barkingdeer is the guy who told us a couple of weeks ago that he has evidence that Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, is not “really” married to Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter. Barkingdeer says that Jared and Ivanka — wait for it — are actually BROTHER AND SISTER! They are both JEWS living in an incestuous marriage and their children are the products of incest.

        Pretty weird, no? And what is Barkingdeer’s evidence for this bizarre claim? Simple: they have to be broth and sister, he says, because THEY LOOK ALIKE!!!

    2. Spooks love their numerology and puns. They also love hiding behind the occult. For example, the infamous Alistair Crowley was British Intelligence and the same probably goes for all those nefarious “Hell Fire” clubs (sleazy dens more like). John Dee was doing the same thing back in the era of Tudor Crisps 😉 . He was travelling around Europe pretending to dabble in the occult; in reality he was a grubby international spook meeting up with fellow European liars. Of course he would insist he was doing God’s work and then you’d have to wonder what he mean’t by “God”.

      The Age of the Tudors

  25. Folks in Missouri are armed and ready….

    Armed citizens gather in Eminence, Missouri to support law enforcement, protect courthouse after credible threats


    EMINENCE, Mo. — Armed support for law enforcement gathered around the Shannon County Courthouse Saturday after the sheriff says credible threats were made against him, his staff and county property.

    Dozens of armed citizens covered downtown Eminence Saturday.

    “The threats were made directly made directly to the courthouse, the jail, myself and my staff,” Sheriff Darrin Brawley told KY3.

  26. The picture on the top of this article makes me want to puke!
    Good job Lasha for picking up the appropriate photos for this article.

  27. hp
    There are varying viewpoints concerning the Yugas, including that which is expressed in the Bhagavad-gita. I would even go so far as to say that Jesus himself may have understood the “Great Cycle of Time” with its “interminable” Yugic increments to reflect a usurpation of the true Divine Light.

    Much of what we attribute to Divinity may actually constitute a false representation.

  28. My heartfelt greetings to my American friends on the occasion of the Independence Day!

    I would like to pass to you Putin’s “gift” also on this important occasion: today (on the 4th of July!) he has signed a renewed constitution of Russia into the law, which, in essence, is a Declaration of Independence of Russia from the crooked Anglo-American system. Call it a fine Putinesque-style trolling if you wish 🙂 .

    Back to work.

    The Third Neighbor: Can America Live With Putin’s Russia?


    This is a highly welcome sobering from the three-decade long binge that America plunged itself into after the cold war “victory” over the USSR.

    Do you know what the Russia’s reaction to America-instigated Saakashvili’s unwise incursion to South Ossetia in 8/8/2008 was called? It was called “Forcing to Peace Campaign”.

    The restructuring of America (or better said, the deconstruction of the entire West) that we are witnessing today is nothing but a reaction to Putin’s larger campaign of forcing peace upon the monster.

    1. Circ –

      GREAT! More profits for US companies!
      More $$$$$ for ‘Put-On’ also.

      ‘Put-On’ admires America: (they pay him BIG $$$)

      If you haven’t noticed… the WEST has built Russia ever since 1917.

      The US companies in Russia under ‘Put-On’ have thrived!! They have contracts and agreements which control Russia’s natural resources. AND… the US companies get the MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE of all…. CHEAP RUSSIAN LABOR, which increases profits! 🙂

      See…. the American Chamber of Commerce is very active in Russia!!

      Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

      —Alexis Rodzianko, President and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, came to this role after three decades as a banker in New York and Moscow. He held senior positions in IFC Metropol, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan in Moscow from 1995 through 2013. Previously he was a senior banker at Chemical Bank in New York in the Emerging Markets business of the bank.
      He serves as an independent Director of SKB Bank in Russia.


      The American Chamber of Commerce is very active in Russia has over 500 member companies. Here are just a few:

      Royal Bank of Scotland
      VTB Bank
      Bank Credit Suisse
      Goldman Sachs
      Coca Cola
      Estee Lauder
      Met Life

      QUICK LOOK….
      https://www.amcham.ru/static/pdf/membershipdirectory.pdf (Jul 4, 2020)
      http://www.amcham.ru/eng/membership_list (July 4, 2020)

  29. Breaking News:

    Kanye West Says ‘I Am Running for President’ as Elon Musk Says ‘You Have My Full Support!’


    America went full circle from the West to Kanye West.

    Are there any doubts by now that America is being led straight to a slaughter house by some powerful forces! Again: What is the solution?

    If you do not have answer, ask those who might have it; if you feel powerless and helpless, seek help from those who might give it to you.

    And who might that be? Who went through the same upheaval you are going through not just once, but twice for the last 120 years; and not only survived, but came out stronger than ever before?

    Look East, not West.

    1. Circ –

      I agree! “America is being led straight to a slaughter house by some powerful forces!”

      See an example of the horrendous proof:
      This bill would bring back convicted criminal illegal aliens into the US, who were deported in the past!
      Criminals are to be treated as VICTIMS now!!

      Rep Bradley Byrne:
      “A clear warning of how far to the extreme left the Democratic Party has moved is the recently introduced New Way Forward Act.  This immigration bill would totally uproot the rule of law, provide amnesty for illegals here, and import dangerous criminals into the United States.  By allowing foreign citizens who committed serious felonies to stay in our country, all Americans would be at risk.  And by granting new rights to illegal aliens, the New Way Forward Act would prevent our immigration officials from detaining most illegal immigrants.  Shockingly, over forty of my Democrat colleagues in the House have cosponsored this legislation.”

      AND…. US companies have been looking East for cheap labor since 1917!!
      https://www.amcham.ru/static/pdf/membershipdirectory.pdf (Jul 4, 2020)

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