Our country betrayed us

And still they try to tell us
their lies are really the truth

By John Kaminski
6 January 2020

“From start to finish,  this American madness  that threatens
to consume the world
is a Jewish production.” — John Kaminski

A rattled U.S. president repeatedly violates his oath of office by betraying the hopes for peace of the American people in order to please his Israeli masters, who have America in their total grip and now have made new laws preventing investigation of their numerous and continuing crimes.

To lure a foreign leader to a diplomatic meeting for the purpose of murdering him is a new low in American history. What can only be described as the repulsive historical U.S. record of war crimes — from Hiroshima to Fallujah — all these wars, not for freedom and justice, but for the criminal pursuit of bloody profits by the billionaire few.

America’s reputation is in the gutter. The U.S. never honored any treaty it made with the Native Americans it dispossessed by force and slaughtered for sport, and it has never honored any treaty it made with any foreign country that could defend itself, which nowadays are precious few.

And the U.S. cannot be trusted now, as the government is run by a daytime TV marionette show masquerading as U.S. Congress, sponsored exclusively by Jewish interests. Presidents are now appointed by billionaire casino owners and legislatures are filled with long-term Congressmen-turned-jetsetters, some of whom literally have blood in their teeth.

The country has been destroyed by predatory Jewish moneylenders. The U.S. government has always been at war with the world and the enemy of all the people in it.

With all our thoughts dominated by Big Media heroes who are paid to say what other people think, very few listeners are able to maintain the mental discipline to reliably discern the lies underlying every fact these popular broadcasters insist is true.

The No. 1 lie that most people believe is that the USA is a free country and people may say and believe anything they want. Try talking about the Jews and watch everybody run away and hide.

Our path to freedom involves talking candidly about Jewish criminality.

No. 2 is that the government is on your side. The government murders truth tellers: just ask Seth Rich and his bullet in the back or Julian Assange and his permanent incarceration with no charges. Just ask the mothers whose children have been murdered by vaccines or reduced to feeble minded paraplegics by following their doctor’s orders.

The major method used to deceive the populace and convince that good is evil and vice versa evil is good are of course the major media, which have been influenced if not owned outright by members of the same nefarious group since the beginning of the 20th century.

They have not only bought all of the world’s newspapers since they own all of the world’s advertisers, but they have also acquired all of the world’s universities because they fund all of the world’s research. In addition, they have purchased all of the world’s religions (many of which they have created themselves) through their disingenuous efforts at ecumenism.

But perhaps worst of all they have allowed us to believe we are the good guys when when viewed in the eyes of the world — or in the eyes of God — we have been exactly the opposite, consumed by our addictions and compulsions, we have without a second thought turned the world into a bloody trash heap.

It is our karma, then, to live in this landfill, to learn to scurry like the cockroach, and to have nothing further to say about heaven or our dreams.

If we leave things as they are . . .

With all of the false flags and falsehoods uttered by the leaders of the U.S. government since the turn of the last century, intelligent Americans — if any remain — should know by now that the main force for evil in the world is the United States military and the soulless bureaucrats who order it to murder innocent people.

From start to finish, this American madness that threatens to consume the world is a Jewish production.


27 thoughts to “Our country betrayed us”

  1. Another breathtakingly powerful Kaminski article, probably his best ever.

    The situation for Western bullies is that navies and air-forces are quasi obsolete due to relatively cheap missile technology. Armies are obsolete due to Tribe induced masculinity being drained from them and from their wider society.

    Iran has understood this for a while as evidenced by the success in evasion and accuracy of their missiles.

    All that remains is nukes, perhaps, in a nod to Pat.

    Forget AngloZionist weaponry. The greatest threat to humanity today is bankster programmed UN agenda 2030, on the back of the gigantic whopper CO2 lies. This will constrain all human activity to central planning and central monitoring and control in real time and for ever more.

    One must mention Pat once more who a while back cited this documentary “Thorium Remix 2011” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9M__yYbsZ4

    The CO2 lie is manifest glaringly within this documentary, presenting as it does eminent US nuclear scientist Alvin Weinberg’s invention of a working, unlimited, CO2 free and safe energy source in the 1950’s.

    1. Flan –

      Thanks for the help.

      The betrayals are found in every country.
      Kaminski is correct: “And still they try to tell us their lies are really the truth!”

      Cheaper and safer energy is not in the script of the warmongers. They lose control when the good people don’t have to labor daily to make ends meet.

      India is in the lead for thorium based nuclear reactors v uranium based reactors.

      This is not popular with the controllers:

      Indian-Designed Nuclear Reactor Breaks Record for Continuous Operation

  2. Mr. Kaminski’s article smacks the reader in the face with its TRUTH. Whatever happened to the America some of us were born to revere, it exists no more. To be “patriotic”, now, only seems to bolster its decadence – but to abandon that patriotism ensures the extinction of whatever chance we have to redeem it. That is called a “Catch-22” situation, and Mr. Jew has manipulated us into it.
    A good ass-whipping is needed, but whomever the strong party is who might be able to administer it is probably just as bad to live with. We need God Almighty to smile upon us, for real! 🙄

  3. How come there were so many Canadians on the plane that crashed the other day in Tehran? The Canadian citizens were mostly Iranians with Canadian citizenship. Why were so many Iranians with Canadian citizenship going to the Ukraine? The Ukraine is a very corrupt place. The Democrats are deeply involved in the corruption in the Ukraine, now we find out a lot of Iranians with Canadian citizenship were going to the Ukraine. What the hell for? Why were they going to this very corrupt country which is also the country we hear so much about because of The Impeachment. The Democrats love the Ukraine, the Democrats love Iran, at least Obama and Valerie Jarrett loved/love Iran, and now we find out a lot of Iranians with Canadian citizenship love the Ukraine. [ Pelosi LERVS the corrupt Ukraine but does not LERV Iran, same with Hellary. Pelosi and Hellary know what the Jews LERV and what the Jews hate and so they LERV the same things the Jews LERV and hate the same things the jews hate. That’s called “wisdom” in Washington, that’s called being “Geo-Politically smart” in Washington, lol. ]

    Why exactly were so many Iranians with Canadian citizenship going to this very corrupt country the Ukraine so closely connected to the Democrats and so central to the reason the Democrats are trying to Impeach Trump? He [ supposedly ] tried to , lol, screw the Ukraine out of American foreign aid money oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… everyone knows the Ukraine has a Constitutional Right to American taxpayer tax money Americans fork over to Uncle Sam based on the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913! The Jews want the very corrupt country the Ukraine to get American foreign aid so it’s a High Crime for a president to try to screw the Ukraine outta American tax payer money! And also, and a very important point : Quid pro quo type thinking/behavior is totally foreign to the way the Jews think and behave, LMFAO.

    Everything Kaminski says about how we’re ruled is CORRECT and ON-TARGET. Kaminski has The Correct View.

  4. As true as Mr. Kaminsky laments of the retiring leaders of the world gloating over our degradation it comes ultimately to the people , who are satisfied with what they have achieved or reproached with what they are given. Kaminsky testifies to a hidden goal or purpose that, were it known or taught might save the earth and the few worthy of it.

    There are many who have what they want , eternity is promised by churches with cheap words and better tomorrows promoted by optimistic politicians . But both are refuted by those not blind with every breath as they see this slow death called life as it really is , an abomination to God and insult to those thirsting for righteousness.

    How can people learn to see as Kaminsky testifies ? The blind shall never see and the evil will lead them to catastrophe . It is the cross one has to bear.

  5. “Our” “country” has gone way beyond merely betraying us. It’s now openly torturing us and apparently trying to kill us off. And I’m not talking about anything in the realm of foreign policy or gun control. I’m talking about the corrupt FDA and the corrupt people taking advantage of the corrupt FDA.

    The evidence is piling up that the so-called “food grade” titania and silica being added to our food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products (as a “colorant” and “flow gent,” respectively), is hurting and killing us, i.e., shortening our life expectancy.

    When orally ingested, these toxic chemicals are readily absorbed, they have wide tissue distribution – including the central nervous system – and to the extent the body can rid itself of these toxins, the clearance process is very slow, i.e., they have a long half-life.

    I was going to include links to support what I’m saying but when I tried to add them it messed up the formatting so I omitted them.

  6. re “Our country betrayed us”

    Now this might some a a surprise to some, so get the smelling-salts ready.
    OK? Right, here goes, hold on tight:

    “You put your TRUST in a WHORE, you get BETRAYED by a WHORE”.

      1. The pimp is in the closet.

        Sooner or later, though, the closet will be stormed like the Bastille was in the days of the Judeomasonic “french” revolution.

  7. “You put your TRUST in a WHORE, you get BETRAYED by a WHORE”.

    yes sirree,how right you are
    just last night I got STIFFED by a whore . get it?stiffed

    lol ,, just a little joke folks

    1. Al,
      Just as there is honor among thieves, at times there is honor among “ladies of the night.” A long ago night. Bangkok. Early 1990s. Donaldo went on his habitual drunken, womanizing weekend rampages. Found himself in the room of a brothel with an attractive young woman. After finishing “the activity” Donaldo got dressed, prepared to exit the room and reached for his wallet. Ohmy G_d! No money! Thai customs are a little strange. Sometimes you get the service and pay later. What was Donaldo going to do! Donaldo glanced nervously at the young woman and told her he had no money. The young woman just grinned and very cutely replied “Khao Jai”…… เข้าใจ…..I understand. She then reached into her 👛 and gave Donaldo enough cash to pay the violent, aggressive pimps waiting outside as well as enough $ to make it home. What a gal! What class! That young “lady of the night” exhibited much more class, decency and dignity than any World leader or politician ever discussed on this website. Donaldo will never forget her. To sum up his comment. Donaldo is no fan of labels…….all Jews are bad…..all prostitutes are despicable. May all fellow Darkmooners judge each individual by his/her actions please. 🍷🌮😎

  8. Transfer of industry to sweat shops this time………….
    Mainstream and alternative media propagandists are fond of painting the transfer of industrial power from the US to China as either the natural result of market forces or the engineered result of China’s “Dragon” elite outmaneuvering America’s “Nazionist” elite, but neither view holds any water. As the Rockefellers’ Prospect for America shows, what happened to the US and China was the result of deliberate policy decisions by the Illuminati Globalist Banksters (of which both the “Dragons” and the “Nazionists” are integral components).


    Transfer Last time.

  9. Jews succeed at what they do because they work hard. Work hard to dominate over us. Work hard to maintain control. And we think that Jews don’t work. Sorry, it is we who are lazy. We don’t have the will to fight. How did the Jews manage to rule over the Goyim for such a long time?

    1. Ultimately, jewish power relies on corruption. They work hard at corrupting people. They corrupt and manipulate, corrupt and manipulate, corrupt and manipulate, etc. If they cannot bring a certain country to a “tipping point” of corruption, their power there will be limited.

      If America was full of morally competent people, none of this madness would be happening. Unfortunately jews have brought us to the point of open neighbor-on-neighbor treachery, and we’re finished, accordingly.

      1. By corruption we shall rule. Mazzini.

        The crony Federal Reserve supplies the cash. And the stock market hits new highs.

  10. “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

    The riddle is easily solved if one turns Chomsky’s assumption on its head: organized Jewry, having taken over America, has transformed it into an Israeli colony. The $8.2 million per day that the American taxpayer pays his Jewish master is not a subsidy. It is tribute money. It is a tax or levy imposed on a vanquished people by their conquerors.
    Hear the note of contempt for one’s own President in this extraordinary account of Obama’s humiliation at the hands of Netanyahu, his Jewish victor:

    Netanyahu beat Obama like a red-headed stepchild; he played him like a fiddle; he pounded him like a big brass drum. The Prime Minister of Israel danced rings around his arrogant, professorial opponent. The Prime Minister mopped the floor with our guy….Bibi ripped him to shreds…demonstrating to the whole world that the Prime Minister of Israel has substantially more support in both the House and the Senate than the President of the United States. [Emphasis added]

    I guess that says it all. Poor Obama. He has been symbolically castrated and buried in excrement up to the neck. Those 29 standing ovations Netanyahu received in Congress were equivalent to a lump of spit in the President’s face.
    According to political pundit Philip Giraldi, this was “the first time in recorded history that a small nation with less than eight million citizens has subjugated a much larger country with a population of more than 310 million.”


  11. Uk is a colon too ,sorry I mean Colony of Israel.

    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

    ~ Dresden James

    The reality Boris with his Bosses



  12. It says a lot that when Kaminski speaks you will notice that the comments of the ‘ jew wise’ commenters are relatively very few.

  13. Boy this article is, JUST THE FACTS Jack! Nothing more really needs to be said, because its all there in black and white. And as usual, most of us here at LD know this already, but to convince the sheeple to understand this is difficult because of the International Jewry machinations, which just wear you down, like rapid machine-gun fire and cause that cognitive dissonance!

    On a different note, many people have commented that the video of the suspected rocket/missile fired at the Ukrainian plane over Tehran’s perimeter airspace seems rather planted, ie. by chance someone just happened to have a recording device (video camera, digital camera or smartphone, etc.) just pointing at the right point in the sky to record the action. Suspicious! Reminds me of the moving van ( twin tower mural on van) dancing Israeli’s watching the events of 9/11 that morning, like having front row seats. Also the fix is in, Iran did it, whether by mistake or on purpose. I am I so stupid, like I would set fire to my own house and hold a gas can in my hands as the Fire Department arrives? (Do Not answer that – rhetorical for NO). Iran, Iranians and their Theocracy Leadership are not THAT stupid! Also when Iran fired those dozen or so missiles at the American bases in Iraq and when the Ukrainian Airliner toke off were several hours apart, not at the same time. I am going out on a limb / wild guess, that the CIA/MOSSAD did a military operation in cooperation with the Iranian Deep State. Thus far, regardless, Iran will get the blame!

    I stated in a previous post that a good comparison to this Ukrainian Airliner going down would be flights MH370 and MH17 (that’s Malaysian Airlines events in 2014). Also, some Alt media sites are saying that the Ukrainian government was investigating arms sales ( missiles, rockets, etc.) to Iran. If true, that is the Obama administration (JCPOA) and known criminal buddies, using Ukraine to funnel money and arms, even nuclear arms precursors ( Uranium One) to Iran. So the American Deep State and Demonrats are distracting Americans from illegalities they perpetrated in Ukraine, which is why TRUMP suckered the Demonrats into Impeachment over Ukraine and that obvious, normal phone call with Ukrainian PM Zelensky, in July 2019. Next there is also speculation that Canada is involved, because Canada has a fairly large Iranian community, where these Iranian-Canadians do frequently go back to Iran to visit. Many of the Ukrainian Airliner’s passengers were Iranian-Canadians. Some of these people may have been doing nefarious activities in Iran and/or in Canada even. Now that our Prime Minister (PM) Justin(e) Trudeau, wants to get involved in diplomacy/backchannels and help in the Ukrainian Airliners Investigation, maybe Canada’s Deep State was doing things with the Obama administration concerning Iran. Wait and see, and grab some popcorn and a drink! I want to learn more!

  14. RABBIT
    “The riddle is easily solved if one turns Chomsky’s assumption on its head: organized Jewry, having taken over America, has transformed it into an Israeli colony. The $8.2 million per day that the American taxpayer pays his Jewish master is not a subsidy. It is tribute money. It is a tax or levy imposed on a vanquished people by their conquerors.”
    That’s basically it…
    In an open democracy like this it’s not necessary to invade with an army in order to take control of a country… Whoever controls the media has the job halfway done, while the Constitution guarantees a free media, it does not as yet include any guarantees that the media be operating freely.. Which it doesn’t…
    Whether the immigrant vagabonds who created Hollywood and the media 100 years ago in the Paradise that was Los Angeles knew it or not, their dominance over our culture affixed the Zion… Their subsequent full cooperation toward the Jew World Order wouldn’t surprise..
    Does 8.2 million a day add up to 4,000,000,000 a year?
    My calculator doesn’t go that high…
    But let’s not forget the income tax, a plank of the Communist manifesto…
    Where does all that money go exactly?
    The common man is not allowed that information…

    1. “The riddle is easily solved if one turns Chomsky’s assumption on its head: organized Jewry, having taken over America, has transformed it into an Israeli colony. The $8.2 million per day that the American taxpayer pays his Jewish master is not a subsidy. It is tribute money. It is a tax or levy imposed on a vanquished people by their conquerors.”

      The entire quote comes from an old article by LD, did you know that? It is quoted in its entirety without any indication that LD is the author. Except for a short acknowledgment right at the end of the article, there is no mention of her name. The article appeared on rense.com many years ago and will also be found on the DM site under the title “AMERICA VANQUISHED” (in 2 parts)

      Anyway, here is the entire article on a Muslim website with no mention of LD’s name except right at the end:


    2. Exactly, forget about the $ 8.2 million daily dollars. What about the income tax? And yet they are printing cash to the tune of trillions. All to prop up the dubious valuations of crony companies they own with abysmal P/E ratios. Borrow money tax free, as Kiyosaki said, is wiser than working and putting away savings, because the savings never add up. But that is what schools preach to the common man. Rein and trap them into the labor force. At least slaves were aware they were slaves.
      They are printing money way faster than you can work for it. Then they collect taxes from you. And they borrow money tax free so they do not have to pay taxes.
      In the meantime the robots scurry from home to work so they can earn money to pay the cable bill to stave off the biggest disaster that could befall them.

  15. Here is the question: There are five men in his photograph, four of them have something in common. Can you name these four and tell me what they have in common? Question two, can you tell me what is going on in this photo?

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