Palestine Betrayed: Sold Down the River by Trump’s Iniquitous ‘Peace Plan’

Robert Fisk — ‘The Independent’
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Trump’s “deal of the century” is so absurd and banal that it’s impossible to take seriously, says Robert Fisk. 


TRUMP:  You will have what you want.
NETANYAHU:  Thanks, but what if I want more?
TRUMP:  Ask, and you will be given. There is no limit to my love!
“Trump has created a world in which the US president’s son-in-law
is more powerful than the UN General Assembly.”
— Gideon Levi, Haaretz
“Believe it Or Not: a US president gave a foreign power
the right to eternally occupy someone else’s land.”
— Robert Fisk, The Independent

When the two old political fraudsters emerged at the White House this week with the most deranged, farcical tragi-comedy in Middle East history, it was difficult to know whether to laugh or cry.

The 80-page “peace” plan from the White House contained 56 references to “Vision” in its first 60 pages – and yes, with a capital V on each occasion to suggest, I guess, that this “deal of the century” was a supernatural revelation. It was not, though it might have been written by a super-Israeli.

It said goodbye to Palestinian refugees – the famous/infamous “right of return” and all who now rot in the camps of the Middle East; farewell to the old city of Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital; adieu to UNRWA, the UN relief agency. But it welcomed a permanent Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the total annexation of almost every Jewish colony built there against all international law.

It’s a given, of course – and has been for days – that this nonsense might just cast some magic dust over the travails of the leaders of America and Israel. As the two rogues, Donald Trump under impeachment and Benjamin Netanyahu charged with corruption, grinned to the applause of their supporters in Washington, it became clear at once that this mendacious document – containing absurdity, burlesque and dreary banality in about equal measure – destroyed forever any hope of an independent Palestinian state of any kind.

That’s not what it said, but you only had to glance at the verbiage – where Israel’s occupation, the longest in modern history, was described as a “security footprint” and where the Oslo accord was trashed as an agreement which produced “waves of terror and violence”.

Truly, all must read these 80 pages. And every reader should go through them twice, in case, first time round, they missed some extra egregious indignity inflicted upon the Palestinians.

The document wasn’t just a gift to Israel. It embodied every Israeli demand ever made to Washington (plus a few more) and effectively destroyed every effort made by the United Nations Security Council; every UN resolution on Israeli withdrawal; every effort of the EU and the Quartet on the Middle East to produce a just and fair resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli war.

In short, Israel will – under this wretched “deal”, doomed though it was within seconds – get all of Jerusalem forever, most of the West Bank, own almost every Jewish colony in occupied land and dominate a disarmed, truncated, neutered Palestinian people who must promise to call Israel the “nation state of the Jewish people” (albeit almost 21 per cent of its people are Arabs), censor its own schoolbooks, arrest and interrogate anyone daring to oppose the Israeli occupier, and who will have a cluster of villages outside Jerusalem’s walls to call a capital.

True, this is a unique and historic document that the Trump menagerie (especially son-in-law Jared Kushner) has produced, since its belief that the Palestinians would dream of accepting such a deranged, farcical set of political demands is without precedent in the western world.

But when should we journalists take all the stops out, I asked myself when I’d finished reading the 56 “Visions” – there are others, by the way, in lower case, and several “missions” – and the list of prohibitions imposed upon the Palestinians? These included, we should note, the instruction that “the State of Palestine may not join any international organisation if such membership would contradict commitments of the State of Palestine to demilitarisation and cessation of political and judicial warfare against the State of Israel”.

So goodbye as well to the protection of the International Criminal Court.

Some of my colleagues lapsed into apoplexy, like Marwan Bishara of Al Jazeera. Farce, fraud, fury, surrealistic, opportunistic, populist and cynical. He used all these descriptions – but surely he was mincing his words. Gideon Levy, my hero from the Israeli daily Haaretz, was not so apoplectic.

He was apocalyptic.

It was “the final nail in the coffin of that walking corpse known as the two-state solution”, he wrote, and created a reality “in which international law, the resolutions of the international community and especially international institutions are meaningless”.

There is no Palestinian state, quoth Levy, and there never will be.

It’s got to be one democracy between the Jordan and the Mediterranean – equal rights for both Israelis and Palestinians – or Israel is going to be an apartheid state.

Trump had created “a world in which the US president’s son-in-law is more powerful than the UN General Assembly.

If the settlements are permitted, everything is permitted.”

Quite so.

But do we writers and journalists and “experts” and analysts still possess the tools to deal with this mumbo-jumbo? Is this not a moment – not just the end of morality, justice, integrity, dignity – to ask an ever-more important question: when will journalists have to stop taking this stuff (and themselves) seriously? Merely to write about this Trump ballyhoo as if it is real or workable or even discussable is somehow demeaning, humiliating, preposterous. Not just for media rabbits, but for those who must suffer the consequences of this dreadful document; the Palestinians and all who have faithfully supported their perfectly reasonable demands for freedom and fairness.

I realised a few hours after reading it that, for every anti-Israel Muslim who believes in the fantastical, crazed verbiage of the “Zionist conspiracy”, these 80 pages of White House notepaper would only reinforce those mind-boggling beliefs. In cases like this, perhaps we should invite our comedians to become reporters. Or ask our cartoonists to write the story. Or maybe I should turn to that fine old Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ feature to get the message across. Believe it Or Not: a US president gave a foreign power the right to eternally occupy someone else’s land.

To me, that captures the story in 15 words.

But let’s not forget that in return for their abject surrender, the Palestinians will get cash, cash and more cash – millions of greenies set out in pages of graphs and funding plans, and “fast-track” tourism (that phrase is actually used in the document) and massive investment, “social betterment” (sic), “self-determination” (sic again, I guess), and “a path to a dignified national life, respect, security and economic opportunity…”.

And didn’t our Boris Johnson tell Trump it was “a positive step forwards”? And didn’t our Dominic Raab call it “a serious proposal” worthy of “genuine and fair consideration”?

Believe it or not, indeed.


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48 thoughts to “Palestine Betrayed: Sold Down the River by Trump’s Iniquitous ‘Peace Plan’”

  1. The so called Versailles Treaty, forced upon us Germans after WW1 by the very same perfidious Jews via their lackey-allies England, France, USA, and Russia, was a similar monster.
    And it lead the way to WW2.

    This new monster could well lead the way to WW3. For many years the perfidious Jews do their best to reach this point, again via their lackey-allies: England, France, USA, and Russia – yes also Russia, because Putin-Dugin is the very same servant to the perfidious Jews as is Trump.

    May God have mercy upon us.

  2. The Palestinians will not give up. they want their country back; not just the west bank but the whole pre-1948 Palestine.

    They are clever people and will find a way. I would be sorry to see war and deaths but it may come to it. The trigger might be the realization in the west that the Holocaust is a gigantic scam.

    1. Indeed, John Kirby, the Holocaust scam, i.e., “Holohaux”, is the start-up seed for the pervasive American compliance with this scandal. As relating to other countries, The United States can be viewed as an enabler for criminal activity – especially in the Middle East. Others see this, and it can only be staunched by extreme violence. The opposition to these injustices in that form of remedy will always be called “terrorism” by the malefactors who own the media. Now that gun-owning, patriotic Americans are beginning to be labeled “potential terrorists”, the plight of Palestine may gain more sympathy, here. Obviously, TPTB are still afraid of truth and the American people realizing the scam.

      1. Gilbert,

        I really dig this comment coming from you. You are seeing things from a wider perspective now and saying, for the first time, that if Trump and his Jews are selling the Palestinians down the river and being total bastards, it’s only one step from this to treating white native-born Americans like you and your family with equal contempt and disregard.

        Note how the article makes absolutely clear that Trump has allowed his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner absolute power to call the shots in Palestine and treat the Palestinians like dog shit. He has effectively handed over the keys of the White House to Jared Kushner, Sheldon Adelson, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

        Trump is an arch-traitor, the ultimate orange-haired Judas Iscariot. Anyone who still claims that Trump is secretly against the Jews, and means to destroy them and their power base, needs putting in a lunatic asylum. I wouldn’t even bother to spit in such a man’s eye to show my contempt. I would recommend instant lobotomy for him.

        As you say, Gilbert: America’s whites are next on the hit list. Their guns will be confiscated if the Jewish Lobby gets a chance. Whites will be made helpless. The foreign hordes — blacks, Asians, Mexicans — will then be allowed to rape every white woman they see, underage children as well as geriatric patients, and every white man will be hunted down and killed.

        And the Jews will sit at the top of the Power Pyramid, giving the orders.

        It’s coming . . . just wait for it.

      2. Here’s the reality, though, Madame: EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ilk running for POTUS will be committing the same treason with Israhell. The financial pyramid of the empire largely depends upon it. It’s not simply a “Trump” fiasco. To overtly take Palestine’s plight to heart would be suicidal to Wall Street, no matter WHAT a POTUS might desire. We whites are in danger as you say, and I’m glad to be in agreement with you about that. The time WILL come, but prolonging the inevitable is OK with me for awhile. (btw, What I’d really like to see is for Iran,, to remove the blight for us – but that might be just wishful thinking…)
        The poor, unfortunate people of Palestine will suffer unimaginable hardships, either way. We are scheduled for the same circumstances. Just fight while you can. 💪

    2. JK –

      It will happen….

      Trump proposes a huge tunnel for vehicles between the West Bank and Gaza!!

      Tunnels this big have been built before.

      The proposed tunnel, running from southern Hebron to a location outside Gaza City, would be about 25 miles long. That’s ten miles shorter than the longest tunnel in the world, the 35-mile Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. But that doesn’t mean the project would be simple. Professor Horodniceanu pointed out that large-scale tunnel projects often encounter logistical or financial problems: the tunnel beneath the English Channel ran out of funds midway through construction, while a major tunnel project in Seattle was stalled for over a year when the world’s largest tunnel boring machine got stuck underground.

      1. PAT,

        I wouldn’t trust using that Hebron – Gaza tunnel. The Jews could switch off the ventilation and gas everyone inside.

      1. N-

        You wrote:
        “How many Americans have died fighting for their own Country? The answer is None.”

        That is incorrect!

        Numerous federal, state & local police…. and civilians… have died fighting illegal criminals in the USA!
        Farmers along the borders have died defending their lands.
        The MS13 gang, alone, has killed hundreds.

        Murders committed by foreigners on our soil are the most avoidable crimes. They are also the number one threat from which the federal government was created to protect us: external threats. Yet because illegal aliens are treated as a protected class, those murdered by them have no representation in the media, unlike the way every illegal alien death at the border is reported and blamed on the Border Patrol.

        It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that among the many desperate people coming over a transnational border illegally from violent countries, there will be many criminal elements. The illegal alien crime statistics from just one year of ICE apprehensions are staggering!!

        There are over 2,000 illegal alien murder suspects (most of them convictions) apprehended by ICE almost every year. And if we didn’t have sanctuary states like California, they would be apprehended immediately, certainly after committing their first crimes, which are often preludes to murder.

    3. Overall, this is no better or worse than an average response from you (meaning it’s ordinary everyday toxic sludge, which fits perfectly in this sewer of a website) but I have to thank you for providing some much-needed laughs on this day by referring to Palestinians as “clever”. They’re not, as a group, very clever. More like stupid.

  3. Physical extermination of Jews and Gypsies, as a matter of state policy of the Nazis, is a well-established fact of history, and there is no point in denying it.

    Anyhow, the really important question is: What is the reason behind the phenomenon of anti-Semitism (the existence of which is “a medical fact”, as we say in Russia)?

    Perhaps, you’ll be interested in hearing Vladimir Putin’s take on this?

    At t=4m56s into the video Putin says:

    It’s easier to say: we are not guilty, the Russians are guilty, they interfered in our elections.
    We are the good guys.

    Overall, this reminds me of anti-Semitism:
    Jews are to blame for everything, you see?
    You are stupid and can’t do anything, but Jews are to blame.

    Evidently, Putin does not subscribe to the simplistic formula: (((they))) ≡ Jews. To give credit where credit is due, my redskin brother Brownhawk is, perhaps, the only commenter around here who understands this.

    1. So Putin puts in a good word for the Jews. Interesting! 🙂

      This is a man who takes no steps to recover the billions of dollars stolen from the Russian people by the Jewish oligarchs. This is the man who is rumoured to have secretly embezzled $90 billion of Russian wealth and stowed it away in foreign banks, mostly in Zurich. This is the man who won’t allow free debate of the Holocaust to take place on Russian TV.

      Maybe the time is ripe for former Putin supporters like myself to take another look at Putin … and maybe revise our opinions of this two-faced man.

      What say you, Circassian?

      1. Putin is one of them. It’s all smoke and mirrors. They say that Putin is a high free mason and I go along with that but I also am convinced that Putin is also a crypto jew fooling the Russians of being a “christian”. › books

        MI6: Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty’s Secret …
        – Diese Seite übersetzen
        Stephen Dorril – 2002 – ‎History
        … Europe of Germany or Russia, or of federating under the leadership of Britain. … ‘but, as in Masonic circles, they usually kept this comradeship to themselves’.

        See also the blog of a former MI6 agent who talks about the past of Putin and that Putin is a freemason with a direct link with the British Crown. The queen is of jewish origin.

        And British is a code word for jewish!

      2. @Sardonicus

        Maybe the time is ripe for former Putin supporters like myself to take another look at Putin … and maybe revise our opinions of this two-faced man.
        What say you, Circassian?

        I would say that you have never been a Putin supporter to begin with… and never will be. You hate Putin as much as Pat does. I would say also that you hate Putin with the same intensity as you do hate Stalin.

        The difference between you and Pat being that Pat is open about it while you are a hypocrite. I do not see a single genuine supporter of Putin around here with the possible exception of Harold Smith and, perhaps, Lobro.

        That’s my honest opinion, like it or not. There is little doubt in my mind that time will show that I was in the right on this.

        1. @ Circassian

          To me, Sardonicus:

          I would say that you have never been a Putin supporter to begin with… and never will be. You hate Putin as much as Pat does. I would say also that you hate Putin with the same intensity as you do hate Stalin.

          MY RESPONSE: Wrong on all counts except one: Pat has always been anti-Putin and quite open about it, whereas I have never been anti-Putin. I challenge you to find a SINGLE ANTI-PUTIN statement I have made on this site. Here are all the articles on Putin:

          I’ve just done a check. All Pat’s comments are consistently anti-Putin. Do I hold that against him? No, I don’t. Pat has a right to attack Putin if he wants. As for me, I am unable to find a SINGLE negative statement I have made about Putin. Until today.

          CIRCASSIAN: The difference between you and Pat being that Pat is open about it while you are a hypocrite. I do not see a single genuine supporter of Putin around here with the possible exception of Harold Smith and, perhaps, Lobro.

          Well, you LIE when you call me a hypocrite, since you are unable to find a single ANTI-PUTIN comment I have made on this site — that is, until today. Lobro is certainly pro-Putin and that’s one thing Lobro has had in common with me, believe it or not. I have always approved of Lobro’s pro-Putin comments and never attacked him for putting in a good word for Putin. So there, you stupid little man!

          How does it feel, Circassian, to make a fool of yourself? I don’t even hate you, since hatred should be kept for worthy objects. One does not hate a drunken man’s vomit or an old woman’s snot. 🙂

          Only today, for the first time, did I make an anti-Putin comment. But I am not anti-Putin as such. I am now in two minds about Putin … and I am beginning to wonder if Pat is not right about Putin after all.

          If Putin defends Stalin and is behind the Stalin cult in Russia, then I no longer respect Putin. He’s up to no good. Because Stalinism and Christianity are incompatible. Anyone who praises Stalin hammers another nail into the body of Jesus Christ. This is because Stalin was behind the mass murder of millions of Russian Christians, including Russian clergy whom he killed without mercy. The documentation is all there. It cannot be denied.

          Check this out online:

          Question: “Was Stalin religious?”

          — ANSWER: “Stalin called for an “atheist five year plan” from 1932–1937, led by the LMG, in order to completely eliminate all religious expression in the USSR. It was declared that the concept of God would disappear from the Soviet Union.”

    2. Circassian

      I understand that (((they))) doesn’t pertain to the “ordinary” jews. But then again, there’s nothing ordinary about them. Having said that, however, insofar as there being a direct assault on humanity as outlined in the Protocols, of which “ordinary” jews TOO can be correctly defined as being part of what we refer to as the “goyim”, (((they))) are to be identified as the elite jews – those in positions of power, among many non-jews, who effect the day to day operation of the agenda to suppress mankind in a world totalitarian state. And to take it even farther, there are what I’ve been calling “esoteric jew”, which is too arcane a subject to cover in this comment. For now, let’s just say that THESE (((they))) have been at it for a very long time. The words, “relentless”, and “inexorable” come to mind.

  4. “Netanyahu-Trump Peace Scam” to end the Palestinian/Israeli conflict forces the Palestinians to make unfair concessions in favor of Israel, including on the status of occupied East Jerusalem and the refugees’ right. Instead of calling it a peace plan, you would be more accurate in calling it, “Netanyahu-Trump Peace Scam” or “Scam of the century.”

    Without Palestinian participation and approval, Trump& Company ‘s plan is useless. Since Trump took office, he moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, cut off all aid to Palestinians, and closed the PLO office in Washington, D.C. In fact Trump was too generous to Israel at the expense of the Palestinian sufferings.

    The so-called “deal of the century” have been engineered by three Zionist Jewish Americans( Kushner, Greenblatt, and Friedman). The plan is nothing more than salvaged failed old peace plans. The 3 Amigos of this plan have secretly funded the illegal Jewish settlement in the West Bank.

    Under the plan, Israel will receive $150 BILLION in lost Jewish properties as part of the deal. Jared Kushner represents Israeli interests and not America’s interest. Kushner, who is the son-in-law of Donald Trump, appears to be the only qualification he has to even serve in the White House. He lacks the knowledge and experience to be even a diplomat.
    Kushner believes that Palestinians can not govern themselves without Israeli interference. But why should anyone believe this man who lied 3 times within 6 months on his application for security clearance for the job he is currently holding? Jared Kushner nauseates me!

    This is not a deal but rather an Israeli dictate or surrender agreement written by the Israelis, promoted by the US, and financed by the Gulf states for Palestinian leaders to sign. This cleverly-packaged and promoted deal will actually give Israel everything it wants and leave the Palestinians crumbs to contend with. Basically, 1) No Palestinian state, 2) No claim to the city of Jerusalem, 3) No rights of return to 6 million refugees, and 4) Israel will have exclusive control of the borders, the airspace, and Gaza’s waters.

    As good will gesture, Israel “may” allow an unspecified number of Palestinian refugees to return back home. But only if they were born in Palestine prior to 1948. However, the number of “Nakba” survivors is dwindling down and is equivalent to the number of Holocaust survivors. So my brother, who is now 73 (with Alzheimers) is one of 6 million refugees who might have a slim chance to return, but not his wife, 6 children, 24 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild who all live in refugee camp in Lebanon since 1948.

    President Mahmoud Abbas was told by the Saudis: either accept the plan or shut up. There were also news reports that any attempts by Palestinian leaders in Gaza to derail Trump’s plan, both Israel and the US will make sure they will suffer the same faith like Gen. Kassem Soliemani. Basically, they will be liquidated in a drone strike. Except that does not bother neither Hamas or Abbas because Palestinians prefer dying standing up rather than kneeling down.

    A better peace plan would be for Trump to move Israel to the middle of the US. That way, it would be surrounded with friendly states, Palestinians will get back what was stolen from them, US tax-payers will not have to pay Israel $3.5 BILLIONS a year until Judgment Day, and America will have more friends and less enemies in the Middle East.

  5. “Vanila ISIS” Peace Plan is not a peace deal. It is rather an Israeli dictate or surrender agreement written by the Israelis, promoted by the US, and financed by the Gulf states for Palestinian leaders to sign. This cleverly-packaged and promoted deal will actually give Israel everything it wants and leave the Palestinians crumbs to contend with. Basically, 1) No Palestinian state, 2) No claim to the city of Jerusalem, 3) No rights of return to 6 million refugees, and 4) Israel will have exclusive control of the borders, the airspace, and Gaza’s waters.

    The only qualification Vanila ISIS has to be a senior presidential adviser and a peace negotiator is because he is married to Trump’s favorite daughter.

  6. Trump’s Plan gave Israel “everything” it asked for. Neverthless, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Kelly Craft warned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not to bring his displeasure with the U.S. peace plan to the world body. President Abbas is expected to address the U.N. Security Council in the next two weeks about “the scam of the century.”

    The U.S. has now fully taken Israel’s side and is not even pretending to treat the Palestinians fairly. Under the plan, the Palestinians will not be free or independent and they will have to live under occupation, under siege, and in refugee camps until Doomsday. They will not be allowed the right to return back home to what is rightfully theirs. First, the U.S. offered the Palestinians its terms of surrender and now it is warning them not to complain.

    Kelly Craft thinks and acts as if we live under a communist rule or in a rogue state. I wonder if she even read the absurd U.S. plan. Let me break down and simplify Trump’s peace plan for Miss Craft: Non-consensual sex is not sex, it is rape. A non-consensual peace plan is not peace, it is called surrender,humiliation, and occupation. Trump’s Plan gave Israel “everything” it asked for, plus more.

    It worth noting here that Kelly Craft get the job of the US ambassador to the UN only after she and her billionaire husband donated 2 millions for 2016 Trump’s campaign and then she pledged loyalty to the shit hole in the Middle East during her 2019 senate confirmation hearing. How do you spell T-R-A-I-T-O-R?

  7. Is it only me or did someone else also notice the 3 Amigos in the back of the picture of 45 & Satanyahu?

  8. Rober Fisk put the 3 Amigos to shame. This British writer and novelist is a multi-award-winning. He is a Middle East correspondent who has been reporting from Lebanon since the 1975-1990 civil war. The 3 Amigos (Kushy, Friedman, and Greenblatt) are nothing more than 3 Americans who has been acting as unregistered foreign agents for many years.

    1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

      Brilliant! You speak the truth in this impressive series of excellent comments. And your sincerity cannot be doubted.

      Your old friend Lasha will be so pleased to have you speaking up for the Palestinian cause on this website.

      Be sure of one thing. Many people are reading your comments and making a note of them … and sending them to their friends … and all this is helping simple souls all over the world to realize that Israel’s days are numbered, and that America’s days are also numbered for backing the Jewish predators in their plundering of Palestine.

      There is a punishment for systematic genocide. Israel will have to pay for it one day. And America will have to pay the price, too, for backing Israel.

      1. @ SARDONICUS

        Thank you, old friend, for your sincere comment. You made me blush! I am glad we are back on the same page again.

        BTW, Lasha is like Mrs. Claus because she only shows up once a year.

  9. Well there you have it folks, as ‘plain as day’
    Trump was a Capo in the Kosher Nostra all along.

  10. President Trunp’s “Peace Plan” is comparable to the Versailles Treaty, and the consequences may be similar. The Palestinians will find a way.

    Regarding comments here about race. I have always found that Matin Luther King’s dictum is true, that it is the content of a man’s heart that matters. Most people, of all races are good, decent, lawbiding citizens; and I include Jews. I have had good experiences with people of all races, colours and religions.

    But I think It is those Jews who are non-Zionist who should be demanding an end to this theft of a country and subjugation of the Palestinians. If the present course of events continues there will be serious trouble, and if history is any guide we could be having a repeat performance of the origins of WW2

  11. Perhaps it is through the re-examination of the history of the 20th century that the Palestinians may get justice. Our historians do not actually lie, but they omit facts that are too politically risky. Likewise the media.

    1. @JK
      re “Our historians do not actually lie, but they omit facts that are too politically risky”

      Ever heard of the “Sin of Omission”?
      For example, OMITTING facts that one is aware of and that are pertinent to the case – in an effort to mislead – is tantamount to lying

      So – YES! – historians and the media do actually LIE…. by OMISISSIONl

  12. ALLEN
    “And British is a code word for jewish!”
    It’s the British Empire… Not England…
    I wonder when England became Great Britain…
    Don’t know exactly, but BRIT is way too close to BRITH to be a coincidence…
    The BRITH is the COVEN-ANT…
    As in B’NAI B’RITH…
    The White Horse in the Coat of Arms represents Israel, so I hear…
    The Windsors are actually Germans (KIKES) named Goethe…
    A KIKE is a German Jew, so named by the Flieshmanns, when they were running breadlines in NYC in the bakery business…
    “But I think It is those Jews who are non-Zionist who should be demanding an end to this theft of a country and subjugation of the Palestinians.”
    Yes they should… But what’s more, the vast majority of Americans, who are neither Jews nor Zionists, should rally-up and OFF the ZOG right here in the USA… Put an end to the theft of our own country…
    Too bad that’s major heresy hereabouts, where the Holocaustianity has been as thoroughly interwoven through and through the Female/Victim psyche as the identification with poor Jesus nailed to the cross…

    1. @Barkingdeer
      re “Put an end to the theft of our own country…’

      I’m afraid that THAT horse – the “Theft of America’ – has bolted long ago and there’s now nothing much left to steal.

      The ONLY TASK left for America now is to kick-start World War 3 and be incinerated in the process — along with the rest of the White Race – so that “The Chosen” might inherit The Earth… or what’s left of it.

  13. Here is a quick summery of Trump’s Joke of the Century

    ‘According to the plan, the US will officially recognize Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied territories; Jerusalem will be the “undivided capital of Israel”; Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza would have to be disarmed and that “there shall be no right of return” for Palestinian refugees. (Palestine Chronicle, February 1, 2020’

    1. MEY –

      You wrote:
      ” ‘According to the plan, the US will officially recognize Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied territories;”

      I would be hard pressed to name any land on this planet which would be considered legally occupied by those who inhabited it before the present occupants. That is the way of this prison planet.

  14. Looks like the catalyst has been set in place. This is gonna be one hell of a decade.

    It brings to mind the old Chinese saying, ” May you live in interesting times”, which is actually a curse

  15. Scarcely I have read the article “Organized child rape is coming to America”, then I read this:

    “Since 2008, more than 60,000 U.S. veterans have taken their own lives………The report also found that there is a frightening number of suicides among former National Guard and Reserve members. These veterans never saw active service, as the military describes it, and thus have no access to VA services.”

    Even among veterans who did not see active service! So from what do they have PTSD? It can’t be from being just drilled and mucked around at their home bases, I don’t think it was half as tough as we had bootcamp back then during the Angolan conflicts if I look on YouTube. Today the crime situation in South Africa at times is like living in a combat zone (even on the SWA/Namibia border where I was deployed, I felt safer than in todays civilian society South Africa) – estimated 80 000 whites murdered since the 1994 black regime and hundreds of thousands more non-whites. I believe (I confess, speaking in ignorance) Cold War Vietnam was much worse than Afghanistan or Iraq.

    What on earth is going on in America?!

  16. @ex South African
    re “What on earth is going on in America?!”

    Here’s a hint: Re-arrange the following words to form a well-known phrase or saying:
    “Going It’s Handbasket In Hell A To”.

  17. EXSA
    Where do we start?
    Globalists (da joooos) are undermining American society…
    They want it severely damaged and weakened, all the better to deliver the death blow….
    They know real Americans are their mortal enemies, or will be as soon as they finally all catch on to the scam…
    Ex military people are already enemies of the security state, since they’re trained and dangerous…
    There is a media program afoot to belittle and disconnect white males from society, a d life, while white females are constantly programmed to reject their natural heterosexual roles as housewives of white male husbands and domestically oriented mothers…
    Schools are where the infiltrators get the children…

    Not necessarily broski…
    All the guys I wkrk with think this is still their country…
    It’s about the attitude and directing the corrections…

  19. Americans, and the West, Europeans more so IMO, have created (or allowed to be created), and live in, one vast fantasy world, centred around TV, the movies and and fake news.

    Americans and others have put their faith in science and rationalism, and rejected their Catholic Christian religious heritage. Their new priests are scientists and journalists. Their faith now lies in the mind, not the heart. At best, protestantism. A cold, bare, cross without the crucified Christ hanging from it. Followed naturally by annihilation of Will and Zionism.

    I think the French created the term “ennui”, a sort of social discontent and dissatisfaction. This is the result of rationalism, a religion designed to disappoint in the end. Ennui and faithlessness can lead to suicide.

    Although divorced from reality, sometimes the truth shines through. Soldiers having been on active service know suffering, and MUST believe that it was for a worthwhile purpose or “the centre cannot hold” . Then that ugly truth shines through. Their sacrifice was for nothing except for political expediency. Even a reserve soldier must believe that military discipline must have a purpose.

    Pointless existence. Ennui. Cannot be assimilated. No understanding of sin and salvation. No purpose. Nothing to fall back on. Death.

    1. @ Jake

      An excellent but deeply disturbing comment. You are talking of a new mass disease of the mind that has infected the world: godless nihilism. This is the sense of meaninglessness and purposelessness that comes with the decline if faith and its concomitant, a soulless hedonism. The French existentialists had it real bad. Sartre described it in his book Nausea {“Hell is other people”) and Camus in his book The Outsider where he speaks of “the Absurd”, i.e. the absurdity of life.

      And then don’t forget TS Eliot’s cry of despair in The Hollow Men:

      This is the way the world ends
      This is the way the world ends
      This is the way the world ends
      Not with a bang but a whimper

      I think all this will pass.

      History never moves in a straight line. A low point of despair is reached, a rockbottom, then the pendulum begins to swing back the other way. According to the Indians, we are now in the kali yuga, the era of spiritual darkness.

      1. Saki
        I think we may actually be OUT of the Kali Yuga and that coming out of its spiritual darkness is a matter of degrees, as if there were some sort of residual effect. One view of it suggests that this has been the case for almost 1,000 years.

        Puts a whole new spin on the vastness of man’s experience in the passages of time. On what’s considered dark, darker, darkest. Or light, lighter, lighter still….

    1. “ choice” – No surprise. We never had a choice about ‘shots’ of any kind. “GET IN LINE – NUTS TO BUTTS!!”

  20. yes, i remember that… ‘overseas shots’ they called it…
    they used some kind of guns that shoot several into each arm at the same time..
    fear of needles? no problem…
    if you jerked though the gun would slice you…
    i remember a black kid from chicago keeling over on the grinder after the shots…
    no-doubt they’re part of the ‘gulf war syndrome’ thing, vaccines and DU…
    i’m pretty sure vaccines are what happened to some of the goofy people i knew and know..
    people who can’t stay sober too long, have some kind of mental problem… wtf is it?
    i had a tetanus shot a few years ago cut my thumbprint off with a hoof knife…
    i let the hacks at the reno va talk me into it..
    a week or so later i was really weirded out man for while…
    that’s what it was…
    not the homeop itself, but the toxic shit they put in with it…
    i remember in 1970 while we were in the yards at hunters point and living on the beach, bringing the subject up in one of those rap sessions we used to have – what’s really up with vaccines, what’s really in them? good question…

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