Paul Craig Roberts — ‘They Want Trump Imprisoned.’

Giuliana’s Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence

By Paul Craig Roberts
Information Clearing House
November 20, 2020

“The Election  was  stolen.”

Dear Readers,

I was stunned that even some of my readers kept asking why Trump hadn’t presented the evidence to back up his claim of election fraud.  I have to keep reminding myself of how poor the education system and the media are in the US and how insouciant Americans tend to be.

Evidence takes time to collect.  You have to establish a legal team. You have to interview the people who come forward. Witnesses have to sign affidavits under penalty of perjury. You have to organize the evidence and turn it into court cases.  This is what the legal team has been doing in the days since the election.

Today in a press conference, Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and two other members of the legal team gave an overview of the evidence.  It is overwhelming.

There was fraud in the voting machines and software in every state, and massive mail-in-ballot fraud in the main Democrat cities where the election fraud is most evident. In presenting an overview of the evidence, Giuliani and two female members of the legal team shamed the media for their lies, their censorship, their disregard for fact, and their hatred of President Trump.  

They shamed the presstitutes for their indifference to election integrity and for their belief that all means no matter how illegal, unconstitutional, or foul that can be used to get Trump out of office are justified.

I say the attorneys shamed the presstitutes, but of course the presstitutes have no shame. As they are shameless they can’t be shamed.  As I have said previously, there is no one in the American media today who could have been hired by the Wall Street Journal in the 1980s.  What passes for journalists today are not journalists.  They haven’t an ounce of integrity or honor or even a basic understanding of the United States.

And they proved it in the question period afterward.

Evidence and fact mean nothing to people hired to suppress it. The American media, never very good, ended its life in the last year of the Clinton regime when the government permitted a dispersed and independent media to be concentrated in the hands of 6 mega-corporations.  Editors and reporters became people who protect from facts the official explanations that serve elite interests.

I am confident that the presstitutes will not provide the American people with an honest account of what they were told in today’s press conference.  They are not capable of it, and they know that it is not their job.  They and their editors know that any such truthful account means their unemployment.

Here CNN’s report on the press conference: “Giuliani spouts baseless claims at press conference” MSNBC’s report: “Rudy Giuliana press conference an SNL skit of sorts;” Sky News Australia: “Hair dye sweat drips from Rudy Giuliani’s face in press conference.” The total disrespect of factual evidence by the presstitutes could not be more complete. The American media feels justified in withholding facts from the American public and in participating in the destruction of election integrity in the American democracy.

What worse situation can a country be in?

But it is worse than that. These presstitutes see themselves as revolutionaries committed to the overthrow of the evil of white supremacy. Trump is, in their feeble and brainwashed minds, a white racist and a misogynist elected by racists and misogynists—“the Trump deplorables.”  

The presstitutes call the violence that loots and destroys white businesses “peaceful protests.”  They support the destruction of “white monuments” and “white history.”

They turn on any member of the flock that utters a word of truth.  They want Tucker Carlson arrested and Trump imprisoned.  

Biden is actually talking about a pardon for President Trump.

American media believe that truth is produced by repeating lies over and over until they become “truth” in the absence of any other explanation.

I am impressed that the Trump legal team made it clear that they are not going to be intimidated by the presstitutes’ lies.  Nevertheless, watching the press conference left me with a concern.  I suspect that the CIA or NSA has planted on the team a false story that could end up discrediting their efforts in behalf of election integrity.

“They want Trump imprisoned.”

The story that worries me is the story that the crooked voting machines and software are owned by Venezuelans and were first devised in order to allow Chavez and Maduro to steal their elections, and that the November 3 votes were sent out of the country to servers in Europe where they could be fiddled with more.  This, the legal team said, is an independent national security issue in itself.

Clearly Sidney Powell believes this, but it seems to me to be farfetched for several reasons.  One is that there is no need to send the votes out of the country to be “adjusted”,  as the machines themselves were set up to do that.  Another is that Chavez was so popular that he had no need to steal elections.

Remember when the CIA succeeded in overthrowing Chavez and had him in their custody in Venezuela, the people and the military poured into the streets and demanded his release. The CIA had to release him, and he continued as president.  He was so secure in the people that he had no reason to exact retribution against those who plotted with the CIA against him, just as Maduro has left alone the pawn declared by Washington to be Venezuela’s president. The pawn has so little support he is not a problem for Maduro, just as the so-called “Russian opposition leader,” Navalny, is such an insignificant figure that he is no problem for Putin.

Part of the “votes taken out of the country” story is the claim that US forces seized a Dominion server in Germany which contains more evidence of the fraud.  To me this seems an unlikely procedure. If the US government wanted evidence on German soil, they would rely on German police to deliver it, not send in the US military to seize it.

Moreover, the legal team has not been presented with evidence contained on the server.

Possibly the server evidence, if such exists, will be used for criminal indictments, whereas the legal team consists of private lawyers who are not the government and cannot issue indictments.

I think the legal team should have stayed with the account for which they have about 1,000 affidavits that there was a Democrat plan to steal the election, that the plan relied on the voting machines and software, and that the mail-in ballots were a backup if needed.  

When the Trump vote was so much larger than those who programmed the machines expected, the counting was stopped in the middle of the night while in the Democrat big cities hundreds of thousands of Biden votes were produced, with the result being a sudden impossible vertical spike in the Biden vote that highlighted the fraud.



61 thoughts to “Paul Craig Roberts — ‘They Want Trump Imprisoned.’”

  1. Giuliani+Powell+DiGenova don’t want the cases to be tossed back to state appellate courts, so they brought in the foreign interference angle even though Venezuela is clearly a canard but the main thing is that SCOTUS must look at the whole issue, plus it opens the way for FBI as the (federal) counterintelligence service to get in on it, they will be mandated and cannot avoid at least pretending to do some useful work and be held accountable by the Congress.
    Although by rights, the evidence is crazy strong, especially from statistical side, not only massive overvote, timing of vote dumps, location (battleground states, esp. big Dem run cities: Philly, Detroit, Pitts), precincts with 3x pro-Biden (and only Biden) ballots more than registered voters (traditionally, overvote is any time the recorded turnout is >70%), thousands of voters showing up at polling station only to be told that “they had voted already” (and for whom), massive vote switching from one presidential candidate to the other—but in every case of irregularities, they always favored Biden.

    So tell me how much the Jew LERVES Trump, “the most Jewish president in history who does exactly as told by Jew”, in which case why did they have to cheat so desperately and so obviously? It could have been pulled much more smoothly by arranging the race well in advance.
    And why is Trump refusing to concede and is pursuing the action all the way to the federal supreme court (that he luckily stacked with 3 extra CATHOLICS⁉️)⁉️ Does that sound like a good little Jew brown-noser?
    Trump got 74 million votes—none contested by Dems—the most by far in history.
    And gets beat by a literally brain dead opponent who never managed to fill a high school basketball court with genuine fans.
    Do not forget for a single minute what Soros said 2 days after Trump speech at 2020 Davos meeting of the World Economic Forum; that this election would determine the fate of the world.
    You bet that Soros knows something we don’t, part of which is what is going to happen if Trump loses as planned by the Kabbalah politburo—I for one am not that curious to find out (curiosity killed the cat).

    1. Lobro
      I know I’m being the wettest of blankets, but in the interest of potential reality, what if these are only ROTHSCHILD’S Jews Trump is going up against? What if my perfectly plausible theory is correct and Trump prevails. Then what? Cross the proverbial bridge FIRST? 🤔

      1. B-hawk, assuming you’re correct and there’s 2 Jew factions striving for supremacy,
        Where are the bodies?
        Where is any sort of damage Jew has suffered other than the most symbolic nominal one, like
        Pack in your stolen loot and go bother some other country“—which they of course weaponize into “Boo-hoo, poor Jew suffering” (which Jews were kicked out, Redshields or Lizards?)

        Every theory must be fact driven, amended necessarily if new facts challenge some or all precepts and finalized as law (as in law of entropy, for example, entropy is no longer a theory) when no plausible counter-evidence remains.

        If Rothschild dynasty owns more than half the world, where is evidence of Annunaki stash? Where is their faction in Pentagon, media (any signs of intra-MSM disagreement???) and so on.

        Ever heard of the falsifiability principle that must be accounted for before a theory can be argued and examined seriously? Who wins, unicorns or ogres (my money is on ogres), what does the Guinness book say is the maximum number of angels dancing on the head of the pin. (I heard somewhere 1,192, can you dispute that?)

        How about that for a bridge that needs to be built first, then crossed.

        (Consider by way of analogy the religion: if an atheist goes on against religion generally and lists specific arguments against it, e.g., burning of widows at husband’s funeral pyre, you might argue that different religions don’t follow the same practice, there’s inter-religious conflict, Islam vs. Christianity or Protestantism v. Catholicism and provide plenty evidence for it that any fool can recognize—where are the relevant examples for the Rothschild vs. Annunaki scraps?)

        PS. And yes, once again TROJ sees behind the curtain, spotting the Trump-Catholic alliance.

    2. Funny, but NON-Catholic Trump likes CATHOLICS more than Darkmoon’s “Catholic” ADMIN likes CATHOLICS. 🤔

      1. Ever heard of CINO.. “Catholic In Name ONLY”?

        The “current OCCUPIER of The Chair Of St Peter” – as Archbishop Vigano refers to that papal imposter – is the BEST, but by NO means, the ONLY example!

    3. Ju”Trump prevailing” to mean prevail in a way Hitler didn’t, in making this Hitler-Trump hypothesis. Not prevailing via war. That ship has sailed. Say Rothschild was given the old heave-ho. Would “Trump’s Jews” simply pick up the mantle? And if not, what kind of Jews be these?

  2. Lobro –

    It is refreshing to read your healthy perspective of the situation! 🙂
    What we American patriots find to be our duty, now, is a bloody and bothersome reality. We CANNOT let this crime pass unnoticed and unrevenged, even though we might only get minuscule minions in our rifle sights. To let (((them))) dictate the rules by which we live is ridiculous and unacceptable.

    1. To let the Bureaucrat Plague dictate the rules by which we die is even more unacceptable.
      (the worst plague ever)

  3. I keep hearing liberals, who don’t really deny the fraud, saying that “if they give the election to Trump there will be violence, riots and more looting”, to which I respond that if they give the election to Biden, that the problem won’t be civil unrest, it will be war! These snowflakes that have never seen death and destruction up close have no idea what they are about to unleash…

    1. That’s IT, Bob! Defy any and all commie laws. It might be suicide to kill any convenient commie – but we all must die, anyway. Might as well do it for a good cause. 😉
      (((Their))) agenda is against my God, my family, and my country. It is my DUTY to try to terminate as many as possible. (Besides, it can be FUN.)

  4. @ uncle :

    What’s going on with the status of my post? Is it still being “moderated” to determine if it’s acceptable or not? Or, it was already decided it’s not acceptable and it’s in the Trash Bin forever? My post is not acceptable because? Because F*cker Carlson of ((( Fox))) wouldn’t like it and maybe he reads Darkmoon including the comments and I’m just whiddlejoew and WE wouldn’t want to piss off F*cker Carlson of ((( Fox))) and who cares what whiddlejoew feels about having his post CENSORED?

    TOBY: I’m not sure what post you are referring to, Joe, so how can I approve it? You send me about 200 new posts every week, some of them as long as “War and Peace”. Do you expect me to read through 200 interminable comments in Spam to figure out which comment you are referring to? 🙂

    (You need to NUMBER your new posts every day and then just give me the NUMBER of the post you have in mind. This would simplify matters, wouldn’t it?)

      1. The evidence will be presented in a Court of Law NOT presented to the talking heads of the mainstream media. It’s a matter for the Courts to decide, NOT the talking heads in the media, not hollywood celebrities. Not Joy Behar, not Whoopi Goldberg, not Ellen Degeneres, not Kathy Griffin, not Cher, not Lizzo. Not even Tucker Carlson. Talking heads and hollywood celebrities don’t decide the law, the Courts decide the law. The media is supposed to report the news, NOT decide the verdict of Court Cases. The media news talking heads and the Hollywood celebrities will have to wait until the evidence is presented in a Court of Law then they can opine all they want about it.

        ~ cast not pearls before swine ~

  5. The bias of the MSM should come as no surprise to anyone , for the MSM has been a zionist propaganda organ since 1913 when the zionists saddled America with their privately owned FED and IRS and then came the zionist wars and debt and the destruction of the American way of life.

    The zionists are finishing this destruction of America with their covid-19 scam and psyop, which is destroying the remaining hope of the American people with the lies about a fake pandemic, which is a planned-demic and the biggest scam and psyop in the history of the world and the vaccinations will be the finishing touch to the zionist depopulation scheme.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

  6. I don’t know if Trump was “cheated” or not but for the sake of argument, let’s say he was.

    Among people who know Trump it seems to be a generally accepted fact that he cheats at EVERYTHING. Apparently he can’t even play golf without cheating:

    But why? Why does Trump cheat so much when he’s already a decent player? And how can he be so shameless as to cheat right in front of people? They call him on it, but he just shrugs and cheats some more. It’s ruined his reputation in the golf world. Ninety percent of the people I interviewed — on and off the record — say he openly cheats. A lot of them said they stopped playing with him because of it. So why? Why cheat? Why lie? Why exaggerate his handicap, his scores, his club championships?

    “Because he has to,” says Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Lance Dodes, co-author of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. “He needs to be the best at everything. He can’t stand not winning, not being the best. It had to have started very early in his development. To him, not being the best is like fingernails on the blackboard to you. He can’t live with it.”

    Even his own niece is suing him for cheating her out of millions of dollars:

    “For Donald J. Trump, his sister Maryanne, and their late brother Robert, fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life,” Mary Trump’s New York State Supreme Court lawsuit says.

    “They concocted scheme after scheme to cheat on their taxes, swindle their business partners, and jack up rents on their low income tenants” before targeting the teenage Mary Trump after the death of her father, Fred Trump Jr., the suit contends.

    What goes around comes around, so if Trump really was cheated, apparently it’s just a case of karma finally catching up to him and Roberts et al. should butt out accordingly.

    Second, how in principle would team Biden stealing votes from team Trump be any different from Baby Face Nelson stealing some of the loot from John Dillinger? What does it matter to the victims how the crooks divvy up the loot?

    What we’ve got here seems to be a case of two deep state factions (i.e. two sets of utterly corrupt elites) – the Soros faction and the Adelson faction – struggling for control of the state apparatus. In a sense it’s like we’re trapped on a plane with two suicidal pilots fighting for control of the cockpit; one pilot wants to crash into a mountain and the other wants to crash into the sea. Why should the doomed passengers be rooting for one over the other?

    “They want Trump imprisoned.”

    Well if they succeed maybe Trump and Julian Assange can be cellmates.

    1. It is not that Trump was cheated in the election , I could care less about this, as I voted for Joanne Jorgensen, but that Dominion is a deep state Soros operation that is used in 29 states and is corrupt as hell and subverted the election which clearly Trump won, and all this proves that our elections are a farce.

      The ZUS is a zionist colony and has been since 1913.

      1. @ Desert Fox

        It is not that Trump was cheated in the election, I could care less about this, as I voted for Joanne Jorgensen …

        Maybe you couldn’t care less, but to Paul Craig Roberts and other overzealous Trump supporters, a Trump loss means the end of the world as we know it.

        …but that Dominion is a deep state Soros operation that is used in 29 states and is corrupt as hell and subverted the election which clearly Trump won, and all this proves that our elections are a farce.

        As I see it, our elections are a farce first and foremost because “deep state” money and media control have subverted the political process to the extent that we ultimately only get to choose between deep state vetted candidates.

        Moreover, as the Trump administration demonstrates, our presidential election is not only a farce but a very dangerous farce, because so much illegitimate, unaccountable power has been accumulated into an office where the only “qualifications” on the candidates are that they have found favor with jewish oligarchs.

        Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised that some cheating is going on here and there, but if you’re going to claim that Soros is behind some massive vote flipping scam that can swing an election one way or the other (even an election that’s not inherently a very close contest), how do explain Trump’s victory over Clinton in 2016?

    2. The problem with Trump being cheated in THIS instance is the BIG problems we, the people, are facing with a Biden administration. Moreover, I’m sure our oversees opponents are salivating at the chance to take advantage of that senile old libtard and his negress/wog whore. The United States will suffer.

    3. What goes around comes around, so if Trump really was cheated, apparently it’s just a case of karma finally catching up to him and Roberts et al. should butt out accordingly.

      Second, how in principle would team Biden stealing votes from team Trump be any different from Baby Face Nelson stealing some of the loot from John Dillinger? What does it matter to the victims how the crooks divvy up the loot?

      I’ll take a shot at Harold’s questions.

      The part of the electorate who voted for Trump is upset and angry not because Trump was cheated but because THEY were cheated and, in my opinion, they have enough evidence to feel strongly that a fraud of unprecedented proportion took place.

      For the people who never questioned that they lived in democracy where the people – and not the oligarchs – decide who is to be the president and that the president actually has a power to lead the nation, this is not just a big deal – this is a real shock to discover that they have been fooled for 300 years. I suspect that many of them had some hunch this democracy was a sham, but they didn’t bother much brooding about it… as long as life was good and fun.

      But now, when they see clearly what the long term ramifications of the fake democracy are, while the prospects of good life are disappearing with a frightening speed, the whole nation feels confusion, anger, frustration, and despair all mixed and ready to blow up like a Molotov cocktail.

      And this election fraud, which was perpetrated in day light, flying into their faces, may feel like the proverbial straw that is about to break the camel’s back.

    1. Pat, not to mention the practically default carny Congress old unrecorded voice vote, trick, among others.

  7. as i understand it – mail-in ballot signatures can be checked by machines or by people, to see if they match the one registered… in which case the ballot is either allowed or trashed… most are checked by people… so, does the person checking the signature also see who the the voter marked on the ballot? because if so, every signature with a trump vote would have been trashed in philly, detroit, atlanta, and every other rotten dem city… and if the ballot is rejected, does it get shredded, or can somebody else look at it later?
    “What passes for journalists today are not journalists. They haven’t an ounce of integrity or honor or even a basic understanding of the United States.”
    Porno Stars…
    “The American media, never very good, ended its life in the last year of the Clinton regime when the government permitted a dispersed and independent media to be concentrated in the hands of 6 mega-corporations. ”
    fascism is the total corporatation of the government, a partnership for aggressive imperialistic purposes, where multi-national corporate execs are really running things, as though they were state officials, using the intel communities, police and military to do their bidding, while remaining immune from the law… the pope’s all for it…
    The gobalist plot to sunder the constitutional republic goes back pretty far…
    monroe doctrine, treaties of verona, the vatican, all the monarchs, the commies, the jew masons – none of them want you to have private property…
    the bush cheney zion 9-11 and the patriot act were big steps in the destruction process…
    it couldn’t all happen with honest journalism about… the realpolitik methodology operates on the idea that the end justifies the means… that’s what the checkered pattern means on the policeman’s hat….
    and the rot is deeper than the federal deepstate stinking shumer swamp…
    police in general have been operating on the same dishonest method, i guess forever…
    they routinely falsify arrest reports, manipulate evidence and commit perjury…
    district attorneys don’t give a shit who they convict, as long as they jack their stats…
    the henry lee lucas case was particularly odious… the man ‘confessed’ to hundreds of killings…
    they came from all over the country, worked him for all he was worth… and it went down in history as the fact…
    “Biden is actually talking about a pardon for President Trump.”
    of course he is… he wouldn’t want that trend started… he doesn’t want to go to jail either…
    “Another is that Chavez was so popular that he had no need to steal elections.”
    right… the chavez business stinks… the cia overthrew chavez and probably killed him because he nationalized the oil venezuelan oil industry… that’s a major no-no… gaddafi had pretty much the same problem…
    hopefully trump’s dream team won’t get suckered into some plot…
    sidney powell and the other tomato seem good… it’s hard to tell what’s really happening though… is giuiani the honcho? because he goes back a long way with the bush cheneys, he was on hand for the 9-11 thing… i doubt he was fully informed but he ran right along side the whole thing… i doubt anybody gets to be somebody in nyc without the schmaltz…
    the coming vaxx is a big deal too…
    will they make it mandatory with arrest otherwise, you refuseniks go away somewhere and never come back?
    or do they have some other plan to gradually coerce everybody?
    the way i see it —- MY BODY MY CHOICE —-
    What liberal leftie partial-birth feminist sucking abortionist media hack could disagree?

  8. “Another is that Chavez was so popular that he had no need to steal elections.”
    Chavez was popular alright – even within parts of the lower castes of the “greatest demockrassy of the world”. – while slapping EVIL POTUS “baby” BUSH right in the face at home for everyone to see. Reason enough to even smear Chavez with more lies after death by the great “American” Patriotic revenge?
    Down under Rupert M. (as usual) has Aussie minds well configured and trained in regards to Biden’s clear election victory. Election fraud in USA is as impossible as Trump himself “begging” for a second term in office and Australians thinking for themselves.

  9. I am not sure why Roberts would think connecting foreign elements to the election fraud is a bad idea. This is a trump card. Even if the servers in foreign countries were not necessary to interfere directly with the votes, if they had access to the Dominion system they would be subject to the sanctions outlined in Trump’s:

    Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

    All those involved would have their assets seized and their bank accounts frozen. Other entities they did business with would be investigated and suffer the same fate. Foreign election interference connected to the Democratic Party would bring a cascade of world changing events.

    I don’t think this is just about elections in the US. It seems much deeper than that.

  10. Not sure how many able to understand the tale of shekels versus people in these couple of statistical points, powerful indicators of larger forces at play:
    Year——Candidates —–# of Counties won—-Aggregate share of GDP
    2016—–Hillary Clinton———472————————-64%
    ————Donald Trump——-2584————————-36%
    (Trump won six times as many counties but even so, Hillary’s were twice as rich—say hello to Hillary, she is back to look after you lovingly)

    and secondly this excellently designed map, statistics in pictures, presenting the same for Biden against Trump.
    So tell us more about Soros vs. Adelson and other absolutely unsupported and unsupportable fantasies that boil down to how much Jews LERV Trump and his MAGA program, Trump serving the rich and so on ad nauseam.
    These are hard socio-economic numbers, if you want to argue with them, produce your own.

    Come Biden inauguration, the champagne corks will be popping but not for you, you will be tasting snots piling up inside mandatory 24/7 facemasks, removable by special permission to brush teeth and shave.

    Armed insurrection against Jew or craven suicide.

    1. Thanks, Prem,
      Rod Blagoyevich, my favorite Serb (betrayed+shafted by Obama’s Jews, jail sentence commuted by Trump even tho Democrat) interviews Sidney.
      Gonna be BIBLICAL she says (even worse than KRAKEN?)👹

      Hokusai wave🌊 coming, run Joo, run.

      1. @Lobro

        Thanks, Prem,

        Rod Blagoyevich, my favorite Serb (betrayed+shafted by Obama’s Jews, jail sentence commuted by Trump even tho Democrat) interviews Sidney.

        Rod Blagoyjevich interviews Sidney? Are you sure?

        I see in that video news anchor Rob Schmitt interviewing Sidney. If you know anything about Rod Blagojevich (how he looks, how he speaks, his age etc.) except that he is your favorite Serb, how could you confuse him with this guy
        is a total mystery to me.

        Again, this seems to be an extreme case of the phenomenon I have mentioned earlier: the eyes see only that what the brain is predisposed to pick from the retina and ignore everything else.

        At the beginning of the video Lobro sees “Rod Blagojevich | (D) Former Governor of Illinois” on the screen, and his brain decides that the young guy Rob Schmitt in front of him is the old guy Rod Blagojevich.


        1. @ Circassian, re “Lobro”


    2. As to Sidney Powell’s “It’s going to be BIBLICAL“, how about this QAnon post, 12 Nov:

      Do you think we didn’t know?
      Do you think we didn’t make appropriate ‘just’ plans?
      We did.
      Hold the line.
      Nothing can stop what is coming!
      It’s going to be BIBLICAL!

      Aside—unrelated: notice how “Biblical” always refers to extreme violence—perfectly aligned with +++New+++ Testament⁉️ (sarcasm)
      I would sooner consume an Ebolaburger than trust a single word of Sepuagint.

  11. trump won the election by a landslide…
    the case that the dems attempted to steal the election is overwhelming…
    here’s the evidence a lot of it…
    many lower courts will refute it, but there’s no way they can block powell etal from taking it to the supreme court…
    the supreme court will hear the case and find in trump’s favor…
    that will kick in trump’s executive order on the fraud…
    thousand of vote scammers will go to federal prison…

  12. The Introit of today’s Mass, the last Sunday after Pentecost, “Dicit Dominus” :

    The Gradual of The Mass today is Psalm 43 : 8-9

    May God end the seige our president is under and free him from his enemies. The enemies of President Trump are also the enemies of the American people. There’s a few things about Trump I don’t care for, but it’s very obvious that those who want to destroy Trump also want to destroy whatever good is left in the United States. So I support Trump because his enemies want to destroy the country and bring the country down to an almost third world level and Trump is resisting them. As best as he can as he only has a very few loyal supporters in high levels of government. He’s been under seige for the last 4 years. Considering that, he’s done pretty good for a president who is hated by the entrenched Establishment and who try to undermine him every way they can.

    It’s mindboggling to me that the ruling class of this country want to bring the country down to an almost third world level. We have a president who wants to see the USA remain a predominately middle-class country and he’s absolutely hated for wanting the USA to remain a middle-class country. Even a lot of Republican big shots who supposedly are all about a strong economy are on the side of the Democrats who want to ruin the economy. You would think the Republican Party would want the USA to remain a middle-class country but no, that’s not what the Republican “Never Trumpers” want. Amazing!

    Trump has his faults, but compared to his enemies in both political parties his faults are mild and are the type of faults one can live with. He has some patriotism in his heart and he has common sense. His enemies have no heart and are cunning and ruthless.

  13. JO:
    If you think Aussies are dumb, you never met a THICK BRIT… we’re talking the GOLD MEDAL!
    And, in my own personal Hell, I have to deal with these dumb [*deleted expletive*] EVERY day! 😂

    ADMIN: Don’t give me extra work deleting your foul language.
    The next time you do this your comment will be deleted.

    # 12. Posters who resort to 4-letter-word obscenities, ribald sex talk, and foul abuse will be given a warning and then invited to leave.

    1. Oh yeah? Well how come youve welcomed – on more than ONE occasion – TROJs 4-letter expletive to refer to the female sex??????

      ADMIN: We make an exception for TROJ which we make for no other person on this website. TROJ is certifiably insane and also happens to be our licensed Court Jester or Fool. You are NOT certifiably sane, and you are NOT our licensed Court Jester or Fool. A higher standard of commentary is therefore required from you.

      1. # 12. Posters >>>>>APART from TROJ <<<<< who resort to 4-letter-word obscenities, ribald sex talk, and foul abuse will be given a warning and then invited to leave.


  14. 57 years ago on November 22nd, JFK was assassinated. The ANTI-Christ Montini Pope Paul VI was the pope in November 1963 . He was an ANTI-Christ pope [ I say he was also a reptilian shape shifter ] . Today is also the last Sunday after Pentecost and the Gospel reading for today is from Matthew : 15-35,

    ” When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation…. standing in the holy place…”

    I bet Montini was happy JFK got assassinated. Montini was an abomination of desolation ANTI-Christ type pope, BIG TIME abomination of desolation ANTI-Christ type pope.

    It really does look like Jackie shot JFK in the left temple. I am NOT happy to say that, It’s just that I look at the Zapruder footage and it really does look like Jackie shot JFK in the left temple. I found the video “C’est Si Bon” using this Search Term at Google :

    “Holographic Reptilians + JFK Assassination”

    Can anybody honestly say that it doesn’t look like Jackie shot JFK in the left temple?

    Some say Jackie was working for the CIA and for the Jesuits . I would not be surprised, for it really does look like The Pink Panther put a bullet into his left temple. The Assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963, the day Jackie was all in Pink carrying the lambchop puppet. Funny, but the movie “The Pink Panther” came out about a month after The Assassination day Jackie was dressed all in Pink. A “coincidence”.

    I bet Monte knows who handed jackie the lambchop puppet [ with the small derringer type pistol ] that day at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. Monte knows SO MUCH about The Assassination, things never made public Monte somehow knows and knows in detail.

    Jackie LERVED to speak French! Was Jackie a Monarch project “butterfly”? I would not be surprised. Is that why Darkmoon LERVS butterflies so much? Because butterflies = MKUltra Project Monarch. I know cousin Monte LERVS THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK, and it really does look like Jackie In-Pink shot JFK in the left temple, and Darkmoon LERVS Monarch butterflies, so Jackie was a Monarch butterfly and she was programmed to be an assassin and programmed to kill JFK? Right? The evidence is piling up! Give me more Clues, I LERV Clues!

    Videre Licet on this last Sunday after Pentecost. Next up on The Calendar : Advent Season! 😇

    1. Joe, I agree with you and we do indeed think very much alike. Looks like Jackie to me, just as you say.

      I can guarantee you that there is no way Joe is a Jew. If he is, he is the smartest Jew ever since he actually knows the tone behind the days of the Liturgical Year. According to tradition, natch.

      I had to straighten out some chuckleheads on a Catholic board who think the Trad Mums are going to solve the problem by clicking on news stories and alerting, like Paul Revere of old, that the Communists are coming. They are able to do this while holding a rosary bead in the other.

      Here’s what I wrote:

      Good grief! These were the same moms who couldn’t stand Trump back in 2015, even 2016, as most of these fierce ladies were for Ted Cruz the Constitutional Conservative. Trump was just rude and a skin flint. So they learned to toggle between their rosary beads and right clicking a mouse, did they? Beautiful. The crisis is averted.

      This is not a knock on these ladies, just a reminder that they are out of their league and ineffective in politics. They are much to pure and important for her husband and her children to get dirty fighting these pigs. That’s man’s work. But we have to do it like good mangers and design the pens in which to capture them.

      Psalm 127

      The fear of God is the way to happiness

      Blessed are all they that fear the Lord: that walk in his ways.

      For thou shalt eat the labours of thy hands: blessed art thou, and it shall be well with thee.

      Thy wife as a fruitful vine, on the sides of thy house. Thy children as olive plants, round about thy table.

      Behold, thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord.

      May the Lord bless thee out of Sion: and mayest thou see the good things of Jerusalem all the days of thy life.

      And mayest thou see thy children’s children, peace upon Israel.

      Good Psalm for Election Stealing, Thanksgiving, fathers, mothers, children, the proper order of things for the peace of Jerusalem.

      As far as Advent goes, I think I catch your drift.

      Is this true Advent? The one to come? Or just another historical marking of the Incarnation?

      In other words, could this be the real deal?

      I have had some really strange, good things, happen to me in dealing with my fellow human beings in my local area. So I’m thinking this may be it.

      1. “I can guarantee you that there is no way Joe is a Jew.”

        Oh yeah? Sounds like you’ve seen his pecker “up close and personal”…

        (ADMIN: Your comment is coarse and vulgar as usual,
        lacking all finesse. Rich, ignore this skinhead.)

    2. Jackie certainly did NOT shoot her husband. My own mother-in-law was her roommate at Holten Arms School when they were young girls, and they remained friends throughout. While Jackie WAS aware of his philandering (the President had daily sex with different girls), she was a good Catholic woman, and very loyal to her husband – whether or not she liked it. My close friend, Roger Lee Martin (like an uncle to me) was with JFK, and later stayed with Jackie in Leesburg AFTER the assassination. He was Secret Service, and he later in my life travelled with me on business trips (when I heard many tales), and at NO time did he ever say anything detrimental about Widow Kennedy. TROJ is wandering in his troubled mind.

      1. Mr. Huntly,

        Well, what a coincidence, I mention Jackie and your mother-in-law and your close friend knew Jackie. It’s a small world isn’t it.

        Don’t tell me, let me guess, you were also good friends with J. Edgar Hoover and he would give you weekly updates about what was going on behind the scenes in Washington. So what did good ole J. Edgar have to say about Jackie? We’re all ears.

  15. Circussian :

    It probably feels good to have a place in Russia. This way you very conveniently don’t have have to be in the United States when Donald Trump is declared the winner of the election and then there’s going to be A LOT of RIOTS. You can kick back in your Russian dacha and enjoy the show on TV and laugh at what’s going on in the USA and get a big kick out of all of the rioting going on in the United States. Personally, I think you’re a jew and I think your other home outside of the United States is in Israel but you say you’re “not a jew” and you say your “other home outside of the USA is in Russia” so I’ll take your word for it, 😉. Yeah sure I believe you.

    1. I get the impression that you are going through much heartache. I wish I could help you, brother. The only way I could possibly do that is through words. But I feel completely helpless to find the right ones.

  16. Well, why don’t we concentrate on the matter at hand? The recent US election was terribly dubious. The US are losing their face. They can claim no longer to be a blueprint for other nations. Subsequently interventions by the USA will henceforth be harder to justify. Hitherto Trump was blamed for this loss of reputation. Meanwhile it looks like one half of the USA was rotten. Whether it is the left or the right half, the damage is done either way. Moreover it is now Trump’s team that accuses the other team of having been helped by a foreign power. Perhaps these allégations eventually fade away like the myth that Russia had made Trump president, but it is payback all the same. It makes the previous conspiracy theory forgotten and works as a kind of whitewashing for Trump. By the way, if it was conceiveable, that Russian hackers had manipulated US election software, why is it less conceiveable that German hackers could try that too? However, apart from the aforementioned facts there is an elephant in the room: TTIP. Who of you mentioned that? Trump derailed TTIP and for me that is the main point. TTIP was a plan to emasculate national governements and to transfer tremendous power to international companies. I bet you that a president Biden will revive TTIP. Therefore I pray for Trump.

  17. How painful can it be when lifelong held illusions are revealed in a sudden flash of light… or when foolish beliefs, that seemed so solid to a mind deluded by all kinds of “wholly scriptures”, turn to dust under the blows of harsh, unforgiving, cold facts? Quite painful, undoubtedly:

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the suicide rates in the USA skyrocket in the months ahead.

    1. Yes, the suicide rates for the general public will most likely skyrocket very soon. And if the type of poetry Darkmooners go in for is any indication, the suicide rates of the Darkmoon commentariat will also greatly increase very soon.💀😎

  18. This kinda, sums it up “They and their editors know that any such truthful account means their unemployment.”

    Guys, 9/11 should be the perspective with which to consider the possibility of Trump success in these cases. We have to remember Building No.7, which was not hit by an airplane, but came down vertically, to its foot print in less that 10 seconds indicating a pre-wiring for demolition. And if prewired for demolition, this is suggestive that ALL buildings were pre-wired for demolition.

    This thing happened in BROAD DAYLIGHT, with everyone watching it. But, how many Americans have figured it 19 years later? At most, maybe, 30% (30%!) What has happened to the REAL perpetrators of this scum? The freedom to perpetrate MORE scums!

    Now, with these Trumps post-election Court Cases, you guys think they will have legs to walk? 9/11 sealed the fate of America! If Americans could not figure out what they could actually see with their own eyes, what hope does Trump Lawyers to penetrate the think wall of Presstitutes, the Anti-Trump Courts, and other deep States blockades? ( That is, if indeed there is any attempt by the Deep State to frustrate Donny-Boy)
    Everything is under control, and this whole thing is gamesmanship. And Trump, I can wager, is also in it! Something to temper down the Trumpetians and bring their heat slowly down to “normal” by making appear like something real and BIG might just happened to Trump, the “Hero” of American, the “Pro-White”, “Religious” “Radical” “Anti-Jewish crusader, who could not pursue the perpetrators of 9/11, or even mention them, will have Four More Years to “Make America Great Again”

    The pathetic losers are the dimwits who believe that there is a fight going on. Get on with your life’s guys. All this is “Make-Believe”

  19. ADMIN
    I thought REALIST’ comment about biden’s peccare (latin for ‘sinful thing’) was pretty funny…
    i’ll bet everybody else did too… a little humor doesn’t hurt… we’re all grown-ups here… just sayin…
    I mentioned Trump killing the TPP a few months back, probably more than once…
    and you’re quite right… If biden survives the lawsuit and becomes president, he’ll jack the TPP, and that will be just for openers… He’ll flood the country with another 100,000,000 illegals… they’ll all be allowed to vote, it will be like california, the dems will ever have to steal another election again… white people will be enslaved the same way the germans were after ww1, reparations… holocaustianity will he taught in schools, more reparations for jews, antisemitism will get you fired, fined, jailed… there will be no more free speech….
    “The pathetic losers are the dimwits who believe that there is a fight going on. Get on with your life’s guys. All this is “Make-Believe”
    I don’t exactly think so… Make-Believe or not – there will be a huge difference in what becomes of this country, depending on which one winds up in the white house… There’s no doubt about that…
    Yes, Trump didn’t expose the 9-11 plot and jail bush and cheney…
    Maybe he’s still working on it… maybe… maybe that’s what fox hews and all the rest of the media maggots fear so much… The guy was an outsider, working without many contacts, hated by the media, sabotaged at every turn by them and lots of rinos in his own party… look how many people he had to fire, because he never had the select retinue… he has to grab whoever’s on the sidelines and stick em in the game…
    haven’t things worked out about the way you might expect, if trump were a genuine outsider?
    we’re pretty certain trump won’t kill the second amendment… we take what we can get on that…

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