Pedophilia in High Places: The Jewish Connection


An article in three short parts on the Ghislaine Maxwell court case. The third part by Lasha Darkmoon concludes: “Expect a travesty of justice.” 


“If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.” — An unnamed former friend of Ghislaine Maxwell to The Daily Mail.

LD:  Ghislaine Maxwell has copies of Jeffrey Epstein’s “secret stash of sex tapes” and could use them as a get-out-of-jail “insurance policy”, a  close friend has claimed. Ghislaine’s former boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, had rigged up secret cameras in his luxury homes to capture the perverted practices of his rich and powerful friends for posterity. Ghislaine will have no scruples, it is reported, about making good use of these incendiary tapes. [LD]

1  :  The Sex Tapes

Jeffrey Epstein’s accused co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell has a secret stash of tapes from the late paedophile’s mansion that she could use as an insurance policy against federal charges, a friend has claimed.

The former British socialite was arrested and charged in the US last week with six counts relating to a period between 1994 and 1997.

She is accused of having enticed minors as young as 14 for sex and worked in tandem with Epstein. She also faces two perjury counts relating to an earlier trial.

Now a former friend told The Daily Mail that Epstein had rigged his home with cameras and kept surveillance tapes of what went on in there.

The friend suggested Maxwell could use the tapes to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

“Ghislaine has always been as cunning as they come. She wasn’t going to be with Epstein all those years and not have some insurance,” the ex-friend told the Daily Mail.

“The secret stash of sex tapes I believe Ghislaine has squirrelled away could end up being her get-out-of-jail card if the authorities are willing to trade. She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate some twisted movers and shakers,” the former friend said.

“If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.”

Maxwell has been moved to New York and is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn and not in the Lower Manhattan facility where Jeffrey Epstein died last August.

She is due to face court on Friday where she is expected to enter a plea and will have the chance to apply for bail.

Prosecutors want her kept in New York because they believe she is a significant flight risk with three passports in her name and millions of dollars at her disposal.

Prison officials want to ensure Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t meet same fate as Epstein, who died by suicide in his cell while awaiting sex trafficking charges last year.

The source continued: “Not only did Epstein like to capture himself with underage girls on camera, he wanted to make sure he had something to hold over the rich and powerful men who took advantage of his sick largesse. I’ll bet anything that once it comes out that Ghislaine has those tapes, these men will be quaking in their Italian leather boots,” the person said.

This week it emerged Maxwell had hired the defence lawyer Christian Everdell, who defended Mexican drug lord El Chapo, to defend her against the charges.

Maxwell has previously denied any wrongdoing and has launched her own lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate.

If convicted, she faces a prison sentence of 35 years.


—   §   —

2  :  The  Alleged  Involvement  of  Mossad

Alleged “Mossad agents” with incendiary sex tapes

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly has secret sex tapes in her possession that would expose powerful Epstein acquaintances, giving her clout in any potential plea deal while also acting as a form of protection against being “suicided”. That’s according to an unnamed former friend of Maxwell’s, who told the Daily Mail, “If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.”

“The secret stash of sex tapes I believe Ghislaine has squirreled away could end up being her get-out-of-jail card if the authorities are willing to trade,” said the insider. “She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate some twisted movers and shakers.”

It’s now part of Jeffrey Epstein lore that the billionaire sex trafficker had his mansions festooned with cameras that recorded his influential friends having sex with underage girls, material that could later be used to blackmail them.

The compromat operation was widely speculated to be an intelligence program, possibly run by Mossad, for whom Epstein was reportedly recruited by Ghislaine’s late father Robert Maxwell.

When authorities raided Epstein’s New York home last year, they found a “vast trove” of pornographic photographs and digital video files of underage girls with handwritten descriptions such as “Young [Name] + [Name]”, “Misc nudes 1”, and “Girl pics nude”. The files were believed to include the names of the abusers who had sex with the girls.

Given that Epstein “committed suicide” less than a month after reports indicated he was ready to name powerful players in an effort to secure himself a reduced sentence, it wouldn’t be a shock to learn that Maxwell was thinking along the same lines.

As we highlighted last week, a lawyer for one of Epstein’s accusers thinks that Ghislaine Maxwell could reveal a “bigger name” involved in Epstein’s pedophile network in order to secure a plea deal following her arrest.

“I’m sure that Ghislaine’s attorneys will try to make a deal where she speaks out about a bigger name to get reduced charges for herself,” said Lisa Bloom.


—   §   —

3  :  Pedophilia in High Places: The Jewish Connection

By Lasha Darkmoon 

Meet Alison Nathan (left),  the Jewish lesbian judge who has been assigned to preside over the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Alison Nathan is happily united in a same-sex marriage to her brilliant wife, New York University School of Law Associate Professor of Clinical Law, Margaret (Meg) Satterthwaite, pictured HERE. They are the are proud parents of twin sons. “How the hell did THAT happen?” asks Jim Stone, maestro of conspiracy theories, in mock bewilderment.

Even if we think Jim is being a bit harsh, if not downright “homophobic”,  in describing the distinguished Ms Nathan as “a totally corrupt and demonic transvestite” , I think most of us lesser mortals would be concerned to find that—thanks to this particular Jewish judge’s appointment— “all the evidence that could convict Ghislaine has already been thrown out of court on the grounds it was ‘obtained illegally’.”

Personally, I can’t help wondering what has happened to all the gentile lawyers in America. Has jurisprudence, I ask myself,  become a Jewish monopoly? There are far too many Jews involved in this particular case, as I hope to demonstrate. Appointing a Jewish judge, it seems to me, is unwise, unhelpful, and totally inappropriate. I can already hear the phrase “travesty of justice” ringing in my ears.

It is not the first time I have said this, but I will say it again with a new emphasis: there are far too many Jews lurking about in the shadows of this sordid sex saga.

First of all, Jeffrey Epstein is Jewish. Ghislaine Maxwell is Jewish. Other prominent Jews cuddling up to Epstein and hobnobbing with him on his ‘Pedo island’ in the Caribbean sun, making use of his ‘Lolita Express’ to fly in and out for sensational massages and merry cavortings with temptresses in their early teens, are Alan Dershowitz, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, and comedian Woody Allen — himself, by an uncanny coincidence, accused by his ex-wife Mia Farrow of sexually abusing their 7-year-old daughter Dylan, while at the same time putting in a good word for Roman Polanski, another convicted pedophile who is still at large and beyond the reach of the law.

In addition, isn’t it strange that Audrey Strauss (pictured HERE) , acting US attorney for the southern district of New York, should also by sheer chance turn out to be Jewish?

By strange coincidence yet again, the lawyer acting on behalf of Epstein’s victims, Lisa Bloom, is Jewish too!  By an even stranger coincidence, her mother,  Gloria Rachel Allred, is also closely involved in the Epstein court case. (See header picture here). And who, pray tell, do we have witnessing on behalf of Ghislaine Maxwell in court? None other than the notorious Harvard Professor, Alan Dershowitz, a fanatical supporter of Israel and prominent advocate of torture.

Mirabile dictu—wonders will never cease!

In the astute words of political activist and writer Franklin Ryckaert:

“One should always play the game of Cherchez le Juif, because nearly always Jews are involved. That whole Epstein organization was a Jewish plot to force by means of sexual blackmail the elites of the Western world into policies favorable to the Jewish rogue state Israel. Keep in mind that Israeli top politician EHUD BARAK was mentioned on the list of Epstein’s regular guests. And that passionate Israel advocate ALAN DERSHOWITZ only went to Epstein’s resort “to have a massage while he kept his underwear on” does not have many believers among us awakened goyim.”

And now, the crowning touch—if not the straw that breaks the camel’s back—we learn that the presiding judge overseeing the entire case is a lesbian Jewess, Alison Nathan, a lady of unblemished reputation  who has decided in advance that most of the incriminating evidence against her fellow co-ethnic, Ghislaine Maxwell, is inadmissible in court because it was “illegally obtained”.

Given that Jews are reported to constitute no more than 2 per cent of the American population, I find it weird beyond description that all these Jews should suddenly come galloping onto the stage of history all at once, en masse,  in such unimaginably high numbers.

The chances of this happening naturally, I am told, are roughly 10 trillion to 1.

My own opinion, for what it’s worth, is that this whole case stinks to high heaven because of the number of Jews involved in it. “Travesty of justice” is a grotesque understatement. This is mockery and contempt for the basic principles of ethics and jurisprudence.

Jesus wept.

 VIDEO  :  2.35 mins

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  1. The distinguished law firm of Jew, Jew, Jew, & Jew objects! Hearsay! (😉)

    1. Excellent and I am only waiting for the day, which is probably VERY soon, they announce ” America is now UNDER NOAHIDE LAW.”

      1. George H Bush signed this into Law in 1991 recognizing Noahide Law which basically mean only one person has to accuse you and off with your head.

        See Rev 20:4:

        “And I saw thrones and they that sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them. And I saw the souls of them that had been beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast, nor his image, nor had received his mark upon their foreheads or on their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

        However I did notice that Trump signed this Executive Order in Apr 2020 but notice he removed all references to Noahide Laws.


    2. Part of me wonders if the Mossad is orchestrating this entire court case on US soil. Trump is friendly with Israel, Dershowitz and the like. He allows Barr to run the DOJ as he sees fit and takes a hands off approach. Would it be such a stretch to conclude that all of the parties involved in this case belong to the Mossad? The amount of Jews involved is truly unusual. Usually, Mossad agents in foreign countries will be Jews, obviously. It would be such a tragedy if that were the case here.

  2. Surely you mean the firm of “Shlenta,Shlenta& Smuchel” advised by ” Dewey Cheetham & Howe”?

  3. Having read parts 1-2 I was already theorising that the case might be used to lessen and excuse the immorality of sexual abuse of children and minors.

    LD’s part 3, and the quote “a totally corrupt and demonic transvestite”, reinforced this theory strongly in my mind.

  4. Zionsts control the ZUS and have since 1913 when they fastened their privately owned FED and IRS on the American people and so they can get away with pedophilia and any crime against humanity .

  5. Ghizlaine aint taking no jews down. I say they made a deal with her to implicate trump and she does very little time if any. proof of this that she left israel and france who would not extradite her and go back to the US to purposely get caught. she was bulletproof in israel. prince Andrew and trump 2 gentiles will take the heat while joossad and all the “American” jews skate. this is a total jew operation including the dyke judge all the lawyers and criminals

      1. Lasha’s is Just like wine, she gets better with age. I bet she is on Mossad’s shit list. Maybe that explains why she went underground.

        Love Lasha’s quote, “Meet Alison Nathan (left), the Jewish lesbian judge who has been assigned to preside over the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.”

        Thanks for introducing to us Alison’s Nathan brilliant wife. Shouldn’t judge Alison Nathan be disqualified bc of her race?
        Did you hear about the new politically-correct term for lesbians?


    1. @ SPQR70AD

      Brilliant post, sir! (Or madam!) I totally agree with everything you say! 🙂

    2. Exactly. And even if that was not the case she would NOT compromise the Mossad and Israel. She is doing their bidding. Maxwell purposefully allowed herself to be indicted and confined. She can be easily “Suicided” or even worst ,snatched from anywhere to become free again or tortured for an eternity. She will NOT flip!

    3. Tru news says that Child rape is part of human sacrifice and was forbidden by Moses but was done in Carthage 246 BC then to Aztecs the underworld ancient giants chained underneath desires innocent suffering and the free angel hybrids mostly female feed off the innocent or youthful blood as food and creating their world when one uses mushrooms.

      1. Jews and Pedophilia is not about enjoyment of sex, nor is it about a good time at party, or machismo or being an elitist big man etc. Remember jews own Kabbalah and this is a skill of mystery religion lasting thousands of years. The pedophilia is about trading resources with dark entities and for centuries dark occultists fed children by pain or rapes to sacrifice. The entities feed off slow destruction of kids child age 8 high intelligence. Reports of disappearing kids Increased over decades etc Oklahoma, Pizza gate, David Icke, The war crime Rotschild bankster binge is also a sign and technology which go to the rich, also more child disappear etc is linked to post 911 war crime binge and 2008 and 2020 bialouts and acceptance of mass media or jewish media propaganda narratives. These psychopaths cause violence and murder in occult and demons aiding them and their riches is the key. Children are fed into the elites machine.> Yemen &Assange. their agenda wins by violence.

  6. The thing is, Ghislaine Maxwell is strictly spoken according to Jewish law (Halacha) not even Jewish, since her mother Elisabeth Meynard was not Jewish but of Huguenot descent.

    Here is a picture of her mother and her father (notice the different types of noses in both) :

    But probably she identifies as Jewish and is accepted as such by the mishpucka (Yiddish for “Jewish Mafia”, derived from the Hebrew word mishpacha, meaning “family”).

    Yes, this case is riddled with Jews in literally all important positions. That was also the case with 9/11. Jews take no risk. This being so, it is not clear what they try to accomplish with this trial, since revealing a Jewish plot to control the goyim elite by sexual blackmail seems not to be to their advantage. Or is it a plot by left wing Jews to smear Trump and prevent his reelection?

    1. The jews want Ghislaine in the United States and “arrested” and “put on trail” in order to smear Trump and prevent his relection. I have to laugh when I read articles about Maxwell buying a house in New Hampshire and the authors say things like “Maxwell was hiding out in New Hampshire” — like it’s difficult for ZOG’s Deep State to find anyone they’re looking for in New Hamphire, lol. She could have stayed in France and not have to go thru any of this. She came to the United States under orders by her MOSSAD boss — the goal to smear Trump in court and prevent his reelection. After November election, whether Trump wins or not, we’ll be told she died from Covid-19 but she will really will be sent to Israel.

      1. I don’t think Ghislaine moved to New Hampshire willingly. I think she was ordered to leave France and move to the United States. Epstein was lower in rank than Ghislaine. Ghislaine was Epstein’s boss, but Ghislaine has a boss over her. She was ordered by her boss to move to New Hampshire. So she could get “arrested” by ZOG so she could then smear Trump in a court of law, effectively undermining his chances of getting re-elected, IMO. Trump is going to be THE FOCUS of the trial, NOT Prince Andrew and NOT anyone else, just TRUMP.

        [ Trump, by the way, is a JEW. He is not a NON-Jew, he is not a “Presbyterian”, he is a JEW ].

        She left France where she was safe from extradition to the United States and moved to New Hampshire USA to hide from ZOG so she wouldn’t get arrested by authorities in the United States, LMFAO!!!! If you want to hide from ZOG just move to New Hampshire USA, LMFAO!!!!

      2. @ TROJ

        These are remarkably good comments, Joe. May I ask why you keep writing such garbage most of the time when you are capable of writing with such lucidity and sincerity when you choose to do so? 🙂

        Pity you can’t post like this all the time.

        1. I am very fond of Troj. A most original character. I like him even when he says bad things about me. His brain must be an interesting place to the average psychiatrist or neurosurgeon. 🙂

      3. Madame, if by ‘interesting place’ you mean the psychiatrists and (yikes!) neurosurgeons could undoubtedly learn a lot from poor widdle Joe,
        I wholeheartedly agree!
        Shucks, if not for that pesky petite tourette, he’d be a model citizen, lol..

      4. Joe’s “Joey Two-Times” schtick is all part of the entertainment here in Lasha’s playhouse. TROJ is one of the “Goodfellas”
        Bada BING!😎

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      I enjoyed reading your above comment and learned a lot from it.
      I note that LD put your previous comment on “Cherchez le Juif’ to good use. That was a most apposite quote in the context, since it helped to reinforce LD’s main argument that “there are far too many Jews involved in this sordid sex saga.”

      To my astonishment, I learned today that the authorities are going to inordinate lengths to make sure that Ghislaine Maxwell does not commit suicide. How are they doing this? Two methods:

      (1) They have stripped Ghislaine of all her usual garments and are forcing her to wear paper clothes. She is not allow bed sheets but must sleep on paper bedsheets. Presumably, she can’t hang herself with paper sheets.

      (2) Secondly, she has a room mate to keep her company at all times and make sure she doesn’t try any funny tricks.

      I don’t think this is a good arrangement for several reasons. How can the room mate be trusted not to bump her off? I understand the room mate is wearing ordinary clothes made of cloth, so Ghislaine can steal these clothes late at night when the room mate is asleep and use them to hang herself.

      What is your opinion on this arrangement?

      1. @Manfred
        To be honest, I don’t believe Epstein is dead, either by suicide or murder. Here is a picture of his “dead ” body being carried away :

        Notice how his head is far too big for that distance and his body far too short in comparison with his head. So this must be a photo shop (and a clumsy one at that). But why falsifying such a picture if he really died? So he must not have died.

        As for Ghislaine Maxwell, I think she is far too much a person enjoying life to commit suicide. The fact that she left France where she was protected by that country’s non-extradition law and went to her own house in the US where she could easily be arrested is highly suspicious. This lady is far too clever to make such a mistake. I think it is a plot to smear Trump in order to prevent his reelection, as most commenters here also think. She will get away with a very mild punishment and then resume her party life.

        1. Franklin,

          Beautifully put! Lucid and to the point. I think logic is on your side and that the common consensus here is that Trump is the target and Ghislaine is the hand grenade that will blow him up.

          Unless of course Trump is cunning enough to dodge the hand grenade and lob it back like a boomerang, causing widespread havoc within the enemy camp.

      2. I’m very capable of always writing intelligent comments — “remarkably good comments” — but considering how many commentators attack me when I write “remarkabaly good comments” I many times choose to write garbage posts, considering who makes up a good portion of the commentariat around here. Act like garbage, don’t be surprised to come face-to-face with garbage posts, it’s all you deserve, garbage, nah mean? I write an intelligent post and I get treated worse than Rodney Dangerfield ever got treated [ pbuh ] , I get treated like Billy Bates [ pbuh, especially, as Billy got beat up real bad, real real bad ] . I didn’t insult anyone but I get treated like I did. We need some music so we can all calm down. Please don’t hit me — all I did was write a “remarkably good comment”, I didn’t insult anyone in front of his girlfriend or anything like that! I’m innocent I tell ‘ya! Bring on the music! :


        To be honest, I don’t believe Epstein is dead, either by suicide or murder. Here is a picture of his “dead ” body being carried away :
        Notice how his head is far too big for that distance and his body far too short in comparison with his head. So this must be a photo shop (and a clumsy one at that). But why falsifying such a picture if he really died? So he must not have died.

        The picture is indeed a clumsy photo shop; it is just as clumsy… as Franklin’s logic itself. Indeed, if the idea behind this photo shop was to fool people that Epstein is dead when he is really not dead, don’t you think whoever did it could do a better job? Even elementary school kids could do better than that, for God’s sake!

        The photo shop is so poorly made that it instantly reminded me of “the half man, half pig in a hospital” scene from a 1973 British comedy-drama fantasy film “O Lucky Man!”

        How much they are paying you, Franklin? 🙂

        1. Franklin Ryckaert’s logic is perfectly acceptable to me and to most other people on this website. How much are paying YOU, Circassian? What is the going rate for trolls?

          1. When it’s my time to leave this world and I’m on my death bed and thinking about Life and thinking about everything I’ll soon be leaving behind, I know for sure I’ll be very happy to leave behind U.S. presidential election years. Every 4 years nothing but LIES and fake phony smiles, nothing but LIES and phony smiles from both political parties. I’ll be very happy when I don’t have to go thru anymore U.S. presidential campaign years.

      4. @Circassian

        Good, following your logic that the conspirators of Epstein’s fake death were not stupid, where would that lead us ? That the picture is genuine and that Epstein did indeed have a waterhead and the body of a dwarf? Last time I checked, on all pictures available Epstein had a normal head and a normal body. But if Epstein did really die, why would the authorities fake a picture of his dead body? Why not publish a real one?

        When you study false flag conspiracies you frequently find mistakes, even stupid mistakes. That is why they are debunked as false flags in the first place.

        There are however two other explanations than stupidity for mistakes.

        It is said that the conspirators feel so confident in their power to control the narrative (after all they control the mass media) that they like to mix absurd “proofs” into the bargain. This to show their contempt for the general public. And let us be real, the general public is stupid. Only a small minority sees through the deception and they can easily be denounced as “conspiracy theorists”.

        Yet another explanation is that the conspirators are into occultism and believe that they will be saved from the bad karma of their deeds if they send a hidden message that the event is indeed a false flag. It is then the responsibility of the public to react accordingly. If they don’t, then the karma will be on them and not the conspirators.

        So there are 3 explanations for stupid mistakes in false flags :
        1) stupidity, 2) contempt, 3) karma evasion.

        Take your pick.

        Anyway, I maintain, if Epstein really died, there was no reason not to publish a real picture of his dead body. Therefore he did not really die.

      5. @Franklin Rychaert

        So there are 3 explanations for stupid mistakes in false flags:

        1) stupidity, 2) contempt, 3) karma evasion.

        Take your pick.

        I pick my own: 4) to sow more confusion in obtuse heads and keep them guessing.

        I could offer a multitude of other ‘explanations’ in the same ridiculous category as your three, none of which has any support whatsoever for your far-fetched conclusion.

        You are engaged in what I call a futile mode of reasoning, brother.

        1. @ Circassian

          I’m sorry. No one is saying Franklin Ryckeert is 100% correct, least of all himself. But I will say this: he has made a very reasonable hypothesis and his arguments as a whole come across as plausible as well as sincere. Your own arguments in comparison come across as weak and unconvincing.

        The picture of Dead Epstein has a couple interesting qualities. As some have pointed out the ears are different, which is readily apparent. Others say the nose is different. I don’t know about that. But we have the entire thing about THEY rollin out a stiff without the face covered with a sheet. Is this SOP anywhere? SO without even the bad photoshop THEY are sending the INTENTIONAL Message that THEY can either “suicide” or snatch anybody from anywhere! NO matter HOW secure.
        This most likely kept quite a few people quiet!

      7. ALL –

        Franklin and Manfred are correct. Circ is weakly trolling for a lame argument… as usual. 🙂

    1. Good point, Melanie.

      Even if Ghislaine Maxwell is not, strictly speaking, “Jewish” according to Jewish law, because of her mother being a Protestant Christian, there’s no doubt that she is thoroughly Jewish and identifies as Jewish because of her very close relationship with her Jewish father Robert Maxwell.

      She was always regarded as “Daddy’s little girl”, his favourite child and the heiress to his ill-gotten fortune derived from swindling his employees out of their pensions. Israel would have accepted her as a citizen with open arms, and there is more than enough evidence that both father and daughter were both working for Mossad.

      Needless to day, Ghislaine also looks thoroughly Jewish.

      1. Saki,
        You “hit the nail on the head.” Jewishness is more about identity than race or religious practices. Alison Nathan and Ghislaine both could be considered Jewish depending on whom you ask. But they’re both very different women. One a beautiful socialite. The other somewhat of a freakshow. Anyway. Donaldo doesn’t like the word “Jew” which denotes an absolute and feeds a stereotype. Donaldo would love to wine and dine Ghislaine. But there’s not enough tequila in all of Mexico for Donaldo to “rise to the occasion” with Alison…… Regarding pedofilia. Donaldo just doesn’t get it. Older women can be quite beautiful and especially elegant. Charming. But, yes. Some men are confused. For them, younger is better. Don’t know why. Perhaps there are underlying psychological issues at play. Anyway. If Jeffrey, dead or alive, had behaved differently none of this mess would have transpired. Don’t know his motives. Anyway. Most Jewish men are happily married. Great husbands and father’s. Let’s not place all Jews on the same side of the Rubics cube please. Donaldo just reflecting from a hot and boring truckstop in Virginia. 🤔🍷🌮✌️

    2. @Melanie
      I watched “Huguenots and Jews of the Languedoc.” It’s a total inversion of history, and shameless anti-Catholic and pro-Jewish propaganda. The blasphemous and racial supremacist Talmud was written between about 200 to 600 A.D., the Cathars were fanatic and murderous sodomites, and the Crusades and Inquisition were both noble enterprises, the latter actually necessary. Don’t believe the anti-Catholic history you’ve been conditioned to believe. See, e.g., Seven Lies about Catholic History.

      The world hates the Church that Jesus founded, just as He said it would (John 15:18). It reviles her doctrines, mocks her moral teachings and invents lies about her history. In every age, but especially in our modern day, historians and political powers have distorted the facts about her past (or just made up novel falsehoods from scratch) to make the Church, and the civilization it fostered, seem corrupt, backward, or simply evil. (This doesn’t apply, however, to the Vatican II counterfeit church established under the infiltration, threat, and pressure of Judeo-Masonry,

      In Seven Lies about Catholic History, Diane Moczar tackles the most infamous and prevalent historical myths about the Church—popular legends that you encounter everywhere from textbooks to TV—and reveals the real truth behind them. She explains how they got started and why they’re still around, and best of all, she gives you the facts and the arguments you need to set the record straight.

      Written in a brisk style that’s easy to read, Seven Lies about Catholic History provides the lessons that every truth seeker needs in order to defend and explain, not just apologize, for the Church’s rich and complex history. has the book for about $6.

  7. I suppose “Sir” Mick Jagger is also a pedophile. Because as late as last week I saw photo of him together with Ghislaine and another creepy photo was the one with her and Kevin Spacey sitting on the throne of England. All these so called “celebrities”. Most of them seem to deserve to burn in hell.

  8. The purpose of this case is to “Get Trump” and only to “Get Trump.” It’s my understanding that it only covers the years 1994 to 1997, which eliminates pedophile island, Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express, Prince Andrew, and of course all the women trafficked in Florida. This is all about those bad boy parties that Jeffrey Epstein threw where prospective models (who were underage) were hooked up with movers and shakers that might further their career. Apparently, Jeffrey Epstein ensnared Donald Trump into sex with an underage girl (statutory rape). Ghislaine committed perjury by dismissing this incident when her X boyfriend Jeffrey was alive and now that he is dead she is going to tell us about it and all those Jewish people are there to make sure that Donald gets nabbed but good. ( Lisa Bloom already paid off the girl to testify against Trump) Yes, forget the Mossad connection, forget the Les Wexner connection, the Maga Group, forget also another election of Donald Trump who will be a criminal if they play their cards right. We’ll then get a Jewish New World Order that has a lot of experience of compartmentalizing empathy just for other Jews and no one else. We’re basically screwed… The future is child trafficking as far as the eye can see.

    1. Kapoore,

      You have written a scary post, and I woudn’t be surprised if you are right: that the main target here is Donald Trump. Trump must be quaking in his boots.

      Let’s hope, for everyone sake, that you are wrong.

      I guess time will tell.

  9. Surly President Trump must have realized that the arrest and trial of Ghislaine could come and bite him on the ass. That is if he was a bad boy schmoosing with his betters. for the favorers of the young. Trump must be aware of this cast of Khazarian characters in the arrest and upcoming “trial” of Ghislaine Maxwell. The comments on this thread are right on the mark. Can there be any doubt that all this is timed to perfection to stop the reelection of Donald Trump, truly, a babe in the woods when dealing with the Khazarian Mafia.

    Hey, all use guys, the fix in it. This whole “affair” puts new meaning into “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.

  10. “Even if we think Jim is being a bit harsh, if not downright ‘homophobic’….”

    We should try not to internalize the categories and use the weaponized language of our diabolical oppressors. Just using the word “homophobic” means conceding ground to them. I doubt if you would call someone against gay “marriage” “anti-marriage equality.”

    On a positive note, I like the coda you chose: “Jesus wept.” He wept over the city of Jerusalem because it “failed to recognize the time of its visitation” by its Messiah. I think some of those tears were also for the “New Israel,” the church He founded, which has been in a state of apostasy since the eclipse of the Catholic Church beginning in 1958.

    1. @ Darrell

      We should try not to internalize the categories and use the weaponized language of our diabolical oppressors. Just using the word “homophobic” means conceding ground to them. I doubt if you would call someone against gay “marriage” “anti-marriage equality.”

      Your failure to note that LD was being portentously IRONICAL, poking fun at political correctness, needs pointing out. LD herself does not approve of homosexuality or even condone it. In this she is, I think, exactly like you. She would hardly take kindly to be called “homophobic” herself, any more than you would be. So there’s no point lecturing her on this point, taking a superior attitude to her — as if she were a pupil in your class who needed rapping on the knuckles — when she was simply being ironical and speaking tongue-in-cheek.

      1. Sister Monica —

        Irony is a very English thing and most English people with a sense of humour have no trouble detecting it. Americans, unfortunately, even highly intelligent ones like Darrell, are woefully deficient in irony detection. They just don’t know when you’re kidding and larking about. Nor do they appreciate English understatement and rapier-like wit disguised as elaborate politeness.

        All these subtle nuances escape our American cousins completely. Their sense of humour is more slapstick and down to earth. Man slips on banana skin and falls flat on face. Americans laugh uproariously. They think that’s hilarious. Englishman raises ironical eyebrow at banana incident, refraining from vulgar mirth.

        English humour is lost on Americans, irony included.

        1. Humour is based on climate and varies from country to country, depending on the weather. The sunnier the weather, the more more cheerful the people.

      2. Sard –
        “Americans, unfortunately, even highly intelligent ones like Darrell, are woefully deficient in irony detection.”

        Very true. I have trouble with it and sarcasm even more. I have seen that engineers and other nonfiction stalwarts seem to fail there more than others. Novelists and poets are more keen to irony and sarcasm also.

      3. @Pat

        That is why you often find this among American commenters :

        “…It is common in online conversation among some Internet users to use an XML closing tag: . The tag is often written only after the sarcasm so as to momentarily trick the reader before admitting the joke. Over time, it has evolved to lose the angle brackets (/sarcasm) and has subsequently been shortened to /sarc or /s (not to be confused with the HTML end tag used to end a struck-through passage)…”

        Source : Wikipedia, Irony punctuation.

        As for Circassian, he is more interested in showing how intelligent he is (and how stupid everyone else) than adding value to the conversation. Thus he is always contrarian because he always “knows better”.

      4. @Franklin Ryckaert

        As for Circassian, he is more interested in showing how intelligent he is (and how stupid everyone else) than adding value to the conversation. Thus he is always contrarian because he always “knows better”.

        I believe you have been dishonest here, Franklin. Usually I speak only about thing I know something about, and most of the time it has to do with the country I was born and raised in, with its history, its rulers present and past, its way of operating, and so forth. Is it any surprise that I indeed know about these things better than you, or anyone else here for that matter, do? Don’t you think these insights are of some value and go a long way to understanding what is happening in the world today… considering the ever growing influence played by Russia in the world affairs today?

        The West is going down, Franklin, while Russia is going up. That’s the most important thing you could possibly grasp, brother. But what do you do? You, instead of trying to grasp the value of my insights, keep blubbering endlessly and mindlessly about de Joos based on some doctored pictures.

        (ADMIN: PERSONAL ABUSE, REFERRING TO FRANKLIN RYCKAERT’S “JEWISH ASS”, DELETED. This is not a forum for ad hominem defamation in lieu of logic and reason.)

        I wouldn’t hold my breath though in anticipation that you would be able to grasp that simple truth.

      5. @Admin

        (ADMIN: PERSONAL ABUSE, REFERRING TO FRANKLIN RYCKAERT’S “JEWISH ASS”, DELETED. This is not a forum for ad hominem defamation in lieu of logic and reason.)

        Of course, you are free to approve of my posts, to partially approve them, or to block altogether. But, please, do not distort my message, and do not twist my words.

        Yes, I have used the phrase “Jewish ass” in that post, but I didn’t refer to “Franklin Ryckaert’s Jewish ass”, did I?

        If I did, that would mean that I consider Franklin Ryckaert as a Jew, but I don’t. On the contrary, I am pretty sure that he is not a Jew, just like I am pretty sure that LD is not a Jew, Pat is not a Jew, TROJ is not a Jew, Gilbert Huntly is not a Jew, etc.

        In fact, I can’t name even a single contributor here who comes across clearly as a Jew, except, perhaps, that guy… what was his name… Polatnik or something? (TROJ’s “best friend”)

        1. @ Circassian

          Of course, you are free to approve of my posts, to partially approve them, or to block altogether. But, please, do not distort my message, and do not twist my words. Yes, I have used the phrase “Jewish ass” in that post, but I didn’t refer to “Franklin Ryckaert’s Jewish ass”, did I?

          I did not “distort” your message or “twist” your words, you angry little troll. I simply quoted the exact phrase you used: “JEWISH ASS”. If you don’t mean to imply that Franklin is Jewish, don’t refer to his “JEWISH” ass.

          Say what you mean in future, not something you don’t mean.

      6. @ Admin Toby

        ADMIN: INSOLENT COMMENT DELETED, which ends with the words:
        “Would like to apologize to me, you foolish little man?”

      7. Circ –

        You wrote:

        “The West is going down, Franklin, while Russia is going up.”

        You better tell that to the thousands of people in the Siberian angry mobs today!!!

        These two videos show demonstrations that were held in Habarovsk…. which is in extreme eastern Siberia on the Amur river, on July 11, 2020. The demonstrators were/are against the arrest and prosecution of a Russian populist leader on trumped up false charges… Governor, Sergei Furgal.

        The prosecution was sanctioned by ‘Put-On’ who is in control of the system just as he designed it with the July 1 election.

        These Russians are VERY ANGRY with ‘Put-On’ which is good to see. 💥 😜

        The Far East boils!!!
        (STAR NEWS video channel)


        Angry Khabarovsk Residents Rally In Support Of Arrested Governor

        KHABAROVSK, Russia — Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Russia’s Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk to protest against the arrest of their regional governor on murder charges, chanting slogans against President Vladimir Putin.

        Participants shouted, “Shame on Moscow!”, “Putin’s a thief!”, and “Down with the tsar!” 🙂 — references to President Vladimir Putin.

      8. Circ –
        JUST IN!!!!

        ‘Put-On’ would be nothing without the West, especially as a colony of the US….. and paying off US lobbyists 🙂

        Joe Biden’s energy adviser, Amos Hochstein, aided the Kremlin’s nuclear agenda!

        Obama’s Russia Failures Unleash New Chaos and Cronyism in Ukraine… as Biden’s advisor, Hochstein, failed to mention that he had witnessed Putin’s energy strategy firsthand.

        Hochstein communicated Putin’s energy dominance strategy in the oil and gas sectors very effectively, but he never mentioned Russia’s attempts to corner the global uranium market. It was something he had assisted personally.

        Last month, Just the News reported that shortly after Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas company landed a deal with the Obama State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID). At the time, Burisma was under multiple investigations for corruption.

        Not only did the controversial Ukrainian energy firm get a deal with USAID while Hunter Biden was on the board, but Joe Biden’s energy advisor, Amos Hochstein, promoted the very program which worked to legitimize Burisma amid the allegations.

        As an Obama official, Hochstein testified repeatedly to Congress, urging lawmakers to help “reform” Ukraine’s energy sector to mitigate Putin’s advances.

        At an event hosted by the Atlantic Council (a think tank funded in part by Burisma), Hochstein warned that Russia’s weaponization of energy deals was predictable and must be counterbalanced:

        “When the gas was shut off from Russia to Ukraine on June 16th [2014], that was not a unique event. It happened in 2006 and it happened in 2009 and, therefore, it happened again in 2014.

        And there is no reason to believe it will not happen again,” Hochstein said.

        “The way to prevent it from happening again is to … [create] new infrastructures that can allow for energy, for gas and for other sources of energy to come into Europe from other places to compete with Russian supplies.”

        As it turned out, Hochstein was uniquely aware of Putin’s energy strategy.

        Here was Hochstein’s role:
        Between his visits to Congress (and well-connected think tanks) to apprise decision makers of Putin’s energy antics, Hochstein was Biden’s right-hand man meeting with numerous world leaders. He frequently flew to Ukraine (and other nations) with Biden to work out energy deals.

        But Hochstein had a secret.

        Time and again, Biden’s advisor failed to mention that he had witnessed Putin’s energy strategy firsthand. Hochstein communicated Putin’s energy dominance strategy in the oil and gas sectors very effectively, but he never mentioned Russia’s attempts to corner the global uranium market. It was something which he had assisted in…. personally!!

        While working as a U.S. lobbyist in the private sector, Hochstein had advised Rosatom’s subsidiary: Tenex.

      9. @Uncle Toby

        Let me ask you a few questions, brother.

        (1) Do you have conscious, uncle?
        (2) Do you believe in God and in the notion called karma?
        (3) Do you understand that if a human does not behave like a human he/she becomes an animal?
        (4) Why do you choose to behave like an animal, rather than like a human as you should?
        (5) Do you understand that the West is doomed and why is it doomed?
        (6) Do you understand that the key to the future of the world is held in Russia and by Russians and why is it so?

        1. @ Circassian

          Since you have decided in your own mind that I “choose to behave like an animal rather than like a human being”, isn’t it rather foolish of you to ask me six questions and expect a reasonable answer?

          If Pat or Brownhawk or Gilbert Huntly wish to answer you on my behalf, they are welcome to do so. Though I think they would be wasting their time. 🙂

          Pat is well equipped to answer Questions 5 and 6 for you, which are the only interesting questions here.

      10. @Admin Toby

        Pat is well equipped to answer Questions 5 and 6 for you, which are the only interesting questions here.

        I highly doubt it . . . . .

        You are wrong on the second part of your reply as well: it may seem strange to you but all six questions are on the same level of importance… for the answers to all of them are tightly interlinked and they, basically, boil down to one and the same thing.

        Think about it, uncle.

        Here is another nail in the coffin of the Russia-West relationship that only heralds the demise of the Western civilization which is already written on the wall:

        US is literally helpless to do anything in space without Russia these days; hell, it cannot even get to space without assistance from Russia nowadays.

      11. Circ –

        “(5) Do you understand that the West is doomed and why is it doomed?”

        Yes. Miscegenation.

        “(6) Do you understand that the key to the future of the world is held in Russia and by Russians and why is it so?”

        Yes. Over 500 US companies are building everything in its colony there. Russia is the largest secret testing laboratory in the world. And…. The labor is much cheaper there. 🙂

        US & Russia space programs:
        The US space program has moved to Russia & CIS countries because it is easier for the US companies to pull of the space hoaxes when out of sight of reporters. Guiliani & Bracewell groomed Kazakhstan for that in the 90s. And… The labor is much cheaper there. 🙂

        I refer you to…..
        The US, NATO and Russia are all big partners in business!

        US firms like Rudy Giuliani’s have Energized the Caspian and CIS for decades. They help Russia and CIS set up banking and stock markets and write their BUSINESS LAW for them.

        Bracewell & Giuliani LLP of Houston, set up offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1997.


        Bracewell & Giuliani chose to open its CIS office in Kazakhstan, mainly because projects there in which they had been involved provided “a wonderful base, context, knowledge and contacts” says Vojack.

        “It was natural for us to continue on and practice law in Kazakhstan rather than going to Moscow,” he says.

        As a new lawyer seeking opportunities for Bracewell, Vojack, who speaks conversational Russian, went to Moscow with business expertise gained through negotiating deals for Minneapolis-based Honeywell Corp. from 1979 on. (Honeywell has been in Russia for many decades.)

        Practicing with Bracewell, he found himself in Kazakhstan by July 1994, spearheading a project to create Kazakhstan’s equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission, with a team of Kazakh lawyers and advisers from the United States. Bracewell then entered into a joint venture with Arthur Andersen to create the security laws for the stock exchange and Kazakhstan’s market institutions.

        At the same time, Bracewell banking partner Robert L. Clarke worked with a team to help create Kazakhstan’s banking system and banking regulations.


        Law firms energize their Caspian-area business
        Mar 19, 2006

        Week of March 17-23, 2006 Vol. 36, No. 45

        Thanks to Houston’s leading role in energy, the exotic names of former Soviet Republics forming the Commonwealth of Independent States — entities such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan — are familiar to locals active in oil and gas. They are also well known to Houston law firms that serve energy interests.

        Serving Russia and the Caspian region, Haynes and Boone LLP opened a Moscow office last year. Bracewell & Giuliani LLP set up offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1997. Baker Botts LLP opened a Moscow office in 1993. Vinson & Elkins LLP established a Moscow office in early 1991.*750.jpg?v=2

      12. @Admin Toby

        ADMIN: This comment is incorrectly addressed to me. It’s meant for Pat, since it’s in response to a comment made by PAT.

        CIRCASSIAN: 5) Do you understand that the West is doomed and why is it doomed?

        PAT: Yes. Miscegenation.

        CIRCASSIAN: The answer couldn’t be further from the truth.

        CIRCASSIAN: (6) Do you understand that the key to the future of the world is held in Russia and by Russians and why is it so?

        PAT: Yes. Over 500 US companies are building everything in its colony there. Russia is the largest secret testing laboratory in the world.

        CIRCASSIAN: Wrong again! Pat is hopelessly behind the curve. Russia and the US are “partners” no more (I hope that everyone here understands that they, in fact, never were, that’s why “partners”). These two most powerful nations on the planet today are in the headlong collision course since we, the people of Russia, have approved of changing the crypto-colonial constitution of Russia to a sovereign one just two weeks ago on Jul 1, 2020.

        ‘Khabarovsk’ is just a minor manifestation that the game is up. I expect that many more Khabarovsks (instigated by the oligarchs who have clearly sensed that the power is slipping under there feet) to follow in the coming months.

        1. Circassian,

          I find Pat’s arguments far more convincing. You make some good points, but you offer no proof for any of your statements.

      13. ‘Khabarovsk’ is just a minor manifestation that the game is up. I expect that many more Khabarovsks (instigated by the oligarchs who have clearly sensed that the power is slipping under there feet) to follow in the coming months.

        Did I not foretell this? It is happening right this minute:

  11. I find it amazing how everyone repeats and thinks that Epstein is dead, so gullible.

    1. Pat,

      The fire on the U.S. Navy ship the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard. Was it sabotage? And if it was sabotage, who was behind the sabotage? China? BLM/Antifa?

      1. Nah…. likely just smokin’ ‘lettuce’ in a store room….
        ………. and passed out. 💥 😎

  12. When a case is brought, the officialdom takes over the entire subject…
    Nobody will be making any real statements from here on out, all speech is under control…
    anything you hear otherwise is bunk…
    If the PTB-ZOG are doing this, it is probably because they feel they need to take control of the issue, clamp a lid of censorship over the whole thing… Pizzagate may have rocked the boat a little more than they like, more than we guess…
    The woile episode will all be covered by Jewish lawyers and judges, they’ll all get some nice fat checks for the parts they each will play…
    The trial, if there is one, will come out however it is intended from the gitgo by those who orchestrate it…
    Never Mind Systemic Racism – Pedophilia is what’s systemic in Washington DC, Hollywood, everywhere there are filthy rich and powerful people immune to the law…
    This will give the tabloid media something else to talk about, Giz will be JACKO for a while…

  13. The Cathars were not, “fanatics and murderous sodomites”. The Roman Catholic clergy were, and are. The Cathars adhered to the original, apostolic tradition. The Cathars were well loved by the people. They were healers and tended to the needs of the common folk in any way they could. They were called, “Bon Hommes”, the good men, that being generic because it included their women, which they treated with respect and as equals, unlike the misogynistic Roman “Church.” In that time, the worst insult one man could call another was, “priest”, meaning of the Roman variety, and was fighting words, synonymous with scumbag and degenerate. The satanic Inquisition was the antithesis of “noble” and totally unnecessary. It’s purpose was not to eliminate so-called heresy but to quash what the Catholic church regarded as “competition” and to plunder the lands and wealth of Occitania where the Cathars were based, rape its women and steal its wealth. Show me any passage in the Bible where Jesus condones murder, torture, rape and theft as practiced routinely by the Roman “Church” and its soldiers. Far before Vatican Two in the 60s, even from its inception, the Roman Catholic “Church” has always been a haven for Babylonian perversions, pedophilia, avarice, Freemasonry, and evil degeneracy. The Cathars, the true Christians, had them pegged correctly as the Anti-Christ. Any disputation between synagogue Jews and the Roman Catholic clergy is merely a quarrel between two sets of rabbis.

    1. Here, here Heretic,
      TJ thinks you are quite correct in regards to the Cathars. The home of the Cathars was Southern France. Not only did peace loving Rome rape and pillage the Cathars, but the Roman Catholic clergy sent it’s army to kill every Cathar , man women and child they could lay the hands on.
      That reminds TJ where he read somewhere that when draining a pond behind a Catholic domicile, found at the bottom of the drained pond were hundreds of infant skulls. This of course happened a long time ago. It was speculated at the time that the Priests had a proclivity of messing with the nuns and if a birth of a baby was the result of tossing the new born over the wall into the pond. TJ would like to get some feedback on this story.

  14. Right on, T.J. That story about the infant skulls is true. Catholic priests would also routinely visit farm houses. While the farmer was plowing the fields, the priest would plow his wife. If she objected or resisted, the Babylonian robed scumbag would just brand her husband as a heretic giving him a death sentence. Under such duress, the women invariably submitted. That however is the minority of sexual offenses. Most of the venerable Catholic clergy preferred to bugger altar boys, then as now. Most sheeple don’t realize that if a Catholic priest could exorcise demons, he could summon them as well, which was and is a frequent occurrence. There are countless occult, black magic practices within this “Holy Church”. There is a passage in Scripture that rails against that whore, that great abomination that sits upon seven hills. The city of Rome sits upon seven hills. Somehow, I don’t think the prophet was referring to the Italian parliament.

    1. Yes. Yes Heretic,
      And lets not leave out some of the “holy men’ of Israel, wherever found, who also have a fondness for the rosy cheeks of young boys. The Catholic priest. as of the last couple of decades. gets all the press and movie tunes but only once in a rare moon will a Rab make the back page of the NY Slimes. But then we know who controls the Press don’t we?

      1. Whats the difference between a roman Catholic priest and a zit?
        The zit doesn’t come on your face until you’re about twelve.

        1. @ Mjolnir

          I have yet to meet a Roman Catholic priest or nun who was in any way a bad person. I have had personal dealings all my life with the Catholic Church, having gone to Catholic schools all my life, and I have never, even once, received any ill-treatment from the Catholic clergy. They have always been helpful, holy, and impeccable in their behavior toward me and my entire family.

          1. @ Silent Reader

            Well said, SR. The people who go on about the number of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church and make sweeping generalisations about Catholicism itself, including Christianity, are not only poor logicians. They are also have serious emotional problems.

            Given that there 2.3 BILLION Christians in the world, the total number of Catholic clergy who get into trouble for molesting children are not even 0.001% of this vast number. They are not IN ANY WAY representative of the Catholic clergy as a whole but constitute exceptionally RARE ABERRATIONS.

            These people who keep bashing the Catholic Church on this pro-Christian site are simply Christ-hating fanatics with severe personality disorders. I have never met a Christ hater who was not also mentally disturbed. They usually have sexual problems.

      2. Excellent point, T.J. The rabbis sexually abuse children, particularly young boys, as much if not more than the Roman Catholic clergy. It is for the most part obfuscated or ignored because the Yids own and control all major media. Like I said before, the synagogue Jews and the Catholic clergy are just two different sets of rabbis. It’s no coincidence that they both wear yarmulkes.

  15. Screwing around is not a crime but taking photos of politician screwing 14-year-old girls. This is according to former Israeli spy Ari Ben-Menashes in a soon to be released book ” Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” The anther claimed he was the handler of Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell, who was also an Israeli espionage agent and was the one who introduced his daughter and Epstein to Mossad. (MEM, January, 2020).
    10 yeara ago, ISISrael’s Chief Rabbi Ari Shavat explains: declares sleeping with the enemy is kosher. Adding, it is permissible for the state to initiate and use forbidden sexual relations in rare and extreme cases, if that is the fastest and most efficient solution for getting necessary information that benefit israHell.

    Jews are known through out history and even during the time of Prophet Moses be upon him to use sex as a a means to get their way and to create mischief on earth.

    Before Israel and its lovers whine and complain about the rise antisemitism, perhaps it is time for them to follow the rules of civilized people and respect the sovereignty of other nations.

  16. Jizzy has as much chance of being convicted as I have if be nominated the next Chief Rabbi of Israel…

    or, even more unlikely, being nominated “Mr Congeniality” on darknoon

  17. Since according to contrarians and cynics everywhere they are right waaay more often than not, it stands to reason their input would be considered high value, essential data.

    As for the will Ghislaine flip question, I’ll only ask on whom and for what? Flip or Flop?
    Flip like in court with her hand on the Bible?! Yeah, I can’t see Flip anywhere in the crystal ball but I do see Flop with a capital F.

    There’s nothing to flip on. It’s not like the (cia) and Mossad don’t know everything she knows. Photos, videos, documents, confessions, etc. Her own cameos included.

    Hell, even we the peons know about these little devils and their gold, drugs, black magic, bloody murder, cannibalism, etc. Not to mention their everyday Legal demonic activities and enterprises. Yep, everyone knows but knowing something and doing something are two very different modes. Well, excepting of course for the 10K or more intrepid Ivy League Journalism gradjits of the M$M fifth column. But then again the much bragged about SCOTUS ruled said Presstitutes and their Corporate Pimps can legally lie and lie and lie some more to the hoi polloi consumers of regularly scheduled news disinformation poorly disguised as facts. (it isn’t a lie if they believe it)

    So there we have it. Not real hard to cipher. Not real hard at all. The knowing gets ridiculously easy after a few thousand years but the doing pretty much remains the same 13th Labor of Hercules it always has been. And no doubt will be. at least as far into this particular downward trending future as the cynical eye can see.

    Even as we talk about the little devils and their intrigues, front page news stuff, I can’t help but notice (((someone))) has been destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities on the sly the last couple weeks. Nobody, it seems, knows nuttin’..

      1. It’s an Alice-in-Wonderland world.
        I am beginning to doubt my own sanity.
        That’s why I’m keeping a low profile nowadays. 🙂

      2. PAT,

        ((( Who ))) is Joe Biden’s handler and boss? [ Biden is so obviously a puppet, lol ] ((( who))) is the puppeteer pulling Biden’s strings? If Biden does win in November, how long into office will ((( they))) declare he is not fit to serve [ because he has dementia/alzheimers ] and invoke the 25th amendment and make his vice-president The President? 2 months/ 3 months? And who have the pharisees decided should be the vice presidential running mate?

        Those who vote for Biden in November will in-effect be voting for the vice presidential running mate to be The President. It’s Biden’s vice presidential running mate who will be The President if Biden wins. Even Biden said his vice presidential running mate needs to be ready The First Day to be The President. How obvious it is he’s not going to be the president but his vice-president will be made The President. [ if he & his vice-presidential running mate win in November ].

        I eagerly await your reply, which I’m sure will be a speedy reply — as well as a very intelligent, very well-informed, very knowledgeable, very informative, reply — like all your replies are always very intelligent, very well-informed, very knowledgeable, very informative, and always speedy! I guess I’m being repetitive, but when complimenting and praising you one can’t be repetitive enough! It’s the only time uncle doesn’t mind me being repetitive, when I’m complimenting and praising Know-It-All U! *grin*

      3. Pat, meaning of course the Bureaucrat Plague employees and wannabes, big and small. Folks here at DM and folks like folks here at DM know a lot about a lot and then some. I reckon some of it’s even true!

      4. TROJ –

        “((( Who ))) is Joe Biden’s handler and boss?”

        I am not sure. It appears to be either Hillary or AOC!!!

        Hillary and AOC could be hooked in series, strategizing, while just plain old ‘hooked up’ in an ugly romantic position….. as was the case with Janet Reno. WHEW!! 🙂

  18. Although the lawyers and the judge are all kosher klub, the reason why she was brought in by the Feds is because the White House is also kosher klub, so this was their chance to take the stash, and give her legal escape at the same time. Blackmail will continue, unabated.

  19. It’s worth bringing up and it could be a step toward cleaning things up around SWAMP ZOGGY, but the maxwell phase of this dirty little saga is going to end up as just another tabloid page distraction for the masses, while the investigation and trial will serve new left-handed legal precedents as the whole thing is filed away in the phony history books, like so many other disgusting episodes in the Grade C series called Corporate Politics…
    And while were being distracted, here’s what’s really happening —

  20. Here is one more item about the Jewish connection in high places from today’s News wire service.

    Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of a Southern California synagogue who was wounded in the attack at his synagogue has pleaded guilty this week foro participating in a multi-million-dollar fraud that disguised charitable contributions for personal gain.

    He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for fraud but prosecutors will recommend probation as part of a plea agreement.

    Five years probation in prison for fraud is travesty of justice.

    What happens to the Bible teaching, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness, Honor your father and mother, and, You shall love your neighbor as yourself?”

  21. “Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into …
    [Search domain
    How did the American Catholic priesthood go from an image of wise, strong men like Spencer Tracy in Boys Town and Bing Crosby in Going My Way to an image of “pedophile priests”? In the New York Times bestseller Goodbye, Good Men, investigative reporter Michael S. Rose provides the shocking answer that the mainstream news media have missed. He uncovers how radical liberalism, like that found on …

    In Goodbye!Good Men, author Michael Rose interviewed over 125 seminarians to examine the reasons why the Catholic Church now faces an alarming shortage of priests.(From 1966 to 1999 the number of seminarians dropped from 39,638 to 4,826.) For years this dramatic decline has been blamed on materialism, growing skepticism, and the perceived “unrealistic expectation” of celibacy.”

    Mr. Rose wrote in his book that at least half of all Catholic Seminaries in the US where run and populated to a “man” by homosexuals. Any straight man who believed in celibacy was forced to leave.

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