Prisoners and Guards

29 April 2020

Last chapter for humans
Final call for revolution
before the lights go out

“Who is to guard the guards themselves?”
—  Juvenal, Satires, vi.347

You can’t tell if the lady in the mask is smiling or crying. In Coronaville’s quarantined supermarkets, everyone wearing a mask is regarded as an enemy and everyone without one presents themselves as a fool in the minds of those who have taken in the media poison through their ears and become something less than human in that instant when decision is decided by panic.

I said a long time ago that one day our entire society would be divided into prisoners and guards. That day has come. You’re either a resourceful research trying to debunk the lethal lies of The Man or a robot working for him.

Now that living a happy life seems to be completely out of the question, people who try to stay on the side of the government have become enemies of the rest of the people who are simply trying to stay alive.

You see it in the nasty behavior of those frustrated souls who are hooked into the mainstream media fables and get irate when you suggest that the highest leaders of our country just might not be telling the truth. It doesn’t matter if you point out the other numerous examples in the recent past where our leaders told us anything — sometimes even multiple versions of the same story — except the truth in life-or-death situations.

There seems no way to predict who will contract the quarantine-based, Sudden Elevation of No One to Someone disease of this current pandemic season. This worldwide scourge is called Airport Security Syndrome, when every punk west of East Cheesecake flaunts the insecurities of his powerless past by assiduously checking out the crotches of old ladies and little babies on the pretense of looking for bombs.

And as these certifiable malignant narcissists become the sworn enemies of those Luddites among us who simply wish to continue the beautiful life which we had been comfortably living before we were so rudely interrupted by this totalitarian Big Pharma brainrape, both our individuality and our lives are being served with de facto notifications of our termination dates.

Bulletin on malignant narcissists

Bill Gates is the J.P. Morgan of his time. He knew the virus was coming because he invented it. But like Morgan, he doesn’t have the real money; he only has the stock certificates. The real money still resides in the friendly folks who funded the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great Depression, and World Wars, 9/11 and now The Invented Disease that Paralyzed the World. Gates has now been admitted to this fecal fraternity at Rothschild-level rank. Gangsters have always ruled the killers.

So I asked myself, “What would Eustace Mullins have to say about the Coronavirus?” In his bestselling “Murder By Injection” (1988) he wrote:

Despite the great power of the hidden rulers, I found that only one group has the power to issue life or death sentences to any American—our nation’s physicians. […]

I was able to document the shocking record of these cold-blooded tycoons who not only plan and carry out famines, economic depressions, revolutions and wars, but who also find their greatest profits in their manipulations of our medical care. […]

. . . their most constantly used weapon against us is their employment of federal agents and federal agencies to carry out their intrigues. The proof of this operation may be the most disturbing revelation of my work.

What does COVID-19 stand for? Certificate Of Vaccination — ID2019. Do you have the presence of mind to understand what this means, and more importantly, can you explain its significance to someone else who desperately needs to understand it?

Understand this media mind invasion. Everything will be fine if we all just get our vaccinations. Please observe the teeth in the smile. This is a real life Twilight Zone episode materializing at this moment in time. More on what the vaccine will actually do to you in a later episode.

Malignant narcissists:
A popular new category
for today’s introspectors

I love the phrase. It has such a nice ring to it. Not too offensive but slightly confrontational when mixed with the element of surprise.

People are feeble in trying to come back from this subtly rude assessment, if you blurt it out unexpectedly.

Malignant narcissists! It’s the perfect description of everyone in the world. It has become my favorite label because it applies to every single person anywhere at some unscheduled point in their day, that pivot point in reality when ‘what I should do is really right’ comes in second best to ‘I don’t have the time and energy for this so I’ll ignore it but still pretend I know what it’s all about.”

How many nervous 9/11 narratives have you heard like that? Or how many explanations of this CIA-19 ‘pandemic’ can you imagine being said by people like this, many of whom directing traffic inevitably send you in a direction you don’t want to go (which is what is happening to society).

Malignant narcissists. They are the type of people who would destroy the world without a second thought if it meant they could acquire their fondest wish by simply looking the other way, or telling a small lie by saying a certain thing was good when it really wasn’t.

My favorite antisocial label used to be “sociopathic autodidact” which I utilized to describe the lemmings who still believe Arabs who couldn’t fly Cessnas flew jetliners into skyscrapers as a way a person acts when they try to follow an argument but can’t really understand the finer points of it, yet agree, saying something like “mmm . . . OK” while looking off in another direction.

The offspring of all these crassly crafted creatures are the same bunch that eagerly infects everyone with their own personal version of the Airport Security Syndrome that arises when shallow people are given reins of authority too powerful for their little minds to keep from deteriorating into nihilistic nepotism, which is how all crime syndicates, from religions on down, operate.

That’s what the creators of the virus finally realized.

These sheep have already had their fleecing and continue to be too stupid to realize what’s actually happening to them. So now they are ready for their shearing, with the slaughterhouse their ultimate destination in order to shore up the food supply. Salúd Ray Kroc.

How the jaded politicians must glow with glee at the thought that Bill Gates is providing more flesh for this faggots’ feast, and also that Mr. Microsoft has a vaccine ready to give his government-locked-down captive audience that will guarantee an unbreakable connection with the central source who forevermore will dictate our new schedules as obedient and grateful citizens.

After all, isn’t this what the ouroboros really means — that snake eating its own tail? And now it has come to pass, we’ll be eating our own species in front of big screen TVs at the FEMA camps! Not for very long, though. But mostly this message applies only to malignant narcissists — who wind up destroyed by their own thoughts. But also for Democratic Party hopefuls, now that they have gone full Communist on us. I guess their plan is that we will just consume ourselves. Which, by the way, we seem to be doing.

Sociopathic autodidacts wound up in this position long ago, and are being swept toward the waterfall without a clue as to their own necrotic mental condition. This conclusion is why the new Deep State has decided to put the hammer down in 2020 — the population is helpless to prevent its lobotomization and standardization.

The lockdown turns people into shadows of their former selves right before our eyes. They avert eye contact in embarrassment with their faces hidden by antiseptic masks. In a way, the lockdown has made everyone a criminal in the eyes of everyone else. A perfect tool if alienation of the population from each other is the goal.

The rich use the poor as a weapon to drag down the self sufficient in order to make everyone the same level of slave.

Increasing the poverty of the masses makes control easier when people never have adequate time to examine the forces that prevent their understanding.

You can make good money as a guard although the diet of lies is not so good for your health. As a prisoner, the going is tough without ideal principles to support you, but even in the worst of it at least you can look at your own soul without retching and still fondly remember that hallowed time in history when at least you thought you were making your own decisions.

Because now we know for sure that we are not.

Today all the communication platforms are ruling that any talk of spirit, soul or consciousness in the same story is evidence of fake news. That the majority of people in the world accept these false editorial judgments as correct is clear evidence that our future will be a lot darker than we had already surmised.



Actually, we’re all prisoners, it’s just that some believe they are guards.

I recently witnessed a video of this cold-blooded mindset taken at a supermarket. A young man I know was shopping for a few items using the last of his meager savings from his EBT card. This man, in his early thirties, is mentally disabled almost to the point of non-functionality, a condition made much worse by mandatory state medication. He is the ward of an uncaring, unfeeling state created to impose and foster such mental conditions.

He stood frozen in the aisle, his mind locked on some point he could not move beyond, so he stood there, bent over, eyes turned up into his head so all that was visible were the whites. His nose dripped profusely onto the waxed floor, creating a puddle at his feet. No one did or said anything. In fact, everyone seeing him in the aisle would simply avoid walking down that aisle. He stood there for about fifteen minutes in that catatonic state, no one noticing anything amiss — no one.

Finally, his mother came back into the store to find out what had happened and returned him to a more or less conscious condition. That is precisely the reaction the state is looking for.

We have become soulless psychopaths just like our Jew overlords. The difference being that, due to our mental conditioning, we are powerless to fight back. This conditioning has created supercilious indifference, atomizing individuals into unthinking, unfeeling, walking dead automatons whose only will is to support the only authority figure it knows, the terrorist state, cleverly disguised as a caring, maternal nanny. All others are shunned enemies of “wrong thinking.”

Thus, anyone taking a stand on any issue oppositional to government decree, will find themselves standing alone with no support. Despite Hollywood  movies like V for Vendetta, Jews know very well that it’s impossible to start a one man revolution.

Revolution —  it takes a herd to start one.

People must be driven like herd animals before they will support any issue. And that is exactly what has happened in every revolution Jews ever imposed on the masses. All that really counts is the direction where Jewish herders want the herd to go. Individual rogue cows, refusing to comply with dictates, are easily dealt with.

I saw this herd phenomenon in full bloom at Waco and that was twenty-seven years ago. State authority and its manipulation of the masses have come a long way since that watershed event. Life has truly become a Jewish Hollywood horror script made real.

—   §   —

LD: I have added this video by way of commentary, also because it’s entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Most of you will already be familiar with it.

VIDEO   :   2.55 mins

42 thoughts to “Prisoners and Guards”

  1. Top class from JK and AS.

    The critical moment will come when humans line up to be branded Goyim with a RFID device.

    Christians and Muslims have doctrinal opposition to this, but when offered a paltry portion of World Bank Ponzi money (Universal Basic Income), most will comply. The pussie communist Pope is bound to coerce his flock in the billions. The mass of buddhists have already complied (China). Hindus – I am not sure about their doctrine on this point.

    Get some land and a gun.

    Don’t take the Gates injection pussies!

    1. “Get some land and a gun”. Hmm. That’s not so easy for those that live outside of places like Montana. If the majority agrees to roll up their sleeves and have the shot, then will it even matter if the dissident minority even refuse? If we’re locked out of our bank accounts how long do we last until our tinned soup and cash reserves run out?

      For those that have had the sense to prep, a year maybe? Let’s be generous and say two years until the white coats surround your car one day and cart you away. The time for running away, deserting those less fortunate to do so and hiding out in the woods some place is over.

      1. @ Jay77

        You are right. Because you are realistic and are ruled by common sense. All these macho folk preaching heroic “resistance” to vaccines are to be admired for their courageous bravado, but they might as well write their own suicide notes in advance.

        Poor deluded souls!

        The government will just smile as they splutter bravely: “I’d rather die than take a vaccine!” The government will simply let them have their way … and LET THEM DIE!

        The totalitarian authorities don’t have to put the vaccine rebels in gulags, or shoot them, or torture them. They can just let them starve to death, holed up in their isolated cabins, without access to money and with rapidly diminishing food supplies. Urban dwellers will be the first to go.

        There’s the theoretical possibility, however, of a few genuinely heroic spirits living in forests and in the wilderness, without access to electricity or telecommunications or tap water, managing to survive like latter-day Robinson Crusoes. Good luck to them! I reckon these heroes would number less than 0.01% of the population.

        The government will just ignore them and let them die.

        1. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being realistic. I heartily recommend keeping a gun handy and sufficient ammo for hunting and self-defense. But it seems to me that many of these vaccine rebels are just letting off steam and spouting hot air. When the crunch comes, they will realize that resistance is perhaps futile and that they have no choice but to accept the vaccine. It’s either that or a slow death. Their guns will then come in handy. They will have one final choice. To take the vaccine or shoot their brains out.

      2. @Saki
        “Vaccine Rebels” is a name calling attack, presupposing you are right that vaccines are harmless.

        They are not harmless. Try getting insurance against vaccine damage. Read about Gates vaccines in Africa. How many times will you pass over following statement without reflection?: All medical products are double blind tested for efficacy, except vaccines. In addition this “vaccine” will permanently alter human DNA. Explain your behavior to your maker if the second half of the “Gates vaccine” binary weapon is released. The mass of peer reviewed evidence against vaccine efficacy shown in Vaccines the Hidden Truth, a documentary featuring doctors to 90% talking about medical journal data should convince anyone. I assume religious doctrine is of no importance to you.

        You are right. Tough if one is not living in a rural COMMUNITY to be picked of as an individual.
        One possible solution is to choose a sacrificial person who will take the Mark of the Beast to buy and sell on behalf of yourself. SAKI will volunteer no doubt.

        1. @ Flan O’Brien

          “Vaccine Rebels” is a name calling attack, presupposing you are right that vaccines are harmless.

          You are right in this sense, dear Flan, that the phrase “vaccine rebel” may seen a bit intimidating to people who think vaccines are extremely dangerous. But you are wrong, and, if I may say so without offending you, needlessly touchy in accusing me of launching a “name calling attack” on you personally.

          Why are you wrong? Because you do me an injustice in believing that I am pro-vaccine when I am not. Never for a moment dd I suggest that “vaccines are harmless”. You really should refrain from attacking people who are sympathetic to your viewpoint that vaccines should NOT be made compulsory. I firmly believe that it is a flagrant crime to force people, against their wills, to submit to mandatory vaccination for themselves and their dearly loved children.

          I happen to be strongly opposed to the flu jab and never accept it when I am offered it every year by my local health clinic. I do no want my children to be injected with vaccines that could give them autism. And I certainly do not wish to have the Covid-19 vaccine thrust upon me and my family without my prior consent.

          You are obviously a highly educated man, but I think you are over-hasty in deliberately going for my jugular just because I use the term “vaccine rebel”. You ARE a “vaccine rebel” from the stance of the majority, from the stance of the government. And so am I.

          You would obviously prefer it if you were referred to in more flattering terms as a “vaccine truth speaker”. You are welcome to that flattering terminology if it makes you feel any better. The reason I don’t (and won’t) use that term myself is that it is SCIENTIFICALLY INACCURATE. For this reason: no vaccine has yet been found, so it is scientifically invalid to denounce a non-existent substance as “dangerous”.

          You don’t decide in advance, for example, that an airplane in the planning stages is “dangerous” and should be banned. You don’t decide in advance that an unpublished book is “dangerous” and should be destroyed before anyone reads it. Yet here you are ready to denounce as “dangerous” a vaccine that MAY actually work and that is NOT necessarily dangerous.

          I do hope for your own sake that you have the comprehension skills to understand the distinctions I am making above.

          1. To summarize:

            (1) I am against compulsory medication of ALL types, including statins and antidepressants. No one should be forced to take ANY drugs against their wills. Period.

            (2) I am against the knee-jerk denunciation of non-existent vaccines, vaccines still in the planning stages, vaccines that MAY actually turn out to be wonder drugs. Would you ban ALL cancer research on the grounds that no great breakthroughs in cancer therapy are possible? If so, you would be extremely foolish. So why the hostility toward non-existent vaccines — and other similar pharmaceutical products — that could in theory prove beneficial and give millions of people new hope and release from suffering?

            (3) Finally, my third point. If vaccines are made mandatory, I would join you in resisting them for as long as possible. I’d wait to see if they worked, or if there was widespread anguish and horrendous side effects. If there were, the government would have to stop and reverse their coercive policies. Failure to do so would be tantamount to a deliberate MASS POISONING OF THE PUBLIC. They couldn’t get away with it. They’d be torn apart if they tried.

            However, if the vaccine actually seemed to work and if there were no appalling horror stories, most people would submit to compulsory vaccination if it meant their survival. I would myself submit to compulsory vaccination that most of my neighbors had submitted to without suffering any ill effects, if the alternative was the confiscation of my pension and incarceration in some dreadful quarantine camp.

            I hope I’ve made my position clear. I am a trained clinician, retired doctor and counsellor, and I speak with authority on a subject I have studied for many years. So please, I entreat you, do not address me again unless you can do so politely and with understanding. I actually agree with you on most points.

    2. Is it possible that the coronavirus was injected into global society to cover up the massive Global Financial Crisis that has just happened to us all ??
      But .. is that all ??
      Is it possible that there is a real shortage of the worlds supply of food ??
      How ??
      Maybe .. just a wild guess .. MONSANTO & GMO ??
      THE NEW NORM ..
      Restaurants will restrictive .. 1&1/2 meters apart seating & waiters will wear gloves & mask ..
      MacDonalds & KFC .. heck . we may have to walk through the drive through 1&1/2 meters apart .. for sure !!
      FOR HOW LONG ??
      They say until we have a coronavirus VACCINE ..
      They estimate 2 more years.
      Everyone will be bankrupt .. everyone .. we will all be homeless & on food rations by then ..

      1. That seems about right, Mira. However, as the old saying goes Man assumes, and God disposes: Тhe planners are mere humans (or devils, if you wish) and not Gods, so the plan can go banana.

        Personally I have little doubt that it will go banana.

  2. Great job by John Kaminski!…. AND Arch!!

    NOW…. The plans for PRISONERS & GUARDS have gone public!!


    A panel in response to “EVENT 201!!”

    WHAT WAS EVENT 201??
    It was a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019

    Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.

    The exercise consisted of pre-recorded news broadcasts, live “staff” briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics. These issues were carefully designed in a compelling narrative that educated the participants and the audience.

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation jointly propose these recommendations:
    “Public-private cooperation for pandemic preparedness and response”


      1 Global Health Security: Epidemics Readiness Accelerator. World Economic Forum. Accessed 11/19/19

      2 Private Sector Roundtable. Global health Security Agenda. Accessed 11/19/19

      3 Peter Sands. Outbreak readiness and business impact: protecting lives and livelihoods across the global economy. World Economic Forum 2019.
      Produced in collaboration with the Harvard Global Health Institute. Accessed 12/5/19

  3. “Now that living a happy life seems to be completely out of the question, people who try to stay on the side of the government have become enemies of the rest of the people who are simply trying to stay alive.”

    For many of us, the concept of a “happy life” ended a long time ago. In my case, I woke up one day from a pleasant thirty-something-year-long dream into a nightmarish reality: the corrupt “West” is run by a Satanic cult comprised of demon-possessed madmen who one day must destroy me just as they’ve destroyed and continue to destroy many others. They want our souls or they want us suffering or dead; that’s what this is ultimately all about, IMO.

    “You see it in the nasty behavior of those frustrated souls who are hooked into the mainstream media fables and get irate when you suggest that the highest leaders of our country just might not be telling the truth. It doesn’t matter if you point out the other numerous examples in the recent past where our leaders told us anything — sometimes even multiple versions of the same story — except the truth in life-or-death situations.”

    These people are locked into a hopeless, materialist mindset; they’ve completely lost their souls, IMO. For example it apparently bothers them not one bit that “their” “government” is mass-murdering people all over the world and is setting us up for WW3. The more evil the “government” does (and the more undeniably obvious it becomes), the more irrational and hysterical they become in defense of the “government” and its evil.

  4. Google and read UN Agenda 2030, this is what the coronavirus planned scamdemic is all about, the introduction of draconian, diabolical, demonic, satanic zionist NWO.

  5. Feelings aside, even whilst living the (lol) best of times here on Prison Planet Earth, we’re all, every last one of us nonetheless guaranteed but four iron-clad 100% guarantees, and they’re all bad! (lol again)
    Now that’s Poetry, innit..

  6. i have read here a lot of things , but i haven’t read one post that suggests we turn to God once and pray . try a prayer , it might just work . God almighty is not just a spectator,He is also a participant , this virus attack on humanity requires a divine vaccine . try this


    1. AL, WE are NEO-“Christian”/NEW-“Catholic” sons & daughters of lilith New Age NWO novus ordo type “Catholics” here at Darkmoon, AL, WE can’t be bothered saying any stinkin’ prayers, now you just mosey over to your local traditional church or wherever, AL, and go pray all you want and leave us alone, AL, don’t bother Us anymore, AL. You’re barking up the wrong tree, AL. WE’RE not interested in anything you have to say, AL. WE don’t care if God is not just a spectator or is just a spectator, WE don’t give a sh*t either way, AL. Don’t let the door slam you on your butt, AL, as you leave, AL. Good-bye & Sayonara, AL.

  7. The saying in California before the last change of governors was – “if you think Jerry brown was bad, just wait til you get a load of gavin Newsom”…. how prescient that was… of course in California the Democrats have rigged the process so there’s no chance of anyone from another party getting the chair… this virus hoax could provide the opportunity though, assuming there’s any chance at all of a genuine vote count, because there’s no way public opinion survives this big Pharma scam.. honest doctors now showing up on the web, telling us the death figures are crooked… other doctors committing ‘suicide’… last weekend people went to the beach in Newport, fresh air, sunshine, little kids joyfully alive in nature… next weekend Newsome closes the beach, puts cops there to write big tickets on anybody who thinks he’s got the right to make up his own mind on which is better for him, being alive for one day or staying cooped up on the basis of what’s for him really nothing but rumors… you’ve got pissed off mayors watching their cities going down the toilet…
    People are only going to play along so far… heck, cops can’t even arrest people for stabbing and shooting out here now… how are they gonna handle a real blowback? more and more now individual business men and women are reopening in defiance of Sacramento… while Newsom’s daily reports look increasingly scripted, still nobody from the press challenges the official story, not even one unfriendly follow-up… now, as well there is a huge anti vax movement in California, and elsewhere, how far down the mandatory vaccination tunnel are we going to go before the media asks one uncomfortable question about Vaccines, like how big is the anti vax movement, and why, what else is in vaccines besides the antibody agent, what could possibly be up with the autism rate, how about the big peanut allergy wave? Mandatory vaccinations for everybody in the whole state? That situation calls for a real serious look at vaccines in general, way overdue anyway….. but you can forget about that from any of the usual corporate media crowd…. we’ll probably go all the way with vaccines, no questions asked.

  8. The good thing about prisons. The world will always need prisons. There will always be prisons so there will always be prisoners and there will always be guards to oversee the prisoners. Good economy or bad economy, heck, even totally crashing economy, WE will always need prisons so WE will always need PRISON GUARDS so that’s a good thing because uncle’s job is secure and he’ll always have employment, even in the worst type of crashing economy, because the world will always need PRISON GUARDS so uncle will always have employment and uncle deserves to always have employment as a PRISON GUARD, he’s such a keen devoted avid fervent fervid PRISON GUARD. Heck, uncle goes so way beyond the call of Prison Guard Duty he’s not only just fervid he’s , lol, downright feral as to how he goes about his prison guard duties making sure the prisoners are well-behaved and obedient, docile, quiet, respectful to PRISON AUTHORITY. To uncle, being a PRISON GUARD is not just a job, it’s a SACRED CALLING! He’s a regular saint that way, 😉

    (SISTER MONICA: I allow this silly comment because it’s Uncle Toby’s day off, so he’s unlikely to read it.)

  9. Every flight I take, passengers are warned not to eat peanuts as someone on the flight has a peanut allergy. This character must follow me around…. 😉

  10. Trump,” Obama left broken coronavirus test. ” Can any Trump supporter explain how can that be when President Obama had left office more than 3 1/2 years before the coronavirus was know?

    I bet if DJT spells his diet coke, he will blame it on former President Obama too.

  11. Prisoners & Guards are being forced onto a healthier diet!! 💥 👍

    Just days after the CEO of Tyson Foods warned that the “food supply chain is breaking”, the disruptions due to the coronavirus are starting to surface not only in households and grocery stores, but also across corporate America, and even McDonald’s has now said it is changing how it is doling out beef and pork to its restaurants as a result.

    The company has placed items like burgers, bacon and sausage on “controlled allocation,” according to Business Insider. Additionally, the company’s distribution centers have been placed on “managed supply”.

    1. No need to ration meat products Pat……Bill Gates (and his oppo R.(Virgin) Branson) are testing synthetic meats at the Memphis Meat labs… that anywhere near you Pat? Can’t wait to try it. Bet it doesn’t taste anything like Gilbert’s prize beef. 🙂

      1. Wig –
        “is that anywhere near you Pat?”

        No. Chicago is closer to Memphis than I am. They deserve it! 🙂
        Houston is closer to me than Memphis is.

    1. Read this book Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown, by Elana Freeland, her website is and check this site, by Deborah Tavares, these are two very brave women. Gates vaccines will have nanochips in the vaccine to track people like the cattle that the zionists believe we are.

  12. So everything is political and everything is politicized. That’s the problem… The ideal of having only 1 political party, or better yet no political parties at all, is about the elimination of politics, or more accurately, ridding society of politicization, people wasting energy struggling against each other, rather than working together..
    “It’s amazing what you can get done, when you don’t care who gets the credit”…
    Effectively, that’s what you have now with the corporate government… You’re getting the will of 1 party, the corporate purpose of 1 as the methodology… Corporations want to make money, buy and sell – you… But the problem is they don’t have a conscience… That’s why you have certain rights guaranteed by amendments under the constitution… They will use their political power to increase their profits and use their profits to increase their political power, and your rights as a citizen will be trashed along the way, unless somebody stops them… The virus is a huge money making scam with huge political power implications, being pushed by the likes of Gavin Newsome, who, like many others, is in office primarily for his own corporate purposes… He doesn’t know anything else about it…
    “As Sheriff, I am the protector of constitutional rights in Humboldt County,” Sheriff William Honsal said, “and if an order is issued that I believe violates our constitutional rights, I will not enforce it.”
    There’s a video of the Orange county Sheriff here somewhere…
    Rather than all efforts being concentrated on eliminating problems, different people seize whatever is the problem and try to use it for whatever is their own purpose… To some the virus crisis simply proves Trump is incompetent and undesirable.. To some others it means they don’t have to pay their rent… To some others it means the usa is a failed country and it’s time for the scavengers to move in and consume the corpse, then set up whatever political scheme they have in mind…
    Here’s some skinny on supercreep Fauci… Him and Goetz ate 2 of a kind predators…
    You gotta dig this beat…

    1. @ barkingdeer

      Food Rationing coming up next, Comrades…
      too bad nobody listened to this guy years ago…

      This black fella says reasonable things, or rather things which seem reasonable. However, all what he is saying amounts to nothing but red herring, whether he understands it or not. Why so?

      Very simple. Taking what he says for granted means that you accept the notion that American president is a source of strategic decisions for the nation. The last president America had, who would even dare to have such ambitions as to be the source of strategic decisions for America, was J.F.K. And we all know how he ended.

      My fellow Americans, it is high time for you to grasp once and for all a simple truth – every American president since 1963 is a figure head, a public relations expert, an entertainer, or anything you can think of, but not a leader of a nation. America, at this late stage of its development, simply cannot have a leader in the true meaning of that word, period.

      Russia had such a leader from 1924 to 1953. After that leader, just like in America, we didn’t have in Russia a true leader for a long, long 47 years. But today Russia – unlike America – has a true leader, and we are thankful to God for that.

      1. I wouldn’t call Gates a man, that would be demeaning to human beings. At best it is a whore of the global system, its mental gear has been hijacked by satan, the evidence lies in how it PMSes about vaccines and overpopulation like a 96-year old virgin jewess.

  13. SAKI
    Your comments are always exemplary…
    No way society should consider the idea of forced vaccines without a thorough study done of the subject, with testimony allowed by everybody with experience and an opinion… I’ve heard way too many stories from distraught mothers, who know damn well their baby was fine until they went for that last well-baby check: now he’s forever a drooling idiot… a mother knows a thing like that… There’s no other way to explain the autism rate… The subject has not been studied… Big Pharma research is crooked, but they’re taken to be the authority, because they have the dough… We all know the FDA works for them, has the same revolving door personnel… Corporate politicians standing-in for the corporations they’re functioning as agents for, like Billy Tauzin from Louisiania, or those who own their own corporations, like Newsome, Pelosi and Feinstein, have never been in their Capitols to serve the public’s best interest…
    “(2) I am against the knee-jerk denunciation of non-existent vaccines, vaccines still in the planning stages, vaccines that MAY actually turn out to be wonder drugs. Would you ban ALL cancer research on the grounds that no great breakthroughs in cancer therapy are possible? If so, you would be extremely foolish. So why the hostility toward non-existent vaccines — and other similar pharmaceutical products — that could in theory prove beneficial and give millions of people new hope and release from suffering?”
    Your logic is good… Caution is called for however, and yes I agree with those who say all vaccinations should be banned until the genuine study has been made… That’s tough to do, because it’s not a fair fight between the multi-billion dollar industry, their lawyers, their stooges in politics and their apparatchiks in medicine and then on the other side citizen activists… Look into it, you’ll see… I believe the women I’ve heard… We know a process of immunization occurs… I became immune to poison oak and I know of people who actually eat the stuff for the homeopathic effect… It works… I’m not sure if it works with smallpox or not, I’d be real careful with that… But the problem is with all the various loads of dangerous junk the soulless and utterly unconscionable Big Pharma corporations put in with the vaccines… We know how ruthless they are and we’ve seen and heard enough from the likes of Bill Gates to know there’s a lot more to vaccines than just vaccination… If you listen to Governor Gavin Newsome’s carefully chosen language, you can hear it clearly, him and his globalist operatives have a plan… They’re using this phony virus crisis to alter society forever…. That’s what vaccines are all about at this point, yes they should all be banned…

    “Very simple. Taking what he says for granted means that you accept the notion that American president is a source of strategic decisions for the nation. The last president America had, who would even dare to have such ambitions as to be the source of strategic decisions for America, was J.F.K. And we all know how he ended.”
    That’s a good point and I understand what you’re saying…
    I do know there are no real presidents anymore, maybe Alan Keys knows it too… You could say he implied it…
    Obama, the Community Organizer from Chicago, the shadowy guy with no record, was a Deep State plant, cultivated for years for the figurehead position… He carried on Cheney’s war, did everything the warmongers told him… His fake spats with Israel didn’t amount to anything… at this point there may be more communists in the government than anybody else… But communism is just part of the religious and corporate divide-and-conquer control plot… Obama’s not really a communist, he’s a paid actor, a stand-in cardboard cutout…. The amazing thing to me is he still has his followers among the many, even after him and his wife bought their $11,000,000 house in Massachusetts…
    > Stimulus Proposal: $2,000 Payment Plus $1,000 Per Month Until 1 Year After Crisis Ends
    >> Proposal Calls for DIGITAL DOLLAR SYSTEM by 2021
    > This proposal also outlines the possibility of using the infrastructure behind the U.S. Debit Card system
    > to create a “digital public currency wallet system,” or a digital currency based on the U.S. fiat currency dollar.
    right, non citizens eligible… ha, they’ll be the first to get it… it’s financing for the pope’s global commie central rothen bankster party… don’t let the muslims fool you, jews, muslims, catholics – they’re al abrahamics as far as the owners are concerned… you won’t get the stimulus unless you have the wallet, it’s your globalist ID… the virus scam is to get more control over the individual…. no individuals, no society…

    1. Bark –
      “to create a “digital public currency wallet system,” or a digital currency based on the U.S. fiat currency dollar.”

      PayPal, set up for Beanie Baby & eBay sales, has been doing that for more than 20 years.

      1. Right… But with them you can choose whether you want to play or not, opt out…
        That’s always how it works…. Somebody pioneers the program on deep state seed money…
        The program becomes accepted, commonplace, then ubiquitous…
        Eventually the shallow state gets the idea the time has come, they make it critical…
        Yes there will be technology…
        But not for the price of freedom…

  15. This ‘Miltary Exercise’ (stated by Trump during a briefing) has accomplished its mission. People control!
    Javits Center 2500 beds are empty and is being closed and Navy ship left.
    💥 US MILITARY staffers at the Javits Center are scheduled to leave Manhattan starting next week.
    💥 The US NAVY’s floating hospital, the Comfort, left town Thursday, getting a sendoff from NYPD and FDNY officials as it left New York Harbor.

  16. PAT,

    I thought it was stated by Pompeo, not Trump. And when Pompeo stated it Trump was surprised to hear it.

    1. TROJ –

      Please turn on the lights in your prison cell. 🙂
      Re-read what I wrote:
      “This ‘Miltary Exercise’ (stated by Trump during a briefing) has accomplished its mission. People control!”

      Pompeo & Fauci started it. Trump – STATED – as much in a briefing….. where he STATED it was a “MILITARY EXERCISE”…. about 2 weeks after the Pompeo dust-up.

      Pompeo said it was a ‘LIVE EXERCISE’, and did not say ‘MILITARY’ at the time of the dust-up…..

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