Quack Attack

Catastrophic Quackery

By John Kaminski
18 December 2020


“Be on your guard and never trust what’s on TV.”
— John Kaminski

The true epidemic is completely corrupt government, which is why now you can’t get a straight answer from anyone about anything. Is there anyone left who is not on somebody’s take and willing to let the ship sink as long as they can escape with their gold?

Mainstream media assist the criminals and conceal the facts. But for those with eyes to see, the events speak for themselves.

As a nurse from Alaska dies ten minutes after taking a vaccination shot that the government hopes to make mandatory; so another lady, this one a professional charge nurse in Chattanooga, on live TV, a few minutes after taking the new COVID shot to demonstrate how safe it was, fell down and never got up. This is your government in action.

Consider how cheaply two valuable naive nurses are wasted by the depraved and delusional designs of Big Pharma. This is one day’s worth — the first day — of what your future is about to become if these power mad maniacs who are running the government and the medical industry are allowed to pull this mass extermination trip on the luckless unwashed masses, of which you and I are card carrying members.

Wear your mask proudly

So you see the lemmings follow along (in fact, you’re probably one of them), mask proudly in place, averting the gaze of everyone you pass by, protecting themselves from the disease that doesn’t kill anybody. Minute by minute, day after day, the seemingly insignificant lack of oxygen added to your own toxic exhalations that you rebreathe facilitate the formation of cancer from deficient cellular oxygenation so you run out of breath a little more quickly until one day you finally run out of breath. Not unlike smoking. Which was also once prescribed by doctors as healthy.

And in the locked down apartments of toddlers trying to become little kids you have families wearing masks stunting their growth and learning that other humans are poisonous and should be avoided and kissing strangers is no longer possible.

Yes, suffocate the brains of little children, prevent them from socializing and learning to be free and how beautiful other people can be. They want them dependent on the central source, which they say is soon to be located, along with your financial and politically correct psychological records, inside your arm.

This is what Jewish media have done to everyone with their obscene objective to impose Communism throughout the known world and install your life’s financial and psychological history in a device containing substances you will never ever be able to remove from your body.

Welcome to the future you have so carefully nurtured with your constant attention to the integrity of your government.

I would suggest that the nurses who gave their lives to this medical madness died for nothing as long as Fauci-directed madness is allowed to persist.

Surprise! Communism is already here and you didn’t even notice. Long ago I once heard a fat Russian bang his shoe on the table and say that would happen. You probably haven’t heard that if you’re under 60. Many facts have been rubbed out of the record since then. The more you listen to mainstream media the more oblivious you become. If only the young would realize this is not a joke. It is a cultivated mistake made by every generation that allows the perpetual Deep State to eternally fleece the masses.

Quick! Quack attack! Run! In Quackworld you become your own walking ID, much easier to track down. The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic in 2020 is nothing more than a quack attack. An attack by quacks. On every person on Earth.RM

Your trusted family doctor

What kind of confidence are we supposed to have in so-called medical professionals who put on a mask, insist we wear one and administer questionable medical tests that some say gives you the disease rather than just tests for it.

The tests are bogus, the disease has not been isolated, the vaccines can’t possibly work — vaccines? A vaccine that won’t stop the disease but you need two of them? People are dropping like flies in the controlled tests.

You can speculate on what the results will be, but the forecasts are dire, fulfilling Bill Gates’s cheerful objective of population reduction. Can’t you just see him rubbing his hands together with glee?

He’s a ringleader of the monsters who have taken over the federal government by peddling fear effectively, addicting everyone to their medicines after first infecting them with their clandestine concoctions.

All those movers and shakers who participated in the Event 201 pandemic planning session last fall need to be indicted for mass murder and treason in whatever country will claim them.

The vaccine is for people who want to give up their lives prematurely. This hoax puts the whole medical system in question.

It illustrates clearly how dysfunctional and corrupt are all governments.

Human history is nasty

When people profit they mostly look away from the processes by which they have profited. Frederic Morton said this was the Rothschild’s financial formula. The initial investment is always from crime.

The whole society has been dumbed down so significantly that people can no longer understand paragraphs with more than three sentences. And the vocabulary has shrunk by more than 50 percent since the one group that has plagued everyone since the dawn of time has gained complete control of all the world’s communications mechanisms so that our collective body of knowledge inexorably has been shrunk into predetermined and wholly manageable system of behaviors that enable the controllers of our minds to predict precisely what we are going to do and when we are going to do it.

This, it requires considerable determination to navigate around these emotional and intellectual blockades and more completely discern the fabrications of history. Once you pass a certain point in your education you begin to realize a constant social force that has long ago mobilized with our exploitation in mind.

Perhaps our fear of death which motivates our every action has more to do with that than any longstanding kabal of Kabballah kleptos, which has dominated the world since Moses and his band of leprous sickos stole all their neighbors’ jewelry and absconded into the desert.

Smart as he is, it would have been pretty tough for Donald Trump to have known that Dr. Fauci was spewing a lot of crap when he locked down the world and proposed to slowly suffocate the entire population of the Earth with his phony mask idea.

And not only kill large numbers of people deliberately but retard future generations with radical behavioral consequences of isolating youngsters from their peers and hence more dependent on the central source, although this is a hurdle every generation faces.

Just like mainstream media, the medical profession has destroyed itself many times over, but the scariest thing is that the public, carefully brainwashed by Big Pharma’s take-a-pill media, refuses to realize it. They’re comfortable with the evening news just the way it is, thank you, and anything outside of that is fake news conspiracy. Just give me the crossword puzzle.

That’s how you can tell the diminishing number of sentient humans from the media-driven zombies so proud of their own mastery of the misinformation they’ve been force fed. People who watch TV wear masks; people who don’t wont. Because it is so obvious from the Internet that masks not only don’t prevent the aerosol spread of any disease, they diminish the health of the wearers profoundly.

Heroic doctors are prevented from pointing out the flaws in the official narrative despite the financial penalties they incur by doing so. And the doctor random chance directs you to has only the officially enforced CDC rules to go by, and he will earn his final degree in homicidal quackery by sticking the annihilation of your future in your veins.

Be on your guard and never trust what’s on TV.

We now confront the billionaire’s ultimate wet dream. Based on centuries subtle consolidation and public brainwashing, the chance for total control of every person on Earth hangs in the balance of a population lining up to take a government-mandated vaccination that very likely will kill large numbers of them.

This is the government’s opportunity to jam Communism and a permanent and fatal vaccination into our bloodstreams, forever polluting the human genome much in the same way aquifers have been polluted by radioactive substances. As our government is poisoned from within, so our bodies are attacked in the same way.

When very rich people are eating human children for kicks, you better have a cast iron stomach if you intend to find out what’s really going on. Assuming you live long enough to make the attempt.

Quack attack? Should be Massive Quack Attack. I wonder when they’re going to turn on the satellites.

People should never be considered as commodities. When we do that we are no longer human. We have abdicated our humanity. And for what?

Epidemics, depressions, wars, phony school shootings. No more of this depraved government, please. It’s all so unnecessary. But that’s how certain people make their money, from speculating on conflict.

Not only is the the swamp deeper that anybody realizes, it’s deeper than anybody CAN realize, which is why the voyage always begins at home and the push for central control is the most serious threat to the human future. The worst is yet to come, I fear.


82 thoughts to “Quack Attack”

  1. Darkmoon’s community is perhaps the most crazed bunch of lunatics about matters of race and its impact on matters of politics. And yet the sheer ignorance in these matters of these buttheads is nothing short of staggering. Ask any one of them what are the two main Y-chromosome Haplogroups of the so-called whites, and the chances are that not one out of thousand would even know what you are talking about.

    So, while I am still here, why don’t you learn something of real value and lasting importance, buttheads?

    Let’s start with the answer to the question above: The two main Y-chromosome Haplogroups of today’s European population are R1b and R1a – about 60% of the Western Europe men are of R1b and about 50% of the Eastern Europe men are R1a. These are medical facts.

    Now, it should come as no surprise that not a single human remain has been found on the American continent older than 600 years that would show R1b or R1a haplogroup. Why? Well, it is not complicated: no white has ever put a foot on this continent before 6 or 7 hundred ago.

    Now, what about Europe? Europe must be a place where “whites” dwelled for the last 2 thousand, 3 thousand, 5 thousand and, perhaps, 10 thousand years and earlier.

    Here comes the real shock: Not a single trace or evidence have been found that R1b or R1a roamed Europe earlier than 5 thousand years ago, notwithstanding that dozens of human remains of the ages 5, 6, 7 thousand were recovered by archeologist in a condition good enough to admit complete genome sequencing.

    And what was the haplogroup of these human remains? About 80% of them are G2a, i.e. the same as yours truly (here is the certificate of my Y-DNA test results: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j032hr4v8mf76bk/Y-DNA.pdf ; as you can see it shows G2a-P15 haplogroup). By the way Josef Stalin and Al Capone are of the same haplogroup.

    Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

    Ötzi: The Iceman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk261CZaCKg

    Here is what Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%96tzi) reports about Ötzi’s genetic analysis:

    Ötzi’s full genome has been sequenced; the report on this was published on 28 February 2012. The Y chromosome DNA of Ötzi belongs to a subclade of G defined by the SNPs M201, P287, P15, L223 and L91 (G-L91, ISOGG G2a2b, former “G2a4”). He was not typed for any of the subclades downstreaming from G-L91; however, an analysis of his BAM file revealed that he belongs to the L166 and FGC5672 subclades below L91. G-L91 is now mostly found in South Corsica


    1. Circ –

      “Darkmoon’s community is perhaps the most crazed bunch of lunatics about matters of race and its impact on matters of politics.”


      I and others respond to crap like this….
      Rachael Banks, head of Oregon Public Health Dept:
      “If you want the vaccine, you had better not be WHITE!!!”

      SEE: https://youtu.be/yfpBI_ZtoKM?t=197

      COVID-19 is being administered according to race!
      Blacks, browns & other minorities should get vaccines first.

      “Whites should not be first!!”

      That suits me fine, since Bill Gates said he wants to kill off minorities with vaccines!!

      1. Published: 22 July 2020

        The timing and effect of the earliest human arrivals in North America

        Published: 22 July 2020
        Lorena Becerra-Valdivia & Thomas Higham

        Nature volume 584, pages93–97(2020)

        The data obtained show that humans were probably present before, during and immediately after the Last Glacial Maximum (about 26.5–19 thousand years ago) but that more widespread occupation began during a period of abrupt warming, Greenland Interstadial (about 14.7–12.9 thousand years before ad 2000).

        We also identify the near-synchronous commencement of Beringian, Clovis and Western Stemmed cultural traditions, and an overlap of each with the last dates for the appearance of 18 now-extinct faunal genera. Our analysis suggests that the widespread expansion of humans through North America was a key factor in the extinction of large terrestrial mammals.

        Were these earlier inhabitants white? Kennewick Man’s skeleton discovered on the banks of the Columbia in 1996 dated to 9200 BP and many others indicate clearly that white people were at least contemporary with modern “native Americans”.

      2. Pat,

        (and everyone else for that matter)

        You might be interested in these people. The site looks like amateur hour, but that’s because there’s no money behind it and they are up against the tsunami of established academic ‘scientism’. However, much of the content is cutting edge and IMO the integrity of the core of researchers certainly is genuine.


        Absolutely amazing. I recommend it to everybody.

    2. “Now, it should come as no surprise that not a single human remain has been found on the American continent older than 600 years that would show R1b or R1a haplogroup. Why? Well, it is not complicated: no white has ever put a foot on this continent before 6 or 7 hundred ago.”
      Obviously you have not heard of the Windover Bog Bodies, preserved by peat, nor any of the other major, recent discoveries indicating White Caucasians were the original natives in America. I suggest you begin with the following 13 minute video. “Ancient Caucasian Mummies Found in Florida LABORATORY PROVEN EUROPEAN DNA”.

      One hundred and sixty-seven intact skeletons, were found in 1982, in Windover, Florida, some with surviving brain matter. The bodies were identified as White, Caucasians, some with red hair. The bones were radiocarbon dated. It turns out the corpses ranged up to 8,120 years old, and their haplotypes were European. There is also the Solutrean Hypothesis. The collection of human skeletal remains and artifacts recovered from Windover Pond represent among the largest finds of each type from the Archaic Period. It is considered one of the most important archeological sites ever excavated. But it’s not being taught about in public schools, why not?
      Ice Age Europeans in America: 5 minute excerpt. DNA, Hapolotypes:
      Is the Independent, mainstream enough for you?
      “New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America”:
      Even one of the most controlled of all mainstream media outlets, The Washington Post, acquiesced.
      “Radical theory of first Americans places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 years ago”
      “Stone Age Europeans were first native Americans”
      If you don’t watch or read from any of the links above, this ten minute video is my favorite regarding the ancient DNA results of the ancient native American mummies found in Florida.
      And it is quite telling that soon after many of these major archeological discoveries were made, The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) was passed in 1990 to “enable tribes to protect and recover their heritage”. Now let’s see….what Tribe could we possibly name that has a major stake in the survival of the “Out of Africa” theory and the ongoing theory of Asians being the first people to live in what is now known as the Americas?

      1. I have read and watched every link you have provided and none of them indicated what the haplogroup of the human remains actually was. Why? Well, because all that is nothing but pure bullshit. We all know that Americans are the most lying mother f*ckers the world has ever known. Jews are like babies compared to modern Americans when it comes to the art of most disgusting lying and deception with no limits. Just watch that Capricorn One movie once again.

        Would you care to explain to us how the Europeans got to Americas 8-9 thousand years ago? On nuclear powered submarines where Pat has served back then, perhaps.

        You are not thinking brother.

      2. There’s lots and lots of ancient Caucasians here in Florida, lots of old Boomers in various states of decrepit decay. 😊

      3. Could it be Ra bbi Wise’s tribe? He said “some call it communism but I call it what it really is Judaism”

    3. Circ –

      Are you of a Turkish variety of Circassion? If I (of British descent) call myself “white”, are we possibly of the same Caucasian descent? If so, have we not always been at odds with the (“white?”) Russians? How is it that you figure those “whites” discovered by archaeologists to have visited North America many thousands of years ago were not of the current “white” variety??

      1. Gil,

        Strictly speaking there is no Turkish variety of Circassians notwithstanding there are more Circassians in Turkey today then Circassians left in their own home land which is North-West Caucasus.

        How could this happen? Circassians have been fighting a long war with the Russian Empire, the bitterest part of which lasted for 101 years starting in 1763 when the first Russian outposts were built in the North Caucasus till the final defeat of Circassians in 1864:


        The fate of Circassians has some parallels with that of the Native Americans. The fate of Injuns was sealed by the R1b variety of “whites”, while Circassians had the misfortune to be a roadblock to the drive of their R1a cousins to have access to the world ocean on the Southern frontier via the Black Sea.

        So, we were kicked from Europe 5000 years ago and we settled in Caucasus Mountains (which is pretty much like Alps) by the R1b “whites” and then 5000 years later kicked again from Caucasus to Middle East by R1a “whites”.

        Even though we are the whites of whites… literally.

    4. @Circ
      Any idea if those “early” whites in the US are, in any way, related to “Hapalo(n)g” Cassidy? 😂

      1. ha ha! good response!
        can’t stand smartarses…….
        if you can find it anywhere “hopalong goes to mexico”
        great movie, Hopalong smokes “loco weed” and gets the munchies!

    5. Very interesting except for the emotional first paragraph.

      I used https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup and tried to map your nomenclature to the “Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup” diagram – but it seemed there was no mapping. Thus the detail of your text is insufficiently explained.

      Also the punchline does not seem to have punch. “Here comes the real shock …” So Europe’s population is recent. And?

      1. And… white Europeans must leave their belongings behind and head towards the sea to drown themselves because Soros is bringing many more “native” Europeans to take back the land whites undeservedly occupy today. s/

  2. Methinks JK might be wasting his time in preaching to The Deaf.

    In the conversations I’ve had, and those I’ve overheard “on the street”, your typical moronic THICK BRIT can’t wait to vaxx-attacked… so much so that I’ve heard some complaining they likely won’t be at the top of the “Jab” Priority List!!! 😂😂😂

  3. There is nothing new about the commodious regard of some humans by others. The lesson is to NOT be used, thusly, unless it is of strategic advantage. Poor Kaminski bothers himself too much about it. People will not change! There is ALWAYS something used to trigger reactions to someone’s advantage. Jew knows this, and studies the methodology. (It is fun to watch and speculate. 🤔 )

  4. The zionists control the ZUS via their ownership and control of the FED which is unconstitutional, but Wilson the traitor signed off on this in 1913 and ever since then America has been under zionist control and nothing will change until the FED is abolished.

    1. Exactly! The not so Federal FED usurped and privatized U.S. money (monetary) power, consequently, all money in the world. Technically the FED doesn’t produce U.S. dollars but Federal Reserve bank notes.

      The Jew hates strong references everything must be relative in order for him to bend and distort conveniently. That’s the political purpose of Einstein’s Relativity Theory, in a philosophical sense they deprived the Goyim of any meaningful natural (God’s) reference. You can lose your mind trying to put your reference in a flying light ray, on the other hand you can lose your job if you dare to put your theoretical reference frame in the North Pole, a natural choice, and see what happens in numbers.

      With money, morals or anything meaningful in life, same story – Jew relativity. The U.S. economy looks like a Judeo-communist centralized economy with little room for free capitalism given so much FED’s intervention in favor of few too big to fail. If the world economy adopts, now a paradigm shift, a meaningful natural reference of economic value Bankers loose power for good and society wins BIGLY. For practical reasons we have meters, inches or feet to measure distance, seconds to measure time, kilograms or pounds to measure mass. Make silver money again, that’s the natural (God’s) choice. Anywhere, one troy ounce of pure silver is the standard unit of economic value, decentralization follows. Dollars measured in silver, oil measured in silver, corn measured in silver, gold and chicken wings measured in silver.

      Did I already mention silver medicine? Call it a miracle if you are a believer but one more paradigm shift, in this case related to conventional medicine (sic), and we the people throw a wrench into this little Jewish on going world revolution.

      By the way, Merry Christmas!


    where, once again – Surprise! Surprise! – THICK BRITS run away with The GOLD MEDAL! 😂

  6. Quack Attack: “Darkmoon’s community is perhaps the most crazed bunch of lunatics about matters of race and its impact on matters of politics.”

    Uh huh, and how does your post have anything to do with Kaminski’s essay? And do you think you are going to make any friends when you attack ALL the readers of this site?

    If you think we are all loons then why do you read any of the material here? The internet is a big place with thousands and thousands of websites some which will agree with you, and if not, you can always start your own.

    1. Thanks Y.J. Circassian needs to read your website and he might straighten himself out, if he’s not a Jew posing as something else. If he is, then there was never any hope to begin with and he’s only here to fool with us.

      1. What can be more pathetic than an old man who thinks that he understands the nature of things when, in fact, all his “understanding” has almost nothing in common with the way things really work in the real world?

        John, did it ever occur to you to subject to psychological analysis why the first impulse that springs in you every time when you encounter someone who is pointing out the sheer idiocy of your world view, according to which the entire world is controlled by the Jews lock, stock, and barrel, is to call him a Jew?

        Think about it. Why don’t you stop producing steamy piles of horse manure non-stop, brother, and start doing some real thinking for a change?

      2. @Yukon Jack

        Yeah, I call him Jewcassian, but not on this site.

        Why? Why do you call him Jewcassian, brother? I, for one, see only one reasonable and scientific explanation for that – because you are a Jackass, pure a simple.

        Donkeys are one of the most uneducable mammals on Earth. One can see horses, dogs, bears, elephants, and all kinds of cats (tigers, lions. etc.) doing all kinds of tricks in circus arenas – but never a donkey.

        I am sorry, brother, but your brain is that of a donkey – you are incapable of being educated, period.

  7. It is rather amazing you’re seeing these videos of the nurses keeling over with the vaxx…
    Why wouldn’t the tech-state censor that, if they intend to censor everything the WHOCORP doesn’t like?
    I’d be inclined to think they’re making it plain, broadcasting their message to themselves – the vaxx is deadly…
    It isn’t a if they ever care what the public thinks…
    “What kind of confidence are we supposed to have in so-called medical professionals who put on a mask, insist we wear one and administer questionable medical tests that some say gives you the disease rather than just tests for it.”
    Especially since Managed healthcare, Medical professionals have no more control of the results their hospitals get than any genuine journalist has over what gets published in his newspaper… Doctors are all just soldiers now, trapped in Koop’s “Big Machine” they follow orders and don’t make waves…
    Maybe it will come to a head if they try to make the covid vaxx mandatory…
    All the nurses i’ve talked to said they wouldn’t take it…
    When it’s your own ass at stake, you have a different impression…
    “People should never be considered as commodities. When we do that we are no longer human. We have abdicated our humanity. And for what?
    So true… But the fact is that the capitalist system turns everything into a commodity…
    The Planet, People and eventually their very thoughts…
    It is the objective of the tech-state now to access and control your thoughts and thereby your actions, all will be for sale…
    You’re pretty far off base on your ideas of ancient man…
    And you’re arrogant enough to insult your fellow posters…
    Not commendable…
    You may know a few technical terms, but all in all you’re grossly uninformed…
    Read this book before you go on parade and call other people names…
    And as far as ‘racism’ goes, we care about what applies now…
    “There is also a further deeply condescending and racist aspect of this approach. It simply accepts that there is nothing we can do to help black and brown students achieve except put our thumb on the scale.”
    The dems are convince blacks are stupider, they want it kept that way… because the blacks form the base of their welfare bureaucracy state, which is the opener to the globalist nwo super-surveillance chicom hive state… they have no plan whatsoever to cure the homeless and unemployment problem; they’re using the covid to make it all worse… it’s about tearing down ‘western’ society…. the more and more homeless will eventually “perish in the revolutionary holocaust”…

    1. Circ,
      Ok. Donaldo will jump into the inter-family bickering. 🤗 Donkeys are the most uneducable animals. True. Donaldos own wife often calls him a ” burro”…. Spanish for donkey. But may Donaldo politely remind you Circ(us), donkeys are the most sure-footed animals on Earth… watching every step. That’s why they were used by the Southwest native Americans to navigate the steep and narrow passes of the canyons. They were much slower but more reliable than faster and reckless 🐎 s. Soooo…Circ…. WATCH YOUR STEP please. Stop attacking Pat who is CENTURIES ahead of you intellectually. But anyway, keep posting.and listening to other fellow Darkmooners. We may be dysfunctional. But we are a (((family))). 🤠😉

  8. Vaccinations are essential to the survival of our species. We need to cull the herds of useless, unproductive sheep in this planet.

    It’s about time this manufactured virus hit the streets and Bill Gates dream comes true for the whole earth to be significantly depopulated.

    1. “We need to cull the herds of useless, unproductive sheep in this planet.”

      The vast swarms of useless eaters make up more than half of the world’s population. And the majority of them are not only useless, they are actually very harmful to anything of value, be it natural or created by the existing true higher human beings,

      So I agree with the notion that a depopulation of this planet is absolutely necessary for the survival of true human beings and their civilisation. And to accomplish that we don’t have to do anything other than to not interfere with nature. If we only always had done that, there wouldn’t be billions of orcs around today wearing watches, sitting in aeroplanes, driving automobiles, using telephones, computers, refrigerators, food aid, etc. To let these savages and barbarians benefit and therefore thrive at our own expense is the ultimate insanity and will be our demise guaranteed since they only hate us with a vengeance out of sheer resentment. And the vast majority of them wouldn’t even be around today without this meddling with nature ( read; disregarding nature’s law )

      For the last centuries I blame Christian ethics for the current situation. But I also believe the fault llies within ourselves. The globalism and greed that was always present, even in pre-Christian antiquity. Think of the old empires, Egypt, Alexander’s empire , the Romans, etc.

      Ah well, it’s too late now. There exist ancient and absolutely impossible to build megalithic structures around the world. Some of them in the most impossible places. Whatever race, culture built them, they’re gone. Did they perhaps made the same mistake of disregarding nature? Seriously, think about this. Now, IMO, THAT’S the original sin Nr 1.

      Disregard the laws of nature – the way the Creator made everything work – and be automatically annihilated as a result of that sin.

      1. “So I agree with the notion that a depopulation of this planet is absolutely necessary for the survival of true human beings and their civilisation.”

        Start in China. That is the most populated place. They are not Christians, but are really bad for the rest of us.

  9. Attacks by Quacks….. will never end…. Too much $$$$$ for them.

    CDC – “Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19 Vaccine Receipt”
    As of Friday afternoon(Dec 19, 2020), CDC had already learned of 3,150 people who’d received the vaccine had already been “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, [or] required care from doctor or health care professional”, figure supposedly represents about 1.5% of the 215,000 that have taken the 1st dose [PAGE 6]

    1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8331709/Oxford-coronavirus-vaccine-does-not-stop-infection-experts-warn.html – Dr William Haseltine revealed that the monkeys who received the vaccine had the same amount of virus in their noses as the three non-vaccinated monkeys in the trial.
      https://thewatchtowers.org/great-reset-starts-with-cleansing-get-ready-truth-incoming/ – 20 minks unvaccinated, 20 vaccinated, all 40 infected with coronavirus, the unvaccinated recovered without problems, the vaccinated all died within 2 days after the infection.
      All that costly “$cientific re$earch” coming up next – to the lab next to your neighbourhood!!

    2. Unbelievably criminal!!

      To make this thing compulsory is against basic principles of Western medicine. Furthermore, it is a violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

      I think I have a legal case here – every man, woman and child have the inalienable right to live, a natural right which doesn’t depend on fancy pieces of paper made by technocratic politicians, the State doesn’t give YOU that right the natural order does (God). When facing imminent threat against YOUR life, or the life of OTHERS under your protection umbrella, YOU have the inalienable right to self-defense.

      Conclusion: the forced IMMINENT needle can be opposed with hot flying lead in accordance with the laws of men and God.

      Or one can abdicate the HUMAN condition to accept the new HERD ANIMAL status (Goy). What sound mind would choose the later living under Second Amendment privileges is beyond me.

      1. How did they develop the vaccines so quickly??
        How?? They LIED – as usual!!

        COVID-19 (SARS) was PATENTED in the US in 2003…..
        So, the pharmas had over 15 years to work on vaccines – yielding many $$Billions, if not $$Trillions globally!!

        —Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – SARS – coronavirus—

        An outbreak of a virulent respiratory virus, now known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), was identified in Hong Kong, China and a growing number of countries around the world in 2003. The invention relates to nucleic acids and proteins from the SARS coronavirus. These nucleic acids and proteins can be used in the preparation and manufacture of vaccine formulations, diagnostic reagents, kits, etc. The invention also provides methods for treating SARS by administering small molecule antiviral compounds, as well as methods of identifying potent small molecules for the treatment of SARS.

        Patent US-2006257852-A1
        CHIEN DAVID (US)

        CHIRON CORP (US)
        Date 2003/04/10

        This web page summarizes information in PubChem about patent US-2006257852-A1.
        This includes chemicals mentioned, as reported by PubChem contributors, as well as other content, such as title, abstract, and International Patent Classification (IPC) codes.

      2. From SARS to COVID-19: the Singapore journey

        Ray Junhao Lin, Tau Hong Lee and David Chien Boon Lye

        -Medical Journal Australia-
        Published online: 6 April 2020

        (Notice David Chien(US) was listed as an INVENTOR of SARS in 2003.)

        Having experienced SARS in 2003, Singapore’s healthcare system had drawn upon this experience to enhance its pandemic preparedness response. The emergence of COVID-19 has now put these preparations to the test. We describe the evolution of Singapore’s outbreak response from the SARS crisis in 2003 to the current COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on public health measures as well as the clinical management and workflows at the National Center for Infectious Diseases, Singapore.

        Singapore is a densely populated city-state of 5.7 million and a global travel hub. These characteristics make it particularly susceptible to the importation of communicable diseases and consequent outbreaks. The 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak challenged the nation’s public health system and now, the emerging Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is poised to present a greater challenge.

        Since December 2019, the virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, has spread to more than 150 countries and more than 200,000 cases have been reported (1). Singapore diagnosed its first case on 23 January 2020.

      3. Agree. also this is in violation of the Nuremberg Code, no one can be forced to take part in a medical experiment.

  10. it’s not just this virus that’s the hoax…
    it’s probably the whole idea of viruses…
    meaning there are no such things…
    the covid test simply looks for any scraps of busted up dna to be found in your nose…
    if they find some, they call it covid….
    all kinds of covid deaths out there that were actually gunshot wounds…
    fight the covid lie…
    fight the virus lie…
    there’s no vaccine for viruses, because there are no viruses…
    there are only damaged dna spirals, broken apart by radiation…
    the dna structure is delicate beyond belief, maybe ten atoms thick…
    you get 2,000,000 cells on the head of a pin…
    each cell has 6 feet of dna in it’s nucleus…
    how fragile is that?
    radiation knocks electrons out of orbit, causes a chain reaction flow…
    radiation displaces electrons from their normal orbits in the dna molecule…
    that causes deformities…
    as radiation power is increased there’s a greater threat to the dna structure, 5g…
    ultra violet light is enough to bump electrons out of place in dna…
    that’s why frog eggs are dark on one side…
    vaccines might work for biotic diseases…
    but now who could trust big pharma to shoot himself up with wtf who knows what?
    the covid hoax was designed to wreck the usa economically and steal the 2020 election from trump… it will never go away, vaxx or no vaxx…
    you can forget those stadiums ever being full again…
    the scotus roberts (jew name) declined on the review because he said overturning the election would cause too many riots…
    too many females on the supreme court…
    they don’t understand the world, it can’t be feminized…
    it has to be dealt with…
    so we’re all held hostage to blm antifa violence…
    it was trump’s responsibility to have the national security force in place to deal with that, two years ago..
    if he had, then there would be no excuses…
    trump’s only got one testicle, the jews got the other one…
    i guess he can’t complain about scotus having none..

    1. Not only are “viruses” a hoax but so is germ “theory”
      … totally ignoring that fact that legions of pill-addicted, brain-dead, fat, slovenly slobs have poisoned their OWN bodies.

      As Hippocrates said: “If you are not your OWN doctor, you are a FOOL!”
      And “The West” is FULL of fools, led by charlatans… to what is now ‘breaking point’.

    2. Bark –
      “the covid hoax was designed to wreck the usa economically and steal the 2020 election from trump…”

      I claim Trump was (S)elected to drag conservatives across the ‘vaccine finish-line’…. a feat that a ‘politician’ could not accomplish. Liberals already liked the jabs.

      I also claim he was (S)elected to garner $$30Trillion for the Fed Res over the next decade, without a whimper from conservatives.

      The same applies for moves in Jerusalem and Israel. SILENCE from conservatives!! “(S)elected!!”

      One ruse they designed for him to catch conservatives was 390 miles of border fence.


    3. I don’t know which model is the correct one and frankly, I don’t care. There is a flaw in scientific methodology because many distinct models can produce correct results. We have outstanding engineering achievements and that’s all. We can invent models out of thin air to produce correct results. We can also invent models that don’t work therefore are discarded. A scientific model has to be tested experimentally using measurement instruments. A model that cannot be tested isn’t science it is just a theory.

      What I do know is that CSI (colloidal silver inhalation) saves lives. Spread the good news.

  11. Blacks are dumb but TDSers are even dumber, as both the voting and post-election beliefs prove.
    Here is one example: the 2020 67% turnout is the greatest in 120 years (since 1900 to make it easy for TDSers).
    The total electorate is 212m.
    The highest vote was at 70% in CO and MA.
    Trump won an UNCONTESTED 75m (nobody denied a single vote that counted for Trump).
    So how much was left over for Biden? 212*.67=142, then142-80=62 million for Biden, thus Trump clearly won by 13m.
    What would turnout have to have been in order to justify Biden’s reported 80?
    (75+80)/212, i.e., 73%, higher than either MA or CO, the two confirmed highest voter turnouts in the nation.
    But of course we forgot about the properly dead and not just brain dead voters … I guess when Biden croaks, everything goes back to normal, the dead voters are represented by dead president (for life🧟—THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT!)

    1. Lobro –
      Acronyms are useless codes, in many cases. Unclear when made up to be cute in politics.
      What do you mean by “TDSers”?? I guess ‘Totally Dissatisied Saps’.

      1. Trump derangement syndrome

        Here’s a new found usage to consider. tried to get good RS, but this was also broadcast on TV

        While speaking on the Senate floor in July 2018, Rand Paul declared that “Trump derangement syndrome has officially come to the Senate.” He further claimed that the hatred for the president is “so intense” that some members of the Senate seemed more willing to risk rising tensions with Russia rather than to allow the Trump administration to pursue diplomatic efforts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

        As good a case in point as there is.

      2. Dyslexic attempt at STDers??? 🙂

        I have railed for decades that all national elections are FIXED!!!! PREDETERMINED!! Mere busy work for the duped!!

  12. Fuck you, you lousy piece of shit moderator. What kind of faggot website is this were you censor free speech ?

    Go fuck yourself, you low testosterone, Nancy boy, snowflake weasel. You white pseudo intellectuals are the epitome of pathetic. Your country is being taken over by socialists and theres not a damned thing you will do about it except whine on this lousy website.

    1. Joey Greco is Darkmoon’s Karma coming back around to bite ADMIN in the butt. Joey Greco is a Hero to all of us who have experienced the injustice of being shipped off to Spamblinka on trumped-up charges, kangaroo courts, corrupt judges. Karma is a bitch, deal with it. 😀

    2. JG,
      No one censored your outburst. Donaldo is calmly drinking his tequila now so isn’t too alarmed by your prehistoric conduct. Anyway…yawn…Donaldo gently takes off his white glove and smacks you across the cheek. You’re not worthy of a punch. Just a gentle slap. When visiting Darkmoon in the future boy….mind your manners.🤔🤨🤠

  13. What most of you DOPES fail to realise – or, more likely, HIDE from yourselves – is THIS:

    1. Trump is just the BEGINNING, the FIRST STAGE, the booster-rocket to get the payload into orbit. You might as well blame that booster-rocket for not “landing on the moon”.

    2. In revealing the depth & depravity of The Deep State – either wittiningly or unwittingly, either as part of that “Swamp” or not – Trump has now “played his part” and cleared the ground” on which WE are now called to fight to lay that “foundation” for a better future.

    3. Blaming Trump, at this stage, when his job of “laying bare the monster” is done, is now merely a reflection of your own craven impotence…. your wilful shirking, to save your own skin (or so you think!), of that task that lies directly ahead and now falls on YOUR shoulders.

    That is all. Thank You!

  14. This too-ing and fro-ing about race and DNA is tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic!
    At this late stage who gives a sh*t?? Time to circle the wagons, trust in your own God/ Belief structure and keep your powder dry. Could it be anymore evident that the world governments are at war with their peoples?
    One of the most important acts we could do is to reach out to family/friends that are in the police and military to win them over to our side. Mainly field officers,NCO’s and enlisted men/women. Staff officers and above are lost.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  15. Getting worse in EUROPE – NOT in USA!!

    European countries and Canada ban travel from U.K. amid highly infectious COVID-19 strain!!
    AND – U.K. health minister says new strain is ‘out of control’

    News of a far more contagious strain of the coronavirus in the U.K. has prompted several European countries and Canada to halt flights and trains from that country, creating a chaotic situation ahead of Christmas.

    U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced that the capital and swaths of southern England would move into a new Tier 4 restrictive level, which would close nonessential shops, indoor leisure activities and hairdressers as of Saturday afternoon. It would also prevent those living in the affected areas, including London, from nonessential travel.

    France banned all travel from the U.K. for 48 hours starting at midnight Sunday, while officials figure out a next step.

  16. funny thing – when i go to this site on firefox, this morning, i get 10 comments…
    so i go here to safari and there are 46…
    firefox isn’t giving me the full pop…
    but, when i try to make a comment using safari, i get sent to the robot sidetrack, where i have endless tasks to perform to prove i’m not a robot, never getting the ok…
    sometimes my comment gets published on safari, sometimes not…
    i put this from catherine austin fitts here last night, but i see it’s not here today, didn’t get through the robot swamp…
    catherine explains the real purpose of the ‘reset’, which the $30,000,000,000,000 national debt is designed to lock into place…
    the money system will now be a digital control system limiting each individual’s behavior…

  17. Sehr interessanter Text, danke dafür. Auch die Kommentare sind aufschlussreich. Gut zu wissen, wo wir stehen und wo es hingeht. Frohe Weihnachten für alle.

  18. @Circassian, You responded to my post with this statement.
    “I have read and watched every link you have provided and none of them indicated what the haplogroup of the human remains actually was.”
    Go to the 6 minute, 20 second mark in the following video that I linked in my original post. Dr. Joseph Lorenz from Coriell Institute for Medical Research was searching hard for the DNA markers typical of “Native Americans” in the DNA samples taken from the bones of five individuals from Windover. He did not find what he was looking for but he did not stop. After comparing the Windover DNA to present European people’s he states in the video:

    “I went back to the screen and I looked at the sequences again, the first person’s DNA, it looked European. When I looked at the second one it looked European. When I looked at the third, fourth and fifth it was slightly different from the first two but they looked European.”
    Eske Willerslev, a famous evolutionary geneticist from the University of Copenhagen, whose findings regarding new DNA sequences were published in the science journal, Nature, has made major breakthroughs in DNA studies of the bones dating (do you want to pay the excessive fees for the official DNA results?) to the end of the last ice age, belonging to a previously unknown group of ancient people who branched off from the ancestors of modern Europeans, according to DNA recovered from their bones.

    The remains were discovered in 2013, in central Alaska, but a full genetic analysis has not been possible until recently.

    The researchers had expected her genetic material to resemble modern northern or southern lineages of Native Americans, but found instead that she had a distinct genetic makeup that made her a member of a separate population.

    A new genome from a Pleistocene burial in Alaska confirmed a longstanding belief that European ancestors first arrived in America.
    Dear Circassian, Are you of the mind-set that humans currently know everything about our ancient origins and there is nothing left to learn or discover, especially since the advent of DNA science, which thankfully was provided to humanity by a White, Goy, Dr. James Watson? I do not know you, but your comments sound unnecessarily aggressive for one who portends to be a defender of science. It is obvious that you have a different agenda than truth or science.

    1. @bumpercrop

      I do not know you, but your comments sound unnecessarily aggressive for one who portends to be a defender of science. It is obvious that you have a different agenda than truth or science.

      Yes, I am a man of science, and, yes, truth is my primary interest and objective.

      As a man of science, when I hear some assertion that strains credulity, the first question that pops up automatically in my mind is this: Is this true or, at least, could it be true?

      So when I hear someone claiming that he found human remains of 8000-9000 years old in the swamps of Florida (btw, wet conditions are the worst suitable environment for preserving any organic matter, as opposed to dry or frozen ones!) whose genetic makeup is that of European’s, without giving me any more specifics than that simple statement, my fraud detection antennas naturally start buzzing: how did that European got to North America 8-9 thousand years ago? And until I get a credible answer to that simple question, I am – as a man of science – totally justified in inferring that someone is pushing bullshit on me with some nefarious agenda.

      Wouldn’t you agree, brother, that I am exercising here a perfectly reasonable judgment?

      1. Dear Circassian, You stated, “So when I hear someone claiming that he found human remains of 8000-9000 years old in the swamps of Florida (btw, wet conditions are the worst suitable environment for preserving any organic matter, as opposed to dry or frozen ones!) ”
        Artifacts buried beneath bogs — including human bodies — may be kept in astonishingly good condition for thousands and thousands of years. Bogs are often found in lake basins created by ice age glaciers that no longer get a steady flow of river or stream water. Over time, mosses cover the heap like a blanket made of sphagnum. Water or dirt caught beneath sheets of it will stop getting a normal supply of oxygen from the atmosphere. Sphagnum soaks up calcium and magnesium, which makes the underlying soil and water mildly acidic. Since bacteria and fungi find those conditions inhospitable, the dead vegetation decomposes at a phenomenally slow rate. Instead of breaking down right away, it lingers. Piling up over time, masses of the botanical waste gradually turn into peat. Sphagnan binds with nitrogen, which bacteria need to survive. So by removing nitrogen from the environment, sphagnan helps prevent the spread of microorganisms that would normally be breaking down human and animal remains. Bogs are anoxic (oxygen-free) environments. These conditions are hostile to the microbes and fungi that would normally decay organic material
        Many ancient mummies have been discovered in bogs, not just the 168 individual, 8 thousand- year old White Caucasian mummies found in the Windover Bogs of Florida.
        Since you identify as a “man of science” you do understand that planet Earth today appears drastically different than it looked in ancient days, correct?
        You asked the question, “How did that European got to North America 8-9 thousand years ago”?
        About 300 million years ago, Earth didn’t have seven continents, but instead one massive supercontinent called Pangaea, which was surrounded by a single ocean called Panthalassa. Even now, one can visually connect the 7 continents to make one continent. It’s very important to those whom have purchased science and academia, as well as mainstream media, to preserve the White- Man- Bad agenda. But we would not even be discussing DNA sequences if it had not been for Dr. James Watson.
        Today science, like many other disciplines of study, appears bogged down in the overall ability to connect multiple disciplines into a whole. There is a definite arrogance in attitude that dominates and therefore prevents new information from being sufficiently funded, since the new discoveries are likely to replace false narratives. An example is the “Out of Africa” hypothesis. Science, has been purchased. Academia has been infiltrated & purchased. And the mainstream media, which is often the major transmitter of information to mass mind, has most definitely been purchased. The goal being the ultimate control of the narrative.

      2. Bumpercrop, let’s do some plausible reasoning here, shall we?

        First we start with facts that are well known to every mildly educated and knowledgeable person.

        (1) There are alternative theories about who discovered America first — some well-documented, others mere legends. So even if we take the flimsiest one of them, we are talking about sixth century – certainly not earlier than that:


        (2) Whoever got to America first from the outside, there is no mentioning that the discoverers have found white, European looking people there.

        Now, let’s assume that some millions years ago, the area what we call Europe today presumably had a land connection to America. Next, let’s assume that those ancient “Europeans” got to America via that land connection some hundreds of thousands years ago. Now, if they didn’t get killed in short order by the aborigines, and if they survived and prospered, then the Injuns would have had some memories of white people who shared the land of America with them for thousands of years. But, as far as I know, no Native Americans have any such myths, legends, or any other kind of evidence that they have ever seen a white man before Columbus.

        This line of reasoning closes the case cold in my opinion.

  19. Looks like the ROTW has “pulled the plug” on benighted Blighty.
    Can’t say I blame ’em

  20. @Circ.

    Errrmmm… when can we expect another your “DNA From The Dark Side” episodes?

    Maybe consider – as a Hannukah Special – something like “It wasn’t Sinai! DNA Analysis PROVES Moses was wandering around Wolverhampton for 40 Years!!!!” (Which at least would explain the legendary stinginess of your typical “No Tip!!!!” Brit)

  21. BIG BUCKS in vaccines!!
    There are 56 vaccines being developed globally and are in human trials!!!

    COVID-19 vaccine initiatives

    Operation Warp Speed is a collaboration of several US government departments including Health and Human Services (HHS) and subagencies, Defense, Agriculture, Energy and Veterans Affairs and the private sector. OWS has funded JNJ-78436735 (Janssen), mRNA-1273 (Moderna), and NVX‑CoV2373 (Novavax), V590 (Merck/IAVI), V591 (Merck/Themis), AZD1222 (AstraZeneca/University of Oxford), and the candidate developed by Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline.

    OWS is “part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.” Leaders of OWS say they could vaccinate as many as 20 million people by the end of the year and 100 million people by February.

    Showing 1 to 10 of 56 entries…

  22. Truth is creeping out for who has eyes to see:
    The TPP Was All but Dead, Now DC Think Tanks Are Quietly Urging Biden to Bring It Back
    Former officials are practically begging Biden to revisit the controversial trade agreement, arguing that “China must be isolated.“

    Trump killed TPP within hours of entering the Oval Office in Jan 2016, this is how urgent he considered it, Obama’s crown jewel of isolating China, I lost count of how many times I praised this act as proof positive of Trump’s anti-globalist, anti-Jew leanings but my voice was invariably drowned in cacophony of “Orange Clown moved embassy from A to B and gave a set of keys to Netanyahu who is scamming Amerika by getting free laundry”. Well, now that Trump seems to be out and Biden on his way in, TPP is on the brink of resuscitation. Not that it matters, I suppose, who cares about possible war with China when we are still in deep mourning over those existentially important keys, just think of what Judea will do with them other than give themselves a collective enema.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was dead and buried. But now, with the imminent arrival of the new Biden administration, many of the most influential policy groups in Washington are quietly trying to resurrect it.

    Writing for the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC), Joshua Eisenman, the organization’s Senior Fellow in China Studies, argues that it is “time to revisit the TPP,” which has now been rebranded as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

    Happy to see that rabbi Dov Zakheim, the architect of 9/11 is swinging back into action, he and his cohort were badly missed in these 4 years in the orange wilderness.
    And I predict that many such irrelevant moves will be made in the coming months, action heating up not only against China but also Syria (yes, Assad must go, all options on table, we came, we saw, he died, hahaha), tightening the squeeze on Russia, midnight air raids on Tehran, nuclear submarines popping up in North Korean waters and everywhere, all things that Orange Clown neglected in his delusional, one-dimensional focus on ceremonial keys (maybe Biden will change locks, fingers crossed).
    Thank Tikkun Olam that the adults are back in the room, let’s get serious, no more tweeting.
    And of course, the sages of fine writing will say that it is all the same, no difference why vote, all a giant charade that cannot fool the sages of the Occident wisdom.

    1. Biden won’t do anything cause he’s demented but the figures behind him will do exactly what you’ve described, Mr. Lobro.

  23. I don’t get it: Social Security Is A Mess: There Are 6 Million Active Accounts Of People Aged 112+ … but you told me ALL SIX MILLION WERE DEAD!?
    I guess I forgot the mantra, Is It Good For Jews?, because “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah”, so who is entitled to correct their creativity? Tikkun olam IS a correction, no need to correct it.
    Notice the ever-changing flow of meanings: G-d is messiah is Jews as a whole, thus religion is materialism is atheism, like peering into a vipers’ nest trying to figure out which tail is connected to which head within the writhing swarm.

    Well rebbe, it goes like this, some (of our) people are dead but are alive and some (also of our) people are alive but are dead, put them together and the 6 million dead draw benefits for the 6 million living.
    (To-The-Tina-Turner-Tune: “What’s truth got to do with it …”)

    1. Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Europe, Russia, China, etc., etc., etc.
      You know, the civilized world..

      “You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.”

  24. It’s America’s Karma to be Saved by a jew vaudeville simian 🐒 sheenie impersonating a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church. A wise All-Knowing hindoo guru has told us so, so what could go wrong? LMFAO!!!!!

  25. Circassian, I’ve noted that you never respond when I have provided information that contradicts your assertions.
    “But, as far as I know, no Native Americans have any such myths, legends, or any other kind of evidence that they have ever seen a white man before Columbus.”
    It is correct that the group in general, commonly called, “Native Americans” did not have the wheel, as well as any written languages before the latest known documented, migration of White Europeans to the Americas. But there are indeed myths held by “Native Americans” of White people in the Americas. There is the historical mythical information held by various tribes regarding the “White Gods” living in the Americas. This documented mythical information is often slandered by the same tribe that hates White Caucasians, and places great effort in suppressing and dismissing these documented historical references. And if you truly are a “man of science” which entails investigating all information available, which transcends cognitive bias, then you will do the research for yourself. There is also the documentation of “Native Americans” regarding a race of White Caucasians, described as giants, that lived in the Americas.
    Horatio Bardwell Cushman wrote in his 1899 book, History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, & Natchez Indians: “The tradition of the Choctaws . . . told of a race of giants that once inhabited the now State of Tennessee, and with whom their ancestors fought when they arrived in Mississippi in their migration from the west. … Their tradition states the Nahullo (race of giants) was of wonderful stature.” There is more information on this topic should you decide to read the information. The Comanches and Navaho tribes have also been recorded discussing these “myths”.
    300 million years ago, during prehistoric times, Earth’s atmosphere was 30% oxygen, and this is a level that has been recorded from ice samples, from our current understanding. A higher amount of oxygen is a major reason dinosaurs could thrive.
    The truth is, Circassian, we humans have very little knowledge regarding the ancient history of humans. Therefore we should look at the current theories of our past, that are presented to humanity as the ultimate truth, with an open mind and remain grateful that a White, Caucasian, Goy, male has given humanity the gift of DNA sequencing. For this science is truly revolutionizing new understandings of the earliest known humans in the Americas. There is a major effort to maintain rigid, structured ideologies based on science sans the new DNA science. This is due largely to promote specific, political goals, IE White Man Bad. This attitude serves only to retard humanity as a whole. I’ve often arrived at the conclusion in life, that many people don’t really want to know the truth and fight hard to remain ignorant.

    1. Bumpercrop, you and I are different people in many respects; and that’s perfectly ok – there are no two identical people in the world.

      I want you to see this video


      and I hope that it will give you if not an explanation then at least some ideas as of why you and I are so different.

  26. “Health passports are the only way the world will function and for lock downs to no longer be the sole course of action.” T. Blair https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/covid-vaccine-tony-blair-coronavirus-b1777845.html
    And here we go again! A professional liar and cheat, a top corrupt career politician that sold his soul long ago, a war criminal that burnt innocent families with their homes on foreign shores, all for cheap stolen oil, historical artefacts and gold in exchange for capitalistic serfdom. Tony, a masterminded, bribed puppet back from COL’s red crown, a black magician, that made illusionary weapons of mass destruction real along his political show of caring British sorcery is popping out of the corporate box again, coming to the rescue like Jack (in the box) with HEALTH/JAB passports. “Trust me, I am an idol. I am a leader!” the media and Tony say to their numbed and wilted subjects. “Let me lie to you once more, subjects of the world’s best crown”. “Let me do again what I do best – to lie and cheat – while YOU disappear flaw and namelessly into the forgotten history book of man.” “Health passports are the only way the world will function”, trust me it is ME, Tony the Blair!
    Oh what a wonderfully STUPID world of empty headed man!

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