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August 27, 2020 — 1700 words 


Kyle Rittenhouse (pictured) didn’t go to Kenosha to shoot protestors; he went to protect the property and lives of the people who were threatened by a rampaging mob that had already destroyed large parts of the city. That’s why he was there.

He went to fill the security vacuum the Democrat governor and mayor created when they failed to perform their sworn obligation to protect the people in their charge. They didn’t do that, they left the city and its merchants exposed to the erratic and violent behavior of looters, vandals and arsonists. Which is why Rittenhouse showed up.

He was there to stop the criminal gangs from doing more damage than they’d already done.

“People are getting injured and our job is to protect this business… If someone is hurt, I’m running into harms way. That’s why I need my rifle to protect myself,” Rittenhouse told a reporter from the Daily Caller.

Unfortunately, Rittenhouse was attacked by a crowd on the property he was protecting, and a man was shot in the head. The man who was killed appears to be Joseph Rosenbaum, “a registered sex offender for a crime involving a minor.” (Mugshot of the pedophile).

Videos of the victim have popped up on Twitter but we have no way of verifying them at this time. What we know for certain is that Rittenhouse is responsible for the shooting deaths of two men and another who was wounded.

There is also evidence that one of the men who attacked Rittenhouse was carrying a gun. (See here)

In a video that has been widely circulated on the internet, Rittenhouse is seen running away from an angry group of protestors who trip him from behind and send him sprawling to the ground. While lying on the street, Rittenhouse quickly grabbed his assault rifle and shot an assailant who had hit him on the head with his skateboard. He then slowly rose to one knee and shot another attacker who was preparing to deliver a blow. The bloody clash scattered the other 15 or 20 potential assailants who quickly did a U-Turn and fled in the opposite direction.

Rittenhouse is attacked by BLM race rioters . . . and tries to defend himself 

Rittenhouse was later taken into custody by police and charged with first-degree murder. The Antioch Police Department released the following statement on Wednesday:

“This morning Kenosha County authorities issued an arrest warrant for the individual responsible for the incident, charging him with First Degree Intentional Homicide. The suspect in this incident, a 17-year-old Antioch resident, is currently in custody of the Lake County Judicial System pending an extradition hearing to transfer custody from Illinois to Wisconsin.”

Rittenhouse has been assigned a public defender and faces charges of “first degree intentional homicide”. He is expected to appear in court on Friday.

Reasonable people should be able to agree that the situation should never have been allowed to deteriorate to the point where a young man felt the need to take up arms to defend an American city from the type of senseless violence we’ve seen in the last 10 weeks. But that’s what happened. And the blame should not be placed on Rittenhouse, but on the Democrat leaders– mayor and governor– and their criminal allies in the media who have applauded the activities of the rioters while failing to mention the horrific damage they have done. It’s shameful.

Also, there is world of difference between “freedom of assembly” and looting, arson and vandalism. The media knows the difference but continues to perpetuate the myth that these are mostly “peaceful protests” conducted by principled demonstrators who only seek social justice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How does one achieve social justice by burning down a mattress warehouse or looting a pancake restaurant or demolishing an entire fleet of new vehicles or spray-painting and firebombing a federal courthouse?? How do these activities square with the teachings of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi or leaders in the Antiwar movement?

They don’t.

BLM is not a protest movement, it’s not even a civil rights movement.

It’s a Trojan Horse funded by sinister globalist troublemakers who believe that violence is an acceptable means for advancing their own narrow political agenda.

And let’s not kid ourselves, the real objective is likely the exact opposite of what they claim to seek, that is, the inevitable deployment of Federal troops followed by the establishment of a centrally-controlled Federal Police force no different than the Stasi or Gestapo.

That’s the real objective, absolute martial power in the hands of—you guessed it— the Democrat puppet-masters and their deep-state friends.

—   §   —

There was also another violent eruption in Seattle last night that’s been conveniently ignored by the crooked media. Here’s the story from KIRO News 7:

“Seattle police officers were forced to kick their way out of an East Precinct exit door Monday night, after rioters jammed it with boards and rebar, and attempted to seal the door closed with quick-dry cement. As the door was being jammed, surveillance video shows several other people building a fire outside the building near the exit door, in an attempt to set the building on fire.

“I think what this shows you is that these people are intent on killing police officers,” said Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Guild, who called the act ‘”clear domestic terrorism. We’re being held hostage by a group of 100 to 150 people that are bent on destroying this city and hurting police officers,”

Solan said a short time later, the Guild headquarters also became the target of three firebombs.

“Our surveillance video captured two individuals scouting our location for several hours,” Solan said.

Surveillance video from that location shows one of the firebombs bursting, igniting the building’s rear stairway in flames, before officers were able to extinguish the fire. Solan said officers are dispirited when no- one in city leadership denounces these attacks.

“That’s why it’s incumbent upon our elected officials to put a stop to this immediately,” he said. “How can city leaders be so feckless? It can’t just be on the officers. This is an absolute overthrow attempt of some of our government institutions, and police are in the way. They or the officers will get hurt or killed so they can put forth that agenda.” (“SPD: Rioters tried to trap officers inside burning precinct using rebar and concrete”, KIRO News7)

Got that? Our esteemed social justice warriors tried to burn cops to death in their own precinct last night and our flunkey media failed to even report the incident.

Nice, eh? They must have been covering something more important like Trump’s latest post on Twitter.

As you may know, Seattle is run by Utopian blockheads who want to defund the police just as violent crime, drug-use and homelessness have skyrocketed to new highs and just as street violence has become a nightly event. Now the fanatical City Council is trying to shrug off the news that hooded thugs torched the police Headquarters putting everyone inside the building at risk of a fiery and agonizing death. What sort of mad world do we live in?

—   §   —

By the way, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has offered his sympathy to the family of Jacob Blake, the black man who was shot while resisting arrest by Wisconsin police over the weekend. Referring to Blake, Biden said:

“What I saw on that video makes me sick. Once again, a Black man, Jacob Blake, has been shot by the police in broad daylight, with the whole world watching.”

“Once again, a Black man, Jacob Blake, has been shot by the police.”
(See video clip, 1.33 mins)

New video footage from the scene shows that Blake was resisting arrest and putting officers at risk by attempting to enter the front seat of his SUV.

Neither Biden nor anyone else knows whether there was weapon in the front seat, so Biden’s comments are clearly an attempt to prejudice the case against the cops. Why would he do that unless he thought there was some political advantage in doing so?

Biden added: “Put yourself in the shoes of every Black father and Black mother in this country and ask: Is this what we want America to be? Is this the country we should be?”

Again, why is he saying this? Is Biden really so desperate for black votes that he’d try to influence the course of a murder investigation?

Yes, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

He’s blaming the cops before he’s even heard the details because he thinks it might help him win the election. That’s Joe Biden in a nutshell. (Note. We now know that Blake DID have a knife in the front seat, but will that be enough to wrangle an apology out of Biden? Don’t hold your breath.)

So where do we go from here?

Is the Rittenhouse incident a one-off or is it the beginning of something much bigger?

Will we see a sharp uptick in the rioting and looting or will we begin to see more pushback from the people who’ve had enough and who don’t think social justice can be achieved by breaking windows, toppling statues, and burning down cities? Will the police and National Guard finally restore peace and order or will we slip deeper into fratricidal warfare and chaos?

The only thing that’s certain is that there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. The Democrats and the media have encouraged this madness from the very beginning by praising the protests while downplaying the magnitude of the damage. It was all part of a political calculation that has backfired spectacularly. Now the mob is emboldened and no amount of destruction will satisfy its lust for more violence. You can see it in the rioters faces. It’s all a game and they’re enjoying themselves. They feel powerful now and they like it. That’s going to be hard to change.

But it will change and change won’t be pretty.

The state will deploy all its assets to reclaim its monopoly on violence. You can bet on that. Security will be reestablished with brute force and an iron fist.

A crackdown is coming and the innocent are going to be crushed along with the guilty.

It didn’t have to be this way.

This all could have been avoided if our scheming Democrat leaders had chosen to protect the people instead of kowtowing to the mob. The blood is on their hands.

The Unz Review

For those who would like to explore this subject a bit further, the Darkmoon site has added  this 20-minute BitChute video:  KYLE RITTENHOUSE — MURDER MY ASS 

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  1. “Blood will run in the streets!”

    How many times have you heard that before and said to yourself—

    And now it’s happening.

    This is just the beginning. It’s going to get worse next year. Far worse.
    If 2021 doesn’t bring us to the brink of Armageddon, I’d be surprised.

  2. I like to exercise both left and right frontal lobes—it improves nightly REM patterns, helps keep dementia at bay and as a side benefit might even lead to a balanced worldview, here is from Saker again (he used to be in people’s good graces while I would on occasion deride him):
    Will Hillary and the Dems Get the Civil War They Are Trying to Provoke?

    If you have not already seen this, check out this video of Hillary Clinton stating that, quote, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances“.
    “Any” means “any”. That would include the (admittedly hypothetical) case of Trump clearly winning by a landslide. Again, “any” means “any”.
    The direct implications of that is that the Dems should re-take the White House by any and all means and under any and all circumstances.

    Wonder if Hillary kept that Gaddafi execution-by-sodomy bayonet as a treasured keepsake, brightly polished and oiled, dreaming ecstatically of the moment she gets to put it to use again—different time, place, national leader/victim—same purpose, same reason and same ultimate Master greatly pleased with work of his favorite most twisted shabbo.

    1. Bless Rittenhouse. A lot of courage for such a young man. Looks like Mr. Rosenbaum won’t be molesting children anymore……got put out of his misery. Anyway. Don’t expect any justice for Rittenhouse. What is needed is an investigation by the WBI (Wisconsin Bureau of Investigation). Detain several of the out-of-town looters and interrogate them. Use “enhanced techniques” if necessary. Find out who is funding them. Follow the money 💰 trail. Very simple. Very easy. These hired thugs are just small 🐟. Let’s go after the big catch. If Donaldo were doing the investigation, it would all be over in a week. Arrest warrants would be issued . Mr. Long 👃 Hair….errr….Soros, along with all his henchmen big and small involved in the case would be arrested to await trial or fleeing for their lives to scramble aboard the nearest jetliner to Tel Aviv. It’s so extremely simple……the solution. May all concerned citizens put enormous pressure on the WBI to do their job. Will the people unite? The million-dollar question. Will the WBI respond? Have they been ordered to step down also? If so, all will go to Hell in a ✋ basket. If society can’t depend on government or law enforcement than perhaps there will be a positive outcome. People will become INDEPENDENT to simply survive. People will begin to understand that true independence requires responsibility and planning among other things. Anyway. Donaldo believes that the USSA experiment was doomed totally from the very beginning at least from the aspect of Empire. What will happen is a Balkanization of the former USSA and Donaldo welcomes that. We live in interesting times indeed. 🌮🍷🤔😉

    2. If you want “a take” on where events are headed – and it ain’t “purdy” – ‘The Saker’ is the BEST… bar none (apart from MB’s always illustrious commentary)
      Ignore him – and her! – at your peril.

  3. (aka) One of the 10 million man posse (some say 30 million) who just couldn’t wait. The other 9, 999, 999 are on standby, chomping at the bit.

    “they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind”

  4. If the people of Kenosha are too chicken-shit to defend Rittenhouse, let ’em burn. No one is more anti-BLM or anti-communist than I, but it seems the season must become more harsh to stimulate these gutless wonders to action. Let the whirlwind gain momentum! 👌

  5. Some of my long-time friends and acquaintances are filled with an absolutely morbid hatred for The Donald… I notice, those who scream racism at everybody they don’t like, especially at the president, are behaving exactly as any typical racist behaves.. This is how a race war works, nobody is thinking things over and acting with discretion… Yet there’s more to it – as victims first, then soldiers, those who hate first are licensing themselves to acquire something… Everybody suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome is behaving ‘systemically’ just like someone who hates all blacks or hates all whites, unrealistically, as though there were no good whatsoever in anything Trump does… When they cast the aspersion ‘narcissist’, it’s really the same thing as ‘nigger’… They’re not interested in discussing anything, they’re running on visceral hatred… Why? Well, from what I see those people are all pretty much broke losers, who know they haven’t made it in the world and, having nothing much to lose anyway, are looking for some big new state plan to ‘redistribute’ the wealth… Jewish Communism is the fake panacea… This social disintegration now and the impending civil war is what the corporate media perpetrating the nefarious methodology of disaster capitalism have delivered our society to… They have always pushed whatever racial buttons they could find and exacerbated any naturally occurring racial and other tensions, because they simply can never leave people alone to relax… Their push for ‘diversity’ is a deliberate plot against racial pride, which equates to a blow against the traditional family structure, that which once kept society solid… Those who own so much of the world will control it more by the exercise of political power, in the current case it’s against the working class as a whole, which are being divided by racial animosity… Because if the public find and maintain the happy medium, the political power will gradually transfer to the Middle Class… Corporate predators, those who transferred our manufacturing to the Third World, weren’t doing it just to get richer… It was done as well to sabotage the Middle Class in the USA… Trump just happened along as the perfect personality patsy in the rotten process, or he’s been well cast on purpose for his role as ‘First Deranger’, most likely, by his Jewish handlers… Jews control the media and they run it as a weapon against the common man, and if leadership has anything to do with the best of intentions, they don’t deserve the role… But that’s OK with the unconscionable corporate hierarchy, which cares only about the profits… Look at the difference you see between the real version of the 17 year old vigilanti’s involvement in the Kenosha riots and the story you get from the Amy Goodman types… According to them he was a White Supremacist killer, who attacked the ‘peaceful protestors’ for no good reason and killed two of them as they were valiantly attempting to disarm him, after which he ‘fled across state lines’… When in reality he stepped into the role of policeman, which has been abandoned by the state, to protect property from looters and arsonists… And you probably saw the local police chief, clearly derelict, side right up with the dem politicians and Jew media against the kid…

  6. Unz said: “What we know for certain is that Rittenhouse is responsible for the shooting deaths of two men and another who was wounded.”

    My response: No we don’t know that. The head wound is not consistent with damage from a 223, statements from the witnesses or the photographic evidence, all of which suggest Rosenbaum was actually shot by Grosskruetz, the guy who got his arm shot. Who btw, has yet to be arrested even though he’s a convicted felon who was illegally in possession of a firearm, filmed pointing his pistol at Rittenhouse in the middle of a riot.

    Another fail from Unz, who is quickly gaining a reputation for spreading disinfo, or at the least jumping to the wrong conclusion to support the official narrative in defiance of the facts.

    In any case, hasn’t Unz ever heard the phrase “innocent until proven guilty?” Add Unz to the list of all the others who have placed themselves in an actionable position slandering Rittenhouse.

    1. Triuwida,

      Ron Unz didn’t write the article and can’t be held responsible for a factual error made by one of his site’s writers. The article was written by Mike Whitney, a generally respected writer. If he got his facts wrong, he got them wrong. Period. You don’t have to make a sinister conspiracy theory out of a minor misreported detail! 🙂

      1. Unz can argue that with Rittenhouse’s legal council, if Lin Wood cares to take him to task over this. But if he doesn’t it will be because they have bigger fish to fry, not because publishing an article accusing his client of murder is a “minor detail.”

  7. i feel sorry for the lad, Rittenhouse, even though he is a hero; of sorts, I fear he will be found guilty at his trial to discourage other people (not all blacks, mexicans and jews etc, at least two of the three that where shot are jews, are anti American Commie wankers) from doing the same ergo protecting themselves and their community.

    Good Luck Mr Rittenhouse. You proved youself to be a man and are a credit to your parents.

  8. As far as delineating minute by minute, frame by frame, what actually happened during Rittenhouse’s self defense action this is the best write up I’ve found. It has been updated as data came in. It contains supporting video and stills with it. And it is written by someone who understands firearm engagement. But you will have to READ the text to benefit from this —


    1. @ Ramm Stein

      Thanks for this exceptionally detailed article.
      So what is your conclusion? Will Rittenhouse get a fair trial?

      1. You are welcome dear sister. Kyle Rittenhouse will absolutely get a fair trial. The video and eyewitness evidence is overwhelming. His head lawyer is Lin Wood, nicknamed “Attorney of the Damned”. This is the lawyer that got justice for Richard Jewell and Nicholas Sandmann. Also part of his law team is John Pierce, a lawyer dedicated to the “art of trial by combat”.

        Lin Wood is all about Ephesians chapter 6:10-18 and lives it out face to face with evil and takes great joy in spiritual warfare against those that would bear false witness and seek to destroy the innocent.

        see these links —




  9. Pedophile Jew is killed—what will be the outcome this time, the previous occasion birthed the ADL.
    Of course, it all has to do with justice, nothing with Jew in-group behavior, they forgive, forget and move on,
    Phagan Family’s Statement on the Latest Attempt to Exonerate Leo Frank

    Those named as participants in this move are the following: Former Governor Roy Barnes, Rabbi Steven Lebow, Attorney Dale Schwartz, Melissa D. Redmon, director of the University of Georgia Law School, Former Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward Sears, Former Court Chief Justice Norman Fletcher, Cobb County Superior Court Chief Judge J. Stephen Schuster, Assistant District Attorney Van Pearlberg.

    The family of Mary Phagan believes that these individuals have colluded since August of 2018 to find a way to vacate the conviction of Leo Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan

    “Collusion” is an automatic term of antisemitism when applied to the Chosen-of-Yahweh by the mere cattle as opposed to when it goes in the opposite direction which legitimizes the term.

    Jew Lives Matter is a venerable movement with an ancient legacy of over 2,000 years, resulted in many riots, revolutions, coups, overthrows, every time invigorating the culture with new freedoms and perspectives—what’s a bit of blood spilled when it is as renewable as it is perishable, to paraphrase the proto-Talmud good book:
    Goy’s days are those of grass; Like flower of the field he blooms; Then a revolution passes over him and he is gone; And his place knows him no more—unlike Saint Leo, remembered in reverence fohebbah und fohebbah.

    1. Lobro,
      They don’t forget, forgive and live-on. Exactly who are “they” anyway? What exists is a major crime syndicate. Merciless and psychopathic in nature. They aren’t Jews in anyway, shape or form. They are criminals. That’s all.

    2. Donaldo,

      Exactly who are “they” anyway?

      is a deceptively hard question, on of the hardest in the world, a mere one or two rungs below the question of Creation.
      I cannot go into it at sufficient length to make MY position come out in non-gibberish form but let me risk it.
      “Jew” is a tremendously slippery term and of course they themselves will maximally profit from the ambiguity—not without reason are they often called “shapeshifters“.
      Let me give you a typical example, beyond mere rhinoplasty or name change which to them is a matter of temporary convenience like another passport or “dual” (NOT) loyalty, laundering previously denounced identity by reasons of legalistic hygiene (I suspect that every Jew has a true name which does not appear in any passport but is preserved in some scroll).
      When a Jew calls himself “secular“, he honoring kol nidre in that a goy will react by lowering his guard thinking the Jew is just an unfortunate victim of his birth but at heart a regular guy that he can relax with while sharing a few bonding drinks.
      Far from it, though, because the darkly unique trait to this anti-religious “religion” is its complete denial of eternal spiritual existence—soul, with its attendant karmic airfoils of both lift and drag, reward and punishment, the existence of an absolute moral reference, whether one calls it Natural Law or Logos—Jew disowns them totally.
      His deal is with Devil Yahweh only, which is that in return for absolute compliance with Mosaic Law, he dispenses with moral dilemma of any sort, scot-free of any punishment for any misdeeds, crimes and misdemeanors as long as he doesn’t get caught and as long as the said crimes are directed at outsiders, i.e., the goyim.
      Devil cleans up any aftermath, there isn’t any as far as Jew is concerned, you live and enjoy all the iniquity and perversion whose taste you are encouraged to develop like a connoisseur—just never deviate from the LAW (the transgression of King Saul, the dumb Israelite as opposed to cunning Judahite is rubbed into Jew’s faces at every Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement and Kol nidre, I believe).

      This is just one example, Donaldo.
      Keep in mind that no matter how much kinship you may feel with them due to a partial familial link YOU WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED AS ONE OF THEM, no matter how charming their conduct toward you at holidays and social gatherings, no matter how sincere your conversion may have been.
      Like a rabbit dressed as a ferret—don’t kid yourself, they know.
      Cutting it short here, enough.

      1. Lobro,
        Ok. Understand your logic. But Donaldo has never sought acceptance from ANY group of people. Donaldos grandfather was Jewish. May be rest in peace. And YES Donaldo is secular. But he’s never involved himself with such doctrines as kol nidre. Why should he? Donaldo is a trucker and for the last 10 years existing in this industry has taught him some valuable lessons. He has found himself surrounded by the worst group of liars and thieves imaginable. And this group of people aren’t Jewish at all. They’re goyim. Russians, Bulgarians, Ethiopians, etc. They will stab you in the back and laugh all the way to the bank. Donaldo has harboured a lot of hatred towards these scum-people over the years and it’s taken a toll on his mental health. By contrast, the Jewish people that Donaldo has encountered have been of a higher caliber. Kind and generous. Always lending a helping ✋. To summarize his point, Donaldo just emphasizes that he’s no fan of Leo Frank. He was just a bad 🍎 on the 🌲. Donaldo just advises anyone reading his humble post, please feel free to judge any Jewish person you meet based on his/her individual behavior. Perhaps you’ll discover that most Jews are actually great people. Other imposters such as Mr. Long 👃 Hair Soros probably aren’t so great. Each individual has the right to scrutinize the people he encounters. Also, finishing, let’s not forget the 4 noble truths of Buddhism. ALL of humanity is subject to them. Lobro, Donaldo doesn’t know who you are or where you live. Jewish? Non-Jewish? But Donaldo wishes you well along with all fellow Darkmooners. Shalom. 🌮🍷😉

      2. Donaldo
        Your point is well taken. It all boils down to an individual and their actions. As I’ve said before, I consider ALL human beings to come under the heading of “goy”. A main consideration has to do with the truth of Christ vs. the lie of Judaism. A lie that IN EFFECT doesn’t see beyond this material reality, and in so doing is proclaiming that a “matter-reality” is the ONLY reality. Although strictly speaking Judaism is not associated with a notion of reincarnation, one ramification of this fosters a false belief that an eternal recycling between a material world and whatever may constitute its antithesis reflects a Divine sanction. An extension of that being a New Age conveyance stating that reincarnation is a necessary PREREQUISITE for reaching a state of Divinity


    Interesting, is it not?

    A single 17 year old naive boy create such havoc against the government narrative that his brave actions may in fact slowly start to tip the scales.

    Leaves us by the keyboards rather shamefaced as to our contribution compared to his….

    Would a few thousand like him be enough to alter the whole picture of how we foresee the future?

    Just askin’

    1. Even a dozen Kyles stepping up will change everything. And what has the bolshies shaking in their boots is knowing there are about a hundred million Kyles just waiting in the wings.

      And even with all the false flags they’ve pulled they never succeeded in getting us to give up our guns.

      Trump really killed their plans. All of this was supposed to go down under a Hillary presidency, and it’s too late now to hide the cards they’ve already played.

      1. What a benefactor this Trump is. It’s obvious that
        even the jew wise people, al least they pretend, are pro Trump. When I keep reading this pro Trump laudate it’s time for me to leave this site.
        So much cognitive dissonance is not to bear.
        The slaves will be slaves and rhe jews laugh.

      2. @ Melanie

        You lack intellectual stamina if “cognitive dissonance” drives you away from a site that has published ONE article that appeals to a few supporters of Donald Trump. This site has published far more ANTI-TRUMP articles than pro-Trump ones!

        Are you aware of that? No. Of course not!

        I think snowflakes like you, with your cowardly need for “safe spaces”, will never learn anything. Most of your comments, if I may say so without giving offense, smack of narrow-minded intolerance and smug superiority. You are a lady who clearly does not like to be contradicted! 🙂

        So it’s in your best interests that you should leave this site and scuttle off to one that mirrors your own narrow and constipated views.

        Good riddance! 🙂

      3. @ Manfred

        I think you are too harsh on Melanie. We ought to love snowflakes and protect them from dangerous ideas! Melanie is obviously in need of a safe space where none of her views are ever challenged.

        To talk of her “narrow and constipated views” is very cruel of you, given that she is a lady who is in sore need of lots of love and kisses. 🙂

  11. If Trump wins a second term that will be a good thing. But after his second term I don’t know if the Republican Party could produce another Republican similar to Trump, someone who can actually fight the Deep State, at least a little bit, and actually win some victories now and then against the Deep State. I don’t see anyone else in Washington who can fill Trump’s shoes. One good thing about his presidency, there has been progress in chasing down and apprehending the child traffickers in the USA. That would never would have happened if Hillary had won. It’s to Trump’s credit that he wants child trafficking to stop. No other president ever has tried to put an end to child trafficking or even tried to lessen the amount of child trafficking. It’s to Trump’s credit.

    If he does win again, after his second term the Democrats are going to do everything they can to undo everything good he has accomplished and they will make sure to protect the child traffickers yet again like they always have in the past. It’s one of the major reasons the Democrats and the Deep State hate Trump so much — he’s going after the child traffickers. The Deep State is comprised of big-shot Democrats and also quite a few big-shot Republicans, the “Never-Trump” type Republicans. May they all go to Hell for they do not care about the children who are thrown into drug-addicted sex slavery — and a good number of the children are killed in snuff films. It’s so evil there’s no words…..

    Trump is far from perfect but he’s not part of the evil of child trafficking and he’s trying his best to put an end to child trafficking. It’s to his credit. If he had lost in 2016 there would be NO arrests of child traffickers today. Children being held in bondage are being released from bondage under Trump. No children would be released from bondage today if Hillary had won, not one child. And all of Hollywood and all the so-called intellegentsia would love her for keeping children in bondage and slavery. They hate Trump because he’s going after the child traffickers. It’s a major reason why the JEW Deep State and the NON-jew scumbags who love the JEW Deep State hate Trump so much. NON-JEWS like Ellen Degeneres, Meryl Streep, Anderson Cooper, many many others.

    I’m not Bible-banging moralistic or anything like that. I do NOT lecture anyone about morality. I myself am NOT morally perfect, far from it. But child trafficking is so evil, so evil, turning the children into drug addicts, raping them, killing them in snuff films, how anyone can support that…. it’s not human. It’s so evil and so horrible it’s beyond words. I think reptilian-human hybrid shape-shifters do exist but I don’t think they’re from outer space. I think they’re from HELL itself. The bishop at my Confirmation when I was 13 was a reptilian-human hybrid shape-shifter. I would like to dismiss David Icke out-of-hand but I can’t, for the bishop at my Confirmation when I was 13 was a reptilian-human hybrid shape-shifter and he actually shape-shifted during the Confirmation ceremony. Confirmation is a Catholic thing. Yes, I’m a Catholic. I’m what they call a “cradle” Catholic. [ Hitler was also a cradle Catholic. Ya’ just gotta LERV us cradle Catholics! 😇 ] Thank you, TROJ.

    1. These abominations they do to kids are truly from hell, TROJ! It brings us back to Jewish Ritual Murder. I’ve downloaded a file called “The Neophyte Book: A Testimony of Ritual Murder from a Converted Rabbi – Featuring the Text of V.A. Komarov”. Credit where credit is due, I think Pat gave the link to this impressive, 1803, Romanian 10 pages testimony.

      Excerpt 1:
      “Basically, Neophyte states that the rite of ritual human sacrifice, as he understood it, was transmitted orally from a Jewish father to only one trusted son, one that the father had judged to be the most intelligent and capable of keeping the secret. That son then transmitted it in the same way to his son, and so on, the process continuing across generations.”

      They don’t put these Judaic unspeakable practices on paper, only orally transmitted, generation after generation. Some Jewish families know nothing about but some families do. Only one male son has the unprintable secret. My guess is less than 15% of Jews are in the know.

      Excerpt 2:
      “Reasons why the Jews use Christian blood”

      “Reason No. 1: Hatred towards Christians. The Jews instill hatred towards Christianity in their sons with their mother’s milk, from the earliest childhood. Having received the same beliefs from their fathers from entire generations, they are sincerely convinced that the repugnance to Christians, including their murder, is a deed quite pleasant to God.”

      “Reason No. 2: Superstition. The second reason is based on superstitious beliefs held by the Jews, which pertain to magic, witchcraft, the Kabbalah and other secret rites. The Jews believe that Christian blood is required for these diabolical activities.”

      “Reason No. 3, the main one: Jewish belief in the spiritual validity of Christian blood. The main reason which makes the Jews kill Christian and collect their blood is the belief secretly kept by hakhams, or rabbis, namely that Jesus Christ, the Son of Mary of Nazareth, sentence by our ancestors to death on the Cross, is, most probably, the true Messiah, so long expected and called upon by the patriarchs and prophets.”

      This particular subject makes peaceful coexistence of Christians, or broadly speaking, normal people, with the fanatical and barbaric Tribe impossible. There are thousands of missing kids across the world. I was told Americans put pictures of some of these unfortunate kids on boxes of milk. Who is going to stop the injustice?

    2. @both,
      There is a book titled “Jewish Confessions of Ritual Murder” in my possession.
      It bears out much of what NBTH related but in considerable detail.
      If the site people are okay with it, I would post the first chapter, I. THE SECRET OF THE BLOOD quoted verbatim,
      ————1080 words.————
      I know that long quotes are against the policy but because this is central to the prevailing concern—in fact quite a jolt to goyim’s usual somnolence and thus deserving of wide dissemination—moreover, in spirit of my favorite debating vehicle, “statement against interest“—and it may not be readily available online, especially in these days of hyperactive algorithms that deflect searches away from any relevant truths or sandbag them altogether, it may be worth excluding this occasion from the general rule.
      Moreover, anyone wishing to read the whole essay (28 pages) can request its PDF text—I can mail it to the site’s resident address to be sent onward.

      Let me know

      One of the mentioned ritual murders was described by Julius Streicher, the editor of Der Stürmer in 1934—Talmudic ritual revenge took place on Purimfest 16 October 1946 when Stericher was hanged as per Nurnberg verdict.
      • Streicher died on the gallows at Nuremberg solely for publishing a paper critical of the Jews.
      • Streicher was not part of the German government during the war.
      • Streicher had no role in the German war effort or in the concentration camps.
      But, the Talmudic dictate of din rodef apples to every gentile who doesn’t prostrate himself in Noahide fashion before the Chosen demons.
      I guess the matzos soaked in his blood must have been a premium gastronomic item.

      1. @ Lobro

        By all means post Chapter 1 of the book in your possession.
        I’m sure many here would find this subject of general interest.

  12. Reichskristallnacht lasted one single evening. Although that happened in the first half of the previous century Germans are constantly reminded and forever blamed for it. Now this kind of violence has become a fixture in the Anerican Way of Life but nobody dares to talk about the violence of the perpetrators and none if them is blamed.

  13. Those Who Want To Live Let Them Fight And Those Who Do Not Want To Fight In This World Of Eternal Struggle Do Not Deserve To Live.
    Life does not forgive WEAKNESS.

  14. Ok, so here it comes for what’s it worth—the literature abounds with centuries’ worth recounts from various quarters regarding Judean addiction to consuming human flesh for “religious” (I have previously expounded on the awkwardness of the term and its inappropriateness to Judaic affairs), health and gastronomic purposes, there is a remarkable agreement in details throughout.
    Think about it, the “antisemitic blood libel” uniformly and smoothly spans great stretches of time, space and cultural domains (Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim—not sure about Protestant, they may for whatever reasons been spared the savagery).
    Anyway, (highlights, where they occur, will be mine)

    Further and irrefutable proofs of the existence of Jewish ritual murder are the numerous Jewish confessions. They come from trials, voluntary statements and from confessions by former Rabbis. The confessions were made in two court cases.
    One of them took place in Trent in 1475, and the other one in Damascus in the years 1840-1842.
    The voluntary statement was made by the young Jewess Ben Noud, who made it to the French Count Durfort-Civrac.
    The confessions were made by the following Rabbis who changed over to Christianity: Drach and Goschler, Fra Sifto of Siena, Paolo Medici, Giovanni da Feltre and by the former Chief Rabbi Neofito, who later changed his name to Teofito and became a monk.
    These men more or less confirmed the existence of ritual murder. In 1803 the former Rabbi Neofito published a sensational book in the Moldavian language. In it he gives details about the terrible Jewish secret of the blood mystery. This book was translated in 1843 into Greek and later in 1883 into Italian, under the title ‘Il sangue cristiano nei riti ebraici della moderna Sinagoga,’ causing the Jews to become very excited the world over. On page 19 of this work the Jew Teofito confesses how he was initiated into the knowledge of ritual murder, and how the Jews for thousands of years have concealed it from the Gentile world.
    Teofito writes:

    “This secret of the blood is not known to all the Jews, but only to the Chakam (doctors) [Hakim-Arabic] or the rabbis and the scholars, who therefore carry the title ‘Conservators of the mystery of the blood’. They pass it on by word of mouth to the Jewish fathers. They in turn reveal it to their sons who regard this as a great honor. At the same time they make terrible threats of punishment if one of them betrays this secret.
    “When I was thirteen years old,” recalls Teofito, “my father took me aside, led me into a room, where nobody could listen, and after he described to me the hatred of Christians he taught me that God ordered the Christians to be slaughtered and to collect their blood….‘My son,’ he said (as he kissed me), ‘With this confession I have placed my trust in you.’ With these words, he put a crown on my head [crowning is a common ceremonial element at bar mitzvah] and explained to me the Blood Secret, adding that Jehovah had revealed it to the Hebrews and commanded them to practice it…I was, in the future, the possessor of the most important secret of the Hebrew religion. “…Thereafter followed the curses and threats of punishment if I should ever reveal this secret to anyone, neither my mother nor my sister nor brothers or future wife; but only to one of my future sons who was the most wise, eager, and most suitable. In this way the secret shall be inherited from father to son until the farthest descendant.”

    This is a part of the monk and former Chief Rabbi Teofito’s confession.

    From other confessions and admissions there is a remarkable agreement on the following points:
    1. The laws demand the Jews to butcher non-Jews from time to time. (of The Laws of the Talmud and Human Sacrifice)
    2. The sacrifice shall take place chiefly:
    a) at the Purim Festival, and
    b) at the Passover Festival
    It is demanded of the Jews to butcher an adult non-Jew for the Purim and to butcher a child for the Passover. The child must not be over seven years old and MUST die IN AGONY (!!!)
    [by curious coincidence the Rebel Vid has this to say in the next DM article: “That will not go over outside of a North American Man Boy Love Association meeting. Nambla wants to lower the age of consent to 7 years. Their motto is “Eight is too late.”]
    3. The blood of the victims must be violently drained. It is to be used at Passover in wine and in the Massen (bread). What this means is that a small part of the blood is mixed into the dough and the wine. The procedure is to be performed by the Jewish father.
    4. The procedure takes place in the following manner: The father pours a few drops of fresh or dried or powdered blood into a glass, dips a finger of his left hand into it and sprinkles (blesses) everything which is on the table, saying: “Dam Issardia chynim heroff Jsyn porech harbe hossen maschus pohorus.” (Erod. VII, 12) “We therefore beg God to send down the ten plagues upon all the enemies of the Jewish religion.” (This means the Christians.) With this they dine and afterwards the father cries: “Sfach, chaba, moscho kol hagoym!” “Thus (like the child whose blood has been mixed in the bread and wine) may all Goyim burn in hell!”
    (This wicked Jewish ritual is suspiciously similar to Christian Communion. In this the wine is taken in place of blood and the bread as the body. What Christians do symbolically, the Jew does in reality – this is the unique difference!) [It would appear that the blood ritual arouse in response to Crucifixion and rise of Christianity, i.e., came afterwards]
    5. The ritual blood is also used in other ways:
    a) The young married couple is given a hard boiled egg which is seasoned with dried blood which has been pulverized. [Easter eggs, when colored are usually red, e.g., when cooked in water with onion skins]
    b) It is also given to pregnant women in the same way in order to ease their child birth.
    c) It is mixed with egg-white, put on a linen cloth and placed on the chest of dead Jews so that they will enter heaven without atonement. [Imagine: the tortured martyrdom of a child is considered so auspicious by GOOD Jews that it lubricates their way into Jew Heaven]
    d) At circumcision powdered blood will be sprinkled on the wound so it will heal quickly. The blood can also be used in its liquid state: e) If you dip fruits or vegetables into it and then eat them (Talmud – Schuldran aruch, Orach cajjim 158,4) or
    e) If a dying or decrepit Jew can be saved with it. (Jore deah 155,3). (The Jews have a superstition which originates from the Orient. They believe that old people can become younger by drinking the blood of young children.) [sure sounds like the prevalent Judeo-medical dogma today, numerous adherents …]
    6. The remainder of the blood is preserved with the greatest of care by the local Rabbis and sold in small bottles by appointed wandering Jews at neighboring synagogues. This same Rabbi certifies that the blood is genuine pure Christian blood. [a venerable tradition well depicted in Ariel Toaff’s magnum opus]
    7. The ritual murder and the Blood Mystery are acknowledged by all Talmudic Jews, and practiced whenever possible. The Jew believes that he will be ‘atoned’ by it. These seven Jewish customs and regulations were established not only in the trials from Trent and Damascus, but in various trials and court cases which took place in different parts of the world throughout history. And of course they were completely independent of each other. This proves beyond a doubt their truth and validity.

    (if you click on my name, you’ll be “treated” to some graphical accompaniment to the aforegoing)

    1. Thanks, Lobro. The picture you’ve uploaded says more than a thousand words!

      It’s curious that when we talk about JRM (Jewish Ritual Murder) we just here crickets, no uproar. I think we could compare that situation with a husband who has enough evidence indicating his wife is cheating on him but he just refuses to believe – “no, impossible, she would never do that” – sorry, she did.

      Get the picture now, Goy? WTFU!

    2. Many thanks, Lobro. This is pretty scary stuff. Which, as you know, is indignantly dismissed nowadays by all Jews and their supporters as “blood libel”.

      Do you know if Toaff had access to this 28-page pamphlet-essay you quote? And how did you manage to get hold of this material? Is this an actual “book” you can hold in your hand? If so, who wrote the pamphlet-essay-booklet? Where was it published and when?

      Source references of some kind would be helpful.

    3. Sister Monica,
      Your demand is quite warranted and on the spot.
      However, the work I quoted does not mention an author’s name and I too find that a bit troubling, so let me deal with it from several angles.

      • The author may have had reservations about revealing his identity due to understandable fear of severe persecution against him and his family and friends. Even we here for the most part hide behind nomes-de-guerre for this same reason.

      • The events described have all been reported previously in other books, it is just a compilation of several more notable ones—there is no original input nor is there much by way of discussion apart from the Chapter One, a mere introduction to the subject.

      • The Trent trial on the matter of murder of little Simon is exceedingly well documented in Vatican archives, the inquest was by factors of magnitude more thorough than most police investigations today.

      • What I can do though is the following:
      create a Dropbox file sharing space with this brief work, Jewish Confessions of Ritual Murder that anyone can download, I searched the net for it just now and the Jew search engines have completely obscured its trail.
      (I can also email it to DM address)

      • One text referred to in my previous post that you can download now (pdf) is Matzo of Zion by Mustafa Tlass, Syrian Minister of Defense at the time. The event, the kidnapping of an old Franciscan priest in Damascus and his martyrdom by Jews in 1840 caused a worldwide sensation due to the all-too-rare prosecution of the perpetrators in a highly publicized trial where the evidence was presented. However, due to intense international pressure by the British Empire engineered by the Jew Lords Rothschild and Montefiore, the verdict was overturned and even the plaque in front of the Franciscan church in Bar Toma, Damascus had to be removed by orders from Vatican.

      • Also, here is the original material published in Der Stürmer that cost Julius Streicher his life by way of vengeance of Nürnberg satanic tribunal.

      As for Toaff’s research as a proper historian ALL of what he related in his opus is based on original documents mostly in Latin and obscure dialects of the era—I am sure at no time did he refer to secondary sources.

      1. @ Lobro,

        Many thanks for your detailed response. Read and much appreciated! No need, however, to post this material to us unless someone here expresses a specific interest in reading it. Since there are so many other pressing issues claiming our attention right now, let’s keep this somewhat recondite historical issue on the back burner for the time being. The DM site would not be happy to republish anything here, on this highly emotive and inflammatory topic, without proper source references or even an author’s name. Toaff at least has credibility, as you are aware, because of his impeccable reputation for scholarship and his meticulous documentation.

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