Seattle: Pretext for Martial Law

An Object Lesson in Social Trickery

21 June 2020

SEATTLE . . . JUNE 2020

“When a country starts making war on its own people, wants to give a poison drug to everyone in the world, and refuses to let people talk freely among themselves, you know for sure the end is near.” — John Kaminski

One day soon we will sorely regret relinquishing our freedom so easily.

Seattle is a clever pretext to institute martial law in America’s cities. Nothing happens by accident, President Roosevelt once warned us.

Today we see scenes playing out that were they scripted in fiction would be regarded as preposterously fake scenarios. Yet now we see them springing up like toxic weeds all over America. Deliberately triggered chaos spawns senseless terror inflicted at random. Got to earn that paycheck from your Jewish billionaire sponsor.

This is the real epidemic — terror of meaninglessness, of having your life mean nothing, which fuels the animal rage imported from the darkest parts of savage Africa. This is the force — an indefinable and ungovernable rage, a hatred born of centuries of desperation — you are now watching destroy the American republic for good.

Do you see anyone on the horizon able to calm the hordes and direct the nation back toward peace and tranquility? No. Not a one. It’s all military expenditures and pork barrel productions with them. Congressmen all get incredibly rich despite relatively modest salaries during their time in Washington.

The only ones left standing are the Jews with all the money. They already have the U.S. locked up along with most of the rest of the world. Everyone depends on their trickery for maximum profits. Everyone believes that stealing from the poor is the way to get rich. And they’re the ones funding the riots, because the bankers, all of a certain ethnic insanity, have always wanted communism throughout the world.

Free speech impedes profits, I believe is their motto.

And the priests stand by silently, their mouths zipped tight by their non profit status.

The system is way broken. And nobody is really trying to fix it. They all want something else. And they all want different ways of fixing what is most assuredly a deliberately designed, finely executed manipulative masterpiece of getting the public to do what the manipulators want, to behave and give thanks for the crumbs they receive from their omnipotent masters.

It is simultaneously the pattern of all human history as well as the shape our future is rapidly resembling, with unlimited profits for the few and endless misery for the hungry majority. It guarantees perpetual conflict, which creates the optimum conditions for profit, and especially illegal profits.

Putting people on welfare, or giving them paychecks for not working, guarantees minimal criticism of government affairs. The world’s media have been bought off — or operated by covert forces — since the John Adams presidency. The government wants a sleeping populace. All governments don’t really care if you ever wake up.

In fact, they (and I do include Bill Gates) are planning to have many of you not wake up at all, ever again, the way they did those nursing home patients in New York City, finding a good way to get rid of them with ventilators. Who would have thought it was possible, especially with all the hospitals empty and laying off personnel?

And still, the penchant for masks and lockdowns remains. I swear some people are proud of wearing their masks, they think it’s patriotic; they don’t realize it’s bad for their health to do that and their government won’t tell them that.

They also don’t realize that masks are the physical symbol of separation of a formerly united people, furthering our alienation from each other, just what the Jews want.

A government that no longer makes any sense orders people to stay apart yet permits rapes and murders in downtown Seattle with no response.

How many times do you need to get hammered over the head with something to realize you have been listening to the wrong people, yes, those people who only repeat what they are told to say by people who can buy things you never even imagined were for sale?

How much of your country do they have to steal before you realize they’re not acting in your best interests?

They have found a new way to control us, by insisting they have discovered (they never say they made it themselves) a new disease so dangerous that everybody must stay in their houses and six feet away from everybody else. To this point, all the statistics have revealed their fraud.

Today, some months after the original lockdown began and with government-mandated precautions fading into history, the mythmakers are predicting a resurgence in the autumn of this disease they have deliberately created themselves and inflicted on the world. And punished everyone else in the process.

Would you say this is a government that can be trusted? How can they create a vaccine when they’re not really sure they have ID’d the problem? Same with the tests? What do they show? It’s ambivalent and meaningless. Yet the public meekly rolls up their sleeves.

Now they have chosen to conduct an experiment in the middle of Seattle, a 6-block square of downtown that police have agreed not to enter. And now reports of rapes and murder waft out of what the future of American cities looks like (along with all the diseased West Coast cities).

Trump will look really good bringing in the troops and rescuing all those beleaguered people.

Maybe we should ask some people from overseas, yes, maybe some from countries that have experienced how U.S. troops take over a whole city, maybe a few folks from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Oh right, I forgot, that’s what the Democrats are already doing.

I said this would happen. All that violence we have inflicted overseas has now come home to our own homes. We brought it here ourselves by not demanding a higher level of truthfulness from our leaders, and also from ourselves.

It may be that most Americans don’t really realize what they have done to the world. But it’s certain that at this moment in time, the rest of the world is here to tell us.

The worst thing the U.S. could do right now is to start shooting someone somewhere. Because that is the philosophy that has taken us to where we are today.

And when a country starts making war on its own people, wants to give a poison drug to everyone in the world, and refuses to let people talk freely among themselves, you know for sure the end is near.


27 thoughts to “Seattle: Pretext for Martial Law”

  1. @ John Kaminski

    I said this would happen. All that violence we have inflicted overseas has now come home to our own homes. We brought it here ourselves by not demanding a higher level of truthfulness from our leaders, and also from ourselves.

    It may be that most Americans don’t really realize what they have done to the world. But it’s certain that at this moment in time, the rest of the world is here to tell us.

    What Americans have done to the world is one thing, John, but what they would have done to the world – if they could do it with impunity – is much worse:

    There can be no doubt in sufficiently observant mind today that the deconstruction of America is in full swing. There can be different conjectures and opinions as of what entities came up with this plan and what the ultimate rationale for it is.

    Be it as it may, but the fact itself seems to me undeniable, so a fundamental question follows: Is the ongoing deconstruction of America a good thing or a bad thing for humanity at large?

    1. I predict that the “nation of CHAZ” (Seattle’s police free zone)) will grow much bigger and spread all over the USA. The USA will become one large CHAZ, a police free zone.

      The agenda has been set by the international Jewish controlled politburo. Black heads of state will be employed and will strictly follow the Soros and Rothschild directions. Obama may even be declared the Great Chief of the country.

      Trump will build a huge tower in a remaining White country. People like Gilbert will become historical anachronisms as Whites are taxed to breaking point and FEMA type camps imprison the rest.

      Joe Biden will be your president, in charge of the great White internment. He will be given the licence to sniff up as many young girls as he likes and to make foul suggestions in their ears. Mao TSE Tung, as one biography states, made use of young women “like throw-away lettuce leaves”, and the Biden’s and Clinton’s will be able to perform all the sexual obscenities they like.

      Get ready for full blown Bolshevik-Jewish Communism, with blacks running rampant.

      1. Max is correct. And even if Trump wins in November, that’s not going to stop the JEW COMMUNIST complete takeover of the USA.

        Even if Trump doesn’t want a COMMUNIST takeover of the USA he’s TOO weak to stop it, or even slow it down.

        And that’s if he really doesn’t want a COMMUNIST takeover of the USA, which is debatable. As Trump himself is a JEW [ a chabad lubavitch jew ] and so far he’s been ALL ABOUT what’s best for Israel and when it comes to the USA he’s been very very ineffective in doing anything to make America great again.

        1. Trump’s reneged on the promises he made to his supporters [ i.e. White Americans ].

          He greatly misrepresented himself on the campaign trail of 2016.

          He’s a JEW, BOTH his parents were JEWS, everyone in his family, they’re ALL JEWS, including the donald ((( himself))).

          Trump is a LIAR and an ACTOR and a poseur.

          I guess we’re all expected to equate his twitter tweets with “Real Action”! Tweeting something on twitter means he’s “doing something fantastic to MAGA and getting great results”.

          More jew vaudeville, JEW Trump’s twitter tweets.

    2. Circassian
      Even though upon its founding America was governed by those who essentially failed to cut ties with the British Crown, as I’ve often stated, the Bill of Rights, in spite of the fact that no government has a right to tell you what your rights are, has served to forestall a world totalitarianism whose “tiptoe” is becoming more like a “full out stride”. As such, the deconstruction of America is upon us, and a state of freedom FROM government is looking like the pipedream it probably always was, as evidenced by what Kaminski eloquently states. This reality is BAD because the “pipedream” is going up in smoke, which bodes no GOOD for the World.

      But I’m still reminded of what Edgar Cayce said about Russia, and I’m paraphrasing, that it represents the leader that will bring hope to the World. What exactly could he have seen? It didn’t have anything to do with the present political class of statists, in Russia or anywhere else for that matter, of whom by definition of a reality of government IN GENERAL don’t represent a true state of freedom. So if you hold Cayce’s visions favorably, which I for one do, then just what WAS he seeing for him to have said that? Was it something to do with the Russian Orthodoxy, through which some form of “higher power” is operating?

      1. @ Brownhawk

        I must say that mysticism is not something I know much about or believe in, but yes, The Sleeping Prophet was quite prophetic when he pronounced: “out of Russia comes again the hope of the world”. However, it remains to be seen whether Russia can fulfil the prophecy.

        Regarding what his rationale was for making this particular prophecy, we may search for some clues by looking at his own wording.

        Given on Feb. 8, 1932, the suggestion to the sleeping Cayce included a request for a “plan for establishing peace on earth and good will among men.”

        (Q) What should be the attitude of so-called capitalist nations toward Russia?

        (A) On Russia’s religious development will come the greater hope of the world. Then that one, or group, that is the closer in its relationships, may fare the better in the gradual changes and final settlement of conditions as to the rule of the world.

        (Q) Should the United States recognize the present government in Russia?

        (A) Many conditions should be considered, were this to be answered correctly. You could say yes and no, and both be right, with the present attitude of both peoples as a nation, and both be wrong; for there is to come, there will come, an entire change in the attitude of both nations as powers in the financial and economical world. As for those of raw resources, Russia surpasses all other nations. As for abilities for development of same, those in the United States are the farthest ahead. Then these united, or upon an equitable basis, would become – or could become-powers; but there are many interferences for those already investments, those already under questions, will take years to settle.

        As we can see from this, Cayce was placing his hopes not solely on Russia but rather on cooperation between the two great nations on equitable basis, which – and we can say it now with certainty – unfortunately was not destined to be fulfilled.

      2. Circassian
        Destiny has yet to play out, therefore nothing is certain. One vision shows that a major war breaking out in your part of the World will not pit the U.S. and Russia in a direct confrontation. It sees U.S. forces limping home with its tail between its legs, the Eagle to the lick its wounds, while the Russian Bear remains intact to become the leader Cayce envisioned in one potential scenario.

        When the dust settles, who can speak with certainty about smiling fortune?

        Where there’s life there’s hope 🙂

  2. Kaminski’s best to date, which is saying alot. And I’ll say it again, “what are you prepared to do?”

  3. Really good one, John…. maybe your best yet!!

    The ‘peaceful’ folks in CHOP are killing each other…..

    Two shootings in 48 hours reported at Seattle’s ‘Capitol Hill Occupied Protest’

    SEATTLE — Police say one person has been wounded in the second shooting in Seattle’s protest zone in less than 48 hours.
    The shooting happened late Sunday night in the area near Seattle’s downtown known as CHOP, for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.”
    Police tweeted that one person was at a hospital with a gunshot wound. A hospital spokesperson says that the person was in serious condition.
    A pre-dawn shooting Saturday had left a 19-year-old man dead and another person critically injured. No arrests in that shooting had been made as of Sunday.

  4. “Seattle is a clever pretext to institute martial law in America’s cities.”

    This is very plausible. I often wonder: What, if anything would come after Trump? Maybe the plan is to keep escalating the chaos and then implement martial law and cancel the 2020 election.

    “The only ones left standing are the Jews with all the money. They already have the U.S. locked up along with most of the rest of the world. Everyone depends on their trickery for maximum profits.

    I would argue that none of this madness has anything to do with “money.” After all, what good is “money” when your country is in ruins?

    1. @ Harold Smith

      I would argue that none of this madness has anything to do with “money.” After all, what good is “money” when your country is in ruins?

      Absolutely. It makes me sad to see that John Kaminski, with all due respect for the man, seems incapable of seeing beyond “the Jews with all the money”. This is a real puzzle to me.

      1. Circ –

        It is not a “puzzle” to Fedorov. He, as Kaminski, knows money talks loudest:

        Fedorov said in 2016 that “ALL (80) banks in Russia simultaneously are resident agents for the US Taxation Agency (IRS)!! Officials in Washington are monitoring the Russian banks….. because it is their subordinates!! Via IMF.”

        Even your sharia system is using interest now, calling it rent and such.

        Here are several islamic shuffles around “interest” owed to bankers:

        -Ijara works as a leasing arrangement: the bank buys something for an islamic customer and then leases it back to them. Different forms of leasing are permissible, including those where part of the installment payment goes toward the final purchase. This might be used to help an islamist buy a car or other item, or to help a business buy equipment.

        -Murabaha works by the bank supplying goods for resale to the islamic customer at a price that includes a margin above the costs, and allows the islamist to repay in installments. This might be used to provide an islamist a mortgage on a property. The property is registered to the buyer from the start.

        -Musharaka is a joint venture in which the islamic customer and bank contribute funding to an investment or purchase and agree to share the returns (as well as the risks) in proportions agreed in advance.

        -Wakala is an agreement that the bank will work as the individual islamist’s agent. If a saver enters into this type of agreement, the bank can use their cash to invest in ‘sharia-compliant’ trading activities to generate a target profit for them.

        Although they cannot charge “interest”, the banks can profit from helping islamic customers to purchase a property using a ijara or murabaha scheme. With an ijara scheme the bank makes money by charging the islamic customer rent; with a murabaha scheme, a price is agreed at the outset which is more than the market value. This profit is deemed to be a reward for the risk that is assumed by the bank.

        As an islamist, yourself…. you should know that islam is being controlled by the same – “crooked Anglo-American system” – in business you have often mentioned. That would be fiat money loaned with interest….. but not called “INTEREST”!

        Your verbal jihad is not working on me!! 🙂

  5. Hate to be off topic. But I do think this is very relevant.

    Two staffers who attended President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday tested positive for coronavirus, Trump’s campaign said Monday.
    The two positive tests, first reported by CNBC, bring the total number of Trump advance team staffers in Tulsa who tested positive for coronavirus to eight.

    Hours before Trump’s Saturday rally, the campaign said that six staffers working on the rally tested positive for coronavirus.(CNN News Alert, 6.22.200)

    On Friday Sunday June 21, 2020, your truly wrote this letter to the editor on the very same subject and submitted it to over 100 new publications.

    Subject: Good luck, White House Barbie!

    Dear Editor,

    One day before Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced that she will not wear a face mask at the event. Of course, none of the aides with the president will wear masks. They must follow Trump’s line that Coronavirus is fake or gone.

    Kayleigh, who went to Harvard and Georgetown University should know that the mask is to protect others as well as the mask-wearer. If she doesn’t wear a mask, she is potentially putting Trump and her husband in danger. It is common knowledge that people who don’t wear face masks can either catch or transmit the virus. I hate to think that she might bring the Covid-19 back to her family because she refuses to wear a mask. Good luck, White House Barbie!

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    1. Islamophoeb and ISIS always cherry pick verses or Suras from the Quran to do their evil work, thus driving a wedge between Christians and Muslims.

      The overriding verses about military engagement in Islam were laid down in Medina in Sura 2:190, which enemies of Islam will never quote and ISIS will never quote either – coincidence isn’t it?

      2: 190 And fight for the religion of GOD against those who fight against you; but transgress not by attacking them first, for GOD love not the transgressors.

      George Sale

      2:190 And fight for the cause of God against those who fight against you: but commit not the injustice of attacking them first: God love not such injustice:

      2:190 Fight for the sake of God those that fight against you, but do not attack them first. God does not love aggressors.

      2:190 Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah love not aggressors.

      Mecca disbelievers used to hurt Muslims. So Prophet Muhammad( peace be upon him ) according to the order of Allah, ordered Muslims to migrate to the Medina. They did and Prophet made a strong Islamic government here. After years, Prophet Muhammad created an army due to conquering Mecca.

      The verse Pat quoted applied ONLY in the battle field. In other words Muslims can’t go around on the streets and kill innocent (Christians, Jews or even Muslims) randomly. Killing people you never met is a murder and pure evil. The punishment for such an act is the death penality regardless of the victim’s religion.

      I was truly saddened and utterly shocked when I read about this moron did in West London yesterday or the day before. Truth is, no one ever blame Christianity or the Holy Bible When a Christian commit an evil act. They are to many of them to cite. Why put Islam and the Quran on trail? Islam and the Quran are not a fair game, Pat!

      1. Pat cited this verse (47:4) from the Quran. For some odd reason, I do not see it any more in any of the threads. Cherry picking this verse from the Quran to imply that Islam encourages and command Muslims to kill innocent people. Had Pat said the verse applies in the battle, I would have no issue with him. Nevertheless, for the of accuracy and in fairness to other readers, here is the English Translation.

        Chapter (47:4) sūrat Moḥammad

        Sahih International: So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah – never will He waste their deeds.

  6. It is a question of how much more the Whiteman can take.
    George Washington’s statues are being pulled down and desecrated under the watchful eyes and protection of the emasculated police.
    In Australia, the same Communist, Zionist-inspired mobs are destroying statues of Captain James Cook and White prime ministers.
    In England Winston Churchill’s statue has been painted In RED-Communist paint and other statues destroyed and thrown into rivers.
    And the police stand by, too frightened to move.
    Now they are onto the great books and historical movies. Huge fires are being lit.
    History repeats itself.
    The RESET involves expunging everything of the Whiteman’s history.
    College-attending, brainwashed, White, middle class, little boys and girls participate in this wanton destruction of history. Oh, so much revolutionary fun is to be had!
    Two loud-mouthed black women lead up the BLM terrorists in destroying the Whiteman’s heritage.
    And the elite, money-bag, Corporate-Socialist-Communist Jews just laugh on. “Let the useful idiots destroy themselves!”

    1. Yes, Max. No one is immune from violence by Red-Communists & Jihadists!!

      UK: Muslim Stabs Three Random People, Cops Search for Motive

      The jihad continues, but the denial and willful ignorance of authorities in Britain, and all over the West, is absolute and impenetrable. The latest episode in this grim comic opera came Saturday in the English city of Reading, when a Muslim migrant from Libya named Khairi Saadallah went on a stabbing spree, striking at people’s necks as per the Qur’an’s command (47:4), killing three and wounding three others. British authorities initially and uncharacteristically stated that the attack was terrorism, but counterterror top dog Neil Basu backtracked, saying “the motivation for this heinous act is far from certain.”

      Of course. When is the motivation of an Islamic jihadist ever certain?

      The “far from certain” motive wasn’t enough: the British authorities didn’t stop there from dragging out the moldy oldies, the hoary clichés of jihad denial. The Independent reported Sunday that “police are understood to be investigating mental health issues in connection with the attack.” It is a longstanding pattern, for the UK government and others, to whitewash clear incidents of jihad activity by ascribing them to mental illness. It’s funny how so many Muslims with “mental health issues” go on stabbing sprees, but shhhh – you’re not supposed to notice that. This form of denial is so common that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) should in its next edition add a new category of mental disorder, Islamic jihad.

      The Independent, surprisingly more realistic than the British police, also noted that “Isis has incited its supporters to carry out low-technology terror attacks using knives and vehicles around the world. The terrorist group released advice on picking ‘soft targets’ containing crowds of people but low security. The tactics have been used in several recent terror attacks in the UK, including at Fishmongers’ Hall in November and Streatham in February.”


      Indian Army Stocking Up on Spiked Clubs After Chinese Massacre

      At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a bloody brawl with Chinese troops last week in the Galwan Valley located on the contested border between the two countries that is controlled by China. Neither Indian nor Chinese troops stationed along the border in this region are reportedly armed and the Chinese troops reportedly used improvised weapons including rocks, iron rods and batons wrapped in barbed wire. In response, the Indian Army has ordered its own spiked clubs and armor. Some reports claimed the Indian soldiers had firearms but not permission to use them.

    2. Max –

      What I know is Black Rifles Matter! Don’t let anyone have them. Use them. Hoard ammo. When a society is obviously becoming lawless, who gives a shit?? It is a target-rich environment. 😈😡👌

      1. Pat –

        On second thought, it is obvious that BLACK GUNS MATTER (not only rifles). Yesterday, I examined a new FN 509 pistol (black, like a Glock) which shoots 9mm and has a 24 round magazine, and threaded for a suppressor. What a pistol! 💪 A lot of community service could be accomplished with one. (For the novice, “black guns” are military/police type weapons.)
        However, a good ‘ol .44 or .45 or .38 revolver is very reliable, too. (The old time Texas Rangers carried Model 94 Winchester 30-30s, and very few messed with THEM.)
        I LIKE blue steel and black walnut. It’s prettier! 🙂🙂

      2. My Model 94 Winchester 30-30 IS very nice blue steel and black walnut. Taken a few deer with it. 💥 😎

  7. “Now they are onto the great books and historical movies.” …… I hope they have strong guards at the great, Western art galleries, as I have a French correspondent telling me that the works of the great White masters, at the Louvre, are next in the firing line. It has been noticed that Leonardo’s Last Supper depicts a group of Whitemen at dinner, instead of swarthy, dark, Semites, or Arab types. And Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds depict the White nobility. Shakespeare is a “racist” because he created a despicable Shylock and the Carry On series are all White people. Again, I urge you to read Lasha re the Jewish control of the absolute crap being generated by the Modern Art world. …. Now they want to destroy all the great, traditional art of the West and this will include Mozart, Chopin, etc…….. as I said: “How much more can we take?”

  8. Gilbert, you make me very envious, in what is an emasculated, gun free Australia. I have had to master the arts of boomerang and spear throwing, piano wire garrotting and cross bow usage. Would be a lot easier if I had what you can get. ….. I have no doubt that things are about to reach the situation of total violence. …. The Jew-financed Communists are now effectively the violent Red Guard…… Statues and art for now, White patriots next! Get ready to fight for your life and protect your children and women folk. Mass raping and paedophilia are weapons of the Communist barbarians. Women, who statistically vote socialist left by majority (following Oprah’s and Degenerate’s TV advice) ought to be very worried.

    1. Max –

      I wish you could be with me! We’d make fine sport of our duties! 😊💪😊

  9. Email sent to my list.
    Where’s the Sheriff of King County, Washington* where Seattle sets. As the only elected law enforcement official in King Country, as they are in every other county, he or she and can go into Chopistan and clean the commie/Marxist/Neo-Bolsheviks/BLM stone age raping savages out of Seattle. He or she can tell the commie governor and commie mayor if they don’t like it they can stuff it. The sheriff can, under Constitutional authority, deputize the entire Seattle police department (and the state police within his or her jurisdiction) to make short work of the cleansing. Every sheriff is ONLY answerable to the people who elect them and to no one else. This will not end and will only grow worse until force with extreme prejudice is brought to bear. Count on it.
    * Will Washington State be renamed if the spineless Democrats bend over so far they crack their foreheads on the bloody concrete.
    URGENT! Seattle Chaos Update!!!

  10. ADMIN: Please correct typo in your email address… or your comments will be held up.

    “One day soon we will sorely regret relinquishing our freedom so easily.”
    you haven’t relinquished your freedom until you’ve given up your weapons…
    and your not beat until you quit fighting…
    America’s not done yet… there are millions of men and women in the heartland who are now being pushed into the corner, by what they see happening, many have been affected directly… the latest events are making it real clear exactly who their enemies are… that’s pretty much all the dem politicians and their globalist handlers, everybody who riots, big pharma and all their operatives in medicine, the hard dope dealers, illegal aliens and all the welfare chiselers…
    as it continues to get worse the real people of america are forming up in the not-so-famous places all over the country… since the police no longer protect our streets and property, it falls the the citizens militia…
    here’s some philly dogs –
    when they do decide to come out swinging, let them clean off the whole landscape…
    the country is under attack….. donald trump should declare martial law and flood the country with millions of domestic security personnel…. he should arrest every sanctuary governor and mayor in the country and replace them with military appointees… all traitor police chiefs and fbi commies should be rounded up and jailed until further notice… first sweep out the chop and all other so-called police no-go zones, including the ones occupied by hateful immigrants, us force no doubt about it… he says, if they don’t, he will… ok, when?

    1. You’re RIGHT, Barkingdeer. I’ve gotten old and less vigorous, but I can still pull he trigger – and intend to do so whenever some commie agent(s) come for my guns. EVERY American should have that resolve. I figure I’ve been already blessed my whole life, and it’s not much to ask that I blow away as many enemies of our people and our country as I can, before I die. It won’t be long, the way things are going. (They may be “just doing their job”, but so am I.)

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